Skinned Alive (1990) - full transcript

This is the tale of a crazed family of weirdos led by Crawldaddy who like to kill people and remove their skin.

Stupid asshole!

God damn it.

Going my way, baby?


You God damn stupid!

Fucking asshole! Bitch!

God damn it.


Trick or treat.

Hi, Tom.

Morning, Paul, I didn't mean to wake ya.

No, that's all right. I was up, anyway.

You're not sleeping again, Paul.

Nah, I just wasn't tired.

If you wouldn't stay up all night,

watching old war movies
and drinking like a fish...


You want something, Tom?

Oh yeah, you still coming to cook out?


The last one before the snow flies.

I know, I...

Gonna get real cold, then
I have to retire the grill.

Yeah, I know.


Come over to my place about noon.

That'll give me time to
get the grill good and hot.

Oh yeah, the wife's making
pasta to go with the steak,

so, uh... leave a little
extra room in your gut.

Happy Halloween.

Ah, horse shit!

I better get this thing
over to the side of the road.

God damn piece of Jap shit.

Great, Willard, just freaking great.

Now, how you gonna get home?



Easy pickings.

Boy, am I glad to see you guys.

My brand new car ups
and takes a shit on me,

out here at butt fuck Egypt of all places.

I know, I should've bought
American and all that shit,

but listen, I sure could appreciate
a ride into town, ya know?

I mean, I can make it worth your while,

I'm pretty well off with
the green stuff, you know.

But I got something better than money, pal.

I got free tickets to Wayne
Newton's Las Vegas all-nude review.

Wayne Newton's Las Vegas all nude review?

Ha! Wayne Newton, no kidding.

I hate Wayne Newton.

Oh, sorry.

Hate him with a passion.

Holy fuckin' shit!

Get me the fuckin' out of here!

You stupid, fuckin' shit
for brains. Go get him!

But I wanna play!

We ain't fuckin' got time to play.

Go get him, God damn it!

You better go with him, Violet, honey.

Make sure the little priss don't fuck up.

We gonna skin that son of a bitch alive.

Stay here, you little dingleberry.

That fuckwad's mine.



What's the matter, Phink?

Cat got your balls?

Where the hell are those two?

Hurry up Phink or I'm
gonna rip your balls off

and wrap em' around your head.

Quit shoving, you're
gonna get blood on my jacket.

Oh, boo-hoo, you big puss.

Stop it! Shut
up and get the fuck in the van.

Close the God damn
door and let's get the hell out of here.

We wasted enough time
with you two dingleberries

runnin' around that corn field
like it was some kind of playground.

I should've plugged myself before spittin'
you two walkin' abortions out of my womb.

A God damn set of mistakes is what you are.

Mommy dearest, drunk again?

My left
one, you syphilis-ridden bitch!

Look at all this wonderful skin.

He'll make a fine leather jacket.

As a matter of fact, he'll make
a lot of fine leather jackets.

Isn't that right, fatty?

Yeah, let me make a
hot little bondage suit out of this one

and a pair of stiletto boots to go with it.

Ooh, let me watch, Momma, let me watch.


Think, you
keep your dick in your pants!

And I told you to call
me daddy, you shit head.

Now get me a knife, dick cheese.

We got some skinning to do.



Don't just sit there,
you stupid fuckin idiot.

Do something.

You stupid fuckin idiot. Jerk off!

Look what you've done.

Look at all of them holes,
he's practically ruined.

Jesus fuckin' Christ.

We better split before somebody sees us.

Asshole! Dog dick! Shit for brains.

You told me to do something.

Start this God damn thing, will ya?

Fuck you, it's dead.

Well, try it, anyhow.


Turn me loose!

We better get rid of this tub o'
lard before someone sees us.

You think I don't know that?

Hey, I got an idea.

You throw em' his in car, tip it over
and make it look like an accident.

Well, what're we gonna do,
huh? What're we gonna do?

If you don't shut up, I'm gonna rip
your head off and shit down your neck.

And we still got that hitch-hiker's body.


I thought I told you to
dump that body, boy.

I forgot.

Will you start this fuckin' thing already?

I'm trying God damn it,
so just fuck off and die.

Ah, we're screwed, man.
We're really screwed.

Momma... I mean daddy!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

You don't want
me to shut up... do you...?

