Spare Parts (2020) - full transcript

A group of girls get lost on a random dirt road. The tow truck driver toes them to his junkyard. Everything seems normal until they wake up with weapons for limbs, and thrown into the fight of their lives.

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna tear it up

♪ I wanna tear it up ♪

♪ I wanna bring you down

♪ Gonna have some fun ♪

♪ I wanna see you frown
Miss Forty Five ♪

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna tear it up

♪ I wanna tear it up ♪

♪ I wanna bring you down

♪ Gonna have some fun ♪

♪ I wanna see you frown ♪

♪ I wanna get real high ♪

♪ I wanna see you low
I'm gonna cum so good ♪

♪ I'm gonna cum so good

♪ I'm gonna cum so good ♪

♪ I wanna see you go

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna see you

♪ I wanna see you low ♪

♪ I wanna see you ♪

♪ I wanna see you go

♪ I wanna see you

♪ I wanna see you low

♪ I wanna see you ♪

♪ I wanna see you go ♪


Knock it off!

The next shot is into
the fuckin' crowd,

and I don't give a
flyin' fuck who it hits!

Never lay your hands
on a pregnant woman!

Wait, you're pregnant?


Oh my god! Congratulations!

Wow, Cass. When you
said you had balls,

I thought you
meant figuratively.

Yeah, we just passed
the three-month mark.

Shit's gettin' kinda real.

Who's the donor?

As far as we know,
it's a 6'3" lawyer

who loves long
walks on the beach

and jacking off into test tubes.

I thought you've
just been eating

too many gas station burritos.

Yeah, I'm probably equal parts

burrito and baby at this point.

Be kinda hard to play
with a baby on your hip,

don't you think?

Why don't we cross that bridge
when we get to it, yeah?

Just uh, pretend you're
happy for now.

It's just a little baby.

Seriously, best
fuckin' concert ever!

You guys are the real deal.

Appreciate that.

Check it out.

I lost two fuckin' teeth!

Well, a show's
not a show without

a little bit of
blood, am I right?

Fuck yeah.

Can I get a selfie?


Still haven't had enough,
you leather-lovin' pussies?

We can finish what we
started right here.

You bitches got big
fuckin' mouths, don't you?

You've got fragile
little egos, don't you?

- Suck a dick.
- I'm allergic.

You got any more
large t-shirts left?

This ain't fucking over

Fuck me, do you girls
know how to put on a show.

Not every day you see somebody
work a crowd like that,

or beat the shit out of one.

Especially you, axe master.

Oh and two CDs.

One for the car,
one for the bedroom

if you know what I mean.

Let's get you off
your feet, babe.

That'll be 40.

Lead singer he gets
all the groupies, huh?

You ask me, it's you who
deserves all the attention.

The way you work that axe,
it's fucking art is what it is.

The way you wield it.
It's like a weapon.

So, where to next?

Another buttfuck town,
then back home to Canada.

A long way from
home, aren't you?

Just trying to get our
name out there, man.

Oh, you're gonna get
your name out there.

I get a feeling you're gonna
be filling arenas soon.

People will be
chanting your name.

Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma,
Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma.

Emma! Emma!

Jesus Christ.

You okay?

- Like you give a shit.
- Oh, just stop.

You know what,
forgot I even asked.

I don't need another
melodramatic monologue from you

Why, because you know I'm right?

Or because you're too drained
from fucking groupies?

You honestly think
you're the only person

who cares about the music,
after all this time?


Some of us put in
the work, you know,

actually try to get better.

And who's been booking
the fucking gigs?

- Oh my god...
- Keeping the band alive.

We just played a
fucking biker bar!

I could have gotten
myself killed back there.

- Guys...
- You wanna be a rock star?

This is it, baby. What
the fuck did you expect?

Look at my hand, asshole.

'Cause I could have broken
it, and then what, huh?

Some of us have talents
beyond sucking dick

- and taking our clothes off.
- Oh, go fuck yourself!

