Silk Road (2021) - full transcript

Philosophical twenty-something Ross Ulbricht creates Silk Road, a dark net website that sells narcotics, while DEA agent Rick Bowden goes undercover to bring him down.

For years I was
frustrated by what seemed to be

the insurmountable barriers between the
world as it is and the world I wanted.

So, I began making a website

where people could buy and sell
anything anonymously.

He's on the move,
got his laptop with him.

Which way is he coming?

Right at you.

Blue hoodie, jeans, flip-flops.

On foot, westbound
towards the target location.

I'm letting him go,
confirm when you have a visual.

I knew the state
might try to impede it.

But if we never try
for fear of retribution,

then we've already lost,
you know?

Silk Road is about
something much bigger

than thumbing your nose
at the man.

It's about
taking back our liberty.

And as corny as it sounds,
I just wanna look back at my life

and know that I did something
that helped people.

Nobody moves until my go.
He doesn't log in, we abort.

- Copy.
- And I repeat, he closes the laptop,

the data's encrypted
and we got shit.

Roger that, out.

Everybody on point
here, heads on a swivel.

Aggress, collapse and contain.
Stand by for takedown.

Hey, who the fuck
is calling him?


Keep it running.

I'll be here.

Fuck this fucking shit.

- How you doing?
- Hey.

Uh, give me
a pack of Camels, please.


Something else?

Mints. You got any mints?

Yeah, right behind
you, lower shelf.

Rick Bowden. What's up, yo?
When you get out?

'- Cause I heard you was in the...
- booby hatch.

First off, Rayford,
I was in, uh...

I was in rehab,
not a psych ward.

Oh, well,
I heard it was rehab,

then it was a psych ward.


Yeah, who told you that?

Clocked your digital footprint.

Well, it was good to see you, brother.

I ain't
your fucking brother.

Oh, why you
do me like that, yo?

We... We friends, right?

I don't have fucking friends,

I have informants.

Oh, fuck this dude, I'm...

- Your cigarettes?
- I don't want no fucking cigarettes, man.

Motherfucker so angry, yo.

Get all kinds in here.

Where them
hot Cheetos at, bro?

Unless you're a postal worker,
you're not allowed to dress like one,

even on Halloween.

Defacing the dollar bill,
consorting with a known pirate.

Technically, these are all
crimes against the state.

Right now there are
5,000 criminal statutes.

And that's just at the national level.
Forget about the states.

Well, until 1967,
it was illegal

for a white man to marry a Black
woman in the state of Virginia.

In 14 other states, including the
great state of Texas, mind you,

it was illegal for two people to
have consensual sodomy until 2002.

America has lost its compass,

If you wanna fall in love with
someone who doesn't look like you

or have sex with somebody who does,
that is your inalienable right.

I thought we were
talking about Obamacare.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

Look, it doesn't matter how
well-intentioned the president is, man.

The state cannot legislate what
the person can and can't do.

It is un-American.

And next, they're gonna
come for our guns

and giving them
to the border crossers.

Am I right?

Uh, who the fuck
is this guy?

Case in point.
A perfect stranger

wants to butt in
on a private conversation

between friends with an
inane, ignorant non sequitur,

his right to do so
is constitutionally-protected.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

You believe this asshole?

Well, the First Amendment.

Out of your league.

Wanna dance?

No one else is.


- Hey.
- Hey, babe.

Uh, we were
gonna pick you up.

I didn't want
Edie to see me in that place.


- Welcome home.
- Ah.

- Hey, so we are clear...
- Daddy! Hey!

- Oh!
- Hey! Look who's here!

I missed my peanut.
Oh, come here.

Come here, let me look at you.
I missed you.

I missed you more.

You're just beautiful.
You sure are.

Come on,
let's just take these inside.

Let's go and make necklaces,
come on.

Let's do matching ones,

let's do two yellows,
two blues. Yeah?


House looks good.

You look good.


Two yellows.

What's that? Huh?

Come on, I thought we said
we were gonna do matching.

- It's matching. Isn't it?
- No, it's not.

We got a green and a brown.

What did... Should we do two
browns and two greens then, yeah?


You okay?


Matching, isn't it?

Come on, come here.

Sweetie, hey.

You know what'd be super fun?

Do you wanna go set up a tea
party for dad in your room?

He loves tea.


It's a thing. The school called
and we have to get her tested.

- Tested?
- Yeah.

No, we're not
getting her tested.

Are you kidding me? Come on.

Honey, she's a late bloomer.

It's a learning disorder. Rick,

- it's a real thing, okay?
- Oh.

I've been here, okay,
you haven't been here.

I'm the one raising her right now.

Look, honey, you know...

I lost my way a little.

Okay? But I'm back. And I'm...

I'm gonna be here
for you and Edie, okay?

- Hmm.
- Hmm?

Hmm? Hmm?

You do it again,
you don't bother coming back.


Two plates?
What are you, a monk?

it's an experiment.

I don't have anything
because I don't need anything.

Okay, well, besides from
living like a homeless person,

what's your deal?


Well, I'm almost a physicist.

I never quite got to...

- That's not what I mean.
- ...actual physics...




I don't really wanna say.
To be honest, it sounds corny.

Try me.

Okay. Um...

Ever since I can remember,
I've always wanted to change the world.



Are you familiar with Ludwig von Mises?
Austrian School of Economics?

Um, no.

Okay, most people aren't.

But his ideas are beautiful.

It's like poetry or math.

I'm wilting, Rossman.


In a sentence,

every action that we take
outside of government control

strengthens the market
and weakens the state.



I just fucked
a libertarian?


Fucking Morales, eh?

Mi hombre, huh.
Come here.

Fucked up out there, Johnny.
I know that.

Well, we kept you in too long.
You went native. That's on us.

No, man, I should've...

I'm a big boy, I can take it.

I should've fucking put
the hand up and said,

"Yo, man, over here. Not fucking...
not waving around."

- So I'll ride the bench a while.
- Rick...

Come on, man, I can work
Bocelli behind a desk, I can...

You wrapped your car around
a tree in Old San Juan, man.

I also took a narco predator
off the streets, too.

You might wanna mention that.

What about
when I listen to the wire,

and then I find out
that the whole thing,

it jumped off because you
told Gomez he was retarded?

I mean, what the fuck,
you know?

You want me to fucking say, man?
You listen...

Rick, maybe I'm not
making myself clear.

No, man,
maybe I'm not makin' myself clear.

- Rick...
- I ride the bench for a while.

You tell me how long...

You were coked
out of your fucking mind,

endangering the lives
of civilians.

You're never
working the streets again.

What the fuck
does that mean?

What do you think
it means?

It's what I do, Johnny.
It's who I am, man, I mean, come on.

Fucking look at me,
I'm a fucking door kicker, man.

Read it. Read this shit.

Fuck sakes, man. The brass,
they wanted you out on your ass.

No pension. No nothing.

You're being reassigned, man.

See GS Shields on Monday.
He'll get you squared away.


It was really good.

So how's the book business?

Sold the bus.

Well, that seems
a bit drastic, love.

No, Mom... Good Wagon
just was not the thing.

Really wasn't.

Give her a shot.

Come on.
Let's see if you still got it.

I'm not a trained monkey, Dad.

When Ross was nine,
he was consumed with the idea

of making the Guinness
Book of World Records.

- What was it, eight seconds?
- 6.8.

