Sioux City (1994) - full transcript

A young Lakota Sioux, adopted by a wealthy Jewish couple in Beverly Hills, gets in touch with his cultural roots and solves a mystery in this thriller. Because of his upbringing, Jesse Rainfeather Goldman knows almost nothing of Native American traditions. He is doing his internship when he suddenly receives an amulet from the Lakota reservation in Sioux City. It is from his real mother. Jesse's curiosity is piqued, and he immediately travels to his birthplace to learn why she sent it. Unfortunately, by the time he arrives, his mother's body is discovered in the smoldering wreckage of her home. She was shot before she was burned. Jesse's investigation into her death is not welcomed by the local captain of police and his assistant. He is almost beaten to death but is saved by his grandfather, a shaman, and a Lakota woman. The newly healed Jesse begins to explore his tribe's customs. He then contacts his mother's spirit and she leads him to the film's conclusion.

Stay with me, now.

Stay with me.

Jesse, O.R. seven's ready.


She's going into cardiac!

Any orders, doc?

Get me a pulse.

Find me a pulse!

Can't feel a pulse.

Can't get a pulse.

Come on, beat.

Beat, baby, beat. Clear!

O.R. seven! O.R. seven!


Oh, hey, did you
getmrs. Julian in her room?

Yeah, Dr. Bennett'sscheduled
to see her as soon

as he gets in.

You look like shit.

Oh, thank you.

You're welcome. Oh, um...

Reichert wants you to
see himin his office. Now.

>> What could you have

Been thinking?

Well, sir, I feltthat
Mr. Hartman's symptoms

were caused for the most
partby the medications

we were administering.

So you took himoff everything.

Yes, sir, and he
stabilizedwithin two hours.

That's not the point.

You did it without the
knowledgeor consent of his doctor.

I-I tried to get
aholdof Dr. Summers, sir,

and I couldn't.

This isn't the first
timeyou've played renegade

on me, Goldman.

I don't know what you'retrying to prove,

but don't try it hereand
don't let this happen again.

You ask before you act.

Is that clear?

Yes, sir.

You haven't taken any
timeoff in more than 18 months.

Actually, that would be19 months, sir.

Indeed. When your
shiftis over, you're on vacation.

Two weeks.

Be glad it's not a suspension.

Yes, sir.

What did reichert want?

Don't start with me.

I get cranky after 37 hours...

I'm just asking.

I got read out again.



What for?


See, now, I told you.

Should've waited.

Should've checkedwith Dr. Summers on that.

You know as well as I
dothe patient was going critical.

I'm not sayingthat you weren't right.

I'm saying that youshould've waited.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Maybe you need to getsome sleep, huh?

>> Jesse, E.R.

Stat, come on. Come on!

>> It's open, mom.

You're not dressed yet.

Not to mention not showered yet.

Well, it's goodto see you, too. Hi.

Oh... poor baby.

Mom, if I told you I
just gotoff a 44-hour shift,

would you let me skipthis one, please?

Your own birthday party!

No, I won't, not on your life.

Don't go back to sleep.

The presentationis
everything, I think. Yeah.


I feel so guilty.

Look at him.

He's exhausted.

But Darryl has him workingtriple shifts.

He's not eating or sleeping.

Leah, not tonight.

It's our son's birthday.


Indian, native American,
whatever's politically correct

for the week, I don't
thinkjesse cares one way

or the other.

You know, it's funny...

Four years of med school,
two years of internship,

I never knew this wasyour birthday.

Well, it might not be.

Excuse me?

I said that it might not be.

My parents just picked
this dateknowing I was born

sometime this month.

Must be a bitchgetting your chart read.

I think it's timeyou
opened some presents.

>> Okay. What's next?

>> Ahem.

What is it?

Okay, who gave me the rock?

Is there a card inside?

Oh, no, I'm sure there isn't.

I think this is just a jokefrom a friend.

I think this is just a jokefrom a friend.

It's, uh... uh, from...

Dawn rainfeather.

She's the woman who used

to be my mother.


>> I just, uh, came in

To get a drink.

There's plentyat the bar, honey.

I know.

Do you remember that first
daythat we brought him home?

He was so smallfor a four-year-old.

He just stood in frontof
the house, his eyes...


He was so lost.

So sad.

Every time the phone rang,
I thought it was his mother

calling to say she'dchanged her mind

about the adoption, that
she wanted him back.

And then weeks went by.



If I...

Lose him now, I'll die.

Work hard, play hard.

And his glass is empty.

No. Thanks.

Had enough, really.

It's, um...

It's... it's beautiful.

Yeah, it is.

Strange, though.

What? The amulet?

No. No, the idea of
hersending it to me at all.

She wants to meet me, talk to me.

She says she has
somethingimportant to tell me.


