Spartan (2004) - full transcript

A "lone wolf" U.S. government secret agent, Scott (Kilmer), is assigned the task of rescuing the kidnapped daughter (Bell) of a high ranking government figure, only to discover along the way a larger, more sinister plot.

You had your whole life
to prepare for this moment.

Why aren't you ready?

l'm tired, sir.

Do you wish to quit?

lf your mission is to quit,
there's no better time than right now.

You can quit now, get it over with.

l can't catch her.

l understand.

Just take those numbers off
and put them in my hand.

Forget that!

You better catch her.

-Well done.

You looked back for my sign.
Well done.

-l don't even know why l did it.
-Yeah, well... know what Napoleon said:

-''Give me a man who's lucky.''
-Yes, sir.

-What they got you teaching, sergeant?
-Edged weapons, sir. Knife fighting.

Don't you teach them knife fighting.
Teach them to kill.

That way they meet some son of a bitch
studied knife fighting...

...they send his soul to hell.

lt's all in the mind, sergeant.
That's where the battle's won.

Mr. Scott.
Black, Jacqueline A., U.S. 24341924.

l hope you'll remember and reach out
for me, if you could use me.


Thank you.

You guys cleaned up good.

-lt's good to see you.
-What's happening, brother?

You ain't looking too bad
yourself there, big boy.

ln one piece.

Hey, check it out.

l see you.

Talk to me.

How you doing, sir?

What's that then?

This was my father's.

-He carry it over there?
-Yes, sir.

-He come back?
-Yes, sir, he did.

You carry it then.

Maybe it'll save your life.

Light a fire with it or something.

Hey, Bobby! Bobby.

-Yeah, give me that.


-l would like to say, to meet you--
-You haven't met me.

You've been up for a week.
You been seeing snakes.

Fall out of the bleachers!
Grab your bags.

All you men are returning to unit.
Let's go.

Have your number in your right hand.

-Can't imagine how they live with it.
-Your number in your right hand.

Can't you?
l thought l saw you considering it.

-What the hell is that?
-That's a wedding ring, sir.

You hear that?

The sentry you're sneaking up on,
he can hear it too.

You've been around long enough
to know that.

-Thank you, sir. My name's Curtis--
-Do l need to know?

lf l want camaraderie,
l'll join the Masons.

There's just the mission.

-He got the letter from his wife.
-Yeah? How's she doing?


-Orders up! Get your eyes in the boat!
-All right, l want your numbers.

-Get these fucking numbers off.
-You heard him.

You don't need them no more.
Come on, now. You think l have all night?

l've got two things for you boys.
That's a stiff dick and bubble gum.

And guess what,
l'm out of bubble gum.

Are you deaf or are you just trying
to try my patience? Get those numbers off!

Let's go.

Number nine and number 12.
Who the fuck is that? Stand up, now!

You two are the first two.
On me.

Pick it up, people. l don't have all night.

-Yes, sir!
-Thanks for coming down, master gunner.

Sure thing, boss.

Here you go, sir.

-Yes, sir.

-Yes, sir.

This is the final selection event.

Follow my instructions.
Nothing more, nothing less.

On my command, execute.
The last man standing, walk out that door.

You will be admitted to the unit.


-lt's not current.
-Why not?

lt seems she got a makeover today.
We're working on it.

-Four p.m., Cut n' Curl?
-They gave her a crew cut, dyed it blond.

-Any idea why?

And then met with the boyfriend at 9.

-We don't know.

But your man was on post
till he turned her over to night watch.

-He says he was.
-What else you got?

l gotta get you on a landline.
We got the boyfriend, Michael Blake.

-Where is he?
-We're shaking the trees.

And Professor Gerald Sloane,
notably chummy with his female students...

...of which she was one.
Weekend home, Martha's Vineyard.

l'm light. l'm light, people.
l need another team on the professor.

-l need an over-watch on the boyfriend.
-ls the phone up? Get the phone up.

Got it. We're up!

-You just come from Cadre?
-Yes, sir.

-How long since you've slept?
-Not significant.

l don't have the bodies.
Call them in. Call them in.

His post was Harvard Yard.

Harvard Yard, northeast corner,
Lowell House, across from her dorm.

Night watch relieved him there, midnight.

Want to help me out?

-You understand?
-Yes, sir.

-l'm making myself clear to you, right?
-Yes, sir.

Okay, then. Once again.

She had lunch with her father.

Lunch with her father.
You were seconded to that?

-No, sir, l just had her.
-You just had her?

l had her all day.
Tucked her in at 10. And she--

Yeah, she had a tiff with her boyfriend,
Michael Blake.

-What was it about?
-l think it was about her....

-Her haircut. So it wasn't a serious...?
-No, no. No.

-And then l held the post until relieved.
-Well, then we've got a little problem.

l was there.

2312 hours, 19 May, Harvard Yard,
northeast corner, Lowell House...

...reveals no Secret Service presence.

Neither his post, nor adjacent.
A second tour, 2330, reveals similarly.

-l was there, sir.
-Who's lying, you or him?

You son of a bitch, l got 15 years in.
l got two kids.

You're not gonna sit there
and lie away my pension.

-l was--
-Do not say you were there.

l was on post.

Get up, motherfucker!
Don't you say you were on post!

Get up! You son of a bitch!

-Get up! You motherfucker!
-Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out!

Okay, sit down.

Shall l tell you what's gonna happen
to you when we find you out?

Were you fucking her?

