SpacePOP: Not Your Average Princesses (2017) - full transcript

When the evil Empress Geela takes over the Planets of The Pentangle, the five teenage princesses disguise themselves as musicians and form a band called SpacePOP. Their mission: Spread the message of freedom and joy through music and join the rebel resistance force to vanquish Geela, who has taken over their home planets and enslaved the inhabitants.


When the evil Empress Geela

took over the planets of the Pentangle,

we five teenage princesses

disguised ourselves as musicians

and formed a band called SpacePop.

Our mission: join the rebel resistance force

to vanquish Geela and reclaim our kingdoms.

♪ Say SpacePop!

Geela: To all citizens

and royalty on the planets of the Pentangle.

I am Geela, and I declare myself

your new and all-powerful empress!

All five planets --

Lunaria, Junoia, Rhealo, Heralda, and Athenia --

will be under my control.

You will obey or perish!

Have a nice day.

Hello?! Is someone gonna bring me my star juice?

I am a royal princess, in case anyone forgot!

Can you believe this, Adora?



Oh, my Grock, it's about time.

Who's [beatboxing] that?

Who are you?

And where is my star juice?!

Princess Lunaria de Longria.

I am Chamberlin, senior butler in Athenia's royal court.

I have been sent to take you to safety.

Your planet is in danger. Your people are in danger.

You are in danger!

Danger, schmanger.!

Your highness, Empress Geela has captured your parents

and now she's coming for you.

Do you understand?

I understand I don't have any star juice.

My orders are to serve and protect you

and the other four princesses.

We must go!

Wait, wait, wait!

I have to share one old butler

with four other princesses?

That is so lame!


Robot: Surrender, Princess Lunaria!

[Adora whimpering]

[Chamberlin groans]

[gasp] What do I do?

Chamberlin: Quickly, hop in that laundry basket

and hide under those dirty clothes.

Okay, I'm so not doing that!

Robot: Cut the door open!

[Adora crying]

Halt! Where is Princess Lunaria?

[imitating woman] Uh, the princess?

Oh, she's getting her nails done.

Well, this laundry ain't gonna wash itself.

Ciao, handsome!

Juno: Ha ha! Can't keep up, can you, Skitter?

Last one there is a rotten Skorfplop!


Princess Junoia?


Chill, Skitter. No need to go into attack mode.

He looks harmless.

I am here to take you to safety, your highness. Follow me.

Thanks, pop, but I can take care of myself.

Not against Empress Geela.

I am Chamberlin, senior butler from the planet of Athenia.

Come with me.

You're from Athenia?

What in the name of Grock are you doing here in Junoia?

I will explain everything later. We must leave now.

I have sworn to protect you and keep you from harm.

Ha ha! You? That's a joke, right?

Is there a hidden camera?

No. I am saving you.

Come on, let me take you back to the palace,

get you a nice cup of hot --


That is not a good thing.

We can't return to your castle.

Empress Geela is tearing it apart looking for you.

And trust me, she knows how to tear apart a castle.

Geela's here, on my planet?

Yes, and I swore to your parents I would take you to safety,

to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, if necessary.

Don't worry about me.

I've been taking care of myself since I was 10.

But, as the oldest servant

in the Royal Court of the Pentangle,

I must serve and protect all five princesses.

It is a sacred duty I have sworn to fulfill at any cost.

You really talk a lot.


I must go back to help my people.

It's too late.

Come with me, princess, if you want to live.

[Chamberlin shrieks]


I think we should stop here so I can have a heart attack.

This way!

Oh! No, no, no, no!

I don't do climbing.

As the great Felian philosopher Belazook said:

"Foolish is he who climbs down a sheer cliff

with no mountaineering equipment."

You just made that up.

Well, then, today, I guess we'll both have to be foolish.


May I mention one important thing?

I can't swim!

We're not going in the water.

Juno: This tunnel leads to the other side of the woods.

We can avoid Geela's troops and get out safely.

Oh, joy!

We get to crawl through a dark, damp tunnel

filled with who knows what?

[bats screeching]

Aaaaaah! Wait for me, princess!

Chamberlin: Hurry, Princess Rhealetta Hemmings!

We must escape from your capital and join Luna and Juno!

Rhea: I'm escaping as fast as I can.


Good idea, Springle.

We can hijack that space bus and blast out of here.

Chamberlin: Uh, that vehicle

looks unsafe and old, and possibly...

very smelly.

We don't have a choice.

Chamberlin: Uh, princess, I get airsick very easily.

Chamberlin: Princess Herazanna Appleby!

[gasp] That's me! Oh, hi -- whoever you are.

Oh, my name is Chamberlin. I am --

Wow, that is, like, huge!

That is Empress Geela's starship,

and your parents have been taken prisoner.


Oh, no! [sobbing]

We must leave now,

or you and the other four princesses will be captured, too.

Follow me. I know how to make a quick escape.

I am not optimistic about this.

Isn't there a better, faster,

100% safer way to get away from Geela?

No! Come aboard.

Oh, I think I shall close my eyes

and dream of a time without... [shivers]

Empress Geela!

Are you ready, Mykie?

Mm-hmm! [beatboxing] Mm-hmm!

I hate wearing silly costumes as much as you do.

It's very childish.

But if we want to escape without being noticed,

we must slip out of the palace in disguise.


Thank you. Now be a baby.

We've got to avoid Geela's evil androids.

Where is Chamberlin?

He should have returned with the other princesses by now.

The doctor is in the house.

Ready to depart, your highness?

Chamberlin, are you positive I can't stay and help my people?

Your parents have given me strict orders to take you all away.

Princess, I told you there wasn't time to pack anything.

It's just a few supplies,

for myself and the other princesses.

Are you opening a store?

It's just basic necessities and some smocks.

Five pairs of smart pants,

five pair of fleece pajamas.

I also brought my keyboard 3000.