Is she coming here?

No. No, she wants meto go there to, uh,

the brown rocks reservationjust
outside south sioux city,


Reichert did forcetwo
weeks' vacation on you,

and it's long overdue, if you ask me.

Not you too.

Me too.

Your mother, dawn rainfeather.

What's wrong?

Uh, nothing.

I'm just a little, um...

Jesse, you okay?

Yeah, I just, uh...

Uh, a little... little dizzy.

A little dizzy, that's all.

You okay?

I'll be fine.

Jesse, wait.

No, it's... >> you all right? Breathe.

Just breathe.

Breathe. You okay?

Har-hard time bre-breathing.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

Just relax, man. Just breathe.

I'll be fine.

Jesse, breathe.

No, look at me. Look at me.

Jess, come on. Talk to me.

Hurry up, Douglas!


>> Jesse.

Shh, Jess. Jess.

Dawn: Get away from him!



Look at me. Look at me!

Jesse? Jesse?

I'm okay, really.

I'm... okay...

No, hey!


Okay, all right.

You're okay.

There is absolutelyno medical evidence

that this will help.

Humor me.

Is everyone gone?

Guess a nondrinker
like meshould've passed

on the champagne, huh?

I want you to see a doctor.

I am a doctor.

You know what I mean.

Do you want to tell mewhat really happened?

I'm okay.

Jesse, honey, if
anythingis the matter...

You'll try to make it better.


Just like you always have.

I think you shouldprobably read this.


I don't remember her at all.

I don't think I wanted to,
but for the last couple of days

whenever I've managed to close my eyes,

I-I have been having these...

Dreams, and...

And tonight something happened.

I don't know what...


You're exhausted.

You have been undertremendous stress

for months.

Well, reichert's forcing
meto take a two-week vacation.

I screwed up.

Well, I didn't reallyscrew up, but...

What are you gonna do?

Don't take thisthe wrong way.

Okay? Please, don't readanything into this

that isn't there.

I need to go visitthe reservation

where I was born.

You caught me.

Thought I'd help myselfto
some leftover cake.

Want some?

No. No, thanks.

I'm not hungry.

Mom told you, huh?


How is she?


I'm coming back, pop.

Well, I hope so.

I spoke to Darryl today.

He's worried about you.

Oh, really? He's gota
funny way of showing it.

He'd never tell youto your face, Jess,

but he respects you, even
when you break the rules.

Hey, you're a good doctor, a natural.

Don't lose sightof that, please.

I'm not running
awayfrom anything here, dad.

And... and you've gotta know
that I would never do anything

to hurt you and mom.

Yeah, I know that.

But your mother's fear...

Maybe mine... is that
you'll be the one to get hurt.

Maybe mine... is that
you'll be the one to get hurt.

Maybe mine... is that
you'll be the one to get hurt.

♪ Come down off your
throne♪ and leave your body alone

♪ somebody must change♪ you were the reason

♪ I've been waiting so
long♪ somebody holds the key

♪ well, I'm♪ maybe I'm just the guy

♪ at the time♪ and I'm wasted

♪ and I can't find♪ my way home

♪♪♪ come down on your own

♪ And leave your body
alone♪ somebody must change

♪ you are the reason♪ I've been waiting

♪ all these years♪ somebody holds the key

♪ well, I'm♪ maybe I am

♪ just the guy ♪ at the time

♪ oh, and I'm wasted♪ and I can't find

♪ my way home♪♪

♪ My way home♪♪

♪ Well, I can't find♪ my way home

♪♪♪ but I can't find my way home

♪ Ooh♪ but I can't find my way home

♪ But I can't find my way
home♪ no, I can't find my way home

♪ and I ain't done nothing
wrong♪ but I can't find my way home

♪ and I ain't done nothing
wrong♪ but I can't find my way home


>> You can't go in there.

The cop said so.


You live around here?

Ma says I can't talk
to nobody I don't know.

Well, I'm just lookingfor
someone who used

to live here.

Her name is dawn rainfeather.

Did you know her?

Well, do you know where she is now?

The house burned
down, and ma said she went

to be with her spirit familyin the sky.


What can I do for you?

Can you tell me anythingabout the fire

at 412 third street?

You got a reasonfor
wanting to know about that?

Yeah. Yeah, I was hiredby
the family of the deceased

to check into it, to...

It was a gas heaterexplosion, right?

Let me check.

Follow me.

Wait here.

Woman: Have you
always hadyour sights set

on a political career?

No, I haven't.

I never thought
aboutrunning for political office

till recently.

I've been urged by a
lotof our citizens to do that.

You got the wrong info, there, bud.

Looks like the Indian
womanthat lived there passed out,

dropped a cigarette.

Drunk, near as we can tell.

When did this happen?

