Space Adventure Cobra (1982) - full transcript

In deep Space, the United Galaxies Federation of Justice set bounties over all kinds of criminals. Cobra is back in action to help bounty-hunter June find her two sisters, and save planet Myras. But Lord Nekron, leader of the Galactic Guild, a powerful criminal organization, is following their track with the same goal ...

The New Genesis Gospel

St. Adieus Chapel 491.

"People on Planets", God himself declared

"There is no God."

A tarocaros, up straight.

Tarocaros it is.

Ah, this is the head of Dacuma.

The bounty on him is 3 million peteros.


You'd best move aside.

Don't touch my game

A female bounty Hunter,

living off of bounty rewards.

A woman like that is rare.

Let's go. You've had enough!

Wait Lady. Don't be in a hurry!

All right Lady. You go first!

Who are you? You've been following me for awhile.

I'm glad.

It's my pleasure that you’ve noticed me.

Who are you?

Or I wonder if you are after Dacuma’s head?

I am a passenger. A la- -zy one.

You’re an earthling?

What's up?

I love you.

Let's sit down and have a talk.

I’m busy, sorry.

I have no choice but to tell you the good news.

I know a bounty worth 7 million peteros.

7 million... he’s talking about that guy...

He's still alive!

Where's the guy?

Here! Over here!

My name is Cobra!

I'm the highest bounty in the world.

Cobra, The Movie

Lies! You are not Cobra.

Cobra died 2 years ago.

That's just a rumor.

You'd better not to use his name,

or something will happen to you.

And even if he is alive,

you don't even look like him.

The next town is far

Get in, I'll give you a lift.

You're pretty kind.

I like change!

My confirmation number is R223.

I’m in charge of chasing dangerous criminals wanted by the law.

In 2 or 3 hours he may wake up,

so lock him up tight and give him to the galaxy patrol.

Yes, Ma'am.

Say your password.


OK, your number has been confirmed.

Jane Flower, in charge of dangerous criminals, has been confirmed.

The bounty is 3 million peteros.

Please bank it into my account on Earth.

Jane Flower!

Jane, it's a really nice name.

You're so annoying! I thought you'd leave.

I'll treat you to double Tarocaros.

He is worth 7 million peteros.

Cobra, the highest bounty ever in the world.

His left hand becomes the psychogun.

He is the only person I’m interested in.

We say goodbye here. Bye.

I've found Jane Flower.

Please give me directions.

Jane... Jane...

Have you found him, Jane?

No, not yet.

Have you someone to love, Jane?

No, Not yet. Not yet...

I see. But we need you back here.

I'd like to...

I also want to return.

Will you come over here?

Come on.

Thanks! I thought you’d never ask.

What's that?

Out of the way!

Is it possible the guard didn't lock him up well enough?

Maybe the guard made a deal with him and let him go if he would kill me.

Or the Guild made a deal with the security guard.


Right, the biggest mafia in the 7th galaxy.

The Pirate Guild.

Does the Guild want you dead?


It's a long story.

Though he's Guild, he has nice taste in targets.

Let's have a long talk.

I don't think so. We have no time.

It seems so.

Over there... over there...

No good! The power's been cut.

Yeah... but you just have to do your best.

That's the Guild's killing troop.

Seems they’re after you!

Open this for me.

What are you doing? You want to jump out and go alone?

You may say that "in front of a pretty woman, it's my rule to perform well."


I thought you were kidding.

There's only one person in the world that has the psychogun in his left hand.

The man who’s fought Mafia Guild on his own.

The bounty of 7 million peteros

is rumored to be given by the Guild.

Wait! Ci... cigar!

I've been looking for you for a long time.

I’ve been thinking that you're alive.

But... I didn't think that you would change your appearance.

Who are you really?

You're not an earthling?

You can tell.

When we kissed, I saw something... but what?

I've never been through this before.

one more kiss then.

If you're him, I could love you.

Cobra is still alive?

Not only his face, but also his voice and fingerprints have been changed.

Even his fighting techniques have changed.

That's how he hid from our searching.

So it seems.

That's how he hid from our constant searching throughout the galaxy.

