Space Fury (1999) - full transcript

4 astronauts are left stranded onboard a joint US-Russian satellite after a shuttle crash damages the station. What they don't know is, the crash was no accident and one of them is a depraved killer.

(dramatic music)

- [Man On PA] Rene, shuttle is in docking range.

- On my way.

(panel beeps)

- Just like the practice drill on the cargo capsule, Rene.

A piece of gateau.

- [Rene On Pa] Good morning, gentlemen.

This is Tesla Station.

I have you at 1,000 meters and closing.

- Acknowledged.

Switching to remote.


You have the guidance.

(man speaking Russian over PA)

- [Man On PA] Tesla advises that onboard NAVCOM is go

to take over docking protocols.

- Do you think they're ready for this mission?

- Konrad is military science,

but this golfer is tourist.

- [Woman] Mad Max is a golf star.

Think of the publicity.

- Awesome, man.

I understand all the waiting in line.

What a blast.

- Tune in the shuttle camera.

- This time the screen will not fail.

(tense music)

If you feel that.

- No, no, don't worry.

- Closing speed?

- 20 kilometers.

Yuri rides them even quicker.

Like the French at the Peace Accord.

- [Man On PA] Abort system armed.

Abort system armed.

- Switching to manual.

Ah, shoot.

I've lost manual.

- My screen's breaking up.


Please, not now.

- Screen failure.

She's flying blind.

- [Rene] Visual link is down.

- Reverse thrust.

(metal crunching)

- Impact on the station.

- [Max] Oh, no.

- My god.

- Third impact on the station.

- You're on top of this, right?

The man's in charge, right?

- Stay calm.

We are switching to manual control.

(explosion booms)

(alarm blaring)

- We ruptured the transfer node.

I have it.

Call the vector.

Rene, call the vector.

- Coming back into view.

Status, stable.

Roll port, 10 degrees.

- Oh, turn that off.

I will dock it.

(air hissing)


- Thank God.

- Great, baby!


Straight into prime time.

I promised you, Igor.

- [Max] What a rush.

- Okay, damage report.

- Life support is still intact.

- We have a 5% loss of power.

Looks like they've lost two fuel tanks and a freight module.


- We have a cargo capsule loose.

- Track it.

(tense music)

(explosion booms)

- Hey.

Welcome aboard.

I'm Yuri.

- I'm Rene.

- Konrad.

- Max.


- You lot are upside down, huh?

(panel beeps)

Here is the core module.

This is where we come together.

- Where's my lab, Commander?

- A lot of white bread up here, huh?

Time for some toast.


- I'd like to see my lab, Commander.

- I will take you to the Specter module shortly.


- Oh, boy.

We have a leak.

(computer beeping)

- Hmm.

Your ears pop, too?

- Yeah.

- Please, follow me.

- [Rene] Seal hatches as we go.

- We have depressurization alarm on the Tesla.

We're tracing it now.

Visual search is in progress.

- That's a start.

Now, how do we help 'em?

- [Konrad] Core module access way is sealed.

- Go to the core module.

And we'll start a visual search for the emergency team.

We'll do Specter second.

- Okay, I'll work on life support system.

- [Rene On PA] Commander.

- Yeah?

- [Rene On PA] We have inspected and cleared

core and bio modules.

- Understood.

- [Rene On PA] The other modules are secure

except for the Specter.

- On my way.

It must be here.

- I hear a whistle behind this console.

- We have to leave.

Let's seal the modules.

- Seal the module?

This is where I conduct my experiments.

- It may be possible to make repairs,

but I cannot risk our lives.

(subdued music)

- This is the third one this month.

- The hands.

More of the hands, Natasha.

First impression?

- This feels like impotent rage attacking her womanhood.


- Nevski.

- Yes, Inspector.

- I want you to compile all the fingerprints

to identify this unfortunate woman.

(radio crackling)

- How can we work with antiques?

Come on, I'll take you to the station.

- Wait.

I hate working with these cadets.

You two both are not thinking.

You know why?

Look what was in the hand.

- [Nevski] That's the Star City badge.

- Oh, thank you.

That is your problem, mister.

And next time the both of you, open your eyes,

then you see something.

Looking, both of you.

You're not paying attention.

