Spacejacked (1997) - full transcript

Luxury space cruiser Star Princess is hijacked by the treacherous second mate, who threatens to blow up the craft unless he gets access to bank accounts on Earth. A beautiful passenger and courageous first-mate attempt to thwart his schemes.

(upbeat electronic music)

- Ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Carlo Gigante,

and I'm delighted to
be your cruise director

on your ultimate vacation,

Star Cruise's flight to the moon.

Ladies and gentlemen, my
name is Carlo Gigante,

and I'm delighted to be your.


(clearing throat)

(tense electronic music)

How are you?

Good to see you.

Good to see you, as well.

How are you?

Good to see ya.

Hi, nice to see ya.

Good to see you all here,

what a party we're gonna have,

this is the place to be.

Welcome, welcome all.

How're ya?

Ah, you made it, good to see you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Carlo Gigante,

and I'm delighted to
be your cruise director

on your ultimate vacation, Star
Cruise's flight to the moon.

- [Man] Yeah!

(crowd cheering)

I'll make you a promise,

we are gonna have fun.

Hell, we better, y'all paid
a million dollars to be here.

(crowd laughing)

Every day, every day
you can call up the menu

on your bedside computer,

which will give you a schedule
of the day's activities,

like today's knobbly knees contest.

(crowd laughing)

(Carlo tutting)

Don't be shy, come right on up.

- A little money, sit back,

let me take care of the rest.

Are you interested?

Think about it.

The first space colony casino

and you'd be in on it

from the ground floor,

you'd make a fortune.

- I'm already worth a fortune.

Why would I need to make another one?

(crowd cheering)

- How'd it go?


- I've heard of knobbly knees

but these beat the band.

(crowd laughing)

These are the flattest knees

in the history of the nominees.

- Aw, poor Vincent.

You'll get all the investors you need

for your colony casino, you always do.

- Do you know, you're the
sexiest woman in outer space?

- Look, over there.

Vincent and Monica Miles.

They're named in People
magazine practically every week,

and that's Warren Wayne, the tennis star.

He's won Wimbledon four times.

- US.

There I was, love 40

match point against the suicide Swede

and did I rally.

I kicked his ass.

- You're the girl who won the contest?

- It's that obvious, huh?

- That's a compliment.

You won't find them getting
very impressed with each other.

(crowd laughing)

- We have a winner, folks.

Edward Tubin from Sioux Falls, Idaho,

has the knobbiest knees in outer space.


(crowd laughing)

- Mr. Bohm and Ms. Marshall,

would you like a complimentary cocktail?

- I don't like the way
he calls me by my name.

It gives me the creeps.

- [Man] Excuse me.

- [Ms. Marshall] I
mean, no one is supposed

to know about us.

- He's Android for Christ's sake,

he's not gonna tell my wife.

(soft parlor piano music)

- How are you this evening?

(electronic beeping)

Dawn Taggert?

- Fine.


How are you?

- Very well, thank you.

Can I assist you with anything?

- No, thanks.

I thought I'd take a look around the ship.

- [Mac] Certainly, Dawn Taggert.

- I've never been to outer space before.

(electronic beeping)

- So, how does our space cruiser compared

to shuttle work, Barnes?

- Well, the Star Princess
has wins hands down.

- Well, it's good to have you aboard.

We can always use someone
with your computer background.

- Don't tell anyone but
I'm actually working

on a patent for one of
my software designs.

- That's great.

- Why don't you hit the EVS for me?

- Check.

- Thank you.

- Have you seen Gibson?

- Captain has him doing
a maintenance check

of the artificial gravity sensors.

(soft eerie music)

(rapid electronic beeping)

(upbeat parlor music)

- Ladies and gentlemen, please
you won't wanna miss this.

We have a lot in store
for you on this trip,

like Virtual Reality

in the highest resolution available.

You can play nine holes
of virtual reality golf,

you can swim in an Olympic
sized virtual reality pool

and countless other VR
experiences from PG to X-rated.


We have mood enhancers
in every size, shape

or feeling, which you can
purchase from Jack Hall.

- Your martini, Ms. Koros.

- It's about time.

(upbeat parlor music)

- [Man] Well, that asshole
said he was gonna kick my ass.

That pissed me off.

So I put around a rumor that uh.

- [Koros] Warren Wayne.

- [Man] I've been hypnotized.

- Do I know you?

- [Koros] Not yet.

- [Man] And that nobody could beat me.