-We're gonna find out.
-No, l--

Where is the girl?
Where is your principal?

We're gonna have to take this
from the top again.

-Okay, Mr. Gaines?
-Yes, sir.

l want the clock up.
Let's get the clock up, please.

We got until her Monday-morning class,
then it's Meet the Press and ''Where is she?''

The professor.
Who's got the professor?

-Where is he?
-Martha's Vineyard.

-Who's got him?
-Parr and Shannon.

Wake him up, shake him up.
He don't wanna talk...'s what we have him doing with his
female students. Show them to his wife.

-We got the state cops on the scrambler.
-The photo.

This is the last known photo of the girl.


lt's the professor.

-You had him at his home.
-We were in error.

-Where is he?
-Best guess puts him on his boat.

Last seen, West Tisbury,
Martha's Vineyard.

-Show me.
-Right here.

Find him. Put the guard on him.
Get me an overflight.

-l hear you.
-l'm 25 men light here.

-Who's got the Coast Guard?
-l got them.

l need an overflight.
Coast Guard Search and Rescue.

Coast Guard on the red phone.
New Bedford!

-What's the name of his boat?
-The Colophon, out of West Tisbury.


-lt's the boyfriend. He's moving.
-l need a stalker on the boyfriend. Now.

-l've got him.
-Call it out. Hold surveillance.

l've got two days to run in
before the press wakes up.

Yes, sir.

Let me see your hands, son.

Right now.

Drop it.

Did you lose your mailbox key, son?

-You a student here?

Can l see some identification, please?

-Section 12, this is--
-No, please. Please.

Calm down.
lt's gonna be what it's gonna be.

Can l talk to you for one minute?
Just one minute, all right?

This-- lt's not what it looks like.

l broke up with my girlfriend.
This is her mailbox. lt's Laura.

-Laura Newton.


The Laura Newton?

That's right. We broke up.

-They know who l am.

-The Secret Service.
-Secret Service?

That's right.

They know who l am.
They cleared me.

They didn't clear you for this.
Let's go.

-Let's go.

-l was just trying to retrieve the letter.
-This is not very nice language.

''You deserve everything
that's gonna happen to you.''

What's gonna happen to her?
Did you hurt her?

Did you hit her?

Hit her? No.

-l called her a whore.
-What's this sign?

What does this sign mean?

Right here.

She signs all of her letters with that.
lt's because she...

-...sees things cockeyed, like Picasso.

She says they call her Picasso.

Why did you fight with her, son?

She got her hair done.
Dyed it blond. She cut it off.

l called her a slut.

Wait. We've all seen the pictures.
Beautiful young girl like that...

...what do you care what color
she dyes her hair?

Now why does that make her a slut?

She's fucking another guy.

You want to talk about it?

lf you want to talk about it,
l will give you one minute.

Nothing hurts worse than that,
if she's sleeping with another guy.

There's this....

This teacher that....

l shouldn't be telling you this.

She's sleeping with a teacher?

Well, she says she isn't.

l said if she wants to fuck old men, she
should go to the Back Light, go all the way.

-Back Light?
-Yeah. lt's this club by the Fenway.

lt's like a joke at school, like a rumor.

This girl or that girl went with
a businessman for one night...

...made a thousand bucks.

This is a lovers' quarrel, all right?

l said something that l regret.
l sent a note that l regret.

l can assure you, officer...

...if you see your way clear
to give me a break, it'll never....

The Back Light.
lt's a club in the Fenway.

A club in the Fenway.

No morgue. No hospital. No note.

The parents?

The mother, you know where she is.
She's a drunk. He's holding up.

-He was in town yesterday to see her.
-He was?

-We snuck him in and out.
-How long were they together?

-One second.

-He copped to it.
-Copped to what?

Left his post. Punched out early
to go boffing his girlfriend.

Hope she was worth it.

-All right. Let's get back on it.

Okay. Back Light.
A restaurant, The Black Night...

...The Black Light, a bar,
a supper club.

Black Light, that's it.

Put up the graphics on the girl.
Take a look at this.

We ran it up from a description
of the colorist from the beauty parlor.

Show him what we got.

Transport is under command of State.

We refer to section two.
Yeah, l understand.

-May l have your jacket?
-Right, l got it.


Get their guys off the perimeter.
Get our guys in.

l need $5000.

-l heard it, $5000.

-Scraping the bottom of the barrel, huh?
-Yes, sir.

Five thousand dollars.
Need you to sign for it.

You sign for it.

All right.

-What happened to your wedding ring?
-l took it off.

Did you go off your wife?

No, sir, l'm working.

Keep your mouth shut, your eyes open.
And form on me.

Move aside. Move aside!

Oh, Jesus.

All right, then. Who saw it?

l believe he had a hideout piece.
Who frisked him?

Who frisked the son of a bitch?

The girl he went to see, get her in.
The one he was fucking.

-Two guys to her house, right now.
-Seal the room off.

Check out the file.

Seal the room off.

He was off post when
he snatched the girl?

Yeah, well, apparently he felt bad
about it.

-Show me a set of keys.
-l ain't got them.

Here, you take the chain.

You've got the over-watch.

Swing the chain.
You're a guy walking the dog.

Loosen your collar.

Told me 2:00.

lt's closing time, gents.
Time to pack it up.

Don't gotta go home,
but you can't stay here.

Closing up.
Can't sell booze after 2 a.m.

No, l just wanted to pay you
that money l owe you.

-How about them Sox, huh?
-Yeah, what are you gonna do?

