Spies Inc. (1992) - full transcript

Spies from different nationalities stationed in a small Asian island work out a plot to create an international incident taking profit from it. Defrauding CIA through fake reports and running a front company using operating funds, they control the island and use the skills acquired in the service of their countries to pursue their personal dreams of wealth and happiness.

[ foreign language ]

Come on.

Go for it, Mac.

Orushkin, come on.
Let's have it.

It's all in here, 43 cables.

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

Let's go! Let's go!

[ gunshots ]

Hustle, damn it! Hustle!

Come on!

Come on!

VIC: Who is the fireball?

LORIMER: McKinley.

Our top man in Moressa.

And this was
his opposite number.

Vladimir Orushkin
of the KGB.

VIC: So this Orushkin
crosses over the wild side,

huh, just like that?

Could be
our biggest defection

since Yurchenko
came over.

So what did he give us?

43 cables,
all from Moscow Central

to the Soviet ambassador,


Vic, there's enough going on
down there

to start world war III,

In Moressa?

McKinley wants to get this
all the way to the top

- and fast.
- McKinley?

That bozo couldn't start
a forest fire

with a flamethrower.

Vic, just take a look
at some of this.

Oh, come on, Lorimer.

Moressa is a farm for freaks
and burned-out spooks,

theirs, ours,

God, even you know that.

Let me show you
something big.

We're talking about
a reconnaissance satellite

which spies
with its little eye

the People's Republic
of Moressa.

19 islands
and a couple of atolls.

Main island over here.
One large town.

Rice, rubber, tea, coconuts.
Okay, so far?

Now, we track over
to one of these

remote little fellows
over here.

Tell me what you see.

Some kind of a settlement,

Leper colony, 20 lepers,
2 Dutch nuns

and a Sony Walkman,
that's it.

Only according to
Mr. Orushkin's cables,

the pics we're getting
are phony.

Phony? What the hell
are you talking about, phony?

All they got to do is isolate
the satellite's frequencies,

but not impossible,

and they're
in business.

They can beam back
whatever they want us to see.

So what do you want
from me?

Somebody on a plane
within the hour.

Somebody who speaks Russian,
somebody good,

going in deep cover,
no embassy contact,

and I want him to turn our
Mr. KGB Orushkin inside out.

You're asking me
for a 3T man?

That's what
they're there for.

- What cartons?
- What are you saying, Alice?

Strawberry again, Mr.--

Mac, important traffic
from headquarters.

What does it say?

Oh, tangerine, of course.

How silly of me.
They are sending somebody out.

Sun Slip will deliver to you
right away, Mr. Brenjou.

To debrief Mr. Orushkin.

Debrief Orushkin?
What the hell for?

- Thank you. Bye.
- We've covered everything!

43 in-depth cables
we sent them, 43!

- Count them.
- Mac!

What the hell do they want?

We got an Olympic-sized pool of
sewage blowing up in our faces!

- MAN: Alice?
- What'll they say to this?

The 6th, the 44th airborne?
No, no, no.

Some prissy little four-eyed
Ivy League fancy Dan

who wants to debrief
the Russian KGB Orushkin!


Rob, honey.

Yeah, I need you
to hold this for me.

- Where?
- Right there.

Alice, come on!
We got to get our ass in gear.

- Shh.
- Don't shush me.

Any minute now, 3T is gonna
be launched in our direction.

- He's already on his way.
- Licked the sucker.

I told you, Mac, everything
is gonna be all right.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

I got back to headquarters
right away.

3T is under instructions

to go straight to his hotel
and wait for contact.

[ indistinct chattering ]

Do you know
the Nippon hotel?

know damn good, sir.

[orn honking ]

Nippon hotel, sir.

Keep the change.

Oh, thanks a lot.

Hey, anybody home?

[ song playing
in foreign language ]



You follow.

You're a lucky man.

First guest, big fever.
He got pukey.

Room vacant now.

Wonderful view.


[ indistinct chatter ]

Whittaker, get in.

Come on, get in.

Rob Hartman.

You're the bang
and boom guy.

These boys are really up
and running, huh? You okay?

- Which boys?
- KGB, of course.


Yeah, in comes the 3T man,

out goes Rob to meet him
and what do you know?

He's got his death squad
in there to hit him.

- Shit.
- KGB, no way.

It's got to be.

That's too damn amateur.

This is Moressa, buddy.

Yeah, even for Moressa.

So where you keeping him?

Where have you got him?

Oh, shit!

[ tires screeching ]

[ honking ]

Did you see that?

- Where's the safe house?
- The what?

Where have you got him?

Oh, yeah, Orushkin.
He's out of town.


Up the coast,
a place called Patra.

You got an address?

No, that's strictly
Mac's department.

You know how many people
he's got down there? Miners.

Oh, yeah, yeah,
we got about half a dozen.

