Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage (1979) - full transcript

The battle with the White Comet Empire, Yamato finally returns to Earth to obtain more members and be inspected for repairs. When he returns to his home planet, Desler, but instead he finds the fleet of the Black Nebula Empire strip mining the Earth for its core.

The great Universe extends to infinity.

There are many life forms among
the innumerable twinkling stars.

Love... Hope... Ambition... War...

their emotions are no different
from mankind on Earth.

And now, in a section of the great
Universe, a battle has ended.

The time is the year 2201 A.D.

Translated by Takami Kawakami and Jeff Blend

Subtitled by NT-Anime

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Desslar, who fought for
the White Comet Empire...

Evil alien invaders against Yamato...

Feels a strange friendship for Susumu Kodai.

He starts a great voyage to rebuild a
new nation and to find a new planet.


It has been two years since we
left our great Gamilas Empire.

We have not, however, been just
aimlessly wandering through space!

We will rebuild the great Gamilas Empire
and restore the great Gamilas nation.

This wandering was to fulfill that purpose.


Space is vast. The planet which will
be our new nation must be found!

Therefore, we must be
sufficiently strong militarily...

for that day which must come.

To make a stable home planet and
to suppress the planets around it...

we must create a base for the
great Gamilas Empire again!

We shall now return to
our mother planet Gamilas.

After bidding it a final farewell...

we shall start a long
voyage to our new world.

Gentlemen, I thank you for your hard
efforts and I swear to you my loyalty!

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Set course for Gamilas!

Elsewhere Yamato, which has won a
great battle with the White Comet...

is returning to Earth.

This story begins one month after the
battle with the White Comet Empire.

Space Battleship


The New Journey


Hey! Kodai!

Shima! Sanada!

You've all recovered!

Of course! The best doctors on
Earth have been working on them!

No matter what I said...

they wouldn't allow me a quick
discharge from the hospital, Dr. Sado.

I felt as if I was in jail in there.

Idiots! Who would be left around
to stay with all the nurses, eh?

That's right.

Aihara would love to spend
the rest of his life here with them.

How's Yamato, by the way?

It's okay. We can depart anytime.


I could see right away Earth's
restoration from my hospital room.

The energy of Earth's citizens is incredible.

Come on! Come on!

The chief engineer, Kato, and
the others are waiting for us!

Let's get to Hero's Hill quickly!

Father, I'm graduating from the Space
Warriors Training School tomorrow.

I'm becoming a crewman of Yamato too.

I hope you'll be proud of me, Father.

Who are you?


I'm the son of former Yamato chief
engineer Hikozaemon Tokugawa...

T... Tasuke!


Oh, yes! You look much like your father...

I have heard of you from my Father!

I have much respect for you!

In fact, I'm going to be on
Yamato with you this time!

Yes! You're going to
take your father's post...

Good luck!

Thank you, sir! Excuse me please!

All who sleep in Hero's Hill: 96 warriors.

Today, every wounded crewman
has left the hospital safely.

Chief Engineer Tokugawa...




your final duties are completed.

Many friends, like yourselves,
have unfortunately died in battle.

We will never forget you!

We swear to you that we will protect the peace
forever, which was earned by your sacrifice!

To the spirits of the warriors of Space
Battleship Yamato - a silent tribute...

End silent tribute.


By the way, Kodai.

When are you and Yuki going to get married?

He's right.

The dead crew will become impatient
up in Heaven if you only stay engaged.

Well, we did discuss it, but...
we're extending it for a while.

How come?

The lovers must be together.
It's a natural process, isn't it?

Yuki is near to me always.

I understand this, especially
if we do get married.

We are... Right, Yuki?


I'm very happy with this arrangement.

Oh, hot! Hot! I can't stand it!


But... if you have a ceremony
real quick, my mind will calm.

Why will you become calm?

It's this!

Analyzer! Come back here!

His habit isn't getting any better.

It looks the way it always has.

How did they repair it so quickly?

Who's that?

Oh, I'll introduce him to you.
The new chief engineer.

Right-hand man of chief
engineer Tokugawa... Yamazaki.

I'm Yamazaki.

I've been spending a lot of time
here repairing this engine section.

I'm sorry that I couldn't go to meet you all
when you were discharged from the hospital.

When did you get out of the hospital?

I had only minor
injuries, so I got out quick.

I'll be relieved if you're going to
be on the ship with us, Yamazaki!

