Sinister Seduction (2019) - full transcript

A recent widow is glad when her son finds a new friend. But it soon becomes clear that he's after a different type of companionship. Will their attraction be her undoing? And what secrets is hiding?

[instrumental music]


[gasps] You scared me!

Who the hell are you?

[intense music]



- [birds chirping]
- [reel whirring]

[instrumental music]

Anthony? Honey.

It's time to get up.
Are you feeling okay?

[groans] I don't have a fever.

I don't feel sick. I just,
I need a mental health day.

Is Brent Kilby
bothering you again?

What? No, mom. God!

- Okay. I'll call Katie.
- No.

Don't call Katie.
It's your first day back.

I don't mind, Anthony.

I don't like leaving you alone
on days like this.

Fine. I'll go to school.

Uh, okay.
Uh, can I drop you off?

I'll take the bus.


[Sharon] I thought
old-fashioned days

were supposed to be
dead-end days.


Perhaps our donut system
is a bit too binary

for the vagaries of police work.

So is this about Jared Fields?

Do you remember Terry Mills?

Class clown, always referred
to himself in the third person?

He invited you to homecoming,
sophomore year.

That would be a yes.

If you would've just said yes,
you probably would've ended up

Mrs. Sharon Mills,

and I could be investigating
the murder of strangers,

instead of trying to figure out
which one of our

high-school buddies
killed the other one

over a protein-shake business.

It's a lifestyle company, Teddy.

So are you gonna tell me
or what?

The results of Jared's voluntary
forensic audit came back.

There's a cash withdrawal
that he can't account for.

How long prior to Mark's death?

A month.

What's the rule?

Nobody at the precinct finds out

you're feeding me information.

I also feel compelled
to remind you

that Jared Fields
has a great alibi

and there's no concrete evidence
that links him to this case.

Except for the death threats
he left in our door

made from his email.

Which is purely circumstantial.

Any punk with fifteen bucks
and Google

can hack into any email.

How's he doing?

[sighs] I think he has a bully.

[Teddy] Really?

[indistinct chatter]

You like 'em?

I'm taking Digital Photography
Two this year.

Thought I'd brush up
on my editing skills.

Yeah, Brent,
my mom in her underwear.

Are you trying to be
an embarrassing caricature

of 1980 masculinity
or is it just natural to you?


Yeah, slam a kid
against the locker, Brent.

- It's real mature.
- I said shut up!


Is everything okay here?

We're fine, right?

- Who the hell are you?
- How about you, man?

You as fine as that other guy?

- Yeah. I'm-I'm doing great.
- Yeah. He's doin' great!

Mind your own business.

Not very polite now, are ya?

Whatever, man.

[instrumental music]

- [intense music]
- [laptop keys clacking]

[knocking on door]

Hey, Katie.

- As you requested.
- Thank you.

Have there been any new queries?

Uh, only non-stop
since we posted

about your return on social.

[Sharon] Any for this one
in particular?

Well, no, I, I didn't list it.

Um, I just, I just wanted
to make sure you were ready.

I'm ready.

Hey, man.

- Hey, Anthony, you know Megan?
- Hey.

- Anthony, Megan. Megan, Anthony.
- Hi.

Megan's mom
works at the front office.

Perfect for making sure
that transfers and freshmen

don't make fools of themselves.

[Dylan] It's Anthony's
first year, too.

Oh, cool. Uh, how are you
liking it so far?

- So far so good.
- Great.

Um, well, I got Biology, so...

All right,
I'll see you later, man!

- Uh, what?
- At the field, remember?

[Dylan] Tryouts?
[Megan] Oh, uh...

You're trying out for football?


- [whistle blows]
- [indistinct yelling]

What the hell am I doing here?

- Let me see that.
- Look at that.

Oh, my God!

Anthony Elliot, you do know

you have to hit people
in this sport, right?

Yeah, I, I got that, Kilby.

This guy.


Yo, coach, who's this kid?

Name's Dylan Warren.

Told me he wants to try for QB,

so I asked him
to throw a couple of passes.

Says he's never played before.
I call BS.

- [man] Touchdown!
- All right!

[whistle blows]

Bring it in!

[coach] Bring it in, guys.

All right, this is hell week.
This is tryouts.

Not everybody's gonna make it,
but you need to do your best.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

Go, Ted, come on,
we gotta get ready!

There you go!

- [grunting]
- Come on, Elliot!

[coach] Show me football!

Touchdown! Good job! Good job!


Remember, wrap up only.

Squat position. Chest up.

Wrap and release. Set!

- [whistle blows]
- [both grunting]

Good. Next.

[intense music]

[coach] Ready?


Take position,
three-point stance.

Ready? Set!

[Kilby grunts]

- [coach] Damn it, Kilby!
- [whistle blows]

- What did I just say?
- Come on, coach...

That's three eight-hundreds!
And they better be sprints.

Now, Kilby,
or you're off the team!

[Anthony sighs]

You all right, kid?

- Come on.
- [grunts]

[Sharon] Wow. That went well.

Any bets on how quickly
you think he'll make an offer?

Uh, you know, remember
about chickens and hatching.

Have you been eyeing a date
for the open house yet?

Third Saturday of next month.

Can we bump that up?

