Smokin' on the Moon (2017) - full transcript

Two young men, Sota and Rakuto make a living by working at a bar while illegally trafficking marijuana. They're not gangsters, more like wanna-be gangsters. Lacking motivation and a plan, they're at the bottom of the bucket and always tripping over their past. But they are gradually choosing different paths as Rakuto meets a single mother and in order to support his new family, he is involved in more risky business run by a nutty and cruel yakuza. After years of silence, Sota is visited by a young woman with an unexpected news.

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Vulgar and despicable humans.

I will personally become the executioner.

To carry out judgment.
The moment of trial will come.

I am the all-knowing,
all-powerful God.

The essence of life.

The sublime Creator.

Oh, life is truly full of unknowns.

As someone who makes Osaka-style okonomiyaki,
never imagined I would catch a rocket.

Well, when I think about it now,
quite a lot has happened.

And among them,

there's a story that must be told.

The story of Chicken Star.

- Sota.
- What's up?

- That's Sota's dialect.
- What about it?

Sometimes it's weird when
he mixes in the Kansai accent.

This guy is the star
of the chicken world.

His name is Joyful Person,
written as "Happy Person."

Stop rambling.

Aren't you the strange one?

I am Sota Ameya.

It should be when I was
around 35 years old or so.

That perverted old lady
who was the administrator...

wearing only underwear...

What are you looking at?


- By the way...
- Yes?

Your friend

Has been living here all along?

Are you living together?

No, that's...

If that's the case,
we'll have to sign a new contract.

Instead of saying we're living together...

So disgusting, right?

Although it's troublesome,
do we need to sign a new contract?

No need.

I'll figure it out myself.

You'll figure it out yourself?

what's your plan?

- Call me "Champion."
- Yes, Champion.

Say "Champion" quickly.

Say "Champion superstar" quickly.


Call me "Champion,"
call me "Champion" quickly.

Say it quickly.

Call me "Superstar Champion."


I'm the Champion superstar.


Should we say
"carefree and uninhibited"?

To put it nicely,
it's naive and innocent.

But occasionally gets into trouble.

This is the legendary
"Champion Incident."

I took off my pants...

Besides that,

I made him look at my Ass.

Excuse me, sir.
Can I bother you for a moment?


Don't touch my Linda, you idiot.

This is the corrupt national
power dog of the Japanese police.

Just barking all the time.

- You guys are so noisy.
- Alright...

Hey! When you guys go back,
you'll definitely keep kissing, right?

They're definitely in a relationship,
definitely. So disgusting.

This is the legendary
"Buttocks and Police Incident."

I say, Rakuto...


You didn't really bring the grass
with you just now, did you?

Isn't that obvious?
I'm an expert in this area.

Master Marijuana.


It should be the rooster that
stayed at my place for about the second year.

He always does stupid things

But he lives a happy life every day.

I thought those days
would continue forever.

At that time,
I secretly sold Marijuana.

I showed off and called myself
a "drug dealer" in English.

In fact, I was just a small-time peddler
who earned some pocket money.

Rakuto is not responsible for sales.

He specializes in drug use.

When delivering the goods,
he deliberately dresses up.

Immersed in a tense atmosphere,
seeking excitement.

- Hello, could you do me a favor?
- No problem, no problem.

Anyway, come in first.

- But...
- Come in, come in.


Sorry to bother you.

Most of my clients are

or reliable referrals.

That day, the client
was a television producer,

giving off an unprofessional vibe.

He had ordered a considerable amount of goods,
so I delivered them to his door.

But honestly, I don't enjoy these kinds of situations.

There's a repugnant atmosphere in the air,

along with fake smiles.

(Business as usual until the end of the world.)

This is a story about our workplace, "FUS."

"Go to hell."

It's supposed to mean,
"Go eat shit, Sun."

Originally, I was the only one working here.

One day, the manager
brought a Rakuto with him.

That's the old man,

who claims to be a rock musician and a pervert.

He only has to walk down from
the third floor to attend work.

The "Serrated Apartments" where we reside

are home to other
peculiar residents as well.

Muki claims to be a mixed-blood
of Thailand and Jamaica,

and he made his Japanese
wife work at a hotel

while he engaged in other questionable activities
like running a counterfeit antique store.

He doesn't go to work
during broad daylight;

instead, he just drinks
and smokes marijuana.

But he's a likable deadbeat.

Do you want me to mess with Muki?

That day, we tricked Muki
into smoking marijuana,

telling him it was mixed with strange stuff,
scaring and playing pranks on him.

Poop and heroin,
mixed with marijuana, it's potent.

Is that for real?
Whose poop?

A gay guy's poop.


The Rastafari don't accept transsexuals.

-My heart...
-Your heart?

Something's strange with my heart.

- It's beating really fast.

- Call an ambulance.
- I don't want to go to the hospital.

Dad, Mom,

I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry.

Rakuto is so slow.

What is he even doing?



And then, the main
event is about to begin.

That night,
something incredible happened.

This muscle is so cute.

Join me in opening a store.

Forget about that dirty old man.

Ma-sa, come with me.

Cut it out.

I'm telling you,

even though you're my neighbor,

he's my customer.

Why do you keep calling him Ma-sa
in front of my customer?

Where should I put my face?



you become so horny when you drink,

getting touchy with men.

You slut.

Who are you calling a Slut? You idiot.

I don't want to hear your vulgar words,
you Shemale.

Uncle Shemale, you big idiot.

Who are you calling a shemale?

A prostitute talking nonsense.

Don't bark with your filthy mouth,
which has sucked on so many dicks. You idiot.

Is it because of this mouth?

- This mouth?
-Don't touch me.

- What are you doing?
- I told you not to touch me.

- Who are you talking about?
- want to fight?

What are you doing, you stinky kid?

Who do you think you are,
saying I suck dicks?

You're doing it yourself.