We trained every day
for three months.

And then the night before,
Ross abruptly decides it wasn't the thing.

PhD, a video game start-up,
now Good Wagon.

Tell me when you see a pattern.

Let's go.

It was really good.

Thanks, honey.
Yeah, it was nice to meet you.

Are you okay?


You sure?

Yes, yes. I'm fine.

Look, just because
your dad's a dick

doesn't mean that you
won't change the world.

I believe in you,


I'm after Supervisor Shields.

Yeah, I'm Shields.

Rick Bowden.
Johnny Morales sent me.

It's an honor to meet you, Bowden.
We're glad to have you.

- It's good to be here.
- Yeah.

Yeah, sorry, I'm late.
I hit the range, little tune up.

I gotta re-qualify.

Can I ask you

a personal question, Rick?


Is it true

what happened in,
uh, Puerto Rico?

What part?

Eighteen-month op went sideways

when you told the cartel boss
he was a Mongoloid?

So we got an open floor plan.
Foster inter-squad exchange.

But Johnny said
you were old school.

Thought you might prefer
some privacy.

So we got you in here.
This little number.

We got a series 9, 16 gigs of RAM.
Intel processor. She's a rocket.

RAM up, huh?

Yeah. RAM up. Well,
welcome to Cybercrimes, Bowden.

You can do this.

Okay, real talk.
Good Wagon was never gonna work.

Brick and mortar is dead.
We live in a convenience culture.

Everyone wants everything
shipped to their door.

And Bezos
already beat you to it.

today's moneymaker is social

because everyone wants to know
what everyone else is up to.

- Like I said it would.
- No. Bullshit. That is bullshit.

People want anonymity.
Now more than ever.

The Internet was spawned off of the
things that people try and keep secret.

Think about it.
Porn, gambling, drugs.

Okay, but you can't buy drugs
on the Internet, Ross.

I've been thinking about this.

What if you could?

Uh, what are you saying?

Think about it.
Amazon for drugs.

You despise Amazon.

But I love freedom.

Yeah, well, whoever does this,

they're an idiot, first off,

and second off, they'd be busted
in, like, two seconds.

Not if
every transaction's encrypted.

What do you know about Tor?

- What, the Onion Router?
- Nothing.

Uh, it was designed by the
spooks at DARPA and the Navy.

It's a network that directs web
traffic through a series of relays.

What for?

Concealing location and usage.

it's a digital invisibility cloak.

It's perfect for doing
business on the Dark Web.

Okay, but if they follow the
money, then you're fucked, right?


- Bitcoin.
- Bitcoin?



It's like tokens in an arcade.

You go into the arcade,
you buy the tokens,

but nobody knows
which tokens you used.

- Okay, it's a little...
- It's completely anonymous transactions.

- Think about it.
- It's a little basic explanation, uh, but...

I like tokens.

And I like drugs.

so the first thing you need to do

Go to the link in the description,
guys, click the download Tor button.

Tell me
that's not a YouTube tutorial.

It's not like they're
giving classes at UT, babe.

Welcome to
an introduction to the Internet.

If you're not comfortable
with your computer,

you may need
to play this tape many times.

Using your pointer finger,
rest it on the left button.

Press down
and you will see a menu bar.

Press down
and you will see a menu bar.

Press down
and you will see a menu bar.

- Press down and you will...
- Motherfucker!

I didn't know
you knew how to write code.

I don't,
but I'm teaching myself.

I'm not gonna get up from this
computer until I've mastered it.

All right. Enjoy your nerd shit.
I'm gonna go get tacos.

Where you guys at on Bocelli?

- Uh-uh.
- Oh, fuck that, come on, where you at?

It's an eyes-only briefing,
Rick. You know the drill.

Boss, we could really use one of
Bowden's informants right now.

He's not running any.
He's in Cybercrimes.

Come on.



What is it?

Open it.

It's a book.

It's a little more than that.

Open it.

You bought
drugs from yourself.

I had to beta test it.

By committing a felony?

No. You're missing it.

Look, I am using the Internet

as an instrument of liberty.

But that's illegal, Ross.

But the war on drugs is a farce.
This is America.

If you wanna smoke a bowl, snort a line,
pop a pill, that is your prerogative.

And now, thanks to Underground
Brokers, you can.

Underground Brokers?

That's the name of the site.

Okay, aside from it
being a terrible name,

are you sure
you wanna go through with this?

You don't like the name?

That's all you heard?
That's all you're taking away?

You are
so loving yourself, don't you?

Buyers' guide.
If you are reading this now,

you have at least figured out how
to access a Tor hidden service.

Good job. Smiley face.

The currency used to buy and sell
stuff on this site is Bitcoin.

No personal information is
associated with your Bitcoins at all,

making them ideal
for anonymous transactions.

The first step
to placing an order

is selecting the items
you wanna purchase

by adding them
to your shopping cart.

Now you can just kick back
and wait for it to arrive.

Receiving packages.
Use a different address

than the one where your items
will be kept,

such as a friend's house,
or a PO box.

Final note.
Our commitment is total satisfaction

for each and every purchase
you make here.

We do everything we can
to protect your anonymity

and ensure that your visits here
bring you great satisfaction.


- Yes, Rick.
- Dude, look at this, man.

I think it has
a fucking virus or something.

I swear to God, every time
I try to hit,

well, it says, it just...

What is "undeliverable message"?
What is that?

Well, Rick, okay,
I know you're having a hard time adapting.

Okay, and I get it's weird,
it's weird, dude,

having a 26-year-old boss.

it's pretty odd for me, too.

But you can't call me in here
every day for tech support.

I'm running
17 active investigations.

I simply don't have the time.
All right?

Yeah, well, I apologize.

Just trying to,
you know, find my place.

All right, Rick,
I'm just gonna be straight with you,

because that's what
Johnny Morales suggested.

You don't have to do squat.

Like, you can just kind of sit
back, watch old Orioles games or,

I don't know,
whatever it is you're into.

And in nine months,
you can retire with full pension.

So, that's it, huh? Just...

Rick, okay, I've got an ace
team of 20-somethings out there,

fresh out of MIT, Cal Tech.

They're making financial cases
that, frankly,

you wouldn't
even understand, okay?

But you know what?

You don't have to, okay?
So just relax, it...

I was locking up bad guys since before
you started shaving your fucking nuts.

Now, I maybe old and slow...

but I ain't stupid.

I'm glad
we understand each other.

Yo, Rayford,

come on, man,
get in the car.

Come on, shit, dude, don't be like that.
I thought we were friends.

Oh, now we friends?
Fuck you, Bowden.

Come on, Rayford,
get in the fucking car, dude. Huh?

I ain't gonna fucking bite.

There you go.

I'm out the game, yo,
I don't sling no more.

What's in the box?
Show me.

It's just sneakers, yo.

Open the fucking box, dude.

Sneakers. You see?

Hey. Tut-tut-tut-tut.

No, don't touch that.
Come on, yo.

No shit, huh?

That's what you do.

Yeah, sneakers, thank you.

I need a solid, dude.

- Solid? No.
- Yeah.

I'm not doing
no more Rick Bowden solids, yo.

- No?
- No.

See, I'm remembering a night
at 1:00 a.m. in the morning

when I got a call that you'd been
picked up by the Baltimore PD.

And I got out of bed,
drove down,

got there by 2:00

and saved
your little Black ass

from getting violated.