It was, uh, four...

Yeah, four days ago.

Of course, if you workedfor
the family, you'd know

all about that, wouldn't ya?

>> Dan Larkin,

pick up one, please.

Just a second.


Hey, cuz, what's up?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

We're gonna cook them.

Just bring the deerthat I shot, okay?

'Cause yours gotbuckshot in it.

>> Yeah, I'll bring the beer.

And you have family here?

Oh, yes, matter of fact,
ihave a daughter about your age,

a very pretty young
lady, and I met my wife...

No, I'm gonna bring the beer.

You just tell the kidsto
eat before they get there,

'cause they'll eat meout of house and home,

all right?

See you then.

Hey, what are you doing?

Look, I know the
autopsyreport says that death

was caused by smoke inhalation,
but there's a gunshot wound...

are you some sort of expert?

No, I'm not an expert.

I'm a doctor.

What's your name?

Dr. Goldman, and I'm
notan expert, but I did a rotation

in forensics and I know... >>
you don't know what

you're talking about.

Get the hell out... >>
you're not listening to me!

As badly burned as this body
is, there's a gunshot wound

in the sternum area... >> officer Larkin,

what's going on?

I can handle it.

I'd like to reporta possible murder.

Give me about five minutes.

Well, there wasa puncture wound,

but there's a whole bunchof
possible explanations...

Injury, collapsing debris,
stored ammo that might've

exploded because of the heat.

Look, captain mcdermott, I'm a doctor.

I work the E.R.

I know what a gunshot woundlooks like.

So does officer Larkin.

I believe you two met outside.

What's he got to do with it?

Officer Larkin wasthe
first one on the scene.

He was put in chargeof the investigation.

In fact, it was hethat first brought

the alleged gunshot woundto my attention.

Even so, there's no
conclusiveevidence that it was

the cause of death.

Yes, sir, but there
isno conclusive evidence

that it wasn't.

Well, he's my best man.

If he and the coroner saydeath
was by smoke inhalation,

I gotta go along with them.

Look, son, if you've gotsomething to say,

why don't you justcome out and say it?

It just seems to me,
sir, that your department

is more interestedin controlling your stats

than getting at the truth here.

The coroner has ruledaccidental death.

Now, what are you askingme to do?

Exhume the body.

Conduct another autopsy.

That's gonna be difficult.

The body was cremated.

W-Well, then,
conductanother investigation

with the informationthat you already have.

You're not sayingmy officers didn't do

their job, are you?

'Cause if you are, you're way out of line.

Look, captain
mcdermott, I'm just asking you

to reexamine the
evidence, take another look

at the autopsy report.

If you think that thereis
any chance... any chance

whatsoever that thismight've been murder...

All right, son.

I think I know how you feel.

Maybe there's a wayi can accommodate you.

I'm gonna have all the evidence,
all the photos, all the files,

brought back and put right
hereon my desk, and I'm gonna go

through every single itemonce again.

But if I don't find anything,
that's the end of it,

all right?

That's all I'm asking.

Thank you.

♪ I look into♪ my sister's eyes

♪ she no longer can give birth♪ to a child

♪ who'll never hear a lie ♪
or be one with mother earth

♪ sickness is upon the
land♪ it's branded by a curse

♪ like a wounded eagle♪♪

♪ Like a cold, dark wind ♪
'cross the empty plains

♪ like a lonesome
whistle♪ on a midnight train

♪ hear the mountains
weeping♪ it's the sound of pain

♪ cry♪ over wounded eagle

♪ cry♪ over wounded eagle

>> Hi.


Can I help youwith something?

Yeah, I think so.

All right, I'll be with youin a minute.

Man: And we're
cruisingbehind just at that right time.

Old filbert opens that
doorand he scoops up...

>> One hand!

Well, I'd betterget going now.

Now, what can I do for you?

I was wonderingif anyone here knew

dawn rainfeather.

I-I'd like to knowif something was done

with her ashes.

>> Jewish ritual?

Yeah. I don't know any Indian ones.

Well, thanks for bringing me.

I never would've found it.

Reservation's a big place.

Well, this
isn'treservation land anymore.

Used to be a sacred
place, too, till we lost it

in some sort of treatyway back when.

So, you coming back to the post?

Nah, I don't think so.

You don't want to
meetthe rest of your kin?

There's still some
rainfeathersleft on the res.

What was she like?

I didn't really know
herthat well; She was

from south sioux.

But she was niceand pretty.

Maybe a little sad.

But she knows you've come, and that's good.


Yeah, I came.

A few days too late.

Thanks for your help.

>> Were you looking for

something specific, or is trashing my room

some kind of cowboywelcome wagon?

Well, I was lookingfor
a file that disappeared

right after you tooka look at it,

a file that hadthis picture in it.

