Sox (2013) - full transcript

The Levy family is just starting their new life together, but there seems to be something missing. The boys, Jesse & Liam, are not getting along and their Mom (Ashley Noel) doesn't know what to do. Things get worse when their dad (Jamison Haase) has to leave town on business. Things seem hopeless until Uncle Nick (David DeLuise) come to visit and brings a present: Sox the dog! But Sox is hiding a secret too: He can talk! But the F.B.D.I and local dogcatchers are after him. Can the Levy family keep him safe?

Hey. You're not helping me
very much, Jess.

Can't you see them?
They're everywhere.

Mom, I'm trying to keep aliens
away from the garden.

How could you be gardening
when aliens are attacking?

Well, thank you.

You know, now that I think of it
you have been a very help...

because I, I barely see
any aliens at all now.

I got 'em all, Mom.

Come here. Thank you.

Mom! What?

I can't hug you anymore?
Is that what this is?

Not when I'm laser beaming, Mom.
I can't let my guard down.

Oh, yeah. We wouldn't want
that, laser man.

I liked our old house.
Why did we have to move?

Well, we're a family now.
Me, you, Liam and Thomas.

And our old house wasn't big enough for
all the new memories we're gonna make here.

Well, you think they're
gonna like it?

They're gonna love it.

I like Thomas, Mom.

Mm-hm. He's nice.

I think I see an alien
over there!

Yup, by the table! Get it!

Got it?

Good, thank you.

That one over there. Thank you.

You all right, buddy?

Hey, sport, I know this seems
like we're going really fast...

but this is our life
now, you know?

And, and look at the good stuff.
You're gonna be closer to Uncle Nick...

and your school and kids.

So we want you to, you know,
take it easy on those guys, okay?

You know, Liam, the First Rule of Family
Knots is all about communication, so...

Dad, I know what
The Family Knots...


I heard it a hundred times.
You promised.

I just want you to take
it easy on them, okay?


All right, sport.

Do me a favor, okay?

Try to be nice.

I think they're here!

Hi, 'ya, Thomas.

Jesse, how are you, man?
I'm good, how are you?

Good! It's so nice to see you.

Hello, hello. Hi.

How are you, Mrs. Levy?

Wow. I'm fine.

Mm. Mmm.

It has been extremely lonely living in
this big, brand spanking new house...

all alone longing
for Mr. Levy to join me. Mm.

I'm glad.

And, anxiously waiting for another
sweet little boy to join us.

Hi, Liam.

Hello, Christina.

Welcome home.

So, why don't we go inside.

See the work that
Christina's done.

Why don't you lead the way,
laser man.

Come on. Come on.

Come on in, guys.

Wow. Wow.

Hmm? This is...

This is it.

Now I haven't finished unpacking
everything yet...

but our bedrooms and the living room,
and our bathrooms are just about done.

This is great.

You should see our room.
Our room?

Dad, did he just say,
"Our room?"

You didn't tell them that
they were sharing a room?

I didn't really get around
to it, I guess.

We really need to have a talk.

One second.

Honey, there's actually
something I need to tell you.

Tell me what?
Two things, really.

And this may be number one.

Pleased to meet you.
Paula Preston.

I am the Precinct President of the
Plantation Pines Neighborhood Association...

and we are pleased as punch to
welcome you to this neighborhood.

Oh, a pecan pie.

Oh, my god, thank you.

I personally prepared it myself.

Thank you, Mrs. Preston?

Uh, Ms. Preston, actually.

It's a First Prize Winner at the
Pacy's Picnic for Presentation.

Wow, thank you very much.

Uh, this is my wife, Christina.

Hi. Hi.

And our boys, Jesse and Liam.

Oh, well, pleased to meet you.

It's my pleasure, I'm sure.

This pie looks delicious.

Perhaps we could share
recipes some day?


You know, something just popped
into the old pumpkin.

Oh, did it really?
Her pumpkin...

Uh, plum pudding.

I can pass by, preferably
Thursday, prior to 12 p.m...

and then we can trade recipes
over plum pudding?

Sounds like a... date.

Thought you were gonna say plan.

It was, uh, very nice to meet you,
and thank you so much for the pie.

Boys... say goodbye.


Ooh... peace.

Oh, it was such a pleasure.
Enjoy the pecan pie.

Very nice to meet you, Ms. Preston,
thank you. Pleasantly wonderful.

Thank you.


Was that your surprise?

Not exactly.

Are you expecting someone else?


Hey. Uncle Nick.

Whoa! Don't come any further.


Hey, sis.

Is this what you wanted
to talk to me about?

Not exactly.

Look what Uncle Nicky got you
guys as a housewarming gift.

A dog, that is so cool!

Look at his legs!
He looks funny.

You look funny. Do not.

Do so. Not.

So, so, so, so. Not, not, not.

Boys, this is enough!
A word, Mr. Levy.

He's cute, huh?


Come here.

I suppose you're wondering
why we're here.

I'm Donald. Yes, we've met.

I'm Donna. Yes, I know.

When was the last time
you saw this dog.

What happened to your arm?

Oh, he got attacked by a dog.

I wasn't attacked.
Oh, you got mauled.

I had it under control.
It was real bad.

You know I was in control...
Uh, look, your dog...

We need to find your dog.

And who are you again?

That's Jim... yeah.

As I've told you, I am Dale.

Oh, Jim... yes.

Jim makes an amazing
curry salad.

So good. Yummy.

Yeah, yummy.

Salad is good... Yeah.

For the soul.
I am Dale Hooger...

of the FBDI...

Federal Bureau
of Dog Investigations.

And this is my colleague, Zowie.

Howie. With an H.

He's a local dog catcher.
Not Zowie.

Uh, Donald, I've known you
for over ten years.

We were in...
We were in 4H together.

Oh, yes, my dog.

Oh, no, I've never had a dog.
No dog.

This picture was taken by a security
camera at the scene of a large fire...

at a chemical testing facility.

In said picture,
with said dog...

is a collar that had your
information on it.

Now, we need to find this dog.

It is a matter
of national security.

Come on, they love him.

I thought it would help
them bond, you know?

I thought... it's a good idea.

Here it goes.

What? The fighting.