Cream of the crud. These are
the best locals we got.

Okay, take me to the station.

That's right where
we're headed.

Wrong station,

I want the railroad,
not the agency.

And if I did my homework right,
it should be over that way.

What the heck
you want to go there for?

To catch a train.

I'm on assignment, remember.

The agency wants
this Russian debriefed,

and they want it yesterday.

Yeah, but,
I mean you got any idea

about the trains
in this place, huh?

There's a hotel on
Patra Harbor, the Oriental.

I'll be there
under the name of Harper.

Have McKinley get in touch with
me through one of his miners.

You're not listening to me.

I'm talking about
the jungle express.

For Christ's sake,
just hire yourself a car.

Better yet, why don't you just
come over and take one of ours?

You know better than that.
Cut through there.

- There!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ honking ]

Damn, take it easy.

Slow down.

Now look at what
you've gone and done.

- What I've done?
- Now just sit still.

Only one way to handle this.

You, get out of there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come here.

Do you realize
what you just did?

- Please, it was an accident.
- Accident, my ass.

You deliberately threw this
piece of junk under my wheel.

Now you take it
and you get out of here

before I sue you
for everything you've got.

Come on, party is over.
Get out of here.

Don't worry. Stuff like that
happens here all the time.

Turn it off.

- What are you talking about?
- I said turn it off.

Now listen.

I'm Harper, Oriental Hotel,
Patra. You got that?

- This goes to headquarters.
- What the heck is this?

My first on-site report.
So long.

- Hey, where you going?
- Train station, on foot.

What the hell
is bugging you?

Hartman, I can't afford
the advertising.

Sir, wait a minute, my friend
will take you to the hospital.

- Hospital?
- Just a check-up.

Not to worry, sir.
All in one piece.

Can't be too sure.
Come on, please.

Uh-uh, Whittaker,
no, I ain't taking--

The hell you are.

Hey, what did I tell you?

- You get out of here.
- You'll do it, Hartman.

You'll take good care of him or
the company will hear about it.

Oh, yeah? Don't forget,
it's your company, too, buddy.

It's not the damn Boy Scouts,
you understand?

You're on assignment,

Deep cover, man!

You're very kind, sir.

[ car honking ]

Where the hell
have you been?

How the hell
did you find me?

- I find anybody. Sources.
- Sit down.

Do you realize
I was about to make a speech

and that the president
was there?

[ocking ] Do you realize
I was about to make a speech--

We got a problem, Cleague.
A major problem.

May I suggest we discuss it
in more congenial surrounding?

Your inner sanctum, Mac?
Why don't you invite us there

before we all go down with
cholera or something worse.

Balls on this guy.

A top-secret United States
government facility.

Oh, for heaven's sake.

Off-limits to commies
and fruitcakes.

Fruitcakes? Please!

Her Majesty's fruity
secret service.

- You got the wrong country.
- Was and it always will be.

It's about time some of yours
came out of the closet.


People, people,
please do something.

Time flies.

Shut up and sit down.


What will it be, Cleague?

I don't suppose
you have a banana daiquiri

with an umbrella,
do you?

No, I don't suppose we do.

Give me something
hermetically sealed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll have some gin
with a dash of tonic.

An unopened bottle
if you don't mind.

Will you cut the crap
and listen?

I'm all ears.
What's the problem?

Triple threat.

- I beg your pardon.
- The 3T.

Oh, so that's what
it stands for.

Triple threat.
Love it.

Well, that was
taken care of.

That was all taken care of.

It was a matter of timing.

The kid, he checks in.

And Rob, he makes the call,
and what happens? I don't know.

Mac, I'd give anything
to see one of your reports.

- No way.
- Nothing hush-hush.

Just a sample of your prose.

What Edwin's trying
to tell you--

- Don't call me that.
- It's on your dossier.

Not to put too fine a point
on it, comrade Rob fouled up.

- What? No way.
- Fouled up?

And our friend, Mr. 3T--

[ all arguing at once ]

Five days,
that's all we have.

Five days to shake the world,
and you let the wildcard go?

You show me one Brit or
a commie who'll do any better.

I'm telling you.
this kid is red hot.

And very much alive.

Well, not long he ain't.

See, old Rob,
he did some quick thinking.

Next thing you know,
our boy is out of town

before his feet
even touch the ground.

Out of town?

He's gone to interview
the KGB defector.

- Where?
- Patra.

- We don't have anybody there.
- It's your territory, Arthur.

Who've you got up there?

Hey, hey,
what about the princess?

She's strictly off limits.

[ thunder rumbling ]

See, I've--

I've got a singing leper,

I've got the porter
of the Oriental hotel.

Beautiful. You guys get
your asses down there tonight.

You give this to the porter,
he delivers it by hand

to Mr. Harper,
AKA, Whittaker.


- Well, what is this?
- Directions to the safe house.

