Spartaco (1953) - full transcript

74 B.C. Somewhere in the Roman Empire, Spartacus, a young officer, is condemned to be a slave because he hit a superior. Brought back to Roma in a gladiators' school, he escapes and stirs up all the slaves in a revolt against the Roman Empire.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

You can't go on, this road
is forbidden to soldiers.

- [Rufus] Who are
you to say that?

A councilor of the city.

Do you think that
gives you the right

to stand in the
way of the Romans?

Tell your men to
stop, I beg you.

For us, the road to the
acropolis is sacred.

No soldier is allowed on it.

You want to stop me from
visiting the acropolis?

Get out of the way!

You'll have to kill me first.

Nobody can stop the Romans.

(councilor groaning)

(crowd murmuring)


Amitys, don't cry.

I have done my duty.

And I'll join the others

who've died for our country.

You'll be avenged, Father.

You murderer, you
killed my father,

but one day you'll pay for it!

I didn't kill him.

I never fight against
women or old men.

You're a liar!

No one can call a Roman a liar.

You let me go.

Not before you get the
punishment you deserve.

Let go of that dagger.

Stop that Rufus,
leave her alone.

Who are you to dare
speak to me in that way?

One of your mercenaries,
my name is Spartacus.

You'll regret this, Spartacus.

Now get out of my way.

Not before I've stopped
you from mistreating her.

(dramatic music)

Soldiers, arrest this man.

He'll be judged by
Crassus with the others.

And she'll be slave to Sabina.

- [Crassus] What is he here for?

Disobedience, Marcus
Licinius Crassus.

He refused to fight when
we stormed the city.

In the legions of Rome, there's
no place for men like him.

Sentenced to death.

The next.

And what's he done?

- [Rufus] His name is Spartacus.

He's a Thracian mercenary

serving as a soldier
under my command.

He was never very good,
but now he's a traitor.

And so must be punished,

since he is guilty of a brutal
attack against a superior.

Yes, against me.

Listen to me, Crassus.
Silence, you.

Speak, Rufus.

He dared to strike me in
defense of a Thracian woman

who tried to stab one of us.

It seems that the
Thracian instinct

is stronger in him than his
duty as a soldier of Rome.

But the discipline of Rome

cannot tolerate
such a violation.

And the penalty will be--
Oh, Father.

What's that?
I forgot,

some important news I had
forgotten to tell you.

Excuse me, I'm so sorry, but
the emotion I felt seeing it.

Explain yourself.

It's about that
lawsuit of yours.

Has it been judged already?

Cicero has won a triumph
for justice and right.

I've lost the case.
You've won it.

All the gods have
earned our gratitude.

Noble Crassus, this man
is awaiting your sentence.

Just be still, keep
quiet for a moment.

Well what do I get?

All the money you
were suing for,

and Cicero got all the lands
that belong to your opponents

turned over to you.

What a master young Cicero is,

but I hate to think of the fee
he's going to demand from me.

Excuse my bothering you.

What about Spartacus?

Spartacus, why must I be
pestered, who is Spartacus?

He won't be a soldier
anymore, he'll be a slave,

we'll take him back to
Rome with the others.

Get him out of my sight.

(flourish of trumpets)

(crowd cheering)



My mother!

I won't let them
make a slave of you.

(dramatic music)

Are you hurt badly?

- [Soldier] I think the dirty
swine has broken my arm.

Some fighter that man, isn't he?

- [Soldier] Yeah, he's
the kind you should

get into your gladiator school.

No doubt about it.

He'll be fine when
I've trained him a bit.

- [Soldier] You'll
make plenty of money

out of him, Lentulus.

Yes, I think I've found
a pretty good fighter.

- [Soldier] I know you have.

Put your backs into it
there, you miserable slaves.

Do you think I bought
you to give you a rest?

Pick it up, jump to it you fool.

Calm down, Lentulus, why
should I train so hard?

You know I'll win anyway.

I'm not so sure.

You're a great fighter,

but that's no reason
for not training better

before the games.

I don't want any of your advice.

If I lose in the
Arena I'll be through,

as death will be the penalty.

So why should you worry?

Always the same story from you
gladiators, I'm sick of it.

I spend my money and my time.

I've built you into
physical marvels,

and when I'm just about
to collect, you fail.

Because you've been too sure
of yourself, you're defeated.

And I lose everything.

And what a fine pair these
other two make, lounging around.

Don't think that I've paid
such a high price for you

just to give you a holiday!

