Something for the Boys (1944) - full transcript

The oddly-assorted Hart cousins: revue singer Blossom, con man Harry, and machinist Chiquita (who gets radio through her teeth!), inherit southern plantation Magnolia Manor, which alas proves to be a "termite trap" and tax liability. Fortunately, Sgt. Rocky Fulton from a nearby army camp appears with a plan to convert the place to a hotel for army wives; but to pay bills until then, they decide to put on a show. Of course, romantic and military complications intervene...

Subtitles: Luís Filipe Bernardes

Come closer, ladies.
Thin socks for a dollar a dozen.

It sounds like a lie, but that's what I said.

A dozen silk socks
for just a dollar.

And there's more, they don't crease, they don't fray and they don't
need washing

Come and choose what you want,
without haste and without priorities.

Any color, size or style.

Take good care of your legs
and they will go far.

Cute, right?

Turn that off, Jack.
I'm trying to work.

- We are in a free country, aren't we?
- Okay, I know it's free!

All right, ladies ...

"Blossom Hart, Chiquita Hart,
Harry Hart."

Want to turn it off?

Harry Hart?

"That's right, you lucky ones!"

Repeat that!

"I will repeat the missing heirs:
Blossom Hart, Chiquita Hart and Harry Hart."

Harry Hart is me! He is sure?
Repeat again!

"That's right, Harry Hart,
Blossom Hart and Chiquita Hart."

"Take the first train to Masonville
and get your share, you lucky ones."

Did you hear that?
I'm a millionaire!

Girls, I'm rich!
Sharing the wealth, that's my motto!

Help yourself at will.
Now I'm Santa Claus Hart.

And good luck to you!

Very well, my lord,
for the Commercial Hotel.

- Through the front door?
- Obvious, you capiau!


# I'm always doing something #

# Something for the boys #

# I'm always doing something #

# For our lads if it adds to their joy #

# So don't tell me it's the wrong thing #

# If I'm out with 'em nightly till three #

# 'Cos I'm always doing #
# Something for the boys #

# For they're doing something for me #


# So don't tell me it's the wrong thing #

# If I'm out with 'em nightly till three #

# 'Cos I'm always doing #
# Something for the boys #

# For they're doing something for me #

Call the house doctor!
Bring water!

Chiquita Hart - 5069

Hey, you don't have to use your hips.


Let the machine do the job.
So men are focused on theirs.

But the radio moves my hips
and the type of music only makes it worse.

- What song?
- From the radio, aren't you listening?

# Choo-Choo, baby, #
# Don't cry baby #

# Papa is going to come back some time #

- The radio isn't even playing.
- Of course it is!

# Choo-Choo baby #

I'm saying the radio
is off!

But I am listening with my ears
and feeling in my hips.

- Listen, lady ...
- # Choo-Choo baby #

I'm telling you that ...
Come here!

- She's hearing things.
- Freaked out!

No, it has happened before
with Macy Clancy.

She was a polisher and she got carborundum
in her teeth.

- What?
- Truth!

Carborundos entered
the fillings ...

... and never stopped listening
to radio programs!

- I ask, is this radio playing?
- Of course it is!

# Bye-Bye, baby #

# Don't cry, baby #

Now what are you playing?

Now the music has stopped.
It's a toothpaste ad.

One of us has gone crazy.

Now they're talking about me,
Chiquita Hart!

- Huh?
- They say I'm a missing heiress.

Maybe a millionaire!

- Come on, turn up the volume.
- But it's not even connected ...

"... have not yet claimed their rights."

"The heirs are Blossom Hart,
Harry Hart and Chiquita Hart."

It saw? It's me, Chiquita Hart!
I'm the missing heiress!


"Whoever has information about
the whereabouts of these people ..."

"please contact
the WOXJ station"


Southern Route

Every southerner who plays solitaire
is a loner. Do you agree with me?

But of course, it's like talking to yourself, isn't it?


Would you accept playing a game
of Acey Deucey?

Acey Deucey?

Ah, yes, we played it at home,
betting chopsticks, of course.

- Do not say!
- Yea.

Do you accept a low bet?
Just to stay sharp.

- Well, all right.
- Shuffle.

- Waiter, two mint juleps.
- Yes sir.

Let's see ...
Said Acey Deucey, didn't you?



You can tell Colonel Calhoun that I have arrived.
I'm Blossom Hart.

Ah, you're Blossom Hart.
Cel. Calhoun went out to lunch, baby.

- Well, I hope.
- Very well.

Tell me, what is Uncle Louie's farm like?
It is a historical heritage, isn't it?

The only historical heritage
I remember is Camp Dixon.

- Wow, those precious soldiers!
- By the way, have my cousins ​​arrived yet?

I couldn't say. I started working
here yesterday and I'm leaving tomorrow.

I received a better proposal
from a sergeant. Let's get married...

... as soon as we find where to live.

- Are you a secretary?
- Uh-huh.

Pleasure. You can announce me.

Sou Chiquita Hart, from Terre Haute,

Chiquita Hart?
Are you Chiquita?

- I'm your cousin Blossom, how are you?
- Do not say! What a pleasure to meet you!

You know, I thought you would be a pain.
But you are very, very cool!

And you too, press.

Come on, give me a hug!

But Chiquita, how did you get
into the family tree?

This tree story is kind of
complicated, but I'll summarize it for you.

My mother's name is Maria Carmenzinha
Margarida Lopes, from Brazil.

But my dad is Jake Hart, from Terre Haute,
Indiana, a traveling salesman.

- You must have traveled a lot, huh?
- Sure. It traveled all over South America.

It made my mother sway, blush, surrender,
and that's why my name is Chiquita.


# I'm always doing something #

# Something for the boys #

What a good song on the radio.
It looks like a Rock Fulton orchestra.

- Are you listening to anything on the radio?
- Clear. Turn up the volume!

Volume up?

- How did you know?
- Ah!

# I'm glad I came from Dixie #
# Hurrah, hurrah #

Good Morning!

My card, sweetie.

Can you turn it off?

I want to speak to Colonel Calhoun

I'm sorry, he went out to lunch.
You will have to wait.

Now look, and I still have an
urgent appointment.

But God be praised!

Allow me to introduce myself.
Colonel Harry Hart of Magnolia Manor.

- Harry Hart?
- Magnolia Manor?

Yes, madam, one of the largest
southern farms.

Four thousand bushels of fertile land
spouting peanuts, popcorn ...

... and oil wells.

How are you?

- How did he get on the tree?
- They must have been dropped at the door.

Oh my God!
The south of my heart!

Those mint juleps, racing ponies,
and black culture.