- Anna Koros as in daughter

of Dmitri Koros, as in shipping.

- [Man] That was invincible.

- I saw you win Wimbledon.

- Which time?

- Every time.

- [Man] Crowd cheering.

- I never miss a Grand Slam event.

- [Man] Waving at him.

- You're the most exciting
player in the ATP.

- [Man] And I just sat there.

- Thanks.

- Oh and Warren, just one more thing.

- [Man] Towel over my head.

- I want you to know I
have this an inexplicable

overwhelming urge to be naked with you.

- [Man] And it freaked him out.

- Nice meeting you too.

(upbeat parlor music)

(knocking at door)

- Hello, hello?


- I'm sorry, miss this
is a restricted area.

- I'm Dawn Taggert,

a visit to the bridge is part of my prize.

- Oh, yes the captain told me about you.

(doors whirring)

- Hello.

- Hi.

Is this your first trip to the moon?

- This is my only trip
to the moon, I'm sure.

I'm an executive secretary.

I'd have to save up my whole
life for a trip like this.

- What was the contest about anyway?

- I named a Star Cruiser spacecraft.

- What did you call it?

- The Mercury Rising.

- Oh yeah, I get it after Mercury 3,

the first spaceship that
took an American to space.

- Alan Shepard May 6, 1961.

- Please sit down.

I'm first mate, Ryan Taylor

and this is second mate, Alex Barnes.

- Hi there.

- Hi.

Looking good.

Your altitude vertical
velocity check-out normal

as does your acceleration velocity.

Thrust indicators right on target.

Oh, I pilot simulate flights
on my PC all the time.

- Hi, how you doing, Vincent Miles.

- Excuse me.

- I'm setting up a casino on the moon.

What a great idea, huh?

I know you'll wanna get on board.

It's gonna be big.

We can't lose.

Everybody wants a bit of this action.


- [Woman] Go on.

- [Man] Absolutely.

- [Vincent] Here's my
card, give me a call.

- But just, oh I gotta go.


- You weren't gonna get into
any trouble now were you?

- Of course not, Vincent,
you worry too much.

Oh look, it's Tom Wilson.

He just made a killing when
electra-sharks bit him.

Why not chat him up
about our little casino?

- Good instincts, Monica.

(soft parlor music)

(electronic beeping)

(lighthearted jazz music)

(static crackling)


(man growling)





(rapid electronic beeping)

(soft parlor music)

- You didn't fix Monica Miles up with

a VR fantasy, did you?

- What of it?

- She's an addict, been
through detox and everything.

- She's a big girl.

You know, Jack, life would be more fun

if you changed your attitude.

- Too bad I wasn't born with
a smile on my face like you.

- Try one of these,

it'll fix you right up.

(electronic beeping)

- What's that?

- What do you think, Barnes?

- It appears to be coming from

a life pod menu.

- I'm sorry, Dawn we're gonna
have to reschedule your visit.

- It's not serious, is it?

- Absolutely not, we have so
many backups on this ship.

We're covered no matter what.

(low rumbling)

(electronic whirring)

- And outside program has
been entered into our system.

- Hell, even if someone did
get into an unauthorized area

the disk would be rejected
by the safeguards.

- If hackers can infiltrate
the Pentagon, Taylor,

they can infiltrate the Star Princess.

Gibson, there you are.

Go down to the life pod bay

and check on the status of
the pod releases, go now.

- Yes, Captain.

- Taylor, Barnes run a propulsion
control test on the pods.

I'll be working in the
main frame and engineering.

- Yes, Captain.

(doors whirring)

(indistinct crowd chatter in background)

(static crackling)

(tense music)
(heavy breathing)


(tense music)


- Good evening,

This is recording and
welcome to the Star Princess

interactive dining menu.

Please enter your
selection for each window

and enjoy your meal.

(upbeat parlor music)

- Yes, Captain Reynolds?

- [Captain] Forget the propulsion
control system, Taylor.

All of our life pods has
been programmed to eject.

- What?

- An outside command disk was
entered into the main frame

and I think it was Gibson.

His key code was the last one
used to enter engineering,

but he wasn't authorized
to be in engineering.

- Could he have been reprogrammed?

- Wasn't Gibson supposed
to provide maintenance

on the artificial gravity sensors?

- That's right Barnes.

Taylor, go check the sensors.

Barnes, do whatever it takes

to block the pod jettison command.