[mitates explosion ]

And Mr. 3T is history.

Yes, well, let's hope
this time he is history.

I's and T's
dotted and crossed.

Oh, dotted and crossed,
old boy.

Well, if that's all settled,

Miss Kibblewhite, Orushkin.


[ whistles ]

Hey, Orushkin,
hold for a second.

Sit down.
We got work to do.


Mr. 3T's first in-depth report
to headquarters.

We have to dummy up
something real good,

or else our collective tit
is in the wringer.

You're the KGB defector.

Talk to us.

[inging ]

[ knocking on the door ]


Breakfast, sir.

For you, sir.

From Starburst.

You know where he is?

Oh, no, sir.
[ indistinct ]

Where's the transport?

Queen of the Orient, sir.

Down there,
at the end of the jetty.

[ speaking
in foreign language ]

[aughter ]

And Whittaker thinks
it's lasers?

Yes, sir.
It's all in his report.

- You go with this?
- I do now, sir.

Your 3T boys
never get it wrong.

Sir, Whittaker picked
the Russian empire three times,

and the pieces always
fitted back together.

This guy Orushkin
is on the level.

What about the think tank?

They all go
with Whittaker, sir.

They're convinced we're talking
worst-case scenario.

Ground base
free electron lasers.

Electronic railguns,

particle beam decoy
discriminators, you name it.

If it's Star Wars,
the Russians have got it.

And that's
just the beginning, sir.

- It gets worse?
- Much worse.

If the Russians
have got the technology

to give us a phony redoubt
on Moressa,

then where the hell else?

I can't go
to the President with this.

- Sir, we've got an--
- The implications.

- We have, sir.
Whittaker says that--

- But are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

Then get me something hard.
Who's running this outfit?

What the hell
does it look like?

Get back to Whittaker. Tell him
I want pictures and a name.

- Pictures?
- Of the laser station.

He's a trained pilot, isn't he?

Then pouch him in Ultralight,
two, three.

If a bunch of Palestinians
can get in under the radar

in those damn things,
so can Whittaker.

Get me a beer.
We got a problem.

They're sending someone up.

Worse. They want proof,
pictures of the meeting.

Pictures of the laser station.
How are we gonna get there?

By sending the kid
a couple of airplanes.

This is ridiculous.
There's nothing to photograph.

No shit, Sherlock, and they
want a Russian, too.

Orushkin, you got
anybody on your side

even down at the island,

Somebody that we can palm off
for setting up the operation?


No, no maybe.
You got to have somebody.

There was someone
before my time.

I'm afraid he was lost.

- Huh?
- It happens sometimes.

Central planning.

What was his name?

I think it was Filatov.

He got a first name?


Ivan Filatov. Will his name
show up on our computers?

[ speaks Russian ]

But the photographs,

they'll be more difficult.

No kidding.

Chu Chu.

[ speaks Russian

Our brother
in the Cuban services.

- That's our man.
- Chu Chu Rodriguez?

I'm not working
with that tamale.

The Da Vinci
of miniatures, Mac.

Cuba and Castro--
it's a matter of principle.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Nope, absolutely no.

How do you approve this guy?

Chu Chu, Chu Chu,
we're talking big bucks here.

[ speaking
in foreign language ]

Hundreds and hundreds of
millions dollars, not pesos.

let me explain it to you.

Chu Chu, Chu Chu,
listen to me, listen to me.

You got the upside
and you got the downside,

we're gonna go up
on the downside.

Don't you understand?

Excuse me,
excuse me, excuse me.

Please, please.

Comrade Chu Chu,

capitalists have many ways
of speculation.

There are ordinary shares
and preference shares

and bonds and guilds,
and there are futures,

where they gamble
on what is going to happen.

In the future.

[ speaking Russian ]

Now, the great beauty
about the future

is you can lay your bets
either way.

You can gamble
on the stock market

rising or falling.

We are going for a fall.

And for a fall,
we need a crisis.

[ train whistle ]

A world crisis, actually.

Black Monday times ten.

And before we can say

we hit the jackpot.

- And when it's all done, we--
- Spit!

All we have to do is raise 1%
of the value of the contract.

It's called
buying an auction.

[ speaks Spanish ]

We've done it, dear boy.

Vladimir, Mac and myself

have pooled our operating funds
to raise the deposits.

Quite simple, actually.

Sacrifice and cooperation,

the spirit of the great
patriotic war.

America, England,
Mother Russia.

Let's cut the bullshit.
We're gonna cut you in for--

- 5%.
- 5%?

5 million
on every 100 million.


God Almighty.

You want a world crisis?
Take your pick.

You don't need me.

This guy's got
shit for brains.

Comrade Chu Chu,

it is the scale of the crisis
and the timing,

particularly the timing.

You see how we've
slightly jumped the gun.

