Space MOMs (2019) - full transcript

Inspired by the true story of the women engineers behind India's 2014 Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), Space MOMs tells the story of normal, middle class working moms who also happen to be ...

That one, it's red!

Red means it's Mars,
Miss Bossy-pants!

It's a good luck planet.

Hey, watch out!


Wrong, Papa.

Planets are going somewhere.

They're always moving.

Who's Aryabhatta?

He lived a very long time ago.

He was also obsessed
with stars and planets.

A stargazer, just like you.


that's not nice.

Awful day Ganesh.

Ten ladies decided to
give but at the same time,

and two of my nurses
were no-shows.

Mamma, first a game, please


Let them play checkers.

We'll play chess.

I don't know chess, Papa.

I will teach you.

You need real skills for chess.

Like maths skills,
strategy skills.

It was invented here you know?

100%, "Made in India" game.

It looks difficult

Focus on the music, Vimala.

See how beautifully
mathematical it is.


Now you can learn anything!


See these old computations,

let's just change it and
work with the new ones.


- Let's see what
- Right, okay.

Yeah, absolutely.

We'll be fine, okay, thank you.

Good work today,
ladies and gents!

Let's pick it tomorrow, okay?

Come here.

I'll make the
corrections, madam.

No need, I'll do it
myself first thing tomorrow.

Have to buy
drumsticks otherwise

Madhavi's going to kill us.

- We'll just stop on the way
- Yeah.

And buy some groceries.

- Hey, Prateep, how!
- Hello ma'am,

how are you, how's it going?

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Miss.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

How are you?

Bucket list
performance tonight?

Look how old the dancer is.

Ready, Dr. Sitaraman?

Yes! I'm ready.

Your dance was
very fierce tonight.

You became "The Destroyer"

I got a message right
before I went on stage.

We've got the green
light, Saraswati!

The green light
for the red planet!

The Mars mission is on!

You wanna go to the office?

If you don't mind?

Wait, wait, wait.

You still have some
Shiva eye make-up.

- Oh.
- You'll terrify

your engineers.

There you go.

Thank you.

This is our GSLV team.

What's GSLV?

Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Sorry I asked!

It's basically a
very powerful rocket.

It failed to launch
a couple of times.

They're still working on that.

What are these pictures?

They're so cute!

- Good evening, sir
- Good evening.

Good evening, madam.

Keshav, tell my wife
about these pictures.

We nicknamed the GSLV
rocket, "Naughty Boy", madam.

That's why we have
these pictures.

Why is the rocket
a naughty boy?

No matter how many time
we try to program him

he does his own thing.

Makes my two year old
twins look like angels.

So near.

Yet so far!

Hello sir!

How was your
performance tonight?

It went well Chandra.

Hope I didn't wake you up?

I'm awake sir, I've been
waiting for your call.

You're here Chandra?

Yes sir!.

I came here as soon
as I got the message.

I knew you'd come here.



You remember Dr. Chandra Kumar,

our Deputy Chairman, don't you?


We got what we wanted, sir.

I suppose we should start
assembling our mission teams, sir?

No, not yet, Chandra.

Only you and I know we've
got the green light.

We have to keep things quiet

until the official announcement.

Okay, mum's the word.


MOM's the word.

Mars Orbiter Mission.

Acronym, MOM.

The big news today

is on space exploration.

India will send a
satellite to Mars.

The Cabinet has approved
what is being called

the Mars Orbiter Mission.

Did you know about this
Mars mission, Shanti?


Will you work on it?


I don't know.

It's making me tense.

I'm going to be
tense until I know

I've been picked to
work on the mission.

Relax, honey.

I believe in my Skywalker.


How about you gazing
at your homework, Alok?

You still have two
more pages to go.

cabinet has approved

what is being called the
Mars Orbiter Mission.

The satellite will collect
important scientific information

from the red planet.

I knew something was up!

The Chairman was
humming happy ragas

for the past two months.

Me or you.

I hope at least one of us
gets on the Mars team, Vimala.

Why be so modest in our hopes?

Let's hope both of us get in!

What's clear is, I'm
not going to get in!

Even these application
forms are so hard!

I can't even figure these out!

How am I ever going
to get into IIT?

Just focus on one
item at a time, Madhavi.

We'll go line by line, okay?

Cauliflower cutlets for lunch?