- [Woman On TV] The following presentation of PNN Update

is brought to you by Orbit Cola.

In space and on Earth.

Official sponsor of guest cosmonaut

Mad Max's mission to Tesla Station.

(uptempo music)

(siren wailing)

- [Man On TV] This is Police Network News.

Dateline, Moscow.

Combined militia, police, and army forces

have taken the upper hand in a series of raids

against separatist strongholds in Russia.

Urban guerrilla networks have been falling

in hard-won battles under the command

of controversial Marshall Popov.

Popov's forces are scouring Moscow's suburbs to locate

the last of the underground terrorist's strongholds.

- My men will charge in and grind them into the dust.

- [Man On TV] And now PNN is proud to take you live

to a Moscow suburb where police are under withering fire

from the last separatist's insurgent cell.

And militia forces are closing in for the final assault.

(guns firing)

- [Man On PA] Outer perimeter sealed, Marshall.

(guns firing)

(glass shattering)

- What are you waiting for?

Go, go!

- [Man On PA] Marshall Popov, perimeter secured.

Unit two ready to enter.

(guns firing)

(explosions booming)

Marshall, the tunnels are sealed.

- Go, go!

Beautiful, beautiful.

(guns firing)

- [Man On PA] Lieutenant, the boys just found

some kind of an encrypted video file.

You must decode it fast.

- These are the video files Popov wants you to decode.

Too bad he had to kill them all.

Maybe this will speak for the dead.

Retrieve it.

Decode it.

Let me know directly what it is.

(panel beeps)

- Commander, about my experiments.

Exactly how long a delay can I expect?

- Drink?

Tomorrow, I promise.

- That's nice vodka.

- Russian.

The best.


- Nostrovia.

(machines beeping)

- Try this jellied eel.

- I bet it tastes like chicken, huh?

- Actually, it's good with a Beaujolais.

- I'm listening.

- Tesla Station is compromised.

- The raid uncovered documentation of a terrorist plant

among the onboard cosmonauts.

This man, or woman, was to take the station

and hold it hostage.

- If we don't meet their demands,

they plan on slowing the orbit of Tesla Station

until it falls to the Earth.

This can be done to target a city.

Their priority target is Los Angeles.

- America?

- Victims will number in the hundreds of thousands.

- Okay, what do you propose, General?

- A single radar-invisible missile fired at Tesla

will do the job.

- They have others on the station.

A Russian, a European, and the Americans.

You can fire this missile without anyone knowing?


Do it.

(subdued music)

- There are times I wish I didn't have to return to Earth.

You're shivering.

- Yes.

I can't stop thinking about the accident today.

- [Man On PA] General, missile launch sequence executed.

Target impact in one minute and 45.

All systems operational.

- The maneuver became impossible.

- But you did it.


- That's because I'm the most experienced.

And the best.

- [Man On PA] General, our tracking reports

an intercept signal.

Our missile is no longer invisible.

- [General] Who is tracking it?

- [Man On PA] Americans.

China, maybe.

- [General] Will whoever is tracking us know our target?

- [Man On PA] Affirmative.

At any moment, sir.

- [General] Abort the missile.

- [Man On PA] Too late, sir.

- [General] Find a way.

Whatever it take to abort that missile!

(explosion booms)

- Does not own me.

- Well, how about it?

Can we give the networks a tape of the plane?

- No.

- Mad Max is a big golf star.

Think of the free publicity.

- We do not need this publicity.

- Everyone needs PR.

- [Inspector] Chief Igor.

- How about it?

Can we give them a tape?

- No.

No, no.

- [Inspector] This is police business.

Igor, been long time.

- When the state repairs the potholes,

I will pay my car registration.

- Could the chief of operations recognize this?

- Yes, of course.

These badges are issued to all our guest cosmonauts.

- Wait, Max has got one of those.

- And you have the records of all your guest cosmonauts.

Their fingerprints.

- This is becoming intolerable, Commander.

My background radiation program is stalled.

Commercial broadcasts for beverages.

- Don't be dissing me, man.

Do you have any idea what it takes

to keep this ship in orbit?

- When a projectile reaches escape velocity

at 13,000 kilometers per hour in an orbital accelerant.

- No, no, no, Astro Boy.

