Spare Room (2018) - full transcript

When a young widow rents a room to a mysterious veteran, their attraction sparks unforeseen circumstances.

I have no doubt you
can die of a broken heart.

It's a hell of a lot
harder to live with one.

You realize you were speeding?

No, sir.

Well, did you happen
to see the speed limit sign

that says 55?

Cause I clocked you at 102.


No, sir, my eyes were closed.

Oh, why me?

License and registration please.

Well, I'll be damned,
it's current.

All right.

You're free to go.

And thank you for your service.

Highly decorated.

I got to say, I did
not see that coming.

Arrow, awesome job
in the kitchen.

Okay, arm.

- Thank you, Maggs.
- You're welcome.

Oh, wait, Arrow, did
you take your medicine?

- Yeah.
- You promise?


- Hey, Arrow!
- Greg!

Buckle the helmet for safety.

That's the boy. You're late.
Go go go.

Please be careful on your
bike, please, please go slow.

He'll be okay.

I got a break between jobs.

Oh, do you?

Okay. No, no, Greg, no.
Greg, put me down.

- Are you serious?
- I'm at work.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

Because you're beautiful.

You coming?

In a minute.

Hi, Lil.

Hi, Arrow.

Any good ones?

Yeah, I got a few.

Yeah, here you go.

This is so awesome.

What are you
doing with those anyway?

A project with scissors.

Sounds safe.


I'm afraid we are not

going to be able to help you

with a loan Mrs. Lahey.

Why not?

you just don't have enough

collateral to support it.

Are you sure there isn't
anyone who can co-sign?

You said that you were going

to appeal your husband's
discharge status

if it's honorable,
there would be death benefits.

- It was denied.
- I'm sorry?

It remains other than honorable.

Oh, I see. Okay.

Well, I'm sorry, I wish
I could help, I really do.

Yeah, wishes don't pay
the bills, do they?


How many fingers?

Better make it one,
I got a job interview.

Oh, yeah?

You look way past
clean and sober.

Where's your interview?


You ever tend a bar before?

No, never really worked before.

Enlisted right out
of high school.

Marine Corps. Iraq.

Army. Afghanistan.

Dog face, huh?

Didn't have the stones to serve?

No, I just had the muscle
and the brains,

so I decided to be a soldier.

You're not from around here,
are you?


I'm Nat.


It's a pretty small town,
there's a lot of Vets.

Tell you what, come by tomorrow
around six, showered,

clean, or close to it.

I suppose you want more peanuts.

You got any salted?


- Miss?
- Yeah?

Your card was like denied.

Did you try it again?

Yeah. Like five times.

Let me see if I have cash.

I forgot my tip money,

so I'll have to cancel
the order, sorry about that.

Arrow, I will get you a burger
at the diner, okay? Let's go.

No, I don't want a stupid
diner burger,

you said I could have
a flame broiled burger.

Arrow, stop it. Let's go.


- Arrow.
- You promised.

Will you just shut up?

Look, I'm really sorry.

It's been a really long day

and I don't have any
money to pay for the food.

And I'm really embarrassed
about it, so can we please go?

Okay, we can go, thank you.
Let's go.

- I bet it tasted like shit!
- Hey, Arrow!


Damn it, okay.

Oh, my God.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Are you, did you win?

Oh, not even a little bit.

How long have you
been watching me?

Drug of choice, only one
that I can afford anyway.

So, you play the lottery
so you can hit the hard stuff?

Mmm, well, a girl can dream.

Go ahead.


I remember we came
here on prom night.


I remember I was so jealous,

you and Matt in that front seat.


No, like I love Matt
like a brother,

I never wanted to...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

That's fine, that's fine.

I just have a lot on my mind.

Yeah, actually, I know,
that's why I wanted to,

I was actually thinking,

I want you to have this.

Pay off some of the bills.

- Greg, you can't afford, Greg...
- I can.


It's incredibly sweet, but no.

- Okay.
- I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
- I can't take that.

That's okay.

I just wanted to help.

I know.

I appreciate it, but...

What we can do,

come on, one hit.

Greg, no.
Put that away, stop that!

Oh, my God, Greg, no, we can't.



One hit.