Prakash Subramanya
special, extra chilies.

cabinet has approved

what is being called

the Mars Orbiter Mission.



Oh, hello, Ma!

We are going to
track the Mars Orbiter!


You knew we were going
to be chosen, Ravi?

You came prepared with sweets?

Pure coincidence, madam.

I, I just got engaged.

The sweets are for that.

Thank you, thank you.

Sincere sympathies
to the bride.

At least I got engaged.

Hardware team for the
Mars Mission has been chosen.

Sounds like
Gun-Throat Mahalingham.

Hardware team for the Mars
Mission has been chosen.

Hardware team confirmed!

Did you all hear that?

Did we have a choice?

Gun-Throat, sir?

Do you know if the software
team's been chosen?

Not yet madam.

But they will be, by 5:00 p.m.

They've chosen who'll build
the body ogf the orbiter.

Now they'll choose who
will build the brain.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

I can't believe it, I'm
on the software team!

I have to run now,

- we have our first meeting.
- Congratulations, ma'am.

We are happy!

I have to run, we
have our first meeting!

I hope Prakash

also got selected,

he's not answering his cell.


I knew that, I knew that she
would be our team member.

I told you that.

Okay, I'll catch you later.

Dev, are you there?

I didn't make it.

The Mars Mission.

They didn't choose me.


I guess

I'm not good enough.

Shanti Srivastava!

Shanti Srivastava?

Yes, sir?

They are waiting
for you, madam.

Who, sir?

The Mars Mission
software team, madam.

Your meeting's supposed to
have started six minutes ago.

The software team?


I was chosen?

Don't you check your
office emails, Mrs. Shanti?

I didn't.

I thought they chose
everyone they wanted?

They did.

And they chose you.

Run, madam. They're
in Room 2219.

00:18:38,968 --> 00:18:40,337
Shanti Srivastava!

Come in, come in.

Hope you don't find
it too sunny in here!

Take a good look my friends.

This will be our
24/7 preoccupation

for the next 14 months.

So, spend some time with
your families tonight,

you won't be seeing much of
them in the coming months.

You have an important
role in the Mars Mission.

But, you must remember,

that many others
in many other teams

have roles just as
important as yours.

Our colleagues in
the hardware team

next door to our building
will build the orbiter.

Our colleagues in
the instruments team

will build the camera
and the instruments.

Our colleagues in the
tracking center downstairs

will track our
orbiter every moment,

from its launch to its
orbits around Mars.

All of you will work under the
guidance of your team leads.

Mrs. Shanti.

And Mrs. Vimala.

And you'll build the
orbiter's software.

Its Brain.

I'm anticipating
to fly, you know?

Seriously, oh my god.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, Prakash.

Why? I'm not.

Not everyone can
be chosen Vimala.

The main thing is you made it.

I couldn't be happier.

What's Shanti like?

She's on the same floor,
but I don't know her.

She's been just
transferred from Ahmedabad.

Well, her reputation is that
she's brilliant, but a loner.

And very strict.


- Bye, Pinky!
- Bye.

After conceding
18 in the first over.

Gets an opportunity to come
back and he's done well.

The away.

One of the great evenings
that you will see

in one-day cricket.

90 off 75 balls,
and India 177 for 4.

Oh, hello everyone.

Hello, Mama.


How are you?

What's going on?

Our stupid TV
conked out again.

- Do you get Star?
- Well actually,

Vimala's had a big day at work.

How can I study
with this noise?

Tell them to go?

I can't do that, Madhavi.

We'll go to your room with
your books and shut the door.

I'll bring you some ginger tea.

Mama likes cardamom.




- Congratulations Stargazer.
- We are so proud of you.

Thank you, mama, papa.

Why all this fuss?

You know I hate surprises.


What's the occasion?

What's the occasion?

You getting on the
Mars team, of course!

Yes, I got into the Mars team.

They even made me a team lead.

I don't want to fail.

I'm gonna need your help.

Both of you.

Don't make messes
for me to clean.

It's best if you don't
get into the kitchen.

Believe me, Dev.

It's much easier for me
to do everything myself,

than clean up after you.

And you, little man,

finish your homework
before you go to sleep.

No matter how late I get home

I will still check
your work, okay?

How did the first meeting
go with your software group?

Good madam.

For a complicated
mission like this

they're a really young team.

One of the team leads
is barely over 30.

Which one?

She who never smiles.

Shanthi Srivastava.