Mom and Dad used to do it all the time. I
wish someone would stop them from fighting.

It's just a little dog, Christina.

But if you don't want them to have
him, I mean, I will totally tell them.

I mean, we are a team.
I will support you 100 percent.

Mm-mm, you are not gonna make
me to be the bad guy here.

Well, then,
what do you want me to do?

All right, all right. Fine.

Look, we'll see how
it goes, all right?

This is just temporary.


Look, he's coming over here.

Ah, I don't think the dog should
be in the house, okay?

It doesn't look
like a house dog to me.

Look at him. He's, he's
basically trained.

I mean, that is where
I found him.

Found him?

Where did you find him, Nick?

In the house, in my house.

It's actually kind of funny.

I, uh, after we hung up the phone,
and you said you wanted a...

Well, he was right there
in my living room.

How'd he get in your house?

Why is he looking at me?

He likes you.
Probably thinks you're cute.

Oh, well,
I... I've never owned a dog.


Wait, I remember that collar. I gave
that collar to a friend of mine.

Oh, yeah!

That was a long time ago.
I remember the collar, too.

What this friend of yours a dog?

Yes! Oh, but he
would never hurt anyone.

Oh, no, he was a righteous dude.

Very righteous.

And when was the last time you
saw this "dog friend?"

Hmm, what is the date?



Oh, and the date.

Oh, it's Friday, Mr. Sanky.

Friday, the 17th. 17th.

Uh, so, uh, uh, uh...

when was it that you saw
your dog last, again?

The 14th.

The 14th.

Could be important.
Better jot that down, Wowie.

No... May.

May. Yes, May.

What do you mean, May?
What does he mean by May?

I don't know. Maybe...

May 14th, 2008.

That was a good year, I remember
it like it was yesterday.

That was a good year.

That was a really good year.
Lego Land.

I remember that.

Um, is there anything else that
you guys want to tell us?

Like, for example,
uh, the dog's name?

Or anything,
distinguishing markings.

Anything that would
help us find him.

He has dog hair.
That's important.

It's... yeah...

Do you have any idea where he
might have gone five years ago?

Has anyone else contacted you
from said collar?


Wait, no to not knowing where he went?
From where he contacted you?

Or no to no one contacting you?
Or was it from the last caller...


Okay, well, thank you,
Miss Sanky.

Um, Miss Sanky?

Okay! Well, thank you so much,

Thank you.

Oh, wait,
there's one more thing.


Well, he detests dog food,
just hates it.

Well, he knows that he hates dog food,
but he can't tell us the dog's name?

Oh, he likes the coffee black. No
sugar, because sugar is bad for you.

And yes, very bad
for dogs and humans.

And he's special,
he's very special.

Yes, we know how
special the dog is.


Oh, and he's wearing socks.

Could be important,
write that down, Wowie.

Well, ladies, thank you
very much. You know?

And next time, I promise
I will make you some tea.

Can't wait.

See you at the meeting.

Better go to the bathroom. That
got my stomach all riled up.

She's a few cards short of a full
deck, if you know what I'm saying.

Mm, she's the closest
contact we have...

to the nation's most wanted
animal criminal.

You better hope we find that dog or you're
gonna be looking for a job, soon, friend.

Well, how do I find him?

Oh, I've been searching for that
canine for over seven years.

I know how he works.

He will not outsmart me.

Go get him, Sherlock.

It's not funny.

It's not.

All right, it was kind of funny.

And you have to admit, you looked
a bit like a fire hydrant...

so you can't really
blame the guy.

Stop, you know what?
I'm serious.

You really should have talked to me first.
That's all I'm saying.

I just wanted it to be a
surprise for you and the boys.

I mean, if, if I thought it
was gonna be a problem...

I wouldn't have had Nick get him in the
first place. You've got to believe me.

Of course, I believe you.

So, what? Is this what you
wanted to talk to me about?

Not exactly.

Look, whatever it is, I'm with
you a hundred percent, okay?

As long as we can finally start our
lives together. I've missed you.


What is this?

That is actually what I wanted
to talk to you about.


I'm going away to San Francisco.

Just for a week. Oh, come on!

I'll be three hours away!

A week? You gotta understand

The Family Knots Counseling
Center is opening.

What's it gonna look like,
if the Founder and Creator...

of the fastest growing family
counseling plan is, is not there?

The investors will... I mean,
the investors are gonna go nuts.

This is the biggest thing to happen
to this company since it started.

I can't miss this opportunity.

You said it
might not happen, though.

I... I said it might not.

But I also said it might.

And I might get to speak in front of 2,000
clinical psychology students at Berkeley.

I can't miss out on this.

Thomas, we've been married for
a week and I've hardly seen you.

I know.

I'll make it up to you.

Promise. I promise.

Mm. Can't you let Nick handle some of the
opening, that way you won't be gone for so long?

Would you let Nick handle
the opening?


We will pick up every stray dog.

We will talk to every dog owner who is in
this city until we find that criminal canine.

No one will get past us.

We will talk to everyone who's
ever stepped in dog poop...

everyone who's ever been
bitten by a flea.

That's how we will find him.

That's why I am numero uno
at the FBDI.

I see everything you cannot.

The only thing special
around here... is you.

For once,
Howard, I agree with you.

So what do you think...

To San Francisco?

Yeah, it'll be fun. Why?

There's nothing fun
about driving to San Francisco.

Uh, I don't want the dog
on the couch.

Sweetheart, relax,
it's not a big deal.

So what did you decide, guys?

We need you to be
the tiebreaker.

You mean you want us
to be the tiebreaker?

Whatever, I want to name him
the awesome name of turbo.

I told you,
he doesn't like that name.

I say we name him Turtle.

That name is horrible.

It's not horrible. It is.

No, it's not. Yes, it is.

Not, not. Is, is.

Boys, boys, that's enough, okay?

Guys, you're not thinking
his name through.

I mean, look at him.
His name should be obvious.

Yeah, I mean, it's gotta
be something special.

I mean, it's gotta have a meaning,
something behind it. Exactly!

I mean, look at him, he doesn't look
like a Spot or a Snowball or a...

He can't have
a regular dog's name.

No, it's gotta be something
that has meaning.

And purpose.

His name should be...
The dog's name should be...

