Space Probe Taurus (1965) - full transcript

In the year 2000, the spaceship Hope One sets off to find new galaxies for colonization. However, an encounter with an alien being and a swarm of meteorites sends the ship streaking off course into a sea of monsters on an uncharted world.

[lion roars]

NARRATOR: Beyond this
and into infinity,

is man's last frontier.

Over $2 billion light years
of solar system reaching

from the great
clouds of Magellan

to the galaxies of
Andromeda and triangulum.

Through the eons of time,
man has searched the heavens,

peering incessantly into
the vast millions of miles

of universe, questioning
every star, every planet,

can life exist?

Like time itself, man search
for the answer never stops.

He moves closer and closer
to his final destiny,

exploration of the heavens.

And so his probes have
taken him deep into space.

He passed the planets
of Mars and Jupiter,

Saturn and countless others.

Relentlessly, he will seek
new worlds to land on.

And always he will wonder, if
the next will be like the one



Faith 1, calling
Earth's control.

Faith 1, calling Earth's .


Faith 1, calling
Earth's control.

This is Earth control.

Come in Faith 1.

destruction of ship, over.

This Earth control.

Clarify your situation, over.

Gas is never traded suits.

Others, all dead.

Please destruct.

Malfunction, can't do it myself.

Tell him to put all
systems on remote guidance.

We'll bring him in from here.

This is Earth control.

Put all systems on
remote guidance.

Prepare for takeoff.


Too late.

Whole ship may be infectious.

Radiation reading
beyond rankin scale.

Pain unbearable.

Please destruct.

[gasping for breathe]

Please destruct.

Please distract.


NARRATOR: With the destruction
of spaceship Faith 1,

the United States
proceeded to test new power

sources capable of
carrying a ship far

beyond the Earth's universe.

Soon a probe would be hurled
into space beyond the stars.

Man would again seek the
answer to an ageless question.

And so in a day in the
year 2000, the United

States rocketship, Hope 1 lifted
from the sands of Cape Kennedy.

The world watched and
listened as it thundered

toward history and an answer.

Earth control once again.

The activity here has
settled down to its normal,

if you can call it that routine.

Now that Hope 1 has
successfully been launched,

the crews are back to their
tracking and recording work.

The ship is well on its way
toward the space platform,

which is its final checkpoint.

I see General Mark Tillman,
the head of the Space Agency

and perhaps we can get
a few words from him.


General Tillman.

General, could you tell
our audience a little

bit on how the developments
are going so far?

Well, everything
seems to be going

according to pre-flight plans.

Is this your basically
the same as Faith 1?

There have been
some refinement

but basically, they are similar.

Perhaps you could explain
to our audience a little bit

about the rather unique
cabin design in the ship.

Well, as you know, the entire
ship has artificial gravity

that eliminates weightlessness.

In addition, each cabin is gyro
stabilized so that whatever

position the ship is in, each
cabin can be individually

rotated to an upright position.

There are doors
that the crew uses

his passageway when the ship
is in horizontal flight.

Once the ship is in the
vertical or landing position,

the cabins can be rotated.

Then the crew makes their
way through the ship

by a series of ladders.

And now general what is the--


Washington on the line, sir.

Excuse me.

Thank you very much, sir.

And that ladies and
gentlemen concludes

our coverage here of the
activities at Earth control.

To the crew of Hope
1, all of our best

wishes for a safe and
successful journey.

[music playing]

Rotate cabin.

Release belts.

Estimate check.



800 miles.


DR. JOHN ANDROS: 7.3 per second.


2 minutes, 18
seconds vector alpha.

Exhaust velocity.


3 to 1.

Cabin pressure.


Guidance system.


Electrical system.


Elevate salvoes.

Systems report.

30 second duration.

Very on green.

Dark, [inaudible]


All systems checked, green
light on all functions.

Paul, call Earth control.

I'll check the lab equipment.

This is US rocket ship 970,
Hope 1 calling Earth control.

This is Hope 1
calling Earth control.

This is Earth control.

Clarify your situation, over.

This is Hope 1,
Dr. Martin speaking.

All systems function green.

Dr. Wayne is checking
our lab equipment

we should hear from her soon.

How do we look from there?

launching from our end.

Radar reports no
corrections on a sync.

Speed and acceleration
as per plan.

Everything's fine, no damage.

Dr. Wayne reports
no damage in lab.

No further information
at this point.

Hope 1 is clear.


Now that we're underway, I
hope that you're still not

bitter about me being aboard.

I am not bitter.

But as I stated when
I filed my protest--

Which was denied.

--on a ship carrying
only four crew,

there's no place for a woman.

That's not what Noah
said when he built the Ark.