What keeps this piece of junk in space is cash.

No megabucks, no mission.

- Did you read that in some magazine?

- Hey, I bought my ticket to ride.

You guys, you've got to keep the taxpayers smiling.

- Okay, we will reactivate your module

at the highest priority.

- When?

- I've scheduled a space walk when the next crew arrives.

- That's far too long, Commander.

The nano lasers need to be recalibrated.

- But this repair requires a team.

- I can accompany you.

I'm qualified.

And until my module's reactivated,

I have nothing to do here.

- We need sealing alloys.

The crash lost them.

- Commander, my government is reevaluating

their support of my experiments.

- Very well.

We'll prepare in a few hours.

(panel beeps)

They, um...

They're settling in well.

There has been a 10% loss of solar power from the incident,

but the control gyros are maintaining orientation.

- And the situation is stable?

- Yes.

- Then continue with the mission.

- [Yuri] But we have no materials to patch the leak.

- The simulation team has been working on it

around the clock.

We'll be back to you as soon as we get it.

- [Man] Come on, people.

The answer's in front of us.

We're just not seeing it.

- Okay, let's go over it again.

What do we need?

- Gray capsule sod.

There's got to be something here.

- How can you think with that goddamn noise?

- Shut up!

- We've been over it six times.

There's nothing.

- We need something that's flexible.

- We need something with the same specific density

as the skin of the side of the ship.

- Malleable. - What?

- [Man] Malleable, malleable.

- Malleable.

(whistling) We need some.

- Whoa, son of a bitch.

Let's get this analyzed.

- How many of your cosmonauts have these badges?

The foreign ones.

- Many dozens.

- Two nights past here in Moscow.

- Only two, but they are now in orbit.

- A badge was found on a murdered prostitute.

They must return, now.

- No.

- You must warn the crew, now.

- You have more evidence?

(uptempo music)

- Think fat boy got a bit of a weight problem, huh?

- Okay, now squirt a bigger one and give it more zuh.

All right, kid?

All right, that's pretty cool.


- I go no place without my Zestorade.


- Yeah, that was great.

Great, Max.

- [Man On Pa] Tesla, this is Star City.

Our simulator team seems to think they've

got something for the patch.

You won't believe what it is.

We'll have the results in the morning.


(uptempo drum music)

- [Konrad] It's outrageous we have to

listen to your jungle music.

- Back off.

This homeboy bites back.

- Up here in orbit you must learn coexistence.

Go on.

(tense music)

- Ladies, gentlemen, Deputy Premier.

I am here on behalf of your European

and American partners in this mission.

I have also been in conference with

the American secretary of state with respect

to the information regarding astronaut Konrad

and your American celebrity guest.

Let me be clear.

I have the authority to make decisions,

but I need to be certain.

- Madam Ambassador, at first we found this

a bit hard to believe ourselves.

The Foreigner Space Program involves stringent

security protocols with regard to our guest cosmonauts.

As we have informed your respective

governments you represent,

the terrorist records which disclosed the plan

to drop Tesla Station were so detailed

that it seemed certain that this was a bonafide

act of terrorism which was actually in progress.

- For security reasons,

there are details of a mission only given

to those crew members that are part of that mission.

- The fact that top secret data known only

to onboard personnel was present in the terrorist's plans

confirmed for us, beyond any doubt,

that this thing was real.

- Once Star City communicated the existence

of police evidence that one of the Americans

may have been implicated in a homicide in Moscow,

you felt certain that this identified

one of the two Americans as the terrorist's plant.


- Our first suspect was cosmonaut Yuri Puskin.

After all, he is Russian.

The shuttle incident then turned our suspicions

to the French woman.

Whoever it is has a motive that is unfathomable.

Here is a man, for surely it is a man,

who is a killer of prostitutes

and if he were caught by our terrorist friends,

subject to manipulation.

- And that is why you chose to fire

an anti-ballistic missile at a civilian space station

with an international crew.

There was a time when we might have done the same,

but not without consulting.

- If such a missile had been launched on a preemptive basis,

such an action would have been quickly terminated

by local civilian authority.

- [Man On Speaker] Inspector Rostov

from the Premier Directorate.

- Yes.

