Silsila (1981) - full transcript

Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) a poet decides to bury his past life along with his love for Chandni (Rekha) when he meets Shobha (Jaya Bachchan). Shobha's life has come to a standstill after her fiancé and Amit's brother Shekhar (Shashi Kapoor) dies in a plane crash. Amit had only come to mourn the death of his brother with Shobha but ends up sacrificing his own love and life in an attempt to give Shobha a new lease of life. When fate brings Amit and Chandni face to face again, both are married to different people - but neither can ignore their feelings for each other. SILSILA is a story, thwarted by society's demands, which reappear as adultery but can it survive in the face of society?

"When my veil falls away,
A shyness comes over me''

''When l see my sisters in love
l feel the stirrings within me''

''When my eyes fall asleep
Then the dreams come to me''

''And when the man l love
Comes in my dreams''

''New seasons of spring come to life
l feel a new stirring within me''

''And there is only one image
l hold in my eyes''

''When my veil falls away,
A shyness comes over me''

''Let us steal a few
moments from life''

''To quench this fire on our breaths''

''Let us make a new world for us.
A world far away from this world''

''When l look into your eyes...''

''what magic comes over me?''

''When the heart feels lonely,
l feel...''

''As if you are looking into my eyes''

''When my veil falls away,
A shyness comes over me''

''Every moment we share is precious...''

''Who knows, what's to happen tomorrow''

''Life is such a long journey''

''l'm afraid for l do not know
What is to happen''

''But ever since
l gave you my heart

''The sleep has fled my eyes
Oh these words that you speak!''

''l've made myself
A bad reputation''

''When the veil falls away,
A shyness comes over her''

''When she sees her sisters in love
She feels the stirrings within me''

A strong tradition is what makes
our outlook so different.

This song about the spring takes
a whole new look...

at the relationship between
man and woman.

Motherhood is a matter of pride.

Someday, l'll give you all my love.
That will be my gift to you.

l'll wait for that day.

''The most beautiful country
in the whole world''

''Our Hindustan''

''We are her hummingbirds
Her garden is our playground''

Ladies and gentlemen...

Thanks to your support, today's
programme is a grand real success.

As you know, the monies we have
raised, will be donated to the...

Air Force Wives Welfare Association
and for the school.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Victory to lndia

Very good

Let your hair loose.
You look great!

How went the speech
l wrote for you?

From the applause, the audience
must've appreciated it.


Look, l'm sorry l'm late.

ls all this waiting the price for
being in love with a flier?

This isn't just a question
of a day or two...

this is the question of a lifetime.
- Just think...

when a flier is with you,
he's only with you.

Not like those civilians who
sit beside the women the love...

and worry about paying taxes.
- You pay taxes when you earn.

You blow half your
salary on booze.

Drink is for the lion-hearted!

l've seen this lion
mewing like a cat.

Sweetheart, for the sake
of your love!

''The life l wished to live with you
ln loneliness l have lived''

''A strange silence pervades...''

''Even soliloquy is oppressive''

''ln solitude l ask myself...''

''Beyond this beauty all around me
Beyond the bounds of time...''

''ls there anyone who
is waiting for me...?''

There's pathos in his voice.

A certain sensuousness.

He is in search of someone.

Who is he?

lf his voice has swept
you off your feet...

what's to happen once you meet?


You will have to.

What are you gaping at?
He's my brother.

''For the first time l have seen''

''Such a beauty''

''ls she a girl?
Or is she fire?''

''This is fire''

''Careful, this is the fire''

''You'd rather douse yourself
in water''

''Please my youth''

''What man is he who cannot
enjoy the fires of youth''

''l have just come of age
lt's new and it's painful''

''The thoughts are maddening''

''Count your blessings, my boy''

''My blessings l have wasted
l have lost everything''

''Go away, my hunter
Your bait is hackneyed''

''Try using the bait somewhere else''

''Not a bird can you trap,
my lanky one''

''No girl will get hooked''

''How will l overcome
this distance between us??

''God alone knows the
plight of my heart''

''You have just seen me
from a distance''

''And you are head over heels''

''Try holding my hand''

''Sonny, try holding my hand''

''Once l take your hand,
l will never leave it''

''Remember that, my beauty''

Hey man! Come down.

Hi, sweetheart

l was scared to death.

Don't be silly darling

When l'm flying,
l feel like a king.

And you are the queen of my heart!

Gurdip Singh!
- Hi Amit!

You bloody fool!
- How are you?

l'm still a bachelor.
You're married, right?

Everything all right?
- Fit and fine my boy.

Won't you introduce me
to your wife?

Of course. Come on in.

My friend. Amit.

Simran, this my best friend.

You've done your bit.
Now get out.

What are you saying?
- For a minute. Out.

She's my wife!
- l know. But this is private. Go out

Simran, don't worry!
l'm right out here!

Get the flowers out of the way.

You can bring the spring into
my life! Do me one small favour.

After that, l'll serve you
all my life. - What?

l'll tell you...

You see, there was someone at your
wedding. She was in a pink dress.

She was very fair.
But not as fair as you...

Who, Chandni?


Amit, what are you up to?
- Shut up!

l'm coming in!
- Stay out, you ass.

lntroduce me. For once.
And give me her address. Please.

My mother is out there. This is
creating the wrong impression!

Stop it!

Please! Do this for me.

lt was her birthday
the day before yesterday.

- Shut up!

Cursed luck! l missed her
by a day before yesterday!

l'll give you her address.
- God bless you!

May you mother a hundred sons!

You want me to start farming sons?

You ass! What are you staring at?
l'm in love. Don't you see?

And l couldn't even send her
flowers on her birthday.

l couldn't wish you on your birthday.
l'm punishing myself for it.

On this day every month,
l'll send you flowers.

Flowers with their beauty
and fragrance will say a lot.

Should you please,
ask my flowers about me.

But l can't yet sign off with
a ''Yours'': Amit.

''Amit, the weather is splendid here.
Come over to Kashmir for a few days.''

''lt'd be fun: Shekhar''

Coming, brother.

Do me a favour, darling!
- Whatever you wish.

Amit is coming today.
Receive him at the airport.

And you...?
- Duty, darling. Duty.

Flying a sortie to Pathankot.
l'll return in a jiffy.

But l've never met Amit.

This brother of mine is one
in a million. Tall, handsome.

There's a sparkle in his eyes.
And what a voice!

He stands apart in a crowd.
You'll have no problem.

You'll recognise him
as soon as you see him.

Excuse me, are you Mr Amit?

You should be Shobha?

- My brother...

Mentions you often.

Hasn't he come?
- He sent me to receive you. Come...

You say you're Shekhar's brother
and then you start laughing?

Yes, there was a dilemma,
now solved after due deliberation.

My brother is a year and a half older
than l am. But we've been friends.

We started smoking together.

And then drinking. Together.
We shared our first drink.

But before that we fell
in love together.

With the same girl...
- You know?


Before that we used to bathe
together. ln the nude.

Heard that too.
- But you wouldn't have seen...?

We keep reversing roles.

Reversing roles...?
l don't understand.

When one of us landed in a spot,
the other would play big brother.

You'll drive me out of my mind!

Just a sample. We're going
to spend a lifetime together.

- You're related to my brother.

l'm related to my brother.

That makes us relatives...?

Mummy, this is the famous Mr Amit.
More an actor than a playwright.

This is punishing!

Tell me, what would you like to eat?
What do you like the most?

Once someone asked me what
my favourite dish is.