- Greg...
- Come on, you have been working so hard!

Get loose,
Arrow's getting picked up.

We are not teenagers anymore.

I am an adult, I have responsibilities,
I can't get high with you.

- You smoked in high school.
- Yeah, well, I am a grown up now.

Oh, really?

Wait, I have the last part,
I have it.

How does it go?

And then, and then wait.

Oh, baby!

The best.


You did so good.

Thanks, I'm the best at that.

My God, my stomach.

I can't wait to get you inside.

Oh, my God, Arrow! Oh, my God.

Hey, what are you doing
out here, where's your key?

I forgot it,
why weren't you home?

I'm so sorry, I didn't
think you would

be home until later and I...

Come on,
let's get inside, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, come on.

I want momma!

Hey, hey, boy.

Hey, it's okay.

I miss her too.

I thought you leave,
everybody leaves, Momma, Matt.

No no no, hey, listen to me.

I will never leave you, okay?

I promise.

Pinky swear?

Pinky swear.

Hey, promise me you're never
going to leave me either.

I'll never leave you, I promise.

I'll be here forever.

Who's your friend?

The turtle, I won him.

He doesn't get scared
because he can never go too far.

Well, that can be scary too.

- What's his name?
- Johnny.

Of course. Like Johnny Cash.


You okay?

I'll get used to it.

Are we crazy?


But I don't care.

You sure you want
to marry the first girl

you ever slept with?

No, but I do want to marry you.

We had so much fun
the other night.

- Well, that was a mistake.
- What's up, baby?

You saw Arrow,
I have responsibilities.

What does that mean?

It means it's hard being
the only adult.

Is that your mom's room?

Yeah. I need the money.

Don't you think we should
talk about this first?

My mind's made up.

Lil, come on.

What are you deaf
in both ears now?

She doesn't need
your permission.

Guess not.

You know what I want?

- Is that a stupid diner burger?
- Yes.

- Is it good?
- Yes.

- Okay, is that a stupid French fry?
- Yes.

- Are all these French fries stupid?
- Yes.

Okay, good, I'm having one.

- Hey, Arrow.
- Hey.


I'm Arrow.

I know, it's Hannah.

Oh, I didn't know that.

What kind of music
do you like, Arrow?

- Johnny Cash.
- That's cool.

Well, what other kind
of music do you like?

Just Johnny Cash.

Just Johnny Cash.

You want to walk to class?

Yeah, I always walk.

- I meant with me, do you want to walk with me?
- Yeah.

You know my Karaoke
song is Whitney Houston.

Do you want waffles?


Do you need anything else?
Are you all good?

Now, who is that guy?

I don't know.

But, I'll get on it.

Can I get you something,
maybe a razor blade

and a straw perhaps?


Are you stalking me?

Not intentionally.

So, what do you want?

I don't want anything. I just...

I mean food.

I assume
you did come here to eat.


- A cup of coffee would be great.
- Okay.

And some toast
and a side of bacon.

Coffee, toast and bacon.

Coming up.


Hey, do you know anything
about this sign here?

I know it says room for rent.

That's helpful.

Do you know who the owner is?

She's making your bacon.


- I got it. Trust me.
- No.

Well, what's her name?

How about you? Do you got a name,
a social security number I can jot down?


Thought so.

What was all that about?

I have no idea.

This is my son.

And he didn't come home.

You will look at me when
I am speaking to you, son.

It used to be last
year and a half,

we have been patient,

we have
forgiven time and time again.

Okay, I get it.

I am speaking.

You need to find somewhere
else to stay.

I'm your son.

Wake up.

Hey, rise and shine,
make yourself useful.

- Well, hi, babe.
- Hey. What's wrong, man?

I'm okay.

- Hey, bud.
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, baby.

- Stop.
- What's wrong?

- I missed you.
- I missed you too.

Where the hell have you been? You didn't pick
Arrow up from school, I had to leave work.

Why didn't you call me?

I have been calling
you for two days.

It's a small town
and I couldn't find you.

I, I'm sorry.

No, Greg, you are always sorry.

Guys, you think I have laundry?


What's wrong?

The girl.

Oh, that's so cute!

I know, right?

He's going to get hurt.

