Skins (2002) - full transcript

Rudy Yellow Lodge is an investigator with the police department and witnesses firsthand the painful legacy of Indian existence. Although rampant unemployment, alcoholism and domestic violence are the norm for many reservation inhabitants, Rudy has largely escaped this cycle of despair. His brother Mogie, however, has not. Now faced with the discovery of a bloodied body, a flaming liquor store just off native land that sells millions of cans of beer a year to the native population, and his brother's ongoing self-destruction, Rudy goes on a quest to avenge himself, his family, and his culture and to seek justice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Simón Robledos.

Can you tell me her name?

YEAR 2000

Claudia Martínez.

Room number?

I don't know.

Just a moment...

She's in Room 237.


She just gave birth.

Hello, are you still there?

Hello? Can you hear me?

Is she alright?

Absolutely fine.

And the baby?

As well.

Thank you.

Are you done?


-Don't you like any of them?
-It's not that...

We've got all kinds of people.


Right, that's enough.

What are you after,
boys or girls?

You can speak freely here.

I don't care about the gender.

Then you have all you need
right here.

I think I'm going to go.

It's natural for this to happen
to you the first time.

It happens to lots of you.

But what can you do?

You can't control your instincts.

What's happening to you now
will go on all your life.

I have to go,
my wife just gave birth.

And the right thing to do now
is to see your baby?

I don't know what to do.

I don't want to hurt anyone.

I don't want to hurt my child.

Did you know the Egyptian civilization
lasted 3,000 years,

and in those 3,000 years
many generations were born

and died as slaves,
never knowing another life?

I don't know what you mean.

What I mean is that some people
are born to suffer

and if they're made to suffer,
it doesn't matter

because it's what they were born for.

That's horrible.

The world is horrible,

the human being is horrible,

but we can't run away from it

because we are the horror.

You have to accept it.

We do social work.

You don't want to hurt
anyone you love, like your baby.

Do it here, no one suffers here.

You can meet her tomorrow.

-How old is she?

Don't be stupid, don't do it outside.

She won't suffer.

Come here tomorrow.

Maybe I couldn't talk to you
when I saw you.

There's something in your look
that I never saw.

Pitiless silence instead of love,

and when I sought to speak,
someone sang.

Dancing together, all around.

As I was watching,
facing you both,

I felt that someone spoke,

and it was your voice.

When he caressed you,
someone sang.

And in the darkness,
suddenly I understood

that it was my pride that hurt you.

Unwillingly, I myself guided you

by her side,

as had happened before.

When I lost your love,
someone sang.


In the world there are people
it's better not to see.

You deserve the prettiest eyes
in the world.

YEAR 2017


I'm off to work! On the subway today!
I'll be back later.


Are you going to eat?




Do you know what you want?

-Have you got chicken soup?
-Yes, but it's not on the menu.

It's alright, never mind.

The bill!

-That's her, right?

What's up, cutie?
What are you doin'?

But don't go yet, cutie.

One question.

If you've got an ass on your face,
have you got a mouth on your ass?

Go on, give her a kiss.

Fuck, look at all this shit.
You put this up your asshole.

-Where you goin'?
-Come here.

-Got your phone?
-Yeah, sure.

Film this.


Get her!

Come with us!

Don't go, bitch!

She's ready.

Are you sure you want the same one
as usual? We've got new people.

-Yes. I want Laura.
-You have to pay in advance.

I've only got this.



She doesn't know
I've been here before, does she?

-Unless you've told her, no.
-No, I never speak.

Then no.

I'll tell you when to go in.


And stop treating me
like a little girl. I'm 29.

I'm sick of it.

Laura, he has your diamonds!


Where are they?

Here they are, Laura.

My diamonds!

They're not here.

Why did I get handed this life?

I can't take it anymore.

I can't take it anymore.

Mama. Mama.

Mama, please.

-Calm down.
-Why me?

Why me?

My life was fine.

I can't take it anymore.


This is my girlfriend.

My girlfriend.

Get out of my life, dear.

Get out and don't come back.

I love you.


Black your hair

it covered your body.

So full of love

I saw you dancing.

Another man embraced you,

another man kissed you,

but it was me

you were looking at.

