Sparkling Cyanide (2003) - full transcript

In this TV movie, a classic mystery is updated and relocated to a glamorous world of London socialites and secret agents, introducing two unique and compelling investigators and taking us through to the highest corridors of power.

[mysterious orchestral music]

[orchestral music intensifies]

[cameras clicking]

[paparazzi shouting]

[Paparazzi Man] Nice hat trick, George.

What are your plans for the future?

Great debut for the boys.

Stunning hat trick, couldn't be happier.

Next stop, The Premiership!

You all right, Rosemary?

Get Fizz in here.

I don't want him playing
up in front of the cameras.

[paparazzi shouting]

[Paparazzi Woman] Fizz, congratulations.

How do you feel?

All the team's pleased.

George is pleased.

We're focused, and ready
for the weeks ahead.

[Paparazzi Man] How'd you
like working for the new boss?

Excellent, what can I say?

The man's a genius.

[Paparazzi Man] What about
the gambling problem?

[Fizz] Rubbish.

[Paparazzi Man] Congratulations
on the hat trick, son.

Well done, Fizz.

My new striker, he's
got a couple of goals.

Very pleased with himself.

He has a tendency to push the boat out.

Keep an eye on him, will you?

Hey, boss.

Speak of the devil!

How'd you like the hat trick?

Next time, don't leave
it so late in the game.

Why anybody has to pay out so much money,

for so much aggravation.

Women, drinking, red cards on the pitch.

He steps out of line, he's out.

Genius, or no genius.

And I'll make sure, nobody else buys him


You look stunning.

If you weren't my sister,
I'd be quite jealous.

Are you quite well, dear?

You look so pale.

Not you too, darling.

[Paparazzi Woman] Mr. Farraday.

Great result today, sir.

Well, without Sir George Barton.

The win today wouldn't have been possible.

Mrs. Farraday, you and
the Minister are the last.

Can I show you in?

We need people like George Barton.

People with vision!

People with a desire to look forward.

All I can say is, three, nil.

[paparazzi shouting]

Excuse me, I'll just see
if everything's in order.

[light jazz music]

I know how you detest these people.

Thank you for coming.

It's what wives do.

Alexandra, Stephen.

Come and join us, have
a glass of champagne.

Rosemary, you already know, yeah?

So where's this great new player of yours,

I've heard so much about.

Fizz, come and meet Mrs. Farraday.


Pleased to meet you, hello.

This is Mr. Stephen Farraday, her husband.

He's an up and coming politician,
on the telly all the time.

Great friend of the club.

Although he did keep us waiting,

till just short of the final whistle.

Fizz did pull a hat trick,

out of the bag.

And proved himself capable,

of justifying the fortune I paid for him.

So, keep up the good work, son.

To the club, and its new striker.

[All] The club's new Striker.

She's very fragile, isn't she?


Is she?

I hadn't noticed.

I gotta go to Hong Kong, next week.

Why don't you come with me?

A few days in the Seychelles,
just the two of us.

I don't know, George.

Spend a bit of time together.

[light jazz music]

There's something else, that I'd...

Like to celebrate, tonight.

Well, it's not an anniversary as such.

But, to me...

Every day...

Is a celebration.


Changed my life.

Sometimes I think I'm getting a bit soft.

But, Rosie is...

The love of my life.


Endlessly amazed.

And grateful, that she's
taken on a monster like me.

So I'd like you all to be upstanding,

and raise your glasses.

To Rosemary.

[All] To Rosemary.

I never know if you're supposed to drink

to yourself, or not.

Then drink to George.

[glasses clinking]

To George.

[Rosemary gasping]

[George] What's wrong?


[Ruth] What is it?


Do something!


[dramatic orchestral music]

Get a doctor!

[water rippling]

[car engines revving]

[toy fizzing]

[Kate laughing]

You know I love them,

but how long are Rebecca
and Sam going to be here?

Well, we can't send them home
to live on a building site.

I wasn't suggesting that.

Maybe the builders will pick up speed.

Oh, about the time pigs fly.

The clearest thinker in all
this, is Rebecca's husband.

Couldn't have timed his
trip to New York better,

if he tried.

Unless of course, he did try.

Do stop whinging.

It'll keep us young, to have them here.


-Oh, morning darling.
-Morning, sweetheart.

Looking forward to the zoo, Sam?

Grandad and I are, aren't we Grandad?

Er, what?

The zoo, We're going to the zoo.

You didn't tell me that.

Yes I did.

So I can go shout at the builders.


Do Sam good to get out in
the fresh air, won't it?

[telephone ringing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Why did that phone ring?

We have two telephone lines.


Tell me Sam.

How are you at boiling eggs?

Absolutely, soon as we can.

-Who is it?
-It's Hoffman.

McCain wants to see us, immediately.

That's fantastic, can I have a go on it?

Er, not now.

Grandad's busy.

Colonel Reece.

[footsteps crunching]

[mobile beeping]

Daddy has an emergency?

In army pensions?

Well, your father is indispensable.

[telephone ringing]

-Hurry, make an excuse.

You'll have to keep Sam
away from your computer.

It's fine, I installed a
childproof lock before we left.


It's an electronic one.

It's in the computer.

Anyway, all the files are encrypted.

So, it's quite safe.

[footsteps tapping]

[buttons beeping]

Sometimes I think you do this, on purpose.

[buttons beeping]

[door buzzing]

I do wish McCain wouldn't
route us through the back,

as if we were servants.

That's what we are.

So was James Bond.

I'll get this one.

[door knocking]

Last night, a woman
died in a West End club.

Her name was Rosemary Barton.

She was having dinner with her husband.

Some minor celebrities, footballer.

And someone who interests us, very much.

[Kate] How did she die?

[McCain] Collapsed.

She hadn't been well, but
she had a history of drugs.

And suicide attempts.

Five years ago, she married...

[Geoffrey] George Barton?

[McCain] Self-made, multi-millionaire.

You are so elegant.

So classy.

[McCain] Moved up the social ladder,

when he married Rosemary.

If only.

[McCain] There were several
other people at the dinner.

Rosemary's sister, Iris Marle.

Personal trainer and style
guru, to actors, celebrities.

Bit of a celebrity, herself.

Constantly photographed.

Linked with an endless
stream, of eligible bachelors.

I can't wait to see their
faces, when we tell them.

What if I don't wear any knickers?

Would the thought keep
you wrapped up for later?

[McCain] Lucilla Drake.

Aunt, who brought Rosemary and Iris.

When their parents were
killed in a car crash.

Took them on when they were
eight and five, respectively.

Husband abandoned her, 29 years ago.

It's rumoured, he's
somewhere in Argentina.

[Mark] I wouldn't dream of it.

