Slack Bay (2016) - full transcript

Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast. Infamous inspectors Machin and Malfoy soon gather that the epicenter of these mysterious disappearances must be Slack Bay, a unique site where the Slack river and the sea join only at high tide. There lives a small community of fishermen and other oyster farmers. Among them evolves a curious family, the Bréfort, renowned ferrymen of the Slack Bay, lead by the father nick-named "The Eternal", who rules as best as he can on his prankster bunch of sons, especially the impetuous Ma Loute, aged 18. Towering high above the bay stands the Van Peteghems' mansion. Every summer, this bourgeois family - all degenerate and decadent from inbreeding - stagnates in the villa, not without mingling during their leisure hours of walking, sailing or bathing, with the ordinary local people, Ma Loute and the other Bréforts. Over the course of five days, as starts a peculiar love story between Ma Loute and the young and mischievous Billie Van Peteghem, confusion and mystification will descend on both families, shaking their convictions, foundations and way of life.

What kind of bullshit is this?
I've had enough!

No, Ma Loute - I've had enough!

You're always grumbling. In any case,
we'd best get back. The tide's rising.

Come on, kids, home!

Hey, Dad!

Help me!

What happiness! That happiness to be
back on this coast...

And to see this landscape.

Oh, look over there:
it's the mussel fishermen.

How quaint!

Come on, Ma Loute. Come on.

Isn't it, Billie?

André, that idea you had was extraordinary.

To build our Typhonium here!

How it stinks, this cart!

- Hey, Ma Loute spat at me!
- Stop it now!

Ma Loute! Cloclo! Stop it. Let's move!

- That person went missing here?
- Here?

Here, as in down there!

- Here, here?
- Down there!

Ah, over there!

- People don't disappear like that, Malfoy.
- We found his glasses.

- They were on holiday?
- Affirmative, Boss. From Lille.

Let's go down there and see.

I can't get down like that, I'll fall.

It's easier to get on my bottom to do it.


Here I am, Boss!

- You could have been hurt.
- It's nothing.

- It was here, then?
- Affirmative, Boss.

The flag's where that man lost his glasses.

I'll go see.

It happened last Sunday...
a holidaymaker, a lady from Roubaix.

- Lille, Roubaix?
- Tourcoing.

It looks like a serial case.

One, two, three, four...
starting to hot up, eh?

- I'm tired of carrying the bag.
- Stop grumbling.

Why does Louis get to push the cart?
Can't I do it?

Because he's smaller.

- Will you stop?
- Stop it, come on!

That's enough!

Move, then...
Here, we'll begin to clean the mussels.

- Come here, come on!
- Ma Loute!

Move! On with it!

Clean the mussels! Since your father
has gone, you can go too!

Go on, go there!

Hey, enough!


Children! Going beyond there is dangerous!

There is the mud, in the bay!

There is the mud, in the bay!

Oh, the wisteria...

Nadege, get the dust.

- No, you have to eliminate it.
- Remove it, like?

There is no hope. You'd better go to
the kitchen to clean the potatoes.

Go! Off! Disappear, Nadège!

The wisteria!

Isabelle! Isabelle!

The wisteria! The wisteria!

But you'll break your neck, Isabelle!

- No, André, don't worry. The wisteria?
- Yes, it is immense.

It has grown at least two meters.

It's normal, it's been a year since we
last saw it.

Everything grows, André, everything grows.

Can you check in the kitchen if that
good-for-nothing has found the potatoes?

The potatoes... yes, of course.

Ah, dear? Dear!

If the potatoes have been found,
what should I say?

- Tell her to peel them, André!
- Ah, to peel them.

Peel the potatoes.

Oh, I was wrong, it's not that way.


- Miss, you've found the potatoes?
- I'm washing them.

- I beg your pardon?
- Cleaning them up, sir!

You must peel them.
That's what the lady asked.

No, not peel, she said clean them.

OK. But spare yourself the trouble of
cleaning after skinning, right?

You have to wash, then you have to dry
them, and then you can peel.

And what do you do next?

- Cut! Slice!
- Slice.

And then cook them in oil.
And what do you do next?

Then they can be eaten! OK, Sir?

I'm going to say that to Ma'am.

Wash, dry, peel...

Peel, wash... peel...

- Be careful not to fall!
- Hey, Eternal!

- Eternal?
- Yes.

He is the savior of the sailors.