Come on, guys!


What's it gonna be?

Sox. Sox.

They look like boots to me,
but I kind of like Socks.

No, but Sox with an X.

Perfect. I like that.

Yeah. Yeah.

What do you think, Sox?

- I think he likes it.
- That's a good idea, Liam.

I thought you said it first.

No, it wasn't me.

But you know, sometimes
it's just the best ideas...

Right out of thin air.
Hey, I like it.

Mom, what do you think?

Why not?

Welcome home, Sox.

I found the dog I was looking
for. Heh, heh. Mm.

Look, man, how long do we have
to keep doing this?

Okay? We already put up bulletins
and searching the pound.

We search for the dog as long
as it takes to find the dog.

That's how long we search
for the dog.

I mean, any one of these
dogs could be him.

Look, why don't we just ask
people, like I said earlier?

What on earth are you doing?

If you want to find a dog,
you've got to think like a dog.

I'm smelling the air. We don't
need to talk to these humans.

I'll know the dog
when I see the dog.

I will smell the dog
when I smell the dog.

Oh, really? Yes, really.

This dog is a criminal
master mind.

We've had some run ins before but
he's always managed to evade me.

Sometimes when I smell other dogs, I can
smell the scent of that dog on those dogs.

He will be mine.

There. There! There!

That dog!
That dog knows something!

Oh, oh, what? The poodle?

No, no, over.

Oh, the greyhound?
No, no, whoa, higher.

Ah, the Great Dane.
No, with the blonde hair.

Oh, the dachshund?
No, no, no, with the ears.

Oh, the golden retriever. No.

The chocolate lab? No.

Oh, wait, the miniature

What is that? Chihuahua mix?

Thank you. Next to the
girl with te...

Oh, the sea foam,
green jumpsuit.

Well, no, it's more
like aquamarine.

The emerald blue jumpsuit?
No, no, no, that's teal.

You think that's teal? That looks
more like sea foam blue or green.

No, it's a bl...
Indigo? Dale! Dale!

Oh, man! Come on!

- Excuse me, ma'am?
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Excuse me, ma'am.
I just... Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Back off, buddy. Easy, easy.

I just need to check the dog.
This is official business.

Whoa, whoa.

Back up! Oh!

Ooh, ooh!

Brutus, kill!

Don't kill! Don't kill!
Don't kill! Do not kill!

Back! Back!

Whoo! Whoo!

Okay, we're in public.
We're in public.


Haven't unpacked yet?

Is there another bedroom?

You and Jesse got to share
a room for right now.

All right? Maybe in a couple
of months you get your own room.

But only if you're nice
to both him and Christina.

Why do I have to share
a room with him?

I just thought it would be nice for
you guys to do a little bonding.

It's not gonna hurt that much.

We? Does that mean Christina?

Yes, that does mean Christina.

You got to understand,
I know this is hard for you.

But I need you
to help me with this.

I need you to be
respectful. Okay?

You know the sooner you unpack,
the sooner you can play with Sox.

Thanks for the dog.

You're welcome, Liam.

And there's, uh, there's
something else I gotta tell you.

Go get it! Go fetch it
and bring it back!

Come on, boy. Get the Frisbee.

Sox, come on.


Look, I have to go
to San Francisco.

Then why do we need to unpack?

Because you're not coming with.

I need you to stay here.

Look, while I'm gone, you're
the man of the house, okay?

I need you to take care of everything
here, and that includes Sox.



Okay, now fetch it
and bring it back.

Come on, boy. Get the Frisbee.

Come on, boy!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey. No Moms. No Moms.

We don't need any Moms brought
into this equation, okay?

Just you and me.

Did you just...

Hit you in the head
with a Frisbee? Yes, I did.

Sorry about that.
I was gunning for the chest.

Let me break it down
here for you.

That whole, uh, fetch thing?
Yeah, I'm not into that.

How did you...

Right. Oh, that's right.

The first time with a talking dog thing.
Your mind must be blown.

Are you an alien dog
or something?

Alien dog? Heh, heh, heh, heh.
Do I look like Alf?

Oh, right. Alf.
That's way before your time.

You're so cool.

I got to tell my Mom.
She would never believe me.

No, let's not do that.

I can't tell my mom?

Here's the deal, kid.
I've been around for a while.

And most adults, they don't take to
the whole talking dog thing very well.

They faint, pass out...
it's a mess.

You know that shirtless
buff guy from Twilight?

Kinda looks like an Ewok?

Well that guy nearly wet himself
when I told him I was a fan.

Kids on the other hand? They
tend to accept it pretty fast.

That's why I dig you guys.

You want me to keep this
a secret?

Exactly, just you and me.


Yes, I would like you
to keep it a secret.

Okay, you have my word.
It'll be our secret.


Ew, I hate roast.

I wish we could have pizza
tonight instead of yucky roast.

No worries. I got your back.

All right, well, Nick's
coming in a little bit.

We're gonna leave tonight.

All right.

I love you, you know.
It's a good talk...

and you can talk to Christina if
you ever need to. Not gonna happen.

All right, well, hey, no pressure,
I'm just putting it out there.


All right, buddy.
I'll see you in a second.

So, I'll call you when
I get to San Francisco.

Should only be a couple hours.

I miss you already.

I'm sorry, sweetie.
Where are the boys?


Gosh, if only one of them
was around, I, you know...

want to make sure that you are
protected while I'm gone.

I can do it, Thomas.

Jesse, where'd you
come from, buddy?

I was over there.
I was invisible.

Ooh, invisible, huh?

You just might be the perfect candidate
to take care of your mom, then.

I'll do my best.

All right, I know you will.

Hey, Liam, you gonna say goodbye
to your old man before I go?


Wow, that's it, huh?

Why can't I just go with you?
School hasn't started yet.

Come on, you need to stay here.

All right? You gotta sleep in an actual
bed. You gotta get a home-cooked meal.

Mom's a great cook.

You're a baby.

You're emotionally unstable.


Guys, just remember the Family
Knots while I'm gone, okay?

Okay, never mind. I'll be
back in a couple of days.


All right, well,
just call me later, okay?

Yeah. All right.

You two go get washed up
for dinner, all right?

Mom, I don't want roast
for dinner.

