Sketch Artist (1992) - full transcript

A sketch artist for the police helps a witness recall who she saw leaving the scene of a murder, and discovers that the person is his wife. Not willing to believe she was responsible, he resketches the pictures so they don't look like her, and he begins his own investigation of the murder.

Echo 4, what's your
position in that North building?

And what's your status?

All units, homicide,

708 North Benford,
suspect armed.

1-9-David-2-2-3 in progress

at La Brea and third.

Shots fired, proceed code 3,
officer down...

Where is Smith and Doyle?

Stupid dispatcher.

South corridor. Yeah, right.

I'll leave you my CD, Tommy.

Call me at the escort agency.

I can't believe this place.

Couldn't keep away, huh?


please, no.

Hey, um, do you know

where the Smith and Doyle off...



Hi. You've reached
the Whitfields.

Jack and Rayanne
aren't here right now.

Please leave a
message at the beep.

-Oh, shit.

Jack, it's Milon.

Hey, Jack, are you there?

We need you right away.

It's a homicide on Tommy Silver,

you know, the fashion designer.

Ask the cheesecake
when she gets back.

She'll know.

Hello? Hi.

It's cheesecake.

Yeah. Hang on.

- Hi. - Hi.

What are you doing
sleeping on the couch?

I didn't wanna mess up the bed.

It's Milon.

I gotta change and
take off right away.

How was, um, Dallas?

Hey, Jack. Jack!

Where the hell are you?

Jack, are you there?

Yeah, Milon.


Sure there was gas in the car?

Yeah, I'm sure.

So, are you done?


Didn't think so.

Are you just gonna get all
over my case right away?

Did you mail the rent check?

Yes, Ray,
I mailed the rent check,

I made the car payment,
I paid the phone Bill.

And I enjoyed my TV dinners every night,
thank you.

We should be
getting pretty close.

Silver Fashion.

What is that, uh,
women's clothing?

You know what that is?


- Ray. - What?

-What did you say?

Watch where you're going.


- What did you say?
- Nothing, nothing.

I just...

I'm just glad you're home,

Oh, I love you, too.

I know you're doing your job,

I'm sorry,
ma'am. Nobody gets through.

I made an
appointment last night...

My orders are nobody
gets past this yellow line...

- Hey, Bill. - Sorry.

Where's, uh, where's Silver's?

Hey, Jack. It's right up this ramp,
take a left,

three doors down on the right,
can't miss it.

Is Tonelli here?

Yeah. He's waitin' for ya.


Jack, you know you're late.

And you're ugly. I
guess we're both fucked.

I'm late. Sorry.

You're not late, Whitfield,
you're hopeless.

It looks like a simple robbery shooting,

Receptionist found
him just before eight.

Now, we got his wife,
uh, Krista Silver,

said he had a watch,
a wedding ring,

- and his wallet's missing.
- Did she report him missing?

No, Lieutenant.

All of this for a
freakin' dressmaker.

He's not shit.

Man, my daughters spend
half my paycheck on his jeans.

At least he went out
getting his dick wet.

Forensics think
he had intercourse

before he was iced, Lieutenant.

There was semen on his bed.

His wife said the last time she
saw him was lunch yesterday.

She doesn't worry when he
doesn't come home at night?

They're nighties, Lieutenant.

So much for safe sex. What
about that messenger? Anything?

Well, she got a good look,
so she says.

Jimmy's driving her back to the precinct.

We need you back at the office.

I want that sketch right away.

- Sure.
- So get your job done, okay, Jack?

I'm trying to do my job.

We got a witness
with a finite memory.

Let's get 'em while they're hot,

Fine, I'll finish this later.


Hey, Milon,
how about a ride, buddy?

Sorry, man, I'm busy here.

what do you say? I'll give you gas money.

No, right? I thought so.

Fuck it.


Oh, Miss Knoll,
this is Jack Whitfield,

our composite artist.

Jack, this is Daisy.

- Hi. - Hi, Daisy.

Why don't we go in here?

Oh, Jack, wait.

Don't forget we need that
Atlee file for court tomorrow.

Right, right, right, right.

What is this?

It's a mannequin
of a shooting victim.

Why don't you have a seat here?

Listen, is this gonna take long?

'Cause if I don't get back,

I'll get shuttle duty
the rest of the day.

I'll have you out of here in no time,

Daisy, that's a pretty name.

Pretty name for a pretty girl.

Thank you.

You want some water
or coffee or something?

No, I'm fine, thank you.

