Souvenirs (2020) - full transcript

A murderabilia shop clerk discovers her own family's dark history when she's asked to sell souvenirs from a crime not yet solved.

I don't
have a problem with weed

and obviously I don't have
a problem with forerunners,

but the combination scares me.


Maybe give me one.

That's totally you
who would take 'em...


What can I get ya?

I'll take a beer.

One of those?

Comin' right up.

Did this used to be
The Yellow Dock bar?

I don't know, might have been.

Is this where G.W. Stubbs
murdered Anna Turner?

Are you one of them
Helter Skelter weirdos?

BANDANA: This is the place.

That's great.

Thank you.

Do you like serial killers?

Are you into that kind of thing?

Who's askin'?

- Yeah, you see the jacket?
- Mm-hmm.

I just bought it.

It cost me 1,500 bucks.

BANDANA: What in the hell

you paying 1,500 bucks for?


There's nothing fancy about it.

I could have gotten a better
jacket for a tenth of that.

You're shopping at the
wrong places, friend.

Well, that's what
you would think,

but this jacket's one of a kind.

Do you want to know why?

This is the jacket
of Danny Raft.

- Who?
- Hm?

You know, the campfire killer.

No shit.

Yeah shit.

BANDANA: Don't you think

it's a little messed up

of you to be wearing that thing?

Sure, but...

It has power.

Yeah, okay.

Why don't you try it on?


What the hell, man?

You see?


All right, kid.

That's enough.

Get the hell outta here.

Why don't you go ahead and
get the hell outta my bar?


Get outta here!


♪ In the back, there is
a part burning mouth ♪

♪ In the back, there is
a part burning south ♪

♪ High in the open air, moving ♪

♪ High in the
opening's a dream ♪

♪ In the back, there is
a part burning mouth ♪

♪ In the back, there is
a part burning south ♪

♪ High in the opening, moving ♪

♪ High in the
opening's a dream ♪

♪ Your eyes talkin'
in several languages ♪

♪ Thoughts and appendices
without you movin' ♪

♪ So damn wise ♪

♪ And I, I cannot communicate ♪

♪ Cannot communicate
without you movin' ♪

♪ In the back, there is
a part burning mouth ♪

♪ In the back, there is
a part burning south ♪

♪ And high in the
opening, moving ♪


Oh thank you, thank
you, thank you...

Gail, honey?

Where did you go?

Just getting
the mail, Grandma!




Move over, loser.

I'm driving.


Pay attention to the road.

I'm paying
attention to the road,

I'm paying attention
to the road.

I'm so excited for you!

♪ She got in, she got in ♪

♪ She got in, she got in ♪

That's so great!

It's amazing!

Aren't you thrilled?

I'm thrilled.


I just, I don't know
what to tell Margot.

Oh, yeah.

But it's my life, right?

Yes, absolutely.



Except what?

You know, Margot.

But this is exciting.



- Yeah.
- Yeah!


♪ She got in, she got in ♪

♪ She got in, she got in ♪

♪ Trouble coming
'round the bend ♪

♪ I don't want trouble again ♪

♪ Trouble, trouble ♪

Oh crap.


Oh my god, it's him.

Who, who?

That guy from the.

I want to see.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know him.

That's Tori's cousin.

- That's Tori's cousin?
- Mm-hmm.


What's going on?

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Are you serious?

I'm very serious.

Oh my god, oh my god.

Are you kidding me?

This is not funny, Alexa.

Please don't, please.


Hey, Royce!

Oh my god.

Need a lift?

Just headed down to
the ice cream shop.

Oh, that's on our way.

Hop in.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Tori.

Good to see you as always.

- Oh, you know each other?
- Oh yeah, we do.

Yeah, we know her.

Gail, look, I don't
know if you know this,

but your store is
negatively impacting

the image of our community here.

Ooh, is that something
that your daddy told you?

Excuse me?

- Oh my god, oh my god, move!
- What the fuck?



Oh my god.

Oh god, that's disgusting.

You guys can chill out.

- Everything's gonna be okay.
- Look, look, look.

looks way better.

Those bitches.