We can do whatever we want,

Good, 'cause I wanna light
a fire under the Hendersons.

[Katie chuckles]


Hey, man. I just wanted to say
good job out there today.

Good job getting my ass kicked?

[chuckles] Yeah,
that and getting back up.

Now I understand my dad's
manic desire for a pool.

- Pool?
- Yeah, he, uh...

He had one installed
before he...

Before he got killed.

You know about that, too.

It seems like you know
everything about me.

I don't know anything about you

other than your name's Dylan.

And I only know that 'cause the
coach was raving about your arm.


How did you learn
how to throw like that?

Good genes, I guess.


Well, what's wrong?

First you help me with Brent...

and then tryouts and now Megan.

We just met, Dylan.

Why are you being so nice to me?

[exhales sharply]

I guess I kind of see us
as kindred spirits

after I learned about your dad.

Why's that?

Because my dad died, too.

About two years ago.

But, hey, at least
your dad wanted to live.

My dad found life so unbearable
with me and my mom,

he... cut his wrists
in the bathroom.

So when I heard some kids
talking about your story,

I figured
you might need a friend.

No one should ever go through
what you're going through alone

like I did.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you
earlier, I just...

What's Megan's number?

[both chuckling]

That's what I'm talking about.

[intense music]

[door creaking]





[intense music]

[knocking on door]


- [engine revving]
- [tires screeching]

[Anthony] Yes, just right here
is good. Yeah.


I was expecting you to come home
right after school.

Hey, sorry,
I was at football tryouts.


Uh, yeah, football. Uh...

Um, uh, mom, this is Dylan.

Uh, he plays quarterback.

I was wondering
if we could, maybe, have

some people over tonight
for swimming or...

- Tonight?
- Yeah.

Of course, yes.
That would be great.

Um, just help me tidy up
the place a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.
I'll see you tonight.

- What's with the trash bag?
- Uh, don't. It's a long story.

Oh, I'm sorry. Come on in.

[mellow music]

[pop music on stereo]

♪ I hope that I could be that
someone you could talk to ♪

♪ 'Cause I've seen enough
this time ♪

♪ And I need to make you mine ♪

♪ I've seen enough this time
there's no one like you ♪

♪ I've seen enough this time
and I need to make you mine ♪

♪ I've seen enough this time ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ I can't... ♪♪

- [girl] Yay!
- Oh, my God, this is so cool.

Thought you guys might need
some snacks!

- Thank you!
- Here, come on.


Where's your bathroom?

Uh, oh, it's right there
to the right.


[indistinct chatter]

All right, mom,
I'd like you to meet Megan.

[intense music]

[music continues]


Sorry, I-I-I didn't mean
to snoop.

I was just looking
for the bathroom and I-I-I...

There is a bathroom
right back there.

Right. Got it.

You know, you don't always feel
the way you're supposed to.

When someone dies.

Nobody told me that.

Oh, um... Who?

My dad. Just like Anthony.

I'm so sorry.

Anger, that's, uh,
that's the first thing I felt.

Then guilt,
and then anger for the guilt.

[inhales sharply]

And, um...

took me a little time
before I could just... be sad.


That feels really good
to say out loud.


Also, um... thanks for lettin'
all of us come over tonight.

Great to just feel so...

So, so what?



I don't suppose you wanna
tell me why your backpack

is in my washing machine?

Got it. Um...

- Well, Dylan seems neat.
- Yeah.

And a little old.

You mean,
why is he hanging out with me?

No, I don't.

His dad died, too.

I know, I know, he told me.

He tell you it was suicide?


Not everyone's out to get
something from you, mom.

Just like... not everyone cares
that dad's dead.

How are you feeling about dad?

However you're feeling, Anthony,
it's okay.

You can tell me.


[clears throat]

How do you feel?

Sad, Anthony.

I feel sad.

[indistinct chatter]

[Dylan] Yeah. Looks-looks good.

Good. One more time
at half speed.

Ready? Set! Hut!

- [Dylan chuckles]
- Whoo!

Yes, that's it. It's simple.

How do you know so much
about football?

Coach said
you never played before.

Uh, well, I wasn't really

telling the whole truth
on that one.

Why not?

I don't want him talking
to my old coach at my school.

What happened?

When my dad died, I was angry.
Mouthed off a lot.

Coach got tired of it
and kicked me off the team.

Well, you don't think
the new coach

would understand
something like that?

Not as much as you do, Anthony.

You gotta remember,
people who haven't gone through

what we've gone through
don't understand that.

I mean, even your mom,
I'm sure she's sad and all,

but losing a husband is not
the same as losing a father.

- It just isn't.
- [school bell ringing]

Better move it, froshy.
You're gonna be late.

- You're not coming?
- Study period.

Besides, I got an errand to run.

[instrumental music]

[Dylan] Hey, Sharon,
it's great to see you again.

Dylan, hey, I was so surprised

when Katie said you called.

Katie? Yeah,
it's nice to meet you in person.

- Hi, Dylan. Same.
- [cell phone rings]

Oh, this is the Hendersons.

Dylan, if your uncle wants
this place, he better move fast.

- Noted.
- Hi, Jack. How are you?

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

- Uh, so your uncle...
- Uh, Nate Warren.

- You know him?
- I don't think so.