Okay. We'll get right at it.

You don't use a computer?

Computer? Nah.

They draw great,
but they don't listen so well.

All right. Let's see.

So, so you saw...

- A woman. - A woman.

Well, that narrows it down.

Was she young or old?

I don't know. I mean,
she was young, I guess.

She was about 25.

she was actually more like 27.

So you got pretty close.

she woulda ran right into me

if she hadn't looked up.

Okay, well,
I tell you what, Daisy.

I like to start with the hair,

so can you describe
this woman's hair to me?

Um, well,
she was obviously a natural brunette,

but she had auburn tint.

- Okay. - What?

No, I just,
it's too bad all witnesses aren't women.

They always get the hair right,
they do.

Men, they remember the hairline,

but never the color.

So, why don't you tell me
about this woman's hair?

it was sort of short in the back,

and like, um...

wavy curly on top.

Wavy, curly.

Kinda like this?


Mrs. Silver.

Glad you could make it.

I want to apologize having
you come down here like this,

after what's happened
to your husband.

Sit down.

It's all right,
Lieutenant. I understand.

Do you always
use colored pencils?

Oh, yeah. Yeah,

it kinda makes everyone look

a little less sinister.

How can you just draw
hair without a face?

why don't you tell me about the face?

How was the face?

Was it round or was it wide?

- Was it... - Sorta normal.

I mean, it was normal,

but a little
angular at the chin.

Angular. Like oval?

- Yeah. - A little oval.

Okay. Like this?


All right. How about the lips?

What do you remember
about the lips?

The lips.

Excuse me.

- Sorry. - That's all right.

The lips?


well, the lower one was fuller

and the upper was...

...thinner but
sort of turned out.

Kinda like this?

Yeah, like that.


Yeah. Oh, yeah,

we're just about finished.

Yup, yup. Okay, bye.

What about the nose?

I don't know.

Mind if I smoke?

No, no.

So the nose was small?

Did I say that?

No, no I just, uh,
it's a question.

Was it... was it small?

No, I mean, you're right,

it wasn't big.

It was sort of small and thin.

What about the shape?


That doesn't really help,
does it?

No, was it...

was it round or turned up

Or maybe...

a little pointy like this?


Yeah... yeah,
it was pointy at the tip.

Why do the eyes last?

The eyes because they can...

give you everything back

that you wanna put into 'em.

They do?

Yeah, yeah, you know,

you look into somebody's eyes,

you can pretty much
see everything about

that person you wanna see.

I know it sounds a little weird,

but it works for me.

You happen to be

in the small majority of people

who didn't know how comfortable

Tommy felt in an
open relationship.

He liked to call it an
occupational hazard.

I assume he meant
it to apply to me.

I see.

Where the hell is
Whitfield with that drawing?


Is there anything
else you remember?

Like a scar?

She didn't have any scars.

Did she have any
pimples or freckles or...

Maybe, uh...

maybe a mole?


Somewhere in this area?

Yeah, I think so.

Like, right about here?

Yeah, that's right.

Are you hot?

Is it hot in here?

It's getting hot in here.

I'm gonna open this window.


Let's, uh, move up to the eyes.

Brownish and large.

Brownish? What do you mean?

Were they brown or not?

Brown gray, brown blue?

- Brown. - Brown.


And, uh,
what about the shape of the eye?

- Catty. - Catty.

No, I mean,
the eye itself. The eye.

aren't you the particular one?

An eye's an eye,
you know what I mean?


- This? - Yeah, like that.

Like, like a cat, catty.

How's that?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

What about the brows?

They were sort of...

Jimmy's hollering from upstairs,

Tonelli's back,
and he's with the wife.

Do you mind?


So the eyebrows were full.

Yeah, they were full,
but they weren't thick.

And close to the eyes.

Not birdish.

Not birdish.

Now it's kinda done.


- Jesus.

Did you make a mistake?

Is this the woman you saw?

Yeah, I guess. Uh,
yeah, it looks like her.

Can I go now?


- Can I go now? - Yeah, yeah.


If, uh...

if you remember anything else,
will you call me?

- Yeah. - You'll call me?

- Bonnie has your number? - Yes.


The composite,
Jack. Want me to write it up for you?

No, no,
I'll... I'll take care of it.


No, I'm not... no.

You can't rush this shit.

I'll be finished
in a little while.

Can I get you something?

- Jimmy!
- Right here, Lieutenant.

- Coffee and...
- I'm fine, thank you.