- Fuck you!
- Oh, fuck you.

- No, fuck you!
- Guys!

Not to be obnoxious but I got
a baby on board, remember?


What the hell?

Oh, motherfucker!

Leave us alone, asshole!

What the fuck is
this guy's problem?

What did you say to him, Emma?

What did I say? Fuck you!

Fuck off, cocksucker!

Fuck you!


Oh my god.

Really? Nothing to fuckin' say?

Are you fuckin' trying
to catch this psycho?

He just tried to
fucking kill us, Emma!

Emma, stop the

fucking van before I-

Emma stop the van!

Ah, fuck!

Can this night get
any fuckin' worse?

I really don't think it can.

This is fucked up.


Hey guys? Look at this.

Ew. What kinda cannibal
hillbilly shit is that?

That fucking psychopath.

Fuck, he's coming back.

Oh my god. Okay.

What the fuck do we do, guys?


We got an APB out on that car.

If he's still on the
road, we'll find him.

So where are you ladies
coming from tonight?

We were just playing a show.

So was that you that
started the riot

over at the Rusty Chicken?

- Riot? I don't
know about all that.

We were just helping
kids let out some steam

in a fun and safe environment.

All set here, sheriff.

But I only got room
for one in the wrecker.

The rest of you
can ride with me.

I'll make sure you get
to where you need to be.

Guess I'm riding with
Leatherface then.

I know you girls these
days are all about

equality and female
empowerment and all that

but wouldn't it be wise
to have, I don't know,

like a roadie or someone
to take care of you?

Wait, you mean like a man?

Like a pair of balls to keep
us helpless little bitches...

Oh, I am so sorry, Sheriff.

It's been a really long,
weird night, you know?

Im sure has.

Here we are.

You girls'll be all
fixed up in no time.

No time at all.

What is this place?

This is over 30 acres of
scrap metal, engine blocks,

vulcanized rubber, axles,
grills, dashes, windshields

and everything under
the god's green earth

is recycled right
here and repurposed.


Is there a problem?

Have you never seen a
horror movie, Sheriff?

I think it looks fuckin' rad.

We could shoot a kick-ass
video in this place.

Daniel is a good man.

Besides, would I take you
somewhere that wasn't safe?

You really have never
seen a horror movie.

I swear to god, if
I fucking die first,

I'm gonna haunt your bitch ass.

This is fucking bullshit.

Make yourselves comfortable.

Yeah, comfortable he says.

Mind your fucking business.


She'll only hate you
if you say anything.

She already does.

- Wow. Didn't
think you'd answer.

Yeah well, me too I guess.

Fuck sakes, I'm in a
dead zone, one sec.

You were saying?

I was asking
where you guys were.

I don't even know, it was some
sort of recycling facility.

Some lunatic ran us
off the road, so now

we're stuck here until
the van gets fixed.

What? Is everyone okay?

Yep, Tim. Amy's just fine.

That's not what I meant.

Where are you guys?
I can come get you.

No, you won't. I'm fine.




Guys, is the building on fire?

That's exhaust.



What's going on? Em?

Em can you hear me?

Guys, cover your mouths!




Emma, what's going
on? Can you hear me?

- I'll call you back.
- No no no no...

Help me!

Get back!

What are you doing out here?

You shoulda stayed
with the others.

Would have been easier
for the both of us.

Emma, Emma!




You're okay.

Yeah. Here, drink.

There we go.

What have you done to me?

It's okay. You've been chosen.


For what?

To appease the gods.

So rest now, okay?

Your baptism is
coming up very soon.

Who are you?

Please! Whatever it is
you're doing, just stop






My pick hand. It's gone.

What have they done to us?

Wait, the baby.

I, I don't...

Ladies! Welcome to the Gridiron.

Every day is a sunshine day.

For the gods shine
their light down upon us.

But today, my friends,
today is especially bright.

The gods have blessed us with
four wondrous new recruits.

We give our blood to the dirt.