Darling, boy.

It's been months, since you've
let me give you anything.

You've done more than enough for me.

[McCain] She has a son, Mark.

Too much, in fact.

I should start looking after you.

[McCain] Bit of a playboy.

He wasn't at the dinner party.

Ruth Lessing, Barton's
PA for the last 10 years.

Knows more about him than
anyone else, apparently.

Lives alone.

No personal liaisons.

Edging towards 40.

No pets.

You know Mr. Barton likes his
champagne to be very cold.

So, please keep the ice buckets topped up.

Also, should any member of
staff offend him in any way,

he must be replaced immediately.

-Is that understood?

And, the reason you are here today.

Stephen Farraday.

Minister for culture, media, and sport?

Political high flyer, with
overweening ambitions.

And no connections.

His wife?

And his connection, Alexandra Lawrence.

Her father was well placed in
the party, before he retired.

Gave the Prime Minister a serious leg up.

I've heard no rumours involving Farraday,

but the press are digging.

I want you to stay ahead of them.

What are we looking for?

Potential embarrassment,
to the government.

Affairs, drugs, corruption,
dubious friends.

He's in line for serious promotion.

But, only if he's squeaky clean.

Farraday's emailing you a
copy of his appointments,

for the last three months.

Encrypted, as usual.

He'll be at home for the next hour.

He's expecting you.

You'll find the address, in here.

The slightest hint of trouble,

and I want to be informed immediately.


What is it about
politicians, and football?

Like magnets and iron filings.

He may be perfectly innocent.

No one in power is perfectly innocent.

It's a contradiction in terms.

So, who talks to Farraday?

You, or me?

[Kate] Ah, he's a Minister.

He's used to abuse.

Bad cop, first.

Anyway, I assume you'd rather
I dealt with the emails.

And your whizz kid, Hoffman.

He's our whizz kid.

Could have fooled me.

So, what if Farraday has
been up to something?

He'll deny it.

Press will dig.

Story will leak.

McCain will spin it.

PM will declare unconditional support.

And 36 hours later-

Farraday will spontaneously resign.

Unless, it's something really serious.

Such as?


Geoffrey, this is England!

[dramatic orchestral music]

[doorbell buzzing]

[door creaking]

-Good morning.
-Hello, Anita.

Andy, I need you.

Andy, how are you today?

[printer whirring]

McCain wants us to look at these.

Three months of diary
appointments, of Stephen Farraday.


What are we looking for?

Potential scandal.





Lies, inconsistencies, repeating patterns.

Or maybe even, something
that constitutes a fact.

Just to confound the critics.

Quick as you can, Andy.

[car engine idling]


I'm here to see the Minister.


Darling, I didn't know you
were going to Manchester!

I'm Colonel Reece, Minister.

McCain sent me.

Please, you can go in.

I won't be a moment.

But, erm, we need to talk.

Ring me.

Not over the phone.

I shall be back on Thursday evening.

[car engine revving]

Five minutes, and then I'm to be off.

[footsteps tapping]

What does McCain want to know?

If there is any cause for concern,

in last night's unfortunate incident.

A woman's dead.

I'd have thought that's cause for concern.

I'm sure you know what he means.

Was I involved in any compromising way,

with any of the people at the dinner.

Absolutely not.

Your reason, for being there?

Barton invited me.

And your connection with Barton?

He wants to ingratiate
himself with the government.

Fast track himself to a knighthood.

As Minister for sport,
I'm a logical conduit.

I assume you got something out of it.

What, you don't believe
in altruistic politicians?

I'm a new Minister.

The more I'm seen to
associate with the successful,

in the media, arts, sport.

The higher my profile.

And the faster I move on, to
a more significant department.

How well did you know Mrs. Barton?

My wife and I, have met her a few times.

At similar occasions.

It's a terribly tragic event, Colonel.

But nothing to do with my wife, or me.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Have a cup of tea.



We were everything to each other.

Nobody's ever gonna believe that.

They'll say she was with me, for my money.

No, she had money of her own.

She loved you.

Do you think she killed herself?

No, no, she stopped all that years ago.

But, she has seemed
rather unhappy recently.

She so wanted children.

The press want a statement.

I don't want to talk to them.

Let me give them a statement,
and they'll go away.

They never...

Go away!

[mobile ringing]

Ah, I said no phone calls.

It's mine.

Oh, darling.

I will not have your son in this house.

He, he wants to talk to you.

Not now.

-He's coming over.
-Not now!

I don't care what Barton says,
I should be with you now.


Oh, Kate.

Do you realise what the
department budget cuts,

have really done to us?

Cast us adrift, in the
hell of public transport.

Crossing central London is a nightmare.

Surprised there aren't
riots in the streets.

Ah, stop whinging.

Farraday says, he knew
Barton professionally.

And Rosemary, hardly at all.

Believe him?

All political scandals, begin with denial.

I wouldn't trust any of them,
as far as I could throw them.

But, as I was taking root at the bus stop.

I did some old fashioned ringing round.

Everything McCain told us
is confirmed, of course.

Thought we should take
a look at the footage,

from the club's internal security cameras.

There won't be any.

Of course there will.

What, recording party time
among the rich and famous?

Initial forensic reports,

show no unidentified finger prints.

No hard evidence at all, really.

You'll be in your element.

So, if it is murder.

One of these is the murderer.

Faraday has his haircut every
other Thursday, at 3:30.

Maybe he likes to look nice.

He is in the public eye.

Could just be the photo,
but let's assume it's not.

Because on the other Thursday's
at 3:30, he has acupuncture.

Now, does he look like a
candidate for acupuncture?


You see, it's exactly the sort of thing

the press will get on to.

Thank God, they haven't got hold of these.

They will.


It's encrypted.

I broke the code last night.

You did it, again?

In under an hour.

I've told security.

Can you hack into Farraday's bank account?

[car engine roaring]

[Iris] No one could have a better sister.

How could she kill herself?

When she tried before,
she didn't really mean it.

Slashing her wrist.

I mean, took an overdose of aspirin.

She knew not to take paracetamol,

in case we didn't find her in time.

Why didn't she talk to me?

Let me help?

Unless someone killed her.

Don't even think it.

Do you remember when the girls
first came to live with us?

You were so good to them.

I knew what it was like,
to lose one parent.

I couldn't begin to imagine,

what it would be like to lose them both.

You were a darling, to share me.

They were lucky to have you.

500 white lilies.

500, yes.

As soon as the body is released.

Yes, you have our account details.

All right, thank you.


[computer beeping]


5:07 PM...


ATM, on...

West Kensington.

Tokyo Gold sushi bar.

A weekly order of 30 pounds, 70 pence.


How did you do that?

The schedule's named the
restaurants and clubs,

he normally frequents.