How did you know I was making...

Sox! No! Sox! Sox! No!

Sox! Go! Go!
Go, Sox! Keep going!

Run, Sox! Go! Run, Sox, go!

Run, Sox! Go Sox, go! Watch out! Watch out!
Go! Go, Sox! Go! Go!

No, Sox!

Go! Go! Go! Keep going!
Come on, Sox!

No, Sox! No!

Go, Sox! Go!

Go, Sox! Come on, Sox!
Keep going!

Well, the roast is ruined.


Gosh, is that the time?
I should really get going.

I mean, Nick is probably so...

Would not wanna be you, Sox.

Love you.

Honey, leave.

Got it.

It's the dog house for you,
mister. Out!

Hey, kid. Why don't you share the
wealth a little bit? I like pizza.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. Um, my bad.
Bad timing. Did you just talk?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But my, uh, mouth
doesn't really work like yours.

It's more like a telepathy
type of thing.

I'm going crazy, aren't I?

No, you're not crazy.
But, yes, I am talking.

And by the way, you're welcome for the whole
peeing thing earlier. Word to the wise...

If you ever want two people to stop
fighting, just go over and pee on them.

Works every time.

Nice. Five second rule.

Are you sure you should
be eating that? Dibs.

Of course the tummy goes crazy a
little later, but, eh, I'm a dog.

I can go anywhere, if you
know what I mean. Ha ha.

Liam! Liam!

What kind of dog are you?
Exnay on the alking-hay.

We'll talk about this later.

Oh, what are you guys
talking about?

We... we weren't talking.

Oh, okay.

Well, how long are you
gonna stay out here?

'Til Dad comes back.

I can't let you do that, Liam.


Liam, please understand,
dogs need to learn discipline.

You know, it would really mean a lot to all of
us if you could just, you know, hang loose.

You know?
Come back in the house.

Hang loose?

I can't let you sleep
out here, okay?

Sox did a bad thing and when
he learns his lesson...

maybe he can come back in the house.

I'm not gonna argue with you about
this right now, okay? Come on.

Sorry you got kicked out
on the first day, buddy.

If my Dad was here,
you'd be nice and warm.

Talk to you later.

Oh, he took the pizza.

Hey, you made it
to San Francisco already?

No, no, no, we're, we're, we're
just getting into the city.

Uh, I, I got a call from the, the Director
of Mental Health Division at Berkeley.

Yeah. everything's lining up.
It should be great.

That's good.

Is everything okay?

I, yeah, I just, um, I...

Sox has already turned me
into the bad guy and, um...

and Liam, he just... well, Liam
just wants nothing to do with me.

You know, he just, I just want him so
desperately to accept me, you know?

I just want him to know how much I love
him and that, that's all I care about.

It's, hey, slow down.
Slow down. He will. All right?

I, I, I know he will.

It just, it takes a little time
to settle in and, and yeah...

I really think Sox will make it a lot easier
for everybody to get along, you know?

So, I'll see you soon?

Okay, I love you.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, everything's...

Do you have any antacids
in here??

Oh, no.

I'm sorry. Oh, God.

Seriously, I told you.

Two bowls of chili?
Two bowls of chili.

It was delicious. I don't care.

It's greasy-spoon chili,
you can't do that to me, man.

All right, let's go, I think
I know where we're going.

Really? This time?

What are you doing?

I want to show you
something. Follow me.

This way. It's in our room.
I want to show you.

Correction, your room.
I'm sleeping in the guest room.

Soon to be my own room,
once I talk to my dad, again.

Mom and Dad
said we were sharing.

My dad. Not yours.

Thomas said I could
call him Dad if I wanted.

He didn't mean it.
He's just being nice.

It's like when someone
you care about leaves...

and they say they wish they could
stay, but they don't really.

But that's sad.
Did that happen to you?

No. Forget about it, okay?
Just call my dad Thomas.

Even Tommy, if you like.
Just not Dad.

Are you sure? Positive.

So, you're coming?

If I come, will you
leave me alone?

You're gonna love it.
Close your eyes.

Not gonna happen.

It's great, right? I figured we
could sleep in the fort tonight.

It's cool...
if I was a baby like you.

I'm not a baby, and I know
you think it's cool.

What? I need a sidekick.

Every superhero needs one.

First of all, I'm no psychic.

And second of all,
you're no superhero.

You're mean.

Thank you.

I don't think I want you
in my fort, anyway.

On second thought, I like this room better.
You go sleep in the guest room.

What if I don't want to?

Then I guess the fort
comes tumbling down.

Just like war. I destroyed your
fort, now the room is mine.

Just like Sox.

That's not fair!
Sox is mine, to, you know.

Nope. He's only mine.

That's not fair! Too bad.

I know Sox better than you do.

Trust me, no, you don't.

Do so. Do not.

Do so. Do not.

Do so. Prove it.

Never mind.

Sheets, man, I hate sheets.

It's like a never-ending black hole
of softness falling on top of you.

Sox, how'd you get in here?

Christine will kill me
if she finds you in here.

Yeah, she's a little
uptight, huh?

Tell your Dad to ship her to the spa
for a day. Girls love that stuff.

Quiet, boy. You don't
want to get in trouble.

Don't look at me like that.
I'm right on this one, okay?

I'm telling you, you don't want to turn
out as an EMO, kid. You only get one color.

Just walking around
wearing black.

He is annoying.

Me and him aren't gonna
work out as brothers.

Ugh. You know? I knew
this guy a long time ago.

Long hair. Carpenter.

- Nicest guy I ever met.
- One of the smartest, too.

He had these 12 dudes that
followed him everywhere.

Called themselves Disciples.

Well, these guys screwed up all over the
place, and my buddy had to fix their mistakes.

My point is that he didn't care how many mistakes
they made, or how annoying they could be.

He loved them and always forgave
them. And you know what?

He considered them his brothers.

Good for that guy.

Oop, I'm out of here.

Sox, Sox, come on, Sox.
No, no, good night.

- Great talk. Thanks a lot.
- See you.

Fine, I don't need you, either.

Hey, Liam, wake up, wake up.
Liam, wake up. Wake up!

Come on, come on,
get out of bed. Come on.

Let go, let go.
Hey, come on, man.