Alexa, could you grab that?

Oh yeah, yeah.

Good job.

Look at that cute little tail.

There you go.

Here, you take him.

Good job.

You're so brave.

You're so brave.

Gonna go right here, okay?


Thank you.

You really didn't
have to do this.

Are you kidding me?

I'm your ride or die, bitch.

I'm not goin' anywhere.

Was that there
when we got here?


- I got it, I got it.
- Okay.

Thank you.


A knife block?

Ooh, "Crime and Punishment."

Why would someone
deliver it here?

Look, there's no postage,
no return address.

Someone actually
dropped this crap off.

Ooh, look at this.

Have you ever seen
anything so creepy?

So what?

People are just delivering
random junk now?

I don't know.

Oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god.

I have to go.

I will see you tomorrow.


Hey, congratulations
on getting accepted.

Not like it means anything.

Don't say that.

You're gonna make it, Gail.

We're gonna get you outta here.

Bye, bitch.


♪ When our hearts are weary ♪

♪ Cleary and more in tune ♪

♪ Back to life again ♪

♪ Heals of our hearts ♪

♪ Dead and buried ♪



did you order some stuff
for the store today?

A box arrived and there's
no note or anything.

I don't remember, dear.

Just file it in the back and
we'll figure it out later.

Yes, Grandma.


And Mr. Kozlov bought the
Rostov Ripper's school desk.

You need to arrange
for it to be delivered.

Okay, who?

Mr. Rostov?

No, dear,
Mr. Kozlov, K-O-Z-L-O-V,

Dmitri Kozlov.

Handle it today!


Morbid Curiosities,

gore galore at prices
you can afford.

you get my package?


What is this stuff?

souvenirs from a crime scene.

Okay, sure, but what killer?

There's no
authentication paperwork,

no proof of ownership.

I'm afraid

you'll just have to
take my word for it.

No, look, we
can't use this stuff

unless we have proof
that it's genuine, so.

Who is this anyway?

- I
- need your help, Gail.

All you have to do
is sell these items.

Well, I can't do that.

You'll figure it out.

I have faith.

I don't know you, Gail,

but I suspect we're
really not that different.

In a way, we're the same.

Your father created us both.

You knew my father?

Not personally,

but you could say
he's my inspiration.

What are you talking about?

You don't know?

Your father is a killer, Gail,

just like all the other freaks

whose junk you pawn at
that store of yours.

Very funny, Tori!

I know it's you, okay?!

Don't you have
anything better to do?!

Oh my god, I'm sorry.

You scared me.

Mind answering
a few questions?

I don't even know what I'm
supposed to be looking for.

It's not like I've ever seen
one of these things before.

Traverse City.

Isn't that pretty far?

It's a pretty serious case.

Look, you're not in
any trouble, okay?

I just need to know if you
recognize any of these items.

I sold the jacket to
a kid a couple days ago.

The receipt is from the sale.

Do you remember
anything about the kid?

Did he come in alone or
was he with someone else?

No, he was by himself.

Do you remember
anything unusual

about him or the transaction?

Is he in trouble?

He was wearing that
jacket when we found him.

The receipt was in his pocket.

We're just trying to
put together a timeline.

Oh my god.

When did this happen?

That's what we're
trying to find out.

You need to tell us
everything you know.

What did he buy?


Well, he was interested in
the Wade stuff and Beale.

I got the impression
that he'd been picked on.

I think he just wanted something

that would make him
feel less vulnerable.

He couldn't afford
the big name stuff,

but we had taken the jacket
off display a few weeks back.

No one really remembers
Danny Raft anymore, so.

Grandma let it go cheap.


If you want a
t-shirt or a key chain,

I'm your gal,

but if you want some
of the big name stuff,

you have to talk
to Grandma Margot.

And this is her store?


Though I've been operating
it since her accident.

Just to be clear,

this jacket is actually
some killer's jacket.

Technically, a
serial killer's jacket.

And you're okay with this?

I never really had a
choice in the matter.

Grandma needed help.

I guess there's some really
sick people out there, huh?

I hope you catch the killer.

Yeah, me too.


I'll let you go, okay?