Those lead to credit cards.

Then, banks.

Then direct debit, standing orders.

And, regular expenditures.

If there was a regular order,

there may be...

[keyboard tapping]

A regular address.

Can you track it down?

Yeah, give me a moment.

[computer beeping]

Every Thursday, Farraday
paid for a regular delivery

of sushi to a flat in Kensington.

Susie, who?


Japanese food, raw fish.

I know what sushi is, you said Susie.

I don't want to worry you Geoffrey,

but you aren't picking up
everything I say these days.

That's because you mumble.

Can I go on?

Right, this means he was up to something.

Andy's tracking down the address,

where the sushi was delivered.

And he's finding out from
the landlord's register,

who rented it.

Clever bugger.

What about the pathology report?

Why don't you go to the mortuary?

Maybe coax out, confidential information.

Why don't you go, yourself?


What kind of professional,

turns to jelly, at the
sight of a dead body?

A sensitive, caring, one.

The flat was paid for by Rosemary Barton.

Oh, an affair.

Oh, the PM will be pleased.

Tell Farraday, I'm on my way.

[doors creaking]

What's my favourite troubleshooter,

snooping into this time?

Dead body, Henry.

Rosemary Barton.

Mistress to one Steven Farraday,

Minister for culture, media, and sport.

Ah, scandal.

Keeps us both in business.

How's Geoffrey?


Anytime he'd like another
tour of my facilities,

I'd be only too happy to oblige.

How was the tox screen?

The police will bring you up to speed.

Oh, come on Henry.

Be a pal.

I'm waiting for it to come back.

But, you will ring me?

Along with the police.

But I can tell you, there
are no bruises or abrasions.

No elements of force was used.

Something toxic killed her.

But, even when I know what it is.

I won't be able to say for certain,

whether it was suicide, or murder.

But it was quick?


Not usual for someone,

who's made ineffectual
attempts in the past.

There is something else.

She'd had an abortion, recently.

10 days or so ago, by the looks of things.

And she was on fertility treatment.

[mobile beeping]

Geoffrey, news.

How did you find out?

-Rosemary and I-
-It wasn't difficult.

I'll prepare a statement, talk to McCain.

Plenty of politicians, survive affairs.

The evidence points to unlawful death.



God, poor Rosie.

How long had the affair been going on?

Jesus, I can't be a suspect.

How long had the affair been going on?

About four months.

Who ended it?

I did, about six weeks ago.

Did Rosemary talk about wanting children?

Not mine.

She and George, had been trying for years.

She'd recently had an abortion.

[dramatic orchestral music]

Get the bastard.


Well, she wouldn't have an abortion.

Even if it was mine.

She wanted the child too much, no.

No, George must have known about it.

Must have made her do it.


But, to kill her?

Why would he do that?

He's the most ruthless,
calculating man, I've ever met.

And believe me, in this world.

If George knew, about Rosemary and me...

What about your wife?

What about her?

Did she know about Rosemary?


Are you going to tell her?


Yeah, when I see her on Thursday.

If I were you, I wouldn't
leave it that long.



The affair will hit the press.

And another government
Minister, bites the dust.

All right, Sam?

What time is Rebecca back?

Well, she's been to see the builders.

And the roofers have promised to finish,

by the end of next week.

Oh, which only leaves the electricians.

The plumbers, the central heating.

Poor old Sam.

He must find all this, very unsettling.

And you'll probably adjust,

around about the time that they leave.

I'm not that slow!

That why you've stayed
with me, all this time?

Stop fishing, petal.

Do you remember the first
time you took me home,

to meet your family?

Your mother's face, when
she heard my flat vowels.

You were brave, to take me on.

[mobile ringing]


Come on Sam, kick it back to me.


Tox screen's back.

Potassium cyanide.

Lethal, fast acting poison.

Murder, perhaps.

[Geoffrey laughing]

Well, my money's on Barton.

If he knew about the
affair, or the abortion.

Then he'd have had a motive.

Farraday has a motive too, of course.

If Rosemary threatened to go
to the press about the affair.

Or, tell his wife.

Or, if the baby was his.

And Alexandra knew about it.

Then she could be a suspect.

Oh, Barton and Farraday are quite enough

to be getting on with.

I make it 11 suspects.

Round that table, were four staff.

Seven guests.

And one dead woman.

Maybe I'll go and talk to Iris.

Sisters often confide in each other.

And if she and Rosemary,
didn't communicate?

Well, then it'll speak volumes.

I'll go and see Barton.

And then, pay a visit to the nightclub.

Meet me there?

[toy beeping]

How long can we keep Rebecca in the dark?

Look, Kate.

The children like you to be
in school administration.

Me, to be in army pensions.

Why rock the boat now?


Save the truth for the obituaries.

Sorry to bring you
round the back, Colonel.

The press are all out front.

They just won't leave Mr. Barton alone.

This must all be a terrible shock.

He's had a lot, in his life.

How well did you know Rosemary?

She stayed away from
George's business affairs.

So, we only really saw each other

at formal social functions.

How did she and Mr. Barton, get along?

That really was none of my business.

But, you must have formed an opinion.

George loved his wife very much.

How would you describe
Mr. Barton's temperament?

He believes things
should be done properly.

So, he has a temper.

He believes things
should be done properly.

Can you think of any reason,

why anyone would want to kill Rosemary?

But, I thought she...

She had a history of suicide.

Yes, but we don't think it was suicide.

Can you think of anyone?

We must stay closer as a family, now.

Look after each other

Rosemary thought of
you as a second mother.

I do too.

I know that this is hardly the time

to talk about money, but...

I am worried about my poor Mark.

I do my best.




He needs a little taking care of.

I love you, and I love Mark, very much.

I'd do anything for you.

Thank you, dear.

Erm, I...

When are you going?

I'm going to work.

I will go mad, if I stay here any longer.

[footsteps tapping]

[punching bag thumping]

Iris Marle?


I'm Kate Kendall.

It's good of you to see me,
at such a difficult time.

I loved her.

Steven Farraday?

I mean, I know no sex with
George wasn't up to much.

But, Farraday?

So smooth.

Did George know?

I don't know.

Did your sister love Barton?

He made her feel safe.

And did he love her?

Everyone loved Rosemary.

She had a big heart.

When she inherited her fortune-

I wasn't jealous.

Do you know the terms of her will?


You do stand a chance of
profiting, from her death.

What are you saying?

I'm a suspect?

So, you don't think it was suicide?

When Rosemary told me she was pregnant,

I couldn't have been happier.

Oh, you knew?

She was over the moon.

Made me swear not to tell.

I don't even think George knew.

She'd had so many miscarriages,

she wanted to wait until she was sure.