He's my legal guardian
since my dad passed away.

He works over at Grand Vista.

Oh, uh, so he's, um,
he's a psy...

Psychiatrist, yeah.

We're over
in Carmichael Heights right now,

but I guess
he's looking for a change, so...

that's a nice neighborhood.

I guess so.

it's closer to the hospital.

Why would he want to move here?

There's a lot that my uncle does

that does not make
much sense to me.

A-Anthony told me
about your dad, um...

Does this mean
that your mom is also...

Do you always ask
potential buyers

this many personal questions?

I'm sorry. No, you're right.

It's just that you and Anthony,
you seem so close,

and you clearly know
so much about me,

so I just,
I feel a little behind.

My mom's at Grand Vista, too.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's the best place for her.

So you're gonna give me
the grand tour or what?

I will. Let's start upstairs.

And, and we'll work
our way down.

That is the master bathroom.

That's got a marble tub,
in case you like taking baths.

Walk-in closets for him and her.


And this is the master bedroom.

So why are the owners selling
an awesome place like this?

Because it's ours.

Was going to be.

Mark bought this place
when the company went public

as a surprise for Anthony and I.

Then why sell it?

Because I hated it.

You're right.

It does feel really good
to say that out loud.


So sorry, guys.

What'd I miss?

Here we go, boys!
Here we go, boys. Here we go!

Set! Hut, hut!

- [grunts]
- [whistle blows]

[coach] Good!
Back to your huddles!

- Elliot!
- Yeah.

Seventy-eight gap right.

- Seventy-eight gap right?
- Seventy-eight gap right.

- Okay? Go get it.
- All right.

Uh, seventy-eight gap right.

Seventy-eight gap right on two,
boys. Ready?

- Break!
- Break!

Um, hey, uh,

I don't actually know
what that is.

Watch for the hole on the right.

Go, boys. Here you go, boys!

Ready, set!

Hut, hut!


- Go, go, go! Go.
- Go, go, go!

[coach] Go, Anthony. Go!
[man] Go...

[coach] Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go.

[intense music]

Oh, shit.

Couldn't help but notice
you running in

before practice ended.

Not much of a team-huddle guy?

Where did you say you're
transferred from again, Dylan?

Coach might not care 'cause you
got an arm, but everyone else

knows you played
somewhere before. What happened?

You get caught in bed
with one of the teammates? Huh?

[scoffs] That why you're always

hanging around your buddy,
Anthony, right?

- Close.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, I did get kicked off
my last team

because of a teammate,
but it wasn't for sex.


I shattered his leg
in three places

with my helmet.

That's bullshit.

A linebacker, like you.

Thought it was fun
to rough me up during practice,

kind of the way
you rough up Anthony,

even though you know we're
supposed to be goin' half speed.

So one night I followed him
into the locker room,

kind of the way I followed you
in here right now,

made sure I didn't have to worry
about him

taking cheap shots anymore.

Yeah, whatever.

Coach offered
to help his parents

press charges against me,

but they didn't want to.

You know why?

'Cause they knew
what I was capable of.

Unlike you.

[intense music]

[indistinct chatter]

[birds chirping]

Oh, my God! Uh, uh, Dylan.

I'm sorry. Anthony let me in.
I can wait outside if you want.

No, no, no, it's okay,
I just, um,

I wasn't expecting anyone.

Uh, don't worry about it.

I mean, you have nothing
to be sorry about.

It's your house.

Uh, coffee?

- Do you, do you drink coffee?
- No.

I mean, I do,
but Anthony's really excited

to get to the field,
so I don't think we have time.

What is it?

I just don't remember
the last time

that Anthony was excited
to be anywhere.

I'm really grateful
for what you're doing, Dylan.

Morning. See you tonight, mom.

- Morning.
- All right, come on.

I'll see you in the car,
hurry up.

Uh, maybe, I'll take you up
on that coffee some other time.

Deal. Okay. Oh.

- Bye.
- [knocking]

I'm comin'.

[intense music]

You need to give this to Teddy.

Look, I get why it could be
a little awkward, but...

A little awkward, Katie?

He's been in love with me
since grade school.

I think I'd rather tell Mark
about Landon a second time.

Yeah, well, Mark was inhuman.

I'm, I'm sorry.

But, you know,
Teddy's a professional.

He'll-he'll have, like,
professional detachment.

No, he won't.

At least he'll know what to do.

Well, somebody knew about
Mark cutting Jared out

after the company went public.

Everybody knew about it.

What about
the whole Landon Hayes thing?

I mean, how many people
knew about that?

There's no way that Landon had
anything to do with this, Katie.

I mean, I haven't spoken to him
in years.

And then all of a sudden,
six months ago

he decides he's so jealous
he's gonna kill my husband?

So have Teddy
go ask him a few questions

and cross him off the list.

I mean, honestly,
that should have happened

six months ago, anyways.

Do you remember what you
said to me when you hired me?

I think it was something like

you were
the most qualified candidate.

"By miles, the most qualified,"

I was a high-school dropout

with no family to speak of,

too broke to take my GED.

You didn't see a candidate.
You saw a girl who needed help.

I saw potential.

You're a good person, Sharon.

And one mistake
with Landon Hayes,

it-it doesn't change that.

Several... mistakes
with Landon Hayes.

