Six Pack (1982) - full transcript

Stopping briefly in a small Texas town, an itinerant race car driver finds that his stock car, on a trailer behind his motor home, has just been quickly and expertly stripped. He chases down the miscreants, who turn out to be six orphan children. He has no recourse to the law, for the corrupt local sheriff takes most of the proceeds of their thievery in exchange for not putting them in an orphanage. They are charming rogues who are in turn charmed by him. Disliking their arrangement with the sheriff, they stow away with him, and he finds himself becoming a reluctant stepfather. Thanks to their enthusiasm and incredible mechanical know-how, he begins to make a name for himself on the racing circuit. But the sheriff doesn't take kindly to losing his extra income... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hey, pop!

How about 10 bucks worth
of regular while I use your john?



Anybody out there?

Can anybody hear me?

I'll get this son-of-a-bitch open.

Holy shit!


Not my new engine.

Oh, great.

Warn me Lord.


Don't you like it?

I was that loud.

No, I meant, chilli.

It's OK. I guess I'm just not very hungry.

Anything else then?

Bring me another coke and
change the station for me.


Two chocolate shakes and
two burgers to go, well done.

Shake two browns,
two clays to walking, kill them.


I'm Lucy.

I'm Brewster.

May I ask you a question?

Long as is personal.

You live around here long?


You're goin' to take me away?

Not what exactly what I have in mind.

I know what you got in mind.
And I liked it.

But, I'm working.

Lucy, I got a problem.

Like I told you.

Wait 'til after work and
I'll solve it for you.

Now, I just bet you could, do you?

Someone stole some parts
of my car this morning.

- Suppose is there any chance that maybe...
- About time I get back to work.

Damn! They've done it again!

Hey, come back here!
You forgot the check!

What about my tip?

I'm calling the cop, you hear?



Oh, shit!


Hurry up!

My God!
Those are just kids.

Come on.

Come on.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

Here we go.

- Breezy, come and get me!
- Hey!

Little Harry's still out there.

- Come and get me, Breezy!
- Little Harry!

Hurry up, mister!

- Come on, mister. Get him!
- Get him!

OK, kid.
You OK?

Get on my back.

Wait a second.

OK, get on.

Put your hands around my neck.


- Come on!
- Come on, hurry!

Hurry up!

Hurry up, mister.

Hold on. We got you.

You wanna die, mister?

Oh, God. I hope so.


Mister, you look like shit.

But, put it there anyhow.

Wouldn't for you, I've lost my kid brother.

Hey, what the hell?
My parts are on that truck.

No, sir.
They were already been delivered.

Delivered to who?

Oh, you're not talking , huh?

So, we'll see how much talking you do
when we get to your parents, OK?

Hold it, damn it.
That's our truck sinking out there.

You'll get your truck back
when I get my parts back, all right?

Come on.

Thanks to you guys,
my trailer hitch is screwed up too.

Look, if we can fix it, it ain't broken,
all right? Take it easy mister.

That ain't no lie.

Where is this thing, uh...?

There you see your hitch is jammed.
That's all.

It's easy.

OK, count on Harry.

One thousand one.

One thousand two.

One thousand three.

One thousand four.

One thousand five.

One thousand six.

One thousand seven.

One thousand twenty two.

One thousand twenty three.

One thousand twenty four.

One thousand twenty five.

All right.
There it is.

How's that, mister?

My brothers don't mess around.

That's Doc.
He's the family genious.

This is Louis.
He does the heavy work.

That's Steven, our accountant.

I don't like being an accountant.

That's little Harry.

He's too small that
he makes step time thing.

We call him that after our Pa, big Harry.

And this is Swifty.

I guess we call him a mouth piece.

And I am Heather.
I just do the driving.

It's Breezy.


We're the Akins family.

Call her Breezy.

- Heather.
- Breezy.

Hold it.

Come here.

Where do you guys live?

Back the way we came.

OK, I want two of you
to help me hitch up this trailer.

I want the rest of you
in the camper, now.

Good to go!

Home sweet home.

OK, where are your folks?

I told you they ain't here.

If they're not here,
where are they?

They're just not available.

Not in a while.

I see six bunks.
What's going on here?

Our truck's washing away in the red river.

That's what's going on.

I don't wanna hear another word
about that truck. You understand?

That smart mouth of your
is gonna get you in trouble, boy.

We're already in trouble.

You don't know anything
about being in trouble.

I don't find out what
you did with my parts,

I'm gonna sling all six of you in
the state reformatory in Houston.

What is the form-story?

It's a place for bad little boys.
It's a jail.

I don't wanna go to no form-story.

Me neither.

You ain't gonna sling messy-morning
in crummy places.

That ain't no lie.
Me either.

Holy shit.
It's big John.

Don't tell him we told you nothing, mister.

Who's big John?

Get your asses out here on the double.

- Who is big John?
- Stay in here, please. Just stay in here.

What the hell you got in here?

You suppose to strip cars, not steal them.

Ain't that same rig you stripped down
at over Twellenger station?

It's quite of scam
you got going, sheriff.

Who the hell are you?

You should know,
you got all my parts.

You'll have the hell of
the time proving anything.

Take a blind judge of your brother-in-law
not see what you're up to.

Let me waste some John.

- Let me lamb blast him.
- Shut up Otis.

I'm black you fell in to a real
thick pile of beans, boy.

We got you for...

break in and exit at over Twellenger.

And the second degree
larceny at the diner.

Whatever else I can think of.

Cuff him.

Hey, take it easy.

You're gonna read me my right?

What about my phone call?

Oh, sure.

Let me get you a dial tone.

Add "resisting arrest" to that list, Otis.

I knew I think of something.


- Bingo.
- Oh!



I need a red seven.

Ooh, red seven, come on home to papa.


What you're doing here, boy?

Bringing some food for the prisoner.

How come?

'Cause he saved my brother's life.
That's how come.

What you got there?



Let me see that.

Ain't one of your tricks, is it?

No, sir.

Ain't nothing but fruit here.

I thought for a second
you tried to pull a fast food.

How do you like that for a fast food?

Easy boy.

Take it easy.
It's real gun you got there.

On your knees, cowboy.

You kidding.

Oh, my God!
You're not kidding.

Don't shoot.

Please, don't shoot.

I'm on my knees.
I'm on my knees. See?

I can't...I can't do this.

I do what he says if I were you, Otis.

Are you sure these bullets are real?