Look, Lisa Wayne--

Dr. Wayne.

Dr. Wayne, there's a
couple of billion dollars

tied up in this project.

So when Earth command
gave me this mission,

they wanted someone
who had a fair chance

of getting this ship up
there and back again.

I thought I might at
least, help select my crew.

But I'm an officer,
so I accept orders.

But that doesn't make
me think they're right.

Well, Colonel, I'm beginning
to think you don't like women.

By the way, Colonel, I think I
know where some of that billion

must have gone.


To build a special helmet
for that fat head of yours.


Deadlier than the male.

Don't judge it too quickly.

And she's an extremely
able scientist.

It's not personal, doc.

I just don't think that women
belong in a job like this.

Well, what else could we do?

Aside from her abilities,
weight was a very important

issue in the decision.

The only other
scientist is qualified

as our Dr. Wayne is Dr. Martin
Barton, and he's a huge man.

Makes a difference
of 125 pounds.

And that we divert
it into equipment.

And we need every ounce
of equipment we can carry.

And she carry some pretty
good equipment of our own.

I don't know what
Barton looks like,

but he can be as
pretty as she is.


Let's just hope that
the time doesn't arrive

when we regret she isn't a man.

Well, if I ever find
myself regretting it,

it's going to be
too late anyway.


We're picking up the
relay of the space station.

Sure, it looks pretty.

But it would look
a hell of a lot

better if we were coming home.

Make radio contact
to check positions.

Hope 1 calling
space platform, over.

is space platform.

You're on coordinate G.
Bearing and speed, OK.

You will pass in 30 seconds.

Good luck.

Well, it's too late
to turn back now.

We're red on approach again.

Identified object, 11 o'clock.

Paul, Lisa, come to control.

I'd say it was some
kind of, a spaceship.

What's the matter?

John thinks we are
approaching a spaceship.

We don't have any
other ships as far out.

That's just what
I was thinking.

Try to establish communications
with a trial wavelengths.

Give us a Barry.

This is US ship, Hope
1 on open call, over.

SPACE CONTROL: This is 109,
Hope 1, United States spacecraft

on open call for recognition.

Do you read me?

Call Earth control.

Hope 1 calling Earth control.

Hope 1 calling Earth control.

Come in Hope 1.

Come in Hope 1.

We've made visual
contact with the spaceship.


10 minutes 27
seconds, coordinate G.

Bearing, 10
minutes 27 seconds,

coordinate G. Are there any
other Earth ships in this area?

SPACE CONTROL: There are no.


No other Earth
ships in your area.

See if they want an intercept.

Do you wish us
to intercept, over.

is General Tillman.

This ship must be
from another planet.

If you had radio contact?

Negative, John.

intercept as possible,

board for further investigation.

Keep us apprised
of your situation.

This is Earth controlled, clear.

I want a course for intercept.

Again, procedure.

Exhaust velocity.

7.4 to 1.

Systems report.

Azimuth reading, green.

Electrical system.


Change course, 3 degrees,
4 minutes G, subordinate 4.

Degree speed.

He's rockets off.

Prepare retros.

Retros on.

Retros on.

Acceleration moving to zero.

I can't spot any
propulsion units.

Could be a refueling station
but nothing like I've ever seen.

How do you plan
to make contact.

We'll bring our ship
directly alongside.

We don't get any
signal from them.

John and I, will
try to board it.

Moving at a position.

Retros off.

It's not one of
ours, that's for sure,

I wonder what that dome is?

be some sort of, crystal.

Could be solar
energy converters.

Looks like an airlock under
that light, but it's wide open.

Still no sign of life.

Paul try to make
radio contact again.

John, I'll get our suits on.

This is Hope 1 standing
by for recognition.


This is US ship, Hope 1
standing by for recognition.


We'll keep in touch with you.

Now if anything goes
wrong, contact Earth

control for procedure.


Be sure to keep a close
check on the radiation.


Let's go.

Earthship Hope 1 calling.

Can you hear me?

Follow me in 5 seconds.

I'm approaching the airline.

I'll be on the boarding
step in a few seconds.

Do you read me?

We read you loud and clear.

I'm in the airlock.

John's almost in the luggage.

Compartment doesn't seem to
have any airtight hatches,

everything's open.

We're starting up into the
ship going through a hatch

into a passageway.

There's heavy instrumentation
on both sides.

we're in the ship now, Paul.

Strangest thing I've ever seen.

Radiation still a low.

We're going into the main room.

I can hear all kinds
of, sounds, Paul.

It could be coming from
other parts of the ship.

Ahead of us, there's a rotating
tower, could be a power source.

There's a scope in here.

I can see our ship on it.

