Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (1996) - full transcript

Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekicks Tails and Knuckles the Echidna are determined to thwart a plan that would turn their Land of the Sky into the equivalent of The Land of Darkness, which lurks beneath the surface (and is obviously the former planet Earth). So they plow through to the center of the planet and the ancient city of Robotropolis (the former New York City?) to do righteous battle. The big question of the day is whether the usually evil Dr. Robotnik is telling the truth for once or sending the good guys into a trap.

Hyper Metal Sonic, the only thing left
is to capture his essential life data.

Then you will be complete.

When you awaken, it will be time!


It's finally done!

See, isn't it great?
It's a jet-propelled body board!

Come on, Sonic.
Don't you wanna try it too?

No thanks.

All right, I'll try it myself!

I guess Tails is still
just a little kid.

Come on, Sonic!
It's okay if you can't swim!

You should give it a try!

Just don't get cocky and
run into something.

I must be hearing things.

Sonic! Help me!

Wake up, Sonic! Come on, Sonic!

Shut up, Tails!


Are you all right, Sonic?

I'm fine, but who the heck was that?

Sonic, how have you been?

Geez, not that old man again!
I'll pass on this one.

Sonic, we've gotta hurry up
and do something!

You're the one who can fly,
why don't you just go and do something?

Sonic, you idiot!

Fine, I can take care of this
all by myself!

Mister! Mister!

Tails, it's you!
It's nice to see you again.

I have some urgent business with Sonic.
That's why I'm here.

Mister, this isn't the time to worry
about that. Your rocket's on fire!

What? No wonder it's getting
so warm in here!

Just hold on!

I'll fix it somehow!

I'm not finished yet!

Hey, you're pretty good at this, Tails!

I got some practice in earlier
on my body-board.

That's amazing!

Mister, up ahead!

Look out!

What are you talking about? Let's see.


Thank you, Sonic!

Old man! Hey, old man!


Old man, you should stop flying
those dangerous things.

What are you talking about, Sonic?

I know I'm a little older now,

but back in my heyday I won the Speed
Races on Planet Freedom all the time.

Believe me, I was pretty popular with
the ladies back then too.

Mister, didn't you say you had
some urgent business?

Oh, right. It's a real emergency.

It's the President. He wanted...

He wants us to come to the
Presidential Palace right away?

Right, that was it! Please hurry!

Old man, you could have just
called to tell us that.

Oh, yeah, I guess I could've done that.

Old man, take care of the place
while we're gone!

I understand!

I don't think so.

Let's go, Tails!

Bon voyage!

President, what's the
urgent business?

Right, the business. It's been
a long time, Sonic, Tails.

Dr. Eggman!

Please accept a small token of my
gratitude for coming all this way.

That's a funny way to show
your gratitude.

Don't do it!

Sonic, for the sake of my daughter
and everyone else, listen to him!

That's a dirty trick, Eggman.


You kidnaped the President and Seira so you could take
over South Island, didn't you?

Do you think really think I would do
something that underhanded?

Of course!

Listen, Sonic.

This concerns all of Planet Freedom,

so you'd better listen to everything
I have to say.

No way.

Don't you care what happens
to pretty, young Seira?

Help me, Papa!


Sonic, please listen to what
Eggman has to say!

I guess I don't have a choice.

Go ahead and talk, Eggman.

Really, Sonic?

As both of you are aware, Planet Freedom
is made up of two separate dimensions.

The outer world, the one you live in,
is known as the Land of the Sky.

We already know all that.

Shut up! Shut up!

And the inner dimension is known
as the Land of Darkness.

I live peacefully in the
inner dimension,

where I have created a high-tech
city called Eggmanland.


a man who calls himself the God of
Destruction arrived: Black Eggman.

I don't know where he came from,

but he attacked Eggmanland with
a battalion of robots.

They completely conquered us.

Now, there is no place down there
for me to live.

Black Eggman found the complex where the
high voltage electricity is stored.

He jammed the Egg Generator,
causing it to run wild.

According to my calculations,

if the Egg Generator isn't stopped
by sunrise tomorrow,

there will be a giant explosion!

Fine! But don't blame me
when this happens!

What can we do to stop this, Eggman?