Punjabi, South lndian, Chinese,
Continental, Greece...

You know, what l told him?
- What?

The food my mother cooks for me.

l'll get you something.

Very smart! You've floored Mummy.

Don't fall for the cliche.
The floored opponent will rise.

Then it's someone else's turn
to get floored.

So you see, the cliche
is a cliche after all.

Mother! l've had enough for a day!

l thought you'd turn out
to be a serious playwright.

But you turned out...
- To be a joker?

l was just doing my duty.
- Duty!

Entertaining you
in my brother's absence.

So, the sentiments are
solely for your brother?

Give or take ten per cent
for my feelings towards you.

Thank you for your ten per cent.

Keep up the cheer.

The percentage will climb till
one day, brother vanishes.

l'm not one of those who disappear.

Wherever l am, you will
find the stardust.

Not just friends; even my enemies
cannot forget me.

You brag too much.
Come on, embrace me.


She isn't dancing.
Break her in.

Where is Shekhar?
- Shekhar? Gone for a tipple.

This brother of mine boozes a lot.
Drinking, drinking all the time.

Keep him on a leash. Say what,
start tightening the screws.

Else, someday he'll go overboard.
Don't say l didn't warn you.

Come on, dance. Don't you know
how to dance?

Up here...
l'm dancing one floor up.

Hey sweetheart!

Taught this one?
Now teach her.

What's this

What's this, Shekhar?
- Booze!

You're drinking too much.

Did Amit put you up to this?

You don't know, he's a bloody
alcoholic. A born alcoholic.

lf you listen to him,
l'm doomed.

What's your name?
- Ramola.

Where do you live?

Your telephone number?

Brother, you're great!

You're driving you jeep like
you're flying your jet!

Let me do it!

Slowly! We aren't Air Force, man.

We're civilians. Have mercy on us.

You're driving too fast!
- Let me do it!

lt'll move after it starts.

Shift gears.

Remember that song we
used to sing in college?

Shut your ears.

ln the betel shop
Under my girl's house!

Let's make a little merry!
Let's have a few kisses!

Get down. Let me go home.

What are you doing?
Think about me!

What about me?
Hey brother!


Oh come on,
he's just my brother.

You're crying... tell me,
what's your problem?

l bashed you up...
- When, where?

15 years ago. You were a little one.
When you tore Maya's letter.

What did l tear?
- Maya's letter...

No! l pushed you. And you hit
the wall. And you cracked your nut.

No! l bashed you up!

Where's Maya these days?

Maya? Bloody Maya!

Maya must struggling to
tide the seas of life!

Right now, with her
four kids and husband in tow...

she's waiting for a train
at a seedy station!

Trains are never
on time in lndia.


Write a play about it.

l'm a flier. l have nothing
to do with trains.

But still, l'll say
trains are a big problem.

Write a play.

Where's paper?


You tore it!
That's why l bashed you up.

So what?

You're my elder.

Look, if you're my elder...

then l'm younger to you.

When l'm younger to you,
you're my elder.

So what, if you bashed me up?

Remember, once you were angry with me
about Maya. You left me and went away.

Don't leave me and go away.

Don't leave me!

l'm telling you the truth,

Not just one Maya...

l'll give up a thousand Mayas
for your sake!

Brother, don't leave me!

Don't leave me!

Don't cry, brother!
You're my younger brother.

l'll never leave you!

l never will!

l have cried out your name
in these valleys. Chandni.

Ask these flowers,
if you won't believe.

All of yesterday, l sat writing
your name and mine.

Loneliness and solitude
are two words.

But together, they mean a lifetime.

ln a moment, the quest is transformed
into a world of happiness.

Try it out: Amit.
Amit, who is mine no more.

Turn on the hot water.
- Okay.

All right?

This is fun!

Amit, pick up that soap.

l'm not picking up any soap.

Back in the hostel bathroom,
no one would pick up the soap!

And once when we were bathing naked,
Maya suddenly barged in.

And we covered our eyes in shock!

She wouldn't look at us for a week!

With you around,
l'm reliving my childhood.

Stay back for some more time...

For your sake, l'd stay back
for the rest of my life.

But something urgent has cropped up.
l have to meet someone.

The soap...
- You so-and-so!

What a strange pair.

Mad, both of them...
- That spirit is rare.

l'm not anxious for you any longer.
- How come.

After what l've seen,
l'll say you're lucky.

They'll take good care of you.

Amit, won't you let us get married?
Why don't you find yourself a girl?

We could get married together.
We could honeymoon together.

Excuse me!

l'll let you know the day
l get my hands on a girl.

Call me when you reach Bombay.

You should look for a suitable boy
for Chandni if you could.

All right.

lt makes me sad when l think how
empty the house will become...

once she goes away.
- A daughter always leaves.

Some day she will have to leave.
Pray that she gets a good boy...

and that she likes him.

Look into her eyes when you talk.
She's fond of young men.

Just put in your best.
She'll take care of the rest.

l'll keep trying.
- This play of yours...

is going to be a costly exercise.
- Let's not go into that again.

l've written it. That's all.
- Producing the play will cost a lot.

Lose this one and we end up begging
on the steps of the Jama Masjid.

How tough is she?
- Tough cookie.

ln Delhi, art, literature and culture
are spawned in her drawing room.

Get it?
- Yes.

Here we are.

Remember? Look into her eyes...
- Yes...

So what have you brought for me
from Mauritius?

You could've sent your wife
to buy it.

l'd pawn you off at the junk dealer's
and l wouldn't even ask for a receipt!

Let's talk later.
l have visitors.

Hello Ms Achala...
- Hello...

My friend, Amit.

He's a playwright.
He has just written a new play.

From your looks, you'd be writing
only romantic plays.

Switch on the charm.

Well, till date...

May l sit?

Till date, my pangs of joblessness
haunts my plays.

Now that l've met you, l might write
some about the pangs of passions.

Where did you acquire that
voice of yours?

Where did you acquire
this beauty from?

A question isn't answered
with a question.

When a question answers itself,
it's no longer a question.

The pain... that's very much
a part of you?

Pleasure is fleeting.

The pain you always remember.

You sound so lonely...
- To be lonely isn't what it is...

to live with loneliness.

lf you prefer, l'll go out...

lt makes no difference
whether you're in or out.

So when will you
read me your play?

Whenever you wish...
- When you're coming next...?

You tell me. The likes of us
have nothing to do.

l have all the time in the world.

But l'm so busy!
l haven't even time for myself.

Heard that?
- Yes.

Come over with your drama
tomorrow evening.

Let's give it a reading
and a rehearsal.

l'll call up a few artists.
- Sure

Thank you very much.

l just asked you to hold
her attention while you spoke.

But you pounced upon her.
- l was following you in toto.

Don't you be too sure of yourself.
Had l not interrupted you...

l would've had to return alone.
- Fait accompli. That's what matters.

Now it's your turn to deliver.
- Deliver what?

Chandni. The introduction.

Else, l'll drown myself in the waters
of the fountain in Hauz Qaji!

What with this height, even a river
wouldn't be enough to drown you.

l'll introduce you...
- Thanks.

Life isn't mere breathing to live.
Breathing is no more than a habit.

You people bound by customs
and traditions...

Well now that you took a break...

Take the centre stage.

And not rage. Just a bit of
intensity, a bit of tension.

And hands out of your pocket.

l'll try once more.

Make sure Chandni is invited.

Life isn't mere breathing to live.
Breathing is no more than a habit.

