Southland Tales (2006) - full transcript

Southland Tales is an ensemble piece set in the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles on July 4, 2008, as it stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster. Boxer Santaros is an action star who's stricken with amnesia. His life intertwines with Krysta Now, an adult film star developing her own reality television project, and Ronald Taverner, a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.


Wonder if Matt sees that camera yet.....


The camera, yeah.

Hey, man.

Oh. I didn't know it had water in it.

Go, go, go!


In the aftermath
of the nuclear attacks in Texas,

America found itself
on the brink of anarchy.

Hundreds of thousands have
perished in the nuclear attacks...

in Abilene and El Paso, Texas.

The president has declared
martial law in Texas.

FEMA has ordered evacuation
within 200 miles of each attack.

The worst attack on the United States
in the history of our country.

Those without protective glasses are
instructed to sit down on the ground

and face away from the blast.

World War llI had begun.


I'm sorry.

The accelerated conflict
in the Middle East

placed significant restrictions
on American access to oil.

Alternative fuel sources
became a lucrative commodity.

Americans were transfixed
by the terrorist threat

and the will to prevent another attack
by any means necessary.

Military checkpoints
were erected at each state line.

Interstate travel visas
were required of each citizen.

Dissenting liberal extremist cells
began to emerge,

the most vocal of which
were the Neo-Marxists.

The 2008 presidential election

was to be decided by
the electoral votes of just one state

as the Republicans
raced to secure California

for the first time since 1988.

On June 27, 2008,
Boxer Santaros,

a famous actor with ties
to the Republican Party,

vanished without a trace.

Three days later, he was discovered
in the Nevada desert

with his memory erased.

The government knew he had
crossed back into California.

But the circumstances
of his return to the Southland

remained a mystery.

Pilot Abilene

was critically wounded
during battle in Iraq yesterday

by shrapnel from a grenade
thrown by a soldier in his own unit.

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ,
which God gave unto Him,

"to shew unto His servants things
which must shortly come to pass,

"and He sent and signified it
by His angel unto His servant John,

"who bare record of the word of God,
and of the testimony of Jesus Christ,

"and of all things that he saw.

"Blessed is he that readeth and they
that hear the words of this prophecy,

"and keep those things
which are written therein...

for the time is at hand. "

My name is Pilot Abilene...

and I'm a veteran of the war in Iraq.

I'm going to tell you the story
of Boxer Santaros

and his journey
down the road not taken.

"This is the way the world ends.

"This is the way the world ends.

This is the way the world ends. "

Not with a whimper...

but with a bang.

The search continues
for missing action star Boxer Santaros.

His wife, Madeline Frost,

daughter of vice presidential
candidate Bobby Frost,

could not be reached for comment.

Flights remain restricted in Nevada...

Interstate travel visas are frozen

as the government issues
a code-red terror alert

for the holiday weekend.

Southland residents
buckle down and stay put

as LAX remains closed indefinitely.

Some empires were built
in times of war.

...honor the memories
of loved ones lost in Texas

as a city prepares to celebrate
Independence Day

on the third anniversary
of the nuclear attacks.

Others were built
in times of peace.

The government decided that
it could not properly

conduct a war on terror

unless cyberspace
was placed under federal control.

USIDent was the brainchild
of the Republican Party...

Welcome to USIDent.

...a colossal think tank formed
under the protection of the Patriot Act.

All information is sanitized.

"Two roads
diverged in a wood, and I...

"I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference. "

You know,
Bobby and I are so proud

that we can unveil
the first USIDent facility

here in the Southland.

UPU 5.

Here at last!

Boxer Santaros
had returned from the desert

with a case of amnesia.

Someone had gotten under his skin.

Her name was Krysta Kapowski,

and together
they had written a screenplay

that foretold
the tale of our destruction.

You almost wrecked my car.


Get in.


We'll hear that fine new platter
by Nat King Cole...

"I'd Rather Have The Blues. "

The war machine
was running out of gas.

And there was no alternative.

Alternative fuel, that is.

Until one day,

when a renegade scientist
arrived in the Southland

with a cure for our sickness.

He built this great big machine
out in the ocean

that would generate a hydroelectric
energy field called Fluid Karma...

a wireless network of electric power
that would run machines by remote...

machines that would never
have to be refueled.

Treer Products is proud to present

the wizard Baron Von Westphalen
and his executive staff.

Have you built the world's first
perpetual motion machine?

The ocean is
a perpetual motion machine.

Fluid Karma is a simulation

of the principles
you see working right here.

As long as the waves continue to crash,
Fluid Karma will exist.

Quantum teleportation.

Explain the transport mechanism.
That's all I'm asking.

Fluid Karma works via the principle
of quantum entanglement.

Particles thus entangled
will behave identically...

Operation Q...

the atomic test program

of the Federal Civil Defense

as seen by Joan Collin, reporter.

I had to see Operation Q
through many eyes, not only my own,

but as a reporter through the eyes

of the average American
man and woman.

I'm Krysta,

Krysta Now.

And we are here,
live in Malibu, with my guests today...

Shoshana Cox,
Sheena Gee, and Deena Storm.

Join us for an in-depth discussion

of the penetrating issues
facing society today...

issues like abortion, terrorism,
crime, poverty, social reform,

quantum teleportation,
teen horniness, and war.

Now we all made decisions
in our youth to start doing porn.

I think it's time that we
turn the mirror on ourselves.

And once you get on the bang bus,
you never get off.

You know what?
The bang bus should be banned.

It's totally unethical,
even within the parameters of porn.

Do you like to get slapped
to the ground and fucked?

Too violent.
Violence and porn should not mix.

It gives porn a bad name.

You know what?
I like to get fucked.

I like to get fucked hard.

- Yeah. Me, too.
- Amen to that.

I mean, violence is a big problem
in our society today,

and I will not support it.

That's the primary reason
why I won't do anal.

I didn't know that about you.

Makes me want to give up anal.

Anyone who knows
anything of history

knows that great social changes

are impossible
without feminine upheaval.

Our first issue today is terrorism.

Go ahead and make fun of
my prophecies all you want, Fortunio.

But deep down inside,

everyone wishes
they were a porn star.


We're a bisexual nation
living in denial,

all because of a bunch of nerds,

a bunch of nerds who got off a boat
in the 15th century

and decided that sex
was something to be ashamed of.

All the Pilgrims did was ruin
the American Indian orgy of freedom.

You been lying to me?

You have to trust me.

I'm here to protect you.

From who?

From the people out there
who want to destroy you.

Later that day,

Krysta had a lunch meeting
with adult film director Cyndi Pinziki.

Well, in my first six movies
I was just "Krysta. "

You know, but then in order
to differentiate myself

from the 76 other Krystas
in the business,

I added the "Now. "


Well, it's all about now, 2008,
not next week, not tomorrow.