You telling methe whole file's missing?

That's exactly whatl'm
telling you, Dr. Goldman.

You got anything to tell me?

I-I only tookthe one photograph.

You expect meto believe that?

I don't give a damnwhat you believe.

Dr. Goldman...

I'm beginning to
suspectthat your imagination's

getting away from you.

You see, this isn't L.A.

We don't have drive-by
shootingshere, or triple-digit homicides,

crimes maybe you'vegotten used to.

What we got hereis a
nice, quiet little town,

and I'm gonna do everythingin
my power to make sure

it stays that way.

Like looking the other
waywhen your office destroys

an inconvenient file?

You know, at first I thoughtthis
was all a simple case

of incompetence, but
nowit's starting to look

an awful lot like a cover-up.


I'm gonna say this just once,
so I want you to pay attention.

Don't you ever accusemy
officers of impropriety.

And don't you ever tell mehow to do my job.

You let go of me right now.

Now, I suggest you
takethat big-city attitude of yours,

put it in the trunkof that fancy car,

and get your ass back to
wherever you come from.

Otherwise, you'll find
yourselfunder arrest for theft

of county property.

You want to arrest
me, you go ahead and do it

and see what my big-city
lawyersdo to this case and your

future political career.

You want to tell me something?

How come a rich L.A.
doctorlike you is interested

in some dead Indian?

She was my mother.

I never go out with him!

Hello. Well, he'd be
worthdating if he wasn't Indian.

Oh, please, Mary, get over that!

Ten bucks says
andrewon't get him a table.

One for dinner, please.

Do you have a reservation?

Yeah, it's justoutside of town.

Beg your pardon?

No. No, I don't havea reservation.

I'm sorry, sir.

We won't have a tableavailable
for at least an hour.

May I have your name?

If you'll give me your name,
sir, I'll see what I can do.

Goldman. Jesse Goldman.

Jesse, where you been?

Hi, Andre.

Good evening, Alison.

You and, uh, Mr. Goldmanare together?


You're always late.

Sorry. I got hung up.

Hmm! So, is our table ready?

Right this way.

Is this all right?

It's lovely, thank you.

Sit down!

I'm not gonna bite you.


What the hell's he eatingfor so long?

Food stinks in there.

He may be from L.A.,
but he's still on injun time.

So, now I workin a newspaper morgue.

And, yes, before you even
ask, sometimes it's boring.

I don't know, sometimesit's fun, too.

I mean, it's better than
workingin a beef processing plant.

You know, the one you passedon the way in.

Mm. Yeah, it smells awful.

You get used to it.

Like everything else.

So, tell me about yourself.

Are you married?

Happily married?

You fool around?

No, does not apply, and yes.

But it sort of depends.

On what?

Here you are, sir.

Whenever you're ready.


This is on me.

Don't be silly.

I'm the one that picked up you.

Yes, you did.

But it's still on me.

My, my, my.

How am I ever gonnarepay your kindness?

How am I ever gonnarepay your kindness?

>> She turns me down...

Looks to me like you're

just not her type.

Shut up.

Uh, make yourself a drink if you want.

I'm not reallya bad housekeeper,

just don't finish my work,
so I bring it home with me.

Do house fires
alwaysmake the front page?

Around here they do.

I mean, it's not likea
lot goes on, you know?

It was on the newsand everything.

Did you know the victim?

No. But what didn't make
itinto the papers was that

she was an alcoholicand a prostitute.

Old news, anyway.


What's this?

It's a gift from my mother.


Does that meansomething special?

I have no idea.

Did I say something wrong?


Are you straight?

Yeah. Hopelessly so.

What about a drink?

I don't drink.

I do.

Listen, um, Alison...

The woman who diedin that fire,

before she gave me up, she was my mother.


>> Indian going into a bar.

Imagine that.

Yeah, no kidding.

We're gonna bestuck here all night.

♪♪>> What can I get you?

Cup of coffee.

Some information, please.

About what?

Dawn rainfeather.

This way.

I'm trying to find
outabout dawn rainfeather.

Can you help me out?

Dawn left US to livein the white world

a long time ago.

So you knew her?

I-I've heard some stories.

The dead can't
defendthemselves from lies.

All right, then, what's the truth?

You got reason to know?

He has reason, red bull.

This is dawn's son.

Don't get carried away.

It's supposed to looklike an accident.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Don't worry.

I know what I'm doing.

So, you believeshe was murdered.

But you haven't goneto
her family with your beliefs.

Well, what can they do?

Jolene Buckley overat trading post says

all I've got's a coupleof distant cousins

and a grandfather who thinkshe's
some sort of medicine man.

So, you don't
believethere are men who are

gifted with this power?

Well, let's just say that if he was,

he would've kept his
daughterfrom being murdered.

