SpaceBoy (2021) - full transcript

At only 11 years, Jim is a gifted boy passionate about space and science. Arriving in a new town with his dad, Jim has to participate in a young scientist competition with his new classmate Emma, a sensitive and discreet girl. Despite her reluctance, Jim convinces her to imitate Kittinger's 'Excelsior' project (first man to reach the frontier of space in 1960) and to build secretly a real air balloon. This calling comes from his father, Graham, an astrophysicist who was meant to carry out a space mission very soon. Since Jim's mother died, this project is very important to him. But when he discovers Graham has given up without telling him, his world falls apart. The competition turns into an obsession and Jim wants to prove unlike his father that he won't give up. Jim pushes Emma to her limits and drags her into an adventure which is going to bring them closer.

It's going to be all right, Marie.

It's going to be OK.

Come up here, Dad.
She's here.

Look, Daddy's coming to join us.

This is where you're hiding.

Are you all right, darling?

What's going on?

I think this is what she needs.

I've already read a bit
but it's better if it's you.

- All of it?
- Yep.

From the start?


It all started the day we moved.

4th of April 1986.


Dad is packing the car
with all our things, our whole life.

In the end, we didn't keep much.

Graham for Jim.

Graham for Jim.

Jim for Dad.

All checked?
Nothing forgotten?

No, it's all good,
we have everything.

So, come down.

OK, on my way, Daddy.

What's he done now?

What's that?

- You ripped the door off?
- Not the door, just the frame.

Throw it in the back.

Jim, it's going to be OK.

What about school?

- You'll go to a new one.
- And my friends?

Which friends exactly?

I don't know, Mr Burton?

Mr Burton?
The old guy from the library?

- And Miguel?
- Your Spanish pen pal?

You write to each other...

We won't have the same letter box.

Hey, we're not going to the moon, OK?

I like seeing the city
get smaller and smaller...

- Everything look smaller from afar.
- Yes, it's mathematical.

Not only, Jim. Not only.


Wake up.

Cosmo, I think we've arrived.

- Promise you won't go crazy.
- Come on, Dad!

- Promise me.
- OK. Promise.


Here we go.
You can open your eyes, we're there.

Is this where you're
going to complete your mission?


- Come on let's go!
- Easy tiger.

Let me settle in, you can
come after school tomorrow.

- Deal.
- Come on, let's go.

- Will you be OK to get home?
- Yes, I've prepared a map.

April. May. June.

Three short months and it's summer.
Can you survive that long?

It'll give you a chance to make
some friends for the holidays.

Real ones this time.

Hurry up parking those bikes...

Stand up please, miss!

No running!

Mr Gouldman!

Mr Gouldman.

You! Here in my school?

Mr Gouldman. What an honour.

Sorry! I'm Mr Flanberg.

- I'm the headmaster.
- How do you do?

By hiring a man of your caliber,
the observatory...

has reached for the stars!

Yes, well, this is my...

Please. No running!

They run, they run.
and then they fall, they fall.

Gravitational waves.


A black hole.

So fascinating, isn't it?

And who's the lucky owner
of such a fabulous dad?

I'm James Eugene Gouldman
but you can call me Jim.

- Which fits in the high scores.
- In what?

High scores.

- You use three letters from your name.
- In video games.

That's very good.

- You can go and join class 6B.
- Go on, off you go.

Go on. Chop-chop.
Off you go.

Mr Gouldman.

- Have a nice day.
- See you tomorrow.

Perhaps, yes.

It's going to be all right.


It's going to be all right.

Is someone there?



Bye then.

Today, we're going to learn about:



An atom is a tiny particle that
can't be seen with the naked eye.

So to help us dive into the matter,
I'm going to start

with a sketch...

That's the one.

First scientific step: observation.

So for example, we have
oxygen, carbon, iron...

Lots of different elements, and
each chemical element is, in fact,

made up of tiny particles...

You can sit down.

Wait here.

- Isn't young Gouldman here?
- No.

- Small, brown-haired kid?
- I haven't seen him.

Our dear Emma.

After a few months away,
she's back in top shape

for the last term of the school year.

But please,
everyone be very careful.