We thought that we'd sent
enough disinformation

to headquarters
to start a fire,

but they've been
rather slow to respond.

Comrade, we've already
bought the contract.

The auction falls due
in 4 days.

Four days
and the clock is ticking.

Four days,
it's all we've got.

So we either have
a world crisis

and a very large profit
for everybody--

Or we're at the creek
without a paddle!

Come on,
what do you say?


[ speaks Spanish ]

No! No! No!
No, it's...

- They're gonna find out.
- Sure, they're gonna find out!

A week and a month,
you cashed in.

What the hell do you care
if they found out?

I care plenty.
I care prison, I care worse.

In the last 20 years,
you ever hear of a spook

sitting in the slammer?!

Comrade, you must not worry
about prison.

Maybe a week or so

and always a little trip
to the border,

well, not theirs,
for one of ours

and everybody's happy.

That's the beauty
of our profession.

We pull all the stings,

are terrified of us.

They're scared
out of their skulls.

With the amount of money
we're talking about,

justice melts.

You could start
a third world war.

Five percent,
billions, no questions,

no taxes, no shit,

and you're bothering
about World War III!

[ speaking foreign language ]

[ honking ]

Move it!

Open up!

No, sir.

Open up, goddammit!

It is a lockout, sir.




What's with the lights?
Oh, shit.

What are you doing
sneaking up on me like that?

I could have--
you know, my balance.

- What's going on?
- Shut down.

They cut off all the
electricity and the water.

And I've had to fire
the entire staff.

Oh, shitheads. They didn't
know what electricity was

- until we told them.
- What do you expect?

You haven't paid
a utility bill in over a year.

All I needed
was a few dollars

from the operational fund,
but oh, no.

Come on, Alice,
not that again.

Sun Slip
was the only front company

in the whole sector
that was turning in a profit.

A prosperous
expanding business.

Will you shut up
about Sun Slip

and bring that candle
over here?

Ask that stripper.

I know what your trouble is,

You've got no sense
of proportion.

You're in the big time now.

So think big.

What the fuck?

- I told you, it's all down.
- All of it?

except the phone.

Well, I got to drive up
to the headquarters,

flash traffic,
I got to get through.

So we'll use the embassy.


Aren't you the smartest

little bimbo
to come down the pike?

What the hell would I do
without you?

You get your sweet ass
in there

and we're gonna cook up
something good.

All right.

Code, Cosmic.

- Okay?
- Sure.

All right.

Reference, Redcoat,
source, Starburst.


From, 3T-GWMR.



Ground base laser.

Mac, what are you
trying to tell them?

Well, we got our ground base
laser station...

[ndistinct chatter ]

...out there one of those
freaking islands.


What about this?

Soviet laser installation,

Controlled by...

um, should we make him

You bet,
at least a colonel.

by Colonel Ivan Filatov,

deep cover KGB, stop,
Whittaker, stop.

Okay, scribble it

and get your ass
to the embassy.

What the hell
is an Ivan Filatov?

[ speaking in
foreign language ]



Ivan Filatov.

Ivan Filatov!

This way, sir.

The gentleman
sends his compliments, sir.

Thank you very much.
I'm Jim.


Oh, meet Hala.

- Hi.
- How do you do?

- That's Marietta.
- Hi.

- Tabitho, Jodri.
- Hi.

- Isabelle.
- Isabelle.

[ foreign language ]

Please, sit down.

Jodri, get over here.

Make room, everybody.

That's right, there we are.

That was quite a scene
this morning at the harbor.

You were there?

At my window.

I imagine
you spend a lot of time

through your window.

Well, not really.

But when there's a riot
going on below,

it does kind of
draw you there.

Hardly a riot.

Well, whatever it was,
you sure sorted it out.

How did you manage that?

We Moressans
take our women very seriously.

Yeah, but Isabelle's a...


I was born here,
Mr. Whittaker.

Tell me, what brings you
to our little country here?


No, just a tourist.

Ah, a tourist.

Are you enjoying yourself?



Absolute dynamite.

Have you seen anything
of the real Moressa?

Tourists see only
what they want to see.

Then perhaps you should learn
about it from us.

Anytime you'd like
to show it to me.

Where can I find you?

At the water garden.

Surely Isabelle's club

gets a passing mention
in your guidebook.

[ speaking
in foreign language ]

- How about tonight?
- I can't make it.

- Oh?
- Yeah, I've got a date.


- Someone special?
- Not particularly.

Just ships passing
in the nights.

Be careful.

I's and T's, old boy.

[ indistinct mumble ]

[ telephone ringing ]


ROB: Terminated.

3T is history?

Dotted and crossed,
old boy.

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

[ folk music playing ]

Jim, what are
you doing here?

You promised me
the real Moressa, remember?

Let me get you
something to drink.

No. After this dance.

Who are you?

A native.

The hell you are.

Where did you get it all?

ships in the night?