Someone has to get through all
of Black Eggman's traps.

Then he has to get into Eggmanland
and stop that generator!

And it's the fastest one here
that should do it!

No way.

You're the one that created that stupid
machine in the first place.

Why the hell should I have to clean up after you?

Sonic! Please do it! South Island...

No, the entire planet is
depending on you!

Sonic, I don't care what happens
to Eggman or Papa,

but please do this for both of us!

But when Eggman speaks, 99 times out
of 100 he's lying.

But what if this is that one other time?



Okay, I got it.


Tails, take this with you.

What's this?

It's a navigator.

It will guide you to Eggmanland
using the shortest route,

as long as you keep it with you.

Thank you, Eggman.

Let's go, Tails.

Tails, do you really trust that weird,
little gadget that Eggman gave you?

Knowing that guy, he might've put
a bomb in there.

Dr. Eggman is the only one that knows
how to get to Eggmanland.

We don't have any other choice
but to trust this thing.

Well, I guess you're right.

Even more importantly, I hope that the
President and Seira are all right.

No, no, no, I don't like it
when Eggman wins every time!

All right, one more time!

That's enough! Give up!
We've played like a hundred times!

I'll stop being your hostage.

Do your best!

No, no, no, Eggman won again! Fine!

I quit. I want to go for a drive.


No, no! Seira wants to go for a drive!

How did this get here?

You rock, Eggman!

I get to drive first!

Don't touch that!

No, wait! Don't play with that!
Stop it, Seira!

No, stop that! Seira!

That must be the entrance to
the Land of Darkness!

We're getting some bad turbulence here,
so hang on, Sonic!

All right, here we go!

Hang on, Sonic!
We're almost out of here!


Tails, are you all right?

I'm fine, but I'm worried about
the tornado!

So this is the Land of Darkness!

Eggmanland should be straight ahead!

All right! Let's hurry!

Tails, doesn't something seem
a little strange?

I think Eggman purposely picked the
route with the most traps!

But this really is the quickest
way to the generator!

There's even be a warp zone
right up ahead!

Let's get moving!

What is this place?

Let me check. We just exited the
warp zone, so this should be...

It says these are ancient ruins.

Ancient ruins? These?

I never knew the Land of Darkness
had any of this.

But Eggmanland is supposed to
be really near.

Let's go somewhere high and
see if we can see it from there.

All right!

The ruins are sinking right
into the ocean!

Sonic, I bet it's because the Egg
Generator is out of control

and causing reactions under the ground!

All right! We should hurry!

I'm afraid of lightning!

Tails, we just have to go
straight ahead, right?

That's what it says.

That has to be Black Eggman!

That is correct. I am Black Eggman.

I congratulate you on eluding my traps
and making it all the way here.

We don't have time to play your
little games! Get out of our way!

I don't think so!

Hold still!


You fool, this armor is made of
a super polymer alloy!

Ouch! Ouch!


Where are you little brats hiding?

Come out here!

We don't have time to mess
around with this robot!

Which way to Eggmanland?

Let me check...

That way!

It's past that highway!

All right! Let's go, Tails!

Okay, Sonic!

Black Eggman, you slowpoke!


We know you can't keep up with our speed,

so we'll just have to finish
this later.

No way!

This is bad!

I didn't know that thing could fly!


Tails, grab onto me!

We're safe!

Don't think you're safe yet.

Neither one of you can swim, so you'll
both drown in the ocean below.

I can't swim!

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...

I've finally gotten those two
out of the way!

That worked pretty well.

Yeah, let's go.


Crash! Crack! Boom!


You damn moron!

Did you really think I'd fall for a
stupid trick like that? Take this!

What the heck is this stuff?



Now, it's time for this!

Now, I just have to finish you off.

There's no way those missiles could've
gotten rid of Sonic so easily.

I told you!

It's coming back at you, Black Eggman!



Damn it!

You might have the fastest feet
in the world,

but if you can't run,
you're just a normal hedgehog.

You will never make it to Eggmanland!

Try to run away from this!

Sonic, I'll save you!


Hurry and save Sonic!

I'ts no good! If my tails are stuck together,
I can't fly!

I've got it!

Sonic, grab onto this!