Her doctors insist.

Her parents insist.

In a word, everyone...


Vi... gi...


So, if you play with Emma...


... vigilant.

- Please, continue.
- Thank you.

Yes, I'll leave you to it.

I'm very happy you're back.
Why don't you sit down.

So, then...

The actual distance between
the nucleus of the atom...

Cosmo. Let's go!

How are you?
We've missed you.


I've wanted to give it to you
for a long time...

Look, it's a transfer.
Put it on.

- Did you see the guy in the tree?
- What guy in a tree?

- Look!
- Who's he?

What are you
doing in my classroom?

The headmaster told me
to go to classroom 6B.

- Through the window?
- He didn't say how exactly.


- And you too. Understood?
- Loud and clear.

Do you know him?

Who is this guy?

Ah, Mrs Diaz.

Did you see a boy by any chance?

Lost in the hallways?

We'll see about this later, Mrs Diaz.

Please write clearly.

Jim. Wait by my desk, please.

Emma, you too, wait here.

I don't need you to stay.
You can go.

- Bye Spencer.
- Wait, Miss Adams, I wanted to...

- Goodbye.
- No listen...No one ever listens...

Next time, please use the door
like everyone else. Agreed?

Agreed! But if there's
a fire or an explosion

we may need
to leave via the window.

It could be dangerous.
That thing could explode.

Through the door.


Every year, at the end of June,
the school has a science contest.

Emma, you know all about this,
but as you're both alone

I thought you could work together?

I'm already in Spencer's team.

They started working
in January so they're too far ahead.

I'm sorry.

Here Jim, have a look at these
examples of ongoing projects.

Great, thanks.


You'll be fine.
Don't worry.

OK then...

Try to meet tonight and
come up with a proposal for tomorrow.

That bastard
is stealing Emma from us.

- Whatever.
- What, whatever?

One hour, don't forget.


Yes, I'm in the kitchen.

- Are you hungry?
- I've already had dinner.

I'll eat later then.

- Are you alone?
- Yeah, my father often works late.

I came up with an idea.

The hamster...

Cute animals always earn you points.

- So? What do you think?
- I'm home.

We have company...

- Good evening, sir.
- Hello.

This is Emma.

We have to find an idea
for a science contest at school.

A contest? Great!

And your day?

Great, I'll tell you later.
Did you eat?

No, but go for it, I made pasta.

Follow me.

Come on, Emma.

Please don't touch anything.

Relax. I'm touching with my eyes.

You'll hurt yourself.
Look at all the toothpicks.

My mother gave me one hour.

We need to hurry.

This meeting is top secret.

Hold on tight.

New-Mexico. August 1960.

Pilot Joseph Kittinger
is about to make history.

After one last check of his equipment,

designed to withstand
extreme temperatures and pressure,

his balloon takes off.

After four solitary hours,
Kittinger reaches the frontier of space.

At 31,300 meters altitude,
he faces infinity.

In the hope of seeing his family again,
Kittinger puts his trust in God.

He dives into the void.

Kittinger achieves
the greatest leap in history,

falling at 988 km/h,
without any equipment.

After 4 minutes and 37 seconds,
Kittinger opens his parachute.

He becomes a hero for mankind.

Did you see that?

Emma, we're recreating Kittinger's
Excelsior balloon for the contest.

- For real?
- Yes, of course.

That's a joke.
We can't do something like that.

Yes we can.

My dad taught me everything
and we have his old equipment.

He's an astrophysicist.
He's going to go into space.

He's really going into space?

It's top secret. Look.

He'll be the fifth physicist
to go into space.

After Rukavishnikov in '71,

Gibson in '73,

Allen in '82,

and Acton in '85.

And now: my dad.

Take-off in two years,
four months and eleven days.

On the 7th of July 1988 to be precise.

All right but...
we can't build a hot-air balloon.

With all my past experiments,
I know what I'm doing.

My mum's going to kill me.
I've got to go.


Go on Dad, tell me.
How was it?

Go on, tell me.


Nothing strengthens authority
so much as silence.

Leonardo DaVinci.

I'm kidding.

- How was it?
- Thanks for the pasta.

