Spanish Fly (1998) - full transcript

A woman reporter in over her head in trying to write a book on the male machismo in Spain finds the men don't match her story's expectations. She also finds herself involved in relationships with the wrong men.

I like a woman with big ones...

The bigger they are, the more woman.

That's what I like.

Big hands... big enough to pin you down.

There are two kinds of "macho".

The "machista", who doesn't
believe women have rights...

and the icon of a sexy, virile,
fearless macho who women love.

A real man like me.

Women are stronger than men
and can handle pain better.

Men are really like dogs.

They eat what you put in front of them.

With women, technique is everything.

There is a position where

friction from the pubic hairs
can give her pleasure.

And if she gets an orgasm
first, she won't become pregnant.


Shit. Hablas any English?

It's broken?

I think it's broken.

"What attracts you to a woman?"

No, no, no. Um... y-you...
the tape recorder's broken.

I don't understand a word
you're saying, so we have to finish.

Entiendes?"Finish." Finito, basta.

Arret? Terminado?

You're a real cutie.

Guapa.We have to guapa.

You really don't know
any Spanish, do you, guapa?

Excuse me? Excuse me? Excuse me?

I'm Antonio.

Oh. God, but you're three hours late.

I'm Zoe.

A pleasure.

How are the interviews going?

I have no idea. It was mostly in
Spanish, and the tape recorder broke.

Now that I'm here, you won't need one.

Actually, I will, but I have this video
camera, except the battery's out.

Who wrote these questions? What's so funny?

I... I did. Why?

Y-You had them translated? Yeah. Why?

You're not going to get
honest answers from these.

"How do you feel about women"?

You can go now.

No problem.

What? Hey! Wh-What are you doing?

I'm not finished with him. Por favor,sit.

You're wasting your time with this guy.

If you don't mind, I'd like
to continue the interview.

Sit. Siente... ti, te, ti... por favor.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Now, please...

ask him if he believes women should work.

How did you meet her?

I was having tapas and she
wanted to buy me a drink...

I said, "Why not, guapa?"

You didn't find that
strange? No, she's American.

You know how Americans
are. No, I don't. How are they?

Wh-What is...?

How long have you been here?

Twenty minutes or so...

What-What's he saying?

He said you were making passes
at him, and he's playing along.

That's not what he said.
But that's what he meant.

I didn't hire you for your opinion.

I may understand certain
subtleties you will miss.

You're an interpreter.
You're supposed to interpret.

That's what I'm doing.

You see a Spaniard talking
about sex to a foreign woman,

he's bound to lie.

It's his patriotic duty.

Do you know her well?

She's my girlfriend. Get lost.

Go fuck yourself!

He said he had to run.

Where in the States are you from?

New York. New York?

I love New York. Elizabeth Street?

Little Italy.

You know it?


So the book is about Spanish men?

No, the book is about machismo.

Uh-huh. Why are you writing it?

I have a contract. You like Spanish men?

Excuse me?

I am curious because many American
women come to Spain just to meet men.

I got to go.

Oh... sorry.


Uh... Senor.

Senor.I'll bet you don't have a boyfriend.

Oh? How would you know that?

I can tell by the way you carry yourself.

You're a little... insecure
and just a bit too serious,

which could put some men off,

but you have certain naivete
which is quite charming.

Gee, thanks.

Senor, por favor.

Right away, sir.

I didn't mean to offend you.
Boy, are you ever sensitive.

Boy, are you ever a cocky son of a bitch.

What does "cocky" mean? ZOE: Look it up.

You're the machote. What's a machote?

Get an interpreter.

Yeah, one who can speak English.

I don't want to work for you, anyway.




Bordadores Street, please.

You forgot to turn on the meter.

- James Brown.
- He's equal to Cameron.

You like James Brown?

♪ Men make them happy... ♪

♪ Cause it's a man's

♪ A man's...

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Everything he can

♪ You know that man makes money

♪ To buy from other men

♪ This is a man's world

♪ But it wouldn't mean nothing, nothing

♪ Not one little thing
without a woman or a girl

♪ He's lost ♪

♪ In the wilderness... ♪

You have ink on your leg.

♪ He's lost... ♪

Take it easy, miss.

♪ And bitterness... ♪

This is fine. Here, here,
thank you. Here. Thanks.

What did I do now?

You're crazy!

♪'s, man's world

♪ But it wouldn't mean nothing, nothing

♪ Without a woman or a girl ♪

Excuse me.

