Sins of the Night (1993) - full transcript

Jack Nietsche is a hardened ex-con who now works as an insurance investigator for Anaconda Casualty Company, a casualty insurance firm run by Ted Quincy. Quincy's ex-lover is Roxie, now wife to godfather Tony Falcone. In a huge mix-up/double-cross, Roxie plots with Jack to get rid of Falcone and Quincy, one an abusive husband, the other a demented role playing ex-lover, and run away with Jack. But the double crossings don't end there.


JACK (VOICEOVER): Man, I don't
understand certain women.

And I don't get my own
self-destructive tendencies.

I really went out of my
way to try and help her

and cut myself a little
slack in the process.

But I almost got killed over it.

Talk about getting cut on
the wrong side of a con game.

Well, partner.

That's the easiest it's $4
million we'll ever make you.

Think you got things
a little mixed up, Ted.

Oh, really?

JACK: Put the gun down, Quincy.

TED: I thought I told you to
stay off this case, Nietzsche.

Well, you know me.

I've always had a
problem with authority.

No, your problem is you
don't know about the deal Roxy

and I cut.

Is that right?

Yeah, gonna split the
insurance money on Falcone.

I get her and the money.

The only thing it looks
like you get from here

is a long prison term.

Is that right?


JACK (VOICEOVER): But anyway,
I'm getting ahead of myself.

This whole business really
began with the Laura

Winters case, an insurance
scam I was investigating.


Just put them on
the kitchen table.

How much is that going to be?

YOUNG MAN: $30, ma'am.

Thank you.

Keep the change.



All right.

OK, I'll let him know.


Mr. Quincy.

Mr. Quincy, that was
the radio station.

They're ready when you are.

Put it through to my office.

Let me know when Jack comes in.

Theodore Quincy here.

Nice to be on the show.

Thank you, Mr. Quincy.

As you know, "Make a
Difference" profiles people

in the community who
are making a difference.

For those of our
listeners who may not

know of your involvement with
the correctional facilities,

why don't you give
us a brief overview?

Well, it really came
about by accident.

One of my employees
had a relative

who needed a job
in order to qualify

for a prison parole program.

Anyway, I took a
chance with him,

and he's still with me
today, over four years later.

HOST (ON PHONE): I think
our listeners should also

know you're on the board
of directors for Lend

a Hand, an organization
that coordinates

early parole programs.

Well, I just think,
as a business man,

it makes sense to tap into as
many resources as possible.

And I think that sometime
in our lives we've--

we've all been in a position
of needing a second chance.


Excuse me.

You look a lot better in person.

You must be Jack Nietzsche.

That's right.

Your real name Laura Winters?



Look, lady,
don't fuck with me.

I've had a tough day already.

I mean, hiding in the
bushes outside your window,

watching you miraculously
rise up from your wheelchair,

fucking your brains out for
two hours with some moron.

Although, that's not
bad for a woman who

was paralyzed from
the waist down.

What else do
you know about me?

JACK: I know you
won a fat settlement

from Anaconda Casualty Company.

I know you quit your job.

And now I know you're a liar.

Prove it.

It's my word against yours.

What do you want?

Surprise me.

LAURA: Maybe this will cloud
your memory a little bit.

JACK: Things are getting
a little fuzzy already.

Now, why don't we just
hammer out the details.


I just wanted you to
know that I get off now.

I'm going to have to
take a rain check on that.

Don't wait too long, Jack.

But I'll call you.

that was Laura Winters.

Pretty hot looking, huh?

And she fit in real
nice with a little game

I was running on my job with
the Anaconda Casualty Company.



You awake?

It's OK.

TONY: Sorry I'm late.

I got hung up downtown.

Well, I was tired anyway.

TONY: You smell great.

Tony, I'm not a car.

You can't just turn the
key and start me up.

Well, when did you become
such a high class bitch?

Maybe some people change.

TONY: Yeah?

Well, I liked you
better the other way.

Tony, I've got an idea.

Why don't we try
something new tonight?