We give our blood to the dirt.

From the dirt will rise life.

From the dirt will rise life.

So that we will prosper!

So that we will prosper!

Wait! Stop!

I don't mean what you expect,
but we're not fighting.

It's very simple.

You either fight for your
life like true warriors

or die like a
coward, your choice.

At least let Jill
go, she's pregnant!

My dear.

Do you really think
that we would allow

a woman with child to do battle?

What do you think
we are, barbarians?

You motherfucker!
I'm gonna kill you!

That's the spirit.



Stay with me.

No! Noo! No!

Fuck you, you cocksuckers!

While you may have the
heart of a warrior,

you certainly have
the mass of a trucker.


Stop it!


You're gonna wake the baby.

It's okay. You're safe.

Did they do that to you?

You need your strength.

You should eat.

Why are you doing this?

Nothing I say is
gonna satisfy you.

All that matters
now is survival.

What the fuck are
you doing in here?

Bringing the warrior her
breakfast. Emperor's command.

"The Emperor's command."
Is that what it is?

You don't have to talk like
that all the goddamn time.

My dad isn't here.

Get the fuck out.


Don't, okay?

- Cassy, I was-
- Don't fucking say anything.

- Cassy, I... Please!

Just leave me the fuck alone.

Come with me.

Both of you.

Let's make something clear.

You wouldn't be getting all
this first class treatment

if I wasn't sweet on you.

So I'm gonna let that one slide.

Dad's happy with
you, with all of you,

just like I knew he'd be.

That's why you're
in here with me,

It's a hell of a lot better
than what the rest of them get.

Your sister, for example.

Where is she?

Locked up like a
dog, that's where.

But not you, Emma.

Like I told you before.

It's you who deserves all
the attention, not her.

You've got it.

So I'd appreciate it,
if you'd start giving me

a little more fucking
gratitude around here.


I'm fuckin' busy!

Fuck! Fuck!

Stop. Line up.

You, there. You,
there, and you there.

You passed your first test.

But those weren't real warriors.

I can barely lift this shit.

If you wanna defeat
true warriors,

it's gonna take a lot of work.

If you wanna survive.

And what if we don't?


What if I choose death instead?

Then I'll kill you
where you stand.

See? You're not ready to die.

So fight for your life.

You love him, don't you?

We all love the Emperor.

He keeps us in good
favour with the gods.

That's not who
I'm talking about.

You should get some rest.

Driller's training has killed

almost as many as
the Gridiron itself.

Hey, you can talk to me.

Like really talk to me.

What's your name?


Did he bring you here?

Me and my brother and my sister.

We were on road trip.

And it was my idea too.

Stupid. So fucking stupid.

My brother and my sister were
killed in our first battle.

That's where I lost my leg.

They were gonna kill me that
day too but Sam stopped them.

Said he saw something
special in me.

Convinced the Emperor to
keep me here, same as you.

Lea, you have to help
me get out of here.

We'll go together, and bring
back help for the others.

You get our girl all patched up?

Yes, she's a true
warrior, a fast healer.

Goddamn right she is.

Truest fuckin' warrior we got.

Not bad, huh?

Your own private
room, servant girl.

And it's only gonna keep
getting better, baby.

My guitar.

Is this a joke?

No, no.

Listen, Come here.

We can do anything
together, okay?

It's killing you
that she's getting

special attention, isn't it?


But why her?

I never understood you two.

You only ever got
along on stage.

Offstage you're complete
fucking assholes to each other.

It's probably for the best
you've been separated,

you probably would have
killed each other by now.

In ancient Rome...

Each gladiator took an oath.

I will endure

to be burned.

To be bound.

To be beaten.

To give my blood to the earth,

so that the crops may grow.

For those of you who fight,

glory and victory await.

You always talk like Thor
with the hammer up his ass?

Or just when you know
people are watching?

Soon you will return
to the Gridiron,

where it will be the
gods who are watching.