I know when I'm not around,

you're sucking ma-sa's dick.

He's doing it too.

I've seen through everything.

You are a shemale uncle who sucks dicks.

- You idiot.
- What are you doing?

You, you guy.

That's enough from you all.

- I'll kill you, you pig.
- What did you say? Idiot.

That's not true.

Actually, I...

Am the strongest and most honorable
warrior of Homer Oban..

(Warriors of Homer Oban)

Do you want to fight?

The mightiest warrior of mankind, Homer Oban.

In the ancient past,

Earth was dominated
by ferocious Dinosaurs.

T-Rex of the Cretaceous era,
Reigned as the king of the land.

However, behind the scenes,
There was a group of true champions buried in history.

He was the Homer Oban.

He possessed a muscular male
physique and ample bosoms.

Courageous warriors engaged
in a fierce battle with the dinosaurs.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Homer Obans warrior's ultimate move was

To fearlessly strike under the dinosaur's groin.

Strike under the dinosaur's groin.

How is that even possible?

Of course, it is, you fool.

Next, the nonsensical
Kukimua Bear Theater begins.

Sucking a penis, Can't you even
treat it as a reward for yourself?

You super freak.

Let's get along well.

Let's mutually love and
share Ma-sa's dick.

Are you watching?

I'm not watching.

Besides, I don't want to watch at all.

"Mutually love and share."

"Just sharing Ma-sa's penis."

Sharing it together as a couple.

It's not like we're shiitake mushrooms.

He cross-dresses,
so is he a shemale Gay?

It's so complicated.

It's about Lesbian.


They're not gay.

Kiku & Kuma.

Are lesbians among gay men.

Though they look like uncles,
their hearts are that of girls.

And then...

Because they're a couple,

They're lesbian couple with
a girl and an uncle.

- "A girl with an uncle..."
- "Don't you think it's trendy?"

It's a new breed.
Can we feature it in a field guide?

Let's call it "Uncle lesbian BJ Dragon."

What did you say?



BJ Dragon.

That's disgusting.

Although they live their lives as
they please Doing nothing all day long,

But it seems that since then,
they've been pondering

"What do I really want to do?" and such.

"Why do I live?"

I started feeling lost and confused.

Thai freedom, but I couldn't find
answers and became even less free.

"If I'm neither in heaven"

"Nor in hell,

then where am I really living?"
and such.

Sometimes, I would think that I'm all alone

And we would each live our own lives.

I wonder about him...

(Sender: Mom)

Perhaps she's experienced times
I don't know about.

I had a strange dream.

Completely unrelated strangers
became my parents.

We ascended to heaven together.

Look, isn't that a panda bear?

I'm hungry.

After entering heaven,
Let's go and enjoy delicious food.

It must be expensive, right?

Dad, Mom,

This is heaven, you know.

We don't need money anymore.

You're quite tenacious.

Then let the wealthy
people treat us to a meal.


This isn't heaven.


Mom, are you alright?

I'm fine.

Didn't I say I'm fine?

- Mom...
- You're so annoying. I'm fine.

You don't know
anything about me, do you?

It's getting dark.
Should I take you home?

You just want to sleep with me, right?

Feels good.

Are you happy being treated like this?


Sorry, I'm not interested in that.

Then let me give you this book as a gift.

If you have any troubles...

Please call this number.

If you don't mind,
can you tell me your worries?

Our deities are willing
to listen to any troubles.

Let me at least offer a prayer for you.

May the gods bless you.


I have a problem.

I am involved with him romantically.

We love each other too much.

We often insert our
fists into each other's ass.

Now our ass is so stretched out.

Can your gods fix it up?

- We're sorry for disturbing you.
- We'll take our leave.

Dealing with gods is such a hassle.

This seems like a typical family.

I mean...

Are there really families like this?

I don't really understand families.

We're running out of weed.

The stuff we have for sale too.

I know.

I'll get in touch.

Hey, Rakuto, how have you been lately?

Why haven't you contacted
me for so long? Are you okay?

Didn't I tell you not to use
this phone for business?

Hmm, don't worry.

If you need the stuff,
I'll get as much as you want.

Isn't that right?
Hurry up and hit me.

It's fine.

You guys are lucky.

I only have high-quality stuff here.

If you want it, just let me know,
and I'll prepare the good stuff for you.

Jay, where are we going?

Can we settle the deal quickly,
with money and goods exchanged at the same time?

What did you say?
Why are you scared?

Aren't you all just small-time thugs?
Isn't that right?

Alright, don't worry.
Just follow me.

Expand your horizons.

- Hello.
- Come in.

Come on, come on, quickly.

Beat him, beat him.

I'll go say hello to the boss.

- You still like it rough, huh?
- What's wrong with that?

Sorry, please don't mind me.
I brought a friend with me today.

Those two over there.

If you have any concerns,
please take care of them.

Let's get started!

This guy is Jay.

I started dealing weed through him.

He's a self-proclaimed rapper
who thinks he's part of a gang.

But in the end,
he's just a troublemaker.

Everything changed from that night.

We took a turn for the worse.

I wanted to do real business.

Establish a reputation on the streets.

Walk the streets shining brightly.

I'm sure my partners
would admire me.

It's cool, right?

But those damn Babylon
police are really annoying.

You guys should be careful...

Carefully survive, you know?

Even if you get caught,

never reveal anything.

That's how I survived on the streets.

This is our war.

The current state of the streets.

Screw Babylon, resist with a microphone.

Listen up, little punks.

Create real language.

I offer high-quality goods,
cigarettes, and weed 24/7.

That's our style.

Awesome, and
then make big money.

Someday, I'll reach the top.

Let's climb to the top together

Who is it?

Why aren't you picking up the phone?

Answer it within three seconds.

Who are these people?

Boss, we're in the
middle of a discussion.

They're my business partners.

I ship the goods for them to sell.

Of course, I'm talking about grass.