- I just need a little time.
- How much?

A day. Two?

Forty-eight hours.
I'm serious about this, Sharon.

I told you we'd make it.

[instrumental music]

Hey, what's up?

Gonna be a big boy and check out
the roster or what?

Have you checked it?

Of course, I checked it.

Seventy six. I like that number.

Hey, Megan.

What are you doing tonight?

I don't know.

Okay, it's simple, man.
All right?

Take charge, Do what you want.

- [Dylan] Say it with me.
- Take charge.

- Take charge.
- Take charge.

Take charge, go! Go.

- Go!
- Uh, hey, Megan!

are-are you walking to class?

[Megan] Yeah. You wanna come?

[intense music]

- Hey, mom!
- Oh, my Je... Hi.

I-I asked Megan out today.

- Really?
- Yeah.

We-we have a date tonight, we're
going to this burger restaurant.

- I'm so happy!
- Well, that's, that's great!

Oh, oh, my God,
I gotta get ready.

Okay, I-I'll see you later.


You look very handsome.

I'm okay, I guess.

You know I think you look
more than okay, Anthony.

You know what else I think?

I think okay is great.


- [crickets chirping]
- [engine revving]


- You ready?
- Hey. Yes, definitely! Yes.

Hey, man, thank you
for letting us use the car.

Well, just, uh, bring it back

with an empty tank of gas
and a used back seat.

[Dylan chuckles]

- Bye, mom.
- Bye. Bye, Megan.

[engine starts]

Let's do this.

Thank you so much
for doing that, Dylan.

Yeah, it's no problem.

Just was gonna sit at home

doing homework, anyway, so...

At least
now I'll have some help.

Uh, nice try.

I graduated. I don't have
to ever do homework again.

[Dylan chuckles]
It was worth a shot.

[upbeat music]

[Megan] So what took you so long
to ask me out?

Well, you know, I was just,

I was kinda waiting
for the opportune moment.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah, you know...

I-I didn't want you to think
I was desperate or anything.

Desperate for what?
My attention?


So, um, so you're saying
you don't,

you don't want my attention.

No, that's,
that's not what I'm saying.

- [chuckles]
- Okay.

- All right, Megan, all right.
- Yeah.

Okay, well, you did not...

I missed. I'm so...
I have to get another.

- Ooh!
- Okay, all right.

Oh, okay.


Doing okay?
Can I get you anything?

Uh, the person who invented
math, so I can murder him

right here
on your kitchen floor.

Afraid I can't do that.

- How about some of that?
- I don't think so.

- I'm good, thanks.
- Well...

Help yourself to anything,
anything non-alcoholic.

[Dylan chuckles]

What, uh, what was he like?

Chapter one.

"Okay Is For Amateurs."

You know that picture
I turned around

on my night stand?

Yeah, what about it?

Anthony had a 104 temperature
that day.

But Mark had been planning
the trip for over a month,

so he refused to reschedule

or let Anthony stay behind.

He gave some rousing speech

about pushing through adversity.

I mean, after that
the matter was settled,

didn't matter
what I had to say about it.

All Anthony ever wanted...

was to make his father proud.

- Of course.
- Mark... meant well.

Doesn't really matter
what he meant, though, does it?

[sighs] I guess not.

Sounds like my uncle.

You know, perfect shape,
perfect job.

Always makes
the right decisions.

Always, always disappointed
in the people around him.

Including me, my mom,
the guy she married.

But you know what I do
when he gets like that?

No. What?

Something I'm not supposed to.

[intense music]

[exhales] That was fun!

Yeah. It was.

You still seem a little nervous.

I mean, I'm-I'm not.

Even after I made a mess of that
burger right in front of you?

I'm, I'm not.

- [whispers] Take charge.
- What?


Are, are you okay?

Yeah, I...

I-I think I wanna...

Slow down?

- Yeah.
- Sure.


[crickets chirping]

[water running]

[intense music]



Sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you.

You can't be here.

[dramatic music]

[Dylan] Then tell me to leave.

[Anthony] Right here.
[Megan] All right.

[Megan] There we go.
Oh! There we go.

Thank you.
Uh, I'm gonna get Dylan.

And I had a lot of fun tonight,
thank you.

- Cool.
- Yeah.



[Dylan] Hey, man, how'd it go?

Oh, hey. So well, man.

- She kissed me.
- I thought she might.

Well, I-I mean, I-I kissed her,

but, uh,
it was, it was that whole,

that whole take-charge thing
that you told me.

That really gave me
the confidence I needed

to just, just go for it, man.

- Perfect!
- Thank you.

Tell me, uh,
about the details, what went on.

[Anthony] Yeah, so, we-we get
to this burger place.

Of course, it's my favorite,
I mean, I eat there, like,

every week, but we-we sit down
at my favorite table...

[intense music]


[dog barking]


[printer whirring]

[dramatic music]

[cell phone vibrates]

[kettle whistling]

No Dylan?

Uh, yeah,
I've always wanted one of these.

[Teddy] This is pretty awesome.
It's great.

- You could've come in.
- Hey, good mornin'.

Hey. Hey, Detective Barnes
wanted to check out the car.

And you know I can't resist
showin' it off, so...

Plus, I didn't wanna wake you.
You had a big night last night.