Yo, what's the solid, yo?
What you need?

Oh, gonna need
a little bit more

of manners than that, dude.

Sorry, I didn't hear you.

What do you need, yo?

You might not know it,

but dudes are buying and selling
narcotics on the computers.

There was a reshuffle at work and I got
promoted and put into cybercrimes, so...

I need someone to show me
how to buy dope on YouTube.

Can you do that?

Buy dope where?

On YouTube.

What, did I say it wrong?

Fucking tube,
whatever the fuck tube it is,

I need to buy it off it.

Oh, shit. Yo, you have
no fucking idea, yo.

Well, that's...

Oh, shit.
You gonna buy dope on YouTube.

Yeah, let's get, uh,
some meth on Google.

Just back the fuck up, dude.

- You wanna get some fucking...
- Do you know what an informant is?

For sure. I'ma inform you that
you don't buy dope on YouTube.

I'm gonna inform you
that I'm gonna

- fucking shoot your fucking sneakers.
- Whoa, whoa!

Whoa, holy shit, man.
What the fuck?

This is some kind of, like,
ghetto Batcave, huh?

Yeah. Told you.
This sneaker-head shit is a moneymaker.

- Yeah?
- You got a computer and a connection,

- you can sell anything.
- Really?

Don't touch
any of my shit, though.

All right, man. Christ.

All right, check this out.

eBay for dope fiends.
They even got reviews and shit.

Oh, shit.

So what do you do? You just...

You buy it on here
and then what?

What do you mean,
"and then what?"

What, it just arrives
at your fucking door?

Yeah, yo. People been fucking with
the Dark Web for a minute now.

Light shit,
you know what I'm saying?

Niggas was using PayPal,
Western Union, dumb shit.

But you cyber pigs
was on to that.

The genius of this,
they using Bitcoin.

Fucking genius shit.

What's Bitcoin?

It's crypto currency, yo.

- Okay.
- It's the future of money.

I'm sayin', a few niggas
know about it now,

but once people get hip
to this shit,

it's gonna be in every suburb
in America.

The fuck do you know
all this shit, man?

Baltimore Public Library.


Fuck is so funny, yo?
You wanna buy some drugs or not?

I do wanna buy some drugs,

Don't touch my shit, all right?

Don't touch my shit.

Come on, dude,
lighten up, so...

What you want?

I don't know.
I think we should start with...

Anything you want.
You want some mushrooms?

You look like
someone who does mushrooms.

You know, you are a walking
cliché, Bow-den.

White man buying dope
from a nigga in the hood.

Yeah, well,
that's Bowden, motherfucker.

Bowden, Bow-den,
same shit, man.

- Bowden.
- All right.

Yo, let me ask you a question.

- Shoot.
- Who out there slinging right now?

Some jumpy-ass
rabbit motherfucker

with the cornrows
and the buck teeth there.

- Look at him.
- Yeah. You racist as shit.

Yeah, but am I fucking wrong?

Nah, today you right as rain.

But tomorrow,
look over there, see that?

See that nigga right there?

- Hmm.
- Game is changing, feel me?

Do you have my shit?


- Bam.
- No shit.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Welcome to the future, baby.

Let me see your phone.

- Your phone.
- Fuck you want with my phone?

Let me see your phone.

There, have at it.

All right. Let me see your ID.

- Why?
- Let me see your ID. Shit.

Old-ass wallet.

What are you doing?

Can you just relax for a second?

All right.

Congratulations, you now own
a Bitcoin wallet.

Next time you want some dope,
have Uncle Sam send it, all right?

Now that's your solid,
don't call me no fucking more.

Get your own fucking...

No, I mean, we're talking
about a multi-jurisdiction.

- The situation that, um...
- Shields, you need to see this.

- But what I'm saying is that, if...
- Boss.

Hold on, one moment.

No, not now, Rick, stop.
Go on.

Yeah, right, in a normal situation
there's, uh, you know,

for every man in the forces,
there's a manager.

So what I'm saying here is that
we take the...

I mean, we could, yeah,
but, it...

I've decided to keep a journal
about my experience running the site.

I imagine that someday I may have
a story written about my life

and it would be a good idea to
keep a detailed account of it.

I'm creating
a year of prosperity and power

beyond what I have
ever experienced before.

Silk Road
is going to become a phenomenon.

And at least one person
will tell me about it

that I was its creator.

Oh, shit.
These beers fair game? Ross?

Earth to Ross. Hello,
Mr. Rossington. Okay.

That's a yes.

Yo, check this out.

Great name, nice camel.

Keep reading.

Okay, Indicas,
Sour Diesel 13 and Grape Ape.

microdot or blotter.

MDMA, ecstasy,
basically the same thing and 'shrooms.

Yeah, dude,
you're, uh, so getting busted.

Bitcoin plus Tor. Untraceable.

You're insane.
Can you please tell him he's insane?

You're insane.

Also, uh,
just a thought, friend.

How's anyone supposed to find this?
You can't advertise it, Ross.

I've been posing as a user
and touting it on the forums.

The forums?

What? The chat rooms...

You're too good for chat rooms,
too good for forums?

No, man, chat rooms are,
uh, cute, they're nice.

But you're gonna want more exposure
than, you know, some 4chan fuck-heads.

Oh, you should call
my friend over at Gawker.

You have a friend at Gawker?

Yeah, I met him
at South By last year.

Don't ask.

Lot of questions there, but...

Okay, well,
he's not just gonna

pick up an anonymous call

at like, what,
10 o'clock at night?

Uh, that's exactly what he's gonna
do, he's a reporter. It's a story.

Don't do it.
Ross, I'm begging you, don't do it.

Ross, don't do it.

Yeah. Give me his number.

- No.
- Yeah.


- Of course.
- This is fucking dumb.

I wasn't born yesterday.

You're literally
going straight to...

It's your idea, bro.


- Adrian? Uh...
- Who's this?

- You don't know me, but I have your next story.
- Thirty seconds.

Making small talk with your pot dealer
sucks. Buying cocaine can get you shot.

But what if you could buy drugs
online like socks or light bulbs?

Now you can with an online
website called Silk Road.

Did you coach him on this?

Who am I talking with?

Call me Mark.

No last name, but you can quote me.

- And you created it?
- No, but I ordered ten hits of acid

delivered to my doorstep
by the US Postal Service.

And what did that feel like?

Well, to tell you the truth,

it kind of felt like the future.

Last question.
Anything you can't get on Silk Road?

Nothing to harm or defraud.

Like kiddie porn
or stolen credit cards.

So no weapons-grade plutonium?

Or murder for hire.

Is there anything
you'd like to add?


Stop funding the state
with your tax dollars

and direct your productive
energies towards the black markets.

- Fuck you.
- Whoo!

- Holy shit.
- That felt good, man.

- You know what that felt like?
- No.

The future. You know.

I just felt it right in my
bones, right there, the future.

Go fuck yourself.
Don't be jealous.

It's right there,
it's right ahead of us.

Oh, hey, peanut! What are you doing here?
Huh? What are you doing here?

We were in the neighborhood.

Thought we could stop by
and say hey.

- Is that right? This for me?
- Mm-hmm.

Figured you could
use the company.

Yeah, another Cobb salad
with those dipshits,

- I swear to God I'll eat a bullet.
- Language, Daddy.

Oh, "language, Daddy."
Is that right?