- Wait. You first. She looks nice that...
- Emma?

Emma, yes.
What about the science contest?

I'm thinking of recreating
Kittinger's hot-air balloon.

Good idea.
But no messing around this time, OK?

- OK... Yes!
- Promise?

How was the telescope?

Once you've seen one,
you've seen them all.

You'll see tomorrow.

Oh no...Help!
Let me go.


There...Here I am.

Did you have time
to prepare something together?

- A hot-air balloon?
- My project?!

It's a lovely presentation.

Explanations of the physics.

It's good.
Very good.

This is a joke. We can't do this.
It's much too dangerous.



You're quite right, Miss Novak.

We wouldn't want
your balloon to turn into a hearse.

No hamster.

You know what Charlotte's
doing for the contest?

No. What's she doing?

What a joke.

- That sounds good.
- It's not, it's pathetic.

So? What is there to see today?
I see...

A tree?

No, it's the t-shirt
of the girl right next to me.

You can't really see very far...

- What's up?
- Terrible project. Impossible to do.


- And your hamster idea?
- He tricked me.

- So, what are you going?
- A hot-air balloon.

He's such a weirdo.

I'll tell Miss Adams
I'm dropping the project.

No, don't.
I've had an idea.

How would you like to
spy on him for us?

- What are you on about?
- Like a special agent.

- Are you still with us?
- Yes.

This is the control centre

where we collect the data to share
with the other space research centres.

You know the principle.

- Cool isn't it?
- Yep.

Ah! It's Jim.

Will you be watching
next week's take-off with us?

Challenger? Of course.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.


Here we are.

- Welcome to my lair.
- Cool. Oh, the chair!

- Yeah. Good, right?
- Does it swivel?

Yeah, nice one...

Why can't we talk about
your mission here?

Just don't.
We agreed. OK?

- Hey, my project was accepted.
- Which project?

- Kittinger. For the contest.
- Oh yes, the contest.

Project Excelsior.


You forgot the resistance factors
in your weight to mass ratio.

I'm afraid so.

Jim, don't ever forget, for a scientist,
a millimetre is a millimetre...

A gram is a gram.

It's important.

It's here.

- So? Do you like it?
- It looks great.

- Shall we go and take a look?
- Yes.

Are you sure
this barn's abandoned?

Yes, I'm sure. But I'm warning you,
I'm not getting in your balloon.

Stop, Emma, you can trust me...

I get it.
You're nervous about the contest?

Don't worry,
I know it's all new to you,

but I've got everything covered.

An envelope.
A basket. And hot air.

Then we'll need: two walkie-talkies,
an altimeter, and...

- two parachutes.
- Two what?

Parachutes, Emma. I'm not going
to repeat everything twice.

And now...

Destination - Space.

- It really works!
- Of course. You see, you can trust me.

Yes, look, don't worry...
it's fine.

To recreate Kittinger's mission,
we'll need helium, not fire, so...



Come on Emma, hurry up.

Come on, Emma.

Hurry up.

Come on. Hurry up.

Come on!

Check this out.

Look at this stroke of luck.

What? That old thing?

Don't say that. It's great.
Look. We've got our seats to...

We have our basket.

I just need to unscrew
four bolts and we're good.

Sure, and we can also use
the wheels to make an aircraft carrier.

Hang on...

An aircraft carrier...
If we use the wheels? But...

Emma, your idea doesn't work.

What are you doing?

Weighing the basket.
15 kilos, 210 grams.

- Too heavy.
- We could still change project.

That's not it... The basket's great.
The right size and everything, but...

Too much weight.

My hamster idea is really good.
And I know where to find one.

We need to keep the weight down.

What, I'm too fat?

Negative. We just need
to cut out the superfluous.

And that's me?

You didn't just do that!

I did the maths, the envelope
in proportion to weight...

What's wrong with you?
What's your problem!?

For a scientist, a centimeter
is a centimeter and a gram...

We had to cut out the superfluous.

Then chop off your...

Yes, Luc and Marc...

What's her name again?

We saw her with Noiret
the other day.

Come on.


Of course.

Hello Dad. Hello Mum.

Hello darling.
Everything all right?