[chuckles] We should get going,
come on.

[indistinct chatter]

He seems like a great kid.

You know who he reminds me of?

Bobby Richards.

That was your lab partner
with benefits, freshman year.


I'm sorry, I just,
I just have a house to show.

- Uh, so if there's any news...
- Oh, oh, okay.

So we had Jared Fields in
about the cash withdrawal.

- And?
- I told him...

It was totally informal.
He wasn't a suspect.

- Guess who he brings along?
- His lawyer.

On the advice of council,

he's pleading the fifth
on the cash.

I mean, it doesn't mean anything
until it does,

but this could be it, Sharon.


How are you holding up?

I'm just worried
that he's still out there.

I just hope
that Anthony and I are safe.

That's all.

We are so close right now.
I got this.

[instrumental music]

Hey, Megan.

What do you want, Kilby?

- See, I heard a rumor.
- And I care because?

'Cause if I were you,
I wouldn't wanna be associated

with that loser, Anthony Elliot.

Let alone
be accused of dating him.

[chuckles] It's true?

Since when do I need to get
approval from you

over my dating decisions?

- Yeah, but he's such a...
- A what?

You know his friend, Dylan,
is a psycho, right?

- I gotta get to class, Kilby.
- No, I'm not playing.

There's something wrong
with him, seriously wrong.

You don't believe me?
I can prove it to you!

Your mom still works
in the front office, right?

Oh, I'm so, so sorry.
Crazy morning.

Uh, ready to take another look?

They were left on our doorstep
this morning.

We found them when we left
the house to meet with you.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson,
I'm so sorry

you had to be bothered
with this.

- Wish we could say the same.
- What do you mean?

[sighs] Well, clearly,
someone wanted us to know

what kind of person we were
about to do business with.

Did you ever confess your affair
to your husband, Mrs. Elliot?

I fail to see how that's
any of your damn business,

Mr. Henderson.

Okay. Let's go, hon.

Hey, Theodore!

Go Rock River Chargers,
am I right?

[intense music]

Coach might be okay letting you
on the team, no questions asked,

but he can't ignore
actual information!

Do him a favor, Ted,
and don't show up to practice.

Save him the trouble
of kicking you off the team.

[Katie] Chickens and hatching.
Good thing about the open house.

Yeah, good thing.

Let's make sure Dylan's uncle
is there. Nate, was it?

Yeah, I, uh, sent a couple
of emails to the address

Dylan gave us,
but I haven't had a response.

I mean,
maybe I wrote it down wrong?

No, I'll have Anthony check.

Worst comes to worse, we'll
just, uh, pay him a house visit.

Walk the streets
of Carmichael Heights,

shouting, "Nate Warren!"


Yeah, we'll track him down.

Look, I don't know
if I need to remind you,

but I'm going to anyways.

It's been 48 hours, Sharon.

[instrumental music]

[exhales sharply]

[Dylan] Anthony.

Hey, what's up, dude?
Why aren't you dressed yet?

- Listen, I need a favor.
- What is it?

If I asked you to lie for me,
would you do it?


Yeah, I-I... I-it depends
on what I'm lying about.

Something really important,
something that'll help me

stay on the team.

This is about Rockdale River?

Would you do it or not?
I need an answer.

Yeah, I-I-I think so.

You think so?

[intense music]

[laptop keys clacking]

- Hey, you headed out?
- Yeah.

Well, I'm, uh, gonna go buy
a cop a donut.

[dramatic music]

- Warren, where have you been?
- Kilby!

- Where the hell... Whoa!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

- [clamoring]
- Relax.

what happened to your arm?

Kilby cut it.

[breathing heavily]

[cell phone ringing]

Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. Elliot.

Oh, my God! What?

- [instrumental music]
- Mrs. Elliot.

- Thanks for coming in.
- Teddy?

Just getting a statement from
the boys about the incident.

Oh, my God! Dylan, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Anthony, did-did he...
- No.

I-I'm fine, mom.

He didn't touch me. Just Dylan.

Where's the knife?

I don't know.
He left the locker room with it.

I'm assuming he stashed it
somewhere on campus.

But it's the same knife
he's been threatening

Anthony with all year.

Anthony, is that true?

Anthony, I can't tell you
how important it's that you...

Yes, it's true.


I'll have a little talk
with that Kilby kid tomorrow.

And I got some deputies out
searching the area

between the locker rooms
and the field.

Sounds like
the school's thinking expulsion

based on the boy's reports,
but I'm gonna have a little chat

with the principal tomorrow
just to make sure.

You hear that, Anthony,
you don't have to worry

about that idiot comin' back
to school anytime soon,

so long as
I have my say about it.

Thank you, Teddy.

- Those donuts for me?
- Oh, um, uh...

Y-yeah, I was on my way
to bring them to you

when the coach called.

- Any special occasion?
- No.

Uh, nothing that can't wait.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Maybe tomorrow?

I'm gonna hold you to it.

But I don't want these
to go stale.

- Thanks. Thanks again, Teddy.
- Okay.

[engine revving]

Why wouldn't you tell me?

I specifically asked you

if Brent Kilby
was still bullying you.

You don't tell me anything
and you just,

you expect for my life
to be an open book.

- I, I tell you things.
- Like, what?