Wait. Hey, hold it...

What you gonna do?
You gonna kill me?

You know it's not a bad idea, Otis.

Lucky for you, I am a non-violent man.

Let's go.

Holy shit!
It's big John.

OK, here.


You got in progrip, boy?

I want to get a crack at your paycheck
before your while get a hold of it all.

- Oh.
- Otis!


Lord Almighty, what happened to you?

We gotta the hell out of here.

Cool out.
The boys are doing something.

What are you talking about?
These guys are crazy.

That sheriff is gonna blow that door off
the hinge any second now.

I told you so.
Where the hell are those kids?

OK, pedal it.
Come on.

I don't get a vote.
This is piece of cake, boy.


How long we got?

How long we got for what?

- What are you guys uo to, now?
- Come on. Break it. Go!

Count down ten.




We got you, boser. Don't hitch.

- Three.
- Oh, my God!



Hey, Lord Almighty!

- It's working!
- All right!


All right.

Nothing but clear highway behind us.

He'll fire us.


What's with this radio?

That thing's been broken for two years.

What's the fuck can fix it
if it ain't broken.

I guess you leaned that by now.

Not very much I don't know about car.

My Pa was the best mechanic
in the west Texas.

That ain't no lie.

You have a bathroom in here?

I did have.

I took it out when
I put my office in the back.

Could you pull over?
Little Harry's got to go.

Be careful.


OK, go ahead.

You're a race car driver, mister?

I used to be.

I might have been again
if I didn't run into you guys.

Why you quit in the first place?
What happended?

He might be in a bad crash.

Probably nearly killed his ass.

Maybe, he lost his nerve.

It was the booze.

Turned in to a slash.

Slug, Harry.

A no good lousy Alfie.

It was a woman.
Must be a woman broken his heart.

A washed-up, broken hearted,
chicken shit, acky bumb.

What imagination!

I don't suppose one of you guys would want to
tell me how you start stripping cars, wouldn't you?

Our folks were killed in a wreck.

And we got kicked out of our house.

But, we had to keep eating. So,...

Doc stripped a car one night
out front of Twellenger.

And big John caught us.

And set you up in business.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


So, that's how you became
a big time crooks, huh?

- Right.
- Yeah.

You know, you could have called
a county authority or something.

Wrong. Big John told us
he'd bust us up.

He says our relatives are all over.

Uncle Pete at Spokey.

Aunt Harriet at Lentz.

And Aunt Ester who I was in a bath
to go I can't always she smells.


You know why.

Heat rotten her feet or something.

And nobody or nothing's gonna bust us up.

That ain't no lie.

- Where're headed?
- Shreveport.

- Take us there?
- Oh, no.

I told you Breezy.

- Son-of-a-bitch wouldn't listen.
- Watch your mouth Shifty.

It's Swifty! SWIFTY!
You toad sucker.

Shut up Swifty.

You got to take us to Shreveport, mister.

I'm taking you to the next town, period.

But, all these small Texas towns are
the same. They all just call big John.

- Please.
- Please. Please. Please.

And that's it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Good. Still beating.

So, wake me up when
we got to Shreveport.

I don't wanna miss nothing.

Hee-hee yah!


Wait for it.


Come on, guys.

Don't look at me like that.

Now, we talk about this.

You're gonna spend the night in a motel...

and tomorrow morning...

you go down to the bus depot,
four blocks away,

you take your bus anywhere
in the world you want to go.

I'm trying to get back
in the race after two years.

That requires a 100% concentration.

I don't need one thing to distract me.

Let alone six.


What are we gonna do, now?

All right party.

Hey, Brewster!
How're you doing?

Oh, yeah.

What's up Doc?

Watch it cowboy.

- Howdy, Bug.
- Oh, oh, oh.

Oh, you always have
an interesting way of saying 'hello'.

As I remember, you never
particularly dislike my 'good-bye' either.

Well, one thing I can say about you
when you say good-bye,...

you mean good-bye.

Sorry about that.

I don't know what happened.

Ms. Lilah.
Would you OK this check, honey?

Yeah, sure, Eddie.

I can't tell you how many time
I want to just pick up the phone...

Hey, Brew, you're gonna win tomorrow?

I'm gonna try.

My life was so screwed up
that day, you know?

- Just... I couldn't...
- Hey, Brewster! Come on over.

I'll be there in a minute.

No, I guess what I'm trying to tell you.

Come on, Brew.

Why don't you go be with the boys?
And I'll talk to you later, OK?

- Hey, Bug?
- Hmm?

I got better idea.

I relly have missed you, you know?

- Here.
- All right. I got it.

Give me half-inch.

- Here.
- Beautiful.

Give me another half-inch.

Louis, go get those tires over there.
Come on.

Start the clock, Harry.

A car's coming.

A car's coming.

There cupping wheeler.

- Someone is coming.
- All right. Slow him down.

OK, what's the up time?

Ten, nine, eight...

- What's that?
- Whoa! Hey!

- Fire!
- We're gonna tell someone.

- Hey, let's have another pitcher up here.
- Hey, a fire out there.

- Fire?
- What? Fire? Come one.



- Doc, they're coming.
- You got the tires?

- There's wild bash...
- You're not gonna make it.

Just give me ten seconds.


Give me a hand.

Come on.

It sure is lucky that fire
didn't get near our cars.

Or we all will be running
around that track tomorrow.

How did it get started?

Probably, some drunk cowboy put
the button in the dumpster.

Well, excuse us boys, but...

this man needs a good meal
and a place to lay his pretty head.

Yeah, excuse us boys.

- Put its main frame
- Right.

And you left six kids
in the middle of nowhere?

No, I wouldn't call
a motel middle of nowhere.

What you expect me to do?

I don't know.

If they were my kids, I really wouldn't
appreciate if somebody just...


They're not your kids, honey.

I know.
And certainly, not my kids.

My God, can you imagine people
on the road with six kids?

I can't even take care of myself.

Yeah, well, I know that.

Look at me.

Do I look like a father to you?


Maybe, because you look like
everything to me.

Hey, Brew!
Wake up.

I'm coming.

- Our cars had been stripped.
- What?

They got Stan's new tires, they got
my gearbox, they got Hank's carburetor.

- I'll be right out.
- Brew.

You've been hit real bad.

Be right out.

Yes, I know-I know the same little bastards
to try to get even with me.


I've ever found the skunk who'd done it,

I'm gonna bend monkey
wrench over his brain pan.

