Someone You Loved (2023) - full transcript

Joon Ho and Ah Yeong have been best friends since college and now a couple living together. Ah Yeong is making the best of her situation, but she feels his boyfriend Joon Ho is wasting his life in excuse of preparing for an exam.

- My gosh.
- The view is just amazing.

It's so high up.

- The couch should go here.
- Over here?

Yes. And we'll put the TV here.

- There's a power outlet right here.
- Right.

My, look at this.

We can look around
a little more, right?

Yes, of course. Take your time.

This room would be
perfect for a nursery.

You're right. A room just for our baby.

The crib can go over here...

This is a nice, quiet neighborhood.

Yes, we love it.

- Thanks so much for everything.
- No problem.

Think about it and let me know.

- Sure, we'll be in touch.
- Okay. Get back safely.

Hey, A-yeong.

My gosh, Professor!

Just go ahead and smoke.
You don't need to put it back.

What are you doing here?

I live here, you know.

Anyway, what brings you here?

Just some work stuff.
I'm heading back now.

How have you been?


Hey. On Teachers' Day,

everyone came except
for you and Jun-ho.

So I was worried.

I'm sorry. We should've visited you.

Then why didn't you?

Also, you need to tell
me about your shows.

I haven't told you yet,
but I don't paint anymore.


So you retired as an artist?
Even I haven't retired yet.

No. It's not like that. I'm
just not painting right now.

Then what do you do now?

I work in real estate.

Real estate? All of a sudden?

And are you enjoying it?

Yes, it's not bad.

My goodness.

A fellow professor of mine asked
me to recommend an artist,

so I recommended you.

I'm sorry. I'm too busy to work
on my paintings these days.

In any case, visit me at school
when you can. We'll go for lunch.

Yes, for sure.

All right, I'm off. See you soon.

Okay. Take care, Professor.


Next question. Question number ten. The
enforcement of the following policy...

Hey, help me.

- One, two, three.
- Nice!

Those punks are here to smoke again.

- Me first.
- Hold on.

Got a lighter?

It's right here, idiot.

Hey, come on.

Who's smoking?

Those punks.

Hey, mister.

You stole our cigarettes
last time too, right?

That's ours. Mevius Sky Blue.

What do you mean?

It was up there, wasn't it?

Look at you playing dumb.
You're pissing me off.

What are you talking
about? This is mine.

Also, kids shouldn't smoke. Am I wrong?

Adults shouldn't steal
from kids. Am I wrong?

You little... You're rude.
Which school do you go to?

Why do you need to know that?

I'm going to get my cop
friend to call your school.

This guy's sordid.

What will you tell your cop friend?


Looks like someone's been studying.
Do you get good grades?

You clearly didn't since you have
to steal cigarettes from kids.

You look like a jobless loser who
sits around at home all day.

And what's with that fugly T-shirt?

What are you, a rocker?

You little jerk. How dare you
call Kurt Cobain "fugly"?

Are you the one who
smokes here all the time?

Thanks to you, my fresh laundry
always reeks of cigarette smoke!

I've never smoked here
before. Right, guys?

These punks always smoke
here. I was just scolding them.

- Hey, I'm taking this.
- What?

What are you talking about?
It's not even ours.

Wait. Aren't you Min-seok?

- Hello, ma'am.
- Hi.

Shouldn't you be at school now?

He demanded money from us,
saying he had to buy cigarettes.

Right, of course. I knew it!

Do you know what
kind of kid Min-seok is?

He's a class president who
always gets the highest marks.

Why would he smoke?

Must you lie in front of kids and
try to extort money from them?

You see, these days,

kids who get top grades smoke
more because they're stressed out.

Were you ever a top student?

If you keep causing a ruckus like this,

I'll call a cop I know
and get you arrested.

Anyway, enough of
your nonsense. Just go.

Wait, give them back their money.

Excuse me? "Ruckus"?
What did I even do?

And what? You'll call a cop you know?

Hey, Dong-gyu. Now,
that's sordid. Right?

Hey, lady. That's sordid.

What? You call me "sordid"?

What's with her?

Hey, stop.

What did you say?

Whatever. Just hand it over.
We have to go to school.

You little pricks. Should
I teach you a lesson?



Damn it. What the hell?


Hey, the cigarettes...

Guys, wait up!


Hey, A-yeong.


Sorry, I'm late.

Did you wait long?

Couldn't you have dressed up a little?

What's wrong with this?
This isn't a job interview.


We're late. Let's go inside.

Were you out doing deliveries?

Just one.

How late are we?


- Hello.
- Come on in.

Thank you.

Could you store this somewhere for us?

Yes, of course.


Hello. Oh, it's...

Hold on.



- I couldn't believe it.
- Hello.

- Hi, A-yeong!
- Hello.

- Sorry.
- It's been so long.

- Sorry we're late.
- Do you know what time it is now?

Sorry. I really am.

Pay the penalty for being
late. For two people.

Yes, of course. I will, next time.

Hey, what were you saying?

The installation fee for the
water filter was insane.

Jun-ho, when will you pass the exam?

You said you'd buy us a steak
dinner once you passed.

You always pester me
about the steak dinner

when you don't even care about my exam.

You don't need to buy us dinner.
Just pass that darn exam.

That's my lifelong wish.


I bet he drives you nuts.

No, he's been studying hard.

They made this year's
exam ridiculously difficult

to pick out top talent or whatever.

It's not just you though. I bet
it was difficult for everyone.