The other lead is she who
always smiles, sheepishly.

Vimala Subramanya.


The two chiefs
personally chose

Shanti and Vimala as team leads.



Shanthi's a perfectionist,
she'll be the first

to spot any problems,
Dr. Sitaraman said.

And the other one?

Vimala's the one
the junior engineers

will find approachable.

She'll teach the youngsters,

and maybe teach Shanti
the value of teamwork,

while Shanti teaches Vimala

a thing or two about

That's what Dr. Chandra said.

Ah-ha! Found it!

Can I give you a ride, madam?

No, thank you. I
have an appointment.


Oh, ho!

We should definitely
invite them.

I don't think we should
invite anyone for our wedding.

Come on.

Hey, that's my boss.

The one in the sandal
sari, Dr. Ponni Shanmugam.

I told her about
us, the wedding.

What did she say?

She said, "You
miserable bastard.

Why are you ruining your life?

Stay single and
enjoy the good life."

She's going in there!

That's interesting.

Miss Ponni has a side to
her that I never knew.

Why? What's in that building?

Thank you for coming.

India is sending
an orbiter to Mars.

We'll tell you
about the mission,

then answer your questions.

The best date to
enter Mars's orbit

will be September 24, 2014,

when Mars and Earth are
close to one another.

That's our entry date.

The journey from Earth to
Mars will take about 300 days.

Working backwards
from the entry date,

we must launch the orbiter
from Earth 10 months earlier.

We've picked October 28,
2013 as our launch date.

That gives us what?

14 months to design and build
the orbiter from scratch?

Very aggressive deadline, I say.

Our budget is
rupees 450 crores.

That's 74 million in US

The US mission to Mars cost
almost 10 times our budget.

No country that succeeded
in the Mars mission

did so on the first
try, not even the US.

But we don't have the
budget for trial and error.

We therefore, intend to
become the first Asian nation

to place a spacecraft
into Mars's orbit,

and the first
country in the world,

do it on the very first try.

Make no mistake, you're well
aware of the odds against us.

Our dream is in inverse
proportion to our resources.

How can we even hope to succeed?

Hope's not the unique
property of wealthy nations,

nor is success something
only they can enjoy.

Big budgets and pricey
equipment are wonderful.

But a curious mind that
is not afraid to try

is the best equipment
for science.

The sun, the moon, the
stars, the various planets,

these belong to all
nations, to all people.

All women and men everywhere,

regardless of income or status,

are free to gaze at the skies
and ponder their mysteries.

And our ancient Indian
astronomers have been doing it

a lot longer than anyone else.

Space exploration is
in the Indian DNA.

So I say to the red planet,

"Watch out, my friend.

Here we come."

We heard the big bosses.

We launch in 14 months.

And we all heard Gun-Throat
Mahalingham downstairs.

"It's a very
aggressive deadline!"

Let's start.

We don't have time to waste!

We're here in Bangalore,

which is India's Silicon
Valley in India's Space City.

What India's attempting to do

with their Mars Orbiter Mission

seems like a Mission Impossible.

Remember, not even
the United States

conquered the red
planet on the first try.

Are we still allowed
to say third world?

Absolutely not.

- It's developing country.
- Developing country, okay.

Chairman Dr. Sitaraman unveiled
plans for reaching Mars

on a timetable that was
nothing, if not ambitious.

The question remains whether

there is a disconnect between
India's lofty ambitions

and the shoestring

India's able to devote to
achieving those ambitions.

And a large question
remains as well.

With all the poverty that exists
in this developing country,

is this how India should
be spending its money?

not the unique property

of wealthy nations.

But a curious mind that
is not afraid to try

is the best equipment
for science.

The sun, the moon, the
stars, the various planets,

these belong to all
nations, to all people.

The Maven
Mission was developed by NASA

to study Mars's atmosphere.

The launch will take
place in November 2013.

The launch vehicle will
be the powerful Atlas V.

The Atlas V rocket

uses an RD-180 engine to
power its first stage,

and an RL-10 engine

to power its

- Centaur upper stage.
- Madam?


- Hello, grapes Madam?
- The Atlas V first stage

is 106.6 feet long.

It is powered by a single
RD-1808 main engine.


What's wrong?


America's space agency,

they just put out a video on
their upcoming Mars mission.

I think we have a
huge problem, Dev.

