Sky Blue (2003) - full transcript

Civilization has been destroyed by war and pollution, but the survivors have built the last city of Ecoban. As most natural resources have been exhausted, Ecoban is powered by pollution. The citizens of Ecoban need to continue creating this pollution leading them into conflict with the inhabitants of Marr while one man just wants to clear away the clouds and see the sky

How long has it been raining?


Not forever... no

For 100 years

They say billions of people once
lived on the earth

and the temperatures rose

the great cities fell

and this rain came

this terrible, toxic rain

Our ancestors saw it coming

a catastrophe

They built ECOBAN

the first living city

genetically engineered to survive
in a poisonous environment

ECOBAN became our refuge

Our salvation

Survivors came by the thousands

Begging to be let in

but our ancestors turned them away

Left them to die in the wasteland

The ones who survived became our workers

Mining the corbonite fields to feed our ECOBAN

Diggers we call them

The diggers need us...

We need them

Everybody wins

But some win more than others

Commander Lock

The foreman says your putting the
mens' safety at risk


he's concenred that they're...

Safety? What about thier quotas?
They're behind as usual

Damn it

Now we'll have to lose this generator

It's one headache after another
with this old equipment


You're going to have to shut
everything down right now

To save my men

It's too late for that

Jettison the deck!


If you do that I'll order a mass strike

I'm in no mood to negotiate

Jettison it now!

Over my dead body!


Alright then, If you so insist...
Jay shoot him

- That's not my job, sir
- No?

Do it now!

When you file your official report,
mention that he drew a knife

Go back to ECOBAN, I'll clean this up

You should have seen him Cade

He had a smile on his face

He enjoys killing them

they're like insects to him

Lock is getting more and more powerful
every day

There is no way to challenge his authority

Just do your duty and stay out of his way

Please be careful, you know I worry about you

I know

and I've always been able to
take care of myself

You should worry about the diggers,
not me

Our carbon reserves are dwindling...

if ECOBAN dies someday

Do you think that diggers will
shed a single tear for us?

They hate us

Don't forget where your loyalties lie

For now, let's just try to relax and
enjoy the ECOBAN centennial

Come on

What's wrong with you?

I'm tired that's all

Go home and rest

I'll come up
as soon as I can slip away

Cade here, go ahead

We have an intruder alert sir

- What?
- Someone's hacking into the DELOS neuroplex

Dispatch alpha patrol...

I'm on my way

System wide alert
alpha patrol to the DELOS neuroplex

We have a security breech in the
control center

What's he up to?

Sir, he's hacked into the cube data

- The DELOS file?
- Yes sir

Do not kill him

I want this rat alive

Run, try and run

Alpha team, the intruder has left the
DELOS neuroplex

There he is!

The target is heading east towards the basil canal

Alpha team, move in

We've lost him sir

No sign of him down here

Control room, stop the respiran

This device is decades old

Cabin alert in the cortex...
I'm on my way

Well well well, this rat's got wings

Jay, report your position

I'm in the Time-Capsule.
I think he's here

Send back-up

Jay it's Cade,
Are you alright?


Jay, are you okay?


Did you get a good look at him?

No I didn't, it happened
too fast

How could he have made it this far?

Commander Cade promised us that our
security was impenetrable,

But tonite our air tight security

was breeched by an intruder

who materialized like a ghost

and hacked our neural core

It seems we do have a ghost on our hands

only 1 man could have penetrated
the DELOS system

A man we all believed was dead

Dr. Noah


We found his old entry codes on the
device the intruder used to jam the respiran

But after 10 years, why would
he risk returning to ECOBAN?

To shut down the DELOS

and achieve what he failed to
accomplish 10 years ago

A final energy release

The old man said the bi-products of
our refineries

were killing the diggers

sulpher in the air, mercury in the water

He wanted to save them

So he tried to release ECOBANS energy reserves

and destroy the system he created

When we shut down the flow mid release,
He must have faked his death

That explains why we never
found his body

all this time, he's been hiding with the diggers

planning, preparing to destroy us

But we must destroy him first

He and the rebel army he has no doubt enlisted

We must strike them down before they attack
ECOBAN again

Rebel army?

