Skateshop (2021) - full transcript

A group of Skaters band together to save their local Skateshop

Skaters by the very nature

are urban guerrillas.

They make everyday use
of the useless artifacts

of the technological burden
and employ the handiwork

of the government corporate structure

in a thousand ways that
the original architects

could never dream of.

I'm starving.

What do we even have to eat for breakfast?

Uh, oh.

Dude, where are we getting
money for rent this month?

What breakfast?

Chicken biscuits?

No, man.

Where are we going to get
money for rent this month?

- Oh, dude. The rent.
- Yeah.

My brother hit me up the other day

and said he's got some extra work

for us next week.

Don't even worry about it, dude.

All right.

Where are we skating?

I need to get some more
clips for this video, dude.

Give it to Dave.

Give it to another rep

and maybe be able to get some
free product to sell for him.

Yeah. Good idea.

Let's just hit the spot

on the way the shop.

Two for one special

See what the homies are skating, you know?

Yo, we'll let's go skate, man.

I'm ready to skate.

Yeah, dude.

Let's skate for sure.

Let's go.

You're ready, already?

I still gotta put my pants on, dude.

Serve it up, Chef Tom.

What is this?

Turn it up!

Come on, Ollie.

Yeah! My man. Let's get it.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey Jango. What's up, man?

I don't want you to see.

It was really cold last night.

Oh, man.

But look, I got this new sleeping bag.

That's really nice.

It's fresh, man.

I spent all my money on
the sleeping bag, man.

You think maybe a dollar?

Of course, man.


You are the bomb, man. Really?

We all need some help.

Here you go, buddy.

- Here.
- Thanks, man.

Go buy breakfast, first.

Thanks, man.

I'm going to bring you a biscuit.

All right. Bring me a biscuit.

- All right, buddy.
- Thanks, brother.

You are the bomb.

What's this?

These are the plans for
lot 13, off of Central.

We're finally going to evict the property

so we can turn it into
multimillion dollar condos.

These eyesores can't pay their bills.

So they're going into foreclosure.

It's time to put them in the dirt,

building and all.

What if they repay their debt?

How much could they possibly owe?

We're going to put pressure on them

so they have to get out.

Screw those skater punks.

Yo, Dave. What's up, man?

Dave, you ready
to peep this footy?

How you doing today, dude?

You know.

Another day, another dollar.

We just got done skating, man.

Dave, you got to check out these clips.

Jake has been stacking.

We filmed this all downtown.

Wow. You're getting really good.

Keep putting tricks together like that,

you'll get flowed in no time.

Really, you think?

You think are you kidding me?

I've never seen anything like that.

Put a tape together.

I'll send this out to some reps.


That would be awesome.

Thanks, Dave.

Of course.
They're going to love that.

Let me grab this phone.

All right.

Dude. I can put that tape
together for you, later.

I'll edit it, dude.

Atmosphere Skate Shop.

Ah, Hey Randy.

I want to talk to you about the-

- Listen, I won't have
that money until Friday

for that last order,
but I need a rush on it.

Well, I'll have it Friday.

Yo, evicted?!

You can't close the account.

We've been doing business for 20 years.

Dude, check this out.

Let me see.

Is that real?

Yeah, by Friday.

All right.

Thanks, Randy.

It says Dave's name right here.

What did I miss, guys?

Dave, I don't mean to
get in your business, man.

But is the shop getting evicted?

Well, it's no secret.

I haven't exactly been
doing very well, lately.

Getting behind on some orders

and got this loan that I took out.

I'm getting behind on it.

It's not good.

Don't worry about paying me

for watching the shop anymore, Dave.


I still got to come up with the money

to get these accounts caught up

and I'm like five grand behind on rent.

It's not looking good, guys.

We're going to try to fix this.

I'm sure it'll be fine, guys.

Thanks, Dave.


We'll be back, Dave.

Let's do this.

Y'all have a good day.

- Thanks for coming in.
- See you, dude.

All right, right here.

Okay. Who's
getting that butt whooped?

Yo, what up?

Yo what up, Dollamenu?

That was sick, man.

What up, DJ?

If it isn't Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

What up, Shawn?

What up, Jake man?

You guys are here early.

Hey Tom, you down to grab a clip for me

for the gram, real quick?

Um, yeah dude.


Your battery is dusty.

Dude, my charging skills are the worst.

But I got this, first try.

First try.

Let's peep this.




You said it was the first try.

Wait, what? Evicted?

I mean, I know Dave can't be raking it in

but I thought he was
still doing all right.


What if we throw a massive party

and charge them all to come in?