Yes, I was working
on the project for the contest.

I'll go and take a look.

I thought so.

Show me.

Why are you late?

- Emma, your hair!
- It was Julia.

She wants to be a hair stylist.
It looks good, no?

Your beautiful hair.

Emma told me about it.
Sorry, I should have said.

I need to know what you're doing.
Is that so hard?

I'm sorry.
Don't be angry.

It's for your own good, Emma.

- Tell me if you need help.
- Let's meet tomorrow?

- OK.
- See you tomorrow.


- Emma, I wanted to tell you that...
- I'm all ears.

I wanted to say...

I unbolted part of the basket.

We don't have
a weight issue anymore!

You've got loads of photos.
Can I see them?

The flowers at the botanical gardens.

The school window.

Through which you came in.

My bedroom.

That's my mum.

- He looks scary, right?
- Who is he?

The warden at the botanical gardens.

He's scary, isn't he?

You know, no-one has ever
heard his voice.

Pam, my best friend.

- And the warden behind her.
- Wait, what's that?


How tall is Pam?

A bit taller than me.

- Why?
- OK...

- 35mm.
- Jim?

Those balloons are 2 meters high.

They're filled with helium.

Hi Emma,
love the new haircut.

- I'm not convinced.
- No, really, it's great.

And how's your project going?

We started after everyone,
but it's going well...

You really think you can beat us?

On 11 April 1961, people thought
it was impossible to go into space.

- So what?
- The next day, Yuri Gagarin went.

Who cares about Gagarin?

So, me and my dad
are going to show the idiots...


- Idiots!? Who are the idiots?
- It's a generalization.

Who exactly are the idiots?

I want to know!

No running in the staircase.

What's that racket?

Stop it boys.



Stop fighting right now!

I abhor fighting in my school.

You again.

Yes, it's always you.

- Miss Novak, what happened?
- He started.

- I don't know, sir.
- You don't know.

Rubbish, he started it!

You know what happens now?
You're a loyal customer.

- Kiss and make up.
- Let go of me.

- Kiss and make up, I said.
- Sir, the germs.

You should have
thought about germs before.

One little kiss. Come on.
One kiss. One little one.

- Let me go!
- Never!

Just a little kiss.

There you go.
Peace. Friendship. Kisses.

All that I welcome!
Let's go.

Oops. Sorry.

Here you go.

- There you are.
- Someone here has to work.

- Have you see Jim?
- He's hiding behind the console.


It's going to start soon.

I've got the countdown.

- Everything OK?
- Yep, nothing to report.

- And your project for the contest?
- Euh, yes...

- Come! It's going to start.
- Hurry up!

Come on.

Starting main reactor.



Two. One.

Firing side-thrusters
and lift-off of Challenger

for its tenth mission into space!

- It's beautiful.
- Yes.

- It's incredible.
- Beautiful...

- What's that grey thing at the back?
- That's the liquid hydrogen.

It propels the shuttle.



Dad, what's going on?

Dad, what's going on?

There you go.

- Sure you don't want to go home?
- No, I'd rather stay here with you.

All right.
I'll try to be quick.

Cosmo, you hear that?

It must be about Dad's space mission.

It's probably top secret.

You're right. We can't...

Not read it.

Hello Graham,

Following tonight's catastrophe,

I have also decided
to leave the programme.

David is furious that, like you,
I am also abandoning the mission. you,
I am also abandoning the mission.

He doesn't understand my decision,
just as he couldn't accept yours.

I'm so sorry
that things have ended this way.

Call me if you want to.
Your friend, Felix.


Felix McCaine, David Boyle

and Graham Gouldman.

I'm done.

How do you feel?

Come here.

You should never have seen that.

It'll be all right.

You're hiding here?

Can't you just be normal?
What's wrong?

My dad dropped out of his mission.

He left months ago.

The observatory
was just a smoke screen.

He didn't tell you anything?

That's why he asked me to keep quiet
when we were at the observatory.

But I'm going to show him
that a Gouldman never gives up.

In fact,
tonight we're getting that helium.

What? The helium
at the botanical gardens?

We'll break in after it closes.

No Jim, it's illegal.

The laws of physics
are superior to the laws of men.