Come here, sweetie.

Go on.

Honey, is that you?

How was everything down
at the store today?

It was fine, Grandma.


How's your leg?

Oh, fine, just fine.

Did you remember to bring
the food for Lilith?

Oh god, I'm sorry, Grandma.

I forgot.

It is coming toward
the end of the month.

She is gonna need
to be fed soon.

Yes, I know, Grandma.

And don't stay
in your room all night.

Gail, dinner is ready.

I'm not hungry, Grandma!

I didn't ask if you
were hungry, dear.


You're always frowning.

Is it too much to
ask you to smile?

Anything interesting
happen today?

Well, a police officer
came into the store today.

Oh really, what for?

Someone had been murdered.

My goodness.

Well, it wasn't
either of us, was it?

It was an out of towner.

You know, the one that
bought Raft's jacket.

Let's discuss
something more pleasant.

How about that?


Any good news to share?

What do you mean?

Hm, something exciting
in the mail maybe?

There was a coupon for
two for one fabric softener.

I put it in the basket
with the other thing.

I knew it had to
be some mistake.


Oh, some silly
man called today

saying he was from the
university's office of admissions.

I know.

I told him it had
to be a mistake.


I told him that
somebody must be playing

some kind of a
practical joke on us.

I mean, you're not leaving.

I explained to him how
much you're needed here.

May I be excused?

Don't be silly.

You need to eat.

Am I silly?

What, dear?

Am I silly?

I don't know.

Who do you think
I get that from?

What are you getting at, Gail?

I don't know.

I don't even know who I am.

Oh, Gail, don't you know
how much I rely on you?

How would I get
along without you?

Who is it that has you so upset?

Who has you talking this way?

Why don't we ever
talk about my parents?

It's that Alexa
girl, isn't it?

I knew she was a trouble maker.

No, Grandma.

We don't even have any
pictures of them or anything.

It is, isn't it?

I suggest you stay away
from her from now on.

And now,

startling news out of
nearby Benzie County

where police were called to the
scene of an apparent murder.

Our own Marsha
Campbell investigates.


Thanks, Chuck.

I'm here on the
scene with the man

who made the gruesome discovery.

And while he does not
want to appear on camera,

he has agreed to speak with us.

He's also given us
exclusive cell phone video

that he shot just before
calling authorities.

Some of the images,
we have blurred

because they're too
shocking for television.

Viewer discretion is advised.

This is a
nice area, it's a good area.

We take all kinds.

So, what prompted
you to go into the apartment?

She'd never
been late with rent before

and her neighbors started
complaining about the smell,

so naturally, I grew concerned.

And do
you always film it

when you go into a
tenant's apartment?

Absolutely, 100%.

It's for protection.

I don't get what
you're freaking out over.

Are you kidding me?

Let me see your phone.

Some of the
images, we have blurred

because they're too
shocking for television.

- So what prompted you to...
- I mean, I guess.

Seriously, Al, look.

I'm looking!

It's just blurry.

This isn't a joke, okay?

I think the killer called me,

and they're for real,

and this proves it.


Okay, let's say this
caller is legit.

What did they say?

They want me to
sell this stuff.

And that's it?

They didn't say anything else?

They said, no, just
to sell this stuff.


Then we sell it?

We can't sell this.

Gail, you're telling me

that some psycho killer
sends you a package,

calls you like a stalker,

and threatens you if
you don't sell it,

and you're in a
position to refuse?

We have to tell the police.

We have to...

I think if he wants us to
sell it, then we should do it.

No, that's not okay...

What is that up there?

Is that the dental impressions

of Theodore Barry by any chance?

Thank you.

What's the asking
price for this object?

Well, enjoy your teeth.

Thank you.

Goodbye to you, goodbye to you.

- Goodbye.
- Ta ta.

- How long haver I been here?
- I don't know.

Oh my god.

Oh, my break is
probably way over.

I will see you tomorrow.

Don't do anything without
me and don't tell Margot.

Got it?


Thank you.


Morbid Curiosities,

Benzie County's home of horror.

How can I help you?

Have you
had a chance to reconsider?