Well, whoever ripped us off is
half way to New Orleans by now.

I don't know about you guys, but...

if I don't hustle up some parts,
I'll be watching this race from the stands.

See you guys later.

- All right, Brewy.
- So long, Brew.

What the hell you think you're doing?

We just thought we got your car
back in shape before we left.

At the least we can do.

I don't suppose it daunts on you,
people are making a living on these?

I mean, what if somebody
stole your partools?

Someone once did.

Oh, when these guys
find out what you've done.

They'll never know it was you.

Those stupid son-of-a-bitch
aren't that smart.

So far as they know, you got stripped too.

Look guys.

- Breezy.
- Heather.

You guys were gonna leave last night.

Adios, good-bye, farewell.

That was our deal, remember that?

We don't make deal with ex-cons.

We all only try to help.

Well, can't give the parts back.

Maybe, I can sell them to get the guys
some money somehow.

So, out.
Every body out.

Could you at least take us
to the interstate?

We can hitch from there.

I'll take you to the interstate.

But, I gotta get rid of these parts first.

Over here.

We know.


Just so you don't get any idea.

Hey, Clarence!

Hey, hey, Brewster!
Hey, man, where you've been hiding?

I got some parts for you.

Hey, that's good.
I can always do for parts for me.

They're out on my van.
You wanna help me get them?

Sure. Hey, come on in
while I get my keys.

Where've you been hiding?
I haven't seen you in a long time.

We were you racing in
the Baton Rouge those years.

I heard about your crash?

It probably scared me more that hurt me.

Don't you get in a race after that?

I almost did.

I went out to California. I just ran around
on somebody dirt track out there and...

Little bastards.

You got anything else I can drive?


I just sell parts.
I ain't got no whole car.

I catch you later, Clarence.
I gotta find the way to track and fast.

Clarence! Can you give
me a hand over here?


I got a funniest feeling,
he's gonna need that.

Hey, thanks.

- How about a ride to the track?
- Sure, hop in.

Dog don't bite.
He's friendly.

We got a race coming up here folks.

The best cars, the best drivers,
the fastest qualified...

- Turn it off.
- in time we ever had.

Why, they sure came through for you there.

What Lilah sees in you,
I'll never know, Brewster.

Hey, Brew. Whay do you pay
your crew with, all day suckers?

- Hold it.
- Hold it.

Hey, Brewster.

What do you think?

Hot, huh?

I think you guys are
gonna get us all killed.

Well, when you see those cars
parked in them crates there,

we just naturally thought you want
to get started as soon as possible.

See how you got your race
coming up pretty quick, right?


You see now your car got
screwed up like Hogen's goat?


You mean you guys have
those parts crated in here?

We did have things come in as ordered.

The driver let me sign.
I said I was your daughter.

And nobody else asking any questions?

There was some comment about you
and someone named Lilah. Who's Lilah?

Lilah's friend of mine.

That's what we figured.

Come on, Brew.
Why don't you take her out for qualifying?


You said you want to make
a come back. This car is hot.

I'll say it is.

If you have, Brew, you got a chance.

Besides, you can use the prize money
to pay back your buddies.

He ain't gonna do it.
I know he wouldn't do it.

Yellow belly, gutless slob.


Once and for all,
I'm gonna show you guys

stripping cars and
fish bite fall in Arkansas,

won't make it in a Louisiana track.

All right.
Out of sting.

I like to direct your attention
to the track now.

We got car number fourty-nine,
coming out on the track.

The driver, owner, Brewster Baker,

back on the circuit after
two years out of competition.

Let see if Baker can qualify on his
first attempt from the come back trail.

The best time of two laps.

Well, Baker seems to very determine
as he gets the green flag...

Baker is driving a Chevy Camaro.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

High bid of qualified time
under 18 seconds.

Time for Brew Bake's first lap,
15.42 seconds.

That would ensure his spot
in the starting line up.

Coming up, Baker's second flag now...

Oh, Baker's qualified time is
17.38 seconds.

He'll be starting back in the pack,
but at least, he qualified.

On the track now is car number 101.

The driver is Alvin Crowe, a consistant
winner here at Shreveport.

- How did she run?
- It's OK.

That would qualify fifteen
in the field of twenty.

All right.

- Change the gear, we're running too high.
- We're running the five-ten now.

Make it five-eighteen.

Give it two bounds left in left rear.
The race starts in 30 minutes.

Come on.

Get ready for the start of Dixie 100 folks,
the feature race here at Shreveport.

The cars will take one lap
before the green flag.

It's freak day for racing and
freak field of cars and drivers.

You got Harley Crommer Nipol
with Stan Johnson next to him.

And it would count upon the green flag,
folks, we're about to get under way.

And there's the green glag.

And the race is on.

Johnson in car number thirty,
Keith Toricalvin in car number one.

Ron Dawson in car number twenty-eight.


18.2 seconds.

Car number 101 got the big challenge
by Stan Johnson in car number 30.

Ok, Crowe in car number 101
is still in first place.

Johnson in car number 30 in second.

But, he is being challenged in every turn
by Ron Dawson in car number 28.

Quickley in the 17 car in fourth.

Joe's driving the Pontiac
number 53 in fifth.

Ron Dawson takes the lead.


54.9 seconds.

Folks, this is gotta be the most
exiting Dixie 100 in history.

Brewster Baker in car number 49
has been moving up to the field.

He's now standing seventh.

Leslie Fermit car number 18 is trying
to get the grip on sixth place.

Three cars are out of the race.

Yes, the twin Rick Jones and
Rick Berk all out of the race.

There's the green flag.
We have four laps to go.

It's Johnson in the lead,
Dawson in second, and Crowe in third.

And here is the surprise.

Brewster Baker is up there
with the leaders in fourth place.

An incredible ride for the man
on the come back trail.

And we cross the finish line.

Johnson has won here at Dixie 100.

Dawson takes second and Crowe third.

Baker is in fourth, Palansy in fifth.

What and exciting race folks!

And none of the drivers in the freeway
track was injured, ladies and gentlemen.

Great Brew.

Son-of-a-bitch did
pretty good, didn't he?

Did pretty good.

Fourth place, you call that pretty good?

You were great Brew.
You were sure fantastic.

Hey, guys!

Hey, you won Stan.

Sure got tire of chasing your ass's bit.

Hey, fourth ain't bad.

How did he expect?

Here you go guys.

All right. Pay day.

