Spirala (1978) - full transcript

A strange arrogant tourist arrives at the Morskie Oko mountain shelter. Next morning, in spite of danger, he climbs alone and the search for him begins.

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- You should finally sign in.
- I just got here today.

Well, well...

Is that really so funny?

You've let the cold in.

You make a loop
and put the line through it...

Another loop?

Are you the boss here?

What do you mean?

I want to borrow a rope.

You think the weather
will get better tomorrow.

It will.

- Where do you want to go?
- You know, where.

- Will you lend it to me?
- If you want it.


- Are you leaving alone?
- Yes.

Why are you looking at me
like that?

- I think I saw you last year.
- In TV.

- You're joking.
- Why?

- It's a bit too short.
- Thank you. It'll do.

Is that red Opel
by the waterfall yours?

Are you looking to buy?

- Are you looking to sell?
- Yes.

No dough, huh?

Excuse me...

Could you wake us up in the morning?

We're staying...
Which room is it?

- Number 6.
- Also number 2.

- If there's good weather.
- I doubt it.

Why do you need
the rope for then?

To hang myself.


Is there anything you want here?


What do you want?

I don't understand.

Did I ask the wrong question?

What do you want in life?
Generally speaking.

We'll talk about it some other time.

- Could I?
- No.

Water for you will boil in a minute.

- Can I get some tea?
- Yes, but you need to wait.

Why are you not sitting down?

- Take a seat yourself.
- Thank you.

Were you here last winter,
or am I wrong?

- You must be wrong.
- I don't get it.

Not everything is to be understood.

I'll try to guess your secret.
Do you agree?

- You're bored.
- I'm not. But I bet you are.

To the contrary.
I can't keep up.

With what?


You're looking for a man.

- Is that an offer?
- No.

- That's good.
- It is.

That would be all
as for our little chit-chat.

- I should introduce myself.
- What for?

We've already met.

- I must've seen you somewhere.
- That's not possible.

I've come here for the first time.
I never walk the mountains.

I've spent all my life in Piotrków.
I went on a trip to Warsaw once...

It's never too late.


It's never too late.

You know nothing.

You know nothing, you...

Boiling water for you!

Is he crazy or what?


Even a small accident
and you lose hundreds of dollars.

You should buy an old car there
and earn money to get about.

- How much can you earn?
- 600 kronas for an old car.

That's pointless.

That's what my friends did.

You bring 1.5 thousand dollars here.

- Minimum, after 6 weeks.
- That gives 6 thousand kronas.

You can deposit it in the bank...

But there's a problem
with the permits.

- That's bullshit, man.
- What's bullshit?

Excuse my language.

That's absurd.

- Have you been to Sweden?
- No.

- I can name ten people that have.
- That's not the point.

They've earned more than I said.

There's no mistake.
I paid 280 zlotys for each one.

- Jesus!
- What?

Are you pregnant?

Why are you so surprised?

Because you think
it's too late for that.

Generally speaking.

Was it the instinct?

Biology or...

It always results from egoism.

- Have you got kids?
- No.

That's real egoism.

Why? You've done it
thinking only about yourself.

You didn't ask the child
whether it wants to be born or not.

You wanted to reproduce.

I think a man should have someone
to live for.

What about you?
You want to live just for yourself?

It took you
quite a while to realise that.

It did.


You see...
First I thought the same as you.

I had an absorbing job.
But then I came to a conclusion...

- I'll bring you some tea.
- No, thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.


Is there a spare bad in your room?

I don't know.
I'd have to ask the manager.

Do that then.

Excuse me...

Why did you say it was pointless?

I know it's getting harder and harder
in Sweden...

I wanted to go to Austria but...

I don't know the language.
I speak English a bit.

- That's not the point, young man.
- What is?

Do you know what you're living for?

- Do you?
- Me?

What does it have to do
with anything?

You take responsibility
for your own life, not mine.

- Do you have to listen to us talking?
- Sorry.

You understand nothing!
You all understand nothing!

Do you know what, why, what for?

It's not like we know nothing.

What do you know?

Tell me,
what you know.

You know nothing.

I'll tell you what you know.
I'm an expert on this, man.

A car, success, going abroad!

Talk some bullshit here and there!
And what?

Once you have to sum up
your achievements...

You squeeze it and end up with
stinking shit between your fingers.

Can't you see that?

- No.
- You can't.

Because you're stupid
and young.

What's your point?

You want me to work my arse off
for the sake of next generations?

Don't talk back, man.
And don't laugh.