Well folks, I hate to say it.

But I think you're gonna be stuck

in our wonderful little
town for a couple of days.

She's pretty messed up. I don't
see her running, for a couple of days.

Well, that just sucks.

We're in kind of a hurry.

You don't say?

Yeah, well, we make and sell
leather jackets and crap like that

and if we don't make it to
Columbus by tomorrow night...

Yeah, we're gonna be in some shit, you dig?


Well, I could work on 'er tonight.

Might have it running by morning

but I can't promise you anything.

1000 dollars?


Maybe I can have that thing
running bright and early for you.

Are there any motels in
this rat-hole of a town?

There was the Bates
place, out by the old highway.

Eh, that closed down years ago.

Other than that, you're out of luck.

Well, that's just great.

Quit your whining.

You could stay at my place,
we've got a guest room.

We couldn't impose.

Not at all, it's nice and quiet, secluded.

Besides, the wife will be happy to have ya.

We'll be happy to have her, Mr. Miles.

Needs a bit of dusting
I'd say but all in all,

It's a cozy little place,

if you don't mind a little dampness.

Ain't nobody stayed down here since
my Aunt Edna come to spend the summer

and ended up moving in.

Tom found poor Edna dead of
a heart attack, on Christmas day.

Stone cold dead.

Oh, you stupid ass-wipe!

Oh, I hope, I didn't scare you, none?

I know death spooks the
holy ghost out of some folks.

- Well no, I...
- It don't frighten me at all.

I know my friends and family
are siting at the pearly gates,

waiting to wave me inside.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, woman.

I'm gonna get you one of them Miracle-Ears.

Didn't you hear me hollerin'?

I didn't hear you, Thomas. I got
to talk and you know how that is.

Well, what did you want?

You got a phone call, upstairs.

She don't really have a call.

I just knew she was talking your ear off.

Had to get her out of here somehow.

Well, Whinnie's a fine woman,
she just talks a bit too much.

Ah, Tom, she's a real charmer.

A real charming douche bag.

In fact, Whinnie reminds me
a lot of my own dear mother.

Yeah, that's why you shot her.

That Phink is such a kidder.

Now you folks think
you'll be comfortable down here?

Huh? Oh fine, Tom. We'll be just fine.

Yeah, just like Howard Johnsons.

Oh good, that's great. I
gotta run, I gotta get the grill ready.

Excuse me?

Yeah, we're having a cook out, tonight.

Before the snow falls.

You're all invited, of course.

What about our van, Mr. Miles?

Does 1000 dollars, ring a bell?

There's no need to get huffy about it.

There's plenty of time
to fix that van of yours.

In the meantime, why don't you
folks stay down here and be comfortable.

You 'traveling salesman'
type are always in a hurry.

Uh, I think we've died
and gone to Mayberry.

This is bullshit.

You! Stop throwing shit at me, Daddy.

You're gonna join your blabbering grandma,

if you don't watch that
God damn mouth of yours.

"That's why you shot her..."

Shouldn't we be collecting more bodies,

while we're still stuck in
this shithole redneck town?

You're right, Violet honey.

You two have
fun, I'm staying right here.

I gotta get my beauty sleep.

Fine, you fuckin' lazy, little turd.
Leave your prissy ass behind.

That's the way it always is.

Your sister and I do all the work,

and you sit behind and jerk off.

Bullshitski you fat, crippled butt-fuck.

I'm gonna open up an old
fashioned can of whoop-ass boy,

if you don't learn you some
respect for your fucking elders.


Get me the fuck away
from this chunk of shit.

Make me wanna puke, you little bastard.

Fuck the both of ya.

Clam divers!

Don't hit that chair...

He is as deaf, as he is dumb.

Best not be gone long
girls, supper time's rolling around.

You bet Mr. Miles.

We should take
that old fart out now, Daddy.

Don't be foolish, Violet honey.

What about the van? What're we gonna do?

Walk all over the country?

We can steal his truck. No one would know.

Violet, sometimes I see too
much of your brother in you

and that scares me.


Good day, sir... Ma'am, hi...

You Whinnie Miles, by chance?

Why, yes, yes I am.

Well, I've got a package for you, miss

I wonder what it is.
Let's open it, shall we?

All right, then... uh... I
just need you to sign here?

