Space Mutiny (1988) - full transcript

One of the funniest films featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the Emmy® Award nominated show's 11-year run, Space Mutiny is a hilariously bad sci-fi epic that's guaranteed to have you in stitches. Combine a wardrobe of spandex and tinfoil; a set boasting AstroTurf® and spray-painted floor buffers; and special effects that, well, aren't so special, and you've got one of the most hysterical cheeseball movies to ever come out of the '80s. Grab your friends and have a riot with this underground cult hit!

[music playing]

NARRATOR: 13 generations
ago, our overpopulated world

built the Southern Sun, a
self-sufficient spaceship

that would be home to
thousands of migrants

with a 10 light year journey
to a new and uncolonized world.

Our current descendants have
come to accept the Southern

Sun as their home
and work for a better

future for their children.

While most of the inhabitants
of this generation are content,

there are some who have
grown restless and impatient.

COMPUTER: Attention, prepare
for shuttle Lancer landing.

MAN: Lancer to Southern Sun.

Located rescue
beacon and survivors.

They are all-female
and identify themselves

as Bellerian We have
initiated landing procedures

and are returning to base.

WOMAN: You will enter the
Southern Sun in [inaudible]

and your docking bay
is one niner, over.

MAN: Roger.

Shuttle Lancer Locked to
guidance control, over.

Shuttle landing successful.

Bellerian survivors

MAN: Attention all hands,
shuttle landing complete.

Prepare for incoming
stingray viper squadron.

MAN: Red two,
Southern Sun in sight.

MAN: Attention,
all those wishing

to meet the incoming
Viper squadron

proceed to the docking bay.


Hi, dad.

Hi, Scott.


Ah, so pretty.

If you're going to
down to the docking

bay to meet your friend from
[inaudible],, you better hurry.

The viper's in final approach.

Well, I came down to check
that he's on the flight.

Lieutenant Lemont.


Contact the pilot
of the stingray viper

and ask if Professor
Spooner is aboard.

Thank you.

Sun Control, I have a request.

Do you have a Professor
Spooner on board?


MAN: Stingray to Sun
Control, affirmative.


- Bye, dad.
- Bye bye.

Bye, Scott.


MAN: Southern Sun, we are
starting our landing sequence.

MAN: Southern Sun,
abort landing.

We have pirates coming
up fast on our tales.

Stingray two to stingray
three, we are under fire.

Prepare for defence formation.

MAN: Roger, stingray two.

MAN: Stingray one,
assuming defence formation.

We'll cover for you
and the professor.

What the hell is
going on out there?

MAN: Look out, red three.

MAN: Red three is down.

Damn it.

WOMAN: Pirate ship, eliminated.

MAN: Good shot, Ryder.

MAN: Attention all hands,
man your battle stations.

We're under attack.

pirate ship eliminated.

WOMAN: Recalling
stingray fighters.

MAN: Roger Southern Sun.

This is red two, we're our way.

COMPUTER: Rescue mission status.

Shuttle Lancer has
safely returned

with unidentified
female survivors

who call themselves Bellarians.

An approaching
squadron of stingrays,

under command of David Ryder
are under pirate attack.

Ryder carries Professor
Thomas Spooner as a passenger.

WOMAN: Lancer scanner activated.

MAN: Ryder, this one's mine.

MAN: I'm on it.

COMPUTER: Eleventh
pirate ship destroyed.

MAN: I got it.

MAN: [inaudible] I can't thrust.

WOMAN: Laser scanner on target.

COMPUTER: Pirate ships
breaking off and in retreat.

Stingray with David
Ryder and the professor

preparing to land.

MAN: This is stingray
for Sun Control.

Am vectoring into position
for final approach.


Southern Sun, Roger, stingray.

Change to frequency
0015 and standby.


MAN: Roger, Sun Control.


MAN: Commander Kalgan,
can I help you?

Excuse me, sir.

Commander, sir,
what are you doing?

No, no, no.

WOMAN: Reduce main thrust
and standby to receive

your docking instructions.

MAN: Stingray to Sun
Control, affirmative.


Sun Control to stingray, you
will enter our guidance control

in figures five seconds.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Cut main rocket.

Reduce boost power
to 500 pounds.

You are now on the Southern
Sun's guidance control system.

MAN: This is stingray, we're
on your guidance control, over.

