Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators (1964) - full transcript

The story of Spartacus and 10 other gladiators who rebelled against the bloody coliseum sports. They escape and are faced at every turn by Roman soldiers bent on taking them back to the Coliseum - dead or alive!

The Ten Invincible Gladiators



Bravo, Rezios!

Bravo, gladiators.

You'll have to remain here in Capua
while we organize other shows.

You never fail the audience!

Thank you, prefect Toraxis.

But we've decided to move on.

Think it over.

The prefect of games for Capua
will now offer a sensational show:

12 Thracian gladiators will fight
each other to the death...

until only one survives.

What is it, son?

I'm afraid, father.

Courage, my boy.
I'll stand by you.

I'll try to help.

I'm not afraid to fight.

I can face any opponent, but
not my friends...

Or my father...

my own flesh and blood.

What a terrible obligation,
to be forced to fight amongst ourselves.

It's nothing serious.

Huh? I didn't even notice it.

Why are you so moody?
In the end everything went well.

yes, sure, for us...

But it's really terrible for him to
have to fight against his own father.

The boy knows how to fight well.

It makes no difference,
the fight is hopeless.

Go ahead... attack.

Kill me, or they'll kill you.

- To the death!
- Go on, kill him!

Why is that coward attacking him?

For the only possible reason;
separating father from son.

To the death!

By all the Gods,
what a brave man!

Are they trying to ruin me?

Go get them
and bring them back here!

Punish him, he must pay
for this massacre!

Him! Above all, he's
the one responsible!

Enough now.

Why are you meddling in this?

Stay out of the way,
unless you want the same
treatment they're getting!

Take them away!

- Just a moment, Toraxis.

Why would you kill such
a superb specimen?

My master has need of brawn...

...and he'll pay for good slaves.

Yes Cimbros, we've made
a good business together...

but this is a rebel, they're all rebels!
They must be punished.

Death isn't a good punishment.
Death would only end their suffering...

alive, though, it
would just begin.

But they've ruined the show,
my reputation will suffer!

10,000 sesterces...that should be enough to
raise the prestige of an emperor!

Take them all.

Come on, let's go!

You'll not get off lightly, either.

As long as I live
you'll not find an arena...

willing to open its doors to you.

By all the Gods!
Where has the road gone to?

It seems to end here.

So where do we go now?

Who cares? There's no path
leading to a good bowl of soup.

Quiet, please!

After two days of fasting,
you can't mention food just to say...

...we haven't got any.

We can camp and sleep here,
it won't cost us anything.

Come on, gladiators!

Help! Help!

Ah, feel like screaming?
Let us comfort you!

Look out!

Are you crazy?
I'm a Roman patrician.

If my father was here
he'd have you flogged!

Do you think that arrow...

would have respected
your nobility?

You had no right
to treat me like that!

Ah! Excuse me!

That's the first time I've heard someone
prefer good manners to an arrow in their chest.

- Oh, are you hurt?
- No, it's nothing.

Come with me. My father's house
isn't far from here,

and he'll be very greatful
for what you've done.

He's a rich and influential man,
senator Julius Varro.

Damned bandits!
Two of your slaves are in bad shape.

I'm afraid nothing
can be done.

What does that matter?
I have so many of them!

Come on!

Livia, my child,
what a relief to see you safe and sound.

You had a terrible time
in the clutches of those damned bandits...

and I'll hang any of the servants
who weren't able to defend you!

But they were outnumbered!
There was nothing they could do.

Consider yourselves fortunate.

For saving my daughter you've earned
the gratitude of a man like me...

that can reward you in a manner
even greater than you desire.

Thanks, but we don't need anything.
We would've done the same for anyone..

Oh no... you've got to ask me for something,
I want to repay you!

You can't expect me
to be grateful forever.

Think about it,
and in the meantime be my guests.

Now then! We're going to eat.

Don't go to the trouble,
we've already eaten.

Yes but... not for some time.

Start preparing food.

Now what shall it be?

Roast lamb,
wild boar on a spit...

...stuffed pigeon, lobster
in white wine, pheasant...

or do you prefer trout?

But I don't know who you are
or what you do.

We're gladiators.

Or more accurately...we were.

A month ago we parted ways
with a powerful impresario...

and since then, we
haven't found a job.

Ah, perfect!

This allows me to repay you.

Just one word from me will open up
all the arenas of the Republic!

