Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - full transcript

Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.

Translation: jaklin34

All right, let's do this
last time

My Name Is Peter Parker

I was bitten by
lala-radioactive spider

For 10 years
I did that, and,

May master your powers

Save the city, fall in love,

I want to then save the city
again and again and again

Appeared in comics,
grain, the Christmas album,

and ice cream

But this isn't about me




- Thousands! - Already!

Ready to go to school


Come on, you're grown up now

You need to develop the attitude

- Miles!
Where is my laptop

Take Me If You Want
now we need to go.

- No, dad, walk
- It's up to you

- OK
- Oh, my God, miles, way to go

Wait a minute!

- Mom, it's disgusting.
- Just a minute

- Later, Friday is the day
- Well, ma'am

I'll see you later

See, that
Dude how

Xa, just got back

- See
Hey, Miles!

Played great last night

What you say you last night
I'm a baby fast asleep

How is the new school

- Easy
- We miss you, Miles

I know you miss me
you will leave hard

Wait, you kidnapped me

Come on

My dad really just Xang
you can just walk

Oh, God, Spider-Man

This guy is swaying here and there
wearing a mask

so does anyone know it
- Xa, dad

I love you, Miles

Xa, I know

- You should too he said I love you
- Dad, Are you serious

I want to hear
I love you, dad

- You brought me to school
- I love you, dad

- Look here
- Dad, I love you

- Dad, I love you
- Beautiful

Hey, what's up

You're not sure

God, this is so embarrassing

We're wearing the same jacket

- Hey, it's time
- Xa I know

In the dark, Mr. Morales, motion

- Late again
- Einstein said that time is relative, is it

Maybe I'm not too late,
maybe you guys are too fast

I'm sorry, but it's very quiet.

If you want to survive
do you want to sit there

- I like a joke
Really -

Not only funny,
laughter but at the same time fishing

But this is real, everything is relative

I don't know, I don't think he

Bad value again, I'm thinking of you
I want to get me out of here

Maybe I don't deserve it
in this school

Even though his eyes are closed
50% of people can give an answer on this issue

You know you are able to value

- 50 percent

The only way to get this answer is wrong
no correct answer

You're trying to get, and
I won't let

I'm going to give
personal tasks for you

It's not about physics, but
I want to be a human

An uncle that was there

- How the school
- Beautiful

A lot of beautiful women
You don't need me for that

Of the notes,
sure you can get them

No, no one

I wasn't expecting that

in fact a new girl

I love

- But I don't know
- What's the name

You know, I don't want
talk now

You know how

Anyway, definitely
hard to tell

You will change for the sake of a girl

- Let
Are you serious, Uncle

I'll let you know when the time comes

So, welcome
and hey like

No, no, hey like

No, Hey


You can still fix.

- Father
- I have a mission this night to end

- You can do it
You know my dad, I can't

- Come on, we can help.
- I don't know

The problem we get

I'll teach you

Hey, I know this is

This is part of my job

What happened

Just wait,


Here always feels good

Once fresh

Now it's your turn!


You can do

I want to know

- This is crazy

In fact, this
you need to do

XA, I used to think too
always do it like this

- Don't lie
- It's true.

Then the police caught us,

He was a good man

Okay, come on,
take you home

Miles, come on!

Strange, I dropped my pants

A teenager I guess

I have a secret

I had to buy new pants

This is why audio
in my head, very difficult

- Good

why sweaty
- Why are so sweaty

I'm just nervous

I don't know tell me why
I'm not this puberty

Xa, but I finished

I'm an adult

So, you're new here, aren't you

- We're the same
- Xa

- It's true.
- Beautiful

- Miles I
- Gwendal, I'm his

- Wait, his name Gwendal
- Xa, the name Africa

I'm not native to Africa, but I grew up here,

Now keep your shoulder,
went before

Why are you so scared

If I do this
slowly, it will be better

I'm kidding, my name is Gwen, without Wanda

This is crazy

- Okay, I'll see you later

I'll see you later



You leave!

Miles, this isn't funny!

- I'm sorry
- So I don't think you understand

- Calm down
- Okay, I have a plan

- I'll draw very difficult
- it's not a perfect plan

We will do it! Attention!

- Nice to meet you! -
Of course, it's fun!

Nobody knows anything

nobody even noticed

Everyone knows

All the people they know
we talked, they see everything

Know, they know

- Super power
- Why are we laughing

All sounds
my mind is very hard

Secretly I know
last night, Morales

- Who Morales

It's not that

You're good

They'll never find you


Get out of my office, Morales.