Keep the energy for
the magnetic strobes

constant at 200,000.

Yes, sir.

Constant and holding.

COMPUTER: Warning,
system power locked.

Energize on emergency
landing strobe.

We're off circuit.

It's dead, sit.

COMPUTER: Guidance
system failing.


We lost power.

We lost power.

COMPUTER: Viper out of control.

Collision immanent.

Pilot emergency beam down.

Ejection system activated.

MAN: Attention all hands,
prepare for crash landing.


MAN: Attention, pilot
beam down successful,

medical team standby.

Fire control to docking bay.

Look out, it's gonna blow.


It's gonna blow.

Move, move.

Oh, shit.

Come here.

The professor's [inaudible].

We don't have time,
it's gonna blow.


It's gonna blow.

Oh my god, the professor.


What happened, lieutenant?

The viper was locked into
the Sun's guidance control,

commander, and we lost power.

Commander, the energizing
turbines have been sabotaged.


WOMAN: Headquarters.
- Blake here.

Give me Kalgan.
WOMAN: He's right here.

Go ahead.

Sir, I just saw something I
thought you should know about.

Some strange women came
on board with the Lancer.

I'm sorry the
information is so scanty,

but I'll send you
up more as I get it.

Blake out.

What do you think, Devers?

I think whoever did this
knows his way around spaceships.

I agree.

One thing's for sure, we've
got to reduce speed drastically

till we repair the damage.

You know, I'm thinking more
about the possible motive.



You get a computer readout on
the damage in the docking bay.

Also the pirate
fleet's position.

And load the file
into the computer.

I'd like to do some research
on our new female guests,

the Bellerians.

I want that ready
as soon as possible.

Aye aye, sir.

Thank you, Devers.

Ladies, this is your new home.

I know it doesn't
look like much,

but if you'll bear
with us I'm sure we

can make you quite comfortable.


We Bellerians wish to be alone.

This place will
serve our purpose.


It's a pleasure
having you on board.



Our timing was perfect.

Two for the price of one.


Who would have thought that
one small spacecraft could

have done that much damage.

That viper's missile pod took
out the entire wrenching system

for the docking bay doors.

According to
the damage reports

from the chief
maintenance engineer,

it will take at least two
weeks before the docks

can be used again.

We couldn't have
wished for it better.

That means the southern
sun is completely isolated.

Nobody can enter her
and more important,

nobody can leave her.


They no longer have a choice.


It was cruel fate
to be born in space.

But I have vowed we
will not die here.

It is my destiny to set
my feet upon a real world

and to accumulate
wealth and power

beyond our wildest dreams.

I have offered the people of
the Southern Sun a rich new life

and now they have no alternative
but to accept my generosity

and alter course
for Corona Borealis.


Lieutenant, what's the
report from damage control.

It's not complete
yet, captain.

But the first reports
indicate that two

of our LM 5,000 Exeron drive
motors have been sabotaged.

This also affects the
performance of one

of our vix impulse
drive generators.

Give me a computer readout
on our hull stress factor.


Reduce speed by 2/3.

Shut down two of
our booster engines.

Yes, sir.

Oh, one other thing, can
you establish video contact

with the docking bay?

One of the missiles
from the viper

took out the video
control tower down there.

But we are trying to
re-establish contact

with a Sara video robot.

We've been in space too long.

Let us land the ship.

We can do it.

We have the power.

It's true, we have
the power to do this.

But this would directly oppose
the law of the universe,

the law of the galaxy.

Forget the law.

No, no, the law must be
upheld, we cannot break it.

Gentlemen, it seems that
we are not all in agreement.

Engineer Parsons seems
content to spend his remaining

years upon the Southern Sun.

Then let him do so alone.

This is mutiny, this is
treason, which I warn you,

I must report.

Will you allow him
to spoil your ambitions

for a greater future?

I will not allow that.


Come over here.


Get him over here.

- Traitor.
- Hold him.

Let me at him.

Hit him.

Hold him down, hold him down.




Hold him, hold him.

MAN: He's still alive again.

Do it again.

Are there any other of
you that wish to confuse

freedom with treason?

MAN: Not me.

MAN: Not at all.

MAN: Not me.

Revert to the
enforcers bridge.

Let's go, report, hurry up.

You have done well.

You will be rewarded.

Hi, Scott Devers.

