Single Day (2018) - full transcript


There are about 100 lottery tickets here.

I want to make a bet with you.

Out of these 100 lottery tickets,

none of these will win a prize.

Don't believe me? Let me show you.

First one.

Second one.

I told you.
None of these are going to win.

I realized that I have no luck at all
when I was 12 years old.

- Let me copy yours.
- No way!

- Please.
- No!

I'll lend you my games.

- Sure then, but do it quick.
- Okay.


Get over here.

You really let me down.

You have been so outstanding.

I know your dad passed away

and your mom will transfer you.

Still, leaving the school

isn't an excuse to cheat.

Miss, but I...

- More excuses?
- Miss!

Do you still want to talk back?

Stand still!

It's fine.

Even at emotional moments,
I often ruin and change them

into ridiculous situations.

- Okay, I understand.
- Miss.

- You got me wrong.
- I know.

- I didn't cheat.
- It's fine now.

This is my normal-looking family.

But it just looks normal.

3, 2, 1. Cheese.

My mom is a spoiled diva.

I'm not exactly sure
what she does at home.

Whatever it is,

she just waits for me
tocome home and cook for her.

Wow! You have reached Level 7
for your wizard.

That's better than me.

Do you ever study at all?

Ming helps me to level up.

I'll do anything to make Hsuan happy.

Hey, Ming.

Could you please take your hand off
my sister's shoulder?

Oh, sure.

As for my brilliant little brother,

he doesn't seem to want to graduate
from school.

Kuo Cheng-han!

What are you doing?

Replying to a message.

I can think of the perfect job
for you in the future.

A little helper for online sales.

Then you can send messages all day long.

As for my little sister,
she's cute but seriously delusional.

She believes that she has
the superpower to dominate anything.

My brother locked me out.
I wish he gets vomit all over himself.

Curse Note

Being around these kind of people
has been terrible enough.

I also need to go to work
which is a daily struggle.

13th floor, thanks.

Never mind, I'll take the next one.

You can go up.

How come things always go wrong
when you're around?


Gosh, I'm late.


No way!

Open the door.

No signal.

Oh, no! I'm screwed.
Is there anyone out there?

Is there anyone out there?

Even when I'm outdoors,
I could get into a mess at any time.

That was close.

I saw it just in time.


what are the odds?

I'm so sorry.

Good morning.

It's okay. I knew that was coming.

I already brought my own towel.


I'm going to work. See you.


Who the hell did this?

The more I'm in a hurry,
the worst the traffic jam would be.

All these situations
are becoming so common to me.

The GPS shows no traffic at all.

But it's way too jammed.

So, being late when I am not supposed to

is nothing new to me.

Just a few more seconds.

I have to get the other one.

Sorry, I'm late.


I thought we agreed
not to be late this time.

I've been waiting for half an hour.

Don't tell me it's your family again.

I don't care.

Why do you have this car?

Because you always complain that

I embarrass you

when you ride on my motorbike,

so I bought a used car.

Where did you get the money?

I took out a car loan.

But don't worry.

As long as I get to see your happy smile,

that's enough for me.

Meng-fan, have you talked to him yet?

Hello, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

The car I had in mind
is different than the one in yours.

I need to end things between us.

I'm so sorry.

I was trying to avoid hitting a dog.

Can we settle this off record?
This is a company car.


One day in elementary school,
I tripped at the top of the staircase.

Ever since then, I've been very unlucky.

- Why did you drop it?
- It wasn't me.

You dropped it, and you made me wet.

Gosh, not again.

Hello babe, where are you?

So annoying!

During a beautiful wedding ceremony,

everything went totally wrong

when I had to help out.

It's on fire!

- Water!
- Water.

- Anyone?
- Water, hurry up!

Get some water!

What should I do?

There's a big hole on it.

What's wrong, baby?

Where does it hurt?

My tank just crashed.

He ambushed me.

It's a...

It's just a game.

Do you really have
to take it so seriously?

I will not be ambushed again.


Luckily, your destination is on my way.

It'll be bad otherwise.

I will pay you no matter how much it is.

Sorry, I need to take this call.

- Hello.
- Where are you?

This major client is in a rush.
He has other visitors after us.

Please try to hold them back for a while.

Tell them we will be there soon
after getting off the highway.

- Hello?
- I heard that.

That woman is still around. God bless her.


I am really sorry.

It's fine.

Are you sure we can pass through here?

It doesn't seem like it.

Let's try another route.

Are you really sure about this?

Did they change the road sign?

How about this? I'll get a taxi on my own.

Please give me another chance.

We're almost there.

Here's the highway.


So, are you a sales person
for agricultural products?

I think there is something
wrong with your GPS.

I don't think I typed it wrong.

But where exactly are we?

Oh no.
It looks like I'm going to be late too.

Why don't you just go off on your own?

I will figure this out.

I will figure this out.

After 300 meters, turn left.

That's fine.
I'll use my phone to navigate.

What's wrong?

I can't open the door.

- What can we do?
- I can't believe this!

My briefcase is still inside.

I am really screwed.


I didn't mean to blame you. I'm just...

I don't have any tissues.

My shirt. You can use my shirt.

I am so unfortunate.

You have arrived at your destination.
It is on your left.

On your left.

On your left.

What the heck?

I think this is the place.

Look, there he is. There's Bird Shit.

Hey, you guys are so cruel.

Are you just leaving him there?

Thank you.


He hasn't paid for his drinks.

How much is his bill?

9,800 dollars?

- That's expensive.
- Okay.

Please wait for a second.

Are you serious?

No. I really lost my wallet.

Have you been a salesman for too long?

- Are you trying to be sneaky?
- Hurry up!

I really lost my wallet.

I will pay for it.

Here is 10,000 dollars. Keep the change.


Get up.

Hey. Get up.

Let's go.

Please don't get drunk every time

and ask me to drive your car.

I just paid 9,800 dollars.

Give me a break.

Let's go.

- Don't throw up in my car!
- No!


What the heck?


- Sir, your coffee is ready.
- Thanks.

I found it.

I can't believe I dropped it in your car.

Yes, it took me a while to find it.
It was under my seat.


Sometimes, I think ridiculous stuff
keeps happening in life.

Doesn't it make you feel so hopeless?

I can't. My brother and sister
are still attending school.

My family needs me.


my brother is about to graduate
with a PhD.

When he finds a job,
I'll be able to relax.