- Our savior?
- Oh, no...

He saved so many people from death at sea.

- Nearly a hundred people.
- One hundred people?

Now he's the ferryman, with his son
Ma Loute.

- It's twenty cents for the crossing.
- It's not expensive.

- Ouch!
- What is it, can't stay on your feet?

- It seems that you can get me across.
- Yes. Twenty cents.

Here you are.

Raise your arms. Your arms.




Help, we don't know how to swim!


- Somebody help us!
- What's all this carry-on?

We are stuck in the mud. Help us!

There's water everywhere. I don't
understand, usually there's no problem.

- We live there.
- And you, where do you live?

You don't live in the Oyster Park?

What is it, you lost your tongue?

You're from the village, right?

I recognize you: you were gathering
mussels this morning.

My name is Billie.
My cousins: Blanche and Gaby.

What's your name?

Ma Loute!

Ma Loute!

Your name's Ma Loute?

Ma Loute!

- Ma Loute!
- What kind of name is that?

I'm coming!

As you can see, Isabelle's in the
midst of the chores.


Isabelle! Your brother's come to see us.

Christian! What a wonderful surprise!

There is quite a drought, and the house
is like an icebox.

No, Nadège, that's not it.

I have explained how to fold them:
one, two, three.


The kids are here?

Yes, they're taking a shower.

We've just arrived and they're already
covered in mud from the bay.

Here we don't lose any time, as you
can see.

- Calais is as always?
- Yes, I really like it.

Don't you regret having traded the
Nord for the Pas-de-Calais?

Not at all.

- How's my Uncle?
- Dad's fine, really.

Your sister is busy, as we just arrived.
I don't think you'll see her today.

Oh, it doesn't matter.
I was just passing for a quick chat.

- I'll come back. I don't live far.
- Soon, Christian.

It was a real pleasure to see you,

We know what to do, André,
but we do not do.

Here they are!

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

- Good morning, Uncle!
- Ah, Billie is a boy again.

- You messed up your dress, my kitten?
- Uncle!

Just go now, children!
Go away, children! Begone!

They are devils, Christian.

They do all this for fun. You know?


- I'll walk you back.
- But won't you stay?

Come for Saturday lunch, then.
Or Sunday, after the procession.

Nadège, what are you doing down there?

In any case, it is bizarre that it's not
locals who are disappearing.

- These disappearances are often a mystery.
- What?

Boss! I found a boat stranded on the beach.

What? A shipwreck? Come on, quick.

I have to stop, Malfoy, or I'll vomit.

What a heartbreaking sight...

- If a ship has run aground, it happens.
- But, it's so impressive...

A sailor knows his fate.

It's sad, but take it from the son of a

- You rascal!
- No-one on board, boss.

All gone.

- Malfoy, report this to Calais.
- Affirmative, boss.

There are already two missing persons,
but I don't seek them here.

We work on earth,
not at the bottom of the sea.

- Still here, Lady?
- But no, no.

- But yes, but yes.
- But no, no.

- But yes!
- So someone has disappeared?

- But no.
- But yes.

- No.
- But yeah, he just said.


- Go!
- Help!


- Come on, go!
- I'm being assaulted!

There we go!


You saw it, Malfoy? This mad,
hysterical woman.

What's this? Isn't it the umbrella of
the woman who was with us?

I don't know. I'll see.

Malfoy, help me up.

A lady must have lost an umbrella.

I recognize it - it is the one of the
woman who was here ten minutes ago.

I don't know.

- It may have blown away.
- But, there is no wind.

An umbrella isn't lost like a glove.

- A mystery.
- Yeah.

You can go, thank you.


- If you want, there is still some foot.
- No.

- Cloclo?
- No.

- Little Louis?
- No.

- Ma Loute? You're sure? There's more.
- Yup!

- Sure?
- Yup!

- The thumb?
- No!

- A little shin?
- No!

- A little brain?
- No.

No? Then finish eating and go play.


What are you doing here?

Are you done with your rich people?

And you're done looking at me pee?

You want me to eat you, perhaps?


Truly divine.

And divine, divine!

Oh, a bird!

- Hello.
- Two delicious omelettes, please.

Ah, it really is extraordinary.
Look at that.

Magnificent! That sailor is admirable.

A sort of incarnation of absolute beauty.


Ah, the omelettes!

Thank you... Oh, it is sublime.