Nineteen years
you've been on this job,

this is the first time
I've been in your office.

Yeah, the last one

wasn't exactly
a daycare, was it?

Neither was Max's Taphouse.

Tell you what,
why don't we get outta here, huh?

- Why don't we go somewhere special?
- Get some ice cream.

Ice cream for lunch?
No, no, no, no, no.

She's gonna have ice cream for
lunch, come on, let's go.

I'm having ice cream
for lunch?

Yeah, you are,
only if you behave.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

You watch that mouth, girl.

Come on, let's go.

Look at that.
What do you think? Huh?

Edie, look, they got nurse sharks.
Go check 'em out.

Oh, my God. Go on, honey.

I think they're sleeping.

You checking up on me?

Yeah, I am.
You okay with that?

Oh, my gosh.
Babe, look. Check it out.

Did you go to the school?

I did. Forest Hills,
babe, it's amazing.

Classes are all small,

and the teachers
all specialize

in overcoming
learning challenges.

- Okay.
- It's... it's great.

Hey, baby, honey,
don't tap on the glass.

She saw a little boy
her age who had built a robot.

A walking, talking robot.
It was...

How much?

Did they say?
Did you talk about it?

- Yeah.
- How much?



I told them you were in law
enforcement and that I am a nurse,

and they have scholarships
and she's eligible for those.

So we're gonna go for it.

- They said that?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Hey, come on, look at her.
Look at that little...

I mean, how do they not give
her a full scholarship, huh?


- Huh?
- Yeah.

And you think
this is the way to go, huh?

This is good for her.

I need you
to get on board, okay?

You with us?

When am I not with you, huh?


It'll never go in. Yeah!

You suck.
Doesn't he suck? He sucks.

No, you're jealous.


Well, your phone is blowing up.

Are you sure you don't
want to check you phone?

- Don't you want to check your phone?
- Don't sabotage.

- I know you do.
- Don't sabotage.

Wait, now, seriously, dude,

you have like
50 unread messages.

What the hell?

This says a 101.

You get hacked or something?

Three hundred
and thirteen new messages.

- From who?
- I don't know. I...

I had everything from Silk Road
forwarded to my Gmail.

Holy shit.

The Gawker article posted.
He wrote what you said, word for word.

Holy shit.


That's gonna
crash your site, man.

Shit, you're right.

Okay, we gotta go.
Finish your beer.

No, actually, fuck your beer.
We gotta go.

- No, we got a full fucking pitcher, Ross.
- No, we got to go.

- We can't just...
- Hold on, I got this.

Grab your shit. Just leave...
leave the chip. Come on.

Bounced the local hosting?

Outsourced it
to a data center in Iceland.

Get fucked, NSA.


I just made 75 grand in Bitcoin
in the last 90 minutes, babe.

Sooner or later
someone's gonna come knocking.

But now,
they can't trace my IP address.

that's $833 a minute.

Go the other way.

Holy shit,
1.2 million a day.

Fuck you.

Neighbors, there is something
interesting going on right now.

What if I were to tell you
that there is a drug super store

on the Internet right now?

To all the new faces, welcome.

Our basic rules are to treat
others as you wish to be treated,

and don't do anything
to hurt or scam anyone else.

Something special
came in the mail.

It looks and feels
exactly like eBay, Amazon,

whatever other online purchasing
site you're familiar with.

Silk Road is already making
an impact on the war on drugs

by expanding people's access
to controlled substances.

Every transaction
that takes place

outside the nexus of state
control is a victory.

So there are literally hundreds
of victories here each week,

and each one weakens the state.

To learn more about libertarianism,
philosophy or just to make friends,

check out the forums.

Oh, and please,
contribute to the community

by reviewing your sellers,
buyers and products.

And you're not
paranoid about using the mail?

No. They, like, vacuum seal it
so the dogs can't even smell it.

Like, seriously,
they've thought of everything.

- Whoa.
- Yeah. Game changer.

- Who runs it?
- I don't know, but the guy's pretty genius.


Don't get ahead of yourself.

Their words.

Anybody else
from your outfit coming today?

Nope, they save
all the good stuff for me.

Okay. US Postal Service interdicts
narcotics by two primary means.

One is drug dogs, effective for large
shipments of controlled substances,

typically a kilo or more.

The other is random X-rays.

This is your
ounce or less crew.

This latter category,

we've noticed a 300% increase
in the past three months.

Lot of little stuff adds
up to the big stuff, right?

- Theoretically.
- So what do you think's driving the spike?

I don't know,
it's all small-time,

so they haven't given us
the resources

to figure it out yet.

Well, do they have
anything in common?

Actually, yes.

Everything they've seized out
of Utah has that stamped on it.

No shit.

Yo, Rayford, man, come on.
It's Bowden. Open the fuck up.


Oh, fuck.

Fuck that nigga right there.


You open
this motherfucking door,

you motherfucking piece of fuck!

Fucking game, dude, huh?
You think this is fucking funny?

Come on,
why don't you ease it?

Goddamn! Fuck, dude,
it smells dank in here.

You know, I'm gonna have you
note that that came anonymous...

Oh, what, you cooking up a
chicken with this oregano? Hmm.

No, that's from a customer.
I didn't pay for that. That's...

Yeah, I don't give a fuck
about your fucking chicken.

What else can you tell me about
this cat that sold you the 'shrooms?

Uh, goes by the name
of Chronic Pain.

Yeah, and what else?
Come on.

- That's it.
- Come on, dude, help me out.

I got an envelope postmarked Utah.
I got no return address.

Utah's a big-ass state.

What else can you tell me about him?
Something? Chronic Pain?

Well, hold on.
What makes you think it's a him?

You ever seen this movie called
Cocaine Cowboys? It was a documentary.

And the baddest motherfucker in that
was a bitch named the Black Widow.

She was drilling holes
in motherfuckers...

What the fuck has this got to do
with what I'm asking you about?

I'm just saying. A nigga can be
whoever they want on the Internet.

Whoever they want.

You know what people do with cats?

They just let them
live in their fucking house.

They don't even
actually interact, like, ever.

They're like, "Oh, look at all my cats.
I keep them alive."

You and I, we, like,
actually hang out.

Imagine a baby,
but it's tall, it's cute.

But it's intimidating,
it is the size of a basketball hoop

and it's asking for its pacifier.

And it could crush you,

but it's asking
for a cracker or something.

You're the man now, dawg.

What was the movie where
James Bond was the guy with the blind kid?

That was a good movie.

Why don't you come to bed?

Listen to this.

"Fish scale Colombian cocaine."

"Has a nice sheen and provides a rush
of euphoria and confidence."

Now this one.

"Crystal MDMA.
Has a lovely fizz and a wisp of smoke."

You've got issues.

I think I just solved them.

This guy is a one-man fan club.

That's not what I meant.
You're getting obsessive.

I think you mean obsessed.

You know what I meant.

I'll be in bed.

Oh, that's not where we're
going with our teeth, baby.

We're not going down there, going up here.

Oh, hold up.

"Your work
has not gone unnoticed.

Wanna offer you a job."


Uh, okay.

What do I have to do?

What? You gotta get up.

This is getting interesting.
You're gonna miss this, come here.

"Review products.
Manage orders. Get rich."

"Get rich"?

I'm in, brother.

"Send scan of your ID"?

Yeah, what do you think of that?
What should we tell him?

To kiss our dimply ass?

