Spacewalk (2017) - full transcript

The film is set in the 60s of the 20th century, during the Cold War and the space race between USSR and the United States. Russians plan to send a man into space. Military pilot Pavel Belyayev and Alexey Leonov are ready to step into the open space. But on the way they face many obstacles and dangers.

Huge thanks to Isaac and Elizabeth
for their invaluable help with the translation



This is "112"

"112", why didn't you reply?

Fire in the engine

Can I use the extinguisher?

Belay extinguisher!

You won't be able
to start the engine again!

That's affirmative

Drift down to 3000 feet,
aim the plane to the field

And bail out, copy?

That's affirmative, drifting down

Markelov, did you prepare the plane?
Markelov, are you deaf or what?

Did you remove the pin
from the catapulte?

"112", Leonov? What's going on there?

Why aren't you answering?
I order you to...

Damn... He turned off the engine

What the... Drive straight to the runway
- Yes, sir

Comrade colonel, the committee has arrived
- Which committee!

General Kamanin

It's like he's blowing the engine

Come on, buddy...
Buddy, come on

There we go!

Hold on!

Lyoha... Lyoha!



Comrade lieutenant general! The comander
of the 294th nonintegrated reconnoitring...

- At ease

And what are you doing here?

Circus performance, ya know,
with visual effects

Lyoha, are you ok?

Why you didn't jump?
We all almost turned grey!

- Here, hide it

And what will we say? Eh, Lyoha?

- Well, uh, uh... We'll say we were saving
expensive Soviet equipment

Come on!

The equipment isn't new...
The engine went wack

But we'll deal with it and
find whose that's fault

- Who is the pilot?

Lieutenant Leonov

Well, there will be a special talk
with him

Honestly, he's crazy

- Send him to me

We're just looking for ones

The Time of Pioneer

Yevgeny Mironov

Konstantin Khabensky

Vladimir Ilyin

Anatoly Kotenyov, Alexandra Ursulyak,
Alexandr Novin, Yelena Panova

Experimental construction department No.1
00:08:09,428 --> 00:08:11,428
In 65th!

In 65th

You all free

I said, you are free

How so, in 65th?


It supposted to be in 67th

By that year Voskhod 2 could be prepared
hundred-per-cent. Why?

Because the Americans
have moved their flight

Now they are planning their spacewalk
before us

It's unacceptable

But to allow an unprepared product
into space

With "USSR" letters on its broadside...
Is acceptable?

To fall flat on our face in front
of the whole world. Is acceptable?

And get to heroic corpses instead of
two alive heroes and cosmonauts

We'll prepare the spacecraft carefully
as we can

But the period of time is too short...

Two spacecrafts

The first one is a test

We'll work over all our mistakes on it

And then... Our Voskhod 2 will fly

Sergey Pavlovich, but even if we can
be on time with the two spacecrafts

Voskhod must go almost immediately
And I cannot understand...

How we are going to ensure
absolute reliability of all systems

We'll work over the maximum amount
of extraordinary situations then...

And then... Hope for people

Thank God, we have the two best pilots

How many combat missions
did you have on the front?

Stop bugging me, Lyosh

We're approaching the disembarking point

The ceiling is really low.
And the wind is the wind increasing.

- How low?
- Ceiling is 1300 feet, without light gaps

The wind is 12 points, gusty.
Are we going back?

We are

Why? It's fun with the wind

With such a wind, it would be fun if out of ten times,
at least one was without consequence. Take it!

Will we back off in space too?

There will be different
instructions in space, Lyosh

What did they choose us for?

Why us, why not someone else?

I haven't thought about that yet

To handle impossible tasks

Eat, the apple is tasty

I'll eat at home

Lyosh, you didn't get it?
We aren't jumping now

- Who's to say?
- The instructions

Don't get bored, chap



Stay calm, Pash



Feet together!


Feet together!

Come along

Come on


Don't touch

The bird won't come back
if it knows that you touched them

Is it its house?

It is

And it also sleeps here?

Who knows

But dad, tell me,
where does the bird sleep?

If you want to know, you'll find out.


Let's go

The meaning is correct, but the form is not

There is a lack of formal tone

- Comrade general, permission to speak?
- No

I'm sorry, may I ask...

Give a decree, so they let me visit
lieutenant colonel Belyaev

- The doctors will decide
- They have already decided...

But he doesn't want to see anyone...
He's upset

I want to maintain my comrade's morale,

- What's with your leg?
- Oh, it just fell asleep


Do you know why I didn't give you
a kick in the pants yet?

Negative, sir

Neither do I

- Continue the training activity
- Thank you

Comrade general, we'll do it!

Pavel will leave the hospital,
and you'll see...

- Major Khrunov is your new partner
- How so? But Pavel...?

Please, listen! That's not his fault, honestly.
I jumped first, you understand...

- I provoked him...
- I know, I read it in your report

Don't worry, Belyaev will rest
for a while, get some treatment

The officer isn't young, almost forty

Let him regain his health

But we have no right to slow down
the program

You are training with Khrunov
for now

Yes, sir

The dinner is getting cold

Looks like it

Sveta, I've already told you,
that "looks like it"

Is the worst compliment
for an artist

It's not a comliment for an artist,
but it's for a cosmonaut with a paintbrush

Who, by the way, could have become
a very good artist

Please, you're blocking my light...
But what about space?

For a real artist, in order to get into space

It's not necessary to fly there
on a rocket

But I see the stars
throught the ceiling

No, it's rather...

I don't see the ceiling, but only the sky

I would.. I would reach the Moon
on a bike

But there are not such bikes

Dinner is ready!

Oh, daddy, may I take the apple?

- Hey, after dinner
- So let's go have dinner now


Well, I see...

Right, keep silent

I will speak


We start the program
to restore physical form

I have just one life

And just one workmate too

I won't fly with others

Of course, I'm training with Khrunov now,
but that's to keep the trainings going

And as soon as you're back,
we go to the supervisors

And file a report for the medical board,
understand, and everything will be fine


That's good that you
don't have a fracture, right?