I... I'd like to get
this wound bandaged.

I'll get my slave to tend it.
Come, I'll take you.

Prepare some water and bandages.


Does it hurt?

We get scrapes like this
everytime we go into the arena.

Only your hands... are much more gentle
than those of our chief...

who usually takes care of us.

Yes, much gentler.

I'll do that,
you prepare the tea.

Have you ever been
afraid in the arena?

When we're in danger
we help one another.

It 's like all of us
had 20 eyes and 20 arms.

No, I'm never afraid when
I'm in the arena.

Drink this, it will prevent fever.

It 's disgusting!

- What's out there?
- It's the garden, come.

- Wait! I'll bring a cup.
- Why?

- That's all there is to it.
- But it's very inconvenient!

Not in the least!
Nature is always more convenient.

If I'm hungry?

Hmm! And if I'm sleepy?

Isn't that much easier?

I never noticed there
was a fig tree here.

They were a little hungry.

- To you.
- To you!



We couldn't find his camp.

He must have taken
his men into the mountains.

beast, idiot!

This is the second time
you've failed!

Your assignment was to catch him
and you come back to me with this news?

If you fail again...
you'll be made a slave.

And even worse...

I'll have your tongue cut out.

I'll have your eyes gouged out and send you to
the mines, where you'll be flogged...

and your wounds will be
sprinkled with salt.

Sorry friends, this fine young man
need to be encouraged in his duties.

You see...
there's a bandit hereabouts...

a certain Spartacus...

he's brutal and violent.

He and his gang are terrorizing
the province, robbing and killing.

He was my slave...

and I feel responsible.

However it seems that none of my
men are able to eliminate him!

He has lookouts everywhere,
when we get to a place...

where his presence has been reported,
all we find are the ashes of his campfire.

Spartacus and his men seem to
have been swallowed up by the mountains.

In order to catch a wolf one would have
to be grass, or trees... or a wolf.

What do you mean?

If you approached his camp
the same way you came here,

Spartacus wouldn't need a lookout, he'd
have heard you from ten miles away.

Nobody asked for your opinion!

It doesn't matter,
I'm telling you anyway.

And you'd do well to take his advice,
it makes a lot of sense.

Tell me... couldn't you
take care of this Spartacus?

You're gladiators,
people who travel...

No one would suspect you.

Well, as you said, we're gladiators...

not soldiers.

But that didn't prevent you from driving off
the bandits who attacked my daughter.

And how are 10 men going to succeed
when I failed with 50?

In this matter it's not
arms that count, but brains.

You can't refuse to leave this area
and a lot of good people...

to such a dangerous bandit.

If you were to kill him...

all of his men would disperse.

Very well. But we won't kill him, we'll capture
him and bring him here for trial.

That would be sufficient.

- I'm afraid you're making a mistake.

This isn't work for just anyone,
they'll never find Spartacus!

- Spartacus is back!
- Spartacus has returned!

- Spartacus, he's back!
- There's Spartacus!

Look! There's a lot of them,
we need to be careful.

That must be Spartacus leading them.

Spartacus' tent is isolated from the others.

That'll simplify everything. We'll just have
to find a way to block it off from the other slaves.

Will there be enough time
to capture Spartacus,

take the horses and put
the others on the run?

It'll have to suffice.

To start with, we'll need to get closer.

Look over there,
others are coming.

Okay then... let's help.

Ah, you're here at last!
The fire was about to go out.

- Fire!
- Spartacus!

Halt or you're dead!

By Jupiter, these bandits must
have high regard for their leader.

That day in the arena at Capua,
I never thought you'd have become a bandit.

Why do you think that now?

Senator Varro told us.

Ah, then he sent you!

- Stop!
I'm not finished yet.

I want to convince him
it's better to remain a gladiator...

than become a hired assassin.

You're a tough opponent!

- They've been fighting since this morning.
We're getting tired watching them.


Sorry, a fly.

What is it son,
you wanted something?

So, you still want to
take me back to Varro?

Right now, I
don't have any clear ideas.

All right,
I'll clarify them for you!

Lisios, Gapos, Calmios,
come here.

He was one of Varro's servants...

They cut off his arm because
he took a piece of bread.

A stinking, stale piece of bread
collected from the garbage.

This boy left the corral
he'd been assigned to...

because he wanted
to chase a lizard.

Come, dear.

This is Lisios, in his homeland
he was a sage, a philosopher.