- Dave Ryder.
- Pleased to meet you.

Shall we do it?
- OK.



- Please file this.
- Certainly, sir.

Thank you.

Commander Jansen.

Well, welcome
aboard, Mr. Ryder.

You've met our Captain Devers.

Sit down, son.

Thank you, sir.

Ryder, could I have your
space status card, please?

Thank you.

Well there we have it.

Any questions, Mr. Ryder?

Sir, I'd like to see a
video of the crash, if I may.

Good idea.

Come this way.

Take a chair.


Yes, sir.

Can you punch up a video
of the crash, please?

Yes, sir.

COMPUTER: Disaster analysis.

Guidance system engaged.

You are now on the Southern
Sun's guidance control system.


Pilot control released.

Warning, critical power loss.

You received our message.

I'm glad you've come.

We've been waiting for you.

Hey you, the Bellarians
are off limits.

I was--

Well, there we are, gentlemen.

Tell me, Dave, your
Viper was equipped

with a new high-density
de-atomizer escape system,


Yes, commander.

Right now it only works
over very short distances.

But who knows what the future
potential of it could be.

What about the professor?

Commander, I'm sorry
about the professor.

There's nothing I
could have done.

The system's only hooked
up to the Viper pilots.

Don't blame yourself, son.

You're lucky you're alive.

You're lucky you saved yourself.

Lea, you had us all worried.

Please, next time
there's a fire,

leave it to damage control.

You OK?


Next time, young lady,
you stay out of the way.

Dad I was there, the
pilot chickened out.

Otherwise Spooner would
be alive right now.

David Ryder, I want you
to meet my daughter, Lea.

The professor
never had a chance.

There's nothing I could
have done to prevent it.

Oh, so you left him to die--

Lea, stop it.

He ejected and he's alive.

Listen lady--



I don't have to justify
my actions to you.

But since you're asking,
that explosion cut the power

and there wasn't time to go over
the auxiliary backup system.

I had to eject.

I had no other choice.

Commander, Captain, excuse
me, I have to file my report.


Excuse me, sir, I think
you'll find this interesting.

Yes, what is it?

It's an inventory of all the
explosives under our control.

Give me an audio video
linkup, bridge to console seven.

Please hurry.

There's something coming
through on the voice monitor

from the engine room area.

Put it through on five.

My name is the Flight
Lieutenant Lemont.

Well, according to my
printout from the supply stores

inventory, we're definitely
short on conventinoal

ballistic explosive.

I mean, I double checked.

Somebody with direct
online access to central

has been transferring
large amounts of explosive

and then simply covering
the requisition.

I wouldn't have found out
about it unless central asked

me to confirm acceptance
of 100 units of chemo

plastic and atomic compound.

I mean, that's crazy.

Can you imagine that amount
of explosive lying around

in the ship's engine room?

Anyway, I think I've
traced who it is.

Who in the hell
is he talking to?

Put it through to the bridge.

STEVE CODELL: I want to speak to
somebody from command, please.


For the sake of
security, I think

it would be better if you
came up here and asked

for me, Lieutenant Lemont.

Send a couple
of men over there

to stop that engineer before
he gets to the bridge,

unless I get to him first.


Third engineer Steve Codell?

You have two choices--

join me or the deep freeze.

I prefer to jump, Kalgan.

Be my guest.




Got a nice place here.

Listen, I understand
how you feel.


How could you know how I feel?

Listen, lady, I
did what I had to do.

Don't you think I
realized a good man died?

A man I respected and loved?

Hey, I don't need this.


I wasn't aware
that you knew him.

What difference does it make?

He's dead and there's
nothing we can do about it.

Forget it.

I don't need this.

[music playing]

Is a woman allowed to buy
a man a drink in your galaxy?

It kind of depends on
the man now, doesn't it?

On what.

On whether or not
he wants to accept it.

I see, you're still angry.


But I'll get over it.

You know, the professor
taught me everything I know.

Can we start again?

Yeah, why not?

We made a mess of
it the first time.

Dave Ryder.

Lea Jansen, glad to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

You like it here?

Yeah, it's not bad.

That's odd.

What's that?

I know the woman over there.

She works on the bridge.

She's being ushered out.

Is there any reason for it?

I don't know.

Looks like she's been arrested.

Let's go check it out.

Flight Lieutenant Lemont?