My cousin he does it all the time.

I know someone.

Oh man, here we are.

Hey guys.

Hey, how you doing?

How can I help you?

We are on a road trip

and he's been doing nothing
but asking for a skateboard.

We were hoping to find
a shop and we found you.

Thanks for coming in.


How old are you?

I'm seven.

Seven! Is this your first board?



Big moment.

It's a really big moment.

So he's probably a 7.5.

Seven, five?

Yeah. One more inch, he'd be an eight.

So these three boards
here are seven five.

If you want to pick one of those.

Hey. Dude,

this is the moment

where you pick your first skateboard.

You can't do this again.

So make sure whatever you get,

you really want it, okay?


And you have to keep it forever.


No matter how many pieces it's in.

Like 2000?

Yeah. Well, look.

Splinters man.

I like this one.

That's the one?

Oh, that's excellent.

That's pretty cool.

What would you call it?

Rainbow Rip.

Rainbow Rip.

Oh, I like that.

All right.

So next thing we need to
do is pick your trucks

and your wheels, your bearings,

and we'll put some grip tape on it.

Trucks, first.

That's a big decision.

I want those.

Oh, perfect choice.

And you're in luck.

This is the last set we have

and they fit this board perfectly.

There you go. Destiny, dude.

Destiny is ours!

You have got to pick your wheels.

What wheels do you like?

Wheels next, dude.

Second biggest decision.

- The wheels.
- That's right.

I'm going to have to with the gold.

They're just so pretty.


Hey, one thing, all right?

Those bearings are the exact bearings

that I skated when I put
my first board together.

Then of course I want that.

Oh, yeah.

All right. So this is it?

Final decision.


I think it's really cool
that you're passing it down.

I think it's cool that you guys exist.


I just didn't want
him to have to go online

to get his first skateboard.

I wanted the same experience
that I got, you know?


I used to live at a skate shop.


I sat on their couch
watching the skate video

over and over again before skating.

I'd stand on the boards five times each

before I chose the right one.

Of course.

It's just not the
same if you're not here.

Yeah. It's hard to compete
with the online business,

but they can't compete with this.

You can't replace this.


So, thank you.

Thanks for coming in.

Do you mind if I set it up with him?

Oh no. I think that would be so cool.

Show him how it's done.

Grip tape.

You ready to cut your thumbs up?

Let's do it.

All right, you're going to flip it over.

The broad has to be like this. Right?

Then we take the sheet of grip.

We're gonna have to peel this back, right?

You wanna help me with this?

Now put your finger here and push it

and move it across the bottom.

Then you're going to go
like that. All right?

Push it all the way down.

I'm going to go around this.

We're gonna get that white
line right there. All right.

You're doing it.

Those skate maggots only
have until the end of this week

to come up with the money

or we'll close them down for good.

I've already started getting proposals

from construction companies
to tear that building down.

We'll begin demolishing, soon.

There's still time for
them to pay their dues

and keep the building.

Wouldn't that affect
your development plans?

It's a lot of time wasted on something.

Brad. We've got to do
everything we can to stop that.

I'll reach out to my
connection at the NCPD.

He'll help us make sure
they don't get any money.

Listen, Goe.

You know that rat nest
skate shop over on Central?

Yeah, I know which one
you're talking about.

Well, they owe eviction
dues and I want them gone.

I'm willing to pay you whatever it takes

to make sure that happens.


Okay boss, you got a deal.

All right.

Dude, you killed it.

You filmed it so sick, man.

It's really great.

Yo, who wants to go
at the reigning champ?

Dude, pass me the controller.

That ass is glass.

Let's see this.

I don't know why you do this.

Somebody tell me

that we know where we're
throwing this party at.

Nervous Nancy,

Tom's got at handled.

Tell him.

Yeah, dude.

That homie, Jasper.

He's got an underground spot on lock.

It's low key.

He throws parties there all the time.

Okay. All right.

But what about the beer, though?

Like, I mean, we have to
have something to sell.

Ding, ding, ding.

Tell our lucky gust what he won.

No, homie Sheep, dude.

He's got a wholesale link on kegs.

It's easy. He's coming over later.

I'm going to seal the deal.

Back door style.

Well, I guess it's time to party then.

See, who's got this.

Who's got it? Who's got it?

Almost, man.

Dude, you've got to step it up.

Maybe next time.

What's up, man?

I really like this shape.


But saw the same board
online for $15 less.

Plus free grip.

I know, but I can't really
cut anymore off the price.

I can't compete with that.

But what I can give you is like
a more personal experience.