Yes, sublime.

Beautiful. And sublime.

Look at the sailor: the simplicity.

It looks like a painting.

See: proof that a sailor can
embody the quintessence of beauty.



Yes, like a painting...

Dad! Mum!

Hey! You can't play here!

Go somewhere else! Don't touch the boat.

What are you doing, children?

That's enough!

How dare you behave in this way!

Do not you see that this good man
is working?

It's complete madness, this!

- We're very sorry.
- We did not know.

- Sorry.
- We were playing.

You see, there are people who
do not appreciate your games.

These people aren't like us, you know?

You should not talk that way, Isabelle.

Now go, go and play. Go into the bay.

The nerve.

The nerve!

- You're... dressed as a boy?
- Well, yes.


Billie, come on?


Oh, heck!

Machin, Calais Police.

A fisherman told me that a lady had
come here.

Did you take her across?

We carry so many people each day.

She was big, with a yellow umbrella.

There are big, small, medium, long...

- What's your name?
- Brufort.

Brufort? And you, boy?

- Brufort.
- Where do you live?

Saint Michel.

Ah, OK.

- Say, can you walk over here?
- Depends on the tide - or we use the boat.

Malfoy, I've had it with water!



Careful! First warning.


You do not get a second.

I will wait for these shoes to dry.
And the socks, Malfoy.

That's right, Boss. Evil is caught by foot.

That's why we put shoes on.

One heck of a house.

One heck of a viewpoint, too.

It is unheard of, of course!
This is the first step!

And the second, Isabelle, well, it
should not be restored ever again!

For me this is an unacceptable thing!
And the third, you know what?

Let them die! I am outraged, Isabelle!

Outrageous! It's outrageous!


Police. Inspector Machin, from Calais.

This is a great place here. And your
home is so different from the others.

What style is it?

It's a villa in the Egyptian style.

Ptolemaic, Inspector.

Made of marble from the quarries
of Marquise.

- But there is concrete on top.
- Yes, absolutely.

Yes, the structure is entirely covered
in plaster.

- It is entirely covered with plaster?
- Yes.

- Cement, in fact.
- Well, concrete, more or less.

- A heck of a structure.
- Yes, remarkable.

- Mister... who?
- André van Peteghem, of Tourcoing.


Forgive me for the inconvenience.

Have you noticed anything strange
in the bay?

I ask because from here there's
a very good view.

A beautiful view... yes, we can see.

We can see... all the small details.
You can see for yourself.

But, tell me, Inspector,
what should I have seen?

The missing people, for example.

The missing people in the bay?

But yes. Two people have disappeared.

One from Lille and one from Roubaix.
And another that we do not know.

You didn't see anything about the one
who disappeared yesterday?

Look, Inspector, I do not spend my days
monitoring the bay.

- It's a really beautiful view.
- Yes, but I don't see it anymore, OK?

It's normal - I've spent so long
looking at it, I don't see it anymore!

It is rather bizarre.

Living in a place like this...
and not enjoying the view!

But my girls!
My girls have gone down into the bay!


But down there, Inspector, don't you see?
Along with their cousin!

You see, Mr. van Peteghem?
It's a great vantage point!

Oh, that made me afraid, Inspector...
How scary!

Take care.

And let me know if you notice anything.

Goodbye. Malfoy!


- What do you want?
- What have you got there?

Two youngsters, that we took this morning.

- From where?
- Lille.

- It'll be a good meal, if they're young.
- Yes.

- This is the Saint Michel area?
- The fishermen's area.

- It's not very busy.
- They are at sea.

You amaze me. Hey kids!

Come here!

What is your name?

Lost your tongue? The Bruforts live here?

There? There? There?

Do you know where they live - the Bruforts?

Boss. They live over there.

Over there?

Hey, boys, in!

Police, Mrs. Brufort.
I am looking for your husband.

- Why?
- I met him this morning.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Do you live here, then?
- Yes.

- Why did your children lie to us?
- My children never lie.

- Really?
- Sure.

- OK. Do you know this woman?
- No.

I do not know them.
There's no point in bothering us.

Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy!

I could have broken my tailbone.

I make you laugh?

Laugh, laugh...

Billie! Come, Billie!

Come and embrace your mother, come on!

You're the usual scoundrel!
My little rascal.

How are my nieces?
How are these two wonders?


And my little brother? How are you?

How is the Typhonium, lovely as ever?

