Space Travelers (2000) - full transcript


A tropical island paradise.

At last we're going.

What a great feeling
just before a holiday.

In a few hours
we'll be flying over the clouds.

It never rains above the clouds.

You know everything!

I'm getting nervous.

Look at your face!

What's wrong with it?

That animation has finished, right?

They're running repeats.

What was that character's name?


Do you know her final line?

How should I know?

"That felt good!"


She says it
at the end of a fight.


I forgot my swimsuit!

Buy a new one. We'll be rich soon.

- You're right.
- Ain't I just?

In 5 minutes we'll be rich!

We've only got 5 minutes.

Yeah, we know.

Ready to do it?

Look out paradise, here we come!

Space Travelers

Customer no. 37,
go to the next available teller!

Thank you very much.

Midori Aida!

Hey, you!

Come here!

What's with your attitude?

A bank is a service business.
You understand?

I'll have you replaced!

I'm really sorry!

As a guard, you're useless.

Will they serve food on the plane?

I guess so!

Check the radios.

Hear that?

Say something!

Sorry, we can't tell you
your Pin number.

You have to remember it!

You think I'm scamming?

Not at all, but we have rules,
we can't tell you.

So give me a hint.

I'm afraid I don't know any.

Are you insulting me?

Just because I'm a small businessman?

My electrical appliances shop
is small potatoes to you.

No, not at all. Excuse me...

I never got a degree
but my profession was once revered!

In those days we'd fix anything,
just like magic.

Welcome, sir!

Foreign exchange!

Sorry, foreign exchange is upstairs.

Not long now!

It's hard to pretend
we don't know anything.

What a weird way
to celebrate a co-worker's wedding.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Last year's party was fantastic,
wasn't it?

It sure will be hard to top
that surprise party.

I never imagined there'd be a party
to celebrate our wedding.

I'm so excited.
What will the theme be?

Look, I know...

Don't spoil it!

Okay. See you later!

I'm always looking at you
from up there.

It sure beats me.

Midori will actually marry Nonomura?

He's a creep and
he'll chase anything in a skirt!

He came onto me once.

Me, too!

Me, too!

The entire female staff.

Me, too!

He'll have anybody.

Are we taking this?

Of course, slip it in your passport.

It's our lucky charm.

5 minute limit, okay?

We know!

By the way, do you speak English?

That's way I started the shop!

What a mistake!
This new technology is beyond me.

All that magic going to waste.
I'm so miserable.

And now I can't even
access my bank account.

Changed your mind, have you?

I'm not really sure
if this will be of any help.

Many people use their
telephone numbers or their address.

Car number plates,
anything familiar.

That makes sense. I'll give it a go.

But three mistakes
and your card will be invalidated.

- Invalidated?
- Yes!

And my savings? Confiscated?

No, not at all.
But the card will be invalid.

I see!

- Three times?
- A lots of pressure, isn't it?

I'll give it a go.

How was the lonely hearts
club dinner party?

You knew?

Everyone knows.

Not very well, I'm afraid.

I always get nervous
in front of so many people.


You'll soon be married.

I bet you think
I shouldn't marry Nonomura.

Not at all!

Everyone else says so.

I wonder if he really is
the right man for me.

To tell the truth,
he's not my type at all.

To be frank,
I tend to prefer the bad boy type.

But the way be proposed to me
made up my mind.

He said if I was ever in danger,

he would lay down his life
to save me.

That's what clinched it for me.

I'll take a lot of photographs.

Change this into yen.


What? C'mon, hurry it up.

One moment, sir,

Do we carry the money
as hand baggage or check it in?

Check it in, it'll be heavy.

Yeah, right!

No guns on the plane.

What's so precious?

These are very rare.

Space Travelers, eh?

My collection's complete.

Is this all we have?

I'll take this one.

We decided all this yesterday.

It'll give me confidence.

You wear this one.

You are such a bad driver!

Trying to scare me?
You petty little man!

You get on my nerves
just sitting next to me.

You're so damn critical!

If you're so angry go ahead, hit me!
But you don't have the guts.

- Yes, I do!
- No, you don't!