You know, it could have been a lot more

if I hadn't had paid those guys back
for those parts you stole.

What they have said?

You guys are damn lucky,
they didn't call police on you too.

It fells good having little green
in the pocket, doesn't it?

The liile mind ties down.

Where's your gear?

It's inside.

Don't you think you better get it?

Brewster, you ain't gonna leave us here.

Yeah, he's leaving, Harry.

But, Brewter, we got to
stay with your car.

Hold it.

Shreveport was the end of the line.
That was our deal.

And he keeps his deal.

- Howdy Bug.
- Hi.

Just come looking for you
and say 'so long'.

He's good at that.

Breezy, this is the Lilah
we've been talking about.

- Hi, Heather.
- Hi.

Hey, you guys want the
iceream cones before you leave?

- These kids are good machanics.
- Humm.

I know.

Hey, what did you say
your relatives are from?

All over.

Eight chocolate chips, please.

Make mine a banana split.

Add some large nuts, please.

Any other guys want banana split?

Oh, come on, guys.
Cheer up.

Hey, I got an idea.

I'll take you to the airport,
put you on an airplane,

buy you tickets
to see your relatives.

You know, I'm really jealous of these guys.

- They got to go to Hawai.
- No shit, Dick Tracy.

I bet that's the same mouth
you eat out of.

Here's your cones.

Banana split will be ready in a minute.

- OK.
- Seven-eighty.

Nah, just keep the chance.

Here you go.

Brewster, don't you want
to stay with us?

Well, I like to, Harry.
But, what I'm gonna do with six kids?

I'm not father material.
Tell him, Bug.

You're doing just fine.

We ain't get wait neither.

Get the hell out of here.
We'll find our own way.

Come on. Let's get our stuff.

Wait a minute.

Does that mean you don't want me
to take you to the airport?

At least, the son-of-a-bitch can hear.

Hey, guys. Come on.

I'm really trying to help you.

Tell him Bug.

- Shove it, mister.
- Don't you talk to her that way.

He's talking to you, mister.

Oh, hell with you guys.

Find your own way.
The airport is out of my way anyhow.

I'll call you later, Bug.

You no good, rotten,
washed up, fork tongue,

black hearted, double dealing,
backstabbing, alci bum!

Ok. It's OK.

We could've been great together.

All right, all right.

All right, all right.
Every body is doing OK.

Hey, Brewster.

I think I know what your trouble is.

What's that?

Well, your caburetor ain't harden,
your generator ain't in it,

and your piston ain't...
well, it ain't working either.

That's real cute.

How did those kids do this thing.

Oh, no.

It can't be.

Welcome to your nightmare.

Look, who's back.

Bob Barker and the boys.

We got no choice but to stick with you
till the better thing turns up.

It's only way we can stay together.

And Lilah agreed.

- Oh, Lilah agreed?
- Uhuh.

You want to correct her style.

She sends her regard.

She does, huh?

What do you think?
Give us a chance to get this car going?

- Please.
- Please.




Please. I can give you
piecing like old times.

Last week's old times?

Look, guys, if I do this.
It's under one condition.

Nobody touches another's driver's car.

I want no five finger discount, understand?

It's easy.
No problem.

- Terk, can I take your picture?
- Yeah, go ahead.

Ahah hah. Well,...

If it isn't the famous Brewster Baker.

A bunch of midget for the pit-crew.

Hey, sorry, Brew.

I mean it's saddest thing
I've ever seen in my life.

If you want the money,
all you have to do is ask, you know?

The check book way.

To see my old boss come to, uh,
something like this.

Kiss off, mister.

You did very well down at Shreveport.

Like easy pop to what?

Fourth? Huh?

Must have been a lot of
dead meat in that race.

Kick his ass, Brewster.

Don't take that shit from
this fungus faced toad sucker!

I'd tell the little punk there that, uh...

he shouldn't be talking to me
like that if I were you.

He's right, Swifty.

Be polite.

Mr. Logan here's a very sensitive man.

On second thought, I got a good mind

to turn this little kid loose and
let him just whip your ass, Terk!

That's funny, Brew.

Yeah, that's real funny.
That's good one.

You know what?

I'd look out tomorrow if I were you.

'Cause I'm gonna be out on that track.

Just waiting for you to screw up.

Just once.

If... you qualified, that is.

Hey, Terk.

Shove it.

Who the hell is he?

I don't think he lies you much.

He don't like anything much.

He don't like winning,
he don't like loosing,...

and you're right, he don't like me.

What did you do to him?

Nah, it's not what I did to him.
It's what he did to me.

See, he was my chief mechanic for a year.

But, what he really wants to do is drive.

So, he told my sponsors
I was loosing my stuf.

And he played around
with my car a little bt too.

You didn't know?

Not until it was too late.

He rigged my breaks
till it deak two years ago.

I crashed into the wall.

So, my sponsors dropped me and
conveniently picked up Mr. Logan.

That's one bad dude.

He's real bad.

He don't scare me.

Oh, he don't, huh?

Well, just the same we're gonna stay
away from the Terk, aren't we guys?

- Breezy?
- Heather.

Aren't we?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh, yeah, Brewster. You know
you're gonna need a new set of heads.

You got a hair line crack in yours.

That's two thousand dollars.

We can make through
another race with those.

All right.

I know you guys may think that
grown men should not be frighten.

I tell you, I was scare to death.

It was the fastest
I had ever driven in my life.

And we were side by side.

And old Billy Flint
crashed through the wall...

and was sailing out in this lake.

And in this dark murky water,

that we all knew had an alligator in it.


Then there come old Billy Flint,
just to gurgle in for air.

And they stop the race.

Holy shit!

Then up come this man eater...

jumping up with the head
the size of a shovel...

and the body the size of washing machine.
I mean this mother was big.

And there was a big swirld of black water.

That was the last we ever saw...

of poor Billy Flint.

You know what we did find when
we pull his car out of the mud?

What, Brew?

We found alligator teeth the size of
cut silver dollars embedded in the fender.

And no tires.

I mean that alligator was so mean,
he ate the damn tires.

- Yuck!
- Yuck, man!

You know what?

I bet that's why they made handbugs

out of alligators from
this part of the country.

I don't get it.

Because of their rubber content.
That's what make them water proof,

- you goons.
- Ah, we know you're crazy.

I don't be lieve that.

- You guys,...
- Ready for bed, every body.

- How do you...?
- You guys believe everything.