The only place in the world where ...
you can grow cotton.

On top of that I am single,
and all this just for me.

- Only for you?
- Virtually.

Just settle some details with
the inventor, Colonel Calhoun.

Here among us, there are two smarties out
there to take advantage of.

But I hired Calhoun to prove
that Uncle Louie was also single ...

soon I couldn't have cousins.
I may even require blood tests.

Blood can be strong, but not
as much as oil wells, that's not it!

Colonel Calhoun, these are
Mr. Hart's heirs .

Now now!

I see that the cousins ​​have already met.


Nice to meet you.

Well, I'm afraid they'll have to do
some work.

He could take advantage of the doors
and build a house around it.

Ah, welcome to the sanctuary.

It is still an imposing house.
Must be at least 125 years old.

But how could you get so old
in 125 years?

Or so dirty.

Yes, but the glorious tradition still exists.

This is the great chandelier from which
his great-great-grandfather Thaddeus hanged himself.

It looks like it's still there.

And this is a grand hall.

Noble hall?

Ah, if this hall could speak.

You can imagine the gala parties,

... the music and the joy,
the graceful minuets ...

... and one of his ancestors
holding a mint julep in his hand ...

... leaning gracefully against this column ...

Okay, Colonel, but ten is the limit.

C'mon C'mon.
Forget the past.

The only way to fully appreciate
this salon ...

it is seeing it invaded by the sunlight.

Good idea. It's the only thing
Uncle Louie left us ...

and that it was not eaten by termites.
The sunshine!

- There is a lot of desire to die!
- I'm afraid it needs repair too.

But a good hand of paint,
wallpaper, plumbing, roof, all new ...

And lots of new money!

I don't know about you, but I'm hard.

I spent my last penny on
new clothes and the bus ticket.

Colonel, in addition to this loft
and 16,000 acres of fresh air ...

... the will did not mention
anything greenbacks,

do you know, money, money bills?

- Money, money, currency.
- Oh yes of course.

Well, it's all here, ready
to sign.

Taxes, loans, debts,

court fees, court fees,

judicial fees!

- Any balance?
- Uh, no balance.

- No balance
- No balance.

- But fees are left over.
- Naturally.

But think of the priceless value
of the property you inherited.

So, unless you have more
questions, I say goodbye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Priceless property.
Because I would sell my share ...

Hey, Colonel!

You are right, it is an
invaluable property .

Think of tradition. The
oldest historical heritage in the state.

- Who wouldn't be proud to own it?
- Certainly!

Imagine who else might
be buried here besides Uncle Louis.

Imagine just having mint juleps
on your own balcony.

It is true.

Imagine just enjoying a bourbon in
front of these serene fields.

Look, everything is golden.
And under that gold, what?

- Who will know?
- Liquid gold! Petroleum!

I can even smell it. Imagine oil
spouting in your own garden.

You just have to dig a hole and the fumes
are all smeared.

- You may be right.
- There's no mistake. It is a unique chance.

Two thousand measly barrels will give you
two million dollars!

Do you want to pass on
all these encumbrances?

Are you recording? Think of royalties, Colonel.

You'll get more money out
of here than your customers.

- It's not just that ...
- It is! Get your hands off me!

- Colonel Calhoun?
- Yea.

We were looking for him.

We called your office
and said you would be here.

And then?

Sergeant Green wants to submit
a proposal for the house.

You can talk
to the new owner.

Yeah, they'll have to talk to
the new owner.

It's me!

What a disappointment! I think I'm going to play a
southern maiden and throw myself into the river.

I'm the one who's cold, Chiquita.

Worse than me, I eat only one
acrobat in the family.

Come on in, sir.
Just go over the fallen door.

I know it looks kind of poorly maintained ...

... but you will love Magnolia Manor.

Everything here smells of tradition ...

And these are my two cousins.

Two beautiful shoots of
this lovely south of ours.

How are you?

The gentleman wants to take a
look at the house.

It's quite a home.

It is not our fault. Our uncle died
and left it to us.

Only then did he manage to get rid of her.

Yes, the place is ideal.

Just hit the wood and the termites
come out to greet you.

Girls, control yourself!

The gentleman wants to make us an
offer, doesn't he, sergeant?

- That's right.
- Cash? How much?

Do you really want to buy it?

Not quite. I represent a group
of married men from the base ...

... looking for a place to stay
with their wives.

- Of course.
- Of course!

Naturally. And hotels
are crowded.

But the other day we passed by during
the preparations for the maneuvers ...

- Maneuvers?
- Yes, war games.

Colonel Calhoun authorized us
to use the area.

As soon as we saw the house we thought
about transforming it ...

... in a center for military women

Good idea. Who knows, I may also become
a military woman?

Well, by the way you closed a deal.
How about $ 20,000 ...

We don't want to buy, just rent.

Don't you want to help the boys?

Sure, but what woman would like
to live in this rubble?

I understand. The house really needs
a general.

You're right. But we don't have the money.

Do not worry about this.
The boys would contribute.

- With labor too.
- You didn't tell me your name, soldier.

- Rocky Fulton.
- Rocky? Rocky Fulton!

Our! The face printed
on all the juke boxes.

I've heard you thousands
of times on the radio.

I love your ...

I mean, I'm a singer and I'm crazy
about your orchestra.

- Do you sing?
- Hm-hmm.

- What do you know?
- All the discs you have already recorded.

I've been trying a test
with you for two years . I was never lucky.

Listen, if the boys get the house,
I'll be here every night.

There will be tests in bulk.

If you want, the boys can
keep the house.

Done deal.

- You know what?
- Hm-hmm.

Something tells me that I'm going to spend
a lot of time here.

- What will your wife say?
- Nothing.

I mean ... it's just that I'm not married.
I'm doing this for the guys.

- I understand.
- And you know what?

For all your kindness, I think
I'll take the test right now. Let's go.

Rocky, great! But how are you going to use
a vocalist in the army?

Who said anything about the army?

This war will not last forever.
We need to think about the future.

Don't look at me like that.
I swear I end up kissing you.

It's just a test, Rocky.
Come on, help me.