Oh, you want a piece of me, too? Huh?
You think you can take this?

Come on, bring it. Both of you think
you can take Sox here, huh? Yeah?

You think you got me? Come on.
Come on. What've you got?

What've you got? Rrr, come on.
Get off. What've you got?

I'm gonna get this man,
I'm gonna get it. It's mine.

And I'm gonna put my
whole body into it.

Snausages. Snausages.
Snausages. Snausages.

Got your nose.

Rrrr. What do you weigh?
Ten times more than me?

And you still can't get it
from me? Yeah, that's right.

You can't get it from Sox.

Ow, I'm taking this. Yoink.
Rrr. Rrr. Rrr.

Destroy the evidence.
No evidence. Nothing in here.

Nothing to see here.
Arrrr. Arrr. Arrr.

From New York. How, if he was in Ohio, how
did he get to Ohio without me knowing it?

Went to Indiana, down to Florida.
Went to... Doesn't make sense.

How would he get
to Virginia? Huh.

I will find you.
I will find him!

All right now, it says we need
to put that window. What's two?

We need that little knabby
thing. Where's the nobby?


That's it. Yeah, I think.
It's like some way...

Wait, you need to put this
steering wheel...

We don't need a driver,
per se. You know?

They can just, you know,
sit on the floor.

I guess the passenger...
You know?

Someone can push the pedals.
I guess the passenger...

Hey! Hi.

All right. Look, before
you say anything, um...

I know it's not perfect or even
close to being done yet...

but Jesse and I tried to stay up all night
putting this back together for you and, um...

well, you know what?
I really just...

I don't even know how you do these
because these are impossible.

Wow. That's a difficulty
six, I'm impressed.

And, we know you probably wanted
to put it together...

so we went out and found another car
that we thought you would like to build.

It's a Chevy.
Like the other one.

Actually, it's a Ford.


Thank you, that was really nice.

You're welcome.

So, should we have breakfast?

I'm on it.

And why don't you take over for me, okay?
Thank you.

I'll go do what
I'm best at doing.


Tires are hard.

Look. All I'm asking is for my
partner here to sniff your dog.


Come on, kid.
It'll only take a second.

Here, here. Want some candy?
Oh, no, bad idea, bad idea.

My Dad told me about people like
you and told me not to trust them.

Look, I'm sure he would understand.
You see, Dale here is from the FBDI.

He wouldn't understand and
neither would Rex, here.

Rex likes three people.
Isn't that right, Rex?

You know what? I think you're right.
Let's go, Dale. I'm good. I'm good.

Okay, okay.

Tell me why we are, one,
up so early?

And, two, working on a Saturday?

Because, Howie,
we need to find that dog.

You like your job,
don't you, Howie?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it!

Okay? That dog is the preeminent
dog criminal in the nation.

Huh? What's prepermanent?


Bu-, you said, "Pre-enema?
Prenuptial? Pre-?"

Preeminent. Yes, that.

So what? What's wrong
with saying preeminent?

Nothing, nothing.

You just don't seem like
the kind of guy...

that would use that kind
of word, pre-, uh? Pre-, uh?

You want to go over to your side
or do you want to drive?

My side.

You don't seem like the kind of guy...
I read.

That would use the word pre...
You know, that's all.

Well, I read, okay?

I know stuff.
What's wrong with that?

You read?

Yeah, I read.

You got an issue with that?
No, no.

I'm just curious about what
a person like you would read.

You wouldn't know it.

Are you implying that
I don't read, sir?

I would never.
Then what are you reading?

Just something I got off the clearance
rack at the book store, okay?

It's no big deal.

Well, if it's no big deal
then spill the beans. Uh-huh.

It's a romance novel.
What, what, what?

I didn't... what?
It's a romance novel.

Jane Rawlins.
A Love To Remember.

Okay? You can laugh now.

Jane Rawlins.

That's rich.

See? That's why I didn't
want to say anything.

The love story.

Yeah, yeah. Love story.

Wait, is it the one about the lawyer who
falls in love with the death row inmate?

Yeah, that's the one.
Can we drop it already?

No, no, no, he's got
about a week to live.

And she risks her career
to save him from dying.

Oh, that's rich.

How do you know
what happens in the book?

How do you know what happens
in the book, Dale?

About the... book?

Yeah. I'm, uh...

Uh... we have to focus
on something else...

No, no, first...
far more important.

You tell me how you know
what happened in the book.

No, first thing is this dog.

And in order, look at that.

Look at what? That woman, that woman!
That woman!

It's that, uh, it's that Paula Preston
with the neighborhood association.

Her, yes, her.
You need to talk with her.

Yeah, maybe...
Maybe she's seen the dog?

Yes, because you're a local,
so she would know you.

She would understand these...
All right, I'll be right back.

Local things.

Excuse me! Excuse me!

Uh, pardon?

Uh, hi, Howie Hagglestrum.
Uh, Animal Control. And you...

Beautiful. I mean, uh, uh...

you, you, you haven't seen this
dog, have you? It's missing.

Oh, oh, pooh.

Oh, a misplaced puppy.
Poor puppy.

Uh, uh, oh...

Pretty plain pamphlet.

Oh, well, we didn't have
a lot to work with...

but this dog means
a lot to the owners.

So, if you see anything,
just... just give me a call.

That's... that's my number...
right there.

Um, you can call anytime.

Uh, well, I'll... keep my
peepers patrolling.

Well, uh, I... I have to get back
to work, but if you hear anything...

Uh... uh, well...

Oh, what are you listening to?

Oh, Pearl Jam,
Prince and The Police.

It's my power-walking playlist.

Uh, I have to go. Oh...

But, uh, seriously, if you hear
anything, just let me know.

All right.

What's gotten into you,
Twinkle Toes?

It's a good workout,
what can I say?

Did you just do a pirouette?

It really tightens up your
midsection. You should try it.


Hey. Hey.


Sox, did you just talk in front of him?
You knew about Sox?

Yeah, of course I've talked to both of you.
I'm surprised you both didn't know.

You guys are brothers and you
don't talk to each other at all.

You should really start
acting like brothers.

Well, that's why I'm here.

I thought that maybe,
you know, we could...

build this one together?


I know it was mostly Christina
that built that last one.

