Sobibor (2018) - full transcript

"Sobibor" is based on the history of the Sobibór extermination camp uprising during WWII and Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky. When he was a POW in Sobibor, he managed to do the impossible - to organize a revolt and mass escape of the prisoners. Part of the escapees were later caught and died - the rest led by Pechersky managed to escape and joined the partisans.

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How could he have baptized them?

It's just an ordinary river.

Only Jews let themselves be baptized

in an ordinary, dirty and stinky river.

Welcome to Sobibor!

Welcome to your new lives!

This is your home now.

Welcome to Sobibor!

Welcome to your new lives!

This is your home now.

I wonder for how long
they're going to separate us.

What will it be like?

Three entire days!

It's all because of their German order.

They're crazy about order.

Can we trust Germans?

You're panicking again!

What a nervous companion I've got!

Jacob, we'll work as usual.

And we are immortal.

Why is that?

Because we are jewelers.

And gold is stronger than death.

You will get your suitcases later.

Everything will be safe.

Don't worry.

I won't.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Sobibor camp.

Here you'll be able to work diligently
and live in dignity

until your relocation
to lands liberated by the Reich.

Don't worry.

The separation of men and women
is temporary.

Due to health and safety concerns,
you need to take a shower.

This is necessary to avoid
a typhus epidemic.

It's a bit boring,
but first things first.

After, you'll all see each other again.

Keep your vouchers, so that you can
easily find your luggage

and get settled in your houses.

You should take up any work.


So that you stay alive.

Are there any craftsmen here?

Shoemakers, carpenters,

blacksmiths, saddlemakers?

Seamstresses, dressmakers?


I'm a jeweler!

Him as well, he's my partner.


I am a jeweler.

Look at this ring.

I've made it.

My wife's engagement ring.

We'll find use for jewelers.

What'd I tell you?
Stick with me, Jacob!



Do not deviate from the order.

You are to undress completely.

The women will shower first.

I'll go with you.
Mom, Dad, go without us.

I want to stay with Shlomo.

Rivka, Mom and Dad will be angry.

I'll make pretty earrings for you
and bring them to you tomorrow.

Small ones, with blue stones.

I don't want blue stones,
I want red ones!


your brother needs to get ready.

It won't take long.

He was entrusted with a job.

It's very important.

Don't scratch your pimple,
it'll leave a mark!

I'll put some turpentine on it tomorrow.


See you in the morning, son.

Finally we can have a shower!

Yes, two days' travel without a shower
is terrible!

Hurry up and take them away!

Move along, move along!

Keep the child by your side.

God, how much longer?

You're there already.

Go on!

- Wagner!
- What?

What do you think?

Does it get him going,
or does nothing work for him anymore?

They got here from Minsk camp -

they tried to escape but it didn't work.

I'm surprised they weren't killed.

Kick the Russian out of here!

Why are you telling us that?

I'm just introducing myself.

We're peaceful people, artisans.

We're alive only because we follow
the rules.

You're a provocateur.

And if we report you?

Why weren't you shot in Minsk?

My brothers think you're not a Jew.



I'm circumcised - like you.

I'm a Jew - like you.

Some kind of underground they got here.
Quivering and praying.


They're like livestock going
to the slaughter.

Damn kikes!

Sasha, let's leave without them.
I'll gnaw through this wire myself.

- They'll shoot you from a watchtower.
- Don't jinx it!

So, Sasha, what is your decision?

We've only been here for two days
and they've been here for a long time.

They know the camp
and the surroundings.

It's okay.
We'll win them over.

Let's go.

Mom only saw things like this
in shop windows.

Can you imagine?

We didn't even dare to get close

out of fear that we could've broken something.

But I promised to myself
that I'd give my mom

all the treasures of the world!

So, did you?

No, I didn't.

I could only look at them and admire.

But now I'll make up for it!

The Jews have plenty of those!

But, as they say,

you can't take anything
to your grave, sadly.

It doesn't belong to Jews anymore,

it belongs to the German Reich.

Don't spoil it, Wagner.

It would fit my aristocratic hands well.