Varro blinded him so he could
no longer read or write.

I'm not so unhappy, Spartacus.
It's true I can no longer see the world...

but I can still think and I see things
my eyes couldn't reveal before:

the hearts of men.

And I could show you another 20
like these to prove who Varro really is.

This is what I've rebelled against!

I want to return to Thrace and
be what I've always been...

A free man.

These men have followed my example,
many came with me right away...

others joined me later.

I won't forsake them.

I regret we've been fools.
What can we do for you?

Perhaps one thing. Tell Varro
that if he permits us to leave in peace...

when I get back to Thrace I'll send him the
ransom money for myself and my companions.

In a few days we'll go down to
the coast in search of ships...

once we've found them we'll return
here for the women and children...

and leave this country permanently.

I'll speak to Varro and
hopefully convince him.

Your arguments for Spartacus
are quite convincing.

Perhaps you're right, maybe I was too
hasty in assessing the situation.

Very well, I won't
oppose their departure.

You're very generous!

Are you surprised?

Frankly yes, pleasantly.

You see, a man with your kind of power
does things which...

well, you know... get people to talking.

Yes, you could say that.

I'm the most maligned
man in the Republic.

You all know me now,
and have seen how meek I am!

I'm as harmless as a child, yet I'm forced
to keep a multitude of slaves...

only because the State demands that I
build bridges, aqueducts, roads...

but I wish for nothing more than looking
after my neighbors in the community.

I don't know what's
come over me....

My child...

it's getting late, it's time for you to go.

- But father I...
- Livia, you must be obedient!

Say goodnight to our friends.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

You'll have to excuse my friends and I.
We must be tired from traveling.

This isn't due to...


Did you hear? Spartacus
was able to win them over.

The damned fellow isn't
just a rebel slave...

he has the makings of a leader!

He must be eliminated immediately!
Before it's too late.

- I assure you...
- No!

This job is too important
for someone like you.

I'm leaving for Rome immediately,
have them taken to the dungeon.

We'll take care of them
when I get back.

I could take care of them now.


You'll come with me.

You know there are certain things...

I like to take care of personally.

We are gathered here to
decide whether to send troops...

to suppress the revolt
of the slave named Spartacus...

by request of
Senator Varro.

This request of yours, Julius Varro...

demonstrates you do not
consider yourself in the service of Rome.

You think that Rome should
serve you and your own interests.

- It's true!
- He's right! He's right.

Otherwise how could you ask
our legions...

to put your personal affairs in order...

and retrieve a few dozen slaves?

The people's tribune takes every
opportunity for easy demagoguery.

It's his job, so we
must permit him to do it.

But you Senators,
like myself...

wish the state to be
strong and respected.

This isn't just a matter of
recovering a few slaves...

but of making an example!

If we prove to be weak,
and allow them to escape...

then other slaves
will emulate them!

Our prestige and our economy
would suffer enormously.

Senator Varro, there's another way
to stem the flight of your slaves.

Oh yes?
And what would that be?

Humane treatment and justice!

Ah, Gaius Gracchus was able to
twist them around his little finger...

and those fools refused
my request for troops.

But I won't allow it to end like this,
we'll do it alone.

It'll take a long time
to gather the necessary men.

No, not if what those naive
gladiators told us is true.

Spartacus has left his camp
to look for ships.

But Spartacus will escape!

Do you think he'll leave
without the women and children?

He'll return to free them,
then we'll attack!

Then Rome can't deny me her legions.

I've never met such rude people.

I invited them into my home,
offered them my friendship.

Even my father...
extended his kindness to them.

They left without even saying goodbye.
I'm very disappointed.

Especially in that handsome young
man with the dark hair.

Which one?

I don't remember there being
anyone particularly young...



He alway ate the figs of this tree.

Oh that one!

Hurry up, I want the house decorated
with flowers when my father returns.

We're fools.

Yes, apparently.

We were fooled like novices.

It's been a whole month
since we worked in the arena!

Right! All this inactivity
has dulled our senses.

Well then, we'd better
do something about it.

If we have to move our muscles
to get our brains to function...

we have enough work here
to make us geniuses!

You can't do anything to it, it's solid.

This was intended to
restrain only one man.

But 5 men...

What do you think?

- What's that? I heard a noise.
- Mice, like usual.

There's nothing we
can do here, guys.

Roccia! Metodius! Look here.