And Jane Flower, who terminated the search, is reported to be with him.

I see.

Enforce the army 4 fold.

You’ve finally shown up, Cobra!

You said you've been looking for me for a long time. Why?


The bounty of 7 million peteros...

7 million peteros... I could buy a spaceship with that.

But I'm just joking!

I hope so.

After the kiss, we kill each other.


I want to count on your strength, Cobra.

For one, you are the only one who can save me from Guild.

And then, I hope you may come with me to another planet.

Another planet?

Right, the planet where I was born.

And one more thing...

Hey, this is quite a bit.

Go ahead!

Forget it. I'll tell you later.

Will you help me, Cobra?

Anyway I've had nothing to do recently, and you're also pretty.

I have no reason to turn you down.


Jane! Jane!

Every year I come here.

Here hides my spaceship.

In the old graveyard of an ancient city?

I come here to clean it up once a year.

The immortal hero Cobra sleeps here.

Moved me to tears.

Follow me!

This is my Turtle.

I know she's Armaroid Lady, partner of the wanted Cobra.

Please give me some advice, I am Jane Flower.

Lady, Please launch Turtle. I have some business to attend to.

Energy reactive device is ok.

Interplanet system is no problem.

Electronics system is ok.

Please tell me the destination.

Where to? Just tell me... please feel at home.

Head for Cido first.

The 1,032th planet, Cido.

The only thing on that planet is a prison.

Nice place for a first date.

Who is Jane? She's not an earthling?

Just a cute woman... Take good care of her.

She's taking a shower.

Jane, you want to go to your sister's place?

Yes, to give love to her.

That's great! Love for peace?

Yes, maybe.

Because of Guild's ambition, planet Milos was destroyed.

Planet Milos was destroyed...

No matter how many time I do this, the result will be the same.

See, the same answer.

People from planet Milos? How can it be possible?

This is the result from analyzing her hair left in the bathroom.

It's reliable.

But Milos' inhabitants disappeared a century ago.

She's a so-called fantasy beauty.

Fantasy beauty...

The way you talk is kind of sarcastic.

Wait... wait!

Take a break.

Lady, don't be jealous!

Wait... I am kidding!

I'm just joking, don't kid around.

Wake up, Cobra!

It's the Guild's fighters.

What kind of fighters are they?
-Helicopter P38.

It's Crystal Boy's subordinates. Stand By!

OK, Cobra!

Alright! It’s been a while since I played with this.

Lady... record my space fight for Jane.

That's not necessary. I'm already awake.

All right!

It's over Cobra! They've retreated.

Lady, lend me your lighter.

I left mine on my bed.

I remember it well,

the legendary planet Milos.

It's a story I've heard many times when I was young.

Tell me it.

Long ago, there was a beautiful planet.

There was no sun to mother it,

and it floated in dark space.

The queens of the planet were as beautiful as rainbows.

The planet was amazingly beautiful.

All the planets praised Milos for its beauty.

They felt happy as long as Milos was around,

then felt sad when Milos left.

But at last its journey came to an end.

Milos was involved in the “War Between Starsâ€

All of Milos' people died out,

The suns then burned the atmosphere and in the end...

The whole planet was swallowed up.

Don't cry, Jane.

Though the planet was destroyed, the journey can go on.

Wait, Cobra. That's not the enemy.

he just came to see the man I love.

That Professor Toporo, the fairy of our planet.

He stands for our wisdom.

He can fly in space freely, like the pilots of Milos.

Jane, we count on you!

Entering the atmosphere of planet Cido.

Cobra, the landing craft are ready.

All right. Let's go, Jane.

I have had enough. Isn't there any place flat?

All right, I've decided. It's there!

Are you all right, Jane?

That's it!

That's the notorious prison of Cido.

It floats 1 km above the land,

floating in the atmosphere of Cido.

It's impossible to contact it from the surface, let alone approach it.

There's only one entrance from the air,

and that's heavily secured.

Even if we get in we're dead.

We couldn't escape alive.

There're about 50,000 prisoners in there.

Seeing the destroyed land everyday

lots of them jump to their death from their window.

Look there now.