They can't do that online.

I know, man.

But money is a little tight.

I appreciate it, though.

Sure, man. I understand.

See you next week.

Yeah, I hope so.

Take it easy.

Thanks, bud.

I heard the news about the shop, Dave.

Sorry, man.

After all these years,

it's time for us to get your back, though.

We got you.


Yeah, man. We're
already working on a plan.


You guys have a plan?

Oh, yeah. Tell him.

Yeah. Dave, dude.

We are throwing a huge party.

How's the party going to help me out?

Easy! We just charge them to come in

and charge them for beer, too.

Yeah, it's foolproof.

It's like your debts are already repaid.

That might work.

But, you guys better
not get in any trouble.

Oh, no.

Dave, my buddy Jasper,

he's a professional promoter.

We're all good.

We're chilling.

We got this, Dave.
Yeah, we got you, man.

Don't get in trouble.

Uncle Dave!

Katie, you made it!

How was your trip?


Well, you know this little punk

has already been bothering
me about going to the park.

I keep reminding him that
the reason for this visit

is so I can get some college
credits out of the way.

Hey, it's my trip, too.

Yo, Uncle Dave, what board is this?

This is our shop board.

So this has a really great shape.

I think you'd like it a lot.

This is seven, seven five.
This is your size too.

It's perfect.

Take it from the money mom left me.

That's the last of your birthday money.

Let's set it up.

Thank you.

Yo, nice camera.

Oh, thanks.

My uncle Dave is letting me
take some pictures of the shop

for a couple of weeks

so I can get some college credits

out of the way.


Well, since you're in town.

We're actually throwing
a party tomorrow night

to raise some money for the shop.

It's 21 and up, but you should come.

What do you mean,
raise money for the shop?

Well, the shop's not
doing so hot right now.


Yeah. With all the mall shops popping up

and online sales,

Dave's losing money left and right.

We're going to try to raise
some money with this party

and save the shop.

God, he's been talking about
this place since I was a kid.

I had no idea.

Yeah, I know.

This place is our home.

Well, I am down to help however I can.

So send me the details.

You got it.


We'll see you there.

We're going to skate.

Oh dope. Okay. Bye.

See you at the party.

See you.

Yeah. See you.


That was proper.

Yo, let me check my work.

Hold up.

Oh yo, Jasper.

Tommy boy! Y'all out skating?

Yes, sir.

You know, we feasting out here.


Oh yeah. What's the word on the scouts?

Debrief me.

I cleared a
spot in the underground

for tomorrow night.


So we're on for Friday?

We're good?

- Put the word out.
- Yes, sir.

I will see you, later.

Yo guys we're in for Friday.

The party's happening.

Yeah. Let's get y'all's clips

so we can get the hell outta here.

Yo, yo.

Yo, Shif!

What's good, my guy?

Good to see you, man.

Hey man, I heard y'all got those DCs in.

Do y'all got a size
ten and a half an inch?

I think so.

Shawn, we got some tens?

Yeah, dude.

Shif, perfect time.

We're actually planning
a party tomorrow night

and we are in dire need of kegs.

Can you hook it up?

You know I got you, my brother.

How many you need?

- We need like seven.
- At least seven.

Damn. How many people y'all inviting?

Oh, man. At least 100.


Well if I do that,

I'm gonna need an invitation.


Okay, cool.

And we invited so many chicks for you

to mack and you're not
going to know what hit you.


You bring the gals.

I bring the kegs.

Probably gonna wear these.

Just need a price on them.

Shif, for you, $50.

I can do 50. I can do 50.

00:20:39,913 --> 00:20:40,744

00:20:40,746 --> 00:20:41,631

00:20:41,633 --> 00:20:43,710
Oh, easy dude. Thanks.

So just meet us tomorrow
night at the underground.

With the kegs.

Tomorrow night. Underground. I'm there.

Thank you.

See you, there.

All right, man. Cool. Cool.

It's on.

Always and forever, My dude.


Yo, what up Jasper?

This place is amazing.

You guys ready to party tonight?

Does a cat have climbing gear?

This might be one of the biggest parties

we've ever thrown here.

What about the cops?

They won't shut us down will they?

They have never given
us any trouble before.

We're straight.


Because we needed to make a
lot of money tonight, dude.

I'm charging everybody that
walks in these doors tonight.

We're making them money and some.

Yes. Let's get set up.

Party's on.

Sheep's in the back
with the kegs. Let's go.

Party boys.

everybody for coming out tonight.

This is for Dave.

This is for the shop.