Go on, get a move on or
I'll smack you into action.

(dramatic music)

Throw him into his cell.

And the other one, too.

Chain them up, they'll go
without food for two days.

I've handled tougher
slaves than those.

All right, chain them up.

Hurry up.

(whip cracking)

Stop it, stop it, you butchers!

Stop it!

You're going to murder him!

You butchers!

(gentle music)

- [Sabina] The mirror, Amytis.

Hurry up.

Don't forget you're
not a dancer anymore,

you're my slave
and nothing else.

What is it?

Marcus Varinius Rufus

asks to be received
by you, Mistress.

Let him wait.

No, show him in at once.

I really couldn't let
you leave for Naples

without paying you
a farewell visit.

The hour's a little unusual.

This is the first time
a man has come so early

to pay me a visit.

Here, take the mirror

and come back to
lace up my sandals.

She's rather inefficient,
but she'll learn.

I wish you would do
your work better.

A slave should guess
what her mistress wants.

And now come on,
lace up my sandals.

She's difficult to train,

but then slaves are
really all the same.

She seems to interest you.

Have you come for me or her?

I'm afraid I'm rather
repulsive to her.

Well Amytis?

Could you really object to
a man as handsome as Rufus?

War is full of strange
and sad happenings.

In the heat of battle
it was my weapon

that killed her father.

It was really you then who
killed the father of Amytis?

Soldiers have their duty,
I couldn't avoid it.

I thought it was Spartacus.

That coward, he'd faint at
the very sight of a spear.

When you kill you need the
heart and stomach of a soldier,

not the soul of a
miserable slave like him.

He's receiving the treatment

that he deserves
for his rebellion.

The dungeon, the
chains, the flogging.

Imprisoned and beaten,
and it's all my fault.

Forget this slave, he
interests you far too much.

For a slave to be in love is
a thing I will never permit.

He spoke the truth, and I
refused to listen to him.

Now that's enough, Amytis.

My feet are much more important

than all your foolish thoughts,

and even than your existence,

which is something that
you must always remember.

(suspenseful music)

Leave me alone.

Are you suffering much?

Well, what brings the
daughter of Crassus here?

Just this.

If you listen to
me, you can go free.

Oh yes?

Contempt doesn't suit
or help you, Spartacus.

Lentulus is very cruel,
and he hates you.

But perhaps he'd prefer to
sell you to a rich buyer,

instead of letting
you rot in a cell.

He won't let me die,
I'm too valuable.

If they don't murder
you by whipping you,

you will end in the Arena,
mauled to death by the beasts.

Return to your palace now.

I've heard enough from you.

The others have spoken
of your little ways.

Everyone knows
the habit you have

of provoking all the men around.

Does that mean that you
don't find me beautiful?

Yes, you're lovely.

But I hate you.

You prefer then to wait
here for your death?

For my death, no,
for my liberty.

Your liberty?

Would you also like me to
free my new slave Amytis?

I don't think liberty is
coming your way or hers.

Without me you won't
leave this place alive.

Don't be a fool, Spartacus.

If you wish it, I can have
you released immediately.

I'm going to Naples, you
can stay in my house there.

There would be good
company, very good.

Meaning yours.

And your own mother's.

I wanted to please you,
and so I've bought her.

Because I knew
you'd be happy then.

I don't believe it.

It can't be true.

Why should I be lying to you?

Anyway, now you know
where to find her.

Good luck, Spartacus.

Much more force,
and follow through,

get your back into it!

You won't be a gladiator
till you're 90.



You've certainly made
a mess of things.

You know I bet on Spartacus,
why starve him to death?

I'm not worried, he'll
attend the games.

But to get there
he'll have to crawl.

He's not that weak, he'll
be all right tomorrow.

No, this time I think
you've made a mistake.

When he's had a meal
and a bit of fresh air,

he'll soon be strong again.

I hope so, for your sake.

(flourish of trumpets)

(gentle music)

Isn't this your slave
who's dancing for us now?

Yes, but she's not just playing
a role, she's living it.

You seem to be deep in thought.

Because something
is going to happen

that I've been waiting for.

But perhaps you will
be disappointed.

None of our hopes is
ever quite fulfilled.

But today things
will be different.

It is the story
of a lovely maiden

who vowed to love no
man until she died.

Then she fell in
love with a sailor,

and for breaking her vows
she was put to death.

I don't think I've
heard that legend.

I invented it.

So she's going to be
sacrificed at the end.