You've been working on a construction site
with my brother.

Wolff, this is for you!

This would be perfect for you!

Look, Beckmann!

You look great!

A Pretty Jew!

Welcome to the third camp.

Into the showers, please,
for disinfection.

I am a jeweler.

Look at this ring.

I made it.

My wife's engagement ring.


I'll have an exhibition after the war.

You will all die of jealousy.

You're not allowed to go out.

Not after lights-out.

I didn't go out.
You imagined it.

I saw you leaving the barrack, Sasha.

Are you up to something again?


Why do you...

Why do you tempt fate?

Try and forget about Minsk.

It wasn't your fault.

You're alive.

Don't you want to live?

No, Luka.

Not like this.

Nobody wants to live this way.


But we need to endure it.

Endure and have faith.

It's impossible to escape from the camp.

You've been warned, dear Jews.

Everyone should know:
escapees will die

and innocent people will pay
with their lives for them.

That's how it was before,
and that's how it'll always be.

So, watch each other carefully.

And report any suspicious activity
to your kapos, gentlemen!


And now, we'll shoot every
tenth one of you.

Cruel, but just.

On your knees!

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Hey, Gustav, don't hurry!
You're breaking the rhythm.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine...

What are you doing, Jews?

You deserve your fate!

Go to sleep.

The ashes of your relatives
fly into your faces.

And you're just swallowing it?

Damn you!

Why are you lying?
My sister is alive.

I've made earrings
with red stones for her.

My dear dad is alive.

The Germans promised me!

And Germans keep their word.

Damn you...

Damn you all!

Damn you all!

Go to sleep, son of a bitch!

Damn you all!
Damn you all!

I'll go with you.
Mom, Dad, go without us.

I want to stay with Shlomo.

Rivka, Mom and Dad will be angry.

I'll make pretty earrings for you
and bring them to you tomorrow.

Small ones, with blue stones.

I don't want blue stones,
I want red ones!

Yes, we have a committee.
You guessed correctly.

We need a commander
with military experience.

We had this Dutch man, Joseph Jacobs,

a Navy officer, a brave guy.

He led our preparations

but kapo Berliner found out about it
and reported him.

They've been torturing the Dutchman
for two days

but he didn't give us away.

But the Germans shot 76 Jews anyway.

And my Jews have lost their heart.

How many receipts did your committee
give to the people at the station?

You promised them that it would be fine,
didn't you?

We're trying to survive

to get our revenge.

You're just trying to survive.

One Reich, one Fuhrer!

Found anything interesting?

I haven't seen the kind of cuff links
that you want yet.

You aren't looking well enough!

You've been lazy!

You are very lazy!

Do you think I like beating you?

This is all I've found.

These are the things from the Paris train.

Oh, wow.

Must be from a banker!

Wagner will piss himself with jealousy.

Does Wagner have something like this?

I've never seen anything like this.

Expensive leather.
From the Chanel house.

What a smell!

Have you ever heard of leather
smelling like flowers?

It smells lovely.

Well, I should reward you
for your good work.


Everything is French today,
it's not to be sneezed at!

Drink it.

I'm a Jew, I can't have Cognac.


Our faith doesn't allow it.

Do you have faith?

All of us do.

Pants off.

25 lashes.
Count them.

If you lose count, I'll start again.



Start over.


- Two.
- Louder!



- Three!
- Louder!






From the beginning!








Stop tormenting yourself.

You can't live like that.

They're expecting miracles from me.

And what can I do?

I was a fool

playing a hero and a savior in Minsk.

People died.

And I'm alive.


No more games.

This nightmare will end.

Some of us will survive.


For sure.

And I pray...

...that it would be you, Sasha.

God will save us.

Just don't get in his way.


We just need to endure.

Endure and have faith.











Do you like it?


And what if he gave it to you?

Put the necklace on her.

Come on.

She's so beautiful.

Don't you think?

Come on,

tell her.

You are very beautiful.

Now kiss her, Jew.

Kiss her!
Kiss her!

Come on, kiss her!

I'm sorry, I can't protect you.