Like, how you're not upset
dad's dead?

Excuse me?

That's not true or fair.

What-what about all the books
that you ripped up

and threw in the garbage,
thinking I wouldn't notice? Hm?

You wanna, you wanna tell me
about those?

Didn't think so.

I hated your father's book.

I hated it for how
it made me feel about myself

and I hated it for how
it made you feel about yourself.

I feel fine, mom.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, mom! I do!

Did it, did it ever occur to you

that maybe
I wanted to be like dad?

Of course, he's your father.

But you never wanted me to.

You think it's, it's perfectly
fine to just be like you.

What is that supposed to mean?

That feeling bad about yourself

isn't such a terrible thing.

[voice breaking]
He, he told you?

About your real-estate
boyfriend, yeah, dad thought

I could handle the truth.



Anthony! Anthony!

[door slams]


- [knocking on door]
- Anthony.

Come on, Anthony, open up.

[cell phone chimes]


- [cell phone chimes]
- [scoffs]


[dramatic music]

[car door shuts]

Where's your car?

Parked it
just a few streets down.

Just in case.

But, to be honest, I didn't
think you were gonna show.

[chuckles] Why?

Because I'm not supposed to?

[intense music]

[Dylan chuckles]

[door shuts]

[instrumental music]



[intense music]

[wheels rattling]

[music continues]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chimes]

[doorbell rings]



[doorbell rings]

[intense music]

Katie? What are you doing here?

Uh, the open house is today.

There's, like, a billion things
to set up.

- What'd you do, sleep here?
- What?

Uh, sorry. It's just,
you're never here this early.

- Are you doin' okay?
- W-where are you going?

Oh. I was just gonna go

These are some accents
for the master bedroom.

- Great, uh, I can do that.
- Oh, no.

- They're just throw pillows.
- Don't say it's...

- Really, I can do it.
- There is some more boxes.

In the car,
if you really wanna help.




I-I did sleep here last night.

Oh, um... Okay. Why?

Anthony and I
got in a really big fight.

I'm really sorry, Sharon.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I am.
- Good.

[intense music]

Oh, do you wanna grab that side?

Sure, of course. Ahem.

[intense music]

You left the office to go bring
donuts to Teddy last night?

- [chuckles]
- Oh, my God.

I told you he'd be able
to look past

the whole Landon Hayes thing.

- Guess so.
- So, how was it? Uh...

Don't actually answer that.

It's better if I don't ruin your
image of Teddy anyway, so...

- [Katie chuckles]
- [Sharon clears throat]

[indistinct chatter]

Anthony! Anthony, wait up.

- Hey. What's up?
- Um...

I-I have something
I need to show you.

Oh, okay.

[instrumental music]

Remember what Kilby
was telling everyone at school?

About Dylan
before he got expelled?

That he was lying
about who he was?

I was the one who got him
the information.


My mom lets me take naps
in her office sometimes

during study period.
She's not supposed to.

And she could get in big trouble
for it, 'cause she has, like,

every student file for the
last seven years lining her...

Megan, you-you-you pulled
Dylan's file?

Uh, Kilby said he was a liar.
I wanted to prove him wrong.

I thought
I was doing the right thing.

[Megan sighs]

He is lying, Anthony.

Dylan's 21 years old.

He dropped out of his
last high school three years ago

before he could graduate,
and his first name's

not even Dylan,
that's actually his middle...

I-I-I guess I'm just confused
as to why you have a video

of Dylan making out
with my mom, Megan.

When I confronted him about it,
he told me he could explain

and asked me to meet him
at this random house.

It's not a random house.

It's ours. It was.

My mom is trying to sell it.


did Kilby really attack Dylan
in the locker room

with a knife like he says?

Thank you
for showing me this, Megan.

- I know it must've been hard.
- Wait, Anthony, hold on!

We still don't know
what's going on here.

Dylan told me to meet him
last night

because he wanted me
to see this.

I mean, he had to know
I would tell you!

Megan, there's...

There's no reason
you'd know this,

but... it's actually

my mom's second affair,
not the first.


[Anthony] I don't know.
There was some guy.

Some real-estate mogul in
Rockdale River a few years ago.

Rockdale River?

When you think about it, it's,

it's really
not all that life-changing.

I'll-I'll see you around, Megan.

- Detective Barnes.
- [scoffs]

It's all right, Brent,

'cause I already know
who you are.

What's the whole point
of an in-school suspension?

Aren't I supposed to be
some kind of threat

to my fellow students?

That is a little bit
above my pay grade.

[chuckles] Yeah.

- I was pushing for expulsion.
- [chuckles]

Yeah, well, I heard you're
trying to screw Anthony's mom.

So I don't expect you
to be fair about all this.

Do you have any idea why
Dylan Warren would take a knife

and cut himself

and then pick a fight with you
to make it look like you did it?

Probably, because I know
he's not actually Dylan Warren.


[chuckles] Who is he?

You don't believe me.

[cell phone ringing]



Yes, sir.


[Megan] Yeah, so I think
that I'm gonna do the packet,

like, tomorrow night
'cause she's given us...

It's, like,
a good amount of time. Yeah.

Hey, Megan.

[intense music]

- Enjoy the show last night?
- [scoffs]

Sure you got some pictures.