You may cry bitter tears someday.

[Polish Highlanders' song]
Who do those horses belong to?

They don't plough the field.

They are my horses,
they will take me to my beloved one.


Be quiet!

- Quiet, youngsters!
- Amen!

Keep singing.
Don't be afraid of him.

We've got a favour to ask.
Don't make such a noise.

We're playing cards
and can't hear our own voices.

Is this some kind of a gambling den?

Please, keep singing.

Do you have to be scared
of everything? Don't be.


Do you know,
who that man is?

Who is he?

- Who are you, you...!
- Get yourself together.

You're older than them.
You should be smarter.


- Where are you taking that?
- What do you care?

Leave it on this table.

It's not on the menu.

Calm down.
They are my private guests.

What do you mean?
Is that your private shelter?

I'm asking you...

- Excuse me. Come with me.
- What do you want?

I see.

I need to deal with you.
Kiss me in the arse, Sir.

Beat it!

Go upstairs.

You punks!
You'll see.

One day...

We'll eat in our room.

Excuse me,
I'd like to apologize for my father.

I'm his son, sometimes
he has no control over himself.

That's my wife.

I see.

You're the only child.

How did you know?

My instinct...

You're sitting pretty
with your daddy's help.


Not exactly.

But you do have an apartment.

Bull's eye.

He got you into university,
didn't he?

You missed this time.

Are you a psychologist
on vacation?

- Does he look like his father?
- Many say so.

- Not really.
- I agree.

He doesn't.

His father is a man.

You'd rather do it with him
than with this weakling in glasses!

What? Wrong choice, brother.
She made the wrong choice, too.

That white bitch of yours.

Come in.

Have you had something to eat?

It's silly. I'm on Antabus
and I had some alcohol.


It's been a year on Antabus.
And the drink?

15 minutes ago.
But it's alright now.

You should lie down.
Which room are you staying in?

I don't have a room.

- How can you not have a room?
- I don't.

I didn't get it.
What difference does it make?

I'm fine.
Thank you.

Excuse me.

- What is it?
- You can borrow it.

I have no time to read.

You can keep it
for a longer period of time then.

You'll give it back the next time.

What's in it for you?

- Is that a profession?
- No.

Maybe you think it'll help,
when life gets harsh?

I hope so.

What if it won't?

At least I get to play with words.
I like it.


You need to eat
to stay alive.

I'll need money.

Will you earn it?

I'm a car mechanic with diploma.

Car mechanic and a philosopher!

Why not?

- Are you serious?
- I am.

Give me some coffee.

I've got a plan.

I want to go to India next year. I've
heard you can pay with zlotys now.

I'll pass through the Soviet Union
and Afghanistan.

I've heard in India
you can travel by foot.

You can.
But what for?

You've been to India?


There are thousands of ones like you.

People keep starving anyway.

If I'm of no use there,
at least I could learn something.

You have to go to India?
You can't learn here?

I guess I could.

What do you want to learn?
What are you searching for?

I don't know...

What do you mean? You don't know
what you're looking for?

I do...


Plato said...


I bet you've read it all.

Actually no.

I haven't
and I won't.


- Could I use your sleeping bag?
- Of course.


Are we setting off

We are.

I'm setting off and you are.
But we're not doing it together.

How come?

Why don't you want to come with me?
Are you seeing anyone?

- No?
- No.

We said it together.

- You're not going to come with me?
- No.

I'm sorry.

- Seriously?
- Yes.

What if I'm not serious?

You're not my type.

What does it mean
to be your type?

I don't know.

You should know.

Leave it alone.

It's just you
in this room?

Stop it.


I think you have a husband.

I had.
He died in Alps.

That's sad.

I have a daughter.

Is she here with you?

I don't take her climbing.

How old is she?


Is she pretty?

She resembles my husband.

She's lucky.


She's here!

- Do you know how to dance Mazur?
- No.

Leave it, Jurek!
Come here.

Dance with Marysia!

Hold on!

I don't want to!

It's vodka for you.

Don't be shy.
Drink it all.

Did you see it?

What are we doing here?

- Stop talking.
- It's closed.

- Which room are you staying in?
- Stop talking.

Well? We'll have a chat
at the manager's office!

Quiet, my love.

Alright but...
Don't set the building on fire!

The old wood would instantly
catch fire, wouldn't it?

- Where have you seen him?
- Near Cubryna.

- At the terrace?
- Yes.

- I see nothing.
- He must've hidden in the gully.