He's been taking care
of Yamato for a long time.

We're counting on you!

Yes, sir!



The new crewmembers are coming.

They remind me of Kodai in the old days.



It's like a castle floating on the ocean!

What are they doing?!
I'm worried about this trip!

Reporting! Tasuke Tokugawa
Engine Group Graduate!

30 other persons ordered to
accompany Yamato from this group!

Tokugawa! What's wrong with you?!

Well, the truth is, our military
transport ship overturned...

Idiot! Are you really supposed to be
a Yamato Engine Group crewman?!


Be careful next time!

Yes, sir! I will!


Tetsu Kitano - Combat, Navigation,
and Artillery Group Graduate!

29 other personnel ordered to
accompany Yamato from these groups!

Very well! All hands to your posts!

Your duties will be here on Bridge I, Kitano.

Yes, sir!

Hurry and change clothes before
you catch cold, Tokugawa!

Yes, sir!

This Tokugawa isn't quite
as good as the old one.

You weren't quite so good yourself
when you first got on this ship.

Never mind. He'll be
okay after this first trip.

Looks good!

It took me a long time to finally
get to wear this uniform.

But can we do the job it requires of us?

All hands to your posts!

Attention new crewmen!

Space Battleship Yamato will be departing
immediately on a test training voyage.

The purpose of this voyage...

is for you to become excellent
space warriors as soon as possible.

Therefore, your training will
be exactly like a true battle.

We will treat you as true Yamato crewmen.

Kodai is talking real tough!

Prepare for departure! All hands ready!

We're departing without notice?!

You will command our departure, Kitano.

You're the top graduate.

You've seemed to have
mastered the take-off process.

Yes, sir!


Come on.

Don't be so nervous.

Yes, sir!

Au-Auxiliary engines connect power!

Auxiliary engines connect power! Switch on!

Switch on!

Auxiliary engine revolution 1600.

Port and starboard
thrusters balancing perfectly!

Slow speed ahead 0.5!

Okay! Keep it going, Kitano!

Inner energy of Wave Engine flowing!

Auxiliary engines... second
ship speed to third ship speed!

Open cylinder valve to Wave Engine!

Open the valve! What are you doing?!

Y-Yes, sir!

Fourth speed! It's at fourth speed!

Idiot! It's at third speed!

Where is the valve?


Here...! Here it is!

Switch on!

You fool!

You've stopped the engines!

That was the emergency braking system!

What did you learn at training school?!

Tokugawa! Somewhere, your father is crying!

Yes, sir!

Father... Father... Father.
I can never get away from him!

What was that?!

Uh... Nothing!

Is this ship okay?

It's teetering all over the place...

Auxiliary engines to fourth ship speed!

Inner pressure of Wave Engine increasing!

Prepare to connect Wave Engine!

Start flywheel!

10 seconds to Wave Engine ignition!










Connect main engine! Ignition!

Yamato... take off!

What's wrong, Kitano?!

This rare moment when all is

green and shining on Earth

The battles go forgotten,

and no one has noticed

Only gentle songs flow

within spirits

That have left their fear

and sorrow behind

But peace is not yet permanent

And today we can only dream of such a time

Remember, Yamato!

Remember, Yamato!

Too many stars in the
Galaxy are stained scarlet

And the time of darkness comes once more

New faces, and new resolve,

Arise for a new journey with Yamato

As your ship drifts through space. The approaching
storm gives time for recollections of Earth.

A hymn revives your spirit.
As your wandering continues.

Aerial formation approaching!
Stern - 3,000!

This is Cosmo Tiger squadron...

Sakamoto plane! Graduate of Aviation Group!

54 other personnel ordered to
accompany Yamato from this group!

Hey! The new Cosmo Tigers!

Open landing hatch! Video panel switch on!

This Sakamoto has good skill.

The "next generation" Kato.

Why is he acting like that?!

That's Sakamoto, isn't it?


How long will you keep up this poor show?!

Hurry up and land!

Are you Sakamoto?!

Yes, sir!

That plane is not a toy!

You mean, you didn't like my flying?!

I will not permit behavior like that!


Y-Yes, sir!

Atmospheric escape completed!
10 seconds to gravitational escape!

Okay! Retract main wings!


Leader! We're entering the Magellanic Cloud!


We were last here 18 months
and 23 days ago, Talan.


All military commanders!

Planet Gamilas itself stands in Yamato's way!

