Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978) - full transcript

Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor at his kung-fu school. Jackie Chan can't fight and is always getting bullied by the teachers and pupils. One day an old man helps Jackie train in an art of kung-fu called the ' Snake's Fist '. Jackie doesn't get bullied again. Then Jacki creates his own style and mixes it with the Snake's Fist. His style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. One day the old man is in trouble by a man who does ' The Eagle's Claw' and Jackie helps the old man.

Shangkuan Yi-yuan, your Eagle Claw

has destroyed
all the Snake-Fist schools...

killed 3,000 pupils.

There's hardly any left.

Well, now, our schools
just cannot exist together.

So my Eagle Claw is dedicated to
wiping out the whole Snake-Fist style.

Well, I am the master
of the Snake-Fist school...

and I've come to fight.

As you know yourself,

that your Snake-Fist style cannot
possibly hope to beat my Eagle's Claw.

Huh. For the sake of all my ancestors...

I have to fight you today.

And if I should die...

there are still others
to carry on the Snake-Fist.

I'm aware there are two others...

Pai Chang Tien and your son,
still alive today.

That's right.

And just as long as Pai is still alive...

the Snake-Fist will live and rise again.

I'll kill you and Pai Chang Tien!

Pai Chang Tien, where is he?

He's too smart for you.
You won't find him.

Pai Chang Tien.

- Hi, there.
- Hi.

Damn it, mosquitoes.

You'd better go away.

Warned you.

There he is. Owes us a month's rent.

Hey, now, come on.
You'll get your rent. Don'! you worry.

Well, we're gonna search you.
Take the money.

Hey, wait, wait.

- Come on! Come on!
- I don't believe you!

Check him out.

Don't. It tickles.


Again. Search the basket there.

Now, wait. Now, don't do that.

A snake!

- Get it off me!
- Snake!

Hey! Look out!

Stop him!

Careful now!

Quite useless.

Now, look. Don't break my rice bowl.

How'd you like the taste?

Oh, my teeth!

Go away!

Take that!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

You're going to have a pretty ugly bruise.

Hey, what's this? You want to kill me?

I've got to go.

I'm sorry.

Hey! Hey, come here!

What's wrong?

That old man, he attacked us!
And he's got a snake!

Huh? Snake?

Huh! You're slacking again?

No, no, no. I wasn't, really.
I wasn't slacking at all.

Pour water on me, would you?

Sorry, sorry. Let me wipe it up.
Here, let me wipe...

Goddamn you!

- No, no! No!
- I'll fix you.

I'll give him something to do.

Clean it up.

God, that hurt!

Well, maybe that will teach you.

Lazy swine.

Master's away,
so I and Teacher Li are in charge.

Today, I am going to teach you...

the Dragon Fist.

With this style,
you can beat ten men by yourselves.

Ten eggs.

That's right. But pay your fees first.

That's right. Now then, Teacher Li and I
will teach you the two best styles.

- Tiger!

- Good, eh?
- Enough!

Stop it!

All right, what's so funny?
Stop laughing! Shut up!

Chien Fu!

- Chien Fu, you come here.
- Coming.

- What's so funny, huh'?
- All right, stop laughing. Be quiet!

All right.

Now, the most important things
are speed and strength.

- Right?
- Right.

And now I'm gonna teach you
the Golden Claw.


Now he's exposed his stomach.

I got him. Did you see?

Well, all right.

Now, the next style coming up, the Tiger.

Stretch your arm.

Not that one. This one.

Exposed again.

You gotta be more careful.

- Good, eh? Good.
- Yes.

Now, remember what
you've just been taught...

and you'll become real experts.

- Carry on.
- All right, let's carry on!

Chien Fu?

You've been the punching bag again?

Would you like me to put some medicine on?

I think I'll have a little rest here.

My boy wants to learn kung fu.

- Magistrate, your tea.
- Oh, thank you.

Magistrate, you own so much.
Half of the town.

Rice shops, tea shops,
coffin shops. Over 20 places.

And your son,
he's such a well-built boy now.

Just like a pig.

Oh, no, he's like a young bull, isn't he?

But if he doesn't train his muscles,
though, he'll lose strength.

That's bad for his health.
Yes. But we'll fix that.

That's good.

- Teacher Zhu...
- Yes?

You're quite right.

And that's the reason I would like my boy
to join a school and learn kung fu.

Magistrate, you're at the right place.

This is a small place.
But there's lots of schools.

Most of them no good.
But our Hungwei School is the best here.

There's no doubt about that.

