Space Raiders (1983) - full transcript

A futuristic, sensitive tale of adventure and confrontation when a 10 year old boy is accidentally kidnapped by a spaceship filled with a motley crew of space pirates.

Robots 12 and 31
to cargo ship 17, maintenance.

Robot nine's broken down
again, depot area three.

Will you guys get that
thing working or junk it?

The executive board's
coming down this afternoon.

We don't want any robots

picking up our executives and loading them

like we had last time.

Get it working or get it out of here.

The company picnic will
be held, as you know,

on the 23rd

and we have found a planet this time

where it does not rain.

This is a family event,

everybody will have a wonderful afternoon

and you can get your tickets
at the dispatch office.

We look forward to
seeing more of you there

than we saw last year.

Just remember, this year it's a planet

where it cannot possibly rain.

Maintenance, I'm getting a
down signal off robot 53,

you wanna see what that's
all about over in area six?

And robot nine's still
wandering around area three.

If you need a hand from security

get it out of here let me know,

but I want it gone before
the board gets down here.

People on 50 colonized planets

are waiting for shipments

and we've got robots
sitting on their hands.

We're the biggest
corporation in the galaxy,

we can at least get a
shipment off on time.

What do you say, guys?

Maintenance, you wanna do
something abour robot nine?

It just tried to load robot 18.

Security breach!

Squadron to depot three!

Defend cargo ship 17,
this is an emergency.

Squadron three to depot three,

security breach, depot three.

This is an emergency.

More men, we
need more men in here.

- Jess, we're covering you.

Just get the ship and
let's get out of here.

Get out of here.

- Do what he tells ya!

I'll be right back.

I'm gonna get us into that ship.


I'll take care of 'im when we get 'im up.

You get the crate moving.

They're stealing ship 17.

All security forces to depot three.

This is full priority.

All security forces,

all assignments are superseded.

All security forces to
depot three, defend ship 17.

- Back to our ship,

they know where to link up with us.

Full thrust.

Program for sector 309.

We got the
cargo ship away clear.

- Let's catch up to 'em.

Jess hanging on?

He's bleeding all over the place.

As bad as you were
that time on Cygnus Four?


I held you together,
just get him aboard.

Used to be you
could steal something

without getting your head blown off.

We unload that ship,

we'll never have to steal anything again.

Where's that medical kit?

- I don't know, I saw
it here the other day.

Well find it.

- Remind me to talk to you
when you're done with this.

I've been having these headaches.

- I don't do headaches.

I just do stuff that bleeds.

More oxygen, more oxygen.

- We're losing him.

- Breathe, damn you,


Never could follow orders, breathe!


Well, at least he didn't die for nothing.

We got the ship.

- The ship's empty.

- Not quite empty.

- Will you take me home now?

- I want every fighting ship we've got

off the ground in five minutes.

- Now.

- We lose another ship

the board of directors'll eat me alive.

- Your boy get out all right?

- Peter?

- You didn't know he was in there?

I saw him playing.

- I saw him duck inside the ship

when the shooting got hot.

- You can't send those fighters out.

- I've got to.

- You could put me back on the cargo ship.

Someone would pick me up.

- Nobody's picking that ship up.

- Well I guess we oughta say something.

- What do you wanna say?

- He was a good soldier.

- In the service I'd look
for soldiers like him.

There weren't many.

Well, I'm proud he died well.

- He was a good boy.

- He'd have made one hell of a man.

- That bug's gonna die in there.

Hey, I won't hurt you.

Either they'll ransom you back

or I'll just chuck you out the airlock,

but I'm not gonna hurt you.

We'll put him in here,
he'll be able to breathe.

- He'll get out.

- No, no, the hole's too small.

You know, you worry too much.

- I'm sorry.

You're sorry too much.

Yes, sir, I'm so sorry.

- What the hell kinda kids
are they raising nowadays?

Nobody calls me sir.

- Yes, sir.

- My name is Hawk.

Used to be Colonel Hawkins, C.W. Hawkins,

back when being in the Space
Service really meant something.

Now it's just Hawk.

There you go.

Company ships coming in.

- Get out of my seat!

We can take 'em.

- Sure,

there's only two of them and six of us.

- Five.