What do you want?

- I
- want you to ply my wares

or was that not clear?

I can't do that.

Isn't that what you do?

I'm not asking for
much, just a few items.

I don't even want a cut.

You can keep
anything it fetches.

Well, I don't even
handle these sales.

They go through my grandma.

Let me guess.

You really want your grandmother

to tell you about your parents,

but she won't.

It really was a
terrible accident.

Of course, it wasn't
really an accident.

Your poor mother...

Why are you doing this to me?

It's amazing.

You really do look like her.

They come to your
little sideshow

to get a closer
look into the abyss

while still clutching
firmly to the safety rail.

I choose to remove that
false sense of security.

Your shop provides
a rare opportunity.

I meant, why are
you doing this to me?

I need
to understand you better.

I need to see just
how alike we are.

What are you talking about?

The tree
there has bad seeds, Gail.

Before you cast the first stone,

perhaps you should ask
Margot about G.W. Stubbs.


Your father.

My father's name
was Gary Niven.

There are
the lies we tell to others

and the lies we tell ourselves.

Which one was that?

Just move it off.


I can be a
witness if you want.

I saw the whole thing.

It was a bunch of
out of towners.

They said they came here
for a pleasant vacation,

not for shit holes
full of murder junk.

Tori, let's go.

See ya.

Come on, you jerk.

Looks like you got
some trouble makers.


It's nothing new.

You don't tell
anyone about it?

Clearly, you're not from here.

Tori's family runs
this town, so.

The Kelly's, I am familiar.

I get the impression they
don't care for your store much.

Yeah, we're
an acquired taste.

I spoke
with your grandmother.

Oh yeah?

She's interesting.

She told me about how
she injured herself.

It sounded pretty bad.

It must have been scary.


I didn't see it, so.

You figure out what
happened to the Raft kid?

We're still workin' on it.

Trying to keep
things low profile.


tourist season is really
important around here.

Just trying not to
scare anyone off.


I caught this one

chewing on one of the
smaller guy's tails.

It nearly came clean off.

Oh god, spare me the details.

Hey, Gail.

Hi, Royce.

Hey Jacob, do you have
anything in a bigger bag?

I'll look in the back.


So what do we have here?

Looking for a new pet?

It's for my grandma.

Yeah, mice are cute, I guess.

To eat.

- What?
- Oh.

She has a snake.

My grandma has a snake.

- Your grandma has a snake?
- Mm-hmm.

I see darkness
runs in the family.

About my cousin, I know
Tori can be a bit much.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.

How about I make it up to you?

What do you say a movie
and some ice cream?


Just a movie then?


Royce, we don't have
anything bigger.

Gotcha, thanks for checking.

I have to go
back to my grandma.

Hey Jacob, how late
are you open tonight?

We close at 9:00.

That's perfect.

We'll have time to spare.

Come with me to a movie.

We can skip the ice cream.

I really can't tonight.

I'm sorry.

Okay, I see you.

We'll rain check it.

Thank you.

Thanks, Royce.

Catch you later, Gail.


Three bucks.


So, what do you think

you're going to be
doing with the store?

What do you mean?

Well, if you go
off to college,

if your grandma
happens to pass away.

I mean, I just
figured if she's gone,

you might want to do
something different.

I don't know.

I've never really
thought about it.

Oh, okay.

Great, well have a nice day.

Okay, you too.

Well, what are
you waiting for?

Really, Gail.

Sometimes I can't believe you.

I'm sorry.

You would have
had Lilith starve.

She has a right
to eat, you know?

Snakes are friends to women.

Since all the way
back in the garden.

Adam would have kept us
barefoot and pregnant

and too ignorant to complain.

It was the kindly old serpent
who saved us from that fate.

Clear the table please

and we'll enjoy some cobbler.

Can you do anything right?!

Pick that up!

Grandma, is my
father G.W. Stubbs?

You listen to me, young lady!

Your father is Gary Niven!

Now, that's the end of it!

I'll go get the cobbler.


Policy roll outs.

Harris, before a
primarily Black audience

at the National Urban League.

Breaking news at
the top of the hour.