Yeah. ''Curse of the Bambino,''
isn't that what you call it?

That's right. Where are you from?

Yeah, well, actually,
l was just trying to find my niece.

Oh, that's what you're looking for?

Because a lot of guys come in here
looking for someone else's niece.

No. Girl like that...

...been in tonight?

-Pretty girl.
-Yeah, that's my type.

Girl like that been in?

You sure you're looking
for your niece?

Because a lot of guys come in here and
go home with some rather younger girl.

No, no. Why--?
Why would...

...a younger girl like that
want to be with a guy like me?

Howdy, pard.

l was wondering
if l could ask you a favor.

l love you, baby,
but the season's over.

Your friend said you
were sort of a matchmaker.

Look, you can't believe
everything you hear.

-Catch you later.
-You know it.

Okay, lock it up.

Drive safely, now.

-l was looking for a girl.

For a young girl.

Well, aren't we all?

My question was, why would
a young, pretty girl like that...

...go out with a guy like me?
And if you could answer that....

Look, bub....

What is this?

What's this? lt's Rohypnol, is it?

ls this Ro? ls this Roofy? ls this a
one-sided conversation? What's his name?

-Jerry Zimmer.
-Jerry. Jerry.

Where's the girl?
Where's the girl, Jerry?

-Jerry, where's the girl?
-What girl?

Dose her? You dose her, Jerry?


-About 10, 15 thou.
-What's that for?

-l think you broke my arm!
-Where's the girl?

l think you broke my arm!

Now it's broken.

Where is the girl, Jerry?

l never saw that girl.

Where's the girl?
Where did you take her?

Where did you take this girl, Jerry?

That's not the girl.

Where did you take this girl, Jerry?

Take your knife out.

Where did you take the girl, Jerry?

Take his eye out.

You bet your life.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

l took the girl.

l took the girl to....

Three units remain on the perimeter
until further instructions.

The sniper is to stand down.

Plainclothes, transport in the south alley.

l got it.

-ls that right?

We run an escort service. There is no
impropriety here. There is no illegality.

-Who is she?
-Nadya Tellich.

Serb. Green card,
five years ago.

They sign a contract
with us for personal services...

...and they pay us so much
for each call, and the girls pay us.

-They show you proof of their age?
-Of course. What do you think?

-Have you seen this girl?
-l have not.

Here's the first one.

Was this girl here?

She's new.
This is her first night.

How about that?
Put some fucking clothes on.

l want my lawyer.

You don't need one.
We need the girl. Give us the girl.

This girl was not here.

l'm entitled to my lawyer.

You're entitled to shit.
You're entitled to tell me what you know.

lf the girl was here...

...if you cooperate,
l'll see what l can do.

l think l can help you,
if you tell me now.

Why would l not tell you
if the girl was here?

The girl is new.

They told us
that it was her first night.

But look here.

There's two pinholes in the photo.

They moved it over.

Photo's missing.

Where is she?

-l don't want to get in trouble.
-You don't know what trouble is.

l'm not even sure that was her.

She was sick.
She was not very well.

-She came in here and....
-She came here?

They took her. l told Nadya
she shouldn't be here. They took her.

Who is ''they''?

They took her?

Where did they take her?

Honey, you got all the slack
in the world until l leave this room.

And then l'm going to zero you out.

Two men.

They gave her a shot.

l think that was her.

-Where is she?
-l'm entitled to my rights.

-l'm entitled to my phone call.
-You don't understand.

You'll leave your life, or you'll
leave the information in this room.

Where is the girl?

They'll kill me.

Who did you call?

How did you know
to come pick her up?

How did they know to get her?
Who did you call?

lt's just a number--

Write it down.

Write it down. l'm gonna see what l can do.
Just give me the number.

l don't understand.
She's just some girl.

Oh, my God.

They don't know who they've got.


Where's the girl?

Sir, we believe she was
abducted from this club.

That she was taken to--

That she was taken to a bordello.

-Here in Boston?
-Yes, sir, and that-- That--

-Let's hear it.
-She may have been delivered for sale.

May have been sent down
the pipeline, overseas.

-To get to her father?
-No, sir.

We believe they don't
know who she is...

...that they just took some girl.

-Just some girl.
-Yes, sir.

How certain are you she was
the girl in the whorehouse?

-She dyed her hair.

They see that red hair....

What do they do, her hair grows out,
when they see that red hair...

...somebody recognizes her?

What do they do when
they realize who they took?

They kill her.

You're fucking-A right, they kill her.

Now, let's talk some common sense.

Who is he?

What can you do for me?

What can you do for me?
l need it now.

l need it before the press gets it on
Monday, because they will kill her.

The press gets this, the jackals start
a feeding frenzy, and she's dead. Help me.

This is the number of a public phone
in downtown Boston.

lt's a cutout between
the bordello and the abductors.

A call is placed when they
have a package.

-Stake out the phone.
-We have a watch on the phone.

But more importantly, NSA reports
calls placed to that phone regularly.

-They can track calls to the pay phone?

-They were made from a federal prison.

This is Tariq Asani.

He's a Lebanese national
serving life without for kidnapping.

He's the second man
in a sex-slavery scheme.

And where is he?

He's in Florence Federal Penitentiary.
He placed the calls to the pay phone.

-We have a plan. l hesitate to--
-Give it to me.

Got some action on the pay phone.

Who's walking up on us?

He's Boston P.D.

ln the city, always a reflection.
ln the woods, always a sound.