Sir Isaac Newton.

If my mum finds out she'll kill me.

For real?


So, what's the problem?

Come on, let's go.

There, the balloons.
The helium must be inside.

This way.

You want to spend a naughty evening?

Here's the number you need...

Impossible from above.

Weird... I was sure
there'd be a way to get...

Are you OK?


...wildest dreams...

Come on.

Look, he's there.

- Jim ...Look.
- What?

- We're really doing this!
- You bet.

You know what Charly's doing
for the contest?

- Nope.
- It's a make-up machine.

That's just dumb,
He'll never win with that.

A bit of mascara here,
a lashing of mascara there.

And a bit of cream here,
on forehead, on the cheeks...

He'll never win.


You're still talking to us?

I wanted to see how it was going.

Great colour.


Look, we're bound to win
with our FloppyBook!


He said that we're bound to win
with our FloppyBook!

Are you getting anywhere
with your secret mission?


- I can't see anything, it's blurry.
- It's the best I could do.

Nothing. Blurred.
Can you see anything?

- Answer me.
- A little...

No, you can't.
And I can't either.

No-one can. It's useless.

Just bin it.

It takes you ages to get anything,
and when you do, it's rubbish.

You know what? If you're still with us,
sabotage his project.

I don't want trouble.

With your illness,
who will suspect you?

- Where you going?
- That was really low.

- Wait...
- Bye, Emma...

Let's get back to it.

Page six
- Page six...

Are you sure we'll have enough?

Helium is 700 times more voluminous
as a gas than as a liquid.

Basic chemistry.

I saw Spencer earlier.

- I think he's jealous.
- He's right to be.

Have you seen what we're building?


If they complete their FloppyBook
it'll be a heavy contender.

And with all this helium,
we'll have the light contender.

You're right,
she's spying on us.

Shut up.
Keep quiet.

Light contender.

What's that?

I bought it last year
with my pocket money.

Can you play something for me?

- Really?
- Yes.

Stop it.
I told you to keep it down.

I'm going to blow them up.

I wanted to go to music academy, but
my mum said it was a waste of time.

Music didn't help us discover
atomic fusion or plate tectonics.

But it's a pretty lovely waste of time.

She thinks I can't handle anything.
She'll never change.

Without change, no butterflies.
That's biology.

My dad says that to me all the time.

I can't believe
he'd lie to me like that.

My mum's the same.
They do it to protect you.

Except that your mum
doesn't lie to you.

Sometimes, I wish she did.

It's there.

Can I ask you something?

Be honest...

What did you think
when the teacher put us together?

I thought of your ephelides.

My what?

You know, your freckles.




Bellatrix. Mintaka. Alnilam.

And Alnitak.

Link them up and you have
the constellation of Orion.

Thanks for all your help.

What's this?

Who says stratospheric flight,
says safe return home.

Cool, some words
I actually understand.

Emma! Please concentrate.

We're here to test the parachutes.

- It's a catapult.
- Affirmative.

If the parachutes work for my dad,
then they'll work for the two of us.

You know what?

- You go first.
- Me?!

So that I can analyses your trajectory...

- What have you done now?
- You're back already.

I thought it'd be fun
to do something together.

I went shopping, I've got nearly
everything for the tree house.

The tree house observatory.

Great, but I have work to do.

Hey, Jim. Look.

I found this.

It's for good luck.

Were you checking
one of Cousteau's theories?


- Wasn't for your contest, I hope.
- No.

You never tell me about it anymore.

I want to surprise you.
You like surprises, right?

OK then.

In that case...

- It's closed.
- Are you sure?

Yes! I pulled as hard
as I could, it wouldn't budge.

Are you sure?

Doesn't matter.
Give me a leg up.

Go on, push.

I'm too small, it's slippery.


I'm almost there.

Are you OK?

Watch out for mosquitoes.

Where is he?

Wake up.

Jim? Are you OK?

Jim, wake up!
Are you OK?

What are you doing?

How did you get in?

- You had to pull a little harder.
- What?

What do you mean, pull harder?

Looks pretty impressive, right?

We have FloppyBook.
That's better.

And we're going to win.
Give me that.