How about me? What should I do?

Tell me what I need to do, Jane!

My sister Catherine Flower is in there.

She must be quite the criminal.

Someone must commit many crimes before getting in there.

She didn't commit any crimes. All set up by Guild and then emprisoned.

It's looks like it’s run by the galaxy, but actually it's run by Guild.

The one who framed Catherine was a high official of Guild, Crystal Boy.

Cobra, anyway, I have to save my sister.

Let me throw my cigar first.

Those men commit suicide just to greet us on the ground.

They're undead.

It's one of Crystal Boy's little tricks.

If they are here, Crystal Boy must be waiting for us!

All right!


All right! Just fly up to it.

It won't work. We'll be shot down.

We'll just approach it without being shot then.

Even if we can get to it, we can't get in.

Just do what I say.

Don't you want to save your sister?

Where's your sister?

I don't know where she is.

Tell me what she looks like.

Like me!

She's the same as me. We are triplets.


Me, Catherine and one other sister named Dominique.

Ok, I see.

So I just look for the prettiest girl inside.


Incoming, incoming!

Go! Jane! Go above it!


See you later, Jane!

Just wait for me.

I've never thought I would see you again, Cobra.

Did you come to greet me?

The meaning of my life returns.

Listen, though I couldn't kill you several times...

I see. But if it didn’t work the 3rd time I won't let it work for the 4th.

Sorry, I don't have time to play with you.

Emergency! Contact all security guards.

We found the intruder.

Catherine, Catherine, listen to me. This is Jane.

Someone is coming to free you

the man who carries my love.

Understand, Catherine?

My beloved Cobra.

Right, his name is Cobra.

Come out from that place.

Answer me, Catherine.

Answer me, Catherine.

Catherine, this is Jane.

Catherine, can't you hear me?

I hear you, sister.

But I don't want to answer.

Why! Catherine.

Where's the girl named Catherine?

She's a beautiful Milos woman.

I can't find her this way.

Damn Cobra!

The invader is in the sixth ventilation shaft.

The sixth ventilation shaft.

Flush him out.

Security guards head to the tank.


Where are you? Catherine!

Where are you? Catherine-chan!

Here, Cobra. Over here!

I'm here!


Catherine! Catherine!

You must be Catherine!

Let's go home. Jane is waiting for you.

No, I don't want to go home.

Catherine, why don't you want to go home?

There's only one guy with the psychogun in the galaxy. Cobra.

Rumor goes, you concentrate spirit into ammo.

Try it, Cobra!

Your passion becomes the bullet of your gun.

But your passion and spirit mean nothing to me.

My body is special.

Lasers only pass through me harmlessly.

Your passion is no exception.

Wait, don't kill him!

Lock him in the special guarded room,

and bring him back to our base to make him our slave.

If he doesn't work out, I'll kill him then.

All right, lower the temperature.

The freezing is done.

All right, put him into the tank.

Please answer, Cobra. This is the Turtle.

Please answer, Cobra.

What is it, Cobra? What is wrong?

Please answer, Cobra. This is the Turtle.

Catherine, Cobra got you out ??

He must be over there with you.

He's dead.

It's useless to lie.

No matter the distance, Milos' woman will feel the death

of her beloved in the depth of her heart.

This notice is like a cold love.

I haven't felt it yet.

so where is he?

You don't notice because you don't love him.

Not one bit.



My sisters must love the same man I love.

for us to become queen of Milos.

You can't follow it because you fell in love with another.

That's true, Jane.

I have my beloved one.

Who is it?


It's this man, sister!

That is...!

Catherine! Catherine!

You can't go, Catherine!

Cobra, please transfer your love for me to my other sister Dominique.

Good bye, Cobra.

Jane is dead now.

What is it?

Please come to the command office quickly.

It's impossible!

He should be completely frozen,

but instead, he's moving.

Show me the electrocardiogram.

He's a coma.

It's impossible

What's moving him?

It's love, my sister's love.

To people from Milos, love is power.


Kill him!

Wake up, Cobra!

How do you feel?

Your temperature has returned to normal,

but more or less you’ll feel tired from waking up from the coma.