We finally got through to
Mr. Korbel in New York City for you.

He's on a plane right now.

What did you say his relationship
with your husband was?

Paul manages the business.

- Silver Fashions.
- Silver Fashion.

Fashion, yes.

Right here, Lieutenant.

Where the fuck...
pardon my French,

Mrs. Silver, Whitfield?

Oh, look,
it's the man of the hour.

Give me that, okay?

Are you sure you
wanna work here?

This mean anything to you?

I've never seen
this woman before.

You're sure?

I had nothing to do
with Tommy's business,

so therefore,
I had little association

with my husband's acquaintances,

While she certainly
looks like she'd belong

in his cavalcade of bedmates,

I don't know this woman.

So, then, your husband you'd
consider to be promiscuous?

He liked hookers, Lieutenant.

The higher the price,
the better.

How'd you find this out?

He told me.

I see.

As soon as this
Mr. Korbel shows up,

I want him to get a
look at this sketch,

And Jimmy,
get copies out to all the blue suits.


Now we gotta find
this mystery girl.

This is where we could
put the security system.

Let's check the other plan.


Can I talk to Ray?

Uh, yeah,
she's here. Hold on a sec.

- I'll get the plan. - Okay.

- Hello? - Hi, it's me.

Jack? What's goin' on?

I just, um,
I just wanted to tell you,

I'm glad you're home, honey.

Thanks, sweetie.

Everything all right?


Well, I'm really busy here.

I'll see you later tonight,

Yeah, okay.



I'm looking for Daisy Knoll?

she's out back on the loading dock.

Hi, Daisy.

Now what?


We were, uh,
so rushed this morning,

I... I forgot to ask you, uh,
to describe this woman's clothing.

I don't know,
I was so close to her.

A dark skirt, gray or black,

And a bright orange blouse.

A gray skirt?

Gray or black

and a bright orange blouse.

Orange blouse and gray skirt.

I already answered all
these questions this morning.

If... if you remember
anything else,

Daisy, will you call me? Will
you make sure you call me?


Are all cops as
much fun as you are?

Did you do any shopping?
Buy any new clothes?

Yeah, right.

Like when?

I thought I... I thought I
saw an orange blouse.

No. Helen did.

She bought this Armani suit,

olive-colored, it was nice.

Um, I didn't like the color,

but it fit her real
good on the hips,

and she looked good,

but I didn't... I didn't shop.

I should shop.

I just... I don't like any
of my clothes anymore.

I'm wiped out.

The board should absolutely
deny parole to this man.

He's still a very
sick individual.

I want that building.

Write it off to the
Hudson two budget.

Burbank, why are you anywhere?

I was talking to Mr. Benchman
about his idea, and...

What, about the Italian boxer?

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

I love it!

Let me ask you something.

How's your social life?

It's a question you probably
don't get asked too often.

But if your social life isn't
what you'd like it to be,

grab a pencil and
write this down.

America's Choice Dating Service.


What's on the paper could be the
answer to what's missing for you.

America's Choice Dating Service

is an easy and inexpensive way

to meet that special person.

- Hello? - Hello, Daisy?

- Yeah? - This is Jack.

- Who?
- Whitfield, the sketch artist.

What's up?

Uh, I got a... I got a little
problem here with the sketch,

and, um, I need to talk to you,

ask you a few questions.

Like when? Tomorrow?

No, no, tonight.

- It's late.
- Yeah, I know it's late.

But, uh,
I can be there in 20 minutes,

and I'll be out of there in ten.

Hey, you.

We're trying to get some sleep here,
you know?

So shut the fuck up.

Our lab boys found pubic hairs
other than Silver's on the sheet.

More prints than we
could ever deal with.

blind man convention's time, huh?

The M.E. should have the autopsy
report this afternoon, Lieutenant.

Okay, fine.

Hey, if I wanted brown socks,
I woulda worn them, okay?

- Hi. - Can I help you?

Yes, please,
I'm looking for Mr. Lieutenant Tonelli.

- Who are you?
- I'm Mr. Paul Korbel.

Jack, Tonelli's looking for you.

- Go ahead and follow him.
- Oh, shit.

- Know what time it is?
- Yes, it's, uh, 9:30.

-Come in.

Jack. Who's this?

I'm Mr. Paul Korbel.

Mr. Korbel,
glad you could make it.

I'm sorry you have to be here

under these kind
of circumstances.

Comes in waves, Lieutenant.

We are all shattered.

Sit down. Make yourself at home.