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# Just like other people do #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could, could you? #

# In a magazine it seems to me I've seen #

# A streamlined bungalow for two #

# Wouldn't it be fine #
# To make it yours and mine #

# I could, could you? #

# I asked my dad and mother #
# They said yes #

# My sister and my brother #
# They said yes #

# Now if a lot of people do say yes #

# Why can't you say yes? #

# Think of shoes and rice #
# A trip to paradise #

# Then that bassinet of blue #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could, could you? #

# Now wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# Just like other people do #
# Do-doo-doo #

# Oh, wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could, could you? #

# Now in a magazine #
# It seems to me I've seen #

# A streamlined bungalow for two #

# Oh and baby, wouldn't it be fine #
# To make it yours and mine #

# I could, could you? #

# I asked my dad and mother #
# They said yes #

# Well how about your brother #

# He said yes #

# Even my sister Sue said yes #

# Well, why can't you say yes? #

# Think of shoes and rice #
# A trip to paradise #

# Then that bassinet of blue #
# I'm thinking #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could #

# Could you? #

# Wouldn't it be zoots #
# And really be all roots #

# If we'd latch on like people do? #

# I dig you #

# With lots of cruises and a good Cadillac #
# Maybe I can want you #

# I could #
# Oh, could you? #

# In a magazine it seems to me I've seen #

# A streamlined bungalow for two #

# Wouldn't it be fine #
# To make it yours and mine #

# I could, baby #
# Now, could you? #

# I asked my dad and mother #
# They said yes #

# How about your broken down brother? #
# Oh, he said... Huh? #

# Even Chiquita, she's agree #

# Aha, aha, I say si-si #

# Think of shoes and rice #
# A trip to paradise #

# Then that bassinet of blue #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could #

# And I could #

# And I could #

# How could you? #

# Wouldn't it be... #
# Wouldn't it be... #

# Wouldn't it be #
# Nice #

# Wouldn't it be fine #
# If I were yours and you were mine #

# Wouldn't it be... #
# Grand? #

# If we could fall in... #

# Love #


You have women
(they have to be legitimate)

We need money
(it has to be real)

We need soldiers
to paint the house.

For me, that was fate.

It was just to start looking for a house
to live in after we were married ...

... and those people appear in the office
where I was working.

I've never seen such luck.

And with you living so close to the base ...

instead of the canteen you can
cook for me.

Baby, you know I'm
a disgrace in the kitchen.

I don't even know how to boil water.

It's making me feel like ...

Well, we're not going to eat much anyway.


- Harry! Do you want to stop it?
- What are you doing?

Just in time to see my
latest invention. You'll love.

My wash cloth, bottle washer
and automatic shampoo.

How about, huh? And look at that.
A normal dishwasher. Normal even.

But with a special touch
by Harry Hart just call and ...

Harry, turn it off!

Hang up, Harry!

My goodness!

I must have forgotten some repair.

For God's sake, Harry, stop
making things better.

This kitchen is becoming a threat.

This is turning into a madhouse.

And this mixer for washing hair
leaves your hair a mess!

She's right!

Girls, we are in the scientific age.
We have to save manpower.

When you're done,
just push a button.

There I invent the button that presses the button.

When everything is working
you will love me.

I'm going to love you like poison if you don't
stop playing that radio everywhere.

- Who's playing the radio?
- You!

- I didn't sleep a wink last night!
- I didn't hear any radio.

Didn't you hear?

It's playing now!
Bird sheets!

# When the birds got no peeps #
# When he jump without the chips #

# When he don't go tweet tweet tweet #
# Give him Lambsby Worm bird sheets #

She's hearing things!

- She has tubes inside the turban.
- You should see a doctor.

You should see an electrician.


Has your mother ever had a scare
with short waves?

Do you hear anything now?

- Promotion, promotion, promotion ...
- Uh-huuu!

What time do you have to go back
to base, baby?

- In about 20 minutes.
- Damn it!

Why are you second lieutenant?
Then he would own his nose.

Is it ... uh?

It was a great idea to fix
this house.

Now married men will have a
place to spend their nights.

- Just married?
- Tell me something.

How do you explain that you never won
an engagement ring?

Well, I never threatened anyone
to stop it from happening.

Can not understand. I bet you know how to
cook, wash dishes and everything.

To be honest I never tried.

Ever since I can remember I was born
behind the scenes of the theater.

Me too.

Since I found a clarinet
on the head of my music teacher ...

and ran away with a carnival band.

Have you ever stayed up at night on
a train ...

watching the lights of the houses
fly by ...

... when crossing a small country town


When all you know
is random encounters,

second-class hotels and boarding houses ...

... the person begins to dream of
having a house of his own.

IT IS. You start thinking about going
home for dinner ...

... with the woman and the children.

We start thinking about these things
when we don't have them.

That's why it's so fun to prepare
this house for the boys.

It makes us look like other
people, happy.

- It's like having a home.
- IT IS.

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish that I could stay #
# And hold you tight #

# I wish, I wish, I wish #

# By every star above #

# That we could linger long enough #
# To fall in love #

# I'd hate to be the one to break away #

# When I've a heart #
# That you could take away #

# I hate to miss the kisses #
# That your lips invite #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# Look at that moon beaming out loud #

# He knows that I'm dreaming out loud #

# He sort of seems to say #
# The time is right #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# Why should we say good night #
# When every star is shining bright? #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish that I could stay #
# And hold you tight #

# I wish, I wish, I wish #

# By every star above #

# That we could linger long enough #
# To fall in love #

Rocky, I had an idea.
Why don't we think before?

I've worked in show business, so have

- Some of the boys and the women ditto.
- AND?

We can put on a show to help
pay the bills.

Blossom, you are wonderful.

It's already in the chat, just settle
with the army!

- Do you think you can do it?
- Looking at me like that I do anything.

And if I continue I will end up kissing you.

So kiss.
I help.

# Look at that moon beaming out loud #

# Beaming out loud #

# He knows that I'm dreaming out loud #

# Knows that I'm dreaming out loud #

# He sort of seems to say #
# The time is right #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #.

# Good night #
# Good night #

# Good night #

# Why must we say good night? #

# Good night #

Very well, girls.
You were wonderful.

Ah, Rocky looks awful.
Let's try again.

You are demanding too much of them.
They will be exhausted.

There are only 4 hours left for the debut

Now remember, the next time you
dance it will be for the customers, did you say?

Give it your all and good luck.

Don't worry, everything will be fine.

I need to go to the base but I'll be back
in time, right?

- Until later.
- Okay, Rocky.

Okay, work done.

Wow, I lost my breath!

Are you one of the new
military wives ?

Not yet, but soon, I hope.

Where can I find
Sergeant Rocky Fulton?

- Ah, he's around.
- Pay the driver, boy.

- Are you one of the maids?
- Maids?

Come up with my bags and pack
my clothes.


Rocky, querido!

Oh my love!

- Aren't you surprised to see me?
- Oh yes of course...

How did you get here?
I mean, how are you?

I am exhausted. You can't imagine
what horror it is to travel!

- Well, let's go out, how about?
- To go out? What you mean?