Give me that... umm.. cigar...

He said send her to space.

Who said that?

Toporo, professor Toporo said it.

All right.

Jane still has another sister named Dominique.


I've heard the sister is on planet Rouge.

Head there, Lady.
-All right.

Snow Guerilla, Snow Guerilla

Such a rowdy planet.

Any planet with lots of tourists will be like this.

It's the ice age, so everyone is inside.

Snow Guerilla

Professor Toporo left it in my mind.

Meet the Snow Guerilla first.

I don't know what it will be.

The good girl Jane is not here.

Why would anyone come to such a cold planet?

Let's dance, Cobra.

All right. Dance, dance.

The bus to Itaca is taking off.

Passengers please board the bus.

The bus to Itaca is taking off.

Wait, Cobra!

Uh Lady!

you don't look so well.

Your temperature is not yet normal, Cobra.

You have not fully recovered.

Just rest for a while.

I'm ok, Lady

I am always this way.

Besides, Lady, I need to know if the Snow Gorillas will appear near Aurora.

I can't stop you as usual.

I'll await your instruction.

That's all. I can count on you.

Good morning. Have a good sleep?

The bus is on schedule and we'll arrive in Aurora in an hour.

From there, we'll arrive in Itaca in about 3 hours. Have a nice trip

Snow Gorillas!

They're coming.

From the Rouge Liberation, I'm the leader of Snow Gorillas, Sandra.

Please cooperate with us.

If you have something metal like coins or weapons,

please give it to us.

If you cooperate, your life will be spared.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Move aside, move aside, move aside!

Snow Gorillas and Dominique...

What's their relationship?


Look at me.


It's either a spy from the galaxy patrol

or someone from Guild.

Either way, he knows where our base is.

He can't go back alive.

Leader, it's an explosive. Get away!

Bam! It's hard to light it in the snow.

I surrender! I surrender!
Don't be mad!

I am not from the galaxy patrol or from the Guild.

Maybe you don't believe me, but I'm just looking for someone.



Leader Sandra, that man is looking for me!

I've been waiting for you, Cobra.


The man sister loves is you, Cobra?

I received the love sent by my sister.

So I'll treat you the same as my sister.

You also must treat me the same as her.

The same... as Jane.

Why... all girls?

Welcome, Cobra. You're very brave.

The news of a 7 million reward also comes here.

If I knew you were Dominique's friend

I wouldn't have greeted you so rudely.

The man who fought the Guild alone several times

is the only man I respect most in the 7th galaxy.

It's severely guarded around the base.

And the wind and snow are artificial.

The wind and snow help hide us from Guild and the galactic patrol.

The women are fighting for the liberty and independence of this planet.

Isn't it already independent?

I've heard there's a formal government.

Why do you ask so? They're all Guild's men.

I've heard 90% of the income of this planet is tourism.

It all belongs to the Guild.

In the 7th galaxy, there are 100 planets like this.

Sandra’s fighting for liberty is like your fighting with the Guild.

Don't say that, it is not.

the Guild is a band of pillaging pirates.

In a way, I am also one of the pirates.

Sometimes I take what I want when I see it.

Just two or three times though.

Just like that?

How do I put it?

Only you are proud of yourselves.

That's why I help Sandra.

But, no longer.

Because Cobra, the man I love is here,

from now on, everything is for sake of Milos.

W... wait a minute, Dominique.

You said your love comes from Jane.

Think what you want,

you're free to love me or anyone else.

Jane's dead. Though you're the same as her,

the important thing is that I didn't have any confidence.

It doesn't matter if I really loved Jane.

I was only with Jane for one week.

Because she was a cute girl, I just wanted to play. Really.

It had nothing to do with love...



It's not so simple.

You didn't just feel love.

To Milos, love is power.

It is tangible.

We can see our love.

It's beautiful.

Really. I also want to see this love.

There will come a day.

Jane is shining.

That's what you have to believe.

This is bad. I am becoming more and more serious.

To tell the truth, Jane didn't tell me anything.

Why was Jane chased by the Guild?

And why did she need me?

If she was looking for a body guard, I was of no use to her.