That's really good!

An old injure got worse,
but that is...

That's such a trifle, that's "pff",
it'll heal up

Some people get their head split open.
But you a leg

Alexey, look at me and
hear me

I will fly with you nowhere

And why do I disgust you so much?

That's not it

You have no fear,
and that's bad

Hey, I'll tell you a story
from my childhood...

- Get away!
- And you'll understand at once what I'm talking about

You didn't understand me?

Don't be ridiculous.
Leonov doesn't leave just like that?

I'll do my work now
and then leave

Easy, easy

Ok. Swing

And one, two..



Let me help! Painful?

Ah! Get away!

What happened, comrade Belyaev?

Go away from here!

Everything is fine, we figured it out

Go away!



What's there? Do you want me to scratch?

You scratch yourself

You know what I think?

And what do you think?

Move faster, is what

Yeah, indeed, right

How didn't I guess by myself?

The spacesuit is 90 pounds

Every extra movement
causes the inertia

Also, you can't see anything
when you go feet first

Well, then a break

No! Once more

In an hour

Why, during all those zero-gravity sessions,

Didn't you have any successful attempts
of entry into the airlock?

What is the hindrance, comrade major?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons.
One of them is... the spacesuit

Comrade chief designer,
it's called "Eagle"...

But it's rather an asbestos coffin. Sorry

But I have a suggestion, can I?

Boris Victorovich!

So in order to pull up the tether
and control your movements

You need more agility

Here, please, note – linkage joints

At the elbow, knee, carpal bends

For greater freedom of movement

- Did you draw it yourself?
- Yes, sir

They correlate with the total preassure
in the spacesuit...

Boys, making a spacesuit like that
will take two or... two and a half years

- We don't have such time,
comrade Leonov

- I see, Sergey Pavlovich

- But what if we shift the tether
attachment point to the helmet

- Excuse me, what?


- Our cosmonaut enters the airlock
feet foremost, right?

I feel, it woud be better, if the cosmonaut
can see where he is going

And get into the airlock head foremost

Comrades, leave us for
three minutes

Go ahead

- Me?
- Yes

How exactly do you want?

Head foremost? You are requested

Come on


And now turn back to face the hatch


In order to close the outer hatch


But it's automatic

It's automatic 9 times of 10

Let's assume you are
out of luck

And now imagine, that you are in an inflexible

And oxygen is running out

- Have you imagined?
- Yes

That's all, you're dead

And your mate too

Now we know, Sergey Pavlovich

We'll be working on the running task

And sorry for bothering you

Sergey Pavlovich

We are ready to fly even in shackles,
even in mail

We're already people, who fly in shackles
from birth

But imagine, if they were removed

What would be...

We'd lose balance and crash

That's who we are


Yes, sir

The drawing

Leave it

Yevgeny Anatolievich

Belyaev is bad!



Comrade Belyaev

Dear, what are you doing?

As you said, excersising the leg

But I meant little by little

Gradually, with time

I don't have time, Evgeny Anatolievich


The old pilot amazes

- You know, what I like most
about you, Khrunov? - What?

Your smile

Smile again

What a smile!


Welcome back!

Squad! Draw up!

Front leaning rest position!

I'm sorry

- Comrade Belyaev, join up
- Yes, sir

- Welcome back!
- Thank you

And one, two...

Experimental construction department No.1
120 days before launch



It's time to go home and get enough sleep

Finish tomorrow

Segey Pavlovich, people need rest

They've been toiling for three weeks

Right after the visitation

Everyone will get a dayoff

One day

- Maybe, let's put the chairman of the committee
in the spaceship

To feel like Gagarin
and be content

Then to the celebration dinner and
a kick in the pants

- A kick in the pants is ok

But no outsiders in the spaceship,
even Brezhnev

What is it? Nikishin?

- Step aside

Shine it on the chest and head area



- My God

I want to know exactly
what happened


Boris Evseevich, report back to me
what occurred in half an hour

With the electrics

- Sure

I take it that the visitation
is cancelled?

- No way! I want
them to see all this

We desperately need
them to see it

May they report back to whom
they should

The beginning was better,
comrade colonel

Half a second

Please, give it to Svetlana Egorovna

- Yes, sure
- In honor of a nice sunny day

- Ok
- And her wise decision

- What is this?
- Someone asked to give it to you

Put it here

So, comrade colonel

By now I don't have claim to you

Let's change the workload,
and then we'll check the pressure

Well, for our ladies!



By the way, what do I call a lady
who is a cosmonaut?

Female cosmonaut or lady cosmonaut?

We've said already, "for ladies"...

How did it go with the medical commission?

What did they say?

Didn't let me pass.
Their decision

Stop, wait a second...

What do you mean, "decision"?

What did they give as a reason?

Anything specific?

"No go. Age, injuries," they say

"You can't run well with a bum leg"

- I see

So you backed off?

So who I'm going to fly with now?

You are my workmate

- Why are you deserting me?
- Lyosh, what are you up to?

Am I your workmate?

There is your workmate

We don't serve our own whims,
but the common goal

The doctors are right,
I'm ill-suited for the task

I don't care about the doctors.
If I fly, it's only with you

Are you really going to
run in space?

- The Chief Designer is going!
Fall in!


Run or not

You can't outrun fate

Things didn't work out for me

Can't outrun?



It seems we must conquer space
without them now

Are you out of your mind,
comrade major?

Do you want to be thrown out of the squad?

Comrade general!
Permission to speak, sir?

Did you want anything,
comrade Leonov?

Did you see him running?
Did you?

So he's able. Not half able

- That's all?
- Yes. I mean yes, sir

- You're free
- Yes, sir

You're free

I'd like to see the results
of the medical commission

"Zero gravity"

Almaz-2 in the airlock

Well done, Almaz

Well, we'll see...

About that

The day of the launch
of the unmanned test module

Well, comrades cosmonauts...