Still no sign of life here.

This tower looks like it runs up
through the length of the ship.

Seems to be connected
to the dome.

We're going to check
the rest of the ship.


We've got company.


Nice and easy.



[inaudible] he's choking me.


You're all right?


What's going on here?

It seems the stuff we he felt,
like, there was some connection

with him in the machinery.

But let's get out of here.

Radiation is rising fast.

Paul, we had to kill the aliens.

All hell's breaking
loose in here.

Put a grade A bomb with
a timer in the airlock

and leave the lock
open, we're coming back.

Come on.

We're standing out
of the airlock.

John just left
the boarding step.

I'm moving off now.

Approaching the airlock.

I'll be on the boarding
step in a few seconds.

And what do
think you're doing?

I got to destroy that ship.

You can't go back there.

And they just
drifted loose out there

with radiation building up.

If it falls in the
gravitational pull

of the Earth, no telling
what might happen.

Get in the controls and get
things set for a quick move



I never figured him
for the hero-type.

What about the radiation, Lisa?

Well, the suit should
protect him as long

as he's not in there too long.

I'm moving into
the control room.

[inaudible] as fast as
possible in that ship.

Radiation is rising.

I'm setting the
bomb for 10 minutes.

DR. PAUL MARTIN: Hurry up, Hank.

Don't take a chance
on that radiation.

I'm through.

I'm coming back.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

Rockets on.


Nothing left but a bad memory.


Contact Earth control, report.

Hope 1 calling Earth control.

This is Hope 1
calling Earth control.

is Earth control.

Go ahead Hope 1, over.

This is Hope 1,
Dr. Martin speaking.

The alien ship has
been destroyed, over.

Let me talk to
Colonel Stevens.

Mr Stevens, over.

What happened Hank?

Once we were boarded the
ship, we found one crew member.

He attacked Dr. Andros and in
a fight we had to kill him.

GEN. MARK TILLMAN: Have you any
idea where this ship came from?

No, sir.

Except that I'm sure
it wasn't from Earth.

The controls were unlike
anything I've ever seen before

and the language seemed
to be an assembled code.

At least, I didn't
recognize anything

on any of the instruments.

All right, Hank.

I wish we might have made
peaceful contact with them.

Yes, sir.

So do I, but he attacked
Dr. Andros before we

had a chance to communicate.

That's all, Colonel.

Keep us informed
with your progress.

Yes, sir.

Hope 1 clear.

Finally, to discover another
race, then have to destroy it.

did he look like?

Well, he had arms and legs.

Now from a shoulder down he
looked like anyone from Earth,

except the face wasn't.

I got of a nightmare.

[chuckles] Oh, man.

Was he ugly.

And he wouldn't make
any small talk either.

And we try to be friendly, but
as soon as we got close enough,

he attacked John.

Hey, you know what?

That makes me the
first man from Earth

to make contact with the-- with
someone from another planet.

Do you know what the
boys in the magazines

would pay for that story?

That's what it means to you?

The fact that we discovered
another life form

means nothing?

Well I'll tell you
the way I figure it.

We've got enough
troubles on Earth now.

I mean, we're barely keeping
from killing each other off.


Well, suppose we had managed
to make contact with him.

So we treated them nicely,
we became friendly.

You know what happens then?

Well, pretty soon
someone on Earth

decides that we don't
like the way they look

or maybe they won't like us.

Well, after all, one of us is
going to be on minority group.

And the next thing you know,
wham over trying to blast

each other out of existence.

So that's why I say,
we've got enough troubles.

Now they're trying to find
someone else to make as there.

And now if you'll
pardon me, I'm going

to change you to something
a little more comfortable.

[music playing]


John, wake up.

Check the gyro bearing.

Same as before.

You don't go in much
for beach parties?

You know, warm summer's
night, a little fire,

finally companionship.

Should beat flying
one of these things.

Well you don't get to
fly one of these things,

as you call them, by roasting
marshmallows around a fire.

Roasting marshmallows
isn't the part I miss.

Well, let's face it.

You can't cuddle
up to a spaceship

on a cold winter's night.

I like fun as
well as anyone else.

These ships are a 24-hour a
day job, especially training

for a flight like this.

You tell them skipper, but
things might not be too dull.

I've seen a lot worse
than our lady doctor.


I bet you have.

I'm sure even
you you've noticed

that she fills out a spacesuit
a lot better than any of us.

Don't you think
about anything else?

Well, I'm only kidding.

No one wants to see this
flight succeed more than I do.


That surprises me.

When we were in training,
I got the feeling that this

was all just a big joke to you.

Well, just because
I managed to have

a few laughs that doesn't
mean it isn't important to me.