All right, I'm game.

Like what?


Conversation, Rox.

Hell, I don't think
that's your strong suit.

How would you know?

TONY: Don't you forget
where I found you.

Why don't you get
out of these things,

get a little more comfortable.

What do you think?



MACHINE): This is Jack.

Do it at the beep.


Are you there?

This is Sue Ellen.

Please pick up.

I know you're there.


We'll, if you get this message,
you better get here right away.

I don't know how much
longer I can cover for you.

Hurry up.


OK, let's go.

Up and at 'em.


JACK: Hey.

How are you with coffee?

Hello, Sue Ellen.

Jack, where were you?

He's waiting in your office.

Rough night.

You know, you're the only
one that worries about me?

How about a cup of coffee?




Almost like somebody
did get laid last night.

Listen, smart ass,
I don't need this.

Now, either you get here
on time like everyone else,

or I'll just call
the parole office

and tell them things
aren't working out.


Quince, I was working.

TED: On what?

The Winters case.


No, but I'm on top of her.


She loves me.

TED: I want you to put
Winters on the back burner.

I want you on this now--

top priority.

Aw, Quince, I'm swamped.

I got a dozen things going.

I don't care
what you got going.

Just do it.


I'm in love.

That's Roxy.

Back then, she was Roxanna
Flowers, exotic dancer,

All-American bitch.

She beat us big time
on a whiplash scam.

Said it ruined her career, Then
she dropped out of sight, just

when I was about to nail her.

I want you to find her.

Find her, that's it?

Quince, I'm not a
private investigator.

Don't we have somebody
that can handle this?

I'm telling you
to do it, aren't I?

Now, word is she's around.

So find her.

I'll get right on it.

And wear this.

truth was I was interested.

What was it about some stripper
that would make Quincy have

me drop everything to find her.

Knowing him, she must
have been a real freak.

How you doing, Jack?

Sue Ellen, you got
that look going again.

[LAUGHS] What look?

That I want to take you
home and have your baby look.

I thought men
like you didn't turn

down opportunities, especially
when it's a sure thing.

Sue Ellen, I'm not the
guy you're looking for.

The kind of guy you
want is from Kansas,

carries home pictures of
his kids in his wallet.

That's just not me.

Why don't you
just stop feeling

sorry for yourself, Jack?

You're a terrific kid.

Jack, would you
stop playing with me?


A pie.

Bake me a pie.

I'm a sucker for
a good apple pie.


out every strip joint,

triple X arcade, and sleazy
corner in Los Angeles.

No Roxanne Flowers,
not even a hint.

She's not the sort of
lady a guy easily forgets.

So it was my guess
that she was long gone.

If I was going to find her, I
needed to think up a new angle

and pray for a lot of luck.


You sound like
you're out of breath.

What are you doing?

Cheating on me?

Jack, no, I just ran
from the back room.

You know I'm saving it for you.

Yeah, the check's in the mail.

Jack, be nice.

Listen, I've been
on my feet all day.

I need somebody to rub some life
back in these tired muscles.


What's in it for me.

Dinner and sex.

In that order?

That's up to you.

So how does it feel
to fuck an ex con?

Mm, if you were really an ex
con, you would have tied me up.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?


You're a freak.

You know that?


Remember me?



Roxanne Flowers.

She's gorgeous.

Starting a talent agency?

JACK: Just work.

Oh, with work like
her, who needs play?


I'm doing this insurance thing.

I need to find her.

A woman like that shouldn't
be too hard to find.

Oh, you'd be surprised.

I've asked everybody.

And the best I can come
up with is a guy who said

he knew her from Woodstock.

Well, that narrows it
down to about 600,000.



Give me her picture.

I'll pass it around the club.

A lot of women go through there.

No shit?

All right, thanks.

You're welcome.


somewhere had to know something

about this Roxanne Flowers.

How could a woman who had some
notoriety as a stripper just


The streets weren't
getting me anywhere.

But I didn't have
anywhere else to go.

So I kept looking.



It's Kay.