If you want to fuck me,
you can fuck me... now.


So is that the name
of your TV show? Now?

It's a topical-discussion-
chat-reality show.

Got the pop album, the jewelry,

clothing and perfume line,
the energy drink.

This is a very ambitious
business plan.

Can you keep a secret?

Of course.

I'm fucking a very large
and important man.


The search for Boxer Santaros

reached up into the highest levels
of national security...

led by none other
than his mother-in-law...

Nana Mae Frost...

wife of Republican senator
Bobby Frost,

former prom queen
and Deputy Director of the NSA.

Nana Mae Frost,
please acknowledge.

Identification confirmed.
Welcome aboard, Miss Frost.

Thank you.

Nana makes me wear
these fucking things.

Do I look like a nerd?


- Welcome to Treer Plaza, tower one.
- Yes.

We know that Boxer crossed
the border into California.

There hasn't been a single fingerprint
found in the system since then.

We know someone
must be hiding him.

What the hell was he doing
in Nevada?

We think he was kidnapped
at a charity scavenger hunt.

Somebody stole
one of the prototype SUVs

from a warehouse in San Pedro.

Tracking devices tell us

that they crossed the border
way out past Lake Mead.

Get over to the computer.
I can show you.

- All right.
- He's been brainwashed.

I'm sending you
the surveillance footage right now.

This footage
was taken by his abductor,

someone with ties
to the Neo-Marxist movement.

Is that Boxer?


Is this the last time anybody saw him?

Yes, except for these.

What's that, smoke?

the vehicle caught on fire.

There was somebody in there, too.


Baron has retrieved
the charred remains of the body.

- Have they identified the body yet?
- Not that I know of.

Grid nine zero two
nine one.

Venice Beach was home
to the Neo-Marxist underground.

They were the disciples
of German philosopher Karl Marx.

Here we go, just in time.

This is Fortunio Balducci,
his new best friend.

Drug dealer, pimp,

on some new mystery project.

He's been crashing with Fortunio
in Manhattan Beach all week.

They hooked up
on some drug binge out in Vegas.

Our little Krysta
has promised me a marriage killer,

maybe even an election killer.

Boxer hasn't talked
to his wife in a week.

She's on the campaign trail.

Nobody knows where he's been,

much to the senator's dismay,
and his bitch wife, Nana Mae.

People in Washington
are already whispering.

Looks like the nervous breakdown
of the century.

Too bad it's an election year.

Nothing that an eight ball, a porn star,
and tattoo parlor can't handle.

Revelation 6:8...

"And behold, a pale horse,

and he who sat on it,
his name was Death. "

You know, there'd be
a lot less violence in the world

if everyone just got
a little more cardio.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, is that a bazooka?

That is a heat-seeking ground-to-air
rocket launcher from Syria.

You can't afford that.

What exactly do you want?

I need some
9 millimeter blanks.

What else do you need
along with the blanks?

That's all, just the blanks.

Here is your UPU 9
and the blanks.

What the fuck is this?

What, you won't take
a personal check?

No, I won't take a fucking check.

Get the fuck out of my ice cream truck,
you Cro-Magnon bitch.

Say it again, man.
Say it again.

Huh? What was that?

What was that?
I can't hear you.

I can't hear you.

What was that?
Say it again, you fuck!


Cock fucker.

They've synthesized a narcotic.

The narcotic is injected into the neck.
These are human receivers.

They're conducting
experiments on soldiers.

This is a known fact, and no one
will release the information.

Perpetual motion machines
are machines

that are supposed to disobey
one of the laws...

They called him Ronald Taverner,

and he was their pawn

in a dangerous game
of political extortion.

...disorder in the universe.

You're just reading a bunch of stuff
you read off the Internet.

You're not listening.

- I always think that...
- You're not listening.

- ... writes about science.
- This is a law of thermodynamics...

Ronald, they're just blanks,

...terribly difficult.

We deduce
from the other laws of physics,

it is an application of...

...are reversible.

There's a delay in my reflection.

...which implies that if you start
with n possible states...

What did you tell him?

That he hit his head in the desert,
and he has amnesia.

The Baron claims
that Fluid Karma is safe,

but he refuses to release
the environmental...

Well, these things...
these things better look real.


Bing said they're going to look real.

When Ronald fires,
he's going to hit the squibs.

You just drugged and kidnapped
an UPU 2 officer.

Okay, that's against the law,

Now, I need you to come out here
and do this thing.

You need to become a racist cop.

Come on, honey.
Let's dry our tears and face our fears.

If you succeed in building one,
you are guaranteed

not to be able to explain it
using the known laws of physics.

Promise me you won't get hurt.

We promise.

The Neo-Marxists
had taken a hostage...

a hostage they would use

to expose the sins
committed by USIDent.

His mission was
to impersonate his twin brother.

But his heart
was filled with despair.

Officer Roland Taverner.

Of course you are.
How you doing, man?

When did you get back
from the desert?

Don't exactly remember.

Oh, that's okay.
That's okay, you're okay.

Come on, let's go upstairs,
right over here.

This is an epic
Los Angeles crime saga.

And you're researching your role.

You play a cop.
You want to do a ride-along?

Yes, exactly.

But I'm also directing the film.
It takes place in the near future.


Scientists are saying
the future's going to be

far more futuristic
than they originally predicted.

The basic concept is this...

I play an LAPD cop
who isn't who he seems.

He's a paranoid schizophrenic
who has a supernatural gift.

He sees things.

And he senses a change
in the city.

Crime suddenly skyrockets
for no apparent reason.

The world is coming to an end.

And he's the only one
who can see the truth.

What's the truth?

My character,

he realizes that
the apocalyptic crime rate

is because of global deceleration.

The rotation of the Earth
is slowing down

at a rate of point zero,

zero, zero,

zero, zero, zero,


six miles per hour each day,

disrupting the chemical equilibrium
in the human brain,

causing very irrational
criminal behavior.

How does he stop
the global deceleration?

Oh, he can't stop it.

There is no stopping
what can't be stopped.

Only God...

can stop it.

But The New York Times
said "God is dead. "

So in the end, I die
in a very tragic downtown shootout

while whispering my theory
to Dr. Muriel Fox,

the oceanography disaster specialist.


The oceanography
disaster specialist...


My character... his name...

is Jericho Kane.

You're going to have
to wear a bulletproof vest.

Let me ask you,
what goes through your head

when you sit behind the wheel...

cruising the streets,
digesting humanity?

Is it a process of elimination?

Each car that passes,
the person inside...

are they a mere suspect?

Or are we all innocents,

our chariots mere chess pieces

waiting to be thrown from the gridlock
and into the arms of the wolves?

Well, I'd say
we act like concerned citizens.

We look at all the people,
all the cars.