Pardon. Street Bordadores, please?

Sorry, we are French.


Yeah. How did you know?

It's obvious.

You came here to meet men?

No, not us. We are together.

My sister's the crazy one.

Don't blame me. I live in England.

What about French men?


What kind of man do you like?

Um, um, men who are-are

thoughtful, communicative...

who understand women.

Are you sure it's a man you're looking for?

I'm not convinced.

I think if two people are
intellectually compatible,

the physical part will work, too.

Ah, really? I don't know about you,

but I never had an orgasm
from a good conversation.

I told you, Americans are poorly fucked.

Don't I know you? Columbia University.

Oh, my God. Professor...

Carl Livingston. It was Philosophy.



Um... God, this is a shock.

Um, are-are you working here?

Uh, I opened the place. I figured, uh...

Madrid could use
a decent English bookstore.

That's right. Uh,
that's... I mean, this is...

This is a great store, great books.

Um... Oh, this one, too. Yeah.

Having man trouble?

Uh, no, no. It's research
for a book I'm writing.


No. Um, uh, it's based on a study

based on an article I wrote in Vanity Fair.

I approached the
publishers, and they accepted.

They gave me an advance, so here I am.

Wow, that's fantastic.

I figured you'd be doing
something interesting.

You did?


A girl in my class went out with you.

Who? Romaine or Sarah?



Oh... Yeah.

Those days.

I'm practicing Zen now.

You think I'm kidding.

Here's ten.


Oh, great. Thank you.

Well, I'll see you again, I guess.

I hope so.


Oh. Sorry.

You want to, um...

We should... grab a coffee sometime?

I... That'd be great.


I'll stop by the shop sometime.

Anytime's fine.


How about now? I mean... if you're free.

You're probably not, though.

I think we have to reevaluate
these primal sexual roles and evolve.

Men dominating, for instance.

Exactly... 'cause in-in the Ice Ages,

men were hunters, and women were gatherers.

Our needs were different.

S-S... uh...

So I'm, uh... try... I'm trying to...

To figure out what makes men
f-feel the need to be dominant.

I mean ma-ma... I mean, m-macho,

or machisto, as they call it here.

They lack communicative
skills, so they dominate.

Otherwise, they'd feel emasculated.

That's what I think.

Well, Zoe, I'm glad you're here.

Until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.




Look! A taxi stand.

She's a little unstable.
I'm afraid to leave her alone.

Zoe, we're stopping here for a drink,

and then I'll drop you at Bordadores, okay?


Uh, yeah, sure.

You know Tricky?


It's great music for sex.

Look, she's shy. She's not shy.

She is shy! She's not shy!

Sorry, sorry.


I'm going to request a song.

She's funny.

She gets on my nerves.

So why do you take her out?

She helps me with my income tax return.

I don't believe in long-term relationships.

Why not? Because they expire.

What do you mean, "they expire"?

All relationships
really only last two years.

After that, the passion dies,

and love is just a word you say
when you hang up the phone.

That's not true.


So where is your happy relationship?

And how happy are you?

At least I have a satisfactory sex life.

Yeah, if you call
meaningless sex satisfying.

Love and sex don't necessarily
go together like they're supposed to.

You know, you'd be an interesting guy

if you weren't such a jerk.

Thank you.

Let's dance.

Come on!

"You know Tricky?

"I love Tricky.

"Great music for sex."


What are you doing?

You like it!

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy? MAN: Be quiet!

Are you crazy? MAN: Be quiet!

You like to watch, eh?

What a face!

This light would kill Garbo.


Are you all right?

Didn't I tell you to call the babysitter?

We just called. Oh, God.

Do it! Fuck.

Wait. Kiss me first, tiger.


♪ Oh, hey, hey

♪ Oh, no, no, no ♪


Bordadores Street, please.

Hello, guapa. Right away.

Are Spanish men very macho in Madrid?

Oh, one, two, three.

Si,it's possible.

Very, very much.

A thousand millions machos.

In Madrid? No.

"When you have sex with a woman,

"do you tell all your friends?"


What's the difference between an
English man and a Spanish man?

Um, body hair.

You mean it's a myth?

Have you ever met a god in Greece?

A-Are you macho?

- Yes.
- You?


Si, si, si, si...No.

Between love and sex...

Love and sex!

For me as a woman? It says "woman."

Of course, as a woman. Of course, as a woman.

It's not on here either.

Which one? Emancipation?

Who wrote this?

These questions have no
meaning in this day and age.