No way our PSLV-C25
can put our orbiter

on a direct path to Mars.

The C25s just not
powerful enough.

The GSLV rocket would be, sir.

Naughty Boy.

GSLV can do the launch.

It's way more powerful
than the PSLV-C25.

Yes, our dear Naughty Boy.

You think Keshav's
team can get the Boy

ready in time for
the October launch?

Let's find out.

Keshav, do you think
we can get Naughty Boy

working in time for
our Mars launch?


Good morning, Shanti.

It's not a good morning.

Let's go outside, Shanti.

Our rocket, PSLV-C25,

it's not strong enough, Vimala.

I saw NASA's video last night.

We don't have a powerful
rocket like the Americans.

If we don't have
a suitable rocket,

we can't launch our orbiter,

and if we can't launch
our orbiter then,

there won't be a Mars Mission.

No Shanti, we can't
think like that!

Right now, the best
thing we can do is

continue to build our software.

How can we do
that when we know

the mission has
a bigger problem?

That's like Nero fiddling
while Rome burned.

Nothing's burning, yet.

Someone will come
up with a solution.

There's a whole big team-
A whole big team

of Nero's still can't
stop Rome from burning.

But we will
solve the problem.

No, you don't understand.

I'm sorry, madam. I'll
make the correction.

It'll be quicker
if I just do it.

Let him do it, Shanti.
He'll get it right.

Let's say I don't
have a powerful king.

Or a queen.

My rocket's only as
strong as a pawn.

How do I still win
the game, with you?

In a roundabout way?


Weaklings can't win in
a direct straight way.

A weakling has to do
things in a roundabout way.

Madhavi, come have your tea.

A roundabout way?

How can we launch
with a weak rocket?

That's the question.

That has to be the question!

To not launch is not an option!

If there's an answer, sir,
I'm too tired to see it.

That makes two of us.

You better get moving, Chandra.

You have a long drive.

Today I'm going to teach you
a song called Aigiri Nandini.

It was composed by a rishi
thousands of years back.

It's for Durga, how
beautiful she is,

how kind, how fierce.

It's a girl-power song!

Yes, yes, indeed.

- Chick power.
- Chick power, chick power!



This rocket problem has
sucked the life out of me.

I've reached a
dead-end, Saraswati.

My mind is empty.

I've nothing left in me.

You're talking
like "The Destroyer!"

Remember the time you did
the dance of the Creator

when you were 25?

I want you to get into his mind.

The mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator?

If you spin the ball
when you bowl, Papa,

the batter won't
know what to do!

It's batsman.

Yeah, him too!

See, if I do this

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

Mind of the Creator.

The Creator.

The Creator.

The Creator.

The Creator.

That's the way to do it!


I know, I know how to do it!

I know how we can launch
with our weak rocket!






Everything's going to be fine,

they're going to
make our launch date!

It looks like even not so
great minds think alike,

and many of us arrived
at the same solution.

Inspired by images as, as
diverse as Vishnu's discus

and a child's spinning ball.

Not to mention
ripples in an urn

and a pawn on a chessboard.

This sort of
synchronicity happens

when many minds
focus on a problem.

It's one of the most
magical aspects of teamwork.

We'll use the weaker
rocket, the PSLV-C25,

and we'll use the flight
plan we discussed.

What's going on?

Are you all bullying my son?

They're not bullying me, Mama!

We're not bullies, Madam.

We're congratulating
your son, for you!

This is you, right?

It's an American site.

The usual nonsense about
how backward Indian women are,

and how me and my
colleagues are only

a bit less backward
than the rest.

Women who feel backward,

could not be doing the
sort of work we do.

Your work.

It sounds so exciting, madam.

I read online something about

flight plans for
the Mars mission.

Can you tell us about it?

- Um...
- Please, ma'am.

- Please, ma'am
- Please, ma'am


A quick demonstration.

First a question.

What do you need to launch
an orbiter in space?




I mean something
practical like a tool.




A powerful rocket.

Like what NASA has
can launch the orbiter

on a straight path to Mars, zip!

Unfortunately, we don't
have such a rocket.

So we asked ourselves,

can we use our weak rocket
to launch the orbiter?

Our weak rocket will
first launch the orbiter.

The orbiter will orbit
around the Earth six times.

Each orbit will get
faster, and faster,

and until on the sixth orbit-

- Zip!



Until zip!