What about the desert?

You don't want to go in the desert.

Let's go. Let's go.
We're moving.

-Where's he going?
-Hold on. Hold on.

One-five-four-nine Alpha-Sierra,
Mass. registration, William Barak.

-Somerville, Mass.
-ls that where he's going?

Owner of record in Essex.

ls he heading toward Essex?
What kind of place would it be?

lt'd be a beach house.

Get me there.

Get it on the Net.
Everyone off.

Call everyone off. Just me.
Just me and him.

lndicate you heard me.

State Police, standing by.

Turn off the white car.
Turn off the white car.

The shooters are going to the beach.
Team of two going to Essex.

Confirm, assault team of two
to the beach.

-Withdraw and hold at condition two.
-State Police, request verify.

We believe the hostage is--

Six-five and Mobile 4 are RTB.

Stand down and squawk on your A VX.

Get me there.

lf the girl's in the house,
l'm taking her out.

lf it ain't me or her, kill it.


Well, I hope you both feel better
in the morning. Good night.

-Does an Alan Palmer live here?

-Yes, my husband's at work.
-This is just a routine check, Mrs. Palmer.

We have a license-plate number,
but we're not sure of the accuracy.

May I come in?

-What the fuck?
-l heard the TV, so l came in.

Why the hell do you got the TV on?
There's no one here.

l don't want to hurt you.
l just want to know why the TV's on.

l just came to--
That's what l want to know.

l'm telling you why l came in.
What do you make of that?

That's the thing. This time of the night....
Do you hear what l'm telling you?


Even it up. Where's the girl?
Where is the girl?

lt's not too late.
Look at me. Look at me.

Where is the girl?

Where is she?

lt's Curtis. l'm coming in.

Abort. Abort. Abort.

Cold LZ. Cold hole.

Stand by. Await instructions.

She sets the styles.
She brings us smiles.

She's Betty Coed in college
and she's in the news again.

-She had her hair restyled, cut and dyed.

-We caught up with her stylist...
-Turn it off.

...and have reconstructed that new look.
And you're looking at it.

l'm out of time.

Keep it locked up.

What about if we had to go
off the meter?

l need a man, a man who can
unquestioningly follow orders.

The door is closed, sir.

l need to ask you to do something.

l am here to get the girl back, sir.

And there is nothing l will not do... get the girl back.

This man...

...placed a phone call yesterday...

...from the phone bank at Florence
to the Copley pay phone.

Here's the cutoff point. Here it is.

This man, Tariq Asani,
is to be transported tomorrow...

...with another convict,
a man on death row.

A man on death row...

...for their medical procedures.

l'll take you step by step through what
we've envisioned is gonna happen.

Dispatch acknowledges Florence Unit 5
is Code 7 at Highway 15.

You fellas all right?

Hey, help me. Help me, man.
Buck me up, man.

-Hey, l need some help.
-Yeah, l'll help you out. Get out.

Me and my brother need
some shit right here.

-You marked him paid in full.
-Yeah, that's what l did.

Hey, give me a cigarette, man.

Wait over there. l'll be right back.

Yeah, but break me out of this.

Hey, yo, just throw me the keys,
and l'll do it.

l gotta do some cleaning first.

Motherfuckers want to hook me up
to some injection machine, man.

Motherfuckers want to take my life
who just got well here, you know?

Who just got well.

Then the hand of God came down with
an outstretched arm and freed my ass.

You know?

Hey, baby, pass me some my way,
you know?

Sorry, my man. Traveling light.

No, wait. Wait. Don't shoot me.
Don't shoot me.

l can get us out of the country tonight.
Oh, God, please don't shoot me! No!

l swear on my mother.
Look at me. Please.


l swear to you. A seaplane, tonight.

Help me.

Please, believe me.

Now, why in the world would l
believe a lying convict like you?

l can get us out. l swear.

Help me. Help me, and l will
treat you like a brother.

My brother used to beat me.
Nice guess, though.

No, no, hold on! Wait.
Just make one phone call.

One fucking phone call. Go into the house
and make one phone call.

An aviation company.

Tell them the word l say, and they will say
the plane will meet us tonight.

l swear. The plane will meet us tonight.

You a fag, my friend?

-No, l'm not.
-Then what are you looking at me for?

l was just thinking how fucking
surprised you're gonna be.

Because, baby, you just did
that fucking good turn.

l'm gonna make you rich, fat and happy
for the rest of your life.

No, just get me on the plane.

You like girls?

Better question: Where you been
so long, do you like girls?

We have-- You will have...

-...the most beautiful--
-Yeah, beautiful women.

Not women, baby.

Girls. You got to trust me.

All young. All blond.

And this all takes place where?

ln Dubai. ln Yemen.

When we get to Maskala.

And now, what's Maskala?

-When we get to Dubai.
-What's Maskala?

lt's where we clean them up.

We ship them rough...

...we make them nice and smooth,
and everybody's happy.

You're just a philosopher, then, huh?
How about making me happy tonight?

lf there's a girl in the pipeline tonight,
you shall have her.

What do you say to that?

l say you're a stone-cold whoremaster.


l'm bleeding bad, my friend.

--what you need?

Need some tailoring tools.

If I had a wish list, I'd get you to
a drugstore. I'd get some morphine.

That'd get you back on Happy Street.
Then you get me on that plane tonight.

-Where's the gauze, ma'am?
-Right behind you.

The helo just went down.