That wasn't me.

I'm sorry for the way that my
friends behaved--

What about Whittaker?

That was you, wasn't it?

Where did that come from?

It's your name.

Where did you get it?

At the hotel register.

Nice try, but I booked in
under the name of Harper.

You got someplace
we can talk, privately?

Tell me about the things
that turn you on, Isabelle.

Flirting with dead men.
What else?

Hi, Jim, over here. Some wine?
How delightful.

That's not what happened.

And all the time
you knew damn well

well what I was walking
into last night.

Who you working for?

- Who, Isabelle?
- Moressa.

Oh, come off it.
Moressa Intelligence

adds up to one retired captain
on the wrong side of 70,

an assistant librarian
with the DTs,

both of whom we own.

- I didn't say intelligence.
- Then who?

The country.
The people.

Don't give me that stuff.

- You didn't hear what I said.
- Yeah, I heard.

Both words.

And to you they're hollow?

Most times.

When they're not,
they're dangerous.

Except when it's your country
and your people.

This is my country.

I don't care who you are
and what you believe.

That's your business,

but when you
and your Moressan buddies

try to blow me
out of existence, twice,

that starts
to become my business.

It had nothing
to do with us.

But you knew, all of you.

You knew. How?

Leave this island
for your own sake.

They're trying
to kill you!

- Who's they, Isabelle?
- All your lot.

And along with them,
the KGB, MI6,

and goodness knows
who else.

For one stupid moment

I thought
I was getting the truth.

You are.

Do you know who this is?

Over there, on the right.

It's Cleague, isn't it?

Resident Brit.

The night you arrived,
he came down here

with Hartman.

That's when he told me
about you.

You're telling me
that Cleague just drops by,

discusses classified

[ clanking ]

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

Come on in, we're just talking
about your old pal Cleague.

He's one of your kind,
not ours.

Well, you all look
pretty chummy there.

That, Mr. Whittaker,
was my son's wedding.

Twelve weeks later,
Cleague had him killed.

Your son? How?

Car bomb.

They put out some story
about fundamentalists.

How do you know
Cleague was involved?

Little by little,
things came to light,

that our old friend Cleague
was in fact a British spy,

that my son
had been working for him,

and somewhere somehow
he overstepped the mark and...

Well, I don't have
to tell you

how things are worked
in your world,

do I, Mr. Whittaker?

So now you're
on the best of terms

with the man
who killed your husband?

The very best.

In fact, I work for him.

Hold it.
You work for Cleague?

- I use him.
- How?

He gets reams
of disinformation,

we get a window
into your world.

Dangerous games, lady.

And what you learn
from Cleague, you pass on to...

Any Moressan
who needs to know.

I need to know,

Why are they
trying to kill me?

That's our boy, sir.
Ivan Filatov.

When was this taken?

June, 1937.

I imagine he's changed.

According to this, he was
posted to Moressa in 1938.


That's it, sir.
That's the whole file.

You mean, he's been out there
for 50 years?

Yes, sir.

He hasn't changed post
since the Second World War.

In fact, he missed
the Second World War.

This guy is running
a ground-based laser station?

Yes, sir.

He must be
one hell of a sleeper.

[ car honking ]

Where are you going
with that stuff?

What the hell
is going on around here?

Hey, you little termite,
put that back!

It's all right.

It's just old stock.

What the...

Has everybody gone crazy?

Put back!



what the hell is going on?

Garage sale.

our assets, Mac.

You froze 'em, we're unfreezing
them and upping the ante.

- Excuse me?
- No more rubbers, buddy.

We're all out of rubbers.

what's going around?

We got to get over
to Chu Chu's.

Just a minute, Mac.

Hey, I told you, get lost!

Mac, I want you
to meet Mr. Filatov.

He wants to defect.

For Christ's sake.

No defections
after 1:00 p.m.

Come back
tomorrow morning.

Come on, Rob, let's...

- Did you say Filatov?
- Uh-huh.

[ whistles ]

Hold it a second.

Ivan Filatov?

It's true.
It's me.

- And you want to defect?
- Defector.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

You want to be traitor?

You--you want to have that tag
for the rest of your life, huh?

You're a disgrace to
the goddamn communist party!

The workers of the world
want to throw up their chains

and you don't give
a hoot and a holler.

It's terrible.

I can't read this shit,
goddamn alphabet.

Why can't they even learn
to write normal?

I've been recalled,

recalled to Moscow.

Oh, holy camoly, no.

They can't do that!



[ indistinct ]


Where do you want these, sir?

How the hell do I know?
What is it anyway?

Emergency drop, sir!

Assembled reconnaissance
ultra-light, sir!

Oh, shove it.


Filatov, you go there,
you make yourself comfortable.

Camarilla, she take care of you
till we come back.

After you, Mr. Filatov.