Who are you?

Sonic, you can do it!


Ah damn! I'm out of ammo! You're one lucky bastard, aren't you?

Not lucky enough!

Thank you, Knuckles.

Right back at you.

It doesn't matter.

You're running away?

I won't forgive you,
Black Eggman!

Don't worry, we'll meet again soon!

Grab onto me, Sonic!

Damn you, bastard Sonic!

He'd better enjoy this feeling now,
because once he gets to Eggmanland,

he'll have to fight something
even worse than Black Eggman!

What do you mean, worse than Black

You're talking about yourself!

You'd better keep your hands off my
Sonic, or I'll never forgive you!

Thanks for saving us there, Knuckles.

Yeah, that's one more job that I'm
not going to get paid for.

Oh well, we've been friends
for long enough.

I guess I can just put this on your tab.

So will you return to treasure hunting?

Of course!
After all, that's what I live for!

The sun's already setting!
We've got to hurry!

What is that thing?

That's Eggmanland!


I hope we see you again, Knuckles!

See you.

See you later!


Hey, I'd worry about you two if
I sent you in alone! See you!

What are you waiting for? If you don't
hurry, that thing's going to explode!

Wait up, Knuckles!

So this must be the entrance
to Eggmanland.

I never expected Eggman to live
in such an awesome place!

This is no time to be blown away.

You're right. Come on, let's go!

It's this way.
Keep going straight ahead, Sonic!

Got it!

I'm really starting to get excited
about this, Sonic.

Just don't let your guard down or
you'll seriously regret it, Knuckles.

I'll be fine.

Sonic, leave these guys to me
and go on ahead!

All right! Good luck!

Tails, fly! You have to fly!

Yeah, right!

It's too heavy for me to move!

Hang on! I'll stop this thing!


I'll have you out of there in no time!


Sonic, are you all right?

Something's moving!

It's a robot that looks
exactly like Sonic!

What does all this mean?

What is that?

It's pretty!

Black Eggman's ghost!

It's broken.

Watch where you're putting your hands!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!

Ow! Stop it, Seira!

Please stop, Seira!


Why are Seira and Eggman
here together?

I get it, you're Black Eggman!

It wasn't Seira's fault!

Look at that, now you've made her cry.

Black Eggman and the haywire
generator were all part of his scheme.

Dr. Eggman planned the whole thing to trap you!

What does all this mean, Eggman?

I don't believe you fell for my trap
and made it all the way here.

Now this will be your burial place!
Good job, Sonic!

What did you say?

No way!

This is the greatest invention of
Dr. Eggman, scientist extraordinaire!

I call it Hyper Metal Sonic.

Pretty good, don't you think?

You might have made a robot
that looks like him,

but he's no match for the real Sonic!

Tails, it should be apparent to you.

Sonic wasn't being electrocuted earlier.

Instead, I was transferring all
his data to the robot.

He is the fastest, most powerful battle
machine every to walk Planet Freedom!

What are you planning on doing
with that thing?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm going to use Metal to destroy
the real Sonic,

and then I'm going to destroy
the Land of the Sky.

What did you say?

There's no way you'll get
away with this!

Let Seira go, Eggman!

Tell me that after you've defeated him.

Go get him, Hyper Metal Sonic!

Tails, Knuckles, don't try to help me.

I want to take him out on my own!

Man, he's fast! This is the first time
I've ever seen Sonic like this!

Incredible! Absolutely incredible!

That is an invention worthy of being
called Dr. Eggman's greatest creation ever!

He's in trouble! Sonic!

Keep going, Metal Sonic!


Wait, Tails!


Hold up, Tails!

But if we don't hurry then Sonic...

Calm down, Tails!

There's no way that either one of
us can catch up with them.

We've got to think of another way!


That's right.

He did say something about destroying
the Land of the Sky, didn't he?

I'm sorry,
was that uncomfortable, Seira?

Come on, don't be mad.
Just stay with me a little bit longer.

No, I wanna go home now!

If you just wait a few more minutes,

I'll show you something
really spectacular.

Where did he go?

That's it!

Perfect! Perfect!

That damn bastard Sonic has finally been defeated!


Hey, Tails, what's wrong with you?

That's a warp zone right in front of us!