Do what he says.

No, no, no!

More passion!


Kiss her with passion!


Go on!

Kiss her!

Keep going, keep going!

Keep going!
Keep going!

More, more, more!

My first woman was a Jew.

She loved me and I loved her
more than anything in the world.

We wanted to get married.

But my father was an anti-Semite

and he forbade it.

And I obeyed.

And she left for America.

And what am I doing now?

Killing Jews!

And whose fault is this?

Tell me!

Is it her fault because she left me?

Or mine only?

Whose fault is this?

It's my father's fault.

It's his fault.

His fault!

My father's fault!
My father's!

My father's!


Why is this Jew still alive?

Hey, you.
Come here!

I'll give you five minutes
to cut this stump up.

If you can't do it,

we'll shoot every tenth person here.


Five minutes.

Come on, let's go!

Hurry up!


We just need to endure.

Endure and have faith.

Four and a half minutes.


Would you like an apple?

Thank you,

but I'm full.

Take it.

The food I'm getting here

is enough for me.

That's not all.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Would you like some sugar?

What's your name?

Keeping silent?

I'll call you Silent then.




How long have you been here?

Almost a year.

Why are you still alive then?

Don't be like that, Sasha.

I'm a good worker

and everybody needs good workers.

I was a market director in Gliwice
before the occupation.

I could do anything,

I could organize everyone.

But I won't be able to lead people.

We need a commander
with military experience.


What a typically Jewish approach...

Yes, Sasha.


...need Moses.

Let's sleep.


You shouldn't behave like this here.

You should swallow your pride.

I'll think about it.


They'll report us to Berliner

if they see us together again.

They don't want another escape to happen.

They're afraid of more executions.

You're drunk again.

Are you jealous?

You're 15, but you drink vodka
every evening.

I'm 100 years old.

What would your father say?

He won't say anything anymore.

Shlomo, you've got hands of gold.

What are you doing to yourself?

Hello, kikes.


Where did you get it?

Sometimes I find food
among the things I sort

and manage to hide it.

Do you want some?
Help yourself, please.

I won't eat it.

Leave him.

Those people are long gone,

but the food remains.

Of course, they're gone.

They've just burnt 100 people
and we're gorging on food in here.

Why, we're safe here,
wiping Germans' asses!

Don't be a fool.

Sasha, everyone is here.

We need to decide, Sasha.

Yesterday, Wagner brought some golden teeth

with pieces of jaw on them

and asked me to make
a pin for his tie out of them.

How can I stay sober?

Work! Work!


Easy, easy...


Leo, Leo!

Come here!

What is he saying?

Nice shot, isn't it?

Why so silent?

What about this one?

It's a great shot, Mr. Unterscharfuhrer.

He just can't speak German.

Forget it.

Welcome to Sobibor!

Welcome to your new lives!

This is your home now.

He said the train came from Belzec.

Belzec was liquidated in three days
on the commanders' order.

And now we're supposed
to utilize the corpses?

No thanks.

They've thought it all through.

Belzec is a camp, like our Sobibor.

But it's farther east,
closer to the front.

What was he saying before death?

Allemen, allemen...

What does it mean?
What did he want?

It's Yiddish.

It means "Avenge us, brothers."

But how can we avenge them?


...was destroyed because Soviet troops
are heading west, to us.

Maybe we just need to wait
for the Red Army

and to survive?

How long should we wait?
A year?

You won't make it.

They're going to kill us any day now.

You, rat!

I'll kill you, bastard!

Stop it.

Stop it.

Our camp is the next one

to be liquidated.

They'll kill everyone - the kapos, too.

The man on the train
who was shot by Berg,

was a kapo in Belzec.

They'll kill all of us together.

Do you think I'm a sellout?

I teach physics!

I've been holding a pointer
in my hands all my life.

And here I am.

Have you ever killed people?


Can you kill?

I don't know.

That's not how a provocateur
would answer.

He has access to the rooms
where the officers reside.

There are 12 of them.

They're the brain of Sobibor.

If we destroy the brain,

we'll kill them all.