I'm gonna find Gibson and
get to the bottom of this.

- Wow, that was incredible.

- May I?

I understand VR is exhilarating.

- You've never tried?

Where how have you been?

- Busy?

- Busy for like how long?

- This is my first vacation
for a very long time.

- Don't you wanna know
what you're getting in to?

(electronic beeping)

(motorcycle engine revving)

(static crackling)


(Barnes muttering)

- Right there, yeah.

Come on.

- Barnes, I need...

That's an unauthorized piece of equipment.

Where did it come from?

- It's mine, Captain.

- Yours?

What the hell are you doing, Barnes?

What's the meaning of that countdown?

- Oh, I can't tell you that.

- Barnes, step away from the laptop.

(tense drum music)
(electronic beeping)

(laser blasts)


- You lose, Captain.

Three, two, one.

(rapid beeping)

Blast off.

(tense music)

(people screaming)
(objects clattering)


(alarm blaring)

(people screaming)




(alarm blaring)

(tense music)


- No, stop!


- Dawn!

(tense music)

(alarm blaring)

(electricity crackling)


- Wait, wait for me.

Barnes, Trina!



(tense music)

(alarm blaring)

(electricity crackling)

(man coughing)

(debris clattering)

- [Taylor] You okay?

- [Dawn] I don't know, I think so.

- Okay.

(man groaning)

Stay here, I'll be right back.

- Mr Putnam.

(heavy breathing)

Mr Putnam, are you all right?

- That wasn't virtual reality, was it?

- No, I'm afraid not.



You're injured.


(metal clattering)

- [Monica] Vincent, where are you?

- [Vincent] Monica?

- Vincent, thank God.

(body thudding)

- What in the God damn hell was that?

- Can I have a drink?

- Be my guest.

(upbeat parlor music)

(glass clattering)

- Jack, what happened?

What's going on?

- I don't know, some sort of accident.

- Are we gonna die, Jack?

- Oh, for God's sake, man,
pull yourself together.

Here, take one of these.

It'll fix you right up.

(soft jazz music)

- This is Taylor to bridge.

Bridge, can you read me?

- You weren't supposed to
destroy this ship Gibson.

We saved that for later.

How come you went ape with the shockwave?

You better start talking, android.

- You altered my directives.

Perhaps you errored when you overrode

my human sanctity programming.

- What is this, some kind
of fucking android revenge?

You think you're human now?

You're not!

I can deactivate you anytime I want to.

- Bridge, can you read me?

Barnes, do you read me do you copy?

Engineering, Captain?

- You better hope there
are some survivors,

left on this ship
- Barnes, anybody.

This is Taylor.

- Some very rich ones.

- Do you copy Bridge?

Taylor to Bridge.

Does anybody read me?

- I copy, Taylor.

- Barnes, you made it that's great.

What about the captain?

- No.

- Look, Barnes,

you have to send the code three emergency

we don't have a lot of time,

we got to make it to the life pods.

- I can't do that, Taylor.

- [Taylor] Why?

Is the transmitter damaged?

- No.

- Then send the code three now.

- I said no!

- Would you come to your senses, man?

- All right now, listen to me, all of you.

I'm willing to transmit
a code three emergency

If all of you are willing
to co-operate with me.

(eerie tense music)

This ship has another 36
hours of life support,

just enough to let the
rescue team get here in time.

If you're lucky.

- You're the one that sabotaged the ship?

- Earth to Taylor.


This ship is history.

- What do you want?

- Isn't it obvious Taylor?

He wants money.

- Oh, you catch on quickly, Mr. Miles.

All this hard work you've
been doing is paying off.

I think you have finally found investors

for your big bank casino in the sky.

- I'm not investing in
any space colony casino.

- Yes you are, all of you.

- But I only have a $1,000 in my account.

- Not you, dimwit!

I'm only interested in people
with my kind of capital.

- I am not a dimwit

and you're a murderer and a thief.

- Don't antagonize him.

- And you're dead, all of you.

Unless you co-operate.

You have 30 minutes to give
me those transfer codes.

- I'm not giving him a goddamn thing.

Not a password, not an access
code, not a transfer code.

He can kiss my $11 billion ass.

- You have to give him the codes.

Barnes will kill us if you don't.

Look around lady, there
are dead people here.

- Look everybody, can
we just calm down, okay?

Can everybody just take it easy?

We've got 30 minutes.

If we can get down to the life pods

we might not need to send
the code three emergency.