This might be the last
time we see Gamilas again.

And... Iscandar.



I haven't forgotten you.

Now it's only you that is dear to me.

You... Starsha...

The Magellanic Cloud system Sanza!

Great Gamilas home
world at 36 space kilometers!


What's that?!


They're damaging our mother planet!

All ships battle ready!

Continue in massed formation!

Ready main guns to fire!

Ship #1 ready to fire!

Ships #2 and #3 ready to fire!


Commander Deda! Commander!

Dark Nebula Empire

First Fleet Commander Deda

What is it?

A desperate situation, sir!

The group working at planet Gamilas has
been attacked by an unknown enemy!

Our escort fleet has suffered great damage!

The battle is still in progress!


All right!

I'll give you reinforcement! Hold on!


Dark Nebula Empire


Our Gamilas is gone.

Even though the planet's end was destined...

I didn't expect the end to be so cruel.

I didn't think that I would
see it with my own eyes.

Leader! Iscandar!

What's the matter with it?


Follow it!



Message from Andromeda/Magellanic
forces supreme commander Meldaz!

What is it, Deda?

Sir! An unknown enemy has suddenly
attacked us! We are in battle now!

Also, planet Gamilas has exploded
and has been totally destroyed!


The processing ships on Gamilas
have been destroyed in the explosion!

Half of the escort fleet
was wiped out as well!

What of Iscandar?

It has left orbit and is
running wild through space!

The two planets were twin planets...

so it's running wild due to the absence
of their mutual gravitational pulls!

Follow it at once!
Don't lose sight of Iscandar!


Gamilas' Gamilashum and
Iscandar's Iscandarium...

are important energy sources
in our Empire's space battles!

It will be unpardonable if you do
not return without mining them!

I'm aware of that, sir!

Follow it then! Follow Iscandar!



Meanwhile, unaware of Iscandar's danger...

Yamato is in the midst of hard training.

Listen! We'll start the battle by sending our first
attack wave against the enemy fleet's front...

give a blast while passing over it...

then turn, ascend upwards...

follow the enemy's stern,
fire again, then escape!

Pretend that the meteor field currently
in front of Yamato is the enemy fleet!

It's going to be easy to avoid those meteors!

Don't be so overconfident, Sakamoto!

All hands to your stations!


Enemy fleet confirmed ahead!

Range 10 space km!

Course angle - longitude 50!
Between WE 20 and 30!

Okay! All hands battle status!

After the Cosmo Tigers pull away
from the enemy with the escape turn...

the main guns will fire simultaneously!

I'm going out with the Cosmo Tigers.
I leave you in command.

Is that clear?!

Y-Yes, sir!

All planes ascend and then counterattack!

Sakamoto! Behind you!

Don't relax, idiot!

Okay! All planes avoid gun range!

All planes are now withdrawing
from the enemy fleet!

Ready main guns to fire!

Ready main guns!

You're slow, Kitano!

The preparations should have started in
the middle of the Cosmo Tigers' battle!

Range 4,000!

Direction minus 2 degrees!
Vertical angle plus 4 degrees!

Vertical plus 4! Come on, turret #2!

Range 3,000!


W-Wait! Too early!

That damn Kitano... What a joke!

Kitano reporting!

Sakamoto reporting!

Hey, Kitano!

Is there a person anywhere who
fires main guns at an ally?!

The Artillery Group isn't skilled yet,
so they weren't on target.

Under normal conditions, we would
have five or six destroyed planes now!

I'm very sorry, sir!



It's true that you're talented with planes.

But if that had been a real battle,
you would be a dead man today!

I can't believe that!

I could have avoided those
meteors in just seconds!

That's because meteors don't
have guns shooting at you.

Your plane would have been
burning and somersaulting...

eventually crashing
into one of our own planes!

Kitano! Sakamoto!

You both are to run a lap through the ship...
wearing only your underwear!

Come on, Sakamoto!

Come on! Don't look at them!

Show your samurai pity! Samurai pity!

You're sweating buckets.

You've been overworking?

You think I'm too strict?

But Yamato isn't a kindergarten!

You're right.

You must have more
self-confidence to do your job.

She's right, Kodai.

You're lucky to be so understanding.

D-Don't talk nonsense!

We better make plans for
tomorrow's training, Shima!

Okay! Okay!

You don't need to be embarrassed.

Talan, has Starsha still not responded?

This is Iscandar. This is Iscandar.
Who is this?