I thought the only
thing important to you

was an unlimited
supply of women.

And I still, but there are
other things I'm aiming for.

Well, at least,
you're honest about it.

It doesn't matter to me why
you're here as long as we

understand each other.

You do your job and
we'll get along.

Yes, sir.

How many times are you
going to check that stuff?

You don't have to
prove anything to me.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, we're not all
like Hank, you know.

You don't have to
crusade for equality.

I'm more than happy
to have on board.

Think of those
long nights ahead.

Oh buster.

Just don't start that.

Well, I mean, we can
keep each other company.

Hank isn't going to be
much fun and every time

he talked the ball he starts
waving that flag for humanity's

salvation at TIROS.

This is why we're
here, isn't it?

Look, Colonel Stevens may
have some rather archaic views

about women, but I'm
still sure that he's

the best man for the job.

Well, well.

I think your bark is
worse than your bite.

And you think it is
something nice about him?

He's entitled to think
anything he wants about me.

I just know that I'll
make him change his mind.

Do you think you to make
me change my mind, easily?

You mind?

[chuckle] That mind
doesn't need to be changed,

it needs to be dry cleaned.

You know, I think
my charm escapes you.

Oh God.

Oh, no, no.

You-- you make sure that
I'm completely aware of it.

It's just that--
well, I don't think

it's fair to take
advantage of the fact

that I'm the only
woman available.

You may be the
only woman but you're

not making yourself available.

Now look, if you'll
behave yourself,

I'll go and get
something to eat.

Everything all right?

I suppose.

You know it--

It's funny, doc.

The more we know about
flight, the less there

is for people like me to do.

In the early days, the
men flew the ships,

now the ships fly the men.

Well, it's-- it's
not quite that simple?


And the aft section
set the computers.

These feed them
cancer information.

Automatically, we
correct course and speed.

These things can
handle anything.

So sure but they
still only machines.

They can only analyze the
information they receive,

they can't anticipate
what might happen.

And in case they malfunction,
everything's in your hands.


I suppose.

Look, I spent most of my
life building these machines.

And believe me, I know
their limitations.


In a way, I guess you're right.

A million things can go wrong.

nothing is for nothing, Hank.

Look at all the failures
that we experience

putting this project together.

Now terrorist is
what we think it is.

We can provide
life for millions.

You know, how I think
it was for [inaudible]..

Like, Columbus setting
out to find a new world.

And that's an
opportunity not afforded

many people in all history.


Dinner is served.

Here you are, Paul.

Lobster thermidor, somewhat
compressed, of course.

It's not Maine lobster,

And for Stevens,
a nice thick juicy

steak, some caviar, or perhaps
you'd like our special deluxe.

All guaranteed, non poisonous.

Number 2, please.

And easy on the gravy.

Well, I believe you're
trying to be pleasant.

And for you one meatball.

You put too much garlic in
it, it gives me heartburn.

You should have
tasted this stuff

before they made it into bills.

This was something before
they made in the bill?

Right on approach.

Swarm of meteorites
dead ahead, 1.8.

What's our speed?


Strap in quick.

How close the meteorites?

40 seconds.

I'm setting up the force
shield around the ship.

If there are too many, we
should be able to deflect.

We're almost through.

We're using a lot of power,
how long can we use a shield?

25 second maximum.

Oh. we're through.

All see your lock.



What's our speed?


Are going faster all the time.

Keep gaining speed will
either use up all our power

or burn the ship up.

Keep comm on our speed
over the intercom.

- Right.
- I'll check the computers.

Come on, Paul.

Turn them off, Hank.

John, switched to manual,
we're turning off computers.


Switching the manual.

Manual on green.

How's our Speed

DR. JOHN ANDROS: Crocodile.

I think we're still gaining.

That reactor is liable
to blow itself up.

Try to check in our position.

Checkin position.

How about that position?

We should be nearing
the triangulum galaxy.

Paul, come on.

[warning tones]

We're running too hot, I've
got to turn off the reactor.

We used a lot of power
in the last few minutes.

And that's can take us
to Tyros and back again.

We're closing fast.

Our only chance is to
try to land somewhere

and repair our trouble.

Paul, will the guidance system
work with the computers off?

I don't think so.

But all you'll be able to get,
will be your speed and course.

And if you want to
change direction,

you'll have to use
a retrorockets.

Or your gyro compass is working?

Negative on gyros.

I'll check for malfunctions.

Air circulation, OK.

Cabin pressure, OK.

Emergency electrical system, OK.

About all we can
do is keep on going

and hope we can find
something to land on.

that corny phrase?

A needle in a haystack?

Moving through a cluster.

Stand by.