- Commander, I have some important information

that has come to my attention.

- [Igor] There's evidence that links a cosmonaut

to the murder of a Moscow prostitute.

I know you have other issues to contend with.

I would like you to focus on the repairs.

- Yes, we will repair the leak soon.

- It is only a suspicion that one of the arrivals

may somehow be involved

and should not distract you from your mission.

But Yuri, be vigilant.

- [Yuri] One hand for yourself and one hand for the ship.

- [Konrad] Relax, I know this drill.

- [Yuri] Try the foot brace, Konrad.


- [Konrad] I'm fine.

(air hissing)

- Wait, wait, wait.

Can we zoom in on that?

- [Igor] Out of his way, please.

- The bond will harden in a moment.

Now you can begin your experiments.

Konrad, are you with me?

- Not again.

- We've lost the visuals.

- Does anybody have a visual anywhere?

(tense music)

(air hissing)


- The commander is in trouble.

(alarm blaring)

- There is a suit decompression.

- Yuri.



- Konrad, what's happening?

- [Konrad On Speaker] Suit failure.

I'm trying to assist.

Stand by.

- [Renee] Konrad, advise status.

- Yuri.


- He's gone.

- No.

- Damn it.


- An accident.

A suit could rupture at any time.

- Not putting the right spin on that.

- You must return them now.

You have reason.

- It would take perhaps a week to assemble a relief crew.

- We will not make an unscheduled flight.

The cost is prohibitive.

- We could use standby shuttle.

- The station will not be abandoned, Vasili.

- You abandoned Yuri.

- Damn Russian equipment.

- You just left him out there.

- What would we do with his body until the shuttle arrived?

- He makes sense.

Keep Yuri out there until we can take him home.

- There was nothing to be done.

(dramatic music)

Laser calibration set to the beginning of time.

That big beautiful explosion.

The beginning of violence.

- [Man] We don't have a rescue mission for two days.

How do we help them now?

- [Woman] Rene's in charge now

and we can't afford to have her grieving.

I suggest that we ask Max to help her stay steady.

- I crashed the shuttle.

If he hadn't have made the repair,

Yuri would be laughing with us now.

- Tough break.

- I can't bear to think of him out there in the cold.

He hated the cold

and the rain.

Can you imagine that in a Russian?

- And I can't stand the heat.

Go figure, huh?

(footsteps approaching)

- Couldn't wait to force yourself on her, could you?

- [Max] Sleaze bag.

- Hey, hey!


This is madness.

Stop it, stop!


I am now in command.

Till we are relieved, I am senior officer.

I order you both to return to your modules.

- Work.

Your work.


Focus on your work.

Your work is the only thing that's important.

- Hang on, Rene.

It is piece of gateau.

- Can an individual actually take control of the station

unaided and guide it in such a way

as to drop it from Earth's orbit?

- Yes, It would be possible for one person

to take over the station if he knew enough.

- Yes.

This confirms what my people told me.

- Our calculations show that up to 100 tons

of flaming debris would break up about 30,000 feet

creating a meteor rain over an impact area

of 10 to 40 kilometers.

We anticipate over 750,000 lives lost.

- Now that you've defeated the rebel separatists,

why would the perpetrator continue with this act of madness?

- Your other question is also related.

Why would the terrorist plant still carry out his mission

despite the fact that his cause has been defeated?

I don't know what drives this madman,

but the death of Cosmonaut Yuri raises the probability

that the killing has started.

- Deputy Premier, if ever Tesla Station breaks orbit,

I expect Moscow to fire on it before it's too late.

- [Rene] What are you doing here?

- I wanted to talk to you alone, Commander.

- Of course.

- I must apologize for my outburst.

It's just that whenever I'm near that Max,

gives my teeth an itch.

- Max can be very confronting.

He's a celebrity, after all.

They're helping me to study chromosome damage

during cell division in a low-gravity

pure oxygen atmosphere.

- How do you bear to dissect them?

- Sometimes it's difficult if one becomes too attached.

- They're so industrious.

Such overwhelming life force

driving them to survive, procreate.

- The flame of evolution.

- I was never allowed pets.

My mother was a very religious woman.

We argued often.

She explained away evolution as God's way

of putting the Earth on autopilot

because he had so many other worlds to create.