The government is doing its job right.

He always says stuff like
that when he bombs an exam.

Hey, enough about the exam. I
want to enjoy my drink. Come on!

- Cheers.
- Goodness.

- Where are you going?
- To grab a smoke.

I'm coming too.

- Do you have cigarettes?
- No, I don't.

Have you ever bought
cigarettes with your own money?

A-yeong, we'll drop you
off on the way. Get in.

It's okay. We have to stop
by somewhere along the way.

Get going.

Are we going somewhere?

I had fun today. Get home safely.

Talk soon. We'll be off, then.

Yes, get going.

Bye. Get home safely.

- Bye!
- Bye!

- Get home safely.
- See you soon!

Okay. Bye!

Well, they offered to give us a ride.

Why not just go with them
and save money on a taxi?

Are you the one paying?

Hey, that's mean.

What's the matter? Hey!

Wait! Jeez.

Hey, wait up! Where are you going?


Tell me your date and time of birth.

I was born at 3 p.m.
on July 15th, 1986.

What time were you born?

No idea. I have to ask
my mom. I don't remember.

Hold on.

- The person you're trying to...
- She's not picking up.

I think it was around 8:30 a.m.


the girlfriend has a lot
of metal in her birth chart.

And the boyfriend...
Oh, dear. He's stuck.

He's pouring water
into a bottomless jar.

The water keeps leaking,

which is why he can't
accomplish the things he wants.

And the girlfriend is always thirsty.

What? Why would she be thirsty?

What are you talking about?

Just a moment. It's my mom.

Hi, Mom. What time was I born?

Why? Are you getting a
birth chart reading done?

Wow. You're like a psychic, Mom.

They need to know my time of birth.

You were born at 8:30
p.m. How's A-yeong?

Oh, it was in the evening?

How is A-yeong doing?

Yes, I'm with her
now. I have to go. Bye!

Can you check again? It's 8:30 p.m.


You two are meant to be.
A match made in heaven.

Hang on. What are you saying?

The 12-hour difference
changed our fate?

You two are perfect for each other,

so just trust one another
and try to live a happy life.

What? That's it?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

It's 50,000 won, right?

You're charging us 50,000
won for just saying that?

You got your birth time wrong
and wasted my time earlier.

- Thank you.
- Hey, A-yeong.

Wait, hold on.


- Hey, hold on.
- I wish you all the best. Goodbye.

Hey, we have to get
our money's worth. Wait.

- A-yeong!
- That fool.

Hey, A-yeong.

Do you know how many deliveries
I have to do to earn 50,000 won?

All she did was say mean things
about me. Talk about easy money.

Hey, A-yeong.

I'll go take care of
just one more delivery.

Don't. You drank earlier.

Right? Okay.



Can you not ride that thing?

Why not?

You don't have to earn money right now.

Just focus on studying
for the time being, okay?

It's not like I do this all day.

It's not safe, you know.

Hey, what are you talking about?
Every delivery guy uses this.

It's safe.

You could've passed the exam
had you not picked up this job.

A-yeong, I promise I'll pass the exam.

I have a good feeling this time.

Well, anyway. I don't
want you doing this.

Are you embarrassed?

I never said that.

Don't try to pick a fight.

What? I'm not trying to pick a fight.

Why are you so on edge today?

Ouch! What was that?

Hey, are you all right?

Who did this? Hey, go
inside. Where is this prick?

Oh! Hey, go inside.

- Jun-ho! Where are you going?
- Go inside. It's not safe.


Darn it.

Those jerks are fast. Was
it those kids from earlier?

Those cowards. I lost them.

I bet they don't even have the
nerve to look someone in the eye.

You know these kinds of
keyboard warriors, right?

I filed a report with the police,
so let's calm down and wait.

You did? Good.

I can't wait to see this loser's
face when he gets caught.

What's in this anyway?

Hey, we don't know what's in it.

Don't put it here.

It stinks. Don't open it.

Seriously, don't open it.
It'll stink up the whole house!

Why won't you listen to me?

We should check the evidence...

It must be the police.
The cops are here.

That was fast.


You called, right?

- Yes, sure.
- Could you tell us what happened?

Sure. Someone threw
something, and it hit me.

I turned around and saw
the window slam shut.

So I went to that house and knocked,

but they won't open the door.

If they won't open the door,
there's nothing we can do.

It's dark out, so even
security footage won't show us

exactly where it came from.

It'll be hard to secure evidence
that it came from that house.

Can we see what they threw at you?

Sure, here.

Wait, my fingerprints...

It's fine.

Well, all right.

We'll take this and look
into it. We'll be in touch.

Oh, don't go knock on their door again.


That's it?

Yes. If they won't open the door,
there's nothing we can do now.

But what if they threw a
brick or something like that?

Sir, are you hurt?

No, not at all. I'm totally fine.

Hey. What's the matter with you?

That's not important right now.


This is all we can tell
you at the moment.

We'll take this and look into it.

We'll contact you at the
number you provided.

I can't believe this.

Look, he's studying
for an important exam.

What if a brick hit his head
and damaged his brain?

Could we hold you
accountable if that happened?

Well, that's...

Allow me to interrupt.
A-yeong, don't get so worked up.

She's a little on edge today.

- Please get going. Just let us know.
- Okay, we'll be in touch.

Okay, bye.

Jeez, I'm going to kick their
asses when they're caught.

Those little keyboard warriors.

Hey, what the heck was that?