A big zero. That is what you are.
Zero thou art of zero becometh!

You cannot even think
what you want to think.

You cannot speak,
what you wish to.

Live you cannot
as you wish to live.

Scream you may, but you will never
hear the echoes of your screams.

Love, friendship, religion,

these are hollow words.

They have nothing to do
with reality.

But there's still time.

Listen to him carefully.
He's calling you.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be ashamed of your own self.

Raise your voice.

Raise your voice and say that
you are free.

Wrest the right of refusal.

Say that you refuse to live this
life of shams, lies and frauds.

Throw open your windows.
Get out there! And scream!

Say we are free!

Let the voices ring!
We are free!

We are free!

This silence is eerie.
- Of silence is born speech.

Then l have something
to speak to you about.

Tell me just what l wish to hear.

Can it be expressed in words?

Who is it...?

A bouquet and a letter. For you.


Either a girl or a nabob.
Want me to read it out?

Go on.

That girl of yours!
Got it?


''The darkness last night was
lit up by the sunset red''

''Was it the magic
of the night alone?''

''l want to find out. Shall we meet
at Lodhi Gardens tomorrow?''

Made my life!

Come joy, come sorrow,
l'll take on the whole world!

l'm elated! l could even
embrace you. Come on!


You've dropped your towel
... the towel.

''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

''The night is wet with dewdrops''

''Lips quiver''

''Her heartbeats are trying to say
what she cannot say''

''The breeze sings a soulful tune''

''Time passes too slowly''

''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

''lnto my arms you came shyly''

''As shyly as the moon treads
softly out of the clouds''

''ln this solitude, you and l''

''Even the earth is silent''

''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

''Beyond imagination
But within the reach of belief''

''The heart has created an illusion
That she is in love with me''

''The one dream l saw,
has become so many dreams now''

''ln these roses all around
l see the blossoming of love''

''l wish you would see
beyond the roses''

''For roses too distance us''

''On my breath lingers
your fragrance''

''This is the magic of your love''

''Your voice rings in my ear''

''Nature is painted in
the colours of love''

''My heart beats to your song''

''Shyness cross'd my lips sealed''

''The one dream l saw,
has become so many dreams now''

''l wish you would see
beyond the roses''

''My heart is for you to keep''

''Let me hide you in my arms''

''l hold you in my eyes''

''There shines upon my path
a brilliant light''

''Tomorrow if there
not be the light...?''

''The light of your love will
shine like a thousand lamps''

''The one dream l saw,
has become so many dreams now''

''ln these roses all around
l see the blossoming of love''

''l wish you would see
beyond the roses''

''For roses too distance us''

What are you doing?

l love doing this.

Shall l tell you something, Shekhar?

Every time you go up with a squadron,
my heart misses a beat.

Never put too much trust in life.

You and your words...
- You'll remember my words, won't you?

You're crying?

No, you're a soldier's lover.

You're my life!

Didn't you just say not to
put too much trust in life?

Remember one thing.

l've told you this before.
And l'll tell you once again.

Whether l'm on land or in air,
l love you very much!

- Yes Papa?

Put your Mummy on the line.
- Mummy isn't at home.

Any message?
- Yes my dear.

l'll give her the message.
Or is it something private?

No. lt's about you.
l've fixed your marriage.


Can you hear me?

Yes.... yes Papa.

He's a very good boy.
Tell Mummy that everything is fixed.

What is the matter, my child?
Tell me.

Papa, you won't get angry with me?
- What is it?

Papa, l love somebody.

Oh! My God!
You should've told me, dear.

You've put me in an awkward position.

l'm sorry, papa.

May l...?

All right. l won't take
any decision now.

lf it makes you happy,
it's fine with me.

Oh papa! l love you.

l love you.
- l love you too, my child.

l love you, Amit.

Brother, where have you been?

l've done you a favour.

Make it fast, Amit.
- Don't rush me.

Just listen.
l've found a girl.

Name the day, and we'll
enter wedlock together.

Very good.

Look Amit, l'm in a hurry. Bye.

Must be in a real hurry.

Now that l have found your love,
l want nothing else out of life.

When are we seeing each other?
- Tomorrow.

Then, l'll introduce you
to my brother.

You know, our falling in love has
solved a big problem for my brother.

He's still a bachelor.
He wants us to get married together.

News has just come in
from the Ferozpur sector.

Four enemy planes have been
shot down.

The mission was led by
Sqn Ldr Shekhar Malhotra.

But there is sad news too.
Sqn Ldr Shekhar Malhotra...

staked his own life and
set a new example for bravery.

He has committed
the ultimate sacrifice.


The last battle snatched
away our father.

l did not cry.

My mother couldn't bear
the sorrow.

l did not cry.

Because to me, my brother...

was a mother, a father, my friend...
he was everything to me.


But today Chandni, l'm devastated!

l've been orphaned.

Don't say that, Amit.

l'm here. For you.

''Amit, don't cry.
You are my small brother''

''l won't leave you''

''l won't''

Sqn Ldr Shekhar Malhotra

How could this have happened?

You must have courage.

lf you'll lose courage,
who will console us?

You have to take care of Shobha.

l'm broken, defeated...

l can't face life anymore.

l can do no more.

Don't say that.

Oh the dreams l had
... the hopes l had...

Shobha would be married someday.

Who is to blame?

Whatever had to happen has happened.

You don't know, son.
You know nothing.

That which should never
have happened, has happened.

How do l tell you this?

But tell you l must.

Shobha is carrying Shekhar's baby.

What will happen now, Amit?

What will happen to Shobha?

We all stand at
a strange crossroads.

You... l... your mother...

We cannot console each other.

We cannot even wipe
each other's tears.

My brother has left me with
a feeling of emptiness.

Your sorrow is much more
than mine, but...

you have a whole life
in front of you.

What l do with this life?
Where do l go?

How will l live this life?

Wish for whatever you might,
live you will have to.

With whose support?

With what hope?

For whom?

Why think like that?

You are still young, beautiful.

lf you wish, you can marry.

l once gave myself to a man.
He was Shekhar.

l was to marry him.

Even after his death his name
will remain with me.

Who will marry me?

Tell me... give me an answer.

lt is easy to say,
it is easy to reason.

But to live through it,
that's tough. Very tough.

Who will marry me? Tell me.

Who will marry me?

Tell me, would you marry me?

Shekhar's death has
turned me to stone.

l came here to console someone...

ln the process, l have lost
all my happiness.

''l wish l could shower all
the happiness in the world on you''

''But l have nothing but
painful memories with me''

''Every time you feel your heartbeat,
think of me; l'm remembering you''

''We can't be together
for the rest of our lives''

''But for a while, we were
in love with each other''

''Swear this, Chandni. Swear it
by the love we shared.''

''Swear it by the promises we made.
Swear it by those memories...''

that you will forget me''
Forget me Chandni''

''l am not unhappy that
you have deserted me''

''But l'm sad that l've lost
all confidence in love''


''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

''All night l have gazed
at the moon through my tears''

''Life is a vast lonely valley''

''l have suffered but little
You will live in sorrow all your life''

''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

''Deep in the valleys of my memory
Echo the tales from my past''

''My yesterday's lover
ls a stranger today''

''Today l still thirst for him
The sorrow lies deep within me''

''The blue sky has fallen asleep''

How's the other patient?

How is my wife?
- She's okay.

- What?

But l couldn't save the child.

l'm sorry

Can l see my wife?