You keep that sucker locked in
the basement, you understand?

- Uhh.
- Go for it!

All right, everybody,
the show is over!

Get your butts
out of here!

Come on, Rob,
let's shake it.

Slow down.

What are we looking for?


Pull over on that side
and wait for me.

Hey, pal, I'll give you
500 rupees for this thing

for the day.

You can take this
as a deposit.

- What's going on?
- We are hiring his van.

Give me the keys.

The man wants collateral.

- Jim?
- All for the cause, Isabelle.

The country
and the people.

How much time we got?

Will you stop that?
It's getting obscene.

Pick-up in 2 hours,
47 minutes.


Come on, let's go!


I got to admit,
did a good job.

All right,
let's have a camera.

If they don't buy this,
they don't buy anything.

See if we can get it
through the lens.

Fire away.

All right.

How do you plan
to get in there?


[ both singing
in foreign language ]

You got it.
Triple threat.

Back from the dead.
And you're Miss Kibblewhite.

I don't believe
I've had the pleasure.


Ivan Filatov.

A traitor
to the working class.


Thank you.

Keep them covered
and don't hesitate to use it.

Just shut your eyes
and think of Moressa.

Keys, Miss Kibblewhite?


Oh, it's beautiful.

So where is the jamming gear
for the KH11?

Oh, my God,

the number one ingredient
and it's missing.

- Chu Chu!
- [oreign language ]

You're damn right, there's
a problema. Where's the jammer?

This equipment
is difficult to, to...

- Imagine.
- Imagine, yes.

It's undercover,

invisible from the air.

- No?
- No!

If I don't get the photographs
on tonight's flight,

the agency
won't get them in time

and worse still, we won't make
tomorrow's news!

No imagination.

Let's solve the problem.

Now what are you doing,

[ cross talk ]

[ speaking
in foreign language ]

There you go.

What are we waiting for?

Let's shoot it.

Charlie delta. Charlie delta.
I got bogey, that boy.

[tammering ]

Out of ammo, man.

Come on, gentlemen,

One for me
and one for TV.

Rob, come on, let's go.

so where are we going?

We're gonna interview
a defector.

I don't believe it.

- What is it?
- Articles of Incorporation,

these guys have got
a business going here.

The purpose of which shall be
commercial transactions

and, in particular,

to invest
in stock market futures.

And listen to these

Hartman, Cleague,
our Miss Kibblewhite here,

Vladimir Orushkin.

There's some guy
named Chu Chu Rodriguez

with an address in Havana.

Aren't you in on this?

The director?


Defector, me defector.

No, he had nothing
to do with this. No.

Jeez, this is
no penny-ante stuff.

AT&T, Mitsubishi,
Boeing, General Motors.

Hundreds of millions--

it's all on the downside.

I don't--
I don't understand.

Well, it means that they're
gambling everything they've got

and 99 times more
on a falling market.

Did I say falling market?

I got to hand it to you,
Miss Kibblewhite.

What are they?

Draft cables,
all to headquarters

and all supposedly
from me.

Soviet laser installation,

controlled by Colonel...

What did you say
your name was?

Ivan Filatov.

Ivan Filatov.

meet the mastermind

behind the Soviet version
of Star Wars.

You mean it's a scam.

- There is no crisis.
- What?

Miss Kibblewhite,
I love you.

Well, I love you too,

What do you think
you're doing?


The hell you are!
You can't just leave.

Yes, I can.

I know
what I need to know.

- Moressa is not in danger.
- Attaboy, princess.

Isabelle, do you realize
what these lunatics are up to?

They're concocting
a major international crisis.

They've paralyzed
everything here.

They've ruined
the agency cover,

they've compromised God knows
how many agents and operations.

It's gonna be years before
we get things back to normal.

What's normal?

Bribes, car bombs,

surveillance, infiltration?

- That's what you call normal?
- Right.

If they were normal, doing the
job they were sent here to do,

things will be even worse.

She's making good sense.

Are you out of your mind?

[ distant voices ]

- Quick.
- No.

- Don't think for her.
- You know too much.

- You listen to yourself.
- They'll kill you!

You're coming too, pal,
we need proof.




Stay right there.




Triple threat,
they've got Ivan!

Now the first we've got
to do is get him

and the file to the embassy
as soon as it opens.

You know any place we can go
to ground for 5 hours.

- Well, maybe we could try--
- I have a better idea.

The last place in the world
they'd think to look for me.

First guest, very sick,
he got pukey.

Then come America, boom.

Here you go.

Yeah, that's the problem
with Americans.

They all look the same.

That loony Russian is gone,
the file is gone.

The kid's alive and kicking.

Cleague got the film
on the flight.

Yes, 3T is a loose cannon.
Cleague is right, Rob.

You messed up,
you better do something.

- Like what?
- How the hell do I know?

Sling those airplanes together,
we might need them.