Local police have now confirmed

the discovery of
another homicide victim

just outside of Frankfort
in Benzie County

only two days after a woman

was found stabbed to
death in her own bed.

Sources tell us a man was
discovered in his living room

apparently killed
with a kitchen knife.

Both of these
attacks come shortly

after a reported killing
just 15 miles away

at a truck stop in...

Now, we know where the
knife block came from.

Panicked residents

are beginning to
express concern.

I don't
know what to think.

It's terrifying.

I keep thinking about
my kids, my wife.


I need you,

I just, I need
some air right now.

I need you to hide
all this stuff.

Okay, okay, where
are you going?

I just, I'll be right back.

Where are you going?!

♪ So, just sit tight ♪

Hello, Alexa.

I was wondering when
I'd get to talk to you.



Lookie, lookie.

Well, look at you.

Look at that.

Come on.

G.W. Stubbs?


And you are?

I'm sorry, they didn't
tell me anything about you.

Go ahead.

Do I know you?


I'm just here doing
some research.

I'm a psychology student.

Psychology, eh?


So what do you want with me?

Well, I'm interested in how
somebody can become a killer.


You know, visiting hours
are pretty limited.

You sure you don't want to
talk about something else

because I'm not sure we can
unpack all this in 15 minutes?

Well, I can be brief.


Tell me about your family.

I'd rather not.

You had a wife and a daughter.

Yeah, but they
had nothing to do

with me turning out like this.

Don't get that wrong.

I was well on my way
before I met Mary Beth.

Mary Beth is your wife?

Listen, I don't mean
to be rude or nothin',

but this is some
pretty famous stuff.

I mean, I realize I'm not as
famous as some of the big guys,

but isn't this in one
of your books somewhere?

Yes, but I just wanted to
hear your perspective of it.

That's all.

How about your parents?

All right, all right, fine.

My mom was terrible to me,
dad was terrible to her.

That's about the extent of it.

And your daughter?

Give me a different question.

Sounds like there's
more to it than that.

Yeah, yeah, well
of course there is.

It doesn't mean I
want to dredge it up.

Hey, listen.

The story's out there.

I'm sure you can find
it easily enough.

Well, it would mean a
lot to me if you told me.


but don't say I didn't warn ya.

My dad, Lemuel Stubbs,

was a drunk and a
thug his whole life.

He raped my mother
once she was 16

and when his seed stuck,

her parents forced
them to marry.

Now, once I was born,

how much affection
do you suppose

either one of them had for me?

So, was it in my raising
or was it in my blood?

Could be a little bit of both,

but I'd be willing to bet that
anyone raised by that woman

would have turned
out just the same.

Hell, that bitch was a fuckin'
murderer before I ever was.

When I was 10, mother took
her revenge of Lemuel.


They called it
accidental overdose,

but I saw her feedin'
him those pain pills

drunk as he was.

She murdered him
right in front of me

and no one blames
her for anything.

You know,

she pawned my shit to
get herself outta trouble

and I'm the one in here.

Shouldn't you be
taking that down?


Double jointed.

You know, I quit for a while.

Did you know that?

Didn't have the need to do it,

as long as I had Mary Beth.

And you, you remind me of her,


and delicate.

What happened to her?

That's another question
for another time.

Oh, looks like my time's up.


You know, it was really
nice talking to you.

Did you happen to know
the name Gary Niven?

Gary Niven?

No, I never heard of him.

Well, do you know who this is?

Holy Moe, where'd
you get that?!

That's me.

That's a picture.

Well, hold on.

Wait, no, no, no, don't go,

don't go, no, no, no, no!

Who are?

I said, who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?!

Can someone get me a soda?

Yeah, what kind?

I don't care, something diet.

Oh my god, my car!

I can be a
witness if you want.

I saw the whole thing.

It was an out of towner.

They said they hate
spoiled rich kids

whose parents buy their
affection with shiny bullshit.

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

She's got a knife!

Are you nuts?

You need to stay away from me

and stay away from my
cousin, you psycho!

- Get out of here.
- I'm callin' the cops.



Damn it, shit.


Drivin' pretty fast,
don't you think?

