Somewhere Under the Broad Sky (1954) - full transcript

A family in the city of Tokyo running a liquor store overcome their impotence and dysfunction as they induce an understanding through each other of how to deal with their individual problems.



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Good morning, Mrs. Morita.

Good morning.

I'd like to buy some miso.


Your family goes through
a lot of miso, don't they?

My son loves miso soup.

But his wife is very dense.

She only notices we're out of miso
once the water is boiling.

What a pain in the neck.

It's not just her.
All young people are like that.

That reminds me. You have
a new young daughter-in-law.

It's been three months already.

She's finally getting used to the store,
but she's got a long way to go.

But you're lucky that
your son is a fine man.

I gave birth to my son,
but it's difficult now that he's married.

Thank you for your compliments.
He is good to me.

I raised him and it was worth it.

I'm too embarrassed to tell others
about my own son.

Five years after
she came into our family,

she gives me a look wishing me dead.

I'm sure she doesn't.

My son isn't any better.
He's always saying I'm old-fashioned.

Oh a my'

They'd better suffer
when they have their own kids.

Then they'll say, "Help us, Mother,"
and I won't take care of them.

Listen, Mrs. Morita, it's not good
when they marry for love.

The girl ends up with an attitude.
I can't tame her.

That can't be true.

They march into
their husbands' families

as if everything belonged to them.

All young girls do nowadays.

Do they?


What's taking you so long?
He'll be late for work.

Oh, yeah?

Put it on our tab.
See you later.

Thank you for your business.

- Come on, hurry.
- Don't worry, I'm bringing it.

We don't want to overcook the radish.

It's your fault.
You overslept.

I'm going out.
Let me eat first.

What's in the miso soup?

What could it be?
Tofu, as it turns out.

Good grief. My wife doesn't know
until she looks inside the pot.

Because I don't make it.

- Because you sleep late.
- You're so mean.

Hiroko, roast some
nori seaweed for him.


Mom, breakfast is ready.


Do it a little more briskly,
or it'll lose its flavor.

Let me do it.
Give me some rice.

Mom, did the Kawaharas
pay their bill from the other day?

I don't know.
They didn't give me anything.

That's strange.

Oops, I forgot.
I put it in the drawer.

Hiroko is so careless.

I'm sorry. It was while your mom
was out at the bathhouse.

- Be careful in the future.
- I will.

We must be exact with money.

We merchants don't make a lot.
We get by on our daily cash income.

You gotta stay sharp
or you'll lose track of who did what.

I'm sorry.

Thanks for the meal.

Making the rounds to take orders?
So early?

I wanna make the rounds first thing.
We got more competitors now.

- Excuse me.
- Coming.

Don't worry.
I got this.

Welcome to our store.

My brother is the most doting husband,
so dedicated to his wife.

I hear all men are like that these days.

Ryoichi is special.

Hiroko, get me some cigarettes.

Right away.

Excuse me.

They got married for love,
can we say?

Yes. That's why Hiroko
always wants to be spoiled.

Hiroko, get me two packs of salt.

And a pack of margarine.

That's for the Nakamuras.

And then...

What's wrong?

Is it what they said again?
- No.

Yasuko doesn't play her koto anymore.
Is it because of me?

Why do you say that
all of a sudden?

She stopped playing
when I married you.

Don't be silly. Are you worried
about such nonsense?

Be cheerful.

Come home soon.


I see we have a pair of lovebirds
watching the store.

A bottle of shochu for you?

Oh, no, am I that predictable?

But it's the usual.

Tonight at 8:00, okay?

Don't bring it over
before I come home.

I'll bring it exactly at 8:00.

Remember that, will you?

Yes. I'll put it on the blackboard.

I won 420 yen yesterday.

The bicycle races again?

I bet 2-4.
Kimura finished first, Sato second.

It was so great.

You don't like gambling, do you?

Is that why you can buy shochu?

You wrote it big, didn't you?


That'll do.

Ryoichi, I used to think
you were a prude.

Where did you find
such a beautiful wife?

I don't know.

Japan is a big country.

That's a way to dodge my question.

Please find someone for my son.

He's totally hopeless
in that department.

He can't even talk to girls.

Your son already has someone,
Mr. Imai. Right, Hiroko?

Yes, she's very cute.

He has someone?
That's news to me.

We should've kept quiet.

What a surprise. A secret to his father,
yet the talk of the neighborhood.

Look, there they go.

He's got a girl riding with him.

No wonder he doesn't
want to go out with me.

I hear she works
for the same company.

He's got a lot of nerve.
The bastard doesn't care I was worried.

Please remember us
for their wedding.

It feels strange.
My son's got a girlfriend.

Thank you for your business.

Mr. Imai was surprised.


I guess, in a way, parents
don't want their kids to grow up.

Listen, was your mom shocked
and at a loss for words, too?

She cried a little.
Then she got nervous and restless.

- And then...
- And then?

You're being silly. Don't ask.
You're here now, aren't you?

Hiroko is lucky.

Are you playing with roses again?

You're acting like a retiree.

Why don't you think about
marrying someone?

Not you, too.
Don't try to make me feel better.

I'm an old maid of 28 and I'm a gimp.
No one would want to marry me.

I wish I'd been killed.

If I'd been in the next bomb shelter,
I'd be dead.

Why do you always have to talk
like you're despondent?

There are more women alive
than men now.

A man can pick any girl he wants.


Don't bring up Tsutomu.

See you later.
Take care.

Mom, why did you marry
into this family?

There was no why.

Were in you love with Dad?

You felt sorry for Ryoichi
and married a widower, didn't you?

You were stupid, Mom.

Why do you care?

Your dad and I worked hard
and now we have a decent store.

What a waste.

Your husband died
when you were young.

You're left with a troubled daughter
and a sleepyhead of a son.

Ryoichi's married now.
He belongs to his wife alone.

He's not your son.

That's enough.

I'm fine the way it is.

Why do you have to get flustered now?

Would you watch the store?

- What about breakfast?
- I'll have it with Noboru.

- Would you wake Noboru up?
- Sure.

Ryoichi is having a hard time.

He has to support all of us
and pay taxes on top of that.

I get it.

I'm going out, too.

- Going to flower arrangement class?
- Yeah.

Flower arrangement is good, but why
don't you practice the koto more?

I don't like koto.

Selfish, aren't you?

It's crowded in the morning.
Why don't you go later?

I like it when it's crowded.
I don't stand out.

Noboru, wake up.

Wow, what a beautiful sky.

I love this room.
You have a great view of the sky.

Wow, that's blinding.

Don't you get hungry sleeping late?

Of course I don't.
I'm only sleeping.

I'd say, "I'm hungry."

I'd like to sleep in that late.

Why don't you stay in bed
for a change?

If I catch a cold or something.

Yeah. My brother will turn pale
and wait on you hand and foot.

Don't be mean. He's out on his scooter.
His ears must be ringing right now.

He's gone already?

He's a merchant.

I see. Then I'm up now.

A freeloader can't do as he pleases.

How commendable.

Red and blue

Like a bunch of balloons

My heart rises into the big sky

Far away, far away
Far away, far away

Carry my sweet dreams

Far away, far away
Far away far away

Tremble in the wind

Big Brother.

It's you.

What are you looking at
so absent-mindedly?

Did you think Hiroko
would come after you?