That's the way the story
is supposed to finish.

(lively music)

(tigers growling)

(crowd cheering)

Now we'll see how
the story ends.

Whether it finishes the
way the author intended.

(man screaming)

(man screaming)


Spartacus, they've let the
lions loose into the Arena.

(crowd cheering)

(crowd cheering)

(crowd cheering)

Go, you're free.

And you?
I'll join you later.

Wherever you are.

I'll be waiting for you.

The people are
demanding their freedom,

and I think they've earned it.

Well I don't.

(crowd cheering)


I refuse to accept liberty.

For as long as there is
a single slave in chains,

I'll share his fate.

You're a fool Spartacus,

refusing the liberty
they were offering you.

I'm sure I wouldn't
still be here

if I had the chance
you just had.

I've stayed awake nights,
thinking about it.

I don't take gifts from our
torturers, not even liberty.

We'll free ourselves, and soon.

You're right, you lead
and we'll follow you.

(men cheering)

So you dared to
upset Sabina's plans.

I'm going to make
you pay for that.

Do you think so?

(dramatic music)

You've killed him.

That will cost you your life.

I want all of you others
to keep away from us.

We are armed and ready for you.

Follow me.

(dramatic music)

(man screaming)

(men shouting)

The other soldiers will
be here any minute.

They're surrounding the place.

We'll make it,
they can't stop us.

But we'll never get out of Rome.

The gates will all
have been closed.

Then we won't go by the
gates, we'll go by a route

where no Roman force
will be in our way.

On, my brothers!

(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

Why did Spartacus bring all
these slaves along with us?

They slow down our march.

If the Romans catch up
with us we'll be lost.

But they won't.
Hurry up, you!

Now they're free men, soon
they will be soldiers.

We need soldiers now.

At any second I expect
the enemy to appear.

But our progress
has been too slow.

There was a horseman
on the hill up there,

he disappeared as
soon as he saw us.

I'll try to catch up with him.

No, I'll go.

(suspenseful music)

Stop there!


(gentle music)

I knew all along
that I'd find you.

I'd begun to fear we'd
never meet, beloved.

Oh, I searched everywhere
for you, I searched so long.

But at last I'm in your arms.

Spartacus, all the slaves
know you're their savior.

I'll break their chains.

There'll no longer
be any slaves.

They will live in this land
as men, proud and free,

building a new way of life.

Rome won't be a city of hate.

I'll go with you, Spartacus.

And we shall never part.

All my life I shall be yours.

I've loved you Amytis,
from the very first day.

And my love will live forever.

Are you satisfied, my friend?

Our ranks are growing,
thousands are joining.

If only I knew how
to feed them all.

And more than that, how to
turn them into soldiers.

Then I'd be sure of victory.

These barricades are
completely useless here.

It isn't possible for
anyone to climb the cliff.

Have them shifted over
to the other side,

and take command while I'm gone.


Come with me, I need you.

I must find out exactly what
our enemy's movements are.


Look after Amytis.

(gentle music)

We must get back, Spartacus,

our people will be
getting worried about us.

But we haven't
learned anything yet.

We can't go back
without information.

We know Rufus is leading
a legion against us,

and we have to discover
where they are.


It must be the advance
guard sent by Rufus.

Too many of them
for us to handle.

You go that way and I'll go
this, we'll split them up.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

It's nothing at all, the wound
is not much to worry about.

He's just worn out.

He'll be on his feet in no time.

Don't you worry.

I'll look after him myself.

I couldn't leave him in better
hands than yours, Sabina.

Now go away, and
come back at dawn.

I'll take good care of him.

Good night, Sabina.

(gentle music)

So you're in my
hands, you are mine.

They've put a price on
your head, they want you.

But not as much as I do.

There isn't any more.

Sorry, no more water.

There's no more water.

Our situation is serious.

Luckily new groups are
joining us, they bring food.

But not enough for all of us.

We must come to a decision
now that Spartacus is gone.

I suggest we move out.

Octavius, I know how you
feel about Spartacus,

that you resent being
second in command,

but you can't go
against his orders.

He's placed all
his trust in you.

We should stay here and wait.

As for me I won't leave the
camp until he comes back.

Listen, Spartacus started
the revolt of the slaves.

Now he's disappeared,
I'll take command.

Tonight we'll strike camp.
You're mad.

I've already told you that
Spartacus wants us to stay.

And if he doesn't come back?

You know that the
water has given out.

We're forced to move,
there's no other way out.