Hello, Aude.

Isabelle, you look gorgeous!


My God, how beautiful!

André, my God, how beautiful!

What a wonderful landscape you have
before you here!

Billie, have you ever seen anything more...

I can never get used to the
beauty of this landscape!

This is why you come every year, Aude?
Every year.

Tell me, you big meanie?
Do you think I'm too much, eh?

So I come too often, you think?
I come too often?

Isabelle, say something, really!
Say something.

A heron, look!

- What a beautiful animal! A heron!
- Your luggage?

The chauffeur will bring it.

Oh, your house! André, what audacity!

What architecture!

Billie, stop it! You'll hurt me!



What an insufferable creature!

Please leave him to sulk, girls!

Let's go.

Let's go!

Can you take me across?
I'll give you the money tomorrow.


Why are you dressed as a boy?

- You're not a boy?
- No! I am a girl, Ma Loute.

I'm disguised.

Come, let's go to sea.

Can you hold the dish, please?

So stubborn, this cannot take all day.

No, Aude. Billie is a fine kid.

He knows lunch is at twelve-thirty.

Although, we're on holiday, right?

Help me with the dish, please.

What do you think of Billie, girls,
is Billie a good kid?

André, you've lost your grip?

Don't let it hit the ground before
we've tasted it? What do you say?

Enough! No laughing at the food.

I'm going to cut the leg in the kitchen.
Come with me, Nadège.

Take Sir's knife!

My poor André...

My poor André!

Why didn't this leg get cut in
the kitchen before it came out?

You do not have any manual skills!

Why humiliate yourself? Why?

- It's no big deal, Aude, believe me.
- You won't become like Dad, right?

What are you doing, here? Nadège, serve.

But it is magnificent!


Will you take a some green beans, Ma'am?

- No beans?
- Next, Nadege, serve Sir.

So Billie's been out all this time
without eating?

You said so yourself...

He's very stubborn in his grudge, right?

Yes, but never for so long. Never for so
long, André, You must believe me!

I wonder whether it is not the case
that we should report his disappearance?

His disappearance?

But yes, of course!
Billie's disappeared, yes or no?

- I'm going to inform the police.
- Police?

But why the police? No! You cannot...

No, you cannot pass! It's dangerous!

- I'm not a lifeguard! Away!
- André...

She's my sister, Inspector.

It's her son who's disappeared
and who might be at sea.

- André!
- Yes!

Sir, the rescuers are doing their utmost.

Ma Loute!

Going out to sea is dangerous.
Don't you know?

What was the idea of going out
in this weather? You wanted to drown?

Eh? What do you think?

That I don't already have enough work?
And the sea, my goodness!

It can swallow you. What do you have
to say?

I'm not laughing at all.
Look at me! And you, Ma'am!

I wouldn't bother consoling them!
And you know why?

They are fools!

You don't go out on a boat with the sea
like that! Didn't you see the storm?

The waves and the wind?

The wind and the waves?

The families, the children...

police, horses, sailors and the rest!

You see them? They're all here!

Does that mean anything at all? OK.

- Billie, darling!
- I'm coming, Mother!

And I, Malfoy, when I do not find
anything, I swell up.

I'm all bloated and swollen.

Hey, did you find anything?

I can't understand anything you're saying?

I don't understand with that thing
on your head.

Return below.

Hey, look, the Bruforts are over there!

Come on, Malfoy! One, two! One, two!

One, two!

One, two!

So, Mr. Brufort, you've recovered the boat?

I understand why they call you the
Eternal, with all the lives you've saved.

We were able to admire your work.

You saved the life of your kid,
and the little van Peteghem.

I'm here because people are still

You really do not know anything
of the lady in the photo?

And the young ones I saw you with

Don't even think about blaming all these
missing persons on me!

I wouldn't get nervous.
You're a witness, that's all.

I transported them across.

That's all!

OK, but I do have to ask questions.
It's my job.

Billie! Billie, what is it now?
You haven't finished yet?

Oh, what a charming bird.
It's a blackbird, no? André!

- Heck, Malfoy, did you see that?
- What?

She's the kid.

- What?
- That boy... is a girl.

That girl there?

The boy saved with that other one,
the Brufort boy.

It's him, the little van Peteghem.

It's a boy who is a girl.

Perhaps it's for the carnival.

I think he's like a pederast...

but a young one.

