Sorcerer (1977) - full transcript

A gangster, a crooked banker, a hit man and an Arab terrorist are stranded and on the run in a small village in South America. Their only chance of escape is to drive two trucks filled with unstable dynamite (leaking nitroglycerin) up a long and rocky mountain road in order to plug an escalating oil refinery blaze. With their deadly cargo likely to explode at the slightest bump, the four men must put aside their differences and work together to survive.

- Pull up easy.
- The temperature in Newark is 54.

In Morristown it's 57,
and in Asbury Park...

Saint Dominic's: $2,712.

Saint Michael's: $983.

What do you have
on Saint Bartholomew?

- Fifty-eight.
- $5,800?

George, what about Loyola?

All right, up against the wall!

What is this?
What's going on?

My dear friends, you have
come together in this church...

that the Lord may seal
and strengthen your love...

in the presence of the church's
minister and this community.

Christ abundantly blesses you.

- Oh, my God!
- Get that money!

- What are you doing?
- Do you know whose parish this is?

Fuck you
and the horse you rode in on.

May daily problems
never cause you anxiety...

or the desire for earthly
possessions dominate your lives.

May you find happiness
and satisfaction in your work.

Just kiss that pipe, boys.

Shut up!

You have declared your consent
before the church.

May the Lord strengthen your consent
and fill you with His blessings.

What God has joined
man must not divide.

Leave the change alone!

- Don't touch it.
- Beautiful.

May Almighty God bless you.
The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

We've been hit!

Son of a bitch!

In the days I went a-courtin'
I was never tired of resortin'

To the ale house or the playhouse
And many's the house besides.

As sure as me name is Barney
I'll be off to "Californy".

Instead of diggin' praddies
I'll be diggin' lumps of coal.

- Don't get us glommed over.
- No way.

We've already got a driver
in the car.

Keep it up.

Don't press me, pal.

Couldn't you have stopped him
without doing that?

Shut your mouth
before you get it.

- What do you mean?
- Just what I'm tellin' ya, hard on.

If you'd shoot a priest for $67,000,
how much is my life worth?


You're a piece of shit.

- You bastard!
- What are you doing?

Look out!

He's gone! He's gone!

We better leave 'em
till the cops get here.


Call another ambulance.

- There's one in back.
- There's a guy in the car here.

Hurt awful bad.

Everybody stay out of the way
and let these guys through.

Hey, Mickey, over here!

What's the latest on your brother,
Mr. Ricci?

- He's gonna be all right.
- That's fine. Thank God.

One of those pigs
walked away from that accident.

His name is Jackie Scanlon.

He's a punk from Queens
with the Donnelly mob.

Real piece of shit.

Mr. Ricci, everybody wants
to help you on this.

The guy can't make a move.

He can't go nowheres.

Could be on his way
to the moon by now.

We'll get the best, but it's gonna
have to come from the outside...

and it's gonna cost.

He robbed my church.

Shot my brother.

I don't care where he is
or what it costs. I want his ass.

- You got a problem.
- Tell me about it.

- You're on the hit parade.
- What?

That priest you whacked
was Carlo Ricci's brother.

Forget the heat. Ricci himself
is out looking for you.

- I never carry a pistol.
- Want to tell him that in person?

Got any money?

Two thousand.

- How about a passport?
- What for?

For 2,000 I'll get you a passport.

- You mean out of the country?
- Uh-huh.

- Where?
- A good place to stay low.


It's a place nobody
wants to look in.

It's covered, okay?

- Where am I going?
- Get a train in Baltimore.

Go to pier 47.

At customs, ask for Nat Glick.

Don't mention my name.

As of right now, I don't know you
and I don't want to know you.

I owed you a favor.
This is it.

You gonna tell me where I'm going?

I swear to Christ, I don't know.





I am in transit.

Transito, me

- I am going to Managua.
- Ah, Managua. Si. Pase.

Can I get something to drink?

In the plane with my baggage.
I'm very thirsty.


Forget it, pal.

Stop eating. A year's pay might get you
a seat to the next rat hole. Come on.

I have three rooms.

One of them's taken.

I'll take it.

- For how long?
- Let's say a week.

How much do you suppose
from here to Argentina?

An airline ticket
costs 470 pesos.

Passports, maybe another thousand.

I have less than 100.

Everything I could save in a year.

My house, maybe for 600,
if I could sell it.

Can you understand English?

Yes, I speak some.