So make sure you're going out

getting some drinks

and having a good time.

Yeah. Dollamenu!

This is to save Dave's shop.

This is for Atmosphere.

Dude, I think we made it.

I think we did, man.

I think we definitely nailed it.

I think we're going
to save this shop, man.

If this doesn't redeem
us, there's no hope.

We got it.

Yo, you want a shot?

Oh, ya. Peel one back.

No. A shot.

You're fried, fool.

A beverage.

What about you?

Oh, I'm so parched.

I would love one.

To Atmosphere!

To Dave!

Let's do this!

Yeah. What do you got?

I just stopped at my guy, John.

And it's in the basement.

You're sure?

These dudes, they're good people.

They're a little fried tonight.

We're all turned up.

But you'd like these guys on the normal.

Good people.

How long have you known them?

Probably like, two
years or something. Yeah.

We all moved here around the same time.

We met over at Atmosphere.

That's really cool.


Dave kind of put me in
position to meet some of like,

what I'd call, my best friends.

Yo, how much
have we made tonight?

We've got about 4K here.

Pushing about 7K by the end of the night.

No! You're nuts, Jasper.

Dude, only you could pull this off.

Hey, if it don't make
money, it don't make sense.

Hey, my man!

Mission accomplished, fellas.

Dude, yes!

So Dave's shop is really important, huh?


It's like a little un-functional
family of some sort.

That's really cool.



Here's to Dave.

Or something.



Oh, my God.

You, okay?

I'm golden.

My bad.

Chocolate milk got me caught up.

Out passed the midway?

Yes. Shut it down, now.

All right. Get over there, now.

Oh, shit.

We got the federale on the horizon.

Listen, I gotta meet my
entourage, but you'll be golden.

Right? I'll catch you a little later.


We might just be 5000, already.

The cops are here, man.

- What?
- What?

Wait, where?

Everywhere, man.

We got to get out of here.

Jasper grab the kegs.

Grab the money.

Yo, forget the kegs.
There's way too many.

where's everybody going?

Y'all bolting?

Fuck it.

Get the cash. Let's go.

Bail, dude. Come on, come on.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Stop, right there!

Stop, right there!

Who's in charge of your
little group here, huh?


No one?

Look, we didn't hurt anybody, dude.

Call me dude, again!

Ow, stop!

And I will put you away for years!

Do it again!

Whoa, whoa. Sir..

Back up!

Back up!

Look, man.

Take the money.

- Let us go.
- Jasper, no!

Just take the money.

You've gotta be kidding me.

- Just take the money.
- Are you serious?

Let us go, you know?

Jasper, no!

I'm gonna take your money.

If ever see you boys out here again,

you are all going to jail.


Get up!

All right. Loosen you.


You boys have a good night.

Guys, let's go.

It's been a pleasure, fellas.

Oh, hey guys.

I heard what happened.

Don't get in any trouble.

We should be fine.

But anything we're-

We're just pissed, man.

I mean,

Dave, we were right there.

We almost had like $5000, man.

Oh, man.


I appreciate the effort.

Now, Dave, we're
going to come up with else.

We're not out of ideas, yet.

There's gotta be
something we can do, though.

If we just had that money,

they couldn't touch us.

Dude, there's gotta be a way around it.

We're just missing it.

Figure this out.



I'm missing one.

Did you do it?

Oh, yeah.

We got a nice little
donation for department, too.


Very good.

Just stay on them until they're evicted.

You can't take any chances.

All right.

Attention, all units.

Make sure you stay on patrol

around the skate shop, off Central.

Thanks for calling
Atmosphere. This is Jake.

How may I help you?

you got any soap shoes?

Soap shoes?

Uh, no.

We don't carry soap shoes.

I actually haven't seen
soap shoes since the 90s.

We do have DCs, though.

I just got that, man.

It's pretty nice.

What are you doing?

Give me that back.

- Okay. No problem.
- I thought it was candy.

Maybe try
somewhere else. Thanks, bye.

Guys, do we have an idea yet?

Yes, actually.

Yo, check this out.

What if we hold a car wash to raise money?

That is a terrible idea, Tom.

Tom, nobody wants your
stank ass in their car.

Well, what about this?

I know a bunch of the
local artists around here.

I bet if I talked to them,

I could get some of
them to donate some art.

Maybe set up a gallery?

Could bring in some money.

Yeah. That's a better idea.

I know.

Actually, it might work.

Hey Dave, don't you know some
gallery owners, downtown?


I can make some calls.

Actually, I bet I could call Blazendary.

He could bring some of
his exclusive shoes, too.