I'm sorry.

I didn't even realize.

Everything okay?

Where are you coming from?

I was just running
errands for my grandma.

Coming from Traverse?


Store's not open today?

My friend Alex is watching it.

She work there too?

No, just doing me a favor.

Then she wouldn't know
anything about these murders?

What do you mean?

The first victim

bought that killer's
jacket at your store, Gail.

The second victim had a
receipt in your handwriting,

showing he dropped quite
a bit of money there too.

So you're saying that
there's a connection

between the store
and the killings?

What I'm saying, Gail,

is that your grandmother's
in a wheelchair.

She lacks the mobility.

But you?

I gotta say things aren't
looking great for you.

Someone's killing people
connected to your store.

It's looking like
you're either guilty

or in a substantial
amount of danger.

- Am I being detained?
- Excuse me?

Can I go now?

This was an opportunity
to come clean, Gail,

maybe help me catch a murderer.

I know your store's
connected somehow

and I know you're
keeping things from me.

I can't believe you.

Slashing Tori's tires,

you do realize
that's insane, right?

Insane but pretty awesome.


I mean, I wouldn't make
a habit of it, but yeah.

To be honest, I was sort of
wondering how it happened.

What do you mean?

You know, how you would snap.


Let's be honest.

Everyone has a breaking point

and you were well over
due for something crazy.

Hey, don't worry.

It's not like you hurt anyone.

Al, can I use your computer?

So I just threw the glasses
in the box and bailed.

You should really
think about leaving

because if I'm gonna
be really honest,

all of this has been
freaking me out.

From the caller today and
then the guy's glasses.

Gail, are you listening to me?

Earth to Gail.


I'm sorry.

I just wanted to let
you know that I get it now.


what is this?

What do you think it is, Gail?

What did you do?

- She knows my name, Gail.
- Oh my god.

I'm not getting
killed over some bullshit.

You should be thanking me!

Thanking you?

Did you see how much it sold?

It's a win win.

Now you have enough
to get out of here

and neither of us are dying.

I mean, what was your plan?

Were you going to
tell the police?


What is going on?

What are you hiding?


You left me alone
all day in that place.

I didn't know what to do.

You didn't tell me
where you were going,

what you were doing.

Don't you realize
what you've just done?

You've just tied
us to the killings.

We're suspects now.

Look, I put it up.

If it's coming down on anyone,
it's coming down on me.

You don't have to do anything.

I don't need you
to do that, okay?

I don't need you
to take care of me.

I can take care of myself.

This whole victim shit.

You act so independent,

but we both know the
reason you live alone

is because your family
doesn't want you.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Yes, you did.

No, I didn't.

You can get out.

- Alexa, I really didn't...
- No, you can get out.

Kozlov was
a foreign language teacher

at Frankfort High School
and a noted book lover.

He leaves behind no family.

The state police have
now been called in

to deal with what increasingly
looks like a serial killer

operating in the
Lower Peninsula.

Authorities are asking
anyone with information

to call this emergency hotline.

♪ Hoo, hoo, hoo, do everything ♪

♪ There is a season ♪

And it appears
that yours is over.

There, there.

This pains me more
than it pains you.

There's some spotting
on this leaf.

I'm gonna give you a spray.

Every time.

Have it your way.

I can explain if you'll let me.

I know I shouldn't
have lied to you,

but you wanted to leave.

I had to make you see
how much I needed you.

Stay away from me.

There's no need to
hide, Gail, really.

You know, don't you?

I don't know how,

but you found out the
truth about your father.

I wanted to tell
you the truth, Gail,

but I did everything
I could, Gail!

I did my best, I truly did,

but your father grew
up broken inside.

An evil that he inherited from
his father took root in him.

But you,

I wouldn't make those
same mistakes with you.

I could do better
the second time.

I could make it right.

Look, one of my
lemon trees was sick.

The root was so ill

that the entire tree
began to wither,

so I took the branches
of this lemon tree

and I grafted them here so
the healthiest tree I have,

a lime tree.

And look at it thrive, Gail.

Look at it grow.

And that is you, honey.