Knives. Sharp ones too.

Look at it.

Uh... Um...

- Oh...
- I just-I just need you to...

This is a good one.

Let's see how sharp they are, shall we?

Excuse me, are
you happy with your life?

Oh, Jesus.



My lawyer call yet?

Yeah, your lawyer called.

I hope you're ready to
fork over more money.

What more do you want?

You got the kids. You got all my money.

- I want the house.
- You're getting the God damn house back.

I want your balls, Paulie-Boo.

Can't you just leave me the hell alone?

Well, you just started this whole mess...

Paul. Paul! Answer me, God damn it!

That's it, I'm calling Bob and
we're coming over right away.

You hear me, Paul?

Paul. Answer me God...

Hey, Tom.

Oh, Paul. Well, come on in.

No thanks, I just came to get those boxes.

I see. Well, how's the moving coming along?

Are y'all packed up yet?

Hm... Not yet.

Do you know where Tom put those boxes?

Yes, oh well, how can I help?

Boxes, Whinnie, I came to
get the boxes Tom saved for me.

Oh, well, why didn't you say so?

They're in the basement, I think.

Have you heard from Louise?

Well, yeah, unfortunately.

How's the kids? I bet they sure miss you.

The kids are fine, Whinnie. Just fine.

Divorces are just the absolute worst
thing in the world, don't you think so?

Oh, I gotta get that. I bet
that's Mable Garee with that

new spaghetti sauce recipe. You
help yourself with the boxes, Paul.

Tom, you down there?

Hey, Tom.

What the hell is this?

What the hell?

Good God!


You like it?


My sculpture. My art work.

Do you like it?

You mean that thing?

You made that?

Yeah, just this morning.

You didn't think it was real, did ya?

Is it a statement or what?

It sure looks real.

It's sort of religious. Don't you think?

The way it's just... hanging there.

Excuse me?

You wanna touch it?

Uh... I think I'll pass.

Well then...

You wanna touch this?

What's the matter? I don't bite.

Unless, you like that kind of stuff.


I have to go.

Men are such pathetic worms.

Hey Paul, are you down there?

I wondered where you went, I
saw you come up the drive and I...


You've got some weird friends, Tom.

Real fuckin' weird.

What an asshole.

Fine time to be scared stiff...

God damn world's just full of freaks.

Lookin' for your bottle, Paul?

Just like a baby. If all
else fails, cry to mommy

and she'll ram the bottle in your mouth.

I guess it's true what they
say, some things never change.

God damn you.

Calling me wasn't good enough, huh?

You had to come over here
and fuck with me, in person.

What the hell do you want now?

Tsk-tsk, Paul, I'd watch what you'd say.

Bob will be over, any minute now.


What the hell does he want?

Look, you and your attorney
can both go fuck each other

for all I care.

We already have.

The first day I went to see him
about divorcing your lame ass.

You're joking.

I wish for your sake, I were.

It'll be funny, if it wasn't
so pathetic, you know?

The whole time Bob
was fucking you in court,

he was fucking me in bed.


Why don't you just give me back my bottle

and get the hell outta my life.


Oh God, yes, I just love
it when you beg, Paul.

Just like our wedding night.

Get the fuck out!

Look, this house is soon
to be yours, soon enough.

Why can't you just leave me alone?

If you'd have put this much
effort into our marriage,

as you put in making
my life, a miserable hell,

maybe it wouldn't have ended this way.

Paul, I'm sorry.

Nice of you to stop by.

Sorry you can't stay, Louise.

No Paul, That's where you're wrong.

I have all the time in the world.

Soon, this house will be mine.

The children can hardly wait.

The children? Where are they?

Why aren't you with them?

Who did you leave them with, this time?

Why would you care about our children?

For your information,
they're at the old house,

with Stanley.


You tell that slimy,
son of a bitch, con artist

to keep his hands off my kids.

- You hear?
- Stanley has been more like a father to them

than you ever have been or ever will be.

As far as I am concerned,
Stanley's just another

one of your cheap fucks, just like Bob.

Huh-uh, Mr. Hickox, wife
beating. That'll get you three to five.

Fuck you, Bob.

I know the laws, I'm a cop, remember?

An ex-cop, remember? Besides,
blowing a whole round of ammo

into a Mexican woman in the
dead of night, in a junk yard,

hardly follows the laws of this state.