Don't whisper. lt draws heat. The helo?

The assault helicopter.

You'll be alone for
the first few minutes. Then....

That's it. You'll have
no backup at the house.

Well, there you go, then.

You said never go in without
an over-watch.

Yeah, that's fine, pal,
but this is the fleet.

You deliver him in the door,
you know they're gonna waste you.

Give me all your magazines.

Give me all your magazines.

Give me your piece.


Just this, ma'am.

Fourteen ninety-five.

-Keep the change.
-l want to talk to you.

Give me your ammunition.

Hey, mister, you forgot your change.

lt's a cop! lt's a cop!

Don't move. Stay still.

Call 9-1-1!

Get back! Call 9-1-1!

No hostage, no hostage. We're in recovery.
Our 10 fast ropers....

Kill it.

Get us the fuck out of here.

All right, break it down, pack it up.
Now, now, now. Move it!

They hit the house. Girl wasn't there.

They found some signs.
She may have been there.

So we're going home
to deploy to Dubai.

Pack it up, strap it down.

The girls are taken from the house.
A holding facility, a compound?

lt is my understanding, a compound.

-He said.

''We ship them rough.
We clean them up.

Taken from Maskala
to the Royale Hotel in Dubai.''

-All right. That's it.
-l've got you.


Affirmative. No, keep the line open.

They'll have satellite photos
of the Maskala house...

...and the Royale Hotel, Dubai,
on the ground.

You'll restage, wheels up for Dubai
two hours after touchdown.

How many teams?

What? Three.
Three teams for Dubai.

Press has the report.
She missed her first class.

-Punch out the TRX....
-How you doing, chief?

Five by five.

All my readings are nominal.
Six two. Seven two.

What time is it?

What do you care?

l fucked up.

Hey, you want a...?

You want some more dope?
Want a Dr. Pepper?

l tried to help.

Yeah, well...

...that's usually when people do
fuck up.


You're gonna take that fight
to bed with you for a long time.

You don't gotta do it all now.

Where's the girl?

We gotta get the girl back.

l saw the sign.


l saw the sign.

Then you are truly blessed.

Yep, all set up.

All right, let's get your flight plans.

-There's one on the thing.

l got three pallets for the lead plane.

You still carrying that?

Yeah, l suppose l do.

Black, Jacqueline A. 24341924.

Can you get me on, sir?

Can you get me on?

-l'm just a worker bee.
-Two fellas in green.

Man-to-man, can you get me
on the plane?

Why would l want to do that, sergeant?

l mean, if you owed me money
or something...

-...might want to give you a job.
-They're gonna need a woman there.

For her.

They haven't thought about that yet,
but they will.

Can you get me on the plane?

Thank you, sergeant.

Stand by, number five.

-All right.
-Keep on top of the tac air navigation.

Everyone's gotta be in the loop.

Guard frequency is 1727.9.

All right, gentlemen, may l have your
attention for one moment, please.

We'll be going through it on the plane.

The mission is to safely extract
the hostage.

To safely extract the hostage.

ln outline, this is a smash and grab.
lt is a straightforward extraction.

The hostage will be in transit.
One team will assault the vehicle.

One team will secure the perimeter.

Who's got the girl?

One team ready to lay supportive fire.

And exfil as per your ops plan.

The rules of engagement are:
weapons free.

-Weapons free.

We expect slight, l repeat,
slight opposition.

Okay, let's pack it up
and put it on the bus.


It is confirmed.
The death of Laura Newton.

We have word from the Coast Guard
that the bodies have been identified.

Reporting from Harvard Square,
this is Jody Snider.

-Can there be any doubt?
-The Secret Service, for obvious reasons...

...keep meticulous records,
the DNA, the fingerprints.

-And she had just been in the water...

...for four hours, apparently.

And she had been sailing with
one of her professors, Gerald Sloane.

We are gonna have some video
coming in just now.

And we see the body bags
being removed from the water.

This is off of Martha's Vineyard, here.

The divers, the Navy divers in the water,
who recovered her body...

...and that of Professor Sloane.

As we look at these-- This video,
shocking video of....

You might want to eat something.

Real deal is:

The boat went down...

...girl and the professor
washed up naked.

Coked out.

Coast Guard dresses them up.

Nice knife.


Got it off an East German fella.

He give it to you for a gift?


As l recall, he was...

...rather reluctant to part with it.

Yeah, l always knew you Marines
were a weepy bunch of motherfuckers.

l got something in my eye.

--tragedy such as this.

Yes, particularly coming right at the start
of his reelection campaign.

Hey, Joe, come take a look at this.

-How you been?
-Here you go, Dad.

-Working hard.
-Bet you have.

-Howdy, kiddo.

How you been, Billy?

-Gallon gonna be enough?
-You been looking at my house?

Nope. Just trying to sell paint.
But now that you mention it....

-Hey, Mr. Reese.

-How's life on the road?
-Made some sales, missed some sales.

-Those new seeds come in?

No, John, they have not.
l beg your pardon.

l know that little plot is your baby.
l'm gonna call them up and make it right.

l want to plant them
in the dark of the moon.

-That's the old ways, isn't it?
-ls it? Yeah, l suppose it is.

-Expected to see you a few days ago.
-Yeah. Took the long way home.

How'd you find me?

Well, didn't l just draw down
on my luck.

-Bobby, l need to talk to you.
-My name ain't Bobby.

l need to talk to you.

What's the matter, you got
post-traumatic stress disorder?

l hear they say there might be
environmental causes.