Listen, I might have
something for you

on that Roxanne Flowers.

One of the girls seems to
remember a friend of a friend

who worked in a high
class whore house

in the hills owned
by Tony Falcone.

She thinks this Roxanne
and Falcone got married.

Anyway, she's going to try
to pick up the address.

So call me later.


kind of whorehouses

I knew about were sleazy phony
massage parlors, with burned

out sluts who always
pitched for more money

and still threw you a dead fuck.

But this place was
different, nice.

I could be
comfortable here fast.

Reminds me of my place.

May I help you?

JACK: Yeah, I was told
to ask for Danielle.

I'm Danielle.

I'm looking for a woman.

What kind of woman
did you have in mind?

JACK: No, that's
not what I mean.

I'm searching for someone.

I was told she worked here once.

Are you a police officer?

Do I look like a cop?

Cops come in all
shapes and sizes.

I wouldn't know.

My name's Nietzsche,
Jack Nietzsche.

I work for Anaconda
Casualty Company.

I'm looking for a
woman, Roxanne Flowers.


Can't help you.

Beautiful woman.

Not the kind of face
you forget, I suppose.

Maybe you know by her married
name, Roxanne Falcone?


JACK: That's strange because
I heard that Mr. Falcone

owns this establishment.

Well, maybe, you should
talk to Mr. Falcone.

All right.

Thanks anyway.

It's been real enlightening.

Mr. Nietzsche, any
relation to the philosopher?

Yeah, I'm his twin brother.

Oh, Mr. Nietzsche,
do you mind telling

me who referred you to me?

That wouldn't be very
discreet of me now, would it?

LES: Yeah, I can get
you in to see Falcone.

But I'm sure he's not going
to appreciate a friend of mine

questioning him about
his wife who may or may

not be the lady who
ran an insurance scam,

what-- five years ago?


I guess you're right.

I don't know what the
hell I'm talking about.

Guess I'm going to have to
just work another angle.

That's all.

Good luck.

But remember, with
someone like Falcone,

you don't always
get a second chance.





There's a Ms. Ward
here to see you.


She's not scheduled.

She says she knows you.


Send her in.

So we meet again, Ms. Ward.

Sit down.

You know, I was reading
up on our friend Nietzsche,

the philosopher-- you
know, my twin brother.

He says that men should be
trained for war and women

for the recreation
of the warrior.


Sounds like your line
of work, recreation.

I'll get right to the
point, Mr. Nietzsche.

I spoke with Roxane
Flowers about you today.

I thought you said
you didn't know her.

She's an acquaintance of mine.

JACK: Why didn't
you say so before?

Because you showed up
at my home unannounced.

I didn't know who you were.

And I'm not in the
habit of giving

out information to strangers.

Especially in your business.

I knew you'd understand.

Ms Flowers is
willing to meet you.

She wants to clear
this matter up.

Well, actually, it's
my boss, Mr. Quincy, that

would like to speak to her.


She's agreed only to meet you.

That's the way it's
going to have to be.

That's fine.




Any place but here.

She said she'd explain
why when she meets you.

Fair enough.

By the way, should I call her
Ms. Flowers or Mrs. Falcone?

Her friends all call her Roxy.


began to understand what

Quincy got all worked up about.

Roxanne Flowers was pretty hot.

I got a tape of her act in the
mail, but no name and no return


Obviously, someone
was beating me.

But who?

And why?

It didn't matter anyway.

I was finally going to meet her.



How come something tells
me that's here to see you?

That, my friend, is
Roxanne Flowers, a.k.a.

Roxy Falcone.

Oh shit.

Don't worry.

It's strictly business.

Look, I don't want
to hear anymore.

Just take her somewhere
where no one will see her.

The last thing I need is Tony
Falcone thinking his wife

comes here to get laid.

Scotch, soda, lime.

I like a man with
scotch on his breath.

So you're Roxy Falcone?

Better known as Roxanne Flowers.

You've done your
homework Mr. Nietzsche.

I caught your act.