They call themselves Sota and Rakuto.

Although they live in a strange apartment,

This is the Big Brother I often mention.

And Mr. Kakiwa is a member
of Mr. Hatta's group.

Don't talk about the group's matters. You idiot.

I'm sorry.

I have something
important to discuss next.

Can we meet somewhere else?

I'll prepare the grass.

I understand.

That guy talks too much.

What's up with those brats?

I can't shoot it out.

I'm sorry.

I really only sell grass to them.

Although they live in a strange apartment,

they are just secretly selling grass.

They're just ordinary small-time thugs,
nothing more.

I haven't leaked anything.

Even if they investigate, it's fine.

Listen carefully,

This time I changed the location
and rearranged everything.

Don't screw it up, got it?

Did you hear me?

This time the quantity is a bit larger.

- If you make a mistake, you're done for.
- Okay.

- Do you understand?
- I understand.

-I got it.

Are you smoking weed again?

No, I'm fine.

Big Brother and I came here specifically to see you.
You should understand what that means, right?

(Kabukicho Ichiban Street)

The gods possess great power.

I will become the executioner,
delivering divine punishment.

Destroy those lowly people.

Sleepless nights paired
with champagne and arowana.

Counting headless clowns holding cash.

Ah, I just saw a demon earlier.

He gouged out Maria's eyeballs.

Why so serious? You idiot.

It's so troublesome, idiot.

Looking at her decay,
even swallowing bones?

It stinks.

Very good, excellent.

I apologize for earlier.

I only have this time available.

Strange, isn't Ratuko not here today?

It was too sudden,
I couldn't reach him.

I see.

Next time,
let's meet at your place.

It's too cold to pick up
the goods in a place like this.

Sorry, this really is the only time.

Today, I'm having a long-awaited
party with my buddies.

I need some cash.

Why don't you come and enjoy it too?

Not bad.

By the way, wasn't there
a lousy rapper before?

He's dating a high school girl now.

- A high school girl?
- Really? Did you sleep with her?

Yeah, took turns with her.

Come on, show me.

Feels so good.

Stop it, please, I beg you.

Come on, you show me.

Watch it carefully.

That guy got turned on when
I stuck a high school girl's throat.

But she's his own girlfriend, you know.

Getting turned on is instinctual.

It's normal for idiots
like him to be buried.

- You're all turned on, and I am too.
- What are you talking about?

Next is my true calling,
the yakuza.

I've made up my
mind to join the yakuza.

Today, they're celebrating me.

So, it's all on me.

Such a ruckus, you fools.




Are you alright?


Do you want some water?

Here's the water.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

What did you say?

Should we call an ambulance?

No, it's okay.

Call an ambulance, please?

It's not necessary.

I'm fine.


What were you doing today?

What are you doing?

Today, I was...

introducing work to the people
who have taken care of me before.

I see. Okay then.

I have something to tell you.

Besides smoking weed,
is there nothing else you can do?

What do you mean?

I mean you smoke too much.

And it's not free.

What? Why are you suddenly saying this?

It stinks. Please put it out quickly.

What? What's wrong with you?

Why are you angry?
Is your brain messed up?

- Are you on drugs?
- i'm not on drugs.


What do you mean?

I'm just vaping a reasonable amount, right?

Do I get any of the money you earned from weed?
No, I don't, right?

Although I don't like dealing with it,

It's because you wants to make money
That's why I introduced Jay to you.

Why are you suddenly changing your mind?

And bringing up the money issue?

Okay, I'm turning it off.


I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I was overthinking a bit.


It's nothing. I'm sorry.

I suddenly feel irritated for no reason.

Anyway, let's open the store first.

What are you doing?

I just...

Like Rakuto.


It's just that we've
been together once, right?

It's really disgusting.



I don't trust women who
easily say those kinds of things.

It's not like that.

I don't know why either,
but I really like Rakuto.

How annoying.

Women who easily let others have them,
Their words of love and liking,

Are all lies.


Most women are like that.

Enough, just go back.

(Call from Tsukimi)



About the money...

Tomorrow is the last time to send it.

This time really is the last time.

I'm sorry, Rakuto.

Please forgive me.

Are you really sure?

Yes, I understand.

I'm coming over right now.
Wait for me.

Hurry up and leave.
You're really annoying.

You, a whore who keeps
saying you like everyone.

It's okay.

It's okay.

There are so few stars in Tokyo.

There are a lot in Okinawa.


What were you doing in Okinawa

before coming to Tokyo?



Why suddenly ask this?

I didn't do anything special.

I played in a band,
but I gave up soon after.

Didn't I tell you?

What about your parents, siblings?

Are they all in Okinawa?

What? Are you interviewing me?

It's scary the way you s
uddenly ask like this.

Just bored and curious, that's all.

I just suddenly feel like..

there are many things about you
that I don't understand.

That's true,


None of those things matter today.

Because today,
you're the main character.

Cheers, come on.

- the moon...
- eh?

Although it's beautiful,

It feels lonely.


There's a feeling...

Like you can almost touch it, but you can't.

It feels like it doesn't belong to me.

Am I being too romantic?

Although I'm a star,

Do you know? In the sky,
there are many shining stars, right?

Those stars...

The light we see now is said to be
the light from ancient explosions.

Did you know that?

-is that so?
- That's what they say.

When I heard that,
I thought it was so cool.

It feels like being a rock star, right?

A moment of shining brightly,

And the brilliance continues to this day.

Although I'm not a shining star,

I can't become a superstar.

I'm just a useless star.

What are you saying?

Why are you talking so gloomily?

Aren't you the champion superstar?

Hey, I think you're
remembering for too long.

I just have a good memory,
that's all.

So, what about this?

Look at your hair,
doesn't it look like a Chicken?

Let's call you "Chicken Star" then.



For someone like me
who is timid and cowardly...

- Maybe it's suitable.
- Right?