Hiroko was surprised, wasn't she?

What did you say to her?
You just stared at her, didn't you?

Aren't you pathetic.

Shut up.
Be quiet.

Don't you wish
you hadn't see her?

She's married now.
There's nothing you can do.

I didn't see her.

You didn't?

Let's go back to Shinshu together.


What good would that do?

You've come out here
to look for work, too.

There's no work in our hometown.

Want one?

Mom's worried about you.

Why send her
a photo of you smoking?

But that's the real me.
What can I do?

You've changed, too, haven't you?

I send her 5,000 yen a month.

How can I stay
a nice, ordinary girl?

Winners win, losers lose.
I can help you win.

Got the latest tip in my hand.
Don't listen to rumors.

Young man, impressed?
What're you doing, sir?

Don't pray to the gods in heaven.
Care for one, young lady?

Here's my tip for the next race.

Who's gonna win next?
Bet with the latest tip.

If only I'd hit the jackpot with 5-1.

I'd be holding a girl in my arms
and drinking hot sake now.

Damn it.

Say it over and over.
Nothing will change.

Hey, give us two more cups.

Sure. Thank you, sir.

To the brim.

Look, Iwasaki's riding tomorrow again.
I'm not going. No, I won't.

Keep the change.
Give me some miso instead.


Damn it.

I'm gonna hit the jackpot
and win a lot tomorrow.

Here you go.

Smells good.
Curry and rice, isn't it?

Yes. Do you know
if Yasuko uses the sauce?

I don't know.
I can go ask.

Don't. She's sleeping.

Gone to bed, already?
What's wrong with her?

She said she wasn't feeling good.
She looked pale.

Don't bother her, Noboru.
Help me pack the empty bottles.

Can I do it after dinner?
I'm starving.

You lazy...

Isn't one of your friends
working part time?

Yeah, Mitsui is.

Mitsui, huh?

He doesn't bet on bicycle races,
does he?

Of course not.

I heard someone killed himself
at the velodrome. He took poison.

How scary.

I heard he was a student
who worked part time.

He pocketed the money
he collected from the customers.

Part time work can be hazardous.

That's not true.

Do they have to go to school
when they need to work? I don't get it.

What you don't get is
you can't go to school unless you work.

That may be so,
but you'd better think about it.

About what?

How lucky you are
to be fed three meals a day.

You're a born realist.
I can't argue with you.

Did I dice the potatoes too big?

They look about right.

Does Yasuko cut them smaller?

We'll be too busy eating to notice.

It's fine.
Don't worry about it.

I'd feel bad if it's not
what you're used to.

That's silly.

It just won't do.

That's what's silly about women.

You don't get it, Noboru.
We women have our own troubles.

Come on, if you don't feel good,
why don't you take some medicine?

You've left everything in a mess
and gone to bed. What happened?

Didn't I tell you not to go out
when the trains were crowded?

- Dinner.
- Yeah?

What's wrong with her?

I have no idea.

She just needs to sleep it off.

She's not like you.


What is it?

I saw Tsutomu today.

You saw Tsutomu? Where?

He was with a young woman.

They seemed happy.

I used to have a photo of Tsutomu.
I burnt it earlier.

You did the right thing.

It's been six years. Why did you keep
a photo of that bastard?

How could you stand it?


He should've been killed in battle,
don't you think?

Dinner's ready.

Sure. I'm coming.

It's sad to be a woman.

If Tsutomu had come home crippled,
you'd have married him anyway.

Is she still sleeping?

Yeah, still sleeping.

Mom, can you come up with
1,000 yen?

I don't have that much to spare.

Can you ask my brother?

Doesn't he give you
a monthly allowance?

Yasuko and you only spend money.
I feel so bad for him.

Ryoichi is too scrupulous.

It's tough enough that he has to
pay taxes in this time of deflation.

Do you know how much he makes
on a large bottle of soy sauce?

- I don't know.
- 16 yen.

16 yen?

You must be careful with money.


She heard us.

What is it?

I'll give you a loan.

Great. Now I can buy books.

Are you sure, Sis?

I don't have it yet.

Oh, boy.

Sell my koto.

You never know
what she'll come up with.

It's all right.
I'm never going to play it again.

I wouldn't forgive you
if you did that.


Something happen?

It's all because you keep pestering me,
"1,000 yen, 1,000 yen."

Are you going to wash
all that much?

I can't take it easy
no matter how old I get.

Why don't you ask Hiroko to do it?

She pretends not to care.
I hate to ask her.

Maybe she doesn't notice.

When I was young,

new wives made an effort to do chores
before their mothers-in-law.

it's the other way around.

Women would be miserable
if it hadn't changed since those days.

It's all right, so long as
she gets along with Ryoichi.

Say, if you get out of school early today,
would you stop by the temple?

Yeah, sure.

Bicycle races, huh.

Listen, give this to the temple.
It's got 500 yen inside.

You're giving them 500 yen?

It's for the Equinox Service we missed,
and the maintenance fee.

Aren't you going to the temple, Mom?

Yasuko is still in bed
and I'm worried.

- I'm off then.
- I'm counting on you.

- Yasuko didn't eat breakfast, did she?
- No.

- I'm off then.
- Have fun.

What's wrong with Yasuko?

She may not look it,
but she has her own problems.

But brooding gets her nowhere.

Women aren't like men.
We get scared when we're alone.

Can't you think of someone good
for her, even if he may be older?

Don't force her into a marriage.

Noboru and I can take care
of our only sister.

I'm not worried about that.

A woman taken care of by her brothers
for life is an unhappy woman.

Ryoichi, come here for a second?

Hello, welcome.

- 30 ounces of standard-grade sake.
- Thank you for shopping with us.

What a waste.

You're terrible.

Thank you for waiting.

- How much is it?
- 260 yen.

Forget about it. I'll do it.

- Thank you for shopping with us.
- Thank you.

Where's the towel?

Always put it where it belongs.

- 30 yen, right?
- Yes.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

- Thanks.
- Thank you very much.

This is embarrassing.
I made a big spill.

Clean it up right away.

You spill so much,
we can't make money.

I'm glad your mom didn't see it.

Watch it. She might hear you.

Don't worry.
She's doing laundry in the back.

You're a bad daughter-in-law.

But I'm afraid of her.

I don't want you
to keep saying that.

You both try to keep away from
each other. You put me in a spot.

I'm sorry.
I guess I feel criticized easily.

Don't just try to blend into the family.

Try to infuse this family
with your own color.

Corn snow for the Omachi family?
- Yeah, one pound.

It's just a family.

It's all up to the family members.

You don't need to worry.

Mom has her way of life.
You, Hiroko, have your own way of life.

I know that, but...

Mom has had a hard life.

Yasuko is a good girl at heart
Be kind to her.

I know.

Noboru is a good person, too.

Yeah. He might turn out to be
more reliable than I am.

You're trying to scare me.


It's nice to visit a cemetery
once in a while.

Walking amongst the dead
calms me down.

The world is a little too noisy.

- How's your new boarding house?
- Why don't you come see it?

It's quite festive.
Noisy, like a zoo.

I don't care for zoos.

I'm surprised they let you
have a room.

I'm a student and a tutor.

And a manservant.

Such a lodger puts on a good show.
I'm worth less than a monkey.

Doesn't sound too easy.

A student with a part time job
killed himself at the Velodrome.