It's out on video.

I didn't know there were
any of those still around.

I watched it twice.

Shall we discuss
business, Mr. Nietzsche?



I suppose Ted Quincy
put you up this.

The only reason I'm here
is because I want him out

of my life once and for all.


I thought you were
here to see me.

Another time, another place.

I'm going to hold you to that.

Quincy thinks I'm here to settle
a fraudulent claim you made

against Anaconda years ago.

[SCOFFS] Is that
what he told you?

It figures.

Excuse me?

My claim was
totally legitimate.

I went to trial.

I won.

I collected.

Those injuries ruined my career.

Mr. Quincy thinks there's
evidence to the contrary.

That's a lie.

Why would he make that up?

Because he had a thing for me.

He still has a thing for me.

The only thing Ted Quincy
caught me in was a weak moment,

and we had an affair.


I never thought I'd
envy Quincy anything.

Go on.

But like most men, he just
couldn't leave it at that.

He wanted me all to himself, his
own private little recreation.

So you and Ted had an affair--

how good could that have been?

You're not too
smart, are you, Jack?

And you obviously
don't know Ted Quincy.

You want an education?

Check out the safe in
his office sometime.

The point is I want
to put an end to it--

all of it.

Well, what can he do?

I mean, really?

Case is closed.

Money's gone.

Your married life goes on.

Can he smear your name?


Everybody knows
you're a stripper.

What's he going to do?

Tell your husband
you were a whore?

I mean, that's
where you met him.




Who the fuck do you think
you're dealing with here?

I'm going to ask
you once, nicely--

where were you tonight?

I told you.

I was with Danielle.

Why was your car not here?

One of the girls got stuck.

I had to go get her.

Remind me to have Danielle
fire that bitch tomorrow.

It's all right.

It's over, all right?

I'm OK.

You just have to understand
that when you go out,

you tell me where you're going.

Because you know why?

Because you're mine, sweetie.

And you're always
going to be mine.

You understand?

Now, you want to make me happy?

You know I do.

I knew you'd say that.


I want you to dance for me.

Tony, please.

I want you to
fucking dance for me.


Come on, Roxy.

You can do better than that.

Come on, dance.

Dance like you're going
to make love to the music.

That's not good enough.

Come on.

I want to see some skin.

Take it off, Roxy.


Yeah, that looks good.

Turn around.


Oh, yeah.

That looks good.

We have showtime.


You know what I want you to do?

I want you to crawl to me.

[CRYING] Tony, please.

(ANGRY) I want you
to fucking crawl to me.

Get on your fucking
knees and crawl to me!


Crawl to me now.

Crawl to me, you fucking trash!


That's a good girl.

I knew you wanted to.

Come to me.

That's a good girl.

I knew you would do that.



JACK (VOICEOVER): I couldn't
figure out Roxy's game yet.

Maybe she liked to be treated
the way Falcone treated her.

Maybe she deserved to
be treated like that.

Some woman suck you in that way,
and then fuck you in the end.

One thing I did know, I
wanted more than Roxy.

I wanted everything
Falcone had--

the house, his woman,
his business, the power--

all of it.

If an asshole like Falcone
could have it, why not me?


Good job.

Now, I'm taking
you off the case.

I'll handle it from here.

What are you talking about?

Just what I said.

You're out.

I'm in.

Putting you back on
the Winters' case.

Hey, wait a minute, Quince.

Don't jerk me around like
I'm some fucking punk.

You don't get it.

Do you, Jack?

You are a punk--

my punk.

And punks do what
they're told, or they

get sent back to prison.

You're bullshit, Quince.

This has nothing to do with
insurance, and you know it.

Oh, is that right?

Is that what Roxy told you?

She didn't need
to tell me anything.

It's written all over your face.

Now, let me do my job.

[LAUGHS] Your job?

Your job is what
I tell you it is.

Don't push your luck, Jack.

You're just a fucking
ex-con on parole.

And nobody loves a con.

Is there anything else, Jack?

Uh, no, thanks.