I must keep up with my lessons,

and it might come in handy, who knows?

But, princess, we must get moving now!

And since the other princesses all take music lessons, too,

I've packed a guitar-a-zon,

double bass, a guitar, and a pair of laser drumsticks.

Just in case.

Who are you? Identify yourself.

Hello, sir. Uh, we are merely lowly servants.

I am but a nursery maid.

And I, the palace doctor.

When did you get your last shot?


Athena: We are taking the sick baby to the hospital wing.

It sneezed on the princess's breakfast this morning.

The royal family has ordered us to remove it from the grounds at once.

That is one ugly kid!


Arrggh! Rude, too.

The royal family is no longer in charge,

so this ugly kid can sneeze all it likes.

What? Not in charge?

Uh-uh. The king and queen of this pathetic little planet

have been taken away, ...taken...away...

and they won't be back.

Now we just need to find and capture their princess brat.

If you see her, bring her to us.

Geela's offering a large reward

for every princess we capture.

We'll give you a finder's fee... fi-fi-finder's fee.


Oh, Chamberlin, I need to get my planet back.

And you will.

Right now, let's please escape!

Chamberlin: Strap in, princesses.

I believe we've got quite a few adventures ahead of us.

Princesses: Punch it, Chamberlin!

Well, I'll tell you one thing, your highnesses,

you're not your average princesses.

Ah, they should have recalled this space lemon eons ago.

This is the Geela Romance Network.

Subjects of my Pentangle system,

are you ready to spread the love for your empress?

Uggh! Disgusting.

Grrrrr! [beatboxing]

[beatboxing] Grrrr!


Coming up next... "Dancing with Geela"!

Followed by an episode of "Cooking with Geela"!

How does she have any time to take over half the galaxy?

Besides taking control of our people,

she controls all of the holo-viz channels.

I'll cut her ego down to size.

So tense, Juno.

How about a guided relaxation session?

Close your eyes.

Breathe deep.

Now, think of your favorite vegetable.

Uhhh! [coughing]

Juno: Forget meditating.

Muscle and force is the only way to fight against Geela.

Chamberlin: No, no, no fighting!

We hide out until the danger is passed

and it is safe to go home.

Unh-unh! [beatboxing] Unh-unh!

That's what your parents wanted,

and they are the kings and queens

of the Pentangle Solar System.

Princesses don't hide, Chamberlin.

They get off their royal butts and fight back.

all: Yeah!

No. You must all act in a way

befitting your titles, as princesses!

You mean a princess is supposed to just sit on a throne

and look pretty?

Works for me.

Hera, as the reasonable one,

tell them you won't have anything to do

with this talk of rebellion.

But, Chamberlin, we must ensure that our planets

are full of joy, wonder, and marshmallow dreams.

Translation -- she's with us.

Absolutely not! This conversation is over!

These disguises will help keep you well hidden from Geela

until we are all safe.

Oh! Chamberlin, this is the ugliest wardrobe I've ever seen!

Uh-huh, uh-huh!

Sorry, but this will have to do.

We can't have royalty wandering around the streets

looking... royal.

This is kind of pretty.

It feels like bramble rose petals

softened by the morning dew.

Anyone care if I tear this stuff up

and make it look like it came from a store instead of the trash?

Have at it, Rhea.


I'll go make lunch.

That would be the safe thing to do.



[gasp] Drumsticks! Cool!

Yep, these will do!

Sorry. The drums wouldn't fit in the trunk.

No prob. There must be a recycling facility on board.

I can work magic with a little space junk.

Oh, you play bass?

It's just another way to spread harmony and good vibrations.

What do you play, Luna?

My voice is my instrument.

I've been taking lessons since I was 5.

♪ Ahhhhh!


1, 2, 3, 4!


Do you know, that is a pretty ugly set of drums.

Yeah. Why don't you make your ridiculous drum thingies pretty?

This is not a stupid drum thingie.

It's a killer set of drums!

Whatever. Drums don't make real music.

Oh, yeah?

[princess gasps]

I've got a crazy idea.

What if we formed a band?

Mm-mm. Mm-mm. [beatboxing]

Boom-boom-chi. Boom-boom.

Hmm-boom-boom-hmm. Boom-boom-hmm.


Boom-ba-chi, boom-boom.

That's "gravity wave" crazy! I like it!

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Me, too!

I could be an intergalactic superstar

and you could be my backup band!

Wait, wait, Luna. A band is a group thing.

There are no stars.

No, Rhea, the singer is always the star.

The instruments are just background noise.

-What? -Easy, girls.

In our band, every member will be equal.

Five princesses rocking the galaxy together.

And showering the planets with good vibrations.

So, I'm not allowed to fight against Geela,

but I am allowed to play

cute little songs with a bunch of princesses?

Let's do both!

Chamberlin won't let us fight back against Geela as ourselves,

but what if we fought back with music?

We write songs against Empress Geela.

-Yeah! -Yeah!

-Yeah! -Yeah!

We could even go out on tour.

Yes! We travel around the galaxy

singing a message of rebellion

and freedom to our people.

Just know that when I'm pounding out the beat,

I'll be pretending my kit is Geela's starship.

As long as I'm in the spotlight, I'll do it.

And, the most important part of forming a band

is the costumes!

Just like Chamberlin said,

we're going to need clever disguises.

I just love that we're gonna build something together.

Can we have a big group hug?

Really, Hera? Seriously?

Rhea, finish up the costumes you've been working on.

And hurry!


princess of the Pentangle,

hello, princesses of pop!

Couldn't we be

"Luna and the Princesses of Pop"?

or, "Luna and the..."?



No! We need something that snaps and pops.

Something like... SpacePop!

But... where is my name in that?

Yes, SpacePop!


Yeah! SpacePop!


What's all this, now?

We're forming a rock band.

A band? Whatever is the point?