Face of a Gypsy,

sweet, passionate,

you gave me your love

with a sword.

Today along the ways

you wander to your destination,

you live love,

you steal affection.

Where are your eyes so deep?

And the fire of your lips
that were mine?

The spirits I drink open my wounds,

I get drunk and love you even more.

Well, I'll call later.


It's important to be more relaxed.

You're very nervous
and that's not good for you or the baby.

In vitro pregnancies
are very delicate,

and more in your case
because of the achondroplasia.

And when will I find out
if my child has achondroplasia?

-We'll know in a few days.

Now get some rest.
And a vacation would be even better.

That's not going to be possible.

What do you do?


Okay, we've got it!
Break for a sandwich!

Nobody step on the cyclorama.

You have 15 minutes.

Come on, hurry up!

Honestly, I don't get it.

Claudia, I know it's hard,
but you have to make an effort.

I am making an effort.

I'm here because
Social Services told me to.

He acts like the victim.
I'm the victim here.

I know you feel bad too,

but if you want to help him,
try to take a back seat.

I've always been in the back seat.

Maybe we should talk to his father too.
It may be the only way to help your son.

If you can find him...

Well... What the hell's wrong
with him this time?

Your son has Body Integrity
Identity Disorder.

What the fuck is that?

Your son doesn't recognize
his legs for what they are.

-Is he crazy?
-No, he's not, he needs help.

-Why has he got it?
-People with BIID...

-What's that?
-The same thing.

-Can I smoke?


I was saying that BIID patients
have a schizoid behavior

-and it may be for two reasons.
-What reasons?

They see an amputee
and take them as a role model...

What the f...?

...or they don't feel loved
and think that as an amputee

they can get the affection
that they need.

-He's dyed his hair now.
-What's that got to do with it?

Nothing, but he does weird things.

Can you ask him to come in?

Come in.

Will you get out of the chair, moron?
You're not a paralytic.

Get up.

Get up.

Get up!

Leave him be. If he doesn't
want to get up, it's alright.

But he walks fine!

We're going to respect him, alright?

Hello, Cristian, how are you?

You don't want to talk?

That's fine.

Claudia, what do you think
is wrong with your son?

My tummy aches.


What do you think is wrong
with your son?

He's a moron who doesn't
appreciate what I do for him.

Tell me about his problem.

He says he doesn't want to have legs.

-It's not that.
-Gee, you're talking now?

Then what is it?

These legs aren't mine.

What do you mean?
Do you want other legs?

No, I don't want others.

I don't want have legs or walk.
I want to get rid of them.

But that's not possible.
Your legs are healthy.

But they're not mine.

It's my body, isn't it?

Are you happy?

Cristian, are you happy?

Do you think you'll be happy
without legs?


-This kid freaks me out.
-And why do you think that?

Mermaids don't have legs
and they're happy.

-How do you get on with your mother?
-He hates me.

She hates me.

-She hates everyone. She hates you too.
-What are you on about, kid?

-Do you want to see your father?
-Of course not.

Don't ask him those questions.

-Do you want to see your father?

Leave my husband out of it!

You want to see your father?
Why do you want to see your father?

Leave your father out if it!

He's a good person!
Not like you, you're bad!

-And you're crazy!
-You're the crazy one! Nobody loves you!

I'm crazy? You're crazy!

Stop right now
or I'll call the police!

Who are you going to call, bitch?

Your son's bleeding.

What have you done, you retard?

Where have you been, Samantha?


Samantha! I was worried sick.

How could you do this to me?
I'm going to come down with something.

You're crying. Did something happen
to you? Did someone see you?

-Answer me!

You didn't go out like that,
with your face uncovered?

-And you think that's okay?

-What do you want me to do?
-Cover yourself up!

Don't you see that something
could happen to you? People are evil!

I don't want to happen to you
what happened to your mother.

If she'd listened to me,
the three of us would be here now.

We all have our lot.
You think I don't have to be careful?

I'm not like you.

"Due to the 3200 euro debt,

we shall proceed to the seizure
of the premises of NO. 6 Cruz St.,

unless a bank transfer
for the above amount is sent within...

3 working days."

Come in, don't be afraid.

Finished already?

We're on a break.

Go, go, go.

Yesterday we got 20.7 market share.