When I get my salary this month,

I will pay you back immediately.

- I promise.
- Don't worry.

I get it.

Sometimes, we can get short on cash.

By the way, we should avoid meeting up

unless it is for important matters.

I'm not exaggerating,

but I think I am
the most unlucky person in the universe.

I'm afraid I passed
some of that bad luck to you.

It's almost time to go.


- I am sorry.
- It's okay.

Take this.

Won't you be cold?

No, I'm good.

- I'm really sorry.
- It's fine.

It actually goes quite well
with your outfit.

If there is nothing else to talk about,

let's just keep in touch by texting.



Thank you.




I got some of those popular croissants
sold nearby.

Please have one for your breakfast.

It'll taste especially delicious,
coming from you!

They look delicious!

Because this is really famous.

Give me some.

How long have you guys been starving?


Hey, Cheng-en.
Have you had your breakfast yet?

Yes, I have. Thanks.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Well, actually

there's some chewing gum
stuck to your pants.


Hsin-yen ignored everything else
and came to you,

but you turned down her croissant.

I don't want a cold drink.
I want to drink a hot one.

- This is hot.
- Are you serious?


It really is a hot drink.

No kidding.

But where did this come from?

There you go.

Boss carried them
from the temple on his own.

Safe tea. You will have great
sales if you drink this.

And you can do charity at the same time.

What's wrong with you?

Hsin-yen approached you.
What's your problem?

But I'm done with breakfast.

Besides, she approached me
because of something else.

Hsin-yen, would you mind

helping me with this sheet?

She's such a good-looking girl
with a kind heart.

And she's great at her job.

I'll get back to you in a few minutes.

It's a good investment.
What are you waiting for?

I don't have what it takes.


I have something to say to you.
Can you come to the pantry room?

Oh! In the pantry!

Hurry up. This must be a sign.

- We didn't get a sign. Only you did.
- Hurry.

Go, go. Hurry up.

Do you want a cup of warm water first?


I've had a crush on you
for quite some time.

You are kind, considerate,

and good-looking in a humble way.

You're diligent, honest,
and a man of your word.

You are my ideal type.

Would you be my boy...


I'm so thirsty.

I just...

Would you take me to the hospital?

You're going to be parents.

The baby is about six weeks.

She might be vomiting
due to morning sickness.

I will prescribe some folic acid.

Please wait outside for a while.

The nurse will give you
the prescription and a booklet.

Just remember to take
more dietary supplements.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Are you clear about
the cautions mentioned here?

Please wait for a while.

I don't understand.

Does the baby's dad know about this?

He has a timid and weak heart.

I'm afraid he cannot digest such big news.

Men should be responsible
for what they have done.

How can he be so irresponsible?

He has no manners at all.

How did you know I was here?

He's here for me.

How can you do...

How do you even know each other?

It was because of you.

Hey, my brother.

Where are you?

Your client wants you
to treat them to supper?

I'm in your office.

Yes, I just came from the library.

I'll just get cold noodles
and meatball soup.


The last bus has departed


Kuo Cheng-han.

Come here.

Stay there.

Stand still.

What did you do?

What did you do?

You must use protection. Why didn't you?

Fine. I'll use it.

The Bliss of Pregnancy

Do you remember what Dad told us?

He said, safety always comes first.

And now, you make a baby out of this?

You're the first person I wanted to tell,

but Ming told me that
Hsin-yen is your goddess.

You should ignore his nonsense.

You need to be nice to her. Understand?

So are we good? Are you okay with this?

Ignore what Ming said to you.

What we need to do now

is to come up with the next step.

My brother!

It's so nice to have you here.

Okay, fine. I will try my best to help.

Stop moving. You're making me dizzy.

Excuse me.

Could you please keep it down?

Who is the one who needs this booklet?

Cheng-en, Cheng-han

Amy, Chi-chi
Star of the Month

Congratulations, Amy.
Congratulations, Chi-chi.

Both of your sales are
over a million dollars this month.

Especially Chi-chi.

Our clients are very satisfied
with your cruise wedding idea.

I will keep it up.

You put candles in the hallway
of the venue

and burned the bridal gown.

We had to pay 200,000 dollars
as compensation.

Also, there was a typhoon
during your island wedding.

The client refused to pay in full.

As for the bridegroom last week,

he crashed our limousine and left.

I'm not sure if you have anything good

to share with us now.

I'm so sorry to bring
these troubles to the company.

I'm not sure what the problem was
for the past two months.

But I do have one good news to share.

I have this case
about a couple working in Europe.

They wanted to book and get married
at Prague Castle,

which normally has
a waiting list of a year.

I called the venue
right after I found out.

It happens that there's a cancellation

for next month.

So I successfully got the appointment.

But then, the venue asked me for

a 500,000 dollar deposit.

I passed this message on to our client.

And they sent me the check right away.

It's going smoothly so far.

Yun-yu! The 500,000 dollar check
you gave me yesterday

was rejected.

- Rejected?
- Oh my gosh.

How can this be?

Let me call my client, Mr. Lin.

- Gosh!
- Oh no.

Why was it rejected? No way.

Did he switch off his phone?

Don't worry.

They must be on a flight.

- It should be okay!
- Wait for a second.

I think some other companies

got scammed like this.

And they sent us pictures to warn us.


Are these two your clients?

Yes. It's them.

No way!

How can you be
so unaware of such situations?


I can keep this case quiet for a while.

But you better come up with a solution

and return the money to the company soon.

when the manager does the auditing,

you will be in huge trouble.

The most beautiful girl, Hsin-yen

in Cheng-en's company

is pregnant because of you?

Nice job, my son.

Like father, like son.

You are just like your dad.

If your dad knew this, he'd be so happy

and ask you to go marry that girl soon.

Isn't that going too fast?

- I'm not sure I've thought this through.
- Why do you need to?

It's not a big deal.

People say,
the older brother is like your dad.

Your brother will surely
take care of this for you, right?


I believe you can handle this.

- Here, have some more.
- Here you go.


Please don't buy any more cosplay costumes
for my little sister.

Don't tell me
you spent another 5,000 dollars on it.

No, you're wrong.

She spent 6,000 dollars.


It was a gift from me.

What are you doing?

It's fine to get free dinner in my house,

but leave my sister alone.

Actually, you got it wrong.

What are you doing? Get away!

Anyway, this is important.

Don't forget to arrange a dinner
with Hsin-yen's dad.