Come on, let him be a kid.

He's right, you know?

Don't get used to it.

- Fine, I'll just go over there.
- Be nice.

Fine, I'll be nice.

Hi, I'm Lil, Arrow's sister.

- Hi, I'm Hannah.
- Hi, Hannah. Arrow.

Can I get you guys
something to drink?

Yes, Dr. Pepper please.

You got it, two Dr. Peppers.

I don't trust her.

Poor bastard, I know that look.

What do you mean?

A man in love?

Nope. A putz about to trip
over his own dick.

You know why, Greg?

- Greg, women are like flowers.
- Oh, God, here we go.

They need water, but if you give
them too much, they'll wilt and die.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

You, Greg, my friend,
are a firehose.

Here, kids.

Find a place yet?


Well, make it a yes.

You look like shit,
you smell worse.


They all make it back?

Piece by piece.

I ran track.

I know what I am talking about.

This is a runner's stretch.

Okay, other side.

- Come on, Greg.
- Yeah, one minute bud.

Do you really think
I'm messing with Arrow?

His heart can't handle
intense exercise.

- He should not be doing this.
- Oh, come on.

Have you seen him run,
he's not exactly intense.

And besides, Hannah
thinks it's cool.

Yeah, and what's this whole
Hannah thing about anyway.

What do you think
she wants with him?

What are you talking about?
Arrow's awesome.

- You know what I mean.
- What? They're just friends, all right?

Let's go, Greg.

Yeah, coming, bud.

Come here, bud.

- See?
- Come on, Greg.

Okay, let's do it bud. Let's go.

Oh, your helmet.

Buckle it, buckle it, buckle it.

Come on, let's go.

Please be careful. Greg.

- Bye.
- He'll be okay.

Hey. There she is.

- Hi.
- I'll meet you up by the track?


Warmed up, you ready?


Go kill it, buddy!

Oh, smell that?

Um, teen angst?

No, grade C hot dogs.

Want one?

No, thank you, I'm vegan.


You're like 15,
how are you vegan?

You are like old and probably
have clogged arteries,

how are you not vegan?

I like you Hannah,
you are a good kid.

You know who else likes you?


Yeah, he's sweet.

I like him too.

I just think he gets
a little confused sometimes

about how you like him.


Well, you know, he's so sweet,

especially when we fool around.

When you what?

I said vegan, not virgin.

Ha, I'm kidding!

- Oh!
- It's a joke.

- Right, yeah.
- Yeah, you know, Jesus.

Risky joke.


Are you sleeping in your
car in my parking lot?


You're going to get me ticketed.

If you want to work here,
find some place to stay.

And clean yourself up.

You represent us all, okay?

Remember that.

Yes, ma'am.

It's the sugar guy.

Forgive me father
for I am about to sin.

No, I got this.


You going to stick
me with more bacon?

Sorry about that.

It's okay, I got your
note in the sugar.

No bacon today.

Just some info on the room
if it's still available.

Yeah. It is.

I can take you to see
it if you like.

Yeah. I would love to see it.

Okay, just give me a minute.

All right.

Maggs, he wants to see the room.

Here we are.

This is the room, 750 a month,
you buy your own groceries.

I can bring food
from the diner sometimes.

The bathroom here, dresser here,

you have got your
separate entrance,

but I think you could use
the front door as well.

Any questions?

You live alone?

What are you,
like a murderer or something?

I'm just kidding, you
don't look like a murderer.

So, it's me, my brother Arrow,
he's at school

but he will be back later,
and sometimes Greg.

My boyfriend.

I'll take it.

- Really?
- Yeah.


- I'm Lil.
- David.

Sorry, one...


Yeah, Greg, I can't
talk right now.


- Arrow, are you okay?
- Yeah, he's fine.

I told you to keep an eye
on him, Greg. What happened?

- I did, I was with him all day.
- Don't just touch me.

- Are you the mother?
- Do I really look like I could be his mother?


- Our mother is deceased.
- Father?

I am the legal guardian.

You know that the lungs
in the children

with Down's aren't as developed

as the rest of the population?

That causes a lack
of oxygen, and that coupled

with a congenital heart defect
makes running a bad idea.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have let him.

