Southpaw (2015) - full transcript

Billy Hope (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) is the undisputed light-heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is unbeaten over a career of 43 fights. He is happily married to beautiful Maureen (Rachel McAdams) and has a young daughter, Leila (Oona Laurence). His life seems perfect, but then, during a fracas with a rival boxer, his wife is shot and killed. They had known each other since they were 12 years old, and now the bottom has fallen out of his world. The death of his wife sends Billy into a downward spiral, resulting in him being barred from professional boxing for a year, the loss of his house and almost all his possessions and, most painfully, the loss of his daughter to the custody of Social Services. In order to gain back his daughter and restart his life, he seeks out a particular trainer, Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker). Now he is starting his life again, at the bottom.

Yeah, we're back in the dressing room now.

The Commission is here.

Right, watching them wrap Billy's hands.

Yeah, it's all right.

Yeah, I'll text you as
soon as he's done. Okay?

Yeah. I love you, too.

Hi, Jordan.

Okay, yeah. Do your homework.

- Hey. Hey, guys.
- Hey, Mo, what's up?

What's up?


- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

You're ready.

Don't get hit too much.

Come on!

Hard shots from Darius Jones...

to the body and the head...

as he continues putting distance
between himself and Billy Hope...

on the scorecards.

This kid Jones is super fast...

and he's killing Billy
with just his left hand.

Jones, a longer, quicker fighter...

has appeared to win most of the rounds
to this point in the fight.

Keep your hands up! Protect that eye!

Let's go, chief! Come on, move!

There you go!

And now the crowd comes alive as
Hope lands a right in the lip.

Okay, here we go. Here we go.

- Good body shots by Hope.
- Dance with me, bitch.

There he goes with that
attitude, Jim. He never stops.

Another frustrating round for Hope.

He's all right. He ain't hurt.

It's give and take, ebb
and flow, here in this fight.

- Jones drives him back with another uppercut...
- Whoa, good uppercut.

- And now Jones again going to the body...
- Come on, baby, get off those ropes!

Trying to set up the finis as he
drives Hope back into the ropes again.

- I got you, man. I got you.
- That's all you got?

- Uh-huh.
- That's all you got, huh?

Watching close to Hope's corner...

his beautiful wife Maureen...

herself the product of a
Hell's Kitchen orphanage.

- How's the eye?
- Take many more, it's gonna flow.

Yeah, just fix the fuckin' eye.

State Commission doctor taking a good look
at Hope's left eye in the corner...

but the fight will continue.

We've seen Billy Hope
win fights in the past...

looking even more the worse for wear
than is the case here.

Nothing has changed tonight.

Seated at ringside, Light
Heavyweight contender

Miguel "Magic" Escobar...

who would love to fight the winner.

Hey, keep him on the end of your stick.

And don't stand in front of him.

Get yours, relocate
It's like the bull and the matador.

This is your fucking ring.
You're the fucking champ, right?

Hey, Billy! Billy!

- Come on.
- Yo, stay focused.

End it. You don't have
time for this bullshit.

End this so we can go the fuck home.

What do you think I'm trying to do, Eli?
What do you think I'm trying to do?

Get the shit off my eye! Let's go!

Round 10 about to begin.

What that jab. Watch the jab!

Billy Hope still with
that bleeding left eye.

Those who love him would say...

"Defense? What is that"

And a hard right punch!

- That's it, baby, that's it.
- Good body shot by Darius Jones...

giving Hope a little of his medicine,
he comes back to the body a second time.

He hurt Hope with that body shot.

Hard right by Hope drives
Jones back into the ropes.

Let him go. Let him go.

That's one of the best clean shots

Hope has landed since
the middle of the fight.

And down goes Jones!


Four! Five!

Tremendous turn-around in favor of
Hope here in round 10. Wow!

- Come to me.
- What a shot.

You stay on him, Billy, stay on him!

- Are you good? You're good? All right.
- I'm good.

Tony Weeks is gonna let him keep fighting.

Not for long!

And the right hand may
have ended the fight.





- That's it!
- This is over!

A comeback knock-out win for Billy Hope!

I told you, Jim, as
long as there's a Billy...

there is Hope. He always has a chance.

So Light Heavyweight champ Billy Hope has

a fourth consecutive title defense...

in Madison Square Garden.

Let's go to David Diamante
for the official particulars on the KO.

Ladies and gentlemen...

from the world's most famous arena,

Madison Square Garden...

the official time of the stoppage:
one minute and 18 seconds...

of round number 10.

Your winner by knock out...

still undefeated...

and still the undisputed...



and IBF Light Heavyweight
Champion of the world...

Billy "The Great" Hope!

Just when we think there's no hope left...

here comes Billy.

From an orphanage in Hell's Kitchen...

to a professional career fighting
in Madison Square Garden...

is a distance of only a few blocks...

and a million miles.

It's a journey Billy Hope
has made in his life.

Hey, Jon Jon, take the belts out for
the press conference, yeah?

- The new one?
- With the other ones in the back of the car.

All right. Yo, I'll bring that, Mikey.
You bring the other one.

- We got a press conference.
- All right, we'll see you there.

Thanks, Eli.

Hey. No.

- I don't know what...
- Come here.

I'm bleeding out of my mouth, baby.
I don't know when it's coming clean.

What's that, baby?

- What'd you say?
- It's fine, baby.

You want some water?

Yeah. I'm just gonna take a shower first.

No, no, no.

Can you get your socks off? Yourself?

Yeah. I'll just fuckin' shower in 'em.

Billy, most of us here
had you winning this early.

Were you expecting such a difficult fight?

Yeah, I don't know, "expect"?
I don't know. You can't expect anything.

I was really looking forward to
just showing up, walking the ring...

and then having him fall on the ground.

No, I mean...

I expected a hard fight. You know?

I put my family through a lot.

By the way, Leila...

if you're watching, go to sleep, baby.

Billy, Billy. You're 43 and 0.

- Undefeated. Are you running out of...
- Son, can you say that again?

It's impressive.

But who are you gonna fight?
Who are you gonna fight?

- You know, that's really Jordan's...
- I think I know one! Me!

I mean, all the fans around the world,
they wanna see it.

Y'all tell me, who else is there?
Your crew knows it.

All these beautiful people
in here know it. I know it.

I just wanna know
why you won't give me my shot.

All I want is my shot. I just want my shot.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Who are you?

You know exactly who I am, baby.

He's just trying to make a fight.

You ain't never been hit by a real man.

All right?

Let's be clear here.
He hasn't really been hit at all yet.

- What are you drinking in that cup, man?
- Hey, you know what?

You ain't no champ.
You're all show and you know that.

Why you so scared to fight me, Billy?

You know, we gave a good show tonight,
didn't we, Jordan?

- That's right.
- We meant business, didn't we?

Yeah, all right.
You all have a good night, okay?

Just sign the contract, baby!

I want you to line it up!

Line it up? Miguel's
just showboating, Billy.

I'm gonna shut him the fuck up.

Line it up!

Turay just makes sense.

If it makes money, it makes sense.

Two for the bills, one for the belt.

- The Turay fight makes better sense.
- No, no.

You think Miguel's a better fighter?

No. I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

What do I gotta do?
What do I gotta do, say it again?

- You want me to say it again?
- You wanna fight me?

- What do you want me to do?
- You're gonna do this in front of all these people?

Hey. Yo, yo. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about that.

- I'll just... Come on, man.
- Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it.

I wanna get you out of this dress.

Yeah, me too. You have no idea.

Hey, put those in the office.

Come on. Come with me.

Come with me. Where you going?
Come on. Come with me.

Let me put my stuff down.
I gotta get you some ice...

- Leila! Leila!
- And some food.

Hey, hey!

She might be sleeping.

- Leila!
- Hey!

- How's it going?
- Congratulations, Mr. Billy!

Is she up?

Yeah, she's probably
still waiting up for you.

Tell me she didn't watch that fight.

Oh, I saw you.

I saw you. Are you trying to fool me?

I'm coming for my hug.

Hey, wake up.

Hi, baby.

I missed you so much.

I missed you, Daddy.