My beautiful Billie...

It's a boy... that girl.

Do you understand?

Boss, in my opinion...

This isn't like "is it bacon or pig?"

A girl's a girl and a boy is a boy.

Oh, Christian, my cousin!

Welcome to the Typhonium! It's incredible!

Why, Aude, what do you mean?

Christian is here all summer, every year.
Just like you.

Come now and embrace your cousin,

- Oh, my gosh!
- Christian!

- Brother dear, how are you?
- Fine, and you?

Let's move onto the terrace.
André and Aude are already fighting!

- Scoundrel!
- That's a bit much.

Have a seat on a lounge chair.
Stretch your arms.


Christian, you'll be punished!
Wicked! Scoundrel!

Aude, you want a finger of "whisseki"

It's time for... It is time for...

- It's cocktail hour!
- André!

- André!
- And Christian, a finger of "whisseki"?

- A "whisseki", yes!
- No, no, André!

Ah... well, then... a lemonade, eh?

No, a "whisseki", André, please!
A "whisseki"!

Alright, then!
A finger of "whisseki" for Christian.

It's cocktail hour...
And you, Isabelle, a finger of port?

- Just a little finger.
- A little one...

There we are.

Please, Isabelle, I'll take that.

And a small "whisseki" for yours truly!
And, hey presto!


It's time for... It is time for...
it's cocktail hour!

Pardon, give it to me, dear.

Ah, it's beautiful...!

Here you go.

Nadège! Snacks! Nadège!

Yes, Madam!

- Tomorrow there's the procession.
- Oh yes! The procession!

I would not miss the procession for
the world! For nothing in the world!

- And why is that, dear?
- And why is that, dear?

Can't you guess?

Ah... Nadège, there they are. Good!

No, no... I can't guess, no!

Who gave me back my Billie,
saving him from the ferocious sea?

Who gave me back my Billie
saving him from the ferocious sea?

The Eternal, Ma'am! Mr. Brufort.

- Nadège! No talking when on duty! André!
- Nadège, come on now!

That told you, Nadège! It's not Brufort
who saved Billie! Who saved Billie?

- But tell us, Aude!
- Oh, but it is unbearable!

It was... It was...

It was the Virgin Mary
who watched over my Billie!

- Our Lady of the Waves! No?
- Naturally.

Of course, of course...

That's... a fine pilgrimage...

tomorrow... the consecration of the Virgin.


Look who it is!

Nadège! The Virgin Mary saved our Billie!

- Christian!
- And my Billie! My Billie!

Nadège, we'll move into the dining room!

- Call the girls from their rooms!
- Ah, sorry, Isabelle.

- Who is this boy?
- Ma Loute. I was out at sea with him.


- Ma... Ma...
- Ma Loute, ma'am.

Perhaps you want to invite your friend...
to our table for dinner, Billie?

Oh, that's a great idea, really.

However, my boy, we must
pay tribute to your dad.

- Thanksh.
- "Thanksh!" But what is this?


What is this, a speech impediment?

Oh yes, great fun!

It's... "Chrishtian", take one of
my "armsh!"

Wow, the Typhonium!

And this facade! Look! The facade!

- We'll be here a while, Boss?
- Oh yeah.

I want to keep an eye on Brufort.

- Yes, the Eternal.
- The Eternal Brufort, yes.

- Who ferries people.
- Yes, Yes.

Have you noticed? The boy is not there
with him.

- That's not unusual!
- Because?

Because he will be off having fun with...
that animal, right?

Well, yes, it's possible.

- The van Peteghems are odd creatures, eh?
- Odd creatures.

Hey, hey!

Look over there! It's a nudist!

Completely naked, but plenty of fur.

We cannot stay here, Malfoy!

We're not satyrs, we're the police!

Hey, back off! We are the police.

It is a nudist beach, here.

- Yet more weird people!
- Oh yeah!

- A nympho...
- Yeah.

- Boy pederasts... nudists...
- Exactly.

- And the missing!
- Oh yeah!

- We really should take a look...?
- Oh yeah.

- It is our work.
- And work it is.

Wait! I'm the leader, it's my turn.

Oh, she's gone!


No longer there!

Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy!

Hey, hey!

Get me up!

- My hat.
- Did you see it, Boss?

A vanishing before our eyes.
That's the limit!

The pooch is still here!

Pooch, pooch, pooch!

Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy! Move it!

