Space Dogs (2010) - full transcript

Schoolbooks say that Belka and Strelka were first space dogs. But the dogs say that people dissemble a lot.


Are we there yet?

Dad, look how beautiful!

Honey, feed him.

How cute!

Sit here.
I'll bring you a tasty sandwich.

Hello! Mr. Khrushchev.

We have received your gift
and are very honored.

My daughter is delighted.

ringing of the broken vase

Oh, Lord!
Not my Chinese vase!

Oh, this mysterious
Russian soul!

Who are you?

I - Fluff.

How do you get here?

Just do not know.

But I think I am a present.

Since when does the president

give mixed-breed puppies?

Because I am the son of the most
famous dog in the world.

That's who I am!

This story began
very long time.

Three years ago.

In that summer, in the streets
of my homecity Moscow

came a terrible person.

Homeless dogs disappeared.

Ball of wool.. scared?

What a hat with earflaps, caught!


Oh, you're a dog like that!

Do not go away!

A dog's life!

Tired of life?

Phew. No, all the same ...
No, cheese is tastier.

Oh, a familiar situation.

Oh, a familiar situation.

Let me introduce myself.

Benjamin, a member Mosconcert.

My dear,
You were made for the stage!

With such good looks!
Bust, profile, legs!

Oh, you have to sing.

I implore you, something, let's.

I am a crow, raven, I, I'm in ...

It will be a hit!

My dear, that you have in your mouth?

You all the time
something prevents sing.

Spit, spit once!

Straight at me!



Venya! Venya!

The dog flew!

Go me! No Veni anywhere

A long way!


screaming like Tarzan

Eh ... me giddy right now.

Oh, you dog!

- From Veni not get away!
- Stop!

From Veni not get away!

Hey! Well. bastard!

Oh, it hurts!

Rabid Rat!

Who? From the rats hear!

All duel!
At ... on toothpicks.


Do not hold me!
I thirst for blood!

I you both from the ground get it!

So what?

Your mother was
mongrel with the garbage?

No, of course.

My mother was an athlete,
actress, beauty.

She was even
personal dressing room.

music plays

Now that's success!

Anshlag! Anshlag!

Thus, suits wear.

Why still
elephant is not painted?

Wash the moon now!
And the hare.

Above the nose! Above the nose!

Cheer up!

Do not break the rocket.

Little became a cubicle.

Do not spoil the stock!


Belka as. you think.
these pants I complete?

Or incomplete? A?

I can not imagine
choose a suitable diet.

Either Claire with milk
whether milk eclair.

If you only knew. Squirrel,

as I got
whole ????????!

trousers, it is not crowded?

Bella Raymondovna.
look, dear, to watch.

In fact, your exit.

I cramped in my room.

Closely as an artist!

In the pants of these closely!

Dear audience!

Please welcome
our artists!

music plays

Belka. Ale-up!


What is this?

Come again!



Ah. are you?

A bad dog!

Come on, come here!



The audience were in raptures
this number!

But no one suspected

that actually
Mom was very afraid of fire.

Hey, come here!

Come on, do not worry.

Your friend Veni
came a brilliant plan.

Oh, to steal, so a million!
Kissing, so the queen!

Sorry, distracted.

Then dial
and a weary voice, ask:

"Alia, a savings bank?"

Venia, well, a phone?

I did it ... The dog I have.

Oh how hard it is to live.
Who do I deal?

You are not far, my!

Well. Think about it myself!

If you have. what to think.

Well, who. who
phone understands

dog you there,
or dwarf buffalo?

He phone.

Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything!

Leave it to Uncle Venu.

I'm telling you.
Earn an adult.

I'll give the tooth!

Phew! Hey, hey, hey ...

But not now.


Where are you?

Enough is enough!

Ya I can not work this way.
I have no one to work.

Ah! Phew!

Legs too short!

I can! I can!

Arena awaits! Oh, oh. oh!

Burst! As my career!

My friends!
I last asked.

Who fly to the rocket?

Oh, forgot!

I also paint brought.
Elephants paint.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid.

Afraid I'm afraid.

Afraid I'm afraid. Here!

- J.
- With "I, I?

I fly raketen!
Fantastisch! (ger)

Verstehen? (ger)

Carlos, what with Vova?