What good is this?

Let's pull on it,
something might happen.

- Okay.
- Come on, guys.

It's fresh soil.


we're under the garden.

- Sirmius, you get up there.
- Farius.

No, this one's already open,
it'll wither too soon.

We're in the garden!
Hurray, guys!

Watch out Viaria, a hand!

That's Livia's voice!
Livia! It's me!

Is that really you, Sirmius?

- Yes, it's me!
- Didn't you leave with your companions?

- We wanted to! But your father didn't agree
and now we're locked down here.

Don't be silly, my father
wouldn't have done that.

Don't you dare say
such a thing, Sirmius.

Okay, we'll talk later.

Now we need help,
we're locked in here watched by guards.

Livia, we need your help.

Tell me what you want me to do.

We'll try to force the door, but it's strong.

We need a big knife,
an axe and an iron bar.

Okay, I'll find them. But wouldn't
the key be easier?


If they don't relieve us soon
I'm going to die of boredom down here.

Better not let anyone hear you say that,
or you will die, but not from boredom.

Here they are!

- At last we can get some sleep.

Nice work!

What do we do now?

Go to Spartacus and
warn him about Varro.

In the meantime,
let's get out of here.

Is everything all right?
I saw some men falling down.

Yes, and they're still down.

What will you do now?

For the moment...

try to get as
far as possible from here.

There are horses in the stable,
you can take them.

You've done a lot for us,
we're truly grateful to you.

I feel responsible for
my father's actions.

I can't understand why
he's done these things.

I didn't think he
was capable of them...

but perhaps I'm only
beginning to know him now.

Don't worry,
try not to think about it.

Will we see each other again?

I don't know.

We met each other
at the wrong time.

I hope there will be
other moments for us.

That's the thing I want
most in the world.


Look, we're almost there!






Who did this?

It was Varro's men.

They attacked us...

and led everyone away...

to the great aqueduct...

a labor camp.

They'll pay for this.
I swear.

May the Gods bear witness
to my promise!

They must have followed us
the first time we came here.

That's the only way they
could have found this place.





Damn you, you'll pay for this!

Stop, Spartacus!

Lisios! Lisios' alive!


Spartacus...these men are...not guilty.

They were Varro.

Speak to them...
they'll explain how...

It's difficult to defend ourselves.

Whether innocent or guilty...

it's our fault that
Varro's killers were here.

We said that you'd leave
soon to find ships...

and that you'd send
the ransom from Thrace.

He seemed to agree,
but then drugged and imprisoned us.

As soon as we were free,
we came to warn you.

But this had already happened.

I already found the ships,
they were waiting for us.

We could've all left and
returned to our homeland.

Do you know where
they took my people?

Yes, Lisios told us.
To one of Varro's work camps.

- We'll follow them, let's go now!
- No.

That's what Varro expects, and
you have too few men to succeed.

You're right,
we'll get more men.

I'll lend a hand to any slave
who wants to break free of his chains!

I wanted freedom only for myself,
but fate has decided otherwise.

And I'll follow this through
to the finish.

We'll always be at you side...

if you want us.

While you gather your army...

we'll go on ahead.

We'll study their defenses...

maybe talk with your people...

and encourage them by
announcing your arrival.

Very well.

Thank you, friends.

Forward! Forward, move along!

Keep walking!

Get going!

Forward, slave!

Keep walking!

Keep going!

Oh no!

Stop, Licia!

Get up, damn you!

No! No!

Be brave, we have to go on.

I'll give you water!

Walk, you
lazy breed!

I'll see to this one!

- Welcome, Cimbros.
- Thanks.

- Did you have a good journey?
- Yes.


Damn you!
Get to work, slave!

Get up,
next time you won't be spared!

Senator Varro is unhappy.
The work here is progressing very slowly.

As you just saw,
we don't tolerate laziness here.

But we don't have enough people,
and many of them die.

Well, I've brought some others now
and don't want to hear any more excuses.

Quick! Move along!

Take a good look at this place.

Here is your home,
your work and eventually, your grave.

Go on slaves, get in there!


I could offer you something different,
if you'd just...

You'll give in!


Roccia, look!
Someone's leaving.

Come on.


Stop or you're dead!

Oh, don't worry, I'll stand still.

That seems reasonable.

Perhaps we won't have to torture
him too much to get him to talk.

- Just tear off his fingernails.
- Or put a flaming sword under his feet.