We look for any unusual
or erratic behavior.

Speed changes or lane changes
that seem unsafe.

Yeah, but don't you think
emotions come into play?

Judgment calls,

affected by whatever mood you're in
on that particular day?

Emotional responses
based on your past events?

Well, there is one thing.

I knew it.

I knew it, tell me. Be honest.

To be honest...

we're just looking out
for the niggers.

- The niggers?
- Yeah.

They're everywhere.

- You're joking.
- No, I'm not joking.

I'm just fucking with you, man.

That's a funny joke.

Yes! He said "nigger. "

But I don't think he said it
with authority.

I didn't believe him as a racist cop.
Fascist, maybe, but not racist.

Ask him about his wife.

So what does your wife think
about your new girlfriend?

- My wife?
- Yeah.

She cool with the fact that you have
a porn-star girlfriend on the side?

I'm not married.

- You're not?
- No, I'm not.

I could've sworn you were married
to the daughter of a Texas senator,

Senator Bobby Frost.

Yeah, well, I'm not.

I don't know what you're talking about,
and I don't know who he is.

I don't want to talk about this.

Why are you asking questions?
I want to talk about my movie.

Okay. Let's talk about your film.

What's it really about?

It all hinges
on a top secret experiment.

Young couple comes
home from the hospital

with their newborn baby.

A week goes by, and the baby still
hasn't produced a bowel movement.

Maybe the baby's just constipated.

No, no, no, no.

This is a very special baby.

This baby processes
energy differently.

I haven't had a bowel movement
in six days.

I haven't taken a piss either.

Revelation 11

tells the tale of two witnesses
who appear in Jerusalem

to speak out
against the sins of mankind.

They are eventually killed

by those tormented
by their prophesies.

The dude hasn't taken a shit
in a week.

When has it ever been in the Bible

that you have to have
a bowel movement?

It's not written anywhere.

It's not written in the Bible,

but some things is written,
like, in Mother Nature.

All of the animals shit.
Cows shit, Ilamas shit.

Do they like it?
Do they want to?

If they had a voice,
would they rather not?

I think they feel better
after they take a shit.

I think they do like it.
My answer's yes.

My answer is no.

We're never going to agree on this.
We've got to stop arguing.

We have a lot of footage
we've got to shoot.

We've got to get out of here.
Where is Kenny?

Oh, look who decided to show up.

Dude, you are late.

You two don't understand.

I mean, the shit is
literally hitting the fan.

Whatever, dude.

Are we still routing out of USIDent?

Yeah, of course.
We never stopped.

Ken, he wakes up,
give him an injection right there.

- Dude, you are late.
- You two don't understand.

I mean, the shit is
literally hitting the fan.

The Neo-Marxists
had recruited young Kenny Chan

to work as a mole inside of USIDent.

Hey, Starla?

Can I get my coat back?

Appreciate it.

But it had been his great misfortune
to trust his colleague...

Starla Von Luft.

Senator Bobby Frost
arrived in the Southland

as the campaign
for the White House

finds itself in a race
to secure California.

Senator Frost plans to tour
the alternative fuel project

at Santa Monica Pier,

hoping to combat
the intense criticism

from environmental groups

that he does not support
the alternative fuel movement.

USIDent has unraveled
a conspiracy

involving the trafficking
of human fingers.

Neo-Marxist cells

are attempting to rig
the upcoming election

using rogue fingerprints
from severed thumbs.

Well, Christ Almighty.

Lookie here.

"Teen horniness is not a crime. "

I never said it was.

Sir, I'm afraid it gets even worse.

Well, how the hell can it get
any worse?

We just received this image of Boxer

from an unidentified source
calling themselves "Deep Throat Two. "

They're transmitting
from a scrambler.

We can't trace it.

Oh, my God.

Well, how about that?
Talk of the devil,

we've got an incoming call
from Deep Throat Two.

Who are you,
and what do you want?

This is Deep Throat Two.
The bitch is back.

And she's got Boxer Santaros
on tape in compromising positions.

And how much
do you want for the tape?

One million dollars cash

and a yes vote endorsement
by the senator on Proposition 69.

Miss Deep Throat,
this is Senator Bobby Frost.

I just saw your little movie.
I think it stinks.

Furthermore, we do not
negotiate with terrorists.

And if you think you're going
to get any money out of us,

you've got miles to go
before you sleep

and miles to go before you sleep.


All right, no need to panic.
We've always got phase two.

Wait, what is phase two?

You didn't tell me
there was a phase two.

Krysta, no offense to you
and your little career-makeover plan,

but we are trying to impact
the outcome of an election.

Proposition 69.

To Krysta, that number
had one meaning

and one meaning only.

To everyone else,

it was a proposition on the ballot
to restrict the powers

of the oppressive institution
known as USIDent.

My parents died
in the 4th of July attacks.

When will we be free of this terror?

Vote no. No!

I think the press conference
is over. Thank you.

Always the nerds.

And the Supreme Court
are a bunch of assholes that...

who the fuck elected them
anyway, right?

I mean, they're a bunch
of supreme shit heads, right?

Don't tell me what to do
with my body, you fuckstick, right?

I have a question
for the Supreme Court.

What happens when
a woman has sex on a flight

from London to Los Angeles,

then takes the morning-after pill
while flying across the time zone?

I don't know.

Then it becomes
the morning-before pill.

You are a genius.

- Holy shit. That is brilliant.
- Hello. Can't argue with that.

Urban pacification units
arrested a group of individuals

tied to the Neo-Marxist movement,

fighting to impose restrictions
on the think tank organization

through Proposition 69.

ACLU representatives
joined the protest downtown,

where there were more arrests.

...and I know what I want.
- We need to stay in the moment...

Phase two was now in motion.

Dion and Dream were going
to stage their own demise...

a desperate attempt
to destroy USIDent.

Hit me again, baby.

You know, I still don't see
why facial prosthetics are necessary.

That wasn't part of the plan.

I told you a million times, genius,
Dion and I are cultural icons.

We cannot afford to get recognized
by the camera.

Oh, that's right.

See, I didn't realize
that your spoken-word poetry

had captured the cultural zeitgeist
of the nation, Dream.

Yeah, well, at least I'm not
a second-rate comedian, Zora.

Just because it's loud
doesn't mean it's funny.

You know, you might want
to watch what you say, bitch.

Sometimes a dream can become
a nightmare on the turn of a dime.

Will you two just chill the fuck out?

Go get those squib detonators ready,

They're going to be here
in, like, an hour.

Hey, Bing, these off-road rollerblades
were a great idea.

Thanks, Zora.

There is a fucking firewall
that someone is penetrating.

And you know what?
Right now this place is probably wired.

Grid nine zero two
four five.

No, no, I told you.

I told you, I tried
the goddamn password.