This is my favorite song

Open Morales.

I sticky!

Just keep it sticky

In standard, everything that

Will be discussed here

We'll see


Why is this happening

Please wait adhesive

This, wait a minute

How are the two Spider-Man may be
Can't be Spiderman 2


Uncle, wake up!

I'm out of town,
I'll be back soon.

No! No! It's not possible

this is not an ordinary kid I'm supposed to be

There's someone to say

You're crazy, you're crazy!

You'll see the new Spider-Man

Do you spider

You know how a normal Spider

How can this be


Norman, listen to me

- I can't let you into another dimension

You will understand what I mean

- Not me
- this is real

Why should I -
- Still needs clarification on this issue

I guess it doesn't go

Get ready!

Here is where

You know your shoe's untied

I want to show you something

I don't know how

- You're just like me
- I don't want to

Like I have a choice, my son, I don't think

And you have to admit,

Everything will be fine
I could help you

If you want I can do it
show me the way


Let's get out of here

The machine must be stopped, Don't move

I'll see you later

How did he do this

No, no, this is for you

You're right, son

I bought this

Oh My God

All I'm bored

You can't stop it

Look now

I need help to get it in there

I shouldn't do this

We know

What do we do
we had to do

Because this Spiderman

New Do It Like Me Jamie

Is very expensive

I can give it to you

Came all the way
to watch him

This won't be news

No, no, don't do that

- No!
- You can still do this.

They not
outside size

This must be stopped

Why Civil is not law.

I'll try that, my friend

Stop it! No!

Let him go!

Are you okay?

I'm fine, this is a normal thing

- Can't stand
- Xa

Xa, I can't stand always

Will not stay silent

Look, we must be sure that
they don't understand

This key is to stop

Go upstairs, use the key
and press this

In this case, don't
I do not care who you are

Nobody knows, and that
everyone has already mastered

They won't mention

All over the world
this will be lost

Your family, your everything


You must do this

- I understand
- Go!

I'll come looking for you

This can be allowed

Never mind, we'll finish the test

Now, if the person you think

Xang Fast!

I have to say, fun
to see you again, Spider-Man

- But it's not
Right - Xang

Come on

This is not good news for them

I can't take this risk

Money, Spider-Man, it's not

You don't want to ever see
what I saw there

- Wait
I know what I want to do

And it will not work

They went

Body from here

Kill him!


Xa, I think the bank is safe

The police! Put Your Hands Up!

Miles! Miles, why aren't you at school

It's not something

What is miles

What happened

- Can I sleep here tonight
Miles, we have made a commitment with the school

Jeff, it's sad that

Of course you can stay

- dad
- Yes

hate spiderman

- Xa, I mean, what made you jump
- Jeff, honey

He asked me what

Honey, you know what
I feel about Spiderman's

Loves you very much
you know it, it's not

Mom, did you ever
We will move Brookline

It won't be our family
the problem of escape, Mph

Xa, I know

- What
- Is having a bad day

It's time for a special report.

Sad news tonight

Hero Spider-Man, also known as

after the pain died
was seriously injured in the quake

26 Old Peter Parker, man-Year

Husband, what is Peter Parker

just an average guy

I'm going to miss him

- Xa
- We used to be friends

- Are you sure download
- This happens all the time download

In the end

Then found

Spider-Man will be

And maybe you'll love it.

This will not give him power

We all have the power
to do this,

In our own way,
we are all Spiderman

And we're all counting

They trust me

Maybe not you,
I think it's just a metaphor

I'm Sorry, Mr. Parker

I want to do what you're asking


But, I'm sorry

I can't do it without you

Hey, Kid

What happened



- Who are you
- What are you doing there

Stop! PDNX


Xang isn't it

Son, just the body

I'm sorry

A child dressed
like Spider-Man

dragging a body
punk in the back of the car

- Who are you
- Why you're trying to kill me

No, I'm working
to save you

Xa, maybe you can't escape

All right, thank you

Do you know what he did to me

- You love me
- It's an interesting question

Why do you look like Peter Parker

- because Peter Parker
Why isn't he dead

hair is different and why
why you're older

Your body shape is different and why

Dec me fat
- No, no, no, just

Also, you don't look cool, boy
Almost all of superheroes is not weak

- You're a ghost

- You're a zombie
- Stop.