I knew I should've fixed
this when I had the chance.

- Hawk.

- Hit it.

- Let me do my job, okay?

- 7 o'clock.
- What am I, blind?

Excuse me.

- The plasma module's hit.

- Well get the auxiliary.

Excuse me.

- That switch's been going bad for a year.

Enter the override.

- No, it'll kick in.

- I thought you fixed it.

- It'll kick in.

- Three o'clock.

It's not kicking in.

- Keep firing, I've got a plan.

- What, do you think
I'm going on vacation?

- Keep my seat warm.

- I'll take the one on the left.

- The hell you will.

- Reminds me of a girl I once dated.

I think it was on Epsilon Eridani,

just couldn't quite get to her.

I can't get in there.

- Well I'll have to go outside,

get us in through the access vents.

- You won't get 10 feet out there.

- I can fit.

- Do you wanna give it a try?

- If I fix it I'll never get home.

- Get us out of here and I
promise you I'll get you home.

There's a breaker card down there.

It keeps going out.

It's gotta be some
kind of loose connection again.

Just don't touch anything

And find it before
somebody blows us up.

- That's the problem,

that connector's loose.

Don't let it touch you,

we'll get you something.

Get him a pair of gloves.

- Gloves.

You know while we're
fighting for our lives here,

there are guys sleeping in warm beds,

guys eating gourmet meals.

- You wouldn't know a gourmet
meal if you sat on it.

- There's another one coming in.

- Laser three's out.

- Watch yourself.

- What's his name?

- I don't know, what's your name?

- Peter.

- Watch yourself, kiddo.

Shove that connector back.

- Get us outta here!

- We still haven't got any power.

It's kicking in.

- It's the galaxy's most
powerful battle cruiser

and we control every move from this room,

the first test of the great robot ship.

No human beings to get in the way,

no emotion, no second thoughts, no fears.

It just does the job it's been told to do.

It'll home in on your boy's index tag

and nothing will stop it

until it tracks him down.

- That's a death ship not a rescue ship.

- First time off the planet, huh?

- Have you ever been to Earth?

- I was born there.

- Wow, you must be old.

Are there really trees on Earth?

That's the only bad
thing about Procyan III,

there aren't any trees.

He's hungry.

- Flightplan says he's
hungry, he's hungry.

He picks up on stuff like that,

picks up on all sorts of stuff.

- You've never seen an alien before?

I was afraid the first
time I saw your people.

To me they were aliens.

- Thanks.

- We'll get you home, kiddo.

- Hawk promised.

- So what do we do now?

- When did we every worry about that?

- Come on, Hawk.

We went in after our wildest dreams,

we came out with a kid
with a bug in a beer can.

- Why don't we put him in an airlock

when we get to Zariatin?

- He's all right.

- Oh, he's nice.

I don't like kids to begin with,

nice kids drive me crazy.

This is Outrider
One, identify yourself please.

- Hungry and tired.

There's a voice I'd
never thought I'd hear again.

Heard you've been working for the Company.

- You're as good as home, kid.

This place is in even worse shape

than the last time we were here.

- Nice, huh?

- Not my type.

- Ooh.

- This is one of the first stations

they ever build out here.

Zariatin moved in probably
15, 20 years ago now.

It's the only place in the galaxy

where people like us know

the Company's not going
to be shooting at us.

It's not exactly Vacation World,

but the food's okay.

- Did you see the tag
around that kid's neck?

You have any idea how much money

a Company kid has gotta be worth?

- Seems like a line of work

we might be real suited to.

- Wanna have a good time, boys?

- We're having a good time.

- Where'd he go?

- I don't know, he was right here.

- Well, why the hell weren't you watching?

- You were talking to 'im.

- I can't tune in on him,

but we're not the only ones
here trying to find him.

- Let's go.

We'll check the other way.

- Put that away,

they're not going to pay
anything for him dead.

- Peter?


- Where the hell have you been?

Hawk's gonna kill you.

He's just been doing a little exploring.

- I'm sorry.

- Quit being so damn sorry.

You know, right upstairs there
are refresher room warm beds,

nice big nutristeaks,

and what are we doing?

We're knocking ourselves out looking for

a little kid that doesn't
have the sense to stay put.