Sam did well with
his new warriors.

You should be proud.

I've felt many
things about my son.

Pride is not one of them.

Sam is smart. Although he
likes to pretend he's not.

His instincts just
need time to ripen.

Drug addicts. Mental patients.

Vagrants, whores. A girl band.

This is who he offers
to our gods? Why?

Because hunting for squirrels

is less dangerous than
hunting for lions.

My son lacks the...

Patience, my Emperor, patience.

These women have potential
to do great things.

I haven't seen this much promise

since Driller first came to us.

Gods shine their
light down upon us.


Whoa, man, holy shit!

What the fuck do you
want? We're closed.

Okay, listen, my girlfriend's
band played here recently.

They've disappeared, so I
was wondering if you could...

Those are the little bitches
who started the goddamn riot.

You find them, you
bring them back here.

It's gonna cost them
an arm and a leg.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait. Wait.

Is there a scrapyard or
anything around here?

Couple of miles down that road.

But I'd stay the fuck
away from it if I was you.

She would have been a great mom.

You both would have.

No, I would have fucked
things up, left and right.

Jill. She always
knew what to do.

She gave me a reason to live.

She still does.

Getting vengeance for
her is the only reason

I haven't fucking
offed myself yet.

They're training us to fight

but they don't realize that
they're just making us stronger

and I swear to fucking God,
the first chance that I get...

The first chance that we get,

we're going to escape this
cell, and we're going to kill

every last one of those
motherfuckers, okay?

You. Training session, now.

You know you belong here.

You were made for this place.

Or should I say this place
was made for you, Axe Master.

With that ax, you
get admiration.

But with this axe...

Oh my god, you get admiration,

respect, fear, and most
importantly, power.

My old man's getting weak.
Mentally, physically.

Soon this place will
be under my rule.

You could be my queen.

We'd make one hell of a power
couple, don't you think?

So we just need you to get
through this next battle,

which is why I had them add

something a little
extra for you.

What else can they make me?

Anything your heart
desires, my queen.

Today we stand below
our gods, humbled.

From the time our forefathers
came from the old...

Look I don't know what that
creepazoid's up to,

but I think he has an
ulterior motive with you.

Their wisdom and
their tradition...

Because he's fawning
over me and not you?

Look i'm just trying
to help you, Emma.

I can do fine on my own, thanks.

...who truly believe.

We give our blood to the dirt.

We give our blood to the dirt.

From the dirt will rise life.

From the dirt will rise life.

So that we will prosper!

So that we will prosper!

I told you it wasn't
over, didn't I bitch?

Oh, you piece of shit.

You know, I always heard
rumours about this place.

Sure as shit, it's as
fucked up as I expected.

Y'all want to watch what
we do to these punk cunts,

be my fucking guests.

You didn't get enough of me

rearranging your
face the first time?

- No!

He's mine.

The Emperor is very
pleased with your progress.

Continue on this path, and the
gods will surely reward you.

You think I could get rewarded
with an upgraded cell?

That's not within my power.

But I will tell you this.

You show the most
potential of all.

I saw it the first day.
Something in your eyes.

A potent sort of anarchy.

I may be the anarchist, but
my sister, she's the artist.

The one with true talent.

You know, she knew
her purpose early on

but, I'm still trying
to figure out mine.

Driller was much like
you when he came to us.

It wasn't until he became
a warrior for the gods,

that he reached
his full potential.


Hey, that's my girlfriend's van.

Did you see them that night?

- Girlfriend, huh?
- Yeah. Emma, the guitarist.

She called me from I think here,

said someone ran
them off the road...

Oh yeah, I remember that.

In fact, I was the one
who brought them here

so my good friend Daniel
could fix them up,

God bless his soul.

Do you know what
they did after that?

No, only the gods know.

But why don't you
follow me inside

and we can see if
anybody knows anything.

That would be awesome. Thanks.

You're banging the
guitarist, right?

- Yeah.
- Good on you.

Is that all you have?

