Space Amoeba (1970) - full transcript

A space probe is infiltrated by alien beings and then crashes on a remote Pacific atoll. A group planning to build a resort hotel land on the island and discover it to be inhabited by giant...



The Progress of science is endless.

So is the dream of man
to explore space.

Helios 7, the new unmanned
rocket to explore Jupiter.

Its mission is to fly
600 million kilometers, gather data...

...and return in about
three and a half years.

"The Mystery of Helios 7"

"Helios disappears after 4 months'

I wish I could go to space.

Earth bores me.

Helios 7!

Helios 7 is back!

Are you dreaming? The unmanned
rocket came back alone?

So it's a mystery.

It'll go down in the history
of space development.

Come on, I know what you're up to.

You couldn't get any pictures,
so you're trying to cover up.

Wait a minute.

I'm going to take photos
of Helios 7 underwater.

Wake up, boy.

If you think you are awake,
don't bother me.

Fly to Brazil again, or no job.
Make up your mind.

Just like that?

If I take pictures of Helios 7,
I'll sell them to another publisher.

That's enough!

May I remind you, editor? You said you
would introduce me to him.

Excuse me, I have a favor to ask you.

- Favor?
- Yes.

To take pictures of you? No deal.
I'm not about taking pictures of women.

No. I want you to take
a picture of an island.

- Island?
- Yes.

Selgio Island.

It's located between
Hawaii and the Marianas.

Only eighty inhabitants.

It's a tiny island. It's like
it has fallen behind the time.

But it's a paradise for
tropical plants and animals.

An island in the sun,
surrounded by coral reefs...

...that's Selgio.

Right, we are planning to build
resort facilities on this unknown island.

This plan is confidential.

We've invested a lot of money in it.

A lot of ideas, too.

Once this plan has materialized,
the world will be stunned.


You want me to take publicity pictures?

That's right.
A single picture can impress people.

Your modern sense will help a lot.

I refuse.

I'm not interested in doing
that kind of job right now.



Dr. Miya!

It's been a long time. You look fine.

You know Mr. Kudo, Doctor?


We worked together on the series,
"Mysteries of Japan".

I see.

He'll study animal life on the island
from a biological standpoint.

I see.

Kudo, I once told you about
an island of monsters. Remember?


I remember.

Doctor, you mean
Selgio Island is the one?


I thought you'd be happy to go there.

Do you believe that?

Well, I don't believe monsters exist
unless I see one, but...

...they might...

Doctor, is it here on this map?

Yes, Selgio Island is there.

You're right. The spot you marked.

No, this isn't the mark
for Selgio Island.

This is where I saw Helios 7
on my way home from Brazil.


- Helios 7 came back to Earth?
- Yes.


Let's go, Sakura.

Yeah, but isn't it taboo?
Fishing is prohibited in that area.

That's why it's good.

The natives here wouldn't
like us to violate it.

Who cares?

"A monster lives here, so no fishing."
Who would believe that?

But they're serious about it.

Every accident that happens at sea,
they think the monster did it.

That means more fish for us.

The folks coming from Tokyo...

They wouldn't like to eat canned food
everyday. We're fishing for them!

Okay. Let's catch some fish quickly.

I feel cold.

The temperature drops at night.



The water!

It's like ice!

It's just a current of cold water.





Are you all right?

Ombo! You were right!

I saw Gezora, the monster!

It grabbed my friend and...

Yokoyama, true? True?

You saw Gezora?

Yes, Rico. That monster...

...took Sakura into the sea
with its snake-like tentacles.


Gezora is angry.

We must not make him angry again.



So, you really believe
the monsters exist?

Yes, I'd like to be friends with them.

You could be a good writer.

A missing unmanned rocket
returns to Earth unnoticed.

And it lands in the backyard
of prehistoric monsters.

Enjoying yourselves?

May I join you?


- From Yokoyama, too?
- Yes.

I haven't had a chance to talk to you.

Makoto Obata, Anthropologist

Makoto Obata, Anthropologist

It's my business to travel
around the world and research.

Let's be friends.

My job is related to tourism in a way.

Where are you going?

Quite a coincidence. I happen to
be going where you are going...

...Selgio Island.

This is where you are.

- There was an accident on the island.
- An accident?

An engineer named Sakura
was attacked by a monster.

Is it true?