I spent the night thinking.

Like they crack down on drug addicts,
they should punish gambling addicts.

And the race organizers, too.

The bureaucrats
can get away with anything.

"We build schools
with the gambling revenue."

"We fix the roads."
They get to be proud.

They should see how people
lose their way and their lives.

They think losers should just die.

After all,
we've got a large population.

Look, there are so many houses.

It scares me to think there are
people living in each one of them.

If I were you, I'd look up at the sky.

Sometimes I think about it.
I go up on the rooftop.

I look over the town.

Then I think.

Somewhere beneath this sky

there's one person
who'll one day love me

and share in my hardships

and still tell me
she's happy to be with me.

Do you laugh at me?


When I think about that,
I'm motivated to try hard.

One day when I meet her,
I don't want to be ashamed of myself.

I want to be pure,
responsible for myself.

Quite the poet, aren't you?

"Somewhere beneath the wide sky"

There is someone to love me

"Even a small room with no sunlight
Will be heaven with her"

Are you making fun of me?


I think we can afford to have
one happy guy like you.

Thank you very much
for everything.

I'll talk it over with my son and Yasuko
and visit you with our reply.

My husband says the man
is a perfect match for Yasuko.

I wasn't sure about visiting you so late,
but I figured, the sooner, the better.

Yes, doesn't matter
if it's day or night.

Mrs. Nakamura, I can only
give you one, but please accept this.

You mustn't.
You're always too generous.

Please give my best regards
to your husband.

He can't wait to sing the song
"Takasago Bay" at any wedding.

- Good night.
- Thank you.

Good evening.

Welcome, sir.

Excuse me.
Is Hiroko home?

Yes, she is.

- Noboru?
- What?

Get your sister-in-law.
She's got a visitor.


Please come in.

Well, I'll wait out here.

One, two, three, four.

One -
The other foot, the other foot.

One, two, three, four.

- Ouch.
- I'm sorry.


Can I open the door?

What is it?
Come on in.

Wow. Great.
You've been dancing?

I've been instructing him,
but he's a terrible student.

How can I remember
after just two or three lessons?

You can dance, huh?

I learned to dance
when I was working.

I've kept it a secret until now.

I didn't want your mom
to think I was a delinquent.

Mom's obstinate in that regard.

I can dance, too.
It's a secret, though.


Then the two of you should show me.
I'll play the record.

But I can't dance
anything complicated.

Come on, dance with him.

You're good.

Noboru, where is Hiroko?

- Oops. You got a visitor.
- I do?

Are you stupid?
Why didn't you say so sooner?

I wonder who it is.

I hope it's a man.
It's a moonlit night.

Yeah, it's along autumn evening.
Go enjoy a fling.

You're so mean.

It must be Tokiko.
Can I invite her up?

Of course.
I'll have things cleaned up.

We've got rice crackers, Noboru.
Have some.

- In the usual place?
- Yes.

Want some, Ryoichi?

How do you know our room so well?

I enjoy your snacks all the time.

I give Hiroko spending money
and she buys snacks. She's like a kid.


Was it wrong of me to come here?

Hiroko, why don't you
invite him in?

I Will.

I've missed you.
I wanted to see you.

Where's Hiroko?

Why doesn't she ask him
to have a seat?

I don't see her.

Hiroko just left.

Where to?

Who knows.

It's all cleaned up upstairs.

She was with a man.

Oh? Didn't you know, Ryoichi?

Why didn't you invite him in?

It's so late. Is it all right?

It's a nice evening for a stroll.

How can you be so carefree?
She's not out walking with Ryoichi.

We're talking about Hiroko.
Don't worry about it.

You're right.

Say, Mrs. Nakamura
came over tonight.

It's about a marriage proposal
for Yasuko.

I've had enough proposals
from Mrs. Nakamura.

This time, the man is still 35.
He's a snack wholesaler.

Doesn't he sound good, Ryoichi?

Well, it depends on how Yasuko feels
when it comes to this.

Why don't you meet him once?

And his children?

He has none.

It's good he doesn't have kids.
It's much less work.

Right, Mom?

I married your father
because I loved his kid.

You mean you loved Ryoichi.

Was he such a good boy?

Of course I was.

How he has changed!

How dare you!

Didn't you love Dad?

Back in my day, women married first,
then fell in love with their husbands.

Maybe I can meet him.

Why don't you?

The only thing is, he had three
fingers blown off in the war.

But I hear it's not like
he's disabled because of it.

I don't like it.
I don't like this proposal.

Why not? I hear his wounds
don't even stand out.

I don't care.
Mom, turn it down right away.



She grows more stubborn every day,
doesn't she?

Say "no thank you" to Mrs. Nakamura
as soon as tomorrow.

But, with her leg,
she can't pick and choose...

Don't you start that, Mom.
Don't join the others to torment Yasuko.

He's only missing a few fingers.
She doesn't need to get upset.

She's being selfish.

Sis wouldn't want that.

That Nakamura woman

wants to put together people
with physical challenges.

Well, Yasuko has no hard feelings
about the man himself.

She just can't stand
being offered such proposals.

I'm going to take a look.

You wouldn't want to miss each other.
She'll be back soon.

Hiroko, is that you?

It's me.

It's Saturday evening.
Please join me every week.

We're traveling around the world
in search of musical masterpieces.

Tonight, we'll be listening
to overtures from famous operas.

The first piece is Die Fledermaus
by Johann Strauss II.

I came here about two weeks ago.
I quit the village office.

Why did you?

"I quit" sounds better.

The fact is, I was fired.
It was a restructuring.

I came here because
I wanted to work in Tokyo.

But there aren't many jobs available.

Maybe because
I'm a country bumpkin.

People look at me differently in Tokyo.

Maybe I'll have to go home.

When I thought like that,
I wanted to see you, Hiroko.

Really, it's been a while.

I wanted to see the family
you married into.

Were you surprised?

Yes, when I heard you got married.

Two packs of Shinsei
cigarettes, please.

Thank you.

How has Fusako been?

She's changed a lot.
Let's say she's a waitress at a cafe.

Give her my regards.

You know,
I left the store unattended.

Remember when you left for Tokyo?

I reached out to you at the station.

You hid your hand and went away.

Your dad shook my hand instead.

He said, "Thank you."

Somehow I felt I had to squeeze
your hand one last time.

Otherwise something'd happen
that couldn't be undone.

I was still a child back then.

It's all right now.

We'd been friends since we were kids.

That's all.

I'm back. Sorry I was out.


I'm sleepy.

You're an idiot, Hiroko.

Don't come home and say,
"I'm sleepy."

But I am sleepy.

I want to fall asleep like this.

I'm so glad.

That you're here.
That we have this room.

Hello, welcome.

Excuse me, but if you have some jams,
can you deliver them to my house?

We sure will. Is that all?

Yeah. Listen, Ryoichi,
she's visiting our home.

Who is?

My son's girlfriend.
I'm trying not to bother them.

Isn't that an excuse
for going to the bicycle races?

Don't tell anyone.

Thank you for your business.

Mr. Morita, you got mail.

Thank you.

Mom, we got a letter from Shun Don.

Shun Don?
From deep in the mountains?

Of course, who else?

So he's still alive.

Come on, read it.

Welcome, Madam.

Which one would you care for?

This one, please.

That'll be 80 yen.

Here's your change.
Thank you.