What the Guild wants to find, was not only her, but also me.

But I couldn't save your sister.

Stop! Your real mission is to love Jane, Catherine, and me.


But, my poor Catherine.

In this way, I will have to kill you.

No, sister Dominique.

The dead one will be you.

I know your location.


Sorry, sister, I want to have the planet Milos.

Everyone retreat!

Something happened.


There are 8 people there.

Cobra, Dominique.

If you're in there, answer me!

Burn them.

Go on, they must be around here.

Listen, there're only two enemies.

You can't rest until those two are dead.

What's wrong, Cobra?

I admire you. You even use the same perfume as Jane.

In the year 2873, about 100 years ago,

All the people of Milos were killed.

The traveling planet Milos collided with a giant falling meteor.

The abnormal heat and light changed the atmosphere of Milos.

In this way, Milos was destroyed.

Jane, Catherine, and I are daughters of the last queen of Milos.

On Milos' dooms day we were frozen as fetuses and launched from Milos

In those 100 years, Milos traveled throughout the 7th galaxy.

Now, 100 years later, we will return to decide the fate of Milos as its queens.

The destiny of Milos?

I hope Milos has become suitable for life.

If not...

Our warriors are together with our queens.

The predicted revival of Milos is coming.

The queen must be decided.

There are two ways to do this:

One is "the last surviving sister is queen".

The other is if we all fall in love with the same man,

Love will make us three combine into one,

and we will become the greatest queen of Milos ever.

Three into one?

Originally there was only one queen.

She separated into 3 after birth.

Jane, Catherine and I are these 3.

Once we grow up, we become one again.

It's only a custom to being a queen.

The choice made by professor Toporo is

that the man suitable for us to love is Cobra.

But there're still lots of men out there.

I am confused.

The moon is setting.

You've been in love with Jane and me.

Look at this, Cobra.

You loved Jane.

She now lives inside me.


All that's left is Catherine.

As long as you are loved by her, the new queen of Milos will be born.

But, Catherine is in love with another.

The Guild's Crystal Boy.

What is he good for?

As long as she loves Crystal Boy, there's only one way to decide queen:

Either Catherine or I die.

The other will be the new queen.

But Dominique, I still don't understand.

Why the Guild?

What is their interest in the queen of Milos?

Because the Guild knows Milos is not an average planet and they want it.

Not an average planet?

It’s dazzling!

Why is Milos so unusual then?

There's a psycho-energy reaction.

Cobra just used his psychogun.

Milos without a sun has been travelling.

It goes everywhere in the universe.

Just like I heard when I was young.

Milos is not a natural planet.

It's an artificial planet with a powerful propeller.

You can control the propeller... no...

Only the queen can control it.

The Guild knows this secret,

and plans to use it to destroy the 7th galaxy.

Destroy the 7th galaxy?

They will use Milos to heat the sun of the 7th galaxy to destroy everything.

That's impossible.

If they do that, they would be destroying their home.

the Guild won't destroy the 7th galaxy that they made their home.

It’s unbelievable!

Actually, once the Guild killed Jane, they wanted me dead.

This way, the queen would be Catherine.

they want to rob Milos from her.

If Catherine becomes the queen

the women in Milos will expect to see the man she loves.

But she doesn't know how to chase the man she loves.

If I were killed...

I don't know, Catherine would...


Over here!

It's gets cold when the moon sets.

Once the moon sets the temperature will get down to -26C.

Minus 26?

Right. Just like that, everyone will freeze to death.

So, everyone has agreed to break through the Guild’s defense.

As long as we can get to Aurora smoothly, we’ll be ok.

What do you both intend to do?

Given our options, we'll go with you.


Sandra, the Guild is chasing after me.

Sorry, because of me you have so few companions.

The opponent is the Guild.

You've been against themm for a long time.

Never mind, Dominique!

Everybody, let's go!
-Yes, sir!

How many people will make it by sled to Aurora? Wanna make a bet, Cobra?

All of them. 100 peteros.


In the front! In the front!

Damn, let me try!


How many were shot?

Six, Cobra!


I'm doing pretty good, eh?