Greece... that's the most
macho country in the world.

You're kidding! The Greeks are all gay.


Swiss. Swiss, yes.

♪ She

♪ Says she scares herself

♪ She feels too much

♪ She

♪ Says she's seen enough

♪ Dreams, like tears... ♪



Zoe, I've been calling you all day.
Where've you been?

I went to your apartment to water
the plants. There was a man in there.

It's what's called a sublet, Mom.

A sublet? Zoe, I worry about
you in Madrid. It's a crazy city.

Anyway, sweetheart, there's no point

in running all around Spain
looking for him.

I wish you would talk to me about it.

I'm not looking for anyone.
I'm here writing a book.

I've got a contract, for Christ's sake.

Darling, I worry about you.
By the way, your agent called.

What? When? This morning.

I'll tell you what...
next time, you can call me.I gotta go.

Uh, Zoe calling for Cassian Stern.

Again, from Spain.

I drank your blood.

That's a way to bewitch someone.

Don't be afraid.
It's as painless as a kiss.

I saw you come here and I followed you.

You forgot your flowers.

How's your book going?

Well, I've been in this
sublet for two weeks.

I lost my interpreter,

can't speak a word of Spanish...

can't find one macho guy in Madrid.

Otherwise, I'm doing great.

Sounds like you need some company.


In Zen, being lost

is recognizing the seed of a new identity.

Oh, God. Kierkegaard said that.

Yes. Kierkegaard, yes, yes!

No, no, no, don't, don't... Oh, I'm sorry.

That's okay.

It's not you. It's me.

It'll get better.

Carl... do you really
remember me from Columbia?

Hello? ZOE'S MOTHER: Did you just call?

No, Mom, I didn't. Because the phone rang,

and by the time I got to it,
there was nobody there.

Well, it wasn't me.

Zoe, how are you, darling?I'm fine.

I worry about you in Madrid.Oh, yeah, yeah.

Zoe...Look, I can't talk.

Sweetheart, you okay?

Yeah. This just isn't a good time.

I don't know why you always
have to be so rude to your mother.

Okay, okay, can't we... Oh, by the way,

John's in Madrid. He just called,
and I gave him your number.

What? You didn't?

I thought you'd be thrilled.Can
we talk another time?

You know, I can't really talk right
now. You know what? Fine. Bye.

My mother.

God, you can see we really
don't get along very well.


Snookie, I'm in Madrid.

John, what are you doing here?

I'm following Hemingway's
footsteps... you know, fishing.

Fishing? My men's group. You'd love them.

Will you join me and the boys?
Please? Say, Thursday night?

It's been very difficult for me...


I don't know, um... Please, darling?

It's so unresolved between us.

I've got to see you and talk to you.

I've never seen you so assertive.

Of course I'm assertive. I've changed.

Piatresa Ristorante...


That was my...


Miss, there's something for you.

You have an admirer.

Someone in the building?

♪ I know that we are not new... ♪


♪ And in the forest, they smiled... ♪

Gracias, gracias.Not at all.

Bye, good afternoon.

♪ And both of us must try

♪ Your eyes are soft with sorrow... ♪


Thank you for the flowers.
They were beautiful.

Oh. I knew they'd get me my job back.

You wasted your money.

You're the only interpreter
who answered my ad.

Oh. Well, maybe they can get me a date.

Sorry, cowboy. I'm already seeing someone.

So who's the lucky man?

He's, um... He's American.


You came all the way to
Spain just to meet an American?

You're a cynic.

You know what a cynic is, don't you?

What? A disillusioned romantic.

Hey, let's have a truce, okay?


I wonder how long this will last.

Oh, man...

3:00. He said 2:30. Man...

I don't believe this guy.

You're late.

We're not doing interviews today.

What do you mean
we're not doing interviews?

Interviews don't tell you
what people are really like.

If you want to understand Spanish men...

Why did you want this job back?

To practice my English.

You mean to learn English.

Come on.

Where are we going? I have a surprise
for you.

Tomorrow, interviews. Yeah, yeah.

Excuse me. Do you speak English?

Isn't it true about the direction

of the bullfighter's, you
know, the bulge in his pants?

It's true. I read it in a magazine.

The magazine said if
the bulge is on the right,

it means he's married,

if it points straight
down, it means he's shy,

if it's on the left, it means he's gay,

and if it points straight
up, it means he's macho.

Would you like some nuts?

Here we go, here we go, here we go.

