Skies Above (1965) - full transcript

The crew of an aircraft carrier discovers that it is being pursued by a UFO that turns out to be a radioactive probe from outer space. They appeal to the warring countries of Earth to stop fighting and help it to repel the invaders.

Our ancestors, the Gauls, feared nothing -
with one exception:

the prospect of the sky
falling down onto their heads.


Today, our long, three-month
cruise to African shores

has come to an end.

My squadron's 11 "Etendard" attack aircraft
will be flying until six o'clock.

In the evening we'll be on the ground.

I'll finally see Francoise.


My poor fellows have to wait
for a day before they can disembark.

Tomorrow morning, "Clemenceau"
will arrive in Brest.

The atmosphere of this floating airfield

reminds me of the college
on the eve of the award ceremony.

Nevertheless, an important event:
Friday, June 27.

The beginning of a long vacation.

Now we are here.

If we keep going 22 knots,

we will be in Bres tomorrow
at 8 in the morning, as planned.

Good, excellent.

Maintain 22 knots.

I admit that after 3 months at sea
I wouldn't mind popping up at home.

I understand you.

In 20 minutes aboard the plane.
Is that enough? Yes, Commodore.

Well, is Gaillac home?

Yes, Commodore.

I came to say goodbye;
on behalf of my children, too.

Well, I wish you and your children
a happy landing.

It was nice to work with you.

We are also pleased
to have worked with you.

I am glad.

And also thank you for
the useful advice you gave me.

Thank you, Commodore.

I would like to continue working
with you. I know, Gaillac.

But I will not be here
on the next voyage.


Take care, Gaillac.

Goodbye, sir.
Take care, Gaillac.

I will see you in 6 months' time,
after the repairs.

Thank you for the

useful advice you gave me.

Montford, the 13th Squadron's

has finally smiled.

He is a natural-born soldier.

But in peacetime, this fearsome

cannot spend 3 months

without eating something
very tasty.

Jelly... and fresh beer.

Hey, Montford. I thought
that pilots don't drink.

You know what the pilots say?
No, I don't want to know.

They say that in an hour
they'll be with their beloved ones.

What are you carrying this for? It's
too good. You have enough room, take it.

Yes, it's just enormous!

You have to be told everything!

Come on, take it!
I'll show you my recipe!

No, no.
Your suitcase!

Wait a second!
No, I'm not a cargo plane!

Any volunteers?

Me! Me!

Choose one.

Okay, let's toss a join!
No, your coin is fake.

No, it's not fake.
What do you choose?

Tails Heads!


"Etendard"! Attention!

"Alize" - ready for take-off.

Nobody knows why Majo
has joined the Navy.

He has a civilian mentality,
which irritates Montford

and some others, who do not
appreciate his voluntary service.

But I like him.

He's always the first to
make fun of the poor "Alize" pilots.

Pastel here, requesting permission
for Pedro's take-off.

Over and out.

Attention: Pedro taking off.

Laurent, my best friend on board,
the pilot of a rescue helicopter.

He watches over us carefully,
like a herding dog guarding its sheep.

4 "Edendrads", prepare for take-off.

Number 2 taking off.

"Etendard" 48 not available.
Roger that.

Who is that?
It is Montford, Commodore.

He will not be happy.
That's for sure.

Don't lose the suitcase!

Don't lose the suitcase!


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Come on, hurry! Run! Run!

Here comes Majo!

Majo! Majo!

Thank you.

Brest, 180 miles.


A secret coded message
has just been received.

Decoding it.

Brest, midnight

It would be wonderful, Bruno.

Chalet, do you know what
I rented in the Swiss countryside?

A lonely house in the mountains.

I got lucky, didn't I?

Come on, fix it.


Wait a moment.

For you.






The rest? I will try to.

Oh, my God!
Can you refuse to do it?

No, I can't.

I'll be going.


Yes, it's me.

Well, I...

No, I have a problem...

Yes, yes. Seriously...

Well, I don't know...

Fine, I soon will.

The base called.

And they'll have you shot if you refuse?

Well, they may...

You poor thing.

Turn back immediately.

Bruno, vector 270, speed: 30 knots.

15 to the right,
104 on both machines.

15 to the right.

They say it's exercises.
We'll be back after a few hours.