No, not you.

Hey, you tell me,
wise guy.

Oh, dammit, Cleague,
we're finished.

- You know what I mean.
- Mac.

Here's what you do.

You set up tag teams
at the airport,

then head straight
back to town,

you tell Vlad and his boys
to cover the post office

and the telephone exchange,
inside and out.

Yeah. Bulgarians, Czechs,
get them all in.

We need the Cubans as well.

You have Chu Chu and his goons.
Excuse me, his companeros.

Check out the hotels.

Mac and I'll take care of
the embassy and the cops.

I think
they're looking for us.

This might take a while, but
I'm gonna call headquarters.

You get behind the wheel
and wait.

Call to the United States.

Yes, sir.

International booth.

Pick up immediately
as it rings.

Where are we going?

Where do we go?

We're defecting.

[ indistinct ]

We've been looking
everywhere for you.


Get in.

[ tires screeching ]

[creaming ]


Come out, Filatov,
let's go.

Nyet! No.

I not go anywhere.

I defector.

I here defect.



Through here.

We better keep moving.

Yeah, but where? You sure
that guy's at the airport?

Should we make to Patra
in a boat for India?

Yeah, but don't you see
it's getting to Patra.

I mean they'll have
the transition covered

and all the roads
out of town.

- You've forgotten something.
- What?

Tomorrow is the Patra,
the harvest festival.

They'll never spot us
in that crowd.

We'll get
right out of town,

and the next day you can
take the boat to India.

You mean
we can take the boat?

They've seen us together.

Don't you understand,
you're in this,

whether you like it
or not.

Isabelle, if they catch you,
they'll kill you.

Why should I?

You've got the file, and
when you're gone, it's over.


I belong here.

I think we should
get off the streets.

In the absence
of electricity,

one must do the best they can,
mustn't they?

It's years since I've had
the chance to do this.

You know, the Italians
were masters at improvisation.

They could do
the most wonderful things

in the most difficult

Castor oil, water.
Mac, I wonder if you'd mind

resting his head
on the table, please.

Thank you.

The trick is
not to go bashing about.

Just gently tap, tap, tap.

[ loud scream ]

get the hell out of here.

What? Ivan?

What are you doing to him?

I'm afraid we haven't
got much choice.

- He's as stubborn as a mule.
- Ivan, tell them.

Whatever it is
they want to know, tell them.

But they have not asked me
a question yet.


Ivan, old chap,
I wonder if you mind telling us

where your friends are.

Friends? I defector,
I have no friends.

Except Kibby.

He is stubborn as a mule!

- And twice as stupid!
- Mac!

I mean,
the young couple

with whom you have been
consorting very much lately.


Oh, you mean...

Come on, tell us.

Why you not ask me this

They're no friends,
they are cops.

Come on, get to the
bottom line. Where are they?

In a hotel...

Nipponia, I think.

All right!
Come on, let's go!

Alice, you keep your eye
on this screwball.

Don't let him
out of your sight!


I think we're losing
the element of surprise.

They're gone.

How frightfully clever of you.

[ speaking
in foreign language ]

2,000 rupees.

She wants it in advance.


She charges by the hour.

Sorry, I couldn't have
explained seven separate rooms.


Sure they would have
suspected something right away.

Well, it's all here.

More than enough
to nail them.

We'll be safe up here
until the festival.

The procession passes
right along the street.

in a statement issued

earlier this afternoon
by the White House,

the President described
all negotiations

with the Soviets
on nuclear arms reductions,

the so-called INF
and SALT agreements

as dead and buried.

He went on
to accuse the Soviets

of entering negotiations

in a spirit
of cynicism unparalleled

in the history of
international diplomacy. Bob?

The INF agreement rested
on one basic assumption,

that each side
had the satellite capability

to monitor
the other's territory.

Now that basic assumption
was completely invalidated

by the dramatic revelation

that the Soviets
now have the technology

to intercept
US satellite transmissions

and substitute
false information

of their own invention.

And this is the evidence
they successfully concealed

from a US
military satellite.

On a remote island
in the Indian Ocean,

Star Wars, Soviet style.

Wall Street
reacted dramatically

to the news of the Moressan
Star Wars crisis.

There was panic
on the exchange

where the Dow Jones
industrial average

plunged a record 932 points.

[ speaking Russian ]

[ telephone ringing ]


All right,
let's take it up.

They called off
the Geneva peace talks.

And the Pope is praying
for world peace.

I think
we should cash in now

and take our profits
while the going is good.

Profits, my ass.
We're moving in for the kill.

If Whittaker gets off
the island with the file,

- we're sunk.
- He won't get off.

Orushkin's got his boys
all over the map.

Listen to this.

The World Bank
wants the UN to intervene.

And the company said old Macky
would never make it big.

Up yours, assholes.

Mac, Agent Orange is
on the phone. They found him.