Earlier, you acted
all mighty and tough.

But in front of the cops,
you were the biggest suck-up.

What? I can't believe
you're calling me a suck-up.

This is a nation of laws. We
must obey law enforcement.

Besides, I'm studying
to be a civil servant.

Civil servants need to help
each other out, you know?

Their job is exhausting.

Then why even say things
like how you'll kick their asses

when you love the law so much?

Also, I can't believe
you took the cops' side.

And what? I'm on edge?

Hey, I didn't take anyone's side.

And it's true that you're on
edge. You're acting so weird today.

If I got hit by it and was
hurt, what would you do?

Hey, that's not what happened.
I'm the one that got hit!

I said, if.

Would you still thank the
cops politely and let them go?

Why are you so worked up over
something that didn't even happen?

I just don't get it.



why did you have to tell the cops
that I was studying for an exam?

Jeez, that was embarrassing.

At least you know it's embarrassing.


I'm done talking to you.

What's with her?

What are you doing?

Eating instant noodles.

Want one?

There's kimchi stew in the fridge.

I told you not to eat that stuff
for breakfast. It's bad for you.

I told you not to drink coffee
in the morning. It's bad for you.

Don't be such a kid.

Does that taste good
first thing in the morning?

It's so good.

I want a bite.

You said you were on a diet and
would never eat instant noodles.

You're making me want to have some.

Come on. I'm hungover too.

Just one bite.

Why didn't you just tell
me to cook you one too?

You always do this.


It's hot.

Hey! That's a lot!

Seriously? You said just one bite!

It's so hot!

You said you just wanted one bite.

I only had one bite.

Hey, it's undercooked.

Darn it. Hey!


That's how much a hippo
would eat in one bite.

It looks like a crocodile came
and swallowed all the noodles!

I don't want this. Damn it.

Hey, Lee Jun-ho.

Does this make you that angry?

A packet of instant
noodles costs 800 won.

I'll add 200 for your labor,
so let's say it's 1,000 won.

Just over that, you're calling
me a crocodile and a hippo?

I clearly asked if I should
cook another one for you.

You can just cook another
one now and eat that!

Must you throw such a tantrum?

You're the one who's been
throwing a tantrum since yesterday!


A tantrum?

Jeez. What's with her?

She always does this to me.


So what's up?

I was in the area, so I
stopped by to see you.

Do you always carry that thing around?

It's my precious baby.

- All good?
- It's perfect.

Hey, listen up.

I asked A-yeong if she'd want one

when I was cooking
instant noodles earlier.

She said no.

But then, she asked for one bite

and gobbled it up like a hippo would.

And yesterday, she suddenly
wanted to go see a fortune-teller.

We paid 50,000 won to hear things
that I could've easily said myself.

How is she even working
as a real estate agent?

No wonder home prices
are going through the roof.

Is that why the market is so
out of control? I didn't know.

You prick.


Look. See?

Speak of the devil.

Did she put up a surveillance
camera somewhere?

Hey, what's up?

I'm at the library. What's up?

I'm going to study here
and go home later. Why?

Okay, all right. Bye.

Why? What did she say?

She must feel bad.

For eating your instant noodles?

There's other stuff
too. From yesterday.

Yesterday? What happened?

Stop prying. Are you
here to ask questions?

What? I'm only asking
because you got me curious.

But you're freeloading
off A-yeong at the moment.

So you should treat her like a queen.

From the way I see it, she's
the one who has the upper hand.

What? Dude, you're funny.

- Hey, why are you so funny?
- I wasn't trying to be funny.

Hey, I hear A-yeong's footsteps.

A-yeong's here. She's
here! Get the game console.

- The game console.
- Hey! The console!

- Shoot.
- Hey, just go.

Go! Hide!

Hey, A-yeong. Why
are you back so early?

I left something.

I see, same here. I left
something, so I had to come back.

You said you were at the library.

Oh, I realized I forgot
my wallet at home.

You went out wearing that?

I wear this all the time
when I study. It's super comfy.

What were you doing?

You said you were at the library.

Right? You said you
were at the library.

I asked you to just study hard.

If you can't even do that...

Hello, ma'am. I mean, A-yeong.

I gave up what I wanted to do

and got this job so
we could get married.

Don't you feel bad for me?

You half-ass
everything, whatever it is!

Even when you cook instant noodles!

Calm down. I'll go to the library.

Ha-neul, you should leave.


I even gave you my credit
card so you could eat out.

What more do I have to do?

Am I your mom?

Do I have to spoon-feed you?

Right, you don't listen to your mom.
Of course, you won't listen to me.

Hey, that's enough. I
deserve some respect too.

No, you don't.

You've done nothing to earn my respect.

Seriously, enough!
Ha-neul, go home already!

Don't raise your voice
at me, you bastard!

I'm sick of being the breadwinner
in this relationship, so get out.

Nothing in this house is
yours, so you can just leave.

A-yeong, the thing is...

I told my mother that I'd
help her at her store today.

May I get going?

I'll pick up my console next time.

You walk around acting like a nice guy.

I bet you have no idea what
people really think of you.

Everyone smiles at you and
tells you to cheer up, right?

They're all laughing
at you inside, you idiot.

Learn how to read a room.

I turned off the stove.

Get out.

The fridge... Checked.

It's closed. Just shut up and get lost.

Hey, A-yeong. Wait.

A-yeong, wait!

Hey! My wallet!

Hey, come on.

Hey, are you that dense?