- I was a zombie
- This is not correct

You're from another dimension

Think of the universe
this is the same with Alam MU

And you're Spider-Man
in this universe

But if you are having problems
this is in the realm of audio Mesta

- But you don't know.
- This is just a guess

Then we will think of

The theory of remote -
- This outstanding

Could you teach me
you said before

- Exactly
- Xa, OK

- I love your family
- Not son

Watch your mouth

Take care of your hands

Peter, Don

The Child Trust Me, You
good to be Spider-Man

Are you okay?

- What's happening in your body

I guess my hand is still
Dimension include

But I am describing
I was a trainer spiderman snow

Dimensions had a lot of issues

Great power -
- Finishing that sentence

I'm sick don't

This advice come the ordinary boy

I have no choice
I don't want all the kids

- Tried to kill me
- What did you do tell

- wants to kill me
- Who cares

Where Collider
- Brooklyn, fish under tower

- Bye
- Where Are you going

My horses
my life back

I have to destroy.
you can no longer work

who told you that,

all the humans are dead

But there's always time

I got all the time
first, all the people are going to die

- I'll do my best for the best
- Won't be needing this

Give Me The Key!
- No! Wait a minute

This key you said it wasn't random

Each time the key
foreign key to the virus,

I don't know what happened, I don't remember the key

- Tell me now!
I want to destroy the collider

I want to go home

- No, don't go
- What

- I said, hey!
The collider opened a door that brought me here.

And I

- Coral rock
- No, really broken

I remember what happened

We can't do anything

Thank you
has to stay here.

Let's be friends

Run if you destroy
all the people in this town will be safe

My dad, my uncle and millions of
other people are going to die

Go home and
leave me alone

You'll do it, Spiderman

What do you do

You feel guilty

I will not jump
If this does not work


Okay, you can definitely do it

Come on, we don't have much time

I love this burger, very good

One of the best burgers
It never did

in my world, this is the place
off 6 years ago

I don't know why

You brought the money, isn't it
now I need a drink

- We focus on
Of course -

- The Other Peter
- If you don't eat this

I listen to

Other Peter told me.
adaku will show you the ropes

You're going to need spiderman
me first

And you are very funny, this will be
clean up the mess

You will not use it

and not
in this regard, including

- There are more
- Yet I don't think

You're a bad teacher

wake up and face the day

Chemical pollution levels
The rise of New York

Could you teach me rocking

I can't see anywhere in the Valley

I won't be rocking after breakfast,

Trust me, okay
thank me

And leave the Cape!
- I think this is cool

Let her go, ugly!

Doesn't work anymore

How do we bias
Peter, follow the steps

It's a good question

What do I do,
if I were

It may be! I'll try

And I'm looking for a computer scientist

Does not belong to scientists

- The document I saw was the school
- cool

I'll get my bonus

Step 4 computer hacking
Actually, this is not a hack

I don't want to be like that

Step five, all the download information

and then step six

I'm going to the cafeteria, and run

Then what I'll do

Step seven, you wait here.

You have to teach
Spider-Man I want to be

Or I won't help you

Okay, kid, watch and learn
You'll thank me later

why do I need to get stuck
Spider-Man the old, the poor and messy



What should I do


- Peter!
- What are you doing here

- Wait here.
- Don't push me

- I told you, wait outside
- No!

I cannot be silent, and do not
anyway, I'm not going to do something like this again

- What
- People wants to kill me most of my work public

So, it probably will

Mr. Fisk, look at this
make the appropriate standard

This will be a good thing

Xa, there is a password

Mr. Fisk, if we
shooting again this week

Brooklyn can be a black hole

You can see this, and this
These two size

Slowly begins to dissipate

Above this standard

Look it says
You have 24 hours

You have 24 hours

These will be great prospects
the space extended

Man, all this stuff
same with the previous

- What are you doing, Miles
- I try

Careful fingers,
we don't have time

let it go, just in time

There isn't a moment,
this moment is so bad

I'm not forcing

No more excuses

Just need more time

they are there, you will see

Miles, the last thing you need
to listen that


Oh My God

Young people are the worst

Miles, Where Are you going

- I'm here.
- Where I can see you

I'm standing in front of you

- Spider-Man couldn't get a look
- Definitely not

With my eyes, this is awesome

You can do this.