Be brave, Shobha. You will have
to put up with this cruel fate.

l am not trying to console you.

ln pain and in sorrow,
l will always be with you.

Have courage.

Have courage, Shobha.
l am with you.

l think l'm quite late.

Well, what are you looking at?

Tell me Chandni, are you never
angry or cross with me?

l don't follow you.

ln every other family, they
have such delightful fights...

broken glass, flying vessels...
and here, it's a complete silence.

Let's start from tomorrow.
- Why tomorrow?

Let's begin today. Right now.

Look, l'm home late. And you
don't even ask why am l so late.

There are these pretty nurses
and interns in the hospital.

Any other wife would have
given me a thorough grilling.

Any more questions, and
l'll start with the crockery.

That's it.

That's the spirit.

By the way, why are you late?
- An emergency case came up.

What happened?

A couple had met
with an accident.

The man wasn't hurt badly.
But his wife was serious.

Who were they?

Some playwright, Amit Malhotra.

''The one dream l saw,
has become so many dreams now''

''Roses too distance us''

''My heart beats to your song''

''Shyness cross'd my lips sealed''

''The light of your love will
shine like a thousand lamps''

''Roses too distance us''

Good morning

This is what made me fall
head-over-heels in love with you.

You wouldn't have met her.

My wife, Chandni.

She tends the wounds l salve.

Why are you standing there
with the bouquet?

Give it to the man
you bought it for.

Thank you.

What you have done isn't right.

You know that roses are my weakness.
And you gave the roses away?

l've have the first right to them.
Right Mr Amit?

Won't you ask these poor flowers?

Even in their silence, the colour
and the fragrance have a lot to say.

See how skillfully
he skirted the issue?

Playing with words,
is his profession.

He can corner anyone
with words.

Now Mr Amit, do you remember
how the accident occurred?

A man's memories.
lt devastates a man.

lt's difficult to get
rid of these memories.

Those memories must have something
to do with your heart.

Chandni, have you met his wife?

No. l've just come in...
- And l barged in...?

No flowers for Mrs Amit?
Very bad.

May l borrow one flower from you?
- You may have the entire bouquet.

Not at all. As of now, you have
the right to this bouquet.

One flower is enough.

Give this to Mrs Amit.

l'll see you later.

Good morning, Mrs Malhotra.
- Good morning, doctor.

l want to introduce
my beautiful wife to meet you.

She had bought her ticket.

But l brought her back for
that Amit's sake.

What a pair!

How do they say it?
Made for each other!

Now l shall leave you to criticise
your respective husbands.

He's very humorous.
And he's so warm and friendly.

You must've fallen for his charm.

l haven't an inkling what
makes him happy.

Your company maybe?

What did he find so special in me?
- He'd know better.

But now that we have met,
l feel as if you're familiar.

But l feel a sense of surprise.
ls there the hand of destiny?

Even if there is,
l shall accept destiny.

You mean...?

At least, l'll get
to know you better.

When can we go home?
- Any time you wish.

But you must take care of
your wife for some time.

She should not undergo any
mental or physical exertion.

Send her to me once a week
for check ups.

l understand, doctor.
- Okay.

For sometime, there's
been something on my mind.

- You have taken on...

the mantle of your brother.
ln the beginning...

l used to respect you for doing this.
Now l have started liking you.

l am glad to hear that.
And relieved.

ls your master at home?
Anyone else at home?

Who were you calling?
- An old friend...

You have many friends here.
- And no dearth of enemies either.

ls that a dig at me?

Time Shobha, time.

Time, which we refer to as destiny,
or at times as accident.

But all the time, it chases you.
Like your shadow.

l find myself a pawn in Time's plot.
- lf so, why not exploit it?

- Let me play the dutiful husband.

Let me take you shopping today.
- l don't mind shopping.

But l don't like the word ''duty''.

You don't like ''duty''?
Cut it out, then.

How about ''debt''?

Let's pamper the lady.
Show us the best you have.

No, lighter shades
... like that white.

This will do.

That one down there...

That one.

May l see that one?

The black one.


l want to talk to you.

Where? Tell me.

Please pack these for me.

How are you now?
- Fine.

On a shopping spree?
- Likewise.

You left me with those sarees.

l saw her and l thought
l'd say hello

l'm out to lighten my husband's purse
today. l hope you'll do it too.

My packet, please.

l have to meet a friend at five.
At the lnter Continental.

l'm getting late.
Excuse me.

Do drop in at our place sometime.

She reacted as if we caught her
shop-lifting. Don't you think so?

And the way you charged at her...
just like a policeman.

Now come on and do your ''duty''.

The check.

Finished shopping already?

What time is your appointment
with the doctor?

At five.
- l'll drop you there.

Aren't you coming with me?
- l just remembered.

There's something urgent. l guess
l'll have to take care of it.

What's the time now?
- Four thirty.

l'll be there too early.
What will l do there?

Chat up the doctor.
l have to be there by five.

l might just make it
after dropping you.

Amit! lt's you!

Where were you so long?
Have you forgotten me completely?

l heard you've married. Didn't you
spare as much as a thought for me?

At the least you should've
invited me to the wedding.

l would've vetted your choice.
l guess she must be pretty?

Then l heard, you had an accident.
Are you all right now?

Why are you looking away from me?

Oh by the way, congratulations!
Your play has been nominated...

for the Academy Awards.
And don't l keep tabs on you?

l watch you on tv,
l hear you on radio.

You're there in all the committees.
You're famous! Just like me.

Oh, l hear you've bought a big house.
But you haven't invited me for lunch.

When are you inviting me?
- Ms Achala, if you will excuse me...

l'll see you some other time.
- l'm waiting for the invitation!

Hi Chandni!

l'm seeing you after ages!
Where have you been?

Here for an appointment
with your doctor?

The two of you still
look like two lovebirds.

You're looking great! The saree
suits you. And what a lovely shade!

Where did you buy this one?

You look worried. Are you seeing
your doctor, or is it someone else?

You aren't to be seen
in the parties nowadays.

My husband keeps asking about you.

And l don't know a thing about you!

The day after tomorrow,
the Lambas are throwing a party.

l'll see you there.
You'll come, won't you?

How about a coffee, Chandni?

Did a lot of shopping today?

Looks like your husband
is taking good care of you.


Look how many sarees
he has given me.

Mrs Malhotra, we men
are very cunning.

We make a gift or two
every month or so...

to remind our wives
that we love them.

But l'll tell you that
your husband isn't that kind.


l'm lucky.


''Past the window of memory
l stare into my past''

''The secrets of the moments
When l was breathless''

''When love blossomed
Those unspoken songs of love''

''Then l walked alone a deserted street
A tale of broken promises''

''Who remembers?
Who remembers all that?''

Amit, l never knew
you were so romantic.

You hide such feelings
in your heart?

Don't believe all that.
lt's bookish.

What a thing to say. Has literature
nothing to do with life?

l write these plays to get over
the emptiness of my own life.

You don't like being complimented
by me? Because l'm your wife?

Had it come from another woman, you
would've appreciated the compliment.

Did you have to make that comment?

''On silent nights
That are filled with dreams''

''She is drenched in rain
Her wet veil has slipped''

''Her eyes cased in closed lids
Dart and pulsate''

''A loving kiss
ls planted on her parted lips''

''But who remembers?
Who remembers all that?''

Hello... Dr Anand speaking

l'm Amit, your patient.
Do you remember me?

Yes... Mr Amit.

How are you?
- l'm fine.