It's Aurora!

All right!

No good!

The steering wheel is out of control.

Is it the guy?

It's the Guild's Crystal Boy.

Let me deal with you.

No! Sandra!

I am the leader of Snow Gorillas, Sandra.


Dominique, quickly get to Aurora!

Run, Dominique!



Shooting average: 99.8%. Destruction: 85.

Concentration: -2

No progress. shall we take a break?

No. Go on!

Listen to me, Cobra!

Right now, Catherine is the queen.

She will do what the Guild tells her to.

But, Dominique...

Milos will be set to collide with the sun of the 7th galaxy.

Before that, Catherine must go to the propeller’s control room.

Before that happens, I beg you to kill Catherine.

Though I am a good-for-nothing pirate,

I am proud that I have never killed anyone for someone else.


Sorry, I can't kill a woman.

Cobra, Jane and my love, you...

I love you...


That's it, Cobra!

All right, anyway I know my psychogun is worthless against Crystal Boy.

Now passing through 300 7 SG WWB2826.

We are entering a super speed area.

After that is the coordinate GEM492

Milos is past that.


Jane... Dominique...

Passing through a super speed area.

In 3 minutes 18 seconds we will arrive at Milos.

Where's Milos?

In that cluster!

There's a fleet 26 seconds in front of us!

They're on the same route as us!

Magnify it!

Its one of the Guild's special fleets.

Crystal Boy's ship.

Lady, I'm going!

I'll go to Milos and wait for them.

That's impossible. Our max speed is the same as theirs.

Then I'll use the small ship. Prepare it for me.

The max speed of the small ship is twice this.


I'll head there first. You can take your time.

6, 5, 4, 3

Take care, Cobra!

I'll catch up!

Just passing by!

The planet is actually an artificial spaceship.

Can you believe it?

It's so heavy!

What are these?

They were formed after the atmosphere was destroyed.

Professor Toporo.

That is to say, the atmosphere is normal now.

We won't need your heavy gear.

I see. Then I can be a bit more relaxed.

This way please.


It's amazing! I thought this was just a rock.

It looks like an artificial one.

It seems to be fine metal.

That's me!

It's the computer made with a hundred years of Milos' wisdom: Toporo.


I am nothing but a 3D computer hologram.

A hologram? You?

Over here. We're almost there.

All right, all right.

It's the door of Milos.

The entrance to the space propeller?

Right. The only person who can open the door is the queen, who has the exact same figure.

That is, the queen of Milos is the only one born to satisfy this requirement.

If you wait here a moment, Catherine will show up.

I've come to kill the queen of your planet.

And punish the one who betrays Milos.

You, the queen of Milos, do you know our target?

There is only one!

The sun of the 7th galaxy.

Then, please go to the door of Milos.

Go ahead!


Damn! Let me go!

You are so careless, Cobra. This planet will soon be ours.

Let me ask you something.

Why do you want to destroy the 7th galaxy?

The Guild now rules the entire universe.

The 7th galaxy is only a small part of where the Guild rules.

Because they ordered it so,

we will destroy an entire galaxy to show the Guild's power.

Everyone in the universe will then allow us to rule them.

So it's an advertisement for the Guild.

That's troublesome.

Yet again they show their cruel nature.

It would be ok if it were not the 7th galaxy.

But, because this is my home, I have been given the order to destroy it.

Leave him alone!

Didn't you hear him?

In this way, Cobra will disappear with the 7th galaxy.

What a pity!

If he's disappears...

It's your rib that killed Dominique on Planet Rouge.

So they say, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

It was I who killed Jane and Dominique.

You had no choice, Catherine.

Your heart was robbed of freedom by Crystal Boy.

Catherine, go! You know what you must do.


You have to do what a queen should do.

The person my sisters love, Cobra.

So handsome!


Goodbye! You said Goodbye?

Right, the journey is over!

The queen can only decide the planet's journey once.

If you want to see its change, you must wait for the next queen.

So, we must end its journey.

The queen will now activate the self destruct sequence.

Jane! Dominique!

Lady, what's the end of our journey?

I don't know either...

Is there an end to Cobra's journey?