The orbiter will break
out of Earth's gravity

and head for Mars.

Wow, Madam, thank you.

You're welcome.

Come on little guy.

The auto's waiting.

Hey guys, Alok's
mom is so cool.

She's a Space Mom!

Vikram, the tall guy,
is the school captain.

Thank you for
making me look good.

NASA has, can
launch the orbiter

on a straight path to Mars, zip!

Why is it doing this?

There must be some
flaw in our model.

But we'll figure
it out. Right?

We have no choice
but to figure it out.

Let's start again.

This, this last input?

It's not working.

Can you tell me why?

Why, Arjun?

Yeah, we need to

Back to squares zero.

We'll pick it up
tomorrow, Shanti.

It's getting really late.


We'll start very early tomorrow.

I eat constantly
with all the stress.

We should apply Martian
standards for my weight.

Because in Mars

objects weigh only one third
what they weigh on Earth!

If you're going to apply

Martian standards, remember
that a Martian year

is worth two Earth years.

We'll have half the
time to do our mission

and we're already
lagging behind.

It's Diwali.

We missed Diwali.

Where's Alok?

He's sleeping.

Was he upset
that I wasn't here?

He understands.

He knows his mama
is a very busy lady.

I missed Diwali, Dev!

He must wish his mother
was like other mothers.

Other mothers don't send
orbiters to Mars, Shanti.

I think Alok gets that.

He's not as hard on you
as you are yourself.

Come to bed, Shanti.

You need to sleep at
least a few hours.

Okay, stand here all night

and stare at your
precious planets.

They are a lot easier to
deal with than human beings.

Happy Diwali, sweetheart.

I fully intend to
have a happy Diwali.


Come Prakash!

Oh, Keshav called
me yesterday.

Wants to know if I can
join the GSLV team.

Our dear Naughty Boy.


What did you tell Keshav?

Well, I wanted
to ask you first.

I mean, if I joined
the Naughty Boy team

it'll mean both of us will
have around the clock schedules

and Madhavi's IIT entrance
test is coming up.

The Boy's an
important project.


Think of all the
satellites he can launch.


You should join
Keshav's team, Prakash.

You and I, we'll manage.

We always do.

Okay, did you
check his homework?

Did he, you know, because
you got a B+ on that test?

Yeah, but I want you
in bed by 12:00, okay?

No watching TV and
drink your milk!

I'm gonna be back
home by, I don't know,

a little
later than usual.

I'll get a little late.

No, don't worry, I'll
wake you up at five.

Five's okay, right?

Yeah, I'll be there.
I'll be there, okay?

But, thanks!

There's a complication.

We're going to need
two more antennas, sir.

It's because of our flight plan

with the orbiter doing
six orbits around Earth.

The Pacific Ocean's a
huge part of the Earth.

So we'll need
antennas in the Pacific

to track the orbit
as it flies overhead?

My team's
calculations show that

these antennas have to
be set up near here.

We'll have to
lease two ships then,

and dispatch them with
antennas to the location.

We'll also have to send

some of our engineers
on the voyage

to set up the antennas.

Ravi, how would you
like to go on a ship?

I wouldn't madam,
I can't swim.

Don't worry.

The ship can.

Is it, is it October 28th?

No, it is October 5th.

I'm going to go to work.

- It's 4:00 am, Shanti.
- I can't sleep.


- Let me take you there-
- No, no, no.

You go to sleep, I'll be fine.

Go to sleep.

You couldn't sleep, too?


No, no, leave it.

I like it.

There was music from
the temple when I was

small and looking at the stars.

This reminds me of that.

Some ragas are good
for problem solving.

My dad used to say that-

- Ready to start?

There's still a flaw
in our model, Vimala.

It could be a fatal flaw.

Not fatal, Shanti.

We'll fix it.

That's in three weeks.

We're running out of time.


Is something wrong?

One of our ships,

the ships we sent to
Fiji with the antenna.

There's a big storm
in the Pacific.

The ship's in trouble.

No communication's
possible with the ship.

The Port authorities in
Fiji are working hard.

That poor guy Ravi.

What happens to our launch date?

What happens to
our launch date?

If the ship's not in place,

we can't launch on the 28th.

We can't control
the storm, Shanti.

We are powerless.

I hate being powerless.

No one likes it, Shanti,

but storms don't care.

Mantras were invented
for times like this.