Oh, just something to keep a princess busy.

We feel helpless hiding out

while Empress Geela holds our planets hostage.

But... but... but...

So, we're going to write songs about it.

That I'll sing.

Songs that will inspire people to fight against Geela!

And perform them on tour.

I forbid you. No band.

Absolutely, definitely,

unequivocally no!

You're not taking no for an answer, are you?

No offense, Chamberlin, but princesses always get what they want.

The sooner we overthrow Geela, the sooner we all go home.

It's our destiny.

But your parents put me in charge

to keep you out of harm's way.

Why do I suddenly feel like it's the other way around?

We'll win him over.

Let's write a song and show him we mean business.

Where do we start?

Let's just bash something out!

1, 2, 3, 4!

♪ Turn up the music, turn down the drama ♪

♪ Turn up the music, turn down the drama ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Have a good time!

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Have a good time!

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Our mission, gotta spread our message of friendship ♪

♪ Through music, fashion and freedom ♪

♪ Yeah, don't forget the fun ♪

♪ But remember, together there are no issues ♪

♪ SpacePop is gonna be with you ♪

♪ So don't forget the fun

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Have a good time!

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Turn up the music, turn down the drama ♪

♪ Turn up the music, turn down the drama ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-eah Hey! ♪

♪ Yeah-yeah-yeah Yeah-eah-eah ♪

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Have a good time!

♪ Yeah, we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Now we gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Say SpacePop! ♪

Ladies, if I may,

although this rock band silliness is headed for certain disaster,

you do sound rather lovely together.

all: Thanks, Chamberlin.

I've looked into

what this musical misadventure of yours would require.

We'll turn this dilapidated space vehicle

into a socko tour bus!

Then we'll design a band logo, book performances...

Yay! Yay!


I've hired someone called a "roadie,"

to help with the heavy lifting.

A chap from a nearby moon named Rand.

He looks like he could be quite handy.

Juno: That's an understatement.

Chamberlin, you're the best.

Girls, we're totally doing this!

Now I think we need that group hug!

[princesses laughing]

Your majesties, please!

Ah! Don't be such a bog-wog toad.

Feel the harmony.

Oh, why the heck not?

Chamberlin: And so SpacePop prepared

for their first gig on Luna's home planet, Lunaria.

Hera: Can I perform on stage in bare feet?

Juno: Hera, that is disgusting.

Since we're going to my planet first,

I'm sure all my subjects will come out to hear me sing!

Luna, no one will recognize you.

You'll be disguised as an unknown lead singer

for an unknown band, remember?

Lunaria, straight ahead, your majesties!

Oh my Grock!

Look what Geela has done to my beautiful planet!

[princesses gasp]

Rhea: Gotta give her credit,

Geela knows how to mess up a planet in no time flat.

Luna: And she's turned my palace to rubble!

[Adora whimpers]

Let's rock out our anger at the show tonight.



He's awfully clumsy.

But at least I won't have to carry anything.

In the news, Empress Geela's popularity ratings

continue going up, up and up.

Okay, SpacePop. Let's rock!

1, 2, 1 2 3 4!


♪ Let's get this party rollin'

♪ Let's get this show up on the stage ♪

♪ You and me, we're aimin' for the stars ♪

♪ And though those galaxies seem far away ♪

♪ Whenever things get hard

♪ Remember you are

♪ Travelin' at the speed of light ♪

♪ Travelin' through the dark

♪ With the heart-heart-heart of a warrior ♪

♪ A warrior

♪ Come and stand up nice and tall ♪

♪ Show them just how brave you are ♪

♪ With the heart-heart-heart

♪ Of a warrior, a warrior


♪ So pack your bags, we're goin' ♪

♪ So pack your bags, we're goin' ♪

♪ Leave all your worries in the wind ♪

♪ You and me, we're chasin' down the stars ♪

♪ Though those galaxies seem far away ♪

♪ Whenever things get hard

♪ Remember you are

♪ Travelin' at the speed of light ♪

♪ Travelin' through the dark

♪ With the heart-heart-heart of a warrior ♪

♪ A warrior

♪ Come and stand up nice and tall ♪

♪ Show them just how brave you are ♪

♪ With the heart-heart-heart

♪ Of a warrior, a warrior

♪ A warrior ♪

I can't wait for our next gig!

Juno, did you notice

no one thanked me for my marvelous singing?

Oh, I do have fans!

Bradbury: Oh my Grock, it's you!

You're SpacePop!

You just played, right?

Yes, we are SpacePop!

Did you like our set?

You rocked my world!

I'm Bradbury. I'm your biggest fan!

Your songs are inspiring, your sound is fresh!

You're rebels, and beautiful too!

I'm in love.

Thank you, Bradbury.

It's always wonderful to find someone who worships me

as much as I do.

I'll make sure everyone in the galaxy knows about SpacePop.

You are gonna be huge stars.

Like royalty huge!

Hera, gasping: Ohh, sparkles and moonbeams!

I can't believe our next gig is on my home planet!

Chamberlin: Setting course for Heralda.




Chamberlin: It's 4.6 quadrants

past the twin suns' orbital helix.

That's tea time on Athenia!

Thank you, Chamberlin.

Rhea, ever wonder what our lives would be like

if we hadn't been born princesses?

[chuckles] I wasn't.

I started out in an orphanage

and only moved to the palace

after they discovered I have royal blood.

I felt alone much of the time.

But being here with all of you,

I feel like I have a real family.

Hera: Whoo-hoo!

Chamberlin says we've entered my planet's atmosphere.


Where's my morning moon juice?

Uh-huh! [beatboxing]

Luna, our show is in four hours.

Four hours! And no one's laid out my outfit yet?

I just might take back what I said

about enjoying living with all of you.

Oh, oh, what's Geela done to my beautiful planet?


Hera, gasping: My home!

I'm so sorry, Hera.