It is I, Starsha! Gamilas leader Desslar!

Desslar! You're alive?!


It's dangerous to stay on Iscandar!
You better come to my ship!

You must believe me, Starsha.

I've come to rescue you as a
friend from a neighboring planet.

Thank you, Desslar.

I didn't expect such good wishes from you...

but I cannot leave this planet.


If Iscandar keeps accelerating,
it might reach light speed and warp!

We don't know where
you would finally reappear!

I was born and raised on Iscandar.

I cannot leave this planet until it dies.

You can understand that, Desslar.

When you saw the end of Gamilas,
you felt... the same as I do now.

Desslar, we've both decided
to share this planet's fate.

If you meet my brother Susumu,
please give him a message.

I will remain on Iscandar with
Starsha and I'm very happy.

Iscandar - second space
speed to third space speed!

Increase ship's speed! Don't lose Iscandar!

Iscandar at fourth space speed!

Matter exceeding critical point!

It's warping...?

Warp - You can think of it as going from
crest to crest on the waves of time.

It's a phenomenon beyond the imagination.


What do we do now?

Compute Iscandar's "warp
out" point immediately!

Yes, sir!

Very well.

Inform planet Earth of the situation.

Inform Kodai.

Are you sure it's a message from Desslar?!

No mistake.

I've confirmed it repeatedly.

Kodai, your brother is on Iscandar!

Yes! Mamoru is there... with Starsha...

Good-bye, Starsha.

I love you...




Forgive me, Susumu!

Brother! Stay well!

Good luck, Susumu!


He's from the same graduating
class as you were, right Sanada?

Let's go, Kodai!
Let's go rescue Mamoru and Starsha!


Kodai, you received the message
from Desslar, didn't you?

Yes, sir.

I believe we can trust his message, sir.

How far is it from your present position to
Iscandar's computed "warp out" point?

Three days if we warp repeatedly!

Very well. Go and assist him at once!

But... Earth is in the midst of rebuilding.

We're also in the middle of a training run...

Kodai, did you forget
Starsha's kindness to Earth?

What are you thinking about?

You must all help Starsha and Mamoru!

You're the nearest ship to them!

I understand, Commander!

We're depending on you, Kodai.



That's terrific! Let's go!

But... a real battle isn't
good for a new crew.

Deputy Captain, sir!

We are Yamato's crew.

Please believe in us!

All right then! All hands ready!

Alter course 40 degrees plus!

Wave Engine full speed!

Open port jet nozzles!

120%! Wave Engine normal!

One minute to warp! Fasten all belts!

This will be a first
experience for all of you!

Be careful of any accidents!

When we go into warp,
we'll fall unconscious.

What am I going to do if I can't wake up?

It's good for me because then I won't have
to listen to your blubbering any more.

5 seconds to warp!







Warp completed!

Wave Engine normal!

No damage to the ship!


Leader! A gravity nebula!

If we're caught in it,
it might be impossible to escape!

Never mind!

Continue after Iscandar!


I cannot give up now, Talan!

Y-Yes, sir!

We've stopped, Mamoru!

This is only temporary!

The magma jets have now stopped
erupting through the surface cracks.

If it comes up from another crack,
we'll start moving again.

Now would be the time to escape...

What are you saying?! This is our home...

But, Mamoru! At least our...

Starsha! I'm going to land on Iscandar!

Please listen to what I have to say!

Desslar... coming here...

Why won't you listen to me, Starsha?!

Starsha! Let's escape!
Both of us, together!

Starsha, we have no time!

Hurrry and get on my ship!

No! You better leave!

You must get out of there, Starsha!

Enemy fleet at starboard aft!


Flight deck heavily damaged!

Plane launching impossible!

Gun turret #2 damaged!

Instant matter transport equipment damaged!

Leader! Half of our ships
have already been destroyed!

The enemy has surrounded our fleet!

All ships land on Iscandar!

Ditch into the ocean near Mothertown!

Send up the Desslar mines!

Impudent fools!

Destroy the remaining mines!
Don't let one ship survive!

Fighter squadron - launch!

Drive away the enemy
planes around the palace!

For us... Desslar...


We can't do anything. We can only watch.

Have you received a message
from the Yamato yet?

N-No, sir!

She must have received the message.
Yamato must come!

Leader! The mine field has been destroyed!

The enemy fleet is invading!

It's all over now.






All planes turn!

Leave the mine field!