We need to invite her dad for dinner.

Please remember.

Okay then, let's eat! Eat some more.

I really don't need to continue.
None of these will win.

When I was 12,

my dad passed away.

My little sister was just born.

I was working,
thinking of ways to earn money,

getting chased by bills.

I felt that money was never enough
no matter how hard I tried,

no matter how many jobs I had.

I was always short on cash.

But that didn't matter.

Everything I did was for this family.

Welcome, everyone. Enjoy the meal.

- Please have a seat.
- Enjoy.

Please enjoy.

I would like to get one thing straight.

Which one of you got
my baby girl pregnant?

What? It was a threesome?

- No, no, no. Just me.
- Then, stand up one at a time.

Why did you both stand up?
You almost gave me a heart attack.

I admire your courage.

Good job.

Let me toast to you.

Thank you, sir.

Sit down.

Young men of your age

are so scared of marriage

and to have children.

I really admire

your guts.

Yes. Well said.

Let's skip all the old traditions

and customs

like handing gifts.

They're complicated and troublesome.

How about this?

We'll accept a small betrothal money.

Of course!

1 million bucks, at least.
What do you say?

A friend with a rich dad...

What are you whispering about?

Is this the way you talk?
What's your problem?

Do you disrespect me?

Do you think it's too expensive?

Is my daughter an off-season product?

- No.
- Look at the way you talked!

Isn't my daughter worth this value?

You guys are ridiculous.

I'm Piao.

People call me the Straight-forward Piao.

I'll cut to the chase.

We can waive the big betrothal money.

Instead, we only need the small one.

The money saved there

can be spent by them

on a great island honeymoon.

The extended family members can come

and we'll pay for them.

But be careful not to spend
on unnecessary stuff.

I don't want first class seats.

No economy class either.

Business class is fine.

Dad, we haven't seen them
for almost three years.

Do we really need to invite
our extended family?

Why have you not seen them for so long?

Did you live abroad?

You can save all the crap.

Is it a job interview?

Must I introduce myself?

As I said, 1 million betrothal money
is my bottom line.

And we...

Do you want to whisper again?

We can host the most amazing wedding,
but not in a wasteful style.

It'll only take 10 million bucks.

1 million for small betrothal money.

I understand that young people like you

don't like to spend much time
with old people like us.

I understand very well.

If you don't want me to
attend the wedding,

you can just give me 880,000 dollars,

so I can stay in Taiwan.

I will enjoy this money

while missing my daughter and feeling sad

in Taiwan.

In conclusion, the total spending
will be 11,880,000 dollars.

1188, the number of fortune.

What do you think?

Nothing. I was just shocked.

Five million bucks on the wedding.

And I will give you
the 1 million betrothal money.

What do you say?

Excuse me?

No one out there

has ever dared to bargain with me.

I admire you for doing it.


To 2nd Floor Alley 79 Xiaodong Rd.,
Yongkang Dist., Tainan City

Actually, I don't think her dad
was really mad at me.

I don't think so either.

Mom, why did you agree to his offer?

What I meant was,

your dad is long gone.

I need to protect
the Kuo family's face for his sake.

How can we claim that we are poor
in front of others?

I'm still paying off his student loan.

I can't even afford
the small betrothal money for his wedding.

Yes, I have a friend who got married

six years after their baby was born.

People nowadays aren't that rushed now.

Big brother.

I have been doing
this purchase agent service

for some time.

The pots that you are packing right now

make 1,000 bucks each,

which means 10,000 bucks if I sell 10.

Plus my personal savings, I should have...

Your personal savings?

Why do I pay all the bills every month
if you have savings?

My saving account is
for urgent situations like this.

Fine. How about this?

I will pay the one million bucks for you.

For me?


I remember the last time you took
your one million deposit

to buy that Billy's coin.

It was Bitcoin.

Fine. It was Bitcoin.

Just sell all those Bitcoins.

We will probably have
more than three million dollars in total.

Mom, wait for a second.

I don't think you two
should be paying for all that.

You just keep quiet

and get your PhD degree.

Hey, big brother.

I have another idea. How about this?

Let's find a wedding consultant.

We'll tell them

to put five million instead of
three million as the quoted price

and send the quotation to Hsin-yen's dad.

It should be okay, right?

Isn't this idea awesome?

Oh gosh, I am so intelligent.

Emperor Mengnas once predicted

lies will expedite
the destruction of the Earth.

Oh, you are here.


Your style is a bit too special
in my opinion.


each action figure you have is expensive.

Don't simply change the head
of the figure.

- Mom!
- I am not close to her at all.

- She is your sister.
- She's your sister too!

Yes, but you are the big brother.

If things continue to go this way,

I will be too poor to
even keep my clothes.

I don't think it's that bad.

I heard the base salary
for a wedding consultant

is quite high.

You are clever, eloquent,

and the campus belle at college.

How did you lose money at your job?

What you said only makes me feel
even more awkward.

Hey, I am trying to cheer you up.

Many people saw you as a role model,

and tried to be in the spotlight too.

Remember that Yang-yang at school?

She even tried
to imitate the way you talk.

So what?

Now, even stray dogs ignore me
when I walk down the street.

I really have no idea
what's wrong with me.

Let me see.

Hey, the master of astrology is
livestreaming now. Let's take a look.

The annoying Mercury retrograde
is coming again.

We need to warn people
with a particular horoscope,

because it might have a big impact
on them.

The horoscope is


I'm sorry for Pisces.

More and more difficult things are
awaiting in the future.

So, you need to be careful about
what you say and what you do.

Okay, this is all for today's session.

This is Alice Astrology.
See you next time.

I don't need to listen to this show
to know I need to be careful.

If I fail to pay the company,
I'll lose my job.

Then, Ying-chieh and I will be kicked out
by the landlord.

What should I do?

Actually, a brother of my friend's friend

needs to plan a wedding.

They're looking for a wedding consultant.

- For real?
- Yes.


Hey, I think you are about to get lucky.

- A celebrity or a kid with a rich dad?
- No! Look at that person.

Isn't she the master of astrology?

Wait for a second.

Master! Master!

Master of astrology!

Master! I am one of the Pisces people

who will be impacted
by the Mercury retrograde.

I've been unlucky all year.

Would you let me know
how I can get better luck?

Have you ever heard of
"two negatives make a positive"?

Two negatives makes a positive?

Do you mean if I find someone as unlucky
as I am, I will have good luck?