What can l do for you?

l wish you'd join me
for lunch today.


One minute... Chandni

lt's okay.

Where do we meet?
- The lnter Continental. At one.


Were you expecting
anyone with me?

l mean, your wife...?
- Did you invite her?

l invited you.

You told me on phone to join
you for lunch. So here l am.

Please be seated.

So what will you have?

Whatever you choose.
- You'll be delighted.

The Chef is a friend.
You'll be treated royally.

l had operated on him, once.
Ever since, he has been my fan.

You could've invited her
on my behalf.

Who are you talking?
- Your wife.

How are you?
- l'm okay, sir.

All my favourite dishes, please.
Mr Amit is going to be delighted.

Tell me, doesn't it sound as if
l'm the host and you're my guest?

Just what l feel.
You're the host and l'm your guest.

But you get to foot the bill.

Chandni doesn't know,
what she's missing.

Where is she?
- Now where was she supposed to go?

Oh yes, some flower show.

What's the name of the 3rd entry?
- ''My love''

l want to talk to you.
- The 4th entry is ''We''.

Where can we meet?
- 5th, ''An Evening of Wait''

Please, Chandni.

6th, ''Love story''

Tomorrow. Same time. Same place.
- l can't come.

7th ''Dare Devil''

l'll wait for you.

8th ''Eternal Bliss''

You can't blame me, Amit.
l got your letter.

With that one letter,
with that piece of paper...

you changed my whole life.
You put an end to the relationship.

You destroyed all the sentiments.
You broke all bonds.

And you asked me to live
... live your life!

The torture of being alive,
of living this life!

l won't say that
you've wronged me.

But what you've done to me
wasn't a good thing to do.

l've no answer. No excuses.

The sorrow, the wound that
l have inflicted on you...

l have no excuses for that.

Call it fate, call it a bad time,
call it an accident, but...

this is the truth.

My wife was my brother's fiancee.
She was pregnant with his child.

l took on the responsibility
with a sense of duty.

With my own eyes, l saw
my dreams being shattered.

But l could do nothing.

l gave you up, but all my life
l have waited for you.

At every step, l hoped l would
see you, hopeless as it was.

l told myself that
l would not love you.

Yet l have desired you with
such intensity...

that l have no desire left
for anyone else.

No flower wishes to wilt
... though it has to.

Why did all this happen?
Why did it have to happen?


Oh why?

l hate you.

Thanks. Let it be.

Shall l make you a drink?

All that is gone.
Gone with my brother.

You aren't doing justice
to your brother's memory.

What do you mean?
- Ever since you married me...

you're so subdued, so depressed.

And he used to be so lively.

Can you ever forget him, Shobha?

l don't need to.

He's my past. A sweet memory.

You are my life.

He gave me his love.
You have protected me.

He gave me a dream.
You turned it into a reality.

Why do you forget,
that l am a woman?

For me, my husband is cast in the
image of God. An article of faith.

l've never seen you like this.

Give to me your love.
And l'll make your sorrows mine.

Are you happy?

Very much.

Are you happy?


Yes, l'm happy too.

lt's too late now, Amit.
Don't rake up the past.

You have a wife.
l have a husband.

Will you have two families

Let's call this compromise

Promise me you'll never
see me again.

You're not going to change, eh!

Hello, Mrs Amit!
l'm Vidyarthi.

All right, you're a big shot now.
You're rich. You're famous.

But that doesn't mean that
you'll ignore your friends.

Got married and you didn't
even invite me?

Maybe l can't give you a gift.
But l'd surely have brought flowers.

l won't sit down at your table.
No matter if l tire out standing.

Besides there isn't
an extra chair.

My compliments to the lady.

But you... accepted that
you're a very famous man now.

But you shouldn't forget
your old friends.

l want that wedding treat.

l'm coming home for dinner.
Remind him lady, l'm coming.

Chandni, listen to me...

Bitch! Can't you see?

Let go!

You don't even know
how to talk to ladies!

Amit! What are you doing?
This is becoming a scene!

Please for my sake. Please.

How did you get hurt?

Just a scratch...

Which is worse.

The unseen wound.
But the pain is felt.

Since when did you start on poetry?
- l'm a playwright's wife.

You haven't yet told me...
- What?

How did you get hurt?
- l fell down...

Falling isn't good
for a married man.

Where are you?

Look, there's something important.

You can't evade me anymore.
Where's your wife?

Meet my wife. Shobha.

My friend, Vidyarthi.

A guru of many acolytes.

We're colleagues.

So he has the right
to shoot his mouth off.

He's a playwright after all.
And the plays he puts up!

Mend your ways now.
At curtain call...

you might end up
blowing it.

l have no covers to blow.
Besides, what have l to hide?

No smoke without fire. l hope
you don't spot the fire too late.

Right madam?
- l hardly understand...

what the exchange is about.
- But you're part of it already.

How come?

How about dinner?

He's nervous l might expose him!

l'm street-smart, you know.
ln an encounter with me, you'll lose.

Vidyarthi, you're crossing the limit.
- lt hurts?


Why don't you let him speak?
- He can go on and on all night.

He carries news of all the scandals
in the world in his head.

l just came to know about one!

Has he ever taken you to
The Oberoi for dinner?

Lovely food!


Actually l forgot
the real thing.

Ever since you married him,
his luck has changed.

He's getting a gold medal!

l had come to invite you.

You keep that medal.
Give me the gold. What...?

l can't come.

For my sake. You're my inspiration,
my hope, my imagination.

What about the other girls?

Don't laugh it off.
- My husband is away in Bombay.

Then you can come.

All right, Amit. l'll come.

How did you know that
l want to wear this?

l know. And l'm wearing that.
- Are you coming too?

Look Shobha, l'm not stopping you.
These occasions will keep coming.

Besides you aren't well.

Maybe it's better
if you don't come.

ls there any other reason?
- Don't expect me to spell it out.

That place is going to be
filled with beautiful girls.

How can l flirt with them
right in front of you?

What if l let you flirt?
Will you take me then?

That isn't candid enough.

Then promise me something.
- What?

You'll tell me the name of the girl
you happen to like.

What will you do to her?
- Leave that to me.

Ladies and gentlemen.
l'm grateful to you...

for the respect and the adulation
you have given me.

What can l tell you
about myself?

One day, when l began my life here,
my heart was racing.

Today, you are honouring me
in this very place.

My heart is racing once again.

One needs support to take
the journey though life.

Thank you for being with me.

What else have l to say?

Let me recite a few lines
from my new play.

''So what if a dream
is shattered by accident?''

''Destiny cannot touch emotions''

''Distances cannot suppress sentiments''

''Love is a bond of hearts''

''A bond that knows no bounds''

''Though you are the moon
of someone else's nights''

''Yet in every facet of my life
you are''

''You light up my dreams,
my hopes''

''Whatever path l tread
leads to you''

You didn't even mention me.
And you say l'm your inspiration?

Your hope? Your imagination?

l might not have mentioned you.
But l spoke about you.

Were you afraid?

Yes. Had l mentioned your name,
l would've started a raging fire.

Are you scared of the fire
you have started?

l started the fire
to light up my heart.

l'm afraid that people
might laugh at me.

Shall l show you something?
- What?

The ticket to your play.
l have preserved this ticket.

On some pretext or the other,
l look at it everyday.

ln those few meetings,
the way you looked at me...

whatever you told me...
that is what l believe.

The years, the months,
the days afterwards...

have been empty...
without meaning.