I can, but I won't.

I blew it.
Only two more chances left.

Do your best.

Listen, if a man hits his woman
that means he loves her.

That's why I won't hit you.

That's is so stupid!

Shall I tell everyone
how stingy you are?

Me? Stingy?

You're born stingy!

Excuse me...

Do you want to know how stingy he is?

He never spends a penny. He saves it all.

An ideal customer for a bank,

Money is for spending.

How can I help you?

Yes, of course. C'mon, hurry it up!

You never stop!

I want to cash in my assets
into two equal parts.

We're getting divorced.
So make it fast!

I want this to end now.


Will you divide it up yourselves?
We really can't...

- Yes, of course!
- I am so sorry!

Not at all.

You're such a flirt!

I beg your pardon?

It's just the uniform.
Look closely, she's not that pretty.

Any woman would be
an improvement on you!

Enter you Pin number!

Card invalidated!
Please see a clerk.

Hey! My card won't come out.

Shimizu, you're late!

Thank you for using our bank,
please come again!

Thank you for your patronage,
please come again.

Get a move on, will you!

Do you have to scream?

Sorry but we don't exchange pesos.

I earned it honestly.

I really think you should talk first
before you break up like this.

Mind your own business.

Don't move!

This is a stickup!
Do as we say or you die!

The cameras!


- It's so realistic!
- You almost had me convinced.

Shut up!

Who is it?
I know, I bet it's Shimizu.

Where's the manager?

Where is everyone else?

The toilet!


Who was that?

Who is he?

Who are you?

Don't try it!

Are we having a drill today?

I must insist there be no violence.

Who are you?

Tsuneda, the branch manager.

Take me to the vault.

Shimizu, just follow the manual.

All of you, alright?

Get down!

Police? Already?

No! Don't shoot!

It's no drill, sir!

So it appears.

3 minutes to go!

Take him in there.

The vault!

You, too.

You heard him!

Don't you dare move!

This isn't a drill?

I don't think so.

I suggest that you stop this
right now.

You shut up!

You're young, you can start afresh.

I said shut up!


How in hell did we get
caught up in this?

How should I know?

Your cell phone.
Use it to call for help!

Which way?

Move it, asshole!

You idiot!

It's all your fault.
If you hadn't been late getting ready!

How is it my fault?

Shut up!

If we'd come when I said to,
we'd be long gone.

That's just what I need.

I saw you try to hide behind me
when they burst in.

- No, I didn't!
- Yes, you did.

Shut up!


I bet this is a set up!
They're playing a joke on us!

Yes, of course!

I don't think so!

It's real!

Tell me,
what's with the police uniform?

For a surprise party!


It's a bank tradition
when two of our staff plan to marry.

Who's getting married?

I am!


Thank you!

Who to?


I'm afraid he isn't here.

- Really?
- Yes!

I see!

How can I get away?

He ran off, right?

Your fiance escaped,
leaving you behind.

No, he would never do that.

He's not like that.

Men are all the same.

What do you mean by that?

Exactly what I said.

What does it mean?

That's enough! You're a noisy pair.


Please, no!

He run away!

It's a pump action.

You load it, after you shoot.

So shoot me!

I'll shoot!

Do it!

Sorry, kid!

It's open.

Get inside.

Fill this bag.

Won't be long now.

Not much longer.

Stop dawdling!


We're doing our best.

Didn't I tell you?
You just can't trust men.

Leave her be.

Poor kid...

That's enough!

I'm sorry!

He points a gun at me
and you laugh?

So what?

Shut up?

He's a real man, he resisted.
That's how a man should be.

You're such a bitch!

That's my line!

We're almost done.

No way?

No way!

They're taking their time.

I'll never forgive him.

Hey, young fella.

What is it?

How long will this take?


- I really must get back to my shop.
- I said I wouldn't be long.

You have a shop?

Electrical appliances.

Not much longer.

Can I call them?

Of course not!

Right. I guess not.

I'm a hostage.

Do you realize
we can't open it from here?

It'll open automatically
tomorrow morning.

But what about my colleagues,
our customers?