Mothers in this country
love Pinkoo.

I'm glad.

What's wrong?

Alexis, I'm so tired,
I need a vacation.

Don't talk crap, Vanesa,
we need the money.

-I don't.
-Well I do!

Besides, there's a contract, remember?

Of course.


Have you grown?

-Have you grown?

Your costume doesn't close right.

I don't know. You look bigger.

It's the same one as always.

No, no, no...

You're the same height.

Don't worry.

I'm not worried.

Have you seen this?

A viewer tweeted with a video
to say thank you.

Hello, Pink Bear!
I'm Sofía and my son is Alberto.

We want to thank you

because Alberto and I have
so much fun watching your show.

As his mother, it makes me happy
to see him happy.

Pinkoo the Pink Bear can never end!
At least until Alberto grows up!

Thank you! 'Bye!

Vanesa, are you crying?

Alexis, I wanted to talk to you.

We're all set.

Hi, how are you?

Let's go.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.


You make people happy
and that's beautiful.

I don't, the pink bear does.

Come on, let's go.

You still haven't dumped that moron?

I told you, I'm going to tell him
at dinner tonight.

Why don't you call him
and tell him straight out?

I'm not going to split up
with him over the phone.

You have to do things right.



I don't love him, I love you.

Don't you see
that we're made for each other?

You don't want me to touch you?


You're a woman?

-Is it true what they told me?
-What did they tell you?

-You can't see.
-No, I can't see.

You don't see anything?
No shadows...?

I can't see anything at all.
No shadows, nothing.

Then can you take off
what you have on your eyes?


I never take them off when I work.
They're diamonds.

How do I know
you're not watching me?

That those are contacts
and you're watching me?

I paid more to be with you
because you can't see me.

I don't think you paid much.

I've got almost no clients.

I can't take the diamonds off.

Then I'm leaving.


I don't want to have problems.

Are you okay?

It's the first time I've done
anything without my diamonds.

Just because I can't refuse the money...

So what do you want to do?

Just touch you.
I don't want you touching me.

Why did you change places?

I'm left-handed.

-It's funny...

You and the people who fuck me
don't want me to touch you.

Is as if you were
all hiding something.

-I don't want to talk.
-Okay. Sorry.

Hey... I can sense
that you're uncomfortable.

If you're not happy and want to go,
it's fine. You'll get your money back.

-Will you please shut up?

Can I ask you a favor?

-A favor?
-Let me touch you.


Sorry, I thought you'd finished.

Are you alright?

Alexis, my friend! How are you?

Great, sir.

You don't look so good.
Are you alright?


-And Vanesa?
-Fine too. Why?

She looks tired to me. Do you know
if there's anything wrong?

First I've heard of it.

You do know that
a ton of dwarves could do this?

-Sure, but...

I wouldn't want you and Vanesa
to stop working for us.

But I don't want the ratings to fall.

-We got back up yesterday.
-That's no use to me.

Don't talk in the first person
about my show.

I was thinking we might give her
something to motivate her.

We could get paid in advance
for the last three episodes.

Money always motivates.

The problem isn't money.

Vanesa is fucking sick
of all of us.

You're the one who wants the money.

Tomorrow you get the cash
for those three episode in advance,

but get Vanesa
to dance in front of the camera again

as if she'd swallowed
three bags of speed

or you'll never set foot
in these fucking studios again.


-Can I speak to Vanesa Redondo?

Vanesa, it's Dr. Mato.

We've been studying
your ultrasound and...

I'm sorry to tell you,
your son has achondroplasia too.

You should know that the fetus
has no problem apart from that.

He'll just have the same disease.

It was something
we knew could happen.

My eyes!

My eyes!

My diamonds!

What's wrong, Laura?

Mikel, my diamonds, I can't find them.

Stop screaming, she'll hear you.

Help me find them.

What's with the yelling?

You've got a client.

I can't, I've lost my eyes.

Honey, I'm doing to do some errands.


Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,

happy birthday, dear Samantha,

happy birthday to you!

Make a wish
and blow out the candles.

Go on.


It's okay...
Now, let's eat.

That's it.


What's wrong?
Aren't you hungry?

Cristian, the 17-year-old
who was run over a few days ago

in the Lucero area,
has just died.