- Your mother sounds like a wise woman.

- Actually, she was quite insane.

My nano lasers won't recalibrate themselves,

so if you'll excuse me.

(tense music)


- How can we ignore that Yuri's dead?

- Perhaps we can bring forward the scheduled relief mission.

- Is Max around?

- The space program has overcome many such difficulties.

We will overcome this also.

Be vigilant.

- Max.

- Yo, Dr. Spin.

- You decent?

Hope you're keeping a diary, sport.

Word is, one of you guys is wanted for homicide

and we both know it's not you.

We're keeping a lid on it, but watch your cute ass

until we beam you down, all right?

- That does it.

- Let go or I'll sue your ass.

- Throw her out.

- You toss me out and the endorsements walk.

I promise you.

- [Igor] I really don't care.

- Then how are you gonna keep this show on the road?

- [Igor] Behave or I'll spank your ass.

- Four people die every second on Earth, Rene.

Do you believe God finds all people

to be of equal value, Rene?

- Boy, am I whacked.

- I have work to catch up on.

- Yo, Doc.

What kind of work you doing?

- Background radiation.

- Ooh, sounds dangerous.

- No.

No, there are trace amounts of infrared radiation

from the formation of the first galaxies.

- The Big Bang Theory, huh?

- Actually, about a billion years later.

- Some kind of view from up here, huh?


- No, no! (metal banging)


Konrad, stop!




Max is unconscious.

He's no threat to you.

- You saw.

You saw how he attacked me.

- Okay, okay.

I saw it.

- He's just some kind of animal.

- We must contact Ground Control immediately.

- There's nothing they can do for him now.

- Do you know the procedure for returning the shuttle?

- Of course I do, but you're overreacting.

If we report this incident now,

they're gonna make us abort the mission.

Let's just refrain from any action till we know

whether he's gonna regain consciousness.

- And if he doesn't?

- Then we'll take appropriate action.

- The shuttle is for such emergencies.

- I know.

But if his brain is hemorrhaging,

a hard reentry will kill him.

Let's just wait, see if he regains consciousness.




- Help me move him.

- The RVS was able to retrieve this

from the terrorist's computer.

- Keep this woman away.

(mysterious music)

Stop it there.

Do you know this man?

- Cosmonaut Konrad.

- They knew, but why?

- There is more.

- [Man] We can ruin you.

- [Konrad] Oh, my god.

What have I done?

I'm sorry.

What do you want from me?

- [Man] You murdering pig.

We own you now.

- They are blackmailing him.

- [Man] A killer scientist.

How promising.

- My god.

(tense music)

- [Konrad On Message] Yes, everything is well.

Max is doing a video disc and Cosmonaut Rene

is hard at work in her biochem laboratory.

I will not disturb her unless it is necessary.

(panel beeps)

- Tesla Station to Star City.

Tesla Station to Control Center.

- Commander, are you on a discreet line?

I have some important information

that has come to my attention.

(electricity zapping)

- [Konrad] Rene, you went back on our agreement.

- [Rene] I'm worried about Max.

- [Konrad] We agreed on the best course of action.

- Yes, I'm sorry.

I should've consulted with you.

- [Konrad] No, we discussed this already.

- You're right.

We should wait.

Perhaps Max will just wake up with a bad headache.

- One hopes.

- [Rene] If his condition doesn't improve,

we can always use the shuttle to ferry us back to Earth.

- Rene.

You are such a compassionate girl.

You show such compassion.

- Separate the sound frequency.

- Will you show the same compassion for me?

Rene, your scent provokes me.

Don't you know that?

Rene, your hormones are taunting me.

- Oh, you disgust me. - Rene!

You betrayed me, Rene.

That's what this is all about.

(Konrad grunting)


You're not getting away with this.

(suspenseful music)


There's no light at the end of this tunnel.

Only darkness.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

This is a fun game.

I'm gonna have a lot of fun with you, Rene.


- Okay, let's try an alternative uplink.


(alarm beeping)

- Rene?

I was being so patient with you, but you lead me on.

You think you're safe in there.

I'm one of your little lab rats.

I've got a little experiment I want to try, Rene.

Women with no oxygen.