On the right. He's married.

Well... that wouldn't
be the first time for me.

Looks like you found yourself
a date for tonight, huh?

What are you talking about?

Don't play innocent. - Look at this one.

Is there any truth to this thing?

Well, as we say in Spain, todo es toro.


What does that mean? It's all bull.

I haven't seen a basket like that

since Tom Jones hit Vegas.

Can I see? Thank you.

He is a real macho.

What's wrong?

He's swell.

Do you think he can see us?

Well, Antonio, I guess you can
just curl up with a book tonight.


Freud didn't say that.

He did.

Tell me. What for? He's inventing it all.

Okay, well, I'd like to hear
what he's inventing.

I said that men go to a whore

to sleep with the men who
have slept with her before.

You speak English.


And you know about bullfights?

The bullfighter is the female
and the bull is the male.

Everyone knows that. No one knows that.

And you know about the tango?

In Argentina, when there
weren't enough whores,

and the men were waiting for their turn,

they would tango with each other.

Stop that. And the most romantic
dance in the world

began between men.

Well? He said he fantasizes

about doing the tango with his boyfriend.

Rossy! Precious!

Your boobs are bigger everyday.

Aren't they fantastic?

You're going to get all
the dwarfs with those tits.

Sit down, queenie. They're journalists.

Really? They're doing a study.

About what?

About "The Spanish man"...

Really? Men are no mystery.

Men are simple. We are
the complicated ones.

We have many erogenous zones.
Our ears, our necks,

even our knees can be
erogenous zones, if you do it right.

Men have only one reflex point.

It pops up or not, depending on your luck.

Um... "Women are very demanding."

That's not what she said.
She spoke for a long time.

Well, Spanish is a long language.

Are there many machos in Spain?

No, we don't have a surplus of them.

Most are unknowingly homosexuals.

She said she has bad luck with men.

No, she didn't.

You said, "Machos are homosexual," right?

Algunos.Some of them, some of them.

So how do you know which ones are...?

Ah, that is very easy.

When a man says "touch me here,

kiss my nipple, lick my ear..." he's queer.


Well, I gotta go.

But I got to go. I have
a lot of things to do.

Such a pleasure.

Watch out for the men, if you can find one.

Take care, bonbon. Bye, bye, "sky."

Does your gun remind you of anything?

To shoot. To hunt.

"To shoot, to hunt..."

What does it make you think of, your gun?


Uh, "Ducks...

Rabbits... "rabbits."

How does it make you feel, um,
when you... when you shoot it,

you know, when you shoot it
and then you clean it and wipe it?


What is he here for?

He's-He's my interpreter.

I speak English.

Oh, that's good.


I get the feeling he doesn't want you here.


Can't you just take a drink or something?

Come on.


Do you think men are smarter than women?


Do you think men are smarter than women?

What are you doing?

Just taking this off.

Oh, God. Please.

Let me see you like this.I'm...

I'm fine.

I don't need... thank you.

Yeah, I like it.

Good. All right, do you wanna
answer my questions or...

Ask me another question.

Okay. Um... let's see.

Oh. What attracts you to a woman?


There are those who talk and those who do.

If you want to know
what a real man is like...

I can show you.

I would like to be between your legs.

Between your legs.

Between your legs.

Between your legs.

Nice girl.

All those guys who play at
Club Flamenco are drug addicts.

I should have known better.

Miss, if you want
real macho, go down South.

He's from Andalusia, the south.

The south? Mm-hmm.

You macho?

From here up.

The downstairs elevator
doesn't really work anymore.

He said of course he is.

I want to go to the south...

to Mojacar.

Mojacar? Why Mojacar?

I heard a lot about that place.

From whom?

Can't remember.

Hotel del Sol.

Why don't you go with your
smart, respectful American...

what's his name?

Carl. The feminist.

You don't think a man can be a feminist?

A feminist man... that's
like saying a male chicken,

but if it works in bed, who am I to say?


Um, do you know Antonio?

This is the lousy interpreter?

Thank you, but it's not
actually my main profession.

What is it that you do do?

I'm a writer... a novelist.

Why aren't you at work writing novels?

"A block is a block is a
block." Gertrude Stein.

You didn't tell me you were a writer.

Well, I haven't written
anything in over a year.

I'm about as much of a writer
as I am a feminist.

I don't doubt that.

It's a good line for the American girls.

It won't work for you.

W-We got to go. Um, thank you.

No, no, no, no, no. My treat. Yes.