- Can I count?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's a big one.
- Yeah.


You got hit a lot, Dad.

Yeah, but you should see the other guy.

No, she should not.

She needs to go to bed.

And so do you. Come
on, party's over. Come on.

Why can't I come see your fights?

Why can't she go to your fights?

Your mother thinks
they're too violent, baby.

But I see stuff like
that on TV all the time.

- I know you do.
- What do you mean?

I watch The Walking Dead with Gloria.

Okay, that's gonna stop.
You, up. Come on.

- This is your hint.
- Okay, all right.

Come on, time for bed. Please, no.

- Dad will let me.
- She has a phone?

She's had a phone for two months.

Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?

'Cause you asked me to get her the phone.

You gave a 10 year old a phone?

- Out, out, out.
- Do you have the pass code on it?

Dad thinks it's okay.

Well, sometimes I think
your daddy confuses you...

with the other children
who hang around him night and day.

- You're talking about Mikey and Jon Jon, right?
- That's right, baby.

- I love you so much.
- I'm serious.

Okay. Come on.

Hey, get away from my daughter.

You, get out.

- Get out.
- Go away, Dad.

Good night.

What would you like?

I want...

I want to take a break.

I was just thinking we could maybe
blow off the Turay match...

rethink things...

- pick a fight for later next year, you know.
- Wait a minute.

- Why?
- I didn't like what I saw tonight.

What did you see tonight?
You saw me win tonight.

- Baby, look at your face.
- What are you talking about?

Your face.

Baby, what are you saying?

- Hey, baby, can I ask you something?
- What?

What if I said this...

"Look at your face.
Look at your face..."

and then I started crying? Okay?

I'm sorry.

- No, it's all good. It's good.
- I'm sorry, but...

you fucking scared me.

You can't fight like that anymore.

- I won tonight.
- Yeah, but it's the way you're fighting.

What are you talking about?

The way I fight bought us this house...

and bought you that
fucking beautiful dress...

- Yes, I know. I know, baby, I know.
- And it gave Leila fucking private school.

All the shit in this house.
Our fucking life,

that's what my fighting bought.

But I wanna enjoy it.

- Where is this coming from?
- With you.

This is the talk you have when you lose,
not when you win.

The more you get hit, the harder you fight.
I get it.

I don't wanna hear this right now.

Only now you're taking way too many hits
before you get off.

Listen to me.

- This was a good night.
- I love you. You are all I care about.

The three of us, that's it.
That's all that matters.

So I'm gonna tell you the truth.

You're gonna be punch-drunk in two years
if you keep this up.

Think about her. When she graduates,

what do you wanna look like?

Fuck me. Fuck.

Why do you gotta lay the fucking truth
right now? Fuck.

You say it, I'll do it. All right?
You say it, I'll do it.

Come here, baby.

They're all gonna keep you
in that "Billy The Great" bubble, you know?

And they'll take their pound of flesh,
but, baby, when that bubble pops...

they're all just gonna
scatter like roaches.

And me and Leila are gonna be here
to pick up the pieces.

Pick up the pieces?

I don't know.

Hey, you know what?

- You know...
- What?

- You know how I only went ten rounds?
- What's that?

I went only ten rounds tonight,
so do you know what that means?

What does that mean?

That means that I still have...

two rounds left in me.

Oh. You wanna go two rounds with me, champ?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.
- That's very impressive.

Very brave.

- Good?
- Good.


Oh, fuck. Baby?

Uncle J! Watch!

That's another gold medal in your
future, missy. Flip a little higher.

No, no, no! No, no, no
flips! Not too high, baby.

Yeah, she's good.

Oh, I got...

I got this for you.

Put that together for
the people over at HBO.

- It's a two-year, three-fight deal.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, whoever wins...

whoever wins...

- gets some of these.
- Again with the gifts?

Oh, shit, y'all is smart.

Oh, yo, I owe some shit to the government.
Let me hock this shit.

Yo, is this that shit with the bezel
right here? Yo, this is with the bezel?

Yeah, Gabe, it's got the bezel
just like the last deal.

- It's got the bezel on it!
- Do these seem you boys' sizes?

That's too much.

It's not gonna happen.

Maureen, Billy's been
my fighter for 10 years.

I know what's best for him.

And I've been his wife for like 100.

I know what's better for him.

- Come on, he needs time off.
- To do what?

Sit on the beach and watch the sun go down?

- Yeah.
- How long's he gonna do that, Mo?

One week? Two weeks?

Then he's gonna start looking around...

he'll fuck around and bite his hand off
if you don't give him something else to do.

Are you hustling me?

- Oh, no.
- We've been friends a long time.

He didn't have to pay me a dime for this.

All of the fighters are coming to me,

and coming to me
because of my relationship with Billy.

- 'Cause we're family, Mo.
- I know.


Oh, man, we was talking about you
like a dog, champ.

You should've heard the things
Maureen was saying about you.

I said, "The champ? Never!"

- Daddy, come jump with me!
- Okay.

- You okay?
- Yeah. How you doing?

- Tell me what's going on over here.
- You okay?

You need some ice? Need some ice?

- Look, Billy, I told Maureen.
- Yeah?

I got HBO to commit to $30 million.
$10 million per fight.

- I just told you, we're passing on Turay.
- Yeah, man.

Daddy, come on!

Make sure she doesn't break her neck.

He's laughing.

- Come on.
- I'm coming.

"I just wanna thank everybody
from the Children's Club...

'cause this place saved my life.

I grew up in the system.

My mother had me when
she was incarcerated."

How do you spell "incarcerated"?

- I-N-C-A-R-C-E-R-A-T-E-D.
- You should say "in jail."

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, babe.

"I got dumped into foster care the..."

I don't wanna do this. I can't do this.

- Hey, hey. Come on, come on.
- I don't wanna talk about this.

- I don't wanna talk about it.
- What do you mean?

I don't need to stand up there in front of a group
of people and tell them my fucking life story.

- I don't wanna tell them.
- Hey, stop. You're acting crazy. It's okay.

- No, they're gonna look at me like I'm an idiot.
- No, those kids love you.

And it's for them. It's a charity, baby.
Don't be nervous. You're fine. Okay?


Put your pants on.

Let's go so we can get home, okay?

- Uh-huh.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, Leila.

I'm gonna tell you something.

And it is very important, okay?
I want you to listen.

- I love you.
- I love you.

- So predictable.
- Man!

The Children's Club of New York
would like to welcome...

the Light Heavyweight
Champion of the world...

Billy Hope!


All right, all right, all right.

I'd rather take a couple punches
than be up here, but...

Well, I wouldn't be up here tonight...

if it wasn't for the Children's Club.
They gave me a bed.

They gave me my first pair of gloves.

Them gloves, you know, were
smelly and ratty and all tattered...

but they were mine.

You know?

You got your soul in those gloves.

- Hey, Hector. Chill out.
- They gave me a home.

I met my boys.

That whole table, I would stay away from
if I was you.

Behave yourself.
There are a lot of rich people here.

When I was 12 years old...

there was this little girl.

She was skinny.

She had ratty hair.

She had been through it.

She stuck with me when I was incarcerated.

A couple times.

And I knew she was there.

I wouldn't be here without my wife Maureen.

Now you, with your fancy cars and...

and your fancy dresses
and your fancy suits...

and your beautiful hair...

take some of that money and...

and give us that shit.

All right.

Swagger? No, I got pizzazz.

That's a level above swagger.
That's that new shit.

Everybody's tired of that old shit, man.

Miguel, Miguel. Bitch boy. Here he comes.

Speaking of old shit. Watch this.

Hey, Billy, why you leaving so soon?

Come on, baby, let's go.

Hey, man, I hope you're not taking everything
personally. I'm just trying to get a fight.

Get the fuck off me, man.

What, I gotta fuck
your bitch to talk to you?

Billy, let that go. Come on. Keep walking.

Come on, come on. Let's go.

How about this? I'll take your
bitch, then I'll take your belt.

Come on, let it go.

- Baby. Let's go home.
- How about I take your belt...

- then I take your bitch?
- Let it go. Baby.