What happened

Don't forget this password FTGFAPESIET40013587653454535
and don't call me

I'm going to change

Hello, I don't see the future

Okay, now I'm a little nervous

You should be dead already


- I don't know what their plans are
was incredible

Okay, off my face
- You really different

Peter Parker: Okay,
what was

This looks very fragile

Xa, the first is much more flat

What does it mean for the rest of it

Hey, how old are you

Look, because of you
Not more than 35 years

You can stop it.

just completed the changes

I never
like this

Miles, what happened?
- This a long time ago

- Apparently changed
- Has been changed.

Do you live in this dimension
for a very long time, the body will be ruined

You know how
like Peter Parker

- I don't know
- you can't imagine z

And I can't wait to see it

What's your name

Livia Dr. Octavious

Can I find out where your friend is

Dec my friends me Liv

Dec Docdoc me my enemies

I'll deal with it. Run!

- It is possible!
- Able To Hide

Wait, I'll be your friend


I'm sure it won't be
will never understand this


Won't be able to fight

Just in time

You won't be able to get out of here

Get ready!

Why don't you and your friend still

Give it to me


- Super-normal

- You know what's funny

There's a lot that


- Go back to the table!
- Okay, time to swing

Do it like I taught you
- When you taught me.

For young people it was just a joke

- All right, are you ready
- of course I'm not ready

- I got this
know the people, a practical advocate is the best way

And you will feel
the benefits directly

Come on! Come on!


What are you doing

Rocking the better I run

You need to be waving or
they'll catch you

That's what you want

Before you jump raise the hips,

That you can do tap.
twice, first-hand movement

- OK
- Loosen up and let go, loosen up and drop

You pick up and drop.

- And Mrs
Miles, I'll tell

you're great

We are a team and I am a teacher.
you can still do it

Are you a student who
get a good lesson

I'm proud of us

Everyone wants to
you tell me


- Hello, friends
- Gwenda

My Name Is Gwen

You know him well

I came from another dimension

So, other sizes

All right, let's get started
early last time

My Name Is Gwen Stacy

I was bitten by a spider
this radioactive contaminated

And for the last two years
in a fight myself

Spider Woman was

It's not the same with others

The group connected with

Save my father

I can save my best friend

Peter Parker

Morales Save

And we're not friends anymore

Are not just growing

Something weird happened

I feel so strange

That was last week

I landed in New York

But I don't know why New York

Spider instinct call
I'm going to see a vision at the Academy

I don't know why

I met you

- Like your hair.
- you don't like my hair

- come on! How many people
spiders there

- There are comic books
- Comic book

I hate Spiderman

- What happened?
- Feriha



Spider-Man I killed

Why do I see two more

Actually, 3

Now, this is very good very good

And good for you
beautiful lakes for

Do we need to have Xang
kill all of the spiders that

And bring your family back

The whole family is very
you want

Tomorrow, hollisterco

we harvest

- That he's carrying
- Xa, was pretty embarrassed.

So, keep it between us, OK

And we can do a new

And preferably is still not working

I'm sorry for your friend


This time, I know it's hard, but
should be able to handle yourself

There will be a lot of fun
here's just a spider

Xa, you don't need to find the difference again

Always open for something

I'll tell you


Maybe we should go

peter, you're right in front of the door

a bad idea is a bad idea

You guys are so sweet, but
today the problem is removing

I'm not ready for this


Hi, this may sound crazy.

- but once I'm coming
the last dimension -


You look tired, Peter

- I tired
- And above

- And larger
- Xa I've heard

Oh, god, I'm training gazelle



When it all happened

I'm sorry

A dimension where we came from

Do you have a place for Peter of New York
we can make out it goes like this

What do you think

Follow me

Okay, I'm ready

I got ya
my stuff here

We need to protect a spider

Oh my god, there is such a place

Miles like this,

cheaper and smaller

imagine a futon

We know the king is coming

We'll be missing

Don't be so sure

You will probably need it

You're the only one for you
people come here

- Hello, my friends-What
he memakai shirt white black

The wind came from
In the basement there is

Everywhere I went, follow the wind

Wind, rain smelled like

Hello Friends Good Day
So nice to meet you

It's weird this view

That's not weird

I'm just washing my hands.
still wet

No other reason

Lighting has

Pink Parker, Peter Parker, step

My Name Is Peter Parker

I was born in 1933

I want to find a place of crime and

I started 55 years of work

I was bitten by a spider once belonged to my father

And we're friends

I can't even imagine what
after that

I'm a photographer
for a newspaper

While on duty,
I work like a dog,

I went to the door and

- Don't forget I can't dance
- Okay, that's enough!