We're catching the tornado,
and we're going home!

Hey, hey, what about Sonic?

What a nice, peaceful night.

Sonic, you're back already?

Sonic, what's the matter?

Please stop it!

Where am I?


I remember leaving Eggmanland.

It can't be?! That bastard Metal!

Is this all part of Black
Eggman's plan, too?


The only one that would do
something like this is Eggman!

It's a lucky thing no one
was staying here.

That old man was watching
the house for us!

Old man! Old man!

It doesn't look like anyone touched
the inside of this place.

Old man, where are you?

Tails, is that you?

Are you back already?

Those are Sonic's favorite clothes!

Don't blame me if he gets mad at you!

Don't worry about it.

Sonic came back last night.

He forced me to put on these clothes
and then he just flew away.

He flew away?

It's Metal!

Metal is really wreaking havoc here.

At the rate he's going, the Land of the
Sky won't last more than a few hours.

Now I can take my plan
to the next stage.

Here you go, Seira.
This is a present for you.

Yahoo! You rock!

Tails, stop tinkering with that thing!

Let's hurry up and find Sonic!

Hold on a second.

This machine that Eggman gave
me and Metal Sonic

are built out of the same
kinds of parts.

I think I can use that.

Really? You might be able to
find Metal Sonic?

But what if Metal Sonic and Sonic aren't
in the same place any more?

Don't worry. Sonic and Metal
will definitely be together.

I don't get it. How come?

Well, all of Sonic's data was
input into Metal's memory.

His personality, his likes, his
dislikes, even all his thoughts.

That's why he knew to come here.

He even gave the old man
his favorite clothes.

I understand that,
but Metal's still a robot.

Even if he is a robot,

Metal is operating on Sonic's
thoughts and motivations.

He knows everything that Sonic's
ever seen or felt.

The same goes for Sonic.

In other words,
it's just like they're twins.

They're twins, huh?

Green Lake City has been flooded!

Forest Town is currently on fire!

We've discovered the source
of the disturbances.

We'll patch it through to the monitors.


It can't be!

Get Sonic's house
on the line immediately.

Yes, Sir.

Shut up already, I'm busy!

Isn't somebody going to pick that up?

Hey, Tails! Isn't anyone there?

Ahhh, not that bastard!
What the heck is he doing now?

Hey, it's me! Listen to me right now!

Shut up! Who are you?

Who are YOU?

I'm Knuckles, Sonic's best friend.

I see. Is Sonic there?

Is Seira safe?

What happened to Black Eggman?

Did you stop the generator?

You sure are an annoying old man.
I'm busy here!

Mr. President!

Look, Eggman, don't Seira look cute?

Yes, it suits you very well, Seira.

But why did you give me a wedding dress?

What do you mean?

Once Metal has destroyed the Land
of the Sky, it'll just be the two of us.

Then we can get married and live the
rest of our lives together, Seira!

Go to sleep, go to sleep,
close your eyes...

Are you crazy?

Who told you I wanted to
marry you anyway?

I won't do it! Never!

So that's what really happened.

But I still don't think it will enough
to destroy the Land of the Sky.

It's possible.

I've traveled all over the subterranean
levels of this planet,

and I've seen it.

At the northernmost tip
of this continent,

all the continents in the Land of the
Sky are linked by a huge glacier.

Many rivers of magma run beneath
the surface of the continents.

They're shaped like blood vessels
under the glacier.

If the tip of this glacier were ever
punctured by an explosion,

the magma would pour directly into
the glacier, melting all the ice.

What do you think will happen if the
continents lose all their support?

Due to the centrifugal force
of the planet,

they'll be thrown into outer space.

This is impossible!

Mr. President, please don't tell Sonic
a word about any of this!

I know that!

Why am I not supposed to be told
about this, Tails?

Sonic, you're safe!

It's too late. I heard all of it.

Sonic, you don't understand!
Let me explain!

Metal Sonic has turned northward
and is moving at top speed.

What did you say?

Metal is planning to melt
the glaciers to the north!

We must stop him at any cost!



Tails, Sonic just disappeared.

He must have gone after Metal.

He went north!

We'll have to do our best too.

We have to stop Metal no matter what!