- There he is. There he is.
- Let's go home. Walk away.

Stop it. Stop. Billy.

- Billy.
- I'll take your belt, bitch.

Get outta the way, Mo!

Bitch-ass nigger!

Billy, stop! Stop it!

I'm good! I'm good!


- Billy?
- What's up? What's up, baby?

- What's wrong? What's wrong? What?
- I don't know. I don't know.

- What happened?
- Something happened.

- Hey, I don't know...
- Am I okay?

- You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.
- Am I okay?

Fuck. Fuck, baby. Okay.

What do I do? I don't know what to do!
Do I lie her down? Do I lie her down?

- I don't know what to do!
- Go get some help!

Call 911, man! Come on!

Okay, baby, it's okay, it's okay.
No, no, no, no. Hey, Jon Jon!

No, baby, I don't wanna lay down.
I don't wanna lay down.

Hector did that shit! It
wasn't me! Get off me!

Hector, what the fuck are you doing?!

What were you fucking thinking, man?!

What's up? What's up, baby?

- I wanna go. I wanna go home.
- We're gonna go home.

- I wanna go home, okay, baby?
- We're gonna go home.

Baby, I wanna go home. I wanna go home.
I wanna go home.

Just stay with me.
Hey, look at me, look at me.

Hey, look at me in the fucking eyes!

Look at me in the eyes, baby!
Baby, look at me in the eye!

Look me in the eye! Look me in the eye!
Look me in the eye, there we go, yeah.

It's not that bad. It's not that bad, baby.
It's not that bad. It's not that bad.

- No.
- No, no, it's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

- It's a lot of blood. It's a lot of blood.
- I don't know.

Oh, baby, baby, no. No, no, no.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay, baby. I love you.

No, no, no! No, no, no!

Hey, hey! Oh, shit.

No, baby. It's just a little blood, baby.

- It's just a little blood.
- Leila. Leila. Let's go home. Let's go home.

I can go home. I can go home.

- We can go home.
- We're gonna go home. You wanna go home?

- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.

There you go, baby, there you go.
There you go. Here you are.

Wait, wait, wait!

Hey! Hey!

No, baby, wait, wait!

Wait, no! Look me in the eye!
Look me in the eye, baby!

- Fuck!
- Baby, baby, stay. Stay!

Baby, stay, stay!

Baby, no!

We're sorry to hear about your loss.

We're gonna try to make this as simple
and easy as possible.

We need an eyewitness
to identify the shooter.

No one's talking or they
don't wanna be involved.

Do you remember anything?

- What time is it?
- It's 6:00 AM.

We know it's been a long night for you,
but we gotta ask these questions.

The housekeeper's there with my daughter.

I just can't find my phone.

We just need another moment of your time.

One of your crew had a weapon on him.

He said he was your security detail.

Unfortunately, he didn't
have a permit to carry.

My daughter wakes up at 6:00.


I'll tell you what, Mr. Hope.

If you can remember anything,
anything at all like we said, sir...

don't hesitate to give
us a call. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Hope.

Hey, baby.

You hungry or...?

I could go down to the kitchen
and get you something to eat.


All right.


Mommy leaves it on.


Sorry, baby.


Yeah, baby?

Never mind.

Okay. Sleep tight.

Hey. Come on, honey.

It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right. Here.

- What the fuck are you doing here, man?
- Where have you been, Billy?

We've been trying to get in touch with you
for weeks.

Can you please just
talk to me for a second?

- Please, let me go with you.
- No.

Just please talk to me for two seconds.
Man, please.

What do you wanna talk about?

Just whatever's going
on in your head, you know.

I just hope you're not
trying to do anything stupid...

like going after Miguel or Hector.

What do you wanna talk about?

You wanna fucking talk now?

Do you wanna fucking talk to me now? Huh?

- Talk to me, you fucking pussy.
- I'm sorry.

Talk to me, you fucking pussy.

You were the one who's supposed to
fucking look after her.

You were the one. You were the one
that was supposed to look after her.

I'm sorry for Mo. I'm
sorry for your little girl.

No, no, no.

Get the fuck out of my house.
Get the fuck out of my house!

Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out!

Fuck, I don't need nothing, man.
No good fucking piece of shit.


Hector ain't here. Who is it?

Open the door.

Who is it?

I'm looking for Hector.
I've got some money for him.

You can give it to me.

No, I need to give it to him.

Hold on.

- Hector ain't here.
- Where is he? Is he out with Miguel?

I don't know. You think he tells me shit?

Yo, you gonna give me money or not?
You got a hit?

You his wife?

I don't have to be. Not today.

That ain't money.

Yo, you got a hit?

Where the fuck is he?


I've got kids, man. Come on, baby. Come on.

What are you doing? Are you fucking crazy?

Mommy's got you.

I've got kids.


Wait, I need a hit,
though. Yo, you got a hit?



I'm fucking taking to you!
Where the fuck you going?!

They're all gonna keep you
in that "Billy The Great" bubble, you know?

Billy "The Great" Hope!

Hey, listen, Billy.

You've got a lot of money going out.

You know, with the mortgage
and your friend Gabe's legal fees...

and all your taxes are due,
including your property taxes.

It's starting to add up.

A lot of these are
overdue. Months, in fact.

So pay them.

- With what?
- With my fucking money, Simon.

That's why I'm here, Billy.
The money, it's drying up.

Look, you gotta see what's happening here.
You need to cut back.

- What's...?
- I mean, they've already taken two of the cars.

- What's it about, man?
- It's real simple.

- What's it about, you taking my money?
- What?

- You stealing from me, Simon?
- No.

I'm just here to help out.

- I can take care of this if you want me to.
- Please.

This is fine. You can give me that.

- Okay.
- You can leave this with me. I'll take care of it.



I just wanna say I'm really sorry.
About everything.

Hey, look, Billy.

You need this.

This solves all your problems.

- What is that?
- It's the contract.

To fight Turay.

Look, I'm not gonna pretend I know the pain
you're going through.

But I do know for you to get through it
you're gonna have to get back in that ring.

- No, Mo doesn't want me to sign it.
- No, Mo didn't want you to sign it then.

Now she would want you
to actually sign the contract.

Why do you say that?

Billy, every time I've seen you fight,
you climb in there alone.

Every time you bled, you bled your blood.

When you sat down on that stool
and it felt like death...

and you thought you couldn't get up,
but you got up? You did that.

You need to get back to that.

You want Leila to grow up the way
you grew up? You want her in the streets?

It's a three-fight deal, Billy.

Let's get back to doing what we do, man.

When you're in the ring, you're gonna
feel different. I'm tellin' you.

It's not about contracts, right?

It's about family.

- I don't know what I'd do without you, man.
- You ain't gotta worry about that, man.

Nobody would've expected Kalil Turay
to have his way...

throughout the fight against Billy Hope.

Billy, put your goddamn hands up now!

Hope fighting in the wake of his wife's
unexpected death.

No aggression...

simply a will to continue
taking punishment...

Get off them goddamn ropes!

And to allow Turay to pound him
with both fists...

to the body and the head.

End this now!

But it's been a bloodletting...

from the first bell onward.

Hope finally gets in a right hand.

Those have been few and far between.

By and large, it was a
beat down by Kalil Turay...

who appears to have scored
an upset victory over Billy Hope...

and perhaps, has put the finishing
touches on Hope's great career.

You've gotta focus,
Billy, you hear me? Huh?

Billy, listen to me, man.
I'm not gonna watch this.

I'm not gonna watch this happen to you,
man. I'm not gonna watch this happen to us.

Billy, if you don't show me something here,
I'm gonna call it. That's it.

You hear me? We're done. Wake up, champ.

- Don't call it, man. Don't call it.
- Huh? Come on.

What the fuck are we doing here, huh?

I gotta end this shit, Billy. You hear?

I'm not gonna watch this shit happen to us,
all right?

He keeps looking out the ring for Maureen.

He's losing his fucking mind, bro.

Second's up.

This guy is done. He's not
the champ anymore. Finish him.

Hands up. Fight back. You have to focus.