I'm tired.

That's why you have to
keep training. Get up!

That's not what I mean,
I'm tired of fighting.

Then you'll cease
to have a purpose.

Oh go fuck yourself.

You act like I chose this shit.

Like I want to murder
innocent people and for what?

Your gods are thirsty?

In this place, death is a gift.

And what about Jill, huh?

Was that a gift?

When we fight, we leave
all that we were behind,

and ascend to a higher purpose.

She was obviously not worthy.

What did you leave behind, huh?

A wife?

A child?

What was your past?

A bum?

An addict?

What kind of pathetic
little man were you

before the gods
gave you a purpose?

You have no fucking
right to ask.

And don't you ever speak
of my family again.

There he is.

I knew all that Game of
Thrones shit was just an act.

You're not one of them.

You know, you don't have
to keep punishing yourself.

So tell me the truth.

What scares you more, huh?

My machete,

or my pussy?


I see you looking at me.

You wanted me from
the minute you saw me.


Go get cleaned up!

The Emperor expects
you for dinner tonight.

Damn, this was
just getting good.

Little longer, I
woulda had a chubby.

I hear somebody's looking
for a little upgrade.

A room at the Ritz
would be nice.

Well, there's nothing
I can do about that now

but in the meantime, how
'bout a little enhancement?

Trust me, you're gonna need
this next time you're here.

One catch.

You're gonna have
to fight for it.



I'm gonna let you
two get acquainted

while I slip into something
A little more comfortable.


What a waste of a
perfectly good shirt.


I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Shut up!


You're not my sister.

You're my enemy.

Get away! Leave!

Warriors, friends.

The last two battles
have been glorious.

We have given much
blood to the dirt.

And now as the final
battle approaches,

the town will gather to witness

as our new warriors face,
our most glorious champions.

Every day is a sunshine day.

For the gods shine
their light down upon us.

We'll soon see if
you're truly the warrior

that the good
doctor says you are.

And now, a little
dinner entertainment.

Watch, eat, enjoy.

I know what you're thinking.

I should kill everybody here,

escape with my friends
and never look back.

Am I right?


Are you sure?

When I kill you,
and I will kill you,

I want everyone to see it.

I want a sold out fuckin' show.

And you think the gods
will allow that to happen?

Someone has to pay for every
limb you've hacked off,

every life you've snuffed out.

When I bring you down like
the rabid dog you are,

your pathetic little gods won't
be able to do shit about it.

Since you're so smart,
I'll level with you.

All that god stuff,
complete and utter bullshit.

Because no matter how you cut
it, it's all about control.

Control of the weak.

Give people a higher
power to believe in

and they'll lap it up.

If we make all these sacrifices,

we'll be healthy,
wealthy and wise.

But you know as well as I do,
if you really want something

you've got to work hard for it,

not get down on your
your knees and pray.

You see, I'm the only
god in this here town.

And I'm gonna live forever.

The dirt runs red!

The dirt runs red!

Dinner's over!

We're fucked. There's no way
we can defeat these guys.

Ugh, god.

Don't worry your
pretty little face.

I'm thinking three steps ahead.

Everything's gonna be
cool baby, I got this.

Where is she? Where the
fuck are you taking Cassy!?

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Take me to Cassy.

Please don't do this, it's
not going to end well...

Take me or I swear
to fucking God,

I will slice you
from ear to ear!


What the fuck?

This? This is what you fed us?

The Emperor, he
calls it communion.

Please, just go
back to your cell.

I won't say anything, I promise.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm not one of them.
I'm like you, I swear!

The next thing I see
had better be my friend.



Oh god, Cassy!


No Cassy!


The town, the
Council, the gods demand it.

No the rules are clear.

Without the Trinity,
it does not count!

Emperor, please.

If the gods desire, they will
spill their blood to the dirt

in the gridiron but it would
be a waste for them not...

Fuck that shit!

This bitch here can replace
the servant girl, yeah?