Over there!

Come on!


Jesus Christ.


start playing the flute.

Stop horsing around,
shoot that goddamn thing.

Is this yours?

Yes, sir.

Come on.
Now be careful with that.

Chu Chu,
give me a hand.


- We lost him, goddammit.
- Don't worry, Mac.

Vlad just called.
He said he's on his way.

What's that gotta do with
the current price of eggs?

3T and the princess
were seen

by our Bulgarian comrades
on the road to Patra.

Oh, shit,
they're heading for the boat.

That's right. So we put
together a couple of packages.

Where the fuck is Alice?

- Alice?
- She's gone, Mac.


I don't know.
Ask him.

Alice, she go to embassy.

She said, tell,
you no worry.

She come back soon.

she flipped the lid.

I need him.
We got to get them.

- Got to get who?
- 3T and that bimbo!

That's what I'm saying.

That's why we put together
the packages.

The air, gentlemen,

we'll get them from the air.

This shithole
looks pretty good from up here.


We're looking good.

♪ Off we go
into the wild blue yonder ♪

♪ Climbing high
into the sun ♪

♪ Off with one terrible roar

There they are!
Ha ha ha!

It's an agency ultralight.

♪ Down we go, spouting
our flame from under ♪

♪ At 'em boys,
give 'er the gun! ♪

♪ We live in fame
or go down in flame ♪

♪ Nothing can stop
the army air corps ♪

You okay?


That was some flying.

Thank you very much.


I wonder
if maybe you could...

Is there something
I could do to help?

Uh, yes,
I think perhaps there is.

I wonder if maybe

you could walk over
to the back

and then put your weight
on the other end, then you...

[ screaming ]

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

What is this place?

It's my second home.

I spent a lot of time here
after my husband...

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

We'll be safe here
until the boat comes.


- Hi.
- Hi.

[ sheep bleating ]

I don't fucking
believe it.

Don't even say anything,

Don't spoil the moment.

You could stay here.

The people here
taught me something

I almost lost sight of.

If you want to
change the world,

you have to take it
one person at a time.

And that means
starting with yourself.

1,900, 2,000.

Good, leave the rest to me.

Very gently with those.

[peaking in
foreign language ]

- It's your show now, buddy.
- All taken care of.

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

Okay, come on.

[ indistinct chatter ]

I could buy a castle
with that much.

What are you gonna do,
Chu Chu?

A brand new German engine.

Good, good.

[ speaking in
foreign language ]

To the money.

[ speaking in
foreign language ]



You guys up there?

It's difficult to understand

how one man
can shoot down a plane

from inside
the moving jetty.

I told you, son of a gun
is Dead-eye Dick.

He's got a horseshoe
up his ass. Right, Cleague?

Oh, yes,
he's absolutely amazing.

Hey, Mac.


You better be sure
this time, Rob.

Goddamn right, I'm sure.
Eight pounds.

MAC: Of plastic.

ROB: As fragile
as Uncle Sam makes it.

MAC: As soon as Mr. 3T steps
on to the passenger boat,

ship blows.


What happened to you?

I fell down.

And what the hell
is he doing here?

Never mind that.

Is Whittaker all fine?

Yes, he's okay

for about 2 minutes.

And then
he's yesterday's bubblegum.


Slowly. One person.

One person
at a time, please.


[ speaking in
foreign language ]

One person at a time,

Slowly, one person
at a time, please.


One person at a time.

One person
at a time, please.

One person at a time,



Watch it, Alice,
this is ready to blow.

Mac, listen to me, please.

You got about 20 seconds.

As soon as it was clear to me
that Whittaker--


That he could run
circles around you guys.

- Sixteen.
- Through a telex.

- London, Tokyo, New York.
- Twelve.

I took the profits
we made in the first two days.

I sold the contract

and I reinvested the money
the other way.

What way?

Rising market,
upside, recovery.

- What?
- What are you talking about?

As soon as Whittaker
exposes the crisis,

we double our money

If he doesn't,
we're broke.

She means we've got to
let him get away.

Every cent in the world
is riding on that boy.

[ excited chatter ]


Alice, where are you going,





♪ I know what you know

♪ And it's easy
to lose your way ♪

♪ In this lonely occupation

♪ And my world
was full of pain ♪


♪ 24 hour spy

♪ Looking at you, baby,
with my invisible eye ♪

♪ 24 hour spy


♪ A photographic memory

♪ A laser ingenuity

♪ The image I cracked

♪ Don't it pay to
watch your back ♪

♪ And it's easy
to lose your way ♪

♪ In this lonely occupation

♪ And my world was full
of pain salvation ♪

♪ 24 hour spy

♪ Looking at you, baby,
with my invisible eye ♪

♪ 24 hour spy
looking at you, baby ♪


♪ Spy

♪ He's a spy

♪ Spy, he's a spy