What does it say?

It says he was a prisoner. Look.

He damaged his health
and spent two years in bed.

I wish he'd let us know sooner.

He had no idea
if this house was still standing.

Just think of the war we've had.

Worse, he must've felt...
Poor thing.

He writes about Yasuko
more than anything.

Yasuko. Yasuko!

He never said so, out of respect,
but he liked her.

What is it?

Read it.
It's from a fan of yours.

Oh, my. It's from
Shun Don the Sun Tanned.

He must be 34 now.

Then maybe he has a few kids.

He's still single.

When Yasuko got engaged,
he quit our shop.

As soon as he got back home,
he was drafted.

Shun Don was kind.

What's going on?

Everybody's in the shop
and making noise.

It's noisy now that you're here.

What a mean thing to say.

Going somewhere?

I'm going to see Mitsui
in yet another new boarding house.

That student living in poverty?

I'm living in poverty, too.

You know what, Mom?


Canned salmon?

What about canned salmon?

You spoil everything, Mom.

I want to take it and some bread
to eat with Mitsui.

Can I give him one?

Sure, why not?

Wait, why don't you take
some corned beef?

The top can has a dent.

I see. This one?

Can I really?
Corned beef is more expensive.

I'm giving you a premium item.

If you find another dented one,
set it aside for me, will you?

There can't be that many.

He doesn't have a care in the world.

There's a shortage of jobs out there.

What's he gonna do
when he graduates?

He looks confident.
We can leave him alone.

It's delicious.

I didn't mean to eat it out here.

When I stepped into that house,
I lost my appetite.

Any place is better than that house.

Smell the wind.
It smells of flowers.

- Let's buy peas and feed the pigeons.
- Sure.


You've lost weight
suddenly recently.

Here, here, here.

Listen, are you ill somehow?

Pretend not to notice.
That's what I'm doing.

Here, here, here.

Idiot! You're being absurd.

Come on. You've got to
tackle an illness at its onset.

Have an X-ray taken.

I did, and quit my pan-time job
at the factory.

Why don't you take time off
from school and go home?

If I go back to my hometown,
I won't be coming back again.

It's not an easy illness to heal.

In a world like this, I can only
be passionate about my academics.

I know how you feel.

Since childhood, I've dreamed
of graduating from college.

My dad wasted his life
in the countryside

just because he wasn't
a college graduate.

People took advantage of him.

The patent to his invention
was stolen by others.

Nothing's changed in the world now.

They calculate your worth
by the number of job titles you've got.

I don't want to repeat
my dad's mistakes.

You mean, you want a degree
and nothing else?

You can't do anything
without a degree.

Only if you make full use of your talent,
are you deserving of your life.

I'm studying electrical engineering
because I like it.

But I also want to use my studies
to create something eye-popping.

You can study in your hometown.
You don't have to rush.

It doesn't work that way.

Because I'm in this jungle of Tokyo,
I'm motivated, "Damn it!" to fight.

Each person has his way to live.

But I think everything begins
with taking care of yourself.

That's because you have
a happy family.

You're not living
all on your own, either.

Be nice to others
and they'll trip you nowadays.

Enough with your romanticism.

I'm fine the way I am.

Not me.

I'm suffering. I'm working hard.

Students like me
will one day build the world.

Until that day, I can't agree
with what you said before.

"Somewhere beneath the wide sky"
I won't find any happiness.


Dad's calling for you, Mitsui.

"Where is he?" he said.
Come home soon.

Gotta go, then.

You know, come visit me some day.

Let's read books on the rooftop.
Forget all about those horrid things.

Sure. See you.

Take care of yourself.



- That was delicious.
- Thank you.

Don't write anything about me.

But all he wrote about was you.

Isn't Shun Don whimsical?

I have coffee for you.

Thank you.

Yasuko, you bought some
okoshi rice candies.

Bring them out.

Coffee and okoshi?

It's fine.
Your brother loves them.


For the three of you,
rationed out from the back.

Yes. Thank you very much.


Shun Don is the type
to take things to heart

Is he?

When was it?

He bought a huge ornamental
battledore with a raised cloth picture.

He did, didn't he?

Good grief, you're so young
and already forgetting things.

You'll make Shun Don cry.

He saved up from his salary
for three years to buy it.

What a silly thing to do.

You saw it at the department store
and wanted it.

I didn't buy it for you.
Shun Don worked hard for it.

By the time Shun Don got it for me,
I didn't want it anymore.

Now I feel sorry for him.

We used to put it in the store
to celebrate every New Year's.

It was a magnificent battledore.

Mom, would you just write,
"Yasuko is still living with us"?

Yeah, and nothing more.

These are delicious.

You got one can out here.
They got one in the back.

Two separate cans of snacks.
What a strange family.

This kind of indulgence is a necessity.

If we had to get together
to have snacks, it'd be inconvenient.

So true.

But it's also fun for all of us
to get together for tea.

I sometimes miss your mom
when I don't see her.

I like this arrangement.
I'm a guest wherever I go.

I want to eat a shortcake.

- A big one?
- Yes. This big.

Then I'll splurge and buy one.

It must be expensive.

It'll feel nice to cut it into slices.

What rubbish.

What's wrong?

My friend Mitsui has never even had
ramen noodles.

Noboru, you say outlandish things.

You probably can't begin to imagine.

He only eats twice a day.

He tutors three days a week.

Four days a week,
runs around doing odd jobs.

It's a wonder
he hasn't flunked out.

Poverty is, mind you,
way more than that.

You may be right, but...

My friend works all day long
and only gets lunch and 100 yen.

100 yen?
That's really rough.

Mitsui should come visit us sometime.

No, he won't.

He wouldn't visit a family
he knows would feed him.

You can't rely on others for survival
in this world. What can we do?

"What can we do"
won't get you anywhere.

I'm just saying
don't be too sentimental.

- Are you saying I'm sentimental?
- Yeah.

It's good you feel for him, but don't
confuse the natural order of things.

What do you mean?

Well, look at yourself or me,
Mom, Yasuko or Hiroko.

If you think about it,
we're all like your friend Mitsui.

Probably tens of thousands of people
are just like Mitsui.

You just don't get it.

You inherited a house from Dad.
You don't get it.

The tax burden is nothing.
- Idiot! What do you know?

Enough is enough.
I don't want you to fight.

Sister-in-law, please do the laundry
instead of Mom once in a while.

There's so much to wash.


Noboru has to tell you that?
How humiliating.

I know.

But your mom says,
"Don't worry, Yasuko will do it."

She has Yasuko do everything.

Mom has Yasuko do chores
for a different reason.

You know that, too, Hiroko.

Good grief.
Such is family life in a house.

Everybody has to be quite smart,
or we can't all get along.

Miss Morita!

Yasuko, aren't you?

How long has it been?

Look at me.
I'm a day laborer.

I was just boiling water
to make lunch when I saw you.

Those are all my co-workers today.

Wow, must be a lot of work.

What about your husband?

He was drafted and that's it.

I managed to repatriate with the kids,
but I don't know what happened to him.

I see. You suffered a lot.

What about you?
Tell me you married that man.

I'm an old maid now,
because an air raid left me a gimp.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know.


Heave ho!

Is the water boiling?
- Yep! It's boiling.

See? I'm a pro.
This is how to make 300 yen.

You've changed a lot.