If we're lucky,
we'll be back in the afternoon.

They called all pilots. Strange.

What does the message say?

If you're interested ask Pasha.
He's decoded it.

Well, what do your clients say?

Nothing, they're waiting.

And what about Christmas?

What did he think of it?

Mr. Commodore,

we cannot say that
he was too pleased.

It looks like they are
becoming less disciplined.

It affects the ship.

I need to talk to him.

Yes, sir.

Sailor Perec on the 6th platform.

You know, I was
to Switzerland for a month

and had everything arranged.

A week later Techa came
and took the children...

And, well...

Paris, Saturday morning

The carriers, too.
Should I alert the fleet?

No, no. Not yet.

The Minister does not want
us to talk about it...

For fear of arrests.

"Cobra Leader" here,
Gaillac with 10 "Etendards" from Brest

I see you. Over.

"Cobra Leader", I read you.
Switching to frequency 12.

Aviano, "Etendard" on your frequency.

Aviano here, I read you.

Prepare for the landing of
10 "Etendards" and 12 "Alizes".

Over and out.

Mission accomplished!

1,2,3 they're gone!
All are gone, the deck is free!

Come on, Gaillac.

It's crucial not to
plow the surface with your nose.

That's for sure!

Bravo! The landing gear's come out!

Release sector 41.

Prepare the elevator!

But one's not enough!
One's not enough.

It's Majo.


You flew here?

Very strange.

Say, do you know
what this is about?

No, you know that
I don't ask too many questions.

Where's Majo?
He's gone.

He wasn't on the deck
when the alarm was sounded.

I've always said that
he can't be counted on.

Pilot-lover You're wrong.

So where is he?

You never broke the rules?


I knew it.

You're exceptional.

But I'm not as great,
I did brake them

Prepare for the landing of an "Etendard."

Come on, Majo.


Align, don't touch down.

Slow down.

Turn off the engine, moron!

Damn it!

Wait for me here.

Something's wrong.

Did you see Majo freak out?

Montford's not at his quarters.

I remember an old rule of our grandfathers:
When a carrier is under attack,

consider a landing
to be a success.

This is the case?

It's easier than for the civilians.

Land an airliner like this -
you'll frighten the passengers.

You won't get away with that -
they'll kick you out.

He's a civilian.

So he knows what
discipline means.

We're staying.

But you seem to care.

You're right.
I'm both a warrior and a bachelor.

It rhymes.

That goes hand in hand;
they tell me to fly so I do..

Got it?

If only you would
rent a house for a month.

True, I didn't rent a house
for a month.

Oh, so no more of that

Your friend, Majo.
What do you think of him?

Majo? What Majo?

Bruno, judge it yourself.

The Navy spends a lot of money
on this guy,

and there's very little
use of him.

It's expensive.

Has he justified his delay?

I'll answer your 2 questions.

1st: it's none of your business;
the Navy doesn't belong to you.

2nd Majo is a fine guy.

Are you serious?

You know I'm never serious
with you.

Guys, we're 150 miles off shore;
in 5 minutes there'll be no television.

I have just talked to the Prime Minister.
The decision has been made.

Commence the "Boomerang" plan

Notify the headquarters.

Increase the combat readiness
of all ships.

Will do.

Attention! Security level 1.

Security level 1.

All rise!

At ease!

Good day!

As you know, we have been
put on alert:

Finger on the trigger.

We are on the brink of war.

I do not know the cause of the alarm,
it was raised this morning.

We are heading into open waters
to be capable of maneuvering

and attacking the enemy.

The orders are as follows:

"Alize" provide cover
for anti-submarine ships.

As usual.

6 "Etendards" remain on the deck
on full combat alert.

2 of them, equipped with nuclear warheads -

Intercept any incoming aircraft.

The remaining 4 will have
nuclear armament, too.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Over France you will be within range of
the systems of controlled bombardment.

There will be a single frequency.

The points of no return, i.e.
the points where you have to

either chase an object
or turn around,

will be determined before take-off.

All of them are located
over West Germany,

Austria and Northern Italy.

Of course, the bomb will be armed.

It can only be deactivated
when ordered to.

The security level is:

level 1 on the plane,
level 1 in the command room

and again level 1 on the plane.

Holidays at 6 o'clock.

Planes on alert!

Planes on alert!