That is you!

The same root, but thriving
on a different tree.

I knew that if I could keep you

from the fruit of
that poisonous root,

you would be fine.

If I could just take you
away and keep you with me,

you would be okay.

And look at you, honey!

You are!

You are!

- Stop!
- You are so beautiful!

Get off of me!

What's gotten into you, Gail?

What has gotten into you?

Get off!

Get off!


record your message.

Al, please, please,

I really need to
talk to you, okay?

So just call me please,
please, please, please.



Alexa, I really
need to talk to you.


Where are you going?

I really need to
talk to you please.

What do you mean no?



Alexa, please, you can't
leave me here alone.

Get off my car!

- Please!
- Get off!


Don't leave!

Nice day.

You about ready to tell me
what's going on around here?

This is a little thin.

People keep secrets, Gail.

Just because she lied to you,

it doesn't make her a murderer.

You said it yourself.

We're the only ones
connected to all of it.

Everything leads
back to the store.

Okay, but is
there any evidence?

I mean, what's her motive?

I don't even think he
knows she's doing it.

Sometimes it's like she's
two different people.

There's all sorts of
people who live this life...

No, I wouldn't be telling you
this if I didn't believe it.


Just stay in the car.

Stay put.

Don't move.

Just wait for the
other officers.

Wait, what
are you gonna do?

Don't worry.

I'll be right back.

Margot Niven?

This is the police.


Officer, are you in here?



Oh my god.




Officer, did you?

This isn't a self
inflicted wound, Gail.

Then, then...

Drop the knife.

Don't move.

Wait, this isn't right...

Don't make this harder
than it needs to be.

But I didn't do this.

Then who did, Gail?

Since the beginning,

everything has pointed
back to that store

and now the only other
person tied to it is gone.

I promise I didn't do this.

A girl
matching your description

pulled a knife at some kids
in town the other night.

That wasn't you either?

I never hurt anyone.

I flagged your ID
at Pugsley Corrections

visiting a serial killer.

You have to admit that
doesn't look good.


Get on your knees and put
your hands behind your head.

I gave you every opportunity.

So many chances to
do the right thing.

Since I met you,

I had to know if you
were like Margot.

So quick to sell my mother's
things for spare change.

All you had to do was tell
me about the souvenirs

and just turn the evidence over

and prove that you
were different.

Instead, you sold them.

You could have lived.

- I promise you I didn't...
- Shut up.

You're just like him.

You're just like your father.

You're a bad seed.

You, and her,

and the rest of the degenerates
that shop at that store,

reveling in people's pain.

What happened to you?

That man you visited, Stubbs,

he killed my mother.

He always loved her less
than he loved yours.

He's your father?

I told you he created us both.


Your family tree
needs pruning, Gail.

You're a bad seed.

You again.

Margot told me you were dead.

She said the same
thing about you.

Margot's dead.

Oh, how'd it happen?

Was it you?

Tell me about my mother.

Your mother?


Well, I never been so scared
of somebody in my life.

That woman could destroy me
just by walking out the door.

I mean, if she ever
learned what I'd done,

what I was,

she was a dream that I was
scared to wake up from.

You really don't remember her?


I don't even know
what she looks like.

Oh man.

I'm so sorry about that.

Those first few
years of your life,

she just loved
the shit outta you

which is something I didn't
have until far too late.

She loved you.

She held you and
she cared for you,

she cared for you

like you were her most
precious thing in her life,

'cause you were.

The days are real long in here

and I got a lot
of time to think.

I never imagined this.

Stand up.

Let me take a look at you.

No, that's not why I'm here.

You don't get to
have a daughter.

You're not coming
back, are you?


Excuse me, miss?

We usually don't do
things like this,

but your father wanted
me to give you that.


You all right?


♪ Cut me loose from
this worn-out track ♪

♪ From the caboose
derail this stack ♪

♪ I ain't never,
never lookin' back ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Well, there ain't no way ♪

♪ These empty rooms will
ever be filled by you ♪

♪ But either way, baby ♪

♪ I love you all the same ♪

♪ Either way, baby ♪

♪ I love you all the same ♪