That vile villain started this fight, but we're going to end it.







♪ When you look and know what you see ♪

♪ And know what you think

♪ We're not tough

♪ No, we're just pretty

♪ Princesses who sing

♪ Yeah

♪ That's the surface, and it's worthless ♪

♪ 'Cause there's so much underneath ♪

♪ We are more than you see

♪ And we're conquering the world ♪

♪ Champions, so realize

♪ We are not your average girls ♪

♪ Underneath all the pretty clothes ♪

♪ Is a heart of gold

♪ Yeah

♪ So my strength

♪ Endless bravery

♪ That's let the whole world

♪ See

♪ That's the surface, and it's worthless ♪

♪ 'Cause there's so much underneath ♪

♪ We are more than you see

♪ And we're conquering the world ♪

♪ Champions, so realize

♪ We are not your average girls ♪

♪ Ahh-ahh-ahh-ohh

♪ We are not your average girls ♪

♪ Ahh-ahh-ahh-ohh

♪ We are not your average girls ♪♪

[crowd cheering]

That was amazing!

I really rocked it.

I mean, we -- we rocked it!

Alien: I love you, Luna. SpacePop rules!

I mean it.

I was so excited, my feelers were all tingly.

Can I have your autograph? Oh, please, please, please?

My pleasure. What do you want me to sign?

My tongue!

Oh my Grock, I'll never brush my tongue again.

Bradbury said you would be nice to your fans.

"Bradbury," that rings a bell.

He is your biggest fan.

Bradbury's been talking about you nonstop

since he heard you at the Moonlight Club.

Really? Really!

He was super-sad to miss your gig,

but he's so busy managing the official SpacePop website.

We have a website?

Yeah. You've already got a trigillion hits.

He said you're going to be the biggest thing

since Slurve and the Slime Worms.


Bradbury even posted the lyrics to "Start Something Big"

in his first vlog.

My friends and I absolutely love your message.

We all want to crush that space slug, Geela,

but we're scared to say so.

Now you can be our voice.

Love you, SpacePop!

Well, that went well.

We've got to buy that Bradbury guy some chocolates or something.

Yeah, it might be smart to stay on his good side.

[gasp] Look!

This courtyard was such a beautiful place

to relax and reflect.

Now it just creeps me out with Geela staring at us.

[Roxie beatboxing, growling]

[giggles] Girls... What do you think?

Rhea, you can't do that!

I can. And I'll do more!

Girls, this is so childish.

Come on, have some fun.


[chuckles] This is fun.

Luna: I know what will really humiliate Geela -- a zit!

Alien: I saw what you just did.

You girls need to come with me.

Says who?

There's five of us and only one of you!

But I've got one of these!

We're in this together.

We will all take responsibility for what we've done.

[chuckles] Well, that certainly is brave of you.

I'm not here to punish you. I'm here to make you an offer.

He's kinda cute.

Do you know who I am?

One of Geela's lame-brain flunkies?

I am Captain Hansome.

What do you want from us?

A message of sweetness and light, I hope.

We cannot discuss it here.

It's too dangerous. Follow me.


Springle is right.

How do we know this isn't a trap?

Look, my group has heard your music,

on a secret vizzy-net that Geela has not yet shut down.

So you're a fan?

No, I haven't heard anything you've done.

We can fix that right now!





♪ When I am low, I

♪ Know just who to call on

♪ Wherever I go, I know I

♪ Got someone to count on

♪ And I know I'll

♪ Be all right

♪ 'Cause I got you

♪ By my side, yeah

♪ So I know I'll never fall behind, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause you got my back for all of time, yeah ♪

♪ And you know this love is certified, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause I got you by my side ♪

♪ Nothing can ever come between us ♪

♪ We are the rhyme and reason ♪

♪ Everyone knows who's seen us ♪

♪ And I know I'll

♪ Be all right

♪ 'Cause I got you

♪ By my side, yeah

♪ So I know I'll never fall behind, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause you got my back for all of time, yeah ♪

♪ And you know this love is certified, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause I got you by my side ♪♪

SpacePop, you're everything I've heard about you.

Are you aware of... the Resistance?

Hera: Is that another band or something?

Not a musical band but a band of rebels

hidden throughout the Pentangle,

dedicated to overthrowing Empress Geela!

I'm hoping you will join us.

Count me in!

That's why we call ourselves the Resistance.

He's sooo cute when he talks like that.

With your freedom fighting songs,

SpacePop would be a vital addition to the other rebels!

Are you interested in joining --

Princesses: The Resistance!

How do we know you're not just a bunch of starry-eyed amateurs?

[electrical whirring]


[tires screech]


Princesses: We're in!

Great! Here's your first assignment.

Geela is building a new weapon in the remote Ice Desert.

[gasp] Weapons? On Heralda?

I need you to scout the location

and report back on what she's up to.

Then the Resistance will destroy it.

We just look around?

We don't get to blow anything up?

[chuckles] Absolutely not!

I can't have SpacePop crash and burn.

We need you and your guitars all in one piece.

I will send a supply pod

with a few things you might need on your mission.

No, Captain Hansome, please wait!

If we have any questions, can I call you?

For security, you all must be present for my communications.

Wait! What about our manager, Chamberlin?

We'll need him on our mission, too!


He's hands on with all things SpacePop.

Can't make a move without him.

[sighs] Fine.

Honestly, you rock stars and your baby-sitters.

Wait for my orders.

Adventure, romance, intrigue.

Did I mention romance?


You're such a lovesick puppy, Luna.

We need to show this big-shot rebel leader

what a rock 'n roll princess is made of!

You're going to join what with whom?!

Captain Hansome.

He wants us to join the rebel resistance

to fight back against Empress Geela.

First a rock band,

now you want to join up with a bunch of ruthless rebels?

Next thing you know you'll be trading in your instruments

for laser blasters.