When have you seen him?

Right before I went
to get the binoculars.

- Was he alone?
- Yes. He's got such a unique jacket.

Nobody signed out in the book.
Like no one's left in the morning.


It's been rainy.

It was different in the morning.
It's got rainy now.

If that's the Opel guy,
let's check the parking lot.

He hasn't sign in at all!

How do I set these?

You wear glasses,
don't you?


- Like this?
- No.

He was here before.
You always remember everyone.

His face seems familiar...
But with the beard and all...

What about you, boys?

- He was hanging abound.
- I know this face.

Haven't you met him?

If he's a beginner,
that's not good weather for him.

He'll get stuck, get in the gully
- a recipe for disaster.

Don't overreact.

Let's check at the pond.
We could call out his name.

- Let's do that.
- Let's go.

- Call us, if you need us.
- We will.

I'll give you the transmitter.

It'll take half an hour.
We'll be right back.

- You're leaving?
- Yes.

Let's do it together.

On the count of three.

Who's staying in room number 9,

Where did you find it?

Next to the weather station.

Did you lend it to him?

- How do you know it's from number 9?
- There's a note.

What happened?

Something weird. They've found
this guy's sleeping bag.

I don't understand.

If he's left it,
how will he spend the night?

Don't panic!
He's an adult!

Can't you see
what's the weather like?

If he wants to freeze to death
or break a neck, let him.

Stop it.

Strong words.

If he doesn't come back 'til dark,
we'll worry then.

You'll call out once again then,

We will.

- Who goes next?
- You.

No one new got to the shelter
in the Valley Roztoki or Five Ponds.

If he's not back until tomorrow,
you'll have to go to the terrace.

- One group?
- Yes.

5, 6 people.
Who feels up to it?

Take the equipment.

We have none.

I'll give you the transmitter.

I'll check it first.

See you at nine then.

We're all waiting.

Go to sleep.

The snow gets worse and worse.

It was tough in the morning.

The gully can move.

You didn't take the crampons.

Leave me alone, ok?

There are some trails.

Let me see.

- Slow down!
- Look out!

I told you!

You should've taken the crampons.

You got me all stressed out.

Be careful.
Follow the trails.

- Jurek!
- Use the alpenstock!

The alpenstock!

My leg!

- What's happened.
- Call help.


- What's wrong?
- It's his leg.

His leg?

Morskie Oko!
It's Klimek-06.

Can you hear us?

Well done.

Morskie Oko. It's Klimek-06.

Maybe I can be of some use?
It's an easy trail.

Thank you.
I'll take care of it.

I'm a doctor,
you see...

We need to call helicopter.

What for? Before they bring him in
on the toboggan...

The paramedics
won't deal with him here.

We were told that the helicopter
is going to Rabka.

- It won't go to Rabka then!
- What do we need helicopter for?

We need to get him to Cracow.
I've got a friend there...

What should
I do with the ambulance?

I'll take the ambulance!

Dial the number, Wojtek.

Helicopter to Morskie Oko.
Can you hear us?

Morskie Oko to helicopter.
I can hear you just fine.

There's started an avalanche
near the terrace.

It's quite big - 650 feet long
and 250 feet wide.

There are fresh tracks.
It may be the one we're after.

Get some climbers and go up.

I'll let the headquarter know
and get the dog right away. Roger.


Step up.



Good doggy.


Let's take a break.

What did he find?

I'll catch it.

- What is it?
- It's not his.

He had a different one.

It's not his.

Continue probing.


Look out!

Is that his backpack?

I think it is.
Whose else?

It's fallen from the upper parts.

It's not damaged.
He can't be too high.

Let's cease the operation.

Stop probing.

I'll call for a helicopter.

It's Klimek-25.
I need a helicopter.

I'm staying
where we had the avalanche.

- Can you see anything?
- No.

- He must be in.
- Let me see.

Maybe you'll see him.

Dear colleagues...

Of course it's all simplified.

Because it's schematic.

Not every patient has to
go through the same stages.

Sometimes there's not enough time.

A patient dies before he gets
aggressive or apathetic.

That's why we should never
act schematically

but diagnose each patient

Once we've got diagnosis
based on conversations,

and tests...

we can recommend
psychotropic medicines.

Let's go back to the case
I started with.

Our patient is Tomasz P.

I must admit I'm disappointed
with our psychologist.

You're the one
who carried out the tests.

The patient seemed comforted.

We thought he managed
to avoid the stage of depression.

But the stage of aggression
and protest returned.