"Why do you need my ID
when I don't know who you are?"

Nice try, jokester.

Oh! Underboss, bitches!

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

I'm just gonna roll the die

and hope I don't die.

You support this, right?
You wanna be an underboss, right?

You don't wanna be a fucking
ferret your whole life.

I need a name. I need a name.
I need a name.

"Then David came to Nob..."

Nob it is for me.


Oh, hey, peanut,
what are you doing up? Huh?

Where's Mom?

Asleep on the couch.

She must be fucking drunk.

You wanna help me?

Take a picture of me?
Do that?

Right there we go, just...

Up here, honey.
Up here, yeah?

Smile, Dada.

No, no smile, I'm a bad guy.

Just pretending to be a bad
guy, but I'm a bad guy.

Bad guys
wear their hoodies up.

You got a point. All right.
Well spotted, honey. How's that?

- Got it.
- Got it, yes, you did. Bingo.

Off you go, okay?
Thanks for helping.

Little things, Dada,
make you believe.

Little things. Yeah, well,
one more little thing, okay? Honey?

This is between you and me, okay?
Don't tell Mom.

Up you go.

Fuck. Okay.

- Yo.
- Yeah, dude, it's me.

Stop calling me
all the time, man.

How do I get the picture
from the camera

to the fucking computer, man?

Oh, here we go.
We're up. Thanks.


Tonight our Call-6 investigators dig
into what's known as The Dark Net.

It's been called
eBay for illegal drugs.

A network
of relatively hidden websites

where users can buy everything
from ecstasy to opium.

The Silk Road website is
a particular headache for authorities.

The government says
hundreds of thousands of users

use the impossible-to-trace
website which sells drugs.

We're talking about cocaine,
LSD, ecstasy. You name it and it's here.

Someone that is wanting
to sell illegal drugs

can use this to come in contact with
someone that wants to buy illegal drugs.

What do you think?

Oh, my God, Ross,
this is really serious.

An underground website
used to sell illegal drugs

is the new target for New York
senator, Charles Schumer.

He has asked federal authorities to
shut down and investigate the site.

It's known as Silk Road.

This website is nothing more than an
all-you-can-order buffet of contraband

that needs to be shut down

Are you scared?



Hey, you got
a call from the FBI.

Putting together
an inter-agency task force

- on some online dope bazaar.
- What, Silk Road?

- Yeah.
- No, we're already on it. Who's running point?

A guy called Tarbell.
Sounds like a real gunner.

He's just looking for a token narc
to qualify for OCDETF funding.

You got somebody we can spare?

No fucking way,
I got my A-Team on this.

FBI'll just steal our work
claiming credit.

Shields, I can't say no to an
inter-departmental request, okay?

Look, personally,
I don't give a fuck who you send,

long as they got a badge
and a heartbeat.


Jesus fucking Christ.

Oh, Jesus.

- Bowden?
- Yeah.

Oh, hang on. What?

Are you
familiar with Silk Road?


- Really?
- Yeah.

What the fuck, it's a website.

They sell dope and shit
on the net.

Perfect. The FBI's putting
together a task force.

There's a briefing at the
Federal Building at 1100.

Report to Agent Tarbell.
You'll love him.

- Okay. Hey, Shields?
- Yep?

Is there any way to track
dope busts in the mail?

You know, small shit,
ounce or less.

Yeah, I'll have Sirkis
set up a geofence.

They'll notify you whenever the local
postal interdiction police gets a pop.

- Geofence? Good.
- Yeah.


No reason, you know,
I might have an idea

to crack
this Silk Road shit wide open.

- Rick?
- Yeah.

I've got a next-level team
on this, okay?

And I don't need some old-school
street crap buggering it up.

Report to the task force,
keep your trap shut,

and don't make us look stupid.

As the NSA puts it,
with 2.5 million daily users,

Tor's the king of high-security,
low-latency Internet anonymity.

You're aware, boss,
that given the volume of users,

the odds of finding a single IP
address are almost impossible?

I was hoping
you'd say that, Kim.

What you got there
is five grams of cupronickel.

75% copper, 25% nickel.
Worth five American cents.

What the hell
happened to it?

I got this brother-in-law
in West Texas,

married to my kid sister.

Seven kids between them.

Now I'm not saying for certain,
there's an extra chromosome involved,

but this guy is not gonna win
any MacArthur Grants.

Do you know what I'm saying?

And until last Tuesday,
he might have been

the unluckiest man
in America.

Well, what happened Tuesday?

He got hit by lightning...
for a second time.

Did it kill him?


He had that nickel
in his pocket, though.

The electrical current burned
a hole in his dungarees,

seared through
his testicular wall

and cauterized
his vas deferens.

God's own vasectomy.

The odds of that happening?
One in 25 million.

My point being, Kim...

...nothing's impossible.

Fantastic. I see the DEA sent
its best and its brightest.

Uh, welcome to the task force,
Mr. Flintstone?

No, Bowden, Rick Bowden, DEA.
Hey, guys.

Chris Tarbell, FBI.
Have a seat, please.

Sorry, I'm late, man,
I just got fucking caught up in here.

Sure you did. Okay.

Are we working
any human sources?

- No.
- No?

Sorry, what was that?

Did you...
did you need something there?

No. I just, uh, wondered if
we're working any human sources?


Well, you mean not yet, huh?

No, I mean, I'm just not really
into wasting resources, sport.

We're not tailing guys here.
We're hunting IP addresses.

I mean, fuck, somebody
some where's

touching the keyboards, right?

Wait a minute,
are you gonna crack this?

You can just crack it the
old-fashioned way, Agent Bowden?


That's fantastic.
I'll tell you what,

when you snatch him up,
send me a fax.


Ross, we need
to have a conversation.

Just one sec.

Pay attention to me.

- I am.
- Look, this is on the Silk Road homepage.

Crack, crystal meth. You're making money
off of drug addicts and poor people.

Julia, look, the average Silk
Road user is college educated,

has a laptop
and has access to broadband.

More than that,
there are seller reviews.

Baby, buying drugs off of my site is
safer than buying 'em on the street.

Give me a break, Ross.

You might not
understand this.

This is my community
and I care about it.


Zoom right here.

Third one this week.

It's hardly worth the paperwork
for a little marijuana.

It's about
the right amount, though.

Fucking meth?
Jesus Christ.

Come on,
I saw you, you fucking bitch.

Hey. Where you been?



I'm sorry.

Sorry that
I've been distant...

and I've been
a little obsessed.

You're right.

And obsessive.
Both are correct, actually.

You're such a dick.

I got something else
to tell you.


I got a new name...
for my admin.

The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Princess Bride.
You fucking kidding me?


Julia, it's brilliant.

Look, that way,
I can pass it along to somebody else.

This thing is gonna
outlive all of us.

This isn't a movie, Ross.
I'm gonna go to bed.

♪ As you wish ♪

Where have you been?

Edie waited up.

Yeah, I was at work.
I was working.

What's going on here, huh?
Are you drunk?

- Are you?
- Yeah. No, I'm...

I'm fucking working, I said. Huh?


I'm hunting, baby. I'm hunting big game.
I mean, seriously, Sandy.

Like kingpin shit.

Yeah, I mean, this guy's gotta be...
You know, he's got these...

He's like
the first millennial gangster.

Yeah, it's the future
of drug trafficking,

I'm telling ya.
I ain't seen nothing like it.