(alarm beeping)

Now you're gonna have to beg to get me back, Rene.



- We are receiving on the television frequency.

- Play it.

- Star City, do you copy?

Star City, do you copy?

Tesla to Control Center.

Tesla to Control Center.

Tesla to Control Center.

- Yes, Cosmonaut Konrad.

How good to hear from you.

We were attempting to rectify

a minor communications failure.

- Russia's a country where nothing works,

but everything can be fixed.

Now that you have surrendered yourselves

to criminals and whores.

- Cosmonaut Konrad, allow me to apologize

for the technical difficulties.

Perhaps, Konrad, you could bring Cosmonaut Rene

to the microphone.

- Why?

I'm in control of this space station now.

- We know about the terrorists, Konrad.

They no longer have a hold on you.

- Those fanatics never had a hold on me.

I've been playing them for time, that's all.

- Where are the other cosmonauts?

- I have been gazing into the beginning of time,

the very spark of creation.

And you have turned my mission,

and your once proud space program,

into some kind of amusement park.

Igor, you who have sent men to their death

would understand the sweet feeling of power.

To hold a life in your hand.

Completely, utterly, in your hands.

Makes one feel like a god.

- In the name of the criminal directorate,

we are charging you with the murder of Valentina.

- Well, I'm not coming back.

- There is no escape for you, assassin.

- Then come and get me.

This is my space station.

No more commercials!

(electricity zapping)

No more entertainment!

No more interruptions!


Only science!




Rene, I'm sorry.

Rene, I'm sorry.


- The Tesla's completely off the air.

- [Man On PA] We're trying to reestablish contact.

- [Man] Tesla, do you read?


Do you copy?

Tesla, this is Ground Control.

- Crazy cosmonaut.


What spin do we put on this?

- You announce nothing.

- No one warned this poor woman onboard of this monster.

(tense music)

(alarm beeping)

- [Man] Do you read?

Tesla, do you copy?

- Sending up a rescue mission immediately

is our best chance.

- And Konrad will assist with docking

and welcome the crew onboard with open arms and whisky.

You are naive, Vasili.

- What the?


There's Rene.

We are receiving transmission.

- I thought all the systems were down.

- We have visual contact.

We're picking up an external camera.

What's going on?

Someone's triggered the arm.


(metal clanging)

- Bye-bye.


(Konrad laughing)

Goodbye, Rene.

I've got work to do. (laughing)

- Hey, isn't there a safety override protocol

that we can control the arm here from Earth?

- Yes.

In the event of a ship-wide disaster,

the arm had to be rigged so it could be operated from Earth.

It operates on a separate communications system.

- Are you telling me we can get control of the arm here?

- Well, we should be able to.

- Do it.

- Yeah, I can override the primary arm control

to your systems.

- Got it.

- Yes.

Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

- Got it.

(alarm beeping)

(panel beeping)



- Russian piece of garbage.

(alarm beeping)


Play time, my precious.


(tense music)

Don't piss me off, girl,

or you will suffer more when I catch you.


(subdued music)

(computers beeping)

(machine beeping)

(tense music)

Rene, I thought I'd pay your boyfriend a visit.

I'm trying to decide where I should

start my dissection, Rene.

You have any suggestions?

Is there a...

Is there a particular part of his anatomy

that you would like to keep as a memento?

Where shall I start?

A wing, a breast?

Oh, Rene.

I understand your infatuation now.

It's going to be such a waste to separate Max

from his greatest asset.

I'm very impressed, Rene.

You better come down here and try to dissuade me, Rene.

You know where I am.

- Konrad, listen.

You and Max are suffering from some abnormal

orbital syndrome on your neurological systems.

It's pumping up your aggression.

It will pass.

It's important to not do anything impulsive.

- Oh.

What am I doing?

What have I done?

- Don't fixate on that.

Just try to think before you act.

- It must be something.

Help me.

I'm so, so sorry.

I'm sorry, Rene.


- Konrad, Konrad, Konrad.

No one wants to hurt you.

Max is no threat.

(Konrad yells)

- You bitch.

You little bitch.

I did Yuri fast, but I'm gonna do you slow.


You maimed me, you animal!

Rene, you can't possibly win.

Not against an intelligence like mine.