Thank you, gentlemen.

You were speaking with
Third Engineer Steve Codell.

That is my business.

But now I'm making it mine.

There they go.

Let's take this.



Hey, look out.



Son of a bitch.

Eagle one to enforcer control.

Eagle one to enforcer control.

I've got a six-niner in
progress in sector 13.

Terminate with
extreme prejudice.

I repeat, extreme prejudice.

Roger, eagle one.

Dave, this is crazy.

I don't understand what's
going on on the ship.

Well, this confirms it,
my crash was no accident.

It was planned.

Now we got to find out who
the hell was in charge.

Where do we begin?

We'll go back to the
bridge and see your father.

We'll go from there.

Pete, look out.

It's an ambush.

Let's get out of here.


All right, let's move.

Tell Kalgan we've
located him in section 49.

We're moving in.

WOMAN: Roger.

All right, let's go.


There's your report, sir.

Thank you, Devers.

Do you really believe, sir,
that this act of sabotage

has got something to do with
our navigational course?

Yeah, I'm convinced.

This proves it.

I think they want to drive
us into the neighboring



The constellation of
the Corona Borealis.

Pirate territory.


Sir, we have to find
out who's behind this.

Any ideas, commander?


You know, captain, it's always
very dangerous to speculate.

Yes, sir.

So it would have to be
somebody on this ship who

can gain by this.

Stand to gain.

That leaves us with what?

The flight master?

The enforcer?

It's very perilous
for everyone on board.

We do not make wild
accusations so we keep

this top classified secret.

- Commander.
- Yes.

Someone to see you.

Check it.


Can I help you?

Yes, you can.

We're looking for the
enforcer's headquarters.

It really is
awfully lonely here.

Can I show you around?

Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.

This looks interesting.

Would you care
for a spot of tea?

Well, we're in
a bit of a hurry.

What are all these bodies for?

A personal collection.



When anyone is under
suspicion they're

immediately arrested, tortured,
and given the truth drug.

When Kalgan is convinced
they're of no longer use,

he simply has them
ejected into space.

However, if they
seem redeemable,

Kalgan freezes them.

That means all the
enforcers are corrupt

and Kalgan's running his
own personal army here.

That's correct.

How many enforcers
has Kalgan killed?

To date, 38.

So Kalgan's control
of the enforcers

is complete and any
of the enforcers

that resisted him are dead.

Or frozen.

How many enforcers are there?

Just over 200.

The deep freeze.

Now thank you for calling.

Do call again.

With the population and
the crew of the Southern Sun

being so large, surely
we can do something?

It'll be a bloodbath.

Well, if they've
broken intergalactic law,

that's mutiny.

We can call for help.

It's my guess the Kalgan has
already installed scramblers

in the communications computer.

And the landing bay's
closed due to my crash.

Well, I'm not going to stand
by while all these people are

held hostage by some terrorist.

The most important thing
we've got to do is get weapons.

But whatever we're going to
do, we got to do it fast.

Let's get going.

The man and the woman,
have you seen them?


Charming couple.


We must have just missed them.

Let's go.



Cut them off.

Let's go.

Forget it.

They're headed for the bridge.

Get back to your posts.

Let's go.


Commander Jansen.

How may I help you?

Open file on
Bellerian behavior.

COMPUTER: Bellerian behavior.

Order of high priestesses.

Non planet based
practitioners of magic.

Commander, it is now
time for us to talk.



I am Jennera, the
14th high priestess

of the Trypton lineage.

The people of the Southern
Sun are no longer able

to distinguish light and dark.

Your people are falling prey
to the powers of darkness.

Listen, I speak the truth.

What happened?

I have shared with
you the way to truth.

Now you must use
what you have learned

to face Kalgan and his evil.

I will.

Would everyone
please sit down.

Thank you.

I called this conference because
I feel that decisions made here

will affect everyone on
board the Southern Sun.

My prime consideration is
that we have an overriding

responsibility in
shaping the destiny

and future of our
progeny, our children,

our heirs and successors.

We know that Kalgan
and the mutineers

have stolen large
amounts of explosives.

It's our belief they want
us to change course and head

for the corona borealis.

But everyone knows
that's pirate territory.

We'd be destroyed
long before we entered

their field of influence.

We don't think so.

I'd understand it if
we were a rich cargo ship

carrying minerals or weapons.