But he ... kj. eX ... piggy!

And you Bella Raymondovna,

out in a minute.


- Health to you!
- No, you do!

No, wait!

- Where are you dragging me?
- Come on, come on.

I absolutely Artist
a genre!

- But I can not fly like a pig.
- It's a snap!

- I am a trained dog.
- Assure you.

- I'll complain.
- Commander!

Not a bit too much there, eh?

I think it just right.


left - the brake, right - gas.

Or vice versa?

What a talented young people!

Right - gas left - brake.




Yes, a bit too much.


Cheese. From the Netherlands?!





Ha, ha, ha! I can not!

I die right now!

Hey, anybody. someone!

Kill me, Right here
straight right now.

That I have not seen
this is nothing.

Mouth shut!

Be so kind as

Do me a favor,

help you.
how to get to the circus.

Hah. and your from the circus?

You are trained, yes?

Bark! Two times two is four.

Well? Woof, woof, woof.

- Fu, Fu, what bad manners!
- What?


In the circus no one allows himself
such behaving.

My God
But are not you in the circus!

You're on my sandbox, my dear!

I am not your "dear".

I am Belka.

You are a Squirrel? (????? squirrel)

And i am a Mexican jerboa. Haha.

Since you are a squirrel, perhaps
you entertain nuts?

Hmm. You'd better
the circus come.


No. No, no, no, no!
Do not come near me!

Do not touch me!

You do have these, these ... Fleas!

What did you just say?

Oh, they are talking about us.

You said that I have fleas?

Wait, wait!

That someone, I have a flea?

Not closer!

- ..not.
- Yes, I have fleas.

Have you ...?
in your pocket, broke off!



Yes, over here! Woof!

- Blohastaya!
- I blohastaya?

Cat blohastaya!

Hey, What are they doing. Girls!

I have thirtyseven...
No. Thirtyeight million.

45 kopecks.

And you're fighting.


What's the buzz
disturbing the peace

our yard?

Good citizen!

What brings
on our territory?

Here I am, here I am passing through.

You might even say span.

Ai-yai-yai. Without permission
but in another area.

We will pay the fine!

But we have nothing.

But if I find!

And you take the cake from the shelf.

With nails.


Where are police?
No, you can not even call the police.

All I'm tired.
It is necessary to make legs.

Road, the road!
Man - with a million!

We must concede.
Make way!

Oh, oh. oh!

Living surface Revolution.

Met name
Grandfather Lenin.

Oh, here we. Follow me!

Here they are!

My mother, the chandelier!

As in the Eliseev!

What of beauty ...!

Oh. Well everything!
Canned or canned!

In there.

Wait, this turnstile.

You that the circus
do not teach anything?

The girls ran for help.

I'm running, I'm here!

My mother!


In bobsled chase''real men''

I have not raced in the bobsled.

And we are now catching up
or run away?

A dog knows!

Let's Run!

Got it, run.


For me!

Fu, teeth need cleaning!

Sorry! My!

Girls, girls. here!

Come after me!

Well. Come home. Come!
Carefully closing doors ...


Oh, my lost millions.

Why do you want money?

Eh, close you are mine!

Money. Money - that's it!

That's who I am without money?

The rat is gray. ordinary.

And with the money

least andAter!

Benjamin AndAter! Sounds.

Station VDNKh

And where are we?

What is it?

I live here.

And, attention!

We enter
the famous monument

Worker and Collective Farm''.''

Author - Mukhin VI

Initially created

for the World Exhibition
in Paris in 1937.

Fu. I would eat this book.

In 1939
sculpture was reconstructed

and mounted on a pedestal
before the northern entrance

at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia

calls it
Standard of''socialist realism''.

No. Still delicious cheeses.

Hurt my!

Well. Arrow.
Now you never get lost.

Mom, why do we have
this contraption?

Shh, it's necessary.


Because ... because
you're special dog.


Because ...
you have a special dad.


Because he lives
over there.


And he had the same medallion.


When the sky falling star.

a dog star
sends us greetings.

music plays

Listen, you do
fell from something, eh?

Well, in general ...
Well. You are ...

the stars
any side is not it?

Oh, actually, I myself a star.