DR. JOHN ANDROS: I'm getting
a reading on magnetic pulse.

How's our course?

John give me a
reading on the macro.

Object reading rising.

8% deviation from true course.

At this speed, that's about
a million miles so far.


Reading on scope
dead ahead, 60 seconds.

Maybe we're in luck.

Meg pulse indicates
a gravitational pull.

Land mass indicator reading
40% solidity, 60% water.

Start closing procedure check.

60, 40, 30.

30 second duration.

All instruments check green.

Start power, Constant.

CONSTANT: Power on.

Ready on green.

When we're 20
seconds away, I'm going

to give it for reverse thrust.

I think I can risk
about that much power.

You've got one shot at
this landing, that's it.

your count now.

25, 4, 3, 2, 1, 20.

Reactor's on.

Start landing procedure.



[dramatic music]

Servos on.


4.5 on descent.

Retros on.

[dramatic music]

Retros off.

Ready rockets.

Rockets on.

We're coming down on a plane.

Steady as you go.

Something's wrong.
We're overshooting the landmass.

We're going to hit water.

[dramatic music]



Main power off.

Generator on.

Rotate cabin.

[machine turns]

How to research Earth control?

This is hope one
calling Earth control.

Activate the hatch.

This is hope one to
Earth control, over.

I'm going to check the ship.

This is hope one
calling Earth control.

I'll hook the exhaust
to start regeneration.

This is hope one
calling Earth control.

This is hope one
calling Earth control.


This is hope one
calling Earth control.

Hope one calling Earth control.

[machine turn off]

[machine comes on]

This is hope one
calling Earth control.

No good.

Can't seem to get through.

Must be metallic
interference in the water.

What's it look like?

Well, it's pretty
much of a guess.

We're somewhere near
the Triangulum galaxy.

I figure that this is
one of the moons that

has escaped from its orbit.

As close as we can
figure from these charts

we're a couple of million
miles from anywhere.

Well, whatever it
is, we're stuck here.

Well, have we got enough
power to make a drive for Earth.

If we did, I'd give it a shot.

Well, how did we
use up so much of it?

I thought there was enough
to last four months.

When the computer was
damaged it through the power

to the limit.


The reactor burns
on its own heat.

Parallel is like a
gas combustion engine.

Idling or cruising, you use less
gas when driving at full speed.

The heat of the reactor
varies inversely

to the demand put on it.

So with a tremendous
speed we were traveling,

it almost depleted itself.

Well, being stuck
here at the bottom

of the ocean of who knows where
isn't making me any money.

So how do we get out of here?

The generator's feeding
electricity into the reactor

which it converts into heat.

Now we're stuck here
till we can regenerate

enough power to get us back.

Paul, I want you to check
the computers first thing.


We don't have a chance of
getting back without them.


Well, about all we can do is
sit here relax and enjoy it.

Better get some sleep.

We'll start fresh later on.

Come in, hope one.

This is control
calling hope one.

This is Earth control
calling hope one.

Come in, hope one.

Come in, hope one.

It's no use.

I can't raise them.

General Tillman, please.

General, no sir, no answer yet.

There are now six hours overdue.

Yes, sir, I'll enter it
in the log right away.

Hope one, location unknown.

[sad music]

I wish we could get
through to Earth control.

Eh, we don't have
much to tell them.

They can't do a thing for
us where we out of range

of any rescue ship.

Well, we could have at least
told them that we're safe.

If you call where we are safe.

Well, we seem to have
survived any immediate danger.

It's a question of
fixing the computer.

The time to power
source or rebuild.

I don't think it'll ever
get back to 100% efficiency.

I think we'll have enough
to get us back to Earth.

You warming up
for another dream?

Ooh, Just a little
something to give me strength.

You can command my
body, but I insist

that I have my own dreams.

You ever would think about
the good times back on Earth,

assuming there
were times that you

forget that your lady doctor?

Well, with someone
like you around,

how could I think
of anyone else?


When I get back
to Earth, I'm not

going to let any female that's
had more than a high school

education get next to me.

You're making me
too easy to read.

I thought you were going
to spend all your time making

speeches and writing books.

But you may be
happy to know that I'm

going to devote some
space to you in my book,

about one line should do it.

Oh, I think I hit a nerve.

Yeah, I guess it
is, it's a shame

our communications won't work.

We don't want anybody to
forget us, do we, John?

Well, this is even better.

Think of the suspense.

Stuck underwater,
how will we escape?

What, will I be able
to save the ship?

Will the strength
of my personality

be strong enough to keep
us all from cracking up?

I can see now this is
going to be a love story.

A love story?

Yes, your own.

How's this for a title?

Me and my mirror.