They'll be alright.

Why are you so sure?

They'll be here soon.

Who will?

The Japanese police force
is top notch.

Quiet, isn't it?

Probably another prank call.

Look! They're illegally parked.

Patrol 1 to PS Control.

PS, go ahead.

Two illegally parked vehicles,
we need a tow truck.

What's up?

What happened?

What is it, Tamo?

Where's the money?

In the vault.

What about the manager
and the guard?

In the vault.

In the bloody vault!

Oh, no!

Did you kill them?

How could you?




Mayday! Patrol No 1 to PS Control!

Go ahead, P1.

Reporting an armed bank robbery
in progress.

Number of hostages unknown,
gunfire heard from inside.

Number of suspects
currently unknown.

An officer is being held hostage.
We need immediate assistance!

No way to open the vault?

Not until tomorrow morning!

What do we do? Give up?

What's so funny?

You're lost control.

We're on the scene!

So what now?

You shut up!

They're serious!

Does that make you happy?

Do I look happy?

Information is the key.
Those with it will win the battle.

The T.V.! Switch on the T.V.

They're still not onto it.

It's only a matter of time.

The popular rock band,
J-Six-Babys, announce their break up.

A press conference will be held
at the Dai Ichi Hotel.

There are hundreds of reporters here.

Naturally. We're making history.

J- Six-Baby's?
I made you, I can break you!

I sacrificed everything for them!

Okay, let's go do it!

What if they know we're lying?

Don't worry. Headlines are truth.

But breaking up just for publicity,
isn't that wrong?

Too late, I'm already signed
to produce the next big star.

Break up while we're hot
and live off the royalties.

I'll go work in my parents' shop.

Don't tell the press that.

And nothing about
the reunion concerts.

I'll state our reasons.

"Musical differences."

The J-Six-Babys will now announce
their imminent breakup.

Lead vocalist, Kyosuke,
will make a statement.

Hello, I'm Kyosuke.

To achieve our best work,
we have decided to break up.

We believe this breakup
is a formative step for all of us.

Bank robbery. A cop's been shot.

Track down the hostage families.

A cop's entire family
were taken hostage.

A cop robbed a bank!

The entire family executed!

Three policemen reported shot.

We're not finished...

Chief inspector!

I hear they executed a policeman.

That's still not been confirmed, sir.

Call out the SWAT team.

They killed a cop?

We're awaiting confirmation.

But it appears one of our men
was brutally murdered.

We're devoting
our entire resources to the case.

No further comment. Please!

Chief inspector!

Patch into the bank cameras.

One of our men is dead.

We'll devote every effort
to arresting the criminals.

Do you have a name
for the dead officer?

A dead cop?
We didn't kill any cops.


What? You think it's me?

It's hard to breathe.

So what now?

We'll have to do it manually.
Bend down, please.

You step on me?

Sure. You broke it off.

I'm the manager.
If anyone steps on anyone, I will!

I may be just a guard now,
but once I was a chief detective.

No way will you stand on my back!

That's an order. Or you're fired!

I'm off-duty.

I win!

Stoop wobbling!

The telephone...

Shut up!

Inspector Sudo.
Who's in charge there?

I'm the leader.

How many hostages
besides the bank staff?

I want assurances they're safe.

Then we'll hear your demands.
Who the hell are you people?

I'm not answering your questions.
Keep your men back.

If you don't do as I say,

we'll kill the hostages one by one.

What did he want?

He wanted to know
how many hostages and our demands.

Our demands?

Deploy to the rear of the bank
and await further orders.

Any inside info?

No, they're shut tight.
We have nothing.

Our men are reconnoitering now.

Rewind that bit.

See how he's avoiding the camera?

Send it on the HQ.

That's Nonomura's phone.

I hear that you're getting married.

I bet you fed her that line about
"laying down your life."

What sort of idiot
would believe that crap?

I bet she's an ugly bugger.

Hello? Are you there?

Stop it!

- Retreat!
- Pull back!

They've shot up a police car.
A fire is raging...


Not at all.

Feel better now?

I can certainly understand
you wanting to kill him!