Emma stays here with me.

Quiet, both of you.

Though it's difficult
to say it, Sam is right.

The Trinity is crucial.

With only two warriors,
we can't continue.


I will fight.

Emperor, it's been a long time

since I've entered the Gridiron.

Do me this honour and
allow me to fight.

The gods will be happy to
see you return to action.

What? Are you serious?

You can't just join because!

My agreement will
stay with you my son.

She's yours if she
survives the battle.

This is fucking bullshit!

My decision is final.


What's wrong?

That sister of yours
tried to escape,

but rather than pay the price,
our little servant girl did.

Oh, and that dyke
friend of yours too.


It all would've
been fine and dandy

except she has Driller wrapped
around her fucking finger.

So now because of her,
you've gotta fight.

You've gotta fight
like a motherfucker!

You hear me? You hear me!?


Why are you doing this?

Because my family
deserves vengeance.

And so do you.

In this, the 100th
year of the games,

we stand below
the gods, humbled.

From the time our forefathers...

There's something I need
to say to you, Emma.

You say I'm your enemy. I'm not.

Our enemies are those
fuckers out there

who have pitted us
against one another.

Prosperity to
all who truly believe.

The more blood that we...

I spent my whole life
looking up to you.

I know I can be a pain
in the ass sometimes

but I honestly couldn't have
asked for a better big sister.

On a daily basis.

The fact that the...

I just wanted to tell you that
I'm sorry if I've hurt you.

And I just wanted to let
you know that I love you.

To send us such fine warriors

is a testament to their
smiling down upon us.

And so, we are here
tonight to celebrate

with a third and final battle.

The third member
of their Trinity,

gave her blood to
the dirt prematurely.

She was a fine warrior, but
never destined for greatness.

But the gods have given us
someone to take her place.

A warrior who has
spilled more blood

upon this Gridiron than
any who came before.

The only warrior to
earn his freedom.

The dirt is dry!

And thirsty for blood!

You girls can do this.

You both have the heart
and courage of champions.

Let's have some fun.

Warriors, ready!


- Driller!
- Amy, you're a true warrior.

I'm proud of you.

Thank you.

So the blood soaks into
the ground and we rejoice.

But must we stop here?

Or must we do more to honour
the gods who bless this town?

You can't do that!

Sam is right, time
honoured traditions

cannot be ignored, my Emperor.

The dirt demands more blood,

and these two sisters
will provide it.

Fuck you, you son of a bitch!

Goddammit, Sam.

Next time, it's a bullet.
You understand me?

I command it!


Fuck you!

What are you doing?


Fight me!


I'm tired of fighting you, Emma.

On your knees!

Get on your knees!

The gods demand more blood.

Are your gods satisfied now!?


That was great. That
was great, honey.

Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, come on sweetheart.

Emma, Emma,

You don't need to do that

Today, we stand below
our gods, humbled.

Since the time our
forefathers came

from the old world to the new,

they have blessed us with
their wisdom and traditions,

a ritual that ensures
prosperity and health

for all that believe.

The dirt is dry!

And thirsty for blood!

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna tear it up

♪ I wanna tear it up ♪

♪ I wanna tear it up

♪ I wanna bring you down ♪

♪ Gonna have some fun ♪

♪ Gonna have some fun

♪ I wanna see you frown

♪ Miss Forty Five ♪

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna tear it up

♪ I wanna tear it up ♪

♪ I wanna bring you down

♪ Gonna have some fun ♪

♪ I wanna see you frown ♪

♪ I wanna get real high ♪

♪ I wanna see you low ♪

♪ I'm gonna cum so good

♪ I'm gonna cum so good ♪

♪ I wanna see you go ♪

♪ Miss Forty Five

♪ I wanna see you

♪ I wanna see you low ♪

♪ I wanna see you low

♪ I wanna see you go

♪ I wanna see you ♪

♪ I wanna see you low

♪ I wanna see you go ♪

♪ Miss Forty Five