He's headed to the North Pole.

That means Metal has finally found
the point of destruction.

Here we go, Seira!

No, no!

I don't want to get married
at the North Pole!

Why me? Hold on tight,
we're about to hit a warp zone.

No! I told you to stop! Stop!

All right!

Now we have to access Metal's memory
banks and adjust them.

Then maybe we can awaken Sonic's
personality in him!

Tails, are you sure we can
trust that thing?

After all, it used to be Eggman's.

Don't worry about it.

Just keep your eyes open for Sonic.

I know what to do!

Damn it, I'm too late.

Where is that bastard?
He's got to be around here somewhere!


Then this will be the real fight.

We'll fight until only one of us is
left standing, all right, Metal?

What? This world isn't big enough for
two Sonic's, you say?

Well, the feeling's mutual.

You might know everything I'm
going to do,

but I know everything you're
going to do too!

It's really a strange feeling!

Sonic, you're still alive?

Sonic, what's wrong with you?

You pervert!
Get away, you little piece of tin!

I get it, you synchronized
yourself with Metal.

This is my chance!



Oh no, my Seira!

That was close!



You're a perfect target for me now, damn fox!

Ready, aim...

Fire Eggman missiles!


Oh no, another design failure!

That's all right. More importantly,
what happened to Seira?

Oh man, I can't stop!

You saved Seira! Thank you, Mr. Mole!

Somebody stop me please!

Seira have more power than she thought she did!

There you are Seira.
It's time for you to come with me now.

Look out!



Tails, I didn't think you'd
stoop that low.

Damn it! It's that bastard Metal!


Stop it, Metal!

If that ice bridge is destroyed,
then we're dead!

Knuckles, see what you can
do about the magma!


Come on, you're a real man, aren't you?


Here we go!

You're totally cool, Mr. Mole!
Good job, Knuckles! You stopped it!

My hat's on fire! Hot! Hot!


What the heck do you think you're doing?

Why is this stupid thing that looks like
Sonic causing so much trouble?

Oh, that's right!

I hope this works!

No! If you destroy the Land of the Sky,
then Seira have to marry Eggman!

Take that! And that! And that!


Got it!

Now, Sonic!


Good work, Tails! You saved us!

Who is that!?

It doesn't look like Eggman.

That's papa's rocket!

What did you say!?

What? Is the door stuck?

We're in trouble! The heat from the
lava could cause it to explode!

Seira, you wait here.

Come on, let's go!


Of all the pointless stunts...

I know.

If that thing explodes right there,
we'll all be in trouble.


Get out of my way, Metal!

Damn it!


I'll take care of Eggman, and you get
the President out of there!


Trying to overload him by making him
assimilate Sonic's personality?

Impressive, Tails.

But you're too late.

Metal, hurry and destroy Sonic!

Hurry! Hurry!

I know! Shut up already!



Mr. President!

Old man!


Sonic, are you all right?


Don't do it, Sonic! What are you doing?


Grab onto my hand!

Don't do it, Sonic!
He'll drag you under with him!

There is only one Sonic...


Don't do it, Sonic!


Come on, don't look so sad, Sonic.
It's not like you at all.

She's right! It was thanks to you
that the planet was saved!


You damn fools!
I still have all of Sonic's data!

Next time, I'll build a stronger Metal
that won't have Sonic's personality.

And then I, Dr. Eggman, will finally take
over the entire planet!

It must be humbling to be in the
presence of one so great as Eggman!

What are you doing? Stop!

It's finally over.
Thank goodness everything's all right!

Almost, but not quite.

Why the heck did you do that!?

So now we're finally even, Sonic.

What do you mean?

Wait, Knuckles!

Hey, Sonic, wait up!

Why the hell did you hit me!?

I was getting you back for
stepping on my head!

I don't remember doing that!

You did!

I don't remember!

Damn it!
You're not going to get away from me, damn Sonic!

I'll get your data again!

What? What?

What the heck are you doing, Eggman?
Hurry up and catch Sonic!

Of course I will! Hang on!

Wait, come back! Marry me! Sonic!
Sonic, I'll get your data again!

I'm outta here!
I'll see you later, Knuckles!

Hey, wait up, Sonic!