There's no rebel army

Dr. Noah sent in only one errand boy

Today he got lucky that's all

Rest assured we will find him

and stop him before he makes his next move

This I promise to each and every one of you

We don't need promises

What we need is Dr. Noah commander

And you'll have him within 48 hours

In the meantime, I implore you to make no move
against the diggers

They may hate ECOBAN, but
we need them

If they're not already planning
a rebellion,

Lets not give them a reason to do it

Remember, they outnumber us
100 to 1

You want us to just sit around and simply
wait for another attack

We need to strike first, and strike hard

or face the consequences

We must not hesitate!

Gentlemen, our carbon reserves are
becoming dangerously low

Step up security and find Dr. Noah

Act quickly before it is too late

That is all


Prepare your men
just in case

You can't follow simple instructions

This would have been alot easier if
you hadn't tripped the alarm

Easier yes... but not half as
much fun

Go ahead, make jokes

By now Lock has probably got half his troops
scouring the wasteland for you

well at least you got the data

Toss it over here Shua

Nice throw kid

Well well , let's see what's new in that
bohemoth of a city?

What's this? The systems dying

It's running at one tenth capacity

Is it enough for an energy release?


What's gonna happen if you release all
that power?

We'll blast open the sky

No, in ECOBAN. What will
happen to all the people?

Most will survive, but they won't have it easy

they'll have to use solar
energy and work shoulder to shoulder

with the rest of us

They'd kill us first

What do you care what happens to them?

Today, I saw someone I used to know


Jay, she's all grown up and she's beautiful


A girl? You're dead to them

So you better forget her

Now find that kid brother of yours

that orphan kid you take care of

It's too dangerous for him in the city.
Hanging around

with those rejects. Those petty hoodlums

He's ok, Let him pass

Come on, pass it Zed!

Hmmm.. hey you, cut that funeral crap!

Play something with a pulse

Don't smoke it all!

Hey Woody, wanna drag?

It's called tobacco



Huh, Shua!

Long time no see buddy

Woody, let's go

Hey Shua!

Big man with his big attitude

I tell ya, one of these days I'll kick his ass

Hey Moe, have you seen my uh... propeller?


No, it's about this size

Shua look what I got you

Great! So now those punks are teaching
you how to steal. Is that it?

Steal? No!
I found it

That's it, I found it. You said you needed
it for your glider

Don't hang around with them Woody

You'll end up stupid or dead

Now give me that harmonica


Oh wow!

What's that on your wrist?

A bracelet

Where did you get it from?

A girl gave it to me

Who is she? Your girlfriend?

Professor Noah says the sky used to be blue

'sky blue' he said. That's what they called the colour

My mom says there's a place where the sky
is always blue!

It's an island they call Gibraltar

You wanna see something?


It's stuck!

This place is off limits

- We should go back
- Why?

I'm scared

Don't worry! I'll protect you

Come on Jay, I'm gonna show
you something

You will remember it forever

Now, open them


It's incredible

How'd you know about this?

Professor Noah said this would happen today

In Gibraltar, people see this every day

That's where I'm going

You could come too, I guess

That sky was so beautiful
it blinded our eyes

But it didn't last long

It disappeared
behind the clouds

That was the last I ever saw of it

And the last I saw of Shua

In ECOBAN they're living like kings

While we're dying in polluted slums

They call us diggers and they treat us like dirt

We want air we can breath, water we can drink

Or the next thing we dig will be ECOBANS grave

Sounds like another riots coming

Better get out of here quick

You scared? My brothers not scared

Shua's not scared of anything at all

Stop calling him your brother

Shua was born in ECOBAN, he's one of them

Such a big man, such a big talk

Big talk? What'ya mean Moe?

He's gonna find Gibraltar.
Gibraltar! What is he crazy?

It's a myth

Forget that loser kid, and stick with me

I'll teach you how to
kick some ass

Woody! Where you go...?

- Woody!

These damn riots are no good

Bad for business, bad all around

Isn't it worse to do nothing?

Maybe. Then again maybe not. All
depends on your philosophy

Mine is stay alive

Hey, how'd you get half a handcuff anyway?

ECOBAN's security is coming!

Woody, where did you go? You had
me worried to death

You don't just run into a riot. You could
get yourself killed

Look at that

Stay here Woody...