Adios, muchacho.Adios, asshole.


It's not that I mind being tied down.

It's just that I find monogamy...

possessive and unnatural.

Hmm. So, this guy...

you were with him for three years?

Hmm? Your ex-boyfriend.

Oh, John.

Yeah, I thought he was safe.

What happened? After three years,

we were finally going to get married...

not that there was any great passion,

but at least we were compatible,

and then he flipped out
and joined this men's group.

How was the sex? How was the sex?

The sex? The sex?


Sorry I asked.

It's always been a problem for me.

Maybe I should try some
Spanish fly or something.

Spanish fly.

Oh, my God.

I haven't heard of that in years.

You know it's a myth, don't you?

I thought it was a sex pill
made from ground insect wings.

My dear, Spanish fly was a hoax.

The wings are a mild irritant from Morocco

that was marketed in
the '70s as an aphrodisiac

by some shrewd guy who's
probably a millionaire by now.

If it didn't work, why
is the guy a millionaire?

But it did work.

You see, most...

Most sexual problems
have to do with timidity.

If you just spiked a woman's
drink, you wouldn't have any luck,

but if you told her you spiked her drink,

a lot of women would lose their inhibitions

and allow their libido
to take over guilt-free

because it's all supposed
to be out of their control.

It's all in the mind.

Great, now it'll never work on me.

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Como si fuera esta noche

♪ La ultima vez

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Que tengo miedo a perderte

♪ Perderte despues

♪ Quiero tenerte muy cerca

♪ Mirarme en tus ojos

♪ Estar junto a ti

♪ Piensa que tal vez manana

♪ Estare muy legos

♪ Muy legos de aqui

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho... ♪

Bordadores Street, please.

Right away, miss.


I'm John, the old boyfriend.

Oh, hi. I'm Carl, the new guy.

What's with this chick?

I don't know, buddy. She
couldn't get off with me.

I don't know, buddy. Don't waste your time.

I don't know...


I don't know, buddy.

I don't know.


Don't get up. Continue, please.

Do whatever it is you're doing.


Hey-baba-hebwa-hebwa, hey-baba-hebwa-hebwa.

Zoe, have a seat.

No kissing... remember our pledge.


It's ritualistic.

What, like boxers before a fight?

Exactly. Except we go fishing and hunting.

Men have forgotten
how to be real providers.

That's our problem.
Women have held us back.

What are you saying? I
held you back from fishing?

And chanting and drumming.

And pretty much hanging
out with your good buddies.

This is my bonding partner, Barking Nugget.

Good to know you.


Love you. Mean it.

Hate you. Don't.



Any heat in the belly?

"Heat in the belly"?

I don't know, is your belly hot?

Actually, I'm... I'm getting married.

Married? To who?

It's only been four months.

Well, when it works, you just know it.

So why did we bother
spending three years together?

I feel we didn't really
challenge each other, Zoe.

We were living by rules. We were bored.

Wow, marriage.

I'm really happy for you.


Oh, God... I got to go.

I'm sorry, Zoe.

Yeah, it's okay.


Hope the fish bite.

You, too, snookie.


hey-baba-hebwa-hebwa, hey-baba-hebwa-hebwa,



Hello?It's Zoe.

I just had dinner with my ex-boyfriend.

The guy's totally
flipped out. He's a loony.

He's joined a men's movement.

And, um... and, uh...

and he's getting married.

Look what you've done. I don't know

how he could be so happy
when we broke up...

Zoe, I'm sorry,
what did you......three months ago.

I-I'm sorry, Zoe.

Fuck you!

I hate fucking men. I don't
want fucking men in my life. Taxi!

To place Club Flamenco, please.

May I...

There's nowhere else to sit.

Are you by yourself?

God, it's hot.

I'm Gregor.

I'm from Hamburg.

Hamburg in Germany, you know?

Entiendes any English?

What do you want with my girl?

I-I was just sitting here.

Huh? Go sit somewhere else.

Come on. Quick.

Oh, look at that, there's seats.

No, I can't do this.

Why not?

I can't do this.

Yes, you can.

Stop. Stop. No, stop.



Oh, God! Mother...

Hegel said that reason is the substance

as well as the youth and the power,

that reason is, for itself,
the infinite material

of all natural and spiritual life

as well as the infinite form,

and that... That...

Oh, my God...

♪ She

♪ Says she scares herself

♪ She feels too much

♪ She

♪ Says she's seen enough

♪ Dreams... ♪

♪ Like tears in her... ♪

Animals, insects, plants...