- Guys.
- Good night, Brew.

Good night guys.

- You need to be cool.
- I love it.

Nothing better than a bunch of suckers.

- Brew?
- Yep.

Have you talked to Lilah, lately?

Yeah, why?

I don't know.
She's just real nice.

Good night.

Good night, Breezy.

Hey, Brewster!

Hi, Loni.

I miss you around here.

You miss anything in this place.

Ha! They don't make them
like you any more, cowboy.

I notice that.
And make me hungry.

Younger and cheaper.

You do anything later?

Yeah, I'm makeing phone calls.

You kidding me?

Well, if you change your mind.

You know where to find me.


You're the famous Terkitch.

Well, you've found him.
That me.

My name is Bobby E. Lee.

Thay named me after the General.


Tell me.

What a pretty thing like you
doing in here this time of night?

Bobby E. Lee.

Well, it's just so hot and
muggy out tonight...

and I was just dying for a cool drink.

And I spotted you under the car there
looking so hot yyourself.

And I said "Bobby Lee, you ought to
accept what for a cool one".

Well now, this is my lucky night.

Let's say, uh...

we go to my trailer. I mean,
we'll pour a few beers and...

I'll show couple of things that I got.

- Ive seen you drive.
- Yeah?


And I like the way you shift your gears.

I bet the girls can't keep
their hands off you.

Enough of the Terk to go around, girl.

Hmm, that's for sure.

You stand here and watch the door.

Here it is.

He had the manifold, Doc.

Stupid son of a bitch is
just making it easy.

Give me a five-eight.

All clear.

That's one hell of the tattoo.


Bobby E. Lee.


It's cute name.

What was that?

I didn't hear nothing.

Well, I did.

I didn't hear nothing,
except the beat of my own heart.

I better go check it out.

Why don't you...
check me out instead?

I do like what I see.

Well, I just... help you out
this little thing, huh?

Why don't I... help you... out?

Be my guest.

I'm waiting, girl.

Why don't we... go back there?

I think that's good idea.

Watch out.

A mirror above the bed?

I just can't believe my good fortune.

- What's that?
- Huh?

What the hell...
Ow, God...



Go to the bathroom?

You want a soda?

- No.
- No.

You go to bed?


I thought you guys were
going to bed when I left.

Where did you go?

We've been out.

- To movie.
- Bowling.

Yeah, we were at the movies.

- Yeah, we were just...
- Oh, really?

What movie did you see?

- Strong Man.
- Dracula.

Don't give me that crap.

You don't get dirty hands going to
the movies. Where have you been?

And just where the hell have you been?

You suppose to be here
taking care of these kids.

Breezy, come back here.

What are these guys
doing out this time of night?

That boy is seven years old.
He has no business...

- Damn it, Breezy, I'm talking to you.
- Don't yell at me.

What we do is our business.

- What you...
- Brewster, don't be mad.

You guys go inside.
I'm dealing with your sister right now.

I'll be back and talk to you.

You get in bed.




Breeze, where are you?

Oh, shit.

That ain't no lie.

You've ever done anything you're ashame of?

It's just...

I got thing inside of me...

I can't stop, probably.

Like what?

Last night, when I was walking...

I didn't even think about the boys.

Not once.

I kept thinking about myself. I want...

I want to be with kids my own age.

I want to go to high school.

I want a boyfriend.

I want...
Oh, you'll think it's dumb.

Oh, I don't know.

Try me.

I want... I want to be a cheerleader.

I don't think it's dumb at all.

Still don't want to lose those time.

Those're good time alright.

Do you think that's selfish?

Nobody who has ever
seen you with those kids...

would accuse you of being selfish.


If I really run away last night,...

would you be taking care of the boys?

I don't know, Heather.

Well, at least, you know my name.

In our 50-lap race with
35 cars all over the south,

And now back, action on the track.

Buck Carter in car number 19

and Ralp Barnes got tangled up
on that back stretch

and now, we're under a caution.

This Biloxi track always seems
to provide it share of thrills.

Now, we're back on the green flag.

Looks like Cater can
get back in the race, but...

Barnes is going to have to watch
the rest of the race from the infield.


Brewster Baker is making a move now,
bringing his car all the way

from ninth position to challenge
Terk Logan for third place.

Baker is in car number 49,
Logan in car number 73.

Still out front is 30th car
of Billy Johnson

with Johnny Dolenvack in close second.

Baker makes his move
to pass Logan in car 73.

But, Logan cuts him off.

They race side by side in the turn 1.

Big stroke in ths race folks,
just for the third place.

Logan and Baker are upon
each other coming out of turn 2.

Now they bump head
in front of the grand stand.

Billy Johnson has gotten the lead,

Baker and Logan continue
challenging each other

all the way down that stretchway.

You're gonna have a family
fortune bet on this one

because it's gonna be
a real deal by the only way.

Logan blows his engine
and he has to ready

take his car off the track
and into the infield.

Billy Johnson is still out there...

Brewster Baker in second,

Johnny Dolenvack is third
in car number 14.

Logan got out of his car.
He's all right.

Bt, he's one frustrating driver,
since everything was going...

I'm gonna get you Baker.

Checker flag is...

And that's full of races for today, folks.

And see you all next Saturday at 2 O'Clock.

Gates open at 10.

Bye now.
Drive careful, you hear?

Get out of the way.
Get out of the way!

You fat thack!

Swifty, get Terk.

Get away.
Kids, let me have him.

Get up.

- Kick him.
- Get out of the way.

- Kick him where...
- Bastard!

Kick him, on his leg.

Get on him Louis.

- Louis!
- Bite him.

- Shit!
- Get off my back, Louis.

- Get him.
- Get them off me!

- Get the kids out of here.
- Kick him.

Get you Baker

- Come on.
- Get him, Brewster. Hurry up.

- Brew!
- Turky!

Get you Baker.

- Come on.
- Easy, come on.

- Take it easy.
- Let go of me.

- Come on.
- Hey!.


They showed up my car last night.

You and rat cracks.

Chicken, blacky egg sucker.

Bobby Lee, huh?

Well, we can take to you, Baker.

Where we can park you into a space, right?

You son-of-a-bitch!

Boy! Where you learned to fight like it.

You really nailed that slicky bastard.

The look on his face and you cocock him.

I loved it.

So, let me make sure
I understand this now.

Bobby Lee here...

gets Terk out of the way while
you guys work on his car, right?


Just what did you do to his car, anyhow?