Not if it was meant to be.

Not if her death was to
servea greater purpose.

I'm sorry, I just don't buy that.

Her death brought you
back to your own people, didn't it?

Her death brought you
back to your own people, didn't it?

Her death brought you
back to your own people, didn't it?

Her death brought you
back to your own people, didn't it?

Whoo-hoo! Got him.

Come on!

Larkin, stop!

What the hell are you doing?

Playing chicken!

There he is!

Get him! Get him!


Run, injun boy!


That enough for ya?


You got him. You got him.

All right, get your buttoutta the way!

All right, get your buttoutta the way!

Thought you could get
awayfrom me, boy, huh? Huh?

Uhh! Ohh!

That's for poking your
nosewhere it don't belong.

That's for messingwith a white woman.


Thirsty, doc? Huh?

Come here.

Come here!

Come on, that's good, boy.

Driving under the influenceof alcohol?

Doctor ought to know better than that, huh?

That's it, boy.


>> Shh, baby.


Please help me.

Shh. Shh.

Mother. Mother.

I... I need a doctor.

The white men who did
thisto you still search for you.

You would not be safein their hospital.

He'll sleep for the day.

Look, I'm telling
you, the way I figure it,

he got up, walked a ways,
and died some place else.

That's why he wasn't
therewhen we went back.

Just our luck if he
wanderedonto reservation land.

Okay, either way, it's gonna look like

he got liquored up, cracked up, and died

some place else.

If he is dead.

I knew we should've made
surebefore we dumped him.

Well, hell, he's justgotta be dead.

He don't gotta be nothing,
and if he's alive he's gonna

be able to I.D. US both.

And if that happens,
I'm telling you right now,

I'm not going down alone.

You understand me, dawes?

Well, you had a
fever, but it's going down.

You thirsty?

I thought I dreamt all this.

Sometimes dreamsand reality are one.

I must look like shit.

You'll heal.

In time.


Well, let's have a look here.

He's worried abouthis pretty face.

>> Let me give you a hand.

>> Ah,
you look much better

Today, my son.


How long have I been out?

Time has no meaningin
the healing process.

Thank you, grandfather.

This is homewhere your grandmother and I

raised your mother.

Eh, we'll get you set up here.

I'd almost forgottenwhat
she looked like.

And now?

It's startingto come back to me.

I don't think that I
wantedto remember her...

The way she gave me away.

I remember that she was crying.

For your mother, the
tears that began that day

flowed until the day she died.

Then why did she do it?

Only she can tell you why.

And she's dead.

Oh, but her spirit lives.

Well, grandfather, I
havenever had a conversation

with a spirit.

And you don't thinkthat's possible?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

Oh, but you are wrong, son.

This is a chanupa wakan, sacred pipe.

We believe buffalo calf womangive this pipe

to the early lakota.

It is used before
oneundertakes to seek the truth.

Well, how do yougo about that?

We call it standing
out, a rite of passage,

a way to seek visions.

I don't think I believein visions.

I think you do.

>> Oh. Sorry.

I thought you'd still be asleep.

I didn't knock.

You know I hurttoo much to sleep.

I bet.

I know your
grandfather'smedicine is powerful,

but Russell thought you
mightlike some aspirin.

Aspirin? You didn't
haveanything stronger?

Here, let me help you with this.


You hungry?


This reminds meof Mexican food a little.

Frybread does, anyway.

All ethnic culturesseem
to borrow from each other

when they meet.

Oh, really? I wonderwhere
latkas come from, then?


Latkes! Latkes, you
know, potato pancakes,

usually servedwith a little applesauce

and sour cream.

It's real old-countryjewish food.

I keep forgettingthat
your parents are Jewish.

Yeah, well, they're
morecultural Jews than religious.

You miss them, don't you?

They're the only familyl've ever known.

They gave me a home, a life, a lot of love,

in spite of the fact that,
um, I wasn't such a great kid.

As a matter of fact, I
was a pretty rotten kid.

I was, uh, you know,
bitter, angry, didn't feel like I

fit in or belonged.

So I rebelled, and they
never gave up on me.

You have to understandsomething, Jo.

My mother chose to give me up.

You don't know that.

Why? You knowsomething I don't know?


Hey, look, don't judge her.

You have no idea what it's
liketo be an Indian women,

then or now, and you never will.

Excuse me.

>> I'm sorry.

You know, cousin, there's something

I don't understand... why the family had

my mother's body cremated.

We didn't order that.

Just happened.

I'm never gonna find
outwhat I need to know.

Um... there's lots
of waysto find answers.

We talking about
ritualsand ceremonies again?

Don't dismiss it too lightly.

I did for years.

I'm a modern Indian...

Who found some...

Charismatic church thing,
but that didn't work for me.