So you did hear me
13 minutes ago?

- Yes.
- About the firewall?

Give me a password that will work.

Fuck her.

You know what?
Nana Mae Frost can eat a fucking dick.

Take him down.

Kenny, get out of there...

No, no.

Look, you can't be calling me
five times a day with this.

I'm at work.

Yeah, well...

Yeah, you know,
cat throw-up doesn't come out.

So what the hell is it
you want me to do?

Fire at will.

Wake up. Wake up.
You have to wake up now!

Where is he?

I don't know.

Take him down.

He doesn't know who he is.

Promise me you'll find him.

- I promise.
- Okay, good.

There's a window right up there.
You got to go.

I've had this recurring dream.

Tell me about it.

I wake up in this dungeon.

The walls are made of sand.

As I slowly make my way
through this maze,

a light source at the end...

guess who's standing there
waiting for me?



Do you ever feel like there's
a thousand people...

locked inside of you?


But it's your memory
that keeps them glued together.

Keeps all those people from...

fighting one another.

Maybe in the end that's all we have.

The memory gospel.

Would you excuse me for a second?


"Here we go
round the prickly pear.

Here we go round the prick... "

Meet Dr. Inga Von Westphalen.

Charmed, I'm sure.

He is a fine specimen,

a divine specimen.

Whatever happens next
is through no fault of your own.

We have read your screenplay.

The Power.

How did you get a copy
of my screenplay?

Don't look so scared,
Mr. Santaros.

The future...

is just like you imagined.

This is the way the world ends.

Not with a whimper.

But with a bang.

Grid nine zero four
zero one.

Los Angeles International Airport
passenger terminal four,

public restroom.

Eww, you're doing bathroom detail?


Pacific Park.

Dude, I'm worried about Starla.

She's been on bathroom detail
for 24 straight hours.

That's too much for one woman.

Venice Beach.

Starla had downloaded
a copy of Boxer's screenplay

from Krysta's website.

Her romantic obsession
led to a spiritual transformation.

She assumed the role
of Dr. Muriel Fox.

And only she could help him
solve the eternal mystery.

Grid nine zero two
nine one.

Dispatch to Officer Taverner,
do you copy?

Go ahead.

We have a possible
domestic disturbance

at 14000 Nowita Place.
Do you copy?

Copy that.

We getting called in to some shit?

Looks like it.

Transform. Breathe.


Did you fuck him?

Yeah, I fucked him!

I fucked him real good!

Oh, you liked it?

I fucking loved it!

Oh, you bitch!

I fucked your brother last night, too.

I'll fuck him in front of you, too!

You a fucking slut!

Don't point your finger at me.

Bitch, I'll fucking kill you.

You kill me, I'll get the fucking cops
out here so fast.

How? How? How?
You're going to be dead!

I know people!

They're so good at improv.

I fucking hate you!

I fucking hate you!

Don't marry a ho.

You can't make one a housewife.
You can't.

I don't want to be
a fucking housewife!

I like to suck dick!
That's what I like to do.

Grid nine zero two
nine one.

Oakwood Avenue.

Oh, look, a fellow officer
of the law.


Hermosa Beach.

Little bit out of your jurisdiction,
don't you think?

Well there is no jurisdiction.
We're all UPU 2 now.

We have
a possible domestic disturbance

at 14000 Nowita Place.

Do you copy?

Boxer Santaros?

Good evening, officer.
I'm researching my movie.

Sounds like you could use
a little backup.

I think I can handle this.


I think you could use a little backup.

No, you fucking bitch.

Fuck you!
Don't call me a fucking bitch!

That's what I called you,
and I'll fucking kill you!

His fucking dick
was 200 inches long!

You can't get your dick hard!

- What?
- You can't fucking...

Behind you, officer.

I've never seen so much fog.

Tidal Generator.

Fucking asshole!

You fucking slut.
That's what you are, a fucking slut.

You can't get your fucking dick hard!

That's why I had to fuck
your brother on our wedding night.

I'll fucking knock
the shit out of you, bitch.

You knock the shit out of me,
I'll sue the shit out of you!

Fuck you!
Don't fucking say that to me.

You're a fucking dick.
I can't even believe I married you.

What the fuck is wrong
with you people?

Is that Ronald?

Check this out, pig!

Fascist dogma applied

Revolution by surprise

My vagina will not be denied

A vote in your subjective election

That's an original poem by Dream.

Oh, shit.

Dream over.

Flow my tears.

Now, that was loud.
And that was funny.

They weren't armed.

This is my deal now.

Now, get the fuck out of here...


You're not really here.

Who am I?

None of your business.

Now, get the fuck out of here.

It was an inspired idea...

a staged double murder

committed by a racist cop,

captured on tape by a movie star
with political ties.


But no one could've anticipated
the untimely arrival

of Officer Bart Bookman.


Cease to resist

Giving my goodbyes

- Drive my car
- Fuck!

Into the ocean

You'll think I'm dead

But I sail away

On a wave of mutilation

Wave of mutilation

Wave of mutilation




Is this Jericho Kane?


This is Dr. Muriel Fox.

I've uncovered the secret documents
about the Tidal Generator.

Your hypothesis was correct.

A corruption in the tidal drag

has caused a rift
in the space-time continuum.

Where is the rift?

Out in the desert,
near Lake Mead.

There's more, but...

I cannot tell you here.

They're listening.

Call this number.


The 2008 Treer Saltair.

Coming soon.

Thank you.

It is a great honor
and a privilege to be here.

Thank you,
Vaughn Smallhouse.

Did I just see two cars
pork each other?


That was disgusting.

I wouldn't worry, sir.
That's the European version.

The tides have turned.

No longer must we burn
the spirits of the dead.

No longer must we treat
our precious ozone layer

like the bastard stepchild
of the cosmos.

No longer can even
the most jaded neocon fat cat

deny the majesty...

of our mother...



This is Jericho Kane.


This is Jericho Kane.


Who's this?

Where... where are you?

I'm in Venice,
somewhere in Venice.

Boxer, Boxer,
go to the Baja Cantina.

It's at the mouth of the Venice Canal,
on Washington Boulevard.

Baja Cantina.
It's a restaurant.

Baja Cantina?

You stay right there.
I'm going to send a car to get you.

- Where is he?
- He's in Venice, the Baja Cantina...

...mouth of the Venice Canal,
right on Washington Boulevard.

- Venice Beach, yeah.
- We got him.

I just want to say
that my heart is broken

by the state of the world
and the state of this city,

and if those callers
who are calling in...

What, are you so frightened
you have to pretend

that they killed each other?

You can't even see
that these people have...


It's an urgent problem
regarding Boxer Santaros.

What do you mean
he's unavailable?

Unavailable, my ass!

You tell Vaughn Smallhouse

he better not fuck
with Deep Throat Two.