We'll make a bid for
the safety of Sicily.

We'll go tonight.

We're not striking camp,
not before he's back.

He's left you, why
not come with me?

I love him.

And if he's dead?

If Spartacus had been killed,

I would know it
deep in my heart.

(gentle music)

It is so calm, so silent.

Tell me, aren't you
happier here with me

than with the slaves?

It is calm and silent,
but I'm unhappy.

I can't forget so easily the
friends who are waiting for me.

You forget how long
I've been waiting.

You made me hate
you and despise you.

So this is how you gladiators
make your great conquests.

The only victory I
want over you Sabina

is to be revenged for what
you tried to do to Amytis.

Forget Amytis.

Look at me Spartacus, why
do you even speak of her

when you have here at your
side a woman worthy of you?

How wonderful to feel you
tremble with hate and desire.

Since that first day
in my father's camp

I longed to be in your arms.

Aren't you going to
kiss me as a reward?

The gods will
punish you, Sabina.

Why should they?

They brought you here to me.

My gods must feel
quite sympathetic.

Otherwise I'd still
be lonely and sad.

Am I not right?

Because from all hiding places

they chose this one
for you, my love.

It was an evil choice.

The gods have forsaken me.

Saved you, Spartacus.

You're proud, you
think you're a hero

because you managed to
break your prison doors,

to free a lot of stupid sheep
that'll soon come running

and crying out
for their masters.

But fortunately the one I
desired found its way to me.

Now I intend to keep you close
to me, and to make you happy.

The Senate will refuse
nothing to my father.

Just as my father will
refuse nothing to me.

I know that they're very
anxious to be finished

and done with the rebellion
that you've started.

Rufus will certainly
break up the revolt

and scatter the slaves.

Do you think so?

But it doesn't matter
to us, my love.

I'll look after
everything for you.

You're very strong
and courageous, but
not clever enough.

I'll have father
get you a legion.

You'll go to Spain,
win a battle or two,

and then when you return, all
this will have been forgotten.

And Rome will certainly
acclaim you as a hero.

And by that time you will
found a new gladiator

to make love.

(laughing) You'll be
happy I know, Spartacus.

You will see, you're
just a child, a baby.

You don't know
anything of the world.

After six months with
me you'll be a man.


And living like a king.

Tell me you accept all
this and my love, too.

It's so very easy.

Just kiss me and forget
all about your troubles.

(man screaming)

What's that?
I don't know.

(man screaming)

Who's screaming out there?

It is a slave, Mistress,
they're whipping him.

Without my ordering it?

- [Servant] Fabius did
not want to disturb you.

Go, and tell Fabius
to make them stop.

Yes, Mistress.

Disgusting, these slaves
really are such a nuisance.

Come, my love.

What's wrong?

The night is finished, Sabina.

That cry has broken the
spell, now I can see clearly.

Have you lost your head?

For a while, yes.

I had lost my head altogether.

I forgot all those who
had put their faith in me

so trustingly.

Even shut my ears to
their agonizing cries.

But I've regained my senses.

I'm leaving now,
they're waiting for me.

Don't go, don't go
Spartacus, remain with me.

And betray my friends?

I love you, I'm no longer
the selfish Sabina you hated.

I'm entirely changed because
at last I'm truly in love.

The love I've sought
all through these years.

- [Servant] Mistress?

What is it now?

Forgive me Mistress,
but a soldier has come

with word from Rufus,

saying he's on his
way here to see you.

Tell the soldier I'll be
happy to receive Rufus.

I can't avoid seeing him.

But I'll send him away quickly.

Greetings, Sabina.

Welcome to you, Rufus.

Why are you here in Naples?

I've got orders to
break up and destroy

this army of slaves and to
capture the man who leads them.

The first assignment is simple,

but I'm not quite so
sure of the second.

Why do you think
it is so difficult

to find this Spartacus?

Because he's always miles
from wherever I happen to be.

Yet perhaps he has never
been so close to you

as he is now.

What is that you're saying?

Nothing, I suppose he
could easily be near here.

Somewhere in the hills,
within sight of the villa.

Oh, no no my dear Sabina,
you give that traitor

credit for too much courage.

Believe me, he wouldn't
dare come near here.

He always stays in the
out-of-the-way places

where he can find easy prey.

But nevertheless, being here
by yourself is too dangerous.

I haven't been alone
these last few days.

Who is your guest?

Well, I've had
company of a kind.

But it wasn't a man,
it was just a dream.