During the test operations, we'll make
a film about your everyday life

I feel myself Muslim Magomayev

It's good, that not Edita Pyekha

Scene 1, take 3

Today we gathered here not to celebrate

But to verify

The possibility of victory

- Attention, get ready and... start
- Come to dad

- Daddy! Ouch!
- Easy, easy


Let's go again

"Key to ignition"

I had a bad dream

Hey, what a silly thing...


The launch of an unmanned module

Will be implemented today

At 10:30 am Moscow time

"Record 2"

As you know, the ship will reach an orbit
for testing purposes

"Key on drainage"

- Come on, Svet, people are here, really
- That's ok

"The space farewell",
part 2, scene 3, take 1

Our task is to run a full test of the


All key parts of Voskhod 2,
including inflatable airlock,

Will be understood to be fully tested

Once the unmanned module
returns to Earth



We must be sure about the accuracy
of our calculations

Before the launch of the spacecraft with

Pavel Belyaev and Alexey Leonov

"The spacecraft has reached the orbit"

Our heroes, who we pin a special mission

"The airlock is open"

We will go outside the capsule for
the first time ever

And have a spacewalk in outer space

"Conditional spacewalk has been

The success of this flight will help us
in reaching the moment

When we can be with space as equals

Be like friends

Take heed!

"Attention! The connection with the test module
has been lost"

"Repeat, the connection with the test
module has been lost"

Confirm, observing the cloud of

Good to see you, Sergey Pavlovich

- Good to see you
- You are kindly requested

"I pledge the Soviet government"

"Esteemed Communist Party"

"All soviet people"

Good to see you, Leonid Ilyich

Wait a moment, Sergey Pavlovich

Let's finish the movie and talk

I don't have time to watch a movie

I can feel Earth slipping under foot

It doesn't slip under foot, only for those
who make no headway

And you're Korolyov,
engine for progress

I have a complete report here
with all technical details

Let me try to tell you in short

If something isn't clear, ask

I know...

The spacecraft reached the orbit

Conditional spacewalk was

Now repeat the same

With two cosmonauts.
And get a Gold Star

- But the spacecraft fell apart.
We don't know why. Don't have data

- Was there a spacewalk?

Conditionally, yes

Now do it unconditionally

The United States want to launch
their spacecraft in May

Our Voskhod must fly before

So that the whole world knows

That we are the first

Our space time is happening.
Soviet time

The time of pioneers

I don't care if the Americans
will launch first

I understand that the main thing for us,
for our country...

Not to fall flat on our face


While I manage all this

An unprepared spacecraft won't go to space

All the more, if my people are inside

Only over my dead body

- Is that a fact?
- Yes

You know what

Think over that

And get to work tomorrow

There is no one but you

Our indispancable

When did you rest last?

Rest is for the tired

I'm not

Maybe, you are not,
but your heart says the opposite

My heart is capricious

But I hope we'll make a deal

- You know, I don't want to scare you

But it can happen any moment.
In your place, you know...

- Thank you, doctor, that you're not
in my place

Thank you, that you're in yours

It was an honor to meet you


Cosmonaut's hotel. Baikonur
One day before launch

I wonder, is it snowing in Moscow too?

If so, if I can to ski with the girls

Yeah, right... Build a snowman,
get some pie

Did we prepare for nothing?

Enjoy yourself if you want

We won't fly?

I don't think anything

There is the regulation

We've spent so much time and effort

All sizzle, no steak. But the regulation

What do they have for a head?

What do you want?

You want Korolyov to trust luck
and appoint the launch?

- Not luck, Pasha,
we took apart that ship

Cog by cog, and put it back together

I have confidence in it like in my own mother

But you're just standing and packing

Do you think you're the only one
who wants to fly to space?

You think, you're the only one who wants?
I want it as much as..

Ok, well...

As Motherland will say...

Do I need your orders?

I won't back off


- Good morning, Sergey Pavlovich
- Good morning, comrade Chief Designer

Good morning

- You've been up for a while?
- No, just got up

Drinking tea

As you know, the test flight failed

Launching Voskhod 2 with people
is too risky

We'll repeatedly launch an empty module
on your rocket

We'll build a new one in a year

And you'll fly

- Alright

Why are you upset? The fact that
the Americans will be the first?

Sergey Pavlovich, we are in peak of physical condition.
We worked over...

Three thousand emergency situations

- There will be 3001st, 3002nd, and 3003rd
in space

I can't let you go,
that's death


Without an obituary

- Why did you come then?

You're a hillbilly

Yes, Listvyanka village

That's next to Kemerovo

I could die at three, when my father
was taken away as "enemy of the people"

And we were inked as "family of saboteurs"

The neighbors raided at once

Took food at first, the furniture, then house

Put us out on the street in the frost

Mom was pregnant

And we, eight kids

The neighbor came back, took off my outerwear,
I stayed like that

In a long shirt

Thank God, the older sister with her husband
sheltered us

A room in a dormitory for workers

170 square feet for all

My place was just under the bed

But so what, we survived

Then the war

All men to the front

The rest to mobile hospitals,
to recreate the industry, defense

And to study...
My mom brought me to school, I had a look...

I'm proud, standing. She looked at my feet

The ice melted into puddles.
I didn't have shoes

But so what, we withstood,

Then the Victory, yes. But at what price...
All uncles, brothers dead

And the whole country like that, every family

Sergey Pavlovich

We went through that

We have so much left

Not to get scared of an emergency situation

I'll gnaw through a hole
in the hatch and go out

Sergey Pavlovich

We are ready to take a risk

Strong tea

See you later


Comrade general!

We are ready for launch

Report back to comrade Brezhnev
and comrade Kosygin

That spaceship Voskhod 2
is ready for launch

Yes, sir

Zarya, this is Almaz, we are ready

Attention! We are one minute to launch

Key to ignition

Key to ignition go


Venting go

Key on drainage

Key on drainage go


Launch go


Ignition go


Intermediate go

Main stage

Main stage go


Start go

Good luck


Lift off

Lift off contact confirmed

All systems work well



The rocket construction parameters
are good



Pitch, yaw, roll are all good


The flight is going well

"Attention! This is Moscow broadcast"

We are broadcasting across all radio stations...