How about going on a lecture
tour with me when we get back?

I'll do the hero stuff, and
you can break up the audiences

with your comedy routines.

If you really want to
write, how about a chapter

on fixing computers?

I mean this has been very nice
but I suggest we start repairs.

Now if you'll come
along, I'll give you

a little practical experience.

Coming, Hank.



It's so quiet.

I've been sitting here
pretending that we're not

where we are.

Silly game for lady
scientist, isn't it?

Well, the ships
not in bad shape.

Paul and I can probably
fix that computer.

And you're afraid?

That's just what
I was wondering,

isn't everyone afraid?

Well, we all knew what could
happen on a trip like this.

No one guaranteed we'd make it.

I wasn't looking
for any guarantees.

It's just that back on Earth
it all seemed so noble.

Everything was remote.

But here, well,
hear it's different.

[sad music]

I'm still glad I was
the one they chose.

I mean, what we're doing
it's something important.

But what good is it
if it all stops here?

Look, I've got too
much of my life tied

up in this ship to stop now.

Even if we don't make
it Tiros, at least we

know the ship's capable of it.

Maybe another crew
on another ship

will be able to succeed
where we failed.

Say, I-- I've been
wanting to tell you, I--

I shouldn't have popped off
about having a woman along.

I'm glad you're with us.

That's quite a
compliment coming from you.

I mean it.

Say, maybe if we
get back to Earth,

you can take me out for
a real dinner some night.

[laughs] You just name it.

Uh, is there anyone back home?

Not really.

I've been so busy
the last few months

I don't think anyone
even remembers me.


How about you?

Or are you married to your job?

I guess I have been.

But I think I can arrange a
separation, temporarily anyway.

Long enough for
one dinner, right?

It's been my life
for a long time.

You know, it's hard to
teach old dogs new tricks.

And you're saying I'd
make a good teacher?

Stranger things have happened.

Not to me, they haven't.

Look, you can go on and play
Tom Swift and his flying machine

forever as far as I'm concerned.

What brings this on?

All I said was we
could have dinner.

You can't teach
old dogs new tricks.

Why, you act like you'd
be some kind of a bargain.

Don't do me any favors.


What a temper.

I've never been
calmer in my life.

I'd hate to see you
when you were mad.

I never get mad.

It's just you are the
most conceited, pompous--

[inaudible] Now, that does it.

Oh, look.

Look, stop being
so feisty and listen.

I have never been one
for fancy speeches.

What I was trying to
say is that I want to be

with you when we get back.

Now, if that's a crime,
just say something.

Well, you sure go
about it in a funny way.

But I accept your apology.


And I think it's very
sweet of you to do it.

I like you, Tom Swift.

I think we'd be
very good together.

Just get me back to Earth,
and I'll show you what I mean.

That's tomorrow's job.

[romantic music playing]

Funny thing, I
woke up last night

with the strangest feeling
everyone had gone off

and left me.

You must have been restless too.

I noticed your bunk was empty.

You ought to take
a sleeping pill.

Cure your troubles for you.

Oh no.

Pills make me dream.

You know how
unsatisfactory that is.

imagine yours would be.

Hand me that roll
of wire, please.

Did I ever tell you about
the girl Lisa reminds me of?

Now, there was a real charmer,
lived right up the beach

from me in a little bungalow.

And could she cook!

Almost convinced me to
give up my sinful ways.

Obviously, you didn't.

Well, I got to figuring
that why make one woman happy

and ruin the hopes
of so many others?

It's a shame you have to
waste all your charm on us.

Well, I'll make up for
lost time when I get back.

Why don't you stop the talk
and get a little work done?

Oh, another doctor heard from.

Gentlemen, let me remind you
I didn't sign on this pleasure

cruise to be a mechanic.

Will you stop?

My tears are liable to
start out something.

Well, let me just change
the title of my book to Ships

I've Crashed On.

Nothing personal, Hank.

You better hope you're able
to write anything at all.

Unwritten books by dead heroes
are in very short demand.

Lord knows I've tried
my best for all of us.

But it's not my fault we landed
here instead of on Tiros.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, like the prince said
to Cinderella, the shoe fits.

Why, you phoney glory hound.

It sure as heck isn't my fault.

Well, I didn't turn off
the [inaudible] screen.

And I didn't decide to
land on this screwy planet.

All right.

Now, we know what you didn't do.

Just what did you do?

Now, this is ridiculous.


Just a minute, Paul.

Before that halo you're
wearing slips down

and chokes you to
death, there's something

we better get straight.

I command this
ship on the ground,

in the air, or underwater.

I make the decisions.

I give the orders.

I don't have to
explain them to you.