Make sure you don't touch anything.

Sorry to drop in like this

but I don't really like
Emma cycling home alone...

No of course, I understand.

As I always say: Safety first.

- Please, make yourself comfortable.
- Thank you.

...don't forget the
children's lieutenant's safety tips.

My tips are the following...

- Here we go.
- Thank you.

- Are you OK?
- Yes, fine.

- Coffee?
- No, thank you.

They're talking. We have time.

It's super cold in space.

Like -60°C at 10,000 meters.

And Kittinger went up
over 30,000 meters!

Do we have to stay much longer?

That's 33 minutes, 16 seconds,
our flight will last about 40 minutes,

so stand-by...

- OK,I get it, stand-by.

- Have you seen their project yet?
- No.

I just know they're recreating
Kittinger's 1960's Excelsior project.


A hot-air balloon.

Well you know more than I do.

To be frank,
I wish I knew a little more.

As Jim says, we'll get the surprise
on the day of the contest.

I'm not very fond of surprises.

But they're big kids now
and I trust Jim.

We've made
so many scale models together...

Hey, what does your mum do?
I never see her.

In two months, how often have
you seen my dad? Twice?

- I told you, they work all the time.
- You're lucky.

I don't want them to find us.

Emma, quiet, they're going to hear us.

Are you OK?

- Emma? Are you OK?
- I'm fine, Jim.

So? What are they doing?

They haven't started yet.

Altitude training?



Emma, stop!

Don't you want the roof open
for the test?

We're only going up one meter
to check it's ready.

- Sure?
- Yep.

Don't worry, it's only
to scare them.


Spacesuit, Emma.


United States. 21 June 1986,

Pilots Gouldman and Novak...

After a last check of their equipment,
their balloon is ready for a final test

before tomorrow's take-off.

You've lost it!

Was that,"only to scare them "?!

Let's go!
Hurry up!

Completely crazy.


Emma, are you all right?

Come on, Emma, let's go.
Emma? Look at me.

Are you all right?

We have to get out of here.

Inert gases like neon, nitrogen or...

helium, in this case,
are not toxic.

Thank God.

So, Emma fainted because
she inhaled smoke?

Her cystic fibrosis
has made her lungs fragile.

I feel much better.

I'd like to keep her under
observation here for a couple of days.

- The contest is tomorrow.
- No more contest, Emma.

That's what happens...

Don't say it's for my own good.

You're not to see him anymore.
You're sick, Emma.

- That's my fault, is it?
- Well, is it mine?

When I see how that boy is raised...
His mother's death is no excuse.

His mum is dead?

Didn't you know?

It just shows he's a liar.

How did you find out?

His dad told me last night.
He told me everything.

He made that balloon
to go and join his mum.

- That boy is crazy.
- Enough...

I'm not crazy!

- Tell her Emma.
- How could you do this to her?

Do you want to die Emma?
Is that it?

- Answer me.
- No.

But I didn't know that...

Go away Jim.

But I didn't know.

- Go away.
- Did you hear?


Look who it is!

It's the little shit-stirrer...

Come on, let's go see Emma

Let go of me.

Can't understand a word you say,
your gob always full of sweets.

It's you two?

There were loads
of wrappers behind the barn.

And this...

I never mixed it up.

- It's done now.
- If you're colour-blind maybe.

Who's going to believe
the little shit-stirrer?

Shit-stirrer, me?!
You nearly killed her.

You'd have killed her for sure
with that stupid balloon.

I've just spoken to Emma's mum.
What's going on?

- It's nothing.
- Nothing?

Emma in hospital. A fire.
That's nothing?

- It was sabotage, OK!
- Oh really.

Is making a real hot-air balloon
sabotage too?

- I never said it was a scale model.
- I trusted you.

Taking risks with Emma in her state!

But I didn't know that Emma was ill.

If you'd known,
would it have changed anything?

Jim, stay here.

I get that you're sad and angry
about Emma being in hospital.

- You don't get anything.
- What exactly is your problem then?

That's my problem.

Three years ago...

When your mum died

I could no longer take that risk.
That's all.

So why didn't you tell me?

You keep it all bottled up.
You did the same with Mum.