-Are they going to Dubai?
-How would l know?

Because there's a slave trade
going on of American women.

-They sending you in?
-We'll leave that to our betters.

-Why don't you ask them?
-Why would l want to know?

l ain't a planner, l ain't a thinker.
l never wanted to be.

You got to set your motherfucker
to receive.

Listen to me.

They don't go through the door,
we don't ask why.

That's not a cost, it's benefit.

Because we get to travel light.
They tell me where to go.

-Tell me what to do when l get there.
-What about--?

You wanted to go
through the looking glass.

How was it?
Was it more fun than miniature golf?

-Who frisked the son of a bitch?
-What son of a bitch?

The Secret Service agent, shot himself?

Screwing his girlfriend.
Killed himself in shame.

-Shot himself with a hideout pistol?

Who frisked the son of a bitch?

You'll have to go half-speed, baby,
because l don't follow you.

-ls there an operation in Dubai, sir?

...the girl fell off a boat. She's dead.

l'm on leave.
l don't know nothing about Dubai.

l don't know what the hell
you want with me.

There's a Army depending on us
for the truth.

You can lie to anyone else.
Never lie to a Ranger.

Okay, so that's you calling me a liar.

Sir, l saw the sign!

-What sign is that?
-At the beach house. She was there.

She wasn't there. She died on a boat.

l saw the sign.


You saw the sign?
You were up for a week.

You don't know what you saw
your first time out.

Sir, l know what l saw.

You didn't see no sign because she
wasn't there. The hardest thing?

You know what it is?
lt isn't going in the door, it's coming out.

You ever come down off of drugs?

The most powerful drug
in the world is adrenaline.

-l told you everything l know. Stand down.
-Look in the bag.

-Stand down!
-Sir, under my mat!

This got caught in my mat
at the beach house.

Would you tell me what that is?

The girl is not dead, sir.

Would you show me
where you found the earring?

l laid the mat down right here.


The house looked closer that night.

Barometer's falling.
Low pressure, objects appear farther.

Watch the weather, baby,
because it's going to change.


Will you show me
where you saw the sign?

Yeah, hold on.

Hey, it was over here!

Let me speak to the Chinaman.

You tell him, ''The only man
ever heard him call on Jesus.''


Yoke me out.

New set of clothes from the skin out.
Full set of papers.

l don't care where, but now.
You gotta get me to the tall corn.

l'll get you the money.

All right.

Two hours.



Not two hours.

Something later.

l'll get back to you.

The original building,
of course, dates to 1928.

The center for the treatment of alcoholism,
later, of substance abuse...

...takes its current name, The Clearings,
from the original Johnson farm.

Would you please follow me
to the right.

The farm and its 2000 acres were
a gift from the Johnsons....

-What could be worse than losing a child?

You'd like to comfort them,
but you don't know how.

l always think it's best just to--

-What is it?
-Security breach. Probably a phone threat.

lt's all right. They're moving her
down to transport now.

lt's okay, l'm with Secret Service.

Guess again. l'm Secret Service. And you'll
follow my directions, or l'll shoot you dead.

-Step away from the door.

Yes. l have a message for her.

-l have something to tell her.
-Take two steps to your left.

Yes. l have a message for Mrs. Newton.

l'm sure you do. Spread your arms,
please, out to the sides.

Open your hands.

-Open the box.

l'm 10 minutes from the bomb squad.
lf it's happy birthday, let's do it now.

Open the box.

They took her protection.

Her father was in town.

They took the Secret Service detail off her
to take him tomcatting.

He didn't come to see her,
he came to get laid.

He's been doing it for years.

He took her protection.
She got snatched.

The girl on the boat,
how do you fake the DNA?

-Laura Newton's alive.
-l don't know if Laura Newton's alive.

l know they lied.
How do you fake the DNA?

You don't fake the DNA.
You issue a press release.

-Her father would let her die?
-Did you try to contact him?

-l did, yes.
-And you still don't get it, do you?

You don't get it.
These people are savages.

They don't know
how many children they have.

She was snatched
while he was cheating on his wife.

lt comes out, they lose the election.

So they said, ''Let her go.''

-His handlers.

-What does he know?
-What they tell him.

-What did they tell him?
-That she was dead.

-So he'd stop looking for her.

Oh, baby.

Where are you going?

-l have to get a lot of running room.
-Wait. Who will get her back?

-Who will get her back?

-l did my part.
-What part was that?

-They gotta get her back.
-There is no ''they.''

-l'm just a worker bee--
-She'll die.

-Then go through the mother.
-l'm her mother!

She gave birth to her. l raised her.

l'm her mother.
She's just a little girl.

You have to get her back.
l have nobody.

Nobody ever loved her but me.

She's just a little girl.

lt's been quite a long while
since my last confession.

We were getting shelled in the open.

And l confessed that l was frightened.

So l suppose l'm....

l suppose l'm frightened now.

There was a king...

...and he had a daughter...

...and she was abducted.

He vowed to protect her, you see, but...

...while he was indulging
himself, shamefully...

...she was abducted.

They tried to get her back and failed.

Now, his advisors realized
that if the girl returned... would reveal the king's shame
to the country.

So they told him that she was dead.

Ain't nobody here
but two people in green.

lt goes beyond that.

Nothing goes beyond that.

This girl, they told the king
that she was dead...

...and everybody grieved.

But she was alive.

Then you better go get her.

We know this house.

Maskala is a suburban villa in Dubai.