- Mr. Sakura?
- Yes.

His partner, Mr. Yokoyama reported it.

It's interesting.

I'll study the monster
instead of the natives.

How beautiful! It's a beautiful island.

It's beautiful because
nature is intact here.

I know.

It would be more beautiful for you if
the monster...

...appeared beyond the volcano.

Don't make fun of Gezora.
He knows what you are thinking.

Do the natives here speak Japanese?

The Japanese garrison was
on the island during the war.

I see.

Fortunately they're fond of Japanese.

Right, Rico?

It's like a deserted island.

Mr. Yokoyama is supposed to
meet us here.

Rico, why aren't your people around?

The Japanese made Gezora mad.

How come?

I'll find Mr. Yokoyama.


All right. Let's take a rest.
He'll be back.

You can go, Mr. Obata.
You must have a place to stay.

I expected the natives
would give me lodging.

But it's unlikely to happen.

So, let me stay with you.


I think it'll be difficult to research
the entire island in a week.

Right, we have to take
pictures of undersea life, too.

If it's possible, by the end of today,
I want to see...

...the big cavern.

It seems like we will have to
sleep here tonight.

Here he comes!

Mr. Yokoyama! Over here!

About Sakura you reported...

No! The thought makes me shudder.


Don't give me that.

Your firm sent us here.

It's our duty to find out how your
partner was killed by a monster.

No! If you do that,
you'll be the next victim.

It reads our hearts by telepathy.

You saw the monster clearly?

- You saw it killed Sakura?
- Stop it!

Or I won't help you!


No use.

Anyway, let's get moving. I'll drive.

The map indicates the cave
is over there.


That's a type of turtle
called Matamata turtle.

That was some scream.
I thought it was a monster.

The sea water.

Look. There's the high water mark.


What's that?



Is that what you saw before? The light?

Not only that!


This is terrible.

This is a Japanese watch.

It's Sakura's.

Sakura's watch.

Wait! Hey!

- Mr. Yokoyama, how
about other people?

- Shut up!

I'm leaving this island!



He's hopeless.

Mr. Yokoyama!

Leave me alone!

No, Mr. Yokoyama.

Gezora won't let you go. You will die.

Shut up! Will I live if I don't go?

I'll go back to Japan
and warn the people...

..."Don't go to Selgio Island.
It's hell on earth."

- No, no!
- Shut up!



Mr. Yokoyama!

Not yet? We've walked for miles.

Finally we can eat.


The jeep!

Where are they?

- Gone.
- What?


Mr. Yokoyama!


It looks like a tornado hit it.



He's alive.

- Are you okay?
- Come on!

What happened? Tell me.

No good, he's too shocked to


Wait, he is scared of the light.


Is this another disaster
brought by Gezora?

Would you stop making jokes?

It's not a joke.

Look at this wound.

It's not a scratch or a bruise.

No, it looks like frostbite.


If Gezora caused it, the monster's
body temperature must be near zero.

You're all suffering from
monsterphobia like that man.

That's right, where is Mr. Yokoyama?

I'm sure he came here with the jeep.

Maybe he planned it this way
to scare everybody away.

Let's look for him.


"Confidential. Plans for the
Selgio Island Underwater Hotel"



Rico. Rico.


What’s wrong?
You can’t hear me?

You forgot me? It’s me Saki.

Rico! Rico!

Poor thing! They must be lovers.

If we can bring back his memory, we
may be able to find out what happened.

We must take him somewhere,
so I can give him treatment.

I know a place.

Good, you speak Japanese too?

Let's go.

- Our bags?
- Right.

Who is he?

The island's shaman, I think.

Die, friends of the devil!

He's cursing.

We have the monster and
the shaman cursing us.

What a place this is!

Let's go in the hut.

- Get a first-aid kit.
- Yes.

Is he conscious?

No, he needs bed rest.

Rico, Rico.

There's one good thing.

We're lucky to be able
to see a live monster.

Let's dream of it.

No, I won't be able to sleep.

Anything can happen now.

Try to get some sleep.

Tomorrow, we'll find out
the truth in the sea.

Doctor, but what if the monster
really lives in the sea...

That would be wonderful.

I'll take pictures of the monster
and amaze the world.

Come on. I think this
whole thing is staged.

And you are the main character?

What do you mean?