The enemy planes are retreating!

Don't let them escape!

Follow and smash the battleship behind them!

Enemy formation approaching!

Ahead 3,000!


Ready pulse laser guns for sweeping fire!

All planes - escape turn!

Fleet approaching!

Range 12,000!

They're within our effective firing range!

Fire the main guns, Kitano!

Not yet!

Not until I attract them some more!

Range 10,000!

We're going to be destroyed
if they get any closer!

Range 8,000!



The enemy fleet is passing above us!

Ready stack missiles!

Prepare to fire stack missiles!

Firing tubes open!


Our cruiser fleet... destroyed!

I thought we were only fighting one ship!

All ships to top battle status!

Approach the battleship and
keep Iscandar behind us!

Good job, Kitano!

Artillery Group did a nice job, too!

Yes, sir!

Let me blast them with the Wave Gun!


Don't be in such a hurry!


A huge battleship is coming up!

All planes return to the ship!

Bridge 2 under fire!

Auxiliary turret #1 damaged!

Return fire!

The main guns didn't affect it!

Then there's no other
choice but the Wave Gun!

Please let me fire it!


If we fire now,
Iscandar will also be destroyed!

Shima! Course turn!


Turn left 90 degrees!

Stop main engine!

Build up Wave Gun energy!

Wave Gun energy build up!

Energy build up 120%!

Preparations completed to fire Wave Gun!

The enemy is trying to fire its bow Wave Gun.

But I'm not going to allow you to do it!

Full speed port!

Keep Iscandar behind us!

Damn it!

Those bastards won't let us fire!


Full speed starboard!

Left 30 degrees!

Kodai, we're going to be
destroyed if this keeps up!

We can't! We can't fire yet!

Deputy Captain!

Iscandar is starting to move!


Wave Gun - 10 seconds to firing!

Don anti-shock/anti-flash protection!








Iscandar accelerating 70%!

It's now escaping the gravity nebula's range!

Turn left 90 degrees!

Follow Iscandar!


Left 90 degrees.

Amplify energy.

Full power jets.

My Emperor.

I'm very sorry.

Commander Deda and our mobile
fleet have been completely destroyed.

Completely destroyed...?


A new enemy appeared...

after we encountered the
original enemy at planet Gamilas.

A new enemy?

And you don't know who it is?

N-No, sir!

We've determined their point of origin.

The battleship is from planet Earth...

a small planet in a #30 class solar system
on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy.


I might go see it someday.

Are you saying you can't
mine the Iscandarium?

N-No, sir!

I will take this ship, the Goruba,
and destroy the impudent Earth battleship...

mine the mineral, then display it for you!

I'll await your good news.



I was sure you would come.

What was the enemy's goal?

They seemed to want to mine the
underground matter of my planet.

Underground matter?

Gamilashum and Iscandarium:

They're radioactive minerals used
for battle and space travel energy.


You mean the same type
of energy matter is in Iscandar?

We had twin planets.
Both were made by the same forces.

We have to get Starsha
and my brother to escape.

I've tried repeatedly to convince them.

Iscandar's speed is decreasing.

The magma jets are getting smaller...

so it's stopping.

Aihara, send a message to Iscandar!

Yes, sir!

Crew of Yamato:

This is Starsha of Iscandar.



You look well!

Starsha! Brother!

Please escape and board the Yamato!

You came here for us.

That is enough.

All of you - please go back to Earth...


Why don't you escape?!

I'm sorry, Sanada.

But please understand.

I'm now a man of Iscandar.

Please, Starsha!

Earth is waiting for you!

We haven't forgotten your kindness!

Thank you, Yuki... crew of Yamato.

I'm very appreciative of your efforts.


Battleship of Earth,
you fought a good battle.

Are you the ones who bombarded those planets?


Iscandar is now part of
the Dark Nebula Empire.

Dark Nebula Empire?!

We desire planet Iscandar's Iscandarium.

I will not forgive any further resistance.

What are you going to
use the Iscandarium for?!

Its energy is necessary for space combat.
Our empire requires it.

If we retrieve it from Iscandar...

we will not encounter any
further resistance in the future.

Now, you will leave this area immediately!



We cannot allow you to mine
it as an energy source for war!

Very well. You continue to resist.

I'm going to attack those two down on
Iscandar that you've tried to rescue.

Do you still wish to fight us and our Goruba?

I'll give you ten minutes to decide.

Leave here at once!