Some people operate
a halfway house there...

...for young women they have
coerced or drugged...

...into spending their short lives
as whores for Arabian tourists.

Of late, the girls have been, in the main,
from the former Sov bloc.

Now and again, a North American girl,
if she is exceedingly lovely...

...blond, usually blond...

...will unfortunately find
her way to Dubai.

They travel drugged.

They are tidied up and sold. For some
reason, most of them are sold to Yemen.

The girls are generally held in Dubai
till the end of the month...

...when the merrymakers fly in to examine
their purchases and take them home.

-And then?
-That is ''and then.''

-This is an American girl?
-And if that were so?

lf that were so, why don't
your people go and fetch her?

-Why don't they go and get her, Bobby?
-Your intel, two men. lnfil, exfil.

-Hardware and comms.
-And comms to what? l cannot give you.

-You could when you were a Boy Scout.
-l'm not in Scouts anymore.

You heard of the private sector?
That's where you found me.

Well, then sell me something.

What the fuck are we talking about?

-That's what it costs?
-That's what it costs you.

lt's a straight-up snatch.

We got one, two guys
take down the car.

Then what are we talking about?
A Conex container? One guy for a day?

Who's looking for a whore?
This job's a gimme. This job's nothing.

Then why don't your people
go and get her?

-l could hire anybody.
-So go hire them.

You talked to me. That's my price.

-There's another alternative.

As l said, we know this house.

-There are some people in this house...

...that if you were to go
while you were there...

...if you said hello to them for me,
l could cut your price.

-What do you think l am?
-l don't know what you are.

You ain't a planner.
You're a shooter.

l don't know what you are doing here.
l think you're off the reservation.

And l think there are people
looking for you.

You call, ''Yoke me out.''
Then you call for information.

You don't need information.
You need advice.

You wanna get this girl?
Are you sure she is there?

Are you sure she is alive?

You let me make a call,
and l will tell you.

l will see if l can make peace.

lf l cannot, l will help you disappear.

Because you heard me call on Jesus.

Let me help you to see
if you can go home.

Excuse me. Fasten your seat belt.

We're landing soon.

Thank you.

Sir, your container is
booked out on Transgeneve.

Flight 562.

1340, tomorrow.

Good. Thank you very much.
l appreciate your help.

Mate, can l have a quick word?
l've got an outbound at 8:15.

-l'm in a bit of a hurry.
-Just a moment.

-Yes, sir. Let me see your form.
-Thanks, man, l really appreciate it.

Let me see your form.

-Sir? Sir?
-Yes, l'll seal you in.

-Sorry to press you.
-No, no. lt's been a very busy day.

Same wherever you go.

Guess that's just human nature,
but no need to tell you your business.

There you go. Your container
is all sealed for you.

-Thank you for your patience.
-Thank you.

Have a great day.

Hey, mate.

Hey, mate.

Are you Mr. Brown's cousin?

No, Mr. Jackson couldn't come.

-l was expecting you on a later flight.
-How about that?

Yes, this is good work.

Your job tomorrow is put us in,
seal us in, walk away.

-And in Geneva?
-Let's go look at the ground.

About 25, 26 yards from the corner,
l want the gasoline.

Tomorrow, the car comes
around the corner--

How do we stop the car?

-We slow it down with two Bedouin women.
-What do you want the gasoline for?

-Do you speak Arabic?
-Yes, sir.

l want the women here.
At your signal, they go in the street...

...start a screaming match.
l shoot the tires out.

The driver comes out. You cap him.
l get the girl.

-What if he doesn't come out?
-l got five gallons of gasoline.

l douse the car. l throw a match.
They're coming out.

When you get me the two women... them half now, half tomorrow.

Then l want you to show me the hive.
We'll lay low till tonight.

Then show me the house
where they keep the girl.

All right. Limousine, usually.

lt makes a turn, comes down
Abu Baku, where we were today.

My job is the hostage.
Your job is the opposition.

You come in on the driver's side.
You cap the driver.

The map's wrong.
This isn't north. lt's flipped.

You have to be on the east side.
l need the sun in the driver's eyes.

l've gotta come in
on the opposite side.

How did you know that was north?

That's Cassiopeia.
That's my girlfriend.

They're moving the girl.

Looks like it.

-Did you burn me?
-Can't say l did.

-You wanna prove it?
-Well, the Lord hates a coward.

We're taking the girl now.

Keep your eyes on me.
We're gonna fight the girl out.

lf l go down, get her to Geneva.
There's money in it for you.

l'm gonna grab the girl.

You keep them off my back.

You wanna gossip
or you wanna shoot somebody?

Stop. Wait, wait.

Shut your fucking mouth.

-Where am l?
-l'm here to take you home.

You got to keep still.
l'm here to take you home.

Drink it.

-Who are you?
-Drink it.

How are you?

l'm sick.

No, it's just a formal question.

Cover your head.

-What, you don't like blondes?
-The whole world likes blondes.

That's why you're here. Put it on.

Put it on.

And stay away from the window.

-l need a smoke.
-You can't smoke it.

What's it gonna give me, cancer?

Smell of American tobacco
carries in the desert air.

That's why you wanna
stay out of the desert.

l could make you give me the smoke.

Keep it together.

Keep your voice down.
We're gonna get you home.

Fuck it. l don't wanna go home.

Nobody there cares about me.

l'm just a whore.
l'm just a little whore.

Yeah, how'd you get like that?

l was raised by wolves.