A human being
can adapt to anything.

My family owns the liquor store
over there. Come visit us.


I just don't have much free time.

When it rains,
I have a side job at home.

Someday something good
will come my way.

Let's hope your husband
will come back soon.

I tell my kids he'll be back.

When he's back, I'll tell him,
"I did this," and "I did that."

He'll have to praise me.

Good idea.
You gotta surprise your husband.

That's my older brother.

Yeah? Isn't he stylish.

Is that his wife behind him?


That's nice.

I'd love to enjoy times like that again.

- Where are we going?
- Someplace nice.

I'm a little embarrassed.

- You wanna walk?
- No!

Here we are.

So, what are we doing?

Look at this, Hiroko.

How would you look
in this sweater?

You mean, for me?

That's nice.

But it must be expensive.
It's in the window.

Let's splurge and buy it.
I got 3,000 yen.

Let's not spend the money.

Welcome, sir.

Hiroko, come on.
It's 2,500 yen.

For the first time since we got married,
I bought something for you.

Thank you.
I can't wait to try it on.

I'd like to take you on a trip
to Shinshu next year.

You miss your dad, don't you?
You can wear it then.

I can't buy you too many things.

I got a gift.
I feel bad for the others.

I can't please them all at once.

Buy something
for your mom next time.

Yeah, I have an idea.

- Hiroko.
- Come in.

So? How do I look?


Ryoichi bought it for me today.

What's wrong?

Didn't my brother say something?


He hasn't talked to me
since the other night.

Don't worry about it.

He won't stay angry forever.


It was my fault.
I wanted something extravagant.

- Hiroko?
- Coming.

Apologize to him for me.

Don't worry.

I've got a business association meeting.
Watch the store.

Sure, don't worry.

You say that,
but don't spill the sake this time.

Listen, you're not angry
about the other night, are you?

What other night?

Noboru is really worried.

Yeah? Did he say something?

He's feeling down,
because you don't talk to him.

Oh, well, isn't he a handful.

- Noboru!
- Yes?

Watch the store with Hiroko.

Sure, count on me.

Go on.

I don't know if
I can count on him.

Hello? Thank you for your business.
Yes, this is Morita Liquor Store.

Yes, we got your order.
Thank you very much.

What is it?

We got a new customer.


The mansion next to the Kondos.

Are they switching stores?

Yeah. It seems the delivery boy
kicked their dog.

"You're nice enough to let your wife ride
on your scooter, so you'll be fine."

Something good came out of it.

I'll let you ride my scooter again.

I'm off then.
- See you.

2.5 lbs. sugar and a bottle of
soy sauce. Put it on the blackboard.

Sure. See you later.

Oops. I forgot to ask the name.

What a hasty man he is.



You surprised me.

I peeked in and saw you,
so I sneaked in.

Are you going home?

Yeah. I'm taking the night train.

You still have time, don't you?


I wanted to see you.

I looked for work in earnest
after I saw you, but...

I guess I have to go home.

Will you come in?

- Can't you go out?
- He's out at an association meeting.

I see.

I can't come up
when your husband is out.

Don't worry about it.

I told him about you the other day.

He asked me
why I hadn't invited you.

Please come in.

Hello, Morita Liquor Store.
Thank you for your business.

Yes. Yes.
Thank you for your business.

You've become a real natural.

Now I really am the wife
of a liquor store owner.

Shinkichi, would you care for
some cold sake?

But is it okay for you to...

I'm the wife here.
Go ahead.


Have another cup.

It's the only treat I can offer
to an old friend from Shinshu.

Thank you.

I'm glad I stopped by.

Now I can go home
with a happy heart

Please tell my dad,
"Hiroko looked genuinely happy."

Tell him, "She poured sake out of
a large barrel and treated me to it."

I'll tell him.
I promise I will.

Mom, that man from the other night,
he's back again.

What's Hiroko doing?

Chatting with him in the store.

I don't like that.

But it's better
if she's staying home.

He visits her when Ryoichi is out.
It's weird.

Hiroko treated him
to some sake in the store.

What's the story with this man?
She said he was from her hometown.

Noboru, this is a friend of mine
from Shinshu, Mr. Endo.

He's returning home tonight.

This is my husband's brother.

I hope I'm not imposing.

Stay as long as you like.


Here you go.

Thank you.

Snacks from your room.

Thank you. I'm going to
introduce him to your mom later.

Mom, Hiroko has a friend visiting her.

Does she?

Aren't we ordering something?

Shall we have sushi delivered?
He's from Shinshu.

- Who knows what's going on.
- What do you mean?

There are many
different kinds of friends.

She's married and yet
a man comes to visit her.

Somethings not right.
Right, Mom?

Damn. You're so old-fashioned.

Who cares?
Even if he's an old boyfriend.

It's not right.

She's married to our brother now.

They married for love, on top of that.

She's filthy.
And that man lacks common decency.

Don't say that.
Shame on you.

You're jealous.

What am I jealous of? Tell me.

Ever since she married our brother,

Hiroko hasn't even once
gone out to have fun.

I've never gone out
just because I felt like it either.

You choose not to,
by your own free will.

You'll never know how I feel.

But I know how Hiroko feels.

Every day she's nervous,
always sensitive to everybody's moods.

She's doing her best
to fit into this family.

I feel sorry for her.

We've gotta stay on guard with the wife.
Married women attract men these days.

Don't say that just because
you can't get married yourself.

What are you saying, Noboru?

It's fine.

I'm a nuisance to you,
Noboru. I get it.

You're horrible. I get it.

Let's go, Shinkichi.
Let's go outside.

What's wrong?

I want to go for a walk.
I want to keep walking.

Are you owing?

Did something happen?

Maybe I'm not happy, after all.

What's gotten into you,
all of a sudden?

You haven't changed a bit.

Just like the time you fell at the festival
and soiled your kimono.

But they're so mean.

Don't cry.
You've got your husband.

I just don't know anymore.

He loves everybody.

Each of them is a good person.

But when I'm with the family,
I don't feel so confident.

If you can't feel confident at all,
get a fresh start and divorce him.

No, I don't want that.

You're so mean, Shinkichi.

Is anybody here?

Welcome, Madam.

I've been calling and calling
but nobody's coming.

It's a wonder no thieves come in.
- I'm sorry.

- This sauce, please.
- 45 yen, please.

- I should've taken it without paying.
- Please have a five-yen discount.

Really? Thanks.

Thank you very much.



Why isn't anyone in the store?

What? What about Hiroko?

She isn't there.

She must've gone out again.


The man from the other day was here.

She was talking with him
in the store, but...

She must've overheard us.

Of course she didn't.

He was going back to Shinshu tonight.
She must be seeing him off.

She was going
to introduce him to you, Mom.

But you both grumbled about her.

You grumbled, Noboru.
You got nothing to complain about.

I'm not saying anything.

I only said we'd better welcome
the friend of our sister-in-law.

Hiroko treated him
to some sake from the store.

What else could she have done?

Who'd want to send off a friend
with some sake in a glass in the store?

She should've invited him in.

You made sure
she couldn't invite him in.

Couldn't you be sensitive enough
to let him think she was happy here?

Don't get mad.
It won't get you anywhere.

I don't understand women these days.

Noboru, watch the store.

Where are you going?

Mom, I'm going to look for Hiroko.

She may not be perfect,
but she's my wife.