Glider glasses

Come back


Hey, If you see Woody, tell him
to go home right away

Jay, you're headed right for the riots.
Let's turn back

Jay! Jay! Are you alright?

Jay. Come in, come in Jay


it's you isn't it?

You shouldn't have come here Jay

I thought that you were dead Shua

The Shua you knew is dead

We are enemies, we have to be

Why? I don't think the
diggers are my enemies

So that's why you poison them?
Because they are your friends

Now when we get up there, you let me
do the talking

Cause I know how to handle him


Go hide in there

Don't worry about it, if he gives us
the slightest bit of trouble

I'll just kick his teeth in

Oh hey, Shua! Good to see ya buddy

What's goin on?

Got a business proposition for ya...
Gotta move fast cause time is short

Goliath is waiting for you at the
Fantasia club

It's cool Shua...

Shua! You have no idea how much I've missed you

Kate said you'd been killed

but I always dreamed you survived

and finally made it to Gibraltar

Go back to ECOBAN Jay.
That's where you belong

Damn I'm gonna explode

I got a rocket in my pocket baby

Rocket huh?

More like a firecracker

- You want me to kick your ass Zed!
- Knock it off

Can't you see we're talkin business?

ECOBAN is planning something big

Every day, trucks are moving weapons into
the wasteland

Yeah and we're gonna jack em all

If you're willing to help with our plan

We'll cut you in

Help how?

Now, woody tells us you built a glider

You fly past the security post

creating a distraction and...


And we sell the stuff on the black market

to our friend the butcher

How noble of you

You know Shua, we can't all be heroes

Heroes? You're nothing but parasites

praying on the weak to make a filthy buck

You make me ill

Son of a....!

Ok, now here's my proposition

go ahead and get yourselves killed

but leave Woody out of it

Anything happens to him

and you'll will wish you were dead

Big man, waving his big gun around

Next time I see him

I'm gonna wipe that smurk off
his face

Come on let's party

Give me music!

Woody, let's talk... man to man

Why? What did I do wrong?

Nothing, you're a good kid. It's just...

It's just what Shua?

What is it?

I might have to go away soon

You're leaving? You're going to Gibraltar
without me aren't you?

I'll be good if you take me with you


There is no Gibraltar

You wouldn't like it where I'm going


All yours

A gift

But, your girlfriend gave it to you

She's not my girlfriend

Shua, promise me something?

- Promise what?
- Promise that you'll come back for me?

We'll see each other again

Oh Shua

Jay found him and didn't report it?

Yes, sir. Who is he?

- That'll be all for now
- Sir

Mya, be sure to keep
this to yourself

Yes, sir

Our target is Dr. Noah's accomplice.

He's hiding in an abandoned tanker in
the contaminated zone

He's dangerous...
shoot to kill

Spread out


It's clean, no one here!

Sir no trace of him below!

Why didn't you tell me?

He's nothing more than a murderer

Have you forgotten why he fled ECOBAN?

That one! Look


Oh yeah, no problem

Sorry we're late, traffic was a bitch

Who the hell are you?

Show me your pass

The pass?
Sure, which pass do you want

Look, this is a restricted area, military only

Turn this truck around

Oh yeah, that pass...
I got one right...

I said turn this thing around

I got a red pass, a blue pass...

Get out of the truck

Who needs a pass now?

Hit it!


Enough! Let them go

We're gonna be so rich!

Who gave you the authority to move
weapons into the contaminated zone?

We set a little trap Cade

A successful trap that caught a few
of Dr. Noah's rebellious vermin

Let me remind you, I am still in command
of this operation

Or have you forgotten Lock

Who is in command?

Oh yes. You should really
ask the governor about that

The stolen transport is at the north bay docks

Wipe them all out

And that is not a suggestion. That's an
order. Got it?

What's all the ruckus down there?

Sounds like a party

It is. They ripped off an ECOBAN truck

So why are you up here with a tired
old man?

Maybe I prefer your company

You're thinking about that girl again

Maybe I am, so what?

Tomorrow after the energy release, none
of that will matter anymore

Will it?

Don't be such a fatalist

If you follow my instructions this time

And activate the safety pod.
You'll survive the blast

You want to keep living don't you?