What are you crying for?
We're going home.

Did my father send you?

That's right.


Why? He wants me dead.

He sent me.

One man.

''One riot, one Ranger.''
You ever heard that?

Leonidas, King of Sparta...

...when a neighboring state would plead
for military aid, would send one man.

-Well, there you go.
-You ever hear that?

No. l think we went
to different schools.

You ever hear the one about the king
who turned his daughter into gold?

Yeah. He turned his daughter
into gold.

America's sweetheart.

His fucking trick pony. His election ad.

Fucking cocksuckers.

He took the guards away.

l just wanted to talk to him.
He wouldn't even come and see me.

He said he would come and see me.

He sent a man.

''Here's what you tell the press.
Don't talk. Don't tell anybody.''

l told him l was gonna tell.

He had to come and see me.

And he wouldn't even come
and see me.

He sent me.

l don't wanna go home.

Look, you go home...

...some wave their hats,
some turn their backs.

lt's all the same.

None of them know where you've been.

lt's all the same.

You tough, honey?

l think you're tough.

l'm cold.

lt'll be fine, baby.

You're gonna take a little flight
in here.

-You're coming with me.
-No, l've got to seal you in.

You want a cigarette?

-Can you produce one?
-Believe l can.

Sit down.

You said they couldn't violate
their airspace.

-They couldn't violate their airspace.

That's right.
They couldn't violate their airspace.

-That's why you had to come alone.
-That's why l had to come alone.

But l tell you what...

...when this plane touches down... will be in the bosom of
a company of United States Marines...

...all straight up and down
and vying for your attention.

What could be better?

Do you have a comb?

l don't believe l ever carried one.

Thank you.

For what?

For coming for me.

Well, what the hell.

What's that?

l believe it's an apple seed.

-Johnny Appleseed.
-Yeah, that's me. Just a man of peace.

Get on the phone. Get to our people.
See if they can seal off--

There she is. Get her!

Cut him off. Cut him off!

Laura Newton!


You! The man.

Step away from the girl.

Walk to me, Miss Newton.

Walk to me.

My name is Stoddard.
You've seen me in your home...

...with Mr. Burch.

You're almost home. Walk to me.

This man is a rogue agent.

He came here to take you...

...for the ransom.

Even if it was true,
you're coming with me.

-Get up.

This man was sent to harm you.

He knows l'm not leaving here
without you.

Give her up.

Give the girl up...

...and we can talk.

We have control of the airport.

Let her come forward.

We leave in a minute.

Let me see what's going on.

-Mr. Scott.

-Robert Scott.
-One more lap. Okay?

We're gonna go get you on that plane.

You're gonna make it. Okay?

-Okay. Here we go.
-Laura, walk away from him.

He knows the game is up.

He knows it's over. You're safe.

-Get on the plane!
-Bring out the camera.

-What do you see?
-l'm getting it!

Get it out! l'm not leaving
until l find out what's going on.

-Find it. What do you see?
-Hold on. Hold on.

We've got you. We've got you now.

We've got you.

Thank God we found you.

Here you go. Come get her!

Thank goodness we found you.

Hey, get her out of here!

Clean this mess up.

l'm at the airport.
lt appears to be a gunfight.

A gunfight!

No, l don't know who.
l'm staying to tape it.

Hold the plane!

You could have come home!
You know that?

You dumb son of a bitch!
We needed you!

lt's World War lll out there!

World War lll!
Do you read the papers?

And that little whore wanted to
bring the man down. At this time!

-l'm going home?
-That's right, honey. You bet you are.

And just one more thing.

-l'm getting in the car.
-No, honey, there is no car.

We have to get you out of here.

No. Who are you?

Me and Mr. Scott came to take you home.

Do you know what we've
had to do all these years... keep her under wraps?

You shortened her life, pal!

We would have let her go to the desert,
but you had to put on your thinking cap!

Hold on one minute!

-Go on, what do you see?

-Are you getting it?
-Get on the plane.

Oh, my God.

-l got her.
-Hold the plane! Laura Newton!

Get her on the plane!
Get her out of here!

-Call the tower!
-Wait! Wait!

-Get us out of here.

Get her on the plane!
Get this girl on the plane!

Get her on the plane!
Get her on the plane!

Get us out of here!

Get us up!

Oh, baby.

Oh, baby.

ls she safe?


She's safe.

We brought the girl back.

Yeah. She just took the long way home.

CSV World News International.

And as we return again...

...the administration,
forced by this terrible abduction--

-Thank God they had that ability.
-That's right.

To capitalize on the drowning deaths,
to capitalize on the unfortunate deaths...

...of those two people sailing.

Here is the arrival
of Laura's father.

Who can forget these images?

-Laura Newton in the United States.
-Yes, indeed.

Many believe that Robert Burch
is due not only the thanks...

...but the admiration of the
entire American people for his role.

Terror takes many forms.

I can conceive of no act of terror
greater than the unforgivable...

...the ultimate destruction,
that of a human soul.

The kidnapping of Laura Newton
has revealed to us...

...has allowed us to confront
and will allow us to eradicate...

...the international traffic in souls.

It was brought about because of
a family's love for their daughter.

A simple American act.

The love of Americans
for all our daughters...

...who are the soul....

Who are the soul of this great country.

-We thank God...
-Time to go home.

...this one daughter has returned home.
We vow that we will not rest...

-Lucky man.
-...until all who have suffered her fate...

...are once again reunited
with their families.

Thank you.