His legs were completely
separated from his body

and although at first
the bleeding was controlled,

infection set in
and it ended his life.

-Don't change it. Turn it up!
-Nothing is yet known

of the hit-and-run driver.

That's terrible. How can there be
people like that in the world?


One second.

What are you doing?

Why are you touching
my mother's photo?

No, I wasn't touching
your mother's photo.

I was looking at you,
you're beautiful.


Your mother looked like
a good woman.

-How long ago did she die?
-6 months.

And the decoration...

-You're not going to change it?
-Of course not.

-Shall we eat?

I haven't eaten since yesterday.

Stop it!

I can't help it.

-Well, shall we eat?

Aren't you going to wash your hands?

Never mind.


You're acting strange.

And that bag...
Is something wrong?

Do you feel strange?


Something's wrong, isn't it?

No, no, no.
Well, yes, but it's not serious.

Tell me.

I was talking to my mother yesterday.

I told her I've got a girlfriend.


And what did she say?

Not much.


The bad part came later.

Later, when?


My mother always imagined
how I liked my women.

How did you like your women?

I'd never spoken
to my mother about it.

About what?
That you have a girlfriend?

No, that I like girls like you.

What do you mean "like me"?

Yes, like you.

What am I like?


I don't get you.

I'd never told my mother

that I don't like normal girls.

I'm a normal girl.

Well, even though she had an idea,

she was never
as sure as she was yesterday.

-When I called you.

My mother saw your photo
and got kind of upset...

I don't know
if I'm explaining this right.

I think I'm getting very pissed off.

Because of my mother?

No, it's not that.

Why, honey?

Ana, you know I like
my women to be...

Deformed, like me?

Yes. That's why I've never had
a girlfriend before.

Because I'd never found
a girl like you.

I'm more than just deformed.

You hit me?

Yes. Did you hear me?

I'm not sure,
I think my hearing's gone.

I'm telling you,
I'm more than just deformed.

Ana, I know.

I'm in love with you.

Crazy in love.

Are you in love with me
or the way I look?

Ana, I like you.

But me or the way I look?

I like you.

You know what I think, Ernesto?

I don't think you're in love with me.

You've never had a partner
in your life

because you haven't bothered
to know women, to understand them.

Deep down you don't care
if I'm a total bitch

or a wonderful person.

Because you're only interested
in the way I look.

And that's a sickness.

Skins change, they're operated on
or they transform.

Physical appearance is nothing.


I'm in love with you,

crazy in love.

I'm not, Ernesto.

Who's Guillermo?

Look, I arranged this dinner
on purpose to tell you.

I was the one who asked you.

Right, but... No.

I don't want to continue this.

Who's Guillermo?

Ernesto, we haven't been together
for long and it's not working out.

I met someone else,

I'm very excited.

I'm sorry.


My clothes are in that bag.

My mother...

She told me yesterday to get out
and never come back.

I've spent two days
walking the streets,

with no money
and nowhere to go.

I was thinking of staying here,
with you...

I have to go now?

Well, you can finish dinner.

Sorry, I have to get that
or he won't stop.

-And I don't want him to worry.


I can't talk now,
I'll call you in a while.

Yes, me too.
I'll call you later. Okay...

I think I'd better go.

Well, yes...
The energy's getting kind of...

Do you mind if I take the money?

In case I can't fix things
with my mother or...

Please, why would I mind?
It's only 30 euros.

I didn't have time
to go to the cash machine.

The news got to you, huh?

People like that
shouldn't be in this world.

So when you're on the street,
be careful and protect yourself.

Well, now it's present time.

Here it is.

Go on, open it.

What's wrong?
What are you waiting for?

A unicorn mask, for when
you're out on the street. Like it?

Come on, I'll help you put it on.

That's it.

Wow! It's beautiful.

It cost me a fortune.

Don't move,
I'm going to make a picture.

That's it.

It looks great on you.
It's so much fun!

I'll send you the photo.

Gee, my battery's run out.
I'll be right back.

How did you find out?

The press.

Did you know
what his face looked like?

It was Cristian's chair.

You can't imagine
what I went through with him.

And now you turn up.

I smoke dope.

Got a light?


Claudia, my life
hasn't been any better.