Although his intention
was to kill himself...

The patient escaped the facility
clearly to do that.

In my opinion it was a manifestation
of protest and not depression.

That's why I think
our psychologist is responsible.

He was staying with us
just for 6 months...

Having no background check,
we had the right to be mistaken.

You're right, to some extent.
That's a very unusual patient.

He was successful and ambitious,

Very life-oriented.

But very uncooperative
during his illness.

- Why?
- I don't know.

we didn't win his trust.

But that's quite clear.

He worked in management
for many years...

He was used to power, journeys,
financial prosperity...

He must've been influenced by that.

- How much?
- Why do you ask?

It's not a joke. Financial prosperity
is a relative term.

What counts, is that it was a man
who was satisfied with his life.

Even if he wasn't aware of that.

He achieved what he was after -
success and prosperity.

Was he seeing a psychiatrist?

Check the medical history.

No, no pains.
Didn't get any psychotropics.

Now he will.

Has he asked for that?

I think it's important
for the patient to know

whether he's given medicines
influencing his mood or not.

My dear colleague...

We'd like our patients to be able
to pass away the way they want.

We're not forcing them
to do anything.

But in terminal situations,
patients often change their minds.

And it's uneasy to help them then.

I can see I didn't convince you,
did I?

Do you also discuss treatment
with a patient suffering from shock?

What is the further treatment?

I'd like to try tests again,

Leave it alone.
We'll be giving him tranquillizers.

And you,
my students...

Please remember about
doctor-patient confidentiality.

And stop with that sad faces
when you're around patients.

And leave Mr Piatek alone.

I'm not asleep.

This lady asks,
if she can come in.

What lady?

She's here.

Don't come in.
Wait in there.

I want to lie down.
My legs hurt.

I know.

What do you know?

I know.

You do, don't you!

- You find me irritating?
- Yes.

Sit down.

Don't touch me!

Everyone's stroking me,
like I was a cat!

They didn't succeed?

You can see for yourself
they didn't.

I understand.

What can you understand?

You'd have to lie here in agony,
to understand anything!

Why do you need to understand it?
Don't understand it!

You mustn't smoke here.
Can't you see the sign?

Smoking is not allowed.
Get out of here with that cigarette!

Take it...

He was so pink,
wasn't he?

Allow me to keep visiting you.

What for?

You're alone.

Because I want to!

Allow me.

Allow me,
if you can.

I'll tell you,
why you want to keep visiting me.

Because you're an unfulfilled widow.

Don't come here.

I have enough witnesses.

All last-year students
study my agony.

You're lucky.

Everyone's jumping around you now.


How much
did that rescue operation cost?

There must've been
many people involved.

The helicopter...

They should've saved the money
for medical treatment.

Don't slurp!

I told her...

If I kick the bucket first,
it means you're being treated better.

I've spent just 4 months in here.
What about you?

You've been rotting here
for a year!

What did she want?
That questionnaire lady.

Nothing. She asked, if I dealt
with my unfinished business.

She wanted to make sure
we talked about it.

Excuse me,
have you got a moment?

What's the matter?

- I'll walk with you.
- I'm listening.

I read your book
and heard about the questionnaire.

I bet it's stupid
but I don't understand.

Understand what?

- I made notes.
- It's about religion.

Among others.

Whenever the patient wishes,
we invite a priest.

You call it therapy through religion.

Why shouldn't I?
I'm not a believer.

My patients aren't either,
even if they think they are.

Have you met anyone who lives
sub specie aeternitatis?

Why are you making it so schematic?
Everyone is different.

I'm not saying otherwise.

Why is it so hard for him, doctor?

You see...

I'll answer as a man,
not as a doctor.

You see...
He's very self-oriented.

He used to work a lot.
We work also for others.


But would you ever call his work
a service?

It wouldn't be proper.

He's a consuming type of man.

That's why the aggression stage
lasts longer and is more intense.

- We'll prescribe...
- Medicines?

How can they help?

They'll bring relief.
Immediate relief.

So that he's not scared.
So that he can die easier.

How can one,
if one knows nothing?

Why, what for?

Does it depend
on the life we've had?

What's the method you're offering?
You call that peace?

He'll only be dazzled.

Have you got a better idea?

At least we're trying.

We could do nothing,
like doctors in many other hospitals.

You're blaming me and medicine

that contemporary philosophy
doesn't offer answers.

And you know the question.

I'm just a physician.
I know nothing more.

I'm just a doctor.

- Do you know?
- No.