And another thing--

I told you before I didn't
care why you came along.

Well, I think I do care.

There isn't room
for guys like you.

All you ever think about is you.

Number one, you.

Who are you to judge me?

What, you're so perfect
you can't be criticized?

I do my job.

And when the time comes,
I'll be right there.

Would you think I know
the trouble we're in?

Now look, I could
suggest that you two

step outside to settle this.

But you might get a bit wet.


Now, maybe, you know,
that it's a good idea

to blow off a little steam.

But let's realize we
all need each other.

Just stay out of my way.

With pleasure.

Now, can we get back to work?

[spaceship beeping]



How grows your garden?

Better all the time.

You look mighty perky.

Well, it-- it'd help
me to talk to someone.

Yeah, me too.


What's that?

Must be an underground tremor.

I think we better get
up to the control room.

John, up to the control room.

Move the scope around.

See if you can pick anything up.

Seems clear enough.

I'll change the angle.

Nothing there.

active enough out there.

Switch camera position.

I wonder if it
could be eruptions

from under the ocean floor
that's creating the noise.

Hit it again, John.

Looks like something's
moving out there.

Switch to a close up lens.

[dramatic music playing]

Good Lord.

horrible looking creature.

What are they?

I don't know.

They're really tremendous.

I think it's the first sign of
life we've seen on this planet.

They don't seem to
be bothering the ship.

be afraid of the exhaust

from the generator.

But what are they?

Well, I'm not sure.

But I think they're
another species of crab.

But they're so huge.

Well, huge or not, it
means there's life here.

Do you think there's
life on the land?

Well, you see the
legs on those things.

In the pattern of nature,
they wouldn't have

legs just to live in the ocean.

What do you mean?

Well, many people believe
that the first Earth

mammals were fish.

They've crawled out of the
water and evolved into animals.

It's happened before.

Why can't it happen again?

But the size of those things.

Well, remember the creatures
that roamed the Earth.


They were things of size.

Well, this planet may be in
the same stage of development

that Earth was
millions of years ago.

If that's so, there may be
life, even humans on the land.


I wonder what the
people would be like.

Well, it's hard to tell
how far they've developed.

But if there are people--

There is a way.

We plan to search
underwater on Tiros, right?


What's to stop us from taking
advantage of our equipment

and exploring the land?

Crabs for one thing.

I think I can handle
them when the time comes.

You mean leave the
ship, swim to shore,

pick up samples,
return to the ship.

When you say it fast,
it doesn't sound hot.

While we're fixing
the computers, one of us

can go ashore, maybe
find we can live

or that life can
sustain itself here

as well as it can on Tiros.

Only one problem.

You can't wear a
pressure suit underwater.

And when you emerge
in a scuba set,

you can't equalize the
pressure on your body.

We need to check the
atmosphere from down here.

But how?

Can we use a pneumatic
release line underwater?

Yeah, sure.

What are you planning to do?

Well, we're carrying these
vacuum tubes that you were

going to use for air analysis.

We could float one
to the surface.

When it reaches the air,
it'll fill up and then reseal.

Then, we can bring it
back down here and see

what the atmosphere is like.
- Hey.

That sounds good.

Come on.

Let's get it set.

Once the tube emerges from the
water, the release of pressure

will flip out this valve.

Then, the air will rush in.

The cap will expand
and seal itself.

Just behind this
line [inaudible]..

Here we go.

[watery sounds]


Well, it's through.

I'll wait a few more seconds.

Then, I'll bring it down.

OK, I'll bring it back now.

Carbon dioxide 0.3%,
nitrogen 76%, oxygen 23%,

density 5.2, mass 0.82.

The air is almost the
same as it is on Earth.

The gravity is a little
lighter but not much.

That means that you
should be able to breathe

once you get on shore,
and there shouldn't

be any pressure problems.

Well, it's worth a try.

Well, there's no doubt
about who should go.

It's my baby.

OK, let's break out a suit.

Now, land should lie just
past the bow of the ship,

not too far, I don't think.

I'd stay close to the
bottom all the way.

I don't want one of
those crabs mistaking

you for the blue plate special.
- Haha.

Very funny.

Now, just before you go,
I'll give them a little jolt

with the forescreen.

I can't leave it on too long,
long enough for you to have

time to get clear, I hope.

Now, on the trip back,
inside the airlock,

there's a portable torch.

It'll give you a defense
against anything underwater.

And once outside,
check your transmitter.

Oh, here's your sample kit.

With all this junk, I'm going
to look like a Christmas tree.

Doc, take him to the airlock.

When you're set, call me.

I'll hit the power
for five seconds.

Right after that, out you go.

You set?

Well, I guess it's hero time.