- Listen, Melanie ...
- I don't want to listen, I want to stay here ...

Yes, but ... It

- What dear?
- Nothing, nothing.

Why are you so elusive?

- Listen, Melanie, I need ...
- I heard about everything.

So this is your project for
military women.

- Yes, yes ... What?
- I passed the base.

Lieutenant Carruthers, what a sympathy!
He told me everything.

- How you did it just for me ...
- Yes ... No, wait, Melanie!

- I want to introduce you ...
- I see you have many possibilities.

But it deserves a person
with more taste.

I take care of that.

Ah, is it your housekeeper?

Housekeeper? This is Blossom Hart,
the owner of the house, that's all!

Do not say!
Anyway, you must understand that ...

since i'm going to live here, i'll make
some changes.

Oh yes?

- Listen, honey, I ...
- Yes, honey?

Melanie, don't start dismantling
the organization.

Miss. Hart broke his head
to lift it and ...

But for your project to work
it needs organization.

And I've always been an organizer.

But don't think that I intend to
replace you, dear.

Oh no. And also don't think you
will replace me ... dear.

We will do what we can.

I hope I can contribute minimally
so that we are successful, of course.

- And if there's no money ...
- Oh, that's very kind.

But we hope that our show will
give to finance the project.

Ah yes, Lieutenant Carruthers told me.
And I thought it was fantastic, Rocky.

I can help with that too.

Dad must have good contacts in the city,
I would move here ...

- Ah, yes, who is your Commander?
- Uh ...

It must be some colonel or general
who knows Dad.

I'll talk to him and ...
Let me see ...

Melanie, for your information, this business
is only for the military.

Why, dear, you are so inefficient.

Leave everything to me.
Today I will help as a receptionist ...

I have a stunning dress.

Where's my room, heart?

Well, if it’s going to happen here, heart ...

... it's the first room on the right at the end
of the hall up there.

Well, I think I can manage.
After all, we're at war, aren't we?

Don't go, Rocky.
You have a lot to do.


- Oh, listen, dear.
- Why didn't you tell me?

But I didn't even know she was going to
come here.

- Are you engaged to her?
- Well, you know how it is ...

I met her before joining
the army.

The orchestra was called to play
in Baltimore at a debutante ball.

You are just a liar.
I never want to see you again!

Blossom, wait!

So, make up your mind!

Can't you walk
without bumping into a man?

Now, stop being cool!

Okay, guys, for those who
do not have a ticket, the ticket office is right here.

Millions have fun with
our show ...

for the ridiculously modest amount of $ 2.

Beautiful and graceful women ...

... in a musical extravaganza
sparkling and pulsating ...

... with joy, melodies, youth
and songs.

- Do you already have your tickets?
- Yea.

If you want to test your luck, it
's up there on the right, you know?

That's it, guys, you'll see Master
Rocky Fulton and his dixieland orchestra.

I'm glad you came, Colonel.

Thank you, Miss. Walker.

The privilege is all mine to support
any business ...

... sponsored by the daughter of my
old friend Calvin Walker.

Miss. Walker plans to expand the house
to accommodate wives of recruits.

He thinks that with his recommendation
it would make things easier.

I will be happy to cooperate.

Lieutenant, arrange for a
site inspection tomorrow.

- Thank you sir.
- But how nice, Colonel.

It will be a pleasure.

I tried to speak but she doesn't
even want to know about me.

Rocky, how would you feel
in your place ...

... being treated like a
disposable fret just because another woman appears?

But I didn't know Melanie would come.
The reform had nothing to do with it.

But if Blossom doesn't want to believe it,
what am I going to do? Crawl behind her until ...

- It's show time.
- Rocky ...

After the storm
the calm always comes.

- Uh ... I don't understand.
- Everything will be okay!

- Hope so. Good luck, Chiqui.
- Good luck, Rocky.

Hi harry!

Easy, easy, otherwise our reputation
will go down with the army.

Come on, guys.
Everyone has the fun they deserve.

Down there they have theirs,
Here we have ours.

# 8:19 you leave Atlanta Station #

# 8:48 you're in Forest Park #

# Lovejoy, Sunnyside #
# Orchardville and Barnsville #

# One more stop and you got to walk #

# But 80 miles outside of Atlanta #

# They live in a lazy kind of way #

# But 80 miles outside of Atlanta #

# Ga. #

# The folks who meet you #
# The people who greet you #

# They sort of politely swing and sway #

# But 80 miles outside of Atlanta #

# Ga. #

# They got doors that never #
# Had any lock in #

# All they got they're perfectly #
# Willing to share #

# They can hear old opportunity knocking #

# While they're rocking themselves to sleep #
# In that old rocking chair #

# They never worry #
# They ain't in a hurry #

# Because they know they're gonna stay #

# But 80 miles outside of Atlanta #

# Ga. #

# G-E-O-R-G-I-A #

#Atlanta, Ga. #

# How do you get there? #
# You take the 8:19 #

# Where do you get off? #
# Eighty miles from Atlanta #

# How is the ride there? #
# Like a rocking chair #

# They never worry #
# They never hurry #

# They know they're gonna stay #

# But 80 miles outside of Atlanta #

# Ga. #

#Atlanta, Ga. #

# I'm in the middle of nowhere #

# I'm in betwixt and between #

# Dark is the starlight above me #

# Never knowing you loved me #

# I go drifting from dream to dream #

# And so, if I wind up with no one #

# How can I help but be blue? #

# I'm in the middle of nowhere #

# 'Cos I'm getting nowhere with you #

# I'm in the middle of nowhere #

# I'm in betwixt and between #

# Dark is the starlight above me #

# Never knowing you loved me #

# I go drifting from dream to dream #

# And so, if I wind up with no one #

# How can I help but be blue? #

# I'm in the middle #

# Of nowhere #

# 'Cos I'm #

# Getting nowhere #

# With you #

Hey, it's clear day!
It's almost 10:00.

We have to go back to the base.
Come on, run.

Hey, I got hard, I told you!
Do you want my blood, is that it?

He's clean. You can let go.

I just want my forty bucks, how about

See if you can get the money.
We'll be back tomorrow.

And thank you very much.

- It was a great night.
- Worse was waking up in the morning.

- I haven't tapped so much in five years!
- But it was worth it, it was a success!

And what an audience!

I need to get glamorous.
I will find my husband.

Me too.

- Can you lend me your rouge?
- Sure, let's go.

Honey, you barely touched the food.

Ah, I don't eat a lot in the morning.

Listen, Blossom,

why are you going to let this Melanie stay
with Rocky if you want him too?

If that's what he wants, you can have it.
I will not run after anyone.