Communications checked?
Yes, sir.


Let's begin!

Adjust it!

What is it, Tessier?
Incomprehensible nonsense.

Shutting off the frequency.

What's going on? The antennas
have gone crazy. I don't know.

Do we know anything?

No It's very strange
I've compared the constants

they do not match
with anything known to me.

I looks like some kind of language.

2 "Alizes" taking-off!
Protect the anti-submarine ships!

Look, Majo is with Meunier.

It's the first time
I see them together.

What are they talking about?

A signal has bounced off the sea.
It's gone now.

Possibly a submarine.

Roger that. The coordinates?
185, 42 miles from the carrier.


Roger, over and out.

It's been 30 years since
I saw such a thing!

A border violation,
and we don't know why.

It's unacceptable.

And when the British violate,
look who's talking, then!

We're not robots.

Alarm for the planes!

Alarm for the planes!

Level 2. Everybody on board.

Majo must be getting very nervous.

I have no right to drag him into this.

And the other pilots?

What are they thinking about?

What are you thinking about?

Laennec, where is the submarine?
Let's come to the map, sir.

The submarine is here:
46 20 'N,

11 10' W.
Our "Alize" is at hand.


You know that transistor radios
aren't allowed on the deck!

What do they say?
Nothing special, commander.

How long will it take?

Thank you

4, 5, 6, 3rd.

Well, no, no, my dear.
You just didn't think about it.

Yes, it is possible.

Alarm for the planes!

Roger that.

I heard that "Alize"
is tracking a submarine?

Yes, I know.
Probably Russian?

Why Russian?
Why not Portuguese?

From your report I gathered
that it had come from the east.

You're too quick.
Nothing is certain yet.

For security reasons,
smoking is not allowed.

Did you see his face
when the alarm was sounded?

I did.

I think he's not cut out
for stuff like this.

It's not for him.

Do you prefer Carlie?

It's not a good comparison.
He signed up for it himself.

Who will you take tomorrow?

I'll take Majo.


what Majo?

I would like to
What would you like?

Nothing, sir.

I think it's the best for you.

At least until
you're back on the shore.

Saturday night

Good morning, Mr. Lemenu.
Good morning.

I have noticed that you have shown
great interest in "Etendard" recently.

Does this bother you?

I am fully aware that
my pilots admire you.

But I think that you are wrong.

You ignore the lives of
my thousand crew members!

Because as soon as we fly away,
they do not get to live long.

That is true, but not entirely.

There is a huge difference
between the prey and the hunter.

That is the case with you.

Mr. Lemenu, I have a question for you.

Good night, Mr. Lemenu.
Good night.

Hi, Marsilio.

Well, what do you think
of all this?

I'm waiting.

But it's hardly a war

It seems there's enough reasons
to start one, huh?

Just on time, Majo Captain

I need to talk to you.

Come to my cabin,
I also need to talk to you.

Sit down, Majo.

What is the matter?

Is it about
my unsuccessful landing?

No, Captain.

Everything went wrong.

But I wanted to talk
about something else.

About a personal matter.

I am listening.

On Saturday evening, I was celebrating
the return of my comrades

and came home very late with a friend.

Then I received a call from the base
It is my fault

I said that I was having problems.

So I was unable to
carry out the order at once And...

At dawn, to make up
for the lost time

I ran to the car

I was in a hurry
And I ran over a cyclist.

What happened next?


I had not expected a cyclist
to pop up.

But he was fine.

Majo, this is not Gaillac
you are talking to

but a superior officer!

Can you swear that
what you have just said this

incident, hopefully genuine -
was the sole cause

of your delay and behavior?

Yes, Captain.


You will be put under arrest
in your cabin at once!

Your delay is a sufficient justification!

So I cannot be involved
in the current issue?

No, you cannot!

Only those who can be trusted
can become involved!

I do not trust you, Majo.


Oh, it's you.

We have been interrupted,
Mr. Lemenu.

You had wanted to tell me the difference
between the hunter and the prey.

If I understood correctly,
you meant that hunters, my pilots

could ask about
the missions awaiting them.

Maybe so.

But remember that I am the only person
they can ask questions!

And believe me, in such a case

the military regulations
are clear, concise and known to everyone!

I have never doubted that.