One day she's here,
the next she's gone, it's over.

I'd told you.
We'd told you!

Lies again!

You knew mum was sick
and that it was serious.

But there are things
you shouldn't have to hear.

I didn't want to see you
suffer any more.

It was already too much.

Look at this.

There are a little under
43 quintillion different positions.

You could cover Earth 270 times
with differently-mixed cubes,

and yet...

There's only one right solution.

Sometimes, I think life is the same.

It's not easy.

We do the best we can.

Have fun in your observatory
in this wretched hole.

If that's your right solution!

I dropped out because of you.

We moved here for you.

For a fresh start.

To leave all that shit behind.

Good night, my love.

Right. Go on girl, let's hear it.

I want to know everything
about this guy.

Are you OK?

It's all going to be fine, OK?

I promise.

He's nothing but a liar.

Says she, the high priestess of truth.

You know what?
Let's send him a message.


If my parents find out, they'll kill me.

We don't give a shit
about your parents.

Just send him a message.


Look, I think it's
almost as good as Mum's...

I'm sorry for yesterday.

- Are you Jim?
- Yeah, why?

It's for you.
From my cousin's friend.




Cosmo, those are star names.

So, Miaplacidus...













What is it?

Come on.
Let's get back to work.

The observatory.

Jesus Christ!

Yes, I stole your helium.
So what?

I need more.

It's not funny.
The contest is today!

It's an intergalactic catastrophe.

Months of preparing, only for that
psycho Spencer to mess it all up.

I didn't even see that Emma was sick.

I didn't understand
a word of your story.


But in life, when you fall, you get
off your arse and get back in the fight.

Yeah but...

You think it's
always going to be easy?

So, for the helium?

You think you can spare some more?

You stole my whole stock.

No, not quite.

Go on, get out of here.

But make sure
you apologize to the chick.

Stay here, Cosmo.

You came.

Yeah, I'm here.

I told you to stop coming
in through windows.

That's Pam.

You saw polaroid's of her.

What's wrong with her?

Sorry for hiding all this from you.

Is there anything I can do?

A rotating house?

With the sun always
coming through the same window.

As though time was standing still.

It's impossible to stop time, Emma.

It's a basic principle.

If you can't do that,
then get me out of here.

Oh fuck, it's today.

- Spencer...
- We're going to win!

- Mr Flanberg!
- Mr Gouldman.

Have you seen Jim?

I've been looking since this morning.
I can't find him.

He must be here somewhere.

There are more than 200 students...
Look around.

- I think he's disappeared.
- Disappeared?

- From my school?
- Sir, we need you.

How horrendous...

The contest, Mr Gouldman.

The contest...

Let me do this and I'll get back to you.

Everything is under control.
I'll get back to you.

Everything is under control.

I'm ready.

Emma? What are you doing here,
dressed like that?

Emma, stay here.

Oh, it's nothing.
And then?

Kids! Stop!

Move back from the edge.

Don't move!

It's over, Jim.

Emma, please, stop.

Step back from the edge!

Trust me.


Everything's so calm
when you're not around.

Stay there.


Ladies and gentlemen...

Come, come.

The make-up machine!

This make-up machine
will revolutionize beauty!

No more hours wasted
applying make-up in the morning.

Isn't it clever?

Not bad at all.

Unhappy with the result?
Not a problem, wipe it all off.

All made possible
thanks to a tiny barometer

that you can see here below.

If you have questions

now's the time to ask.
Don't hold back!

All that matters is the contest.
We're winning this!

Come closer, come closer...

Don't be shy. Come closer.

That's right, come close.

Welcome to the future:




It's connected.

Imagine you've just seen
a great film at the cinema.

You take the "film" disk,
and via our FloppyBook platform,

- you add a message.
- What does it do?

Then, when a pupil is wondering
what film to go and see

they can just
look through the "film" disk

to see comments
others have left.

Very clever.

A wide range of themes
to cater for every taste.

They're ever so sweet
but this will never take off...

- It's brilliant!
- Bravo.

You're sure?

Oh, you're here are you!
Where are they?

- Answer me!
- What? Who? Jim?

Stop this...