And the central television
of the Soviet Union

Today, March 18th, 1965,
at 10 am

Artificial satellite and spaceship Voskhod 2

Was placed in the orbit of planet Earth

With the ship continuously maintained
radio contact

Comrades Belyaev and Leonov
are carrying out their work...

"In accordance with the flight program"

Zarya, this is Almaz

Slight vibration

All devices are working normally

Feeling excellent

We stand ready to implement the task

Almaz, start to implement the task

Copy, Zarya

Elongating the airlock

Zarya, the airlock has been elongated.
We're starting to equalize the pressure in the airlock

Zarya, getting ready to enter the airlock

Zarya, the airlock pressure has been equalized

Switching to the oxygen supply
from the backpack

Zarya, the spacesuit is pressure-tight,
opening the inner hatch of the airlock

Don't get bored

I'll be soon

Pash, push me.
Just a little bit.


This is Almaz-2

I'm in the airlock

Almaz-2, copy

Zarya, this is Almaz,
closing the innter hatch of the airlock

Zarya, this is Almaz,
starting to depressurize the airlock

Almaz-2, pressure-relief in the airlock
is 5 minutes

Pressure is elevated,
but within range

Almaz-2, your oxygen
consumption is above normal

Lyosh, breath evenly

I'm almost not breathing

Attention, get ready

Zarya, the airlock pressure is zero

Opening the outer hatch
of the airlock

Almaz-2, give a status report

This is Almaz-2, reporting

Everything is going well

Ready to go outside the ship

Begin moving into outer space



Moving into outer space

Is permitted

Lyosh, make two trips

The first is for testing, with loads

The second one, for taking photos

Copy, Almaz


This is Almaz-2

I'm on the edge of the airlock



I see clouds, the sea below

Caucasus range

Right now! Just passed

I see sky

I see land

Volga! Right below

Good working conditions!

Almaz-2, get ready for departure

Yes, copy that

Remove the lens cap from the camera

I've removed. I've removed the lens cap

Where can I put it?


Just throw it away

- Copy

Throwing away

Zarya, this is Almaz-2

Pulling out the tether

"Soviet Cosmovision is sharing
another broadcast from space"

From the Voskhod 2 spaceship

We are witnessing the event

That just yesterday we spoke of
only as fantasy...


Begin push off

Almaz-2, you can depart

Ok, ok, wait a sec

Well, I'm off

Zvezda, Zary!

This is Almaz

Man went into outer space

Man went into outer space

He's now in free flight

"Today, March 18th, 1965..."

At 11:35 am Moscow time...

During the flight of spaceship Voskhod 2

The first ever spacewalk has been implemented;
the first man has gone...

Into outer space

On the second orbit of the flight

The second pilot, cosmonaut
Major Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich

In a special spacesuit

With an autonomous life support system

Went into

Outer space

Dad is a real cosmonaut!


So, now we only need to learn

And then we can form
space forces

Great job!
Everyone did well!

Stay focused!

Comrade general

The Kremlin is on the line

They ask to connect directly with
the cosmonaut

Well then connect them

- Put them through
- Yes, sir


- Yes?

- Lyosha?

- Yes?

Who is this?

Brezhnev is on the line

Leonid Ilyich?


- How are you doing, son?
- Reporting

My mind is clear,
my vision is not disturbed

Spatial orientation is normal

Man can work in outer space

Man can work... outer space

- Oh, yeah.. I see how you're tumbling
around out there

The whole country is watching you

And the whole world

Thank you

- We are proud of you

Thanks. Really thank you

You come back alive, above all

That's an order, do you hear me?

Proud to serve the Soviet Union

What are his parameters?

Pressure and temperature slightly going up,
but in general...

All parameters are good

The air?

The air lasts 27 minutes

Let's move to the next step


Get ready for push off
to test the reaction of vestibular apparatus

For the position of the body in space

Let's go!

Almaz-2, how do you feel?


Ready for the last stage for pictures

His pressure rose to 140 over 90.

125, temperature 98 F

He's worried

Who wouldn't be?


Take a couple of photos
and go back home

But without sudden movements

- Slowly
- That's affirmative


Are you smiling there?

I am

I'm taking pictures

Time is short, take the photos and go back,

Oh, wait

What's this?

What's with the pressure?

What's with the pressure?

Almaz-2, are you ok?

Almaz, what's going on there?

Almaz-2 is not replying

There was a knock on the spaceship hull

Visual contact with Almaz-2 was lost

What's with the connection?

- All devices work well

Technically, the connection isn't broken

- What are his parameters?
- Pressure, pulse, temperature...

All are rising

Almaz, continue calling Almaz-2

Repeat, Almaz, continue calling

Everything went too well,
too seamlessly

Stop all on-air broadcasts

- Yes, sir

"We are presenting to the audience the ballet
of Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev

"The Tale of the Stone Flower"

"On the stage of the state academic
Bolshoi theater... "

We'll wait

Almaz-2, do you read me, over?

Almaz-2, over?

Zarya, cannot connect with Almaz-2

Continue trying

Sergey Pavlovich

There are certain instructions for this situation

If Almaz-2 cannot get back to the ship

We have to get ready to blow-off the airlock

Pressure 155 over 100

Pulse 150, temperature 101 F

Zarya, this is Almaz

Permission to go out to the airlock?

How long to the dead zone?

It's about 5 minutes until conection is lost

- Sergey Pavlovich, the exit of the second
cosmonaut means...