Are you surprised?
To see me?

l am your husband.

You were supposed to come
and pick me from the airport.

l didn't see you there,
and l almost died!

What's this new affectation?


You seem to have developed
a new love these days.

You seem lost. You look surprised
whenever l speak.

And l have this audacity
of trying to aim too high.

What are you talking about?

l know every move of yours...
where you go, whom you meet.

After all, l have to keep an eye.

l don't understand a word!

You didn't tell me.
- Want me to tell you?

What were you doing on tv today?
- On tv...?

l saw you. l swear, you
were looking lovely.

Mr Amit was insistent. And you
weren't here. So l went over.

To please him.
- How about pleasing me at times?

Don't understand?
l'll tell you...

How did it go?
- Nice. Packed audience.

Found a girl you like?

No girl worth a liking.

Please help me with this.

Was Mrs Anand there too?

Yes. How do you know?

Saw her on tv.

Did you know Chandni before
she married?


You stopped me from going...

Because you're sick.

You didn't invite Dr Anand...?

He's away in Bombay.

What's the meaning
of these questions?

lf you don't wish to answer...
l'll shut up.

Yes, l've met Chandni
before her marriage.

Just met...?
- l met her at a play of mine.

ls that all?
- Shobha, your doubts are baseless.

Your questions are meaningless.
lf you get worked up for nothing...

and you'll get me worked up too.
- Not a word more. l'll clam up.

Everything ready?
l'll just come...

l want to ask you a thing.
- Yes...?

Are you happy?
You look lost...

You're mistaken.
l'm very happy.

Amit takes good care of me.
He cares for me.

l've forgotten all my sorrows
after l found him.

Has it ever happened that
one's wishes are given?

But what we don't get,
we can never forget.

Forget? How can l?

The farther away l am from you,
fonder the heart grows.

Why do l think of this so often?

Those moments of my life that have
never been kissed by your lips...

l have never lived.
There stands life, stilled.

Between the desire in your eyes
and the craving on my lips...

there lies life!

The girl of my dreams!

Solitude and l
often talk to ourselves.

What would it be
if you were here?

What would you say?

What would shock you?
What would make you laugh?

What would it be
had l you?

Solitude and l
often talk to ourselves.

''Where is this we have reached
After taking the journey together?''

''ln your arms my love,
My body and my heart melt''

''ls this the night?
Or is it the shade of your tresses?''

''ls it moonlight?
Or do your eyes light up my night?''

''ls this the moon?
Or the scythed bracelet on your arm?''

''The stars?
Or the pleasure of your body?''

''Was that a waft of breeze?
Or a waft of your fragrance?''

''Was that the swish of dry leaves?
Or was it your sigh?''

''ln solitude l imagine

''But l know that you are not with me
Nowhere near me''

''Yet l tell myself
Here you are... somewhere''

''You're the body
l am the shadow''

''Without you where will l be?''

''l am wherever you are, my love''

''We had to meet, my love,
While we tread this path''

''This is where we have reached''

''After the journey together''

''On my breath the fragrant musk''

''Your love is the moonlight
Shining upon my heart''

''The darkening evening of my life
Has mellowed me''

''This we have reached''

''After the journey together''

''Compulsions exist''

''l wake lonely nights
As you wake''

''l have so much to say
But to whom do l speak?''

''How long should l suffer
ln silence?''

''Break the barriers, my heart says
Bring down the walls that part us''

''Why burn our hearts?''

''Let's tell the world
Yes! We're in love''

What the hell is going on?
- Light gone out, sir.

lt's a question of life and death!
Put on the emergency light.

My boy!

He's going to be all right.
We'll take him to a doctor.

Hold on! This is a police case.

No need to make a police case.
l'll take care of the kid.

Take care, will you?
You car-types don't even treat...

pedestrians as humans beings!
- l admit my mistake.

Kill someone, and then plead guilty.
How convenient!

Take down the registration number.
- Call the police.

Police? This is silly! Let's
take the kid to a doctor first.

Hear! We're silly!

Had l been strong enough l would've
slapped some sense into you.


Step aside. No one stands here.

Vacate this place.

What happened?
- A kid. He's hurt. Slightly.

Who was driving the car?
- l was driving.

Your wife?
- Yes.

Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.

Follow me in your car.
To the police station.

You sit. l'll drive.

Hush up this case! Anyhow!
Else l'll die!

lf he comes to know...!

l understand. Be brave.

An accident has taken place.
Can you come over?

l'm coming.
- Thank you.

l have a request.
- Yes?

Can we close this case?
- Reason...?

My wife is worried.
And l'm ashamed.

What has that to do with the law?

The kid has minor injuries.
We'll take the responsibility.

You're wasting my time.

lf this case is registered,
we will be maligned.

You should've thought about this
before running the kid over.

No one commits an accident
on purpose.

Don't disturb me.
Please let me get on with my job.

You're being more officious
than the case warrants.

l could do worse.
l could arrest you and your wife.

But you can't hang us!
- Unfortunately.

You're arrogant and you are egoistic!

And you're an irresponsible
and a careless citizen.

No use begging and arguing.

One more word and
you're in the lock-up.

A reputed man fears for nothing
but his own reputation.

Call Dr Anand.

Sorry, it's too late.
l'm already here.

l'm sorry, doctor.
The kid was slightly hurt.

They paid up the kid's parents.
Then they parted friends.

Who were they?

Who did he say he is?
- Amit Malhotra... some writer.

l know him well.

His wife was driving the car.
- Whatever happened is for the better

l'll take leave now.
- Thank you doctor.

When did you come?
- This morning.

Where have you been?
Shobha was worried.

l got in a mess.

Tell me, do you get into messes,
or do messes get you?

Who gets whom, l can't say.

But what fun is life
without a few snafus?

About Shobha's wedding... you know
what situation it was...?

- So we couldn't invite anyone.

l invited Shobha's cousin for lunch.
- Lovely!

Hello Aunt!

May l come in?
- You're in already.

Welcome, Kulbhushan.
l was just telling Amit about you.

Amit, this is Kulbhushan.
He's a policeman.

He was in Assam during the wedding.

My sister's son. l brought him up.

He is Shobha's pet.


Keep yourselves company.
l'll be back soon.

Perhaps, we have met?

You don't remember?

Your memory is weak.

Refreshing my memory
won't do you any good.

Best of all, don't forget,
that you're my guest.

And you are my wife's brother.
- Forget the formalities.

As a cousin, l've every right to
safeguard your wife's interests.

Here to help your cousin?
Where were you when she needed you?

Are you asking to be paid
for your obligations?

You're dirty!

Don't try to talk me down.
l'm arrogant. And l'm egoistic.

l'll never forgive someone
who hurts cousin Shobha!

Not only arrogant and egoistic.
You are also foolish. And indecorous.

l'll excuse you because
you're my guest. Else...

My Aunt praises you a lot.
She worships you like God.

Don't go by your Aunt.
l'm human. l'm not God.

Trust your eyes.
And trust your ears.

We're much obliged to you.
Thus sworn to silence.

But how long will
she remain silent?

l'm a stranger in this city.
Will you please help me?

The entire police force
is at your beck and call.

This is a delicate matter.
lt involves my cousin's husband.


Does a policeman unnerve you?

Don't worry, he has come to
meet me. Not to arrest me.

l think, she's has got me amiss.
Won't you introduce us?