- Are you from the Chicken Planet?
- That's right.

Then shine brightly like crazy, my friend.

It's terrifying, though.

Oh no, wait a minute.

Since that's the case...


If I become a rich
person in the future,

I will...

Give you...

A ticket to board the space rocket.

That way,

You can watch the Earth

smoking in my hometown,
the Chicken Planet.

Go rock it!

I understand.

I'll really look forward to it.

- It's a promise, okay?
- Promise.

It's getting a little cold at night.


How about eating a bowl of
hot buckwheat noodles before going back?

Oh, that's a good idea.

I want to eat Tsukimi soba noodles.
It's my birthday, so I'll treat you.

I heard that

you've been mentioning
my name in many places?

No, I haven't...

Don't go too far.

Are you planning to
become a gangster?


Then be prepared.

It's because you messed things up.

Why are you laughing?

Don't underestimate me.

I know everything.

You take care of it yourself.

I'm sorry for mentioning your name.

But really,
it was only that one time.

I didn't tell anyone else.

I'm truly sorry.

What are you doing?

If you're too scared to do it yourself,
we can help you, you know.

But if we do it for you,
be prepared.

It'll be hell.

What do you say?
Isn't going to hell fine with you?

Is it okay like this?

What do you say?

Shall I do it?

Have you made up your mind?

Should I do it?

Is it okay?

Are you really
determined to do this?


Kamuto, start filming.

No, this guy is too spineless.

Let me do it.
Pass me the tools.

This guy just said
he wants to eat meat.

How about letting him
cut off his own ears with a knife?

And then,

let him use the knife
to cut off his own ears

and make him eat until he dies.

Just like a plate of fresh meat combo.

This guy has weird teeth.
He should be able to bite hard on the meat.

Great, let him cut off his own thing
and make it a stamina set.

bring me the tools, Kubuji.

Have you made up your mind?

Should we do it?
Or should he do it himself?

Make a decision quickly.

If you decide right now,
I'll give you an easier option.

Special bonus time.



Just die...

What did you say?

I'll do it myself.

Very well, well said.

You're a true man.

Then let's get started.

Extermination plan.

A true man, well said.

Go away.

Get in there.

Hurry up and get in.

Quick, move.

Don't move around.

You've done a great job.

That expression is really good.

- Kamuto, did you film it?
- Yes, I did.

Alright, stick your
hand out quickly.

You love this, don't you?

I'll give you a big discount.

Drink it.

- Drink it up.
- Move quickly.

Take a bite.

Bite hard with your
proud golden tooth.

Drink it quietly.

- Don't block his nose.
- Alright.

It would be a pity if
he choked to death.


Get closer, closer.

Very good, it's done.

What will happened?

It's coming out.

It's a giant caterpillar.

Exterminate the pests.

Did you capture it?
Hurry, get closer.


It's great.

Go up.

Don't come closer.

Don't come closer,
you're so dirty.

Get on quickly.


Too impressive.

So dirty.

Oh, please.

What's this? vomit?

Look at this.

If you use drugs, you'll end up like this.
It's like a perfect example.

Oh my, so dirty.

Let's go.

He's disgustingly dirty.

Surprisingly, it's not fun.

Hey, it's over.

By the way,

I'll trouble you again.

Clean him up properly.


I should thank you for
always leaving it to me.

Turn on the air
conditioning quickly.

It still stinks.

I'm hungry.

Can I bother you for a moment?

Long time no see.

It's been a while.

Have you been chatting with Murata?


I'm sorry.

- That...
- What?

I don't know who
you're talking about.

Are you looking down on me?

Weren't you guys
at Murata's place earlier?

Are you talking about Jay?

- Are you talking about Jay?



What's going on?
Did that guy call himself Jay?

Kawashita, he called himself Jay.

It seems so.

You guys were doing b
usiness with him, right?

I can't contact him.

We only bought weed from him.

I see.

We didn't do anything together.

We're also...

We haven't been able to contact him
for about a week. We're worried.

I see.

I understand.
If there's anything, I'll come again.


We have business. If you need anything,
you can talk to him.

Do you both live here together?


What's the number?



Your phone number.

If you're doing drug dealing,
be careful of the police, guys.

Got it?

If you want to make big money,
contact me anytime.

Don't hesitate.

It's ice.

But he named himself Ajei.

We need to find someone else.

J, huh? HIJ...

Then the next person is K.

Speaking of K,

Isn't it Kawashita's "K"?

Mr K.

-Oh, so you're Mr K ?
- No, I'm not.

What should we do in the future?

What else can we do?

Like going back to
Osaka or something.


I have this strange feeling.

feel like Sota wants to go back to Osaka.

I don't know what to say either.

I'm already...

34 years old.

And I'm like this.

Although there's nothing
I can do in Osaka either,

that's where I was born.

Staying in Tokyo doesn't
make sense anymore.

My parents are getting old too.

What about Rakuto?

Then let me sell marijuana.


-Are you serious?

I don't have anything
else to do anyway.

It's no big deal. I don't think
marijuana is a bad thing either.

If you're abroad,
you can also apply it in the medical field.

- But...
- But it's not like amphetamines are drugs.

But didn't you say...

Are you going to sell it?

And especially
in this situation.

But I don't have any other options.

Because you see...

I'm like this.

I can't find a legitimate job either.

But I need money.

This is the easiest way to earn it.

You're not planning to ask the yakuza, are you?

That doesn't sound like you at all.
You're still saying such things at a time like this.

It's scary to think about it.
It was scary just a moment ago too.

When they asked for your phone number,
you hesitated, didn't you?

I'm not scared.

What nonsense are you talking about?

I'm talking about you.

Don't you think
things are going south?

That's the real yakuza
we're talking about.

- Pull yourself together.
- Why are you suddenly getting angry?

- You're stupid.
- I'm not stupid.

Don't simplify it like that.