I was so happy for her.

But, that's why I know she
couldn't have killed herself.

Did she, erm...

Did she tell you about the abortion?

[dramatic orchestral music]

If the physio says you're fit, you're fit.

Get on with it.

Actually I'd like to see
you later, Mr. Fitzgerald.

He's got another hour's training.

You'll find him with the physio, after.

Thank you, Ruth.

And I'm hoping I might
borrow Miss Lessing,

for an hour or two, after we've finished.

To show me around the club,

where you all dined that night.

Yes, of course.

I'll phone the club.

Let them know we're coming.

So, it wasn't a suicide.

Why do you say that?

McCain's people wouldn't
question me, about suicide.

McCain's tentacles are everywhere.

If he ever writes a book...

I loved her.

I really loved her, Colonel.

You can scratch me off the list.

Why would you be honest?

Aren't spouses and
relatives, always at the top?


We had a good marriage.

Why would anyone want to murder your wife?

I have enemies.

Could be to get at me.

Could you give me a list?

[George chuckling]

How long have you got?

I understand Mrs. Barton
was on fertility treatment.

I don't want that coming
out, in the press.

Were you aware, she'd been pregnant?

-In the past?

When she was killed?

No, she'd had an abortion.

[dramatic orchestral music]

I'm sorry, I assumed you knew.

I had no idea.

She'd also been having an affair.

Who with?

Stephen Farraday.

[mobile beeping]

Get McCain.


Barton's going to the press.

If you didn't want this whole
mess to bury you, Farraday.

You get round to that
football club, and you grovel.

[telephone tapping]

Barton's a bastard.

Reason he is, where he is.

And his wife?

Didn't know her.

I gather you have rather a
reputation, with the ladies.

I like them.

So what?

But, not Rosemary.

You've gotta be joking.

Not that she weren't attractive,
in a skinny kind of way.

But, Barton would string up
any bloke who went near her.

Were you aware of any family problems?

Well, there must have been.

She topped herself.

We're ruling nothing out.


Barton killed his wife?

Why do you say that?

Well, it's always the spouse.

Isn't it?

Not always.

Well, don't go looking at me.

I hardly knew the woman.

You should speak to his
assistant, Ruth Lessing.

She knows all there is to know.

Whether she'd tell or not,
is a different matter.

Any luck with the nightclub?

So, where did Rosemary sit?

-And Barton and Farraday?

There, and here.

If you could draw a plan.

[dramatic orchestral music]

There must have been a period,

when the table was unattended.

[Ruth] Yes, there was.

Whilst we were dancing,
the waiter's cleared it.

[Geoffrey] And you remember no one,

apart from guests and staff,
coming near the table.

[Ruth] No, I was watching from over there.

There was no one.

[dramatic orchestral music]

It happened so quickly, but
it seemed to go on forever.

I'd never actually seen
anyone die, before.

And like that.

In such pain.

[Geoffrey] Did you speak to the staff?

[Kate] They've all worked here for years.

Andy's checked them out.

So have the police.

I'm adding Ruth to the list,
with Barton and Farraday.

-A hunch.

You don't believe in
those, when I have them.

How did you get on, with Iris?

Well, she's upset.

Seems genuine.


My hunch.

I need you to look into-

[Both] Mark Drake.

Andy's managed to get
into his bank account.

In any other job, the
man would be a menace.

Barton's been giving
him money every month,

-for the past eight months.

[footsteps tapping]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Mr Farraday, I hope
you're proud of yourself.

This is a difficult one, George.

How dare you!

How long did it go on?

Weeks, months?

Let's, please, try and be civilised.


You got her pregnant.

Did you make her have
the abortion, George?

I loved her.

I wouldn't have made her do anything.

But, she betrayed me.

You both did.

Did you kill her, George?

You have crossed me.

That's a very bad idea.

I've got connections.

I mean, real connections.

[footsteps tapping]

Well this is very nice, isn't it?

London property.

So expensive, these days.

Yes, certainly is.

Paid for in part, by George Barton?

His choice, not mine.

Why would he be so generous?

It was Rosie's idea.

We were very close, my mother
brought us up together.

After Rosemary's parents died.

It was her way of rewarding me,

for being such a good cousin.

More of a brother, really?

But, Rosemary had her own fortune.

Surely she could have supported you,

without asking for her husband's help.

I could never have done that.

Barton was another matter.

I had no compunction at all,

about taking that bastards money.

Why weren't you at the
dinner, with the others?

I wasn't invited.

Barton doesn't like me.

I don't like him, much.




For whatever reason,
Rosemary married beneath her.

I loved her.

But I don't have to mix in his company.

Rosie tried to kill herself
twice before, you know.

Why would she do that?

I thought it was out of
loneliness, feeling abandoned.

I could understand that.

But, I never thought
she'd go through with it.

She was lovely, Rosie.

I'll miss her.

[dramatic orchestral music]

What do you make of him?

I bet he doesn't win at the tables.

Well, two more to go.

But if as you say, Alexandra
didn't know about the affair.

And if Lucilla's the sweet
person, everyone says she is.

No more suspects.

And knowing how you love
the company of women,

and loath computers.

I'll go back to the office,
and check on the boy wonder.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[car engine roaring]

[Alexandra] I guessed months ago.

Please, can we go into your room?

I don't want you near me.

What do you think I'm gonna do?

You're supposed to say sorry.

How could you do this to me?

Shh, shh.

To my family.

It wasn't deliberate.

You mean you didn't have a choice?

It just happened.

Now please, can we go into your office?

All you ever wanted from me, was my money.

Or should I say, position.

Don't say that.

Rosemary was nothing but a selfish, rich,

uneducated piece of trash.

She deserved everything she got.

Christ, you didn't kill her?

Oh, don't be ridiculous Stephen!


Mrs. Farraday.

It's Miss Lawrence, actually.

Oh yes, of course.

My apologies.

My name is Reece.

I work for McCain, in the PM's office.

We met briefly the other
morning, at your home.

I have just returned,
from a couple of days

away from the office.

I have got rather a lot to
catch up on, I'm afraid.

I was just wondering how
well you knew Mrs. Barton?

Hardly at all.

My husband and I, met
her at a few functions.

And at the dinner that night, of course.

Perhaps your husband knew
her, better than you?

She wasn't part of his world.

My husband lives for politics.

He works 24 hours a day.

[car engine revving]

[gate door creaking]

I should have taken better care of her.

Been more watchful.

But, she had George.

Money, beauty.

And my poor Mark, had
such a difficult time.

Do try one of the biscuits.

They simply melt in your mouth.

His father abandoned us, when
Mark was only five, you know.

He had to be my first priority.

Poor Rosemary.

If it was murder...

But, who?