Video. Even better.

What are you doing?

Just sending this to myself.

Okay, look,
I don't know what kind of game

you're trying to play here,
Dylan, but leave me out of it.

I don't even, I-I don't even
know who you are anymore.

- I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
- What?

Leave you out of the game.

[intense music]

So, uh, what time do you think
everyone will start arriving?

Oh, probably,
in, like, 30 minutes.

I don't know,
it shouldn't be too long.

[cell phone ringing]

Oh, it's the Hendersons.

Maybe they had
a change of heart.

Hi, Jack.

Yeah, I am so glad
you called. Um...

Yeah, Sharon and I both
feel really bad

about the way
things ended and...

[intense music]

Katie, can you, uh, can you take
that off our page, please?

Yeah, o-of course.

You know, maybe it's just
a couple of high-school students

watching it
a whole bunch of times.

[doorbell rings]


I, uh, I tried the other house,
so I figured...

You okay?

You-you didn't see the video?

What video?

I slept with...

Dylan Warren.

- Teddy, I...
- Dylan Warren?

The high-school kid?

It's the worst thing I've ever
done in my life and I...

I guess somebody videotaped us
kissing and posted it online,

so now everybody knows.

- I got kicked off the case.
- What?

That's what I came by
to tell you.

What? Why?

Emails. Forwarded emails
from your account.

And, a-and I'm thinkin'
it wasn't you, so...

Whoever hacked into
Mark's emails before his death

must have had access to yours.

- He does.
- What?

He left an email at my door.

- When?
- A couple of days ago.

You didn't think this was
pertinent goddamn information?

[sighs] What the...


I-I ordered a police detail
for your house

until we can, uh...

Well, until Frank...
Do you know Frank Crews?

Until Frank
can get this figured out.

They'll be there when
Anthony gets home from school,

and they'll, they'll stop by
every hour or so.


Oh, and Jared Fields,
he was payin' for sex.

I guess it tells me now
why he didn't wanna share

that information with us.

Which takes us back
to square one

and marks
my complete and utter failure

to solve your husband's murder.

Teddy, I'm-I'm so sorry.

No, you know,
I got my wish, right?

Now I get to go back to
solving murders for strangers.

[sighs] Uh, give Frank
that email.

He's gonna wanna see that.

[footsteps approaching]

I think I'm gonna head out

if you don't need me to do
anything else.

Thank you, Katie.

It would've been beautiful.

I'm sorry I messed it up.

There's no such thing
as pro-all lifestyle, Sharon.

There's just life.

You know that
better than anyone else.

We can always push the open
house back a week if you want.

No. I don't think so,
but thank you.

[instrumental music]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chimes]

[dramatic music]

[engine revving]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[dogs barking]

[intense music]


[knocking on door]




It sticks.

[dramatic music]

[intense music]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chiming]

[cell phone chimes]

[cell phone chimes]

[line ringing]

[Anthony on voicemail] Hi,
you've reached Anthony Elliot.

I'm not at my phone right now,
please leave a message

and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.

Anthony, it's mom,
I know Megan said

you didn't wanna talk to me,
but would you please,

please just call me back
and let me know you're okay?

I love you.


[instrumental music]

[cell phone chimes]

[intense music]

[cell phone chiming]

[Sharon] Teddy.
Teddy, call me back.

Um... I need you to meet me
at the house.

Uh, Mark's house. I mean,
uh, uh, the one we're selling.

[engine revving]

[intense music]

[indistinct yelling]

[man] All right, now
grab the ball, grab the ball.

Okay now, you're gonna grab it

and then you're gonna spike it,

Grab it and spike it.
Spike it, go!

- All right. Now...
- [chuckles]

One more time, one more time.
Catch it. There you go...

Hey, Landon.

Long time.

[dramatic music]

Where's your car?

I parked it down the street.

Just in case.

You told me
you didn't have any family.

Sure, that's true.

[dramatic music]

Is that...

the knife you used to kill Mark?

This is the knife...

that my dad used
to slit his wrist...

in our bathroom...

a couple of years
after, after my...

mom finished drinking herself
to death.

I figured
it should end Mark's, too.


Why not just kill me?

I don't wanna kill you, Sharon.

I want you to do
what my dad did.

The honorable thing.

I want you to kill yourself.

- You're crazy.
- Your husband's dead.

- Because of you!
- And you!

If you hadn't seduced my dad,

Mark would be home with Anthony
right this second,

alive and well.


- Your career's ruined.
- You don't know that.

Yeah, but probably, though.

Small town like this?

Nobody wants to buy a home
from a home-wrecker.


Teddy's gone.

Definitely seems like
you missed your chance with him.

But I don't think you're gonna
kill yourself because of that

because I don't think
you loved your husband.

And, frankly, I don't think
you're that interested

in Teddy or selling houses.

No, no, no. No, no, no.

The reason I think
you should kill yourself...

is because your son...

will never... ever
speak to you again.


You think
he's avoiding your calls now?

Just wait till he finds out
that you're the one

who got his dad killed.

How do you know
he's avoiding my calls?

You have him.

- I have him.
- Where?

Do the right thing...

and I promise,
he will go home tonight.

[Sharon] I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry
about your father, Dylan.

I really am.

I'm so tired of men telling me
what to do!