Let's get this straight.
What did you come here for?

Well, to study the natives
on this island.

Then why did you steal the
plans for the underwater hotel?

Then you...

The game's over.

You're right. I'm a corporate spy.

Your rival company asked me
to steal your exploitation plan.


Kudo. Stop!

Our lives are more important.

We shouldn't have hard feelings.
Okay, everyone?

Don't worry.

Some anti-Japanese natives on
the island must have plotted this.

You're as mean as ever.

Saki. Rico.

Don't be with devils.


I can't believe I'm alive.

The monster is a squid.

The legendary Gezora is back to life.

But, why did it suddenly let go of us?

Does it hate rubber?

I don't know. I know nothing about it.

My knowledge of biology is useless.

Doctor, it's moving toward the village.

I suspect the shaman.

He is afraid that civilization
will make him lose his job.

Why are you so skeptical?

The people here are serious.

I would pray with them if I could.

Not me.

If Gezora really exists, I'd like
to catch it and put it into a show.


- Ombo. Ombo.
- Get off me!

Everybody is going to die!

Mr. Kudo!


You're all right. I'm so glad.

But look, the village is destroyed.

Is there any way to beat that monster?
Doctor, it's just a monster squid.

You are right. It has the
characteristics of a squid.

It followed our light.


Can you call that a squid? That

That reminds me. When the fire
burnt it, the monster was upset.

Yes, fire!

Its temperature is low. It's afraid of heat.
Any gasoline on this island?

The company brought some,
but it's gone with that hut.

What's that?

Is that oil?

- Yes, oil and gasoline.
- Gas!

That's exactly what we need.

- You have these too?
- Guns!


Good! Bring that monster!

We'll lure it. Pour out the gasoline!


Get back! Get back!


Light it!


Gezora is burning! Gezora is burning!


"Ammunition Depot, Army 105th Unit."


This will protect us.

I never imagined.


Plenty of gasoline.
We're safe even if it comes back.

Thank heaven! I'm encouraged.

I could use a gun, too.

What's the matter?

If it was only a simple giant squid...

...we'd be safe.

What does he mean?


No way.

Fight with that monster? No thanks!

Doctor, if it wasn't a squid,
what could it be?

I don't know.

All I can say is
it's an incredible creature.

Tell me the truth.

You know what the monster really is,
don't you?

What do I know?

How am I supposed to know
without any equipment or data?

I'm sorry.

I'm afraid.

I'm scared.


It works.

I'll show you.

Watch out!


Who is that?

It's Obata!

Hey! It's me!

I wondered where he went.

He wants to escape.

Hey! It's dangerous. Come back!

The monster can't get me!

What on earth happened?

It's a crab this time!

Guns don't work.

We should evacuate.

Everyone, go to the jungle!

Go farther.

Hurry. Hurry!

We are almost there. Hurry!

Be careful.

Come on, hurry.


Hurry up. Come on.

I can't.

You can do it. Hurry!

Stay here, okay?

Mr. Kudo, Mr. Kudo!

Mr. Kudo, come on!

Get back.

Mr. Kudo, Mr. Kudo!

Don't worry, we destroyed it.

Although we can't be sure that
we destroyed it completely.

I'm glad I'm still alive.

Why is it so quiet?

What's that?

Makoto Obata.

You are no longer
an ordinary human being.

We have taken complete control
of your intellect and body.

Our aim is to conquer the Earth.

In order to dominate the Earth,
we must first dominate man.

You have been given the honor...

...of being the first earthman-spaceman.

No use resisting.

Abandon human emotions.

I will give you an important job.

You must find our formidable enemies
all over the Earth...

...and annihilate them all.

Stand up, Obata.


- There's one here too.
- Ganime is dead!




I'll tell you what I think.

This is called Rubble Crab,
a common type of crab.

And the giant squid we fought
yesterday is called Kisslip Cuttlefish.

Only their size had changed.

All the principles of genetics
and biology can't explain it.


Never. I can think of
only one possibility.

Space creatures.

This crab isn't Ganime.

The space creatures that came with
Helios 7 made the crab into a monster.

As a weapon to attack us.

You mean the space creatures got
into Helios 7 in outer space...

...some hundred-millions
kilometer away from Earth?

If this creature is highly developed,
it may be able to live in a vacuum.

...and it may be able
to alter its own cells...