How the fuck am I supposed
to blackmail some movie star

if I can't get his fucking
representation on the phone?

These Hollywood managers,
they think their shit don't smell.

Let me tell you something, Teri.

When the shit hits the fan,
it all smells the same.

Fuck, yeah, it does.

I don't know
what it is you've done...

but you have to promise me
that he won't get hurt.

He's not the person you think he is.

Mr. Santaros.

Nice. Yeah.

You got the... the head
of the Neo-Marxist underground

and his bitch girlfriend,

code name Dream,
real name Veronica Mung.

Dion and Dream are dead.

They're not.
They were just squibs.

Those weren't squibs.

Yes, they were.

We doubled up on the squibs,
Roland, two each.

I thought my name was Ronald.

That's what I said, I said Ronald.
What's wrong with you?

I think you've been
lying to me, Zora.


I think you've been
lying to me all along.

Okay, now you're just being
paranoid, Ronald.

Listen, guys.

I think I'm going
to rollerblade on home now

because I don't really want to be
involved in this anymore, at all.

Okay, Bing.

Go ahead.

Good luck.

You can keep
the rollerblades, Zora.

Just consider them a gift.

You take care, now.

Grid nine eight nine one.

Venice City Beach, Market Street.


The fuck out!

Revelation 20:2...

"For it will never be night again...

"and they will not need
lamplight or sunlight...

"because the Lord God
will be shining on them.

They will reign forever and ever. "

Two Venice Beach residents
were found dead earlier today

in what appears to be
a domestic dispute

that ended in tragedy.

Veronica Mung,

a celebrated performance artist
who used the stage name Dream,

was allegedly shot by her husband

and fellow performance artist
Dion Element.

Authorities believe Element
then turned the gun on himself.


The couple, well known as

the John and Yoko
of the Venice underground,

had ties to the growing
Neo-Marxist movement.

How safe is your car?

Which vehicles are the favorite targets
of renegade terrorist car bombs?

- Just when the heat wave is...
- Excuse me, sir.

Do you have
a cell phone I can use?

There are concerns
over the rise of the Red Tide.

What some beachgoers think
is dirty, rusty water is actually...

Local call?

Local call.

The phenomenon
began two weeks ago

as the Treer Tidal Generator
began a series of system checks...

- Thanks.
- ... off the coast of Santa Monica.

Federal health officials say

the Red Tide
is not dangerous to beachgoers,

but they recommend
a shower after swimming.

Interstate travel visas have frozen

as the government issues
a code red terror alert

for the holiday weekend.

42 American troops
killed in Syria yesterday...

Come on, come on.

Officer Roland Taverner?

Revelations 12 and 13

tell the tale of a pregnant woman,
a dragon, and two beasts.

Boxer Santaros has arrived.

They are the puppets
of the Antichrist.

What? You've got amnesia?

You're my wife.

God, I can't...

I am just so glad you're alive.

A Hermosa Beach woman
brutally assaults an UPU officer

with an oversized dildo.

A reversible birth control option
for dogs

may one day replace neutering.

Bin Laden's search...

Did you get the tape?

When do I get paid?

Soon enough, baby.

That shit better not get out.

Oh, it won't.

We're going to get paid
a lot of money...

to destroy it.

You want to fuck
or watch a movie?

Teen horniness is not a crime

Open your heart
and your mind

Horniness is on the rise

Look inside and you will find

Teen horniness is not a crime

Open your heart
and your mind

'Cause the numbers don't lie

Observe the nerds
who shot up Columbine, yeah

An overcrowded nation

Find her and bring her
to me right now.

All your legislation

Can't stop teens'masturbation

We think it was a Neo-Marxist group
that abducted you.


Careful what you say, Senator.

Oh, bullshit.

Krysta Now has arrived...


Oh, I can't wait to meet her.

Cock Chuggers Two:
Cock Chugging?

Who the fuck
makes this shit? Huh?

Hey, hey, she just cut
her own pop album.

"Teen horniness is not a crime.

Keep an open heart
and an open mind. "

She's developing
her own reality show,

clothing line, jewelry, perfume,

and not to mention
an energy drink which I tried,

and her drink tastes
really, really good.

- Can I see the Cock Chuggers?
- No, no.

Can you not see that
she has completely set you up?

I mean, is there...

is there, like, video footage
of the two of you together?


There is.

Lots of it.

Okay, okay, so... so we have to give
the bitch whatever she wants.

She wants a million dollars
and a yes vote on Proposition 69.

Are you Deep Throat Two?

I'm not in that movie.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,

we have to give her
whatever she wants

to get that DVD back.

It... it's just, case closed.

This is extortion, sweety-kins.

A million dollars is a lot of money,

and we don't negotiate
with terrorists.

Cock Chugging Two!

If this gets out,
the election is over.

It's an election year, Bob.

Everyone pays.

They're right, Bob, we should pay.

Deep Throat Two can be silenced.

You just take it
out of his bank account.

Thank God I didn't sign a prenup.

And you know what?

Maybe now is the time
to let you know

that I am pregnant with your child.

Pregnant? She's pregnant?

Yeah, you're gonna be
a granddaddy.

Miss Krysta, did somebody
put you up to this?

Yeah. He did.

He paid me to bring Boxer back
from the desert safe and in one piece.

- Baron, Baron.
- No, no.

Is this true?


- Listen to me, would you stop it?
- I'll cut you down, you little shit.

Hey, we're on the same team here.

Baron would not sabotage
the campaign.

Who are you going to trust, Bob,

a Nobel prize-winning scientist
or a two-bit porn star?

I don't know, Dad.

I wouldn't trust him,

because you know
he's been secretly funding

the Neo-Marxist movement.

What? How dare you.

Those clowns know less
about Karl Marx than that Chihuahua.

No, you have been secretly sabotaging
this campaign from the inside out.

You should be very careful
about pointing fingers, Madeline,

because I happen to know

that you are pregnant
with Brandt's baby,

and I have the blood tests
to prove it.



The car is waiting, my child.

Not now, mother.

Mr. Takahashi

has accepted
the terms of the deal.

We have to deal
with Deep Throat Two.

Brandt, you're mine.

I'm not staying in here when
all this stuff is going on,

and Mom is out there,
and she's not in here with us.

- Mom's all right.
- I don't like it.

It makes me feel anxious.

You will never get reelected.

I love you, Jericho Kane.




Go to the base
of the Santa Monica Pier.

Through the looking glass
you'll find what you are looking for.

"We saw the shadows
of the morning light...

"shadows of the evening sun...

until light and shadows were one. "


before it is too late.

This is the wizard,
Baron Von Westphalen.

Remove the paladin body
from Utopia Three.

And so it begins.

But then Satan
answered the Lord

in his sniveling,
conniving way

and said, "Does Job
fear God for no reason?