Duke! Duke!

But, it is quite curious, yes.

In short, a lot people have disappeared...

in recent weeks.

All around here... in the bay or in the
Slack Dunes.

How is that possible?

There are people who disappear every day,
it's the nature of things!

It is the very nature of things!

I too have disappeared - last year, among
the dunes... for three hours.

Remember, André?

Oh, it's true, Christian...
but in fact you were lost.

You went missing by yourself,
it's a different sort of thing.

- Ah, yes.
- The police are very worried!

Very worried!

Especially since these missing persons
come from Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing...

From Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing?

But... it's terrifying!

André, it's terrifying!
Are we not from Tourcoing?

We are from Tourcoing, André!

André, don't scare everyone!

- And we're in front of the girls...
- But there is nothing to fear.

Come on! The police are on it.

They're monitoring the entire bay
and will solve everything, you'll see!

And then there's our friend, who
watches over this beautiful world, no?

You'll protect us. Right, Ma Loute?

- Yeah, you'll protect us, Ma Loute!
- Nadège!

We will have to give up our walks in
the bay.

That cop wasn't very reassuring.

He came here yesterday and he seemed
to me... how can I say...?

Very involved.

Very involved, yes.

Yes, he seemed very involved.

But it is all rather mysterious,
at the very least!

- No dead bodies!
- André!


I have no fears about these disappearances.

I can safely walk around the bay.

I'm from Calais!

What do you mean "from Calais"?
You're one of us, my cousin!

You were born in Tourcoing and remain
from Tourcoing! Traitor!

- But no...
- No?

Christian's right. It's obvious.

No Calaisian has disappeared, and we
never want to ruin his walks? André!

Of course, there is no danger, Christian!

No danger, Christian.

No, no danger!

As for me... and even Billie...

No solitary walks until further notice.

OK, girls? And you, Billie,
with your friend "Mo Louis"...

Your new friend.

No! Never alone, never!

Here's the chicken!

At least, our dear boys have been returned.

Throughout history there is a providence.

There are those who will be saved and...
and others.

Simply put, they have received the grace.

But were they saved because they had
the grace...

Or is it because they've been saved
that they receive the grace?

André, please!

Well... it is a matter of predestination,

You don't change a bit, André!
You're certainly ready...

to get on your high horse, whenever
a little question bothers you.

No, however, as Dad said,
we are the van Peteghems!

And said this, no matter what happens!

The van Peteghems do not disappear,
that's all!

That's true for me, Christian van Peteghem
of Calais, in the dunes...

And at sea for Billie van Peteghem
of Tourcoing.

Christian, my cousin, you've completely
understood my point.

Yes, things are exactly like that.

Let us give thanks, tomorrow, to
Our Lady of the Waves.

For having returned "Mo Louis" and Billie.

Ma Loute.

Ah, yes, Ma Loute!
What does it mean, "Ma Loute"?

I don't know, that'sh my name.
It's just what they called me.

"That'sh" my name!

Ma Loute!

My little Ma Loute!

So, this afternoon...
sand yachting at the beach!

Come on!


Leave the yacht, get off!

Go on!



- Help!
- Dad!

- André!
- Daddy!

Heck! Who was the driving this machine?

- Who was driving this thing?
- My husband!

- And where is Mr. van Peteghem?
- I don't know!

- Where?
- Ah... André!

A moment of your attention, please!

It's quite incredible to vanish here...

but there is no body!

- It's a mystery!
- No, it's not possible! It's not possible!

But yes. It's another vanishing!

There's a series:
one, two, three, four, five!


Show yourself to us!

Come back to us!

Ah, my children! Ah, my children!

What an amazing flight I had!

But why is this building on the beach?

Machin... Machin...

Who made this building on the beach?

This building, Machin!

- Mr. van Peteghem?
- Yup?

You haven't disappeared?

- You live here?
- Yes, this is my neighborhood.

Saint Michel, the fishermen's district.


- Ma Loute, who's this?
- Move back!

- Is it your girlfriend, Ma Loute?
- She is beautiful!

- Where's she from?
- Get back!

- How old is she?
- Ma Loute, who is it?

Get lost! Get lost!

Who is it?

- What's all this carry-on?
- You have to tell them!

Ma Loute...

But it's Billie!

Go away! Go on, go!

What are you looking at?

I'm looking at where you live.

It's beautiful.