Well, I am going
to suggest we do some tests.

We don't have insurance.

I still need to do the tests.

Right. Of course. Thank you.

See you later, Row.


Hi, Lil.

Oh, okay.

Just go easy, okay?

You had a big day.

He did so good out there.

Can I get ice cream, please?

- Not today, bud.
- Yes.

No, not today.

That good ice cream?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- What is the problem?
- The problem is I feel like I have two kids

when I didn't sign up for any.

Where's your car,
why didn't you drive?

I was showing
the room when you called me.

The guy who is renting it
drove me.

A guy?

Yes, his name is David.

David, a guy, David.

- Who's David?
- He's the strange guy who you are living with now.

- What?
- Yeah.

Arrow, I need some
help with some money

to pay for bills
so I rented mom's room, okay?

- I offered to help.
- Yeah, Greg can help.

I appreciate that, Greg,
but I can take care of us myself.

Do you like the room?


My mom died.

Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

Who are you?

I'm David.

I'm Arrow.

Nice to meet you.

This bed is magic.

I can see that.

Hey, Row, oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.

Hey, Arrow, can we
please go rest up,

it's been a huge day, okay?

Thanks, bud.


He can get a little excited.

That's fine, he seems great.

He is.

You're lucky to have him.


No, I am lucky to have him.

It's just that people usually
say he's lucky to have me.

He is.

- Hi, I thought you went home.
- No.

- Oh, I'm sorry. David, Greg. Greg, David.
- Hey.

Lil's boyfriend.

Cool, all right, well,
I will let you get settled.

- Are you good?
- Yeah.


Subtle. I'm surprised
you didn't pee on me.

There's a guy living in your
house I knew nothing about,

how am I supposed to react?

I'm tired,
and I don't want to fight.

Well, I don't want to fight.



- You need some help?
- Oh, my God!

you have got to stop doing that.

You did give me the key.

Well, clearly
I have really poor judgment.

- Let me see it.
- Thank you.

I must have loosened it.

- Ugh.
- What?

It's just disgusting!
What the hell is that?

It's not that bad,
it's a face mask.

You put this on your face?

Yeah, it's good for you.

Takes all the crap
off your face,

makes you look young
and relaxed and refreshed.

Cures cancer.



So, he really slept with his
ex-wife's sister's stepdaughter?


- Arrow, do you want to try something?
- Yes.

But you don't even know
what it is yet.

Well, you have
really good ideas.

I'm going to kiss you.

What do I have to do?

You don't have to do anything.

You just sit there.


Can we do that again?

I come here
in the morning sometimes.

Yeah, peanuts are really good.

They pack
a lot of protein in them.

- Can I grab that?
- Do I look like some goddamned damsel in distress to you?

- What the hell happened to you?
- Nothing.

You look almost human.

I don't know,
I got this face mask.

Well, don't fucking ask.

Well, don't fucking tell.

Natalie, huh?

Call me that again, I dare you.

All right.


Okay, just one more.

All right, I think we are ready.

- Are you ready?
- I like the way you talk.

Thank you.

Is something wrong?

What's wrong?


No, nothing's wrong, Arrow.

You have a very special

your heart beats
like nobody else's.


Take a listen, Lillian.

Okay, thanks.

Do you hear that?


- Lillian?
- Sorry.

Yeah, what does that mean?

It means we'll have
to keep a close eye on him,

monitor any changes.


I like your hair.

- Can I borrow some of yours? You've got plenty of it.
- Yes.

Thank you, you are
such a good friend.

Are you okay?

Yeah, just couldn't sleep.


I know that you are scared,

but your mom is a fighter.

I don't know
what I'm going to do.

Arrow's never going to be
able to live on his own.

I'm never going to go
to school and leave this place.

He's going to be my burden.

I'll be your brother, hey.

I'll be your brother.


Can't sleep?





You know, I am actually
thinking what's up there.

I don't know.

I used to, now I'm not so sure.

Well, I am.

You and your boyfriend
have a fight?


Sometimes I have dreams
about my husband.

We got married really young.

Too young.

It's weird, you know,
looks so momentous on TV

it only took them three minutes

to tell me my husband was dead.