Excuse me, but if you'd just tell me
what you want, maybe I...

could save you the
trouble of torturing me.

Who are you? What do you do
in the camp? And why are you
permitted to leave?

My name is Sipros, I'm a blacksmith.
By far the best in the region!

I often go to the camp
to repair their work tools.

Or to put the chains
on new arrivals.

You seem like a good man,
how can you work for these people?

I could refuse, it's true, but
I'm a poor man with a wife and children,

and these days, they can make you
a slave for very little reason.

We'll stay here
for a few days.

Can you tell us if there's a
barn or an abandoned hut nearby?


but there's a cave near my
cabin, just beyond these woods.

I sometimes use it for my
work, but it's very large.

There's enough room
for all of you.

Who are you?

Don't be afraid,
I'm a friend.

Go back to sleep.



It's me, Roccia.

I recognize you very well,
what do you want?

Isn't it enough to see us like this?
Varro should be quite pleased with you.

Don't say that, Spartacus sent
me. You must believe me!

He's gathering thousands of
men to attack the camp.

Meanwhile I've come to get you.

Follow me Daria and you can
be reunited with Spartacus.

No. This is another trap.

Very well. If you're convinced
of that, call the guard.

If I'm one of them, they
won't do anything to me.

If not, you'll have
proof of my honesty.

Why would you run
so many risks...

just to free me?

I owe a debt to Spartacus.

I wanted to begin by
freeing his girl.

I believe you, but
I won't come with you.

Until Spartacus can free us,
my duty is to wait here...

with my companions
and the others.

And when that time arrives, I'll be
of more use here than on the outside.

You're very brave, Daria.

Go now.

When the time comes
I'll let you know.


I'm not Spartacus' woman.

This is the plan of the camp.

Here's the entrance with the guard towers.

The mountain with the stone
quarry, and two walls.

And here are the huts
where the slaves sleep.

You've been watching the
area for some time...

what do you think is their
weakest point of defense?

We won't even discuss the walls and gate,
they're guarded day and night.

And there's a sentry posted
nearly every meter.

There's fewer guards posted on the
mountain, but the climb is impossible.

The sides are too steep,
we can't get the slaves out that way.

Despite the close surveillance,
I think ...

the gate is the only option.

The aquaduct they're constructing
is far from the camp...

and the slaves and guards
pass through the forest twice a day.

We could attack there.


The forest is constantly patrolled...

and there are many slaves who
never leave the camp.

The women and other workers
are always in the quarry. We
can't abandon them.

You're right.

Then we've decided: it's the gate.

Here, where the wall's at an angle,

we'll be out of range of
the archers in the towers.

What are you doing?

Um, nothing!

And what's that?

It's a new game.

We've just invented it,
it's played with dice.

Uh huh, and whoever loses
ends up with their throat cut, eh?

Sometimes you have to take a risk,
if the payoff is worth the trouble.

I haven't seen anything and
I don't know anything.

I'm not interested in ideals,
I like practical things.

And who spoke of ideals?

Then why are you interested in
a map of that camp?

It's only full of slaves.

Then that's your plan to get in.

It's true, but that's our business.

For another man, however, an enterprising,
courageous and clever man...

who knows about bellows and forges,
there's a fortune to be made!

How's that?

Iron is valuable, and the shackles on the slave's
hands and feet can provide it in abundance.

Isn't that so?

What could I do
with hundreds of chains?

Hundreds of chains...hundreds...

they could be smelted...

forged into shields
and weapons...

I could make a fortune,
I'd be rich!

I understand now...
count me in!


The slaves are for you,
the chains are for me.

Okay, Sipros!

Hey, look what's over there!

I wonder where that wagon's going?

What are you waiting for,
let's take advantage of it!

Come on, guys!

When the time comes they'll have
more than 10 of us to deal with!

Too bad.

What's that whistling?

You two go and see.

Come with me.

Where have those two gone?

We're here!

Here, my friend!

That makes 16!

Damn it, you men are an hour late today.
Come on. I'll give you a hand.

Come on,
hurry it up.

Here you go.

It's better this way.


Hurry up, you animals!

This is hard work!

One, two, three,
five, six, seven, eight...

We're missing one, aren't we?

Can't someone give me a hand?

I'll give you one.

Hey, friend!

With him, that makes 25.

That makes 25?
How do you account for the
disappearance of so many men?