Simple. We switched
your crack head with his new.

It's only a matter of laps
before he blew it.

Sure enough. Boom!

You go back there, young man.

What is wrong with you guys?

Who the hell am I talking to?

But, Terk's rat, Brew.

Hey, stealing is stealing, Pal, and
I don't want to be any part of it, OK?

I don't wanna beat Terk...

unless I am the best driver
with the best car.

Not by cheating.

As for you, young lady.

I don't want any more of crazy stunts
like you pulled, last night.

I promise.

Cross my heart, hope to die.
Cat spit in my eye.

If the bastard is lucky.

And while you at it,
you can watch your language.

You know what that sounds like
coming from a kid?

Sorry, sir.


Hey, Doc. Read me
the race's schedule for next week.

See, uh, Kansas City?

No, it's too far.

- Watkins Green.
- That's too far too.

Tampa, Nashville.

- Hold it.
- Jackson.

Hold it.

How far down does the Nashville pay?

Down to fifteen.

That's it, Brewster! Drive it 'till
you hear glass and smell shit!

What you say, mister?

I said...

Where are we going, sir?


This is a great ride for Baker, folks,
coming all the way up from the 7th spot.

Looks like Baker is back for sure.

We're in the final lap for Gabbery 200
here at Nashville speedway.

And now they get the checker flag.

It's car number 49,
Brewster Baker in first place.

A Vodka.

Honey, Tina. Don't go down there.
It's kind of crude down there.

The way I see it, we got half.

How much is that?

Well, we got 3400 dollars.

And we need 6800.
That's 10% of 68,000.

Read it again Steven.

- I like the way it sounds.
- Okay.

On rural route #2 outside
the Nashville, near school,

it's a beautiful 5 bedrooms,
two and a half bathrooms

garage, dining, porch, gas kitchen,
washer, dryer. It's a steal. 68,000.

- All right.
- Yeah.

If that car running good, we'll have it.

OK guys. Let's wash up for diner.

OK. That's it.

Little Harry.

What do you guys up to, now?

It's just family power.
Nothing to worry about.

Breezy, wait, wait.

Come on, little Harry.
We'll be washing up.

And Brewster Baker takes
the checker flag in the Pensacola 215.

Folks, we've seen the race today.

Johnsman Tankerman and
Brewster Baker for the 2nd and 3rd.

Roswell old Charlie's menu.

Come on, take the menu.
We're proud of you, Cahrlie.

That's our Roswell welcome.

That's really great.

You're doing good.

You're great.

I want you all here next Friday.

With Brewster Baker in the commanding lead
here at the Raleigh Speedway.

Brewster has lead from
the green flag unchallenged.

Brewster Baker does take
the tenon flag here at Raleigh Speedway.

At Birmingham International Raceway.

With Baker and the Terks fighting it out
for every inch, every advantage.

This is been quite a day
for the Chevey driver,

back after two years off the circuit,

driving against his own
former head mechanic.

It's bumper-to-bumper
right down to the finish line.

They bump each other as
they come out of turn number 4.

And here the checker flag, and it is baker.

$4,000 pay day for a man off
the circuit for two years.

Welcome back Brewster.

A real story on and off the track, folks.

Here's Baker to receive his trophy

from Miss Birmingham,
a lovely Melody Calhoon.

Mr. Baker! Mr. Baker!

- Brewster!
- Where's my crew?


Ted, where're the kids?

- Two tuneups just picked them up.
- What?

They asked for the whole damn thing.

Terk turned them in.

They said some sheriff was coming for them.

Said that was wanted woods.

Take care of my car, would you?

- Oh, hold it.
- Mr. Baker, I am Sam Pinsky.

Sorry, I can't talk right now.
I'm gonna real to go in.

I'm with Ford. And like you,
I'm getting back into racing.

We got grand national car,
we're looking for a driver.

- Ford, out of Detroit?
- Yeah.

I like you to drive for us,
you and your six pack.

Are you kidding me?

No, Mr. Baker. I'm one the left.

- Sorry, mister, uh...
- Pansky.

I just got a lot of things
in my mind right now.

We got a entered in Atlanta 500.

Call me tomorrow at the Pixie-Five.

The number is right down
at the back of the card.

If you're interested.

Yes, ma'am. He posted
his own bail this morning.

Howdy, ma'am.

Sheriff John Stone.
I'm here to pick up my chargees...

and run them back to Texas.

Well, yes, sheriff.

You know, I love them little young ones...

like that my very own.

I bet you do.

Here, these release forms
need to be signed, interpreted,

- Uh-huh.
- then give them to the deputy in there.


You know?...

If you're my pretty little filly,

I get a good mind to kiss you
smack down on the mouth.

Take you in my arms and wash you clean
across the state of Texas.

You seeing me.

I'm sheriff John Stone and
I'm here to pick up my chargees.

Howdy, ma'am.

I'm sheriff John Stone. I'm here to pick up
my chrgees and run them back to Texas.

Brew, you were great.

- We thought we was gone for sure.
- Well, that ain't no lie.

Yeah. Looking at some hard time.


- Oh, that's all right.
- Uh-huh.

Actually, some good friends of mine
did me the same kind of favor once.

- And besides.
- Besides what, Brew?

God, I hate to admit this.

I'm getting used to
having you guys around.

Yeah. All right.

Should I check the Auto week schedules?

Nope, that won't be necessary.

Why not?

Because I'm taking my chargees to Atlanta.


That's grand national race.

- I know.
- Yeah, man.

What are we gonna do for a car?

I don't know.
Maybe, we can steal one.

- Oh, really.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, man.

God, I don't believe it.

Here you go.

You're not gonna believe this,

but that the way the little Fozy Bee
got rid of heels high.

Say, you still have to do the one

- about...
- Safety.

Irish astronaut?

He went through very intensive training
along side with his partner for the flag,

a gorilla called Toby.

The blasted off right on schedule.

Both the gorilla and the Irish


In an envelope contained the instructions
which they went over at 5 miles

- Two.
- in space.



Come on, all the way.

Seventy one.

Seventy two.

Seventy three.

Seventy four.

Seventy five.


That's real good, but
you're still fat.

- Sixty two.
- Seventy three.

Don't be a fool, Brew.

- Seventy...
- Sixtry four.

- I used to be young too.
- Sixty five.


Ninety seven.

Ninety eight.

Come on.

Ninety nine.

No cheat! No cheat!