I'm so sorry.

After he was deployed,
oh, I missed him so much,

I would cry myself to sleep.

But other times
I felt almost free.

One night I wrote him
a really awful letter.

I was so mad, I was angry,

I don't know if it was at him

or being stuck in this
house or this town,

and I told him
I wanted a divorce.

And the next week,
there was a knock on the door.

I just keep feeling
like it was my fault.

I'm sorry, I don't know why
I'm telling you all this.

It's okay.

First session is free.



Good night.


I think after we're going
to Nikki Swanson's house.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What house are we going to?

Do you know the address?

- Hey, Hannah.
- Hey, What's up?

Can I come home tomorrow
after school?

- I don't think so, I have to study for a Science exam.
- Please.

I know, I'm sorry.

- Hey, Hannah.
- Hey.

My god, he said hi to you.

Check on Ginny.

Let's get you a cab.

- Come on, it's late.
- Don't touch me.

- Let's go.
- You should stay where you are.

- Let's go.
- I said don't touch me!

- Jesus Christ!
- Oh, shit, shit, I'm sorry.

Come here, come here.

It's his birthday today,

it's always really hard
on his birthday.

I know, I know.

Come on, let's get you home.

What the fuck was that?

You know, if you need
something for that,

there's tampons
in the ladies bathroom.

Does it hurt?


They got a chunk of my head.

Well, good thing you
have a lot of hair.

Here, come on, let's
clean the wound first.

Look at me.

This might sting a little. Yeah.

Aw, come on, you're fine,
don't be such a baby.

Really, you got hit in the head.

You're complaining about this?

I think you'll live.

It's nice bedside manner.


You would make a great nurse.

Well, my last patient died so...

You know, I actually
thought about being a nurse.

Yeah? What happened?

I don't know, life, death.

Here, hold still.

There we go.




You need to shave.



All right.

You know my mom used to
say that shaving a man

was like peeling an onion,

you have to get past all
the layers of bullshit.

How does it feel?



Hold still.

Pink, huh?

You got a problem with that?

Kind of like it.


Good pass!

One more, one more.


It's easy, you just
put your fingers

between the laces and...


Like this?



I like this song.

- It's awesome.
- Yeah.

This is my secret project
with scissors.

Your turtle, he moves
pretty slow huh?

Yeah, but he's not dumb,
he's totally smart.

Oh, I don't think he's dumb.

He might be slow,
but he's not dumb.

He's smart.

What's his name?

Johnny, like Johnny Cash.

- Johnny Cash.
- Yeah, Johnny Cash.

He's a singing turtle.

He's a singing turtle? What?

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

That's awesome.

I think I want to show
you something.

He sounds like Cash.

Oh, my God, Johnny Cash.

Yeah, man.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You look really nice.
- Thanks.

Am I interrupting? I can...

No, Arrow is having dinner
with Hannah tonight.

And Greg and I had dinner
plans but you know.

Are you hungry?

- Yeah, actually.
- Yeah?

There's plenty of food,
all right, come on.

- Okay.
- How was your day?

- It was great.
- Yeah?


Granted, we are not usually
this fancy, but you know.

It was great though, thank you.

You got a second profession,
a chef.

I'm already a waitress,
I'm halfway there.

Moving up the ladder.

Ask me something.

What's your favorite color?

Not that, because that's
a really stupid question.

It's blue by the way. No, it's a
game, it's a game and the only rules

are that you have
to answer honestly.

What happened to your mom?

Yikes, just right to that.

Did you not play games as a kid?
Do you know how games work?


It's a bad question.

You don't have to answer that.

No, not a bad question.

Let's see, uh...
what do you want to know?

How did she die?

I mean, like of what?

Well, those are two
different questions.

But why was terminal cancer,

and how was a lethal dose

of morphine at the hand
of her only daughter.

So, there you go.

You are not what I expected.

Well, I didn't expect
you at all.


Oh, my God.


Stop, stop.

Why, no, no, why do
you have those?

I was with him, I was there.

Were you there when...



I can't.



- Hi.
- Hey!

Oh, my God, I am so hungry.

You look good.


Oh, my God, you smell good.

- You eat without me?
- Uh, yeah.