Of course I want to live

Well I'm glad to hear it

That's the first sensible thing
you've said in weeks

But if it doesn't work

I mean, if I don't...

Look after Woody ok?

You're coming back! You look after him

Gentlemen, we are open for business

We'll take everything.
Name your price

Cool, what's this one?

What the hell is it?

Why's it blinking?

You idiots!

- Freeze!
- Drop your weapons!

Drop them now



Get away!

Don't make a peep

Just stay here till I come
get ya ok?

No more ammo! What do we do now?

Just stick with me

I'll get us outta here

Don't think, Run!

Ow shit!


Stings like a son of a bitch!

Moe, Don't Move!
I'm coming!



I'm so, so cold

I'll go find Shua

No please don't go.
I'm afraid

Show me how quiet you can be

- You're pretty good at it
- I am?


Sure, just stay here and be quiet and

I'll be back


On your feet, against the wall!

Against the wall now!

He's not the one we're looking for,
scour the entire place

Yes, sir

Where's Cheyenne?


You can't see me

You'll be alright

How did you lose your sight?

I was born this way, alot of us were

Why Shua?

Why'd you have to come back?

I thought I'd finished you off

You didn't finish anything, you just
let me take the blame for you

You were to blame. You took Jay outside
ECOBAN, It was forbidden!

Cade, you and I both know what
happened that day. You grabbed the knife


You killed the trooper

You told them it was me

Jay never learned the truth did she?

She knows enough

She know you want to destroy ECOBAN,
that's all that matters




Jay move! Get out of the way!

I thought I was taking care of him

all this time, but I was wrong

He was the one that was taking
care of me

I'm Sorry, Zed

I'm going to ECOBAN

Who wants to come?

I appreciate it everyone


Let's help Dr. Noah bring the place down

For Zed

Governor, with the diggers rioting, our refineries

are at a standstill and our carbon reserves
are rapidly being depleted

ECOBAN's dying, if Dr. Noah's men strike, it
won't survive an energy release

Commander Cade has failed

Now it's my turn

My troops will smoke them out of thier hiding places

And get rid if them once and for all

This I promise

You will never find them

In fact, you don't even have to look

Keep your troops exactly where they are

There is no need to mobilze them at all

Just wait

Dr. Noah's men will be coming right to us, and
this time we'll be ready for them

They will not escape, and we will crush them

I didn't expect you to come back

We are both full of surprises
aren't we?

This is goodbye Cade

By tomorrow this will all be over

and Shua will be dead

Shua? Shua's been dead for years in
case you haven't heard

Jay, where are you going?


I love you

You love ECOBAN

Don't forget where your
loyalties lie

Wherever you are Shua,
that's where I belong

I want to give you something Jay

A sky full of light
Sky blue!

Maybe we'll see each other again

Maybe we'll find Gibraltar if it exists

But if we don't

Look for me in the skies

And know you're with me, always

Commander Lock has takin control
of ECOBAN security

We believe an attack is eminent

From this moment on, you are
all on full alert


Are the preparations complete?

Commander Lock, all troops are in position, ready

and awaiting your orders sir

Where is Cade?

Commander Cade is heading for
the DELOS core, sir


Get these men in position now,
we're wasting time

Yes, sir

Alpha patrol, move out

If the diggers have any hope for a future, we
must unleash ECOBAN's energy reserves

Your task is to shut down the power supply...

before Shua releases the core

Good luck

Ok, it's dead ahead



Governor, our trap is now set

And so we wait

No, it's already begun

There, straight ahead

Hey, aren't you going too fast?

Not fast enough

Hold on a sec... wait...

Wait! The bridge has a gap!

That stupid geezer

Goliath hit the brakes,
what's a matter with you?

Noah told me to floor it

That was wicked! Oh god, did you see that?

What a freakin rush,
let's do it again man

Hey Shua buddy, need a lift?

All set?

Ok Moe, now ya gotta really kick
some ass

So you finally made it

All that persistence for nothing


If you kill me...

There'll be others

Maybe there could be others

Except one thing. They
won't have Jay will they?

They won't take her away from me
the way you did



Jay, don't!

Don't make me...
don't make me do this



Grandpa, it's so warm

Yes it is, it is