And you my father
they do not accidentally met?


At the circus?

Do not know.

Now I do not even know

how to get there.

And what he's your father?


filled with laughter

What are you doing?

Do you seriously think

that your father
live in space?

Oh, darkness!

Oh, darkness!

came a scientist, right?

Schas'll teach you!


Again, all upside down!

I poured my coffee!

Almost lost you!

Gold mine!

Get away from it.
She's on the phone struck.

Well, with her take on hit?

Everything! The girls all sleep.

I said
sleep immediately.

You CHE raskomandovalsya?

What is that mandative tone?


Well I did man.


Che you laughing. like a simpleton?

- Phew!
- Hmm.

Oh. tooth in place,
I was sleeping.

Squirrel, Squirrel, can
you for a minute?

you have such large
beautiful eyes!

And how can you
walk on his hind legs!

I Balde!

Okay, you come
the savings bank

and languid voice
ask ...

And what we have today
for breakfast?

Maybe dump
Poro, eh?


You Shas Che said?

You understand right now, myself,
What did you say?

This is a disgrace to my
gray mustache.

Me, me. how can I,
creative personality

offer such?

Hey. somebody, anybody.

Kill me
right here, right Shas!

Che is tormented by something?

This is the light?

Oh, bagels!


So, so, well, well. so!

A. Ah, madam,

your way out!

Oplya! No. You see!
What she is doing. ah!

As she performs?

How does she do that?

Have you ever seen something like that?
I have not seen.

- Ale-up!
- Talent!


Well, everything! Thank you for your attention!

Since you have been
Benjamin AndAter.

Hey, squirrel!

Oh, come!

So what? Here?

Quiet! Quiet! Without hand!
No hands. I said!

Let me go! Let me go, I say!


Immediately release them!


I'll call
his circus friends!

Lion, bear, elephant,
200 rabbit and pig.

No, the pig will not come.
He is sick.

I. .. What?


Caught, fur cap?

Do not yap!


music plays

Only one got caught.

Oh, my mother!

My mother, my dear!

Rescue arrived!

Hey, can you
my hallucination?

Run, you fool, run!

So why so rough?
Well why?

It is not a fool!
Well ... fool.

Listen, there pimpochka.

It is necessary to bend it.

Yeah. And get this pin
directly from this zagogulinki.

Come on. come on, darling, come on!

you clever thing!

- Oh!
- Caution!

Very rushed.

Now there will be two.


- Just look!
- Will the men's conversation.



How much longer will
Who is this flicker?

calm down and sit down already!

Sit down somewhere!
Strabismus with you can earn.

Well, well!
Good, good. let!

Let's sit down. will sit.

While we, until we
not bring there.

Where we bring.

And no, not ...
I was not accustomed to give up!

But who asked you to climb "

So you tell me.
Who asked you?

Law of the street you know what?

''All Against All
and every man for himself.''

''One for all and all for one!''-

Noblest ...

You're just living
do not know, darling.

You think
I do not know. yes?

Yes, I even know
where we were going.

What are you!

And where do you think?

On virgin soil.
The grain harvest for the country!

Oh, dreaming!

We were going to the Far North

sled dogs to work.

How? I'm a circus!

I know. I know
as you drag.

Two dogs - on the right.
two - the left.

And at the very sled - a rat.

Should you as someone to manage.
Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes.

Well do not bother!

Mitten walking!

Turn away from you all.

Will only
with invented

Space dogs friends.

They have not invented.

My father really
lives in the stars.

And I'll find it.

Do not believe me? Look!

And he is the same.

It's all written down, okay?

So what does it say?

Here you train with us so smart!

Here and read.

I do not want.

Yes, because I do not know how.

Do not you dare me
so talk!

She just can not read.

- Cat!
- What you say right now?

- Cat blohastaya!
- That I have a cat?

Girls, how many can?

Well, again, for his.

Guys. quietly.


Well stand! Listen to me!
I am a man.


Where are we still being taken?


The neck is a proud,
Set on a low ...

Flooring - pedigree.

With a smooth top line.

And the eyes ...

Plaza - this alpine


Bands such pleasant.

Color - simple like that.

And she was
a good friend.

Extremities - boned, strong,
back strong.