Why would you stand
there frozen like that

and listen to her nag?

Anyway, if you tell anyone about
it, I'll kill you. You'd better...

Jeez, this twerp.

Hold on, then I should...

Hi, it's me. I think I need
to take the day off today.

No, it's nothing serious.

I just feel a little under the weather.

Sorry. I'll see you tomorrow.



What would you like to order?

One iced Americano and...

That's it.

Do you have a different card?


It says to call your
credit card company.

Oh, a different card...

I'll order in a bit.

Yes, that's right.

Sure thing. Don't worry.

All right.

Hey, I was going to treat you today.

Two iced Americanos
and... Actually, just one.

I'll try the Black Sesame Cream
Frappuccino. Iced, please.

What's that in your pockets?

Handguns? Like in
"A Fistful of Dollars"?

Hey, you seem to be doing
great, looking much more relaxed.

Relaxed, my foot.

Anyway, what's new?

Nothing much. I'm just
working on this and that.

You work in sales.
Isn't it really hectic?

You know, the salesmen you see on TV

make it look like
they're always working.

But now that I've
done it for a while...

I mean, look. I'm here having
coffee with you during my work hours,

using my corporate card.

Whatever you do in life,
you just need to be smart.

Thank you.

But don't they pressure you to
meet your sales quota every month?

They do.

But believe it or not, I was
named the top seller last year.

Man, I didn't know I was
such a talented salesperson.

Shouldn't you guys get married soon?

We want to do it
when the time is right.

Did you guys fight again?

No, why would we fight?

Come on. I know you.

That apartment. Who paid the deposit?

Do you even pay rent?

Of course, I pitch in when I have to.

Listen, Jun-ho.

Your existence in that
space is wrong in and of itself.

So is you breathing in that space.

You eating in that
space? That's so wrong.

And you using the bathroom
there? That's really...

It's an unforgivable sin. You'll
face consequences for that.

Do you understand?

Here, give this to A-yeong.

Tell her you bought it.

What is this?

It's what I give to the
hospital directors as a gift.

I mean, think about it.

You're mooching off her
because you're still "studying."

At least try to charm her
just like I do with my clients.

Hey, hold on.

Hello, Lee Yun-seong speaking.

Yes, sir. Then I'll be on my
way to the hospital right away.

Okay. I'll see you shortly.

You're leaving already?

Sorry. Let's grab a
drink together soon.

Thanks for the drink!


What is this?


A-yeong. Let me in, please.

A-yeong. What's all this
stuff here? Are we moving?

Fine. I promise I'll study hard

and pass the exam this year. I swear.

Let me in, please. A-yeong.

You even froze the credit card.

Why would you pull that kind of prank?

Stop pranking me. Just open...

Fine. Should we take
some time apart to think?

But it's not necessary. We
think all the time anyway.

Okay, fine. I'm sorry
for everything. Let me in.

We'll think together
and talk it out, okay?

Open the door...

Hey, A-yeong!

Darn it.

This is for you. It was expensive.


How much longer will you keep this up?

I won't do it again.

What exactly won't you do again?

I feel like I always have
to lie in front of your friends.

I gave up on what I wanted
to do so I could support you.

It's not like I sit
around and do nothing.

I take care of all the
annoying house chores.

From compost to recycling...

I know you're the breadwinner,
but don't be so bossy!

Right, you can't boss me around
because you have zero income.

You have no choice, whereas I do.

All right, I'm leaving.

Let's end this.

Damn it.

Mr. Lee Jun-ho? This way, please.

It's because you overexerted
muscles that you don't normally use.

Don't drink too much, and
try not to lift heavy objects.



Hey, the food is ready.

Here you go.

- Thank you.
- No problem. Enjoy.

Excuse me. Can we get more water?


Still, why did you snoop
through my phone?

Why can't I look?

You don't trust me. What more
can I do to make you trust me?

- I trust you. I do.
- Then what's with the snooping?

Why won't you show me your phone?

You have no reason not to show
me unless you're hiding something.

Whatever, forget it.
I'm done. I'm leaving.

- I can't believe this.
- Hey, where are you going?

Where are you going?

What's your problem?

Hey, I just sent you your pay.

Gosh, this is embarrassing.

Why did you send so much?

I just felt like it.

Thanks to you, I don't
have to struggle so much.

Thank you, boss.

Don't be silly. Let's clean
up quickly and go home.

- Get home safely.
- See you tomorrow.

Hey. Don't call A-yeong
even if you get lonely.

Cut it out. Just get going, boss. Go.

Call me instead.

Stop it. I'll see you tomorrow.

- All right.
- Bye.

Don't call her!



Hey, A-yeong. How
did the blind date go?

He said you should join us next time.

What? Why did he say that?

I bet he said that because he felt shy.

He's a good guy. I hope it works out.

I'll call you back when I get home.

I'm in a cab right now.

I thought you two would make
a cute couple. Anyway, all right.



Hello? Your car is
blocking the driveway.

- What?
- Could you move your car?

I'm not in the area now.

Well, I have to go to work now.


The person you're trying to reach...

Damn it.

I'm sorry I'm late. I'm so sorry!

What happened? You're never late.

My neighbor parked right in front
of my car and ignored my calls.

I'm really sorry. Lunch is on me.

Thanks to your neighbor,
I'm getting free lunch.



I'm here to check out the office space.

Whereabouts are you now?

Office space?

Which one...

Oh, shoot.