Cool idea, Chamberlin.

You think it's cool to be vaporized?

What will you parents say when they find out

their royal children are space dust?

That we fought bravely to the end.


All this negativity is disturbing

my harmonic vibrations.

Chamberlin, we formed SpacePop to spread the rebel message.

Why not help in other ways, too?

No! You are being hotheaded and reckless.

Rand: Pizza, anyone?

Rand, did you overhear anything we were just saying?


Didn't hear a thing.

This pizza is stale and crunchy.

What'd I miss?

Nothing. Good night, Rand.

All righty-rooty then. Nighty night.

That was too close.

We understand that you don't want us joining the rebel cause.

But you're doing it anyway, right?


Captain Hansome is a brave rebel leader who needs our help.

Besides being super-cute and well dressed.

And he asked us very nicely.

Honestly, what have I done to deserve this job?

Hera: Speaking of jobs --

Let's do a gig at Trueberry Meadows!

It was my favorite park when I was a kid.

We could share our message of freedom

as a way of giving back to the people.

All right!

Let's spread some rockin' good cheer!

[crowd cheering]

♪ Go

♪ Let's take off

♪ Go

♪ Just take off

♪ Go

♪ We're gonna change the world

♪ We're not your average girls

♪ We're gonna keep it moving

♪ Hand in hand together

♪ We're gonna change the world

♪ We're not your average girls

♪ We're gonna keep it moving

♪ Ain't no stopping ever

♪ You and me

♪ Possibility

♪ Eye to eye

♪ We can make it fly

♪ Brick by brick

♪ We can make it stick

♪ You and me

♪ Need to be free

♪ Eye to eye

♪ The limit is the sky

♪ Brick by brick

♪ Won't ever miss a trick

♪ So take off

♪ Just take off

♪ Let's take off

♪ Just take off

♪ We're gonna change the world

♪ We're not your average girls

♪ We're gonna keep it moving

♪ Hand in hand together

♪ We're gonna change the world

♪ We're not your average girls

♪ We're gonna keep it moving

♪ Ain't no stopping ever

♪ Let's take off! ♪

[cheering and applause]

Look! Isn't that our biggest fan?

Athena: Yes, it's Bradbury!

We really need his support.

Rhea: By the way he gawks at Juno,

my bet is he'll follow us across the galaxy.

Hey, Bradbury. Thanks for coming.

Wouldn't miss a SpacePop concert

for all the stars in the galaxy.

Why are you staring all goofy-eyed at me?

Do I have a zit on my nose?

No, but, uh, if you did,

I bet it would be a pretty zit.

This is our manager, Chamberlin.

He's also our royal servant, butler and fashion advisor.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Chamberlin, sir.

Just "Chamberlin," please. I'm not that old.

How about an interview for my fan vlog?

[click] First question:

Everyone thinks that SpacePop has a top, top secret.

No more secrets. Tell me all about it.

What secret?

Yes! There's something about SpacePop

that nobody knows and it's time to tell

the Planets of the Pentangle all about it!

Our manager, Chamberlin, will tell you

the amazing story of how he discovered us.

You discovered them?

Is that true, Mr. Chamberlin, sir?

It is now.

I discovered SpacePop when they were knee-high

to a celian fargunkle, singing on the street...

Rhea: Hmm, there actually is money to be made in the music business.

And somebody let us know how they really feel about Geela.

Looks like our message is getting through to the people.

Rhea: Rand! Incoming!

[gasp] It's -- I give up. What is it?

Rhea: Your tip -- a stale sandwich.

Thanks! Yummers!

Athena: Thank you for the rebel outfits, Captain Hansome.

My pleasure, SpacePop. Clothes make the rebel band!

This is so awesome.

We look like cat burglars.

Really? I would never steal a cat!

Good luck in the Ice Desert.

We think Geela may have a new weapon there.

And remember: Don't do anything dangerous.

Athena: Chamberlin! Time to go on our first rebel mission!

Princess Athena,

I just consulted the Book of Grock about this.

"'And lo,' Grock sayeth unto Beebopalula,

'if thou ever goest unto the Ice Desert,

'the royal butler shall stay behind

and snack on sweet moon buns.'"

Did you forget the sacred oath you made to our parents

to always watch over us?

[sighs] Fine.

But please remember Captain Hansome's words:

"nothing dangerous."

As royal daughters of the five planets,

we'll fight Geela by whatever means possible.

Right! Because if we don't help overthrow Geela,

we won't have any planets left to rule!

Chamberlin: Oh, good Grock!

We're not walking to the Ice Desert?

Hera: Um....

Hey, you guys, why don't we take our bus?

Rhea: The bus with "SpacePop" written on the side?

But the Ice Desert is a gazillion gleelocks away!

Chillax, Chamberlin. We got transportation.


Who's a big girl? Who's a big big big girl!

Who's mama's big girl?

Hera: Um, is she going to, like, pop?

Luna: If she does, I'm totally not helping clean up the mess.

The Skitter Express to the Ice Desert

is ready for boarding!

There's no way I am getting on that giant ball of flying fur!

Juno: Fine. Walk.

But watch out for the slithering snake people

along the way.

Uggh! Beam me up, your highness.

Wait! Where is my seat belt?

And does this thing have air bags?

We are not taking off until I'm securely secured!

Relax, Chamberlin. You'll be fine.

Just hold on for dear life.

Next stop: the Ice Desert.

3, 2, 1!

Lift off!


That was the second most unpleasant experience

I have ever had.

Rhea: I'm taking a wild guess,

but I think that's Geela's Secret Warehouse.

We've got to slip inside without being seen.

I'll wait here outside and, uh, keep an eye out for...


Everybody, move out!

You don't think Empress Geela

is anywhere near, do you?

[giggles] You are such a silly billy, Chamberlin.

Geela's a zillion miles away.