Jack, will you sign these
affidavits from Carruther's?

I want you to look at something.

Have you ever seen this woman before,
Mr. Korbel?

I believe so, yes.

Where? Can you
tell us who she is?

Uh, I can't be certain,
but I think she's been

doing some photography
work for our company.

Would you mind stop smoking?

I'm sorry,
I can't stand the cigarette.

Will you put out the
fucking cigarette?

I'm sorry, Mr. Korbel, go ahead.

I... I'll have to check

with some of our art directors.

I don't remember her name,

but I think it's her.

Good. Good,
I think we got something here.

Just a few more minutes of your time,
Mr. Korbel, if you don't mind.

- No problem.
- Here you are, kid.

Jack, what do you need,
a written invitation?

It's one of those
days around here.

Sorry, Mr. Korbel.

You've been very
helpful about this.

All right.

Hey. I'll catch you
in the parking lot.

What do you say we get a
couple of beers after work tonight?

- Yeah, Brandelli's?
- Yeah, great.

Who is she?

I don't know.

Korbel's man is still in
New York until the ninth.

Me and Mr. Personality here are
on our way over to Silver's Fashions

to pick up some
employment records,

so I'll catch you later.

- Yeah.
- So, what's up, Picasso?

Not much, Gene.

What's goin' on? Is it Rayanne?

I didn't say anything to
make trouble for you, did I?

No, I just, uh...

wish she was
around a little more.

she ain't gonna quit her job.

- I can tell you that right now.

She's got high standards.

And you did, too, man.

Yeah, right.

You know, you got a good thing.

Hang on to it.

I think I'm losing her.


I am.

'Cause we don't...

talk anymore.

We're just driftin' apart.

When she's away, I have this...

this need to...

to talk to her,

and when she's here, I can't.

I mean, we talk,

but we don't talk about us,
you know what I mean?

And you know what's weird?

She knows we're driftin' apart.

And it's like,
she doesn't even give a shit.

She's so obsessed
with her little world...

of decorating and
all that bullshit.


I mean, I'm lucky if I can
even touch her right now.

Now, what you need to do

is just go on home
and have it out,

'cause otherwise,
this thing is just gonna mess you up.

- Hi, Jack. - What's happenin'?

You know everyone,
don't you? Except Todd.

Hey, Jack.

- I hope we're not too much of an intrusion.
- No, no.

Here, eat some of this
before I inhale the whole dip.

Come here, guys.

- Let's ask Jack, then.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let me ask you a question.

If we put a gun to your head,

made you choose one
of these for your office,

what are you gonna do?

I'd tell you to shoot.

- That's what I expected.

Having a little party?

I tried to call.

They've pulled
back our deadline.

- You mad?
- No, no, I'm not mad.

Who's, uh,
the weightlifter you got?

only my eleventh lover this month.

It's a joke.

How long are they gonna be here?

Uh, I don't know.

Do you want a drink?

No, I don't want a drink, Ray.

And I don't wanna
look at wallpaper.

I don't even wanna
look at those people.

I just wanna talk
to you a little bit.


Come on! You
have guests in here!

I can't deal with this shit.

I don't blame you, okay?

I'm sorry.

Yeah, it sucks.

It doesn't suck. It
doesn't suck at all.

We never entertain people.

It's a nice change
to have people over.

It'd be a nice change

if you and I could
just spend a little time

and talk about a few things,
like us.

It's always what you want,
never what I want.

What do you want?

- Tell me, what do you want?
- Oh, cute.

Ask me something deep while
I got a house full of people?

I'll tell you what I want.

I wanna party and laugh tonight,

Are you coming?

You should change.

Your shirt.

She looks just like your sketch.

Nice job, Whitfield.

Who is she?

Jane Olson, photographer,
just like Korbel said.

She's doing a layout
for Silver Fashions.

Did she know Tommy Silver?

He hired her, personally.

Lieutenant? He's good for something.

Yeah, but don't let it go to your head,
okay, Jack?

Miss Olson, how are you?

We have an eyewitness
who claims to have seen you

at Silver's the night
he was murdered.

Well, he's wrong.

It might help if you can tell us

how you spent Wednesday evening,

where you were and
who you were with?

I was at my apartment working.

Can anyone vouch for you?

I mean, at your apartment.

Someone you might
have talked to that night.

Who hired you to work for Silver Fashion,

I... I was hired at the, uh,
suggestion of Mr. Silver.

So you knew Tommy,
and as a favor, he hired you?