Therefore, once their mission
has been accomplished,

I tell them that if
they have any questions,

then they know who their superior is.

Good night, Mr. Lemenu.


I've been looking for you.


Any problems?

I had to deal with Lemenu.

Ever since the alarm
he's been around my pilots.

Maybe the pilots have questions?

He told you that?
No, it's just a speculation.

You know, you begin to realize
your responsibility once you

already have to take it.

Yes, I'm familiar with that.

I'd still rather
face problems in my plane.

24 hours a day.

Wouldn't you have to sleep?

I'm sorry.

There are duties, which
I would still like to have...

Only for myself.

By the way, Francoise
how do you get along with her?

Why are you asking me about her?
Just asking.

Cao, I'm going to marry her.
Come on

You'd said that you barely knew her.

I've made up my mind
during my alarm fight.

Well! What a news!

You know, previously I'd only
consider seeing her.

No commitments.

Unexpected situations
and the risk of losing everything...

But one day I realized
how mad it was.

Don't be so pessimistic, Bruno.

You'll be back in a few days
and in a year a father.

It's great, you'll see.

"Etendard" 38, take off immediately!

What's the matter?

Unidentified object
at 30,000 feet.

We must find out what it is.
OK, right away.

Prepare the airstrip for
"Etendard" 38's immediate take-off.

Mansart, this is Orpheus.

Turn right, vector 315,
3, unit 5, over.

Mansart, set on
30,000 feet. Over.

Roger, setting on 30,000 feet.

Mansart, 1003 miles.

1003 miles, roger.

This is Pasrel,
I have identified an "Air France"

"Boeing", over.

Roger, put me through to Mansart.

Roger that.

Mansart, this is Orpheus.
Head back. Vector 160.

Unit 6-0. Over.

Do you read me?
Head back. Unit 6-...

Mansart, this is Orpheus.
I repeat

Head back. Vector 160.
Unit 6-0. Over.

Mansart, this is Orpheus.
I repeat:

Head back. Vector 160.
Unit 6-0. Over.

I read you! Over!

A strange light!

Closing in! To the right!
It's coming straight at me! Straight at me!

At me! At me!

This is Mans Over.


Mans, this is Orpheus, I read you.

The light is gone
A flash the sea

All our equipment went out of order.


Mansart, this is Gaillac.
All your equipment went out of order?

Yes, but it is fine now.

Roger that.

Mansart, this is Orpheus.
Turn left, vector 185.

Unit 8-5.

It's a 6-minute walk
to the ship.

Descend to 20,000 feet, over.

Roger that.

Listen! Mansart saw
something incredible!

He got attacked by a UFO, huh?

Mansart! He's coming back!

Back on the surface!

Captain Wait!

Prepare the plane!
Montford, check it out.

Mansart, calm down.

I am listening.

I was about to turn around
to intercept the "Boeing"

when a light ahead of me
attracted my attention.

At first I thought it was a star,

but then it started making sharp turns,
it was incredible!

That light, what was it?
I will tell him my story later on.

What happened to the plane?

But the light The plane!

I was blinded for a moment.

I could see the light fade away.

The gauges went crazy,
a deafening noise came from the speakers.

It was as if
The plane is ready, Captain!


Are you sure that this light
was not a lantern?

I am sure about that!

I told you that Mansart
had been hallucinating.

The plane is completely undamaged.

During the control possibly so.

But it could've been damaged
when Mansart was airborne.

You mean

I don't mean to say anything!
I'm off to bed. Good night.

They won't believe me
I know!

You have a vivid imagination.
It'll destroy you.

Sunday morning

Alarm for the planes!

Hey, Mansart!

They're laughing at you?

Come, have a seat.

So, last night, there was a

No, really, what was that light?

Berdac, it was ahead of me,
shining incredibly

and it can't have been a star.

Maybe a meteorite, then?


Well, no.

It was motionless
in relation to the stars.

And then it rushed at me
at an amazing speed.

What did you say?
Nothing. No, nothing.

Waiter! Coffee, please.

17 minutes
This time it'll take 17 minutes.

What will take 17 minutes?

It'll take the Russian missiles
17 minutes

to reach us.

It'll be either plunging fire
or grazing fire.

If it's the former,
17 minutes will suffice.

If the latter only 12,
but the accuracy will suffer.

Like this.