Don't look at me.

I'll look where I want!

How dare you say that?


That felt good!

That felt so good!

Such a relief!

Who cares about him?

She's Irene!

Criminal Profiling System.

Hayato Sakamaki!


Terrorist Bomber Warrant
issued by Interpol.

A terrorist?

They'll back off now.

Not for long.

What do you mean?

You're upset them.

Who are you?

Sorry to keep you waiting.
Let's begin.

We've identified their leader.

Hayato Sakamaki, 38.
Defense Academy graduate.

He was a special forces
operations commando.

Resigned his commission in 1989.

He fought in the Gulf War
and disappeared soon after.

He is being investigated
as an international terrorist.

Your attention, please.

These men are dangerous.
Far more than we expected.

But we, the Japanese police force,
will never bow to terrorism.

A real terrorist!

Sort of!

The Crusher.



A killer...


Ever killed anyone?

In battle, yes!

I see!

Why are you here?

My daughter lives nearby.

Your daughter? Where?

I've never seen her.

That's why you're here?

Today's her birthday.

Every time I do something human,
it ends up like this.

They won't let me get away.

What will you do?
They'll soon attack.

He is the Crusher!

Look... How about...

Can I get a cigarette?

Do you smoke?

I quit when the bank banned it.

Really? Here!


It's been a while,
it make me dizzy.

Since known terrorist
Sakamaki is present,

that points
to a terrorist operation...

Not just bank robbers?

Surely they are.

They've got it all wrong.

They have no information to go on.

Oh, really? So that's how it works.

We should play on that.


Let them believe we're much bigger
and more powerful.

Exactly! Confuse the enemy.

It's no coincidence.

The Space Travelers!

SWAT team reporting, sir.

You have one task.

Annihilate these terrorists
in short order.

It's from the bank.


Inspector Sudo speaking.

You're not the same man.

Who are you?

I'm Black Cat!

Black Cat?

That's right!

Where's the first man?

Hayabusa-Jetter is not available.

I see. So Sakamaki
is this Hayabusa-Jetter, is he?

No! He's the Crusher.

Crusher? Stop jerking us around!
Identify yourselves!

Listen carefully.

We're the Space Travelers!

That's a strange name.
State your demands.

Our demands?

No way they'll meet them.
Say anything.

50 million dollars!

5 billion yen?

Otherwise we'll kill
a hostage every hour.

What's this Space Travelers?

You don't know?

I think I do.

You do?
They were big a few years back.

Search for "Space Travelers"

Space Travelers?

I know. It's my son's favorite.

- Favorite what?
- Animation!

Are they trying to throw us off?

Listen, we need you all
to flesh out our gang.

Become criminals?

Us three, plus you six,
will give us a total of nine.

What do you mean?

Just pretend.

From hostage to bank robber.

And get arrested?

No, just pretend to be.

You reckon I can pull it off?

To me it sounds like fun.

It won't be "Fun".
Have you gone crazy?

Could be interesting.

Yes, an international gang.
What'll we call ourselves?

Space Travelers!

After the animated T.V. show?

It's perfect. It's our destiny.


I've already said.

You're all crazy.


You seem very happy about it.

You're our leader,
your name is Hayabusa-Jetter.

Am I really?

An you're Dragon Attack,
the lonely sniper.

You're Irene Bear.
She's both beautiful and brave.

Me? Irene?

You're Electric Sunny!

I'm already Kurasawa Electric.

This reads "Sunny".

You're our mechanic.

This was a promo item.

You're Carl Hendrix,
you handle all the finances.

Really? I'm honored.

Suits you to a tee.

You're Gold Papillon.

Who's that?

She's really sexy and beautiful.

You're perfect for the role.

You're probably right.

You're in character already.

You are...

You're Hoi. He's the sneaky one.

Perfect casting!

Plus, you and Papillon
are always feuding.

What is with you?

You're Crush Bomber,
but we just call you Crusher.

So I'm a destroyer?

Great! Let us do battle
with the Evil Ones!

No, I meant the cops.

...calling themselves
the Space Travelers,

from the T.V. show.