I floundered around for
years, did a lot of drugs.

Got in a lot of trouble.

Then your grandfather, he...

Showed me some of the...

Old ways.

Jesse, haven't you ever beenin a situation,

maybe as a doctor, where you just had to go

with your heartinstead of your head?

Yeah. Yeah, not too
long ago, as a matter of fact?

Were you right?

Yes, I was right.

Wasn't that enough?

Grandfather: This ismy
favorite time of day, as I

watch for the daybreak star.

You know, it's as if each dawn, the world

has another chance for a new beginning.

Jesse: There's something
I've been meaning to ask you,


I look aroundand all I see is poverty.

The schools are ill-equipped.

Clinics can't handlethe number of patients

who come in.

There's practically no jobsand
no future for the children.

You think we shouldleave the reservation

and live like the wasichu?

Well, there's a better
worldout there for you.

You could be part of it.

If we leave, if we give up this land,

then we cease to exist.

You know that my parents

are Jewish, and being jewishis not just

a religious preference.

It's a whole culturaland
historical heritage.

I mean, yes, the jewslive
among the dominant culture.

They do so throughout the
world, but they have never lost

their sense of identity.

And they have never
struggledto regain their homeland,

never fought to returnto
their own holy land?

The establishmentof the state of Israel

is something altogetherdifferent.

Is it?

I feel your passion, Jesse.

This land is our soul.

It is our mother.

It is the home of wakan
tankaand the spirits

of our ancestors.

It is only here that wecan
truly be who we are.

Forgive me, grandfather,
but it's that kind of belief

that causes your childrento
grow up with poor education,

poor healthcare, and no hope.

Do we suffer for our beliefs?

Yes, I think we do, just as the goldmans

and their parents before
themsuffered for theirs.

But what is a man who
hasall the things this life

can offer, but for it has given up

his immortal soul?

You think that'swhat I've done?

Well, you deny your heritage.

I don't know my heritage.

Then I think it's timeyou learned.

Look, he said he would call

Me, and he didn't.

Maybe he didn't want to speak to you.

No, he hasn't beento his hotel in days.

He hasn't picked uphis messages!

Will you listen to me?

Look, look...!

These are from his parents.

They are worried too.

He's fine, okay?

I want to see him.


Look, tell him I'm here.

Oh, god, Jesse.

You did what?

Well, I wanted to seeif
Jesse Goldman was okay.

He's a doctor that I
metat the final edition.

I know who he is.

Well, he didn't report
this, but he was beaten

and left for dead.

He says that Dan Larkin did it.

Ah! He told you that, did he?

Jesse said it's because
he'sbeen asking about his mother.

He believes thatshe was murdered.

Well, he's crazy.

Daddy, he thinksthat you're responsible.

That proves he's crazy.

I didn't even know his mother.

No, I mean about the beating.

I told him...

That he was wrong, that you would never do

anything like that.

So, was I wrong?

No. Of course youweren't wrong, baby.

Look, I don't think you
should see him again.

He's courting nothingbut trouble.

I don't want you caughtin the middle.

Look, baby, listen to me.

Sweetheart, you've gotno
idea how much I love you

and your mother, how hard I've worked

to protect you from
thingsyou don't understand,

from people who woulddo you harm.

Look at me.

Come on, now.

I want you to promise
meyou won't see him again.

I can't promise you that.

I told you to stay awayfrom him.

Have you gone to bed with you?


Answer me!

Answer me!

No, I am not gonnaanswer you.

You have no rightto ask me that!



You're kidding me, right?

Don't tell meyou don't know how to ride,

fancy rich boy like you.

Uhh! Of coursei know how to ride.

What, sidesaddle?

Where are we going?

We're here.

Here, I brought youthis jacket.

It's gonna get cold real soon.

Something, isn't it?

It sure ain't Griffith park.

What's that?

It's this park.

It's in the center of...

Never mind.

It's not important.

How'd you find this place?

Well, it sort of found me.

I come up herewhenever I start to forget

what's really important in life.

But usually alone?


But not this time.

Getting cold.

Yeah, it is.

I'd make US a fire, but I must've skipped

that part in boy scouts.

Think I have a better idea.




No words.

No promises.

Just hold me.

You've decided to trystanding out?


Grandfather: From this
momentuntil the end of your quest,

no food or waterwill pass your lips.

No sleep will close your eyes.

You will touch no woman, and keep close

to only your wotai, your personal charm.

I ask wakan tanka, the great spirit,

to be with you, for now it begins.

>> The spirit comes to US...

To the north, buffalo people...

Our strength, our endurance,
and our truth comes to US.

What is pure...

Courage and blessings...

We ask...

For our brother and son.

To the east, what sun rises,

giving US another sacred day.