We should be seeing it now.

What would you say, Mr. Minister?

Well, I had better say something.

What do we tell our subordinates?

The truth.

If it is a ship I believe it.

The matter is too serious and complicated
for a newspaper article.

It would be better if the "Clemenceau"
command explained it to you personally.

Captain Ravesne would not mind
meeting you under such circumstances.

He is a friend of yours?

Yes, Amiram.

O Lord, our God, we pray
that in Your loving kindness

those whom You ceased not to
restore with the divine sacraments

Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, who with You lives

and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, world without end.


Is Mansart's plane still here?

It's radioactive.

We'll all get contaminated
I'm telling you!

Come in.

Go ahead.

Well, sir...

Is everything fine?

It turns out that
the planes are radioactive.

People want to know
We were not told why the war broke out.

First of all, there is no war!

And who told you
that the planes were radioactive?

Men from the deck,
quarters number 4.

And from the cafeteria, too.

It is not the planes,

but one plane.

And it is

nothing special.

It has happened.

But I wish we
spoke less about it.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

Get up.

You have to remain
under observation.

Visit me as soon as
any symptoms appear:

nausea, headaches,
pain, vomiting, a mild rash.

And, of course no flying
until next year.

"Alize" coming back from Paris!
Prepare for the landing!


Let me lead the way.


Hi, Gaillac!

Is everything okay?

How do you do,
how are things on the mainland?

The season starts off promisingly:
The Parisians come and

We asked about the alarm.

It's a drill, everybody knows that.

Good morning!

Good morning!

You have a lot to tell me about.

Does it show?

Come on.

Leave us.

I am glad to see you aboard
the "Clemenceau" Thank you.

I wish it was
under different circumstances.

Well, what happened?

Since last night, 2000 people
have been asking the same question.

No doubt.

Here, look.

Attention! In 5 minutes everyone
is to report to the Captain!

We'll finally learn what's going on!

Be careful, do not say too much,
I know them well

and you seem to have forgotten
some things.

Well, begin

You can begin, Commodore.

Hurry up, Marcel.

Yesterday morning,
when the shore was in sight,

I ordered you
to head for the open waters.

A few hours later I had
the combat readiness increased.

You were told nothing.
Like you, I had been following orders.

Captain Boyco came from Paris
and explained the situation to me.

The alarm is genuine,
this is not a drill.

On Friday morning, a huge satellite
was detected above the Earth.

Its properties are so unusual
that it probably is of a military nature.

Who launched it?
That we do not know.

The Western powers
not only refuse to

study the object together

but they also accuse each other
of launching it.

Their defence forces
have been put on high alert.

According to our intelligence the USSR
has adopted similar measures.

Who reacted adequately?
Who is playing a charade?

One thing is certain, and we
want you to understand it:

Never before has humanity been
on the brink of such a horrific war.

This is what I wanted
to tell you.

Now Captain Boyco will tell you
what we know about this satellite.

On Friday, at 5:12 GMT

French space stations

detected an object
with an orbital radius of 7350 km.

The British informed us
that they had detected it

a few minutes earlier -
at 5:03 GMT.

As for the Americans,
they did confirm the detection,

but refused to elaborate.

Soon, our observers
became amazed by

the satellite's
highly unusual behavior.

Its speed and altitude
were constantly changing.

It was emitting
electromagnetic waves.

And radiation, too.

Everything seemed to
have stabilized,

when, suddenly, something
even more unusual occured.

The satellite slowed down
for a few minutes,

hovered over the
East Coast of the USA

and entered
a completely different orbit.

Until Friday such capabilities
could only been dreamed of.

Its current altitude is
no more than 370 km.

Due to its size, it is now
visible to the naked eye.

Even today, as of now.


True! You can see the satellite!

What happened?

Have them dispersed at once!

Clear the deck! Get off the deck!

Clear the deck, spread up!

All hands, spread up!

Come on! Come on!

Attention, everyone!

This is the Captain of "Clemenceau".
Return to your seats immediately.

You have misunderstood
Captain Boyco's words!

As we do not know
the location of the satellite,

it is not visible from the ship.

I order everybody
to return to their seats.

I told you
there is no use talking.

I do not understand.

Today's technology.

Even today, people and machines
are not the same thing!

The threat is serious.