- This place is full of dangerous people.

- There's no telling what they would do

to a little boy.


- It never fails to amaze me

when I see you still alive.


Such an appealing little boy.

Get him off my station!

- As soon as I can get somebody
to make a deal for him.

- Somebody from outside?

They get within 1,000 miles
I'll blow them to dust,

you know that.

No one compromises the
safety of this station.

- Now look, Zariatin,

he can't stay, he needs to go home.

- Then you take him

and you take him now.

He doesn't belong here.

And some very terrible
things have been know

to happen to people who don't belong here.

- Zariatin, we've been
friends for a long time,

but you touch this boy,

I'll kill you where you stand.

- These aren't real onions, are they?

They're some kind of alien yucko onions.

Wonder if this is real cheese.

- Who is it?

- It's me, Aldebaran.

I brought something for the kid.

It's the smallest one we had.

At least it's clean.


Did you figure out what to do with him?

- Get him home.

- My dad'll do something.

He's important.

- Your father's up against
the Company, same as we are.

And they want us dead more
than they want you alive.

- No ransom.

- No, it's funny,

the only one in the universe

wanting to get this kid home is me.


Peter listen to me.

Things are always happening
that we don't expect.

Now you can think of them as an ordeal

or you can think of 'em
as a great adventure.

It's the adventures who make it.

♪ It's hard to see you in light years ♪

♪ I still wonder why ♪

♪ I'm drowning here in my own juice ♪

♪ You sail off into the sky ♪

♪ You left me here to die ♪

- Give me that back, go on...

give me those, come on, give me that back.

Back to level one where you belong.

I hope you enjoy the meal,

I'm sorry about the problem.

Too much liquor in there,

aliens don't need this.

Now keep moving, come on,

don't forget about tonight,
level four, you and me, huh?

Zariatin wants to see you.

- That's what I always
liked about you, Lou,

your sense of sociability.

- He said he want's to see you,

whadya want, choreography?

- Tell him I'm eating.

- He's gonna want to
know who's paying for it,

ya know?

It's always a pleasure seeing this crew.

How's the kid?

- Fine.

He's fine.

- Here at Crazy Mel's
Transport Resale Centers

whatever it is you're lookin' for,

whether it's an interstellar cargo hauler

or a little sub-orbital hummer
for those weekend getaways,

I, Crazy Mel, have got a deal for you.

You wanna know what I got?

General Dynamic
Starcharger, nine years old,

and I'll take anything in trade.

If you can get your old bucket down here,

I don't care if you have
to drag it in in pieces,

Crazy Mel can...

Look at this baby, top
of the line Rockwell.

Less than 30 years old.

I can't give you the price over the air.

People ask me, how do I do it?

How do you do it, Crazy Mel, they ask me.

I buy in volume, I sell in volume

and I've got volumes of letters from...

Crazy Mel's Transport Resale Centers,

near you on Tau Zeta II,

Arcturus IV, Beta Crucis twin worlds,

Proteon III and Luiminous VI.

- Hold that elevator.

- You're just into us for too much money.

From March alone we've got
four double-occupancy rooms,

docking fees, maintenance
fees, laundry fees.

- We didn't do any laundry.

- We never do laundry.

- No, but you ate, god did you eat.

You know what it cost to feed you?

- Why don't you just
tell me what you want.

- Fuel

- You and everybody else

who doesn't have a corporate connection.

- I've got my connection.

There's a Company convoy
being loaded on Regulus V.

It will be, shall we say, delayed.

- A little money changed hands.

- The only defense they've got is robots.

And they'll be having a
very serious power problem.

Long enough for you to get
in and hijack those ships.

- How many?

- Four.

- That's worth a lot more
than a year's laundry.

- I thought you didn't do your laundry.

- Bring me three ships

and I'll buy the fourth one from you.

- Okay, we'll get your ships for you.

- There is one more thing.

Not that I don't trust you,

but I do want you to have some incentive

to bring those ships back here.

The boy stays.

- No, not that I don't trust you.

- He stays here.

- Cookie, three beers here.

- Same for me.

- We've got to go.

Without Jess I'm one pilot short.

- I've been gypsing around this galaxy

since I was 15 years old and
it was a lot of fun then,

but now all we do is run.