Really? You're sure of that?

My boy, you're not sure? Look there.

Teacher Zhu,
I've seen guys smashing through bricks.


Can your men do that?

That's very simple for us.

Mr. Liang!

Show the young master
how you break bricks.

Right. The bricks.

Liang is a very fine teacher.
Your son will do well with him.


Hold it.

Can you do that?

Sure. No sweat. No sweat.

Oh, that's great! That's great!

- Isn't he terrific?
- Boy, he's good.

- Very good.
- You're loo kind.

He's not that good. Just practice.

I have one man, county champion.
Much better.

- Gosh. He must be good.
- He sure is.

- Listen, you like this place?
- Oh, yeah, Father.

- I want to go to this school.
- Right.

I'll bring him back tomorrow, then.

- Good.
- I must go now.

Oh, good. Please wait. Mr. Liang!

Come on out! The magistrates leaving!

- All right, so we'll see you tomorrow.
- Good, good.

Good-bye, sir. We'll see you again.

Mr. Liang, you were really great.

Oh, thank you.

Just you look at what
those bricks did to his hand!

Who wants to learn like that?

Father, I think
I'll study at the other school.

- Let's go.
- All right.

Hey, hey, hey, just a minute! Come on!

Now hold it! Now, just wait a minute,
will you? Just hold up!

Get inside!

Oh, so that's the reason
I lost the business.

Lousy old beggar here
driving my luck away.

Hey, kick him out!

Hey, what's this?

You get out! Get the hell out of here!

What's wrong, huh?

Hold it!

Why are you beating up this old man?

Do you know this kid? Who is he?

Him? He's from the Hungtai School.

- Hungtai School? Beat him up!
- Right!

Are you all right?

Come on!

Come on!

Hey! Now, please don't fight!

- Come on!
- Come on. Don't fight!

In the name of Jesus, don't fight!
Now, please, don't fight!

Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, quick. Let's go. Come on.

- Don't fight!
- Get him!

- Please, stop fighting!
- What do you want?

The Lord Jesus says if you're struck
on your right cheek, you offer your left.

Is that so? Well, here's the first one!

You hit me! Jesus, he's a sinner!

- Just around here.
- Did you get hurt?

Oh, no way. I'm used to that.

- Huh? You are?
- Sure.

All right, this is
the Hungtai School's back door.

Come on in and have some tea.

All right, come on.

This is the backyard of the school.
It's quiet.

Very few students
come back here, you know.

I live in that storeroom. Hi, cat.

Old man, this cat's my pet.
He likes me. Hey, cat, say hello.


See? He said hello then.

Hey, have a seat.

Old man, have some tea.

Oh, thank you.

Listen, don't want it?

It's too hot. I can't drink it.

Oh. Well, I'll get you some cooler tea.

All right.

- Ah-wu, you're back.
- Yes.

Listen, this is Ah-wu. He's our new cook
here. He cooks really good.

I don't cook all that good. And this is?

Oh... Oh, he's a relative of mine.

Listen, I'm hungry.

Well, there's some food in the kitchen.
Go and get it.


I have to go serve the guests now.

although I don't like bragging...

but I reckon I'm the greatest teacher
who joined this school.

All my students can handle most other men.

Well, I think that
this must be the best school.

Are you sure?

The Wei-wu School has sent many students
to enter the championship contests.

And your school?

That means nothing.

Their students may enter...

but our master has been invited there...

to be the chief judge.

If Master Hung is to be the judge,
that means his kung fu must be very good.

Of course. He's the best.

Well, how many bricks can he break?

Break bricks? Oh, dear.

We don't teach those childish games here.

What we teach is the real kung fu.

Young master...

I think you were cut out to be a fighter.

You've a very good build.

If you study here, I think that
very soon you'd be a real expert.

Do you really think so?

Of course!

- Hey, Lo Cho.
- Yeah'?

Go and call Chien Fu out here.


- More tea.
- Thank you.

Tell me, what's your name, huh?

I'm Chien Fu.

- You born here?
- No.

I'm an orphan. The master looks after me.

They say that I'm a bit simple.

I'm not too bright,
so I do all the odd jobs.

- Hey, listen, what's your name?
- Me?

Chien Fu!

Teacher Li wants you.

Listen, you just sit here.
I'll be back very soon.

Right? Now, don't go.

Now, that young boy there,
he's banker Chin's son.

He's been studying here
just a month now...

and his kung fu is really advanced now.

Teacher Li?

Now, you see this big fellow here?