A woman gives herself to a man
and she is taken by a man.

It's like a plug in a socket.

♪ it wrong

♪ Yes, you saved her

♪ She's a falling star

♪ She's breaking

♪ She's been pushed too far

♪ She's a conquest ♪

She thought that all he wanted
from women was sex...

♪ On the edge of town...

but that was all he was getting.

This woman was the best, worst
woman he had ever met.

♪ She

♪ Knows his time is up... ♪

Men and women are different.

One has to penetrate the other.

It's written in our genes,
like lions or pigeons.

We can change a few things emotionally,

culturally and socially...

but evolution is slow.

If I waited for you to call,

I'd probably be dead by the time you did.

Not again. What happened with John?

Nothing. I don't want to talk about it.

Zoe, I thought that
you might get back together.

Stop bugging me!

Did you talk about getting married?

Mom, you make me nervous.
You ruin all my relationships.

Stay out of my life! I
will never call you again.

Shit! Mom? Hello? Hello?


♪ ...on the edge of town

♪ She's a dancer... ♪

♪ La, la, la, la-la, la-la ♪


Hey, American! No boyfriend?

I have no nothing.

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

My, uh, video camera broke.
I was trying to fix it.

Anyone you know?

My video camera, my work,
my camera, my interviews


What happened to your hair?

Oh, my blow-dryer broke.

Looks like shit.

Just kidding.

Kid, please.

Zoe, I want you to meet Professor Britell

and Julie, my partner at the bookshop.

They know you.

Well, I told them all about you.Hi.

Yes, Carl was telling us
how you two met up again

after all these years,
and... how did he put it?

"Quickly consummated your relationship."

Oh, that was you.

I also told them all about your book.

Oh, yes, and we love the idea. Come on.

It's really about time that
somebody busted those machos.

I wouldn't say I'm busting
anybody. I'm not sure anymore...

You're showing how machismo
victimizes both men and women...

Carl, you
interrupted me. What is your problem?

Maybe I'm just not
cool enough for you, Carl.

But I strongly object to you discussing

our pathetic personal life
in front of strangers.

Stop it. That's enough, okay?

Okay? That's enough.

Zoe, this is very unpleasant. Would you
please sit down? You know what my problem is?

Men are my problem. You're my problem.

Your pretentious little theories...

How you doing? You're full of shit!

I'm full of shit! JULIE: Hey, Carl.

What do you expect?'Cause I don't know
what I believe,

and I haven't written
anything I believe in.

I want romance!

I want jealousy! I want passion in my life.

Where's... Where...

Where's my bag?

What bag?

My bag with my books and my work and-and...

everything I've been doing up until now.

Where is my fucking bag?

Stop it. We really don't need this here.

Oh, man.

All right. It's all right.

Sit down. Have a drink. Relax.

Nice girl.

Hi, Mom. You didn't have to hang up on me.

This is not your mother.
This is the Morris office calling.

I have Cassian Stern for you.
One moment, please.

Hello, Zoe.

Cassian... Um, hi. I've been
trying to reach you.

I had a call from the publishers.

They decided to drop the whole project.

As you know, you're way
beyond the deadline.

You haven't sent them anything,

so we may have to pay
them back the advance.

I got another call.
I'll keep you posted. Ciao.

♪ La, la, la, la-la

♪ La-la

♪ La, la, la, la-la

♪ La, la, la, la-la

♪ La-la

♪ La, la, la, la-la ♪

So why Mojacar?

I thought you wanted to go to
the south with what's-his-name.

I'm not with Carl anymore.

Ah. What happened?

He just turned out to be another mistake.

Really? What a surprise.

Oh, shut up. Look at you...
bimbo after bimbo.

That's some challenge.

I'm moving on from all that.

Really? Uh-huh.

What's the next chapter?

It's not just a chapter, it's a whole book.

What kind of book?

Mystery, thriller and
love story all in one.

Actually, it's about you.

Yeah? Mm-hmm.

This is the Hotel del Sol?

The last guy who stayed here
must have been Don Quixote.

Can we stay here, please?

Well, if you ask in that way.

Shut the fuck up!

Two rooms, please. Here?


Did your car break down? No.

We have only one room.

You mean you're full?
Only one room is habitable.

They only have one room.


You have to pay up front. Cash.Okay.

Oh, wait. No, it's okay.

That won't be necessary.

Hello. - Hello.

Andres, please show our
guests to room number one.