- Then get us out of here.

- I'm doing the best I can.

- Mac?

- Mac.
- Mac.

- On behalf of the Star Princess

I would like to apologize
for any inconvenience

this may have caused you.

I'm sensing a high level

of negative feedback from our guests.

- Oh Mac, you're my favorite android.

- I got it.


- We have fabulous cuisine
available 24 hours a day

in the Earth rise room.

- Yes, I know, I know.

Look, I need your help to
interface with the mainframe

so I can check the ship's condition.

(rapid beeping)

- Alteration of my central processing unit

should be performed only by
an authorized service dealer.

- Forget the service dealer.

As first mate of the ship

I authorize you to alter
your central processing.

(rapid beeping)

- Alteration of my central processing unit

should be performed only by
an authorized service dealer.

- Yes Mac but the guests
are requesting it,

it would reduce the level
of negative feedback.

(rapid beeping)

- This is one of my priorities.

- Yes.

(lighthearted horn music)

- Care to dance, mon capitan?


What a bore.

Two, three.


Two, three.


Hey Gibson, you cha-cha?

- Barnes, Barnes?

- It's about time, Katz.

You know how to shark the biz.

- I've got cargo to haul.

How did it go?

- Gibson went rabid during the shockwave

so we're down to four billionaires.

- How the hell did that happen?

You created him.

- I didn't create him, genius,

I circumvented his program

and if you're displeased with the results,

you can bail now.

- Screw you, Barnes.

I'm your ticket to ride

unless you want the Feds
crawling down your ass.

- I'll take my chances.

How bout you for a ball?

- Okay, how much can we get?

- We still have Koros,
Miles, Wayne and Putnam

do the arithmetic.

- Okay, but don't drag your
ass there won't be much

of a window for us to link up.

I'll be in your orbit trajectory
in less than two hours.

- Yes, I know it, Katz.

I devised the plan remember?

You just have those hangar
doors open and ready.

There's one life pod left,
and guess who gets it.


Well, Frankenstein.

It looks like we're in business.

(lighthearted music)
(rapid beeping)

- Okay, Mac.

I gotta access your CPU directly.

- One moment please.

One moment please.

- For Christ sake, Mac,
can you help us or not.

- Artificial gravity and
atmosphere remain at 100%

in the corridor outside the lounge.

Other corridors have sustained

significant structural damage.

Some provide atmosphere, others do not.

We are experiencing technical difficulties

with all exits on this level.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

- But the corridor right
outside here is usable right?

- Yes.

- Can you check the life pod bay?

- There is one life pod
available for our passengers.

(lighthearted music)

- Gibson, you really fixed this up.

I can't make a link up with West Star

to call Vincent's business
partner in the states.

- Try Palata, one of the
Indonesian satellites.

- Yeah, good thinking,
the orbit near the poles.

- The equator.

(lighthearted music)

- Couldn't we make it
to the life pod first?

- Even if we could it only
has a maximum capacity

for seven adults.

- Then we'll just have to get
to know each other real well.

- I'm afraid it's not that simple.

You see it only has so
much oxygen, so much fuel,

so much mass it can carry on re-entry.

- Well, in that case, paying
customers have first dibs.

- Lady, you can't be serious.

- The customer always comes first.

- Lady I will throw you out
before I let you take my seat.

- I am prepared to give up
my place on the life pod.

- What are you talking about?

- I am an old man, I've lived a full life.

The rest of you have
your lives ahead of you.

- He's right.

I mean the party is almost
over for him, anyway.

I think we should take
him up on his offer.

- Thank you Mr. Putnam

but I refuse to put a value on
a man's life based on his age

or his character as much as I'd like to.

- Will you stop?

We're running out of time.

- If I can get to the bridge,
I could send a signal myself.

- You can't go out there it's suicide.

- Not necessarily.

Hey, Mac.

Is there any way for me to
access the space suit hold?

- I'm sorry, artificial
gravity and atmosphere

have been lost in the suit hold.

I'm afraid is off limits for humans.

- Wait, can you go there
and bring one back?

(lighthearted music)

- It is my pleasure to be of service.

(lighthearted tense music)

- [Taylor] Mac, did you get the suit?

- Yes, first mate Taylor.

- [Man] Thank god.

- That's great.

(tense music)

(electricity crackling)


Mac is everything all right?

(electricity crackling)
(Mac shouting)

- (warbled electronic
voice) We have experienced

a critical error.