We raffle those off,

maybe we could make more money that way.

Some of the shots for my
senior thesis are pretty cool.

If you guys are down for it,

I'd love to show some of them off.

Let me go call him.

Doesn't hurt. Right?

Let's see if we can make it happen.

Dave, we gonna put the word out man?

Sure, man.

With that hipster crowd,

we got some money flowing in, hopefully.

They got cash to spend.

All right.

But in the meantime,

are you going to show me

how this works, or what?

Take notes.

Oh, okay.

Is that the new Andrew Lutheran promo

- from Life Extention?
- You know it is.

Yo, what's up?



Yo, right here.

You see this empty hand?

Pass me a bev.

Yo, are you guys ready?

Yo, Wake up!

Dude, we gotta be at the art show at 10.

Let's hit it.

Come on.


What time is it?

We were skating until
like two, last night.

It's like nine.

We gotta be there in an hour.

Are Katie and those
girls going to be there?

Yeah, they'll be there.

Tell me Jane's going to be in the mix.

Yeah, she'll probably be there.

I think we got something
special in the making.

All right Romeo, bring those roses.

Let's go.

Yo, Dollamenu. Wake up!

Corduroy cowboy, you
got time to crack my back?


So you're telling me
these are used tennis shoes?

Not used like that.

Yo, what's up guys?

Yo, what up G.

How you doing, man?

Dave, Blazendary.

Blazendary, Dave.

Nice to meet you.

So you got the shoes?

I got some special stuff here, man.

I really think you're going to love it.

Let's see this.

What you think he got up in there?


Right here, we have the Air Jordan One.

Travis Scott.

I love these ones,

but another personal
favorite would have to be

the Nike Air Yeezy 2, Red October.

Oh yeah, that's cool.

I think them fake, man.

We also got right here.

Oh, no!

The Air Jordan One, Chicago Python.

Okay, he's peeked my interest.

And my personal favorite, The Nike Mags.

From the movie?



That's amazing.

Are you seeing this?

That might have been before your time.

We're the same age.

With these amazing pairs,

I hope we can get the money
from the raffle tickets,

split them and hopefully

it's enough to save the shop.

That's so very generous.
Thank you so much.

And guys, I'm going to go ahead

and take a couple photos, real quick.

Get this posted up all over social media.

We'll try and get this
place packed tonight. Huh?

- All right.
- Let's do this.

Hey, well thanks for doing it.

Of course.

And I'll be back in a couple hours.

Got some stuff to do.

All right. Later guys.

All right, man.

- Take care.
- Take it easy.

Wow. That's incredible.

That's insane.

You know, he's still ain't
following me back on Instagram.

All right. How's this looking?


That'll be $50.


We don't really have $50 right now.

Any potential of beauty like yourself

could help out us good Samaritans?

You know, like a good deed.

That's really cute guys,

but that's the rules.

Company policy.


We're throwing an art show
to try to help raise money

for the skate shop, off Central.

They're getting evicted

and they need all the help they can get.

Skate shop on Central.



Yeah. That's the one.

My nephew loves that place.

You bet.

Okay guys.

This one's on me.

Don't tell anyone.

And I hope you guys raise your money.

You are an absolute legend, Louise.

Thank you.

Yeah. Get outta here.

Thank you.

Come on. Let's go.


Yeah, catch up, man.

Okay, okay.

I'm gonna get in the lead, man.

What are you talking about?

Oh, baby. Definitely.

Hey, Carol!

I'm heading out for lunch.

I'll hold your calls.

The report are in

and a building off
Central should be ready.

I've got to call you back.

Hey, have a good one, man.

You, too.

Hey, what's up?

Hey, Johnny. I need you to
go to that skate shop downtown.

They're having an event
today to raffle shoes.

I'll pay you anything you need

to go mess them up and shut it down.

I don't know, man.

I've done a lot for you in the past,

but this job sounds too risky.

I don't care if it's risky!

Name your price and get it done!



I'll do it.

Guys, come look at this.

This is crazy.


Look at this turnout.

This is actually working.

This is definitely
something I want to capture.

brought out the people.

That should be definitely
enough to save the shop.

I've been waiting here all day for this.

I'm going to buy 25 tickets
and win those shoes.

I can't believe they're giving away

a pair of Nike Air Mags.

Yeah. I heard they were going
for like 20 grand, online.

What's up guys?

Hey what's up Jake? How are you?

What's up, mate?

Bam, thanks for coming.

Yo. What's up bro?

How you doing?

Nice to see you, dude.

Nice to see you, man.

You ready for this?