- All.
- Yeah.


What's this?


What do you want?

I have the same hands,
both legs.

As a living!



So. Attention!

Everybody follow me!

Do not fall behind!

And from me too!

What a strange place!

I have only one version.

Pioneer Camp
on the Chinese border.

So. Listen, I must go.

Train half an hour.

Good luck!

Well done!
Moscow. Moscow!

Capital awaits!

I do not know where we are,
but dining here is.

Listen, Tovarish!

And who among you here
Incidentally, chief?

And you what?

Oh, very nice.

Understand. I have it ...
wanted to explain.

We just took by mistake.

This phone booth.
This, she fell.


We were there ...
We were there voobshe was not.

Arrow. What's the silent something?
Say a word.

Hey, rookie?

- Schas you will ARROW.
- And whistles with DuDELKOI.

Very rude!

We were evicted!

How? That's incredible.

We were obliged to notify
two weeks.

What sort of masquerade?

Not. I is not wear!
Well, that's you!

And anyway, I insist
that I was taken to the police!

Well, okay.

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

And, in principle,
Nitsche suit. yes?

So. What if ... and ... e ... Ah
E. ..

Song of''Umaturman ':
morning. Partly. The sky drips.

The city is filled with silence.

Puddles the dog with wet paws

And a look of despair.

Windows. Entrances. Shop.

Pigeons clean their plumage.

Maples dropped his head on his shoulders

I'm in another dimension.

Rain ...

Rain shakes the sky
right and left.

Snyletyat, very wet,
fly into the window.

Rise run!

Here you do not have the eighth of March.

Forget about who you are and where.

Forget about that. Who you were before.

Forget about that. what you want
and that you are not satisfied!

Sorry, but how is your name?

I am now your Father, Mother
and a sad book!

My name is Kazbek.

But you will call me
''Yes, Comrade teacher!''

Any questions?

No questions.



Now, everything! It has begun!

Running march!


Do not spend too much time
quality movement.

More sharply! One! One! One!

No, well, you like girls
a walk.

We are the girls.


And what do you
each special invitation you want?

Hold your breath!

The tail does not come!

Stronger. fresher!
Stir paws, lazy!

You're not in the eighth of March.

You can not run - crawl.

But still go.

Everything! Bobby croaked!


Oh. lumps.

Pah! I do not like lumps.

Give - take it.

Bute - Run.

A. seems to me. they have


I do not know. You are what you want!
And I am now on a diet.

And anyway, I'm here
soon run away.

I can not. I'm here chahnu.

Not rassusolivat here.

Dinner is over!

But so quickly eat harmful.

Harmful sauce
senior instructor.

But can develop Pastry.

Who's Island?

I have those witty!

- Come on come on!
- Hmm.

SchA-right now!


We never find.


Lose the feathers!

Hooves of Wipe!

But the other WHAT? FIND!

It's all my fault.

Spineless pork chop!



What are you doing?


Do not, do not.
Only ... No, no, no.

Do not!
I'm a star! I'm a star!


Everything. not kill. temper!

Or. maybe enough for you?

Since you only tyavkni!

Otlezhishsya in the infirmary, eh?

Eighth of March otlezhus.

You know me bad,
Comrade instructor.

Do you believe in life
after death?

- After what?
- I heard that it looks like a tunnel.

And in the end should be light.

- Light?

Do not row, row!
I think we have a chance!



I warn you.

We should not tarnish
face in the dirt.

Half an hour to rest.

Sissy pastry!

In space they soaped.

You said''in space''?

On the rocket!

Arrow. Arrow, you heard?

They do not even know
why they were there - here.

A well-deserved heroes
have to fuss with the girls.

We will become famous!

My circus friends
see us on TV!

Yes, I do not want in space.

I do not want, I'm afraid of heights.

- Dad!
- It's cold, there could not breathe.

I will see my father.

No, why me
nobody listens?

They find me!

Must find!

So, so!
Forget about the cosmos.

Especially you!

The stars you do not shine!

Personally to me This puzzle!

Get up, lazy!
At work!

You are ... You're so close
me not go.

The bosses will not complain.

It's contagious. And me - the space needed.
Blood from his nose!



You're not in the eighth of March!
Ha, ha. ha. Ha!