There was a time when I
thought I'd never grow up.

Well, I guess I did.

- All right, one of those ships is ours.

Take it and go home.

On one condition, you
take the kid with you.

- Why don't we just sell
the cargo back to Zariatin?

- I've been broke before, remember?

But I'm not gonna let the kid down.

- A man of honor.

- The kid thinks I'm a hero.

I'm just another loser
trying to stay alive,

but he's not gonna find out.

- And if I take that
kid I'll never get home.

Hawk, that kid is suicide.

Nothing good has happened to us

ever since he turned up.

- I made him a promise.

Now you're the only chance
I've got to keep it.

Tell him to get the ships ready.

Yes, sir, Colonel.

- I'll get the kid.

Get in there, get after him.

I can't get in there.

He's not getting away from me.

- Here's what you ordered, Mac.

- Oh, what the?

- Hey, cut it out!

Who's gonna pay for this mess?

- The kid's gone.

Probably went off exploring.

- Hawk!

- Let's split up, we'll find him.

- Hawk!


- Now, where's the kid Zariatin?

- How the hell would I know where he is?

We have a departure clearance.

- No one was scheduled to
leave tonight, who is it?


- Does he have the boy?

He did have a boy with him.

They're not waiting for clearance,

they're taking off.

- There's a reason I
never liked you, Hawk.

You bring out the good in me.

Go and get your kid.

And you come back with that convoy,

all of it.

- All we gotta do now is
deliver this to the Company

and wait for our money.

You're gonna make us rich, boy.

Does that make you feel good inside?

- It's about time the
Company did something for us.

- You'd think that kid
would have sense enough

to stay in his room.

- Don't touch that, I'll break your hands.

Get the hell away from there.

- Uh oh,

we got company.

It's your kid all right,

the robot ship's locked on to his tag.

- We may actually get
him back in one piece.

- Look at the size of that thing.

- What the hell is it?

- Some kind of transport I hope.

- Just give 'em a chance.

Don't do any shooting.

- It's programed not to fire.

- As long as

they don't fire first.

- I'm gonna fire a warning shot.

- He got away.

That's it, Hawk.

- Not for me it isn't.

- Hawk!


- What if we don't find him?
- We'll find him.

What if we don't?

We'll keep looking till we do.

- He's alive.

- Aldebaran, you should've seen it!

There was this huge ship and it blew us up

and I came shooting out!

- I told ya I'd get you home.

- Thank you.

- We're on our way to Regulus V.

There are four tankers there,
we're gonna steal them.

You go on one of them with Amanda.

She'll take ya home.

Now go on to the back.

That bug of yours is starting to miss you.

- Goddamn rocks.

I hate rocks.

- Did you buy those rings
on all different planets?

- Oh, you can't buy rings,
rings have to come to you.

You either find them, or steal them,

or someone's gotta give them to you,

but you can't buy 'em.

- Goddamn rocks.

Listen, I'm gonna get
a beer, you want one?

- Okay.

- No, thanks.

- Watch the rocks for me, will ya?

- Here comes one.

There, you got the next one.

Come on, you can do it.

- Hawk, I'm a little kid.

- Now why should that stop you?

- I'm not gonna be able to do this.

- You can if you pay attention.

Now, you look at that monitor,

what do you see?

A green thing.

- That's your sighting mark.

All you gotta do is put your hand up here.

That'll make the marker shield a target.

As soon as you get it exactly
where you want it to be,

nice and easy,

got it?

Hey, you did it.

That's the kind of things you
gotta know when you grow up.

- Hawk, when I grow up
I'm gonna have a job

in some office.

- But you're gonna be the
best shot in that office.

Hey, here comes another one.

- Not bad.

Have a beer, hot shot.

- Goddamn rocks.

- Okay, go in and get those ships.

Zariatin says the robots
are out of action.

I'll believe him, but
I'll be here to cover you.

First sign of trouble
I'll come in shooting.

How's he doing?

- Not too good.

I've been thinking, maybe
I'd better let him go.

- Good luck.

- Let's go.

- You gotta go, Peter.

- I'll miss ya, Hawk.

- Life's a ride, kid.

You fire up the engines and
you see where they take ya.

You make friends, you move on.