One, of course.


Uh... did someone actually
suggest this place to you,

or did you just like the look of it?

Are you finished with the loo?


I'm Rosa.


Compliments of the house.

He's singing? Where is he?

It's a male.

I can smell him. Where is he?

Uh, the bed. I forgot the bed. Sorry.

You're my first customers.

I just bought this place.
I'm going to fix it up.

If you come back in a month,
you will not recognize it.

What made you come here?

I was in love. It's over now.

How-How did it end?

He left... and I stayed.

I've fallen in love with this country.

You know, sometimes
if you look for one thing,

you discover something else
completely different.

You have to trust your instincts.

Here are some candles in
case the electricity goes out,

which happens quite often.

Be open to him.


Oh. We're... We're not together.

No? Too bad.

I was hoping you would bring

some of that magic.

I have to leave you.

So, since you are my first customers,

your stay is on the house.

I do hope you come back
when the place is restored.

It will be beautiful.

I just had the most bizarre conversation.


Well, there's no toilet paper
in this ridiculous place.

That's pretty bizarre, too.



You don't want to do anything, do you?


Just say "no" so I can sleep easy.


Thank you.

Good night.

Is that your mother?

She's beautiful.

"Hotel del Sol."

It's her old hotel, isn't it?

Who's the man?

Your father.

He is Spanish?


What's his name?


Pedro what?

I have no idea.

Where is he now?

I don't know.


Come on.

Place must have been a lot different then.

How did she meet him?

She was 18.

She traveled around Europe
with a girlfriend

and... stayed here for a while with him.

She must have really cared about him.

I found the photograph
in her night-table drawer...

when I was 13.

Till then, I-I thought
my father was someone else...

this asshole...

she was married to for a few years.

So then she told me the truth.

Apparently they had some fight and she left

and she got back to New York,

found out she was pregnant.

Did she tell him?

She said she lost touch with him.

We-We-We can't really talk
about it because we fight.

I don't really know the details.

I've never forgiven her for lying to me.

He's handsome, huh?


Big... Big warm eyes eat you up.

I used to...

have this hope that I'd meet him somehow

and he'd recognize me instantly.

Then he'd look at me,
and everything would be okay.

He'd... just fill in

all those years of my
childhood with one look.

Why don't you try to find him?

You really think he-he'd
want to know about me?

It's just... it's just...

a childhood fantasy I used to have.

Anyway, he wasn't there,
and that will never change.

Maybe he would have wanted to be.

He's an asshole, okay?


Change subject.Mm-hmm.

You know that every single thing

which happens to you in your life

makes you what you are,

and I think you're great, Zoe.

No, I'm not.

I'm-I'm... impossible to get along with.

That's why every relationship
I've had has been a failure.

Because you choose...
You choose the wrong men.

I do?

You think they're safe and...

Are you safe?

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Como si fuera esta noche

♪ La ultima vez

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Que tengo miedo a perderte

♪ Perderte despues

♪ Quiero tenerte muy cerca

♪ Mirarme en tus ojos

♪ Estar junto a ti

♪ Piensa que tal vez manana

♪ Estare muy legos

♪ Muy legos de aqui

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Como si fuera esta noche

♪ La utima vez

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Que tengo miedo a perderte

♪ Perderte despues

♪ Quiero tenerte muy cerca

♪ Mirarme en tus ojos

♪ Estar junto a ti

♪ Piensa que tal vez manana

♪ Estare muy legos

♪ Muy legos de aqui

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho

♪ Como si fuera esta noche

♪ La ultima vez

♪ Besame

♪ Besame mucho ♪


What were you doing?

I was just...

You think you look like your mother?

You don't. You resemble your father.

Fuck you.

You are so unpredictable.

Yeah, well, you can be very insensitive.

Why? Because I think
you look like your father?

I don't look like my father!

You don't really know what
happened here. Do you?

Why jump to conclusions that it
was his fault that he abandoned you?

Can't you give him
the benefit of the doubt?

Maybe he even loved her.

If he loved her, why did he let her go?

Why didn't he go after her, huh?

Well, if she was anything like you...

The fairy king who fucks
everything that walks!

Fuck you!

Zoe, you've got to get over this anger.

Don't you realize how it limits you?

Get off me!

Doctor, heal thyself!

Zoe, we're better off just being friends.

So irritating.

Son of a bitch!

Have you seen my friend?

Rosa took her to the train
station early this morning.

You look like shit.