How did you get in here.

it's a long story

Maybe a non -

no, we just
I'm looking for a way to return home

Just home
that back door

The only problem is, a
we stay and you don't have to

- I'll do it.
- No, no, no, you don't understand

You don't understand it.

You can't stay here
You die here

I want to close

And I'll be back
all of you first

I've already promised, so
I should continue

- Who are you
- This Miles

Will prepare and multiplier

- Real XA
- Look, could not

Look at this! That
do it now!

- I can't do that.
- Could not do without orders

The show doesn't do anything
them Miles

- Script I can't do without
- Pernah can't do without

But you can do a lot
What else can you do

This is only two things

I saw him move

It's got potential

I think we'd be able to return to us

Okay, now we have to move.

We will fight them all

I have never actually been in a fight once

shock attack!

Again and again, Can you?

What can I do

You can get a penalty
a cluster of street dancers

You will see for yourself
what can you do

You don't want to
get out of this house

I can't stand it
the hearty smell

- You can be strong
- Transfer

Discipline -
- I don't know maybe

The rise
how many times how you were beaten

You can external

You need to be more honest
this about yourself

- stop it
- It's not possible

Let him help you

But what
we're talking about

Miles Miles

Miles, what happened to you

I don't know what
look, the problems will disappear

Dec me, now

Also didn't call me

I can't accept phone

Aaron, this is Jeff

I want you to call me
If you have miles

He loves you,

We haven't heard from him

I know this is important


I had to do something

I don't know what it is
I can't

I'm afraid

I'm tired of making everyone sad

You're the only person I can talk to

I wish you were here

Hello, Mr. Frisky

I'll bring it to you

It's not possible

I'll take it

You know me, I'm not
never stop

- Purple

- Blue

Is there anyone there?
Miles news

Bisakah relax
fed up with the kids

Won't know him

I'm sure
that back door

fight and is ready to meet us.

Where Have you been

My uncle he is a traitor
is going to kill me

This is a sad story.

Not for nothing, we'll find a way

- Followed
- no, I don't think so.

Once you feel comfortable place

Beautiful, Liv

I think we all follow

No, go away, kid

You are looking for trouble
wrong people, children

You'll regret it

We're just trying to pass

You Scorpions

please get out of here

We won't
chaos just want to dance

I think I'll take it

You're ready to do
this game actually

Politics is stupid pillow!

Here's I won't let you

You leave!

Me just friends

Do not disturb the child!

No! No!

Go, Dude!


I'll try
surrender to you

- Okay, I get it.

I want to say something


Uncle Aaron!

Oh, no!

Uncle Aaron, I beg you!

It Is Up To Him! What
wait for him to finish it!

Get out of here!


Uncle Aaron

This is my fault

No, Miles! I'm sorry

I have disappointed you

I have disappointed you

You're the best

The only way

Go ahead

Go ahead

Put your hands up now!

Turn around!


All units, I want to help
find Spiderman new

Hey dude

Are you good

We've all experienced that

My uncle was for me

To me, that my uncle Benjamin

To me, he's my dad

to me, he's my best friend

Miles, is the most difficult thing
this business

You can always do
save all the people

If it was my fault,
will understand

Miles, we are not
people don't understand

Go! Go!

Hi, let's talk about this size
I don't want to be a surprise

- What happened
- , See Miles

Miles, I came to say goodbye to you

This we can kiss goodbye to the collateral

You don't understand, you wait here.

Have to be there
you can all go home

We'll be the rear Shaft

I'm going to stay

Are you interested in my place
If you stay here you'll die

What do I do

I just want to hear it from me

How denganmu

Everything works, child

I need a key

Please don't do this to me

it's not fair to say
me I can do it.