But all you can do is
remember as best you can.

- I'll remember you.

- Hey, this is for you.

Go ahead.

- You're losing your touch.

- Robots.

I can't sense robots.

- So much for Zariatin's planning.

- That's where all the
robots are coming from.

You're the one who claims
to be a sharpshooter.

Yahoo, let's get those ships!

They're still coming.

- Goodbye, Hawk.

They got away
with three of the tankers.

You want me to move the robot ship in?

Not just yet,
let's see where they're going.

Our robot cruiser may just
give us a little bonus.

Program for long-range tracking.

The Board of
Directors is going to love me.

- Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,

pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,

pow, pow, pow.

Pow, pow, pow, pow,

pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.

- Dammit, I knew this was gonna happen.

- What is it?

- Zariatin.

He's sent his fighters after us.

Connect cross circuit
seven down three units

to code sequence five,

the red button.

Press the one on the left!

This tub's got no power at all.

- We can fight 'em.

We can try.

- Look, you're a kid, you're no gunner.

- I'm the only gunner you got.

- Okay, kid,

let's see what you can do.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

- I can't, this is not like the rocks.

This is a real ship.

And those are real lasers
they're firing at us.

The defense shield can't
hold out much longer.

- I can't.

- My god, you got 'im.

Come on, kid,

let's go get 'em.

- Where'd he go?

- He's coming around behind us.

- Oh no, we got hit!

- We got no retro rockets.

- We're gonna crash.

- No, probably burn up

before we get anywhere near the ground.

- Is there anything I can do?

- Yeah, hang on.

Come on, let's get out of here

before those guys come in for a look.

- I've never seen a tree before.

- Been a while since I've seen one.


Run, Peter.


- Your friends left you to die

and your parents back on Procyon III.

I'm going to ransom you

and I'm going to kill your friends.

Take him away.

- I can't believe we did it.

We actually got the kid home.

- And money besides.

One drink and then we go collect.

- Trouble?

- The kid,

I feel he's here.

- We all miss him.

Don't get carried away.

- I'm going for a little walk.


Stay behind me.



- Peter!

- What are you doing here?

- How'd you get here?

- Flightplan's hurt?

- What about Amanda?

- She got killed.

- How?

- Zariatin.

Red alert, all
passengers to your ships.

Arm your defenses and defend
the station at all costs.

All pilots to your ships.

Station is under attack, red alert!

This is Outrider One,

will you guys get some
ships up here, please?

Is anybody listening to me?

It's getting closer.

Will you get us some defense up here?

I never saw anything-

All ships defend the station.

Defend the station at all costs.

The station must be saved.

Okay, let's blast
that thing out of the galaxy.

We're going in,

follow me five seconds apart.

- I want Zariatin.

Then we'll get you home, Peter.

- You don't have to, Hawk.

- Stay with him.

Mary move out to my left.

Cartex, go to my right.

Come on, shoot, shoot!

My lasers aren't doing anything.

- The last safe place in the galaxy.

Coming in from 7 o'clock.

- Where's Zariatin?

- Get 'em, get 'em.

- No matter how many times I get shot,

still hurts like hell.

- You led that ship here.

And now for you, boy.

Why are you all so willing to die for him?

- Don't die, Hawk.

- Guys like me don't die,

we're too tough or too dumb.

What are we standing around here for?

That blaster
didn't make a dent.

Harry's sneaking from below.

We're gonna get this thing.

Come on, come under it!

Watch it, it's swinging around.

- I'd check the scope, kid.

Let's see where we're going,

third row from the left, second row.

No, from the top.


I don't mind dying,

but I'll be damned if
it's some corporation ship

that's gonna kill me.

Get on your guns, kid.

Try and get a shot.

- I am trying.

- Every time they fire

they gotta open that hatch.

It's your only chance.

Get a shot inside their defenses.

Who the hell's flying that crate?

It's like he knows every move

I'm gonna make before I make it.

You've gotta fly, kiddo.

You gotta.

Hit it for me.

You got the controls.

- Hawk, I don't know how to do this.

Hawk, help me, please.

Hawk, we got 'em!


- Let's go home.

Leave that alone, kid.

So long, soldier.

- Good bye, Hawk.

- I said leave it alone.