They're demanding
the largest ransom in history.

Five billion yen?

They'll never get that much!

What's going on behind that door?

Hey, wait up!

How come I have to be Hoi?

Leave it be, everybody's agreed.

You all have good characters,
I'm the only jerk.

It wasn't intentional,
it just happened.

Stop being so childish.

You shut up!

But Hoi is indispensable.

You shouldn't try
and break up the gang.

Come on. We've all signed on.

So you be Hoi!

No way!

No one wants to be Hoi!

I'm an electrician, I'm Sunny.
What do you know about mechanics?

Nothing. He's useless.


Use a different name.
How about John?

No! It's got to be Hoi
to be a Space Traveler!

There's no changing his mind.
Better you put up with it.

No way!

- In that case...
- In that case, what?

Go back to being a hostage.

That's a terrific idea!
Then I can abuse you.

Okay, Hoi it is.

So everybody's happy.

How many are there?

The hour is up.

Send the SWAT team in.

Not until we know more.

That's them now.

Hello! Hayabusa-Jetter?

Yes! That's who I am.

Let me introduce our comrades.

I'm Irene Bear. Don't think
my beauty stops me being real bad.

I'm Electric Sunny. Be careful
of the traps I've laid for you.

I'm Carl Hendrix.

Our plan in foolproof!

Hi, Gold Papillon here, darling.
My alias is Sexy Dynamite.

Don't make stuff up!

How'd you like to feel
my sexy punch?

This is Hoi speaking.

Do not underestimate me
or you'll get hurt.

See, you were great!

Who's next!?

Crusher here.

Justice always wins, I said.

Let me repeat,
my name is Black Cat.

We'll never let you take the earth!

Search "Black Cat"

Here's Dragon Attack.

Time's up. Where's the money?

We need time.

Do you know? That's too bad.

No! Not that!

Please don't kill me.
Somebody help me!

Do you hear me? Answer me!

See you in an hour.

I think that convinced them.

Well done!

Was I good?
I was in the drama club at school.

It was so realistic.

How was my performance?

You call yourself Sexy Dynamite?

What a laugh!

You Hoi was superb!
Obviously you were born to the part.

Don't call me Hoi.

I must say you make a great leader.

Given your performances,
I could've done better.

More sincerity, maybe,
or commitment, technique...

Don't overdo it.

You've really upset the cops...

This bank robbery hostage crisis
is the worst in history.

We spoke to the creator of
the "Space Travelers."

They are not an organized band,
more of a random grouping.

Various characters
who accidentally come together.

As the area of virtual reality
continues to develop,

the nation's youth become
further divorced from reality.

I created Space Travelers
to give our youth something tangible.

A means to experience
the full range of human emotions.

Inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon,
Space Travelers,

a band of robbers have taken hostages
at the Cosmo bank.

I'm really enjoying this quiet time.

It's unusual.

I've never experienced
this level of tranquillity at home.

Same here.

If we had something to drink,
it'd be perfect.

Do you always carry this around?

Can you keep a secret?

A snack would be nice.


You always carry peanuts?

Another secret.

Anyone else hungry?

I am!

We haven't eaten anything.

I'm starving.

Shall we order some pizza?

That sounds good.

He's here?

Inside 30 minutes.

The pizza has arrived.

Who's going to get it?

You can't go out there.

So what do we do?

I'll go get it.

Too dangerous!

They'll shoot you.

Okay, you?

No! I'm an electrician.

My point exactly.

I'll go get it.

I've always had
a big inferiority complex.

My teachers gave me negative scores
for social activities.

I could never manage to date a girl.

At yesterday's lonely heart's dinner
I was too shy to act.

But I think... now I think I can do it.

I think I've changed.

So let me go and get the pizza.

I'm not Shimizu any more.

I'm big bad Carl Hendrix!

Film as much as you can.

One of the Space Travelers
is on his way out.

Here he is now!

He's looking around carefully.

Where did he get the costume?

From last year's surprise party.

Give me the pizza.

No, they're heavy.
I'll carry them inside.

Yes, sure!

He's coming.

I'll take the drinks.