Let's call it a day.


Good night.

Wait up.

I'll walk with you.

Say, did you ever
bake me that pie?

Jack, this is Roxy.

I have to talk to you.

I'll be at Danielle's after 9.

Please come.


was meeting Roxy at 9:00.

So why did I go to
Sue Ellen's apartment?

Maybe she was right about me.

I just couldn't pass
up a sure thing.

Come on in, stranger.

Join the party.

Do you want a drink?

[LAUGHS] I've never
seen you like this before.

You look different.

You're not going to try to
take advantage of me, are you?

[LAUGHS] Shouldn't I
be the one who's worried?

I mean, after all, you
are Jack Nietzsche.


La piece de résistance.

You're not going to have any?


We bombshells have
to watch our fingers.


Almost as good as sex.


No, really, everything
has been great.

I haven't eaten like this
since Thanksgiving dinner

in the joint.

[LAUGHS] Wait here.

I'll be right back.

Sue Ellen?

SUE ELLEN: In here.

Listen, it's
getting kind of late.

I think I should be going.


Jack, could you come
in here a minute?

Oh, jeez.


Don't you want to see if sex
is still better than apple pie?


Oh, no, no.

Hey, no.

No, Jack.

Don't go!

Please, don't go.

Come on.

I want you to fuck me.

I know what you need.

You need me.


Yeah, you do.

Let me show you.

Let me show you.

Let me show you.

Come on.

Come here.

Come here.


Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey!

(ANGRY) I guess
you've got better things

to do than to fuck me, huh?

Sue Ellen.

Sue Ellen, I'm sorry.

I never should have come here.

Can't we just be friends?

No, we can't.

Just go away!

I don't want to
leave like this.


Just get out of my life.

Get the fuck out of my life!


JACK (VOICEOVER): Sure thing
or not, I had to keep focused.

Falcone had what I wanted.

And the way to get
that was through Roxy.

ROXANNE: You're pretty sure
of yourself, aren't you?

I'm not a hooker anymore.

I don't need money.

What do you need?

ROXANNE: You've got
all the answers.

Why don't you tell me?

I'd say you need
a man, someone

who doesn't give a shit
you are a hooker, but let's

Roxy be Roxy.


Sounds nice.

But what's in it for you?

I don't know.

Man's a simple animal.

He has simple needs.

That's the problem with men.

They think life's so simple.

Why don't we just start
simply and work our way up.



Jack's in an awful hurry.

Well, you have more
company, Darling.

Who is it?

DANIELLE: Ted Quincy.

He must have seen Jack
because he doesn't look happy.

Stall him a few minutes.

Then send him to my room.


You're finally starting
to see things my way.

Do I have a choice?

May as well make the best of it.

Smart girl.

What did Nietzsche want?

Take a guess.

A lot of women
find him attractive.

In a way.

He can't do anything
for me though.

He's just a trick.

That's what I like
about you, Roxy.

You always got your
eye on the brass ring.

You only go around once, Ted.

Shall we?

It's been a long time.

TED: Where the hell
you been all night?

You were out having
sex, weren't you?

Look at you.

You're nothing but
a fucking tramp.

I bet you're not wearing
panties, are you?

You like it when I don't
wear panties, don't you?

Shut up!

I can just imagine what
you're thinking when

you're out at bars
dressed like that,

with nothing on underneath.

Well, I think
I'm a whore, Ted.

And I think you like the idea
of me screwing other men.

I was with another
man tonight, Ted.

You like that, don't you?


Maybe I was with
more than one man.

Maybe I was with a
lot of different men--

a lot of different men.

Shut up, you fucking slut.

That's all you ever were--

a fucking slut.

Well, what if--

(WHISPERS) what if one of those
men followed me home tonight?

What would you do, Teddy?

Maybe he's outside right
now, huh, looking at us.

What would that make
you do, Teddy bear?

I'll fucking kill you, whore.


sleep well that night.

I kept thinking
about Roxy. (ECHOING)

She was really getting to me.