Oh, shoot, we were going
to have dinner together.

Yeah, but...

Oh, babe!

I completely forgot!

Don't worry, it's okay.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Cutting onions or something?

Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Do you mind if I crash here?

That's fine.

Did you leave any for me?

Yeah, top shelf.



How was your day?

It was good.

Where's Arrow?

Hey, Arrow!

Is he here?

I think he's out with Hannah.

Do you think he kissed
her again?


Can I eat this in your room?

Well, I am.

Oh, my God.

Fucked up.

What the fuck are you doing?

It should have been me,
it should have been me.

It's me, holmes.

I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry.

It still hurts.




Oh, my God.

Ow, fuck!

Oh, you son of a bitch.

Jesus, what the fuck
were you thinking?

I'm sorry.

I need you to know that...


I need to make you
understand what happened.

You okay?

Yeah, fine.

Well, you need to know that,



- What's going on here? What...
- Nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing.
What did you do?

She fell trying to help me.

It was an accident dude.

Arrow is asleep
in the other room,

I just stepped
on some glass, okay?

It's not a big deal. It's fine.


- What happened?
- Nothing happened.

I want him out of the
house, it's getting ridiculous.

- What is this guy doing here?
- Stop.

Why is he still here?

Arrow, he's asleep. We are
not having this conversation.

- No, we are talking about this now.
- No, we're not, Greg.

- Lil...
- No, Greg, we're not.

Oh, my God,
are you fucking serious?

- How long are you in town for?
- Three weeks.

Three weeks. What are you going
to do around here for three weeks?

Would you hold on just one sec?



Greg, is something
bothering you?

You might want to check with your friend,
'cause she decided to open her house up

to a raging alcoholic.

Oh, so the sugar was
just a gateway drug.

Gosh, kids today.

I just don't understand
what she wants anymore.

I don't think she knows.

I just think she doesn't want to
be the tough one all the time.

Oh, come on,
that's a load of crap. Okay?

I was there when she needed it the most, you
don't have to be in a uniform to be tough.

Okay, that's not what I meant.

I would have gone you know.

- Oh, yeah.
- I would've!

- I just can't hear shit in this ear.
- Yeah.

- Oh, come on, Mac, we are fucking catering for you.
- Hey. Hey!

Not everyone is
meant to be a soldier.

Greg, I swear to God, I don't have
it in me to deal with this right now.

Greg, I said...

He never got the letter.

That's what I wanted
you to know.

How do you know that?

Matt would have told me.

Outside, we need to go outside.

Arrow is asleep.

There's something else
you need to know.

I wasn't just there, it was me.

It was my fault.

That last day.

It's me, holmes.

I didn't mean to scare you.

It was my fault.

But was that last day,
we had been doing Recon

after another unit had been hit

and I saw one of them
and I didn't think of anything

but putting a bullet
in his head.

Lahey, what the fuck are you

two still doing out there?

Sorry, sir, we got caught up,
it was my call.

You guys get your
asses back to camp, immediately!

I'm tired of this fucking
shit show, that's an order!

- Dude, we've got to go back.
- What?

It's an order.

Fuck that, he's in there.
Come on, take it!


I ignored the order,
just wanted to make someone pay.

You know,
for all the shit we see.

It's all clear dude, you
didn't even have to come.

The fuck, I didn't. My brother.


I got that fucker.

It happened so fast.

That piece of shit got a few shots
off, but I thought I got him.

Come on, Matt, Matt.

Then I saw Matt.

Come on, Matt, Matt!

Matt, Matt.

Let's go buddy, come on!

I tried to make him get up,

he wasn't moving.

It wasn't even until I saw my arm that I knew
a bullet had torn him from the inside out.

I took his tags and I don't
remember much after that.

Doctor said I was injured
trying to save Matt's life.

He gave me a medal,
called me a hero.

I don't understand.

Why didn't you say it was you,

that you were the one who disobeyed the
order, that Matt didn't do anything wrong?

- You lied!
- I didn't know what to do.

I was too scared
to tell the truth.

Weren't you scared not to?

I'm so sorry.

My God.

All this time.

I swear to you I have
spent every minute

since wishing I had been
the one who died.