How can we do it?

We'll stab them,

tear them up,

strangle them.

We'll liquidate all the officers,
take their weapons

and leave through the central gate.

It'll be easier with weapons...


The whole camp.


It's everyone or it's no one.

Any questions?

Now leave.

Tell your people that we need bullets.
They must get them.

- How?
- I don't know how.

You're the market director.

I'll tell the women.
They know how.

Is it hard to be all alone?

Hang in there.


Father taught me and Rivka
to forgive people.

If they are people.

You are my father now.


can we really do it?

Or will it be the same as in Minsk?

I don't care

even if it'll be the same as in Minsk.

I can't take it anymore.



Did you steal it?

Well, I'm in a good mood today.

Come here, Miss Busty!

Come here!

Yes, that's nice.
Oh, yes!

What is this?

What is this?

Where did you get it?

Now what?

I'll tell the Germans
that Baldy there got sick.

They won't start looking for him
until tomorrow.

- Are you sure?
- No.

So, tomorrow.


Tomorrow we'll lure all the officers
to the workshop,

one by one, all 12 of them.

Three of them will be away on business.

That leaves us with nine.
Even better.

Use any excuse.

Tell them you've got beautiful things
for them - boots, jackets, anything.

The hardest thing is to lure them in
without arousing suspicion.

Who can do it?

I can.


You can call me Toivi.

It's a nice option.

How old are you, Toivi?

I can do it.

They're not cautious of me.

I polish their shoes and everything.

I know how to tell them
about beautiful things.

They'll trust me and come.

Come here, Toivi.

You're going to take three officers
to the tailors,

and three to the shoemakers.

Arkady will take care of them.

Neumann and Beckmann will stay
in the administrative corpus.


you'll take two people there.

I'll take care of Frenzel.
Borya, you'll cut the communication.

I can't take two, I can only take one.

I can bring him in and out.

I have a pass.

Moses, you'll go to Neumann.

When we're done with the officers,

Bzhetsky will give a signal for a line up.
We'll gather at the appel-platz.

What is it?

Did someone escape again?

Don't stand close to each other in line.
You'll have a better shot at surviving.

- Bzhetsky, don't sleep!
- Let's go!

On your knees!

Look at the puddle they've made!

Smells like Jewish piss!

Let's raise our glasses
to Oberscharfuhrer Frenzel!


Look, my horse is dead!

You, come here!
Get moving, go!

Let's go!



- Three!
- Three!






You should have clean shoes

when leaving for the other world.

You, Jews, have no idea what beauty is.

Jews don't have a sense of beauty.

Dirty boots, dirty hands,

dirty ears, dirty thoughts.


Are you afraid?
Take a lesson from him!

He's not afraid of anyone
or anything anymore.

Polish the boots!

Don't take pictures of me.

I don't look so good today.

Polish the boots!
Polish them!

Polish the shoes!

Polish them!

Do it!


Good job, Whipped-Ass!

Let's drink together.

Your faith doesn't allow you?

I'll have to baptize you.

Now your name is not Haim

but Heinz.

We're friends now, Heinz.


Does your whipped ass
not appreciate the honor?

Lick the floor clean.

You were offered a treat by an Aryan.

And you claimed you didn't drink,
your law didn't allow you to...

And look at yourself lapping it up.

One can never trust a Jew.

I'm John the Baptist!


I'm John the Baptist!

John the Baptist!

I am John the Baptist!

Where's my wife?

Give me my wife back!

Give me my wife back!

Here's your wife!

Give me my wife back!

Give me my wife back!

Give me my wife back!

Out of the way!


Should I shoot him?


My chair.

I have the fastest horse.

Whoever can beat me

will get a whole case of cognac!




Go, go!













Great party!
See you next time!

See you!
Don't fall out of the car!


Sasha, Sasha!


Thank God!
You're alive!

You're alive, Sasha...
You're alive!

Sasha, Sasha!
Lord, you're alive!



Lord, why did you do this?

I just wanted to be a horse.

A horse? Why?

I was so scared...

It was just a joke.

I wanted to cheer you up.