All these other young bucks, they think
I'm some kind of old fucking dinosaur.

They're doing
their digital downloads.

But I'm the one
with these fucking hooks in.

I'm the one who's gonna bring
this fucking prick down.

This is exactly how you
sounded before Puerto Rico.

No, it's not how it was like
in Puerto Rico.

- It's different?
- Yeah, completely different.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Is it, Rick? Really?

What's going on in Utah?

What the... What?

- What?
- Yeah. What?

I get the same high-purchase
alerts you do, okay?

Tell me what the fuck
is going on in Utah.

Cyber conference. Yeah.

- It's a cyber conference? Okay.
- Yeah.

- And you're paying for it?
- No.

They haven't
requisitioned the money yet.

They'll pay me back.

You know, the thing
about being married to a narc

is that you never know
when they're lying to you.

Let's go. Engage.

"Weird Al" Yankovic.

Let's go.

Get under there! Get the fucking...

- Hands where I can see them!
- Don't fucking move!

- Down now!
- Down on the fucking ground!

- What? You fucking deaf? Huh? You what? Huh?
- I can help.

- I can tell you anything you want to know.
- Huh? Yeah?

Thought he was gonna win
the fucking penalty shoot, yeah?

Well, no, you don't fucking know.
What do you got here?

- What is this? Is this your fanny pack?
- Yeah.

A fucking fanny pack?
Dude, your mother know about this? Huh?



- Yeah!
- It's... I... It's for my taxes.

Fat, fucking roll, dude.

I don't like bank...
I don't trust banks.

Fucking hook this prick up
and voucher this.

Clean your fucking ears out.
What did I say?

I said go take a sketch of the
premises and then report back to me.

You boys got a light?

Where the fuck do they find these guys?
I swear to God.

Well, probably
a fucking vegetarian.

You know,
swear to fucking God, dude.

This whole job's changed.

Well, we certainly can't get
shit done the way we used to.

Fucking A.

Don't know about you,
but I don't have

the fucking patience
for this bullshit.

Flung out the paperwork and that.
You know what I'm saying?

No. What are you saying?

I'm saying I can take it
from here if you want.

Is it gonna
come back on me?

Do I look like a vegetarian?

Where the fuck
are you, Curtis?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Have you eaten anything?
- I'm fine.

- You know, I'm starting to get a little...
- Don't!

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry. I...

Look, I am running
a $50 million company,

operating in
17 different countries

with exactly one employee

who just dropped off
the face of the Earth.

It's just a website, Ross!

It's the thing.

And you would know that,
except you've never done anything.

I'm gonna go for a run.

And when I come back,
I want you and all your shit out of here.

You hear me?

Please, sir,
this guy we're dealing with,

he's got unlimited resources
and he's unpredictable...

I'm gonna break your fucking
nose, and I'm gonna do it.

He's... I can tell you
whatever the fuck you...

I'll write a term paper,
for fuck's sake!

- Money.
- The money.

I know all about
how the money works.

- So?
- Okay.

There's Bitcoin.
Are you familiar with Bitcoin?


- Don't be a fucking cunt, Curtis.
- Oh, fuck!

Don't be a cunt, Curtis.
Don't be a fucking cunt, dude.

- Don't be a fucking cunt, okay?
- Okay, no cunt.

You fat fucking cunt!

Can't fucking...

So, you know Bitcoin.

And there's some people use
Bitcoin to transfer money.

They make transactions.

Those transactions on Silk Road
get put into an escrow account

and then stays there until
both parties have signed off.

So nobody gets ripped off.

- That, and there's a ratings-based system.
- Yeah.

The customer service and dependability,
reliability, it's all a big part of it.

Skip the corporate bullshit, okay?
You're no global conglomerate, so...

See, we are, though.
We are a global enterprise.

And it's growing.

Not growing by the week
or the month,

it's growing by the hour.

And at the crest of it
is fucking DPR and he's...

He's a visionary.

No shit.

And what are you?
An apostle?

In pink fucking socks
and Crocs, dude?

I'm the one...

I may look like
a fucking idiot to you,

but I am the one who has access
to the escrow account.

Fucking holding out on me,

- Okay.
- No, I'll tell you anything.

You're gonna prove it
is what you're gonna do.

I'll prove anything.

Wire me the Bitcoin.

That's not how it...

That is how it works,
but it's not how it works.

Well, what are you
gonna do with the...

Gonna mark it Exhibit A in
the case against your boss.


Okay. I appreciate what you're
doing, but this is...

It's like $200,000 or
something in the account.

He could kill me
for that type of money.



What the fuck?

What the fuck are you doing
with my money, Curtis?

Got you,
you son of a bitch.

Hey, Max!
Your parents still in Aspen?

- Holy shit!
- Hey, man.

The prodigal son returns.

- Yeah.
- Yes, it has been a while.

Yup, it's been
six weeks, dude.

Hey, uh, look,
I got a favor to ask you.

If I give you someone's ID, can you
look up if they've been arrested or not?

Why do you always come to me
with this shit, Ross?

'Cause you're my best friend.

What's their name?

Uh, Curtis Clark Green.

Out of Spanish Fork, Utah.

You, uh...
You having a party?

If you'd read any of my texts
for the last six weeks,

you'd know
I'm moving to New York.


Yeah, I'm sorry.

Okay, that's weird.

There's a report for his arrest
in Spanish Fork, Utah,

but, for some reason,
he was never charged.

Weird-looking dude.



You know,
Julia warned you about this.

- Fuck!
- We both did.

"Got a problem in Utah.
Requires violence. Can you help?"

Yes, we can.


Hey, Julia.

- Julia, look, just talk to me. Just talk!
- No!

You're selling assault rifles
on your fucking site, Ross.

Yeah. Yeah, I am.
It's the Second Amendment.

When you said that you were
gonna change the world, I just...

I wanted to believe
that it was for the better.

- That's not fair.
- Okay.

That's not...
Julia, just listen.

- Leave me alone, Ross.
- Listen to me.

You heard her, asshole.

Fuck off.

That's nice. That's nice.

Here. Thank you.

Will you get me a shot?

- Anything for you.
- Yeah.

- Hey. You're too good for him anyway.
- Yeah.

Huh? Huh?

- Fuck, Bowden, you dumb fuck!
- Ah!

Shit didn't even record.

I did what you asked me to do.
I transferred the money!

Why the fuck
are you doing this?

Because, my friend,
if we pin some bullshit narcotics beef

on your fucking pirate boss,

he's gonna post bail, walk free
and wanna chase up loose ends.

And we know who that is.
On the other hand,

if we get him on a conspiracy
to commit murder and kidnapping,

well, that's 25 years to life.

- What? What, murder?
- Nice, dude, here we go.

- Why did you say murder? No!
- That's what I fucking said, dude. Here, come on.

Get the fuck up.

Damn, Curtis, your boss just caught a bullet train

to the fucking pen, dude.

Look at this.

"Change the order
from torture to kill."

Fuck me, dude.

What... what's that for?

Huh? This is lunch.
You hungry?

Little piece of advice.

The asphyxiation victim,

the bile looks exactly like
chicken noodle soup.

Open up.

What, should I just chew it?

Open up, dude, open up.

Here we go. You got it.
Keep it in.

Okay, don't choke on that.
Lie down.

Play dead.

Clean that up. I'll get that fucking
shit out of there, there you go.

just give me a second here.