Should the satellite be carrying a bomb,
then at any moment

it can be dropped
anywhere in the world.

We need to determine how long
it will take us to react

once it attacks.

How long will it take
to deploy the aircraft?

The "Mirage" 5 minutes,
Mr. Minister.

The "Etendard" 8 minutes.

What do the Russians say?

They have been silent

since they refused to cooperate.

Surprising, since the Russians,
as far as I know,

are still unable to
create and deploy

vehicles of such dimensions
and capabilities.

Such advanced satellites

require solutions
to many problems.

Is is astonishing.

And it is above us.
It will be an intense day.


All this incredibly
fascinating technology.


I will distribute the instructions,
everyone is to be on high alert.

I got used to it.

Well, I must go.

Drink a cup of coffee.

I will have to postpone the flight.

No, I'm sorry,
they are waiting for me in Paris.

I have to hurry.


I thought that you would
serve me a bit more.

I'm not making much sense.

You have shown me
your great ship.

And these orbital tricks.

Prepare for take-off!

Team 5, the route is clear.

You can ride down the elevator.

This is the Earth.

This is the orbit,
on which the satellite is rotating.

A complete turn
takes about 66 minutes.

The Earth's rotation allows it
to reach most parts of the world

and attack it with
a remote-controlled thermonuclear bomb.

It might have been there
for several years.

It is a constant
and a serious threat.

The only means
of striking it is to

deploy nuclear-armed
anti-ballistic missiles.

Unfortunately, scoring a hit
will be difficult.

The Russians have a huge army.

Russians! All the time Russians!
Why Russians?

If it was the Americans,
we wouldn't be here now!

So there are only
the Russians and the Americans?!

The satellite can't be theirs!

Oh, you don't think
that it's Chinese?!

I didn't say "Chinese",
I said "not theirs"!

Then whose?

From another planet, for example.

Listen, Loro!
It's no time for goofing around!

I'm not. I just refuse
to dismiss

a theory just because
it's not in the manual!

What should we read?
Science fiction?!

And why not?

For me, there's no doubt!

For me there is!

So, how about

you play with your helicopter
above the ship instead?

You're put on combat alert
no more nonsense!

Believe me!

Mansart, come back!

I understand that many of you
are exhausted.

Keep in mind, there are people like you
with the same responsibility elsewhere.

They, obviously,
ask the same questions.

We've been put on alert.

On alert it's not a war yet.

Jules Verne had also
written science fiction

His "Nautilus" has always
made me smile.

Alarm for the planes!

What an amazing machine, Montford.

But this machine...

When I'm not in the air,

a danger awaits me here.

Montford, what an awful guy.

Doesn't think, rushes,
smashes and destroys everything in sight.

Like a bulldozer.

A tank.

It's changing orbit!
We've detected a 2nd signal!

The satellite split in two!

We have 2 reflected signals.

Roger, over and out.

Yes, I am listening.

Good morning, Mr. Minister.
Good morning, Boyco.

Good morning!
You're back already?

Yes, 4 hours of flight,
2 on board.

What is Raven doing?

All of them are.

Well, thank you.

A relatively small object
departed from the satellite.

It is constantly decreasing.

If this continues,
it will hit the ground in 21 minutes.


In the east of the USA.



The British confirm our calculations:
The satellite is over Africa now.

Sound the alarm immediately.

The countdown has begun.

The submarines are ready to attack.

The strategic bombers
have taken off.

They are on course for the USSR.

They will reach the point of no return
in 18 minutes.

Shall we begin the operation?

Wait, Mr. Minister,
there is no hurry.

We run the risk of making
a horrible mistake.

There is nothing to suggest
that these vehicles are hostile,

including the one
seemingly headed for the USA.

There is nothing to suggest
that they are Soviet.

The Russians deny
having launched them.

Listen to me.

When, we, humans, want to
fly to another planet,

we send a space vehicle
on its orbit

that dispatches astronauts
in small capsules.

Doesn't it sound
strikingly similar

to what we've been witnessing
for the past 2 days?

Can you attest that

this satellite does not
come from another planet?

The parts that detached
their purpose may be research, not warfare.

Mr. Minister, the vehicle
will reach the USA in 14 minutes.

Its incredible technology proves
its extraterrestrial origins.

It is far beyond our reach.