Okay! Thanks, I get it.

Thank you so much!

Mom, you forgot again.

Fu-fu and De-cheng.

One is my first cousin's daughter.

The other is my second cousin's son.

Excuse me. I'm here to see Summer.

Summer? She is inside.

- Inside?
- You may go in.

- Thank you.
- Sure.


- What are you doing here?
- What a coincidence!

Did you not receive the money?

Don't worry. I have received it.

Let me ask you.

I am here to meet a consultant
named Summer.

Do you know her?

How is she? Is she a nice person?

I'm Summer.

- You are Summer?
- Yes!

A friend of mine recommended

a wedding consultant to me,

and asked me to find Summer here.

Oh. So you are the one

whose brother needs to
get married before the new year?

Yes, that's me.

What's wrong with your shirt?

Give me a minute. Let's go somewhere else.

- Wait here.
- Okay.

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

- Does it fit you?
- Yes.

This was for a groom who
cancelled his engagement with us.

I had the shirt made for him.

I wouldn't let my colleague buy it.

I'm sorry that I took you here to change.

I didn't want my colleague
to see it and make a fuss.

No, it's me who needs to say sorry.

I was working at my part-time job
during my lunch break.

The customer complained that
the noodles weren't hot enough,

so he splashed the noodles on me.

Can you relate to that?

I know another girl called Summer.

She is cute too.

- Really?
- Yes.

Do you really want to hire me

for your brother's wedding?

As for this, don't get
your hopes up right now.

Actually, we can't afford
the 5 million wedding expense.

My mom has the idea

to find a wedding consultant

who can help us
to adjust and prepare a higher quotation

just to show to the bride's dad.

But what concerns me now is

my request might be a burden for you.

I don't really think so, but the thing is

I've had bad luck recently.

Are you sure about hiring me?

Will I turn a good event
into something that upsets everyone?

I am one of the Pisces people
who are impacted by Mercury retrograde.

I've been unlucky all year.

Would you let me know
how I can get better luck?

Have you ever heard of
"two negatives make a positive"?


But we need to stay positive.

Do you know about the Laws of Attraction?

We will succeed if we hang in there.

My dad once said the same thing to me.


I say this to myself everyday.

I think God had a plan

for us to meet each other.

Everyone tries to avoid
unlucky people like us.

No one ever smiles at us.

How can we get our luck like this?

So, we need to change ourselves.

Yes, we need to change!

I'll be your brother's wedding consultant.

Ever since my dad told me that,

I've been hanging in there for my family.

I've wondered if I was being stupid.

But hearing what you said

makes me motivated now.

Yes! This is what we need!

Let me show you.

Do this in the mirror everyday
after you wake up.

- Like this.
- Okay.

I am great. I am awesome. I can make it!

Do this in the mirror?

It's cute for you to do it.

But I will be like an idiot if I do it.

Don't be shy, okay?

This is the fastest way to
enhance your self-esteem.

Will you do it?

Really? You really want to book
the premium modern plan

with the 17th Century British
Sedonara Church

and King's stretch limousine

to have a royal Roman wedding?

I, Summer will take care of everything.

But you must have celebrities
like Jay Chou or Jolin Tsai performing

at a wedding like this,
or it will feel incomplete.

It will cost 5 times more to hire them.

- Is that okay? No problem?
- No problem.

Thank you for trusting me.

I will give you guys

an elegant, romantic and perfect wedding.

We also want to make a short film
of our love story

and hold a 3-day bachelor party.

Let me handle this.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you. Take care.

Thank you.

Yun-yu. Congratulations!

You've closed a deal this morning.

Thank you. I'm so lucky.

Yun-yu, it's for you.

It's from the bride whose dress
got burnt on the edges.


Hello, Mrs. Tseng? This is Yun-yu.

I'm sorry that...

You'll introduce new clients to me?

You'll come in this afternoon?

Thank you very much!

I will take good care of them.

How did that happen?

Yun-yu, your mail.

What's happening today?

The groom who got drunk that time

sent me the money for limousine repair.

It feels like ever since you signed
the contract with your friend's friend,

you've been very lucky.

Yeah. I should thank him for that.

I signed a new client today.

They'll use our product from now on

Good job! Keep it up!

This wedding banquet is
on the top floor of the European Hall.

Can we decorate it like a European palace?


Using their original interior, right?

A European palace style
will cost a bit more.

I don't want the palace style.

I want a pumpkin, a carriage,
a hot-air balloon,

or just one of those things.

Just keep it simple.

Or you can discuss this

between you two.

We don't have much time now.
Can we continue with this?

How many wedding photo sets do you want?

- The more, the better.
- One is fine.

20 sets. It's the basic plan.

Also, the gifts for guests

are small but important.

What do you want them to be?

- Exquisite gifts.
- The cheaper...

the better.

These are for our families and friends.

It has to be exquisite.

You can't just be generous to yourself.

It doesn't make sense.

I just thought
you wanted to save money, so...

- Don't cry.
- I thought you were under great pressure.

I feel bad for you. That's why I'm crying.

Don't cry. I'm sorry.

No. Someone else is here.

It's embarrassing.

Let's go back to my place.

What a coincidence.

I just got here one minute earlier.

I'm so hungry.

Fried noodles again?

I've had it for two days.

Do you know how many
instant noodles meals I've had?

What's wrong?

I couldn't make it in time to pick you up.

Why do you have to be so harsh on me?

Am I harsh on you?

How long have you been out of work?

Have I ever asked you for money?

Let alone for food and other expenses.

What now?

Are you angry at me?

You know how bad the job market is now.

Nobody wants to invest in films.

How on earth can I get a job?

If you really wanted to,

you can work at
the corner store or a restaurant.

Come on! Are you serious?

The salary is low,
and I will be treated like a slave.

So, it's okay for me to be
treated like a slave?

The clients treat me like a slave

and vent their anger out on me.

What are you doing? Are you angry?

You're so short-tempered. What did I say?

What did I tell you?
I'm in a bad mood now, too.

I went location scouting
with the producer.

Then I got a call saying
the project was canceled

when we were halfway there.

The investor...

It's either the producers dropped out

or the investors withdrew the money.

What other excuses do you have?


Can you be any more sarcastic?

You can be as sarcastic as you want.

I know you don't like me unemployed.

You said Ang Lee was jobless for 6 years,

and you believed me...

You are not supposed to stay jobless
for that long.