Get your damn hands up, Billy! Now!

Billy Hope has refused
to compete here tonight.

Another giant shot from Turay...

and the referee is gonna stop it,
it's gonna be the end of that.

- It's over. That's it, it's over.
- Don't call it. No, don't call it.

Hope head butts the referee!

A low moment...

as a final postscript to what has been
a horrible night...

for Billy Hope, and a career
which produced so many thrills...

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
- And so much joyous glory...

appears to have ended ignominiously
here tonight.



Is Jordan here?

Is anybody still here?

You can't butt a referee, man.
What the fuck kind of shit was that, man?

Broke his nose, man.
Shattered his motherfucking cheekbone.

What got into you, man?

We did the biggest deal that we ever
did, Billy, and you fucked it up, man.

It'll be a year before your suspension
is up for review, which means zero income.

The fine for the assault on the referee
will be in the six figures.

He's suing you for lost wages
and emotional trauma.

They're freezing all your bank accounts
immediately, and to top that off...

the network is suing us
for breach of contract, man.


- You have to sell the house to cover the debt.
- I don't wanna sell the house, man. No.

I'm not selling the house.
That's Leila's home.

You don't have a choice, Billy.

If you don't, it's gonna
get repossessed anyway.

Look, this is some serious shit, man.

No, no, no. I'm just gonna train with Eli
and then...

I'm gonna get ready for the next fight.
I'll be ready.

I'm not even sure if a trainer's
gonna take you on right now.

What? I don't need another trainer.

Eli's working with another fighter.

- Who? Who is he?
- Miguel Escobar.

- You working with him, too?
- Yeah.

Billy, you know if it makes money,
it makes sense.

It's just business, Billy.

I know you miss Maureen.
I miss Maureen, too, man.

Shit, if she was here,
she'd be disgusted with you, man.

We need you to pull yourself together.
You need help, Billy.

Don't talk about my wife that way.

- I fucking quit. Fuck you.
- Can't do this anymore, Billy.

Get the fuck outta the way.

Scattering like roaches.

Yo, follow him and make sure
he don't break no shit on the way out.

Bunch of roaches. Fucking roaches, all.

Baby, let's go home.
Let's go home. Let it go.

Baby, baby, stop. Stop.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



Dad! Daddy!

Daddy, what happened?!

Daddy! Daddy!

Somebody help me! Somebody!

Mr. Hope, what did you take, sir?

What did you take,
Mr. Hope? What'd you take?

What kind of medicine, Mr. Hope?
What did you take?

Mr. Hope? What did you take, sir?

- Leila. Where's my baby?
- Your daughter's fine, Mr. Hope.

She's the one who called 911.
You were in an accident.

- There's people looking after her.
- Leila?

No, no, no.

No, no. I need her.

We found you with a
loaded weapon, Mr. Hope...

- under the influence, with a minor present.
- Leila, baby? Leila?

Where's Leila?

- I gotta get outta here.
- Your daughter's with Child Services.

- They're looking after her right now.
- No, no, no.

- Everything's okay.
- No, no, no. No!

- No! No! No!
- Get him down. Get his legs.

- No! No!
- Lay back, Mr. Hope. You're gonna be just fine.

Come on, just breathe.

- Breathe.
- Everything's all right. Just chill out for a second.

You're gonna be okay, Mr. Hope.
Just take a deep breath for me.

You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine, Mr. Hope.
Just relax.


I was...


- Daddy.
- Hey, baby!

Sit down, Mr. Hope.

- Please.
- I just wanna hug my dad.

- Mr. Korman, get your client, please.
- Sit down. Sit down, Bill.

Thank you. We're ready to begin.

The matter this morning is provisional
custody of Leila Rae Hope, a minor.

- When can I get her out?
- Don't interrupt, Mr. Hope.

The child has no other
family, is that right?

No, Your Honor.

Both my client and his wife came up
through the system.

I see. So that's why these circumstances
are a little bit more painful for you.

I want my daughter back.

- I'm her father.
- Unfortunately, that's not enough.

This court is aware of the tragedy
your family has suffered, Mr. Hope.

- Nonetheless, you have chosen to demonstrate...
- I miss you, baby.

- Alarming and dangerous behaviors...
- Are you okay?

While having custody of your daughter.

- Loaded weapons, alcohol, violence.
- I love you.

Mr. Hope will follow a case plan
that the court has designed.

Said plan will include
individual counseling...

as well as sobriety and anger management

And I order said child remanded into
the care of the Family Services...

until which time the father
can demonstrate the abilities...

to perform duties of
a responsible parent.

- What?
- Parties back in 30 days...

- 30 days?
- For a progress hearing.

What the fuck does that mean? 30 days?

- Watch your language, Mr. Hope.
- 30 days don't mean shit, man.

- That's bullshit!
- I'll find you in contempt.

- Please, please, I don't wanna.
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I don't want to. Please, Daddy!

- Billy.
- Take the child now, please.

- I wanna stay with you!
- Let me just give my daughter a hug!

Daddy! No, no, no!

- Leila!
- Daddy! Please!

Please, Dad! Daddy!

I wanna live with you! Please!


- Daddy!
- That is enough! I will hold you in contempt!

It's just a house, yeah?

Hey, yo, thanks for taking me.

No, Billy.

You know, I can't really pay you right now.

Fuck you.

No, I don't want your pay.

No, I was never here for the money.
You know that.


Hey, yo.


I'm sorry, Billy.

Hey, hey, hey.

- This the place?
- Yeah.

You want me to come with you?

No, man, no. No.

I gotta do this alone.

It's yours.

No, man. Come on.

- I'm re-gifting it.
- I'm not taking that shit. I don't want it.

So you stay safe.

- All right?
- You, too.

Call me if you need anything.

Yeah, all right, I will.

- I'll be around.
- Hey, yo, charge on.

Say hi to Mikey and Gabe, all right?

- You've got it.
- Hey.

- That's Billy Hope.
- For real?

Boo! That's it. Good work.

Hey, Hop, I want you in the ropes.

I already did that shit.

What'd you say?

Gimme 50.

- Hey, T?
- Yes.

You work with him on one of those mitts?

Yo, Tick. That's Billy Hope over there.

You Tick Wills?

So what brings Billy Hope to my gym?

I'm looking for a...

you know, a place to train.

And you know, I don't know, maybe a...


I don't train pro fighters anymore.

Well, currently I am not a pro fighter.

Do you think I don't know that?

Does it say in there
that they took my kid away from me?

Yeah, it does.

It's been kinda like a whole mess.

I remember that Night Train fight,
you know what I mean?

And I remember that, you know...

that was one hell of a fight, you know?

You're one hell of a
coach, you know, and...

man, he won that fight.

Excuse me, but if I remember correctly,
and I do remember...

you won the fight. You got the decision.
Don't you remember?

Yeah, I won that fight.
I think Jordan Mains paid it off.

- Anyway...
- Jordan Mains paid them off?

Yeah, look, I don't know, man.
It's the fight game, you know?

How you gonna come in here
and say something like that?

I'm just saying that's why I'm here.

Night Train was the
only fighter to beat me.

I know you were his trainer, and...

I don't know how you train, but...

- that's why I'm here.
- The thing is...

you couldn't handle the rules here, man.

I can handle the rules, man.
I handle the rules.

Believe me, I grew up in the system.
I can handle the rules.

You saw that kid had to do 50 push-ups
for swearing?

- Yeah.
- That's one of the rules here.

No drinking, no drugs, no playing around...

no being late, none of that.
No problems, you know what I'm saying?

I don't need that here.
It's my job to protect these kids.

I'm here to train 'em so they can grow up
and be men.

- You ready to work?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm ready to work.

'Cause the thing is, you're not
gonna be able to throw a punch...

in or out of the
ring, until I tell you to.

All right. Yeah, fuck it, I'm in.

No swearing. Did I tell you no swearing?

- Did I tell you no swearing?
- No, no. Yeah, yeah. No swearing.

Boxing is not about this...

boxing's about this.
Boxing is like a chess game.

Yeah, all right. Fuck, let's...
Yes. Not "fuck." Yes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you on drugs?