These are really hard to make.

Hey, the kid's
got smart fingers.

He could give you a hand.

Ha! Fingers, hand, get it?

All I'm saying is that... these
are a lot harder than you think.

You'll probably
just let me down.

I just wanted to... Help?

Yeah, I know.

But... you really can't.

Really? He's just
trying to be your brother.

You need to relax, man.

What? I wasn't trying
to be mean.

Come on, kid,
you're coming with me.

There's something
I want you to see.

Rr, come on.

Have a seat right here.

Now just listen for a moment.

It's Liam, he doesn't like me.

Of course, he likes you, Jesse.

That's impossible. He... he's mean,
and he doesn't want to share Sox.

He's my dog, too, you know?

Oh, baby.

Just give him some time,
okay? Liam's a good kid.

And if you give him a chance, he's
gonna make an even better big brother.

You promise? I promise.

Do you think I'm a good
little brother?

Mm, only the best
little brother ever.

Sometimes I wish you and me were just
happy and back to being a family again.

Baby, we are a family here.

We just need to, um, learn
to love each other, that's all.

You know, I'm sure it's
tough for Liam, too.

But we just have to stay strong, and
know it will all work out in the end.

Turn off the light!

I can't, I'm afraid of the dark.

You're afraid of the dark?
I know, I'm a baby.

Trust me, just turn off the light.

Here, put this on.

Yeah, baby, check me out.
Underdog ain't got nothing on me.

Have you ever heard the story
about the junk men from Mars?

Junk men? Oh, those guys.

Yeah, they come to earth and they steal
all of earth's most valuable treasures.

Valuable treasures
like my mom? Like Sox?

Bring it on, Grandma Mars.

Yeah, but they love
everything that we love...

except 60 billion times more.

Why do they do that? Don't
they have good stuff on Mars?

Yeah, but not as good as earth.

Earth's got way more cooler
stuff than Mars.

It's true. I met
some guys from Mars.

They're very boring people up there.
All they want to do is play Minecraft.

How do we stop them?

No one really knows.

I could stop them.
I fought aliens before.

Not like these guys.
These guys are really tough.

And really quick.

I'm scared. Can you sleep
in here with me?

I may be small, but I've got the strength of a
gorilla and the bite of a hippopopotatamus.

Yeah, but we gotta take shifts. To make sure,
you know, they don't come and just take Sox.

Worry about yourself, kid.

Or my mom.
I'll take first shift.

No, you get some rest.
I'll take the first shift.

Thanks, Liam. This has been
the most fun time ever.

Here, have a pillow.
Get some sleep.

Well played.

Are we friends now?

See? Now you're being cool.

Good night, Liam.
Good night, Sox.

Sox! Sox!

Where is that dog?

Oh, there you are.

Brought you some food. Hmm?

All right, look. You're still on
thin ice with me, Mister, okay?

But I think I see you working the
magic on the boys so, thank you.

Come here.

Mangy mutt.

Who needs breakfast?

- You guys good?
- Yeah.

Have some granola, too, there.

Mom, last night was so cool.
We stayed up all night with Sox.

Hey, what was that for?

Sox was in the house last night?

Uh, I didn't let him in.

And he kicked me.

Then who let him in? Hmm?

I didn't let him in.
Jesse, did you?

I didn't let him in, but he got
in here and I don't know how.

Okay, just so we're clear in the future,
Sox sleeps in the dog house, okay?

If Sox does something bad,
he's in the dog house.

Why are you just saying that
to me? I didn't let him in.

I'm speaking to both of you.

It did kind of look like you
were looking at Liam.

- See?
- Jesse.

I'm just saying, Mom.

It goes for both of you, okay?

It actually goes for all of us.

Sox is... he's all over
the place right now.

He needs to learn some manners.

It won't happen again.

Liam, I'm not blaming you.

It won't happen again.

Who could that be?

It could be aliens, Mom.
I'm coming with you.

Well, come on then.

Hi! Paula.

Oh, my, I am so sorry. I completely
forgot you were coming this morning.

We got a bit of a, a late start.

Um, if you, you know what? If you just
give me a few minutes, I can just...

Oh, please, proper preparation is
paramount. I'll probably pop by later.

Oh, that would be amazing.
Thank you so much.

She's totally an alien.
She is the strangest lady ever.


I need to push past the beauty parlor
and get a perm to prep for the pageant.


Oh, it's pretty popular.
I participate every year.

Sox, how did you get in here?

Paula, I am so...
I am so, so, so sorry.

I am... boys, come on, come on! Get something,
a towel, a paper towel, something...

She was looking at you.
She was looking at you.

Boys! Just one of you, go get
something, please! Come on, help!

Mom, were you looking
at me or Liam?

Just somebody, go get something.
Paula, I am so, so sorry, I...

Don't bother! I'm fine!

Words don't describe
how sorry I really am, I am...

I said I am fine, thank you!

She's not saying any P words.
She must be upset.

Well, that is some dog
you've got there.

Well, he's special,
and really special.

I bet he is... really special!

Interesting feet on him.

They kind of look like... Socks.

Uh, I don't suppose this
happens very often?

I've never seen it before, but I suppose
things like this do happen every now and then.

Anyway, um, I don't think we should
have our recipe exchange after all.

Good day! Huh!

You are really in the
dog house now, Mister.

Who is it? Who is it?

I don't know. Well, answer it!

I'm answering it! Gosh. Hello?

I possibly can point you to the proper
place to find that misplaced pup!



Could, could you just
say that one more time?


Oh, just say that just
a little gentler this time.

Excuse me?

Uh, uh, nothing. Huh, nothing.

Um, perhaps, I probably
found your pooch.

Could... could you just hold
on for... for one moment?

I think we may
have found our dog.


Oh, uh, no, no, no, no, not you.
I'm so sorry. Um, yeah.

Hang up. Okay, okay.

Hang up. Yes, yes.

Goodbye. We will see you at that
address in, like, 15 minutes.

Goodbye. Okay, love you, bye.

Oh! Oh, no, shoot!

Start the car.

You think she heard that? She
didn't hear that? No, no, no.

I think she probably hung up before
that, right? Probably, yeah, definitely.

She didn't hear it. She hung up.