Hmm, yes, a place here somewhere else.

A promise - the south, the sea, and fruits.

Mulia, not nervous.

Got it, you can
not continue.

The launch is set
on August 19.

The preparation of a month left.

You should not overshadow
face of the Fatherland!

To fly into orbit.
on a competitive basis,

will be allowed two of the best.

Two of the best.

Do not come near me
in the grammar.

Count off!

a women's section?

Chief, where are you?

I'm not a girl.

Hey, Chief!

I have a kid.

Once brought, then right.
our mistakes do not happen.

Do you understand?

Got it!

Che boil something?

Look. these are the same.
From the sandbox.

Ah, old friends.

Why so?

For vydayushiesya
personal data!

In the space just did not take.

In space?


Buhl, you hear?

Che, I do not see it!

I myself, like Venus.

Fool! Amnesty, laurels,

all cases, early retirement,

havchik ????????.


Arrow, Come on!

- Wake up.
Yes, randy!

Nor does the load?

You'll never see,
Comrade teacher!

Anything that does not kill tempers.

Why are you helping me?

Yes because the only way
we all win.

Oh, do not like all this.

Not. I run away, run away.
Just run away.

Our goal - to hit the target.

- And get rid of all.

Let felled to his home.

And here they are angels of freedom!

In all needed skill.


No Oops! Wait, wait. avast!


Oh, thank God! Ah! No


Oops! Sorry!

What? Who's here?

Stop, do not move!

fall - to overcome!

Paws for the head!


Do not, do not, do not!

Do not manhandling!

But I have not done anything.

I'm a sleepwalker. I am a lunatic.

I'm crazy. Insane.

And, yes, yes. yes ...

To take a psychiatrist?

we have ...


Why should a psychiatrist?

Yes, okay you.
Hardly that - once to a psychiatrist.


Man in uniform.

High. thoroughbred.
brunette. with a scar ...

Stone, bone,

So what if I
growth did not come out?

But my eyes are beautiful!

They all written
about my difficult childhood.

That say, I really like
a girl, eh?

And understood.

Doctor, I'm not a rat.

I Bull

Hey. hey. doctor
you with me carefully.

We dwarf bull terrier,
We breed such vindictive.

What dwarfism, so vindictive.

You are absolutely right.
I madly want to go to space.

Just crazy.


It was wrong, who both decided

To the wings we do not give poor fellows.

Sky - a piece of our soul.

You would say that any mongrel.

And somewhere in the stars are to a tee

Dogs moonlit walk on the beach.

And sitting on the roof on a clear night,

They can even see.

And, as a purple umbrella
opened the horizon

Closer to the star edges.

Listen, let's choose.

You can take that bright.
But is that right, my!

And let us still difficult,

Feet aching and sides.

Let spacesuits little tight.

Chest hold the wheel.

Cosmos so weightless!

We are always there waiting.

It was wrong who said that.

What's your lot - the gateways to bark.

You look in our eyes!

You will understand. I know.

And perhaps, at night, perhaps during the day.

Not at the gate, take the above

We are flying, toss back paw.

Those that sit on the roof.

And may still difficult,

Feet aching and sides.

Let spacesuits little tight.

Chest hold the wheel.

Cosmos so weightless!

We are always there waiting for!

Hey, help us!

Somebody remove us.
Yes, help!

I do not any longer.

We did not win.

Everything! Intermission.

Phew! To you!

Shot in cinema

... Life in this desert Dangle?

All around rude, rude!

Like dogs!

Something I do not see.
Who's whining?

And, you're still here.

Do not bother
cultural astronauts to rest.

Silence. everything!
About love started!

For me, young lady.


All this failure.

Smyre but!

Who knows?

Homeland begins and ends
with the obstacle.

It will be designed
the fate of the winners.

Any questions?

Tovarish instructor!

We want to know.

This is the last test?

The less you know - sleep tight.


We need to try very hard.



And, I'm first, I'm first!

Hey, one, two, three or four!

Che's something I'm tired!

On the road! On the road!

- On the road!
- You'll never see!

What caught?


Only after us!

Hello killers!


I will not beat! Hooligans!

"Wait a minute!

- Just want to talk!
- Honest pioneer!