Are you intoxicated?

I'm good, man. I'm straight.

Did you see this?

All right.

All right.

I also need a job.

I need to prove to the
court that I can hold a job.

I got...

a night man who just had a stroke.

And he was cleaning this whole place up.

If you could do that, you could get your
fees and you could get yourself a check.

What, you want me to clean
your fucking toilets?

Just clean the place.

I'm supposed to clean up
after these punks here?

- What, is that what you think of me?
- But you need a job.

Yo, come on, man, I'm not gonna
clean your fucking toilets. Come on.

You need a job or not?

Nah, fuck this.

And rent, first day of the month.

- Where's the light?
- First day, one of the month.

- Okay.
- Okay. You pay rent?

- Yes.
- Come this way.

Three keys. This works, the other...

I never thought I'd see one of these
places again, Billy.

All right, man.

Hey, tell Leila hi for me.

Can I help you?

My name is Billy Hope. I'm Leila's...

I'm here to see my daughter.

All right, so the court is requiring
drug screening twice a week?

And hair samples once a month, right?

If you fail or miss one,
then I have to report it.

When can I see Leila?

Once we go through this form.

What is your current address?

I'm staying at the Tassler right now.

I'm staying there until I can find a,
you know, better place to stay.

You know, find a place of my own.

Mm-hmm. And have you
secured employment yet?


- Where?
- At the gym.

The gym?

Wills Gym. On 156th Street.

And who gave you that employment?

I got it myself.

But who gave you the job?

- The owner of the gym.
- And his name is?

Tick Wills.

Does Tick Wills have a number I could call?

I don't know. I don't have a phone.

I don't know.

How much you get paid?

We haven't discussed that just yet.

So you haven't started the job yet?

- Hmm?
- You haven't started the job yet?

- No, you just asked if I secured.
- Yeah.

And I secured it.

- Have you taken drugs or anything alcoholic?
- No, I haven't slept very well, though. No.

- You on any form of medication?
- I took some Advil.

You're gonna write that down?

"He took some Advil."

"He can't see his kid."

These are the questions on the form.

- There's just a protocol we have to go through.
- Go after the test.

But I'm asking you because we're about
to see Leila...

so I wanna know what
kind of shape you're in.

I'm a fucking mess.

When can I see my daughter?

And you think I should let you see your
daughter when you're a fucking mess?

If I see my daughter, I'll
feel a lot better, all right?

- Will she feel a lot better?
- Yes.

Do you feel in a fit state
to see your daughter today?

You wanna help me? Is that what
you wanna do? You wanna help me?

I wanna help Leila.

That's my first priority.


Hey, baby.


You okay?

Can you give us a second?

Leila, would you be comfortable with that?

- If I stand right over there?
- Sure.


All right. I'm just over here.

What's wrong, baby?

Did somebody touch you? Somebody hurt you?

- No.
- They put a hand on you?

- No.
- They put a hand on you, baby? You can tell me.


You talk to me?

There's nothing to say.

You fucked up.

Don't use that language with me.

Or what? You gonna punish me or something?

- Look, I know that you're mad at me right now...
- You don't know anything.

- Hey, hey. Wait, wait. Leila.
- Can I go outside now?

Yes, you can.

Leila. Leila, just talk to me.

- Come on, Talia, let's go.
- Come on, we got a couple minutes, baby.

Is that your dad?

I don't know anymore.

Leila, will you come back?

What you doing here?

Could I buy you a beer?

I don't drink.

I'll take that job.

Step forward.

Step forward.

Step back.

Step back.

Relax, relax, relax.

One, two.

To the right.

To the left.

Let's go, cross your hands.

Step forward.

Step back.

Step back.

Can I get that for you, champ?

What's your name?


What's that from?

My mom liked bunnies, so...

she named me Hoppy.

Man, to think that Billy The Great
would walk in here.

I'm just trying to get some
work done, you know?

Oh, yeah, sure thing.

- No more.
- Can I get a picture with you later?

Yeah, if you finish tying my shit.

Oh! I didn't say "shit."

Step forward.

You're being too hard on yourself, son.

You can't learn everything
in one day. You hear me?

Yes, sir.

All right?

Mr. Hope??"

Can I speak to you for a moment, please?

What's up?

Yo, is Leila all right?

Where's Leila?

She doesn't wanna see you today.

What do you mean?

She doesn't wanna see you today.

I'm sorry.

But I think we have to give her some space
and respect her wishes.

She said that?

Yes, she did.

Last night in the much-anticipated fight...

Miguel "Magic" Escobar
defeated Kalil Turay...

by knockout in the fourth round.

Miguel is now the new WBC
Light Heavyweight champion of the world...

a title once held by...

Come on. Marry me?

Okay, let me check my schedule.

I'll get back to you.

Hold my hand?

- I'll be waiting for you.
- Uh-huh.

What's up, man?

Thought you said you didn't drink.

What, you think a man can't pick up
a new habit?

What are you doing here, man?

Seriously, this is my spot.

- Can I get a water? Just water.
- Sure.

Drinking's a solitary sport.

It's a solitary one.

Help me. I'm just trying
to connect here, man.

- I just...
- I just didn't wanna go home.

300 square feet of...

nothing. You know?

You got plans?

What do you mean?

You know, what you gonna do with all this
training that you think you so desperately need?

- What you gonna do with it?
- I'm gonna fight, then I'm gonna get my kid back.

Then you're gonna end up right back here?

- What are you saying?
- What do you think got you here?

Some scumbag killed my wife.

What do you think you
did to be sitting here?

Why was your wife killed?

Look, man, all due respect, you know...

I haven't really gotten much sleep, man.
What are you trying to ask me?

- What happened?
- I just told you what happened.

What'd you do?

- Why do you keep asking me that question?
- What happened?

- What happened?
- I just told you what happened.

- Why?
- I can't tell you why. What do you mean, why?

Never mind.

You can't even hear the question.

Why are you laughing?
What, is this funny to you?

Is that fucking funny to you?

Piece of shit.

See, that's why you're here.

That's why you're here.

- It's all good, T?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Yo, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Hey, man, don't bring that shit back in here.

- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.

Nobody wants your money.

What do you want, man?

I never really had any plans, all right?

My wife always made the plans for me.

And my daughter doesn't even wanna
see me right now.

And I feel like I broke her heart.

Little kid, man, she's a little girl.

She's trying to take care of herself.

She lost her mother, too.

Even if she hates you,
you gotta let her hate you...

So she can feel better about it,
she can get better.

This ain't about how you feel.

I mean...

you've gotta let her
go through her thing...

and not think that
thing is your thing...

then you can deal
with life, like that stuff.


boxing, whatever you want.

Hey, come on. Come here, Hoppy.

Let's go.

Ready? Jab. Jab. Slow it down.

Jab. Yeah, make it accurate.

Pow, pow, pow.

No power, no power yet.

Jab. There you go. That's... Bam!


- She...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She used to sleep with this.
Would you give that to her?

- Make sure she gets that.
- Yeah.

I will.

Tell her I love her.

We start tomorrow.

- What, like training?
- No.

Baking cookies.

I'm going to the bar.

I do not wanna see you there.

Yeah, all right.

All right.

Shining so bright.

The way you fight...

anger's your biggest tool.

Fighting angry, that drains you...

twice as fast.

The other guy in the
ring is your enemy, but...

if all you're trying
to do is kill him...

then you expose yourself...

you leave yourself vulnerable.

Gotta protect yourself.

Make his mistakes...

be his destruction.

Right now you got two weapons...

a shotgun and a grenade.

All power, no precision.

I want you to use your other arsenal.

There you go. Tap.

Tap. Tap.

Tap. Tap.

There you go.

One, two.

Yeah. One, two. Yeah.

Be sure they do.

This is the wall, right here.

My back's against the wall.

It's part of the wall.

Blocking my chin.

Shielding yourself from a block,
anything that comes that way.

You're right here,
step and slide forward...


just step and slide.

Forward, roll.

This is the angle. This is the angle.

All right?

Let's do it real slow.
Take your time. Let's do it.