it's not their decision

Do I get the prize
Have let me do it

- Miles, you can be killed
- But I was ready, I promise

Where - what-how -
I'm not ready

Not ready not
abandoned to fate

only Miles,
will subject to fate

Miles, this is your father

Please open the door

Miles, I can see your shadow

OK, I understand

Are you still mad at me

Can we talk for a minute

going on a trip

Sometimes people
get the required expression

And you don't want to
us, OK

Do you remember what I told you
what you want to do, son

I want to see this part

And I can put any pressure on you


whatever you choose, the
I'm sure it'll be great

Dec me if you can, OK

I love you

You don't have to say anything

greetings to your mother

Look, this is an unusual piece

Whatever you choose,
it will be great

Our family does not work setbacks

You should know

Xang good, keep it up

I know I'm Spider-Man not

you don't know

This is miles

I live a Destiny

I made myself

Sempurna for you

This excellent private lift
this loft connects to the mall

We can mengamalkan the audience

Must have her

Thank you, it's very nice of you
I remember Spiderman here tonight

And I know that very well

Son of a bitch - no children
- I'm standing here

And I want to do
server dresses

To honor him

But it's not from the heart

I just don't want to be rude

Not that MJ

Attention! MJ, OK Peter

I'm sorry, I'm coming

Damn! Trust me,
'and you never experienced

To prolong life, friends

Wait a minute, let


I want to add the bread to the table 12


- I'm sorry
- No need to apologize,

- Only the bread.
- I'm looking at you

When you need me,
I didn't even try

Once was good, but
now you need to buy mace

I know
better to do

If I have the opportunity
to give it to you again

you want bread

Yes, okay, sir, we
immediately deliver the toast

It was nice to talk to you

You've made me very happy

No problem

Start the process

Five, four, three,


Peter, you don't have to stay

- I can't.
- what-what

I've made my decision

I shut the door,

After you left,
I'll blow him off

Good luck guys

I know you're here

I'm glad to see you again, Peter

last post

Can I ask when
to think about this

good-bye, Peter Parker

Made this

Miles Spider-Man

Miles, you're also coming

The right time, right

What happened to Miles?

I'm so proud of you

Why are you doing this

Xa forgot

I love this

It's too risky

Shut up and Shut

Attention! Peter, run!

Everything, now!

Collect everyone

I'm trying to report

Okay, now get ready!

as such, we seem to dimensions
approaching us

This is cool, isn't it

Now we have to go!

As a result, you will receive


No! Please!

Your stupid cartoon figure

There is a problem with the cartoon

It felt like a cartoon


I need to see him
- What are you waiting for

A reliable team.

now, wait!

Ready guys,
this will need some time

Don't worry, it is coming out
it has to end like this

Just let me
I'll go

How to keep the commitment

- Xang isn't it
- Nobody wants to know

Carefully hand

- Miles! -

This is crazy

Isn't her manager

I don't want to teach it to him

And also you do not

You're good

Come here

Miles, open the door I got

I'll go first

- This is him
- Xa

Very nice to know
we are not alone

- Xa

Already open, Penny first!



I love you all so much

I brought this with me to the SmPC

Detective I don't understand

But I'll understand.

I want to give it to you



You don't say it never


Do I have to listen to
anything from you now

I'm older than you

15 months, but

I think you can kiss me already

Einstein said time is relative


My friend

- Cool

See you soon, Spiderman

- Your turn
- Xa, real

Not so fast

I'll keep her.
and turn it off

Peter, I'll do that

Of course!

What do you do

- Go home
- you're going to kill

I can't let Spiderman die

You can't do

It's not something

Xa, not anything else

You should go home

Deploying again



See you soon

Not Bad, Son


I'm sorry, I haven't seen


it's very simple.

I'm already looking forward
still a kill Spider-Man


this is what you want

Feriha used

- Used Feriha!
- What are you doing here


Go now!


I'm begging you!

No one can
let me not you!

You stop, just look at it

Just Spider-Man original
who can beat me

You're not

Spider-Man you're not

Now I will destroy you
see your family again.

Up Spiderman

Will always be my family

Never thought of that


You'll never get back

You thin shaft

yeah, I'm fine
You're probably very busy.

no, I can't talk.

Because yesterday I came

- Uncle
- I know, Dad

- I'm sorry
- Xa

- You know who to blame
- I know

I was wrong

See, Miles Song
of that door,

it's not just a thought

You know, I think

let's talk just the two of us

For example, at the police station

Can you tell me something


Oh, god, I closed it

Officer -

Look, I think you should


I'll be waiting
to cooperate with you

Xa, I've been thinking too

but in no way I do not accept.

But we have to admit
I disagree

Thank you for your courage

- I love you
- Wait, what

Xa, this new Spiderman overview

a part of this movement

Okay, let's do it
again, yes it is

My Name Is Miles Morales

I was bitten by a radioactive spider

in two days

I'll be
only Spiderman

I think you know the rest of you

Finish my work

Saved a lot of people

I got hit by a truck

My father's car.

To finally meet
my roommate and I

And rest assured, it's not my dad
will never find out

I feel alone when
no one who understands what I go through,

I'll remember
my friends understand

Never thought
to be able to do all of this


Everyone may be next