Well, at least there is one
bright light on the horizon.

There is?

Iris and Fizz are getting married.

[gloves thumping]

[mobile ringing]

What is it, George?

[George] You and Iris.

Who told you?

[George] Onto a nice
little earner, ain't ya?

Am I not paying you enough?

It's none of your business, mate.

[George] Keep away.

Are we done, cause I'm in
the middle of training.

[George] I heard you refused,

to take the latest drug test.

I'm on a prescription.

[George] That what they're
calling it, these days?

Oh, that is a load of
bullocks, and you know it.

I was set up.

George] Oh, yeah?

I'm doing what you told me, George.

I'm keeping my nose clean.

[George] Mess with Iris,
and you're finished.

[gloves thumping]

Another suspect?


Alexandra Farraday.

So, there's the two Farraday's.

And Barton.

He knew too?

He said not, but man's
an international mogul.

He conducts deceit on a global scale.

Who knows what he's hiding.

I really...

Loved her, Colonel.

You can scratch me off the list.

And Ruth Lessing?

She seems to be in love, with Barton.

She told you?

It's the way she looks at him.

Ah, that doesn't mean anything.

Women look at men like that, all the time.

Do they?

Yes, it eases office tension.

Anyway, she's the obvious suspect.

She is?

Well, she's dowdy and she wears specs.

They're always the obvious suspects.

Especially if true beauty,
lurks behind the disguise.

Neither Lucilla, nor Fizz,
seems to have a motive.

But, who knows what
secrets they're hiding.

At least you say Iris's
grief seemed genuine.

Rosemary's will.

Where on earth did you get that?

Our whizz kid.

If Rosemary died, without having children.

-All her fortune went to Iris.

Now, Iris knew Rosemary was pregnant.

But she was shocked, when I
told her about the abortion.

If she really didn't know,

then she had every reason
to kill her sister.

I was so happy for her.

But, that's why I know she
couldn't have killed herself.

Which brings the number
of suspects, up to five.

Six, actually.


According to Lucilla, Fizz
and Iris are about to marry.

Quick murder, make her an heiress.


Actually, we could add Drake to the list.

Just to make a prime number.


His cash machine and
credit card transactions,

put him in Jerry's, at
the time of the murder.

That's a casino, in Belgravia.

Anybody could have been using them.

Yes, which is why we're
checking the CCTV footage.

You said they don't have
cameras, inside clubs like that.

They do outside.

Do you want stuffing, with your chicken?

Er, yes.

For Sam.

Too many suspects, we need a break.

And those will rot your teeth.

[mobile ringing]


Oh, yes.

Miss Lessing.

Barton's doing what?

Who the hell do you think you are,

telling me what to do.

Reenacting dinner at the club,

just doesn't seem to be such a wise idea.

I wanna know who killed my wife.

You can leave that to us.

And what do you have?


No forensics, no proof, nothing.

We're interviewing all the suspects.

Nobody makes a fool of me.

But, I'll tell you this.

By tonight, I'm going to find
out who murdered my wife.

[car engine revving]

[Security Man] Stand back, please.

[paparazzi shouting]

No comment to make.

No comment!

I'll have a statement for you shortly.

[paparazzi shouting]

I understand, Prime Minister.

Thank you.

And please, give my love to the family.

He says he'll take me back
into government, within a year.

Maybe less.

People have come back
sooner, after doing more.

I love you.

It's all right, Stephen.

I'm not going anywhere.

Not for a while, anyway.

As the PM so succinctly put it,

If I walk out now, I lose
the moral high ground.

At least my father chose
well, when he chose him.

Mind you, I'm the one who chose you.

I love you, Alex.

Took that stupid affair,
to realise how much.

How did the PM find out?

Barton told McCain.

Good old George.

He rang an hour ago.

He wants us at the club
for dinner, tonight.

Where she died?

Is he mad?

This is crazy.

George never does
anything, without a plan.

This dinner is sick.

Same clothes, same menu.

I swore, I'd never wear this again.

Well maybe, you don't have to.

Maybe you and I, could just stay here.

We have to go, Fizz.

Whatever George has got planned,

it's about what happened to Rosemary

I want one of you to be
at the party tonight,

to stand in for my wife.

I'll have you.

Need to do something, with the hair.

It is wrong, this dinner.

Wrong, wrong.

I know.

She should never have married that man.

I always said, she was too good for him.

I seem to remember,

that she was too good for
everyone else, as well.

The man is insane.

George is upset.

I'm sure he has his reasons.

You're too kind.

Why do you stick up for him?

Especially after the way he's treated you.

I'm not defending him.

It's just that...

Grief affects us all in different ways.


Once she's buried, we'll have
nothing more to do with him.

I'll look after you.


Those photos.

Do something with them, will you?

I dunno.

Put them away.

Are you sure about this dinner tonight?

Oh, don't question me about it!

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I dunno where I'd be, without you.

This is dreadful.

Quite, quite dreadful.

You'll be absolutely fine.

Iris will look after you.

I miss her.

I miss her, too.

We all do.

Try not to worry!

But, finally I'd just like to say.

I regret any embarrassment
I caused my government.

My constituency.

Most importantly...

[cameras clicking]

My wife, and our families.

Thank you.

[computer beeping]

What are you doing?

You said, it was all right.

I never said you...

How did you get on?

Don't worry.

I couldn't get in the encrypted files.

We're going to be late.

I thought you said the computer was safe!

Now, don't worry.

Sam can't get into the encrypted files.

Oh, school not covered that yet?

Sam, you mustn't ever
touch this computer again.

Do you understand?

This is Grandad's, and
it's very precious to him.

How much do you think he knows?

It's a preschool website, for god's sake.

He's mad.

[Iris] It'll be over, soon.

[Kate] Look at Ruth.

Maybe she's in this, with Barton.

[Geoffrey] Where's she going?


I'm truly sorry for your loss.

You're an intelligent woman.

Why don't you dump him?

[champagne fizzing]

[dramatic orchestral music]


May have made mistakes.

She was the love of my life.

Well done Andy.

[dramatic orchestral music]

To truth.

[All] To truth.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[light jazz music]

Dance, Mrs. Farraday?

No, thank you.

[light jazz music]

Well yes, thank you.

All of you.


I couldn't possibly, thank you.

[light jazz music]

Do you really think one
of them is the murderer?

Barton, if he knew about the affair.

But, he just said he loved her.

Some people are very good at telling lies.

Even to themselves.

This is so cruel, George.

I won't stay here, a moment longer.

There's one more toast.

Raise your glasses.

Go on, then.

[chairs scraping]

To Rosemary.

[All] To Rosemary.

[all gasping]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Oh, my god.


[Stephen] Jesus, George.