Well... it's ordinary.

What are you doing?

Ma Loute!

My children.

The roar of the lions.

The howling of wolves.

The ocean's fury in the storm.

And waves that destroy.

They are part of eternity,
too great for the eyes of man.

As the boat was at the mercy of the waves,
the poet whispered to me.

The instant I saw the rescuers...

close to our young stray sheep.

In these troubled times when our
hearts tremble.

In the presence of immensity,
we celebrate the Virgin of the Sea.

Who with her eyes protects
every sailor on his boat.

The Virgin of the Sea
watches over you like a beacon.

She blesses the fragile vessels...

keeps them away from dangerous reefs...

and heads them towards the best fishing.

Therefore, I call you to gather...

for our prayers to the Virgin of the Sea.

Fish in peace, my children! Fish in peace!

Find an abundance of cod and mackerel!






Aude van Peteghem.

André van Peteghem.


Mrs. van Peteghem.

- Gaby.
- Blanche.

My brother...

My love.

My love.

Look, Billie... stop this perverse
game! It's horriblel!

Hail Mary, full of grace...

Jesus... the fruit of thy womb.

Have mercy on me! Have mercy on me!

If you keep doing this,
baby Jesus will fall!

This child is the fruit of blood...

of absolute evil, André, of absolute evil!

You men! You make me puke!

You make me throw up, all of you!

I don't even know who the father is, André!

You and your depravities!

And those of our own father!

- Aude... you know we were drunk!
- Oh! Shut up, André!

You can find a way to justify
any meanness! You are the devil!

Have you no idea of the evil
you have made me, you and our father?

And he... if nothing else, was
he really drunk?

Why do you bring Billie
to the Typhonium every summer...

if not to have him near to you?

- Because of his cousins!
- Say no more! Say no more!

Poor kid! Poor kid!

You don't know if I'm the father,
or if our father is his real father!

- You or him, what's the difference?
- But, well...

You should be man enough to take on the
responsibilities of the evil you do, André!

My poor, poor Billie... Billie!

What a monster, with our own blood,
we brought into the world!

You are no longer disguised as a girl?

I am a girl who disguises herself as a boy.

- Inspector!
- Ah, Mr. van Peteghem!

I wanted to know how you are...

after the accident with the sand yacht.

Very kind of you to worry about me,
Inspector Machin.

But, we are all human! Even me.

So... lift up your hearts!
Lift up your hearts! Lift up your hearts!

We went to pay tribute to
Our Lady of the Waves.

The one that helped us to find Billie!

Her boyfriend... His girlfriend...
Boy or girl?

Alleluia. Alleluia.

Here, a woman found this, when she was
returning from the procession.

It is the wallet of Mr. Christian
van Peteghem, it says so inside.

So then it is the wallet of my cousin.
I mean, my brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law or cousin?

Both my cousin and my brother-in-law,
since I married his sister.

You married your cousin?

Cousin of the second degree, Inspector.

Ah! Bizarre, right?

No, Inspector! It is typical
in large families in the Nord.

Cousins, cousins, all of these things...

It is neither fish nor fowl, in fact.

It is because of industrial alliances,

Industrial? Heck!

What's this world that we do not know?

My wife is not an industrialist.

It is the modern world, Inspector!
And capitalism!

Capitalism? Heck!

- Tell me, Nadège: Where's Mr. Christian?
- Mr. who?

Christian, my cousin, the brother of
the lady.

The brother of the lady is your cousin?
The daftie?

Oh, Nadège, please!

No, Sir. Your brother hasn't returned.

But how? It's not possible!

He returned before us, so he
should be here!

And also, it was a long time before us!

You don't think he's disappeared,

What? Christian has disappeared?

No, Ma'am! Please!

It's still just a hypothesis!

Calm down!

Do not put the cart before the horse!

Your cousin?

No, he's my big brother.

Brother and cousin?

Perhaps Mr. Christian van Peteghem
has not disappeared!

We will not draw any conclusions.

I have everything under control.

Along with Mr. Malfoy.

It'll be fine. Courage!

- You'll take me across, Ma Loute?
- Yes, Billie.

You've got balls?

Are you a boy? You've made a right
cunt out of me!

Here's where Christian van Peteghem's
wallet was found.

That said, could it be that he
fell from the cliff?

- Could it be he fell from the cliff?
- No, Sir! We have already checked!

He can't have vanished into thin air?