To the south, the spirits

and the spotted eaglegive US peace.

We offer this sacred tobaccoto begin...

Our inipi ceremony.

May all our relatives live.

As you enter the wombof mother earth,

may this sweat lodge
ceremonywith its life-blood of water

cleanse and prepare
your bodyand your spirit

as you stand aloneand await for three days

and nightsand as you seek the truth

through sacred visions.

The kid's doingthe vision thing,

so figure we waittill he goes off alone,

we trail him.

And then once he's offreservation land...

you do nothing.

You fucked up once, Dan.

This time just let me know where he goes.

We'll handle it together.


These belong to your mother.

She speaks to youthrough these things.

I don't understand.

These things tellthe story of her life,

and of yours.

Know them...

And you will know the truth.

You know where you're going?

Yeah, thanks.


I'm gonna go to the
spotwhere my mother's ashes

were scattered.

You know that's
notreservation land anymore.

I know.

I don't know if it's sucha
good idea, you going up there.

Oh, I think he'll be
safeas long as he remains

within a sacred circle.

Got everything you need?

I hope you findwhat you're looking for.

In some ways, I thinki already have.


♪ I praise you♪ for the rivers

♪ the mountains and the
streams♪ I praise you for the eagle

♪ the visions♪ and the dreams

♪♪♪ I praise all your creation

♪ The mountains and the
streams♪ and I praise you for the eagle

♪ the visions and the dreams♪ I...

♪♪♪ I praise you for my children

♪ The mountains and the
streams♪ and I praise you for the eagle

♪ the visions and the dreams♪♪

♪ The visions and the dreams♪♪

♪ I praise you for my people
♪ the mountains and the streams

♪ I praise you for the eagle ♪
the visions and the dreams

♪ the visions and the dreams ♪
the visions and the dreams

♪ ah! >>

Why won't you listen to me?

I want to help.

You want to help?

Then go hometo your tidy white house

in your tidy white
cityand leave Jesse alone.

Look, I can't.

You see this?

Where did you get that?

That's Jesse's.

No, it's not.

I found it in my father's
deskdrawer, along with a file

and a photographof his mother.


Found him.


She was nice and pretty.

Maybe a little sad.

[ Thunder rumbling
I >> She speaks to you

Through these things.

Know them, and you will know the truth.

Dawn left US to live in the white world

a long time ago.

Don't judge her.

>> Her death brought you

Back to your own people.

For your mother, the
tears that began that died

flowed until the day she died.

Flowed until the day she died.


Let go of him!

No! No!




>> She's my mother.

She's my mother.

She is my mother!

You killed my mother.

I wasn't the oneto
pull the trigger, boy.

No, of course not.

You'd never dirty your hands.

You had larking do
it, just like you had him

take care of me.

You're jumping to
someawful dangerous conclusions

with nothing to back it up.

I don't need proof.

I know the truth!

You do, do you?

You were her husband.

You married her!

It was an Indian ceremony.

Didn't mean shit.

My mother loved you!

She was bought, boy.

Taken care of.

That's all it was.

No. No, she loved you.

And no matter what you didto her, no matter

how you tried to hurt her,
she took all of your hatred

into her heart and she triedto heal it.

She wouldn't listen!

And you killed her for it!

I warned her more than once!

She gave me up for you!

She gave me up for you!

And she saved your lifedoing it.

That's right.

No way I was gonna recognizeyou as my own.

No way I was gonna havesome
bastard breed as my son.

You know, I figuredonce I told her

what had to happen, that she had to get rid

of you or I'd killed you,
it'd be over, but it wasn't.

She told me she wrote to
you, asked you to come here.

She was gonna tell you everything.

Well, I couldn'tlet that happen.

But you came anyway.

And being the bastard you
are, the first thing you did

was take my daughter to bed!

Don't shoot him!


You think you canfrighten me, boy, huh?

I kicked your asswhen you were a boy,

and I'll kick it again!

Uhh! Uhh! Aah!


Stop! Stop! Uhh!

Aah! Ow!

>> Stop it!

You were gonna kill him.

Baby, I... I was doing itfor you and...

no, no, no, no.

And your mother.

You stay right where you are.

You too!

Take it easy, baby.

Don't do anything foolish now.

Don't make mehurt you, daddy.


Why did you do it?

You... all those years...
you kept the amulet.

The picture!

You must've loved her.

That was a long time ago,
baby, that was a different time.

I was young and foolish.

I made a lot of mistakes.

Mistakes. Mistakes?

He's my brother!

The son... you were gonna... >>
take it easy. Take it easy.

Kill your son?

Easy, now.

Easy. Easy.




>> Grandfather:
The lakota

Whistle up a drum to honor
you, Jesse, as you take

your rightful place as
a member of your tribe.