But what can they expect to
achieve from the likes of us?


The Southern Sun
could recognize one

of the planets of
the constellation

or be re-dispersed
as slave labor.

I'm sure a solution to our
problem can be worked out.

It can?

You think he's just dreamt
up the scheme overnight?

He's been planning
this, this mutiny

and he's worked out
all the details.

And you can count on it that
he's got all of these men

behind him.

Now commander, I've done all
the talking I intend to do.

So if you'll please excuse me.

You're excused.

Thank you.

My father and his father before
him were both reasonable men.

I myself have tried to
follow in their footsteps.

I'm a man who believes
in peace, not war.

Captain Devers and
I have decided,

David, if you will accept,
we would like to name you

as our new flight
commander and we trust

and pray you will maintain
this as a ship of peace.

And we will in due course let
all the people know and warn

them of Kalgan and his men.

Well, David, good luck.

attention please.

Captain Devers speaking.

Ladies and gentlemen, the
commander of the Southern Sun,

Commander Jansen, will
now make a special address

to all on board.

recent weeks, there

has been a series of
sabotage attacks and murders

on board the Southern Sun.

We now know who is
responsible and why.

The man is the flight master and
chief enforcer, Elijah Kalgan.

It is his intention to take
command of the Southern Sun

and force us to change
our navigational course

for the pirate world of Alfaka.

As commander of
the Southern Sun,

it is my intention to
resist these demands.

Therefore, I have
relieved Kalgan of command

and appointed a new
flight commander.

His name, David Ryder.

I hope your trust and confidence
in my captain and crew

will continue.

And together we will seek
out this evil among us.

And I long for the day
when once again peace

will prevail aboard
the Southern Sun.

Thank you.

It's obvious I've
underestimated him.

It's true, Kalgan,
they've managed

to uncover even the smallest
details of our well-laid plans.

The survival of that
viper pilot, Dave Ryder,

and his winning ways
with Alex Jensen

and his meddling daughter have
caused us nothing but grief.

It was one of Ryders
viper squadron many years

ago who left me with this.

Ryder must be
eliminated at once.

The rest of our problems
are more easily solved.

I'm growing more
and more impatient

with the stubborn ungratefulness
of that old fool Jansen

and the rest of those
idiots on the bridge

who have scored my offer
for a more rewarding future.

We must act at once.

What do we do next?

Locate Ryder and the girl and
then wait for my instructions.

MAN: We should change
flight commanders every day.

Well, David, cheers.

It's a great honor
serving you and your ship,

the Southern Sun.

Here's to you David.

And happiness.

That's what it's all about.

Commander, where's Lea?


Oh, Lea.

David, I think you'll find
her in her usual place.

The greenhouse.

Excuse me.


Well, captain, can you remember
when you were that young?

I'll be damned if I can.

You know something?

When I was a little girl
I used to come here.

This was always
my special place.

I can understand
why, it's lovely here.

Yeah, my place is
the docking bay.

My father, his father,
and his father before him

were all pilots.

That's all I ever
wanted to be was pilot.

Dave, what's going to
become of our people?

We'll survive.

We'll beat Kalgan,
I promise you that.

But are we strong enough?

We have the will to survive.

We will.

Where was I?

Before you get
going again, I got

some things to do right now.

Come on, it'll be all right.

Why didn't you
call me the second

they deserted their post?

The minute they didn't
respond, I came to you.

I didn't know what else to do.

What happened?

[inaudible] Talk to
me, what happened.


Nothing happened.

Kalgan warned us
about these women.

Knock it off, Colton.

Grab these idiots, take
them down to refrigeration

and put them on ice.

Heads are going to roll when
Kalgan finds out about this.

Is this the man?

Soften him up.

No, no more.

I don't like people
who make mistakes.

We're going to put you
on ice for a while.

Wait, I want to
know what's going on.

What's happening with my men?

What's the matter, Ranger,
afraid you're losing control?


I'm losing control over
my men and over what

I'm responsible for.

Don't be so naive.

You want off the ship
as much as anybody.

That may be true, but I'm
not willing to sacrifice

the lives of [inaudible].

Look, Kalgan's got his a plan.

We're getting off the ship
with the help of the pirates

and there's nothing you
nor I nor anybody else

can do about it.

MAN: This is the
Alfaka pirate fleet.