I'm ready, bro.

It looks like an amazing
turnout, for real.

I can't thank you enough for
putting the word out, dude.

They're so excited.

Absolutely, bro.

I got you.

I hate to say it,

but I got to go hop on
this plane real quick

to New York for some business.

But please send me some pictures
of how the event goes out.

And just please, bro.

Take care of those shoes.


We got you.

Even if I don't win the Air Mags,

I'm cool with the Yeezy's, too.

Those are going for like two grand.


Is that Blazendary?

Peace. We out.

One at a time.

Have your money out.

There's no need to push, guys.

Thank you.

This is an embodiment
of really everything

that I see in the world

and that I see as special in the world.

I shoot a lot of concerts.

I shoot a lot of drag queens.

I'm want that one.

That one?

Oh, great.

Hey, guys.

We're going to run that
raffle in like 10 minutes.

So excited.

All right!

Can I get everybody to gather round?

I just want to first of all,

thank all of you for coming out.

I'm really grateful.

For every ticket that we have

we put in here and we're going to raffle.

So you've got a chance to
win and with no further ado,

let's spin this thing.

Whose ready to upgrade their wardrobe?

And for third place...


7 3 2


There he is!

Alright. It's getting hot in here.

This is for the second place prize.

Second place.

It's for the artist Air Ones.

The pythons.

7 2 9 1.

The streets just got more styling.

All right.

This is the one that
everybody's been waiting for.

This is for the Air Mags.

The ones from the movie.

The original one.

All right.

This is what everybody wants.

A 4 4 0.

Thanks guys for coming out.

Let's see what he won.

Where are the shoes?

Is this a joke?

Uncle Dave, where'd you put them?

I didn't do anything with them.

What do you mean?

Dave, they were
right there, though man.

Somebody had to of stolen them.

So maybe we just check

and see if maybe somebody
saw something sketchy.

Maybe if we just
check their bags. Right?

Are you serious?

We can't do that.

Are you seriously going to
raid everyone's pockets?

That's stupid, dude.

All right.

What are you going
to do, call the cops?

They already robbed us, once.


I don't think there's anything
we can do at this point.

We just cut them a refund
and consider our losses.


It's just not in the cards.

Dude, we got robbed again.

What are we going to do, man?

This is all we got.

Guys, please don't leave.

I'm sure we'll find them.

Wait, man.

I don't
care. Get out of my way.

I don't know what happened.

We can
find the shoes, man.

It's like a misunderstanding.


Johnny, are you here?

- We can find the shoes.
- Jane I'm sorry.

Come on.

Good morning.

Good morning. How are you?

Are these donations?

Yes, they are.

I hope they help someone in need.

Me, too.

Come one, Ollie.

Man, that sucks.

We had so much money in that raffle.

We could have pulled it off.

Straight up, dude.

Dave, such a solid guy.

He doesn't deserve this.

You know guys, let's blow it off.

Y'all try to skate.

We came all the way out park.

We moved all the way to the DIY.

Is someone trying to get a clip?

I got my camera.

Not at all.

Skate mojo is out the window, dude.

I'm not feeling it, man.

Jake, you need one
more clip for your part.

Let's get it.


Come on, dude.

I'm just bummed guys.

Where are we going to go?

Closest spot is like an hour out.

That place is sus, dude.

Straight up.

I don't know about you guys

but we've been riding
for Dave for so long.

I couldn't even picture us
riding for another shop.

This might be it.

It's not really an option.

Whatever, guys.

I'm over it.

If we're not going to skate, let's dip.

Let's go, man.

You good, Shawn?


Can you drop me off at Jane's?

You should probably hit
your brother up, dude.

We probably need to start working

if we're going to make rent, next week.

All right, man.

I'll text him tomorrow.

We're up Shit's creek.

Just polishing a turd at this point.

But we'll bounce back, somehow.

What's up, fellas?

Why the long faces?

Oh, nothing.

Shawn here lost the family dog.

Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that, Shawn.

What can we do for you?

I just want to stop by the shop.

Bless you guys with some free boards

and let you know about a contest

we've got going on this weekend.

Pays out ten grand

and the winner gets a chance

to try out for the Olympic team.


Ten, ten grand?

Did you say the Olympics?

Yeah, man.

We've been doing a bunch of these contests

up and down the east coast

and I want to stop by

and make sure we get the guys

from your area.

Heard there's a lot of
good guys around here.

We'll make it.

Yeah. We'll be there.

We'll get them out.

This guy's actually putting
a tape together, right now.


Killing it.

Well put the link together

and send it to me, man.