I'm asking you why
you suddenly got angry.

I don't have a home like grass does.

The problem isn't there.

Who do you think you are,
acting like a big shot? So annoying.


Someone like me
can only live like this.

You wouldn't understand.

Live like this?

Can I only live like this?


What were you
doing in the park earlier?

What did you do?

Did you hit a woman?

Doing something
so disgusting in secret.

You don't understand me at all.

That has nothing
to do with you, right?

Doing something so disgusting
by secretly peeping on me. That's disgusting.

You're the one always
asking Mom for money.

You're still a cowardly
fake drug dealer at this age.

And that pathetic tattoo.
Could it be a match with your mom?

Is that right?

Are you a match with your mom?

Hit me.

Hit me!

Come on, hit me!

Come on, hit me!

After that, I was busy
preparing to move.

Time passed quickly.

Although I didn't completely
reconcile with Rakuto,

at least we were able to talk again.

But it still felt awkward.

My inconspicuous life as
a fake drug dealer in Tokyo came to an end.

On the Shinkansen back to Osaka,
I could see Mount Fuji.

On the opposite side of
when I went to Tokyo.

Although it was the same Mount Fuji,

it felt like it was
saying goodbye to me.

That day, it didn't even show its face.

And finally,
I felt a sense of reality.

I was really going back to Osaka.

Without any destination in Tokyo.

After eight years,
the decision I made was...

To buy a Shinkansen
ticket back to Osaka.

Sota, we're opening a shop.

Come quickly.


- Dad.
- What?

What should we do about the mayonnaise?

- Use a generous amount.
- got it.

It's quite expensive.

Come on, cut me some slack
and make it cheaper.

Here we go again.

I can't handle you.

Grass, the rice is ready.

What are we having today?

Looks delicious.
I should have ordered the same.

What is that?

Is there a problem?

Potato plus potato plus cherry.

Because today is Christmas, right?

Yeah, because it's Christmas.

Even though it has
nothing to do with Christmas.

Then let's just say
"Happy Birthday" instead.

What are you talking about?

That's how it is.

- That's right.
- Do you have any objections?

Are you doing well?

Yes, I'm being good.

(Osaka-style okonomiyaki)

It's so cold.


It's time to eat.

Okay, got it.

It must have been
born in the summer.

It's already grown so big.

Although I don't know who its dad is.

- What about mom?
- mom?

Its mom should be around here.

They don't have any parent-child relationship.
They can have kittens with anyone.

Not yet.

They will multiply quickly.

By the way,
they live such carefree lives.

Every day, they are free and easy.

But even so,

they are still a family.


Ouch, it hurts.

Hurry up and eat,
Mom will complain.

I know.

Alright, that's enough.
Let's play later.


It's Christmas,

but there's no snow.

The heavens don't
know how to set the mood.

Such a cold temperature in vain.

That Christmas tree

was bought the year you were born.

Although we've kept
it stored all this time.

Even though it's an ordinary day.

Wake up in the morning,
say good morning to Mom and Dad.

Make Osaka-style okonomiyaki.

And say goodnight in the evening.

I used to dislike this kind of home.

But now, I think it's not bad.

Having family members to say
"good morning" and "goodnight" to is limited.

Perhaps, for me,

the little happiness I can find in
Osaka-style okonomiyaki is just right.

I thought I understood,
but in reality, I don't understand anything.

I'm back.

Welcome home.

You've worked hard.

What's going on?

Because it's Christmas, right?

It looks so beautiful. Thank you.

I asked the sun, it said it had
never decorated a Christmas tree before.

That's true.

That's great.

He must have fallen asleep.

The sun really wanted that star on top.

He said he wanted to give it
to Mom when she comes back.

He's trying so hard to stay awake.

Here you go.

I will work hard.

(Naha City First Makishi Public Market)


feels tired.

Stars will be responsible for lighting up.

If the stars

feels tired,

The moon will be
responsible for lighting up.

if the moon


the stars will smile for it.

If the stars


the moon will smile for it.

- I'll go talk to him.
- Big brother, I'm sorry.

- Yeah, get your suit ready.
- Okay.

What a hassle.

And then, the two of them
got into a fight at the nightclub.

Your little brother messed him up like that.

I understand. How about we talk
separately about this matter?

After all, it was done by someone in our family.

We also have a responsibility
for not disciplining him properly.

Alright, let's explain it clearly.

Hey, we're going to talk about
some gang-related stuff now.

You go outside.

Okay, I'll go out.

- You go out too. I'll handle it for you.
- Alright.

I'm really sorry.

Our brat caused you so much trouble.

And you had to make a special trip for this

It's alright, it's not me who got hurt.
It's not me who's in pain.

Even though he's a troublemaker
who deceives people.

He should still have money.

Make him compensate you
with 5 million. Is that enough for you?

That's more than enough.

By the way, is it really appropriate
to give us so much?

Why not? It's not my money anyway.

How about this? I'll give that kid
1 million for his recovery.

We'll split the remaining 4 million.

How can that be? After all,
we're the ones who messed up.

- We have no reason to take that much.
- Let's just go with it.

After all, it was you who
opened up this opportunity.

Let's split the money peacefully.

A win-win, right?

A win-win?

(Highest education level: Graduated
from Anryou Middle School in Naha City)

(Personal requirements column)
(I will work hard for my family)

You don't seem suitable for our family.

Sorry, we've already found someone.

Hmm, your tattoos are a bit...

No work experience?
That won't do.

Not bad, not bad.

Look at this packaging. It's cute, right?

Young people nowadays
like this kind of thing.

- Big brother, you're wise.
- I'll take care of it.

- We have various evasion methods.
- Please come this way.

Really, all the Japanese police are idiots.

Are you doing well?

You're sweating a lot.
You're so nervous.

Please have a seat first.

So, why are you here?


For some reason,

I'm looking for a regular job.

But I can't find one
with my appearance.