To those on board the Southern
Sun, listen carefully.

You have entered the alpha
delta restricted zone.

We have a claim on
this section of space.

Surrender immediately or
be blown into astro dust.

MAN: Red alert, Red alert.

We are under fire.

We are under fire.

All hands to your
battle stations.

Even under these
circumstances, I hate violence.

spaceships in range.

Prepare to fire missile.

Fire one.

Fire two.

Pirate ship terminated,
Return to posts.

MAN: While on board,

We have successfully
defended the Southern Sun

again the latest pirate attack.

But we must now focus
on internal problems.

May I have your
attention please.

The officers of the watch
please form three groups.

The first group is going to be
responsible for making weapons.

The second group is
going to act as soldiers.

The third group is responsible
for getting food and supplies.

I suggest we close
up all the entries

and exits to the engine room.

We're going to hold out
here and never let them

take over the Southern Sun.

Let's get out there
and kick some ass.



Your commission, sir.

If they seal off the
doors along these narrow

companionways, they'll
be able to defend

the engine room
from an attacking

army with very little effort.

Except here, the
boiler room vents.

No one would expect anyone
to enter through there.

Their entire defence strategy
would be intent on people

entering through the doors.

Run that through
the computer again.

If the results are
positive, meet me

in the interrogation room.

I've got a little
surprise for everyone.

Lovely spot, isn't it?

What are you doing here?

You're much more attractive
with your mouth shut.

Bring her to my
headquarters at once.

Let's go.


Jason, go get Lea.

I want her on the
bridge immediately.

Commander, message coming
through on channel 16.

Jansen, I have
something to show you.

Oh no.

You have 12 hours to
surrender the bridge,

otherwise your daughter will
be jettisoned into space.

Well, captain?

Kalgan lives like that, sir.

He lives by the sword.

He's evil, ruthless.

There are many people
on board the ship, sir.

We have to fight back.

Go on.

Sir, we both know that there's
only one man on the ship who's

capable of combat,
who's had the training,

physically and mentally.

All right.

We will prepare for battle.

Thank you, Devers.

Have Dave Ryder sent to
the bridge immediately.

Yes, sir.

MAN: Flight Commander
Ryder, report to the bridge.

Drop it.

Don't move.

Let me introduce you to the
high intensity probing laser.

I do have one weakness--
pain, other people's.

Now, I'm going to use this
laser on one of your teeth.

It works not unlike
ancient dental equipment.

Not that you'd know
anything about that.

You bastard.

Now, how about your
father's contingency plans?

You bastard.


What a shame to burn
out these lovely teeth.

I want those countermeasures.

I don't feel a thing.


Turn it off.

I see you've got the girl.

I had to let them
know we meant business.

I'd better get back
to the engine room

before they miss me.

I'll take you.

Hi, Murray, it's Joseph here.

MAN: Yo, pal.

Now listen, my monitor
has gone off again.

MAN: I'll schedule
you for next week.

Well, can't you
fix it any sooner?

MAN: We're backed up already.

OK, whenever you can.

MAN: Anything for you, buddy.

OK, take it easy.

Hey, you, come here.

Yeah, you, come over here.




Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Is the rest of the
equipment as good as that?

Let's have a look.

Wait, I'll make you a trade.

First your trousers and
then you can see everything.


OK, here.

My shoe.

Your shoe?




What took you so long?

I've been busy, too.

Let's get his clothes.

You bitch.


MAN: Eagle one, come in.

Calling Commander Kalgan,
this is enforcer control.

Eagle one, Commander
Jansen's daughter is gone.

What do you mean, she's gone?

How could that happen?

MAN: That idiot back in the
torture room let her escape.

I'll handle that later.

Where is she now?

MAN: She and Ryder have
been spotted on level 17.

Send for reinforcements and
get back to me immediately.

Come on, move out [inaudible]


Get ready to move.

Looks clear.

Let's go.

Come on, move,
move, come on, move.

Behind you.

Kalgan, we've lost them.


You put this on, OK?

All right, let's move.

All right, let's go.

Hey, you guys,
let's see some ID.

All right, let's move.

Have you located the girl?

Answer me.

I'm surrounded by incompetence.

I'm being undermined
by my own disciples.

You let that space bitch
slip through our fingers.

She was our-- where's that
idiot who let her escape?