Figushki you!

I want to space!

I'll be in space!

I'll be ... Squirrel!

You, as always,
time fell.

- Arrow!
- Well, come on, a circus!

Come on! Faster.

Hey, hey.


Oh, whistle.
Wow, almost succeeded!

Hey. Girls, come here!

- Venya!
- Venya!

Where? Freeze!

If the brake, do not climb into space!


Right with me!

- I'm flying!
- Well, come on!

Landing! Oops!

Record, however!

- Hurrah!
- Hurrah!


We. seems to have won the race.

Cooks I thee. Parachutes.

Are you:''So rapidly, so quickly.''

I'm here. it want you to ...

differentiated, well. this

Proteins and arrows.

That's interesting.

Nitsche interesting.

I've said it all.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Curious Case.

your face
symptoms of stress.

Lack of appetite, insomnia.


Enough of my survey.



Enough of me to explore!

Patients often
repeats the same thing.

Closed and silent.

Do not rage
a callous heart patient

tender passion?

It constrains

Hey, you! Doctor!

I serve the Motherland!

And to the heart of affairs to me ...

I would like to charter.

Cherche la femme, my friend!

Cherche la femme.

It looks like it turns out well?

Who understand that, appreciate!

I can not see.

- What?
- Everything!

The session finished.

Mota out of here!

It is necessary to cook, say,
so diversified menu

deserved cadets.

No recruits feeds.

And you Che asleep?

He could not
the fence to jump over?

Kazbek can do anything.

He coached most Mukhtar.

Kazbek no.
Even with the victory we did not congratulate me.

Disappeared somewhere. Strange!

Che was not strange that?


Himself, then it does not take into space.

Breed is not the one!

That's interesting. What does it mean something?

They did not return

from space.

So. I went home.

Best regards!
Mail handwriting.

I ... Oops!

Behave honorably.
The whole country is watching.

Country? A? And where?

MUP-where? Around!

And, as you can send greetings?

My mother, my dear.

It's me your son Venia.

Mama, Mama! Take me away!

Oh. you have a camera flashes.

The film is that it ended?

Come on, come on!


Oh. high! Oh, Mama!

- ?????????!
- Goodbye, Tovarish!

Do not forget me!

Do not think badly of me!

Your Benjamin! Just Venia.

- Uh-you!
- Uh-you!

- Launch! This!
- Yeah.

Hey, hey!

Phew! Tooth is almost lost.

Without me want to fly?

The key to the start!

Broaching one.

There is a prolongation of one.




Guys, if anything, I'll ...
You are to me ...

- Well. in general ...
- Oh, let's go!

Passed command''Start''.

All systems rocket
funktsioniryut normal.

Ten seconds
The engine works steadily.

Pressure is normal.

How nice! How comfortable!
Nice! Oh, how I long for the subway!

60 seconds.
The pressure in the combustion chambers

lateral and central unit


110 seconds.

It has branch

It has branch
second stage.

All systems are normal.

Flight path
close to the calculated.

The spacecraft was launched into orbit.

Congratulations, comrades!

Oh, oh. oh!
Steeper. than in the subway!

Fly! I'm flying, I'm flying.

I'm flying!

Rats fly! Hooray!

Space! Wow!

The crew satellite-5.

Prepare to exit
in open space.

Oops! That's the number!

music plays

Well done, girls!

Che-I am hungry.

Something behind us rattled.

Orbital Travel
Proteins and Arrows

successfully completed.

From minute

will separate

and the capsule with the heroic
dogs astronauts

and the capsule with the heroic
dogs astronauts

descend by parachute
the earth's surface

Yes, still good,
that we were not sent.

I will see my father.

Look, look!

Again, your imagination.

It's just a star.

Prepare for landing!

I want to space
and you, as you wish.

Arrow. What are you!

Hey. hey. hey!
Stop! Stop!

You break your block!
Hey, Arrow!

There's someone there.

Is there life on Mars,
whether life on Mars -

Here Shas Science
it becomes known.


So, so, girls!

Calm. 'll take care!

Hey, dear!

Comrade, stranger!

We have you vkosmose
quite incidentally.

In general, would not you believe it?

Asked us to fly.
Here are a couple of minutes.