...and pass through the atoms of metal.

I see.

Space creature or not...

...we must destroy it.

But, destroy it with what?

We can't even send out
a warning to the world.

We must try.

If we give up now,
the world doesn't stand a chance.

You're right.

We must think of some way to fight.

What is it, Saki?

I will marry Rico.

I will help him get well.

We will have a wedding tonight.


Great! Congratulations.

Congratulations! Saki, Rico.




Rico. Rico.







You recognize me? You do?




Rico's cured!

Good! You had amnesia
for a long time.

The monster...


Yes, monster! Gezora got me.

But bats came and Gezora ran away.


Yes, bats came. Gezora ran away.


Not only the bats.

There were porpoises
when we were in the sea...

I got it!

What is it?

The space creatures' weakness.


Yes, humans can hear sound
waves up to 20,000 cycles.

But Bats and porpoises emit 120,000
cycles ultrasound with which...

...they use to guide themselves.

So ultrasound can hurt them?


I guess space creatures hate it.

They were more
frightened than hating it.

Maybe ultrasound can destroy
something in their bodies.

If we have bats,
they can't come near us.

Yes, many bats live in caves.

Good! We'll all be safe.

Let's go.

All the bats are out at night.

Yes, but they'll come back
to the cave in the morning.

We should block the entrance and
keep some in the cave all the time.


Let's go.


The bats!

They're burnt.

There. There, too!

Did the monster do this?

I don't know how, but
nobody else could do it.

I thought we were safe, but...

Don't give up so soon.

Even though they are space creatures,
they can't kill all the bats on the island.

You're right. Let's find bats!

Search every cave.

Here too.

- There're more.
- All right.

Maybe all the bats are dead.

That can't be true. Don't give up.


- Bats!
- Yes, we're safe now.

It's done.

Relax now. We can control some bats.

Mr. Obata!

You are alive?

Of course.

The monster can't beat me.

What's this?

The monster is scared of bats.

We're safe as long as we have bats.


Then let me sleep here too.

What are you doing, Obata?


- It's about time for the bats to move.
- Right.

Where's Obata?

He went out.


What're you doing?

Everybody, come out!

- Mr. Obata!
- Doctor...

What happened?


Be careful. He's not Obata.


Stop it.
No use trying to resist me.

You... you must be the space creature!

I congratulate you
for such an intelligent guess.

It’s true.

This man is under our control.

Who are you?
Why did you come to Earth?

We are the wanderers of space.

Since we are so highly-developed
we lost our arms and legs.

We can exist only by living off
other forms of life.

What are you going to do with us?

All of you shall die.

You know our weakness.

If you live, you will interfere
with our invasion of Earth.



It’s no use.

This man now has strength
ten times greater than before.

This is our power!

Now we have merged our cells with
this man, Kamoeba and Ganime.

Now we know enough
about earth creatures.

The two monsters are
coming this way to kill you.

Before they arrive,
I must annihilate the bats.

Wait, Mr. Obata!

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

You're under the control of a monster.

That's a shame.

I can't see mankind perish like this.

I can't stand it.

Even though you're a wretched spy,
you're still a human being.

A human being!


Go to the mountaintop!
Go to the mountaintop!

Mr. Obata!

Stop it!

Mr. Obata!

What are you doing? Let go of it!

Let go of it!

I won't...

Mr. Obata.

Let go of it! Let go of it!

I'll never obey you.


Don't come.

Don't come near me!

Mr. Obata.

Pray! That's all we can do.

Pray that he may overcome the

Even if a man's cells are
taken over, he has his soul.

Man is more than a structure of cells.
Every man has a soul.

His soul is fighting the space creature.

They've gone mad!

They've reverted to just plain monsters!

Let's go over to that mountain! Hurry!

Watch out!

Just my luck! I wish I had my camera.

- What happened to the monsters?
- Dead.

Nothing could remain alive
in an erupting volcano.

Even space creatures.

Where's Mr. Obata?


Mr. Obata!

What's he doing?

No! The space creature is in him.

- But...
- No.

Mr. Obata!

Obata killed the last space creature
by killing himself.

Mr. Obata.

Thank you.

They must have seen the volcano erupt.
It's a Japanese ship.

The united forces of earth creatures...
porpoises, bats and men...

...destroyed the invaders.

Will the people believe this story?