Come on, over here.

Come on, Sox, this way.

Good boy. Good boy.
Okay, right here.

There you go.

What is this?

What is this?


Oh, you've got to be kidding me. What
is this doing in here? What is this?

Uh, it looks like, uh,
some bacon, O.J.

Black coffee. But no sugar.
He doesn't like that.

But I didn't put it in there.

I didn't... I don't know how
it got there, either.

So nobody knows
how it got in here? No?

Oh, you know, you
know what guys? I know.

Why don't we ask Sox how it got here, huh? Come
here boy. Come here. Let me ask you something.

Do you know how this got
in there? Huh? Yeah? What?

Oh, you, you can't, you can't
tell me? What? Why? Why is that?

Oh, because he's a dog.

I didn't put it in here, and
Jesse didn't put it in there.

Mom, we were with you the whole time.
You know what, boys?

I think when your father gets home
after his lecture tomorrow night...

we're gonna have a long
talk about this dog.

What does that mean, Mom?

It means that she's
gonna take Sox away.

You can't! You just can't!

You guys, it's just really not a good
time to have a dog right now, okay?


It's a lot of responsibility. It's
something you guys don't understand.

But Sox is our family now.

We understand.
We understand completely.

You just don't like him.
You say you want to be a family.

Nice work, Christina.
Come here, Sox.

All right. You guys, you guys, Thomas will be
home tomorrow night after his lecture, okay?

Let's talk about it then,
all right?

Sox stays out here, okay?

He sleeps out here.
You guys understand?

Now, look, I'm sorry, but he
needs to learn some boundaries...

if he has any chance
of staying here, okay?


Don't worry, guys. She's just
blowing off a little steam.

I'm not going anywhere.

That's him. That's him.
That's him all right. Ah!

I'd know him if he was dipped in
honey and covered in feathers...

rolled around lightly floured with
some salt, cinnamon, to taste.

Only just, man, I hate to take
that dog away from those poor kids.

That dog is a criminal

Who knows what he's planning on
doing to those poor, rotten people.

Are you sure?

He doesn't look
that dangerous to me.

Of course, I'm sure.

You know, Howie, I'm beginning to
think that you don't have the huevos...

that it takes,
that needs to be done.

Like huevos rancheros?

Huevos grande.

Oh, I got the, look...
Let's just...

Can we just give 'em one
more night together?

We can always come back
after lunch tomorrow.


Yeah, sure, Howie,
that's a nice idea.

Yeah, why don't we do that?

Why don't we give them
one more night...

to say goodbye.

Nobody knows the trouble
I've seen.

Nobody knows... knows!

SOX Let me go! Let me go!

Guys, maybe he just went
for a walk or something.

I'm sure he'll be back.

Sox wouldn't just leave.

Yeah, he'd tell us.

I bet he would.

Someone must have took him.

That, or you got rid of him last
night and you didn't tell us.

Liam! You know I wouldn't
do something like that!


God, please help us
to get Sox back.

If you let us have him back,
God, I'll be nice to Jesse.

He's really not that bad.

God, please, I'll, I'll even be
nice to Christina.

Anything you want me to do,
God, I'll do it.

Think it'll work?

Mom says prayer helps
with everything.


Tommy, it's me. Um, look...

I know you're probably on your
way to your lecture right now...

but something really horrible
has happened and it's about Sox.

And, I need your help like,
like now. Okay?

Please, please call me back.

It's all about being there
for your family...

really getting past emotion, it's
lar... I gotta remember to smile.

It's not... do you have
any idea where we are?

Did you see an Exit 42?

I'm the driver. I'm not
supposed to be seeing Exit 42.

You're supposed to be seeing
Exit 42. You're the navigator.

Did you see a diner?
'Cause I'm kinda hungry.

Or a cactus. There seems
to be a cactus in here.

Yeah, I hate to interrupt 'cause
you're on such a roll there...

but, I think Christina
just called you.

Oh, no.

Tell her I said hi,
but not that I got lost.


I know you can do it,
so do it. Talk!


Not gonna happen.

There. There. Ah-ha.
There, you did it.

I knew you could do it.
And I got it all on camera.

You do realize that
I'm talking to your brain?

The camera didn't pick
anything up.


Go ahead, play it back, then.

Maybe I will.

Got it all on camera!

Liar. Liar. Maybe I will.

Ooh, the big bad guy's
plan is ruined.

No, no, it's not.

I will show the world your
gifts, and I will be rich. Mm.


Yes, I know, thank you.

And BTW...

you will not get anything to eat
until you agree to work with me.

You know what? I hear you...

but, um, I already had your sandwich
about, like 10 minutes ago...

so, yeah, I'm good for a while.

Pastrami. That was good.

Okay, you didn't,
you son of a...

I feel so hungry.
How did you do that?

It's okay, baby.

We're gonna find him, all right?

We are, guys.
We're gonna find him.

I just know it, okay? It's okay.


Hi, um, uh, my name is Howie.
I work with Local Animal Control.

Oh, good. Oh, my God, have you...
Have you found our dog, Sox?

What do you mean?
Did Dale come by?

Who's Dale?

Well, I have to tell you
something about your dog.

He's wanted by the FBDI and Dale
was the Officer looking for him.

FBDI? I don't...

Uh, Federal Bureau
of Dog Investigations.

FBDI? You actually think
that, that exists?

Well, it sounded so professional,
I didn't even think that...

Look, your partner stole
our dog. Where is he?


I, I just got your message. What's...
God, it's so good to see you.

Where's Sox?
What about your lecture?

I don't care about a lecture, a lecture
about trying to keep my family together...

when my own is falling apart?

Who's this guy?

Uh, uh... Dog Catcher.

He's one of the junk men!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on here?

We gotta go find Sox.

What happened to Sox?

One of the junk men
from Mars took him.

Uh, well, this guy that I was
working for, uh...

to catch what I thought was the
nation's most wanted dog criminal...

has been probably lying about everything,
just so he could steal your dog.

I'm an idiot, aren't I?

But why Sox?

Well, Donald did say that he was
pretty special. Who's Donald?

So, you've been chasing me for a
while now, huh? Like, five years?

Seven. Seven. Seven.



Seven years. Me. Zzz. You. Huh.