All right.

Come on, Curtis,
hold your breath, dude. Fuck!

Close your eyes. All right.

Oh, I love that dribbling out, it's nice.

Hey, you need a ride?
Yeah, you need a ride?


Boom, motherfucker.

- Hey.
- FBI cybercrimes has taken over the investigation.

Good. Hold the fucking phone.
I got the entire case right here.

Now, whatever it is,
turn it over to Tarbell.

No, hear me out.
You're gonna wanna see this.

- Trust me.
- No, I'm not. Not on the desk.

- Not the desk.
- Come on, here.

- Listen, Rick...
- I got the guy dead to rights.

- Hang on.
- Rick!

- It's just... Hang on.
- I don't have the time.

This department
doesn't have the money, okay,

to teach you
how law enforcement works

in the 21st century.

So take your handwritten notes,

shove them in your Brownwell

and hand it over to Tarbell.

- Okay?
- Just... Come on.

Trust me. Look at this. Just...

I'll say it again.


Hey, it's Shields.
In Cybercrimes.

Yeah, get me Johnson.

All right, well,
then get me Hanson.

Get me anybody here, okay?

This is Seven News.

Tonight, 16-year-old
Preston Bridge

was celebrating
after his school ball

before he fell
from a second-floor balcony.

His family
still can't believe he's gone.

I would just actually love to have
seen what he turned out to be.

The synthetic LSD that
killed Preston was bought online.

So potent,
it made him think he could fly.

He fell from a balcony and
suffered horrific head injuries.

The federal government...

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Mom and Dad called.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, they were just
asking how you were.

What did you say?

That I love having you here.

It's great to be here.

Why do you keep
closing your laptop

every time I walk by?

I don't.

Yeah, Ross,
you do.

I guess I don't even notice it. It's just
force of habit, you know, sensitive data.

Wow, you look like Dad
when you lie.

Hey, whatever's going on,
you can tell me.

Nothing's going on, Cally.

All right, fine, you know,
you wanna bullshit me, whatever.

Just, uh, don't lie
to yourself, Ross,

'cause that's how you get lost.


What's the matter?
Is she having a nightmare?

- She didn't get the scholarship.
- What?

Why not? Didn't you
put the application in?

I put the application in. You didn't
show up to the fucking interview.

Shit. Fuck.
Fuck, I forgot. Shit.

I didn't make it.

Oh, it's okay.
It's okay, peanut. Hey.

Can I go anyway?

Go to sleep.

Damn it, homie. What the fuck
are you doing over here?

Don't get your panties in a twist.
I'm not staying, okay?

Just... Listen,
how do I change it? Bitcoins.

How do I...

or professional reasons?

Answer the question.

Yeah, you cross this fucking line,
Bowden, there ain't no going back, yo.

Look, I got it under
control, all right?

I know they have
the fucking money.

They're not gonna notice
when it's gone,

so, just, please,
answer the question.

Give me a day.

For what?

To make it green,

All right.

You sure
about this shit, yo?

Just change it, okay?

There is a curtain of anonymity
in secrecy that covers everything

that goes on
behind the scenes here.

But I have to stay constantly on
the move to keep ahead of the state.

I know this whole market is
based on the trust you put in me,

and I don't take that lightly.

The way I see it,
we are all players

in something that has grown
beyond any of us.

Rarely do I lift my head
long enough to take in

just how amazing
all of this is.

I have no one
to share my thoughts with

in physical space.

Security does not
permit it anymore.

So, thanks for listening.

This guy's clearly self-taught.
Even though he fixed it,

we could read the previous version
underneath. Nice job, Kim. Okay.

Goddamn it. What, Bowden?

Uh, I was told
to give you this.

Just put it somewhere.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the IP address of the Silk Road server.

- Holy shit.
- All right, get to work.

do we have a physical address?

He's hosted on
a server farm in Iceland.

Okay, I'll call the AUSA.

And within 24 hours,
we'll be monitoring this guy in real time.

- Hey, what if it is encrypted chats, too?
- Huh?

No. But when we bust
him, we'll seize his laptop,

and then we'll get everything.

Everyone he ever dealt with.

...Iceland, you prosecute him right
here and I need to confirm now.

With a little luck,
we'll do it.

Hey. I need your help
with something.

You don't knock?

Look, it's no secret you and
I don't see eye to eye, okay?

- No.
- I know that you know that I think you're a...

Well, you're a dick.


But Tarbell's a bigger dick,
and I hear he may have found DPR.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- He hasn't said anything to me.
- He wouldn't.

But I got a source
at the Bureau.

Says there's a kid
ordering fake passports

in San Francisco...

under the name Josh Terrey.

- Josh Terrey.
- Yeah.

- In San Francisco.
- Yeah.

Homeland Security's got him
under 24-hour surveillance.

So, what do you want
from me?

You got anyone on the ground
out there

who might be able
to check it out for us?

Get us in the game?

But you thought boots on the
ground was a waste of time.

Call it an exception,


Well, it's just too bad
that I am a dick.

Real shame.
Real fucking shame.

Three days
sitting on this prick.

I'm missing
my kid's PONY League playoffs.

Package is on his doorstep.
It's not like he doesn't know it's there.

Let's jam him.

Yes, ma'am.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I think you have the wrong address.
- Oh, no.

I'm Nob.

Yeah, step aside.

- How did you find me?
- Close the door.

- How'd you find me?
- How fucking old are you, dude?

- Twenty-seven.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- You've been shaving long?


You have two federal agents in
an unmarked across the street.

- They're here to arrest you for...
- Wait. What hap...

Shh... ordering fake passports
off the Silk Road. Yeah.

When they knock on that door,
this is what you're gonna tell 'em.

Joshua Terrey?

- Yeah.
- Agent Conroy.

Homeland Security.
This is Agent Ramirez.

This belong to you?

Contains fake IDs
and passports.

Do you know anything about that?

Can I see that for a second?


Shit. Well, it says right
there, "No signature required."

Meaning, I haven't
taken possession of it.

Which is why you knocked
instead of kicked.

Well, anybody could have ordered that,
you know, off the Silk Road, for instance.

With your pictures?

- It's a free country. Now, um...
- if you'll excuse me...

Sorry I couldn't help you guys
out, but I got some work to do.

Have a nice day.

- Holy fucking shit.
- Yeah.

Now what?


you delete
our fucking chat history.


- Like, now.
- Yeah.

- Do it.
- Yeah. Just...

You think
this is a fucking game?

- All of it.
- Yeah. Just give me a second.

You think I'm
going down 'cause of you?

I ain't going down
because of you.

It's gone. It's done.

Fucking better be.

Next time,
just don't be such a smart ass.




What you doing back there, Rayford?
You rubbing it out?

You better not be fucking telling
me you lost my Bitcoin, Ray.

"Don't trip.

I got your back."

You motherfucking,
ingrate cocksucker. Fuck.

The fuck is that?

- It's 37K, yo.
- Thirty-seven K?

Dude, I had fucking 200K
in my Bitcoin wallet.

Well, it's not my fault that Bitcoin
been going up and down and shit.

It's fucking volatile.

Won't even
fucking last me a year.

Tuition's 40 fucking grand.

- Motherfucker. Unbelievable.
- Forty fucking grand?

I thought your kid was in
pre-school, yo. Shit.

I don't care. Gonna see how
much time we got to negotiate.