I'm gonna get outta here
and get back to the hotel.

Thanks, man.

Hope to see you guys this weekend.

All right.

Easy life. Enjoy that, Mike.

Thanks, Mike.

Later, guys.


What do you think guys?

That's crazy.

Perfect timing.

Right here, Tom.


You did that!

You got to check this out.

Dude, that was wild.

I told you.

Yes, sir.

Tom with the angles.

My man!

That's the icing on the tape, man.

With this video and if you win tomorrow,

Mike is going to put you on for sure.

No doubt.

I don't know.

We'll see, fellas. We'll see.

But either way, one of us
have to take it home, though.

We are getting this one
right for Dave, for sure.

Let's go home and chill out.

I'm going to export this footage.

Get it ready for tomorrow.

Let's hit this contest.

Let's get ready.

Who wants some banana pudding?

Welcome everyone

to Soul Ride Speed park

for our North Carolina, Olympic qualifier.

You all have a chance of winning $10,000

and to qualify for the city final.

Warm ups are starting now.

What's up, man?

Why do they always got to
make these contests so early?

Look at how many people are here, already.

It's packed now, dude.

We got to bring our A game.

It's game time, dude.

Let's do this.

There's Dave, man.

See how they stand on the back foot

and leans into it going down?

You're that good right now.

You just have to give it a try.


I know you can do that.

See if you can get some good shots of him.

Yeah. You want to try?

All right. Let's do it.

Come on.

Have fun.

Dave, what's up, man?

You made it on time.

That's surprising.

I know you're going to kill it today.

Thanks, man.

Sign up
in ten minutes, folks.

The registration is already set up.

Make sure you go and get
signed in and all that.


Good luck today.

I need you to ride the shop board.

Oh, Dave.

You need a new board.

But Dave, I can't man.

For the shop?

You have to.

You make us proud.

We're all proud, man.

Thanks, guys.

Go out there and win this thing.

All right. Let's do this.

Good luck.

- I'll be watching.
- Thanks, Dave.

Take care.

What's up, fellas?

It's good to see you guys

made out to the contest.

We wouldn't miss it for anything.

Oh, Hey Mike.

I just finished a tape.

It would mean a lot to me
if you could check it out.

Yeah. I'll check this out.

I've heard good things about
you from Dave at the shop.

Good luck in the contest today, man.

Thanks, Mike.

You got it.

See you, later.

Hey, man.

We're here to register for the content.


I need you to sign your name
and what shop you ride for.

All right.

Today's a jam session
and the best trick wins.


What's up, dude?

You're wild, man.

Get it.

off, I would like to say

thanks for everyone for coming out.

We have 30 skaters here
from around the area.

Skating here for 10K.

This is the best trick contest.

Best trick is going to take all the cash.

Let's have a rad event.

My run's up next, man.

Dude, you got this.

Bernard's killing it, though.

I've got to do something
wild to beat him, man.

Bangers off rip.

You're special big move, Valley big heel.

You got it, dude.

Okay, all right.

Right here for the shot.

I got you. You go get it.

Clock starts at 15 minutes.

Best trick wins.

Ready. Set. Go.

Jake Henley from Atmosphere

is out here killing it.

Whoa, Mark from Greyhound
Skate Shop started strong.


I taught him that trick!

Jake is on fire, out here.

That was super clean.

Hell yeah!

Good Back Smith.


Keep it up, guys.

Time's almost up.


That had to hurt.

Smooth front blunt from
Shawn of Atmosphere.

He's at his best, today.


We've got ten seconds left.




Jake! Jake! Jake!







We're out of time.

Jake Henley came straight
through with a banger

at the end of time.

Okay, guys.

Let's give the judges a couple of seconds

to tally up the scores

and we'll have the results soon.

You see that?

That's what I'm saying, man.

Yes, dude!

Yo, you crushed it, man.

Jake, I got that whole thing on film.

It's a movie, dude.

He got it good, too.

That was really incredible.

We'll see.

Jake! Oh my God, you're amazing, man.

I didn't even know you
could do that trick.

Much less, nail it like that.

You should win this thing for sure.

I hope.

Even if you don't though,

you gave it your best
and that was awesome.

And I am so proud of you.

Thanks for helping with this.

Of course, Uncle Dave.

We might just have pulled this off.

Okay. The results are in.

First off, I'd like to say thanks

for everyone for coming out.

Thank the sponsors for
putting on a rad event

that goes back to the community
and the skateboarders.

Without further ado,

we're going to find out
the winners of today.

Our third place winner goes to

Adrian Marlowe from Grind Skate Shop.