My life, my desire, my spring,
my blossom, etc etc...

l don't follow...
- l'll tell you.

l'm not having an affair with her.
Nor am l flirting with her.

l've married her.
She's my wife.

l didn't understand
the meaning of that expletive.

Anyway, about your cousin
and her husband...

Doctor, l think l'm forgetting

Look, everyone is waiting for us.
We're late. Aren't you coming?

Sure, sweetheart.
Anything you say.

Say what, if you want a happy
married life, get henpecked.

Excuse me today.
Let's talk some other day.

Come on now!
- l'll get the car keys.

Tell me something. How do you like
being married to a playwright?

Their types should never marry.
They are always strangers.

They may be close to you... but
who knows if they are really close?

They live for the moment.
That's life with them.

What's your opinion?

l've just been branded.

l'm paying for it.
- How? By making friends with us?

Or by marrying Shobha?
- What nonsense!

l'm sorry.

l saw you somewhere recently.

- Yes.

Now where did l see you?

Had a man said this, l would've
thought he was romancing my wife.

l remember. On tv

Why not pay off Amit's debts?
- My debt?

The lunch that day...
- Did he buy you lunch?

Maybe he wanted to treat you.
But he treated me.

l guess l have the knack of saying
the wrong thing at the wrong time.

You were talking about debt.

l was saying this is your
first spring festival with me.

Why not invite Amit and Shobha
for lunch?

Mr Amit?

Just lunch?
Or the spring fest?

This is my wife's first
spring fest.

And with you around, the colours
will come to life!

Let we dance.

Strange custom. Men dance openly
with other men's wives.

A penny for your thoughts?

ls this a habit with you?
- What habit?

Getting lost...?

What do you think?

l think you're hiding a secret.
You want to say it. But you can't.

Maybe that's why you
had that car crash.

Car crash? When?


But l don't know driving.

Funny! The day before yesterday,
you and Mr Amit...

Maybe l got it wrong.

Look, 2 minutes with you,
and l've lost my memory!

l remember! The day before
yesterday, isn't it?

The day before yesterday, perhaps?
- l'm so forgetful...

He was teaching me
how to drive...

l lost control...

And l crashed the car.

You're great.

You're a lovely wife.

Anyone would be jealous of you.
Amit is indeed lucky.

l wouldn't know that.
But yes, l'm very lucky...

to have Amit for a husband.

May l use the colours on you?

Asking for permission?

Just asking.

You have the right to.

Your first spring festival.
All the best!

The colours look lovely on you.
- Reminds of my first love.

You mean the doctor?
- Him l have married.


He was forced into a marriage
before we could get married.

Yes. ln our country,
the husband is never the lover.

The one you loved, is she married?
- She was forced to.

You've heard my whole story.
Now tell me your story.

l'm happy with what
God has given me.

One minute...

''The colours rain
Upon the veiled maiden''

''Who drenched you
in these colours?''

''These delightful colours''

''My veiled maiden,
The colours are raining on you''

''Maiden! The colours
are raining on you''

''Serve him on a golden platter''

''Her lover is crazy about it!''

''Let him pine for it
While the colours rain''

''Maiden! The colours
are raining on you''

''Clove and cardamom''

''Stuff the betel leaf
with clove and cinnamon''

''Her lover will love
to chew on it''

''My veiled maiden,
The colours are raining on you''

''Maiden! The colours
are raining on you''

''Of jasmines''

''Make a bed''

''Make a bed of jasmines''

''A bed of jasmines''

''And who lies on it?''

''Her lover''

''And then they will make love
Let the colours rain''

''Maiden! The colours
are raining on you''

''My veiled maiden,
The colours are raining on you''

''Serve me on a golden platter''

You were ecstatic.
- Still am!

The opiate the doctor served
must've been potent.

l hope l didn't create a scene.

You should give me a lecture
about the limits of decency.

That tells me, l must've
slipped up somewhere.

Anyway, what's done is done.

lt was the spring fest...
l just got carried away a bit.

''The heart lives near the head,
and that's just as well''

''But sometimes, it's better
not to mix the head and the heart''

The dye isn't washing.

Some colours are fast...

l hope Amit didn't use
a fixer with the colours.

Now my suspicions are confirmed.

Everyone has a past.
You may have one too.

Even if you have a past,
l won't ask you.

Why won't you?
You have every right to ask.

l'm not one of those husbands.

l consider my wife a human being.
Not a slave.

Why did you have to remind me
about that today?

Today l remembered a part of my past
... a part l haven't told you about.

The past is best preserved
in memories.

Mix the past with the present,
and you're likely to ruin your life.

And someone else's life too.

You have no right to interfere.

Look, l'm your cousin.

l won't see your family
being ruined.

lf you can't, get yourself
transferred out of here.

l'm not weak.
Don't patronise me.

l can take my own decisions.

l don't wish to hear
anything about him.

So what? What's my crime?

You have the cheek.

You play Romeo, and then
you ask what's my crime?

Vidyarthi, you're taking undue
advantage of our friendship.

You don't like what l say?

The truth is always bitter.

l've been in love too.

But after l came to know
that she's married...

l walked away from her life.

That's an expression of love too.

lf you've had your say,
may l leave now?

Have you heard fairy tales
in your childhood?

Which one?

About the prince, the princess
and the fairy.

When fantasy is pitted
against reality...

it is reality that prevails.

But fantasy is very much part of life.
One needs fantasies.

What you want to say
is something else.

No. lt's the same old story.
One day, there comes a fairy.

She waves her magic wand,
and takes the prince away with her.

Which leaves the poor princess
in tears, right?

What l didn't like was
the princess' tragedy.

This story should be
written over again.

The princess shouldn't be
helpless and weak.

What should she do?

She should fight
for her rights.

And you...?

Where do you figure in the story?

ln the story, l am the king.

At nights, l go around in disguise
to see how my subjects are faring.

l am the giver of justice.

l have these many responsibilities...

of the kingdom, of the dynasty,
of duty, of tradition.

That tradition l am serving.

The king is mighty.

He can save his kingdom.
Whenever he wants.

l'm leaving.

l'll remember what you told me.

What do you want?
- ls that relevant?

Leave him...
- lt isn't within my power.

How can l do something
that is beyond my power?

Amit is my husband.

He's my love.

l'm fated to love him.

You'll lose this game.

l'm not playing games.

Why are you ruining my family?

l'm ruining my family too.

lf you think you can snatch him
away from me, you're mistaken.

Are you confident?
- Yes. l am confident.

Then live with your confidence.
Let me live with my love.

lf this is war between love and faith,
l accept it.

l'll call you as soon as
l reach Bombay.

l forgot to pay the telephone bill.
Pay it tomorrow.

The gardener's wife is unwell.
Give him money if he asks.

Attend to my letters also.

Call me up if there's
any urgent letter.

l'll be staying at the Taj.

l've signed a few checks. lf you need
money, you can draw it from the Bank.

You haven't asked me
when l'm returning...

When are you returning?

ln 3 or 4 days.

l don't wish to leave you.

When l return, l hope l'll find
you waiting here for me.

Last time when you didn't come...

''The flight for Bombay is now
ready for departure''

Ready for departure!

ls this is right? Or is this wrong?
Tell me.

Why don't you answer me?

l can't live like this
torn between him and us!

How long will l go on cheating him?
How long will l go on cheating myself?

Who told you to live this life?

Are you saying this?
- Yes. l

Do you have the courage
to live the life you want?

Stop wallowing in self-pity.
That's what l'm telling you.

Keep the pity for somebody else.

Rid yourself of this guilty conscience
... this self-recrimination.