- Want to travel away?
- Yes.

I can fix for you la capital.

- I want to go out of this country.
- Out of this country? Dificil.

Very difficult.


No, es posible.

┬┐Comprende? Cost much.


I can fix for you
to go out from the country.

- This reloj plus 1,000 pesos.
- I have only the watch.


Danke shon.

- Put it on my account.
- Thank you.

During the work it's hotter.

- Yeah. I like a southern exposure.
- Yes.

I thought about it myself.

I understand
you used to be in banking.

That's the rumor.

I had no idea
I was the subject of rumors.

Carlos used to be
an ex Reichs Marschall.

Right, Carlos?

What is your profession, Mr...?

- Dominguez.
- Dominguez.

Ice hockey.

Read about this place
in a travel brochure?

I heard it had a healthy climate.

Not what you expected.

It was exactly what I expected.

Juan Dominguez?

Aren't you the laborer,
Juan Dominguez?


You don't understand, huh?

Let's see your identity card.


The identity card you keep here.

Juan Dominguez,
born November 1939...

in Las Calumnas in this country.

That is you?

You don't look to me like you
were born in Las Calumnas.

Because you don't even
speak Spanish.

And because you are
a filthy gringo asshole.

This is false.

It's a violation
of the immigration laws.


Do you have more?

That's it.

Okay, next time you pay.

You make three...

we take one.




I need my card.

I can't make shit without my card.

- I need that.
- Ah.

Adi├│s, senor Dominguez.

It should produce twice as much as
this last zone that we come out of.

When can you get this one
pinched off?

Our trucks have
already been ordered.

They should be here.

Very professional.

Get it to the capital.
Maybe we'll get results.

The government's been told
it was an accident.


In this country, terrorists who blow
up American oil wells are heroes.

We're paying that government
to give us protection.

El presidente cannot risk
his liberal image...

by sending us troops
to chase patriots.


This is a telex from home
responding to my report.

First part concerns...

regret loss of life, etcetera,
injuries and so on.

Apparently we have no insurance
position because of the sabotage thing.

This is the part that concerns you.

"Limitations on production
in recent months...

due to acts of terrorism
and political uncertainties...

emphasize attention
immediate supply obligations...

with minimum concern R&D...

What is R & D?

Research and Development.

"Please apprise
course of action soonest."

It's signed, "Weber."

Is that it?


What are the immediate
supply obligations?

One tanker, 16o, 000 barrels
by the end of next month.

We need that well to fill it.

They'll have to delay it.

They can't.

Charter's running. If we have
to take a loss that big...

we might as well shut down now
and save expenses.

I've seen worse.

Let's clear away that junk
and blow her out.

This stuff is too dry to spark.

That stuff has been sitting
for a year.

- It's worthless.
- What do you mean?

When it sits a long time
without being turned...

that liquid nitro seeps out
of the sticks and into the bag.

If you give those cases
any kind of a bump, it'll blow.

It's risky moving a case ten feet.
That fire's over 200 miles away.

If it were up there,
could you use it?

We could boom-load
a little at a time. Yes.

How you gonna get it there?

That's not your problem.
We'll get it there.

What do you think?

The major problem is the vibration.
This thing is like an egg beater.

No matter how we shock-mount something,
it will have a severe lateral vibration.

I thought maybe you could
swing-load it on a pallet.

Twenty feet down there's no vibration,
but the problem is turbulence.

We might move it half a mile
that way but not 200.

We've never had a flight here
without some turbulence in it.

What are you saying?

Not with a chopper.
There's no way.

I'll double the amount
if you can think of a way.

It's not the money. Nobody's gonna
get into a chopper with that shit.

You need a suicide jockey.

We now need
experienced truck drivers...

men who are willing
to do a dangerous job.

This job must be done...

before we can reopen our gates and
bring back full employment to you people.

The men who qualify
will receive exceptional wages.

Only experienced truck drivers
willing to risk their life can do it.

No one else should apply.

The company will pay 8,000 pesos
to each driver.

Wait a minute!

Four men with enough guts...

can save Poza Rica
and your village!

- Stop at the bottom of the hill.
- I need to know the machine.

Pull over.

You crazy bastard!







We're carrying three cases each.

One is enough to blow your fire. Six
cases will blow out the whole field.

You don't think all the trucks
will make it. One of us is a backup.

We want double, and legal residence,
or we don't drive.

You leave in four hours.

Only one machete?