- He's really a strong boy.
- Oh?

Hey, listen, you and Chin San,

you go and give us a little demonstration.

And don't you resist. Got that?

You ready now?

Right. Begin.

- Please.
- Please.

Oh, yeah!

Hey, cut that out, will ya?
Or the teacher will fix you!

- All right.
- Huh?


Chien Fu, go and clean up. Take a pill.

Hey, Father, I like it! I'll study here!

Chien Fu, what's wrong?



It looks like you have been fighting.

I haven't been fighting, but...

Old man, ifs like this:

That young boy is the Hungtai School's
walking punching bag.

Punching bag?

That's right. It isn't fair...

but that's how this new Teacher Li
treats him, though.

Listen, think you can grab this bowl?

Try it. I don't think you can.

Come on.


Come on.

Old man?

Old man!

Old man!

Not here.

Hi, cat.

“Twist, roll, spin, turn.

Use both your arms
and your legs to achieve agility.

Light as air, supple as a willow.

Be like the grass
that bends with the wind.”

What's this?

“Twist, roll, spin, turn.

Use both your arms.”

Spin, roll, twist, turn.

The old man wants to teach me something.

I'll try it.

I beg you, have pity.

Spare something for a poor old beggar.

Pity. Have pity-.

Listen to the word of God.

Jesus will save you if you believe in Him.

Spare something now for a poor old beggar.

Hey, just you get out of here.

I have no time for beggars.
Go on! Go on, get out!

What a bitch. I hope she drops dead.

Bring us luck. Bring us luck.

You're a sinner.

You come to Jesus now,
because He's the only true God.

Hey, you round-eyed devil.

You calling me a sinner?
You get out of here!

But Jesus wants to protect you.

Huh? Protect me?

You need protecting!

From me! From me!

Round-eyed devil! Get out of here!

Thank you. You're very kind.

Only Jesus can save you.

Believe in Him for eternity.

Only Jesus can save you.

Open up! Open UP!

Oh! You're really early.

Lady, do you believe in God?

Please let me redeem you
and bring you great joy.

Oh, joy? Oh, yes!

You come here for joy.
Our girls can give you lots of that.

Come on in.

Come in. Come on. Hey, girls!
Come on! A guest! Take him inside!

- Oh, no!
- Come on in! Welcome! Come on!

Hello there?

Anyone here?

Well, now!

You going?

Aren't you looking for Chao Chi Chi?

I'm not looking for anyone.

I just came here to beg.

So you're a beggar, huh?

I'll give you something.

You're no beggar, Pai Chang Tien.

- Come on.
- Keep fighting.

- That's it.
- Ah-Kuei!


- Magistrate. How are you?
- Hello?

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

And how is Ah-Kuei getting on here?

Your son is a natural fighter.

And he practices hard all day.

Good stomach, good legs, good posture.

Hey, I'll tell you, that young boy
is going to be a real expert.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Had a fight yet, my boy?

No. No, I haven't.

So you want to fight?
That's easy to arrange.

Chien Fu?

Chien Fu?

All right.

Chien Fu, you practice with this boy.

Now, be careful, you know?

Now, then, don't hit too hard.
Don't hurt him. Huh?



Well, Magistrate,
see how well he fights, huh?


Come on!

Lei me hit you!

Why should w.

All right, you!
Now my Dragon Fist! I'll get you!

Oh, God! That's done it!
Now there'll be trouble!

Your Magistrate, are you all right?

Damn you! How dare you!

- I'm sorry.
- You made a fool of my son!

Teacher! Teacher!

Ah-Kuei, let's go.

We'll enroll you at the Wu-hu School, huh?

Magistrate! Magistrate!

Magistrate, give me a chance to explain.

Well, now, that was really smart...

making me lose face like that.

Now get out. No food today!

Old man!

Old man!

What's wrong? What's wrong?

I fell into a trap.

Come on. I'll take you back to town.

Chien Fu, no.

I must hide where no one can find me.

Old man?

Old man?

Come on.


Come on.

Hi, boss.

Chao Chi Chi lived here.

Have you any idea how long he's been gone?

For a month.

Pai Chang Tien was wounded.

But nevertheless...

he'll try and find Chao Chi Chi.

And I'm sure Chao left
a message here for him.


Paintings old, script is new.

“The man you want
will be waiting in the clouds.”

Old man?

Well, you're awake. Feel better?

I am much better. I'll be all right.

That's good. I mean, I was real worried.

I'll get the medicine.

Come on. This is very good for you.

Chien Fu, I'm grateful to you.