- Mac, can you hear me?

- (warbled electronic voice) I will review

my previous commands.

Bridge your way to the suit.

Hold, hold.

The compartment, ment, the the bridge.

My name is Bu-Buddy buddy.

- It shorted out.

What else could have happened?

- Mac, can you hear me?

- Mac?

(door whirring)

- Mac?

You're looking a little frazzled.

(Gibson laughs)

Shut up.

- Good evening.

I've been instructed to
report to the bridge.

- You have?

- Is there anything I can do for you?

- Yeah, sure, Mac.

Come on in.

- Mac, can you hear me?


- How did you get here?

I mean the ship isn't
exactly in primo condition.

- I passed through
several restricted areas.

I am sensing a high level of
passenger dissatisfaction,

which it is my duty to report.

- And did officer Taylor
wants you to check

on this passenger dissatisfaction?

- Officer Taylor accessed my CPU directly

to open the air lock doors.

- Did he?

- Mac, what's going on?

- [Dawn] Mac?

- [Taylor] Mac, can you here me?

- And were you communicating
with officer Taylor using this?

- Yes, the device has stopped responding.

- Oh well gee, here

let me fix it for you Mac.

- Mac?

Mac, are you there?

- Not Mac, me, Taylor.

Never send an android to do a man's work.

But I gotta tell you, Taylor,

I am very impressed.

Sending Mac, that took some
very creative thinking.

But get this first mate,

if anything like this ever happens again,

you can forget about my sending

that code three distress signal.

(tense music)

Well, you certainly have earned
your wings on this one, Mac.

- My wings?

- That's right,

your wings.

- I am here to provide
service to to all our guests,

it is my duty.

- I hear you Mac.

You're gonna go far in this business.

After you.

Hey, thanks for all your help.

(alarm blaring)


I can't believe it.


- Taylor, I really
appreciate what you're trying

to do for everyone.

- Thanks.

- The Star Princess cruise in the sky

proudly continues it's
on air entertainment.

(mimics buzzer)

Time's up folks.

All right, all of you listen to me.

I'm sending Gibson down for Vincent Miles.

- Gibson?

So I guess your computer
skills didn't go to waste.

- Success means seizing the opportunity

when it arises, Taylor.

- Reprogramming an android
to take action against humans

is not an opportunity,

it's a crime against humanity.

- Taylor, you're boring me.

- Mr. Barnes, will give
Gibson the transfer codes.

There's no need for my
husband to deliver them.

- Monica, Monica, Monica,
stick to your fantasies

'cause babe, reality doesn't
come easy for you, does it?

- Hey Barnes.

I'm telling you, Barnes.

If you don't keep to your
word and send the code three

I'm coming after you myself.


- Gibson, go get him.

(soft tense music)

- Don't go Vincent.

Don't go.


Please don't go.

- I have no choice.

(woman screaming)


(bones snapping)

- I don't know how much
you know about me, Gibson

but I have a reputation for
being a generous employer

who promotes from within.

How would you like to work for me?

You can run my casino.

Be a step up from the Star Princess.

an amazing opportunity for an android.

- Don't patronize me, Mr. Miles.

There's no job for me at your casino.

- Ah, Mr. Vincent.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

You got something for me there?

Thank you, Gibson.

Pop this in.

So, have you ever been
up to the bridge before?

It's not as complicated as
it looks here have a seat.

(upbeat parlor music)

- Uppers and downers, uppers and downers.

Uppers and downers...

Somehow, I don't think
she's bungee jumping.

(soft jazz music)

(birds squawking)


(soft jazz music)

(electronic hissing)

(static crackling)


- Nice talking to you, too lady.

(upbeat parlor music)

- Uppers and downers.

Uppers and downers.

How about you, Mr. Putnam,

feel like a little adventure?

It's on the house.

- No, thank you.

I've already had all the
adventure I need for one day.

- What do you saying, Monica?

- No.
- Oh, come on.

- Maybe later.

- Monica, there's no need to fight it,

You know you love it.

Come on.

- Get away from me!

(glass shattering)

- What the hell is wrong with you, huh?


What's the matter with you people?

Are you so damn hedonistic

that you don't realize we're probably

gonna die in this room?

Is this the life of the idle rich?

- Can't blame us wanting to escape.

- Escape huh?


You wanna escape like this?

Or you wanna try to get
out of this room alive?