"Have you not put
a hedge around him

"and his house and all
that he has on every side?

"You have blessed the work
of his hand,

"and his possessions
have increased in the land.

"But stretch out your hand

"and touch all that he has,

and he will curse you
to your face. "

The Baron had been
conducing experiments

on soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Fluid Karma, the elixir of God...

injected into the neck.

Only a few of us
made it home alive.

The Baron claims
that Fluid Karma is safe,

but he refuses to release

the environmental impact report
from Utopia Three.

Why are we being kept in the dark?
What is he hiding?

A deal for the Japanese license
to Fluid Karma

said to be moments from closing.

The Baron's quest
for global domination

was almost complete.

Negotiations had concluded
with Hideo Takehashi,

the prime minister of Japan.

Takehashi was willing
to relinquish one of his fingers

in exchange for access
to Fluid Karma.

You bastard!

You said finger, not entire hand.

Clearly your attorneys
didn't read the whole contract.

It stipulates
a six-inch margin of error

in the cutting radius.

Contract said finger only.


have Mr. Takehashi's hand
bronzed and mounted

on a cheap wooden plaque.

Here at home the Southland
continues to sizzle

with record-breaking
triple-digit temperatures

in the valleys and the deserts.

Palmdale residents endured
temperatures as high as 124 degrees.

Hey, this guy, he ain't no joke,

so don't waste his fucking time,
you hear me?

Martin Kefauver has arrived.

Is it God?

It's... it's medicinal.

Now, dog, I seen...
I seen all your movies.

You're... you're great.

I know I'm great.

Tell me something I don't know.

My dad is your plastic surgeon.

Murray Kefauver's kid.


- Shit, man, how the hell are you?
- Yeah, dog.

Hey, tell your dad I said hey.

I mean, tell him... tell him I'm...
I'm going to give him a call.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, Fallujah.
Shit got fucked up.

Anyways, hey.

Let's get down to business.

What is it?

Straight up Fluid Karma.

Me and my boys been smuggling
this shit out of Utopia.

Look. Green, you dream.

Blue, in an hour you feel new.

And you can forget
about mellow yellow

and agent orange, 'cause, hey...

I'm giving you blood red.

Do you bleed?

I said, do you bleed?

Yeah, yeah, dog.

Then you take the blood train.

You talk to God

without even...
without even seeing Him.

You hear His voice,

and you see His disciples.

They appear like...

angels under a sea
of black umbrellas.

Angels who can see through time.

Thanks, dog.

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

Yeah, you know
you got to help me out

Yeah, don't you put me
on the backburner

you know you got
to help me out, yeah, yeah

You're going to bring us all down

Yeah, yeah

You're going to bring us all down

Yeah, yeah

Don't you put me on the backburner

You're going to bring us all down,
yeah, yeah

You're going to bring us all down

Oh, oh, and then

Last call for sin

While everyone's lost

The battle is won

With all these things that I done

All these things that I've done

If you can't hold on

If you can't hold on

My face haunted his dreams.

For billions of years,
the daily cycles of the ocean tides

have influenced patterns of hunting,
breeding, and feeding behavior

among the developing
life forms of our planet.

The city is filled
with excitement and anticipation

as the hangar doors are
scheduled to open at any moment,

giving Southland residents
their first glimpse

at the Treer MegaZeppelin.

The Jenny Von Westphalen
is 900 feet long,

is lifted by turbine engines
that are activated by an energy field

that they call Fluid Karma.

Hi, Krysta.


Come on in.


It's just a suggestion.

So what do you want?

We're filming my reality webcast
before the party.

Can I score some drugs?

Sure you can, kitten.

Pandora's box had been
left exposed to prying eyes.

How did you get this?

Hey, over here.

What's with the getup?

I've got the tape
of me and Boxer in my bag.

And what are you going to do with it?

I'm thinking of going public with it.

I mean, fuck it, this could impact
the entire election.

There's a website
that everyone's talking about.

Someone's routing
outside of USIDent,

and the government
cannot figure out how to shut it out.

What's it called?

How do I get this to the webmaster?

Oh, it's the Neo-Marxists. They've
put drop boxes all over the city.

I think there's one in the poopdeck.

Okay, get Sheena and Deena

and meet them in Hermosa
with the cameras.

Let's do this.

Pilot Abilene is accused
of being a part of a group of soldiers

who have smuggled
the drug out of Utopia Three.

War widow Tanya McBride

is set to speak at megachurch
gathering downtown.

Hermosa Police issue
an arrest warrant for Tab Taverner.

The former mayor remains at large,
hidden by Neo-Marxists underground.

UPU units prepare for violence
during downtown celebrations...

Give me the gun.

I need your help.

I need you to help me
find my brother.


Put on your seatbelt.

Well, Deep Throat Two,
I presume.

It's the only copy?

I don't work in distribution.

Yes, that's the only copy.

Oh, please, I'd like
to ask you a few questions.

Go ahead, ask away.

How do you sleep at night?

Very well, thank you very much.

That is, until I hear
screams from next door

because USIDent
is raiding my neighbor's house,

based on false information

provided by that Orwellian nightmare
your friend endorsed.

You ever lose someone close to you,
a loved one, in a terrorist attack?

'Cause I have.

This may come as a shock to you,
Mr. Smallhouse,

but I lost two people in Abilene...

two of my four ex-husbands,
on a fishing trip,

which they took every year
to bitch about me.

What are you going to do
with all that free money?

I'm going to distribute
my documentary film,

help some women in the Middle East
get some more civil liberties.

Do you know
what those two words mean?

"Civil liberties"?

You ought to write them down.

You know what? You're going
to go down, Cyndi Pinziki.

That's right,
I know your real name.

You know,
I wasn't going to do this,

but I feel very generous today.

I'm going to leave you
with a little present.

Wow. I am flattered.
What is it?

- A Taser gun to the balls.
- What?

You should know that
there's another tape out there,

a far more incriminating tape
featuring your pal,

Boxer Santaros,
and a double murder,

and it's going to cost
a lot more than a million

to get your hands on that one,

because when
all is said and done,

nobody rocks the cock
like Cyndi Pinziki.

Eat shit, you fucker!

Whoa, yeah!

That little bitch, she stole it.


Your friend Krysta.

She stole the tape
for her stupid reality show.

She's going to go
pranked on with it.

She probably thinks
it's the footage of her and... - what?

Oh, eat a dick, Pinziki,
eat a dick!


She just told me to eat a dick.

She's going completely fucking off.

You think your personal privacy
is more important

than protecting
my family from terrorists?

Well, guess again.

If the government
won't stop them, I will.

Vote no on Proposition 69.

President Bush
was received warmly

by a group of Orange County
Republican business leaders.

We've made it such

that an underground industry
thrives on human beings.