- Tarbell.
- Any word from the Icelandic Embassy?

My guys are heading to Reykjavik in
an hour. When it goes, it goes fast.

How long
until his servers are mirrored?

Twelve hours from when they
hit the Thor Data Center.

And it's what,
seven, eight hours' flight?

What are you, a travel agent?

No, man. Just seeing
if you need any backup.

Negative, Bowden.
Fucking guy.

We got 19 hours.

Then what?

Then I take care of my family.

Set up a new user profile for
me, Friendly Chemist.

Shit. Bowden,
you know something, huh?


He wants to fuck me in the ass,
he can pay for the privilege.

Fucking bullshit.

- No. No. No.
- Piece of shit.

Ah. I'm gonna
send you something, okay?

Send him this.

Is that
his fucking IP address, yo?

That'll wake him up.


What's so funny, dude?

We're on a fucking stakeout,
you know, right?

Well, it's more like
a shakedown, remember?

I guess so.

Fuck, yeah,
I do international jobs.

Friendly fucking Chemist
from British Columbia.

I think I might know a biker up there

who could take care of business.

I want you to set up another user
profile, RedWhiteAndBlue.

Fucking Bowden,
a stone-cold criminal.

When the fuck
you learn how to do that?

Hey, it's Cally. Uh...

We are here at the restaurant,
and it is beautiful.

And I have no idea
where you are.

Dad is getting really hungry.
Please hurry. Okay, love you, bye.

You're a major...

Hey, sorry I'm late.

- Hi, sweetheart. Hi.
- Hey.

- You look great.
- You look stressed.

Oh, no.
It's just work stuff, you know?

How was the flight? Oh.

I don't know why you wasted
money on business class.

Uh... Well, reservation's under my name.

Follow me.

Listen, I'll see you guys
in there.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- You doing okay?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah. No, I'm good.

Don't let me strain it.

Cold, bitch. Cold.

- Please.
- Fuck, dude.

Fucker, hit him back, though.

We can just order.

No. Let's wait for him.

We got him. Let's go.

Checkmate, motherfucker.

Here he comes.
We'll wait.

I'm sorry about that.

Work's been, uh... crazy.


I'm really proud of you
and how hard you're working.

I guess you found the thing.


How the fuck
do you eat that shit, yo?

- The fuck you got against bear claws, huh?
- Fucking disgusting.

Don't even got a fucking half-and-half
at this bullshit-ass donut shop.

The fuck is this?

You call me out here to watch
you eat a fucking bear claw?

I want you
to give that to Sandy.

You could still get out
from under this, right?


Tired, man.

"Tired, man."

Don't give up, Rick.

You know, man...

I was wrong about you.

You are a friend.

Don't let me down.

He's on the move.
Got his laptop with him.

Which way is he coming?

Right at you.


How can I help you?

- Iced tea, please.
- Sure. It'll be three dollars.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

On him.

Blue hoodie, jeans,

on foot, westbound
towards target location.

I'm letting him go,
confirm when you have a visual.

For years,
I was frustrated

by what seemed to be
the insurmountable barriers

between the world as it is
and the world I wanted.

So, I began making a website where people
could buy and sell anything anonymously.

I built it because I think
the pursuit of freedom

is the most
noble human endeavor.

I knew the state might try
to impede it,

but if we never try
for fear of retribution,

we have already lost,
you know?

Silk Road is about
something much bigger

than thumbing your nose
at the man.

It's about taking back
our liberty.

And as corny as it sounds,
I just wanna look back at my life

and know that I did something
that helped people.

Nobody moves until my go.
He doesn't log in, we abort.

And I repeat,
if he closes the laptop,

data's encrypted
and we got shit.

Everybody calm the fuck down.

Just calm the fuck down.
We got this. Here we go.

Okay, let's get
the reception on one.

Uh, I wanna see surveillance
perimeter on three right there.

Uh, yeah, pump that over.
Okay, we're good.

Let's zoom in there.
Yeah, that's good. Yeah.

We got him, huh?

Shit's going down
right now. Shush.

Everybody, ready? Here we go.
Let's get him.

Hold, hold.
The mic on Ghost 2 isn't on.

The fuck are these guys doing?

What the fuck kind of Mickey
Mouse operation is this shit?

The fuck, Tarbell!
All right, go down visual.

Ghost 2, hold your position.

Hey, who the fuck
is calling him?


Hey, kid, listen.

When you hit 50,
and life hasn't turned out

quite the way you thought
it would when you were 28,

I want you
to remember one thing.

I got to you first,
smart ass.

Do it, you son of a bitch.
Come on. Log in.



Low-life cocksucker!

- Hey.
- Freeze, motherfucker.

Back away from the table now.

Put your hands up. Go.

- Stay right there.
- Turn around and face me.

- Do not move.
- Head down.

- I repeat, do not move.
- Head down.

Stay where you are.
Nobody move.

Stay right there, sir.
Do not move. Hands up. Head down.

Head down. Keep moving.
Head down. Turn around.

Turn around! On your knees.
On your knees, now!

Let me call you back.

Just fucking...

When they come, when they
come, and they will come,

some millennial asshole who thinks
he can do the job better than you...

I'm not talking about Shields, I'm not talking
about the DEA. I'm talking about America.

This whole country is overrun
by these little assholes.

And everything they know,
they learned off a screen.

Not staring down
the barrel of a gun.

Experience matters, Johnny.

And you, above all people,
should know that.

You got a whole building full of us old
war horses here. So when they come...

- Bowden! Bowden!
-'s your job to protect them.

Bowden! Bowden!

Don't let that cunt cuff me.

Rick, turn around.
Hands up.

Hands where I can see 'em.
You're under arrest.

Ross Ulbricht, you're under
arrest for narcotics trafficking,

money laundering and conspiracy.

It's over, son.

You okay?


- You look good.
- Yeah.

You, too.

- Yeah? You're just saying that?
- No. Mm-hmm.

Is she here?

- Yeah. Yeah, she's in there.
- Yeah?

- I, um, wanted to talk to you first.
- Okay.

Did you, uh...

Did you...

Yeah, we got it.

Listen, you are always
gonna be Edie's father.


- It's okay. It's okay.
- I don't know.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Hey. Oh, peanut.

Hi, Dada.


Oh, my gosh. Wow.
Look at that, huh?

Mom, you're seeing that?
Huh? Is it matching?

- No?
- I made it my own way.

Good girl, peanut.
Good girl.

So, new school, huh?

Nervous? Little?
No, you're not nervous, are you?

No, you're my big tiger,
aren't you?

There you go. Huh?

They're probably gonna
tell you some things, peanut.

They're gonna tell you,
you're gonna hear some things, you know,

say things like,
you know, life is...

life is not always
black and white,

but, you know, things are
more complicated than that.


But here's the truth.

There's good and bad in this world.

And, uh, sometimes you gotta make a
choice, you gotta pick a side, okay?

I'll always be there
to tell you this...

that you are loved.

I love you, Dada.

Okay, sweetie.

Silk Road was supposed to
be about giving people the freedom

to make their own choices,
to pursue their own happiness.

But I learned that
when you give people freedom,

you don't know
what they'll do with it.

Your Honor, I know you must
take away my middle years,

but please leave me my old age.

Please leave a small light
at the end of the tunnel,

an excuse to stay healthy,

an excuse to dream of better days
ahead and a chance to redeem myself...

before I meet my maker.