But I can feel something is wrong.

When you feel the other way,
let me know.

Excuse me,
I'm in a hurry.


How are you?
Have you got everything you need?

I wanted to thank you

for getting me
that separate room.

My son wanted to visit you.

But his leg is in plaster.
And will be for some time.

That's alright.
He'll get flowers to my grave.

I have a favour to ask.

There's a crematorium in Poznan.

It's hard to get in there.
Would you call them?

- Isn't it all the same?
- No.

Would it be to you?

Would you like to decay and stink?

Would you like to be all stinky?
Be a shit after death?

Get a grip!

He said he's waiting for you.

I'm sorry.

I don't want you to think...

Of course I'll get you that Poznan.

Why are you so scared?

There's no need to be.

- No need.
- Aren't you scared?

You're old.

You can...
Any moment.

Or maybe you think
it concerns everyone except you?

My experience shows other people die
but we live.

As you can see,
you shouldn't rely on experience.

What can one rely on?


I know.

I know it'll happen.

And you're not scared?

I am.

Of pain and other...

disgusting things.

I enjoy life.

But if that's what has to happen...

We shouldn't rebel against it.

Do you really imagine...

What's going to happen with you?

You see...

I was resuscitated twice.

I survived a plane crash.

I lived through war.

My close ones died...

They were better than me.

That's for sure.

They were better
but I live on.


We'll never know.

And you agree to that?

You think there's a point?

Of course.

That one is being given
and the other one - loses something.

Are you really sure?


You really think so?

Alright, I'll wait.
Thank you.

Don't go in there.
You really shouldn't.

I always have to take a shower
after my shift.

There are guests waiting in the
corridor. Should I ask them in?

Thank you.

Don't get up.
I'll call them.


Do you remember Augustine?

- Good morning.
- Hi!

I don't know if I should...
I'm only passing through.

I live in Gdansk.

I've asked Mrs Teresa...

About what?

She told me you were here.

I am.

I may leave any day.

I'm going to a health resort.
To Jastrzebia Góra.

You're from Gdansk?

Leave me the address.
I'll contact you.

You should come.

We'll talk about philosophy.

What time does your train leave?

Not soon.

- Have you had your exams?
- Yes.

- How was it?
- Fine.

You see...

Go or you'll miss the train.

Goodbye then.


Thank you.

He's funny, isn't he?

Don't get upset.
I have nothing for you.

Unless you need something.

- You're funny!
- I'm glad.

Where did you find him?

He was looking for you.

Jasrzebia Góra.
Is that good?

I didn't mean it.
He's young.

But you're better.
I can see you are.

What are you painting?

It's just a potboiler.

I want to finish with it...

Because it's nitro
and it's hard to remove it.

I've got a deadline until April.


That's a lot of time.

Don't be embarrassed.

Don't be.

You see...

I've been through this.

It goes like that...

When the pain stops
and the other thing starts...

Everything becomes peaceful
and distant.

Darkness, sensation of flying...

And that beautiful not-caring.

Then the light.

And you see yourself
and your close ones.

And... after all those
medical procedures...

When you wake up again,

although you love life,

you're not happy.

You realise you're going
to experience it again.

That you need to engage in things

that you already know...

...are not that important.

That's all.

- Excuse me, doctor.
- Take a sit, please.

Is that possible
you've made a mistake?

Please forgive me...

But you said the stages
are going to be different.

He hasn't got fever and
he's feeling better. I can see that.

Medicine is not able
to foresee everything.

Is it getting worse?


How long will it take?

A few days.
A week at the most.

No one can set a deadline.

No one.

Can I come
and visit him every day?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Who let you in here? Patients
are not allowed to come here.

You should get out!


Didn't you hear,
what he said?

Are you deaf?
Leave now.


It should be quiet in here.



What's wrong?



Dear Lord...

Leave it.

Don't do it yourself.
I'll call a nurse.

A lot is out.

Do you need anything?

Should I withdraw the amount
you asked me to the last time?


Why are you getting up?
I'll get the bedpan.

Thank you.

Oh, really...

Be careful.

That's right.

What have you done?

You'll have a bruise.
I need to massage it.

Be careful.

Will you get me
some cigarettes?

You still have some.

I want to have some more
for a rainy day.

Why do you need to smoke so much?

Because I like.

Very well then.

Thank you,
I'll do it myself.

- Will you manage?
- I will.

You should go.

- You're in pain?
- I'm scared...

Wait here.
I'll get a tablet.

Mr Piatek!