I left so I wouldn't harm you.

Leaving was the worst harm
you could've done me.

You were with another woman?

Tell me.

-I'm over it.
-It's not that.

I would've forgiven anything.

He was making a mermaid's tail.

Look, it's well done.

Perfect seams, everything perfect.

He was good at sewing.

He said he wanted to be
like the mermaids...

I know.

How do you know?

I followed Cristian on Facebook.

I'm on Facebook too.
Haven't you seen me?

Er... no.

-Why did he want to be a mermaid?
-Because he was a son of a bitch.

-You didn't worry about me!

You were my husband.

It wasn't you...
it was because of Cristian.

What's he got to do with it?

If you'd asked me,
I would've had an abortion.

Why did you leave?

I'm begging you.

Tell me, tell me.
Please, I need to understand...

Tell me,
if you ever loved me, tell me.

Tell me. Tell me.

-Tell me.


When you said we were having
a baby, it all changed for me.

I couldn't control
what was happening to me.

I didn't leave because of you,

I left so I wouldn't harm our son.

I'm sick, Claudia.


I'm spinning out.

From whom?


I'm spinning out from the joint.


I'll get you off the floor.

Rest for a while.


Are you cured?

If I were cured,
I would've come back before.

You have to go in now.

I can't, really, I can't.

They're my eyes!

Do what you like,
but if that man leaves, so do you.

I can't imagine you living
on the street all alone.

Laura, don't do anything crazy,
you can't live alone on the street.

You, shut up!
You're giving me a pain in the pussy!

The man's real mad.
What do I tell him?

You decide, Laura.

You're gonna freak.

What's up, buttface?
Aren't you gonna kick me?

No, now we're gonna
give it to you.


Vanesa hasn't come to work today.

She called.

She says she can't come in
because she's sick.

She also says she wants
to talk to you.

Here's the money you asked for.

This is your last chance.

Go to her house with the money
and bring her here.

I don't care if she dies after shooting,
but bring her.

We have a contract
and you'd better not break it.

Ana, you've got a call!

I'm coming!

Oh, we're eating
off the coffee table?

Then take away those shells.

Who called?

I don't know.

Open up!

Open up, damn it!

What's this shit you're pulling?

What's wrong?

Guille, what's wrong?

Are you going to see who called?

Guille, cut it out.
You know Ernesto called me.

-Why is this guy calling you?
-Because he's nuts!

I left him.

I don't care
if he's gone in the head,

if he calls
it's because you're leading him on!

Guille, stop it.

Yes, I will stop it!

You can both
go fuck yourselves!

And I'm not eating this shitty food!
It's crap!

What's with the briefcase?

The last three episodes, in cash.

I don't need that money.

Well I do, Vanesa, I do!
That's why I asked for it!

Calm down, Alexis.

He gave it to me to give to you
and get you to work.

I'm not going to work.

I'm leaving television.

Look, Alexis,

I've always wanted
to have a child.

What are you saying?

A few months ago...
I had an in vitro

and I'm pregnant.

It's a high-risk pregnancy

because my child
has achondroplasia, like me...

and I want it to be alright

because I'm alone.

How far along are you?

Three months.

It's early.
We can still get an abortion.

Shit, I'm out of data.

Then use the WiFi.

You don't care about the data, right?

Forget it, I'm out.

Your only talent is being a dwarf,
don't you see?

What'll you live on
after two years?

What? You can't do anything.

If not for me,
you'd be where I found you,

on the Plaza Mayor
playing Mickey Mouse!

Don't you see how much money
I'll lose if you quit this?

Don't you see how selfish you are?

Listen, you bitch,

you're not having that kid
and you're not quitting.

If you even think
of breaking the contract...

-Where are you going?
-To my house.

Stay back or I'll throw
this money out of the window!

You're crazy...

-Give me the money!

Was there a lot of blood?

Ana, for God's sake...

I heard the neighbors
scream out

that he was deformed,

that his head was shoved inside.

Ana, stop.

You've been talking about this all day.
Stop talking about it.

You saw a dead person...
A lot of blood...

It was horrible...


Shouldn't you give it back?

The money? Why?

I don't know...

Poor man.

After what happened to him,
and he's got no money...

-Ana, he's dead.
-Sure, sure.