My wife would've liked you.

I appreciate that.

Let's do this, all right?

Good, looking good. Good.

Good. Good.

Yeah, I hear it now.


Oh, yeah, I hear it now.


Who they hate?

We'll see who they hate go pow! This is it!

Jab. Who they hate? Who they hate?

Who they hate? Who they hate?
Who they hate? Who they hate?

Drop your hands. Drop your hands.
Don't even worry about punching right now.

Just back against the wall, okay? You're
doing good. You're doing good, all right?

Back. See my back? Okay.

Yeah, keep the back against the wall.
You feel that?

There's the slide. Keep making him miss.

Keep making him miss.

I'm gonna introduce you to something
that you never knew before.

It's called defense.

- Hey, Ramone?
- Yes, coach.

- Come over here.
- I have defense.

Stopping punches with
your face is not defense.

I want you to spar with him.
Chief, glove him up.

- Like spar with him?
- Don't worry. He's not gonna be hitting anything.

Wait, he's not gonna be hitting anything
or I'm not gonna be hitting anything?

You're not gonna hit nothing.

- You work on your defense.
- Like don't hit him?

- Like don't touch him with your gloves.
- Like with my gloves?

Just block.

Hey, champ.

Move your feet, move your feet.

- Come on, champ.
- You've gotta turn your body when you block.

You're just covering up.

Pivot out, pivot out.

Step out, step out!

Get some distance so
you can move your head.

Don't just stand in front
of him. Use your feet.

Use your feet. Get off the rope!

- Come on, champ.
- Let's see you move.

It's like fighting a fucking gnat!

A gnat like a boss, motherfucker.

I heard that.

That's 50 for swearing.

How you doing?

- Hey, Leila.
- Hey, Talia.

I need help.

Leila, what happened to your glasses, baby?

They're not cool.

Quiz me. I might need the definitions, too.


Dismantle. D-1-S-M-A-N-T-L-E.

You're so smart.


Hopelessness. H-O-P-E-L-E-S-S-N-E-S-S.

- Correct.
- That's all.

Although I see there has been progress,
unfortunately, Mr. Hope...

legal custody of the child shall remain
with Family Services

until further evaluation.

The court mandates that your anger management
program continue for another 30 days...

and visitation will still be supervised.

307 Another 30 days?

Yes, Mr. Hope.

You're free to go.

It's too early for this.

Just a sip.

What were you doing
there in the courtroom today?

Had to take care of some parking tickets.

You don't have a car.


You all right? How's your eye?

Yeah. How's your eye?

Now you're being smart.

No, seriously, what's up with your eye?
What is that?

An evil blue-eyed devil
just took it from me.

You know the thing with you is that
sometimes one eye is like cloudy, right?

And the other one is like sunny.
Like cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny.

Close one eye, it's cloudy.
Close the other eye, it's sunny.

I was fighting Buster Quigley.

Buster Quigley was a nothing fighter.
We were in the middle of a match...

I was crushing him,
knocking him to the ground.

Out of nowhere, he hit me. Bam!

With a right hand.

I went down, my eye went dark.

Doc told me I could never fight again.

That's too bad.

It was tough today in court.

With your kid. Sorry about that.

She doesn't wanna see me anyway, So...

Don't give up on your kid.

Hey, is that story even true, or...?

- It's a fake eye.
- Yeah?

HMO screwed up, sent me the wrong color.

It's too much of a hassle to get 'em to...

give it back.

I like that blue-eyed devil story better.

Yeah. Me, too.


What's up?

- Gimme that.
- Yeah.

Be right back.

What's up?

Lou is working with Keith
"The Buzzsaw" Brady.

Light heavyweight kid.
He won the Golden Gloves.

- Yeah, I know him, yeah.
- They're working out at Freddy's gym...

and they're doing this charity event
for wounded veterans.

And they wanna know if you wanna go
eight rounds with Brady for the cause.

Yeah, we think that you'd bring in a lot of
people, a big crowd. Raise a lot of money.

It's your opportunity
if you want it, Billy.

You don't need a license
to fight for a charity, so...

Good seeing you, Tick. Let me know.

Nice meeting you, Billy.

What do you think?

It's got one condition.

You'd better do what we practiced here.

That's all I ask.

It is kinda nice to be wanted, yeah?

Hey, you know what?

- Yo, I'm worried about Hoppy.
- What you mean?

He's been wearing the same set of clothes
for the past two days.

He said something about his mom and dad
getting in a fight last night...

and then he and his dad went at it
after his mom left.

- His mom left?
- Yeah.

His mom's having some struggles.

You should find out if
he's got a place to stay.

If he's out on the street, then we can figure
out where we can put him, what we need to do.

- All right?
- All right.

"Kodug." Is that a word?

I feel like I've heard someone say that,
like, "Kodug!"

Or Kodug's like a country
or something, I think.

Can we just get out of here?

Baby, the...

the judge...

said it's gonna be another month.

I'm gonna fight again.

- What?
- It's a charity thing, you know what I mean?

It's not like a real professional fight, you
know what I'm saying? It's an exhibition.


- I'm gonna fight again.
- Can I go?

Now, you know Mommy didn't like you
watching the fights.

Well, somebody has to be there.

Yeah, baby. I'll be okay.

But I wanna go.

- I don't think I can work that out.
- Then you can't do it.

Dad, you have to tell them you can't do it.

Leila, I gotta do it.

No, you can't. I have to be there, Dad.

- Baby, I am trying to get you out.
- When?

- Leila. Leila, I'm trying.
- When?



I hate you!

I hate you!

Why can't you just get
me out of this place?

- Why?
- I can't. I can't right now.

- You're not. I don't trust you.
- Trust me. Come on, baby.

You keep making promises
and you don't mean them!

- That's not true!
- You should have been the one that was killed!

You! Not Mom! You!

You! You!

I hate you!

Ooh, looking good, Billy!

Jab, jab, jab! Good!

Keep moving!

- He could last another round.
- You could be right.


To your corners. Corners.

Gimme a towel. Gimme a towel.

His jabs aren't quitting.

Keep your hands up,
'cause you're dropping your hands.

- I know.
- Just keep jabbing. Just keep jabbing.

Just run him, just run him.

I need you to be a little
more aggressive, okay?

Just for points, not for blood.

Keep your calm. Tap, tap, tap.

Second's up. Let's go, let's go.

Go the distance.


Keep your head moving.

Move the body. Way to move the body!

There you go, there you go!

That's it!

There you go! That's it!

Just jab! Just jab!

That's it!

Three! Four!

Five! Six!

Seven! Eight!

Nine! Ten!

That's it!

All right, will you just
tell her that I called and...

tell Leila I'm okay, and Daddy won.

Yeah. Oh, thanks, yeah.

Yeah, thank you.

Beautiful. Beautiful fight, Billy.

Beautiful fight, man.

You looked great, like
a whole other fighter.

Yeah, thanks.

Can I talk to you?

What do you wanna talk about?

I came to see you, man.

Oh. You should be looking at Brady.

You know me, I like to
stick with a sure thing.

Congratulations on that title fight.

I heard Miguel didn't have
a hard time with Turay.

- How'd you like to fight for that title?
- Cut the bullshit. All right?

Look, you needed some time off.
Now it's time to get you back on top.

What are you saying?

I got some friends down at the SAC,
they owe me some favors.

I think I can get you an early review.
Get your license back.

The changes you've made
in the past couple of months...

the changes speak for themselves.

So what's your plan?

Vegas. Six weeks.

It's a big one.

Hey, Tick.

- Jordan.
- You did a great job with your fighter.

- He works hard.
- Coach, I'm gonna put this stuff in the van.

- Yeah, thanks, Jon.
- Yeah.

It's a great opportunity, Billy.

I'll be in touch.

What's that about?

Title shot. Vegas. Six weeks.


Six weeks?

- You know what that's about, right?
- Yeah.

He's gonna sell it like
it's a revenge match

around the murder of your wife.

Yeah. It'll all be about Mo.

You're not considering it?


I gotta make some money, man.

I can't lose my girl.

This man right here, when you fell down to
the ground, he just stepped right over you.