[Iris] You're sick, George.

Oh, very funny George.

George, this is evil.

Come on, George.

[George gasping]

[all shouting]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[orchestral music intensifies]

How the bloody hell did this happen.

Didn't you see anything?


Barton gave money to the party.

Without donors like him,

we wouldn't have made it back into office.

What was in it for him?

Well, let's just say the
potential for scandal

has shot up, several notches.

I want this sorted out.

This is now a damage limitation exercise.

And I don't want any more dead bodies.


Oh, Kate.

Do you remember the old days?

Berlin wall.

Russian spies.

Cambridge defectors.

Political assassinations, Libya.

At least there was some dignity, in that.

Maybe we're just getting old.

Not old.


They've put us out to pasture,

that's what's happened.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Football, scrap metal millionaires.

Listen, who is it that the
British politician fears most?

-The electorate?
-No, angel.

The British press.

Any government in it's right mind,

would run a mile from it.

Some people have been known,
to pursue it to Australia.

We're vital, Geoffrey.

Old, and vital.

Sounds like a shampoo.

The tox screen report's come back.

It shows potassium cyanide,
in Barton's champagne.

Just like Rosemary's.

Who, who stands to gain.

From killing both Rosemary, and Barton?

Mrs. Farraday might have
wanted Rosemary dead.

But, she'd have no reason to kill Barton.

And Faraday may have had
reason to kill them both.

But he's he's much too intelligent,

to do anything so stupid.

Ruth was in love with Barton.

That look again.

The scream over the body.

And while Fizz may have disliked him,

he had no discernible motive for murder.

So, we're left with a devoted Aunt.

And a grieving sibling.

Both, unlikely.

Back to square one.

With double the body count.

First, too many suspects.

Now, none.

Barton's will.

Oh, what took you so long?

I couldn't get into system.

But, his solicitor isn't so careful.

He changed his will, just
after Rosemary's death.

So soon.

Rich men, are meticulous
about their affairs.

Actually, if it's all
right with you, could I...

Oh yes, yes.

Off you go.


Actually, we should do the same.

I'm exhausted.

Why is it, that your green fingers

never extend beyond the garden.

To give you something to do?

Would you believe it.

The bulk of his estate, goes
into a trust for schools.

In the third world.

Barton the philanthropist.

It hardly offsets a
lifetime of exploitation.

He's left Lucilla, the house she lives in.

A fair bit of cash.

And the remainder, quite a
considerable fortune, actually.

Goes to Iris.

I keep seeing his face.


How he looked, when he died.

And it makes you think of Rosemary.

Me too.

I'm so sorry.

I'm scared, Fizz.

Everything is getting out of control.

I know, but it's over.

Is it?

I wouldn't mind having a nephew-in-law,

who left me a house.

I wouldn't mind having a
daughter, who finished hers.

You'll miss them, when they're gone.

[doorbell ringing]

I think my mother's had enough.

We won't be long.

Did you notice anyone, come
near the table last night?

A stranger, who could have put
something in Barton's drink.

Or know of anyone, who wanted him dead?

That is enough.

If you don't mind.

Well, George had many enemies.

He wasn't a very nice man.

Even to people who had done
him no harm, like Mark.

Sorry to be a nuisance,

but I couldn't have some more
hot water in this, could I?

Of course, er, darling?

So, er.

Barton never gave your son anything?

What sort of things?


Of course not.

Can you think of anyone,

who might've wanted both
Barton and Rosemary dead?


Iris, or Mr. Fitzgerald perhaps?


Or Ruth?

She's been loyal to him for years.

Or the Farraday's?

Oh, he's far too intelligent.

His wife's a QC.

Well, they could weather
infidelity, but murder?

Do you know the terms,
of Mr. Barton's will?


He's left Iris, a
considerable inheritance.

And you, this house.

And a rather large sum of money.

[dramatic orchestral music]

It's odd that she didn't know,

about Barton's payments to Drake.

Maybe it was blackmail.

If it was, last thing Drake
would want is Barton's death.

His money's just dried up.

In future, if you want
to talk to my mother.

Go through me.

Why didn't you tell her
Barton was giving you money?

Rosie didn't want her to know.

I respected that.

[mobile ringing]

Where were you, last night?

I was at Jerry's casino, until
mother rang about George.

You can ask, there are
plenty of witnesses.

I had no reason to kill Barton, Colonel.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Okay, that's good.

That was Hoffman.

Iris is at the gym.

Hardly the act of the grief stricken.

Well, she did the same, the
day after her sister died.

Could be classical displacement activity.

Could be classic covering up.

Unfortunately, I was rather hard on her.

You want me to talk to her?


Well, she would have spotted me.

Last night, at the club.

Nah, not in all that confusion.

Pity exercise is a problem,
or you could pose as a client.

Exercise isn't a problem.


I thought personal trainers,

were booked up months in advance.

Well, Andy says a space
has just come free.

That's it.

Only five more.




No, I really don't think I can...

You can do it, Mr. Johnson.

Come on, okay.


Nearly there.

One, well done.


20 minutes on the
treadmill, and you're done.

Right, don't let your heart rate drop.

[treadmill whirring]

I know who you are.

I was sure I recognised the face.

First your sister died, didn't she?

Then her husband.

Surely they left you a lot of money?

I don't know anything, about any money.

You're press, aren't you?

Can I have a word?


It's not about work or anything.

Actually no, that's
exactly what it is about.

Whenever I start getting
serious about somebody,

she asks me what I do.

And then when I lie, she
sees straight through me.

She then decides, well, if I'm
prepared to lie about that.

Then I'm probably lying
about everything else.

And it turns out, that women
don't want to go out with men

who lie all the time.

It's one of the hazards
of undercover work.


Why do they always know?

Because, you're telling them.

You've lost me.

You see spotting a lie, isn't
just feminine intuition.

It's all about body language.

People pick up on the tiniest
details, quite subconsciously.

It can be avoiding eye contact.

Or, nervous fidgeting.


So, is there a way you
can teach me how to lie.

Without getting caught.

I suppose there are techniques.

Maybe later.

Nothing from Iris, I bungled that.

And if I die of a heart
attack, it will be your fault.

You silly old bugger.

I'm quite serious.


We're back.

The wiring's progressing nicely,

but Sam was a little bit
worried about his room.

He says it looks like Swiss cheese.

-Tea, becks?
-Ah, lovely.

Cup of tea, Sam?

Three sugars.

And mummy, hurry up.

My program's starting.

[toy beeping]

Give me a hand, Sam.

[toy beeping]

Thanks, Granny.

Mum, it's starting!


Oh, sugar.

Oh, my fault.

Sorry, that's Sam's.

I saw Sam's toy, and I thought
that's where he was sitting.