- Good news, Phillips, I got 'em.

I landed the investors
we were looking for.

- Fantastic.

Who did you get?

- Do the names Koros, Wayne and Putnam

mean anything to you?

- Anna Koros?

She can bankroll the entire project.

- [Miles] Phillips?

- What is it?

- Congratulations.

- Likewise, bro.

- How does it feel to be rich?

If only for the blink of an eye.

(eerie tense music)

Now we only have one little
matter left, Vincent.

The development account access code.

(eerie tense music)

The access code Miles, now!

- 4-80.


(laser blast)

(wet squelching)

- Thanks for cooperating.


- Okay, listen up everybody.

I'm going to the space suit hold.

I need somebody to come with me.

I'm not gonna minimize the danger.



- Sorry dude, my specialty is my serve.

- Carlo?

- This is the wrong approach.

You've gotta reason
with a man like Barnes.

- [Taylor] You can't
reason with a mad man.

- You can if you know how.

Let me talk to him.

- [Taylor] You're just
gonna make things worse.

- Get lost, Taylor.

Who's with me?

Who wants me to talk to Barnes?

Bunch of losers.

- I'll come with you, Taylor.

- I can't take you.

- Look, I know as much about this ship

as any of these men do probably more.

Please, let me help you, Taylor.

(lighthearted music)

(electronic buzzing)

(lighthearted music)

- Goddammit, Gibson.

Vincent Miles gave me
the wrong goddamn code.

Why the goddam hell would he do that?

It was goddamn suicide!

- It was goddamn suicide either way.

- What do you know?

You're a goddamn android!

I programmed you!

(lighthearted music)

(Gibson groaning)

Goddamn it.

Get away from me.

(low tense music)

Monica, hi.

Vincent and I here need your help.

- What is it?

Is Vincent all right?

- Oh, sure, sure.

He just gave me the access code

to the space casino development account.

Very kind of him.

But you know Monica you
never can be too sure

about these things so I'm gonna

do a little cross referencing.

You give me the exact same code

that Vincent here just gave me,

and he goes back to the lounge.

If you don't, he's dead.

It's your choice, Monica.

Let your conscience be your guide.

- Now, you listen to me, Barnes.

You're not gonna get a thing from me

until I've spoken to Vincent.

- Monica, you got spunk.

I hate spunk.

If you ever wanna see your husband again

you give me the goddamn code, now.

- I can't.

Vincent and Phillips are the only two

who know it for security reasons.

- Well, that is too bad
Monica because you just wrote

your husband goddamn death sentence!

(laser blasts)

(tense drum music)

Well, we'll just have to do
it the old fashioned hard way

figure it out for ourselves.

In about 15 minutes, my androidal amigo,

I am going to be a multi billionaire.

Why slave away for some
intergalactic corporation

for 20 years,

inching along.

(mimicking sheep bleating)

Kissing ass!

When you can have it
all in about 15 minutes?

- Barnes, Barnes.

Hey Barnes you there?

Barnes, Barnes, Barnes?

- Yeah, yeah what?

- I have a deal for you.

- What could I possibly want from you?

- Barnes, you and I speak the same lingo.

We're both businessmen.

We have our day jobs and a little

creative moonlighting
on the side, capisce?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So what's the deal?

- I'll tell you what Taylor is up to

if you guarantee that I'll
be on that life pod with you.

- Taylor?

- Look man,

I didn't fall off the
software truck yesterday.

I figure that right about now
you're running some bootleg

program to crack the code
in Vincent's account.

Do I have your attention yet?

- Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

So what is, uh, what is Taylor planning?

- What's in it for me partner?

- I'll send Gibson down for you.

You wait by the door.

- I'm there.

Look Tyler's heading
for the space suit hold.

He's planning to find
his way to the bridge

and activate the code three
emergency signal himself.

- Whoa, well.

Well thanks, partner.

I'm gonna send Gibson
now for you right now.

Why don't you go get by the door?


And just remember.

(eerie tense music)

(laser blast)

- Look, the suit.

(eerie tense music)

(electronic beeping)

- There you go, Taylor.

That should help you
breath a little easier.

- Mac was wrong.

The room is pressurized.

Look, put that suit on.

I'm gonna go get another.

- You sure the room is pressurized?

- Certainly hope so.

(electronic beeping)
(tense music)

(Barnes laughing)

- Boy now, that should do it.

Nice and tight.

(tense music)

(metal clanging)


- Bastard.

Bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard!

- Always get it on paper first, asshole.

- Lying bastard!

Lying bastard!

- Yeah, to you too, partner.

(eerie tense music)

They make it so easy, Gibson.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.


(objects clattering)

(rapid beeping)


How does that feel, Taylor?


Time to broaden your horizons.

(electronic beeping)


(electronic beeping)


(tense music)

(alarm blaring)

Sweet dreams, asshole.

(alarm blaring)

- Taylor!



Are you all right?



- Yeah, I'm okay now.

Listen, Barnes is on to us.

There's no way we can make it
to the bridge inside the ship.

- What do we do?

- We have to go outside the ship.

- Outside the ship?

- That's right.

- Well, I guess I always
wanted to see outer space.

(soft reflective music)

I can't wait to tell my
friends at home about this.

(soft reflective music)

- Pick.

How 'bout it?

Pick any mood in the
whole freaking rainbow.

Should go nicely with this, huh?

Waited a long time for this vacation.

Gonna enjoy myself.

Are you?

- We were married for 51 years.

She died six months ago.

We were to take this trip together.

My daughter persuaded me to go anywhere.

- [Jack] I bet you wish you
had listened to her, huh?

- You'd think so but I have no regrets.

I took this trip for her memory.

(uplifting classical music)

(motorcycle engine revving)

- Well, while we're at it.

This is a picture of my mom.

She lives in Spittle, Ireland.

I used to be from Ireland,
too, once upon a time.

I've been saving a long time to visit her.

I guess I won't see the sun go down

on Galway Bay, huh?

(uplifting classical music)

(drunken mumbling)

- We're the last man and
woman in the whole universe.

And the poorest.


- How about those up there?

- [Koros] They don't count.


- Looks like Barnes forgot
one of his C4; explosives.

(heavy breathing)

(electronic clicking)

- Bingo.

- Boss?

- Taylor is still flying high, huh?

Well not high enough.


(electricity humming)

(engine blasting)

(eerie tense music)

- Dawn!

(eerie tense music)

(shouting frantically)




- That's what I call pulling
ourselves up by the bootstraps.

- Remember what I said about

having an overwhelming
urge to be naked with you?

- Yeah.

(soft jazz music)

- Well, how about it?

- Haven't you already been with me?


- No, no, no, no not that.

The real thing.

(soft jazz music)

(soft jazz music)

- Okay, there the schematic of the ship.

I need to find a way to life pods

before Barnes beats us to it.

Yes, look.

I got the route.

- Taylor, I've been thinking.

There's no way Barnes could get back

to Earth on an emergency vessel

without being detected upon re-entry.

Someone must be helping him.

- You know what?

You're absolutely right.

That's exactly what he's doing.


- What are you doing?

- I'm gonna change the course of the ship.

Give him something to think
about and buy us some time.

(electronic buzzing)

- Oh, fuck me!

- What's going on?

- I gotta do some damage control.

Goddamn it.

- Damage control, what
kind of damage control?

What do you mean?

- Just don't do anything
until further notice.

Taylor's changed...

Put down the cigar, asshole.

Taylor has changed our coordinates.

Gibson, go get them.

(rapid beeping)

- Get them?

- Kill 'em, moron.

Kill 'em!

- Okay, look.

See here?

You take this corridor right here,

through the bulkhead.

It's gonna be right behind the lounge.

You blow through that wall
and you'll get them out.

- You're making it sound
like I'm doing this alone.

- You are.

- What?

- Look, there's only room
on that life pod for seven.

That's you and the others.

I'm counting on you to
get them out of there.

- What about you?

- I'm going to the bridge.

I can get there from here.

There's still a chance I
can send a distress signal

and if Vincent is still alive,

I'm taking him with me.

Look, attach the C4 explosive
to the flair like this.

When you're ready, pull the top off.

The flare is self igniting, but be careful

the fuse is short.

- Taylor.

- Dawn, take it.

I'm counting on you.

Now go, we don't have much time.

(soft touching music)

- This should take care of the others.

(low humming)

(alarm blaring)
- What's that sound?

- He's shutting off the air.

We won't be getting more oxygen.

What are we gonna do, Jack?

- We wait for Taylor.

He'll be back for us.

He said he would.

(tense jazz music)

- It makes him

and it mores him.

Sets him on.

Takes them off.

It persuades him.

And his heart can say.

Makes him stand, too.

Not stand to.