Let's give it up.

Now, onto second place.

It's is going to go to

Bernard Jackson from Greyhound Skate Shop.

Now, first place winner goes
to the recipient of 10K.

Drum roll, please.

It's going to go to

Jake Henley from Atmosphere Skate Shop.

Let's give it up for Jake.

Thanks to all the
competitors who came out.

Lots of talent here in the Carolinas.

I don't think I've ever seen
this much money in my life.

How beautiful is this?!

That's my boy!

Hold on, I got to give this to Dave.

Hold on.

Ha, ha! My boy. And
that's why you rep the shop.

Thanks, Dave.

But I can't take this, man.

This is all for the shop.

That's what this is for.

I need this so much, too.

I know.

Look guys, I don't mean to interrupt.

That was an amazing
performance out there today.

Thanks, man.

I overheard you talking
about the skate shop.

I've actually been working for a developer

who has been trying to shut you guys down.

I used to skate when I was younger

and I love what you guys are doing.

So long story short,

I got tired of seeing what he
was trying to do to you guys.

So I quit.

And I'd like to talk to you

about investing in the skate shop.


Dave, say yes.

I don't know what to say.

I mean, yes.

Right on.

Why don't you come by the shop tomorrow

and we'll iron out the details.

Sounds great. I'll do that.

Dude. We did it, man.

This is insane.

Hey Jake, that was incredible.

That was insane.

Thanks, dude.

I just watched your
tape before the contest

and it blew my mind, man.

We're headed up to New York.

Want to see if you want to jump in the van

and get on this team?

Get on this tour with us.

Of course!

Are you kidding? Yeah!

Here's my card.

We're leaving early in the morning.

Don't miss it. Don't blow it.

- Yeah. I'll be there.
- Sounds awesome.

All right, guys. Have a good night.


See you, man.

Dude, what is this?! Ah!

See your dreams can come true.

Brad just quit to
invest into the skate shop.

What do you mean he quit?

He's investing in..

He did what?!

I can't believe this.

He went to help those maggots.


Don't say anything else.

Just go find me another
property I can buy!


There's your boy.

Yo, guys.

From Due Amici's to Atmosphere.


And thanks for all your duds.

Hey yo, let me get a slice.

Dollamenu splurging tonight?


You already know what it do, baby.

It's gluten-free, though.

You know what I'm saying?

I got to watch my
complexion and my figure.

Where's Shawn at?

You didn't see him
leave with Jane, earlier?


They're like a full on item now.

I'm talking about conjoined at the hip.

At least the playboy finally scored.

Jake, are you ready
for your trip tomorrow?

I couldn't be more
ready than ever, Dave.

I actually asked Mike if Tom
could come shoot second angles.

He said that he could.

I'm fired up.

I have every pair of
underwear I own in my bag.

So two pairs?

I'm wearing one so one pair.

It's me and you, dude. Let's get it.

Road dogs.

How about the homie Jasper got me a gig

at the Premium Lounge.


You know we had to get back
on that money train, baby!


How did you pull that off?

That place is wild.

You've got to take us when we come back.

You've got to take us.


I'm just messing with you.

It's party time, fellas.

We're going to celebrate
all the wins this season.

Dave, you're invited, too.

Count me in, fellas.

Although, I haven't been
to a club since like 1996.

All right.

Slices up, fellas.

Celebrate this win for Atmosphere.

We got the shop back, baby.

Yeah, man, watch this.

This thing doesn't even use megapixels.

Hey, man, let me help you with that.

Don't hurt yourself bending over, Dave.

We are going to take him to the hospital.


This morning,

we're checking out

for the steals and deals

at the thrift.

You guys already know

this is one of my favorite
spots to come hit.

I mean, there's different things every day

that could pop up.

So, I'm honestly just going to try

and find the best steals and deals

like you usually do on
the Blazendary Channel.

I mean, Ooh, right here.

We've got the Jordan features.

All right, color way.

These go for about maybe 15, 20 bucks.

Get them for a good price.

I wonder what they're going for.

Leo, you spot anything good, man?

I saw these Nike Cortez.

I feel that we can put these up on eBay

for like 10, 20 bucks.

Oh, really?

They're actually pretty nice.

You have to get that Sharpie
off, but the only thing.

Bro, look at these.

Bro, are these are the ones?

Are, are these your Nike Air Mags?

Oh my God. These are the ones.

These are my size.

These are the missing ones.

Why are they here?

Holy crap, bro.

We got to get these right now.

Come on, bring it. Let's go. Let's go.