So I was thinking if
there's any job I can do here.

Of course, there is.
You're a delinquent, after all.

But don't worry,
we don't care about that here.

But I don't want to be in the underworld.

Listen, being in the yakuza isn't
something you can just decide to do.

So don't worry about it.

It's just a simple part-time job.

What about the partner you were with?
Is he doing well?

He went back to
his hometown in Osaka.

I'm not sure about his current situation.
He hasn't been in touch since he went back.

Who was that again? Murata?
No, what was his name?

- Jay?

I don't know what happened to him.

Although I'm not qualified to say,
he's a very carefree person.

That's true.

But he's a lovely person.

I'm really worried he might
cause trouble everywhere he goes.

Could he have gone
back to his hometown?

Don't come closer.

Don't come closer, you're dirty.

First things first,

Today, the company
he runs is short on staff.

I was thinking if there's
a suitable job for you.

Do you know about
synthetic cannabinoids?

A dangerous drug?

It's not that bad, really.

It's 100% legal.

But everyone has a negative impression of it,
so no one dares to take it on.

I'm looking for someone like you,
someone with integrity.

You've sold marijuana before,
so you must have integrity, right?

But I've never been a drug dealer.

Come on, don't lie.

Forget it, it doesn't matter.

It's a simple job.

we will sell online

or have delinquent youths sell
it between seniors and juniors.

You'll just be responsible for delivery.

It's simple, right?

I'll pay you a high hourly wage.

But I have concerns a
bout this kind of thing...

What's wrong with you?

Didn't you come here looking for a job?

You must be in need of money too, right?

A man has to know how
to make money, you know?

Don't you have a Girlfriend too?

You won't look good if you're broke.

She'll be completely
disappointed in you, you know?

Am I right? Are you a man?

It's not a bad thing.
Let's make a big profit.

Once you have enough money,
you can quit.

Good. This is a congratulatory
gift for starting work.

Just a token of appreciation.

I'm not sure about this matter.
If you have work-related questions, ask Habu.

Good luck.

Hey, why don't you go and pour
a glass of juice for them too?

- Okay, I got it.
- Sorry, I'll do it.

It's okay, just sit there.

Sorry about that.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Kawamoto.

Put it away quickly.
I'll help you with that.

Here, in our place,

Tattoos, earrings, beards, dyed hair,
none of it is a problem.

Everyone is like that.

I have a beard too, it's not a problem.

Here's your drink.

I'm really sorry.

Go ahead and drink.

You won't get caught, I guarantee it.
Don't worry, it's legal.

It tastes really good.

Please try it.
Top-grade beef.

Impressive, have some more sun.


Rakuto, ordinary ones are fine.

The delicious meat tastes better, right?

That's true.

It's great that you found a job.


Can I eat this?

Wait a moment for this one.

You can eat this now.

No, I want this one.

He wants meat
more than sausages.

Rakuto, why don't you give it a try?

Don't look so puzzled.

You should know your product well.

This is work, you know.


- No, thanks.
- Don't you want to?

No, take a few more puffs.


One more...

One more...

Feeling nauseous?

Do you feel sick?

Do you feel sick?

Are you about to throw up?

No, you can't vomit here.

Wait, let's go to the restroom.

Can't be, let's go.

Are you okay?

Not good?

Not good, huh?

Not feeling too well.

Still want to throw up?

It's really bad.

Please come in.

It's spacious, isn't it?

- Very spacious, right?
- Yes.

Why don't you sit down
and take a look?

It's okay, the president said we can
use it as a staff dormitory.

Don't worry, madam.

Rakuto is a talented person.

Thank you.

Although it's a bit old,

I hope you don't mind.

Feel strange?

Don't you like it this way?

Did we force you?

No, it's not like that.

Because this house is too luxurious.

It's not like that,
don't worry.


I wish you a happy new life.

That's it then.

- Rakuto, can you come here for a moment?
- Sure.

Your efforts don't matter at all.

I want you to show me results.

I'm really sorry.

It's about time.


I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.


- Can I trust you?
- Yes.


Our opportunities are limited.

Even if we keep working non-stop,

we can't make big money, right?

In the end, we're just being
manipulated by the yakuza.

Do you think this should continue?

It shouldn't.


Listen carefully,

You're not allowed to escape.

I'll give you your share for today.

I'll take care of these things.

With this situation,
we'll soon have 10 million.

-After it's safe, I'll give you half.

I want to work during the day.

- What can we do?
-But it's always at night...

I understand what you mean.

But, I still have to take care of my kid.

I understand that, but Rakuto.

A man is in his element at night,
that's when we make the final move.


- Let's make a big profit.
- But...


I'll pour it myself.

Did you hear that?

She said she'll pour it herself.

Caught you.

I'm really sorry.

Sorry about that.

- Sota.
- What's up?

Sota, your phone is ringing.

Got it.

Isn't that Rakuto?
Long time no see.

Sorry, you must be busy, right?

It's okay.

How have you been?

I'm doing well.

I'm doing okay, I guess.

I'm working hard too,
although it's just as a security guard.

You work as a security guard?

But it puts my mind at ease.

I'll call you again.

How's Kusachan doing?

I'm doing well.
Now I'm a takoyaki shop uncle.

Oh, I see.

A takoyaki shop uncle, huh.

That suits you well.

I'm working diligently, you know.

By the way,

I'm really looking forward to it.

Looking forward to what?

Your birthday is coming up, right?

I didn't give you a gift last year.

You don't have to do that.

Instead of that,
don't push yourself too hard.

As long as you're doing well,
that's enough.

Yeah, it's great to chat with you.

But I'll definitely give you a gift.

I see.

Thank you.

I'll call you again too.

When I have free time,
I'll come and see you.

Yeah, you're always welcome in Osaka.

"Just treat this place as your hometown."
I'm serious.

Enjoy unlimited servings of delicious Okonomiyaki.