Hey, I'm not giving it back.

Shit, Guille...

Would you give it back?

I don't know... I think so.

I don't know.

What I am sure of
is that I need it more.

Shit, what a stressful day.

What I don't get is:
why do you need so much money?

To do what I've always
wanted to do.


-The operation.
-What operation?

The reconstruction.


I've tried to save up the money
for a facial reconstruction,

but it's really expensive.

You want to change your face?

No, not change my face.

I want to fix some things.

Are you talking about plastic surgery?


Aren't you scared of the blood,
the operation and everything?


I'd like to have fleshy lips
and bushy hair all over,

not gaps in my hair.


I'd get rid of the scars, the burns,

get smooth, normal skin...

My hair used to be curly,

but I found out they can apply implants,
anything you want.

I'd get straight hair.

Wouldn't you like a guy like that?

Everyone would.

I like you.

We're made for each other.

I know.

Ana, are you alright?


Turn off the light.

The cellphone you are calling
is turned off or out of range.

Please leave your message
after the beep.

Don't hurt me, please...




-I'm the girl from the other day.
-Nobody told me I had a client.

I didn't tell anyone.

I came to give you this.

They're my diamonds.

I knew you've taken them.

-You can see?

but I perceive other things.

I'm going.
I'll leave them here.

Take the diamonds.

-I don't need them anymore.

-You need them more.
-No, no...

How many times
have you been with me?

Once, the other day.

Don't lie,
I know that you have come many times.

But your skin is different.

-I know you're not a thief. Take them.
-I can't accept them.


If you won't take a gift,

you'll have to give me
something in exchange.

What can I give you?

Let's make a deal.

You keep the diamonds
and I get to know you.

-I'm dying to touch someone.

To touch you.

-You need that money.

What do you want to do?

Why do you never want
to be touched?

People don't like to touch
people like me.

I do. You're soft.

I've been touched a lot,
all of my life.

But they touch me, then go.

Don't cover yourself up,
I can't see you.

They're big.

Have you never had a partner?

No, I've only been
with people I paid.


I've actually only been with you.

I spent all my money here.


You'd better keep them.

No, no.
I'm paying you.

Believe it or not, it was good
that you stole them from me.

Sooner or later
I had to get rid of them.

Thanks a lot.

The dramatic story of Cristian
is not over.

-Thank you so much, really.
-...he'd been run over by accident,

but today, after his psychiatrist
spoke to the police,

it seems it was suicide.

Cristian suffered
from Body Identity Disorder,

a strange mental disorder
that led him to not want to have legs.

Cristian injured his legs
with the intention of losing them,

until this time he succeeded,
as well as taking his own life.

His parents are being investigated
for possible child abuse.

Let's try it.

Now that we're alone.

No, Claudia.

Guille, I've gone out for a walk.

I usually don't go out
in the mornings,

nor in the evenings,

but today I need a little air.

I haven't slept all night
and it helped me think...

I think you should keep that money.
I only ask you for one thing.

Do as you see fit with
the money and be happy,

whatever that is
or whatever that means.

I've decided that
I'm going to be happy too,

but I'm doing it alone.

For the first time without my mother
and without a man.

Though it may amaze you, Guille,

you and I are not
made for each other.

Is anyone there?

-Are you nervous?
-No, I'm fine.

Come on, push!

It's here! It's here!

Maybe I couldn't talk to you
when I should have.

There's something in your look
that I never saw.

Pitiless silence instead of love,

and when I sought to speak,
someone sang.

Dancing together, all around.

As I was watching,
facing you both,

I felt that someone spoke,
and it was your voice.

When he caressed you,
someone sang.

And in the darkness,
suddenly I understood

that it was my pride that hurt you.



I myself guided you
by his side,

as had happened before.

Maybe I couldn't talk to you
when I should have.

My mind controlled my heart.

The price I paid
was to see you so,

and when he embraced you,
someone sang.

When I lost your love,

someone sang.

And in the darkness,
suddenly I understood

that it was my pride that hurt you.

I myself guided you

by his side,

as had happened before.

Maybe I couldn't talk to you
when I should have.

My mind controlled my heart.

The price I paid
was to see you so,

and when he embraced you,
someone sang.