We've got him on ice, sir.

Kill him at once.

Yes, sir.

And then tell MacPhearson
our plan is operational.

Put the entire
squad on red alert.


MAN: Red alert,
everyone to their posts.

Let's go, let's move,
everyone to their posts.

Red alert, move it.

Let's go, move it.

Let's go.

This is it
[inaudible] stay cool.


Lea, oh thank God you're safe.

Thank God.

Commander, we have a problem.

Yes, David.

MacPhearson's a traitor.

Yes, I saw him with Kalgan
at the enforcer's headquarters.

Can't believe it.
I mean, it could be--

Dad, I saw him there today.


That being the,
case this is serious.

He knows our codes,
he has our weapons.


And he knows all
our countermeasures.

I find this unbelievable.

He's one of my best men.

He's my chief engineer.

Commander, if I may
say so, let me do my job.

I'm coming with you.

I'm coming, too.

Captain I'd
rather do it alone.

As you please, Dave.

But thank you.

Lea, you stay here.


One cannot escape
one's own destiny.


We're going in.

Damn you.

Sneaky little shit.

Stop right there.

We're being
attacked from above.

Commander Commander Ryder,
we're being attacked from above.

The enforcers are--

He's going below.
After him.


Cut him off.


Let's go, go, go.

So many good lives wasted.

War always brings
out the worst in men.

I don't know [inaudible]
I feel that I've failed.

No, commander,
don't blame yourself.

It had to happen.

There was no compromise.

Out of my way, you idiot.

[inaudible] your guys get
back to the engine room.


Move, all right,
get out of here.

Let's get out of here.

Back to the engine room.

Move, move.

Don't waste your time,
you'll never get through there.

You'll get dead.

It's over.

Now let's get out of here.

I'm leaving.



Lea, come back.

Forget it, Devy,
you can't stop love.

It says in the Bellerian
book the universal truth

will always prevail.

MacPhearson, your time has
come, you are the first.

Lea, MacPhearson.

He's gone into the
gas expulsion sump.

Ryder, it doesn't
have to be this way.

Think about it, we can
work this thing out.

I didn't have anything
to do with this.

What are you doing, man?

What's that smell?

What are you doing?

Let's go back on the bridge.

I've never seen
anybody burn before.

What the hell
you doing, anyway?

That could have been
you dead down there.

You should have stayed up on the
bridge, safe with your father.

The enforcers are not
going to attack again.

Yeah, how the hell
do you know that?

Well, if you'd shut
up, I'd tell you.

Kalgan's dead.

They have no leader.

They have no choice but
to surrender to my father.

Besides, I thought you
would be happy to see me.

Of course I am.

That's not the issue.

Your father should
have stopped you.

My father stopped
interfering with my life

when I was 15 years old.

I have a lot of respect for
your father, he's a good man.

I just wish he could control you
as well as he does this ship.

Control me?

If I hadn't saved you
in that engine room--

Oh come on, I would got out
of that situation no problem.

Well that's gratitude.

Why did you do it?

Because-- oh never mind.

You really are stubborn.

Now it is time for Kalgan.

Lea, you all right?

I'm fine.

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

You'll wish you'd
never come here, Ryder.

I'm going to get
you, you bastard.

Meddling fool.

Lea, get out of the way.


Son of a bitch.

Lea, look out.


Look out.

Take this you big bitch.


Shit, come on.


You bastard.


Lea, Lea, you OK?

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What happened?

Don't worry about it.

Kalgan's gone forever.

It's finished.

Thank God.


Let's get out of here.

MAN: Attention Commander
Ryder, stingray patrol

ready for takeoff.

Won't you miss your flight?

Does that mean
you won't marry me?

Oh David.

[music playing]

(SINGING) They say I'm
a fool because I believe.

I know enough to
know I can dream.

The words of the wind
it cuts across the town.

My moment is here,
my moment is now.

Here I stand on the
edge of a dream.

The future before me
and time in between.

Here I am on the
edge of a dream.

Edge of a dream.

They say I'm too late
as if it's a crime.

Yet here on the edge,
there's no feeling of time.

I'm eager to dare
and willing to try.

Maybe I'll fall
but maybe I'll fly.

Here I stand on the
edge of a dream.

The future before me
and time in between.

Here I am on the edge of
a dream, edge of a dream.