It wasn't funny!

It was a bad joke!

I understood what all of this is for...

This war...

...this damn death camp...

I understood.

All of this is... what? find you.

I feel so good now...



Thank you.

Look carefully.

Take the stool,

put it right here,

so that when the German sits down,

he'll have his back to Arkady.

Got it?

I understand.

I'll show you again just in case.

Take the stool, put it right here,

so that the German's back
is facing Arkady.


I understand, yes.

Alright, show me, then.

Like this?


And you, Arkady...

Go, Borya, go!

Well, if you know everything...

It's a great coat, a very fashionable one.

Well, if you don't want it,
I'll go to Beckmann.

Beckmann can do without it.
Let's go.

If the coat is really good,
I'll give you some sugar.

You like sugar, don't you?

Yes, very much, Mr. Berg!

They're coming!

You're early!
I am not done yet!

Unterscharfuhrer could only come now.

Come to the light.

Yes, yes!

Wagner and Beckmann will burst with envy.


Come here.


Give me the weapon!

It's not for you!

You won't dare to shoot!

It'll cause too much noise.

Too much noise?

Well, I'll do it noiselessly then.

Why did you go quiet?

Work, work!


Just for you, Mr. Unterscharfuhrer,

specially for you, a leather cloak.

Only for you!

An expensive piece from Paris!

He knelt in front of me, this scum.

He's got no pride.

You did well, Yusef.

Yes, I did well...

I had a wife and four kids.

I did well...

Something just for you,
Mr. Oberscharfuhrer!


An expensive item,
straight from Paris.


I'm sorry...

This is specially for you,
Mr. Oberscharfuhrer.

A leather coat.
A priceless piece, from Paris.

Does Beckmann have anything like this?

It's one-of-a-kind!
What do you think?

Beckmann has a fetish
for fine leather goods.

Should I offer it to Mr. Beckmann then?

Why would you?
I'm taking this coat with me.

Try it on..

I'll make alterations... that it fits you perfectly.

Everyone will admire you!

Well, okay.

But make it quick.

A Photo?


Where are those boots
I've been hearing about?

Please, try them on.

Don't piss yourself, little Jew...

I'll kill you myself.

Women tell me I smell like a corpse.

I am Death!

Boy, where are you?

I'll punish you!


What are you doing here?

I've brought you a pin.

Put it down.

Did you want cuff links?

I'll make them out of your teeth!

You taught the Jews to kill...

You're just in time!

You'll take a knife and then go
and stab him.

Kill me... kill me...

- I can't...
- Don't be afraid of him.

- I'm sorry...
- You should be afraid of me!

Leave him alone!

- It's ready, commander.
- Good job.

Sasha, Moses can't do it.
He's afraid of blood.

- Who will go to Neumann?
- Where's Bzhetsky?

- Go to Bzhetsky fast!
- Okay!

Leo, I've got it.

You're so brave, my girl.

I've killed Neumann.

Good job, boy, good job!

Sasha, there are so many bullets there!

Sasha, it's enough for us to break free.
Let's do it now!

No, Borya, no.
The whole camp will escape.

I've killed a human.

I've killed him.

Leo, which one of your people
can get to Beckmann now?

- I don't know.
- I can!

I have access to that barrack.

Selma, tell them I can do it.

Would you like some hot water with sugar?


I'll never eat sugar again.

They've taken your childhood
away from you.

And you're helping us
to take their lives away.

It's fair, Toivi.

Find Shlomo

and don't take your eyes off Frenzel.

He'll handle it, Sasha.

How could you do it?

What do you have in your heart
that they've listened to you?

Sasha has Stalin in his heart.

Just like all of us.

Where is everyone?

What's going on?

Where is everyone?

Get the people up!

Get them up!

Get up! Everyone,get up!


Tell them to run!

Tell them to run!

Run, run!

Get up!
Get up!


Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Let's go!

It'll be alright!

Please, please, Silent!

Let's go!

I beg you, let's go!

You've jinxed it.




Lyuka, Lyuka!

Sasha, Sasha, Sasha!