The full depressurizing of the ship

- And they will have to come back by themselves

There won't be any connection

- And how will the ship behave after the depressurization

Only God knows

- Start praying then

- Sergey Pavlovich

If we blow-off the airlock,
only one cosmonaut will die

If you give the order, both could die

Almaz, get ready for depressurizing the ship

Copy, Zarya

2 minutes. Standby

If Belyaev cannot do it,
the results of the colossal work

Of thousands Soviet citizens
will stay in orbit

- Now I think not about thousands,
but about two

Zarya, this is Almaz

I'm ready to go to the airlock

Waiting for the order

We don't have any right to fail
the whole space program

For one man

One minute until the dead zone

Cancel the command, Sergey Pavlovich

What are the parameters of Almaz-2

Pressure 170 over 110,
pulse 165

Temperature 102 F


He's alive

Got it?

Zarya, this is Almaz, repeat,
ready to go out to the airlock

Waiting for the order

I'm sure you know what you're doing

30 seconds until entering the dead zone

Zarya, repeat, waiting for the command

Start depressurizing the ship


There he is! Almaz-2.
Next to the airlock!

Zarya, confirming! Almaz-2
is next to the airlock


Run off home!

They are in the dead zone

What happened?

- The spacesuit is inflating

Arms, legs, fingers...
I can hardly move

Why were you silent?

- Didn't want to bother you all

I see


So, how much oxygen do I have?

A tad

Lyosha, hurry up

Lyosha, there's no time at all

Take the camera
and get into the ship

Ok, ok... Taking the camera, Pash

Go, go

Well done

Go it, try

That's the only way

Come on!

What a mess

Try, try!

Brace yourself!


Belay! Don't you dare!
Only feet foremost!



I said close!

Do it!

It hasn't closed, right?


I see

So, I have to turn around
and close it manually

That won't work, Lyosha

But what are the other options?

I'll open the hatch

Pull you up

- And depressurize the ship

- So, we'll take the risk

What? To risk the whole operation?

No, Pasha

I'll try


Lyosha, no!


Stop! You only had a tiny bit of air

Now you won't have anything at all

So, you can blow me off together
with the airlock

You're bull-headed!


I got stuck

I can't move

Lyosh, talk less, save air

Ok, I'm silent

And what if we put...
The leg

Like this!

Go, go!

Come on, Lyosha

Go, go, go

Yes! The airlock is pressure-tight!
Well done!

Now hold on

Hold on a couple of minutes at the least


Lyosha, no!

- That's all
- What?

My race is over

Good job, Lyosh

Ok, I see, but can you tell us?

I understand, but what does it mean?



Well, they say that the flight is
going in normal mode

Lyosha always answers like that,
when someone disturbs him from work. Or...

Or when everything is bad

The demonstrations were held in honor of the flight
in Moscow and Leningrad

Svetlana Leonova called

- Tea?
- No, thank you

She asked what's what. She's worried

Why is she worried?
Anything happen? No

Voskhod 2 is going to escape
the dead zone in a minute

Start calling


Lyosha, come back to Earth


We are escaping the dead zone

Hey, I was thinking

Next time

- When we fly to the Moon...

Command Center is on the line

We’ll be getting a scolding now

Almaz, this is Zarya, do you read me?

Zarya, this is Almaz,
reading you loud and clear

Almaz, what is with Almaz-2?

Zarya, Almaz-2 reads you loud
and clear too

What a rascal


Welcome back

Thank you for your servce

Thank you

Proud to serve to the Soviet...

Why didn't you get in touch?

Zarya, we had some problems
with the connection

We couldn't establish the reason why

- Almaz-2...

You can't answer for yourself?

I confirm

Zarya, everything is alright here

We are ready to blow-off the airlock

- Get ready

To blow-off the airlock

Getting ready to blow-off the airlock

Almaz's, we need to remind you,
that we implemented the test cycle

Only until this stage

We don't know what can happen after
blowing off the airlock

Be ready for everything

It can't get any worse

Almaz, check the pressure in the cabin

- The pressure in the cabin is normal

Check the contact of the igniters

- There is contact,
ready to blow-off the airlock


Zarya, the blow-off is complete

Depressurizing or other faults are not observed

But it spun

How much has it spun? Almaz?


20 degrees on the contour

We can turn on the auto-orientation,
it will stabilize

And burn all the fuel intended for
a manual landing?

Sergey Pavlovich, I can put my neck on the line
for the automation

The manual landing won't be needed

Almaz's, how do you feel?

We feel good, Zarya


Let's go for a spin?

It's 15 orbits before
entering the landing zone

It's about 22 hours

What do you think, will you endure it?

We will, Zarya

Hold on, Eagles

Hold on

22 hours

It's like going to Tuapse

In the upper berth

The 20th hour of the flight. 2 hours
to run the cicle of the automatic landing

Hey, it's been long time, you need to sleep.
There are 10 orbits ahead

It will keep! I need to finish the drawing

Tretyakov Gallery is waiting

- Tretyakov Gallery?
- And what did you think?

The first picture made in space

That isn't a drawing flowers in pots

They will hang it right next to
"Morning in a Pine Forest"

Do you know, how they called me to go to the art Academy?

They kept the place until the last moment

- Why didn't you go?
- What's the point?

You can fly and paint

But paint and fly... It's unlikely

Well... What's about me, they called me
to visit Cuba

- You?
- Yep

You know, they called right from the embassy
to the ship


"Come here," they say, "Pavel Ivanovich, for holidays."

- Ah... But where was I?
- I don't know, you went somewhere

- Right

Brezhnev congratulated me at the same time

He said, he will come to the airport
to meet me

"Lyosh," he said, "Just when you descend
the ladder, to the left..."

"You'll recognize me, by my hat..."

Then to go to the country

Not, to the Kremlin first.
Then to the country

I wish you would draw instead, Lyosh



How do you feel? Normal?

Yeah, just a little bit queasy

But it should be that way

- What's with the oxygen?
- One moment

No way

Almost 300


Zarya, this is Almaz

The partial pressure is twice above normal here

- What's the exact value?


And still rising


No sudden movements

There is not air, but pure oxygen

The littlest spark
and you'll burn instantly


What to do?

Turn off the main lighting

Stand by for instructions


Where is the oxygen from?