Thank you.

See you next time.

- Alright then.
- That's how it is.

Who is it?
You seem so happy.

It's my "Chicken Star."


let's get back to work.

Did he say it's a chicken?

But that's not a "see you next time."

It's not a real "see you next time."

(Thanks to Guke's 10th anniversary)
(Mikemai Ramen now priced at 520 yen)

(Transform your room into a starry sky)
(Indoor planetarium)

(Second generation code and association)


I'm sorry, understood.

I understand.

My apologies.

This is awful.

I can see the bones. Climb out of the well
and take a look. This is too interesting.

It's a call from headquarters.

They're demanding our presence
at the regular meeting the day after tomorrow.

What a hassle. It's not like it's a training session.
They just want money, don't they?

They always take money from us,
the meager third branch.

We're just operating
as a franchise, that's all.

- Yes.

You go to him.

No, that won't work.
It's not appropriate.

Let's forget about it for now.
Come and take a look at this.

This is a drug called "Crocodile."
Look at how it transforms after using it.

I heard it's popular in countries like Russia.

It's really intense.

Those spineless Japanese brats
would never dare touch it.

They're all cowards.
This dangerous drug suits them well.

They mix it with all sorts of
unknown toxic substances.

Those idiots buy it happily,
getting their brains fried and malfunctioning.

And why call it a dangerous drug?

Such a tacky name. It only makes
those foolish brats want to try it more.

It's like something
a candy store would sell.

This way, even elementary school kids
can get their hands on it.

But we should thank the higher-ups.
Thanks to them, we can make money.

- Look, the popsicles have changed like this.
- I'm sorry.

Alright, got it.


Who is this for?

This is for my closest friend.

Closest friend?

How should I put it?
A trusted confidant.

Sun, you should write something too.

Write "Happy Birthday"

Should we use the method
of the black caterpillar again?

The caterpillar family is so disgusting.
We need to eradicate them completely.

Can we use this crocodile?

The whole family's hands and feet rot away.

But their faces look like this.

Mooimai, why don't you write something too?

- That's right.
- That's right.

What color do you want to use?

What color would be good?

How about green?

I want aquamarine.

Then let's go with aquamarine.

- Phone call.
- Hmm.

Aren't you going to answer?

It's for you.

Even though it's Sunday,
the president called.

Hung up.

We don't need to add anything here.

Wouldn't it be better to answer it?

Maybe it's something urgent.





Are you free now?

I am.

- Sorry for calling on a Sunday.
- It's okay.

There's something
I want to talk to you about.

I happen to be in front of your house.
Shall we have a cup of tea together?


Is that okay?

I understand.

You really said let's have tea.

You constantly poking me is dangerous.

- Tea is not a solution, you idiot.
- Let's not talk about it anymore.

It's really funny.
Rakuto must be scared to death.

open your mouth.

What are you doing?

Start crying already.

Stop it,

don't do this.

Stop getting in the way.

If he knows that kid's father is me,

I wonder what expression he would have.
I'm so looking forward to it.

By the way, with this,
Rakuto will be completely in our hands.

We can do whatever we want next.

That guy seems quite useful.

But that woman is really foolish.

Even though she's a heroin addict,
she offered me a million to stop.

It doesn't make any sense.
She took a bunch of heroin from me.

This will be the last time.

I'm sorry.

That woman is really stupid.

It's like a plot from a manga.

Even though I don't care
about her anymore,

when she suddenly said
she didn't want heroin,

I found it strange
and saw her with Rakuto.

- i forgot my phone
- what?

- Never mind
- what?

When I saw them together,
I thought, "Jackpot."

Wasn't that shortly after
he came for the interview?

He's really a foolish moth to a flame.


No problem,
you're welcome anytime.

Pleased to meet you

Very well...

And then I saw him desperately
selling gastrointestinal medicine.

It's all rigged.

(Digestive and intestinal medicine)

Your efforts are irrelevant.

I'm asking you to show results.

Should we sell a little bit of drugs?

Like X, ecstasy pills.

- Hey.
- Yes.

Can you really harm your own child?

What are you talking about?
Of course, I can do it.

That's not my child,
it's Rakuto's child.

So, it's the worm's kid.

I just shot a few rounds in her vagina,
and he was born.

I'm an all-knowing, all-powerful god.

That's it.

This is a photocopy of the manuscript
I found in his room.

And then? Any clues?

There are hidden texts
that imply criminal acts.

Like "Sacred Punishment"
and "Day of Judgment," and so on.

"Holy Water" seems to refer to
sulfuric acid being sprinkled everywhere,

but it also contains urine as an ingredient.

There seems to be no grudge between
the murdered gangsters.

It's probably a random killing spree.



Are you available now?

I am.

(Kill the despicable humans)

What are you doing?

Hey, come over here.

Where are you?

Where are you? Momobei

(God's retribution)

Please spare me.

Please, spare me.

Say something quickly.

You despicable human.

Your name is Saotome, right?

- (God's retribution...)
- I have already investigated.

What is it called "Saotome"?

You're just a bald old man.

You wretched creature.

Are you trying to fool me?

I am a god.

I will report this at the regular meeting.

Hey, release me, will you?

Can you do that?
Just release my hands, or even my feet.

Either the hands or the feet, it doesn't matter.
Please, just release me, will you?

Really, just release me.
What are you doing?

Go find all the thugs lurking under Hatta.

Don't underestimate the yakuza. Seriously

The rest is up to you.

You've worked hard.

Great, you're safe now.

- Great.
- You can go home now.

Um, can you please release me?

Hey, don't speed.

One, two, three.

That's right,
let's continue like this.

Let's skip the cola cake,
sashimi is good.

- Run, run!
- What's wrong?


- What's wrong?
- Don't ask, just run!

Hurry up and pack up,
okay? It'll be fine.

- Happy birthday.
- You don't have to do that.