Go ahead;
For you, Mr. Minister.


Yes, Mr. Prime Minister,

The USSR has just launched missiles
from its Ural bases.

They are heading west,
for Europe

and the USA.

Announce it through the

Announce it through the

Yes, Gaillac. Combat alarm.

According to the latest data,

the Soviet missiles
are aimed at the vehicle,

not the USA.

The Soviet base is indeed the nearest.

The Soviet missiles are
more than 60 km away from the vehicle.

50 km.

40 km.

30 km.

20, 10, 0.

Mixed signal.

Signal lost.

The Russians have hit it.

We continue monitoring
the main part of the satellite.

All planes, take off.

All planes, take off.

The object has just hovered
over the area,

where the missile
had destroyed its detached part.

Ove the Atlantic.

It is descending
towards the sea.

This is Montford!
My equipment is malfunctioning!

I can no longer track the object!

All "Etendards" respond!

All "Etendards" over!
This is Orpheus.

Order them to return

Prepare for the "Etendards" ' landing!

Prepare for the "Etendards" ' landing!

2 "Etendards" 41 and 59,
are not responding!

Quickly! Get the flares!

Look! Look!

Radar failure!

Alarm radiation!

Alarm radiation!

Alarm radiation!

This is Pedro! Over!

No entry! Ammunition transfer.

You can't go there!

Radiation level increasing!

Radiation level increasing!

There must be something wrong here!

What about the other gauges?

I don't get it...

They've gone crazy!

Montford! This is Gaillac, over!

Carlie! Carlie!
This is Gaillac, over!

I'm falling!

I'm falling!

7, 8, 9, 10

This is Captain.

Level of security - 0!

Evacuate the personnel.

Security level 0!

Security level 0!

Security level 0!

Security level 0 confirmed.

Lock the vents!

External ventilation locked!

Take the precautions against radiation!

Turn on the anti-radiation shower.

This is Pasrel,
turn on the anti-radiation shower.

Roger, Pasrel.



Montford and Carlie, any news?

One's bailed out.

The other one's not responding.

Immediate dive!

Stabilize at 15 meters.

We'll pick the pilot up...

after that plane has left.

Radiation level on the surface?

Keeps increasing.

And below?

No radiation.

Thank you.

The radiation has stabilized.

"Etendard" to the right!

Prepare for the landing!

Turn off the anti-radiation shower.

Montford or Carlie?

Left, 10 .
[Left, 10 .]

[Left, 10 complete]

Evacuate immediately!

Evacuate immediately!

This is Lieutenant Gaillac.

Yes, sir.


and Carlie.

Well, did you find out?

60, 0 95.

- Well, you have to fly.
- Wait.


Laurent is requesting permission
to take off.

Handing it over to him.

But, Commodore, once we know
his location I will have to fly.

But, Commodore!
I insist! I...

He's right.

By the time you find him,
if you do, and bring him back,

it'll have been too late.

The governments of
the USSR and the USA

have agreed to mutually

attempt to destroy the satellite

using all means available.

Its current altitude

allows us to deploy
anti-ballistic missiles.

We are putting you through
to the launch center.

The countdown has begun.

500, above the norm.

I saw the satellite.

Up there, motionless.

It's huge.

Shines like a star.

Emanates like the Sun.

What about Carlie?

He bailed out.

A Russian submarine
surfaced near him.

I fired
at the space between them.


I wanted to stop them
from taking Carlie.

It dived.
I haven't seen it again.

You shot at the Russians,

That submarine was
Carlie's only hope.

The only way out!

No, not a way out!

A cruise to where?
Stop it!


The satellite is climbing.

The Soviet and American missiles
are beyond control.

The satellite is travelling vertically
at an incredible speed!

Altitude: 150 km,

175, 210, 265, 500!


20,000 km!



The satellite is gone.

Call back level 0,
turn off the shower.

[Yes, Commodore.]

This is Pasrel,
turn off the anti-radiation shower.

Roger that, proceeding.

We have received orders
from our government.

We apologize for this
unfortunate misunderstanding.

You are free.


The radio is working again.

This is Carlie.

This Saturday morning, June 29,
man still has to find an answer.

He still needs to learn,
he still needs to experience.

But he will continue
looking up in the sky.

Maybe this time, with different eyes.

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