He fixes fights.

- He's a liar.
- Yeah, look, I'm not talking about him.

I'm talking about you.
I can't do this without you.

I can't do this with you.


I don't train pro fighters.

What? You're saying to me that if
someone came in...

and offered the boys a pro shot,
you wouldn't give it to "em?

All I need is the six weeks.

I need six weeks.

I'll give you my everything.

You get my everything.

This is about my family.

I can't lose my daughter.


I got nothing to say to you, man.


Who's winning?

You know Hoppy died?


Tried to protect his mom...

and his dad shot him.

He's dead.

I should've known.

When you told me that his mom left...

I should've known right then.

You're supposed to be able to protect 'em,
you know?

These kids coming up in here...

I'm telling them a
bunch of stuff that's bullshit.

It's bullshit.

"It's gonna be all right."”

"You can control your destiny."

"You could control this,
you could control that.”

You can't control shit.

What the fuck, man?

The fuck?

What is this?

What kinda...

what kinda shit is this?

God must have some kind of plan...

to teach me...

some kind of lesson.

I just can't figure out what it is.

You know what Hoppy told me?

"You're a dream crusher."

It's like one of them games they play.

I'm the dream crusher.

That's like, you know, crazy stuff, right?

So maybe I'm supposed to learn
how not to be a dream crusher.

You know what I'm saying?

Why stop now?

You think that you can...

- beat Magic?
- No.

I can't beat him.

Not without you.

Promise me something.


Whatever happens...

you'll still keep
taking care of yourself...

and you'll take care of your daughter.

Mr. Hope, after careful
review of your file...

including the assessment
from your case worker...

I'm gonna remove the
visitation restrictions...

and the reunification
can begin next week.

You attorney will receive
notification in the mail.

Good job, Mr. Hope.

Thank you.

You have new shoes?

No, I've had these.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Baby, I don't remember those shoes.

I don't have that much food here, baby,
but I can make you an egg. You want an egg?

No, why aren't you eating?

What's wrong, baby?
Why didn't you eat anything?

- You think I'm a baby.
- I don't think you're a baby.

Then how come you won't let me come?

Look, I told you, it wasn't up to me.

Well, it's up to you now.

Look, when Mom was...

around, you know...

she was the one who always made
all the decisions, you know?

For you, for me. And...

me, I can't make 'em, you know?
Not so much.

I know.

What do you know?

Mom always said we had to take care of you.

No, baby, that's not
how it's supposed to work.

All right? I'm supposed
to take care of you.

But the truth is, I'm
hanging on by a thread here.

You sure you don't wanna
eat something? Just...?

No, Dad.

Can we go see her?

I miss you a lot, Mom.

More than ever.


The guy that I'm fighting...

he's the guy from the hotel
when Mommy was killed.


They're gonna say a lot of crazy things.

All right?

I have to be there.

It's gonna scare you.

Did Mommy get scared?

All the time.


I'll wait in the dressing room.
But I have to be there.

Okay, you got a deal, baby.

You can do this. You're stronger than that.

You should be helping me. Get me all sober.

You. You're the fighter.

I want you to switch and go southpaw.

Have the foot move through with you.

See? It looks like it's
connected by a string.

See? That leg's moving with that hand.

See how it's coming at the same time?
You switch...

then the right hand leads with a hook.

Do what you gotta do
to do what you wanna do.

Time, time.

- I need to see you pivot.
- Pivot? All right.


Come on!

Hello again, I'm Jim Lampley...

along with the pound-per-pound
king of the '90s, Roy Jones...

here in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace...

as we welcome you live to our coverage

of the Light Heavyweight title showdown...

between existing
titlist Miguel Escobar...

and former champion Billy Hope.

Roy, throughout the boxing world
there's hope, you can't avoid saying it...

that this evening could
produce a great story

of redemption for Billy Hope...

who's been through
so much, but realistically...

what chance is there that Hope
could come back and win...

against such a skilled and effective
young champion as Escobar?

The cards are stacked against Hope.

His age, the fact that he's been off...

and this guy is probably the best fighter
that will ever be put in front of Hope.

Billy Hope, entering
first, with no entry music...

flanked by his new trainer, Tick Wills.

The ultimate revenge
motive for Hope tonight.

In his heart, he believes he's avenging
the death of his wife...

in a bizarre incident in which
Escobar was involved...

an incident for which no perpetrator
has ever paid the price.

What about the choice of
walking with no music, Roy?

Anytime you've got a
crowd of this magnitude...

and so much energy in one building...

really, you don't need music.

Billy Hope, in the six-week
build-up to this fight...

has kept saying, "All
business, all business.

This isn't about all that other stuff.

It's just about 'we're going to fight.'"

And here comes Miguel Escobar.

Escobar is a product of Colombia.

In the past, Roy Jones, when we spoke
about fighters from Colombia...

almost always they were big punchers.

- This is a different story.
- Yeah, this is a whole different story.

Not often do we talk about Colombian
fighters and talk about the full package.

Most of them come with an
astronomical amount of punching power...

but not skills to match that.

Tonight we have a guy who is just as good
offensive skill-wise as he is powerful.

More recently, Sergio
Martinez came close...

but this kid is a boxer-puncher
with great speed and great power.

He's something to see, Jim.

Escobar now promoted by Jordan Mains...

the man who architected
Billy Hope's career.

You have a good fight.

I only gave him six weeks to train.

- Jon Jon?
- Yeah?

You don't have to watch
it if you don't want to.

You okay?

And if the defection of Jordan Mains
weren't enough...

Hope's long-time trainer Eli Frost

trains Escobar against him tonight.

Okay, gentlemen, you both received
your instructions in the dressing room.

Okay, I want a good, clean fight.

Obey my commands at
all times, and above all...

protect yourself at all times. Let's go.

Tony Weeks says he
wants a good, clean fight.

Quite a number of ring observers expect...

that's the last thing we have any chance
of seeing here...

given the rising tide of emotions
in both corners...

as round one begins.

Logic tells you that in
the casting of this fight...

Escobar is the superior boxer...

Billy Hope, the more physical brawler.

- You have to make him miss! Make him miss!
- Come on, son!

And early on, Escobar
getting off Hope's back.

Body shots! Go to the body, go to the body!

Apply that pressure! Put it on him now!

Escobar with the showboating. Look at him.

About to take Billy's confidence.

- Come on, Billy, now. Come on.
- Escobar energetic, bouncing on his feet.

Escobar seems to be able to get anything
that he wants.

He can hit him with a straight right,
he can hit him with a left hook.

Nice. Nice. Nice.

Billy Hope already with
a mark above the left eye.

He's holding him, ref, he's holding him!

Escobar is hitting him,
and Tony Weeks steps in in the corner.

You didn't see that? You didn't see that?

It appears that Escobar has drawn blood
right here in round one.

Well, Hope did his best to make Escobar
pay in round one.

What he wasn't able to
do was make him miss.

- Fast motherfucker.
- That's all right. That's all right. You're faster.

Don't worry about that.
Just do what we worked on.

You make him miss, make him pay. All right?

By now, fans well aware of the...

difficulties that Hope
has been through...

the loss of everything, really,
that was valuable to him...

including the loss, for a period
of time, of his hunger to fight.

Come on, Billy!

Round two begins and it's Hope
who's the aggressor at the beginning.

Now Escobar counters back.

Defense, come on!

And Billy's doing just the opposite
of what a boxer is supposed to do.

You're supposed to hit and not get hit.

Billy is not hitting
and getting the hell knocked out of him.

Go, Billy, move your hand! Move your hand!

Early on, it looks like Escobar's jab
is too quick for Billy Hope.

Escobar working downstairs and up...

following the body shots
with hard punches upstairs.

Good exchange right there before
Tony separated them.

Come on, Billy, you got this.

Watch that right. Pick up the pace.

Use your speed. Work away his eye.

First couple of rounds seem to have gone
Escobar's way.

Let's see if Hope can
raise his energy level...

and make it more of a fight.

Move your head! Move your head!

High time for Hope to begin working
the body and try to turn things around.