Is that an accurate assessment?

that's not an accurate assessment.

What is?

He saw my work and requested me.

Fine. So you did meet?

Yeah, we met once.

- Did you sleep with him?
- Oh, Jesus.

No, I did not sleep with him.

I don't get in the habit
of sleeping with people

who admire my work, all right?

Would you be
willing to cooperate

in providing us with some
form of physical evidence?

What kind of physical evidence?

Well, we'd need a pubic hair.

Miss Olson?


I told them I'd find my own attorney.

I'm not a lawyer,
I'm just another person on the case.


I'm not here to get a
confession out of you.

then what is it that you want?

Have they brought
charges against you?


Well, then they can't hold you.

Where have I seen you before?

I don't know.

I just want you to know

if they haven't filed charges,

they can't keep you here.

If you say you're innocent.

So why don't you just
give 'em what they want?

They'll get a court
order and get it anyway.

So just do it,
and you can get out of here.

You areinnocent.

This car's got two blown head gaskets,

It's gonna take me
about a week to fix it.

A week?

Sorry, Jack.

Shit, why don't you just blow it up,

I was going through Silver
fashion papers this morning.

How long you say your
wife's been with CMC?

About three and
a half years. Why?

I thought that's what you said.

Her outfit had major billings
with Silver's Company.

Summer of '90
through spring of '91.

I wonder if Rayanne
ever got to meet him,

not that it'll help any.

Jack, what a surprise.

How you doin',
man? Don't draw me.

Hi. What are you doing here?

Uh... isn't this
Silver fashions?

Yup, that's Silver fashion,
all righty.

You didn't tell me
you worked on that.

- I didn't? - No.

You didn't ask me.

Did you know him?

- Who? - Silver.

Yeah. He had very specific
ideas about what he wanted.

It's too bad about him.

Yeah. Yeah, it's too bad.

Well, you wanna get some lunch?

Oh, Jack, that's so sweet,

but I can't. I'm so busy today.

All right.

hey. Good to see you again.

- Hey, Ted. - It's Todd.

-Oh, Todd, right. I'm sorry.
-It's okay.

Listen, Ray,
we really need to get going

and take a look
at those changes.


So, whenever you're ready.


I promise we'll have a great dinner.

I'll get out of here. I know you're busy.

- See you later. - Okay. Bye.

Whitfield, what's up?

What are you doing here?

he wants me to finish the floor plan.

- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.

Well, uh,
I gotta get something to eat.

There's a snack
shop on the corner.

You want something?

No, no, I'm fine.

Eh, Moran,
how many burgers you want, huh?

Don't fuck with me,
you know, I'm on a diet.

Don't fuck with anything,
Jack. We're not done yet.

What is he doing here?

something about Tonelli wants a floor plan.

I'm finished.

Jimmy didn't tell me you
were gonna be here today.

-He didn't?

- Yeah, yeah, - Hold on.

Oh, shit,
I forgot to get it cleared. Sorry.

Call is for you.


Oh, yeah? Where?

What time?

Hey, Jack. Not in here,
all right?

He's here.

How do I know?


Let's go.

We got a corpse
over in the L.A. river.

You know, Tonelli's pissed.

He wanna know what you
were doing up in Silver's suite.

What do you mean,
what was I doing there?

I'm trying to do my job.

You saw him, he threw me out

after five minutes
the other day.

Hold this, will you, Milon?

Jesus! Every time
I try to do my job,

that bald little son
of a bitch jams me.

Oh, well, no, it'll be okay.

Yeah, you just let me worry about Tonelli,
all right, Milon?


...Los Angeles river,
Westside on 6th street branch.

Coroner confirms victim
is female Caucasian,

early 20's.

No further backup...

- Go ahead.
- I got it, no problem.

Hey! That's my fuckin' lighter!

What are you, nuts?


I'll give you the
lighter from my car.

What's this?

Earring. they found
it in Silver's suite.

- They found this
earring in Silver's suite?

Yeah. that's what I said.

In Silver's suite.

They did?



Jack. there you are.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm... I'm gonna go home early,

No, you can't. they need you in
there. They got a new witness.

Hey! That's him.

That's the guy I saw last night.

Yeah? He works here.

I'm telling you,
this is the guy I saw

going into Daisy's apartment.

What were you doing at her apartment,

Milon, I was rushed on the drawing,
and so was she.

I thought of something that
might help her remember, so I...

Listen, since when is it a
crime to try to do your job?