Yeah, Rocky.

Rocky. Now, let's go eat.

That's Brewster Bake taking his number 49,
Ford Thunderbird deep in the turn number 3.

Now he pulls right down
to the bottom of the race track,

the short way around this Atlanta
International Raceway

switch it up toward the wall
on the turn 4 and down to the strive

Brewster Baker takes a checker flag and
ensures himself on a good spot

in the final of the 500 miles
that gets under way on Sunday.

A fine qualified round for Brewster Baker.

Hey, Brew. Great job.

Thanks, buddy.

It flats at 37 seconds, and...

- Man, you were great.
- Yeah!

You were steady fast.
How we do?

Right now, we're in 7th position.

- All right. Yeah.
- Yeah. Fantastic.

And we get some bad news.

Swifty, Steven, little Harry,
they're gonna let you guys in the pit crew.

- We lose csome weight for what?
- Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. There is very strict rule about
the age. You guys are just too young, ok?

Swifty, you'll be right here
at the fence, monitoring the signal

and you two guys will be the lap counters.

This is very important.
I need you there. OK?

- OK.
- How about you, kid?

- OK?
- OK.

Oh, guess what else?

Gues who is in 8th position?


Mightily splendid the Terks.

- Oh, no.
- That slogan that said out with you?

Oh, man.

It's OK.
It'll be just like old time.

OK, sixty eight.

Sixty nine.


Seventy one hundred dollars,
enough for the down payment.

- And a bit more.
- All right.

- Who makes the call?
- Louis.

- Why me?
- You got the lowest voice.

Uh, yes ma'am, we're minors.

- That's right, uh...
- What he say?

- Yeah, but... but...
- He said, we're minors.

What's that?


What is it?


I got bad news and I got real bad news.

Talk normal.
What's so bad?

They won't sell to anyone under 21. It's
gotta be an adult who signs the papers.

How about Brewster?
He'll sign. He likes us.

It doesn't matter anyway.

The real bad news is
it's already been sold.

- Our house?
- Yeah.


Brewster! Brewster!

Hi, Deanna.

Stay and keep me warm
until the morning...

Just where do you think you're going?
You're not leaving, are you?

I gotta my beauty sleep tonight.

Ah! You had never left before.

I know. But tonight is different.

Hi, Brew.

Howdy, Bug.

I was just trying to call you.

Yeah, I see.


- I thought you weren't coming.
- Well, I want to surprise you.

Well, you surely did that, honey.

You girls know each other?

No, but it looked like
we were related in a way.

With working in the Honky Tonk?

- Hi, I'm Deanna.
- Hi, hi, I'm Lilah.

Well, I guess I should
be getting back to work.

Godd night, Brew.
Good luck tomorrow, now.

See you, Deanna.

You're lucky you've been called a bun.

Oh, no.
No chance.

I only got one bug.

Were you really trying to call me just now?

I swear I was.
I know this looks strange.

- Oh.
- Well, I w...

I don't why I came here in the first place,
to tell you the truth.

I hate these places.

The truth is I'm not trying to be somewhere
talking to you, even on the phone.

So, what are we doing here?

Great round, Brewster.

Did you ever expect you'd be back
in big time racing so soon?

Yeah, Carl. I didn't do it all by myself.
Beleive me, I got a lot of help.

You're talking about your crew,
the kids they call the 'Six Pack'?

Yeah, the kind of work
they've done on this car,

I think I my very well
have a shot at it this year.


Brewster Bake. A man who thinks
he's got a real chance at Atlanta 500.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Make sure these kids get
to the track by 7:30, OK?

- Uh-huh.
- See you later.

Come on, guys.
You want to move your truck?

No, no.

All right. Get out. Ahh!

Jesus Christ!

- All right.
- Let me play with him.

- Hold him
- I got him now. Hit him, hit him.

Come hee you.

Look over there.

Where the hell is he?

I don't know.
But, I got a bad feeling.

Don't say that, Doc.

They're gonna be calling
the cars to start pretty soon.

What are we gonna do then?

He'll be here.
Brewster would never lets us down.

Hold it. Wait, hold it.
Pull over.

- You got it.
- Slow down, slow down. Pull over here.

No wait. Hold it.

Check him out, this guy.

Hey, my man.
Where're you going?

We run the raceway.

Oh, the races. Yeah, we're headed
there too, man. Come on in.

Come on, get on there.

- I'm racing there.
- Yeah, right.

- Sure, you are.
- Yes, I am.

Yeah, right.

Hiya guys, what time is it?

We ain't have the time, man.


- Whoa!
- Wanna hit, man?

No, I... I never touch this stuff.

Oh, that's OK.
I'll hold it for you.

And good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
We're at the 22nd run of the Atlanta 500.

Temperature is right now
at the high 70's, sky partly cloudy.

John, it ought to be
a perfect day for racing,

and from behind the scene's drama,

we have an ineresting
development in the pit, right now.

Uh, most unusal story in years.

Brewster Baker, who's been off the circuit
for two years, has been burning up

the smaller tracks for the last four months
with the help of the pit crew kids.

Kids! Sixteen to seven.

And we're gonna down in the garage area,
have an interview with them, right now.

Brewster Baker and the Six Pack.

Congratulations to the Six Pack
for qualifying seventh.


Is Brewster Bake here?
I like a word with him.

No. He, uh...

had to go... go shake
the doo off his lily thing.

He had to what?

Umm, he had...
he had to take a piss.

And that's the story from
down here in the garage area.

Back to you in the booth.

Well, there you have it John.

Race hasn't even started yet, and
Baker is already in for a piss stuff.

All of the cars that finished their
NASCAR's inspection, ladies and gentlemen.

And the reverend Bill Bayes is at
the beautiful chapel service

in the garage area

where most of the drivers and
the race officials were friends.

May I have your attention, please.

Will all of the crew chiefs move their cars
to the sarting positions on Pit road.

Also, all drivers please report to
the competition director, Bill Gazerway,

in the drivers' lounge at 11:30 AM.

Number one.

We have 500 miles of car driving
in historical today, folks.

But for the moment, we got some
really pretty thing to look at.

I refer to the beautiful racing queens,

Watson Mayhew and her corner
of lovely young ladies while waiting.

In that hole where Brew laid,
it looked like socket in the pulled tooth.

Yeah, he probably searched trying to figure
out how did he got that nod on his head.

What the hell?

Little midgets try to bluffing.
He ain't there.