That's all right.
After all, we're good friends.

You gave me lessons
on how to defend myself. That right?

Tell me, you used it?

I did once.

But it made Teacher Li mad though,
and he beat me up.

Tell me, would you like to learn kung fu?

Oh, sure. Then I wouldn't be bullied.

All right, but you must promise me
three things, though.

Why, of course. Anything you say.

First, don't call me teacher.

But why?

Because we're good friends, right?

Second, never show you know
kung fu unless it's essential.

Right. The third?

Third, if you see me
fighting with someone...

you mustn't try and help me.

How can I?
If someone fights you, I have to help.

You mustn't. You promise?

All right, I promise you.

What are you gonna teach me?

Snake-Fist style.

Hello, cat.

How are you? What's wrong?

Your master's gone,
but nobody knows where to.

Guess you're hungry. Well, I'll feed you.

You want to fight, do you?

You want to make trouble, do you?

Teacher, you must be real tired.

Goddamn you!

Teacher, you be careful.

I'm always careful.



Teacher, I said be careful.

- Are you all right'?
- Of course I'm not!

Who are you? And what do you want here?

I'll tell you. I've just won
the provincial championships.

All the schools congratulated me,
except for this school.

Not one word.

Huh? So what?

So I've come to teach you manners.

Teach us manners?

That's right. So, who's first?

You're too damn cocky. We'll fix you.

Yes, we'll manage you.


He'll show you. Go ahead then.

Teacher Li, you are such
an esteemed teacher here.

It's your honor. Surely you go first.

Guess you're right. But I'm generous.

So, I shall give you the honor. After you.

- Teacher Li, after you.
- Be my guest.

- No, after you. After you.
- Oh, please. You.

Shut up!

I'll take you together!

Take the upper part.

- You take the legs then?
- Right.

Together now!

And now you'll see just how
I won that championship.

My head.

No, no, no, no! Not me!

Won't need my hands.

That's good.

Hey, that guy is fantastic.

Let's go join the Hungwei School.

Sorry. There's nobody here.
The school's closed.

Master Hung!

Master Hung.

So you've come back. That's good.

Master Hung, since you've no students,
why not work as my assistant?

I've come here
to challenge this school to fight!

Master Hung, no need for that.

I didn't force your pupils.
They came here.

Well, I don't care. It was your doing.

And I tell you this. You're gonna pay!

If you want them back,
then take them if you can!

I shall take them back, all right.
I promise.

Oh, well, if you're really so determined
to have a fight, then I'll oblige.


- Chien Fu, get back.
- Yeah.

Teacher, that's great!

You think you are a real man,
but you're just a dog.


You stay there.

He's got the fix in now.

Master Hung, it was me who caused this.
So, I'm answerable.

Teacher, watch him. He's tough.

Get back.

Oh, ifs the new provincial champion.

Any time you're ready.

And never use the Snake-Fist
unless you must.

And that's an order. Understand?

Trying to kill him or something?

You got real nerve.
Do you want to fight too?

Hey, not me. Not me.
I won't fight. I won't fight.

Why'd you throw that shoe then?

That's enough. Don't fight.

Quite a tough kid, aren't you, huh?

What style's that?

Well, if you must know,
it's the Praying Mantis style.

Well, this is the Snake-Fist style.

The snake bites.

- Chien Fu...
- Get back.

Wow! When he gets mad,
he really does fight.

I told you not to fight.

Can't move, can you, huh?

Your kung fu isn't bad...

but you've no stamina.

Once you've been knocked down...

then you start to give up, right?

Fists not good enough, huh?

Snake Strikes.

I'm a poisonous snake.

That's called “Finding the Snake," right?

Master, let's go!

Chien Fu's great!
Let's go back to his school.

Hey, wait!

Chien Fu,
I have to leave on urgent business.

I left you a book on the Snake style.

You study it well
and learn I! all by heart.

Old man.

Old man!

Old man!

Old man?

Where is he?

Who are you?

Well, now, you're looking for
the old man, right?

I... That's right.

So then...

so am I.

You want him?

What's he to you?

And what's he to you?

He's my...


Well, he's...

He's your teacher.

Well, then,
you ought to call me teacher also.

You mean that you're his colleague?

- That's right.
- You lie.

Do I?

Standing Snake.

The Snake Rears.

Ah, teacher does that.

It looks right, but that's all.

You're stupid?

You doubt me?

Right. So try me!


Sure I will.

Teacher! Teacher!

You learned the technique well...

but not well enough to beat me, though.