Iris's handbag.

Iris's handbag.

Suppose the poison wasn't
intended for Barton, at all?

We've been racking our brains,

trying to work out who had a motive

for killing both Rosemary, and Barton.

Her handbag must have
fallen off her chair.

[Kate] Yes, and one of the waiters

picked it up, and put it
back in the wrong place.

[Geoffrey] At some point,

the poisoned glass was substituted.

[Kate] Using the handbag, as a marker.

[Geoffrey] So the sparkling cyanide,

was meant for Iris.


I'll tell Andy, to search for her will.

Don't you remember?

If Iris dies before probate,

all Rosemary's estate goes to Lucilla.

Lucilla, Lucilla.

But, would she have known about the will?

We do.

And if she knew about Iris.

She probably knew that Rosemary
had to die without children,

for Iris to inherit.

No, she loved the girls.

She was abandoned by her husband.

Lived alone, on dwindling money.

Rosemary inherited a fortune.

And George.

Iris was beautiful, about to marry.




Your territory.

I think, if we're going to
go down the family line.

My money's on Mark Drake.

He has an alibi.

But if we're right about the
rest, it means one thing.

Iris is in danger.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[answerphone beeping]

[shower water pattering]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[doorbell buzzing]

I don't believe you.

If George Barton's death was a mistake,

somebody clearly wants to kill you.

But, why would anyone want hurt me?

You have inherited quite a lot of money.

But, I haven't made out a will.

Who's going to want to kill
me, if I haven't done that?


Lucilla Drake.

Well, that's ridiculous.

Aunt Lucilla couldn't hurt a fly!

She has been like a mother to me.

I'm not listening to this.

Iris, even if it isn't Lucilla.

You're clearly in danger.

We'd like you to come with us,

just until this is all over.

Fizz will take care of me.


I'd like you to leave.

So much for the powers of persuasion.

I'll arrange surveillance.

[mobile beeping]

Pick up, Fizz.

It's me.

You won't believe what's
just happened, okay.

Just ring me, as soon as you get this.

But, who would want to kill her?

Someone who stands to gain from her death.

From the death of both of your nieces.

I didn't know who that could be.

You don't think my mother

had something to do with this, do you?

When Rosemary died childless,

her money went to Iris.

If Iris dies before probate,

all the money goes to Mrs. Drake.

But why would I want money?

I already have a bequest, from George.

But, Barton's death was a mistake.

Oh, this is ridiculous.

You're not seriously suggesting-

And the intended victim of
the second killing, was Iris.

When their parents died,
I took those girls in.

I fed them, clothed them,
put a roof over their head.

Helped them with their
homework, when I could.

I brought them up, and love
them as though they were my own.

Are you going to stand there-

I want you to leave.

I don't care.

I couldn't kill them.

I wouldn't kill them.

You must understand,

nine million is a large amount of money.

Please, I would like you to go.

You heard her.

Leave us alone.

Go on!

This is becoming a bit of a habit.

You know, I'm with Iris on this.

I don't think Lucilla did it.

No, now you tell me.

So, who stands to gain?

Well, Lucilla.

And Drake, of course.

-Lucilla and Drake?

But Lucilla isn't the type.

And Drake was gambling in
Jerry's club, at the time.

And how do we know that?

From the CCTV footage, outside the club.

Kate, we really need your
whizz kid to be wrong.

The scanner scans a photo
of Drake, into the computer.

You see, every person in the world

has a unique set of facial measurements.

The computer then memorises
those measurements.

Then, no matter what Drake
does to disguise himself.

If he wears a hat, or grows a beard.

The computer will recognise him.

Even from only a fragment of the face.

Here's the footage of the
night of Rosemary's murder.

Here's Mark Drake, going in.

The computer zooms in on the face.

Identifies and locks the
facial characteristics.

And picks him up, leaving Jerry's casino.

[Kate] At 23:31.

Just as he said.

And this...

Is the footage, of the night
of George Barton's murder.

Here's Mark Drake, again.

The system has picked him up,

on his way into Jerry's casino.

The time is...


Now the next time the camera records him,

he's leaving the casino at 23:45.

[Kate] Again, just as he said.

What about another exit?

They're alarmed.

And no alarms went off, on either night.

What if he disabled the alarm?

Leave it with me.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[floorboard creaking]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[floorboard creaking]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Please, Fizz.

Where are you?

Ring me, Fizz, please!

I'm frightened!

[dramatic orchestral music]

[mobile beeping]

Hi, it's me, Iris.

Can I come over?


Look, it's really important.

Thank you.

[dramatic orchestral music]

You were right.

He obviously left the club
through a back entrance,

without setting off the alarm.

I tried all the CCTV
cameras near Jerry's casino,

and picked him up a hundred metres away.

Here, just after eight o'clock.

On the night Barton died.

He must have thought no
one would recognise him,

in that scarf.

Even though you can hardly see his face,

the digital recognition system on the CCTV

a few hundred metres away, picks him up.

We can follow him across town,

as he crosses Grosvenor Street.

And then on the west
side, of Barkley square.

And here, on his way to the nightclub.

An hour before Barton's murder.

He seems to be waiting for someone there.

[Andy] Now, watch closely.

And you'll see who he's waiting for.

You see, it's Ruth Lessing.

So, she's the one meeting Drake.

Was Drake there, on the
night of Rosemary's murder?

Well, as far as I can tell.

He really was at Jerry's Casino.

She's obviously not happy about something.

She must've come out of the club,

specifically to talk to him.

It's a shame, there's no sound.

But, at least the footage has given us

another piece of the jigsaw.

We must ring Iris, bring
her in for safekeeping.

[footsteps tapping]

[Doorbell ringing]

[ Mark] Hello?

It's me, Iris.

[Mark] Iris, darling.

Come on up.

What are you going to do?

Let her in, of course.

And you're going to stay out
of sight, in the bathroom.


Darling, haven't I always promised you

that everything will be all right?

But, that was before George...

No more, Mark!

-Of course not!

Now go on, hide in the bathroom.

They thought Aunt Lucilla
was going to hurt me.


Can you believe it?

When I couldn't find Fizz, I
didn't know where else to go.

I'll look after you.

I know.

This is so dreadful.

And it makes you quite paranoid.

I even dropped my will,
a couple of days ago.

Whole thought of a will,
makes me feel sick.

You haven't made one?


I must!

And god knows what'd happen to the money,

if I were to die without one.

It would go to your nearest relative.

Aunt Lucilla?

Mm hmm.



[keyboard tapping]

I know.

There's a CCTV camera,
outside Drake's flat.

I saw it when we were there.

Can we access it?


[computer beeping]

Drake's place.

You can, erm...