There are no bodies that have fallen down.

It's very high.

So much higher.

Careful, Mrs. van Peteghem!

A miracle! A miracle! Isabelle!

- It's a miracle, Inspector!
- Heck!

We are just above the statue of the Virgin!

From there, she carried her, I believe!

- It must have been the wind!
- Isabelle! My angel!

Forgive me!

Oh, look, fresh meat!

Stop it now! Away from there!

Go play with something else,
never mind the meat!

What happened?

Go away!

- Does it hurt?
- Wait...


You've bitten me!

Ma Loute! Ma Loute! Ma Loute!

No, you're still touching it!

- I told you it's my turn!
- No! Try explaining it again!

Enough! Stop it right now, girls!

What is going on?

Blanche says that it's her turn to play,
but it's my turn!

Do you know where Billie went?


- We have no news of Christian?
- Unfortunately not!

My Billie!

My Billie!


My Billie!

- My Billie!
- Mum...

My Billie!

- Mum...
- My Billie!

- So, can we stop this bullshit?
- My Billie!

My Billie! My Billie!

- My Billie!
- Billie!

I'll do it, then?

My Billie!

You too? Now I'll give the same to you!


Thank you, Colonel.

It is quite a case, you know?

Well, we'll walk along and check the dunes.


If we do not find anything then it
is a mystery, Malfoy.


If that's the case, then it's even more
of a responsibility for us.

- Malfoy! Malfoy! I'm flying!
- I'll look for a rope.

I'm flying, Malfoy! Flying!

Malfoy, I'm flying!

Malfoy! Flying!

Everything's under control.

I've swollen up! I've swollen!

- I'm swollen 'cause I've found nothing!
- Don't worry.

Help, Malfoy! Malfoy!

You took the case too much to heart, Boss!

Yes, that's why I've swollen up! Let's go!

Come on, Malfoy, come on!

Courage, soldiers!

Courage, soldiers! Courage!

Look thoroughly.

- Boss, they're here.
- Yes, Boss. And they are still alive.

Well done, boys.

People disappear all the time, it's
the nature of things.

I see no need to celebrate
this thing as if it were a big event...

or organize a garden party!

Perhaps to some these things can
seem incredible...

but these things happen every day,
all around the world!

I wanted to thank you, sincerely,
from my heart...

For the outstanding quality of your work!
So admirable!

Thank you, Mr. van Peteghem.

Yes, because you always remained
very human.

I am reminded of a Victor Hugo quote.

Oh, yeah. We all have
extraordinary references!

Yes, the van Peteghems are always
"a force that goes"!

- And that's what you are!
- Definitely.

You are a force that goes!
Victor Hugo's words!

- A force of life!
- A force of life... yes... that goes!

In any case, you were most admirable!

It was a difficult investigation,
Mr. van Peteghem.

And you knew how to handle it!

And, not content to with just working
methodically, you used intuition.

And it has transformed our lives!

- A hunch, that's right.
- And a happy "concussion"!

Machin, who has always possessed
the right insight into every situation...

He said it is a happy conclusion, right?

A happy "concussion", Sir.

- Sorry? What was that?
- And a happy "concussion".


It's... a happy "concussion."

- A happy conclusion!
- Happy, yes!

A conclusion of the story...

that's basically thanks to him, and we
have a real sense of harmony.

What joy!

We should also pay tribute,
Mr. van Peteghem, to the military!

Of course, obviously, because they
were so admirable.

- And to my colonel!
- Colonel, yes.

- And the priest.
- Oh, the priest...

he was of immense value, this priest.

To us!

Good health!

- Good health! Yours!
- To yours!

Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy!

- Inspector!
- Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy! Malfoy!

Help! Help! Help! Help!

- Inspector!
- I'm flying!

- Help! Flying!
- Inspector!

Mr. van Peteghem! Help!


I'm heading towards the sea!

Malfoy! Malfoy!

- Boss!
- Grab the rope!


Mr. van Peteghem!

- Grab the rope!
- Inspector Machin!

Inspector Machin!

- Stop me!
- Boss!



- Malfoy! Malfoy!
- Inspector!

Grab the rope! Quick!


Heck! Heck!

- Boss!
- Heck! Heck...

Oh, heck!

- All right, boss?
- Heck...

Machin! Machin! My friend!

My friend!




- Ah, Mr. van Peteghem!
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.