Why is it beef?
Usually, we have cake, right?

You're already a middle-aged man when you're 35.

Be careful with diabetes.

You're an important heir for us.

Have some steak to boost your energy.

Get married to a good wife
as soon as possible.

I know, you're so naggy.

Don't worry.

This guy's hairstyle...

He not only got married
but also lives happily.

- Really?
- So happy!

It feels interesting.

Sota go blow his hair.

Are you stupid?

This is not a toy.

It looks delicious, look.

By the way...

Is my package here today?

Huh? No, it's not.

Oh, I see.

Eat up, the meat is cooked.

It's good to be back.

Tida is always happy.


Who brought so much water here?

It must be God.

Who's God?
What does he do?

It's hard to explain.

Do you feel warm here
when you think of your mom?


Then that's God.

You didn't explain it clearly.

Everyone has a heart,
no matter who they are.


It's a place that can become warm.

Look there, Tida.

The sun.

The name Tida means the sun.

- It's also God, right?
- It would be nice if it is.

Hey, Tida.




Are you okay?

You look a bit exhausted.

There have been a lot of tiring things lately,
it's a bit overwhelming.

Are you feeling unwell?

I'll go rest, it's okay.

It's fine.

(Two years later, Okinawa)

The chicken that can't fly...

It flew up.


He's here.

Thank you for coming all this way.

My name is Sota.


Thank you.

Originally, we planned to give you
a birthday present

on Sota's birthday together.


a serious incident happened.

We escaped back to Okinawa like this.

So we couldn't bring the gift for you.

I bought the exact same thing.


I brought it with me.

Can you please accept it?

Give this to your big brother.

It's the Planetarium.



There's something else to give you.

Although he might get angry,

I think it's best to give it to Mr. Sota.

Even though he stopped drawing halfway.

(Chicken star)

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry


I couldn't explain it properly to you.

Although I have a lot to say,

I'm just a fool.

I'm really sorry.


I've never been able to forgive my mother.

I felt like she never protected me.

After my mother remarried, my stepfather...

He really is...

A scumbag.

I was beaten every day.

I'm sorry.

Day after day...

Every minute, every second,
I was so scared.

I always felt...

The world was so small.

Like being in a prison.

But you know,

I met Tsukimi in Okinawa.

We both hated our biological families.

It was like running away from home,
free and happy.

I've always liked her.

In Tokyo,

By chance, I ran into Tsukimi again.


Although at that time, Sota misunderstood.

The girl who got beaten
up in the park by me.

Are you kidding?

You're a mother, right?

Tsukimi has also been through a lot.

I tried my best too.

Cheer up.

Although I couldn't speak to Sota,

I didn't want to keep it from you.

I always felt like we were a family.

I also felt like I was a father.

Thinking, "So this is what a family is like.

I was really happy.

I know my time is running out.

So I didn't get married.

It's Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It has spread to my spleen.

I always feel...

I finally became a father with great difficulty,
and now I have to say goodbye.

Isn't it annoying?

So I chose to run away.

I'm really useless.

Although i didn't tell you.

I've always cherished this ring.

I, um... I really liked Tsukimi...

But I couldn't even manage to kiss her once.

Can you believe it?

It was really short-lived.

Chicken star can't shine.

It's a useless star.

Although I have this nature,

But it's great to meet Sota.

It's embarrassing to say this,

What are you doing? You fool.

But I've always felt that
you're like my big brother.

Being able to meet Sota and Tsukimi,

when I was lost in a dark world,

when I was happy,

when things were going terribly,

no matter when,

I felt like you were my home.


What a loser.

How should I put it,

My heart feels like, "I'm back."

I, um...

I should have started my journey earlier.


You should take it slow, really slow.

Take your time.

Laugh sometimes,

cry sometimes,

live your life to the fullest,

taste delicious food,

appreciate beautiful scenery,

be a good son to your parents.

I envy being able to
do all those things.


please live on behalf of me too.


And one day...

Let's meet again.

It's a promise.

I'll wait for you on the chicken Star.


Like a farewell letter.

If it's the moon,

Feeling weary,

The stars will take care of lighting up.

If it's the stars,

Feeling weary,

The moon will take care of lighting up.

If it's the moon,


The stars will smile for it.

If it's the stars,


The moon will smile for it.


From today, you're a dad.

Help Mom put on the ring.

- congratulations.
- congratulations.

Holding a wedding for someone
who's no longer in this world,

And I'm unexpectedly the matchmaker.

I never thought something like
this would happen in my life,

But somehow, it feels...

Like a wonderful thing.

Sun, let's go.

Here they are.


Wait, what are you doing?
That's mine!

If you don't like it,
give it back to me.

Your companion,

Which star does he live on?

Is that the one?

I'm still looking.

I see.

I don't know who told me this,

But before a person is born,

A divine-like being
will come to tell you

That you have such
a fate and when you'll die,

And they'll ask you, "Despite that,
do you still want to meet that person?"

Those who answer "yes"

Will be born into this world,

And after being born,

Those memories will disappear.

Could it be the same for your partner?

Just to come and see you?

Then next time,
I'll have to go and meet him

Although not now.

Thinking this way,

Does the chicken Star really exist?

it exists.

It truly exists.

Do you think it all ends here?

No, it doesn't.

The rocket has been launched.

Is it true? Wow, we can see
the whole Earth from here.

Tsukimi and Tida asked me.

To fulfill the promise with
Rakuto and go to the moon.

Rakuto only gave me a rocket ticket.

And now, Tida has become
the world's top soccer player,

Replacing his father as a superstar,

And he gave me a ticket for a space trip,

Telling me to use it to find
the chicken Star on the moon.

It's really chaotic.

Me, an uncle who makes
Osaka-style okonomiyaki, ended up going to space.

Oh, life is full of unknowns.
I really didn't understand before.

This must be what he meant
by "Fucking Rock'N'Roll."