I'm signing a new client tomorrow...

I know.

It's that guy again.

You're cheating on me.

That's why you're angry at me

and doing everything to drive me out.

Am I right?

What's wrong with you?

- You...
- Kuo Cheng-en is my client.

And it's you who wanted to argue, not me.

You despise me!

You're trying everything to
get me out of here, aren't you?

Pai Ying-chieh, get out of here now
if you have any guts.

I'm not going anywhere.

I don't have guts. None at all.

You can get yourself out.

The door's right there, help yourself.

You dropped something.

It doesn't make any sense.

That's my home.

How can you kick me out like that?

That's my home!

The subscriber...

The cell's off.

Pai Ying-chieh, you're way out of line.

Sorry, I'm late.

What are you doing here?

My brother said his professor

asked him to prepare something
for the class.

And Hsin-yen...

And Hsin-yen said

her boss wanted her
to greet some foreign clients.

So she couldn't make it.

You look...

Let me show you around.

It's spacious here.


What's wrong?

Where's my watch?

Your watch?

Your watch.

Did you wear it this morning?

Yes, I wear it everyday.

It was a birthday gift from
my boyfriend three years ago.


You're really pretty.
No doubt you have a boyfriend.

What did you say?


Let's see.

Where did you go?

We can go look for it together.

How did it go? Did you find it?

I've looked everywhere.

How did the watch disappear into thin air?

Could you have dropped it
on your way here?

How did you get here?

By driving or taking a taxi?

I'm broke. How could I take a taxi?


Don't be sad.

I believe we can find the watch.

I'll look for it again.

Let's stay positive, okay?

Never mind.
I have another appointment with a client.

Thank you.

Help me find where I can buy this watch.

Where did this photo come from?
The quality is so bad!

I took a screenshot
from Summer's Facebook photo.

Summer? The wedding consultant?

You have feelings for her,

and now you're looking for a watch.

Nonsense. She has a boyfriend.

The watch company closed down.
It's going to be difficult.

You can do it. You're good at this!

Found it.

Only one left. It's out of production.

15,000 dollars, non-negotiable.

It also comes with this free lucky towel

worth 8,888 dollars.

Anyway, it's a very durable quartz watch.

If you don't want it, I will take it.

The value may rise next year.

It may get up to 20,000 dollars,

- or 30,000 dollars.
- 10,000 at most.

I've only earned 10,000 dollars from
my part-time job these days.

Let me tell you about a great job.

My friend could afford a sports car
after doing it.

I won't do anything illegal.

It's totally legal, okay?

It's livestreaming.

You could earn over 10 million a year.

As long as you have the guts.

If it makes money,
I'll have the guts for it.

But what do I do livestream about?

Drink it and get healthy.

Here. Try it. Practice.

Drink it and get healthy.

Put some feeling into your words!

More feeling?

Drink it and get healthy.

You're gifted.

- Really?
- Again.

Drink it and get healthy.

There, you'll get 10 million.

- That makes 10 million?
- Yes, 10 million.

- Really?
- Truly.

I'll create an account for you now.


Special party for single people

What's this?

Let's start. Hello everyone, I'm Cheng-en.

The reason I'm in this costume is...

Let me explain it to you.

Last time, I cooked two dishes,

but almost no one watched the livestream.

So I thought,

why don't I do some magic tricks today?

Let me show you guys.

Three people are watching.
They are people anyway.

Okay. Let the magic begin.

One, two, three!

One, two, three!

Someone's calling.

What? I'm livestreaming.

Your show is embarrassing.

Cooking? Magic? How are you going
to earn gifts from doing those things?

What should I do then?


You might look pretty in those costumes.

Remember to shave your legs!

Hello everyone, I'm...

Hello everyone.

I'm En-En.

Today, I'm in a pretty maid's outfit.

I want to introduce these...

facial masks to you.


I haven't used these yet.

I'm introducing the brand of masks I use.

Are they used?
What fake masks are these?

Damn, a fake maid
A counterfeit male girl

Fake crossdressing?
Why is no one watching?

Crossdressing sucks.

This is not working.

Crossdressing sucks.

It's not working.

What's wrong with you?

Nothing. I was doing a livestream.

Making some extra cash.

I wanted to talk to you.

Then come in.

Can you take that off?

It hurts my eyes.

I know I don't look good in this,

but you don't have to be this mean.

Listen here.

From the beginning,
I've said we don't have to get married.

The situation now
makes me look like a jerk.

I'm not blaming you.

It's just that

I don't know if marrying Hsin-yen

is the right thing to do.

It's not just that the economy is bad.

I'm jobless.

And I'm still a student.

I don't think our characters match.

I just feel very stressed.

Take it easy! I'm telling you.

No matter what, I will take care of you.

You're not listening!

It's your one-sided wish!

Or you think you're my dad?
Look at yourself!

You can't even take good care of yourself,
so don't judge me!

Just mind your own business.

Let me decide whether
I want to get married!

What the heck!

You haven't contacted
each other for a week?

I've sent him messages,

but he left me on read.

He's probably changed his mind.

I've been thinking a lot these days.

I grew up in a single-parent family.

One of my dreams is

to have a wonderful marriage.

But I don't want to force him.

Let's cancel the wedding.

I mean it.

The baby.

I will keep him.

I will take good care of him
and protect him.

Don't worry.

I won't ask for any money
from your family. Really.

Please take some time to think.

My little brother.

My brother is probably
just on a mad impulse.

He'll be calmer in a few days.

We don't have a few days.

The wedding date
is just around the corner.

Recently, my brother

knocked up my colleague.

My mom wants me to help out.

He's my brother. Of course, I'll help him.

But I need 5 million bucks.

I really don't know how long
it'll take me to earn that much money.

And my little brother.

He told me it's none of my business.

None of my business.


- Please excuse me.
- It's fine.

- Sorry, I'm late.
- You haven't eaten yet?

I thought I would order takeout
to eat with my boyfriend.

I ordered a drink for you.

You can also have this one.

- I haven't drank it yet.
- One's enough.


I found your watch.

You found it?

Why is it so clean?

Did you have it cleaned?

Where did you find it?

It was...

It was the staff from the hall
who found it.

They probably kept it nicely

and wiped it cautiously.

That's why it's clean.

How nice of them.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank you very much.

It's nothing.


it's getting late.

I should get going.

Do you live around here?

Yes. That's why I told you to meet here.