- [Rufus] A dream? (laughing)

Yes, it's all very strange.

So strange I can't
understand my dream at all.

Spartacus appears in it,

although he's never been
so far away from me.

Sabina, there's one thing
I'd like you to promise

before I go.

That when I return
victorious you will marry me.

You're certainly decided,
and very optimistic.

And patient, too.

I've waited for two years.

You're just starting.

Goodbye, Rufus.

I will return, and victorious.

(dramatic music)





Yes my brothers, you
have fought valiantly.

But courage is not enough.

The might of Rome
is too great for us.

This is the end of our road.

(dramatic music)

(crowd cheering)

I knew you would return.

Who gave orders to
withdraw the sentries?

I did.

Where you planning to break
camp against my orders?

There's no other
way out, Spartacus.

There is another
way, we will attack.

All we face is certain death,
the Romans are too strong.

Be silent, Octavius.
Listen, Spartacus--

That is an order.

Are you tired of liberty?

Do you want to fell
the whip again?

Are you aching to be
once more in the field,

sowing the grain you
never receive as bread?

Do you prefer slavery?

You'll fight here with
the hope of victory,

or be torn by
lions in the Arena.

You are right, Spartacus.

Take up your arms, then.

You were a slave in Capua.

What was your work?

I was chained to a plow
and driven as an ox.

And then when I'd
finished plowing

I was harnessed to a wheel
to draw water from a well.

Let's see your back.

Will you look, brothers?

The only reward of
a slave is scars.

Do you all want
the same treatment?

- [All] No, no!

Listen, my friends.

Our ropes were not long
enough by themselves,

but together with the vines,

they will reach the
bottom of the cliff.

My plan is to make a surprise
attack on the Romans.

The first men down will
dispose of the guards

and capture the horses.

Then I will give you the signal.

Now, not a sound.

No noise, whatever happens,
and good luck everybody.

Down we go.

(suspenseful music)

(weapons clanking)

(suspenseful music)

(men shouting)

(dramatic music)

- [Rufus] We were taken
absolutely by surprise.

It must have been treachery.

I assure you it would
have been impossible,

utterly impossible
to do, otherwise.

No one, not even Caesar, could
have withstood the onslaught.

There was only one
thing left for me to do.

Get my troops back
to Rome intact.

- [Man] Hardly
intact, minus 2,000,

killed by a rabble
of unarmed slaves.

- [Rufus] The 2,000
were expendable.

I used them to cover the
retreat of my best troops.

I succeeded in this maneuver.

It was what I consider
a model of its kind.

Turning defeat into victory.

Victory, he says, but
Spartacus got away

with all your
equipment and supplies.

That slave cannot put it to use.

The proof lies in the fact

that we returned
unmolested to Rome.

The enemy did not engage us in
a single battle all the way.

Your strategy is original.

Why not tell all this to Caesar?

He'd appreciate this
lesson in tactics.

If you lawyers were to
mind your own business

the war would go better.

No war was every won
by fine eloquence.

We should give you
a crown of laurels

for the Battle of Vesuvius,

but unfortunately
Spartacus doesn't realize

you've scored a victory
through your maneuvers.

He's marching on Rome.

- [Man] And you, Marcus
Licinius Crassus,

what are you going to do?

Are you going to wait
till Spartacus is
at the gates of Rome

before deciding what
action you will take?

You cannot ignore the Roman
people's fear of these rebels.

They can rest assured.

There's no need to be
scared into such a state

over what is merely an incident.

- [Man] You call this
violent upheaval of slaves

an incident?

Please, we must not
lose our balance.

What could he possibly
do, this Spartacus,

without food, without money,

and having only a
rabble to command?

What you call rabble
is becoming a legion.

And by the time our
generals wake up

they'll be storming Rome.

In which case they'll
have a reception

that will not lack warmth.

Rome has put mightier
enemies to flight.

And she can do it again.

Only it won't be Varinius Rufus

who will receive Spartacus,

but Marcus Licinius
Crassus in person.


(suspenseful music)

There's someone to
see you, Spartacus.

Who is it?

The visitor would not say.

It's a woman.

She came without any escort.

Tell her to come in.

Who are you, and
what do you want?

To speak to you alone.

I have no secrets from anyone.

I'll speak when we're alone.

Leave us, Octavius.

(dramatic music)

What do you want from me?

I have brought a
proposal from my father,

Marcus Licinius Crassus.


I'm leaving, Octavius.