That's it!

That's the mothership of the enemy
fleet that destroyed our Gamilas!


It's time to avenge our
mother planet Gamilas!

All ships charge the Goruba!

Desslar! Don't be rash! Desslar!

Ready upper section missile guns!

I've never known such fools as these.


Talan! Have all ships
evacuate the battle area!

Ready Desslar Gun!

Desslar Gun - fire!

Did you really think that your
attack could affect this Goruba?!

Aim all guns down towards Iscandar.

This is the end for those two.

Watch this, Yamato.


She'll be killed...!


Advance and ram us into that open gun turret!


That fool!

He's going to ram us!

Main guns - fire at once!

Kodai! Fire at me!

Fire at my ship, Kodai.


The weak point of the
Goruba is this gun port!

There's no other way except
shooting into it through me!

What are you doing?!

Hurry and fire!

Wave Gun firing preparations completed!

Please understand... I love Starsha, Kodai.

Ready Wave Gun!

Targetscope open!

Don anti-shock/anti-flash protection!

Ten seconds to firing!











Please stop the fighting.

If you want Iscandarium...

I'll give it to you!


Kodai, I'm going to escape from
this planet and head for Yamato.

I implore you to rescue us.

Is that true, Starsha?!

Was that all right, Starsha?

I'm happy when I'm with you.

Let's go to your home planet, Earth.

I'll go get ready.


We are always with you.

Right, Mamoru?

Take care... Mamoru!


Where are you going?!






An escape rocket has taken off from Iscandar!


Send out the rescue ship.
Make accommodations for two.

Big brother!

Big brother...


Thank you, crew of Yamato...

and Leader Desslar.

Please don't be saddened
by the loss of Iscandar.

I couldn't overlook the
fact that the Iscandarium...

would be used as a source
of misfortune in space.


I'm sorry that I lied.

Our time was short...

but I was happy.

We were always together.


don't be sad.

I will be with you always...

because of our daughter, Sasha.


Dear Sasha...

I'm sorry.

Mother cannot come any closer.

I'm not going to be able to hold you.


Good girl... You're a good girl.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

That's good, Sasha.

Stay a good girl and become
a beautiful child of Earth.

I will always watch over you from space.

Good-bye, Mamoru.

Good-bye, my dear Sasha.



What will you do now?

My wish was to rebuild our Gamilas Empire.

But now there is no mother planet Gamilas...

or Iscandar.


Don't worry.

I will find new ground
and a new planet someday.

Even if I must wander through
space for years to come.

Kodai, I will never forget you.

Start main engine!

Yamato - take off for Earth!

The battle is over.

Yamato now returns to Earth...

with Mamoru and Starsha's daughter, Sasha.

But eyes are watching Yamato
from far out in the great Universe.

The fierce, invading Dark Nebula Empire.

Earth does not yet know of this force.

- Cast - Susumu Kodai Yuki Mori Daisuke Shima Shiro Sanada Sakezoh Sado Aihara Giichi Kenjiroh Ota
Kei Tomiyama Yohko Asagimi Shusei Nakamura Takeshi Aona Ichiroh Nagai Shinji Nomura Yoshihito Yasuhara

- Cast - Yasuo Nanbu Analyzer Shoh Yamazaki Tasuke Tokugawa Tetsu Kitano Shigeru Sakamoto Commander
Todo Kazuo Hayashi Kenichi Ogata Mikio Terashima Tooru Furuya Makio Inohe Toshio Furukawa Masayuki Ibu

- Cast - Kodai Mamoru - Hirokawa Taichirou Starsha - Hirai Michiko Desslar - Ibu Masatou Talan -
Yada Kouji Emperor - Kimura Akira Meldaz - Tanaka Koji Deda -Tomita Kousei Narrator - Kimura Akira

- Production Staff - Original Concept & Executive Producer - Yoshinobu Nishizaki General Supervisor -
Matsumoto Leiji Scenario - Yamamoto Eimei Music Composer - Miyagawa Hiroshi Producer - Taguchi Katsuhiko

- Production Staff - Director - Takeshi Shirato Assistant Director - Tanahashi
Kazunori Storyboard - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Animation Director - Koizumi Kenzou

Soundtrack from Columbia Records

1979 Westcape Corporation

Translated by Takami Kawakami and Jeff Blend

Subtitled by NT-Anime
Note: Song translation grabbed off the web. These guys did a lame "let's replace the words version"