I do not understand. Rocky says he doesn't run after
you, you say he doesn't run after him.

Who will catch who?

- Good Morning.
- Good morning, Miss. Walker.

- It's ten o'clock.
- Have you had coffee yet?

Ah, we forgot to speak.
When you want coffee in bed ...

- ... just call Blossom.
- No need to worry.

I'm glad they're done.
I'm waiting for a guest

- Guest?
- Yes, any problem?

Oh, no, no, no.

There is no restaurant service here?

The best! But it's basically
a canteen.

Too bad. We have to do
something about it.

Despite the disorganization of this
institute for military women

... hoped to make a good
impression on Lieutenant Carruthers.

- Ah, Lieutenant Carruthers.
- Isn't the guest Rocky?

Well, if I'm supposed to be a cook and a maid,
could you show me the kitchen?

The kitchen?
Ah, you will love the kitchen.

Harry made everything in there work,
which is wonderful!

And we're going to help you make a good
impression on Lieutenant Carruthers.

Please join us.

- So this is the kitchen.
- Not beautiful?

Hm, I don't see anything special.

But this is very special.

Sure. And who knows, maybe the lieutenant
wants a cup of coffee?

It is true. Do you have an electric coffee maker?

No, just old kettles.

But we have a great mixer,
if you want some scrambled eggs.

It works?

It's fabulous!
You will see.

Are you sure you know how to make them
light and soft?

No, but the mixer does.

I better do it. So I'll be sure
it will be fine.

- Push the button.
- Thank you, I know how to do it.

- Ready. Now the toast.
Where's the bread?

Uh ... logo ali.

- Are they already well beaten?
- No, but I am.

Make the toast. Very dry.
And you, uh ...

... set the table.

Wow, it's too slow ...

Turns off! Turn that off!

Look, I'm all smeared!

The blender is not to blame.

Water, water, give me some water!

Take me to the sink, don't just stand there!

Ready. Now just stand there.

Turns off! Turns off! Hang up,
for God's sake!

He did it on purpose! Made Yes.
And the mixer too!

Srta. Walker!

They want to kill me.
This is what you want.

- Oh, Ashley, help me!
- What is it, what happened?

- Take me out of here. They want to kill me.
- Who, Miss. Walker, who?

They ... these two vultures!

I was preparing the house for
inspection and they attacked me.

Look at me!

Honey, if I didn't attack you before,
the mistake was mine.

I will end this woman.

Ashley, don't let them touch me.

Why not inspect this
horrible house and find out what ...

Ashley, look at that!

We hope.

I told you to use
the back stairs!

You, come down here.

- What are they doing here?
- I do not know.

- They don't have women here.
- What are you talking about?

Lieutenant Carruthers, before you jump to
conclusions, I ...

Please, they're all military,
I'll take care of it.

I can explain everything in two minutes.

- Don't listen, Ashley!
- Please.

From one southerner to the next, we know
that man is man and ...

... if you can't bet
on horses ...

- Williams, do you have a wife here?
- Well I...

- Of course not, what nonsense.
- Peterson, you're not married, are you?

No sir.

Are any of you married to a
wife residing here?

No, but they have complete freedom.
Look, Lieutenant ...

It's just what I wanted to know.
Go back to the base. They're stuck.

Yes sir.

Lieutenant, you're making a big mistake.
I can explain...

I've heard what I had to hear.

Whatever you have to say, tell Cel. Grubbs
after I gave you my report.

I will recommend that this house
be banned.

Get me out of here, Ashley.
I'll never set foot here again!

With pleasure. If you don't mind
the jeep, I can take it.

Thank you, Ashley.

I'll have my bags picked up. And I hope
the army will expel you from here.

- I'm the one who will throw you out.
- You wouldn't dare.

Oh no?



- I better pack my bags too.
- I don't take your reason.

Does it make sense to stay here if your husband
can't get in?

- It's like we're single.
- Where are you staying, dear?

It doesn't matter if it's on a park bench.
I want more is to be with him.

It is more likely to sing again
in any hole.

Girls! Girls! I already know!

Chiqui, when you worked at the factory,
you used to deal with carborundos, didn't you?

Of course, used for polishing.

That's right! I knew I had
read it somewhere!

It's here at Reader's Digest.

A guy who worked in the same place,
had carborundum on his teeth ...

... and turned into a TV set.

He watched soap operas in the morning, advertisements
at lunch freshman shows every night.

What are you listening to now?

Nothing. When I eat grapefruits
I don't hear any radio.

Don't touch that! Acidity
interrupts transmission.

But only then can I sleep!

He still talks about sleeping when I had
the best idea of ​​the century.

- It's fantastic, it's colossal!
- Why, dear?

I'm going to invent something so that people can
walk with their own television on a tooth.

- Harry, you have gone crazy.
- That's what they said about Marconi!

It is the biggest scientific discovery
since toothpaste.

Worth millions, billions.
Our problems are gone.

Sure, sure, sure.

But even if he invented a doormat that
sang "Welcome, Solitary Soldier" ...

... the house would remain closed.

Now, Blossom, we would have generals and admirals
fighting to get in here.

Do you know what this means for the
armed forces?

Any pilot, soldier or sailor can
have his TV inside a filling.

What is that?

It seems that the maneuvers have started.

- Maneuvers? As well?
- Maneuvers, war games.

The same as a real war,
but without real bullets ... I hope

The boys are divided into two sides.
The blue army against the red.

Ah, blue and red.
These Russians don't stop quiet, do they?

Hey, since you're here, we can
tell you about the carborundum.

Good idea. Come on, Chiqui, I'm going to prepare you
for a demonstration.

- Wait here, I'll be right back.
- Right, sergeant.

- Hey, Rocky!
- Get out, I have an official friend here.

Can not. We received message from HQ.
The reds are advancing.

We have to get out of here
and go to Jackson's Creek.

Jackson's Creek?

Ask for more information on the radio and
leave a jeep there for me.

But be careful, Rock. You know
what happens if they catch you.

- Goodbye to the patent.
- Big Deal.


Come on, be nice. Give me a chance.
I have to get out of here.

Okay, I'm not worth anything. But at least
open that door so we can talk.

Excellent! But if I opened the door, it
might even hit me.

It wasn't meant to be taken literally!

Listen, Blossom, it's the opportunity
that knocks on your door.

If you do not want...

Okay, this will be our
command post.

Make way.
Get those furniture out of there.

Set the tables against the wall.
All appliances in operation.

Everyone is on the alert stage.

We found a blue force jeep.
They must have left a spy here.

- Search the house.
- Yes sir.

Watch out for traps.