How many would you like?

Have to put half the jungle underneath
our wheels to get through the mud.

How many machetes
you want us to carry?

Should be two.

Condensers. Points.

Floats. Filters.

Tape. Wire.
Channel locks.


- Where's the rest of this cable?
- In the car.

Where the hell is the German?

She's got something for you.

What is it?



Murderer! Zionist!
I'll kill you!

What happened? What happened?

This Jew dog cut his throat!

No police.

Hold it! We lost a driver.
We need another one.

When the money's up,
I'm as good as any of you.

Where you from?

Listen, Pancho, I've been clocking you
every second that you got into this town.

If you pick your nose in this truck,
clear it with me first...

or I'll take you and this nitro
into a ditch.

They've had 15 minutes.


One moment.

I have a letter.

- I wonder if you would post it for me?
- Paris.

- That could take a month.
- Yes.

- Just keep it for me.
- I'll take care of it.

Get outta there!

Get the hell outta there!

I guide you.

No. You drive,
and I guide you. Okay?

Get in the truck.

- Come on!
- No!

Come on!


Is this the road to Poza Rica?

That's the wrong road.

I think this road's better for us
because it's higher.

We take this one.

You don't understand. This road is
too low. It goes through the swamp.

There's too much mud.

Can't you read a map?
We have no information on that road.

You're full of shit!
You take that road!

We follow the map.

It's the wrong road.

This is the wrong road!

Where the hell are you going?

We're going across that bridge...

and you're going to guide me...

because I can't do it alone.

They've had it.

We're sitting on double shares.
2o, 000 apiece!

No way they're gonna make
that bridge, I'll tell ya that.

That's 2o, 000 apiece.

We're sitting on 2o, 000.
Double shares.

Come on!

Come on!

Stop! Stop!

Come on!
Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stay close!

Where are you?

Where are you?

Stop! Stop!

- Stop!
- I don't see you!

Stop! No!

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop!


Are you all right?

The winch!

Get the winch!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Come! Come!

Come, come!

Yes, come!


Come! Come! Come!

Come on! Come! Come!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

You're crazy.

It's eight trees!

No way.

Start chopping!

Make your move.


Excellent wood.

We're going around it
if we can hack out eight trees.

If you cut them down,
how do you move them?

The winch.

How are you going to clear the
stumps or drive through a swamp?

We're gonna go through it!



I think I can clear it.

Too small.

Show me your pockets.


Are you from Paris?

- I lived there. Yes.
- Where?

Do you know Paris?

I was there for two days.

- Very expensive.
- So they say.

Your family is there?

- My wife. Just my wife.
- No children?

No children.

I met my wife...

when I first came to Paris.

The day she gave me this
was the last day I saw her.

It's five minutes before 9:00
in Paris.


Get down.

Get down on the ground!

What do you have in the truck?


What supplies?

Vienna sausage.

Wonder bread.

Northern Tissue.


Nothing else?

Okay. So you got just what we need.
You don't have to be afraid from us.

Listen, amigo, just come out.
We just need this truck.

We need food, you know...

and toilet paper.

What are you gonna do
with all that money?

Talk to me!
What are you gonna do?

Get laid.

Best whore in Managua.

Two whores.

- Two best whores in Managua.
- You do it.

- Do it for me.
- With you, Pancho.

- You do it for me. Okay?
- I'll do it!

What do you mean you don't know?

Get a train down to Baltimore.
Go to pier 47.

Where am I goin'?
Where am I goin'?

Where am I goin'?

What do you mean you don't know?

- It's good.
- No good to me.

Do I take it to a bank, flash an I.D.,
give a thumbprint? Our deal was cash.

Head office is sending Gus Lefferts
to meet you.

He'll take you to our bank. You'll
have that cashed before supper.

Ask Lefferts what's available
in the capital.

I told him you were
a first-rate driver.

Not anymore.

Yeah, well.

Find anything good, send a postcard.
Maybe I'll join you.

You'd give all this up?

In six months time, who knows?
I may have no choice.

You know, there, uh...
There's one place down here...

that might be nice for a guy
in your situation.

Ever think of going to Managua?


Shit! There's no way
I can go to Managua.

Too bad. It's a nice place.

No. Managua is no good for me.

Carlos, haben Sie scotch, bitte?

Oh, when you get into Bonao,
would you mail that for me?

- Do I have a couple of minutes?
- For you, they'll hold the plane.

May I have this dance?