I was starting to like her--

sexy and smart--
my kind of woman.

I don't fall in love easily,
and I felt myself slipping.

It made me uncomfortable.

When you didn't respond
to my letter, Mr. Nietzsche,

I became concerned, and
I contacted Mr. Quincy.

As you know, the
terms of your parole

require a satisfactory
work report.


So how am I doing?

Mr. Quincy feels that
your work performance hasn't

been up to his standards.

there are instances

of absence and tardiness.

A bottle of liquor
was found in your desk

and reports of
association with the wife

of an organized crime figure.

You want to know how many
times I jerked off last week?

This isn't an occasion for
flippancy, Mr. Nietzsche.



When's the execution?

For the time being
you can remain here.

Next week, a determination will
be made whether to remand you

back to prison.

Great seeing you
again, Uncle Ted.

Laurel, you get more
beautiful every time I see you.

Say hi to your dad for me, huh?

I will.

Next week, Mr. Nietzsche.

Uncle Ted?

What the hell was that about?

Sorry, Jack.

I want you out of here
by the end of the day.

You never could leave
her alone, could you?

Case closed, Nietzsche.

You're history.


You want to go back
to prison, Jack?

Let me tell you something.

As far as Roxy's
concerned, you were nothing

but a pity fuck from day one.

Is that right?

And how the fuck would you know?

Get the fuck out of here
before I call security.

It's too bad dead
hookers can't talk.

I'm sure your ex-wife
had a hell of a story.

Danielle Ward.

JACK (ON PHONE): Hi, Danielle.

This is Jack.

Oh, hello, Jack.

I need to speak to Roxy.

Is she there?

No, I'm sorry.

She isn't.

Can I take a message for
her in case she calls?

Just tell her I was
thinking about her, OK?



He was thinking about you.

Absence makes the
heart grow fonder.


MACHINE): This is Jack.

Do it at the beep.

Jack, this is Roxy.

I wish you were there.

Your office said you were gone.

Right after you left last
night, Quincy came by.

He must have followed you.

He forced his way
into Danielle's.

He took me into a room--

Roxy, where are you?

Where are you?

You're OK?

All right.

Come over here.

I don't care.
Make an excuse.

Just get over here.

You were right.

I checked out Quincy's
friend to his ex-wife.


She was a prostitute, you know?

He was a suspect in a murder.

I know.

And now you've
taken her place.

Jack, he forces me to
dress up in a blonde wig

so I look like her, tell him
things I do with other men.


Don't you see?

That's what Quincy's all about.

He loves prostitutes.

He loves everything about them.

Only when he found out
Mrs. Quincy was fucking

everything around him,
threatening to leave him,

he couldn't handle it.

He flipped out.

That's why I think
he killed her.

He might do it again.

What are you talking about?

She's dead.

She is.

But you're not.


Where's this going, Jack?

That depends.

I hope depends
means Ted and Tony.

You come with a
lot of baggage, lady.

We both come with a
few strings attached.

But the point is what are
we going to do about it?

Why don't we cut
the bullshit and throw

some cards on the table?

Get out, Jack.

Stop thinking with
your dick for a change

and do the right thing.

JACK: Look, Les, I got a hot
piece of ass on the line.

And if I play my shit
right, I'm going to step

right into Falcone's shoes.

Since when has a piece of
pussy ever paid you dividends?

There's always a first time.

No pussy-- repeat-- no pussy
is worth what Falcone's going

to do to your ass when
he finds out you've been

sniffing around his old lady.

You know he keeps that
bitch on a tight leash.

Hey, hey!

Is any of this getting
through to you?

Yeah, I hear you.

But what the fuck, huh?

LES: What the fuck?

TONY: Hello, Quincy.

TED: Hello, Tony.

Long time no see.

What can I do for you?

I hear you've been
investigating my wife.

Who told you that?

TONY: It doesn't matter.

How is Roxy, anyway?

You know, she and I go way back.

So I hear.

TED: She still as hot
as she used to be?