Convinced? I should imagine you are.

Well, I'm not!

I'm not!

Anything else you got?

I whirl. I whirl.

I turn.

You knew that one.

You're my teacher,
so I don't use full force.

This time I will.

Find the Snake.

That's not so easy.

That's called Taking the Pearl.
Not so easy.

Teacher, that hurts. That hurts!

Let go!

How come you can counter my attacks?

Of course.
Or else how could I be a teacher?

But yours is a bit different.

No. That's because
you still have much to learn.

You teach me?

You better ask your teacher first.
Hey, where is he?

- He's just left.
- He left?

Where's he gone?

Don't know. But he'll be back soon.

- But when, though?
- He didn't say.

Listen, when he does, I'll let you know.


But don't tell him I'm here.

Just tell me.
I wanna surprise him, all right?

Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure.

It's funny. He fights better than teacher.

The book!

Cat's torn it up.

Get him.

Get him!

Go on!

Get him!

Go on!

Good cat.

That's great. You really fixed that snake.

Your claws are very fierce.

If I could combine
the Calk Claw with Snake-Hist”.

Chao Chi Chi!

Chien was right. He said you'd come.

Pan Chang Tien, you nearly escaped us.

But still, we got you, though.

And now you can die
along with Chao Chi Chi.

Shu Chin, did you really think
I'd be so easy to kill, huh? Oh, no.

I'm not hot. Don't need fanning.

Kneel down! Bow! Get up!

Very obedient.


Where'd you go to?

Some urgent business.

Why didn't you say? I missed you.

I missed you too.

Chien FU, come and have some tea.



Wow. It's hot.

- Here you are.
- Good.

Oh, listen. Some guy came. Wanted you.

Oh? Who was it?

You know him.

I know him? Who is he?

You sit here. I must go.
I'll tell you later, huh?

Oh, ifs you. I came for you.

Teachers back. I'll take you. Come.


Here. Hurry up. He's in the yard there.

I didn't tell him.

He's through here.

Old man? Old man? He was just here.

Old man?

Old man?

Old man!

The preacher?

I'm not any sort of priest.

I come from Russia. I'm a fighter.

You're what? You're not a priest?

The Eagle Claws have hired me.

I'm to destroy the Snake-Fist.

And my master managed to trick you
into betraying your teacher.

He'll have killed him by now!

You're a lousy swine.

I'll need new socks.

Pan Chang Tien, needn't run.
Can't escape from me now.

Shangkuan Yi-yuan...

don't you believe that
your Eagles Claw can beat everyone.

It's not quite invincible.

Our two techniques...

how many years have been rivals?

But today, though,
we'll see the end of yours.

Well, don't you be too sure.
I'm not scared of you.

- I'm ready to fight you right now.
- Good!

But it's gonna be
your last fight for sure.

The seventh position!

What's wrong? Snake getting tired?

It seems that our old Snake
is ready to die.

You really need a rock?

You tricky swine. Nearly had me fooled.

Saying you knew teacher.
But I know the truth now.

Well, boy, you've got lots of guts.

And I shall kill you later too.

Shangkuan Yi-yuan, he's not my student.
You let him be.

That's right! I'm not his student!
But he is my teacher.

I don't care whether
you're his student or not.

But anybody who knows
the Snake-Fist technique...

anyone, I'll fix 'em and kill 'em!

Is that a fact?

Teacher, I think he's nuts.

Chien Fu, you can't beat him. Run for it!

Teacher, how can I leave you here, huh?

This bastard, he's tricky.

You impertinent young fool.

I promise you,
I shall have your teeth now!

You'll have my teeth? Well, we'll see!

That technique,
that isn't Snake-Fist style. What is it?

Cat's Claw!

Chien Fu!

Chien Fu, that was great.

Lao Chang.

How come you're here?

I never knew you could fight like that.
It's great. Where'd you learn it?

Teacher taught me.

It's great. Really great.

Oh, no, not so easy.

Well, I'm not worried.

That tea that I gave you today...

it contained a dose of poison.

You're gonna die any minute now.

I promise you!

You didn't know that I belong
to the Eagle's Claw group!


And you didn't know
that we don't like to drink hot tea.

I changed it.

Chien Fu, you're really a smart boy.

You've combined the Snake-Fist style
with the Cat's Claw,

and it worked perfectly.

But still, I don't think
that I like the name “Cat's Claw.”

All right, give it a name.

Call it Snake in Eagle's Shadow.

Good. Snake in Eagle's Shadow.