They'll find out

- There is a leak somewhere...
- From the backpacks?

Leonov left his in the airlock...
So, it's Belyaev's?

And the value is 296 at once?
Because of just one backpack?

Then it's from one of the compensation
leakage tank

But there are not any failures in the system

Tightness of the cabin isn't
damaged either

Maybe the hatch shifted away during the blow-off?

But then we would see a drastic temperature drop

Comrades, their pulse and pressure are decreasing

It will be oxygen toxicity soon

We need a blueprint
of the central ceiling zone

The most detailed

Almaz, most likely there is a micro fissure

It's useless trying to search it,
it's not dangerous by itself

But the system has detected the leak
and automatically started pumping air

The compensation detector can only be turned off

You'll have to disassemble something

That's affirmative

Sergey Pavlovich! We must not do it!
Everything is under voltage there

- Do you have any other options?


Right above you, at the central ceiling zone

The compensation leakage detector is set
next to the flap for dropping pressure

Cut the upholstery on the contour

This is a gamble...

During assemblage, the technician died. But he was
a qualified specialist

Do you see the density of wiring,
and the have no tools and no light

My God

Zarya, we've cut the upholstery

The detector system is set behind the wires

To get to it, you need to cut
the binding holding the wires

Copy, Zarya

Lyosh, shine it here

What will happen with them?

Numbness of the limbs at the beginning

Painful muscle spasms

All these amid a background of
partial hearing loss and visual hallucinations


Easy... Easy...

Hold on, hold on...



Let me do it

And you'll shine the light

Then they will fall asleep

At the end

Fall asleep? That's all?


That's all


I'll do it

Almaz, do you hear me?

Hold on

Hold on, Pash


Do do you hear me?


Almaz, do you hear me?

Pasha, you're shining the light so well


So bright


That's good

Ah, Zarya

I see


I see the detector

Well done, now the most important...

Do you see a yellow wire?

Unplug it. It's behind the nest of wires

Nest of wires

Do you hear me?

Zarya, repeat

Behind the nest of wires

Repeat, Zarya

Unplug the yellow.. Behind the nest of wires


The nest

That's where it lives

- I didn't get you, Almaz

That's where it sleeps.
That's her house

- What house?

I didn't get you, Almaz, repeat

We'll unplug it

- Did you unplug?

Where is your house?

Have you unplugged it? Almaz?

Ok, I've found

Hold on, Pasha


Almaz, do you hear me?

Have you unplugged it?

Don't be silent, speak! Have you unplugged it?

Almaz, Almaz...

There is no signal.
The ship is out of the field of vision

The system of automatic orientation...

Will run before escaping the dead zone

Cycle 4 will land them

Do they have a chance?

- Mama?
- Yes?

Is it night in space too?

It is

Go to sleep

Is daddy sleeping too?


Everyone should sleep

When I wake up...

Will daddy fly back?

He will try

He will really really try

22nd hour of the flight.
25 minutes past the cycle automatic landing run

We've been waiting for the signal,
but it's silence yet

There is no visual contact too


A crowd of strong healthy men
sitting like couch potatos

And sighing like it's a funeral

If we cannot help our comrades

Let's not hold a premature funeral


Please, coffee fro everybody. And me too

Look, let's think logically

The ship should have land 23 minutes ago

Perhaps during the re-entry the atmosphere
it was off course

And it ended up at an unplanned area

- You're repeating yourself,
Boris Viktorovich

"Probably, perhaps, it seems..."

Give me the calculations for all landing possibilities

- Sure

Prepare the calculations

- We can't wait anymore

Let's send aircrafts to search
from the air

Sergey Pavlovich, there is a call from Kremlin.
They want to congratulate the successful...

- They will call back

- Yes, sir

Their parameters!

They are alive

They are alive

We are receiving from the ship

Signal, there is a signal

This is Almaz, over

- Tell them, Korolyov left to
meet the cosmonauts


We read you

We are you? We are you, Eagles?

In the seats

We didn't go anywhere

- Zarya, this is Almaz

We feel normal

Cycle 4 hasn't been run

Repeat, cycle 4 hasn't been run

Just escaping the dead zone

Sergey Pavlovich, I...

I don't have an explanation yet

Perhaps, the spin of the ship was too strong

That's an extraordinary situation

Oh, is it really?
It's not the first

Did anyone count them?

- I did

Let's try to restart the system

And land them on in the next orbit

We don't have right to land them in the next orbit

The ship will be passing rival territory

The guys should be returned to Earth

And you will be dealing with the territory later

Zarya, this is Almaz

Permission to switch the ship
to manual control immediately

And implement the landing
right now, over

Almaz, we need to calculate
the landing point for that

We don't have enough time
for that now

Sergey Pavlovich! Don't worry!
We have all calculations

So, I guesstimated here...

We'll land in the Urals.
Somewhere in the Perm area


Be reasonable. Is that calculations?

"He guesstimated,"
"Somewhere in the Perm area."

On the other hand, they both
are experienced pilots

- But nobody ever landed a spaceship
in a manual mode

Manual control, it's like, I don't know...

A straw for a drowning

Exclusively only for desperate situations

And what is the situation now?

Sergey Pavlovich

For a minute

That's it

The meeting has begun

Now they will gather everyone

Choose the Chairman

Then they will listen to a speaker

Start the discussion

And you asked me
why I didn't reply?

I would be pushing up daisies by now

Come on, we will land our clunker, Pash

We landed a lot more rustbackets in our day

You will land it, won't you?

- We don't have any other option
- Why that?

Or we land it manually now,
or they will keep us in the orbit

In short, as Motherland will say

You think they won't permit it?

I wouldn't

We are not sisters of mercy, Sergey Pavlovich

State secrets are not subjects for experiments

- Honestly, I don't get you

Or I do, but that's even worse

Are you offering to keep them in orbit?

Do I get you right?

- We are at war

Cold, but quite real

What if they end up in Europe?