I simply can't explain it.

Well, I can think of an explanation!

I know what it is,
it's desertion, you fool!

But no one can do that
to me, understand?

And mind you, if there are further
desertions you'll pay for them!

Get out of here!

Still, there's something strange
going on around here.

I don't like the way the slaves
are responding to their punishment.

Before, they were
crawling, pleading, screaming.

But now... nothing.

Be strong, Spartacus is coming soon.









Spartacus hasn't fled, as our
humanitarian Gaius Gracchus has maintained,

to escape from my alleged tyranny,
but to act against Rome!

Yes, noble fathers,
against Rome!

Against our entire civilization,
against our very being!

This horde of slaves will give
bent to their longing to destroy us!

Spartacus has gathered around him
an army of slaves, gladiators...

and servants, and is training
them to fight like combat troops.

I request the intervention
of our legions!

Rome is in danger!

The safety of Rome is of concern to us all,
but we must not act hastily.

Carefully consider the matter and
then decide what action to take.

I look forward with confidence
to the senate's wise decision.

But what do I know...
enlighten me.

When I see you smirking
like that, I tremble.

Because I know much evil will be done,
and how many lives will be shattered.

And now I wonder... was it fate that gave you
a reason to do this, or was it a right
you took for yourself?

We're still far behind.

If we want the contract to
build that new road,

we need to finish on time!

I want you to increase the slave's
work schedule to 18 hours a day.

But even now too many are dying, and
when they're tired their work is careless.

More accidents happen.
Many get crippled and are useless.

Posterity will look at this aquaduct
and remember only my name...

not the number of slaves that
died making it.


Did you have a good trip?

How could it be good? I wasn't pleased
with the journey or the destination.

He just arrived yesterday, and already
everyone has felt the weight of his madness.

10 slaves died for his
favorite sport...

torn apart by his dogs.

He's a madman!

His hour will come,
and by all the Gods...

I hope to be the one
to bring it to him.

Sipros, did Varro come alone?

Yes, but today his
daughter Livia arrived.

Do you think we could
ask Livia for help?

Ask Varro's daughter for help?

She already has.

She's different from her father.

Father, Roccia, come!

We captured a man who was wandering
around here for several hours...

and asking strange questions,
he must be a spy of Varro's.

Where is he now?

Down in the woods.

My brothers tied him up
and are guarding him.


I hope you have some influence over
these brats. I'd like to be untied.

You should have said you were
a friend right away!

That's what I did!

Would you have told us
if you were an enemy?

Maybe you're right.

Tell me of Spartacus,
is he already on the move?

Yes, he's only two days behind me.

He has friends by the thousands,
they're everywhere!

Slaves, peasants, gladiators!

We have weapons in such number
they rival the legions of Rome.

Spartacus will lead us to victory!

Well, the slaves are ready.

We've made contact with them and
they're waiting for Spartacus to begin the revolt.

It'll be no more than two days from now.
Give me my horse so I can return.


Don't you want to rest?

Or have something to eat?

No, I have to report
back to Spartacus immediately.

It's time then.

Now we have to think about
alerting the slaves.

- Here's your relief.
-You're lucky you get to sleep.

- Looks like a thunderstorm tonight...
- Yeah.

Let's take him!

Surrender or die!

Where are the others?
Who are your accomplices in the camp?

Answer. Answer me!

I asked you a question.

Well, then?

Nothing yet, but he'll give in.
It won't take long.

It's useless.
We won't get anywhere using your methods.

Regardless, I don't need
to know anything.

His very presence,
and the disappearance of our guards...

adequately explain
what he was trying to do.

Isn't that true?
You're trying to free the slaves!

You're a fool Roccia...
You're going to die instead!

It won't make the
slightest difference, Varro.

I'm convinced it will be more than
enough to dissuade your companions...

and above all my slaves,
from any further attempts like this.

So then,
get 9 of the slaves.

10 dead men will be
even more convincing.

That way you won't
feel so alone.

And these 9 slaves...

will remind you of
your old companions.

You pig.

Tonight before sunset these
ripe fruit are going to fall.

Go on!
Get back to work!

Spartacus should be
getting close now.

He may be approaching from
the other side of the river.

He'll be here in time, I'm sure.

I know, but we can't wait.

When we're assembled to witness
the execution, we'll have to act.

After we free them, we can barricade ourselves
in the quarry until Spartacus arrives.