I've gotta make it right.

Come on, it's getting late.
You'd better go home.

I don't want to go back yet.

You're easily galled,
Hiroko, aren't you?

I was just wondering about
breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When will I be able
to prepare a meal all by myself?

Soon, I'm sure.

You know how water
seeps into the soil, right?

Just like that, little by little,
you'll become indispensable.

Give it 10 more years.
When you're not at home,

they won't even know
where to look to find a new towel.

A new towel?

Yeah. All those small things
will one day fall into your hands.

Isn't that your husband?


Come on, let's go.

Well, I knew you'd be here.

This is the friend
I told you about, Shinkichi.

Nice to meet you.

I had some sake while you were out.

I'm sorry. If I'd been home,
I'd have asked you in.

Hiroko, I brought
a bottle of whiskey for your dad.

May I ask Shinkichi
to take it to him?

Sure. I'll take it to him.

Thank you.

Sorry to add to your luggage,
but you'll make my dad happy.

Then, please.

Will this do?

This bottle is for her dad.

And I'm sorry it's the same sake,
but please take one as a souvenir.

I can't take it.
You're too generous.

Please accept it.

Ryoichi went to the trouble
of bringing it here.

It's from our store.
Please take it.

Well then, thank you.

Take care of yourself.

Thank you. I'm off then.

I got it.

Thank you. So long.

Hiroko, I'm going to tell your dad
he has no need to worry about you.

Yes, please.
Tell him I'm very happy.

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.

- So he's gone.
- Yes.

Come on.


You didn't want to go back
to Shinshu with him, did you?


I'm glad to hear that.

Don't go anywhere.

Mom and Yasuko may say things,
but I'm here for you.


The two of us get along fine,
but things get complicated with a family.

In the end, though,
it's about the two of us.

If you can't stay with my family,
I can't, either.

Let's move out together.

You're acting funny.

Come on,
can we forget about today?


I'm going to be more careful
and be a better wife to you.


Shall we stroll around
until your tears stop?

Let's go straight home.

I'm not crying anymore.

Winding up for the 4th pitch.
Here comes the ball -.

It's a hit!
To the right of the center fielder.

He fails to catch the ball.

The runner comes around third base.
He finally scores a run.

The runner jumps up in joy.

Now the game is tied at 1-1.

The batter has reached third base.
What a great one-run triple.

He didn't disappoint expectations.
A triple brings the game to a tie.

To go head-on against
a slugger on a winning streak...

Yes, for four people.
Please put it all on a single plate.

Yes, it's a rush order.
Thank you.

We have a guest?

Yes, someone named Shun Don.

Shun Don?

Yasuko, Shun Don is here.
Hurry up.

Yasuko, what's wrong?
Hiroko, would you go get her?



Your mom wants you.

Just leave me alone.
I don't want to see him.

What happened?

She said she didn't want to see him.

What a pain she is.
Shun Don came all this way.


Please don't worry about me.
So long as Miss Yasuko is fine...

But, you know...

I thought Miss Yasuko would be
holding a baby boy by now, really.

I wish she was.

Mom, it's along overdue reunion.
Let's not grumble.

But Shun Don has come all this way
out of the goodness of his heart

Why did she have to run?

Just because she limps...

Hey! Sis!

I was wondering, "Who's that
sentimental girl with the flowers?"

Turns out it's my sister.

You meant to wave at some other girl.

I'm not that pushy.

- Why are you out here?
- Just because it's sunny.

That makes two of us.

Why don't you get on?
I'll take you across.

Is it safe?

Well, I can commit suicide with you.

Sunday in Paris

Arm in arm with you

On the banks of the Seine

We took a stroll

Far away, far away
Far away, far away

The ribbon you wore

Far away, far away
Far away, far away

Swayed in the wind

You seem happy.

It's a nice day.
I'd miss out if I didn't enjoy myself.

So true.

Noboru, you'll enjoy many
good things coming your way.

You see the Smokestack over there?

Look how it's billowing smoke.

Isn't it wonderful?

It looks powerful.

It is.

Somethings burning in its heart

It isn't good that you aren't trying
to warm up your heart.

You don't look lively.

But you know what?
I'm 28 years old, an old maid.

I feel like I don't belong
at home anymore.

You'd better get a job.

You make it sound so easy,
but it's not going to solve the problem.

But don't make marriage
your one and only goal.

Find work you can be
passionate about.

I was serious about both
koto playing and flower arrangement.

I even tried to be a typist.

But I'm not needed as a worker.

There are too many healthy people
with no physical disabilities.

When I saw that
I didn't want to do anything anymore.

I pretended to go
to flower arrangement classes,

but I was going to the bicycle races
and the baseball games.


You gamble on the bicycle races?

I gave that up, too.

I don't enjoy anything.

You're a little too
hung up on your leg.

What kind of dream
do you want me to have?

Why don't you make yourself happier
clay by clay, little by little?

I've changed, haven't I?

I've been so mean to Hiroko.

Hiroko understands how you feel.

I'm going home now.

You just got on the boat.

Shun Don is visiting us.

Really? And yet you're here?
You're so mean.

He's come all the way
from the mountains.

I didn't want him to see me.

I wanted at least one person
to remember me the way I was.

Let's go home.

Shun Don must've brought
rice dumplings from Hatta Temple,

sea bream rice lunch from Shizuoka,

and tea leaves and shiitake mushrooms
from his family farm.

He couldn't have brought that much.
What a glutton you are.

- We're back.
- Welcome home.

Thank you for waiting.
40 yen, please.

I'm back.
I heard Shun Don is here.

He's just left.

He's gone home?
What a strange, short visit.

Well, why don't you have some sushi?

He didn't want to stay long
and bother you.

At first, he said he was
going to stay a few days.

He did?

I did him wrong.

Don't worry.
You two are old and trusted friends.

Look, here are tea leaves and shiitake
mushrooms from his family farm.

Sea bream rice lunch from Shizuoka
and rice dumplings from Hatta Temple.

See? I was right.


She didn't think he'd bring that much.

Shun Don never fails to bring these.
She must've forgotten.

Shun Don said,
"Miss Yasuko would ask,"

'Where're the dumplings?
The sea bream rice?'

"I didn't want her to ask me."

He crossed the mountain at night
to Kita to get them.

That man flat-out favors Yasuko.

That reminds me, Ryoichi, listen.

Didn't Shun Don
say something funny?

- Yeah.
- What did he say?

We talked about Yasuko's leg.
You know what he said?

What did he say?

You know what?
He was nonchalant.

He didn't say “poor girl“
or “I'm sorry to hear that.“

"Even if she were
missing one leg or both,"

Yasuko would still be Yasuko.

"I can't imagine she'd stay unhappy
for a longtime," he said.

I felt so relieved to hear that.
It felt so good.

So true.
He's right on the money.

Mom, can I finish the sushi?

Leave some for her.

She's gonna cry,
and then she'll be hungry.

I gotta say,
the koto makes pretty music.

I'm glad Yasuko
feels like playing the koto.

I wish she was always like this.

She sounds more accomplished
than before.

Hello, Morita Liquor Store.

You want Yasuko?

Yes. Mrs. Takeuchi, right?
Please hold for a moment.

Mom, would you call Yasuko?

Yasuko, you've got a phone call.

Hello, this is Yasuko.

Hi, Natsuko.