- Surround the perimeter so it doesn't escape.
- Yes sir.

Come on, follow me.

There you go, stop.
It's captured.

Okay, I'm captured.

Scott reports that the blue forces
are withdrawing to the south.

They left the trailer field
and occupied the Kentucky Dew Distillery.

Communicate with the
"C" troop commander .

Inform us that our artillery will occupy
Jackson's junction.

- Yes sir.
- Spy captured, sir.

- Refuses to speak.
- Inform Intelligence.

What were you looking for here, Sergeant Fulton?

Won't talk, huh?
Take him inside.

You will be confined in this room
and do not leave.

You're under arrest, sergeant.
It is suspended from the operation.

Guard can withdraw.

If you don't mind, banned or not,
the house is mine ...

... and he has nothing to do
with it.

I'm sorry, but these are
war maneuvers.

The army has decided to occupy your home
and I am in command.

The prisoner will stay where he is.

Listen, you little lead soldier, you
've caused me enough trouble.

Get him out of here or I'll
lose my mind!

I'm sorry, ma'am, I have no
time to waste.

Ah, Harry, later. I want to see soldiers
playing war.

To play? If this works, we will
win wars.

Open mouth.


- Did you see a box of nails out there?
- Not here.

- Thanks.
- Hold on.

Let me adjust ... that.

What are you listening to?

- Anything I ate?
- No. This is static, it's good.

Just take it out and you become
a speaker!

Let me adjust.

No, this does not do.
I'll get a file.

Stay there, I'll be right back.

Ah, Harry, Harry ...

" What did you do to me?"

#Take your hands off me,
you bastard! "

May I spend the rest of my life stuck
on bread and water if I'm lying!

Listen, if you get out of there again ...

I call the Red Army by weight
and say that it attacked me.

He spoke, he spoke. I will hang myself
with my laces.

Blossom, Blossom, look ...

What are you doing here, Rocky?

Hi, Chiqui.
They managed to catch me.

But now it's her cousin who started
her war.

- Why are you fighting with Rocky?
- For what he revealed.

"And I believed you,
I loved you, you ..."

- Hey, wait ...
- Go back to your place!

It's okay that you don't believe me,
but look how you speak.

"I thought I could trust you,
but you 're a bastard!"

- Hey, stop it!
- I'm not talking with you.

So do not speak!

"Never talk to me like that again
, you ..."

- Hey, what was that shooting?
- Hey, what does that mean?

I don't regret what I did.
That woman will not take you away from me.

Chiqui, it worked.
The sound is perfect.

- Who's crazy here?
- I'm a genius!

My invention turns people
into transmission devices.

Can be anyone.
Army and Navy can use.

- Show them.
- Look.

- A plate of carborundum on the tooth.
- Shows how it works.

Come on, tune in.

Don't lose my connection!

This is Western Union.
Take something cool!


It's my posting code.

Let's go over there so the reds wo
n't hear us.

What are they saying?

The blue HQ ordered my detachment to
attack from the north.

This is bad?

Yes, but if the attack focuses
on Magnolia Manor ...

they could capture
the Red Army personnel by weight .

Can't contact them?

If I had I would solve everything.

Your home would be dismantled
and I would save my patent.

Only now I'm a prisoner
of war.

Do not worry.
Ethics is not my thing.

- Where is the blue HQ?
- Clear! Harry can go and warn them.

No way. The reds would catch him
before he even hit the road.

There has to be a way.
What do we do?

"Tune in to this station at 8:30
for more information."

Chiqui, it's out of frequency.
Disconnect that.

- Chiqui!
- I? I can not do anything.

Yes you can. If you can receive you can
also send.

- I send?
- Nonsense! How will she transmit?

Did you forget I'm an inventor?

Yes, we remember!

Leave it there.
Come on, come with me.

There, Chiqui.
I finished the grounding.

Come on, hold the tubes up.

- I am scared.
- But, Chiqui, we have to try it.

- I hope you know what you're doing.
- Are you sure it's safe?

As if I could risk
a hair from Chiqui!

Very well.
Now let's call.

Come on, steady!

Harry! Harry!

- Turn it off!
- Harry, Harry ...

What happened?

- Can not understand.
- There's a loose thread here.

Of course! A short circuit.
Repair in no time.

- Let's try again.
- No I do not want!

- But we need it, dear.
- No, no, I'm scared!

Please, Chiquita. You have to try

It's all up to you.

I promise it works this time.

- Okay, but no short circuit!
- As soon as you speak.

Come on.
Do not be nervous.

Great ... don't be scared
Calm ... calm!

Epa ... epa ...!

- It saw? It worked!
- Are you okay, Chiquita?

It is hard to shock me.

How about, huh?
Give me that code.

Even if it works, I can't believe it.

Well, let's go.

Call ... to ... HQ.

Hey, listen to this.


... to ... HQ.

- What is it, static?
- Whatever it is is decipherable.

It's our code.
Take the key.

Can't you send short messages?

Bad spelling, but it makes sense.

See if they are trying
to communicate with us.

With so much baticum it is better
that they respond.

We will try.
Now put that plaque on the tooth.


"Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro ..."

Chiquita, you're out of frequency,
adjust that.

Hey, they're getting it!
It works!

Chiqui, you're in the air!
You will win a medal for that!

As long as it's not
meant to stick to the tooth!

Harry, say that the red team is here.
Have Magnolia Manor attacked.

Okay, come on.

It says the red ones are
parked south of here ...

na Magnolia Manor.

- Have you verified the sender's identity?
- Identity confirmed, sir.

The codes sent check.

In that case, we will take the
red team by surprise.

We will divert the main attack

- Tonight at 20:30. Send the message.
- Yes sir.

Right. Now let's hear
what they said.

"Make way for the factotum of the city!
Make way for the factotum of the city!"

"Of the city, of ..."

Come on, adjust it right.

- They're going to attack.
- See?

- Shhh! Someone is coming.
- Take it off, Chiquita.

- Come on, take it off fast!
- Arrested!

- Give me the pliers !.
- Quick, do something!

- Nice day, isn't it?
- Hey, what's going on here?

- It's her sinusitis.
- Sinusitis?

It is the only thing that improves.
Isn't it, Chiqui?


I still think I heard some
weird beats here.

Ah, that!
That's it.

- It's part of the treatment.
- Before you continue with sinusitis.

- Well, sorry to interrupt.
- All right.

- If you need any treatment ...
- No, thanks.

Hey, if you have any belongings out there,
you better collect.

The detachment is already leaving.

You heard what he said.
The army is leaving.

What will my commander say if he arrives
and the reds are gone?

Even worse because I was the one who sent
them to come.