You know how some women get
as soon as they're married,

everything starts hanging out.

Sad to think that might
have happened to Roxy.

Stay away from her.

Take it easy, Tony.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Is that right?


Isn't this about an old claim
Roxy filed with my company?

TONY: Yeah, an old claim.

That was reopened by
one of my new agents.

I don't even know about it.

What agent?

Jack Nietzsche, an ex con.

Cheer up, Tony.

I fired him today.

Case closed, courtesy of
Anaconda Casualty Company.

Well, did this agent have
anything to say about Roxy?

As a matter of fact, he did.

He said they can't seem
to fuck each other enough.

Well, that didn't take long.

Word's out.

Falcone has put a
contract out on your ass.

You don't seem surprised.

I'm not.

I wouldn't go
home if I were you.


No shit.

Somebody set you up
real good, huh, friend?


It was Quincy.

He used to be a cop.

Probably bumped heads
with Falcone long

before Roxy ever came along.

That's why he sent
me to track her down.

He knew Tony would find out
about it sooner or later.

Then he makes up some
bullshit about me and Roxy.


What bullshit?

It's true.

Anyway, Tony takes care of
me, and Quincy's in the clear.

So what the fuck
you going to do now?

You've got some nerve.

I'm in trouble.

I need a place to stay.

Did I catch you at a bad time?

Actually, it's a good time.

I'm going away for the weekend.

So you can have the
whole place to yourself.

There's a spare set of
keys in the kitchen.

Make the bed and lock
up before you leave.


You know me.

I'm a sucker for lost causes.

Still friends?

Let me know when you
come to your senses.

He came to my office
for Christ's sake,

like the fucking godfather.

I have a business to run, a
standing in the community.

All I told him was Anaconda
was investigating me.

What do you think, huh?

You think you're the only
one he bullies around?

You just find a way
to keep him off my back.

There's a $4 million insurance
policy on Tony in my name.

You can't be serious.

I'm dead serious.

50/50, Ted, $2 million.

I'm talking me and more money
than you ever dreamed of.

Why don't you call Jack?

Isn't that more up his alley?

Jack's a dead man,
and you know it.

be her all day long.

We could go out
together in public,

not worry about
anybody seeing us.

She'd be alive again.

Think about it, huh?

A new wife, and no one would
know she's a prostitute.

Kill Tony Falcone--

that's crazy.

You know it's only
a matter of time

before he finds out about us.

Why not deal with it now
before he suspects anything.

It's all so easy
for you, isn't it?

I think there's a bit of a
killer instinct in both of us.

What if I like things
the way they are?

Then maybe your friends--

the people you do business
with in your standing

in the community--

will get a big kick out of this.


To us.

To us-- and to stupid,
greedy, foolish men.


knight in shining armor.

And as predictable as rain.

That's my cue.

Wish me luck.

Break a leg.

Jack, thank goodness.

Quincy was just here.

He was looking for Roxy.

Well, where is she?

She just called.

Tony's drunk, and he hit her.

He says he's going to kill you.


Is she still there?

just ran out of here.

She said she was
going to your place.

Give me her car phone number.

DANIELLE: I have it
in here somewhere.

It's funny.

I didn't see her leave.

I was watching the house.

Oh, you must have
missed her somehow then.

All right, look, I
don't have time for this.

You find the number, call her.

Tell her to meet me at
1625 North Oakhurst.

OK, 1625 North Oakhurst.

Tell her I'll meet her there.

Hurry, Jack.

It's amazing.

It's so easy.

You pull a string, they jump.

[LAUGHS] To jumping men.

All right.

Make me irresistible.







[CRYING] Tony, you bastard.

JACK: Does it hurt?


Jack, what are we going to do?

I don't know.

Things are complicated.

Life is complicated.

I got a lot to think about.

And I bring a
lot to the table--

me, Tony's money,
the businesses,

the house, the investment.

Those are things a man
doesn't give up easily.

Jack, until Tony and
Ted are out of the way,

we can't have what we want.

One wants to kill you.