I'm sorry. I'll be there shortly.

No need to rush.

It's fine. Take your time.

I'll be there as fast as I
can. My apologies again.

Excuse me. Are you the one
who's here to see the office space?


- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm really sorry. I'm normally
not this disorganized.

Don't worry. It's fine.

Do you enjoy tart coffee?

My gosh, you didn't have to
get me anything. Thank you.

- Shall we go inside?
- Sure.

This way, please.

This is it.

Nice. This is great.

Do you mind me asking what
kind of business you're in?

Oh, we work on AI research projects

- and develop software programs.
- I see.

Do you have many employees?

No, just about ten.

Then you'll like this
space. It's a good size.

Yes, I see that.

And it gets plenty of natural light.

Yes, it does.

I see. And it's an easy
location to commute to.

Once, we moved into a so-called
"clean" semi-basement office,

but we had water leaks
every time it rained.

Right. There's always that risk
with renting basement spaces.

- And it's prone to mold growth.
- Exactly.

May I take a look around?

Of course, by all
means. Take your time.

Thanks for showing me the space.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Well, if it was up to me,
I'd sign the lease right away.

But I should consult
my employees first.

Sure. Let me know what they say.

Will do.

The sooner I call
you, the better, right?

Well, yes. I'd appreciate that.

If you're headed back to
the office, I can drive you.

No, it's okay. I have to
take care of something here.

I see. Get back safely.
I'll be in touch, then.

- I'll wait for your call.
- All right.


Are you still open?

Yes, we are.

Come on in. Jun-ho,
can you take her order?

Are you the owner?
You're closing soon, right?

He's the owner.

No worries. Make yourself at home!

If you can't start closing
up because of me,

why don't you just join me?

I guess you had a long day.

Wait, this seems so familiar.

Right! It reminds me
of "Midnight Diner."

I haven't eaten yet, and I really
didn't feel like eating alone today.

Have a drink with me.

This is on me.


It was ridiculous, wasn't it?

What do you mean?

That night, you saw me
and my boyfriend fight.

Look at you playing
dumb. I know you saw it.

Did you two date for a long time?

About 200 days?

We're not a good match.

I didn't get a close look at him,

but he was quite tall and good-looking.

He looks completely normal,
right? But he's a total psycho.

When I post anything on social media,

I have to tell him who I'm
with and everything else.

At first, I thought he
wanted to know everything

because he loved me,
but it started to annoy me.

I couldn't take it anymore,
so I broke up with him.

It sounds like he
was quite controlling.

Yes. Couldn't he respect my privacy
and give me some breathing room?

I'm still in college.

I can't afford to go
all out and party hard.

If he suspects everything
I do, that's not love.

Right, I get what you're saying.

You know, I'm a student,
whereas he's making money.

I guess that makes
him think he's above me.

Some people are like that.

What's with that chuckle?

Oh, nothing.

Tell me about you.
Are you seeing anyone?

Now? No.

When did you break up?

Three months ago? I think
it's been about three months.

What did she do for a living?

She was a real estate agent.

And what about you?

I was studying for
the civil service exam.

I don't even have to ask you who
had the upper hand in the relationship.


I kept failing the exam every year.

I even once told her to stop
waiting for me and just move on.

What did she say to that?

She said no. She told
me that she'd feel cheated

if the exam was the reason we broke up.

But then, eventually...

I guess we were both fed up.

That day, I made a big...

I have to say, I made
a lot of mistakes.

I didn't think it'd end like that,

but it did.

You seem so sad all of a sudden.

Here, cheer up.

Thanks, cheers!

Cheers to Korea!

That's it.

What's he saying?

I should get going.

Did you call a taxi?


Hey, wait.

I bet you weren't
expecting any of this today.

"This"? What exactly do you mean?

Yesterday, I kept my eyes peeled.
But I only saw the owner, not you.

Kept your eyes peeled? For what?

It's for the drinks I had today.

Want to hang out tomorrow again?

What? Oh, sure.

All right, I'm off.


Wait, how are we going to hang out
when I don't even have your number?








You're lying down now, aren't you?


I was, on my stomach.

Want to go out with me?

Actually, let's just go out.


I don't know. I'll just
take that as a yes.

What do you mean you don't know?

You don't know? Hello?

What was that?

What just happened?

Oh, I see. Okay.

Then think about it and let me know.


Why? What did they say?

They want to think about
signing off on the house.

What? That's disappointing.

They must've had a fight.

The woman told me to
just cancel the whole thing,

but the man asked me
when I'd need their answer by.

Must they involve their real
estate agent in their fight?

Hey, maybe we should
charge them double.


My gosh, hello.

It's so good to see you!

What brings you all the way here?

- Would you like something to drink?
- No, I'm good.

You went to the
office yesterday, right?

- Yes.
- You left this.

Is it your boyfriend's?

Gosh, no.

I'm sorry. I should've
checked once more.

Don't worry about it.
Anyway, take it easy, ladies.

Get home safely.


Oh, right.

Yes, hello.

Hello. Sorry, I missed
your call earlier.

I called because you left your
wallet at the office you saw.

Oh, that's where I left it.
I'm sorry for the trouble.

Can I pick it up from
you now if you don't mind?

Yes. But the thing is, I'm
out for dinner right now.

Would you be able to come here?

Sure. Just text me the
address, and I'll be there.

Okay, I'll text you the
address right away.

Then I'll call you when I'm there.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- It's good.
- Yes.