- His kid has kidnapped my daughter.
- Our daughter.

- I've been looking for him all day.
- They're in a barn.

- What barn?
- What's the idiot doing?

- I told you, that boy is deranged.
- Darling, calm down.

I abhor fighting in my school.

Go and find them!

- Where's this barn?
- There's a path over there.

- Show me. Come on.
- Let's go.

Wait for me...Wait.


Emma, promise me you won't lose it.


I promise.



Go on, step forward a bit.

OK, you can look now.

- The botanical gardens' balloons?
- Yeah, it's a long story.

I'll tell you later.

- It works!
- Of course...

Shall we get ready.

Jim, it's my hamster.

Apparently, a hamster
will always earn you points.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Why did you lie about your mum?

She was very sick...
and I think I didn't want to see it...

Some things are more difficult
to admit than others.

Emma, are you all right?

I'm all right.

- Are you sure?
- It's all right, Jim.




It's over. They're coming.

Listen Emma,

I think you should go back
to the hospital.

- It's for your own good.
- Jim, don't say that.

- But Emma, you're sick.
- Not you!

It's for your own good, Emma.


You're right.

It's over.

But kiss me first.


Emma, you're completely crazy!

- Over there...back there.
- Where?

Wait for me.

- And how did you know about this?
- We followed them.



My God! He did it.


Jim, look at the barn.

You're completely mental!

I can't believe it, Jim.

Look down, Jim. Look.

We couldn't give up, Jim.

The school...The contest!

Oh yes, the contest...

Let's see if Charlotte's invention

Jim and Emma! Up there!



Jim? It feels like
we're rising really fast.

That's normal.

With less air pressure,
the balloons grow.

Don't try telling me
you didn't know.

Apart from trusting them,
what can we do?

Your famous theory.

Look at the result.

Without your son,
Emma would never have done this.

Shut up!

It's your fault if she's up there.
You suffocate her.

But she's sick.

- She can't take it anymore.
- Quiet.

I can hear something.

It's coming from here.

It's broken.
That's for sure.

- It's bound to be.
- You know how it works?

It's mine.

Wait. Don't move.

It won't work.

Graham for Jim.

I was wondering...
Why did you kiss me?

- Had you never kissed a girl?
- Why would I?

I can hear them.

Emma, the altimeter.

Emma, we have to go back.

Come on.

I'm OK, I'll check yours.


That's good.

- Jim. I'm staying up here.
- What?

I'm staying here, Jim.

Don't be scared.
It's easy, you'll see.

I'm not scared up here.

I can't abandon you.

If you don't want to lose me,
leave me here.


- Please, Jim, make her come down.
- He's trying, can't you see?

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

Something did happen to me.
Thanks to you.

My freedom.

Everybody just sees me as fragile.

You never saw me like that.

- I don't understand.
- I know.

Just this once,
I want people to listen to me.

Just this once,
I want to make my own decision.

Just this once.

With the hope
of seeing his family again,

Jim Gouldman puts his life
in God's hands.

He dives into the void.

Over and out


- Look.
- Oh, Jim...

Jim, it's me!


I'm here.

Are you OK?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have hidden
the truth from you.

Are you OK?

- How did you find me?
- We found your talkie in the barn.

We could hear you,
but we couldn't talk to you.

Take me there.

Jim and his dad are coming.

It's him, arrest him!

It's not working.

We tried.

Now, it's going to work.

Jim, is that you?

- Can you hear me?
- Yes. I'm down here.

Your mum wants to tell you something.

Emma, it's Mum.

I'm so sorry, my darling.
I was trying to protect you...

Because I love you.
Daddy and I love you so much.

If you knew Emma...
Please forgive me.

Come down please,
I beg you, come back.

Dad was right.

Everything looks smaller
from a distance.

Forgive me too, Mum.

I'm sorry.

And it's not just mathematical.

And you and Mum
really did all that together?

Einstein says you can live
as if nothing is a miracle

or as if everything is a miracle.

I miss Mummy, Dad.

Me too, my angel.

Me too.

There... A shooting star.

It's just gone past.

I didn't see it.
Neither did Cosmo.

Look how sad he looks...