In California, well, maybe but this Ohio.

Ridgway Ohio, to be exact,

This is as backwoods as it
gets, except, maybe for Akron.


What can I do for you, Bob?

I got everythin' I need here,

Ain't that right, Wheezy?

Damn Sam. Good thing I got
me one of these here digital deals.

Almost forgot my trip to the airport.

Morton Downey Jr.’s havin'
me on his television program.

Tonight's show is for
husbands that don't pay

their back alimony. Which reminds me,

I think you owe us three
months alimony, ain't that right?

Just make the check out to
Robert Hudson, Attorney, as usual.

I'd pay it if I had it, Hudson.

Hmm, I see, I guess,
garnishment of your wages

is out of the question then, huh?

I don't even have a job.

Not since I left the force.

You mean, after you
were thrown off the force.

What the hell else do you want from me?

This little leech has already
taken everything I've ever owned.

Well, if that's so, then explain
to me why it's taking you

so long to, um... How should
I put this? Get the hell out?

I'm moving as fast as I can.

Well, move faster or
I'll have to come in and

put a boot up your ass, pronto, dig it?

Good good.

Now Louise, if you're finished here,

I'd like a ride to the
airport and points beyond.

Drinking is bad for your health.

Tsk-tsk, Paul.

How will this look in court?
Now, blow the fuck off.

Aw, don't they make a cute couple?

Never mind how cute they are.

You just do your womanly
duty and clean them up.

Don't you pull that
macho, jerk off shit with me.

I'm not your slave.

Kills you do some work, doesn't it, Violet?

My left one.

And top using my Midol!

You two have yourselves a grand
ol' time arguing, amongst yourselves.

Where the hell are you going?

I've got a dinner date.


The charming Miles family has invited moi

for steak dinner.

Well, what're we supposed to eat?

You'll can eat shit for all I care.

Hope that's enough for you, Miss Crawfish.

That's CRAWLDADDY, ma'am.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I'm just the worst when it comes to names.


Now that ain't no fittin'
name for a lady, is it?

Maybe I'm not fittin' to be a lady.

Where's your darlin'
little children, Miss Crawford?

Goodness knows, I sure
made enough to feed an army.

So, where are the

ohh, youngin's at?

The kids are busy.

You say, uh... busy?

Yeah, the little darlin's are busy.

God bless em',

Well, that's a shame, I wanted
to talk to 'em some more.

You know how it is, ma'am.

All work and no play.



It's time to play.

You first.

He's alive.

Comin' to meet you, Jee-zus...

This is gonna be more fun than I thought.

We better gag em.

This ought to keep you quiet.

Ready doctor?







Good job, Phink.

Oh, he's dead.

I've got another idea,

if you're man enough.

Cut me a piece of his skin.

Do it!

You are gonna love this.

Your turn.

Now this won't hurt a bit.

Wanna lick the spoon?

Would you like some more
tatters, Miss Crawltrain?


Oh, I'm so sorry, like I told ya

I'm just terrible with names.

Oh Tom, I wanted to ask you a little favor.

What's that?

Me and the boy gotta go into town

for some supplies and shit.

We wonder if we can borrow your truck?

I don't see why not, I won't be usin'it.

You run me down to the shop, so
I can get that van of yours runnin'

and that truck's all yours.

You know, that's what I
like about small town:♪...

You're always treated like family.

What's your problem?

What the hell is with this thing??

Come on with this...

You want me to change your
diaper for you now, little baby?


I hate men.

This is bullshit. Bullshit!
I want out of this place.

What the hell are you bitching about?

I'm tired, I'm hungry, I hate
this house, I hate this town!

Watch your mouth,
boy. Show your host some respect.

Now, come on.

Where are we goin"?

Just do as I say, come on.

Can't you how
much we appreciate this, Mr. Miles.

Don't mention it. No problem
at all. No problem at all.

Awful kind of you to
trust us with your truck,

us being strangers and all of it.

Bullshit. I know no strangers.

Well, I know a few.

God damn it.

Careful, I said.

Don't stuff me in this
truck, you little prick

help me in this truck!

Hey, Tom.

Paul, where you
been? You missed all the food.

Yeah, sorry about that. I
fell asleep, lost track of time.