Hey, how did the blind date go?

Don't even get me
started. She's so picky.

She likes super stylish men.

What? I'm not picky.

I thought he was quite good-looking.

Well, he was just so-so.

I can't believe you dated Lee
Jun-ho when you're this picky.

A-yeong, I know there's
no point in saying this now,

but Jun-ho really wasn't right for you.

I know he's a good
guy, but it's better to date

a mean, capable man than
a dense, incompetent loser.

Think about the youth you've
wasted on him since college.

He's a liar on top of
being incompetent.

It's so wrong, you know?

What do you think of him?

He's my husband's
co-worker. He's such a catch.

When he visited us, I could
tell his parents raised him well.

There's more.


He pees sitting down.

Isn't he a total catch?

Hey, that's amazing. He
sure gets extra points for that.

Right? Hey, don't just laugh.

He's one of a kind.
Isn't he a rare breed?

Just a moment.

Yes, hello.

Yes. Are you here?

She's putting on her nice voice.

Oh, you're here?


What was that about? Was it a guy?

- No.
- It was, wasn't it?

Is it him?

- Look at you, A-yeong.
- He's coming.

- He's here.
- Stop it.

- Hello.
- Hello.

We've heard so much about
you. We're A-yeong's friends.

- Oh, hello.
- Isn't A-yeong so pretty?

She's very kind.

If you're free now,

stay for a glass of wine
with our kind friend, A-yeong.

Please don't get the wrong
idea. We're both married,

but she's single.

- I see.
- Here's your wallet.

I'm sorry. My friends
like to joke around.

Don't worry about it.
Thank you for this, A-yeong.

Take a seat.



Why don't I plan
something for another time?

Is there anything else you need?

- No, don't worry.
- Why?

This is my friend's restaurant.

- I see.
- I see.

I'll let him know. He'll
take good care of you.

Thank you. My gosh.

- Thank you, A-yeong.
- No problem.

I'll call you.

I'll get going, then.
Enjoy your dinner.

Call us. We'll be waiting.

Get home safely.


Hey, who is he?

He's a client.

Your face tells us that
he's not just another client.

Did you eat something spicy?
Your face is burning red right now.

What's with you?

Hey, he's pretty cute.

I mean, nothing over-the-top.
Plain but charming.

He's cute.

Just like Pyongyang naengmyeon.

Plain but delicious.

Gosh, seriously. You girls are crazy.

- Why didn't she tell us about him?
- Right?


The person you're trying to
reach is unavailable at the moment.

Please try again...







From the sounds of it,

she was being considerate of you,

but in a self-centered way.

She was afraid others would
think her boyfriend was pathetic

and pity her because of it.

I'm at fault for making
her feel that way.

I should have tried harder.

Why keep saying it's your fault?
Did you fail the exam on purpose?

It's not that.

Were you like, "Let's bomb the
exam and ruin my already ruined life"?

No, of course not.

If you're not good at
studying, find a different path.

It's not that complicated.

You forced yourself to study
when you weren't cut out for it.

Even if my boyfriend
works at a fried chicken joint

or as a delivery guy, I don't care.

I don't want you stressed about
having to be the breadwinner.

I just want us to do
fun things together.

But here's something important.

If you betray me, it's over.

Let's not deceive each
other and our feelings.

Well, that was one long
speech. You must be hungry now.

I will eat what I want,
when I feel like eating.

You should do whatever
you want too. You can eat that.

Oh, only eat what you want,
when you feel like eating.

Hey, An-na.

I have a question.

Sure, what is it?

Well, that night...

How should I put this?

What did I like about you?


Why can't you just say that?


You didn't seem petty. You
seemed more like a klutz.

You didn't look rich or
anything, but you were pretty chill.

Obviously, you didn't
have it figured out yet,

but I knew you wouldn't be
controlling, which is important.

Is that a compliment or an insult?

Did you have to put me on the
spot like this? I'm embarrassed.

Stamp your seal right there.

The other one too. At the bottom.

Right below that line.


What do you think of this place?

Oh, I really love the vibe here.

I want to bring my
friends here next time.

The friends I met?

- Yes.
- I see.

They were so rude
that day, weren't they?

No, not at all. I'd describe
them as high-spirited.

Are they your high school friends?

We're all busy, so I
can't see them often.

They have to look after
their kids, and I've got work.

Have you always worked in real estate?

No. I used to work in the art industry.

I had to earn more money,
so I made the switch.

I see. They're completely
different industries.

I know. I somehow ended up here.

My story is similar.

Up until middle school, I wanted
to be a professional athlete

but had to give it up
when the financial crisis hit.

Then once I made some
money and had time to spare,

I thought of it again.

You see, I was quite good
at it when I was young.

But now that I'm trying to
get back into it, it's not easy.

I think that day will come
to me too, eventually.

But we'll see.

I'll look forward to that
day. I think it'll be very cool.

Gosh, thank you.

I had a bit of a situation back then.

What kind of situation?

I had to earn money.

I see. Because of your family?

No, it's not like that.

You don't have to tell
me if you don't want to.

I'll tell you after I finish this.


My boyfriend at the time was
studying for an important exam,

so I had to support him.

I see. Was he younger?

No, we were the same age.

We met in college and
dated for a long time.

I see. When did you two break up?

Not too long ago,

although it depends on how you see it.

Because we were together for so long...

Well, how should I put this?

I guess we were too comfortable?

Too much familiarity?

Yes. I think we let
it get the best of us.