It's not cool...

Why don't you shut up!

Okay, okay, okay.

Just go home for now.

I'll take care of Tonelli.

Uh! you scared me.

What's goin' on?

Had a long day with Todd?

You scared the shit out of me.

Did you do that?


Where are the earrings I bought you,

Is that what this is about?

Where the fuck
are those earrings?

I lost them.

If I'd known you would've
gotten this upset about it,

I would've replaced them.

- When? - When what?

When did you lose 'em?

Three weeks ago.

Where did you lose 'em, Ray?

I don't know.

The health club, maybe?

How come you never told
me you worked for Silver?

- You knew he was murdered.
- Jack.

What do you expect me to do?

You resent me working, and I'm gonna
come home and talk to you about it?

Were you there?


At Silver's,
the night he was murdered.


I know you were there, Ray.

How long you been dreaming this up,


Why were you there,
ray? Just tell me.

Jack, I was in Dallas, remember?

You're losing it.

Jack, entirely losing it.

there was a witness that ID'd you.

She described you to me,
I drew you.

And now that witness is dead.


No, Jack.

You... you saw me.

You did.

No... it was...

it was you that she described,

She described things about...

Just fucking tell
me what's going on.

Jack, you drew me.

You did.

Like you've done a
hundred times before.

Don't you understand
what's happening?

Ray, just tell me what the
fuck is going on, all right?

No, if you'd just... if you'd
just explain it, I'll understand.

Just tell me what happened.

Just fucking tell me.

I don't know what's going on.

Would you just explain it to me?

Jack, Jack, Jack, it's okay.

Listen to me,
Jack. It's gonna be all right.

You gotta listen to
what you're saying.

You gotta listen to... listen,
it's gonna be all right.

I had no idea you were
under this kind of stress.


You gotta believe me, Jack.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm not home right now. If
you'd like to leave a message

or contact me through the escort agency,
please do so.


Hello. Pick up the phone,


- Hey! my ride's here.
- How ya doin', Jack?

What's up?

Want some cranberry juice?

Good for your kidneys.

Where's Rayanne?

She went to work.

- Tonelli wants to see you.
- Oh, yeah?

-Well, we should talk.

Go ahead, I'm listening.

- I gotta take you in, Jack.
- What?

I gotta take you in.

Take me in? what are you talking about,
Milon, "take me in"?

Tonelli wanted to
send a blue suit.

I had to beg him
to let me do this.

-So give me a break, okay?

Give you a break? You're
here to fucking arrest me,

And you want me
to give you a break?

Look, we got that autopsy
report back on that messenger girl.

Now, the same weapon used
on her was used on Silver.

When Tonelli heard the old man ID you,
he went through the roof.

Hey! That old Greek rump ranger

just saw me knock on the door,

I never even got in that place.

Why did you have to go
back there that night, Jack?

I already told you that, dammit!

We talked to her dispatcher.

we know you met her on the job.

How many times are you
gonna forget something?

Aw, man.

Milon, it's me, your buddy Jack.


they found skin samples and blood

under the girl's fingernails.

So what?

The skin sample was from a man.

So what?

They released the photographer.

You got a cat now, Jack?

Oh, man.

I don't believe I'm hearing this,

They got your blood type
from your employment record.

And it matched, right?

Big fucking deal!

So does a million other poor
slobs in this filthy city, Milon!

I know how you
feel about Rayanne.

And how she met Silver
when he hired her firm.

Maybe they just... Look,
I don't know.

Maybe we should just go
and try to work this thing all out,

'cause it just don't look right.

You guys really think I did it,
don't you?

- Aw, Jack...
- No, no, wait, wait.

Now, let me figure out.

How do you guys
think it went down?

First I kill Silver,

and then I go and I kill a
perfectly good witness, right?

I might be a fuck-up, Milon,
but I'm not brain damaged. Jesus!

Tonelli thinks the
girl knew something.

The girl did know something.

She saw someone,
and she came to me and described her.

She saw someone, yeah, but who?

- Now you just might have tried to kill...
- Wait a second, Milon!

Do you hear what you're saying?

I know you're no Sherlock Holmes,

but you're not blind, either.

Why don't you open your eyes
and look what's happening here?

- I'm being set up! - Oh, Jack.

No, wait,
do you really think I did it, Milon?

No, I didn't say that.

I mean, Jack, look,
why you putting me on the spot?

Why you doing this to me, man?

You're my brother.