Now remember, you spell the
name Andros, A-N-D-R-O-S,

for the ship's log.

Good luck.

[dramatic music playing]

They're bunching up.

Power's building to activate.

You about ready to go John?

DR. JOHN ANDROS: All set, Hank.

I'm setting up the force
shield around the ship.

If there aren't too many, we
should be able to scatter them.

[dramatic music playing]

That should hold
them for a while.

All clear.

Go, John.

I'll be back for dinner.

Keep the [inaudible] warm.

Water temperature normal.

Mask on.

I'm on my way.

Well, nothing we
can do for him now.

Think I'll take a look
at those computers.


How long should it take him?

Oh, a couple
hours, maybe more.

Do you think he's
going to be all right?

Let's not think
him into trouble.

We'll just have to wait.


[dramatic music playing]

[scary music playing]

[scary music playing]

[music playing]

How long has he
been gone, Hank?

Oh, a couple of hours.

It's hard to
concentrate on this.

I keep worrying about him.

Yeah, me too.

We'll never get back
if we don't fix it.

Without it, we can't maneuver.

Assuming we can
get out all right,

we can find our way
back here, can't we?


In the astral guide,
there's a recorder

that fixes our position
every inch of the way.

Well, we'll soon have
these back to normal.

Yeah, power seems
to be rebuilding OK.

I think we're going to
be in pretty good shape.

[music playing]

SPEAKER] Hank, our friends

seem to be stirring again.

all we need, another visit

from those things.

We'd better get back
to the control room.

Well, maybe you're right.

Hank, can you read me?

Come in.

We read you, John.

Are you all right?

DR. JOHN ANDROS: There seems
to be tracks from something

but haven't seen a thing.

I'll be in the water
in a few seconds.

Putting on my lung.

I'm on my way.

Just be careful, John.

[music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

It's got a hold of me.

[dramatic music playing]


It's crushing me.

I can't breathe.

Use your torch, John.

Burn them off.

[dramatic music playing]

SPEAKER] It worked.

It let loose.

But I think I've had--

I'm trying to get back.



He's hurt.

We'll bring him in.

Get the aid kit.



The land looks good.

I think we found--

it's what we've
been looking for.



Oh no.


That should have been me.

It was my idea.

Don't talk nonsense, Hank.

He knew what might happen.

Was it worth his life?

It all depends
on your viewpoint.

Well, can't you see
the fantastic parallel?

He discovered life on a planet
that's like Earth reborn.

And surely some hand must
have guided us here too.

Must be more than an
accident that in all

the lifeless galaxies that we
have to land on this planet.

We were meant to find this
place and to return to Earth.

You want to believe in fate?


As far as I'm
concerned, it's just

one lousy piece of real estate.

Well, there's one
thing for sure.

If we don't get to
work on those computers

we'll never get back
to spread the word.

[music playing]

[inaudible] ?

Well, that's it.

You set?

Are you thinking about John?


Yeah, I've thought
about him a lot.

He taught me something.


You can't judge people
by your own standards.

That old business of his, you
know, about the publicity,

I think it was
mostly a cover-up.

I mean, it was like he was
embarrassed because he really

believed in what we were doing.

So he kept talking
about writing that book.

I wish I could have
known him better.


Well, let's get Lisa.

Activate the hatch.

It's growing.


Well, John must
have planted it.

Everything checks out.

The water can be drunk.

The air is thin but breathable.

Earth people can live here.

They can live here.

[music playing]


Well, here we go.

Power on.

Controls to auto.

DR. PAUL MARTIN: All lights on.

All systems green.

Close hatch.

[ship whirring]

I'm going to try to ease us up.

Something's holding us.

What's that?


Sounds like the
ship is cracking.


Look at that.

the biggest one we've seen.

He's not the problem.

He's nowhere near the ship.

them must have attached

himself right to the ship.


The thing must
weigh five tons.

What are we going to do?

We've got to get
rid of that weight.

I don't know if it
will work, but I'm

going to activate the force
field, try to shake him off.

[force field whirring]

Let's go.

Doc, hit those switches.

Ready your rockets.

Paul, start your
10-second countdown.


8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Hit your switches.

All systems green.

Here we go.

Rockets on.

[rockets blasting]

[music playing]

We're through.

Rotate cabin.


Setting controls for home.

One more thing to do.

[music playing]

Hope One calling Earth control.

Hope One calling Earth control.

This is Hope One
calling Earth control.

is Earth Control.

Go ahead, Hope One.

This is Hope One.

Mission accomplished.

We found a livable planet.

And we've named it Andros One.

Now, be sure you
spell that right.

That's A-N-D-R-O-S One.

[music playing]