- There we go again.
- What are you going to do, Harry?

- Tell the blues that it was a rumor.
- Wait.

Can't you keep them here
until the blues arrive?

Good idea, but how?

- Guys, it's easy!
- Only if it's for you.

No, no, it's easy!

Easy! Chiquita is right!
In love and war anything goes.

Let's go soft on the reds and the girls
will have their husbands back today.

Hey, good idea!
Will be?

Let's tell the girls.

- Let me see that, Chiquita.
- Hey, Blossom, wait!

Do you have a cold?

- No, it's my sinusitis.
- Oh well...

- More peas, Lieutenant?
- Ah, thank you very much.

I must admit that I made a mistake
in sending my report ...

asking for the ban on your home.

Now, Lieutenant!

I never imagined how charming
you are!

I don't know how to describe this
unexpected pleasure.

But where would our southern hospitality be,
especially when it comes to you?

You know, I have a weakness
for well-caught soldiers.

Now, Srta. Hart!

- More peas, Lieutenant?
- No thank you very much.

"More peas, Lieutenant?"
"More peas, Lieutenant!"

What was this?

Our prisoner trying to eat
the wood from the windows.

After all, he also deserves to eat.
I completely forgot about him.

I remember that when I joined, I
only thought about meals.

- I think it's better ...
- Don't worry, I'll take care of him.


- Harry!
- I'm going.

How are you?
- Everything up, cousin?

An expression that we use in the north.

Can you take this to Sergeant Fulton,

It seems that the ration has been rationed.

You know, Ashley, no matter how much I do
it will always be little for you.

- More peas?
- No thank you.

- Here, your dinner.
- Bread and water, wonderful!

You can return it. Say I already
hunger by biting my nails.

What it is? Everything is working out.
You have nothing to worry about.

Nothing, just watching her
curl up in that meganha as if she were going to drown.

Now, she doesn't like him.
Nonsense of yours!

Yeah, nonsense, a lot of nonsense ...

How about, now you're wiping his chin
like a napkin.

And? The sauce is greasy.
Who's going to kiss a smeared chin?

Furthermore, she is doing it
for you.

Well, you don't have to.
I pass.

Now she hugged him.

Control yourself!
It will ruin everything!

- Do you mind?
- No, you can help yourself.

I thank.

"More peas, Lieutenant?"

- There's something else I'm sorry about.
- What, Ashley?

I had to leave early on your show
and I couldn't hear you singing.

- I don't think he lost much.
- That's not what I was told.

But how nice!

What a shame, more precise to fire me.

- That's it!
- This what?

My best song.
That's her title.

- Sit down, I sing now.
- But it's ok.

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish that I could stay #
# And hold you tight #

# I wish, I wish, I wish #

# By every star up above #

# That we could linger long enough #

# To fall in love #

# I'd hate to be the one #
# To break away #

# When I've a heart #
# That you could take away #

# I'd hate to miss the kisses #

# That your lips invite #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# Look at that moon #

# Beaming out loud #

# He knows that I'm dreaming out loud #

# He sort of seems to say #
# The time is right #

# I wish we didn't have #
# To say good night #

# I wish we didn't have #

# To say good night #

Chiqui, where's the blue army?

They are passing through the farms
on the other side of the city.

Stud, eh?

Why don't you hurry up. They were supposed to
arrive in four minutes.

Ladies, I don't know how to thank you for
your hospitality.

But unfortunately, we have to leave.

But Lieutenant, you can't go anytime soon!

We were supposed to be
at Jackson's junction an hour ago.

I'm sorry, but...

- Sirs! Sirs! Where are you going?
- Let's go north.

North? But don't you know where they are?
We are in the south.

Don't you know what the south means?
Do not know?

What does it mean, sir?

# Southland! #

Hm, an orchestra!

# Southland! #

# I love the dear old Southland #

# I wish I was in the land of cotton #

# Old times there are not forgotten #

# Look away, look away, #
# Look away, look away #

# I gotta shoes, you gotta shoes #
# She's gotta shoes, he's gotta shoes #

# I gotta shoes, I gotta shoes #
# I gotta shoes, I gotta shoes #

Hey, where did you get so many coupons?

# I gotta shoes, I gotta shoes #


Why are you late?

They are not late.

They're passing in front
of David's Delicatessen now.

David's Delicatessen?

Excellent. I just hope they don't
stop for a snack.

Friend, there are many songs ...

... but the one I like the most is the southern one.

I know there is South America, South
Dakota, South Brooklyn ...

...South Africa!

# Awesome, yugula #

# I'm proud of you #

# Young young legal #

# Glowee! #

# Alaga gunta gala #
# Uga uga #

# Chatanooga chooga #
# Chatanooga chooga, yes! #

# Yes, skin skin #
# Young young long long #

Sirs! They cannot leave the south.

- Don't you know what the south has?
- No, what does the south have?

Cotton harvest, fried chicken.

Molasses candy, magnolia shoots ...

Roasted capybara, black culture.

# Mammy's little baby #
# Loves short'nin', short'nin' #

# Mammy's little baby loves #
# Short'nin' bread #

# Mammy's little baby #
# Loves short'nin', short'nin' #

# Mammy's little baby loves #
# Short'nin' bread #


I came to see you, Mammy!

I don't want to look unhappy, Mammy.
But I miss you in Alabama.

Who's that next to you, Mammy?
Now, it's Pappy!

I remember when Pappy took me
to the cotton fields.

And under the moonlight of the hinterland, amid
the plane trees, he would tell me ...

... "Son, it's seven-thirty ..."

And he said, "Son, you have to pray.
You have to pray!"

# Hallelujah!" #

# You gotta pray! #
# You gotta pray! #

# Before that Judgment Day #
# Hallelujah, brother! #

# You gotta swing, you gotta sway #

# And wash your sins away #
# Yes, Brother! #

# You'll have to say your prayers #

# Before you climb them golden stairs #

# Climbing up them golden stairs #
# Climbing up them golden stairs #

# Climbing up them golden stairs #

# When the call is coming to you #

# You'll be shoutin' hallelujah! #

# Yeah! #

# Climbing up them golden stairs #

Brothers, you are here because you were
righteous and prayed.

But if they start to sin,
they will see each other ...

# Climbing down them golden stairs #
# Climbing down them golden stairs #

# Climbing down them golden stairs #
# Hallelujah! #

# If you ain't been on the level #
# You'll be walking with the devil! #

# No! #

# Climbing down them golden stairs! #

# Brothers and sisters! #
# Climbing up them golden stairs #.

# Climbing up them golden stairs #

# Up to heaven! #
# When the Lord is calling to you #

# You'll be shouting hallelujah #

# Climbing up them golden stairs #

Where are they now?