We were both hurting, with
festering wounds untreated.

But we kept neglecting our
wounds and ignoring them.

Then things blew up.

Yes, that's right.

To the point that it wasn't mendable.

Let's say this is a pill that
contains happy memories.

When you can't stand your
partner because they did something

that turned you off,

you'd take the pill and go to sleep.

Then when you wake up,

you'd feel okay.

But that's because the pill made
you forget about it for a short while.

It made you forget about the problem.


Back then, I even
hoped he'd just dump me.

Let's just say that you didn't have
the courage to break up back then.

I don't know.

Let's drink.

Yes. Cheers.

A-yeong. You're not crying, are you?

No, I'm not.

Here, hold on to this.

Thank you.

My goodness.

- Let me pour you one.
- Sure.

Thank you for the dinner, A-yeong.

No problem. This was nothing
like the dinner at that restaurant.

Do you want to grab another drink?


Maybe next time. I
drank quite a bit today.

All right, then.

I'll drop you off on the way.




These days, I keep thinking that...

it's important to live your
life doing what you want.

Without regrets.


I think so too.

This is me.

Oh, I see.


If you're not seeing
anyone at the moment,

how about we date?

Can I

see you again tomorrow?

I'll be off, then.


Go inside.


Go on.

- Thank you. Let's go.
- Thank you.

- Yes, we should...
- Hey, Hui-su.

Hey, where are you? Can we meet?

Oh, sure. Is it urgent?

I'll meet you in front of your office.


- Really? Did you have fun?
- Yes!

- You had fun with your friends?
- Yes.

Great, I'm glad.

Auntie A-yeong is here.

- Hi, Ju-eun!
- Hi, Auntie A-yeong.

How have you been?

You're so adorable.

You can watch this while
Auntie A-yeong and I talk.

What's up?

Nothing much.

Hey, A-yeong.

What is it? Just say it.

What is it?

When I was at the daycare
earlier to pick up Ju-eun,

I saw Gyeong-il picking up his kid.


Usually, it's the mom
who picks up the kid.

That girl and Ju-eun are close,

so I say hello to the
mom when I see her.

I swear Gyeong-il saw me.

But he avoided my eyes.

I'm sure he's her uncle
or something like that.

I asked the teacher.

He's her dad.

The person you're trying to
reach is unavailable at the moment.

Yes, hello.

Is Sin-hye home now?

Not yet. She's at my mother-in-law's.

I'm on my way to pick her up.

I see.

I saw someone pick her up
earlier. Was that your husband?

Yes. I didn't have time
to pick her up today.

Ju-eun keeps saying that
she wants to see Sin-hye.

Then why don't you meet us
here? Let's go for a cup of tea.


Come on, Ju-eun. Let's go.


What are you doing?

I told you, A-yeong.

I'm not seeing anyone
at the moment. I swear.

My wife and I are splitting up.

We just need to sign
the divorce papers.

That's just to make
it official, you know.

Excuse me. Who are you?

Ask this bastard.



Who is she?

What the hell are you doing?


I'm sorry. Who's this?

You still have my tablet, right?


Are you home?

Can I pick it up today?


Around two o'clock.

No, today won't work.
I'll just courier it to you.

What time will you be home?

I can come now if that works.

No, don't. I'll drop it off for
you. Where should I meet you?

You remember my old studio, right?

- Don't be late.
- All right.

- Who was that?
- Oh, just a friend.

Let's order black bean sauce noodles.

What do you feel like?

I'll have the same.

No, get the seafood noodle
soup so we can share.

Okay, sure.

- Are you going somewhere?
- I have to return this to my friend.

I'll be right back.

Darn it.

Hey, I'm here.

Come in.

Hey, just a second.

Where's everyone else?
When will Seong-ho be here?

Seong-ho? He moved out a while ago.

Why? He quit art?

No, he has a show abroad.

Good for him.

What about Tae-jin?

Tae-jin is helping his
parents at their farm.

And Min-seung quit.

I see.

Here's the tablet.

You haven't eaten yet, right? Want
some black bean sauce noodles?

I'm meeting someone. I have to go.

This will take a while though.

How long?

I need to make sure it's working.

I've used it a few
times. It works fine.

Still, I have to make sure.

People who buy secondhand
items are very picky these days.

What are you doing?


Why are you sitting like that?

All right, fine.


How long has it been since we broke up?


Has it been about a year?


I guess.

You guess? What kind of answer is that?

Stop trying to act cool.

Are you seeing anyone?

Well, you know...

I guess you have someone.

What does she do?

- She's still in school.
- How old?

She's 23.

How did you manage that?

Where did you meet her?

Hey, why do you have so many questions?

Hurry up. I have to go.

Come on. It's fun!

Oh, through a dating app?


I find it fascinating that
a man in his mid-30s

is dating a 23-year-old.


You said you were meeting
someone. So you're meeting her?


Where's your girlfriend now?

She's at my place.

You left her alone and
came here because I called?


She must be so anxious right now.

I bet you didn't tell her you
were going out to see your ex.

You told me to hurry.

I did offer to pick it up from you.

Oh, boy.

Oh! You're here, A-yeong.

- Hello.
- Yes, hello.

You have a guest.

- Have you eaten yet?
- Yes, I have.

That idiot left this here,

so I had to come back for it.

Do you want iced coffee?

Yes, I'd love some.

By the way, how did it go?

It went well, thanks to your help.

- Here's your iced coffee.
- Thanks.