One question that the president
did not address

was the rising gas prices
starting to threaten

the GDP of the California economy.

Several small earthquakes

have been reported
off the coast of Santa Monica,

each increasing in magnitude.

are warning Southland residents

of another massive earthquake,

noting tidal disturbances

from the Utopia Three facility
on the Pacific coast.

I felt a premonition.

Danger was on the horizon.

Man, this is great.

Shit, Boxer Santaros.

Jericho Kane.

The information that I've uncovered
could get me killed,

but it was a risk I was willing to take.

The fate of the world
depends on you, Jericho.


You must board the MegaZeppelin.

The secret you are looking for is
hidden in the Baron's private chamber.

What is the secret?

There's a dead body
they've retrieved from the desert.

They found the body in your car.

Did I kill someone out there?

They're listening.

They're watching.

If you should succeed,
remember me, my love.

Remember my name.

I will.


I want to suck your dick.

If you don't let me suck your dick,
I'm going to kill myself.

W- w... wait.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Target locked.

Take your pants off right now,
or I'm going to pull the trigger.

Take them off.


Jericho Kane...

is going to make your wish
come true...

and turn you into a new woman.

We could rent a room at Shutters.
It's my favorite place.

All right, we are trailing
Zora Charmichaels and Bart Bookman.

They are driving a silver pickup truck

looking to rendezvous
with Krysta Kapowski,

a. k. a. Krysta Now,
blonde, 5'4", 110 pounds.

Apparently there is
a tape in her possession.

That is the target.

There's here car.

All right, now it's on.
Let's go.

God, this is
so revolutionary, Krysta.

We have a Steadicam.

I know, but when I said Steadicam,
I didn't a My First Steadicam.

I want a real one,
like a real movie.

I mean, TV show,
but it's like a movie.

You know,
these kind of new technologies

are totally changing culture now.

Yeah, especially now
that everything is digital.

That sausage makes me hungry.

Right down there, to the right,
behind the toilet, feed the hole.

Oh, yeah.

- Do you see this scene?
- Yeah.

- It feels good.
- It's hot.

Sir, those people
are trying to kill me.


Get the fuck out of my way,
you bitch.

Do you know who we are?

- What's your hurry, bitch?
- Oh, don't you...

Anybody else
want to take a swing at me?

Krysta, it's the wrong tape,
you stupid whore.

Come on and get me, fucks.

Fascist pigs.

Oh, my God!

Go, go!

Why did I buy this car?

Come on.

Grid nine zero two
six six...

- Hello?
- Fortunio.

- Hey, hey.
- Boxer.

I'm at 26th Street,
on The Strand, okay?

Okay, bye.

Fortunio was
on the Baron's payroll all along.

Put him up. Put him up.

His orders
were to deliver the specimen

to Treer Plaza before sundown.

Up, up, up.

Watch it.

There's no turning back now.

You're a good friend.

Cyndi had obtained a ticket

to the launch
of the Jenny Von Westphalen.

she did not have a plus one.

Darkness fell upon the city.

Neo-Marxist cells
began to converge upon downtown.

Treer Corporation would like
to thank the mayor,

the City of Los Angeles
Chamber of Commerce,

and all the sponsors
who have supported the launch.

All proceeds will benefit
the victims' families...

The Eliot campaign
will celebrate the holiday

with a memorial concert
at the Taper Center.

Eliot will attend
the concert with his family,

while Senator Frost will attend
the launch of the Treer MegaZeppelin

just several blocks away.

began to consume their lives.

Thousands gather
to witness the maiden voyage

of America's technological marvel,
the Southland's newest wonder,

the Treer MegaZeppelin.

...the hills above Los Angeles today,
while on the ground

authorities are bracing
for the first riots since 1992.

You can see right there, a car bomb
went off just moments ago.

So why do you want to kill yourself?

I got drafted, dog.

I got to go to Iraq,
maybe Syria.

I can't take that shit.

I'd rather put a bullet
in my head quick and painless.


You were in Iraq?

Yo, how'd you get out, dog?

That's none of your business.

Just try and cross the border
into Mexico.

That's where
my brother and I are headed.

Yo, I don't have a visa, dog.

You said something
while you were asleep.

"We saw the shadows
of the morning light...

"the shadows of the evening sun...

until the shadows
and the light were one. "

What does that mean?

"Three days. "

The final three days.

It all ends tonight.

It's gonna be a hot time
in the city tonight.

Job well done, Miss Now.

Is he gonna be okay?

Well, as they say,
only time will tell.

What does this mean?

There is a path to end all suffering.

You should take it.

Behold the Eighth
Wonder of the World...

Treer MegaZeppelin!

Did you retrieve the DVD
from Deep Throat Two?

Affirmative, Cyndi.
I'm going to be going live

with three tales
from the Southland this evening.

How long will the website be active

before USIDent
can route in and shut it down?

Are you kidding me?
Who are you talking to?

Don't worry your
pretty little head over it.

You go enjoy the rest
of the party. I'm out.

To be honest...

we're just looking out
for the niggers.

This is my deal now...


More than a hundred thousand
people have gathered

to be at the largest block party
in the history of Los Angeles.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Farewell, one and only beloved.

I cannot write anymore,

or my head will be
all in a whirl, and...

Adieu, adieu my sweetheart.


You try so hard to be heard

You try so hard to not hurt

I give you nothing to doubt,
and you doubt me

I'll give you all that I have,
but you don't see

Now I know
that my eyes must close here

Every word seems to feel
like you don't care

But I know that
you're so confused and afraid

I just want to be one true thing
that don't fade

I don't want to give up tomorrow

I just can't understand
why we're going on

Thank you.

I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

I don't wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

I don't' wanna be sad

I don't wanna be scared

Mr. Boxer Santaros
has arrived.


How does it end?

A handshake.

I had a dream last night
that you died.

Mr. Santaros.

Your presence
is requested in the Marx Suite.


I'm not going to die.

...he was on fire.

The surrounding stores,

you could see people running
in and out of the broken windows.

What is going on...

And there's another...
another explosion just took off

down... right down there
off of Third Street.

Revelation 22...

"Very soon now
shall I be with you again...

"bringing the reward
to be given to every man

according to what he deserves. "

Mr. Santaros,
welcome to the Marx Suite.

Now, Simon says
lower your sidearm, please.

Are you just deaf
or willfully stupid?

I told you to lower
that fucking sidearm!

And there you go.

Well, come on in.

They're trying to rig the election.

California is too close to call.

All... all right, sweetheart,
whatever you say.

Why isn't she here?

She won't leave her post.

It is time for a surgical strike.

I can smell you
from down the hall.

No. Not now, Dennis.

The Neo-Marxists
have infiltrated USIDent.

She has to leave there immediately.

It's okay. She has
everything under control.