[Geela laughing evilly]

[princesses gasp]

[evil laughter continues]

That's Geela! She's here! We're doomed!

We'll need to be even more careful so she doesn't see us.

Thank Grock for our fashionable, all-black rebel outfits.

Hey! How come Captain Hansome didn't have one made for me?

We'll never get past those guards.

Too bad. Let's go home.

We're not giving up.

Listen carefully.


Oh, my Grock.

How cute is that?

I am so taking that home with me.

Robot: I want it!

Whoever grabs it, gets it.

You four stay here and keep your eyes and ears open.


Greetings, Professor Klaatu!

Show me my newest and cruelest invention!

That's the weapon Captain Hansome wants us to report back on!

And I get dibs on telling him!

I shall call this machine of evil...

the Fog-O-Nator!

Oh, no! Did she say Frog-O-Nator?

Is she going to hurt frogs?

I love frogs!

She said Fog-O-Nator.

Oh, no! Is she going to hurt fog?

Shh! Geela is explaining right now.

With this weapon, I will shroud all the planets of the Pentangle

in a permanent fog of gloomy darkness and depression!


[evil laughter]

Okay, we've seen Geela's evil machine, let's run away.

No! We gotta destroy that machine

before she can use it!

Point of order.

Captain Hansome said: "Do nothing dangerous."

C'mon, Chamberlin, this is the fun part.

You and I have very different ideas of fun.

Wait. Aren't these black spy suits the fun part?

Juno is right, we have to destroy

the Fog-O-Nator before Geela uses it!

Let's give Geela a little taste of SpacePop!

We'll have the perfect view from overhead

to figure out a way to destroy the Fog-O-Nator.

FYI -- I have a major fear of heights.

Oh my Grock,

is there anything you're not afraid of, Chamberlin?

Chamberlin: Donuts. Except the ones with sprinkles.

There's always the chance a rogue sprinkle

could fall off and stab you in the eye!

Empress, you should know

there is one weak spot on the Fog-O-Nator

that could allow someone to destroy it rather easily.

Weak spot?

Well, you wanted it ready yesterday, so I worked non-stop.

I missed my son's 5th birthday party.

There was a clown who did --

Get on with it!


See that tube on top?

If something were to block that tube

while the motor was running -- ka-boom!

No more Fog-O-Nator.

Geela: That will never happen!

Show me how it works!

But, Empress --

Did you just say "but Empress"?

I paused after "but."

The machine will fill the entire secret warehouse with depressing fog.

Turn it on!

Or perhaps you'd like me to send you to the Prison of Pain?

This place is going to be filled with fog in no time.

Let's jam that tube with something and destroy that machine!

Doing evil things always makes me hungry.

I crave something round and sweet and deep fried.

Bring me donuts!


Not sprinkles!


Save me!

Geela: Someone is up there!

Destroy them!

Guys, like, we're in trouble!

You think?

[choking] My cape!

No! That cape is made from a rare polyester plant!

Athena: We can escape through here!

Geela: You won't escape me,

whoever you are in your matching black outfits!

[Geela panting]

Now I can't see with all this fog!

And whose idea was it to test a fog machine in a closed area?

Geela: Be quiet!

My precious Fog-O-Nator!


That is a 60-foot drop.

Those troublemakers will be flattened

like Ganshian Squash Beetles.

[evil laughter]

all: Aaaaaaah!





Juno: Ha ha ha ha! Good girl, Skitter!


Can we please get out of here?!

Back to the bus, Skitter.

SpacePop's first rebel mission accomplished!


I am impressed, your highnesses.

all: Thanks, Captain Hansome.

But you were ordered to only scout and report back --

not to destroy the weapon yourselves!

But, in the end, isn't it still a success for the Resistance?

Yes, and I must admit,

I underestimated the five of you.

Don't forget Chamberlin.

If it hadn't been for him and his cape,

the Fog-O-Nator would be churning out yucky-blucky fog

all over the Pentangle Galaxy.

Indeed, I have bravely sacrificed my cape

for the Resistance.

Gimme a break, it fell in the tube!

Luckily I had a spare cape. It was a two-for-one sale.

Now I must go.

Bye, Hansome!

But Empress Geela still rules, and until she is defeated,

there will be many more missions.

I'll be counting on you, SpacePop.

See you in my dreams! Mwah!

SpacePop, we have work to do,

spreading the word of freedom with music

and more rebel missions.

Are you ready?

all: Yes!


Athena: Luna, do not touch the Holo-Screen.

Captain Hansome clearly said not to contact him

unless it's an emergency.

Luna: But it is!

An emergency of the heart.



What is it, SpacePop?

Have you uncovered something to help fight Empress Geela?

No, uh, just a logistical question.

What are you doing next Thursday?

I know a cozy little cafe on Lunaria

where we could watch all four moons rise.

Well, uh, I'd have to check my invasion calendar.

Ignore her, Captain, you've got more important things to do.

Speaking of important things, how is your spy training coming along, SpacePop?


Uh, yeah, we were just getting to that.

Talk soon.

[giggles] Luna!

The planets of Pentangle are crumbling under Geela's rule,

and you're trying to get a date?

Juno: She can't help it, she's a princess.

In fact, what do any of you know

about surviving in this dangerous world?

I have survival skills.

Proper table manners can help

when you infiltrate an enemy base camp.

Not good enough.

Sheer luck got us out of that warehouse last night.

You're all just spoiled princesses who haven't got a clue.

What Juno means is that you are all pampered

and when you meet your doom, it will be my fault.

Remember to chew slowly.

How will your majesties survive these dangerous missions?

You are so unprepared.

My planet, Junoia, is a harsh world.

My family taught me how to survive,

and I can teach you!

You must learn to improvise.

This room is filled with potential weapons

that you could use to defend yourself.

[dramatic music plays]

Hyah! Haaa! Hyah!


Hiyayahahaha! Haaaaa!