You know I don't want you
hanging around the camp.

Don't touch me!

Only a monster could
imagine such a cruel punishment.

I have to do it. Those gladiators are my enemies,
they're fighting against me.

But they have a right to fight,
you're their enemy.

I won't permit such talk,
either from you or anyone else!


Forward, slaves!
Assemble over there in a row!

Pay close attention to
this spectacle, slaves...

So you can avoid the same thing
happening to you in the future.

Listen, slaves!

I have good news for you.

I've been informed that the army
of Spartacus...

is heading toward our camp.

I imagine you're anxiously
awaiting his arrival.

For this reason, and for
the paternal affection I've borne you,

I must rob you of any illusions!

Yes friends, Spartacus has unfortunately been
preceded by the consul Claudius and his legions.

They're stationed 5 miles from here!

It takes more than an army of
slaves to stop the eagle of Rome.

And now it's the gladiator's turn.

Damn you!

They've broken through the gate!

Roccia, I'm here!

Damn you!
You'll pay for this!

Once I reach consul Claudius,
I'll return with his legions...

and not a single slave
will be spared!

Hurry, we can't last long
without reinforcements.

Come, Livia!
You're going with me.

I don't want to go with you,
I'm staying here.

- There's Varro, let's get him!
- Hurry, he's escaping!

You'll pay too!
Hurry, get going!

Get moving, damn slave!

- Cimbros!
- Roccia, help me!

I'll kill you!

Get the women and old
people out of the camp.

Damn! Varro! I've got to
warn Varro and the legions.

Follow me, quick!
Set fire to everything!

- Burn this evil place!
- Destroy everything!

- Destroy it all!
- Death to Varro!

Help me, Daria!

Come, let's
get to safety.

- Varro!


What are you doing here?

We were overwhelmed,
the slaves escaped.

And where do those
rebels think they're going?

They'll scatter like chickens
escaped from a coop.

We'll overtake them
one by one!

But right now, Spartacus is coming.
We need to think of him first.

Get the catapults into position, Spartacus'
army deserves a welcome!

I don't like this silence,
Spartacus. Halt!

It's a trap!
Let's get through the gorge!

Quick! Through the
narrow pass!

Spread out!

Pull back the ropes!

Spartacus' deployment has been pushed
back but the slaves are still resisting.

You can enter the slave camp
with any available troops.

These rebels have made us lose
too much time and too many men.

Spartacus, the Romans
have surrounded us!

It's over, we can't resist
another attack.

We must, nevertheless.

Look there, in the woods!

Spartacus! Spartacus!

Greetings to you, Spartacus!

Come on, let's go!

Death to the Romans!

We're surrounded! The slave
cavalry has taken us from behind!

Damn Romans,
we'll destroy you!

Retreat to safety!
Come on, come on!

That's the consul
Valerius Claudius.

I want to see the rotten corpse
of Varro, torn apart by crows!

We're still looking for Varro.




Don't leave me!

I didn't ask you to follow me,
Julius Varro.

Everyone's looking out for themselves.
Now I'm free to do what I want!

Help me, Cimbros!
I can't go much further.

If you can't, quit walking.

It's my life I'm
thinking of now.

Daria, Daria!
These men are alive!

It's Livia!

Quick... let's hide!






Help me!

I'm wounded.

Don't let them take me,
they'll tear me to pieces!

Please help me!
You... can't afford not to.

Livia, I... I don't want
to die like this.

I'm... I'm your father, Livia!

Very well. I'll help.

I'll take you away from here.


He's my father...
I can't hand him over.

I know how badly he treated you,
how merciless he was to you.

But you're different, better than he is.
You can forgive.

Yes, but it's not easy to forgive.

But in this case...


Where are you going?

There's a chariot in the woods.

I'm going to get it.


Cimbros, Cimbros!

I'm here!

Roccia! Roccia, Daria!
It's Cimbros with Daria!

To the horses, quick!


I'll kill you, damn you!

I want the pleasure of tearing
you to pieces with my bare hands!

Oh Roccia!


You're rescued now,
and forever free.

Come with me, Daria.

Let's go, eavesdroppers!


Look Spartacus...

What a sight!
We are indeed a strong army!

No one can stop us
from reaching our homeland now.

This was not a battle
just against Rome...

there are other legions that
will block our progress.

The real victory
has been our rebellion...

to prove that no man
was born to be a slave.

The End