Entering now.

By the way, how is Miho these days?

She's just fine.

She's a real beauty, isn't she?

She's very popular.

- Really?
- Sorry, this is as far as you go.

I'll take over.

Because you're a cop!

Leave now,
or we'll kill the hostages.

Hello, everyone.
We're pleased to serve you.

Are they all dead?

Your pizzas!

Space Travelers are not stupid!

Remember me. I am Carl Hendrix.

Stop this nonsense!
Release the hostages.

- We are not crazy.
- My name is Carl!

How did he know?

Hey, guys!

Hi there, Miho.

Get back to work.

Miho Togawa!

Well done!

I was scared stiff
facing all those cops.

But I did it. I proved I can do it!

Well done, good man.

I did it!

I did it!

impersonating a delivery man,
filmed the interior.

Dead bodies littered the lobby.

How many killed?

Bank employees or customers?

Every hour of delay results
in a dead hostage.

To the terrorists, hostages
are merely negotiating pawns.

Don't kill us!

Eat up, while you're still alive.

Sister will be furious.

We've been bad boys.

You fancy her, don't you?

Who do you mean?

Irene, of course.

What, are you crazy?

For a start, you're overreacting.

You're as gullible as
you were at the orphanage.

Stop it! She'll hear us.

Let's go join them.

There's no need to do that!

You were fantastic, Shimizu.

I was so scared, I could see red.

Now there's a real man.
He volunteered.

Don't look at me!

When we were talking about
who'd get the pizza,

notice how he refused
to look at you?

What is it with you two?

We're getting a divorce.

- Why?
- Because I hate him.

So why did you get married?

I hated him much less then.

You see, back in those days,
she was the only woman in Japan.

And what's that supposed to mean,
Mr. Hoi?

Stop calling me Hoi!

Any kids?

Yes! A son and a daughter.

So don't divorce, for the kids' sake.

That's a cliche.

Kids grow up without parents.

How would you know?

You can't just rationalize it!

Children need their parents.

No matter how bad they are,

kids need them.

I remember!

My PIN number is my kid's birthday.


But is it my son's or my daughter's?

Why did you decide to rob a bank?

What was the reason?

The money, naturally!

Of course!
I should have realized that.

What will you do with the money?

This is where we want to go.

Where is it?

We don't know.

Well, not yet, anyway.

But we've wanted to go there
since we were kids.

Not knowing where it is?

It's a tropical island.
There we'll find our paradise.

Sounds silly?

No! Not in the slightest.

It's a wonderful dream.
I envy you.

I've never had a dream like that.

My life's like a conveyor belt.
College, job in a bank.

Next stop was a safe marriage.

I was ready to do it.

But no one can tell
what will happen in the future.

I thought I knew
how my life would turn out.

So I never expected
anything out of the ordinary.

Now I've realized the possibilities,
what I can accomplish.

Suddenly I'm a fully fledged
bank robber.

I can't go on like I have been,
I must do something.

Why don't we have
our picture taken?

Good idea, Carl!

It's a day
I'll want to remember, too.

Gather around the table.
C'mon Crusher, you too.

Ready? Here we go!

Amidst the confusion at the scene,

hostage families are demanding
the police take action.

The criticism has started.

Every victim stirs up
public opinion against us.

They're under great strain.

Order SWAT in.


How did they all get in?

To you this must look like
child's play.

Very amateurish.
Nothing's worked for you.

But you're a fine leader.

They both trust you,
they rely on you.

It's a good thing.

We grew up in the same orphanage.

Is that so?

I'm sorry!

You can't see your daughter
because of us.

Never mind.
She doesn't know me anyway.

And this is where
I'm supposed to be.

We're releasing the hostages.

Ready the ambulances!

you're back to being a hostage.



Why is that?

Go find your daughter.

Don't say that.

Just go!

I don't know where she is.

Find her. It shouldn't be
too hard for you.

You have to.

The minute he leaves
he'll be arrested.

It's important you find her.

The police have announced that...

all the hostages
are to be released.

The entire bank staff
and the customers.

Mind your step.

Don't look at us!