Fell asleep or passed out?

Tom, Don't start.

I'm not starting anything.
I'm just stating a fact.

You drink too much.

Well, that's my problem.

Friends of yours?

Yeah, they're from out of town,

they're gonna barrow
the truck, for a while.

You think that's a good idea?

What'd you mean?

Look at them for Christ's sakes.

Hey Tommy boy. Can we get a move on?

Sure thing.

Damn Tom, you're so naive sometimes.

Forget about him, Tom. He's an asshole.

Don't touch anything.

You know, I don't like
that Paul guy, one bit.

Don't trust him.

Where's that guy from, anyway?

He's Tom's neighbor.

I guess, he's really fucked in the head.

Wife and kids left him after he
got thrown off the police force.

He's a cop?


He got fired for shootin' up
some chick in a junk yard.


Blew the hell out of some Mexican chick

for no apparent reason, thought
she was a gang leader or something.


Maybe we should hire him to do our killin'!

Hey, that reminds me.


I forgot to move that
hitch-hiker's body outta the van.

You what? Why I oughta...

Kill yourself, kill yourself,
don't rely on no one else...

Kill yourself, kill yourself...

Dick! Dick!


Now you did it!

Now you went and fuckin' did it.

In broad daylight, in
the middle of the town,

for everybody to see.

Shut up!

What is that horrible smell?

Must've hit a possum or somethin'

No roadkill.

Ain't me. Gotta be inside.


Smells like a God damn sewer in here.

Good God!

I hate to see this go to waste.

I'll take this down to Violet.

Poor girl's probably starvin' to death.

All alone in that cold basement.

I bet she could use a little home cookin:



You in here?

Now, d-don't...

Don't play games with me, honey.


Now don't play games with me now.

Violet, I'm getting too
old for this kind of...

Oh, my God.

Grandma wants to play rough, huh?

Paul, please, Paul, help me.

Oh Paul, please.

Open the door, please.

Jesus Christ!

You're next, lover boy.

Tom! Tom!

Go away.


Don't just stand there.

Do something!

That mother scratcher is mine.


Son of a bitch is mine.

Come on, gramps. You
don't want to miss all the fun.

Ha! You can't
lock me out, lover boy.

Door knob.

Wanna watch your friend die, old man?

Little pig, little pig, let me the fuck in.

What the crap!

Oh, fuck.

Hey, Rambo, didn't you mommy
tell you not to play with guns?

You're gonna put an
eye out with that thing.

So you're goin' to shoot me, are ya?

Well, G.I. Joe, I don't
think you got it in ya.

Don't you just love guns?

I don't think you've got the balls.

You know what else I think?

I think you're one...



Son of a whore.

You God damn son of a bitch!



Where's Whinnie?

Where's Whinnie?

It's all right, Tom.

Whinnie is all right.

Whinnie, Whinnie.

Shh... Tom. Save your breath.

Tom, come on!


Where's Whinnie?

Whinnie's all right.

Tom. Hey Tom!

Tom, don't die, God damn it!

Don't you die on me, you son of a bitch.

He needs a blanket. Gotta get a blanket.

Gonna go into shock...

Where's the God damn blankets?

I'll be right back, Tom.

Save your strength.

Stay awake.

Call a God damn ambulance.

Ah! Fuck!

Where's the God damn blankets?

Damn thing.


Aw, come on, Rambo.

Don't you wanna play war?

You're no fun.

Good morning,

and good night!

Son of a bitch.

Ha! You loser.

Let's see you do that again...


You dick.

Tom, wake up.

Jesus Christ.

Tom, Tom!

Hell, Tom, don't die.

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Don't you die on me, God damn it, Tom.

Sorry, wrong number.

You think you can shoot
down old Iron Head Phink, huh?

Aw, what's the matter?

Did you hurt your little hand?

You killed momma.

I mean, Daddy.

You killed my sis... sis... Violet...

And worse yet, you tried to kill me.

Now, what in the world were
you gonna do with that gun, huh?

Do you know what happen
the last time you got...

This is one, this is for
momma, I mean, Daddy.

This one is for my sister.

This one, soldier boy

is for me.

You bit my fucking nose.

You God damn, crazy son
of a bitch, cannibal fucker!



Tom, it's me, Paul.


Wait, Tom!

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