- Well then.
- Please have this as well.

It's untouched.

- Thank you.
- It's nothing.

- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.

Who was that?

I saw you.

Is he

the guy named Cheng-en?

Is he hitting on you?

I'm really tired today.

Let's eat first.

My watch?

I know you don't care about it.

We both agree to see things separately.

Now that we've fought,

you stopped wearing the watch I gave you.

Are you still angry?

I apologize.

It's all my fault.

I'm sorry.

Don't be angry.

- Let's make up.
- Okay, sure.

To show my sincerity and as compensation,

I'll treat you to dinner tomorrow night.

How long will the stretch limousine be?

Up to 200 inches.
It's the longest in the domestic market.

You can even put a jacuzzi in it.

200 inches? Sounds like a train.

Is it luxurious enough?

Yes, definitely.

I don't need a jaccuzi.

Just add a mahjong table for me.

We don't have much time to get it done.

But I will do my best.

Your best isn't enough.
You have to make it happen.

No problem.

And what about the photography team?

This is the best team.

The best of the best.

And the suit.

Find me the best.

Large in European size.

Extra large in Korean size.

- Remember my size.
- No problem.

Where's your husband?

He's busy writing his thesis.

He's been busy with schoolwork lately.

His brother can represent him.

- Right.
- Yes, sir.

If you need my help,

just let me know.

Thank you for your help.

Don't forget.

The red packet.

- Understand?
- I understand.



You're nuts!

You don't understand this at all.

Okay, let's go and eat.

Let's go.


Wait a minute. Let me.

Can't be too careful
with my precious grandchild.

Be careful.


- Take care.
- Take care, sir.


Thank you.

I thought Mr. Chung was hard to please,

but you're good at dealing with him.

If I'd met you earlier,

a lot of things would be different.

You're exaggerating.

No, you're seriously great!

I got another part time job tonight.

I heard the pay's quite good.
I can even get tips.

So I can't be late.

- I have to go now.
- Okay.

What's going on?
Why is his phone switched off?

- Yun-yu, is that you?
- Yang-yang?

It's really you. What a coincidence.

Why are you here alone? Where's your date?

He's on his way.

Let me introduce you to my boyfriend.

He's the Vice President
of WaChao Game Design.

She's my classmate from college,

the prettiest girl and top student
in campus.

She's such a bright star.

But I heard the PR company she worked for

was closed down, didn't it?

How did that happen?

- Well...
- Oh, yes.

It's your birthday today, right?

Your date is late.

And you're not mad?
You're such a sweet person.

Must be a keeper, this guy?

Sorry I'm late.

You are?

I'm a client of Summer's.

She organized a multi-million dollar
wedding for my brother.

My family was very pleased.

After all, you're the most
valuable employee in that company.

I'm not surprised.

I'm so busy at work,

and I don't have time to meet
such a nice girl like her.

That's why I asked her
to meet up for her birthday.

But I was late. I'm so sorry.

I see.

You must be doing well at work, right?

Baby, you two should exchange cards.

Maybe you can be business buddies
in the future.

This is my card.


Hope you have a happy birthday.

We should hit the road.

Thank you.

See you.

I thought they'd call my bluff.

What are you doing here?

I told you earlier.

I have a part-time job.

I'm working as a valet here.

These belong to the customers.

- How about the card?
- Also the customers'.

I saw that girl from the outside.
She didn't seem to be very nice to you.

So I act arbitrarily, and

I hope you don't mind.

I don't.

What you did

was actually pretty cool.

That's because of the outfit
from the customer.

I'm going to run to the dry cleaners now.

I'm back.

Are you up?

I didn't know you'll be up so early,

so I only bought breakfast for me.

You can have it. I'll leave it here.

Someone called me yesterday,

saying something about
making a small budget film.

I only realized when I arrived there,

they were only making a plan,
with no details at all.

Eventually they decided
that since everyone was there,

we might as well play some board games.

Kay was there with files, too.

He's having it to be reviewed.

Did you know it was my birthday?

Let's just break up.

You have one hour to pack your stuff.
Or I'll throw them away.

Are you mad?

I'm sorry.

I apologize. Please don't be mad.

I didn't mean it.

Give me have one more chance.

One more chance?

How many chances have I given you?

This was the hundredth and third chance.

I told myself to break up with you
when the hundredth chance happened.

But I kept telling myself
that you didn't mean it.

How many holidays have we missed?


New Year.

Valentine's day.

Our anniversary.

And now, my birthday.

Each and every time,
you'd give me a different excuse.

The time we spend together is
more important than that.

Do we really spend time with each other?

When I'm home, you're either watching TV
or playing video games.

Do you care if I'm happy or sad?

You weren't by my side when I needed you.

What's the point of this relationship?

I got comfortable
because you were always here for me.

I felt safe. I can relax.

So, please forgive me.

It's my fault. I'll change.
Let's not break up.

You now have 58 minutes.

What is going on?

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry.

I made a mistake.

I don't want to break up.

I'll change.

You know me. I never meant to do that.

You know how I am.

I'm sorry.

I'll change, really.

I didn't mean to.

Can't believe that

Yun-yu has turned it all around.

She told me

she met a horoscope master who told her

she'll have good luck if she finds someone
as unlucky as she is.

- No kidding?
- That's why she's with that dumb boy.

She works for his brother.

This is the man with filthy clothes
who asked to have a bigger quote made?

That's not true. I can explain.

- It's not like what they said.
- You don't need to explain.



I did take a horoscope master's advice

before accepting your brother's job.

That's why you started getting lucky.

Good for you.

I should thank you actually.

If you hadn't told me
to give myself a pep talk

in front of the mirror,

I probably wouldn't have been
so optimistic.

That's not the point.

The point is that I did reflect on myself.

I know I did wrong.

- I know...
- You did nothing wrong.

A wedding consultant is
very similar to a salesman.

As long as the customer agrees,

it'll be your call
in terms of the size of the bill.

I've already drafted a new quote.

I won't show it to Mr. Chung.

- I didn't mean to earn from you.
- You don't need to explain.

And stop following me.

The contract is signed.

You will be the consultant no matter what.

I've got things to do. See you later.

I will stop following you,

as long as you stop being mad at me.

I'm not mad at you.

I'm mad at myself,

for being so naive,

for acting like a fool.

You can succeed
if you hang in there, right?

Right. We made it.

But what I've been doing is being a fool.

I should've known

no one would be kind for no reason.