Aigiri Nandini, Aigiri
Nandini, Aigiri Nandini.


one of our ships is
stuck in a storm.

And yes, that does put
our launch date in jeopardy.

We are not
abandoning the mission.

What mission?

Dr. Sitaraman, can't
even make the launch

on the date you planned!

Why are we wasting time
and money and resources

on these fantasy escapades?


Dr. Sitaran, sir.

We are in position now, sir.

We should get the antenna
up and ready as soon as...

Excuse me, sir!

The new launch date's

still within our
window, but just barely.

We've lost almost all
our margin for error.

Don't think, "Oh great,
now we have more time.

We still have a massive problem.

The orbiter must
increase its ellipsis

each time it orbits the Earth.

It's been failing in our tests.

In real life, we won't
get many chances.

We aren't America, we don't
have that kind of budget.

Everything has to
perform perfectly!

And it will.








Everyone is talking
about the launch, Shanti.

The whole world's watching us!

And that's supposed to
reassure me how exactly?


That's it! I'm going!

Where, sir?

Where our people
have always gone

for peace of mind.

I'm going "Om!"

Try this.


Contact has been made?

Yeah, we are all set.

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two,

one, ignition!



The rocket's nearing
the Pacific Ocean.

Now's when the orbiter must
separate from the rocket.

The first person to know
if it did so will be Ravi.

If he's not throwing up!

Separation successful!


We got three down.

Great, ma'am, great!

I don't mean to be negative,

but we do have three
more orbits to execute.

One, I'll just be there.

Look, these units are fine,
you shouldn't worry so much.

Yeah, it's actually
taken care of.


Are you okay, Shanti?

Of course.

Why wouldn't I be?

The fourth orbit starts today.

Come on, focus on your computer
screens not on my face.


This isn't good.

It needs to go faster.

This is exactly what I
was worried about.

It's okay, Shanti.

It's not okay, Vimala.

The engine is underperforming.

Yes, we all see that.

But we can't focus on that.

This is what I was
worried about.

Shanti, you're burning!

I'm not.

Don't make a fuss.

Shanti, you should go home.

Don't be silly, Vimala,

I'm not leaving when we
have such a big problem.

You need to go home
and rest, Shanti.

Think of it this way, Shanti.

You don't want to get
us all sick, do you?

The longer we're exposed to you.

I'm sorry Shanti!

Trust your team!

We won't let you down.

Hey, I want to remind you,

Madhavi's entrance
exam's tomorrow morning.

Oh, yes, I remember.

We have a crisis here.

I have to work all night.

The engine underperformed
on the fourth orbit.

Oh no. What do we do?

I can't take off, Vimala,
this very Naughty Boy.

I can't wait until
it's up and running,

so I can give him
a good spanking.

Get back to him.

And don't worry, I'll figure
something out for Madhavi.


Why can't Madhavi take a bus?

Buses aren't reliable, Mohan.

The exam starts at
eight in the morning.

If she's late, they
won't let her take it.

I have to go to work, Vimala.

And Asha doesn't
get up that early.

She's not a morning person.

Can't you make some
other arrangement?

Hello, hello?

Stupid battery!

I have an urgent errand.

Please do the best you can.

I, I'll be back
as soon as I can.

I promise.

I'll take Madhavi to her exam.

And don't worry,
she's going to ace it.

Science is in her blood.

Go Vimala.

Go and do what I
know you can do.

Send your orbiter to Mars.


Come in, madam.

You feel better, Shanti?

Much better.

My husband,

he made me a herbal drink
with ginger and turmeric, and,

Ah, yes.

The old Ayurvedic remedy.

I never got married,
never wanted to.

I was, I am, very
happy on my own.

But I can still spot a good
husband when I see one.

You have a good man, Shanti.

Shanti, I would like to take
you to a, special place.

Will you come with me?

Any newcomers?


Welcome to the Laughing Club.

Laughing club?

You heard right.

It started in Mumbai.

A doctor created it.

What do you all do?

We all laugh!

So much better than moping.


Nice garden, right?

One of the few places in the
city where you can hear birds.

Reminds me of the
village where I grew up.

And I would have
remained there...

But for my mother.

She gave me my...

My escape velocity.

We have to get the
engine to pick up speed.

The problem's fuel sir.

Each orbit consumes fuel.

We already have
one failed orbit.

If we blow our fuel
on these orbits

there won't be
enough get to Mars!