The other one wants to
send you back to prison.

Well, what do you want?

I want everything.

So how did Tony
leave it with Quincy?

Quincy blamed
everything on you.

He's going to give
Tony all the papers

for my old insurance claim.


That's good?

Yeah, because you're going to
tell Tony how it was Quincy who

always wanted you,
threatening you,

forcing you to
have sex with him.

And then, sayonara, Quincy.

But that still leaves Tony.

Well, funny thing about
guys in Tony's line of work,

they always wind up dead.

Oh, Jack, we're finally
on the same wavelength.

And we're not fucking.

What's the matter?

What do you think Danielle
has to do with all this?

Why do you ask that?

Just a hunch.

Danielle works for Tony.

I-- don't worry.

I'll handle Danielle.



Tonight's the night.

Tony wants Danielle and me to
put on a little show for him.

So he won't be expecting you.

I'll leave the den window open.

I'll make it look like
someone broke in--

9 o'clock, don't be late.



Quincy's coming by after
10 o'clock tonight.

Make sure when you
come, it's at least 10.

We'll be having company
until 9:30 or so.


I have to go now.


truth was I still wasn't

sure where everything fit.

But I was sure about one thing--

for Roxy to get what she
wanted, she needed me.

And I needed her desperately.

I should have stayed clear
of Falcone's that night.

But the idea of being with Roxy
and running Falcone's operation

was too good to pass up.

It was a totally reckless,
stupid thing to do.

But at the time, I
figured, what the hell?

It's worth a shot.

Need a fourth?

TONY: What the fuck
are you doing here?

I always hate to miss a party.

TONY: Well, this is one
party you should have missed.

Quincy, you always were a fool.

And if you're not careful,
you're going to be a dead fool.

I don't think so, Tony.

Don't you know cops always win?

Bravo, ladies, nice performance.

Congratulations on
a job well done.

What the-- bitches!


Well, partner, that's
the easiest $4 million

we'll ever make.

The night's still young, ladies.

I don't see any reason
to break up the party.

Do you?

I think you got things
a little mixed up, Ted.

Oh, really?

JACK: Put the gun down, Quincy.

TED: I thought I told you to
stay off this case, Nietzsche.

Well, you know me.

I've always had a
problem with authority.

No, your problem is you
don't know about the deal Roxy

and I cut.

JACK: Is that right?

TED: Yeah.

We're going to split the
insurance money on Falcone.

I get her and the money.

I'm in.

You're out again, Jack.

I don't think so.

The only thing it looks
like you get from here

is a long prison term.

Shut up.

ROXANNE: Is he dead?

TED: Cops never miss.

Say hello to your wife for me.

Danni, we won.

Now we have everything.



You're OK.

No shit.

Bullet-proof vest--
no more bullets, Rox.

Oh, I'm so glad you're--

Don't, don't-- just don't.

Save it for the next
chump, all right?

ROXANNE: What are you doing?

Calling the police.

Time to turn you
two lovebirds in.


Jack, don't be stupid.

You can have it all now.

Don't you see?

$4 million, me,
Tony's businesses--

come on, don't tell me you
haven't thought of that before.


But I don't think so.

I don't want to always
be checking my back.

And I've got this thing
about staying alive.


Yeah, there's been some shots
up at Tony Falcone's house.

That's right.

Tony Falcone.

ROXANNE: Look who's so
fucking high and mighty.

You turning us in?

That's right.

I didn't kill anybody.

You did.

That's what I saw.

Your prints are
all over that gun.

And I was never here.

Tell that to the police.

Looking back on it now,

it's not hard to understand
how everyone became obsessed

with Roxy, each in his own way.

Roxy provided everything a man
fantasizes about in a woman--

beauty, sex, danger.

A man is willing to risk a
lot for a woman like her.

Me, I was greedy.

I saw a way to make an
easy life for myself

and get the woman of my dreams.

So I went for it
and got screwed.

The funny thing is, I think
I saw it coming all along.

The scary thing is,
I'd do it again.