Luna, gasping: My hats!

Juno, gasping: Better that than your neck.


Princesses: Pillow fights!


Hey! This is serious business.

That's for redecorating my room.

The key to hand-to-hand combat

is finding your opponent's weakness.

Okay, Rand, let's see your moves!

But you're girls.

And your point is?

Why don't we do the non-violent version and just hug?

I will not make bodily contact

with an alien with multiple armpits.

-Nothing personal, Rand. -I'm used to it.

Girls! You're in the middle of a battle!


[princesses screaming, shouting]

I'll show you how it's done!


Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Rand, laughing: Stop! That tickles.

See? I found his weakness.

[radio static]

Hey! You having a garage sale?

Athena: No. Building communicators!

We need a way to connect if we get separated.

Juno: A princess who can make communicators?

While you were getting survival training,

I was studying engineering and science.

That is a quartz crystal frequency transmitter.

But why go to all the trouble when we have holo-comms?

Net-driven devices can be hacked by Geela's techies.

Mine are all off-line.

Has a microchip salvaged from a junked hard drive.

Keyboard Kid calling Hot Sticks.

Juno: This is Hot Sticks, reading you loud and clear.

This is Fabulous Fashioneesta calling Sunshine and Moonbeams.

Training session in the gathering area.

And don't dilly dally

or you'll miss Chamberlin's homemade muffins.

Whoa! Ow!


Hah! Hah!



Oh, no!

Ha ha ha!

Bravo, majesties. Bravo!

Looks like the Rhealo Rock Festival is really packing them in.

Rhea, sighing: It's gonna be great playing to a home crowd.

Juno: Girls, the Booster Boys are headlining this show!

They're one of the best bands in the Pentangle System!

Hah! One day, SpacePop will be the headliners.

And my voice will echo throughout the cosmos.

Load her up, Rand.

Rand: This is not our stage.

That one is!

Luna: No, no. Absolutely not!

I'm not playing on that dinky stage for a handful of weirdo aliens.

This is how bands get started, Luna.

We earn our fans one song at a time.

I still don't like it!

Rhea: I'll play for anyone that shows, singer or not.

Come on, Rand!

Humph! Aaah!

She's such a diva. We're better off without her.

She's just used to getting her way.

I'll talk to her.

Luna, we need you to sing with us.

No. I can't have this blemish on my rock 'n roll résumé.

This isn't about you, Luna.

It's about the bond between us, as a band,

as princesses, as rebels

sworn to defeat Empress Geela.

Mm-hmm! [beatboxing] Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm!

You're against me too, Adora?


Oh, all right, just this once.

[crowd cheering]

♪ You can't read me by my cover ♪

♪ Before you take a look inside ♪

♪ 'Cause I am nothing like another ♪

♪ And there's nothing here to hide ♪

♪ And now I'm never gonna give it up ♪

♪ Yeah, now I'll never ever give it up, up now ♪

♪ I'm never gonna give it up

♪ Yeah, now I'll never ever give it up ♪

♪ The sun and moon, they shine above ♪

♪ They light the way to find this love for me ♪

♪ I'm sick of playing in these shadows ♪

♪ Can't explain it all the same ♪

♪ And now I'm never gonna give it up ♪

♪ Yeah, now I'll never ever give it up, up now ♪

♪ I'm never gonna give it up

♪ Yeah, now I'll never ever give it up ♪

♪ The sun and moon, they shine above ♪

♪ They light the way to find this love for me ♪

♪ Can't you see? ♪

[cheering and applause]

SpacePop sounded super-orbital!

And you looked good, too!

I'm so glad you begged me to come back.

I really rocked the house, didn't I?


Uh, I mean, we all did.

There's an urgent communications blast from rebel headquarters!


Good afternoon, SpacePop. I have your next mission.

I wish he would call us by our individual names.

You must infiltrate Geela's transport bays

to the east of Rhealo's capital.

Then place tracking devices on her space-tankers

so we can monitor their destination.

Complete the job before midnight,

when Geela's army will be moving out.

Are you free after that, Captain?

I mean, you can't be a rebel 24/7.

Actually, I do take an occasional nap.

Good luck on your mission!

Tracking devices?

Where do we get those?

Package for SpacePop!

And I don't think it's fashion accessories.


Now we're trackin'!

Athena: The SpacePop rebels are ready for action!



I wonder where those awful princesses could be hiding out.

We get off at the stop after next.

Robot: You are out past curfew. Explain!

We were at a Geela support rally and missed the earlier bus.

Good enough for me.

Rhea: Luckily, Geela's android army is made up of fools.

I heard that!

Just my luck. They have extended hearing.

You are under arrest for insulting an android!

The trackers have heavy-duty magnets.

We can scramble their circuitry.

Activate on my call.




Rhea: Those are the transport bays.

Ten to midnight!

Better hurry before Geela's space birds fly the coop.

Are we ready? This will be a piece of cake.

Robot: Check that area over there.

Well, this should be a kick!

What the --

[battle cries]



[robots groaning]


OK, remember our mission.

Put our trackers on the five space-tankers

and return to the rendezvous point.

Last one there is a wet squiggle bat!

Ugh! Juno! That is so gross!

Arrggh! Oh, no.


Girls, Captain Hansome gave us defective tracking devices.

[chuckles] Never trust a boy to do a princess's job.

Ughh! Done! Me too!



Juno: Use something sticky, Hera!

I don't have anything sticky, Juno.

All I have is moonberry gum.

Ugh! For Grockness' sake!

Wait! I have an idea!

Juno, panting: That...was...close.

Glad you "stuck" with it, Hera.

Another mission accomplished, SpacePop.

Group hug!

Geela: The old Junoia Palace needs a complete makeover.

Let's get started!

First, we'll clear out all this weird Junoian art.!

Juno, it's just a hologram.

Do you have any more of that sun fruit?