We've only met a few days ago
and I know I'm being brazen.

But I've got no one else.

Please. I'm sorry.

I just don't know what to do.

Don't worry.
I promise to bring it somehow.

Sure. Stay with your boy, okay?


What's up?
She's got an emergency?

Yes. She needs money.

I need to bring her
5,000 yen right away.

5,000 yen?

What's going on?

Her son needs surgery
with acute appendicitis.

Mom, you know her.
It's Natsuko.

I heard her name all the time
when you were in school.

Are you sure
you're not being tricked?

5,000 yen is a lot of money
these days.

Would you loan me the money?

If you won't,
I'll sell my kimonos.

What are you saying?

What does she do?

Day labor.

What a mess.

Ryoichi, please give her the money.

I feel so bad for her.

It'd be nice if you did.

Nothing is scarier
than when your kid is sick.

Mom, there's 5,000 yen in here.

Tell her it's a get-well gift.

Are you sure?

Your brother came up with the money.
Hurry and go visit her.

What did he say?

"Give it to her as a get-well gift."

She won't be able
to pay it back, will she?

Thank you.

- Thank your brother.
- Yes.

Ryoichi, what're you doing?

Well, I'm giving her a lift.

We'd better hurry, right?

Thank you, Ryoichi.

- Be careful.
- I'll be fine.

Hiroko, about the 5,000 yen
from last night...

That's not nice. You have to talk about
5,000 yen on the drying station?

The thing is, I came up with that money
separately from the money for the store.

How did you come up with it?
Not bicycle races, I hope.

No way.

I wanted to send it to your family
without telling Mom.

My family in Shinshu?

I know your family is hurting.

Just when you were about to start
working and sending money to them,

you married me.

It's okay.
Don't worry about them.

But your sister Kiyoko is at the age
when she'd want a new dress.

I wanted to send it to them
in your name.

I'm sorry I made you worry so much.

It will have to wait for a while.

A family requires money
when you least expect it.

You save up some,
and it goes somewhere else.

Life is like that, isn't it?

Let's imagine we throw
a magic ball from here.

Whoever it hits will be happy.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

There you go.
Here goes Hiroko's fantasy again.

But I think it's important
to live with a dream.

Let's throw a magic ball from here.

Sure. It's an invisible white ball.

Whoever it hits will get lucky.

And just as it did for Cinderella,
their dream will come true.

Okay, that way.


Hit someone who has no money.
There you go!


Got it.

Hit someone who's unemployed. Go!


Oh, yeah.
Hit someone who's sick.

This is for someone
who's missing out on love.

Okay, I'm gonna throw it
towards Yasuko.

Okay. Here it goes.

I'm dropping one
to the street below.

Good grief.

Whoever the ball hits
will get an itch on the head.

Be happy.
There you go.


What a nice day.

Hello. Is that you, Yasuko?

What? That's good news.

No more worries, then.

Of course.

No man would give out 5,000 yen
without asking questions.

Your brother is an exception.

Sure, I'll get him.


That one went far.

It landed in the middle of Ginza.


What are you doing?
Yasuko is on the phone.

She sounds very happy.

What fell in the middle of Ginza?

These days it's dangerous
wherever you go.

I see. That sounds good.

I think it's a good idea.

So are you leaving now?

Yes, I don't want to come home
before I leave.

Please explain it to Mom well.

Tell her I'm going to the mountains
to enjoy the scenery.


I'll have Hiroko bring
your bag to Tokyo Station.

Be careful and have a nice trip.

Yeah. Yeah, fine.

Okay, bye now.

I guess the ball hit her.

Aren't you going to school?

In the afternoon, yeah.

Good timing.

Put Yasuko's clothes in a bag
and take it to Tokyo Station.


She's going to the mountains.
To Shun Don.

Going to see Shun Don?
Wow, she's making a bold move.

The Smokestack
is billowing smoke, finally.

What Smokestack?

It's an inside joke.
Where's Mom?

Drying laundry.

Mom, it's an emergency.

- Yasuko is going to Shun Don's place.
- What?

Ryoichi, is it true?

Yeah. It's good to make
a bold move once in a while.

What's with Yasuko?

Come on, Mom, we must hurry.
Hurry up. Come on.

- What unexpected trouble.
- Come on. You're too slow.

Shut up, you're still a kid.

She doesn't need a dress kimono.
Will she wear it for the wild boars?

But this is Yasuko's favorite.

Fallen warlords hid in those mountains.
She needs pants and sweaters.

You think so?

One day, she hides from him.
The next, she runs after him.

I have no idea what she's up to.

It's a good sign.
She hasn't been like this.

Maybe one day
she'll give birth to a baby.

How dare you.
Yasuko isn't that kind of girl.

Sorry, sorry.

I thought she was
gonna marry Shun Don.

I knew her koto playing
sounded funny yesterday.

She was born and raised in Tokyo.

Not even cows live in those
remote mountains, how can she?

She'll have to deal with a mother-in-law.
She'll have a hard time.

What's so funny?
You're acting weird.

You're a mother-in-law, too.
You wanna have your way everywhere.

It's easier when
a mother-in-law isn't around.

What did your daughter-in-law say
the other day?

She missed you
when you weren't around.

What? Did Hiroko say that?
She missed me?

Yeah. So you'd better live long.

So true. I held you guys before.
Now I want to hold little babies.


Sis, here you go.

Thank you.

Please take these.

Ryoichi says, "Take these as gifts."
They're canned foods.


Here's your spending money.

Thank you.

Was Mom mad?

Not particularly.
She says, “Take care of yourself.“

I see.

Noboru, you can go now.

- You got a seat?
- I do.

Thank you.

Take care.

Noboru, please water my roses.


Come on.
Aren't you slow?

Hiroko, your restaurant
is full of hungry customers.

Just a minute.

You boys are too fussy.

When you have to wait,
you're usually treated to a feast.

You think so?

The other night,
she made us wait forever

and then fed us potato croquettes.

Mind you,
that, too, was a feast.

Hiroko studied a cookbook.

Yeah, they were quite delicious.

Just because she's your wife.

You ate four of them, didn't you?

Here she comes.

I'm starving.

- That's my line.
- Mine, too.

What are we enjoying tonight?

You like Chinese food.
I made sweet-and-sour pork.

- Let's eat.
- Thank you.

The wait was worth it.

How is it? Good, isn't it?

It's sour... and good.

Isn't it too crowded with veggies?

I don't see enough pork.

I'm being frugal.
You're too demanding for a freeloader.

Noboru, you'd better watch out.

Be afraid of the chef
in this restaurant.

It tastes better than it looks, Noboru.


It somehow smells of China.

There you go.

So delicious.
It's one of my better efforts.

When you're hungry,
anything tastes good.

- Now you gave yourself away.
- That's so mean, Mother.

I wonder what Yasuko is eating now.


It's already been half a month.

She could've sent a letter or two.

Maybe every day is the same
and she lost her mind.

I think Yasuko is happy.


Because the ball hit her.

I see.

Shun, would you take my hand
until we get to the Lone Pine?

You forgot about your leg,
didn't you?

Yes, I feel I've become
a normal person like everybody else.

That's good. Then you'll be okay
even after you go back to Tokyo.

Maybe I won't go back to Tokyo.

Look, your house looks so small.

Miss Yasuko, you must go home.