And while I'm away
you will take command.

How long will you be gone?

I'll return at daybreak.

This time you'll
follow my orders.

Remain here and do not
attack before I return.

Perhaps our future
will depend on it.

I shall obey.

(suspenseful music)

Where's Spartacus?

He left us.

And this time for good.

You mean he--
He's abandoned us.

He went with Sabina.

It can't be true.

I know it can't be true.

He told me she
was an evil dream.

Believe me, Sabina came,
and he left with her.

When she appeared he
didn't hesitate a minute.

He just followed her,
without looking back.

This meeting was not
my idea, Spartacus.

I had absolutely no
reason to send for you.

But since you're here,

you may as well be
told the situation.

I have 10 times as
many men as you.

There's no hope for you.

10 Romans against one of
my men, you'll need them.

The odds are against you.

Your head is a little swollen
after one easy victory.

But now you're facing Crassus.

If you'd had no fear of me,

you wouldn't speak
to me this way.

It's no use pretending, Crassus.

It's in your interest we're
speaking, not in ours.

The battle is lost
before it has begun.

Believe me.

The battle is lost for whom?

For you.

What do you plan to do?

Capture Rome?

Do you perhaps think you
will destroy the Roman Empire

at the same time, are
you mad enough for that?

But suppose that by a miracle
you succeed in capturing Rome.

It would be the end of you.

You'll be caught like rats
in a trap and dealt with.

You'd be held
within an iron ring.

You think so?

And what would stop me
from driving forward

and conquering the North?

Caesar's prepared for that.

He's waiting right here for you.

Not the slightest hope
for your army there.

It doesn't matter.

If I take Rome I'll become
master of the South.

10 legions are
arriving from Spain

to attend to you in Naples.

You mean you really believe
that you can smash our empire

with your miserable
slaves, Spartacus?

You had better think
of your own future.

I am taking Rome.

But in such a bloody battle,

you'll sacrifice those
men who trusted you

and believed you
were a great leader.

I want the slaves to
win liberty for always.

So they will, if
you have your way.

The liberty of death.

We could perhaps
discuss an alternative.

(flourish of trumpets)

My friends, my brothers,

I stand here for Spartacus,
who brought me among you

to fight for liberty.

We've already tasted liberty,

but we are in
danger of losing it.

Millions of slaves
are still in chains,

you must liberate them.

We must destroy Rome, so
let's go forward to victory.

Spartacus will not be there,

but he'll guide us
with his inspiration.

Follow Octavius, who
is now in command!

We will make an end of Rome

and gain the liberty
we've awaited so long!

To arms!

- [Men] To arms!

I might consider giving you
one of our legions to command.

I say once more, even if you
offered a whole army to me

I'd still be uninterested.

We'll meet next in battle.

Crassus, why don't you stop
talking, arrest him now?

And have him thrown
to the lions.

No Rufus, we shall
not break our word.

The hospitality of
the Romans is sacred.

All right, Spartacus.

I'll promise liberty for
you and all your men.

Crassus, the advance guard
of the rebels is approaching.

But that is impossible.

They're attacking.

So he disobeyed.

Are you going to stop them?

No, I'm going to
die by their side.

(suspenseful music)


Please listen to me.

I've no time or desire to.

I know what you want to
say, but I don't love you

and never have.

I don't believe it.

When you held me in your
arms so passionately.

I'm sure it was love.

I could not have
been so mistaken.

You are mistaken, Sabina,

we don't have
anything in common.

You don't offer to join
me and fight by my side

nor face death with me for
the triumph of my cause.

But you want me to
forsake this cause

and go back with you
to a world I hate.

Please listen to me
Spartacus, don't leave me,

I love you so.

I know that I'm not
worthy of you, I know it.

But without you I would
be completely lost.

Life would become worthless,
I'm yours Spartacus.

If you leave me I can't
survive, I'll die without you.

Goodbye, Sabina.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

It's you.

Yes it's me, my
loved one, I'm here.

I knew I should find you.

Yes, but it's too late.

Don't say that.

I betrayed you all,
Octavius, Artorige, Salembro.

I made promises I didn't keep.

I led you to disaster,
not to victory.

It wasn't your fault.

This is the end of
our road, all is lost.

Even if this battle is
lost, the fight will go on

until victory is ours.

Be at peace, your
example will be followed.

The flame you've lit
is still burning.

It will burn until
the world is free.

Take this.

Today it has failed.

But you're right, someday
it will be victorious.

(dramatic music)