That's, um, that's a commitment
there, huh? Five years?

Just to make a little
money off my gifts?

What, what's wrong
with wanting money?

I'm not buying it.
Nope. Sorry. Don't buy it.

I think there's a little bit
more to it there, Dale.

What do you think? Money?
What's the real reason?

What are you hiding?
Come on, Dale.

Stop it. Stop it. Get out of my head.
You can tell me.

Out of my head.
Go. Out. Shoo. Out.

What are you hiding, Dale?

Dale, what are you hiding?

Come on, Dale, you can tell me.
Stop it, stop it, stop it.

I'll be your friend.
Stop it! La, la, la, la.

Just out what you mean, can you hear me?
Stop it, stop it, stop it!

I can't hear you. Dale? Dale?

Ssh, stop it! Stop it!
It's way too late for that.

Stop! Stop it! Dale? Dale?

Stop! Stop it!
Dale, Dale, obey your dog.

Because all I ever wanted
was a talking dog!

Okay? My best friend, my little
beagle Scooter, he was my best friend.

But, he couldn't talk.

Go on.

And he, he's gone.

But you, you'll, you'll live
forever and you can talk.

You can talk to me.

Come on over. It's okay, buddy.

I just wanted a... a best friend.

There, there. Oh.

No, it's okay, Dale.
There, there.

Yeah, just rest your head.
There, there Dale. It's all over.

I knew there was something off
about that guy. It was his smell.

He smelled like
the Jersey Shore.

Oh, now that's a situation.

Anyway, uh, it turns out that
the FBDI doesn't even exist.

I probably should have
looked that up earlier.

Huh. Socrates.
Where is Socrates?

Socrates? His name is Sox.

Liam, cut him a little slack.

How did you know that?
Did Socrates tell you that?

Uh, guess it just
seemed like his name.

Yes! This is typical Socrates!
He does it every time.

I know, it's...

Oh, my gosh.
He's such a little rebel.

You know he just loves the way Sox
sounds, he just thinks it's so cool.

Hm, you didn't tell me they
found a family for him.

Well, uh, uh, he...

Who is this guy again?

Are you a junk man
from Mars, brother?

Oh, no, I don't think I have
any brothers from Mars.

Did I ever tell you the story
of how I met Socrates?

Well, he came to me at a very special time
in my life when I lost someone I loved.

And he came and he mended
my heart.

You know, I think, I think he's
doing the same for you two boys.

Well, look, I have one
question for you two.

Are you two brothers?



And you guys know how
special Socra-, Sox is?

Yeah. Yes.

And do you guys
love him very much?

Yes! Yes!

Well then, let's go find him!
Let's go!

Sox, Sox, Sox, Sox.

Oh, boy, okay, stop right here.

Okay, stopping.

Left. No. Left.

What is that?
What? Where are you...

Where are you going?

What are you do...
Get back in the...

Oh, my God.


Hey, hey, hey.
Come here. Stay here.

Hey, hey, Liam. I'm okay.

Where's Sox?

I don't know, he left me.

I guess he didn't want
to be my best friend.

Maybe because you stole him.

It's all right, you guys.
Maybe this isn't the end.

We're gonna find Sox
if it takes us all afternoon.

We're gonna find him, okay?

Yeah, and I'll stay here, and
this lying liar...

and make sure the police
have a nice chat with him.


If I know Sox...

and I know him
pretty, pretty well.

I would say he's right
where he's supposed to be.

Well, come on,
I'll race you there!

Wait a min... wait for us!

Bad Dale!



Oh, Sox, those are my clothes.

Yeah, sorry about that
there, princess.

And there it is. You see it?

What did I tell you
about that there, guys.

Faint City. Oh, hey, hey, hey.
Go easy on me. Go easy.


Hey, hey. Give me a second,
all right there, fellas?

I'm gonna go see an old friend.

Donald, I'll be good here.

Guys, breakfast is ready.
Come on.

Breakfast? Church this
morning, let's get a move on.

Race you to it, guys.

Ooh, okay, come on.

Looks delicious.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm
excited to dig in. Coffee?

Yes, please. Thank you, honey.

Thank you. You're welcome.

I'll take some bacon.
Do you want some?

No, no, no, don't worry about it.
I'll just take a little...

- Christina.
- Thank you.

No problem. Here you go.

First breakfast as a family.


Give me some of that
greasy grub there, baby.

Sox, watch it man.

That's my wife
you're talking to.

Sorry about that.

Did he just... Yeah, he did.

It's the newest thing
in dog technology.

That's amazing!

Yeah, it's all right.
Yeah, it's nice.

Dogs don't normally talk, right?

Well, I guess I'm not
your average dog, there, bucko.

He drinks coffee? He does.

Coffee, I'll drink anything,
French roast, dark roast...

white roast, it's all good.
I like the roasts.

Give me anything that's
handpicked by Juan Valdez.

No sugar there, babe.

But if I want something sweet,
I'll put you in my coffee.

Could... could I ask you a
personal question? Shoot.

When we leave the house and we leave
the TV on for you, do you like that?

Eh, I guess it really
depends on the show.

You like the doggy
channels, right?

Animal Planet.

I think we could, um...

Don't get any ideas.

- Yeah. No, no. No.
- What about...

Dealing with these dog catchers and they're
crazy, so we're... You could do like a TV show.

It's for the best, trust us.
We don't want a TV show.

It could make a lot of money. We
could, we could, we're not going to.

Yeah, you know what?
I'm more of a radio guy.

Well, there we go.

When you leave the house,
where do you go?

I could tell you, but then
I'd have to bite you.

I'm okay with this,
but did you wash your paws?

Of course, I did. I'm no animal.
I licked 'em spotless.

That's kind of gross. Yeah.

Part of the family. Mm-hm.

From now on.

For the record, I just want
to let you know...

I've been around for a while.

I've had a lot of meals
with a lot of different people.

There's no other place that I'd rather
be than right here with all of you.

Now top off my coffee.
Oh, is that bacon? I love bacon.

Yeah, I wish it was sausage,
sausage I can't get enough of.

Well, I guess he's part
of the family now.


Look on the bright side.

They'll let you read plenty
of Jane Rawlins in jail.


Sad, sad, sad.