So don't turn on me, okay?

you're the one who told me

that I had a good thing
and I had to hold on to it,

I had to do anything I could
to hold on to it, to make it work.

Isn't that what you told me?

that's what I'm trying to do here.

I just need a little time,

and I'll figure this whole thing out,
all right?

All right?


I need a ride.

I'm fucked.

You know,
this is completely wrong.

Completely wrong!


What's this?

I hope this is the
number of a travel agent.

Travel light.

I just need you to run a reverse
directory on this number, okay?

Can you do that for me, Milon?

Say what?

All right,
it's in this area somewhere.

Yeah. It's right over here.

Hey, Jack...

Where are you gonna
be while I run this number?

I'll be right in here.

Give me a couple of hours.

You got it.

What do you want?

I just wanna talk to you.

No, no,
I think you better just leave, okay?

Whoa, ho, ho! Wait a second,
I'm not a cop.

I'm not,
I work for the police department,

but I'm not a cop,
I'm a... I'm a sketch artist.

Witnesses come in and they
describe people to me, and I draw them.

I drew you.

You drew me?


Have a seat.


You got another beer?

- Sorry, my last one. - Shit.


-That's good.

Here, I got a light.

I know you.

- You do? - I know who you are.

You know more than me.

No, no, no. It's um,
it's your lighter.

My lighter? What about it?

At Silver Fashion?

That's where I saw you.
Your lighter didn't work.

My god, you're real.

Hmm, what do you want?

I just uh...

Just wanted to know
how well you knew Silver.

No, no, no, no. I've already
answered all these questions.

No, wait a second.

I gotta explain something to ya.

I'm in a... I'm in a lot of trouble,
all right?

And I just... i just wanna...
I just need some help.

You need help?

We're both in the same boat.

No, no, no, no. I'm innocent.

No, that's what I'm trying
to tell ya. I'm innocent, too.

I just need a place to stay
for a couple of hours, all right?

If I can just stay here...

You gotta be kidding.

I'm waitin' for a phone call.

- Just a couple hours...
- No. just... just go, okay?

Get the fuck out of my house.


Um, no, no, nothing.

Give me change, will ya?

You gotta buy something. I
can't give you any change.

Just give me some
fucking change.

-Hey, buddy.

-What you got?


Yeah, it's me.

Jesus, Jack. you stole her car?

I didn't steal it,
I just borrowed it.

Where are you?

forget it. I don't wanna know.

You got the address?

It's 5501 marathon.

5501 Marathon.

Hey, Jack,
please get rid of that car.

- Yeah, don't worry about it.

Come on,
get out of here, will ya?


Ray, it's me.

Jack, the police were just here.

What is going on?

Don't worry, it's all right.

If you're in trouble,
I wanna help you.

Did you tell 'em
about the sketch?

Of course not.

Do you love me, Ray?

You know I do.

I love you, too.

Anybody home?



Uh, is brandy here?

No one here by that name.
You've got the wrong address.

No, wait,
wait. this is the address Tommy gave me.

- Tommy who?
- You know, Tommy Silver.



Hey, hey, hold it,
hold it! Listen, I'm a cop.

I just wanna ask you a few
questions about Tommy Silver.

I don't know any
Tommy Silver. Shit.

If you don't know Tommy Silver,

what they hell you
running away from me for?

I've got outstanding warrants.

I don't give a shit
about your warrants.

-I wanna know about Tommy.

I told you. I don't
know any Tommy.

This look familiar? it's your
phone number. I found it at his suite.

If you don't know him, what the hell
was he doing with your phone number?

I don't know. Maybe
he was gonna call me.

Got my number from the
escort agency I work out of.

He never called.

I never talked to any
Tommy Silver in my life.

you gonna arrest me, do it.

I've got things to do.

I see you like rap music.

Recognize this?

I also found this in
Tommy Silver's suite.

I figure it's got your
fingerprints all over it.

I didn't kill Tommy.

Why should I?

We were friends... good friends.

- I mean, he was, like,
kind to me, you know?

So you were with
him more than once?

Yeah. I mean, sure,
Tommy liked to sample,

but like I said,
we were friends.

We used to talk all the time.

That's what we did most of,

Were you with
him the other night?


But he was alive when I left.

Do you know if he was
expecting anyone else?


His wife had gone to some
celebrity fundraiser with her people.

Tommy was wasted.

I was gonna spend
the night at his suite.

He was so tense, I had to perform
vadray healing exercises on him

to get him to relax.

-Vadray healing exercises?