Here, people spend their lives
with nothing but the mountains and soil.

You can dig and dig,
but you only find pebbles.

We live in poverty.
We suffer our whole lives.

From amongst the pebbles
rise the vegetables.

Isn't it okay for me to take root
in the only place I can find happiness?

Think about it.
A lot more. Take your time.

I've thought about it.
That's why...

Some people toil their lives away
among these mountains,

not once seeing the sea.

Some people go out to the cities
and never come back.

If I only cared about my own happiness,
I'd never let you go home.

Shun, it's fine.

Take me with you.

If we're together, I can cross
as many mountains as needed.

"Mom, it's already been half a month
since I came to the mountains."

Just as on the day I came here,

"the sun rises and sets
on the mountains."

From the valley, I look up
at the rich colors of the mountains.

They remind me of dreams
I had years ago.

Only once every day
do I hear the sound of an engine.

It's the forest railway
carrying the logs.

The road leads far
in the distance towards Tokyo.

Sometimes in a comer of my heart,
I think about the city

But, right now, my eyes
behold only one thing.

It's Shun's hands, ready to care for me,
any time, without fail.

"Shun," she calls him.

"Shun" I call him.

When I don't see him,
I'm frightened, like a child.

I search for him through the valley
with tears in my eyes.

My leg has grown strong,
yet it suddenly twists away

As if useless, it grows heavier.


The valley is shrouded
in white fog today

I sit by the hearth
in the living room.

I gaze at the mountain peaks
that wear a little more white every day

I think about my life.

I marvel at how there can be
such a quiet and beautiful time.

I think about how I was in Tokyo.

I'm going to make a clean break and
throw the past from a hill into a river

I'd like to reinvent myself
and stay by Shun's side forever

She's gonna make a clean break.

That sounds good.

What should we do?
Yasuko and Shun Don...

Want to get married.

I knew it.

What a problem.

I wouldn't mind it if Shun Don came
to Tokyo and opened his own store...

What's wrong with them
living in the mountains?

For the first time since her leg was hurt,
Yasuko is trying to act of her own will.

Isn't it wonderful?

Is it?

When she was a schoolgirl,

I used to get excited
just thinking about who she'd marry.

I've been sorry for her
since her leg was injured.

I was gonna stay by her side and
take care of her for the rest of my life.

She doesn't need you.
She doesn't need Noboru or me.

Yasuko is trying to do
as she wants on her own.

Sure, Shun Don is caring.

I'm sure Yasuko will be happy.

I agree. I'm sure she's forgotten
she even has a bad leg.

She's going far away.

Don't talk like
you don't trust her.

Why don't you go there yourself
and see how happy Yasuko is?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Don't just worry about it.
Go see for yourself.


I'm sure you'll be reassured.

Noboru, go with Mom.

Sure I will.

I'm a little afraid of seeing Yasuko.

Mom, don't get angry at her or cry.

She's chosen her path.
You gotta cherish her moment.

Hiroko, we have the train schedule.
Bring it here.

Thank you for your business.
Three bottles of superior-grade sake?


Thank you. I'll bring her over
when she's my daughter-in-law.

Yes, please.
Thank you very much.

It's a good omen, you're leaving
on the day of his son's wedding.

I'd love to see the bride.

Did you see how happy he was?
As if he was getting married himself.

Noboru is getting ready, you think?

- Noboru.
- Yes?

Hurry up.

You're an expert at ironing.

Don't flatter me.
You won't get any rewards.

When I ask Mom,
she ends up wrinkling them.

No way.

She says the cord tires her out.

It feels like it's always pulling at you.
I don't like it, either.

- I'm sorry for you, Hiroko.
- Why?

It's like your marriage
came with strings attached.

You think?

If it were only my brother...

I did wish for that.
A while ago.

A while ago?

Now it's different.

It's difficult but fun
to be a member of the family.

We're all good people.

It's hard for you.
Your status is different from ours.

Not really. I'm finally beginning
to see how nice it is to have a family.

I miss whoever isn't around.

It's nice when
none of us is missing.

Thank you.

That's not nice.
Are you making fun of me?


Here, it's ready.

I like people like you.
I'm glad you're my relative.

Your relative?

As my relative, you get free ironing.

Noboru, what're you doing?
You'll be late.

Okay, okay.

I'll bring back souvenirs.

Take care of Yasuko's friend.

Please tell Yasuko
I'm very happy for her.

Sure, I will.

Ryoichi, I'm beginning to think
it's a very good thing.'

After sleeping on it.

Is that so?
That's good.

You're so slow.

Let's go, Mom.
Are we going to make it?

- What are you saying now?
- Let me take this.

I got a dented milk can.


Canned milk.
Aren't you giving it to Mitsui?

Oh, yeah.
Please keep it.

He might come visit me.
Please give him a feast if he does.


We're off now.

Don't worry about home. For your
health, go breathe the clean air.

Thank you.

- Noboru, look after our mom.
- Yeah.

- We're off now.
- Have a nice trip.

Hiroko, lock the doors
and be careful with the stove.


- We're off now.
- Have a nice trip.

Have a nice trip.

Welcome to our store.
Thank you very much.

I'm Mitsui.
Is Noboru home?

Noboru has just left on a trip.

A trip?

He'll be back in four or five days.
Please come in.

No thank you.
I'm in a hurry.

Noboru told us to invite you
up to his room if you came.

He did?
I wanted to see him again.

When he's back,
I'll tell him to visit you.

No, it's all right. I've decided
to go back to my hometown.

Oh, no.
Are you quitting school?

I don't know yet.

Please tell Noboru this:

Starting tomorrow,
I live with my eyes on the sky.


I'm going now.

Good night.

Welcome back.

Are there any more deliveries?

Mr. Imai wants two more bottles
of superior-grade sake.

They're thanking the neighbors.
Lots of work.

Oh, yeah?
Quite a lavish wedding.

Mitsui was here just now.

Yeah? Is he upstairs?

No, he went home.

He was going back to his hometown.

That's too bad.

He'll live with his eyes on the sky.
That's his message to Noboru.

I'm gonna get him.
Which way did he go?

Towards the train station.

Look, Ryoichi.
I got her here, I got her here.

Please greet her.

This is my son's bride.
Please greet her.

Pleased to meet you.

This is his young wife.
Please ask her to be your friend.

Thank you for meeting her.

Pleased to meet you.

Come on.

Here in Takasago Bay

Husband and wife
We raise the sail together on this boat

Oh, you're good.

I saw the bride
and now I feel merry.

It reminded you?

It just made me happy.

It's the first time
we're alone in the house.

That's true.
It feels strange.


It could be the last time in our life.

That's true, too.
But it's okay.


It's okay. It's the same.

Now, let's take our time
to enjoy tea.

Oh, yeah?
Weren't you going to bed?

It'd be a shame
not to enjoy the evening.

Our mom's wondering
if I locked the doors.

Yeah, she's a worry wan.

Hello, Mr. Morita?
Mrs. Morita?

It's Mrs. Yamaguchi.

She needs miso again?
It's okay, I got it.

Welcome, Madam.

Good evening.

I want some miso.
I'm sorry to bother you so late.

I just peeked in the jar.
It was empty.

My daughter-in-law is so forgetful.

I didn't want to run around
in the morning, so here I am.

Thank you for waiting.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.


Translation and Subtitles by
Captions, Inc., Burbank