- You must make all the decisions

on your own now, Commander.

- Shut up.

- There's only one option, Rene.

Do you think you're competent

to fly the shuttle to reentry?

Last time you had your hands on those controls

you caused a disaster.

Don't be stubborn, Rene.

I can help you return safely.

I'm qualified to fly the shuttle.

- I don't need you.

- Please.

Rene, don't leave me alone.

Please, take me with you, Rene.

Rene, please.

I'm sorry.

Rene, don't leave me alone.

Take me with you!

- There will be a rescue mission.

(tense music)

Hang on to your ticket, Max.

Get a refund.

(computer beeping)

- Vladivostok has detected an infrared

heat signature from Tesla.

- Yes, I see it.

- They are offline.

Tesla has control.

- No.

(Konrad laughing)

- Gotcha.


- I let you down, Max.

(computer beeping)

- The space station is slowing.

Massive deceleration.


- What the hell does that mean?

- [Igor] It means that the station will drop out of orbit.

- Let's run a simulate.

- I must have a more accurate trajectory.

- Oh, my god.

(subdued music)

What have I done?


Oh, Mommy.

- [Igor] Do you have that trajectory?

- California.

- All hundred tons of it?

Holy hell.

(alarm blaring)


- You're lucky to miss out on this nightmare, Max.

(breathing heavily)

Shuttle override, off.


Let's stabilize this thing.


- That's what they want.

Your work, Konrad.

Your work is everything.

Your work will save you.


- Director, we've always had a contingency plan.

- I cannot be the one to destroy the Russian station

with Russian missiles.

- Moscow Directorate.

- I don't think that will be necessary.

She's going to break up.

(computer beeping)

- Your time will come.

Oh, yes.

Your time will come, baby.

- Come on, Max.


- What the?

- Oh, Max.

- What the?

- Max, I'll be back.

Everything will be okay.

We'll get out of here.

Don't worry.

- You're not leaving me, are you?

Oh, no.

Some people are here.


Come on.

Play time, my precious.

- [Max] Not this time.


Let's get out of here.

What the hell's happening here?

Man, do I have a headache.

- [Rene On Speaker] Star City.

Star City, this is Rene.

Do you read?

- Yes, Cosmonaut Rene.

- [Rene On Speaker] Star city, do you read?

Star City.

Star City, do you read me?

We are forced back by shuttle.

We need your assistance.

Please transmit navigational telemetry.

- Go, go.

(people chattering)

- Communication's down.

Maybe they heard us.

Reentry computer won't reboot.

I'll have to do it manually.

Brace yourself.

Computer's picking up Star City telemetry.

(alarm blaring)


- They're in such a hurry to get back to their chaos.

- [Max] What the?

(tense music)

Not good.

- [Rene] Stay calm, Max.

- [Max] Not good.




(explosions booming)

- [Rene On Speaker] Star City, this is standby shuttle.

I have chose an emergency landing site.


- [Man] Landing site Siberia-Alpha-Echo-Three-Five.

Run simulation.


- [Max] Come on, Rene.

- The shuttle slowed to 500 kilometers.

- Too fast.

Too fast!


(metal rattling)

- Impact imminent.

(metal rattling)

(tense music)

- [Man On PA] Star City, this is search and rescue units

Delta-Bravo Nine and Eight.

We are approaching Siberia site A-E-Three-Five.

Negative visual contact.

Star City, this is search and rescue units

Delta-Bravo Nine and Eight.

- Recovery team at four kilometers and closing.

- [Man On PA] Still no visual.

- Well, there's lots of wild speculation.

You have to make a statement.

- [Man On PA] We have no visual contact so far.

Coming up in 30.

Switching to topographic display.

Monitoring shuttle signal.

Star City, this is Delta-Bravo units Nine and Eight.

We have a visual on the crash site.

The shuttle appears to be intact.


- Rene!


Rene, get up!

We've gotta get out of here!

Come on, Rene!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Let's get the hell out of here.

- [Man On Pa] Star City, this is Delta-Bravo unit Nine.

I now see two, I repeat,

two cosmonauts leaving from the shuttle.

- Thank God for small victories.

(explosion booms)

(subdued music)

- [Rene] It's over, Max.

(dramatic music)