[Dylan groans]


[breathing heavily]

- Teddy!
- Huh? Hey, yeah!

- Dylan, Dylan killed Mark. I...
- Where? Where?

- He's in there.
- Where?

[dramatic music]


- Teddy?
- He's gone.

- We have to go.
- Where?

We have to go.

We need to get to Carmichael
Heights. What are you doing?

Trying to look up
the DMV records. I've never...

Well, here, let me do it.
Let me do it.

- I'm not supposed to let you...
- Teddy! Ugh!

How hard can it be
to find a Nate Warren

in a small town like this?

[breathing heavily]

Here, I got it. Make a left.

[Megan] Anthony.
Anthony, are you awake?

[instrumental music]

Why is Dylan doing this to us?

I-I-I don't... I don't know.


Why does my head hurt so bad?

[sighs] It's, uh...

It's whatever he used
to knock us out.

It'll wear off, eventually.

[crickets chirping]

[Megan sighs]


I'm sorry for...

getting you involved
in all this, Megan.

It doesn't matter now.

We need to find a way
to get out of here.

Is there anything
in your pockets?

No. No, he must have taken

God, I hate the idea of being
unconscious around that creep!

I-I-I know where we are.

[intense music]

[Teddy] No, I don't see his car.

- That-that's Anthony's.
- [Teddy] Stay here.

Oh, yeah-yeah, okay. Right.

- Sharon! Sharon!
- Mr. Warren! Mr. Warren!

- Open up!
- [knocking on door]

Mr. Warren, police!


- Anthony! Anthony!
- Sharon!

You know that's B and E, right?

Arrest me.


[intense music]

- Is he drunk?
- Yeah, very.

I-I found this in Dylan's room.

Wherever he took Anthony, he...

All right, we just gotta figure
out where he would take him.

To the school,
to-to someplace where the,

an athlete would have
special access or...

He'd be scared
that a teacher or a custodian

would walk in on him.

No, he-he took him somewhere...

- Remote.
- Remote.

Let's go.

[dramatic music]

[crickets chirping]

- I'm, I'm gonna try and stand.
- Okay.



Your rope's fraying.

[both grunting]

Just try to stand. It loosens
the grip a little bit.


[intense music]

[engine revving]

[Anthony and Megan grunting]

It's right up here.


Come on, we're almost there,

- Come on.
- I'm gonna make it.

- Come on, give me your gun.
- I can't do that.

- Teddy, please.
- Sharon, I love you.

I love Anthony, but, by God,
I can't give you my gun.

Come on, I can't wait for you.
Oh, come on.

[inhales sharply] Sharon.

[Teddy coughs]

[breathing heavily]

[intense music]


You were a good man, Teddy.

[dramatic music]

[leaves rustling]

- You're too late.
- No.

I killed him and his girlfriend

and I buried him
where no one will ever find him.

You are a liar.
I don't believe you!

You're the one I wanted to hurt,
not Anthony!

But once again
you acted selfishly,

and now his blood is
on your hands just like Mark's.

No! No! Anthony!
Get out of here!

- No, mom!
- Here, come on.

[breathing heavily]

Anthony... I don't wanna
hurt you.

- You're gonna have to, Dylan.
- Anthony, please...

No, mom!

Do you know what she did?

She killed your father and mine!

She's responsible
for both of their deaths!

No, Dylan, the only person
responsible for your dad's death

is your dad.

No. No, no, no, she...

Just like the only person
responsible for my dad's death

is you. You.





[intense music]



No, mom! Mom! No!

Don't kill him!

[breathing heavily] Like hell.

[Anthony] I forgive you.

Look, what you did was wrong...

and the consequences
we'll both be living with

for the rest of our lives,

but I forgive you.

Here, come on.

- Let's go home.
- [Sharon breathing heavily]

[Anthony] It's okay.

Well, that's that.

You really think
this is gonna be your last sale?

Katie, for so long,
real estate seemed like

the sort of thing the wife
of the pro-all lifestyle guru

was supposed to be doing.

But I'm not the wife of the
pro-all lifestyle guru anymore,


It's time to stop thinking
about what I should be doing

and start thinking
about what I wanna do.

Elliot-Harrison Real Estate

is in good hands until
I've got it all figured out.



Um, I can't have someone
selling houses for me

that isn't
a full co-owner of the company.


You're a good person,
Sharon Elliot.

- [cell phone vibrating]
- Oh!

I, I gotta go.

Anthony gets back from practice
in an hour

and I've got a quick stop
to make.

Is it something I can help with?

No. I'm just gonna go
buy a cop a donut.


[Teddy sighs]

[door creaks]

[instrumental music]

- Hey.
- Hey.

Remember that kid, Teddy Barnes?

Kind of pudgy, super immature

and a little annoying?

Remembers the name and class
of every guy I've ever dated?

Might ring a bell.

I chose wrong, Teddy.

And if I had to do it
all over again...

I'd make the same mistake
because it gave me Anthony,

and it made me who I am today,

but that doesn't change
the fact that...

I never gave you a chance,
and I'm sorry about that.

on how sorry you were...

you can always
give me a chance now.


I-I'd love that.

[instrumental music]

[Sharon] Hey.

How was practice?

It was okay.


Okay is great.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]