It's time!

Keep this.

What about your daughter?

It's a time bomb. Pull the nose
and it'll explode in 3 minutes.

It'll level this building.

Don't you die!

That's my line!

Take care, Crusher.

Farewell, my friend.

See you!

I'll take care of them.

Thanks for everything.

Everything's ready here.

You take care.

Two of the weapons they're using
are only model guns.

Don't get too reckless.

What do we do now?

You're our leader, you decide.

Whatever happened to
the Space Travelers in the end?

You really want to know?

Did Crusher forget to take this?

It's ticking!

It's a time bomb!

We've got 2 minutes.

I'll throw it out!


This is a job for Electric Sunny!

Let me see.
That's a positive wire...

Can you do it?

I know everything
there is to know about electrics.

Like a magician!

Exactly. And you know,
I like this feeling.

Everyone looking to me
in expectation.

Don't talk, keep working.

This is really simple.
It's almost too obvious.

But one thing...

What's that?

The probability is 50%/%.

Isn't that chancy?

See the red and green wires?
One of them is the right one.

One stops the triggering device,
the other is the trigger.

So it's a 50%/% gamble.

One minute.

Red or green? Leader, you decide!

That's tough...


No, red!

- Which?
- Do it!

Choose one!


No, red!



I love Midori!

Then it's green!

Midori Aida!

Green? You got it!

SWAT team on the premises.

We've got the vehicle.

I wonder if Crusher made it?

He's out there somewhere.

It's unnaturally quiet outside.

Back in junior high,
I appeared in a school play.

I stayed overnight at school
so I could practice.

My first night away from home.

But we didn't actually rehearse.
We were having too much fun.

And it was fun.

This is just like then.

Like now, everyone was exhausted.

And we slept like this.

But I couldn't sleep.
So I stayed up all night.

A good memory.

What role?

In the play?
A man, it was an all girls' school.



What did Crusher whisper to you
just before he left?

You have to know?

No, not really.

So I won't tell you.

What happens in the end
to the animated Space Travelers?

A happy ending?

You have to know?

Well, I won't tell you.

Let's end it now.

Why? Has something happened?

We'll release you all.

You can't be serious!

We shouldn't involve you.

We started this,
so we have to finish it ourselves.

The police aren't stupid.
Sooner or later they'll find out.

Try to understand.

I don't want you hurt.

Don't say that, you make me sad.

He's right, we're in this together.
Show some respect.

They're right.
I haven't played my part yet.

What about you? Say something.

What are your plans?

This is how we'll escape.

Right, Makoto?

Are you crazy? That's insane.

She's right, that's impossible.
There are too many police.

Think of a plan!

I have a good idea.

Let them go out first,
looking like hostages.

Yes! That's a great idea.

Right, the police still
don't know who the robbers are.

But then you'll be true criminals.

We're partners in crime!

He's right!
Don't treat us like strangers!


Nothing, dear!

SWAT team ready.

Roger that!

If everything works out,
let's all meet at that island.

Great! Let's find paradise.

"Searching for paradise." Great!

Hey! Come and join us.

Don't sulk like a child.
Come on down.

It's all my fault.

I'm so sorry!

Shall we do it?

Do what?

Tell them we made you do
those things.

What do you mean? What will you do?

Reality is different to animation.

See you in paradise.

No! Don't shoot them!

Excuse me!

Two years since Armageddon.

Finally, they're back.

That felt good.

Paradise awaits us!

A new battle begins.

Space Travelers! Coming soon!

- I'm Hayabusa-Jetter.
- I'm Irene Bear.

- I'm Electric Sunny.
- My name is Carl Hendrix.

- I'm Gold Papillon.
- Hi, gang, I'm Hoi.

We're the Space Travelers!

It was all just like a dream.

Was it a good dream...
or a nightmare?

I'm not sure if this is
the right way to remember it,

but while I was in the dream,
playing Irene,

I felt more alive
than ever before.

And I don't think
I'm the only one.

I still haven't found
what it is that I should do.

I'm searching for a paradise
that's waiting for me.

What about you?

What are you doing now?