Come on, let's calculate
if we have enough fuel

for one more try.

We're unable to
take your call at the moment.

Please leave a
message at the tone.

Vimala, please pick
up if you're there.


I think I have the solution
to our engine problem.

We have the fuel, just about,

for one engine boost, sir.

Last chance.

Can we do it?

I hope so.

"Hope so," is not good enough.

Again. Can we do it?


- Yes
- Yes.

- Yes, yes,
- Let's go for it.

When the orbiter is at its
furthest point in the ellipsis.

When the orbiter's at its
furthest point in its orbit,

when it's here, let's
give it a monster boost.

Like a slingshot.


That should give it the
push it needs, the velocity.

Escape Velocity.

Escape velocity.

Let's go for it.

Thank you, thank you
so much, congratulations.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, thank you.


Oh, gosh, haven't
showered in a day,

I, I smell awful.

You're allowed to.

You are an awesome leader.

Of the most awesome team!

Not one auto,

or taxi.

Or even a bus.

Is there a
transportation strike?

Must be.

They forgot to tell us.

Did you see that stupid
"Women Are From Mars" article?

These people in the West,

do they understand
anything about us?

My theory,

they see everything only
through their own lens.

We live in a poor country
and we dress differently

so we must be

But our God's a Goddess.

And she's a warrior, too.

Which is why I think our
women study, achieve-

- Send spaceships to Mars.

- Hopefully.
- Hopefully.

We've walked all the
way to my house, Shanti.

See, that building
on the corner?

That's where I live.

Spend the night at
my place, Shanti.

Call your husband and tell him.

You can go home in the morning.

Prakash, this is Shanti
Srivastava, my teammate, my friend.

I'm telling you, Alok, your
dad is a much better cook.

I was just going to
clean up the crumbs.

Don't worry about the crumbs.

Give me a slice, no butter.

I don't live on Mars, I
have to watch my weight.

Has your papa checked
you're homework?

Then, I'm sure it's fine.

There, was that
so hard to say?



no idea.

- Miss!
- Miss!

Straight out of
Earth's gravity.

What a smooth projection.

300 days to Mars.

The job isn't over.

We must be vigilant.

Let's think positive.

Here's a story in the newspaper.

A nice one for a change.

They did solid
research these kids.

They wrote about satellites

being used to predict weather
patterns and space technology.

Now I know what
parents feel like

when they send their
kids to faraway places.

I may know

that feeling soon.

Madhavi's applied to IIT.

If she gets accepted,
she'll have to leave home.

There's no IIT in Bengaluru.

She'll go far away,
like the orbiter.

That's our code
name for the orbiter.



When our orbiter
enters Mars's orbit,

we'll say, "Madhavi's
gotten into IIT."

orbiter's insertion into Mars

will be in three days,

roughly at 7:30 am
on September 24th.

Close to 7:00 am, the
orbiter will approach Mars,

and then it will go behind it.

For about 30 minutes the
orbiter will be hidden by Mars

and will be out of
our line of sight.

So there'll be no
way for us to know

if the orbiter was
successfully captured

by Mars's gravity or not.

When the moment of truth
arrives, it will be too late.

Come on, you all
can't want to go

to the bathroom
at the same time!

Wardrobe change
Gun-Throat, sir.

We all want to watch the
Mars entry in our best saris.

You can launch
satellites all day.

Apply eyeliner in a
straight line? Forget it.

Can we go to a temple for
a quick prayer, Vimala?

He's wasting his
talent as an auto driver.

Should be an action
movie star.

Be serious.

Please let me...

Please let us succeed.

The moment of truth.

I hope NASA isn't watching.

I hope so, too.

Oh, no!

It's my wedding sari.

Go to the bathroom and
clean it with cold water.

Go immediately or
the stain will set.

Do I have time?

Five minutes. Run!

What happened?


Madhavi got into IIT.


Damn, that was good!

I hope NASA was watching!

I hope so too!

NASA sends its

The Prime Minister wants
to congratulate us, sir!

You're every bit as beautiful

as when I first saw you.

Bright, and bold.

And completely unreachable.

Until now!


- Congratulations, Skywalker!
- Stargazer, Papa!

- I knew you-
- I'm so proud of you.


We are going to
invite our friends,

and we celebrate today.


- Congratulations!
- That was brilliant.

I always assumed that you would
achieve something like this.