It's so refreshing.

Hey, man.


You look really
uncomfortable right now.

Are you all right?

I'm so comfortable right
now. Don't worry. I'm fine.

Oh, you must have a stiff neck.

I can fix it easily. Do you
want me to fix it for you?

No, thanks. I'm good.

Well, I'm good too.

I'm like a semi-pro athlete,
so I know a thing or two.

Relax your body.

Try to sit up straight.

- Can you give us a hand?
- Sure.

With what? Don't come
close. I'm really fine.

- Okay, easy.
- I said, I'm fine.

Easy. Here, I got you.

If your neck hurts on this
side, lift this arm slowly like this.

Can you hold his arm up,
A-yeong? You should learn this too.

All right. Stay like
this for 20 seconds.

Good. Stay still.

You're almost there.

There, 20 seconds. Put
it down slowly. Perfect.

Just do two sets of this every day.

That's all you have to
do. It's so easy, right?

Jong-su, where did you learn this?

I saw it in a comic book.

What? You said you were
a semi-professional athlete.

I should get going.

- Just do two sets, okay?
- Okay.

- I'll be off, then.
- All right.

- You have something here.
- Do I?

- I'm off.
- Bye, Jong-su.

- Thanks for the coffee.
- No problem.

Why didn't you just let
him fix your neck for you?

Should I try?

No, it's fine.



Are you jealous of
Jong-su or something?

Why would I be jealous of a
guy who learned neck stretches

from a comic book?

By the way,

you put on an act
when I called you earlier.

What do you mean?

You acted like you
had deleted my number.

I really did delete it.

Then why are you on my
recommended friends list?

How would I know?

Why haven't you deleted my number?

I had to get my tablet back.

It's an old model.
You won't even use it.

So were you going to keep it
knowing how much it costs?

Then why didn't you contact me sooner?

I didn't want to call you first and
make you think I wasn't over you.

Besides, it's not right to call
an ex who's seeing someone.

How did you know I was seeing someone?

You advertised it. Your
profile pictures and whatnot.

Are you not seeing anyone?
What's with these insecure antics?

"Insecure"? Around you? Oh, please.

Did you unfollow me
because you felt insecure?

It's better to just not know.

You're so selfish.

You were the one who ended it,

and you unfollowed me
so you could move on.

You're the selfish one.


You made me say
that we should break up.

You were the one who
said we should end things.

You didn't say it first

because you didn't
want to be the bad guy.

So you just went on
about how we were in a rut.

I thought a hundred times about
how to start a breakup conversation.

I said I should just let you go to
save you the hassle of waiting,

but you said you could wait.

Then you got fed up, right?

You stayed stubborn to
keep your word but got fed up.

Whenever my friends said

I looked like I was dating
my mom or something, I felt...

Let's drop this.

Why didn't you study harder if
you had that much time to think?

Also, are you saying it's
my fault that we broke up?

No, I'm just talking about
who was more responsible.

Why are you putting it all on me?

We broke up because we
got fed up and grew apart.

So we were mutually responsible,

although you were more at fault.

And you delivered the final blow.

And you were the pitcher
that made it happen.

By shutting me out at every turn.

You're saying now that you
thought long and hard about it

because you want
to justify your actions.

Besides, you're wronging
your current girlfriend

by saying all of this to me now.

Your stiff neck. That's
you being punished.

Did the fortune-teller
mention it at all?

I don't remember.

Did you quit your job

and start painting again
because of what she said?

Had you cheated, I would've
just flipped out at you and ended it.

Why didn't you just cheat on me?

It's underwhelming to tell
people we broke up because

your indecisiveness frustrated me.

Why would you tell people
that? It's nothing to brag about.

I could never brag about you,
so I bragged about our breakup.

Are you doing your best
in your current relationship?

Do you feel like you'd
rather die than lose her?

I am doing my best, and
we're so happy together.

Break up as soon as
it starts to fizzle out,

for the sake of her future.

I mean, she'll eventually turn 30 too.

The spark and the excitement
disappeared when I turned 30.

Just like me, she'll become
fed up and detached too.

I can't talk to you.


You won't listen to me.
Then you'll regret it in tears

while snooping on her social
media after you two break up.

If she posts a photo
of her that you took,

you'll get all excited and
debate whether or not to call her.

Stop talking like you know everything.

You always have to be
such a know-it-all, don't you?

Are you still not done?

I have to check everything. I
probably won't see you again.

I'm going to the bathroom.



Hey, A-yeong.

This toothbrush is so old. I
can't believe you still have this.

It looks like a fossil. I'll toss this.

What would've happened
if I'd never given up on art?

Either way, I'd have regrets.

Are you done?


I'll get going, then.



This is for passing the test.

A-yeong, can I call
you from time to time?

You know, just as friends.
To catch up and stuff.

You're chatty today.

Just get going.





- Here's my business card.
- Okay.

- Great.
- Call me anytime.

"1 year later" All right.
Thank you for the lunch.

No, I should've taken
you to a nicer place.

Oh, please.

Sir, you don't need to see me off.

Please think about it and let me know.

Okay, will do.

And here. I got this for you.

My gosh. Thank you.

It's nothing.

- I'll be in touch.
- Okay, thank you.

Oh, right.

I'm in Samcheong-dong
right now. Yes, that's right.

One moment, please.

If I leave now, I should
be there by around three.

Yes, sure. Got it.

I'll see you in a bit.


"Maybe we've broken up"