We need to get her out of there.

There are thousands, probably
tens of thousands of protesters

all up and down the street

and spreading out
into the surrounding arteries

coming in
toward the downtown area.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the Treer MegaZeppelin.

The project was called
Serpentine Dream Theory.

The Tidal Generator
within Utopia Three

has achieved
simulated perpetual motion.

The impact of this achievement

has slowed the acceleration
of the planet to such a degree

that certain environmental anomalies
have started to surface.

One of these anomalies,
discovered earlier this year,

was a rift in the fourth dimension.

A rift in the fabric of space-time...

half a kilometer wide.

Located on the outskirts
of Lake Mead.

Yes, Mr. Santaros.

Just like you imagined
in your screenplay.

And what did we do

once we discovered a rift
in the fourth dimension?

We launched monkeys into it.

Only a human subject
could survive that jaunt.

The soul of a monkey

can't survive
the dimensional threshold.

So we learned,

at which point the Baron decided

that the first human subject
to travel through the rift

would be a movie star.

Why me?

Your celebrity
and your political ties

proved an irresistible combination.

As the satellite photos show,

at approximately 10:51 a. M...

and this is 69 minutes
before you passed through the rift...

a duplicate Boxer Santaros

You traveled 69 minutes
back in time, sir,

at which point your future self...

and your past self
confronted one another.

So I'm my future self.

And I'm the dude
who traveled through the rift.

And this is all that's left
of your past self.

This body, this artifact,

this dual existence
of a single human soul

could unlock the secret of creation,
the secret of humankind.

I don't understand.

I've never considered
committing suicide.

I'm a pimp.

And pimps don't commit suicide.

We don't know what would happen
if two identical human souls

and the vessels that they travel in

were to come into immediate
close contact with one another.

Indy 103.1... the independent FM.
Fourth of July weekend...

Where did you get this?

Pilot Abilene.

Pilot Abilene?

Do you bleed?

You can fly so bloody

What happened
in Fallujah was an accident.

They called it friendly fire,

and Private Taverner
could not forgive himself

for what he had done to me.

Yo, dog, where are we headed?

Somewhere downtown.

We have to go downtown.

He's in an ice cream truck.

Wow, I can feel it.

There is automatic weapon fire,
we understand,

down on the ground,
and we just heard...

...the power and the kingdom
of your God...

Yo, dog, I'm going
to empty out my account...

take everything I got.


to the Rove Credit Union.

Please have
your USIDent card ready

in order to make your transaction. the promise
in the Word of God!

Martin Kefauver, welcome.

Martin Kefauver,
welcome, welcome, welcome...

Kefauver and card ready...

Yo, dog, it says... it says
"transaction denied," dog.

Yo, what... what do I do?

We're going to take
the ATM machine with us to Mexico.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please rise for the national anthem.

I give you Rebekah Del Rio.

...whose broad stripes
and bright stars

Through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming

And the rockets'red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night

That our flag was still there

Oh, say, does that
star-spangled banner

Yet wave?

O'er the land of the free

And the home of the brave

We've got a perimeter breach
at Caltrans Building.

I repeat,
we've got a perimeter breach.

Die, you fucking pig!

Uh-oh, wait.

Apparently we've lost
contact with Sky Cam.

As you could see
just before we lost the picture,

a lot of people downtown,
a lot of activity,

all kinds of problems.

- Please stay indoors.
- Stay inside.

And, you know, we're getting
information that the Neo-Marxist...

You know.

You know exactly what happened
out in the desert.

Who did the Baron hire
to kidnap me?

And who drove me
through the time rift?

You haven't figured that out yet?

What is his name?

Officer Roland Taverner.

Officer Roland Taverner.
How are you?

Ice cream truck.


Teri, you've gone too far.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we seem to be having...

Is he still alive?

In more ways than one.

You made sure Taverner
went through the time rift with me.

Then you hit the SUV
self-destruct trigger, by remote,

which means...

I didn't kill myself.

You're a pimp.

Pimps don't commit suicide.

Oh, you got that right.

And Roland Taverner...
and his twin brother...

they're the same person,
aren't they?

Two identical souls
walking the face of the earth,

coexisting in the same
dominion of chaos.

What will happen
if they shake hands?

The fourth dimension
will collapse upon itself.

You stupid bitch.

Again, don't be alarmed,
but stay inside.

The ocean is in control.

...the rioting continues downtown,
and it's a problem right now

because it looks like
the crowds are growing.

Even though we no longer
have contact with our chopper,

we do understand it was
the Neo-Marxist movement

that started these riots.

They're continuing to move
throughout downtown Los Angeles...

And this is the tower of fire.

We have to evacuate.

What in God's name
are you talking about?

There he is. Let's go.

We've got automatic weapons fire
at Fourth Street and Hill.

I think they're already inside.

Recommend open fire
into the crowd.



Yo, yo, dog, you all right?

Well done, soldier.

Take that target.

You can't miss.

Come on, let's go, let's go!

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Krysta Now,

Shoshanna Cox,
Sheena Gee, and Deena Score.

They are
the Memory Gospel Dancers.

Let's... let's leave right now.

This guy right here
might never leave.

It had to be this way.

I know.

He's going to die.

There's nothing
we can do about it?

Is it some kind of an orgy
or something?

What the hell's he doing?

Evacuate the atrium.
Move to the rear of the MegaZeppelin.


Everybody, go back to your seats.

Or I kill myself,
and I swear to God...

I'll do it.

We have to let go.

I can't.

You have to let me go.

But the truck will fall,
and we'll both die.

Let me go,
or I'll pull this fucking trigger!

- No, you won't.
- I swear to God I'll do it!

No, you won't.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the party is over.

Have a nice apocalypse.

Put down the gun.

This is all in my head.

I can pull the trigger now
and wake up.

This whole nightmare
will be over.

Our mission
is to destroy capitalism.

Dethrone God.

Officer Roland Taverner.

That's who you want.

Don't you remember, Ronald?

Do you remember Fallujah?

I remember everything.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the way the world ends.

Not with a whimper,
but with a bang.

But there is hope.

In the end we can be reassured
by one undeniable truth.

Nobody rocks the cock
like Krysta Now.

And I mean nobody.

I knew that son of a bitch was crazy.
Get me out of here.

It wasn't our fault.

It wasn't our fault.

Friendly fire.

I forgive you.

Friendly fire.

- I forgive you.
- Friendly fire.

- Friendly fire.
- I forgive you.

- Friendly fire.
- I forgive you.

I forgive you.

I forgive you.

Revelation 21...

And God wiped away
the tears from his eyes,

so the new messiah could see
out to the New Jerusalem.

His name was
Officer Roland Taverner

of Hermosa Beach, California...

my best friend.

He is a pimp...

and pimps don't commit suicide.