Oh, this is not newcomer!

- It's worse.
- Staring!

This is a violation of the Cease fire!

That is, leave!

This is a violation of the statute ... Ahhh!

Can not once
fly in space,

so without a heart attack?

How did you here?

Who? I?

Well I'm not the same!

Warning Warning

Satellite-5 deviated from the course.

Urgently identify
new trajectory.

Oh, my mother! Che is this?

Look. What beauty!

This stellar dogs fly.

We are on the right track.

But, something did not want to go there!

This is not a dog.
This red-hot stones.

No, no, not! What you!
If the boulders, we would

them have already been struck.

By the sausage!

hear blows

Everything! Floated!

Ay, ay! Crash!

Earth, the Earth, I Venya! Reception.

Everybody stand!

I always said.

Everyone should engage

his business.

Birds - caw, fish - remain silent.

Dogs in the sky is not the place.

I can not. His head swam.

My mother!

I do not touch.

I had nothing to do with it.

Oh, burn. dog!

Yes, I do not about you!

Everything. not kill. temper!

I told him.
Say. I can not in space.

my mind is weak.

- And he said that over his own.
- Above the head!

Missile control
I accept!

- Hey.
- Mom!

Hey, somebody! Save!
On board the act of women and children!

Get ready

Come on, come on!

Left - brake, right - gas.

Food ...

That is ...
Water on fire fire!

Do not stop!

Everything in my heart ...

I went to turn!

Oh, oh, oh. oh, oh!
I have a hose mad!

Do not stop!


Come on!

Well! Come on!

You are our Mother!

You are our Mother!

You are our Mother!

Tooth ...
Tooth in place.

Comrade instructor.

Do not stop!

One more swing!

Hold on!

Instruments show
rapid depletion

food containers.


They ate almost the entire stock
nutrient paste.

Delicious food -
He and space delicious.

A. Beauty?

That's it!

Here's my grandfather,
when the''floating''Chelyuskin ...

A Grandfather Bear says:

No, he said. life!

I have this watch
himself Otto Schmidt presented.

And again - jumps bear
directly in the mouth!

And watch out - again!

Should have seen my circus!

Satellite-5 left the area
meteor shower.

Since the orbit is no
alive not return.

I do not want you to ...
You ...

This is very dangerous!

But you always wanted

fly into space.

Yes I am!

I - a warrior.

I do not feel sorry for his life.

And your ... your ... sorry.

- I, I want to tell you ...
- YOU.

I want to tell you ...

Thank you.

Turn around. fool!

Look, this is Aquarius.

But Capricorn.

And this is me. Sagittarius.

And who are you?


So. There you are!

And I'm on the horoscope Virgo.

And you ... you ... believe in horoscope?

So. and where the twins?

Exactly. Twins.

Talk to him.

While we are here.

I know he will hear.


There will not be disturbed.

Hooray! Hurrah! Hurrah!

I? I like it?

Oh, Kazbek? How he got there?


And I, myself, and I!


I! I flew!

I! I flew!

We'll have to sit on the sidelines.

That's our work.

But really
My parents were both astronauts.

Yes nonsense kind!

Dogs in space.
Meteor showers!

That's okay.

But that cat psychiatrist
ready to fly in mice

A. .. You do not believe me?

It could not be.

Do not believe me, well, do not.

My parents
really were in space.

And what happened?

Now our kosmonavtka

she would say something

Squirrel, come on.


Next arrow found its mother.

More precisely, this mother found it.

A Venya became very famous.

Dear Sirs
Here you ask ...

Now he lectures
for troubled teens.

And what is courage,
how not to fight with fear?

And when it seemed

crew lost heart

death is inevitable,

Suddenly, I exclaimed:

I give you a tooth.

No I cried:''No! "

We will return! We will return!

Because we owe
in front of our countrymen.

They follow our destiny,

with bated breath.

And we will return

to tell them about the stars.

Well, somewhere like that!
Thank you all! Thank you

At the time, no autographs.

Lecture at the zoo.
Look up, my friends!


Higher and higher. and higher

music plays

I told you!

Hold on to the dog!

Anyway, it was unpalatable.

You might hamster which got him!

Well, where I'm here
find a hamster!

Find a badger! I badger!