Now they are ...

...are here!

# If you ain't been on the level #
# You'll be walking with the devil! #

- # Climbing down them golden stairs! #
- Atenção!

The war games are over.

The place is completely surrounded
and neutralized by the blue forces.

What's going on here?

They will be penalized for this

to your commander immediately .

Não, não, preciso ir.

Força azul...
O que faz aqui, Sargento?

Eu, eu...
Eu fui capturado, senhor.

Teve alguma coisa a ver com a
desarticulação das forças vermelhas?

Sim, senhor... não, senhor... quer dizer...
Não tive nada a ver com isso.

Foram as meninas que confundiram
os vermelhos.

É que seus maridos são da força azul,
assim elas torciam pelo nosso lado...

...pra poder trazê-los de volta.

Que história é essa de desorganizar
manobras de guerra?

- Já não interditei esta casa?
- Sim, mas foi tudo um mal-entendido.

A Srta. Hart ofereceu a casa
para esposas de militares...

- ...para poder ajudar os rapazes...
- Basta, soldado. Apresente-se à sua tropa.

Sim, senhor.

Esposas, hein?

- Você é casada?
- Sim, com o Soldado Murphy, senhor.

- Com quem você é casada?
- Sargento Laddie Green, um doce de pessoa!

- Oh, isto é...
- E você?

Ducky Smith, isto é Soldado Smith.

- Eu? Não.
- Então o que está fazendo aqui?

Bem, eu tinha meus planos.

Interditado, hein?
Terei que dar um jeito nisso.

Quem é você? O que quer?
O que é isso no rosto?

- Eu, uh... Posso explicar, Coronel.
- Deixe que eu explico.

É muito simples. Eu posso dar todas as
explicações sem haver confusão nenhuma.

O senhor está vendo aquele rapaz de óculos
com a boca pintada de preto?

Dizem por aí que ele é meu primo. Pode ser,
pode não ser. Eu acredito.

Meu nome é Maria Carmenzinha
Margarida Lopes, do Brasil.

- Ah, Brasil?
- Sim, Brasil, Brasil!

Mas o nome do meu pai é Jake Hart... Terre Haute, Indiana,
vendedor itinerante.

Vendedor itinerante?

Hm-hmm. Em bom português,
caixeiro viajante.

Como o senhor vê, uma confusão tão grande
que ninguém se entende mais.

É melhor por um stop nisso e neca, neca!

- Ora, que interessante!
- Está vendo?

- Interditado, hein? Vou estudar o caso.
- Okay!

Chiqui, você resolveu tudo.
O que você falou?

Disse que você é maluco!


Diversão sem limites na Magnolia Manor


- Olá, prima.
- Já encontrou o Rocky?

Ainda estou procurando.
Mas fica fria, ele acaba aparecendo.

Claro que também pode ter pegado
20 anos de cadeia,

mas é o tipo de cara que
esperaria eternamente.

Não sei se vai dar pra esperar
o Tenente.

Se tiver algum compromisso, não será
o exército que o fará se atrasar.

- Onde já se viu?
- Tá bem, tá bem.

- Mande entrar o Sargento Fulton.
- Imediatamente, senhor.

Pode entrar, soldado.

- Sargento, pra você.
- Não estaria tão seguro.

Onde já se viu?

- Sargento Fulton se apresentando, senhor.
- Ah, sim, Fulton.

- Já falo com você.
- Sim, senhor.

- Já deve saber por que o chamei.
- Não faço a menor ideia, senhor.

Não me diga que já esqueceu
das manobras, Sargento.

Então ainda sou sargento... senhor?

Acho que o coronel tem algo
a dizer a esse respeito.

Tenho aqui um memorando dele
referente a você.

O que ele diz, senhor?

"Em face da ação do Sargento
Ronald Ful...

Ronald Fulton, é você, não é, Ronald?

Sim, sou eu, senhor.

Tenente Carruthers falando.
Sim, Major?

Sim, Major.

Tratarei disso amanhã assim
que chegar.

Vejamos, onde estávamos?

- O Coronel ia tratar do meu caso.
- Ah, sim...

"Em face da ação do Sargento Fulton
nas recentes manobras...

Com licença, mas o intendente pediu que
assinasse isto imediatamente.

Ah, sim.

- Toma.
- Obrigado, senhor.

Estava falando da minha ação nas
recentes manobras...

Sim..."Em face da ação do Sargento Fulton
nas recentes manobras,

em virtude do desembaraço demonstrado,

...recomendo que seja colocado na lista
de candidatos ao curso de oficialato."

Bem, acho que era de se esperar,
embora eu...

Ei, espera aí! Sou eu!
Vou entrar pro curso!


- É só isso, senhor?
- Sim, é só isso.

- E parabéns.
- Obrigado, senhor.

# When you #

# Samba #

# Take a touch of boogie-woogie #

# Add it to the rhythm of the samba #

# Samba! #

# You can really jump a train #

# When a boogie-woogie trumpet #
# Plays the samba #

# Move it #

# Groove it #

# Keep the jive alive #
# And you'll improve it #

# You'll sing #

# Solid #

# 'Cos you start to swing the jazz #

# Then you swing right back #
# Into the samba #

# You'll be really hep to get in step #

# And put some pep into the samba #

# So if you want your kicks today #

# Just travel South-American way #

# And you can choo-choo, choo away #
# And do the boogie-woogie to the samba #

# When you samba #

# Take a touch of boogie-woogie #

# Add it to the rhythm of the samba #

# If you gotta jump it #

# Jump it with a trumpet #
# When you're playing the samba #

# Move it #
# Groove it #

# Keep that boogie jive man alive #

# And then you samba #

# Oh, samba, oh, oh, boogie #

# Samba, boo-boo-boogie ##

# Shoot the samba to me, Sam Boy #

# So if you want your kicks today #

# Why don't you try #
# The South-American way? #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# Just like other people do? #

# Oh, wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love #

# I could, could you? #

# Can't you sort of see #
# That you were meant for me #

# Just as I am meant for you? #

# Oh, can't you sort of see #
# That's how it has to be? #

# Hm-hmm, can you? #

# Suppose I ask your father? #
# He'll say yes.#

# How about your knocked-out cousins? #

# Oh, they'll say yes #

# Well, then am I forgiven? #

# Well, I guess #

# Make way for happiness #

# Think of shoes and rice #
# A trip to paradise #

# Then that bassinet of blue #

# Wouldn't it be nice #
# If we could fall in love? #

# I could #

# Could you? #

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