And you and your family
must, in turn, honor your people

with a give-away, the
giving of gifts as a token

of your blessings upon them.

Today we purifiedyour mother's spirit

and freed her to returnto wakan tanka.

That is reason for celebration, my son.

Thanks for savingmy life.


Oh, so what, now you're counting!

Oh, hey.

You talk to Allison?

Yeah, I tried to.

I don't think she's readyto talk to me yet.

Well... talk to her again.

Send her your prayers.

Her her all our prayers.

Oh. I almost forgotto tell you.

A couple of kidsfound your car.

I had it towed in, tire changed.

Mm! Funny thing is, that car phone of yours

was still there.

I made a few calls,
long-distance to south Dakota.

All your relationssend their love.

Yeah, I figure I'll take
offfirst thing in the morning.

I'll make it home in three,
four days if I don't push it.




I promised myselfi wouldn't cry.

I know you gotta go home.

I know.

So come with me.

I can't.

You don't want to?

I don't want to.

I-I have to go.

I know.

Daybreak star.

With her gift of a new day.

I don't know how to say good-bye.

We don't say good-byein lakota.

We'll see each other again.

You found your way homeonce before.

When you're ready, your home...

And your land will behere waiting for you.

I got a little somethinghere for you.

I got a little somethinghere for you.

You take care, my son.

I was on my way out of town.

Thought I'd stopand say good-bye.

Can I come in?

I don't think so.

I'm sorry, Allison.

I'm so sorry for everything.

I never meant to hurt you.
I... >> I know. I don't blame you.

I mean, you were tryingto
find out who you were.

I guess now I have to dothe same thing.

Please let me help you.

Let me be part of your life.

Not yet.

Not now, Jesse.

Maybe someday.

Wait a minute.

You know, I think your
motherwould've wanted you to have

this one, too.

No, I think you should keep it

and know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

And know that if you
everneed me, I'll be here.

Okay, fine.

All you have to dois sign on this line...

All you have to dois sign on this line...

All you have to dois sign on this line...


Well, listen here, little brother.

You see this?

Big medicine.

You hold onto thiswhile
I give you the shot,

you won't feel a thing.

You might as well try it.

What have you got to lose?

I'm still gonna give youthe shot anyway.

There you go.

All done.

Really didn't hurt at all.

All you gotta do is believe.

Get outta here.

Go get your sister.

Nurse: Yeah, if you don't mind.

We're a little backed
uphere, so if you could just

go ahead and fill this out... >>
Jolene: Dr. Goldman, they say

you've been here over 11 hours.

Don't you think it's
timeyou called it a day?

So, I'm almost afraidto ask... what are

you doing here?

Well, I've been setting
upmarkets for some of the crafts

on the reservation, and, uh...

I thought L.A. might
bea good market for that.

And I could mixa little business

with vacation.

Well, I'm glad you're here.

>> For how long?

Oh, a month or so...

Or however long it takesto
convince you to come back

with me.

Oh! Or for me to convinceyou to stay.

Oh, stay here?

Yes, stay here.

You can meet my folks.

My mother would love
you, and I could take you

to my special place.

We could get a nice table,
and I don't need a reservation.

♪ He was an American son♪ a fortunate child

♪ a chosen one♪ he kept his face to the sun

♪ his back to the past ♪
but his walk was not done

♪ he turned around♪ and saw himself

♪ but the face belonged♪ to someone else

♪ find your way home ♪
gotta find your way home

♪ like a hawk that
flies♪ like a baby that cries

♪ find your way home ♪
you gotta find your way home

♪ remember the look ♪
in your grandfather's eyes

>> ♪ hey-ah hey-hey-ah

♪ he went to the place♪ of his birth

♪ he saw the good land♪ his mother earth

♪ he knew that the journey♪ might hurt

♪ but he held out his hands ♪
and discovered his worth

♪ he turned around♪ and saw the road

♪ that brought him where♪ the brave

♪ the brave only go♪ find your way home

♪ you gotta find your way
home♪ like the drums in your head

♪ like your heart pumping
red♪ find your way home

♪ gotta find your way
home♪ remember the words

♪ that your grandfather

♪ Hey-ah hey-hey-ah ♪
when you find yourself lost

♪ and you don't know♪ who you are

♪ no matter the cost ♪
gotta follow your heart

♪ if you just let it go ♪
your heart will lead you home

♪ you won't be alone♪♪

♪ Find your way♪ find your way home

♪ Find your way home♪ find your way

♪ find your way home♪ find your way

♪ gotta find your way home♪ find your way

♪ find your way home♪ find your way

♪ gotta find your way
home♪ like a hawk that flies

♪ like a baby that cries ♪
like your heart pumping red

♪ like the drums ♪
a-beating inside your head

♪ Find your way