I hate what she's doing to my home.

She's a monster!

[Luna shrieks]

Bradbury invited us to a wedding!

Where is my sun fruit? That was for smoothies!

What's this about a wedding?

Bradbury has videoed.

He wants us to play at his uncle's wedding on Junoia!

I don't think SpacePop is wedding material.

There will be 500 guests there.

Don't you get it, people?

This is my big break!

Uh, our big break.

SpacePop, I love you!

Love you!

[sniffs] And I wanna learn everything about you.

I'm worried about our "number-one fan."

What if he discovers our secret?

Wrong video!

Listen, this wedding gig could be huge for us.

It would be nice to go back home.

Chamberlin, how far to Junoia?

Chamberlin: Just a few star sectors.

All right, let's do it!

all: Yay! All right!

You never answered my question, Juno.

What happened to my sun fruit?

Geela happened.

Princesses: Bradbury?!

I've got a surprise for you, SpacePop.

[gasp] Do you have sun fruit smoothies for us?

No! Better.

My Uncle Ray is actually a concert promoter!

[sighs] All my dreams are coming true.

Yes! Rock the wedding tonight

and he might book you on a show.

[princesses cheering]

Your dressing room is this way.

And those are your costumes.

all: Costumes?

I guess I forgot to mention that part, huh?

all: Bradbury?!

My uncle and his fiancée love animals.

They wanted a band who would perform in costume.

No way, Bradbury!

Please! For Grock's sake!

If Uncle Ray doesn't see you,

then you can't open for Arian 4, and then...

[gasp] Did you say...

Open for Arian 4?

Yeah. Arian 4 is playing

at the Junoia Coliseum tomorrow night.

That's the biggest, most popular band in the galaxy!

That could be huge for me -- us, I mean us.

Uh-uh. Still no way, Bradbury.

all: Juno?!

No, no, no, no!

No no no no no no no no!

Goodness, I have to imagine them

without those Grock-awful costumes.

I can't believe we're opening for Arian 4.

They're the reason I became a singer.

Ladies, there's a call for you.

I'm trying to sleep.

Chamberlin: It's from Captain Hansome.

This is my lucky day! Come on, Rhea!


Great news, SpacePop!

Opening for Arian 4.

I'm a big fan.

Then maybe you could come to the show?

Unfortunately, no. That's why I'm calling.

The Resistance is making a big move.

We're looking to shut Geela down.

And we need your help, SpacePop.

You can count on us.

I was hoping you'd say that.

We need you to track down

Geela's hidden signal transmitter on Junoia

and turn it off.

[gasp] It would jam up all her holo-viz channels.

[chuckles] Yeah. Someone needs to shut her up.

Besides shutting down

that weird house redecorating show she does.

She should recommend more ergonomic furniture.

What do you say, SpacePop?

Want to help shut the evil empress down?

all: Yeah!

It's a big day, girls.

Our first major concert, plus a rebel mission,

all in the next 12 hours.

Could we take a little nap first?

If we pull this off, we can spread our message

of unity and freedom even further.

And silence that loudmouth Geela!

And be wildly famous!

Plus those other things, too.

Your dressing room is down that way.

[crowd cheering]

What's that?

Oh my Grock, it's Arian 4.

Thank you for letting us open tonight, Calista.

Your sound is pleasing to us.

Think you're ready for the big-time?


Hmm. Try not to crash and burn.

The nerve of her.

What does she mean, "crash and burn"?


Mwah! Mwah!

Who did you just blow a kiss to?

Um, uh, no one.

It was no one.

Huh. Well, I hope "no one" is cute.

Hey, Rhea, don't let Calista bother you.

We are SpacePop.

We care about the music, not the fame.

Well, that's not entirely true.

Those are my subjects out there,

and they need our message of hope and unity more than anything.

If we can handle a sold-out crowd,

Geela will be a piece of cake.

all: Yeah!

Hmm. Anyone else have a taste for cake?

Nice pep talk, Juno. Junoia is lucky to have you.

We are, too.

SpacePop, you're on in 15.

What do you say, SpacePop? Time for a quick rehearsal?

Bradbury: Good luck, SpacePop!

How did you get in here, Bradbury?

Backstage pass. Whoo-hoo!

That guy still worries me.

Yeah. The more he hangs around,

the harder it will be to keep our secret.

Oh, I think the little guy is harmless.

stage manager: SpacePop on stage!

[gasp] My fans await me!

You mean our fans.

Chamberlin: Bravo, SpacePop! Hip-hip!

We are SpacePop!

And we're here to fight the power.

1, 2, 3, 4...


♪ Ready for anything

♪ We've got

♪ This one moment

♪ One shot

♪ To go all the way and

♪ We're not

♪ Gonna let anyone stop us

♪ One voice

♪ Together

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ Turn it up

♪ 'Cause we are

♪ Ready for anything

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ So come on

♪ What you say?

♪ We're ready for anything

♪ Ready for anything

♪ I'm not

♪ Gonna say it's easy

♪ To rise up

♪ And change what needs changing ♪

♪ If we've got

♪ This one moment

♪ Then rise up

♪ Together

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ Turn it up

♪ 'Cause we are

♪ Ready for anything

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ So come on

♪ What you say?

♪ We're ready for anything

♪ We are, we are

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ We are, we are

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ We are, we are

♪ We're unstoppable

♪ So come on

♪ What you say?

♪ We're ready for anything

♪ Unstoppable ♪ [cheering]

That was really fun, guys!

Way to go, everyone!

That was amazing!

They love me, don't you think?

They must want my autograph.

Alien: We love you, SpacePop!

You're our heroes!

both: Down with Geela!

SpacePop, sign my face!

Rand, go sign Bradbury's face.

Bradbury: Wait! No! Not you! Aah!

Girls, girls, it's time for your other performance.

Time to shut Geela down!

all: SpacePop! SpacePop!