Three left hooks to the ribcage...

Escobar catches him with a right.
Down goes Hope.

First knock down of the fight.

Three! Four!


- Six!
- G: et up! Get up!

That left eye is bleeding freely.

Are you all right? You okay?
All right, sit down.

No, no, no. His eye.
He's hurt!

And it looks already as though things
may be slipping away from Billy Hope.

You gotta keep the pressure on, baby!

Don't worry about the eye. I got the eye.

- That's a gruesome looking left eye.
- If there was a problem, they'd stop the fight.

There's not a problem, okay?

- How's it look, doc?
- I can see.

- He's all right, he's all right.
- Yeah, he's good to go. He's good.

Well, Hope fans would say it
wouldn't be Billy if he weren't bleeding.

Show him. It's time to show him, baby.
It's time to show him.

Back in the center of the ring.

Hope unloading like he bleeds.

Come on, Billy, show him!

Hope trying to tuck that injured left eye
behind his shoulder.

And Tick must be like his Freddie Roach
to Miguel Cotto...

because Tick has done a great job
with his defense.

It's almost as though, Roy,
Billy Hope didn't show up again...

until the blood started
to flow from that left eye.

Now Billy's showing up, Jim.

I have never seen Billy Hope block a punch.

- This is unbelievable. Look at him.
- Nice!

What a good three-punch combination out of
the shoulder roll right there for Billy Hope.

This is Hope's best round so far.

That's it! That's it!

And they're talking to each other
in the center of the ring.

Billy, stay in the shell. Protect yourself.

- He's switching his style up on us.
- I can't hit that motherfucker.

- How's it looking, doc?
- We got this, we got this.

- I'm good, doc.
- Okay, yeah, you're good to go.

You know what you are?
A champion! You can do it!

This is yours, all right?
You're the champion!

Let's go!

Halfway through the
title fight in Las Vegas...

now there's Hope bleeding
from above the left eye...

Escobar bleeding from above the right.

Hope mounting more and more offense now...

and now he fires back
with a big right hand.

We got this, we got this, okay?

They're working hard to keep that right eye
together for Escobar in his corner.

They're working just as hard to keep
Billy Hope's left eye in the fight.

Hard right in the eye!

Get off the rope! Get off the rope!

Hope trapped in the corner.

Some of those shots were blocked, but it
was another big rally for Miguel Escobar.

Both men have been hurt in this round.

The early rounds seemed to belong to
Miguel Escobar.

Middle rounds definitely
belonged to Billy Hope.

And now, as we come to the 11th and 12th,
it's a close fight...

on the table for whichever fighter
wants it most.

- Shake it off, Billy.
- I'm fucking tired, man.

He's as tired as you are. Two more, Billy.
You just keep doing what you're doing.

Fuck this motherfucker.

I need you to counter, I need you to pivot.
I need you to stay in the shell.

I need you to stay in
the shell. You hear me?

Stay focused. Stay in this fight. Punch...

You were his fucking trainer! Why don't you
tell me how to fucking beat the guy, man?!

You're ready for this. You ain't tired.
You're strong, you're strong.

This is your time. This
is your moment, Billy.

Now with two rounds to
go, let's see which man...

can impose his will in
the championship rounds.

Both men bleeding badly from one eye.

It has elevated to a state of war.

That's right, Jim.

There are cuts everywhere,
there's blood everywhere.

Nothing to hold back now.

Underneath it all, a subtext of
hatred, anger, and revenge...

which may or may not be relieved
by the violent combat...

in which they now immerse themselves.

- That's it, that's what I'm talking about!
- At this point, it's a war of attrition...

to the finish.

Listen, your wife can't
save you now, bitch.

She can't save you now.

What you doing? Stick to the plan! Billy,
what are you doing?! Stick to the plan!

- Tony Weeks...
- That's it, that's it!

- Caught between two monsters.
- What is he doing?

What is he doing?

What did he do to my dad?
What happened to him?

What's wrong with him?

All right, you got to cool it.
You got to be calm. Be calm.

Everybody else is loving this brawl.

This one is yours, it's yours.

Come here.

God is watching you.
Your wife is watching you.

I'm watching you.
Your daughter's watching you.

Don't let this man control you.
Don't let him control you.

- This is exceptional to me.
- And part of a resurgent career...

as Hope is trying to come back from
life-damaging circumstances...

including, of course,
the unexpected death of his wife Maureen.

Don't let him get into your head.
Don't let him take this from you.

You got one shot. Go southpaw.
Go southpaw on his ass.

You go in there and you kick his ass,
do you hear me?

You show him!
You show him you're Billy the Great!

I wanna see Billy the Great! You hear me?
I wanna see Billy the Great!

You go out there and you beat his ass!

Clap now.

Already tonight, a lot of expectations have
been amended by the style of the fight...

by the competitiveness
of the fight, and now...

by the unexpected circumstance
of us entering the 12th round...

of a fight that no ringside
expert ever dreamed...

could possibly go the distance.

Come on, Billy!

I'm not sure who's winning this fight.

Escobar tasted both of those big punches...

and now he's not throwing...

as Hope lines him up.

Escobar is in trouble. He's in bad trouble.

Now Escobar comes back
with his own combination.

Protect yourself!

They take turns,
trading combinations and covering up.

This momentum shifts back and forth
from one fighter to the other.

Tremendous uppercut by Hope.
And down goes Billy!

Come on! Come on!

And Weeks is gonna call it a low blow.

- He's hurting him. He's hurting him.
- It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.

One point, low blow. Hear that? One point.

There's no count, and Escobar
is losing a point for the low blow.

- Let me know when you're ready.
- I'm good.

You're ready? Okay, here we go. Time in.

This could be critical for what should be
very close scores at this moment.

We're about a minute away from putting this
in the hands of three judges at ringside.

Hope needs one last big jab
for Hope to win all out.

Escobar comes back with a hard right hand.

Come on, man.

Now we're near the last minute of what has

a spectacular see-saw fight.

Do a jab! Do a jab!

Now you've got him, Billy! Now do the jab!

And Hope switches feet for a southpaw
uppercut, and down goes Escobar!

A tremendous left-hand shot by Billy Hope.

What an unbelievable left uppercut

from the southpaw position.

- Six! Seven! Eight!
- Wow! Who would've ever seen this coming?

- Come to me. You good? You good?
- I'm good.

- Okay, fight's over.
- Escobar is saved by the bell...

just as he was getting up...

and Billy Hope finishes
the fight with a flourish.

We'll see what that does to the scorecards
in what could've been a very close fight.

That may have been the two-part round
to get him over the hump.

Whether he won the fight or not...

he'll have tremendous satisfaction
from having knocked Miguel Escobar down.

Now let's go to ring
announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr...

to find out who's the winner.

Ladies and gentlemen...

after 12 rounds of action...

we have a split decision.

Judge at ringside Casey
Borne scores the bout...

at 115 to 113...

for Miguel Escobar.

Judge Raoul Fromes sees it...

115 to 114...

for Billy Hope.

And Judge Ricky Quiles scores it at...

116 to 112...

in favor of the winner...

and the new WBC Light Heavyweight
champion of the world...

- He did it! He did it!
- Billy Hope!

Hope is back! Hope is on top again!

Billy Hope has regained the Light
Heavyweigh championship of the world!

Yes, Jim, we still have Hope.

What a spectacular story
in here in Vegas tonight.

We did it, baby.

What an amazing moment of redemption
for Billy Hope.


Maureen, I'm ready.

I'm ready.

I'm ready. I'm ready.

- Hey, T. Come here.
- What?

- It's your belt.
- It's for you, man.

- No, no, no, that's yours.
- It's too heavy, man.

Everybody, great work.

- Thank you.
- You gotta hang that up on the wall in the gym.

Put it up there for the kids.





Are you okay?


I was scared for you. It was scary.

Oh, baby. Oh, baby.

You guys take care of each other.

I love you, Daddy.

Yeah, baby.

Your mom would be so proud of you.

Let's go home, okay?

Let's go home, okay?

Let's go home.

Let's go home.

I was so worried for you.

Come here.