(soft jazz music)

Oh, Sarah.

- Anna.

- Anna, Anna, Anna.


(heavy breathing)

(tense drum music)


(tense music)

- No, no.

- We'll meet in two hours.

By that time, the Star
Princess should be long gone.

- Two hours?

That's impossible.

The corporation will suspect something

if I'm that far off schedule.

- Your call, Katz.

Me, I'll take the risk, but you're out.

You got that?

You get nothing cowboy.

- [Katz] All right I'll meet you

but this is making things
very difficult for me.

- Yeah, yeah yeah.

Why don't you tell
someone who gives a shit?

You'll hear from me when I
have the new coordinates.

Over and out.

- Good help is hard to find.

(tense drum music)


- All right.

Taylor, can we talking about this?

- Okay.



- Goodbye.

(electronic beeping)

Dawn Taggert.

(wet tearing)

(tense drum music)

(rapid beeping)





(woman screaming)

- Dawn, what the...

What the hell is going on?

- Seems to me like good
old fashioned fornication.

- Okay, everyone get
dressed and follow me.

We found a way to the life pod.

- You mean we're going home?

- Let's go.

Come on.

Go move, move.

- Come on.

Get a move on.
- To the right, to the right.

- This reminds me of the old war.

We were going through a channel,

taller than the alps

and the enemy were just on the far side.

- Move it, gramps,

you're making it bad for all of us.

- And I will try and make it
bad for us back in the lounge.

- What you talking about?

- Shut you up or I shut you up.

(electronic beeping)
(tense drum music)

- An extraordinary end
for a very ordinary guy.

(tense drum music)

Gotta give you credit though, Taylor.

You've made me work for my money

but it was a wasted effort.

Goodbye Star Princess.

The end.

- Where are you gonna go, Barnes?

They're gonna catch you.

- Not where I'm going.

- And where's that?

- Oh gee, Taylor.

I didn't know you cared.

- Come on, Barnes.

Humor me.

(laser blast)

- I'm starting a space colony of my own

populated by androids,

programmed by me, controlled by me.

You see humans are so unpredictable.



(tense music)


(laser blast)


(gas hissing)

(tense drum music)



- Only one more airlock to go.

(rapid beeping)

- No!




- Jack.

You saved my life.



- We have to go now, Dawn.

Come on.

(engine humming)

- Taylor, come in, Taylor.

I'm going back for him.

- He said he was staying with the ship.

- He doesn't know there's room.

- Forget him.

We go now.

- After everything he's done for us,

all you care about is yourself.

- You heard the lady.

- Give me a break you geriatric psycho.

- I've initiated the blast off.

I'll be back with Taylor in five minutes.

- Five minutes.

(lighthearted drum music)

They're never gonna make it.

(lighthearted suspenseful music)

- Dawn, what are you doing here?

- Come on.

- I've disarmed the bomb

but I can't stop the countdown.

- There's room for you
in the life pod, quick.

- What?

I'll tell you later.

Come on.
- What happened?

- Follow me.
- What happened?

- Come on.


- Where are they?

(lighthearted tense music)

- We can lose these.

- Come on, come on.

- They're not gonna make it.

- You're just getting that?

- Open!

- Dawn, no they're gone.

They're gone, they're gone.


- [Dawn] Do you think there's any hope.

- It'd take a miracle.

- Taylor, a miracle.

- We've got a shooting star.

- They're heading for
us, right for us, Taylor

they know we're here.

- Come on, let's go.

The core communications are down,

I'm just hoping the docking
equipment still works.


- Attention.
- Come on.

- [Electronic Voice] Docking
procedure has been initiated.


- We weren't even sending
a distress signal.

You know, they must of seen us on visual.

- Who could be looking for us?

- I don't know.
- Attention.

- [Dawn] Wait, Taylor.

- [Electronic Voice]
All crew please report

to the docking bay,

docking procedure has commenced.

- [Dawn] It can't be, look.

- It sure as hell is.


- Mac.

- Good evening, first mate Taylor.

Good evening, Dawn.

- How did you?

Oh, Mac.

- We found him drifting
out there by pure accident.

Pulled him in for salvage.

He insisted we downloaded his memories

to determine his probable coordinates,

said he had to report back to you

on how to get to the bridge.

- Thank you, Captain.

- I better get back to my flight deck

and get us out of here.

(soft triumphant classical music)

(upbeat jazz music)

(upbeat jazz music)