So sorry.

I came to this town
so I could make things right.

Then I saw this girl scratching
off lottery tickets and...

I didn't know who you
were then, but I wanted to.

By the time I figured it out.

I already had feelings for you.

You had feelings, David?


What about me?

What about Arrow and I?

David, we have no benefits,
I have no money,

we are in massive debt,
I struggle every single day

just to get us by.

I'm sorry.

These belong to you.



Oh, baby, what has
gotten into you?


What's up?

Where'd you get these?

From David.

How did David have Matt's tags?

He knew Matt in Afghanistan.

How's that even possible?

They were stationed together.

So, this is just some
kind of coincidence?

Stop, stop, I don't know.

What does that mean?

I think he just wants
to do the right thing.

Well, that's pretty
messed up, isn't it?

Greg, I don't know.

You know what, no,
I don't want you

to rent from that asshole
or anyone else for that matter.

Tell him to go.


I want him gone.

- He was Matt's friend.
- I was Matt's friend!

Yeah, and I am sure he would be
real happy how you stepped right in!

He would probably fuck
you in two seconds

if you gave him the chance.

If you haven't already.

Look, I...

I want him gone.

That's not up to you.

Lil, I'm telling you...

Greg, you are not my husband.

Why don't you love
me like I love you?

I'm sorry.

I'm very disappointed.


You broke ranks, you accepted
a medal you didn't deserve.

That's stolen valor.

That's really fucked up.

Well, I don't know
how to fix it.

But I want to.

Okay, I got a friend
that I can call at JAG.

Once you admit guilt,
they will see it through.

There will be
an official inquiry,

you'll be tried in
Military Court,

followed by a possible
jail sentence.

But that will restore
Matt's status.

You got a decision to make.

There's no decision.

Why are you smiling?

Because it's the first
time since I met you

that you look like a soldier.

What is this?

Oh, my God.

You finally decided to do it.

Go back to school?

No, fly away.

There's just too many
ghosts for me here.

You could come.

- Please.
- No, no.

Small works for me, you know?

I already got my nest.

I'm going to turn
myself in today.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm grateful.

I'm with you.

Greg, it's awful.

Oh, what are you doing here?

- She's gone.
- Who? Lily, is she okay?

No, Hannah.
She won't be my buddy anymore.

Okay, look, it's okay, bud.

All right, you are going
to make other friends.

I don't want other friends.

I want Hannah.

Greg, there's a girl in your bed
and you don't have any clothes on!

Arrow, this isn't what you think.
You don't understand.

I do understand. I'm not stupid!

Arrow, shoot!

- Where are my jeans?
- I don't know.

Shoot! Row!

Well, that was weird.



Oh, shit.

Arrow, please, God,

please, please, please,
please God, no, no, no!

Arrow, Arrow, hey, hey, hey.

He's having a heart attack.

Call 911! Call 911!

Hey, it's okay, I'm right here.
Just breathe.


Johnny's okay.

I love you so much.
Stay with me.

It's just your sweet heart.
I love you so much, okay?

I love you.

She broke my heart.

Keep breathing, okay?

I love you, Row, don't leave me,
you're my heart.

Do you know how many times
I've thought or wished...

Oh, come on, Lil.

You are the best mother, sister,
friend that boy could have.

You're incredible.

You do everything.

He's so lucky to have you.

I'm sorry for what I said.

I think we just really
miss Matt.

You know?

For a little while, it made
sense for Arrow, but...

Hey. How are you doing?

- Okay, how is he?
- He's doing great.

- Come on, I'll take you back.
- Okay.


I'm good, I'm going to stay.

Thank you.



Hey, Row.

Hey, Johnny, you came!

How are you doing?

I thought I was going
to lose you.

No way.
Remember, we pinky sweared.

We did pinky swear.

Arrow, how would you
like to go on a big adventure?

You want to take me with you?

I wouldn't go without you.

- You have more ice cream?
- Yeah.

How much ice cream can
you eat at the hospital.

You get it when you
get a heart attack.

You do? Can I have some?


Missed a little bit.
Oh, that's good.


- All right, Row, are you ready?
- Yeah.

I love this sign.

It's so awesome.

All right, let's do it.