How about a Bud?

No, thank you.

♪ The ultimate

♪ I like to get mellow,
you know what I'm saying?

♪ The ultimate

♪ The ultimate

♪ The ultimate

♪ Yeah ♪

You like my bike?

That's not a bike, it's a donkey.

A bike has at least 120 horse power!

Well, well...

This is the suicide bridge.

If I ever break your heart...

I don't think I'd jump.
I'm afraid of heights.

Good. I lost two girlfriends that way.

To you, Maestro!

I'm gonna show you what a real man is like.

Um, this...

This is a little difficult to say...

Don't speak.

We should... We should use some protection.

Some what? Come on, I'll be careful.

Yeah, but... Yeah.

No, but it's dangerous.
I could get pregnant.

Don't talk like that.

I don't know...



I'm going to reveal to you your own body.

You know what is this? This is the teat.

You know what this is?

The meat.

And this...

This is good.

Touch me.

Yeah, stroke me.

Yeah. Kiss my nipple.


Yeah, like that.

Almost there.

Ooh, yes...

I like.

What was that?

That's just my mother.

Your mother!

Don't worry, she won't wake up.

My little one!

Julio! What?

Did you give my little Lolita a cookie?

Yes, Mama.

Daddy will give you another little treat.

And a goodnight kiss for your mama, Julio!

Yes, Mama.

Don't move, okay?

I'll be right back.

Come here, you little fuck!

You little shit! You're always
fucking up my life.

Hey, hey.

Hey, oye, where are you going?

Oh... Sorry, Julio, I got to go.

Why? What happened?


It was enlightening.

You're gonna miss the best dick in Spain!

Shit! Fuck!

Mom? It's Zoe. Sorry to wake you.

Zoe? Darling, are you okay?

I, uh, I went to Mojacar. I
just wanted to see the place.


The Hotel del Sol, it's still there.

It's not in very good shape, but...

you know, it has...

I felt something.

What did you feel, Zoe?

♪ I wander in my time... ♪

You, I guess. And him.

How it was.

♪ your love stays with me... ♪



♪ But let's not talk of love or chains... ♪

Mom, I need to know what happened.

I mean, you got to tell me.

Was it a... Was it a fling?

Did he care about you? Why did you leave?

Mom? Mom?

Yes, Zoe.

What did you fight about?

It was something stupid.

I don't even remember.

Did he care about you?

Did he love you?

Yes, he did.

So why didn't he come after you?

He did, Zoe.

He was killed. Motorcycle accident.

♪ Yes, many loved before us

♪ I know that we are not new

♪ In city and in the forest

♪ They smiled... ♪

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't find out
till years later, darling.

I had been married.
You had a different family.

By then, I thought
it was too late to tell you.

How can you say that?

You must have known
how important it was to me.

Zoe, you were 13, you were angry,

and I didn't know how to
talk to you. I didn't know.

I just couldn't live through it again.

I'm so sorry, darling.

♪ Many loved before us... ♪

It was a long time ago,
and I don't regret it.

It got me you.

♪ They smiled like me and you

♪ But now, it's come to distances

♪ And both of us must try

♪ Your eyes are soft with sorrow

♪ Hey, that's no way to say goodbye ♪

♪ I'm not looking for another
as I wander in my time

♪ Walk me to the corner,
our steps will always rhyme

♪ You know my love goes with you

♪ As your love stays with me

♪ It's just the way it changes
like the shoreline and the sea

♪ But let's not talk of love or chains

♪ And things we can't untie

♪ Your eyes are soft with sorrow

♪ Hey

♪ Hey, that's no way to say goodbye

♪ I loved you in the morning

♪ Our kisses deep and warm

♪ Your hair upon the pillow
like a sleepy, golden storm

♪ Yes, many loved before us

♪ I know that we are not new

♪ In city and in forest... ♪

Who are you looking for, guapa?

Antonio Molina.

He left five minutes ago.

Oh, okay. Gracias.

De nada. Adios.

♪ Your eyes are soft with sorrow...

♪ Hey, that's... ♪


Hello? Hello? Antonio?






I think you forgot this.

Thank you.

Are you going?

Yeah, I'm going back to New York.

I got another assignment.

Magazine... article. Um, Zoe, I was wrong.

No, Antonio, you were right. I was wrong.

I'm not talking about
your mother and father.

I'm talking about you and me.

We have some unfinished business.

It's too late for... Shut up.

Sorry. No, it's good.
Instinct. That's good.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.