On the pos, from Mooresville,
North Carolina, Dale Earnhardt.

Lining in the second spot, from Chesapeake,
Virginia, young Ricky Rudd.

Starting in third, from Hyattsville...

Hey, Fred!
We don't have the driver here.

He's coming.
I told you, he'll be here.

- He better be...
- Two minutes.

OK, you got your two minutes.
Then we'll move this car off this lane.

From North Carolina, Richard Petty.

Guys, I think it's time we ask the Lord
his spirit. I don't think he's gonna show.


As you know, we ain't been good at all.

We stole car parts and
we used bad language.

You see now, we met
a very good man, Brewster.

The Lord knows that.
Just tell him to get here quick.


Come on, come on.
Brew, come on.


Get my belt.

To all personels, please,
clear the pit road.

Let's race in before
the start of this race.

All personels, please,
clear the pit road.

- Yeah. Hi Breezy.
- Oh, there's Pete.

- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Breezy.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

The starters are getting them
under way but high price cars.

A fourty car field of the best,

the fastest drivers in NASCAR
grand national racing.

They're moving off down pit road

A beautiful deployed field of the
supervision of the starter, Harold Cander.

We got the official count on
today's attendants,...

fifty five thousand,
four hundred and sevety two.

At 5th gear, 60 miles an hour,
these cars appear to be crawling.

Now, the race cars move down
over the fourth turn bunny.

And it looks like we're
gonna have a starter.

And we have a starter.

Now at turn 1 with
Dale Earnhardt in the lead.

Ricky Rudd's right there beside him,
and the others are packed inside.

Oh, what a great start
for this group of 500!

It's Earnhardt, Kahne, and Ricky Rudd
running one, two, three.

After that, we get Baker,
Logan, and Bill Elliott behind.

There they are now. They are all
headed toward the turn number 3.

Oh, we got a fume...

Yes, that's car needs Sailor
with the blown engine.

That's the first fleg in the afternoon.

The drivers all hold their positions
right now while the dragon is cleared.

Too bad for Silor.
Out so soon.

He's moving up!
He's moving up!

We're headed at 187 flag,
but if you check your score...

Now the back stretch, we had car 46.
That's Ricky Round blowing the engine.

The rest of the field maneuvering
around Ricky as we go to a yellow flag.

You're gonna see all of
the cars checking in the pits now,

while Round's car being
pulled out from the track.

That's tough break for Ricky Round.

Look like Brewster Baker
taking on right side rubber

and fuel at very fast band pit time

Sam Pinsky at that corner
manage Baker's Six Pack for this race.

And believe you me,
they're doing a great job

And also it's giving him a great
boost by his Hawaii traffic crew.

And now Logan and Baker both
move ahead a couple of notches.

And to the 4th and 5th spots
with Logan having a slight edge.

But the leader is Harry Gant with
Theodore Art in the 15 car challenging.

Buddy Baker in the number 1 car has started
as they move through the slow traffic.

It has time for that last lap
for 37 seconds flat.

Here's Baker in the Ford
and Logan in the Buick

And they seem to put up with each other.
They move up along later

At this point, ladies and gentlemen,
you got only six cars now in the lead lap,

all the rest of the field are one lap down.

Adn you got seven starters
who are no longer in this race.

But, you can count n one thing.

And that is that all seven other drivers
will be competing at talent they got

just two week's rpoblem today.

We have 10 laps to go folks.
And this is close as they come.

Buddy Baker is still the man to beat.

But his lead is getting shorter every turn
by the number 3 car of Ricky Rudd.

And tucked in right behind the two leaders
are cars number 73, the Hawaii tropic Buick

driven by Terk Logan and
the 47 T-Bird of Brewster Baker.

The lead changes hand on turn number 3.

But, now the uno car's back again.

The two leaders bumped on
the front straight away.

They bump again and again.
Wait a minute, we have a terrible crash.

Ricky Rudd slammed into the wall.

Car number 94 truck
kicks Rudd from the rear.

Brewster Baker and Terk Logan
who were running 3rd and 4th

are now the leaders as
they are called in to the pits.

Come on in Brew.You're not tired.
We're gonna win it.

Only Baker and Logan are in the lead lap.

So, the race is between Baker's Ford T-Bird
and the Buick of Logan.

That was probably the worst crash
we ever had here at this speedway.

But luckily, none of the drivers
involved in this crash

got hurt as far as we can see.

Where are Breezy and Doc?

We're gonna win it Brew!

Come on, let's go!
Let's go!

Where the hell are the kids?
Damn it!

That sheriff got them, Brew.
He's taking them back to Texas.

Just go now. Go Brew!
Do you get it what?

Go, damn it!
That's an order!

Terk Logan is down off the jack
and there he goes.

Now, Baker is in the way. He's
catching up to Logan right over...

He makes a hard left turn, cutting off
Logan who plowed into the pit wall.

Both leaders are out of the race.

We're gonna find out what happened?

Brewster! Brewster, come on.

Not this time, boy.

I'm in charge of my chargees.

- I want those kids, sheriff.
- I just bet you do.

I'm on my way to Baker's car now.
I'll be there in a minute.

Well, I got the red warrant
from the state of Texas

and extradition papers
from the state of Georgia.

pardon me, officer.

Brewster, what makes you
take that wrong turn?

Well Chris, I don't think
I took the wrong turn.

I tell you, this sheriff here is from
the same hometown as my Six Pack.

And he has driven all the way from texas
to arrest these six harden criminals here.

How about that, sheriff?

Look, I'm...I'm a Texas law officer.

I don't have to talk
in front of no damn camera.

Ask one of the kids.
They'll tell you what is going on?

That sounds like a gret story.
How about some comments, sheriff?

Can we talk about this in private somwhere?

Oh, there is no need to do that, sheriff.

We are on network TV with the good
chance that the Governor of Texas and...

the good people who elected
you to office are watching.

And now is your chance to explain
to them why you come here

to arrest these six little kids.

Well, we-we didn't come here
to arrest them exactly.

- Can I say 'Howdy' to the folks back home?
- Shut up, Otis.

Well, what did you come for?


we-we were sent to-to check on them.

- Yeah.
- To check on them?

Yeah. See, these children are rophans.

We have to make sure
they have proper supervision.

Well, I can see they're getting that.

So, I'm very proud to report to the
good people of the great state of Texas

that these children are in
the capable hands of mister...

Brewster Baker.

No shit, Dick Tracy.