Or, God forbid, fly into China

All the secrets of our space program
will fall into the hands of the enemy

- So what? Should they just stay like that?

So that they won't "fly into somewhere"?

- They are soldiers

And the soldiers have to die.
In the interest of their state

- I see

Ok, well...

The thought isn't new, but...

Constructive. Thanks.

Maybe, I'll think about it


This is Zarya

Switching to manual control...

Is permitted

Start with sealing the spacesuits

"Zarya", copy that

Get started

It's good that you're not
the one who decides

"Zarya", repeat, landing area is approximately...

Lyosha, they can't hear you

They'll find us somehow.
If we land

Let's land right on Red Square?

Enough talk, start stabilization
of the spaceship

It seems we've aligned

You see! You can when you want

All we need now is to make it to Earth


I'm crammed in

And how...

How am I supposed to see?

Maybe I should go out?

Direct it

I'm ready!


- Done



- No, no! North-west

- North or north-west?
- Easy, easy, easy...


Okay, gently. Even more gently

Yes, now west
- Done

Too much! Back it up!
Stop! Stop!

All over again!




- Pasha, we're losing time

- That won't work, Lyosh

I'll do it myself

- What are you doing?
The gravity center will shift

- Free the seat

So where should I go?

Go there, under the porthole

I'll try

Ok, hold my legs

- I'm holding

Lyosha, I'll take aim

And we'll very carefully

Quiet as little mice

Sit back

- Do it quick, buddy. Otherwise
we'll land in China

- Don't rush me. If I slip up,
we'll fly into space


Back to the seats

Is the Earth steady?

It's drifting

- How much?
- About 7 degrees already

- What's with the nitrogen?

Almost at zero

Lyosha, are you attached?


Retro engine run
has been detected

It'd be great to know
where they will end up

We'll end up in jail, if anything

But they will land

The telemetry detected some inclination

It seems, they left their seats
to take aim

And when they were sitting back,
the gravity center shifted

- So what?

The landing path can change

- Sergey Pavlovich, can I?

With the inclination over
six or seven degrees

They will get into the atmosphere

With a very acute angle

The spaceship might ricochet off

And get back to the orbit again

The gravity will pull them back...

- But that won't be soon

Boris Viktorovich, calculate
all possible landing positions

Stay focused

Let's wait

The transmitter signal

And hope...

For the best

Is it Thursday?

Or Friday?

I have no idea

You think the children have got up?

I wonder if Vika went to the daycare
or again...

Lyosha, don't worry

If I slipped up, then in about three years...

The gravity will work anyway

Be buried with honors


Let's have a bite to eat

Hoo oo!

How about that!
What delicacies!


It's a pity there's no garlic

Do you want some?


You are...

Seems like gravity

Belay the delicacies!
Going home!

That's affirmative,
comrade commander!

Blow-off reserve retro engine

Separation confirmed

Get ready for instrument module
separation. Blow-off!

Partial, the module hasn't been

Lyosh, hold on! It's going to spin

Okay! It came apart!



Yes, I am!

- You fool!

- Were you scared?
- Why'd you do that?

- Done?
- Yeah

Let's go?


It will be loud

Wait a sec

- So ya ready?
- Yep

3 hours after the moment of landing

"We are at square 24, no signal"

"Square 22, still nothing"

" the whole shortwave range, no signal.
Continue searching"

Why, with all the power of Soviet science,

We cannot detect one radio beacon

In a given square!

The signal disappeared during re-entry
into the atmosphere. It can mean...

It can't

We need specific versions

Sergey Pavlovich

Apparently, they landed somewhere
we didn't expect

A full-scaled search operation
has been deployed

You need cool it

And get some rest

- I'll get rest when we've found them

What are the assumptions?

First, the beacon might be broken
from a hard landing

Second, they might have damaged it
when they were cutting the upholstery

- They have a portable transmitter
for that case

To send signals manually

So why can't we detect it?

The batteries of the transmitter don't work at
low temperature

- So what? It wouldn't dawn upon them
how to warm a battery?

- First they have to work out how to warm themselves

The spacesuits, unplugged from the life support system,
are not designed for low temperature

- They cannot shelter in the capsule as well.
It will be like a freezer in an hour

Perhaps, the radio waves just cannot pass

The quality of a shortwave signal depends a lot
on a terrain and weather conditions

- Let's say they turned out to be
in adverse weather conditions

How long can they hold out?

A day

Taiga. It's turning off the signal

But we will use Morse code

We'll make it with good old Morse code

Morse code is very reliable

You'd better winterize, Alexey

- It will keep


V-N, V-N...

What's "V-N"?

V-N, "Everything normal"

Do you have a conscience?

They've landed, our eagles!

- What?
- It's V-N. "Everything normal"

- So you're "everything normal"?

- Hey, wait! It will be the most interesting
moment now...

... Rescue operation
- Don't worry, they will rescue them without you

They will show everything on TV tomorrow

- Ahh, why do you always...
- Go, go..

Enough to intervene in state secrets

The Kremlin waiting an official statement

We have to do it tomorrow by 10 am

We have nothing to make yet

Sergey Pavlovich, you need to get some rest

Nothing depends on you now

There is a plenty of time until the morning,
if we don't waste it

Comrade lieutenant general! Permission to speak...

The weather report has come. Heavy snowfall
is expected all over the Ural ridge

An Arctic cyclone is moving there

The temperature will fall to -31 F at night

- At night

But it's still day now, right?

It's still day

6 hours after the moment of landing

If they have got the signal, it's about
two hours for triangulation...

So they are going to come soon

They'll be soon

If they got it


Your turn

Chill out

We knew what we were getting into

If they find the journal,

Consider, the task is completed

What do you mean completed?

Did you forget about your girls?

They are ironing your uniform.
Preparing to meet their dad alive

You understand? Alive

Not a frozen piece of mammoth shit

No, buddy

Give me a hand


My family won't forgive me for this

Who will take Vika to school for the first time?