Not even you.

I'm leaving.

Hsuan, have you done your homework?

Your exam is coming soon.

Why are you not studying?

Your big brother is talking to you.

Black Knight will be the cure
to your nagging problem!

Didn't I tell you?

Let me know before you take my stuff.

You left this in a drawer.

I thought you didn't want it anymore.

Why wouldn't I?
It's worth 1000 US dollars.

It was going to be your wedding gift.

Don't tell me
you've played with every one of them.

Where's Mom?

A million dollars? What's this about?

Mom, are you there?


Mom, were you sleeping?

Not quite.

Can you tell me what this receipt is for?

That's for all those pots
and pans I bought.

You spent a million dollars
on pots and pans?

They had a year-end sale,

so I thought I might
as well stock up a bit.

We can resell them and make more money.

But we need to get
the wedding money ready in 2 days.

That... I...

Forget it. I'll ask Ming.

You're calling Ming?
Don't do that. Don't trouble him.

Don't call.


Why is it that when I called him,

a phone in your room rang?

No way, what are you talking about?

I have no idea what it is.

No, son, I'm about to go to sleep.

You should do the same.
It's late. My room is a mess.

Don't come in.


- No!
- Jeez!

Why did you pull it away?

The set up is here.

Let's do a livestream.

Party for Single People?

Damn. Who would go to that?

Hi everyone.

I'm Kuo...

It doesn't matter who I am, really.

It's up to you to watch this or not.

I just want to talk to someone.

I won't do livestreams ever again
after today, I suppose.

When I was a kid,

I was actually pretty smart.

I was good at my studies.

I was top ten in my class.

My little brother, he's very gifted.

He's always the best student.

Which meant my certificates of merit
were always used

to cover up instant noodles

or to keep the table balanced.

Having a little brother as gifted as mine

is not at all a bad thing.

My dad told me when I was little

to be kind,

and to always help others.

You'll receive good karma.

Should I go up, middle or down?

Maybe into the jungle!

Grown-ups are really hard to understand.

What's wrong with dating him?

So what if he finds out?
Why did you drag me here?

How did you know we were dating?

You two are around me all day.

I'm not blind, you know?

What are we so nervous about?

Why did we run away from home? Why?

It doesn't matter now.
What matters is I can't find a way out!

I have to get people to watch this.

Or I don't deserve to be your friend.

Let me ask you.

Why are you more upset to be
mistaken by that Cheng-en guy

than breaking up with your ex?

Probably because
I've never been thought as a bad person

in my life so far.


I bet you've fallen for that unlucky guy.

Hey, your guy is doing a livestream.

And the number of views are soaring!

Are you still thinking
about your big brother?

Don't worry.

He must have known what you said
was just out of anger.

He'll get pass that.

I don't think he will.

Summer told me your brother
is doing a livestream.

It sounds weird.

My brother only does boring livestreams.

Mom, big brother is on live!

What? On live?

He's on live?

I should stop doing this now.
I'm not gonna win anything.

Told you that I knew this since I was 12.

I'm the least fortunate person
in this world.

When I was 12,

my dad passed away.

My little sister was just born.

I was working,

thinking of ways to earn money,

getting chased by bills.

Money was never enough.

I felt that I could never earn enough.

No matter how many jobs I had,

I'd never have enough to get by.

But that didn't matter.

Everything I did was for my family.

Recently, my little brother

knocked up my colleague.

My mom wants me to help out.

He's my brother. Of course, I'll help him.

But I need 5 million bucks.

I really don't know how long
it'll take me to earn that much money.

And my little brother...

Or you think you're my dad?

He told me it's none of my business.

What's wrong with his family?

Or you think you're my dad?

None of my business.

My sister, on the other hand,
is annoyed by my nagging.

But that's not true.

I think you are a smart girl.

You are sweet as well.

I don't want to see you
become like your brothers.

I want you to have
a better life than mine.

So I might nag a bit.

Here's your tea.

Thank you.

You lost your girl to me
and you're still that unlucky.

Let me share this for you
for old times sake.

And, also,

for my brother's wedding,
I found him a consultant.

She is really something.

She made me realise that

I am still useful, even just a bit.


She made me realise I still have
something that can be taken away.

I should thank you. Really.

For letting me know
my life is just a joke,

like a monkey in a circus
for others to laugh at.

But even with everything
that happened, I don't know why,

I still hope my brother's wedding

will go smoothly.


for no reason,

I still...

I still have feelings...

Believe in yourself
Bury the past and look forward

What a tramp. That's mean
I had a similar experience

I still have feelings for...


He fell.

Something's not quite right.

I need to go.

Oh, no! Is this a live suicide?

Leave your name!

How pitiful

Any reporters nearby? There's news here!

Stop commenting! Go save him!

Something fun is going to happen

Call an ambulance

He's on Ghost Island so I'm not surprised

Unlucky guy, pull yourself together

I'm sharing this on social media

I think a netizen might know him

He's a client at our company

Even a 40-year-old
can reach this many people

News about this is on the front pages

Testimony of an unlucky guy's life

How pitiful, is he serious?

17 live broadcasters won't win the lottery

Wait for me, my brother!

There's a fork ahead, turn right
and we're off here.

A fork? Okay.

Come on, this is not good timing.

My brother!

Do you hear me, my brother?

My brother?

Wake up, my brother.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

I shouldn't have said those things.

Come on.

My son!

Ming! Hurry up!

I'm coming.

I only wanted to take the burden
off your shoulders.

Please don't take it personal.

Wake up, my brother.

My son, what's going on?

I was only making you
the boss of this family.

- Let's figure out your brother's wedding.
- What is it?

- On your brother's wedding too.
- What's going on here?

Excuse me.

Is everything okay?

This is not funny.


Is everything okay?



I'm so sorry. How did this happen?

I'm sorry, Cheng-en.

I was only thinking
about turning my own fate.

And it turns out you were the one
who got hurt.

But I know now and I've changed.

If only I could tell you earlier.

Among all the men I've ever met,

you're the most responsible

and the most trustworthy.

Thank you for taking care of me
this whole time.

Please wake up.

Give me the chance to take care of you.

What's going on with
this emotional confession?

Quiet. It's still live now.

Is that a snore?

- Come on.
- He's snoring.


Yo, yo, yo, hello!

Congratulations, you are our winner!

I didn't notice you before.

It turns out you are the dark horse!