It's when you massage around
the scrotum and other places.

Tommy loved it.

Would you mind getting
your arm off my sculpture?

Thank you.

What was Tommy so uptight about?

Did he tell you?

Said he wanted out.

Out of what?

Fashion. What else?

I gotta side with his
business manager on that one.

You gotta be crazy
to throw that away.

I mean, they wear his jeans in Bora Bora,
you know.


- Did Tommy fight with his business manager?
- Constantly.

What was the guy's name?


- Paul Korbel? - That's the guy.

Tommy said he was
skimming millions from him,

Since he knew he wanted out.

Tommy figured he could
shakedown Paul at the same time.


Did Korbel know that Tommy was
thinking about getting rid of him?

No. I doubt it.

You see, Tommy had this thing.

He used to like to, uh,
spring secrets on folks.

You know what I mean?

Milon here.

Milon, it's Jack.

Hey, fuck, Jack,
I told you not to call me here.

I need Paul Korbel's address.

Hey, man, don't even...

Just give me the address,
will ya?

It's 1898 Farrington Drive.

What you got, Jack?

I need his blood type, too.

Hey, I can't do this.

I got a real job investigatin'
crime and lawbreakers.

And you fit both categories. I gotta go,

-Can I call my lawyer now?


Aah, fuck.


Hey, Korbel, guess where I am.

Who's this?

I gotta tell you,
you got a pretty nice pad here.

But I gotta be honest with you,
I think your whiskey sucks.

If I were you,
I would leave before the police arrive.

You know they are
extremely responsive here.

No, I think if you were me,
you wouldn't have killed your boss.

Not that I haven't
considered it.

But then again,
looking around here,

I guess it'd be a
pretty tough adjustment

to do your shopping at the Gap.

You're wasting your time.

I was in New York the
night Silver was murdered.

Hope you don't mind, Paul, but I
took the liberty of opening your mail.

Fascinating phone
bill you got here.

Don't you think it sucks that
they can charge you a buck

for a ten-second phone call?

Just long enough to see if
the messenger was home, huh?

I understand she put
up a pretty good fight.

You're fucking with
the wrong person.

No. I think you're fucking
with the wrong person.

Okay, what is it you want?

it seems we're both in a little jam here,

but, uh, nothing that money can't fix,
right, buddy?

Come at the Silver factory,
719 Traction. At midnight.

Midnight? I'll be there.

-You scared me. What are you doing?
-I need your help, Ray.

The police are watching the house.
I can't go home, and I need my gun.

I want you to meet me at
this address at 11:45 tonight.

I'll explain everything later,
all right?

Just get the gun
and meet me there.


-Hello, Jack.

I never had to use it.

Why start now?

You'll be firing the
last shot from this gun.

Your self-destructive tendencies
finally get the better of you,

but more importantly,

what did you have in mind for tonight,

You had Tommy killed,
didn't you?

You should know
I was in New York

the night my boss... as
you call him... was murdered.

And what about the messenger?

Well, yes, she had to go.

Yeah, I guess so.

You must've gotten there just before me,

Things just seem to naturally
work out for you, don't they?

Well, I keep hearing that.

Tommy just got lazy...
He lost his vision.

Everyone must have a vision to
keep them going in the right direction.

Don't you see it's
our responsibility

to... to protect
what we believe in?

We really appreciate you for switching,
um, the sketch, Jack.

Jack, we're just surviving.

We'd lost it.

You may not believe this,
but Paul's a very extraordinary man.

You wouldn't understand,
but he knows what I need.

Oh, I believe it, all right.

Paul, this is you.

I had to do it for us.

You fucked her for us.

You fucked Krista for us?

I'll explain later.

I don't understand, Paul.

Why did you fuck
Tommy's wife for us?

Give me the gun, Ray.

Tell me why.

It means nothing.
Just let it go.

No, no. You used me!

When was it supposed to be for us,

Where was I supposed
to fit in this plan?

Trust me,
everything is worked out.


Don't be ridiculous.

- Give me the gun - Why?

Rayanne, you are completely...

I wanted to believe you, Ray.

I did, but...

It was the earrings, you see.

I designed 'em.

One of a kind.

How did this happen, Ray?


I'm sorry, Jack.

I am.

Come on, Jack.

Give me the gun.

It's all over, Ray.

I did love you.

Just take him to county jail.

Uh, sure. we're all clear here.

You okay, buddy?

Yeah, I'm fine.


I forgot to give you this.

You need a ride?

Nope. Thanks.