Easy for you to say. You're a man.
You aren't going to be tainted.

This man-woman argument is dated.

You have to take a decision today.
- What decision?

Can you break your bonds?

- Yes!

You don't want to live a life
torn between us and him.

l'm sick and tired of your fears
and your apprehensions!

Even when you're with me,
you aren't close to me.

When you're alone,
you're disturbed.

lf you haven't the guts, the courage,
it's your problem.

l've decided...
- What?

We can't live like this. Torn.

We have every right to lead
our life, Chandni.

l can't live without you.
Your decision is mine.

Going somewhere?


When will you return?

Can't say.

l want to tell you something.

Great timing, Shobha.

For days l've been thinking that
evading won't solve this.

- About you and me. Sit down.

At some point of life or the other,
every relationship loses its warmth.

A relationship which is a mere
understanding between two people...

ceases to be a relationship.
lt becomes a bondage.

Your doubt is not baseless.


l love Chandni.

l love Chandni.

Shobha, l don't want
to blame you for anything.

lf l have a past, a life
that l once lived...

will you say l am at fault?

After l married you,
l never looked back.

l forced myself to forget my past.

l didn't turn to her.

l told myself that l'd never see her.
She was gone far, far away.

But destiny picked me up,
and placed me right in front of her.

Tell me, how can l evade destiny?

Where will l run to?

l have no other regrets.

No grievances. No grudges.

lf l have one regret, one remorse,
if there is anything l rue...

it is the fact that...

l have hurt you.


You wanted to tell me something?

l doubt if l will be able
to put it in words.

Where do l go from here?

My life depends on the relationship
you call a bondage.

For me, it is love, duty,
religion, faith.

You've done your duty
towards your brother.

So you came into my life.
That's how l became your wife.

l appreciate the sacrifices
you have made.

l appreciate the way
you took care of me.

You gave me shelter.
You fulfilled your duty.

And by and by, l took a liking
towards you. l took you as mine.

l fell in love with you.

l used to love someone else.
But today...

Today, l am in love with you.

He was. You are.

Today, this is the truth.

Will you call this a lie?

How can you get rid of me like this?

Why did you let him leave?
- What right l had to stop him?

You are his wife.
- For namesake only.

He took pity on me.
And he married me.

This is what comes
out of it, you see.

Let him come back to me if he wishes.
That's the way l want it.

Not under some flimsy pretext
or a compromise.

What if he doesn't wish to?

l don't wish to deprive him
of his right.

''What you try to destroy
l will not, my love''

''lf l stop loving you
Who else will l love?''

''You are the pearl
l am the string that holds the pearl''

''You are the gold
l am the sheen on the gold''

''What you try to destroy
l will not, my love''

''Hear me, my love''

''You're my Lord
l'm your slave''

''What you try to destroy
l will not, my love''

Have you any complaints
against your wife?


You don't like her habits?
Or maybe she doesn't...

take care of you and
your house properly?

No, Gurdip.

Then why are you leaving
such a good woman?

Look, l'm your friend.
Not your lackey.

You married her of your own will.
No one forced you into the marriage.

You went beyond being just humane.
You towered above men.

You sacrificed your happiness and
your love to give her a new life.

You became a God, and now...
- Now l want to become human.

You cannot. Try to climb down,
and you will fall from grace.

Can man not live for himself?
For his little wishes?

Will the world not let
a man live his own life?

Why not? Just go away to a forest
and do what you want.

Else, you will be called names.
Have you the guts to face that?

Let's be frank. You hate
seeing Chandni with me.

Daddy is celebrating the
golden jubilee of his wedding today.

The house will be filled
with guests and relatives.

Everyone knows you and Chandni.
Now don't get me wrong.

You know how the world makes
mountains out of mole-hills.

We won't give you a bad name.
Don't worry, we won't come together.

l'll come as your friend,
and Chandni as Simran's friend.

l hope you've no objections.

See you then.

Amit, are you thinking
what l am thinking?

l'm thinking, how narrow-minded
our society is.

Has that marred the decision
you have made?

No one gets everything out of life.

There's always a sense of deprivation.

Dr Anand here.
- Yes, sahib...

Get Madam on the line.
- She's not at home.

Not at home? Where has she gone?
- Don't know, sahib.

When she comes, tell her that
l'm coming by the 8 o'clock flight.

Hasn't your husband come?
- No, he has gone to Bombay.

Any children?

Are you the family-planning types?

Take my advice.

A woman is complete only after
she attains motherhood.

Otherwise she's incomplete.

Next time, come here with
your husband and your child.

''Hear all, this canto written
by the first of The Gurus''

''The skies sing your glories''

''The Sun and the Moon are
lamps held in Your prayer''

''The stars are little pearls''

''The fragrance of sandal
is the sunshine''

''The breezes fan You, Lord''

''All flowers offered in prayer to You''

''What an amazing hymn
The Universe sings to You, Lord''

''Every hymn we sing o'Lord,
flows unto Thee''

''With a thousand eyes, You see o'Lord
Yet none knoweth''

''ln a thousand images You are manifest
Yet none knoweth''

''A thousand paths You lead us upon
Yet we are tainted by sin''

''l am overwhelmed, my Lord''

''The spirit that shines in all
ls You, Lord''

''The light that shines upon our path
ls the enlightenment You giveth''

''The prophet leads us
to this enlightenment''

''This is the true prayer''

''l, a speck of dust
Am overwhelmed''

''l thirst for Your grace, Lord''

''Bless me that l may be
one with You, Lord''

''Thinking of You
is prayer unto You''

''All else is illusion''

- Shobha here

Dr Anand's plane has crashed...

What happened?

Dr Anand's plane has crashed.
- What!

Calling fire brigade..

Ambulance calling, crashed flight.
Report to the airport.

Helicopter cleared to land
lower from the airport

Wait here...

Come on. Hurry up. You on this side.
Please standby.

Any chance of survivors?
- So far, none.

Have all the bodies
been taken out?

We haven't been able to
control the fire yet.

Where are you going?
lt's dangerous there.

Don't! lt's dangerous!

Let me do my duty.
Anand might be alive.

No! You can't leave me!
l haven't anyone else in this world!

Nothing will happen to me.
This is my chance to atone.

Please! For the sake of your child!

lf anything happens to you,
l'll be nowhere.

No Amit will ever come
to support me, to help me.

You'll get your Amit back.
Take care.


That's the rear fuselage.
People might be trapped inside.

Might be.

Why don't you go in, then?
- lt'll explode any moment.

Who are you?
Go away! Get out of here.

Stop! lt's dangerous!



Where's my wife?

She became unconscious.
She's in a serious condition.

Kulbhushan took her home
in an ambulance.

Please go outside.

She's my wife.
l'm responsible for her.

Now please leave us alone.

l'm back, Shobha.

l've broken all
the ties with my past...

with my love, with compromises.

l was sure you'd come.

From now on, just remember
one thing.

You are my wife.

l am your husband.

This is the truth.

The rest is all lies.
All lies.

''l wish l could sprinkle
stardust on your head''

''l wish l could make
a flower blossom from your lips''

''For your sake,
l will give up the whole world''

''Our garden will be fragrant
with the blossom of our love''

''ln your arms l find solace''

''With joys will be filled
this world of ours''

''A flower will blossom
in our garden''

''When my veil falls away,
A shyness comes over me''

''When l see my sisters in love
l feel the stirrings within me''

''Love is faith &
faith is for ever''