So here it is, comrade Belyaev

There wasn't an order to give up

Don't get bored, I'll be back soon


Pass the order

Put everything into the air that flies

Double the search area

Yes, sir

General Kamanin's order...

Send the text for the record
of the message

Which one, Nikolay Petrovich?

Both variants

Good evening, comrades

"death of the crew"

May I have some water?

I'm ready


March 18th


In the Soviet Union, for the purpose of testing,

The Voskhod 2 spacecraft was sent
to the orbit of Earth planet

It was manned by two pilots and cosmonauts of the USSR

Lieutenant Colonel
Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev

And Major
Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov

During the test flight, which lasted
more than a day...

During the landing, the ropes
of the parachute twisted

And the spaceship continued falling
with a high speed

Which was the cause of

Death of the crew

Are you guys off your rocker?
You kidding us?


Where are you?

Ain't you got no brains?

We are alive here!

Hey! We're alive

Are you deaf or what?


We're alive

Hey, we're alive

"...Untimely death"

Of the remarkable researchers
and cosmonauts

Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev

And Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov

Is a heavy and irreparable loss

For the whole of the Soviet people

They have been awarded the title of

Heroes of Soviet Union





Are you ok?

Don't sleep!

Hey, Pash


Don't think of sleep! Don't sleep!


That's it, Lyosh

Pavel Ivanovich


Do you know what we're going to do now?

We will rehearse the speech
for the reporters

- Because you're always standing like a...
- You'll handle it by yourself

You're a hero now

- Am I? Nah

You were a hero when I just helped
to farm cows

And you'd already been to war

How many battle flights did you already have!
And I was only dreaming about the sky

- One

One what?

One flight

And I didn't even shoot

The older guys fought, and we, younger guys,
prepared the planes

Swept the aerodrome

And finally, they gave me a battle flight

I thought, here is my turn!

Maybe I'll be useful for something

The enemy didn't attack us

We flew and returned to the base

As if we didn't even fly

And on the next day they capitulated

Well, here's your "hero"

Pavel Belyaev

Do you know...

Why I went to flight school?

- Why?
- The allowance was bigger than in the art Academy

Right now I would be painting my pictures
living on easy street

But no. The whole world saw
how I dangled from the tether

It was inflated so much,
I almost shit my spacesuit

Here is a conqueror of space Alexey Leonov

Pashka, forgive me

That I got you into this

No, no

That's good

What's good?

It's good that

You didn't become an artist

Otherwise, who else would I fly with
so well

Maybe we'll fly again

Depends on what Motherland will say

What the Motherland will say

They've landed


Asking for help

But nobody's coming to them

But they will come for you,
and you'll go to jail

Very successful

But I won't have anyone to ask
for help

But how else?

9 hours from the moment of landing

The weather turned bad

I have to pause the search operation

I see...

As soon as the storm stops...

- Yes, yes... Of course

We have to inform...

The families

Sergey Pavlovich, maybe...

We shouldn't hurry?

But what do you want?

Do you want them to hear about it
from the radio announcer?

We've got the signal!

Sergey Pavlovich, it seems...
We've got the signal

- What you mean, "it seems..."

- I'm sorry, comrade lieutenant general

There was a call from the Committee

Some radio fan from Sakhalin
got in touch with them

He says, he accidentally got a signal
from the cosmonauts

Accidentally? How's that an accident?

- Accidentally...

Radio fan...


Which square?

According the triangulation it turns out...
square 62nd

- Do we have anyone at the 62nd?

Yes, we have one helicopter
within a mile from there

- Call
- Call him

Craft '216'! The signal from the cosmonauts
was located at the 62nd square

You are the closest. Try to gain
visual contact

Repeat, try to gain visual contact

This is '216'

I'm at square 62

The meteorological conditions are bad

- Continue the search while they can
- Yes, sir

You hear?

You hear?

That's for us

They've found us


The flare gun


Where's the flare gun?

Did I lose it?

Uh? Klutz

Commander, the tanks are almost dry

We should get back,
or we might not make it to the base

This is '216', the fuel is almost out here

They have to get back

- Let them get back
- Yes, sir

'216', return to base


This is Korolyov


What's your name?

Major Markelov

And by your first name?


Volodya, listen to me

Somewhere on the trees there

There must be a chute

It's really big


Please, look closely

It's hard not to notice it

Do you hear me?

That's affirmative

What's the...

Where did I put it, ah?

Why all half-assed

Come on, help

Lyosh, help, it froze


Here you go, man

Hold on...

We have emergency fuel.
We must go

Lyosha, give a signal.
Can't see anything

Hold on, Pashka

You're the man

Wait... I'll help you

Hold on

Commander! We must leave,
or we won't make it to the base

This is '216'

We can't see the chute

There is no a signal from the cosmonauts

We tried

We are sorry

- Can't bend my fingers
- Come on, do it slowly

Pasha, do it slowly

Come on... Come on

- I can't

'216', return to base

That's affirmative, going back

This is '216'!

A flare!

Signal flare!

- Send the rescue team

'216', we're copying the exact coordinates

20 miles south-east of Bereznyaky town

The coordinates:
56 degrees, 37 hours...

Thank you


Can I get something?

Sure, Sergey Pavlovich

Chkalovsky aerodrome. Moscow Oblast.
The third day after the launch




What are you doing, kid?
Where did you go in the middle of the night?

She sleeps anywhere


The bird

That's good for you!

Weren't you scared?

Your heart is beating fast

- Did you run around?
- No, dad, I didn't run

I flew

"This is Moscow broadcast."

This is Moscow broadcast

The Telegraph Agency of the USSR message

March 19th, at 12:02 pm Moscow time

The Voskhod 2 spaceship

That was manned by the crew, consisting of

The commander, Colonel
Belyaev Pavel Ivanovich

And the second pilot, Lieutenant Colonel
Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich

Has landed successfully

In the area of Perm city

Comrades Belyaev and Leonov
are well

"Dedicated to my friend and commander,
Pavel Ivanovich Balyaev," A. Leonov