Mr. Kuo, you are really something.

You've reached first place
in just one night.

I watched your livestream.

Being the big brother
has been really hard on you.

Your family needs you.

You are amazing.

Last but not least, I wish you congrats.

You've won the biggest prize.

The ticket to a million-dollar worth
party for single people!

Have fun!

My brother!

I've put your toys back.
Sorry for what I did earlier.

That's okay.

They were meant for you.

My brother.

Thank you for everything
you've done for us.

I was childish.

I'll take it from here,

and make the arrangements with Hsin-yen.

You've grown up.

My son, I'm sorry.

You've done so much.

Your mom and I, we're not just having fun.

You two.

About this,

I think I'll need some time.


So, what is it?
Why are you acting like this?

We just want you to know that we love you.

Good then.

I'll find a way to get the money.

Because this is family.

Why are you here?

Look at you now.

Don't you remember
what you did last night?

Not quite.

Speaking of which,

I think I just received a scam video call,

saying that I won the ticket
to the party for single people.

That's not a scam. Let me tell you.

It is real.

All my livestreamer friends lost.

One of them called me
saying the livestream you made

has been flooded with gifts
and earned you a big fortune.

You are rich now!

- That's real?
- Yes, it is.

Can we cash in
that party for singles instead?

- No.
- No way. We need the party.

- I need it.
- We need the party for sure.

Let's go before your brother's wedding.

Exactly! That's perfect.

Right? Give me five!


My son won this.

The one who won the prize,
that's your son?

- It's true.
- Really can't tell.

Let me introduce my boyfriend.

My boyfriend, come meet our new friend.

Hello, nice to meet you.

She's my wife.

- Come on.
- She's been thirsty for a while.

Nice to meet you.

I'm a director of mini movies.

- Cool.
- May I know your name?

- I'm Yang-yang.
- Nice to meet you, Yang-yang.

Thing is, we have this plan now.

It's a marketing case

and the client wants a mini movie for it.

We are looking for a leading actress.

I saw you a while ago.
I think you might fit the role.

What's wrong? Are you hungry?


Let me.


Let's do it together.

Come on.

Watch out.

1, 2, 3 push.

- Finally.
- Is she the last one?


I'm glad that you're here.

Where's my glass? I want some more.

There's nothing left to drink.
You should rest now.

I think we are the ones
who should have a drink.

You're right. Let's go.

Why did you drink that night?

I had many reasons for that.

There must've been one that triggered you.

The main reason.

It had nothing to do with me, right?

I broke up with my boyfriend.

When did it happen?

A few days ago.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say to comfort you.

What should I say...



I was so hard on you.

I'm so sorry.



My good luck seemed to have vanished
after the party.

Summer was gone.

It was like she was never here.

I found it.

I can't believe I dropped it in your car.

Yes. It took me a while to find.
It was under my seat.

Thank you.

The 7-eleven store that opens every day

is closed today.

I tried to get in touch with her.

But I failed.

Hello Ling? This is Cheng-en.

I know I've called many times,

but I wanted to make sure.

Did Summer contact you?

I see.

I went to the bridal shop,

but she had quit her job.

If she ever contacts you,

please let her know

I'm looking for her.

Thank you.

By the way, we should avoid meeting up

unless it is for important matters.

I'm really the most unlucky person
in the universe.

That's because you haven't seen
how unlucky I am.

I don't want to double
your bad luck for you.

Everything that happened

is still so clear in my mind.

The days without her

make me feel like
something's missing in my life.

I'm so sorry.

I was trying to avoid hitting a dog.

Can we settle this off record?
This is a company car.


We haven't known each other for long.

But I feel like

I've known her for years.

Like we were meant to be.


I miss you so much.

I want to see you again.




Sorry. I thought you were someone else.

I've been looking for you.

How about your girlfriend?

You've been looking for me?

I like you.

I wish you good luck at your new school.

May good fortune falls on you.

Thank you.

Wait a second. The story is not finished.

Hsin-yen and I,

we got married in Vegas.

And it didn't cost my brother a dime.

Okay, that's the answer for Little John.

Coming up, I'm going to finish
sharing about this amazing pacifier.

This pacifier...

Kuo Cheng-han, I told you
to look after the baby.

I did. He's asleep.

Give your grandpa a kiss.

What do you think you are doing?

Are you trying to give him nightmares?

Don't mind grandpa.

This big brother is
the real boss in this family.

Hi everyone, how's it going?

Is everyone having a good day?

Today's weather is good.

Cheng-en, go get your blazer.
We're going to be late.

Let me take this.

We are leaving now.

I'll give this back to my little brother.

That's right.

Sorry about that.

Yes? You are asking if my brother is
married to Summer?

No, this is a total mistake.

He took the prize money

and opened a workshop with her.

It's all new, so they need to work hard.

They'll have to be the models
for their own business.


Hubby, the baby pooped again!

Right, I need to change the baby's diaper.

So I'm ending this livestream.

See you!

Be careful!

I can never understand what
these human beings are thinking.

In fact, what my second brother told you,

is all marked in

this Curse Note.

You don't believe me? Just watch.


- Cut.
- Thank you.

Twenty million for the wedding.


I know.

An old man, a boy

to come with you to the island

to attend the wedding...



I'm sorry.

- All right.
- Again.

Ready, action.

I just care about you.

What do you think?

Did I scare you?

Tell me.

And you're laughing.

All right.

Ready, one, two, three, action.


So you want to book
the premium modern plan

with the 17th Century British
Sedonara Church

and King's stretch limousine...

- All right.
- You don't need to...

Special thanks to Joeman for his cameo

Your mom, my goodness.

How did she think of this method?

Oh, please. Won't the responsibility

still fall on my shoulders in the end?

It's all my dad's fault.

He said that people

must persevere in order to succeed.

My goodness, don't tell me
I'm not a good friend.

Earlier, I won two out of two
scratch-off lottery tickets.

This one's for you. Scratch it off.
The prize is one million.

I didn't win.

For scratch-off tickets,

based on my experience,
only 1 in 100 wins, you know.

One hundred?


Starting tomorrow, do things
that you don't usually do, okay?

Perhaps your luck will change.

I've never invested in anything before.

You told me about Bitcoin,

so I went to buy some.

Ater that, the value dropped 20%.

I lost money too, okay?

- You're telling me.
- Hey.

Ask him then.

I bought a lot of Bitcoins before.

And I earned a lot from them.