-What's the word?
-[Kate] Call up.

Call up images from CCTV
cameras, anywhere in London?

Anywhere in the world.

But, you need police clearance?

Not if you've got the right gear.

You can even pinpoint somebody in a room,

in disguise, from a satellite.

Hundreds of miles in space.

Between CCTV, and credit
card transactions.

There's no privacy left.

It's diabolical.

Let me bring up some earlier footage.

-[Kate] Iris.

So, she's still in there?


Ring the police, and get us a car.

Thank you.

There you go.

Did I tell you, your
mother came to see me?


She wanted to make sure, I
was gonna take care of you.

She shouldn't have done that.

Yes, she should.

We're a family.


I want to help.

Your tea will be getting cold.


I should tell you.

Fizz and I, are going to be married.

That's wonderful news.

-Thank you.

Don't touch it!

Ruth, why are you here?

[dramatic orchestral music]

I'm sorry, I thought...

You thought it was poisoned.

But, we're family?

No, mother and I were a family.

Till you and Rosemary,
turned up and spoiled it all.

The least you could all
do, is take care of me.

Rosemary loved you.

She never shared her money.

She wanted to.

Grandfather's will wouldn't allow it.

She could have found a way.

But she didn't.

So, I did.

I was desperate, and she knew it.

[Ruth] Mark.

What are we going to do?

Arrange a suicide.

Bring her coat.

No, please.

-Bring her coat!

No, don't.

Please don't.

Get the door, come on!

Get off me!

Get the door.

I'm not going, get off me!

Get off me!

Out the back!

What are doing!


[police sirens blaring]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[footsteps tapping]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[police sirens blaring]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[car tyres screeching]

What on earth had he promised you?

The world.

I'd have done anything for him.

Well I did, didn't I?

You're beautiful, do you know that?

Don't be silly.

And much too modest.

George should take better care of you.

George is all right.

I knew it was too good to be true.

[Kate] Then he asked you poison Rosemary.

It was easy.

I just slipped a little
potassium cyanide into her glass,

when no one was looking.

I never realised the death
would be so dreadful.

And Barton?

I put the poisoned glass,

in what I thought was Iris's place.

I don't understand what happened.

Iris's bag was dropped on the floor.

And then it was put back in
Barton's place, by mistake.

When Iris came back to the
table, she picked up a bag.

And she sat down in her place.

I told Mark I couldn't do it,

but he met me outside the club.

And told me that if I didn't do it,

he'd tell the police
about the first murder.

Well, I thought I'd got away with that.

So, I had no choice.

But, today...

When Iris arrived...

I just couldn't do it.

No more.

No more.

[Kate] But, Barton gave Drake
regular monthly payments?

He had huge gambling debts.

Said his life was in danger.

But, George refused to
increase his allowance.

Mark said that left him no choice.

He had to get his hands
on Rosemary's money.

Mark knew, that Rosemary
would leave the money to Iris.

And that Iris would
leave it to his mother.

Even if George's death was a mistake,

he got what he deserved.

And the girls?


They just kept getting in my way.

My mother's such a silly woman.

She'll do anything for me.

An airline pilot.

Oh no, that's dreadful.

I work in IT.

I work for a secret government department.

This is such bollocks.

Why did you want to learn
to lie, effectively?

So I can have a relationship,

that lasts longer than a week.

And what's the job, that you
tell these women that you do?

I work for a computer firm,
processing insurance claims.

You see, there you are.

You see, you lied.

Your body stiffened, and
you went to cross your arms.

Your eyes flicked away,

and then you held my gaze too firmly.

And that little triangle,
between your eyebrows.

That twitched.

That's called your Darwin grief muscle.

Can I stop it?

You can, I mean, people do.


But I'm not allowed to
tell anyone what I do, so.

But when you have a long-term
relationship, you can.

And she gets vetted.

And until then?

And until then, you practise lying.

Until you no longer betray the signals.

Or, you convince yourself

that what you know to be lie,

is really the truth.

You can do that?

Well, you can if you're an actor.

Or, a psychopath.

Like Ruth Lessing, and Mark Drake.

But in the end, neither
could hide the truth.

[Geoffrey] And you remember no one,

apart from guests and staff,
coming near the table.


I was watching from over there.

There was no one.

She was lovely, Rosie.

I'll miss her.

Oh, Fizz.

Let's get married as soon as possible.



[Kate] Let's hope that Fizz
loves her more for herself,

than her money.

Lucilla won't do too badly, either.

At least Mark Drake won't be around,

to spend her money for her.

I suppose that's a kind of justice.

And nothing to embarrass
the party, or the PM.

Reputations are safe.

Unless you know something, we don't?

Actually, there is one
thing that still puzzles me.

I know, Rosemary's abortion.

If she really wanted children,

why didn't she just have the baby?

Whoever the father was.

Perhaps she didn't really want children.

I think she was afraid.

I don't think she and
Barton had slept together,

for a very long time.

Maybe she was going to leave Barton.

Will the PM let Farraday
back into the government?

Not if Alexandra divorces him.

Maybe he can woo her back.

Fortunate for him,

that politicians tell
such convincing lies.

Or, perhaps he really does love her.

Thank you.

They found the murderer.


Put up to it by a cousin
of Rosemary's, Mark Drake.

I'm sorry, Alex.

For everything.

I can only say, I'm sorry.

You were never in love with me.

You only ever cared about your career.

Maybe, in the beginning.

All right.


At the beginning.

Please stop crying.

Look, there's no reason
for you to believe it,

when I tell you that I love you, but I do.

And when did you discover that?

When the PM sacked you?

Stop it.

When I realised what I was
doing, was hurting you.

You're an amazing woman.

I don't want to imagine being without you.

You've become part of me.

Why should I believe you, Stephen?

I never said I loved
you, when it was a lie.

I'm saying it now, cause it's true.

I love you, Alex.

Can we try again?

The rascal's in bed.

So, how was your day?



Well, mine was an absolute nightmare.

The guttering is absolutely useless.

I think we may have a
little spy, in the making.

And what are you doing out of bed?

I know.

Why doesn't Grandad read you a story?

[Geoffrey] The mole had
been working very hard,

all the morning.

Spring cleaning his little home.

First with brooms, then with dusters.

Then on ladders, and steps, and chairs.

With a brush, a pale of whitewash.

Till he had dust in his throat and eyes.

And splashes of whitewash,
all over his black fur.

And an aching back, and weary arms.

Spring was moving in the air above.

And in the earth below.

And around him.

Penetrating even his dark
and lonely little house,

with its spirit of divine discontent, and-

[mellow orchestral music]

[fire crackling]

With it's spirit of divine
discontent, and longing.

[champagne fizzing]

[dramatic orchestral music]